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5 Steps To Avoid Email Phishing Attempts

When it comes to the issue of security on the internet, many internet users at times to take much time to care about this, they think that it is not that important but forget to realize that without the knowledge internet security measures, they can be a victim of internet fraud sooner or later.

Protect yourself from Phishing AttemptsEmail phishing is an act of stealing internet user’s contents (valuable data such as band information, website logging details, your email username and password and some other confidential information like that). This act has turned many people into something else, some have lost properties, business assets and many other valuable things to online phishing attack due to ignorance of the system. If you know how to protect yourself online from this type of wicked people, it will be very easy for you to live your life as you supposed to live it than someone else to tell you how to live it.

How to Overcome Email Phishing Nightmare

In today article, I will be starting a series of internet protection and security articles which will be going live here on weekly basis so that you can be very safe from the hands of internet hackers and crackers and also I will be showing ways in which you can use to identify all forms of email phishing attempts from anybody throughout the world in the series and some other ways for better online security measure.

Look At the Title of the Message Very Carefully

If you are type of person who regularly receive series of autoresponder messages from some services that you have subscribed to online, you will be able to know if a particular email is fraudulent or if it is legitimate to trust.

The way the autoresponder email series are programmed works well in helping you to know the type of person that is sending it and thereby also making you to have good relationship with the publisher but, also be careful that some of the phishers out-here are cunning in most of the times, they (hackers) too can craft an email in such a way that it will look just the same way like that of a legitimate company that is sending you regular mail on periodic basis.

Compare It With Other Related Title

Another thing that you can do to identify a phishing attempts from the normal email address from a legitimate group or company is by comparing the title of the message with other message that you have received from the company before, though, this also can look somehow confusing because they (phishers)can also make the headline look just the same way that the trusted company or individual usually sent to you. But, one thing that is very certain here is that there will be a difference between the two because the phishers doesn’t know that you are receiving mail from the person and another point is that he’s just trying to have access to your email in order to get more details about you.

So, with this it is very easy to identify them because there type of email will not go straight to the point as the person used to send you message but there’s will be a request, telling you to do this and that and from this you can be able to know if they are truly a genuine company or not.

Email Address Filtering –Identify Real Email Address of the sender

By scanning through the header of the email that this type of people sent to you will help you in knowing fully if the email is a fake or a genuine one. Getting the real address of the person who is sending you an email is another method you can use in knowing either if the person is a legit or not. Check the header of the email if the mail is in HTML format and you will be able to see the true identity of the sender whom sent you the message.

Check The Link Claimed That It Points To The Main Domain Name

You must take this precaution in order to stay save online, before you make any click on emails that you are not quite sure about, you have to hover your mouse on the link for about a second so that you ca be able to see the real link of the website.

The real identity of the website that was embedded in the email will be showed in your web browser status bar immediately you put the mouse on the link, not to click but to hover and look at the status bar. If you notice that the domain name in the link is mis-match, you must know that someone is trying to force you to submit your data in order to hack you thereafter and this can make you loose more information than you can ever think of.

Use Spam Filtering Software

If you are not quite sure of other ways to go, you can make use of spam filtering softwares that can help you block any forms of emails that looks like spam. Though, nowadays some mail client like gmail and yahoomail are now offering this services but it has limits but if you can as well help yourself by getting a spam-filtering software installed on your personal computer, you may not be able to view much of spamming emails in your inbox talk less of you opening it. You can get one email spam filtering software here by downloading the latest version of the Kapersky internet security 2012 or you can also download it from our official download page directly here and then install it on your computer for better security.

By Olawale Daniel

I love tech support services!

52 replies on “5 Steps To Avoid Email Phishing Attempts”

Most importantly is to double check on the URL/link. And if in doubt, do not click on any links in the email, instead just manually type the URL into the browser! Good tips!

Check The Link Claimed That It Automatic Moves To Main Domain Name – It is a very important point on this article. It will be very helpful for properly handle the mail

I think regarding email phishing hotmail is best.

also this is very common that people stole passwords through fake login pages and urls.

but many common people don’t know them, we should spread the world about them. 🙂

thanks for alerting us to avoid all malicious mails and secure all accounts without any problem. 🙂

I never respond to such mails ! special thanks to Microsoft Security Filter in Hotmail which screens out such mails;)
so i dunno need to worry abt the same.
great post dude;)

You’ve got great tips here Olawale, I’ve learned so much on how to protect my email from unscrupulous phishing. You’ve done well my brother – 9ja for real!

I used to check the Verisign locker icon to check the site’s verification before but it has gone after Firefox 4. You can still go and check it when viewing a website, by clicking on the Site Identity Button (just right before the address) and this displays a “Passport Officer” icon in one of three colors – gray, blue, or green.

Good information, several thanks to the author. It is incomprehensible to me now, but in general, the usefulness and importance is mind-boggling. Thank you once again and excellent luck!

Good information. This article is more important than what some people might think. Email hacking is a big problem. Recently, one of my know became a victim. Check out this about email hacking

This site is admirable. These information save us from unwanted spam email. Excellent site for all users.

nice. I don’t look at the links before opening any email. I will be more careful from now on:D

It’s definitely a scam. They are trying to scam money so there probably is no virus, but it’s up to you whether you open it or not.
I bet the FBI would like to know they are sending scam emails with their name on it.

Even coming across the word Phishing worries me sometimes. The emails and offers can also be either a bit scary if not too luring and hopefully I’m glad the filters are there to make our work easier. Anything spammy belong to the spam box.

Phishing emails are sent everyday. you shouldn’t be worried but instead, stay alerted about all the strategies and techniques of phishing scams.

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