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3 essential blogging tips to help you make money

There are a lot of bloggers who are in search of blogging tips but are not aware where they could find them. Making money is ideally possible with blogging and if the proper strategies are used, they can continue to make money online with their blogs. A lot people make their entire online income by blogging and blogging has also been taken up by many internet marketers as well.

To make the money that needs to be made, the right type of strategies need to be used and this is what makes blogging tremendously popular. As long as the bloggers know where they can look for the right blogging tips, finding them proves to be a cinch. Blogging tips can ideally be found online and some of these include the ones mentioned here.

1. Quality over Quantity

Having quality posts is a huge necessity for a blog and is far more important than posting regularly. When it comes to blogging, cash cannot really be made if the bloggers are throwing up a few hundred words. Instead, it is rather important that the posts are found to be helpful and useful by the readers.

Before thinking about what the readers might want to view on a blog, the subject of the blog needs to be thought about. Quality blog posts should essentially be as long as 500 words and all that is required to prepare this quality post can be determined once the blog subject has been figured out. When new quality posts are continuously put up, more and more readers continue visiting the blog and therefore more traffic is attracted this way.

2. Use Search Engine Optimization

Since posts blog posts can ideally get a higher search engine ranking if they are SEO friendly, therefore learning about SEO is an important factor and aspect. The lifeblood of blogging is traffic and an SEO friendly blog can generate as much traffic as possible. Among all the blogging tips that can be found online, this is the most important one. When a blog post is written around a particular keyword, the keyword should essentially be present in the title, first and last paragraphs of the post as well as once after every 150 words throughout the entire post.

3. Use your Own Domain and Hosting

Getting a domain name and a hosting account of their own is another essential factor for the bloggers. Getting listed onsearch engines can be struggling for bloggers who are using a free hosting account and a majority of the control over the blog is lost. When using any of these tips mentioned here, using this one is highly crucial. When starting a blog, having hosting and a domain name are the two major necessities. How you design your blog can also help you.

Bloggers can finally step into the venture to make money online now that they have these valuable blogging tips as a powerful arsenal. Building online income through blogging is exceptional and there are a variety of guides that can offer help for blogging or article marketing.

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4 replies on “3 essential blogging tips to help you make money”

Blogging is such a great help for business in so many ways.

Able to promote your site, showcase your products and another thing that make blogging helpful is your ability to express your ideas. There are type of people who doesn’t like to talk about what they feel but if they do it through writing they can definitely say it well.

Somehow blogging becomes a therapy too.

As a reader I always look forward to read quality posts so I’d rather read a few good posts rather then read poor quality posts from which I cannot learn anything new. I don’t think readers will flock to a blog which only tries to drive traffic and does not think of providing quality posts.

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