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Video Editing Software – So Simple Even Your Kids Can Use It

According to statistics, about 72% of ecommerce customers say they would rather prefer watching a product or service video before making a purchase. And as compared to other conversion metrics, video marketers recorded an additional 66% extra sales every year as a result of using video in their marketing campaigns. The efficacy of using video in landing more product sales cannot be overemphasized in this dispensation. It adds a lot in terms of benefits to the brand’s overall image in the eyes of the audience, and that’s why this article today will be on how to create stunning videos for free with a very special video editing software that I will reveal in the course of this article. 

If creating memories that transcend generations is part of your goal for this year, and this new decade we just started, you will need excellent video editing software to make the dream a reality. 

Of all video editing tools I have tested, or used since last year, one stood out with a simple and intuitive user interface that I can’t wait to share with you, the readers of this educational platform. 

Throughout 2020, especially during the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic, movement of people was restricted in different countries of the world, and one of the best ways to get things done is to do them from home. Editing video is one of such because the skill-set was, and is still, highly in demand. 

I am going to be revealing a video editing software I just started using last month that has overtly changed my lazy mindset about editing video. I used to be lazy editing video as much as I love to create video content, the time it takes to mix scenes, effects, overlays, and all those kinds of stuff – it is not always easy if the tool in use isn’t user-friendly.

The editing tool enables you to make stunning slideshows with over 1000 inbuilt video templates to choose from. That means you can create stuff in less time because of its built-in effects, animations, transitions, and music, etc. Not only that, you can as well make use of its embedded social media integration to share your content with the rest of the world on platforms like YouTube, Facebook, Vimeo, and others. All these are possible by just clicking a few icons and playing with the editing timeline.

What kind of video editing tool could that be?

Don’t be in a hurry to discover the industry-leading video editing software that I just discovered. The name is Filme by iMyFone. Filme helps you to discover a new way to create and tell your story smoothly. Anyone can easily use the full features in Filme to edit their videos without technical know-how. 

Amazing Features That Got Me Attracted to iMyFone’s Filme

1. Freedom to Be Creative: Unleash your Imaginative Mind!

You can easily edit videos to meet your imagination with this innovative video editor software right from your computer. Filme lets you keep treasurable memories intact by providing you with tools to bring your imagination to life in your creative way. 

Filme video editing software

2. Fast Video Mode: Create a Stunning Slideshow Fast in Seconds 

Do you want to make video slideshows for presentation without having to worry about the tedious editing process? Filme Fast Video mode lets you edit video presentations in one click. Our Fast Video mode allows you to edit videos in one click to create elegant memories for birthdays, weddings, travel, festivals, fitness videos, social media advertising, and lots more.

With a click of a mouse, you can create a cinematic experience without a firsthand learning experience. The fast mode makes it easy to create stuff at the speed of light:

  • Nothing to learn, just one click to get a magic slideshow done. 
  • Produce quick videos for your birthdays, weddings, travel, social media ads, and more.
  • Stylish and fast!
Super powerful and easy-to-use video editor
Super powerful and easy-to-use video editor that lets you do basic video editing, pan and zoom to inspire your video along with one-click upload option to the web.

Here’s a short guide on how to use the Fast Video function to make a slideshow video with this tool.

3. User-friendly Editing Mode Brings Ease to Life

With Filme video editor, you can do basic editing, as expected from a professional video editing software, add striking effects, or use its advanced features to tell your story spectacularly.

You enjoy basic editing functions – you don’t need any previous editing experience to import, merge, cut, trim, crop, rotate, split, adjust video timeline speed, create picture-in-picture effects, add slow-motion effects and upload the masterpiece to the internet, etc. You have everything right within your grasp!

Filme allows you to make a video like a pro, but with fewer limits!

Crop, Split, Rotate and Adjust speed of your video using Filme video editing software.

In the latest version of Filme 3.0, they have added some new functions, such as:

USB-connectivity: This allows connected devices to import materials (from iOS and Android devices).

Instant Upload: One-click upload to YouTube and Vimeo platforms. 

Effects Edit: Increase some dynamic effects and filters without hassle. 

4. Extra Effects to Make Your Videos Colorful

I get it, you are a gamer, and you want to create something specific – this is your free video editor for gaming. It makes it easy to create stunning videos with dynamic effects as expected in a life-gaming environment.

Dynamic Effects to Make Stunning Videos

Here are other features you can expect from Filme:

Effects: With a myriad of effects to choose from, you have a huge resource of filters, animations, and others that you can use to create colorful stories.

Transitions: What is the value of a video without proper transitions to arouse the curiosity of the audience? With this video editing tool, you can add various transitions to your video and stun your social media audience with memorable video content.

Text Options: Text effects are an additional feature that makes video stands out. With a wide range of cinematic text styles, you can create video titles with beautiful fonts and color selection. 

Audio: The multitracking feature embedded in this software makes it easy to sync the audio along with the graphic content. Filme video editor audio feature lets you add and refine music according to your taste and at the same time record your voice to share within your videos.

Filme User-friendly Editing Mode Brings Ease to Life

Do More with Advanced Features

Adjust Video Style: This awesome feature lets you tweak the video specifics without compromising the quality. You can change the soundtrack, media files, or amend the colors of the video or an object to achieve a style or an atmosphere.

Multitrack Audio: Filme can achieve the effect of being in the mixing room of a recording studio right from your bedroom. With this, you can add up and play eight or more audio tracks simultaneously.

Multi-Layer: Filme supports the multi-layering of videos, text, images, transitions, audio, animations, and overlays. 

Instant Preview: Most video software I have seen out there has a preview pane, they mostly lack one classic feature, and that is the instant preview pane. With this, you don’t need to wait to watch the ending of your video because you can preview while at the same time editing the same copy. 

What of mobile users? There’s Filme Lite!

If you have been thinking of being left behind, please scrap that feeling now because Filme also has a mobile app that you could use to edit videos on the go.

Filme Download Instructions:

Filme video editing software is one of the best video tools with special effects you can find out there in today’s market, and it is made available free to download. But if you want to enjoy unrestricted usage, I’d recommend buying a monthly or yearly license. That gives you the freedom to express yourself unapologetically. 

TECHATLAST Community Discount

We have secured a special discount offer for all our readers to benefit from. If you are interested in upgrading your Filme app to a yearly version, use this link and you will get a special discount of 75% off your 1-year license courtesy of our platform.

Supported Formats & Devices

Supported OS:

Supported video formats:

Windows 7/Windows 8/Windows 8.1/Windows 10. It works for both 32 and 64 bit operating system.

*.3g2 *.3gp *.3gp2 *.3gpp *.amv *.asf *.avi *.bik *.divx *.dv *.f4v *.flv *.gvi *.gxf *.m1v *.m2v *.mod *.m2t *.m2ts *.m4v *.mkv *.mov *.mp4 *.mp4v *.mpe *.mpeg *.mpeg1 *.mpeg2 *.mpeg4 *.mpg *.mpv2 *.mts *.mxf *.mxg *.nsv *.nuv *.ogm *.ogv *.ps *.rec *.rm *.rmvb *.thp *.tod *.ts *.tts *.vob *.vro *.webm *.wm *.wmv *.wtv *.xesc

Supported audio formats:

*.3ga *.669 *.a52 *.aac *.ac3 *.adt *.adts *.aif *.aiff *.amr *.aob *.ape *.awb *.caf *.dts *.flac *.it *.m4a *.m4b *.m4p *.m5p *.mka *.mlp *.mpa *.mp1 *.mp2 *.mp3 *.mpc *.mpga *.oga *.ogg *.oma *.opus *.qcp *.ra *.rmi *.s3m *.sid *.spx *.thd *.tta *.voc *.vqf *.w64 *.wav *.wma *.wv *.xa *.xm *.xac

Supported image formats:

*.bmp *.png *.jpg *.tif *.jpeg *.tiff

Supported devices:

PC, iPhone, iPad, Apple TV, iPod, Samsung Galaxy, Smart Phone, Android Generic, Google Pixel, Xbox One, PlayStation 4, PSP, Smart TV.

If you want to create memories that will stand the test of times, you will need a good video editing software for the task, and that is where Filme video editing software by iMyFone comes to the rescue.


Agile and Lean Methodology – Everything You Need to Know About Now!

Many people do not understand what Agile or Lean is and they cannot comprehend the difference between the two software development models. So, for this topic, our experts have decided to give you all and little insight into what both of these are how do they differ. But before understanding the difference between Agile and Lean it is important to understand both terms properly.

So, let us start with…

What is Agile?

Agile is generally about building better items. Being established in the Agile declaration (2001), it’s particularly about building better-computerized items. From that point forward, it has advanced into backwoods of methods, systems, and religion of sorts. Agile had certain attention on individuals from the beginning, and the network has had a developing accentuation on culture and attitude. Subsequently, ways are being found to apply Agile even to non-advanced items or administrations.

The Agile Manifesto basically underlines the subsequent aspects:

  • Interaction of people on tools and processes
  • Collaboration with potential customers within the negotiation of project results
  • Respond to change with a concept
  • The Agile methodology is incredibly just like the Lean methodology and for this reason, you’ll see many similar points between these two.
  • The Agile methodology, in general, is more supported by development instead of production.

Under the Agile umbrella, one can find many frameworks including Scrum, Kanban, XP, and more. Scrum is the most widely used framework under agile methodology. Being Scrum certified can be beneficial to excel in one’s career. One can validate skills with CSM Practice Test and improve the quality of daily work in an agile environment.

What is Lean?

Lean is an intentional quest for a smooth flow. Lean organizations are resolved to convey actually better client esteem through constant improvement of the two items and series. It began most broadly from the Toyota creation framework, uniting thoughts by Henry Ford, W. Edwards Deming, and others. What made it “click” for Toyota was understanding the estimation of assembly line laborers. Toyota empowered specialists to settle on choices and upgrades without asking consent. Toyota had early regard for individuals and maintainability along these lines to Agile.

Lean Manufacturing has transformed many traditional concepts including:

  • Production should be supported by demand and not on supply. It is merely about doing something when someone wants it and orders it, instead of doing it first, hoping then that somebody will need it;
  • The production is more efficient if performed in small lots so as to take advantage of economies of scale;
  • Taking the time to concentrate on quality also increases production and efficiency;
  • Employers, not managers, are to blame for defining their method of working;
  • Rather than executing predefined tasks over and yet again, workers must continually improve their way of working (the so-called “Kaizen”).

Agile and Lean

When it comes to software development, you have two options that mostly confuses the audience, Agile vs Lean software development models.

Agile and Lean are two well-known techniques in the venture board world that assist groups with conveying quicker, more feasible outcomes. 

These two strategies frequently utilize the terms interchangeably while portraying regular practices. To make things much more convoluted, numerous organizations embrace a Lean system when attempting to scale Agile over the organizations: Although any Agile or Lean impact is a decent impact, these strategies are best when applied comprehensively.

Talking about the differences between Agile and Lean

Understanding the contrasts between the accounts of Agile and Lean can give lucidity about what makes every technique special. The primary distinction is that the Agile system concerns the enhancement of an improvement cycle, while the Lean strategy concerns the advancement of a creation cycle.

Here are some of the differences between Agile and Lean:

  • Agile Software Development Model resembles building another thing which is unexpectedly and that excessively just for one time while the Lean Software Development Model is a sort of building something very similar, over and over, that too on something very similar. 
  • Agile Software Development Model was as Lean Software Development Model has an alternate arrangement of standards, for example, eliminate squander, amplify learning, decide as late as could reasonably be expected, deliver as quick as could reasonably be expected, empower the group, build trustworthiness and see the entirety. 
  • Agile Software Development Model has a guideline of clients in its model through the Lean Software Development Model fixates on the catchphrase waste.
  • Agile could be a Software Development Model that contains six different phases during its entire life cycle. Lean is additionally a Software Development Model which was derived from the manufacturing model.
  • Agile is developed using different frameworks like Scrum or Kanban. Lean is developed using different frameworks like Scrum or Kanban.
  • Lean applies to monotonous cycles intending to create another and indistinguishable item each time. Agile applies to dull cycles where we emphasize improving one item. There is a not really inconspicuous distinction. Rather than building 1,000 vehicles, we continue improving one vehicle.
  • Agile will be developed in such a way that the ultimate development and integration are often done by delivering small or frequent parts of the merchandise whereas lean are often developed in such some way that using the principles from the Lean model.
  • Agile is employed to perform or deliver the applications or products in a dynamic manner however lean will be wont to improve the speed and quality of the merchandise.
  • Agile is about the scope and value of the merchandise. Lean is about the merchandise quality and its speed of development.
  • Agile is simpler to use for dynamic requirement changes. Agile isn’t flexible for dynamic changes within the deliverables.
  • Agile supports flexibility in numerous frameworks usage and lean supports in continuous inspection and adaption of the merchandise.
  • Agile Software Development Model has alternative ways like Scrum, Kanban, XP, etc. in its frameworks ways whereas the Lean Software Development Model has different management processes.


In today’s world, not many people can explain what Agile or Lean is, and only a few could comprehend the difference between Agile and Lean. And we’ve tried to do justice to that, by offering comprehensive detail on the Agile software development and Lean software development model. These are some of the differences between Agile and Lean.

Hopefully, this article helped you in clearing out the confusion and helped you in understanding what Agile is and what Lean is in a better way. Take care, stay home, and always keep learning.


How to enhance your mobile app development with Flutter in 2021?

With the ongoing push for more digitally enabled systems across businesses in 2021 due to the Covid-19 pandemic, the need for mobile app development is surging. But, when it comes to cross-platform app development, one framework is always a discussion point among developers- Flutter. The reason for such popularity is simple- ease of development, higher performance, and bug-free apps.

According to Statista, a 2020 developers survey shows that Flutter is the second most popular framework after React Native with 39%. Flutter is also one of the most popular open-source frameworks in the developer community. 

Github data also suggests that Flutter has a collection of one of the most trending repositories among other open-source frameworks. The best thing about Flutter is that Google develops it on Dart programming language. 

What is Flutter?

Image Source:

Flutter is a cross-platform framework for mobile and web applications development that is open-sourced and works on Dart. It is known for its widget-based frontend development that offers unique tools.  

With the latest version, 1.22.0, there are many new tweaks to this framework like,

  • Viewport Prevention for scrolling
  • Automatic scaling down of Dialog padding
  • Autofill for dynamic content
  • Text scaling for material designs

Flutter is not just a framework for frontend development; the best thing about it is that there are many Javascript-based frameworks for which it offers compatibility, like Node.Js. Let’s look at some of the other benefits of Flutter for mobile app development

Top benefits of choosing Flutter for mobile app development 

#1. Delivery On the Fly

With Flutter, you can deliver the changes and tweak in your source code on the fly with a hot reloading feature. You can also invoke hot reload, which allows the host machine to check for edited or tweaked source code since last compilations, and recompile, 

  • Libraries with code changes
  • The main library of the app
  • Main libraries affected due to changes in the associated libraries.

The new recompiled source code is then sent to the Dart Virtual Machine for loading the tweaked libraries. Flutter enables hot reloading to update classes for more recent versions of fields and functions. It also rebuilds and re-layouts the entire widget tree for an app for developers to quickly visualize the changes in the interface. 

#2. Open Source Bliss

Flutter is an open-source framework from Google, and that is why using this for mobile app development becomes fruitful. Google has been active in updating the framework with tools and features that make mobile app development more advanced. For example, with the 1.17 version, Flutter got material design support in the iOS environment, making it an excellent framework for developing iPhone apps.

#3. One Codebase

Flutter offers a single codebase for you to use across platforms and operating systems. It helps you reduce the time of development and even the cost by reducing the number of resources you need to deploy apps for different platforms.

The virtualization feature with the widget tree in Flutter helps you create a fantastic user interface that works well with native environments. For example, you are developing a mobile application for iOS and create a source code; the same can work with Android. So, you don’t need to code for two different platforms. 

#4. Faster MVP

Minimum Viable Product is one of the essential parts of any business looking to benefit from an iterative cycle. Flutter enables faster iteration developments for the MVP approach by leveraging the reusability of code. As there is only one codebase for different platforms, creating newer versions and deploying them becomes faster.

#5. Collaborative Framework

With the code-sharing feature, Flutter helps the collaboration of developers and designers across the platforms. This makes it easier for you to work in close grip with your native development teams. It also enables MVP development in collaboration and creates cross-platform iterations at the same time. 

What are popular apps made with Flutter?

Google Products

Google Stadia is a game streaming platform built on Flutter SDK. However, Flutter technology was used only for the mobile app prototype of the Stadia platform. 

Another Google product that used Flutter technology is the Google Ads app. The app has some fantastic features like campaign management alerts and editing current campaigns powered by the Flutter framework. 

Tencent & Alibaba

Tencent created a shared device experience between users with multi-platform support by using the Flutter framework. Similarly, Alibaba introduced a single tap feature for their apps with the Flutter. 

BMW & eBay

BMW used Flutter to develop its auto interfaces and create a better user experience. Another significant usage of Flutter technologies can be seen by eBay that made an Artificial Intelligence(AI) based autoML for their eBay motors. 

Now that you know what flutter is and why it is so popular among business giants, let’s see some unique tools to use with Flutter. 

Top tools to use for Flutter app development

#1. Supernova

Image Source:

Supernova is a design-to-code tool that you can use with the Flutter framework. It allows you to convert your designs on AdobeXD or Sketch into native code of mobile OS platforms like iOS or Android. Supernova enables you to change code on the fly and help with asset creation.

#2. Panache

Image source:

Panache is a browser-based editor that allows you to customize themes in Flutter. It helps developers to tweak colors and different components of widgets. You can simply export all your custom themes through the theme.dart file.

#3. Codemagic

Image Source:

When you are developing a mobile app, one of the biggest challenges is integrating new features while keeping the delivery intact. Here, Codemagic helps you with CI/CD (Constant Integration/Constant Delivery) in Flutter. It helps with the automation of development activities on Flutter like build, test, and release. 

#4. Instabug

Image Source:

Instabug can help you with all the necessary insights for your app. For example, it provides real-time data on bugs, feature requests, crash reports, and other surveys. You can install Instabug’s Flutter SDK in your app and allow users to report the bugs without leaving the application. 

#5. Appetize

Image Source:

Appetize is a native web-based emulator for iOS and Android platforms. You can run native mobile applications on the browser with HTML and JS(Javascript). It is easy to set up, and you can track the entire app function from the platform. 


Flutter is the future of mobile app development, as it is an open-source community backed by Google. The developers’ community is snowballing the framework’s progress, and the new features by Flutter are making it an extremely attractive option for mobile app development. 

From the hot reloading to greater virtualization and better CI/CD, Flutter offers many options to develop advanced mobile apps. 

Author Bio – Hardik Shah works as a Tech Consultant at Simform – a dedicated team of a mobile development company in Atlanta. He leads large scale mobility programs that cover platforms, solutions, governance, standardization, and best practices. Connect with him to discuss the best practices of software methodologies @hsshah_.


Standout Tech – A look back on some of the most revolutionary tech and products of 2020

So as we all know, 2020 was a year like no other. Of course, for the most obvious reason (the virus that shall not be named). However, believe it or not, 2020 was the year technology grew into its responsibilities. Rather than just being gimmicky, it began to save the world.

In 2020, technology played its most significant and most pivotal role. It helped people connect, businesses to still trade, and children to continue to receive an education. Technology made some of the most significant changes this year. It was the year of Zoom calls and online shopping as indicated by the chart below.

Average proportion of sales, value sales, seasonally adjusted, Great Britain, March to August 2020 compared with March to August 2019
Great Britain’s average proportion of sales, value sales, seasonally adjusted in March to August 2020 compared with March to August 2019. Study this data to see the glaring differences in the two years.

(Source- Office for National Statistics)

We use and need technology to do some of the simplest of tasks such as ordering food and it has given us the ability to do important tasks such as work from home. We relied on our Laptops and smart devices to collaborate through apps and connect to cloud services. We also need technology to help keep us entertained with online streaming services, games and those much needed banana bread recipes to upload pictures to our Instagrams. 

Here’s a look at some of 2020’s best stand out tech and products.

Fillup by Fluidstance 

Fillup is a water tower that is portable and can be used anywhere around the house for a personal supply of water. The tower holds 70oz of weather which is considered a full day’s worth of water. The tank has a double insulated wall which helps to keep water cold for 24hours. The product is great to use when working at home and helps to keep hydrated. 

Osmo pocket 


The Osmo Pocket is the smallest 3-axis stabilized handheld camera ever made by DJI who also specializes in drone photography equipment. The gimbal is able to adjust to movement in real-time in a precise manner tuning shaky video into smooth film work. 

The Osmo can also snap stunning images in great detail thanks to its ½.3 inch sensor. The candy bar sized device was designed to be as concovint and slim as smartphones but with a better spec. It has several intelligent functions which include ActiveTrack, 3×3 Panorama and Motion Lapse.  


Standout Tech Gadgets - Liteboxer gym equipment
Liteboxer gym equipment is one of the best standout tech solutions worth showcasing.

(Source- Liteboxer)

Liteboxer is an ingenious device and a first of its kind. Thanks to the gyms being closed during the pandemic, home workouts were all the rage. Liteboxer is a piece of equipment that is connected to an online fitness platform. 

They work together to offer the user an engaging and unbeatable full body workout which includes boxing. This is combined with advanced rhythm technology and music to help keep the user motivated. It also comes with expert training that helps users meet their goals and be motivated. 

Motorola Razr 5G

(Source- Motorola)

The Motorola Razr made a retro comeback in 2020 but this time made of revolutionary materials and a stunning 6.2 inch OLED display screen which is able to fold in half. The smartphone has been designed to fit perfectly in the palm of the users hand and is precisely crafted to look modern and sleek with metal and glass components. According to Smartphone Checker the smartphone also comes with a 48 megapixel rear camera and a 20 megapixel front camera. The smartphone features an interactive Quick View display on the front of the flip which helps users keep connected and up to date on notifications. 

Konnect-i Slim backpack by Samsonite 

(Source- Samsonite)

The Samsonite Konnect-i Backpack with jacquard by Google helps to make travelling easier. The technology integrated backpack lets users answer calls, change music. Receive alerts and flash updates align with many more other features. Users are able to use all these controls by using a touch gesture on the left strap to the backpack. The Jacquard technology is seamlessly integrated into the Konnect-i shoulder strap. Inside the backpack is designed with organization and modern designs by Samsonite align with an easy care exterior. 

Puppy Hachi Infinite M1 Projector 

(Source- Hachismart)

The Puppy Hachi Infinite M1 projector allows users to feel the power of touch without using a touchscreen. The projector projects displays on the surface allowing the user to interact with it by pressing on the projected button to carry out tasks. 

The unit is a standalone home entertainment system that incorporates parallel features. These features include voice control. The device can be used on any flat surface and can project a 100 inch screen size at a distance of 50cm, which is great for home entertainment. 

Amongst the chaos of last year, there have been many new technologies and products that have been developed to help life at home, working, living and working out, that are a little bit easier to deal with as we have seen with the products listed above. However, in all turness, the biggest technological advancement of 2020 most definitely has to be the development of the covid-19 vaccine. A true testament to technology and science. 

Information and Communication Technology (ICT)

3 Risks of Artificial Intelligence – Threats, Issues, Risks, and Solutions

AI has had a positive impact on our world since its inception and at the same time poses a lot of threats. Today, we are going to be delving into some of the popular artificial intelligence risks while at the same time handpick the major risks involved in artificial intelligence and applicable solutions to combat them.

Where Do We Stand Regarding Advancements in AI, Is AI Even A Threat?

Artificial intelligence apprehends the imagination of many people, yet it is foreseen as the most disruptive technology in the coming years. Artificial Intelligence (AI), or machine intelligence is the branch of computer science that develops computers and robots that are capable of performing the task which would typically require human involvement and intelligence. These computers and robots capture and learn what we humans are capable of doing. They are designed to execute the same tasks more quickly without human intervention. They also learn to discover frameworks and rules by reading a vast amount of data. AI is created by humans, but due to certain loopholes, it gets away from human control thus creating devastation in its way.

The quality of artificial intelligence technology has immensely improved in recent years. These systems grasp a better understanding of our existence, background, wants, likes, and dislikes. It provides us with convenience, comfort, and saves time. Personal assistants, chatbots, and other similar autonomous systems are widely being used in recent times. Sooner or later, we will automatically get into the habit of extensively using these systems on a daily routine. As of today, we know that the Internet is something basic and has become a necessity. Our dependency on the internet is so tremendous that it’s hard to imagine ourselves living without it. In terms of these autonomous systems, we shall see the same scenario in the upcoming years as even before we would know it ourselves, these systems will know better about our needs and wants.

Apart from knowing our needs, these systems will also provide a perception that we never thought would be possible, and the answers to the existence we were not aware of. It is quickly progressing into reality as artificial intelligent systems are smarter, faster, non-exhausting, and learns from the examples and other systems too.

Though we are still in the early phase, we cannot turn blind to the potentially lesser positive aspects of Artificial intelligence’s powerful technology. It thus makes sense to have a closer look at the major risk this technology comes with.

Artificial Intelligence Risks; An Overview of Threats, and Emerging Issues

Top 3 Artificial Intelligence Risks - Overview of threats, Issues, Risks, and Solutions
Despite the great and amazing things that AI enables us to achieve, there are some certain security concerns that kept growing on daily basis which needs addressing, so here are the top artificial intelligence risks that are worth learning about.

1). Privacy Concerns

Privacy is one of the many potential risks of AI. The use of AI in a maleficent manner could not only threaten the privacy of an individual, but it could also keep at stake the digital, physical, and political security of a nation.

The greed for data is on an increasing trend within companies dealing with Artificial intelligence. These companies will never be satisfied with the data available and are therefore ready to justify the mode of data collection to gain good results.

Our privacy is currently being abraded and is at stake in many circumstances. With the internet and IoT, we carelessly offer to sacrifice our data. All our efforts to protect our privacy will be futile. However much we may try to safeguard our privacy, these companies will use various methods and will keep targeting us. They will use our data for a specific purpose and then sell it off. The process of reselling data is continuous and it poses a great threat as we are unaware of who receives our data and the purpose of using our data.

There has been a rise in tools that aid in capturing private data. The most popular one is using a smart camera with facial recognition software. These devices can be used to capture age, gender, race, behavior, state of mind, etc. The data is then interconnected and used by political parties, businesses, etc. to attain their motive.

We’ve seen several banking companies leveraging AI to deliver a better experience to their customers while offering them a variety of additional offers and services and at the same time ensuring reduced risk levels to the business. This can be done due to AI having access to multiple data points that it can process quickly without the factor of emotion added into the equation providing unbiased results and suggestions.

Another crucial tool currently gaining momentum for privacy is the deep fakes. Deep Fakes are audio or videos created by distorting existing audio and video and replacing them with somebody else’s likeness. This tool will emerge as extremely problematic and this alone tops the growing list of artificial intelligence risks that is causing a lot of concerns around the world. With the help of machine learning, an audio or video clip of any influential person could be manipulated to give it a communal, racial, or sexist effect when in reality they have not spoken anything of that sort. If the public fails to detect and falls prey to it, it can lead to the distorting of harmony and spoiling of the image of the influential person or group. Deep Fakes along with AI make it difficult to know what is real and what is unreal.

2). The false fear of AI taking over the world

We may still have many questions and fears with regards to Artificial intelligence technology. One of them is thinking of the phase when the world will be taken over by robots, smart devices, and computer programs. Also termed as AI takeover, it is a theoretical scenario, wherein the AI emerges to be the most supreme power and intelligence, thus replacing humans with robots and program software. This has raised concerns about whether AI technology could enchant the end of the human labor era and leave people jobless, causing economic imbalance and further crisis. However, AI has often been misunderstood as Superintelligence. When the system or program surpasses the intelligence of a human, it’s known as Superintelligence. As a result of which, these systems without human intervention gain the skills and expertise, the ability to train themselves for various situations, and understand the circumstances. Nothing to worry about this Artificial intelligence. It’s a normal tendency of us humans to get terrified of what we do not understand – hence, we lay more emphasis on these artificial intelligence risks than the benefits they tend to offer. Instead of being terrified, we need to emphasize inculcating conscience in these systems. They should be taught about human considerations and ethical morals instead of a set of rules. If not so, these systems that are programmed with a certain motive to achieve will do it adamantly without taking into consideration the factors we humans consider important like moral, conscience, empathy, etc.

3). Can we trust AI with confidential data?

The sci-fi movies try to depict what the world may have to go through if AI becomes a wretch. Though what is depicted in the movies is purely fictional, many specialists believe that these systems will give rise to a consequential threat to humankind. It is highly unlikely that the drawbacks of AI will be as adverse as sci-fi movies. However, while programming these systems we need to understand public concerns. Various issues on AI safety must be analyzed and be more focused on creating a trustworthy AI system. The proficiency of AI can already be seen in the healthcare, retail, and manufacturing industries. This is therefore leading to losing of jobs in respective sectors and creating panic amongst people. The major reason for concern is that AI systems may become smarter than humans thus surpassing the human race. Also, there is a possibility that these systems may evolve behavioral and cognitive intelligence. This could lead to the systems having empathy, morale, and the capability of understanding what’s good and bad by themselves in their definition. This may function against human morals and cause a considerable threat. This occurrence can be alarming as there is no standard process to design the set of rules for AI worldwide. AI can prove to be biased due to the data used to instruct these systems. Such AI bias can prove too troublesome for a certain section of people and may differentiate between race, ethnic group, gender, etc. Due to these artificial intelligence risk factors, trusting AI becomes strenuous. However, we should be focused on creating trustworthy AI systems. This can be possible only once we acknowledge the viable issues and attain actual solutions.

Solutions to Artificial Intelligence Risks

AI is no more a futuristic concept. It’s already a reality with personal assistants becoming more salient in our everyday lives. AI is having an extensive influence not only from an individual aspect but is also impacting the wider sectors like health, finance, and government.

AI in the banking and finance sector has provided it with new ways to meet the demand of its customer who is looking for convenient and safer ways to invest, save, and spend barring the artificial intelligence risks that may arise along the way. It’s also helping the banking industry to enhance customer service by understanding the customer behavior, requirement and enabling personalized services thus keeping the customer satisfied.

Additionally, the healthcare industry as well has shown its positive potential towards AI. The various AI solutions have helped in optimizing the operations of this sector, facilitating remote monitoring, managing administrative tasks, providing alerts systems, and many more. It thus helps in saving significant time for the health care workers as well as providing the required medical attention along with a bit of convenience to the patients

Irrespective of whether we want it or not, AI is going to be all around, in every direction. We shall see the transformation around us and the switch in the operations. The only thing we need to do is prepare ourselves to accept this transition of Artificial intelligence and use it in the best possible and safe manner.

Business How to Guide

How To Create a Work/Life Balance as a CEO

Running any type of business requires a lot of hard work and dedication but the responsibilities of being a CEO multiply greatly as the company begins to grow. It can be difficult to establish a good work/life balance while managing all of the responsibilities that come with operating a business. If you want to live some of the burdens from your shoulders, try using these three tips.

How to Create a Work-Life Balance Technique That Works

How To Create a Work Life Balance as a CEO
Starting up an enterprise consumes a lot of energy. It takes a lot to get everything in the right perspectives; hiring and firing employees, stock management, brand and reputation management and all the rest are tiring tasks to expect. This is why having a work life balance is crucial to effectiveness, follow these tips.

1. Outsource Assignments

When you first launch a startup, chances are you are performing every job by yourself. In addition to pitching sales and stocking inventory, you must manage the accounting books and generate content to appeal to both new and existing customers. If you find yourself overwhelmed by performing all of these jobs, consider outsourcing a few of them to qualified freelancers. Hire a virtual assistant to keep up with administrative tasks and handle scheduling for various meetings. Some virtual assistants are also able to help with accounting. If you don’t have time to generate regular high-quality content, use a blog subscription service to create content for you, and save time.

If you choose to outsource content creation, make sure the company or freelancer you hire understands your company’s brand and values. This will allow them to generate high-quality content that is on-brand with the products and services your business offers. An additional bonus of hiring professionals is that they understand the importance of high-quality content and can strengthen your content marketing strategy to drive traffic to your website and boost sales.

2. Hire Great Employee

As your company grows, you will not be able to keep up with demands on your own so you need to start hiring people to help. The people you hire will represent your company so you need to choose candidates carefully. You can either hire people with years of experience in your business’ industry or you can choose fresh college graduates who are eager to learn about building a company from the ground up. Each type of candidate has various advantages so it is important to choose the one that best suits your company’s individual needs. Regardless of which type of candidate you choose to go with, it is vital to find people who are passionate about your business’ values because passionate people are more likely to put in the dedication required to make your business successful.

3. Streamline Administrative Tasks With the Right Software

Administrative tasks often take up a significant portion of time when it comes to running a business. While hiring a virtual assistant can help with the administrative workload, you can make the company even more productive if you invest in the administrative software. An accounting program tracks profits and expenses for you so you only have to input numbers into the system. Project management software allows you to keep track of various projects so you can set realistic completion dates. This type of program also allows multiple employees to keep track of projects and share important information in an easy and convenient way. Having this information easily accessible to everyone allows you to complete tasks on time so the company can accomplish its goals.

CEOs have numerous responsibilities. Whether your business is new or established, as CEO you are responsible for growing and sustaining it. Taking on so many burdens can eliminate any sense of a work/life balance, so if you watch to ease your mind and regain a measure of normalcy in your life, try using these three tips to maintain work/life balance as a CEO. Outsourcing responsibilities in addition to hiring qualified people and obtaining helpful software can help you relinquish some of your responsibilities as CEO so you can enjoy more time with your family.

Cloud Computing Technologies and Resources Information and Communication Technology (ICT)

10 Benefits of Moving to Electronic Records Management System

Many organizations today still stick to traditional ways of paper-based documentation when it comes to records management. However, as technology and innovations continue to affect almost every aspect of our life, similarly it does push businesses and corporations to find new ways to handle internal records management more effectively. Though, there are significant technical, operational, and financial barriers to overcome in moving to implement a robust electronic management system. However, the benefits of electronic document management infrastructure outweigh the cost and effort. 

This write-up identifies 10 key compelling benefits of moving to an electronic records management system and how it may impact daily business processes. 

Top 10 Benefits of Moving to an Electronic Document Management System (EDMS)

10 Benefits of Moving to Electronic Records Management System
Keeping electronic copy of data for future use and references is one of the way to preserve our history and help chart the course of the future. This is why an electronic records management system is of high necessity to this age. Discover the top benefits of moving your files to electronic document management system (EDMS).

1. Enhanced Mutual Collaboration 

One of the key benefits of the electronic management system in a company is, it improves collaboration between different units, departments, and stakeholders. Like many organizations around the world outsource their operations and the culture of remote working is becoming more commonplace. Thus, the electronic documents system helps to improve workflow both internally and externally through web-based applications and electronic records archiving platforms. Workforce involved in an activity can now work simultaneously on a document as companies continue to the digitization era.   

2. Real-Time Task Tracking

By moving to an electronic management system, company owners and line managers can now make real-time assessments of the business operations and daily tasks and project progress. Unlike the fast, where paper-based work would take normally more time to process, electronic records management is making the process more convenient and facilitate working officials to understand where a file is at in modification process, review phase and approval process is considerably fast today than ever before. 

Furthermore, one can leave comments, suggestions and recommendations live on any file electronically. 

3. Fast Retrieval of Documents  

Traditional ways of managing records usually consume a huge amount of time. Racks full of files and folders of records in physical makes the retrieval process more complicated and time-consuming. However contemporary tools and electronic archiving solutions providers enable people to dig out any needed file real quick. 

4. One-Click Accessibility of Archived Documents

Company owners and working officials can now easily access their data and records from anywhere on the planet with the tips of their fingers. As the mobility of people increased, so does the need to access documents virtually sore up. Entrepreneurs and executives today no longer need to be worried while away from the workplace as they can get their hands on any important file anytime and anywhere. 

5. Documents Security Benefit 

As business entities move into the electronic infrastructure of data management, security becomes of paramount importance for business owners. Electronic archiving solutions providers in compliance with global standards of records management that strictly ensure data safety and compliance. Since documents are stored digitally which completely minimizes any possible risk of records damage, breech, and loss of important data? 

6. Getting rid of Bulky old-filing Cabinets

With innovative records management solutions and services, business officials today no longer want their offices and workplace to look messy. Working your way out when files are being stocked everywhere reduces personal productivity as documents in the physical eventually pile up to huge volume with time. However, the digitization of the company records allows businesses to get rid of all those old-fashioned ways of maintaining organizational data and adopt innovative practices that optimize business activities and productivity of the human resource. 

7. Better Version Control

You might have experienced working on a document for hours and then realized that it wasn’t the latest updated file. This dilemma usually happens with you are dealing with paper-based records. However, by moving to the electronic way of doing things, data archiving firms regularly maintains versions of the update as well as the history of the previous work done on any document. This way you will never find yourself lost in work and while working on the latest version of the file.   

8. Ease of Documents Sharing 

Long gone are days of circulating files in physical, such as a letter from the sales department, invoices to clients, and other departments. Electronic records make the propagation of any files considerably easy and super-fast. You can share any file with any stakeholder of the company and employees in real-time via email and other file sharing platforms. 

9. Records Personalization

Companies deal with a variety of documents on a day to day basis. As you know, some of the documents may contain information that requires privacy and protection. Electronic management of records tools allows you to hide all sensitive files that need to be only visible to you to make sure those files don’t go out of the realm of your control. 

10. Cost Effective 

If you are managing a company that handles an excessive amount of data and documents that a lot of time incurs considerable maintenance cost, such as purchasing advanced software and human expertise for managing the data on-site. But by outsourcing your record to third party archiving firm makes all such expenses go away. These records management companies take your files away from your company premises, convert them to digital format and upload them to secure cloud-based records archiving repositories. 

5 Electronic Archiving Management Solutions Providers [Suggestion]

Top 5 Electronic Archiving Management Solutions Providers
To spice up this content, we have went ahead to add top five recommendation of electronic archiving management solutions providers that you can give a trial.

This article won’t be complete if we fail to share our recommendations of top electronic archiving solutions providers as we deem it fit. So, here are the top electronic document management solution providers that you can check out going forward this year.

  1. Convergra: Converga is a well-established archiving solution provider that specializes in business process outsourcing with a particular focus on physical records to digital conversion and archiving. 
  2. Archive Technologies: Archive Technologies is a professional records management company in Pakistan that specializes in both physical records as well as digital records management.  
  3. Docuworx: Docuworx is an archiving management solution provider that specializes in records management and workflows. 
  4. Infobuilder Technologies: Infobuilder Technologies provides robust electronic document management solutions and templates that help clients optimize their records management system needs. 
  5. Iron Mountain: Iron Mountain facilitates organizations to ensure compliance with records management global guidelines and reduce the risk of lost records or data. 

Key Takeaways 

An electronic document management system (EDMS) or records management is an innovative way of storing valuable data for future use simply by leveraging technology in gathering, sorting, and reusing the acquired information.

As technology continues to keep on changing, it shapes up the way businesses go about their day to day operations. To adapt to new tools and practices of effective records management is the need of the day for companies to keep pace with emerging innovations and gain sustainable workflow growth. Managing data electronically has enormous benefits that involve records safety, easy access, and transmission of files, fast retrieval, and cost-effectiveness. 

With this article, you should be bold in explaining the concept of the electronic document management system (EDMS) and the direct applications to our day to day data.

If you have further questions as regards EDMS or other similar document archiving solutions, you can use the comment section.

Mobile App

4 Things to Consider When Developing an App

The software world is flexible, and new things are coming up while the old ones are being dismissed. Notably, there are some things you need to consider when developing/building an app, which will help if you lack the required experience in developing mobile apps, or if you previously created a mobile app that was not successful.

Major Factors To Consider When Building an App

3 Things to Consider When Building an App
In this age, building an app should be amongst the top priorities of a company aiming of staying at the top for a very long time. This article detailed the guidelines to follow while building an app for your company.

1. Hybrid App Development

A hybrid mobile app development platform should also be part of the things you look at when developing/building an app. These services ensure that only one written code applies to all platforms. It reduces cost because you do not need to hire different developers when developing different apps for each platform. Moreover, all the apps will be released on all available platforms on the same day. Unlike the usual practices of initially releasing apps on Apple powered iOS, then on Android, and finally on PWA after a while. However, hybrid apps are not ideal for developing reality apps or things that require incredibly high frame rates, such as mobile games.

2. Rapid App Development

It is the last toolset which you may want to use. These tools are slightly above hybrid apps, helping you develop an Integrated Developer Environment. Through these tools, you can build systems faster, host them, and ensure they all get to the market sooner than later. Several systems give this kind of mobile app development platform which performs many out-of-box functions that can be utilized without coding anything. You can get in touch if you need something designed for your use case and requires custom development. Your developers only need to work using a code that they know.

Despite other types of solutions in the marketplace, appearing to be great, there are many things that you need to familiarize yourself with before building an app on them because they mostly lack the out-of-the-box functionality. It would be best to get a developer to work on it because the mobile app development platforms are similar to rapid app development tools. That is why you need to find a suitable tool that will suit you.

3. Developing an App

The platforms on which your app will be found, Android and IOS are the most common mobile platforms, and your priority should be to build the app on both platforms. However, there is a major difference that makes the two platforms different. Smaller devices are limited compared to those with bigger screens. Building progressive web apps will help many people to find your website using their smartphones. However, this is beneficial because a person can come across it on Google while looking for something else. If you are willing to work hard and cooperate, then there are many things you can achieve. It would be best to get a good team when working on app building platforms. If one person is delegated to build two apps, that will take a lot of time. Getting two app developers is the appropriate way to go about it.

Besides having two developers, you also need to preserve your data using the cloud. Only applications with less or no data and quick-function require no cloud storage, but your app will require a cloud. After users place their contact details on the app, the information needs to be stored in a database located in the cloud. Besides, it would be helpful if your full-stack web developer needs to create the required infrastructure and API to make the mobile app access the data from the cloud.

4. Infrastructure

There is a need to come into a partnership agreement with a hosting service that will host your app and its infrastructure. You need to look into some components when hosting an app: security, scalability, and reliability. You can read more about that here.

Final Thoughts

Though beginning, a mobile app development project seems exciting. There are many things you need to familiarize yourself with both at the start and when developing it. A budget will help to know the amount of money you want to spend on the process of building an app for your business. Developing an app requires experts and designers: your business should be ready to invest only in quality experts and designers. Rapid app development tools will offer solutions to your firm.