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Growth Opportunities in Manufacturing (And the Risk to Beware)

The manufacturing industry in the US lost 740,000 jobs during the COVID pandemic. Similar problems faced manufacturers all over the world. The virus also disrupted supply chains in many countries, and 2020 overall was not the perfect year for the industry. However, industry experts stay positive and seek opportunities within the realm of manufacturing software development. The emerging technology is expected to enhance current operations in all aspects of the industry hence providing a wide range of investment opportunities for businesses of all sizes. Now, let’s explore some of the top growth opportunities for manufacturing in 2020-2021.

Top growth opportunities for manufacturing in 2020-2021

Top growth opportunities for manufacturing in 2020-2021
Manufacturing industry has had its share of the ongoing pandemic. The coronavirus effect has touched all spheres of manufacturing industry from production to distribution etc., and that has opened the door for other sectors to thrive i.e. manufacturing software development sector. Here are the top growth opportunities for manufacturing in 2020-2021.

1. Green initiatives through manufacturing technology

The speed of manufacturing industry development has already been named the 4th industrial revolution. Such rapid development heavily impacts the planet; this is why more and more companies turn into Social Supers who truly believe in the possibility of staying profitable while also improving the world around them. Companies are willing and ready to update their existing processes for the greater good of the whole planet, and the fact that no earning gets lost in the process only urges most businesses to join the caste.

Most often, the update of the existing practices through manufacturing production software is what turns the harmful impact into a profitable and positive process. 64% of manufacturers in the US are willing to turn to renewable energy in the upcoming five years, and more than a third of the market believes that the use of special manufacturing software in Australia can easily diversify their dependency on traditional energy sources and also reduce costs. Considering that consumers all over the world prefer sustainable brands, manufacturers who turn to green initiatives can earn a great profit by showcasing their green processes to the world and making a point about this.

Green initiatives through manufacturing technology
Green initiatives through manufacturing technology will further enhance the entire output and reduce production time. The only challenge will be the cost of upgrading the tech such as manufacturing software development, hardware replacements and upgrades.

The risks: The main risk comes from the need for process change and the costs involved. A manufacturing company needs to always carefully weigh the benefits and calculate the cost of such a transition. Modern manufacturing technology can help with a smoother change, so instead of diving into sustainability right away, it is worth considering the help from a manufacturing software development team first.

2. Supply chain digitalization

44% of manufacturers report that their current supply chain is too complex and inefficient. Here are its most common growth barriers:

  • High transportation costs of assets
  • Underused assets
  • High rework costs
  • Low risks reaction
  • Unexpected issues with vendors

These and many other problems cast a shadow on all manufacturing processes and so customer service. As a result, in the era of global digitalization, many companies within the manufacturing industry turn to the manufacturing software development teams for help. Among the top software, orders are AI-based initiatives, robotics, deep data analysis, and, of course, 3D printing solutions. The latest example can help with adaptation to the rapid and urgent market demands; automotive manufacturing company software can set up autonomous forklifts and warehouse machinery for faster operations; robots have long been working besides humans on production lines for the enhanced production process.

The top priority in terms of digitalization for supply chains is, undoubtedly, the kind of automotive manufacturing companies software used for data collection and analysis. Data that comes from sensors, timing of deliveries, shifts efficiency, and many other indices gets collected by the software, then is analyzed with advanced AI. As a result, the manufacturing business receives a valuable analysis of the real-time data that allows managers and operators to optimize the processes even better. Such information also helps with forecasting and risk management as well as inventory management also performed by manufacturing technology solutions.

Supply chain digitalization through drone and other manufacturing software development powered solutions
You can setup a supply chain digitalization system using drone technology and other manufacturing software development enhanced solutions to aid your service delivery come new year.

The risks: Poor timing for supply chain digitalization is what causes the greatest problems for companies. Make sure to carefully think of the low season for your business to gradually begin implementing such a massive change. Otherwise, the shock from all the data, new processes, and high-tech solutions might literally paralyze the company. 

3. Customer needs anticipation

Investment in customer satisfaction and overall relationship with the end-users of a manufacturing product is a priority for 62% of manufacturers. Since personalized experience and customized offers are among the top concerns for end customers, the ability to predict what the market would be like instantly becomes the main goal for any manufacturing business.

Let’s take the automotive industry as an example here. Since cities get overcrowded today, many global capitals restrict their city centers to residents only and minimize the options of public parking. In this respect, manufacturers invent smaller and smaller cars that could satisfy the basic need for transportation while also posing no problems for their users in big cities and complying with the environmental restrictions around the world. These are automotive manufacturing companies whose software is based on AI and big data analysis that win the race here. Only companies that predict the new environmental restrictions or country policies can win the market and prepare for their demand ahead of time.

The risks: It is simple here – a prediction that fails to happen. The anticipation of the market change is essential, 74% of manufacturing businesses agree with the statement. However, it is also crucial to understand that if you invest in some manufacturing software development and this software appears to be of no use, your business can lose a lot of money even before releasing the product. That is why forecasting of future trends is important, yet it has to go together with the risk management initiatives. 

4. Adoption of transparency

Since public opinion shapes the reality of modern manufacturing, companies need to be particularly careful about their inside processes, resources, and usage of assets. The easiest way to be in the positive spotlight is to uncover all the processes to the consumers willingly. For example, Patagonia allows its customers to check the company’s carbon footprint. It knows such a problem exists but by showing all the data, it demonstrates the business’s work in progress and earns the hearts of the publicity. Failure to disclose such information in the modern world can turn into a disaster, as happened with Apple six years ago.

The trick here is that technologies can help in this aspect of manufacturing as well. For example, manufacturing software from Singapore based on the blockchain can help a business ensure that no transaction and action within the company is left out. By showing the trace for each and every action in the chain, a company can prove its sustainability and build transparency within the brand, keeping the customers included and aware of their deals.

The risk: Do not disclose more than needed. A manufacturer needs to state where the assets and resources come from and how they are involved in the process, but the publication of every single step on the way from the seed to a cupboard might not be the best initiative. Remember that the more information is shared, the more problems one can find in it. 

Industrial 4.0 and its effect on manufacturing software development

Conclusion: manufacturing driven by consumers

The rapid change in manufacturing is obvious and unavoidable. Universal implementation of manufacturing production software or AI has turned from a benefit to a necessity. Competition gains strength, consumers become more hard-to-please, and the technology evolves into new shapes on a daily basis. Rethinking of the existing values and routine operations for manufacturing businesses is a vital step to survive sudden changes.

Growth Opportunities in the industry of 2020 are enormous: from the well-known yet still essential digitalization through manufacturing technology to becoming sustainable at every step of the way. The smart and forward-thinking manufacturing companies are already seeking assistance from AI and robotics to turn around and understand the customers’ needs. So if you are not planning to trail behind the competition, gear up with technology and step into the future of manufacturing today.

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5 Proven Tips for Machine Learning Development That Works On Any Project

A proper machine learning development makes it easier to forecast new trends and understand new patterns that work that will work for your business.


If we see from the past years to the present days, technologies have changed a lot. And trending technologies like data science, machine learning, and artificial intelligence contributed to the industrial revolution. A massive amount of capital got invested in startups due to new business establishment, and R&D centers set up.

On the other hand, companies have taken the advanced approach to store data instead of the old-fashioned way. All thanks to one of the most trending technologies, machine learning.

Despite collecting tons of data and analyzing it daily, it becomes easy to forecast new trends and understand new patterns. In going with this understanding, here are the five tips for machine learning development work that will work for you in the new year.

5 Proven Tips for Machine Learning Development That Works On Any Project
As you are moving into the new decade, your business processes needs an upgrade! That is the stone cold truth and one of of what you should be thinking about is the integration of machine learning development into your operations. This article detailed five tips you need to excel in this new adventure!

1. Identifying The Machine Learning Development

Data scientists need machine learning engineers to bridge the gap between skilled and unskilled ones, even if the processes are time-consuming and costlier. It requires experts, and there are a few in the industry. If you understand the right patterns of data, you can take your business to the next level. So always have an eye on objectives, the time frame, and the allotted budget.  

2. Choosing The Right Machine Learning That is More Suitable For Your Business 

Machine learning algorithms are of two types, supervised, unsupervised, and reinforcement learning. 

i. Supervised learning

Supervised learning is an advanced process under machine learning that maps an input to the output. If the input and output match, then the algorithm is correct. Or else it is wrong. This supervised learning understands the labeled training data function and based on which it works. The supervised learning algorithms analyze the training data with the trained data and produce the mapping results. It also determines the class labels for unseen instances. 

ii. Unsupervised Learning  

Unsupervised learning uses algorithms to fill in the gaps of previously detected patterns in the data set. In cluster analysis, the data set is grouped or segmented based on shared attributes to understand ML algorithms. Cluster analysis or clustering identifies the common in the data set so that it becomes easy to segregate that will fit into the dataset or become unfit to the group.

iii. Reinforcement Learning 

It’s an area of machine learning that defines how software agents take actions to maximize the cumulative reward through smart algorithms. In reinforcement learning, instead of finding the balances between the trained and training data, it focuses on Markov Decision Process (MDP) for using dynamic programming techniques. Reinforcement-learning algorithms do not assume an exact mathematical model of the MDP and target areas where the MDP process fails. 

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3. Data Cleaning and Processing are Still The Vital Steps in Machine Learning

Data processing takes up to more than 80 percent of the time, and there are no smart algorithms to automate it. Therefore, all you need to do is to merge various data tables with different sources. Data scientists create several ways to test data models and find them that best fit and solve a company’s objectives.

There is no doubt that data cleansing is a crucial part of data processing. It analyzes the whole data set and identifies the data that adds no value to the business or machine learning models. There are many chances of data redundancies or data that does not meet business goals and objectives. Keeping your database clean and omitting these data help you to process data fast and accurately. 

4. Choosing Between Development and ML’s APIs of Exiting Models

Companies who want to implement machine learning in their business can go for it in two ways. Firstly, by developing their solutions to the problems they are experiencing. Secondly, following the footsteps of some of the giant companies in the world. Like Google, Amazon, Microsoft, Apple, etc. 

The business’s services have got fixed to one model – logistic regression. The choice of the right model and business strategy is crucial for success in machine learning projects. These projects are more complex than they appear, and most companies choose to outsource to get very specific with the project. 

5. Having a Team of Expert For Machine Learning Developments is the Ideal Solutions 

Having a team of experts boosts confidence and helps the team achieve success as a team and overcome obstacles. Therefore, having a team of ML engineers with a specialization is crucial for any machine learning project. Data scientists, NLP specialists, ML engineers, data engineers, and speech recognition engineers are some of the specialists you can have on your team. These experts can find any obstacles in a minute and take your project to the next level of success and maximize the output. 

Programming Languages and Frameworks For Machine Learning Development

You can use Python for its advanced library functions for machine learning and data science. Along with that, you can use R for statistical analysis of data and predict the future trend and data through the time series analysis process. For building a machine learning framework, you can always use scala for fast data processing. And Hadoop for storing the data. 

Final Words

These are these proven tips for machine learning development works on any project and it will boost your machine learning developments or make sure that machine learning development works for you. Identifying the right model for your business and developing the right model and matching with the existing API, reading this blog. You will get the idea about different machine learning data models and developing criteria.

Even though machine learning is costly, many companies rely on it to automate their processes, reduce their expenses, and maximize their revenue. Before embarking on a machine learning development project, you should figure out what languages and frameworks to use. And make sure your data is clean. Thus, you will get the best and most accurate results from machine learning developments.

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8 Effective Ways To Improve Your Retail Merchandising

Retail merchandising can take your store from drab to fab. It’s a practice that highlights your products and makes them more appealing to your potential customers, which will ultimately result in more sales and more significant ROI.

In this day and age, eCommerce is virtually everything. It’s slowly eating the market like cake, as brick-and-mortar stores are losing their appeal by the day. While they might be less popular than their digital contender, they’re still a significant retail department player. No matter your platform, real-life or digital, you and your business can both benefit from proper retail merchandising.

8 Efficient Ways To Improve Your Retail Merchandising

In this article, we’ll give you eight fantastic ways you can improve your retail merchandising so you can reap all the benefits from it. So, let’s explore how to improve retail merchandising with these guidelines.

Ecommerce Strategy - How to Improve Retail Merchandising
If improving your retail merchandising is your 2021 goal, then you have to pay close attention to the recommendations below to master the art of improving retail merchandising for online and offline commerce business. You don’t need to reinvent the wheel, the copy and paste systems are readily available to leverage on.

1. Think About The Color Pallet 

Colors can say more than words, literally. Different colors are usually associated with other things, and adequately coordinating them could be one of the best things you do for your retail store.

Online or offline, properly arranging the colors to express the brand, store, and product will make your potential shoppers spend more time on your website, which increases the chances of a sale.

2. Analyze Your Target Demographic 

You don’t want to offer the same merchandise to high school goths and seniors – you need to know who you’re dealing with before you do anything. Proper market research and delving deep into your target demographic will give you essential data that can be used for analysis, which will ultimately give you the necessary feedback on how you should handle merchandising. 

3. Let Your Products Speak for Themselves

One of the things that store owners don’t’ consider is that their products and product selections should be at the forefront of their sales efforts. Hiding your products behind a landing page or being too elaborate will ultimately bore your visitors out. 

Highlighting your products not only gives your prospects a good idea of what they can find at your store but will entice them to spend more time on it, online or offline. That ultimately results in increased sales, better merchandising, and a good ROI.

4. Improve Your Store Layout

Your store layout matters, regardless of whether it’s online or offline. The store layout is like a maze for your visitor – and you’ll want to make it as simple as possible to navigate. Make sure to tediously test out every aspect of your store and optimize it to such a degree that everyone can find what they’re looking for once they enter the store. 

5. Use Images, Thumbnails, and Hyperlinks

A fantastic way to merchandise your products is to make sure they’re displayed, promoted, and presented in the best way possible. An excellent way to do this is with visual cues such as images and thumbnails.

Humans are highly visual creatures, which means you’ll have to pay a lot of attention to the visual stimuli and sensations that your storefront gives out. Simplify it, streamline it, and make sure that your products are glowing. Alternatively, you can use hyperlinks to present your products in sections, blogs, and landing pages.

6. Don’t Overcrowd Your Storefront 

Shopping Tips - Don't Overcrowd Your Storefront

Overcrowding your storefront will make everything look sloppy, so you should avoid it at all costs. An excellent way to store all of your prized products in a small physical space is to use smart design solutions that help you out with retail.

If you’re dealing with an online storefront, you’ll have to pay attention to clutter. Navigation tools, product pages, and thumbnails can instantly clutter a website and make navigating the thing an actual nightmare. Make sure to keep everything as slick, sleek, and clean as possible. 

7. Utilize Smart Solutions to Improve Your Retail Merchandising

An excellent way to streamline the retail merchandising for your online storefront or eCommerce store is to use smart solutions. Some services and companies would be happy to provide you with data-driven retail marketing solutions that could transform your website and make it much more appealing to your customers.  

8. Always Focus on Branding Your Products

Branding is everything. You need to create unique content for every item in your store and allow your brand to come across as the definitive be-all-end-all store for your target demographic. 

Some stores are synonymous with specific products, subcultures, and demographics, and that’s solely due to smart marketing, proper branding, and adequate retail merchandising. 

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8 Best Family Apps All Your Loved Ones Will Enjoy

Often it’s easy to blame any bad thing on technology when in reality it can do a lot of good! Instead of dividing families, it can actually bring them closer together. However, that’s as long as you’re using it properly. And when you choose the best family apps, that can be a reality!

8 Top Family Apps All Your Loved Ones Will Enjoy

8 Best Family Apps All Your Loved Ones Will Enjoy - Olawale Daniel
2021 is fast approaching and families around the world are relieving the moments of ups and downs that accompanies this year. In this crucial times, there are some amazing apps that would make the new year worthwhile. Introducing the best family apps for 2021.

When it’s time to pick the perfect family apps, look no further than this list. Here are eight of the best family apps for you and why they’re important to have as you journey into the new year. 

1. Can You Pick Up? 

When you and your spouse are out and about, it’s important to help each other with errands whenever you can. But it can be hard to keep track of what your family needs

And when your kids are able to drive and get out of the house, you also have them as an option for grabbing some eggs. One of the best apps you can use to keep track of what your home needs is Remember the Milk

It does what it says; helps you remember the milk! And anything else you might be needing that someone can go pick up. 

2. Keeping Tabs

Keeping tabs on what’s going on in your family can be as easy or as hard as you make it. Of all the apps to keep family connected, Cozi rises to the top. 

As an organizational app, Cozi does it all. It keeps track of groceries, any to-do list things, and family members’ calendars so you know who has an activity and when. 

This is fantastic for planning and staying on top of important events so you don’t accidentally schedule someone’s dentist appointment during a play performance. 

3. Watch Your Wallet

Learning how to budget properly can be difficult at first. It can be hard to keep track, hard to figure out how much money to keep, and hard for new money-earners. 

That’s where a great budgeting app can come into play. Mint is an app that helps you keep track of your spending, no matter where you do it. 

If you want to create some solid life skills for your spouse or your children, Mint can help! Users can see where the money is going and help you put aside money if you’re saving for something special. 

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4. Where Do We Go? 

Has it ever been a little tough to find a kid-friendly place to take your family? It’s hard for you to find a place with appropriate entertainment, let alone get your family there and make a day out of it. 

So how do you find the best place to take everyone without worrying about whether or not it’s the right one? Enter Winnie

Just like the fun-loving Winnie the Pooh, the Hundred Acre Wood is at your fingertips using this app. Winnie helps you find the best family-friendly places to eat, play, and stay amused. 

From restaurants to playgrounds, you can be sure that Winnie will keep you safe and entertained.

5. Do Your Chores!

How easy is it to get your kids to do their chores? It can be hard to motivate your kids in the first place, but especially so when it comes to things they already don’t want to do. 

But, if you’re the kind of person that gives an allowance to your kids for their chores, then Choremonster is the app for you. Choremonster allows for you to give your kids chores that they can complete at their own pace. 

Once your kids have their chores done, you can put money right into their bank account. This is a great option because you can introduce your kids to financial and home responsibility that they can keep track of easily. 

6. Have Some Fun

Next, it’s important to include the fun apps in the family setting. There are tons of games that you can play with your kids, but which ones will help you connect and communicate? 

Give Minecraft a go! Minecraft is available as an app that you can use to play with your kids in joinable worlds, with a capacity of 5 gamers. 

You can create with them, fight monsters, and go on adventures together. Minecraft lets your kids explore with you and build whatever they can imagine. 

7. Explore Your History

Do you have a complex family history or a large family that’s hard to keep track of? Setting up a tree diagram using an app can be one of the most fun and interesting adventures you take on your phone. 

If you’re looking for an app that provides you a lot of options when it comes to tree design, Diagrams is the app for you. Discover more ab0out yourself and your relatives while creating a visually stunning tree to reference, or even to display in your home!

8. Where Are You? 

Finally, you need a family tracking app to make sure you know where everyone is. However, it can be tough to discern which apps are the best in that situation. 

Tracking can be a tricky thing to navigate because apps can seem sketchy or untrustworthy. FamilyWall provides a lot of security that will keep your personal information away from the internet. 

FamilyWall is not only a great organizational app, but it also offers GPS tracking to its users. Keep your family and your information safe all while knowing where your kids are all with this important addition to your home screen. 

Grow Together Using These Family Apps

And just like that, you’ve got eight key family apps to help you and your family grow closer together. No more stress over what needs to get done or where to go or what to do now that you have this ultimate list of best family apps for 2021. 

So what are you waiting for? It’s time to get downloading and start connecting with your partner and all of your kids. 

Everything you need is only a few clicks away!

If you found this post helpful, make sure to check out some of our other ones and remember to come back again soon for more content.

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Editing Secrets of Famous Youtubers Finally Revealed

How do YouTubers edit videos? What editing software do YouTubers use? How do they edit videos to create those stunning and professional graphics that got us fascinated by the device screen? Read on to discover everything you need to know about editing videos for YouTube.

One of the best ways to grow your brand awareness and probably increase sales is by using video content, and to get it done requires professionalism.

According to Biteable, 72% of ecommerce customers to selected web portals would rather prefer watching a video of a product or service before making a purchase. Not only that, data collected by the same survey revealed a similar partway where video marketers recorded 66% more qualified sales yearly as compared to other conversion metrics. Of all surveyed data, about 93% of marketers testify to the effectiveness of using video content on social media in landing new paying customers. It doesn’t end there, the data also shows a staggering 54% increase in brand awareness due to the use of video content.

These figures aren’t fabricated, they are facts about using videos to get the words out there, but the problem is, how do you create and edit videos that convert as pro Youtubers does?

How Do YouTubers Edit Videos Professionally?

How YouTubers Edit Videos - Untold Editing Secrets of Famous Youtubers Finally Revealed
How YouTubers Edit Videos: The untold editing secrets of famous youtubers that has been hidden for a long time has finally been revealed. Discover how to edit youtube videos using less resources while at the same time maximizing output quality.

Are you looking to join the ranks of YouTubers across the world?

What used to be a fun hobby for many is now a lucrative career. In fact, the highest-paid YouTuber, Ryan Kaji, brings in over $26 million a year

Yet YouTube video editing is an art that many people spend years perfecting. So how do YouTubers edit videos? What secrets can you emulate to help your own videos one day become successful?

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Keep reading for a guide that will teach you some of the simplest but most effective tricks. 

1. Get the Right Video Editing Software

The software you choose can have a big effect on what your videos look like when all is said and done. Video editor options range from free and beginner-friendly to subscription-based professional level varieties.

i. iMovie

If you have a Mac, you can use iMovie for free. Although it lacks some of the features of more advanced programs, it’s a great way to learn the basics and get good at editing. 

ii. Final Cut Pro

Another Apple product, Final Cut Pro is a much more advanced editor than iMovie. It comes loaded with fantastic special effects and tools, and ships with a price tag of $299.

It isn’t cheap, but it certainly is powerful, that is why youtubers edit videos with it.

iii. Adobe Premiere Pro

Although you won’t need it when you’re first starting out, many professionals consider Adobe Premiere Pro to be the best of the best. It costs $21 a month but features some of the most powerful tools on the market. 

Jake Paul has said before that he enjoys the power of Adobe Premiere Pro.

2. Take Advantage of Editing Techniques

Editing software aside, there are some simple tricks that many YouTubers use to make their videos look more professional. Here are three of them. 

i. Use Jump Cuts

If you plan on creating vlog style videos, make sure to edit out any pauses, stutters, or moments that aren’t necessary for your content.

Almost all big YouTubers do this, as it makes your content look more cohesive and professional. 

ii. Always Have Sound

Nobody likes awkward silences in real life, which is why it can be a good idea to add music to video. Adding background music or occasional sound effects can help cover up awkwardness while helping your viewers stay immersed in your content. This is one of the outstanding traits of how YouTubers edit videos while putting the consumers in mind.

iii. Get a Microphone

It’s easy to identify the YouTubers that use a microphone and those that don’t, as there’s an enormous difference in audio quality. Make sure that you also use one. 

If you can’t afford to buy a professional microphone yet, try using a pair of headphones. Many have built-in microphones that can help deliver crisp audio to your viewers. 

How Do YouTubers Edit Videos? It’s Simple!

While every digital creator has their own particular style, trying out some of the software and editing tricks mentioned in this guide should help give your videos a similar sense of professionalism to how YouTubers edit videos. 

Are you still wondering how do YouTubers edit videos professionally?

Do you now have a better understanding of how to edit YouTube videos? If you do, make sure to check out some of our other blog posts for more tech-related guides and tips. 

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How Smartphone Technology Has Revolutionalized Christmas Celebrations

Smartphones are the most preferred Christmas gift, thanks to technology! But how has technological advancement revolutionized Christmas celebrations?

Advancements in technology have helped change and increase the use of the internet on a mass scale, which has evidently contributed to the ever-changing Christmas festivities. Due to the pandemic, in some countries, this year’s Christmas celebrations will be slightly different with even more dependence on technology to connect friends and families.

Unbelievably in the 19th century, Christmas was not hugely celebrated as a holiday, unlike today. It became an annual celebration towards the end of the century, and since then it has evolved year on year, adapting with new rituals and transformed from simple gift-giving to bigger and more expensive gestures. 

Technology advancements have been one of the biggest deciding factors of how the holiday seasons have been reshaped to fit into the modern world. So how has technology changed and revolutionized Christmas for us today?

3 Ways Advancement in Technology Has Impacted Christmas Celebrations Around The World

1. Gifting 

Technology has changed gifting in obvious ways. A survey conducted by SellCell found that a smartphone was the most popular Christmas gift for both teenagers and parents with a massive 40.7% of participants claiming they would buy them as presents. 

With Christmas fast approaching and the excitement season already in top gear, here are things you can gift your child.
Source: SellCell

The survey also showed that traditional Christmas gift that was once popular such as sweaters, sports equipment, and toys have unfortunately lost their charm in the face of technology. However, cash has seemed to hold onto a higher enough position of popularity over laptops and tablets but is still outnumbered by gaming consoles. 

2. Decorations

Gone are the days of string light as we catapulted into the 21st century they have been replaced with smart LED light strips which intelligently connect to our smart home devices such as Alexa and even smartphones. 

From our smartphones or even via voice control, we can change the modes of lights and brightness to create a unique ambiance for every moment. As technology improves, new merges have been made, and now you can even find lights that play festive music and sync to the sound of your smart TV. Colors can also be chosen which makes them hot property for those who like to match Christmas decorations to their home interiors. 

Most neighborhoods have rival festive light competitions, trying to outdo each other year on year. However, the ease of putting up modern festive lights has made this a simple and effortless task. Projectors can now be used to display Christmas wonderland displays directly onto the home.

Stats showing injuries resulting from Christmas decorations
Stats showing injuries resulting from Christmas decorations. Thanks to technology, there could be possibilities of Christmas tree decorating robots handling those roles. Human errors will reduce by 90%.

Source- Accident Claims Advice

This is just as well as statistics have shown an increase in the number of A&E patients leading up to Christmas with typical injuries from decorations. In the image above, statistics show the most common holiday decorating injuries: trips and falls, being the most popular. Tree decorating may become a thing of the past as future technology could give us tree decorating robots, taking away the annual stress of tree decorating away. 

3. Shopping

Frantic shopping for last-minute gift buying can be one of the most stressful things to deal with over the Christmas period. Typically there are two different types of shoppers. Those who prefer to shop in stores and who enjoy the physicality of seeing and touching the product before buying. And those who are less fussed about seeing the products are happy to buy items online without the stresses of having to leave their homes which has been made possible thanks to technology.

Christmas shopping can be done months in advance, thanks to technology, allowing us to carry out online shopping. This type of shopping can fit around everyone’s lifestyle, allowing for 24hr shopping and even next day delivery which make it as good as going to get yourself. 

Where do people go to for Christmas Gifts?
There is a high likelihood of some set of shoppers visiting their local stores while the largest percentage of a survey conducted by ShopBlocks shows others preferring checking Amazon and other online stores when they are searching for Christmas gifts to present to people during the festive season – thanks to technology, the impact of tech on Christmas celebration is well-noted.

A survey carried out by Shopblocks highlighted in the image above shows that women are more likely to go out shopping while men are more likely to buy from Amazon. The survey also outlines the most popular places people go to find gifts with eBay and Facebook coming in quite high for males. 

The discrepancy between the two genders shows us just how impactful and important technology has become, although men seem to buy online more, women are not too far behind. 

This graph also indicates a big insight for retail shops who may be considering moving to an online platform, proving many still do come into stores to shop despite even the fear of the pandemic, if they can shop they will. 

Although Christmas may have been reshaped by introducing technology, its implementation into the holiday can only be seen as a good one. Despite having to spend more money of gifts, the process of getting ready for the holidays to have been made much easier and simpler thanks to technology, kitchen aids such as smartphones and tablets to help with recipes and cooking can also help take the stress out of Christmas dinner preparation allowing us to enjoy the holidays better. 

Every year, Christmas keeps changing, thanks to technology; from Christmas gift wrapping, tree decorating, shopping style, smartphone technology advancements has revolutionized Christmas celebrations.

Smartphones are the most preferred Christmas gift, thanks to technology! But how has tech advancement revolutionized Christmas celebrations?

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5 Best Ways To Secure Your Enterprise Mobile Applications

There are several effective ways to secure your enterprise smartphone app. Safeguarding mobile app assets needs to be a top priority for programming teams. In fact, one significant data breach or cyberattack could cost your enterprise app millions of dollars. Unfortunately, many popular custom applications do not currently have cybersecurity protocols in place.

If you are planning on launching your program this year, it is important to take some time to learn about the best online security strategies. To help you get started, read on to learn about the best ways to secure your enterprise mobile applications.

How To Secure Your Enterprise Mobile Applications

5 Best Ways To Secure Your Enterprise Mobile Applications
Security of smartphone app data should be a top priority for an organization with aim of becoming an industry leader. To help you get started as an entrepreneur with enterprise app security, read on to learn the rest of this article to learn the best five ways to secure your enterprise mobile applications.

1. Secure Your Source Code

Starting out, it is fundamental to secure your mobile application’s source code. To adequately protect your code, always protect your app with sophisticated encryption technology. Simultaneously, frequently scan your source code for vulnerabilities, and ensure that your program is easy to update or rebuild. Moreover, ensure that crucial members of your team are aware of your enterprise program’s running time, file size, and overall memory data. This way, you can redefine coding standards and quickly identify potential vulnerabilities. Of course, securing your source code empowers you to assess current security, change potential weak points, and continuously scan your code’s most important factors. Certainly, strong source code security is a key way to secure your enterprise mobile app.

2. Manage Access

Next, be sure to strategically manage access to your enterprise application. In order to control permissions, IT administrators must inventory your systems, analyze your developer workforce, and assign specific roles accordingly. With these new roles configured, you can allow each team member specific access rights. Following implementation, take the time to periodically examine your employee roles, as well as the developers assigned to them. This way, you can make strategic changes to the access permitted for each. Using these techniques, you can streamline ease of access, protect against unwanted users, and eliminate internal data breaches. Additionally, these techniques enable you to safeguard assets and keep a clear record of entry history. Surely, managing access control is the perfect strategy for online security protection.  

3. Automate Data Breach Detection

Automate Data Breach Detection and Secure Backend Network Connections

Of course, automating data breach detection is another excellent way to secure your custom app. While there are plenty of sophisticated ways to streamline digital attack detection, one of the best methods is to use an API. For example, Webhose’s Data Breach Detection API empowers you to prevent account takeover, impersonation, and fraud for your enterprise program. This way, you can boost overall brand protection and outsmart malicious hackers seeking access to your application. Of course, this allows you to significantly optimize time spent going through unstructured or lengtht data feeds. Absolutely, using an automated data breach protection API is an excellent way for digital app security.

4. Test Continuously

Moreover, testing needs to be a major consideration for your mobile application security strategy. At a minimum, you should regularly conduct documentation, functionality, and usability testing on your enterprise program. However, many successful programming teams additionally suggest conducting UI (user interface), configuration, and performance testing. In some cases, you may even want to conduct A/B testing to increase sales and gain more consumers. This way, you can ensure proper functioning and create a following of loyal users for your app. Surely, these techniques help you maximize QA and drive higher revenues for your enterprise application.

5. Secure Backend Network Connections

Furthermore, look for strategic ways to secure your backend network connections. To effectively safeguard your backend, utilize containerization, database encryption, and federation. In addition, you can use a VPN, SSL, or TLS security protocol for encrypted connections. In other cases, you may even want to consult an application security specialist to conduct vulnerability assessments and functionality tests on your program. This way, you can guarantee you have sufficient security measures to prevent unauthorized access. Naturally, these techniques empower you to prevent data leaks or eavesdropping on your application’s server. Indubitably, managing backend network connection security is a prominent way to safeguard your enterprise program. 

There are multiple best practices for enterprise mobile application security. First and foremost, it is fundamental to secure your mobile application’s source code. Next, be sure to strategically manage access to your enterprise application. Of course, automating data breach detection is another excellent way to secure your digital program. Moreover, testing needs to be a major consideration for your mobile application security strategy. Furthermore, look for strategic ways to secure your backend network connections. Follow the points highlighted above to learn about the best ways to secure your enterprise mobile applications.


Importance of Using a Link Building Company in Your SEO Plan

Search engine optimization is one of the easiest ways to gain traffic to your site. It’s critical that you focus on organic traffic generation so that consumers can learn about who you are and what you have to offer.

Search engine optimization has over the years proven to be the most reliable way of attracting an audience to your website out of all available means out there. And there are two ways to it; you can manually build inbound links to your web properties, and at the same time, you can leverage the strength of professionals in the field to get the work done. By using a link building company, you can get the necessary help that you need.

What are inbound links?

Importance of Link Building Company
In this article, you’ll learn the importance of using an outbound link building company in your search engine optimization strategy.

You’ll find that there are a lot of different links that matter to your search engine optimization plan.

Outbound links are links on your website that point to other websites. Inbound links are links on other websites that point to yours.

When you establish an SEO plan, you need to have a good combination of both.

It’s easy to establish outbound links – simply find websites, articles, and studies that pertain to what it is that you’re talking about. It can add some credibility to what it is that you’re writing about. Websites that end in a .gov and a .edu site can be of particular value as the search engines decide how to rank your website pages.

As for inbound links, they’re a lot harder to get. You have to establish relationships with directories and blogs to ensure that your link is being used. When your link is used on high-ranking websites, it makes it easier to earn prominent positions in organic search results.

Why are inbound links so important?

Search engine algorithms are constantly changing. However, inbound links continue to remain important because they prove that you have something valuable to offer and can establish instant trust in your brand.

Inbound links can be found from a variety of sources:

  • Social media sites
  • Directories
  • Blogs

Any time a page from your website is included on a website other than your own, it can help you. When those other sites have higher traffic than your own, it can generate a lot of clicking. People will wonder what the link leads to or be intrigued by what is being said in conjunction with the link. When the link is on a directory or blog that has a high trust level, it will ensure people immediately establish trust in you.

How a Link Building Company Can Make a Difference

It can be difficult to find directories that matter. It can be even harder to contact blogs and influencers to get them to link to you. It often involves nurturing relationships and writing guest blogs. It’s a time-consuming process – and one that you may not have the time or talent to deal with.

A link building company can simplify the process while saving you time and money. It will allow you to continue to develop your SEO strategy while knowing that outbound links are continuously being added to boost your traffic and your SEO efforts.

What to Expect When You Have Better SEO in Place

You can think of search engines as the 21st-century replacement to Yellow Pages. The average consumer will use Chrome, Safari, or Bing to conduct a search to find businesses in their area. They’ll type in a few keywords in order to get results. When your SEO game is on point, it will ensure that you’re featured in those results – and preferably toward the top.

An organic search happens when you don’t have to pay to be featured in the results. Solely through a strong SEO strategy, you’ll appear. It can drive a significant amount of traffic to your site so that you can gain online sales or leads.

Considering that there are over 3 billion searches performed on Google daily, you need to be sure that you’re able to be seen. There’s a lot of competition when it comes to keywords, so you need every edge you can get.

Simply using the right keywords in today’s competitive market isn’t enough. It’s why you’ll want to work with a link building company. It can ensure that your SEO plan is capable of giving you the results that will make a difference.

Regardless of the kind of budget you have and the SEO strategy that is currently in place, you can benefit from what a link building service can offer. It ensures that you get quality links in place, driving traffic to your site on an ongoing basis.

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It’s beginning to look a lot like Techmas – The best Christmas tech gifts of 2020 under £100

Celebrating Christmas can be an expensive affair every year and it is beginning to look a lot like Techmas at TechAtLast already with the best Christmas tech gifts of 2020 under £100 on offer!

Christmas can be an expensive affair, and despite all your efforts in trying to secure a great deal on some savvy tech in the black Friday and Cyber Monday deals, sometimes it’s impossible to secure a present for every member of the family. 

In comparison to many years ago, gift-giving has changed, and this is largely due to the popularity of the internet in an immensely connected world. Technology plays a large role in our lives today, and so there is no surprise that it’s the most sought after present to be found under the Christmas tree. 

A survey conducted by Consumer Technology Association found that the most popular tech gifts of 2019 were earbuds and headphones making up a huge 58% out of 2,009 consumers who were asked, represented in the graph below. 

(Source- Statista)

With this in mind, here’s a look at some of the best tech for some of the most popular categories in the graph above, helping to keep everyone pleased this Christmas without breaking the bank.  

Earphones- Beats Flex £50

Beats flex allows users to stay connected to their world for longer, with up to 12 hours of battery power. The smart earbuds include auto play which intelligently stops playing audio when the earphones are removed and resumes when they are placed back into the ear.

(Source- BeatsbyDre) 

Advanced acoustics from the Beats Flex earphones offer accurate bass and ultra-low distortion sounds. The earphones also come with custom one-tap Audio Sharing, allowing users to sync with other Beats headphones for the ease of sharing music. The Flex-Form cable also provides comfort for the user with durable Nitinol construction.

A built-in microphone and wind reduction make the earphones perfect for making phone calls and the on-device controls make it easier than ever to control music, calls and activate voice assistance which can feed information into your ear.

Portable Wireless Speaker – Tribit StormBox Mico £40

The Tribit StormBox Mico is like no other portable speaker in its price range. The ultra-portable speaker offers high-fidelity sound in comparison to its peers. The speaker houses XBass technology which pounds the bass in your much-loved songs with real energy and tight control for a powerful sound experience without overwhelming the rest of the audio.

(Source- Tribit)

The speaker is ultra-rugged with an IP67 waterproof and dustproof rating and is incredibly durable and compact for even the most adventurous individuals. 

The speaker comes with a tear-resistant strap allowing users to attach it to almost anything and has 8 hours of playtime with a rechargeable option via USB-C. The Tribits Bluetooth technology offers users a range of 100 foot which means smart devices will no longer have to be left near the speaker for best sound quality results.. 

Smartphone- Nokia 2.4 £100

Today it seems getting your paws on a decent smartphone means paying out heaps of money. However, the Nokia 2.4 is a great device packed with an abundant amount of technology with an incredibly small price tag

(Source- Nokia)

According to Smartphone Checker, the device is fully loaded with a 6.5-inch display HD+ screen with 2 GB RAM and 32 GB storage. The smartphone also includes 2-day Adaptive Battery technology allowing users to take detailed night shots with AI imaging. The phone also has fingerprint or glance unlocking features and a 13-megapixel rear camera and 5-megapixel front camera. 

The camera is fully loaded with portrait modes custom shapes which helps to create perfect and detailed images by blurring out the background and re-focusing on parts of the image the user wants to highlight long after the images have been taken. 

Smart Speaker – Apple Homepod Mini £99

The Homepod by Apple offers a unique 360 degree sound thanks to its shape and jam-packed speaker innovation. The speaker is designed to fit anywhere in the house and has a backlit Touch surface on the top, which proves quick and easy controls. 

(Source- Apple)

Users can command Apple’s intelligent assistant Siri to carry out several tasks which include playing songs not just on the smart speaker itself but also on other Homepod Minis in the house. 

The Homepod mini works effortlessly with other Apple devices allowing users to answer calls via and truth the speaker or even using the speaker as an extension to Apple TV speakers for a truly cinematic feel. 

Apple is also working on a new concept which will allow users to see personalised listening suggestions from their Home Pods that automatically appear on their iPhones when placed next to the speaker. 

Digital media streaming Device- Chromecast with Google TV £60

Chromecast with Google TV allows users to stream their favourites in up to 4K HDR. It also personalises your TV by organising movies and Tv shows from all your favourite streaming services into a single screen, making it quick and easy to access. 

(Source- Google Store)

The service also provides recommendations based on the content users enjoy. The chrome cast is designed with the user in mind and can attach to almost every TV. The device also lets users cast from an array of different devices as well as mirroring their Chrome browser to the TV.


A Comparison between Custom Software Development and Generic Software Development

The software development world continues to evolve as demand changes. There is a wide range of services offered by a software development company today that are on offers to customers worldwide. There are different development types, depending on company preference. 

Some may require custom software development while others go for generic software development. The choice depends on the company outsourcing the service. In this article, we are going to delve into the comparison between custom software development and generic software development. We will also be focusing more on itemizing the pros and cons of these types of software programming options.

A Comparison between Custom Software Development and Generic Software Development
Custom software development has some distinct qualities to generic software development and this article will delve into the pros and cons. Read on to learn more!

1. Custom Software Development

Custom software development is a mechanism wherein a custom software development company creates a product for a particular customer. The specific customer may be an organization or group of persons. Mostly, the product has a distinct requirement in the market for only a limited time, and only for the specialized requirements of the business. 

2. Generic Software Development

It’s a process executed by developers that develop the software product. Typically, the product is made for various business needs that have a positive market demand over a certain period. Software development companies build a generic solution at their own cost and sell it to customers. 

Generic software is set and ready to use, and available in the market for any brand to choose from. 

Generic software development versus Custom Software Development—a Comparison

1. Exclusive

Tailored software is unique, built for a specific client. 

A generic solution is created for the mass market. 

2. Updates and Needs

In custom software, changes are made when required by a customer. It’s made by the budget, time, and the defined needs of the client. 

In generic software, updates are done by a specific plan, which is defined by the market needs. Moreover, a generic software solution is made based on future updates. 

3. Cost of Development

Custom software or tailored software could be expensive since the customer will receive a unique product. Nevertheless, the competitive edge that the customer acquires could overweigh the heavy investment cost. 

A generic or off-the-shelf solution is typically affordable. There may, however, be some hidden costs. For instance, they may be extra costs you have to pay to set up and implement this kind of software. 

4. Control

The key difference between custom software and generic software is the control over the process of development. The control of an off-the-shelf solution is handled by the development company that builds it. Even though the customer acquires a license to use the solution the owner could make some changes and remove some useful features for the customer. 

A custom solution is controlled by the client or the customer. The customer alone decided on what to do with the software solution. 

5. Functionality

The functionality of a generic solution is designed to resolve a specific issue for a lot of entities in that vertical. Custom software on the other hand has functionality for solving a concern for a certain entity. 

6. Amount of Functions

Typically, an off-the-shelf software includes as many functions as possible due to its wide use. For this reason, the functions are made simpler. At the same time, however, you hardly ever use even half of them. 

A tailored solution is focused on the features that the customer requires. Compared to generic software, it’s less user-friendly. However, for a particular kind of user, dealing with the custom solution is quite obvious. 

7. Architecture

The architecture of a tailored software should be balanced between the current client requirement and scalability. 

A generic solution must be highly scalable. It may need to pivot during the lifecycle as per the business requirements of the development company. 

8. Quality

The quality of a generic software product is not the main parameter that the development company adheres to. If the company delays the release to refine a few features and set up better characteristics, all these could lead to market share loss. Thus, quality is not a priority for a generic solution. 

In contrast, a custom solution should be of the best quality to impact the revenue and progress of the client. The custom software quality parameters would be parallel to what impact they must have on the company of the client. 

Custom Software—Pros and Cons

Specific. The resulting software is specifically designed to match your exact specifications and needs. This is helpful when you have unique requirements and require very specific features. Time. Takes some time and expertise to determine the needs you have for your software solution. This could mean more lead time before you get to put your plans into action. 
Control. You not only have full control over the product’s design, but you also get to determine when new updates and features should happen. Cost. The biggest drawback is the high cost. Nevertheless, the costs could be offset quickly by the increased efficiency of using the tailored solution. 
Updates. The updates would be done following your specific requirements. Development Management. To offset some drawbacks of a tailored solution, a lot of companies outsource to custom software developers. 

Generic Software—Pros and Cons

Less Initial Cost. A generic software has a less initial investment. Because the products are generic, there’s a huge user base, and the cost is divided among various users. Hard to Integrate. Generic software is not easy to integrate into the company. Some processes may have to be changed to suit the solution and could involve big costs and time to train employees. 
Easy Support and Documentation. The generic packages have user guides from the software firms that develop them. Aside from that, there are also a lot of unofficial guides written by those who already use the solution. Costly later on. While the initial cost may be low, later on, it would be quite expensive. Generic packages require regular updates to scale and add new features per the growing needs of your company. 
Instant Availability. Generic packages could be bought off-the-shelf and could be used immediately. Most have a host of features that could be used upon installation.Less Flexibility. An off-the-shelf solution isn’t flexible, and could not change as per the company’s growth. 
Updated Regularly. As development companies build new software versions, regular updates are released. 


Knowing the differences and the pros and cons of both custom software and generic software enable you to make a well-informed choice. The decision of choosing the solution ultimately would depend on your brand’s requirements and needs.