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Mac Task Manager: Why is Task Manager for Mac Important?

All Apple computers come with the Mac task manager utility (Activity Monitor). Task manager is provided to help you track the performance of your computer programs.

On the PC, there’s the Windows default task manager, which allows you to get behind the scenes on your computer. If you’ve grown up using a PC, then you’re probably used to hitting ctrl + alt + delete to bring this feature up.

But now that you’re older, perhaps you’ve swapped out your PC for a Macbook. Now, you basically have to relearn how to use a computer, seeing as they have completely different operating systems.

In this article, we’ll discuss what the Mac task manager is, why it’s so important, and how to use it.

Activity Monitor (Mac Task Manager) - Why is Task Manager for Mac Important
Apple computers come with the Mac task manager utility (activity monitor) provided to help you track the performance of computer programs.

What Is the Mac Task Manager?

First things first: there is no such thing as the Mac Task Manager. If you go searching around on your Macbook for it, you won’t find it.

Instead, it’s called the Activity Monitor. So the next time you panic because you can’t find the Mac Task Manager, just remember it has a different name.

Why Is the Activity Monitor Important?

If you’re familiar with the PC’s task manager, then you’ll know that it displays a few important things on your device. If you’re not, we’ll explain here.

On the Activity Monitor, it’ll show several important categories. Read on to find out more about each.


On the task manager for Mac, the first tab you’ll see is “CPU.” This stands for “central processing unit.” For each task, you’ll see a percentage by it. This is how much of the CPU it’s using.

Typically, if your Macbook is running slower than usual, it’s because an application is using too much CPU. So if you’re having issues, check this category first and closeout anything that may be using an excessive amount of the CPU.


The next tab is “Memory.” This indicates how much of your Mac’s memory each application is using; this is percentage-wise as well.

An app that’s using too much memory can also cause a slowdown on your computer. So if your device is being slow, check the memory usage as well as CPU usage for your apps.

You’ll want the memory to display as green. This means enough resources are available. If it’s yellow, it means there’s a limited amount of memory, and if it’s red, it means you’re completely out.


The “Energy” tab indicates how much power each application is draining from your device. If you’re using a Macbook while unplugged, then you’ll want to keep an eye on this tab. Otherwise, you might end up draining the battery much quicker than expected.

If you want to conserve the amount of battery life you have left, you can try closing out the power-hungry apps.

To confirm your Macbook is charging when you’ve plugged it in, check the bottom of the Activity Monitor window. If it’s blue, that means it’s not charging. If it’s green, then it is.


Next up is the “Disk” tab. This category will show you how much data each application is reading from your disk.

To get a more detailed look, you can click on the “Disk” button. Here, you’ll see a graph with a blue and red line. The blue line shows the number of reads per second and the red line shows the number of writes out per second.


The “Network” tab works similarly to how the “Disk” tab works. But instead of showing how much data is being read, it shows how much data is being sent or received over your network.

Like with the previous tab, if you click on “Network,” you’ll see a graph with two lines. One will show you how many packets you’re receiving per second, and the other will show you the number of packets sent per second.


You may or may not have this tab, depending on your device. The “Cache” tab is available in macOS High Sierra 10.13.4 and later versions.

In this category, it’ll show you the total amount of cached content regarding your local networked devices. This means it’ll display how much content was uploaded, downloaded, or dropped.

If you click on “Cache,” you’ll see a graph. This shows you your caching patterns over a certain amount of time.

How to Use the Activity Monitor (Mac Task Manager)

We’ve told you the different functions of the Activity Monitor. But how exactly do you access it?

There are three ways you can open up the Activity Monitor.

  • Step 1: First, you can use “Finder.” Click on “Applications,” “Utilities,” and then “Activity Monitor.”
  • Step 2: The next way is to use Spotlight. Once you have it open, type in “Activity Monitor.” It should pop up, so press enter once it does.
  • Step 3: The last way you can open up is by pinning it on your dock. Open “Finder,” click on “Applications,” and then “Utilities.” Find “Activity Monitor” and drag it to the dock.

In the future, you can just find Activity Monitor on the dock and click on it directly to open it up without any extra steps.

Use the Activity Monitor to Manage Your Macbook’s Tasks

Now that you know how to use the Mac task manager, you can find any apps that might be using up lots of resources and end them to help your Macbook run better.

With access to this helpful tool, you’ll be better able to run your device in the future. So the next time something seems off, just bring up Activity Monitor and see which tasks are eating up all the resources. Then simply close them!

For more tech information, please take a look at our other blog articles.

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How to Delete Duplicate Contacts in Lotus Notes?

Today, we are going to run another How to guide as we normally do on TechAtLast. The focus is on how to remove or delete duplicate contacts in Lotus Notes.

IBM Lotus Notes is an email client that uses the NSF file format as its storage pool where all the information associated with a Notes account gets stored. NSF is an acronym for Notes Storage Facility and it stores its data in a unit refers to as notes. The file names.nsf consists of personal address book information of each account like phone contacts, locations, email addresses, connections, etc.

Many times, duplicate contacts are generated in NSF files of multiple Notes accounts of the employees working in the same organization consuming the unnecessary space of Lotus notes Storage. It is a daunting task to remove duplicate contacts in lotus notes, especially when you are dealing with bulk contacts.

In this tutorial, we are going to discuss different methods and techniques on how to remove duplicate contacts in Lotus Notes. But before moving towards that, let’s understand how duplicate contacts are generated.

How to Delete Duplicate Contacts in Lotus Notes (How to remove duplicate contacts in Lotus notes)
Lotus Notes is an email client designed by IBM for organizations that helps facilitates communication and storage of important data. If you want to remove duplicate contacts in Lotus notes, worry not. In in this guide, you are going to learn how to delete duplicate contacts in Lotus Notes for free and with ease.

How duplicate contacts are generated?

Most of the Lotus Notes user faces problems when their duplicate contacts are generated in the address book. Some causes that lead to the generation of duplicate contacts are listed below:

  • When two or more (names.nsf) files of a single account of Lotus Notes are merged to create a single file, then it may generate duplicate contacts.
  • When the address book of ex-employee is imported to another employee’s address book working in the same organization, duplicate contacts may be created.
  • When the names.nsf file, which is downloaded as an attachment in the Lotus Notes account is synchronized with the contacts already present in the address book, duplicity is likely to occur.

Why Remove Duplicate Contacts in Lotus Notes?

There are many reasons to delete duplicate and identicall contacts that are auto-generated inside IBM Lotus Notes. Some of them are:

  • When the contact file size is larger what could be managed. For example, a 20,000 contact list is a headache for the owner.
  • Reduction in the speed of the system due to overused storage space.
  • Just like the PST file, or Microsoft Outlook data file, the NSF database has a storage limit of 64GB and once this allocation gets filled up, the system begins to malfunction. You can experience data loss as a result of too many files struggling for a limited space.

How to Delete Duplicate Contacts in Lotus Notes

Managing the address book of a Lotus Notes account is a tedious task if the contacts file is large. In addition, duplicate contacts that are generated unintentionally use lots of space that may cause the performance rate of Lotus Notes to slow. Some of the workarounds to remove duplicate contacts in Lotus Notes account are:

Workaround to Remove Duplicate Contacts in Lotus Notes

Step 1. One of the workarounds is to select the duplicate contact individually and delete them to save space. This option is not feasible when there is a large number of contacts present in a single account as it may consume a lot of time.

Step 2. Another method to find the duplicate contacts and delete them is by running Lotus scripts in the Domino agent written by Purna. However, these manual methods do not give satisfactory results and it is very difficult for non-technical people to use the scripts.

Professional Tool for Removing Duplicate Contacts From Lotus Notes

The most effective way to remove the redundant contacts easily from the NSF files is by using a third-party software tool like NSF duplicate remover. The software combine duplicate names.NSF files and generates a single NSF file after comparing the duplicate contact within the files and removing the same contacts. In case of emails also, the tool removes the duplicate emails from Lotus Notes NSF Files.

The software can merge several NSF files of many Lotus Notes accounts at a time, search for duplicate contacts among them, and generate a new NSF file removing the duplicate contacts. The software will first give priority to add the NSF file either by file or folder. The user needs to check the box for Remove duplicate if he/she wants the duplicate contacts to be removed among the multiple NSF files. The saving location where the result will be stored is specified by the user. The tool will provide the new Lotus Notes file where all the contacts from different names.nsf files will be stored without any duplicate contacts. And an additional benefit is you can remove duplicate email in Lotus Notes.

Final Verdict!!

This technical guide focused on How to Delete Duplicate Contacts in Lotus Notes. Both manual methods and professional tools are prescribed. Now it up to to you to choose any of them. Thanks for Reading.

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Top 8 Free Resources for College Students to Get Ahead While College Is Out

In this competitive world, everyone is looking forward to enhancing their skillset. Development is a continuous process and is an essential feature in every corporate sector. Amid the Coronavirus pandemic, it is important that you utilize your spare time honing your knowledge and skills by opting for some professional online courses. This is equally important for those who have graduated and are on the lookout for jobs.

Students often turn to professional experts when they need assignment help. In order to do so, one needs to browse the Internet carefully. If you put this internet surfing skill to good use, you will come across hundreds of online platforms that offer free courses and training. While some websites are ideal for engineers, the others are appropriate for marketing students, etc.

Here, we will discuss the free platforms that will help you out in your endeavor to stand out from the rest of your competitors.

Online Courses: Top 8 Free Resources for College Students

In order to beat the boredom during the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic, here are 8 top free online courses platform and resources you can leverage as college students.

1. Coursera

87% of the people who pursued a course at Coursera have stated that their career prospects improved, following the completion of the courses. Here, you will receive optimum guidance from world-class instructors through video lectures.

Furthermore, you will get a variety of course options in subjects like Computer Science, Data Science, Business, Literature, Psychology, etc. Coursera offers 4,257 courses, of which 1200 are free. You can check your progress by participating in projects and quizzes. And, the platform has a tie-up with 191 reputed alma maters and organizations like Arizona State University, IBM, Google, Princeton University, etc.

2. Alison

Over 14 million learners are registered at When you visit the page, you will be greeted with the course options in Technology, Language, Science, Health, Humanities, Business, Math, Marketing and Lifestyles.

Currently, Alison is offering 1000 courses, and it is available in 195 countries. Moreover, you get to see the most recent courses, the most popular courses and the trending courses availed by the learners. Some of the trending courses include health certificate in Coronavirus, a diploma in health studies, and a certificate in supervision skills. In addition to this, there you can receive an IT certificate in Microsoft Excel, Humanities certificate on student monitoring, etc.

Online Courses Top 8 Free Resources for College Students - College students learning during a session
Amid the ongoing pandemic that is currently ravaging the whole world, it is expedient that you utilize your free time by honing your knowledge and skills with myriad of professional online courses that are readily available out there. Here are 8 free resources to get you started right away. | Credit: Pexels

3. Udemy

You can acquire new skills from Udemy. You have over 100,000 online video courses to choose from. The top categories include Development, Business, IT and Software, Design, Marketing, Photography, and Music.

You have the option of learning at your own pace, and you will receive the guidance of the industry experts. Moreover, if you are not sure which course you should pursue, you can answer a few questions to get personalized recommendations.

4. edX

Here, you have the opportunity to apply for any one of the 2500+ online courses, from 140 reputed institutions. edX has collaboration with Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Harvard University, Berkeley University of California, Boston University, to name a few. 

The popular subjects include Computer Science, Language, Data Science, Business and Management, Engineering, and Humanities. You can learn Blockchain, Python, Big Data, AI, Cloud Computing, Business Administration, Fashion, etc. However, if you want to learn to your heart’s content and wish to acquire a certificate, you have to pay.

Top 8 Free Resources for College Students to Get Ahead While College Is On Shutdown
Free online resources for college students and distance learners to get ahead with their education while observing the social distance order in the ongoing pandemic.

5. Codecademy

If you want to become an accomplished coder, you can take the help of this free platform. Not only will you get to learn new programming languages like Javascript, Python, R, etc., but also sharpen your concept in the languages you already know. As per their website, over 45 million learners have benefited from Codecademy.

Here, you will learn to build websites, analyze data, practice, get feedback from the experts, and opportunities to join the corporate world. Students have mentioned that this site is perfect for learning Data Science, Web Development, and Computer Science.

6. FutureLearn

Here, the classes are taught by the university teachers, and when you visit the page, you will see the new online degrees and the updated list of courses. Some of the courses are highlighted here- Understanding ADHD, People Management Skills, COVID-19, etc. According to the website, there are 498 online courses.

Millions of people are using this platform to learn something new every day. And, if your college is shut down temporarily, you can easily tune in for an hour each day. Moreover, you get access to videos, articles, discussions, and quizzes.

Top 8 free resources for Online courses during the Covid-19 pandemic
Top free online courses portal you can leverage during the Covid-19 pandemic. | Credit: Pexels

7. Udacity

At Udacity, you will get to enjoy free courses like nano degree programs, advanced android programs, WeChat mini program courses. Moreover, you get access to Practical Machine Learning with TensorFlow 2.0 Alpha, PyTorch Scholarship Challenge from Facebook on this platform.

The subjects involve Business and Management, Healthcare and Medicine, Creative Arts and Media, Law, IT and Computer Science, etc. The programs are designed by leading universities and specialist organizations. You can take the courses as per your schedule. And you can apply your skills and knowledge in projects.

8. Academic Earth

If you want to expand on your knowledge on a particular subject, this is the perfect platform for you. You will get report writing help, business and accounting, management, and marketing assistance from this website.

You will get 232 courses from MIT, 161 courses from Stanford University, 64 courses from the University of California, Berkeley, etc. You can also choose video electives along with the courses. Students use Academic Earth for the preparation of ACT, GMAT, LSAT, MCAT, etc.

Thus, if you wish to see a flourishing career, it is of the utmost importance that you check out the courses at these platforms. Moreover, if you are not sure where to begin, you can visit Class Central. It will help you search for the best online courses in Computer Science, Business Art and Design, and other fields of study.

Once you select the courses, attend all the online classes and check out the lectures. After you finish a topic, take online tests to make sure you have understood it correctly. If you make this a habit, within no time, you will get certified and compete with the other candidates applying for the same position at a job.

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7 Reasons To Know How Merchandising Helps Your Business

When you promote your products in a way that moves people to make purchases, what you have done is known as product merchandising. It could involve the promotion of discounts and special offers, giveaways, and enticing displays.

Product merchandising is one of the most crucial sales tools for businesses today. This requires you to create a winning strategy that positions you in the market and attracts customers.

If you are a retail merchandiser, think about what it is like to be a museum curator. It is almost pointless collecting so many artifacts in the hope that people will get drawn to them. Rather, you are concerned about specific aspects and themes that can elicit attention and increase the chances of customers making purchases.

Product merchandising is a science that cannot be compared to just lining up products on a shelf. And this concept is applicable in your entire business operations and design. In fact, it should reflect itself from your business logo to the product mix and packaging.

By leveraging the benefits of product merchandise, you can get to know your customers more and position products creatively to drive sales, thereby keeping them in want of more.

How does merchandising help your business growth?- One of Important business questions and answers.

If your business deals with tangible goods, there are many reasons why you need to get product merchandise. A major reason is that one of the greatest costs in a business is the stock, as it is your company’s financial asset. The product can be good and useful, but making it more appealing to the customer is the key here.

 Here are 7 reasons why your business needs to consider product merchandising as a strategy for growth.

  1. Grow sales directly
  2. Better marketing at low costs
  3. More exposure for your business
  4. Get brand recognition
  5. Become your business card
  6. Improved positioning
  7. Better advert strategy
  8. Final thoughts on how product merchandising is and should work
Product Merchandising - How Merchandising Helps Your Business
Product merchandising is the most crucial sales tool to create a winning strategy that positions you in the market and attracts clients.

1.     Grow sales directly

Merchandising has a positive effect on direct sales since the practice influences both average sales and aggregate sales. Remember, you have to be genuinely excited about what you are selling. Only then, you’ll be able to share product information and your experience with the product accurately and honestly. When you merchandise effectively, your sales through upselling, impulse buying, and cross-selling increases.

2.     Better marketing at low costs

Marketing isn’t a cakewalk.  No matter how big or small your business is, there will always be expenses and challenges. It is important to maximize your strategies as much as possible to attain the best possible results.

Window and in-store displays, well-stocked shelves, in-store demonstrations, and ads are some of the popular ways businesses use to entice buyers to purchase and generate revenue. However, there’s more to merchandising.

In a short space of time, merchandising will make your customers loyal and reduce the extra resources that would otherwise be spent to build customer loyalty.

3.     More exposure for your business

A lot of marketing channels usually just happen for a moment and disappear. The moment your customer gets your eyes off your TV advert, it’s almost like they lose touch with your brand. It happens because these channels can easily be forgotten. But not the Promotional items and discounts. One cannot forget them in a jiffy.

Never underestimate the power of promotional products that drives the consumers to the business in a cost-effective way. In the beginning, you may feel, they are not bringing so much revenue, but wait, the impact that they leave can last a lifetime. That way, you’ll be winning your customers over at just a small price.

Think of how much you’ll save on implementing new marketing campaigns geared towards bringing those customers back. These promotional and gift items will be in use for a long time, meaning your clients will continue to remember that they got the products almost for free. It could be mugs, clothes, etc. This strategy helps to give your business more exposure and increased customer loyalty. 

Remember that your products must be of very high standards and should be branded. The more quality your products are, the better the image that your customers create of your business.

4.     Get brand recognition

Brand awareness is the major objective behind every marketing campaign. You have different options when it comes to boosting your business. With your brand’s name and logo on your products, you can get faster brand recognition through product merchandise. This implies that your customers can easily spot and identify with your products and services no matter where they are.

5.     Become your business card

One of the key questions for business is how a business card can help your company grow. Business cards were invented to serve as a medium of introduction for a company along, with its offerings. This is where merchandising comes in, as it can yield even more quality results.

Customers love branded promotional products and will continue to keep your company in mind for as long as you can think. Giving out free products can help to introduce your brand and make your potential customers know more about you without sacrificing anything.

A smart idea is to include your contact information on your products when doing promo giveaways, just like you do it on the business card. Imprinting your slogan or logo on your gift items improves the chances of your new customers remembering your company.

6.     Improved positioning

Merchandising can also help your business, regardless of its size or industry, stand out amongst competitors. Merchandising gives an impression of your business being more serious and dedicated to the trade. It improves your chances of winning in the market and helps you build and retain a big customer base. You’ll get all of these benefits while streamlining operations and refining your business strategy.

Effective merchandising aims at optimizing the customer’s experience. With the help of predictive models that are built to align with data obtained from your customers, you’ll be at an advantage.

Merchandising helps you spend your advertising funds effectively so that they yield the right results. You’ll be able to target and convert potential customers that act like your most loyal customers.

Final thoughts on how product merchandising is and should work

It is now clear that merchandising has so many advantages for your business and is something you need to begin considering.

As you now know the importance of merchandising in small business and what you need to do to propel your business, building strong relationships with your customers and lead generation is not going to be rocket science.

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5 Steps to Keep Home Network Safe for Remote Working

The current social distancing rules have forced many companies to make the switch to remote work whether they were ready or not. This unveiled just how unprepared and unsafe home networks are when it comes to standing up to a determined attacker. As such, we offer five tips to help regular people set up a more secure work environment from a distance.

How to Keep Your Home Network Safe for Work

The current world situation is difficult, to say the least. The healthcare and economic systems of almost every country on the globe are negatively impacted by the social distancing rules, and we don’t know yet when the situation will return to normal (if ever).

However, there are companies that managed to adapt to the situation by setting up their workers to work from home. Luckily, this is not a new situation as many people already work remotely in many parts of the world. Even more, this is an upwards trend that’s expected to take over most industries by 2028.

Still, remote workers can be a risk for the safety of the company if it’s not done correctly. When working from home, employees don’t follow the same rules imposed by the company when it comes to file sharing, IT security, or software used. Many home computers don’t use an up to date operating system and rely on free software tools that are easier to hack.

When we combine the idea of low-security remote workers with the recent surge in cyberattacks, the result is a bit chilling.

As such, a safe work environment (albeit a remote one) is a responsibility that both employers and employees share. Since we know cybersecurity and new technologies are not everyone’s cup of tea, we put together a few guidelines to help remote workers up the security of their home network.

So, make sure to read everything carefully, and apply the measures that fit your situation in keeping home network safe during and after the social distancing rules.

Keep Home Network Safe – 5 Tips to Stay Safe While Working from Home

How to Keep Your Home Network Safe for Remote Working
To work with peace of mind while maintaining the social distancing rules for the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic, here are steps to keep your home network safe. Make sure you follow these guidelines for staying safe while working from home.

#1: Update the Security of your WiFi

Home WiFi networks are rarely well-protected and many homeowners don’t even bother to change the default security settings on their routers. This makes the work of anyone who is trying to break your network so much easier!

So, to avoid getting a data breach via your WiFi, follow these basic steps:

  • Change the SSID (service set identifier or the name of the network). If you keep the default one (usually provided by the router or the company that offers the service), you tell an external actor that the password is also the default one or something extremely generic.
  • Change the Password of the router – If you don’t know how to go about this, you can ask your service provider. Also, make sure it is strong (at least 20 characters long with numbers, letters, and various symbols) and avoid using personal information (pets’ names, children’s names, dates of birth, and so on).
  • Enable network encryption – Most modern routers offer encryption possibilities, but they are turned off by default. Make sure to check the router’s settings and turn on encryption (the most effective is WPA2).

#2: Update your Software

If you’re that person who checks “Remind me later” when it comes to software updates, it’s time to stop!

Software updates are not there just to annoy you. This is a form of support provided by the producer to keep your device safe from various vulnerabilities and flaws that could become gateways for hackers.

As such, make sure that every software item you use (including the operating system and router firmware) has the latest updates installed and running.

#3: Use a Solid Security Solution

Stay away from public networks for as much as possible. And, if you do have to use them, take all the necessary precautions. This is the first rule of online safety!

The second rule is about using a reliable antivirus solution. Many people think that just because they have a free antivirus on their systems they are safe. This is completely false and this way of thinking can lure people into a false sense of security.

For an extra layer of protection, you can use a VPN solution. It may slow down your connection a bit, but it’s a price worth paying.

Lastly, you should consider taking an online course on cybersecurity. These courses are affordable, easy to understand, and flexible, but most importantly, they offer valuable information on IT security and protection against the most common threats.

#4: Separate Work from Personal

Working from home can get a bit messy if you don’t establish clear boundaries with the family, the clients and colleagues, and even yourself.

For instance, if possible, try to use a different computer for work and another device for personal activities. If not, make sure you have separate profiles for work and fun and that both profiles are users without administrative rights. Also, if more people use the same computer, make a separate profile for guests (again, no administrative rights).

#5: Change Passwords Frequently

Let’s be honest – the standard username/password system is flawed and, with that many data breaches, it’s no longer effective. Add to this the fact that many people don’t understand the purpose of a strong and unique password and you have the perfect recipe for hacking.

Right now, the most convenient way around this system is two-factor authentication, but it can be difficult to implement and not exactly cheap.

As such, to make sure your professional accounts remain safe, you should change the passwords every two or three months. Also, stay up to date with the latest data breaches, and if any of the platforms you’re currently using was attacked, change the password immediately.

Wrap Up

Yes, it can be a bit daunting to make sure your online presence is safe from prying eyes, but the alternative is much worse!

These measures should be applied by anyone who uses the Intenet to keep their home network safe, but if you work remotely, they are mandatory. Also, we strongly recommend doing more research on the topic of cybersecurity to find new ways of keeping your business safe while beyond the social distancing rules set by the government to curb the spread of coronavirus.

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Live Streaming: The Benefits Of Live Videos Streaming For Different Business Fields

If you aren’t leveraging the power of videos to promote your business or to simply engage your customers, it’s time to catch up. By 2021, the overall web traffic will be dominated by videos consisting of 82% of total traffic. If you are yet to build a digital-first business, you must create a solid foundation with tools that have been around before branching out into new heights. A perfect place to start is live streaming. The convergence of advanced technologies is making live streaming available to anyone with a mobile device.

Live streaming is broadcasting of real-time live videos to your users over the internet. You can live broadcast anything you like across the globe. All thanks to social media live streaming tools like Facebook Live, YouTube Live, Periscope, and Instagram Live for making it easy for anyone to broadcast live videos. Live videos offer a better approach for businesses to communicate with their customers and create trusting relationships with minimum costs.

Table of Contents

  1. Reasons why you must use live streaming
  2. Live streaming for different business niches
  3. Conclusion

Reasons why you must use live streaming

LIVE VIDEOS - The benefits of live streaming for different business fields
Livestreaming can be effectively deployed in various business fields to promote brands and directly engage with the audience via live videos.

Many businesses are already leveraging the power of live streaming in a wide variety of contexts like live announcements, product launches, etc. Businesses can use live streams to enhance and improve direct communication with users. As useful as livestreaming can be, knowing how to set up live streaming video is also important. If you aren’t familiar with live-streaming technology, it is the easiest and affordable technology if you have the right tools. Integrating live-streaming to your marketing strategies will give you the opportunities to reach and interact with a broad audience across the globe.

Here are just a few more reasons why brands love live streaming services:

1. Fastest growing industry

Livestreaming is one of the popular and fastest-growing technologies. Most social media channels are promoting live videos and besides that, there are platforms built exclusively for live-streaming. The future of live-streaming is bright and it is here to stay. It is a powerful marketing tool that offers real-time and interactive content that is more appealing to your audience.

2. Live video fosters engagement

The content created during a live stream is unique by its very own nature and creates real engagement. The real-time and immediate nature of live broadcasts captures more attention and compels the audience to engage with the content. Streaming live creates opportunities for you and your viewers to discuss and share opinions instantly. This real-time connection helps to build personal relationships.

3. Raise brand awareness

Businesses can utilize live streaming to publicize your brand message. What makes live videos different from other forms of content is its rich nature. Live streams present more opportunities to experiment with different video formats whether it is short announcements or big events. A business that integrates live-streaming into its marketing strategy becomes more approachable and successful in improving brand awareness.

4. Help to understand the interests of your audience

Live-streaming is a great experimentation ground. It helps you to understand what your audience’s interests are. For instance, some live streams perform better than others. Experimenting with different types of live shows will help you understand what your audience likes and what they don’t like. During live broadcasts, you can get instant feedback and honest opinions about your services.

5. Easier to create than on-demand videos

When compared with on-demand videos that are pre-produced, live videos are much easier to create. You just need a smartphone, a social media account, and a broadband connection to broadcast live videos. If you are looking for how to set up live streaming video on a budget, you can look for solutions that offer cost-effective professional set up. Once the live broadcast is finished, you can repurpose the videos to use it in the future, which makes it more cost-efficient.

Live streaming for different business niches

Streaming can be applied to businesses in any industry. Besides marketing, live videos have become an additional tool for various business fields. To start with, you can utilize social media live streaming tools to use the lucrative opportunities provided by live videos to grow your videos. However, if these social media tools are not meeting all the demands of your business, you can consider how to build a live video streaming website as well. Here are some of the business fields where livestreaming can be applied.

1. Healthcare

Healthcare is one of the industries that has witnessed several significant technical advancements recently. Now the industry is brimming with opportunities to improve the communication with patients and caregivers along with modernizing knowledge sharing, training activities, and collaboration among team members.

Here is how livestreaming is used in the healthcare industry.

  • Conduct staff training

Medical practitioners need constant training to stay connected with the latest technological advancements in the industry. A live stream is a powerful medium to enable interactive learning that supports better accessibility for self-learning from remote locations. Furthermore, live video streaming removes the cost associated with it as well as inefficiencies in timing associated with remote training.

  • Mass communication

Live streaming in the medical industry has become a quick and effective tool for mass communication. It is effective for executive messages and announcements to be presented along with any supporting documents. Analytics in live streaming tools can also be used to track the acknowledgment and engagement of users.

  • Live-streaming surgical procedures

Some medical institutions encourage streaming surgical procedures for promoting highly engaged learning in real-time. All live videos can be recorded and saved for offline viewing later.

  • Stream health webinars

Medical professionals can leverage the power of live streaming to conduct interactive health webinars to patients to talk about health education and measures for treatment. Despite the difference in geographies, both doctors and patients can create an immediate real-time connection while discussing important things.

2. Finance

Financial organizations are constantly striving to deliver the best customer service to their customers to reduce churn rate and increase brand loyalty. And, to achieve this, there is no better tool than livestreaming. Live streams not only helps in building confidence among users, but it also allows your company to connect your customers with your customer service department in real-time.

Here are some of the benefits live streaming offers to the financial industry.

  • Virtual training

Finance is again another ever-evolving industry where the professionals need to keep up with the emerging strategies and other advancements. A live stream is extremely beneficial when it comes to keeping resources updated through virtual training.

  • Online consultation

Live streaming consultations give customers a wider choice of a good financial professional for attaining knowledge on various aspects. Any consultation regarding financial issues can be directly discussed through live streaming.

  • Customer service

Among all the applications of live streaming in the finance industry, the most significant one is customer service. Considering the diverse nature of the sector, the customers need to have great support from the team. For customer service, live streaming proves to be of immense value. Not just in delivering customer services to students, customer service training can also be delivered through live streaming to prevent any customer service issues.

3. Education

Live streaming for the education industry keeps getting better. Live broadcast helps students maximize their learning opportunities and teachers to increase their productivity. The ever-growing potential of livestreaming for the industry is evident with the emergence of eLearning platforms like Udemy.

Let’s look into how the education industry utilizes live-streaming.  

  • Reaching a diverse learner base

With live streaming, any educational institution or freelance educators can reach a diverse learner base. While physical classrooms have limitations in terms of accommodating students in a classroom, the virtual classroom doesn’t have any limitations on the number of students.

  • Real-time interactive experience

The major advantage of the live stream is that it delivers live interactive experiences to students. Live streaming platforms come with advanced tools to deliver an interactive learning experience for students about each learning concept.

  • Record the lectures

Live streaming allows teachers to record their lectures and use it for the future. Moreover, they can also use these videos on other platforms like YouTube as an acknowledgment of their work and for better monetization opportunities.

  • Analytics

Another benefit of a live stream in the education sector is the availability of powerful analytics. Online teachers can track the performance of their classes to determine whether their teaching activities are working or not. If you are looking for how to build a streaming website, you can look for solutions that integrate powerful analytics and reporting tools.

4. Real Estate

Real estate is another industry that benefits from advancements in live stream technology. Real estate agents can use live videos to demonstrate their properties with no need for the customers to be present at the location.

Here are some of the ways how the real estate industry can benefit from live streaming.

  • Facilitate virtual property visits

Use live stream to walk your customers through real estate properties to create virtual open property visits where people can view the real estate if they are not able to make it in person to the location. During the visit, add a commentary to add more value to your live videos.

  • Live stream auctions

Live auctions are very exciting to view. So why not broadcast it live as it happens. You can appoint a team to shoot the live video for you if you are busy during the event.

  • Discuss the property market with your customers

Conduct a live broadcast with a local broker or a specialist who can give insights about the industry to your customers. Tag the specialist as well to tap into their user base as well.

  • Showcase a home stager

If you are preparing to sell a home, broadcast live to give your customers tips on home staging. Ask a professional home stager to give your viewers valuable information on maximizing the potential of a given property.

5. Retail

Due to the rising popularity of live videos, the retail industry can use it for marketing and increase sales. To take it to the next level, you can allow your customers to buy your products and services during the live stream.

  • Shopping through live videos

Most of the customers prefer to shop online due to the ease of the process and accessibility. Brands are taking advantage of this trend and integrating shopping to live stream as well to make selling effortless. The newest trend in this area is the touchable video where retailers allow users to tap on products mentioned in live videos and to purchase the featured products.


In the logistics industry, customers will be interested in receiving their delivery safe and one time. Live streaming allows delivering this goal effectively. You can place a camera in the warehouse or the vehicle’s luggage area so that your customers can watch it live. You can also utilize live videos to get in touch with the drive of the delivery vehicle or the delivery executive to get in touch with customers in case of any accidents.


Streaming live is not just beneficial to grow your business, but also to emerge your business as a brand that cares for its customers. It allows you to get to know your customers better and create a close connection with them. Before starting out, you need to build your online presence and audience base, because if your audience cannot find you, they won’t be able to participate and interact with your videos. When you are just starting with live broadcasts, you can use social media live streaming tools. However, if you want to take it to a professional level, you must consider how to build a live-streaming website.

Live streaming can be effectively used in various business fields to promote your brands and directly engage with your audience. Regardless of the way you choose to live stream, you need to choose the best solution that allows you to access the essential features and monetization options to succeed.

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Hybrid Cars: Revealing the True Cost of Buying Hybrid Cars

Most people would claim that the production of the first hybrid car happened in 1997. However, it was during 1899 that Porsche created Lohner-Porsche Elektromobil. It is the combined ingenuity of Jacob Lohner, a Viennese coachbuilder, and Ferdinand Porsche, a budding Austrian engineer. The Lohner-Porsche Elektromobil stole the spotlight during the 1900 Paris Auto Show due to its first-of-a-kind technology.

After the conception of the first hybrid car, Toyota mass-produced Prius in 1997 to join the game. Honda then introduced Insight in 1999. Since then, there has been a hype towards hybrid cars, with car manufacturers highlighting their benefits. However, due to the technologies utilized by hybrid vehicles, they are retailed at higher prices than conventional automobiles.

Let’s delve into the actual cost of hybrid cars both to the consumers and the environment.

Revealing the True Cost of HYBRID CARS
Do you know the true cost of an Hybrid car? Aside from the attractive write ups on websites and the scintillating video review by auto Vloggers, do you really know how much it cost to own Hybrid cars?

Exceptional Fuel Economy

Reduced fuel consumption is one of the top benefits of hybrid cars. In this age, fuel is a costly commodity. Thus, some savings concerning fuel is a welcome thought for every consumer. Until 1899, the sole source of energy in vehicles is gasoline. But, when Porsche introduced the first hybrid car, followed by Toyota’s mass production, a vehicle can be both fuel- and electricity-generated.

Since hybrid cars offer the option between fuel and battery, they consume less fuel during drives. For instance, the 2019 Hyundai Ioniq Hybrid has a high 55 miles per gallon (mpg) rating in the city and 54 mpg on the highway. This rating means that Hyundai Ioniq, a hybrid car, is more fuel-efficient since it uses up less gasoline than a non-hybrid vehicle, which generally has a low 35 mpg rating.

Car manufacturers use small gas engines to have an option for fuel-powered drives. An electric system then provides extra power without burning additional fuel. This process allows hybrid cars to have an improved fuel economy without reducing its capability.

Lowered Price of Hybrid Car Parts and Accessories

It is a widespread opinion that hybrid car parts cost more than those of conventional vehicles. However, since hybrid cars are no longer exclusive, car manufacturers offer lowered prices of hybrid car parts. For instance, during the introduction of mass-produced hybrids, their batteries cost up to $8,000.00. Today, manufacturers and resellers offer hybrid vehicles’ batteries for as low as $2,000.00. Hybrid car owners can expect even lower prices in the coming years due to the steadfast popularity of hybrid cars.

Car manufacturers even recycle these batteries for lowered production costs. However, there are not enough surrendered batteries for recycling. Instead of seeing this as a problem, consumers should perceive it as a success of hybrid car batteries. Most hybrid car owners do not surrender their cars’ batteries because the cells continue to function many years after purchasing.

Also, resellers offer discounted original equipment manufacturer (OEM) hybrid auto parts and accessories. You can find low-cost auto parts without compromising on quality. Whether your car is fuel-powered or gas and electricity-powered, it is crucial to purchase authentic parts and accessories. Dealing with OEM parts dealers ensures the utmost compatibility of materials with your vehicle, which then guarantees its proper functioning.

No Extra Cost for Hybrid Car Maintenance

Similar to the car parts and accessories, maintenance and repair costs for hybrid cars are not overpriced. There is no additional maintenance required for hybrid vehicles. More often than not, the engine of a hybrid auto is in a better state than a conventional car since the gas engine is used interchangeably with the battery.

It is also worth noting that hybrid car owners can use the original brake pads for a long time. The regenerative braking systems of hybrid vehicles eradicate the wear and tear experienced by mechanical brake pads. More importantly, car batteries utilize the electrical energy produced by regenerative brake pads. This technology makes hybrid cars energy-efficient machines.

Reasonable Price of Warranty and Insurance Coverage

Car manufacturers equip most hybrid cars with driving assistance features such as anti-collision and lane departure warning systems. Hence, some insurance companies charge less to hybrid car owners since they assume that these cars are less prone to accidents. The lowering prices of hybrid car parts also contribute to reduced insurance charges.

In terms of the warranty, the standard coverage for batteries is ten years or 150,000 miles. This offer is a big leap from previous years’ 100,000-mile coverage. Newer cars can even take advantage of free-of-charge battery replacements due to the improved warranty.

Hidden Carbon Footprint of Hybrid Cars

Even though car companies have repeatedly claimed in their advertisements that hybrid vehicles help the environment, still, some points need to be raised.

First, the making of hybrid cars involves the use of fossil fuels. The metals, glass, and leather used in the creation of hybrids use a vast amount of coal and thousands of liters of gasoline. Hence, hybrid vehicles still have a significant carbon footprint.

Second, some plug-in hybrid cars use electricity produced from fossil fuels. These cars may emit less carbon dioxide during drives, but the fossil fuel powerplants from which they get power still emit tons of carbon dioxide. Thus, there is an illusion of ultimately saving the environment from greenhouse gases.

Despite these controversies, it is still worth considering that there is an increased interest in the use of renewable energy resources such as wind and solar. These continued innovations show that hybrid cars are on the right path to alleviating environmental problems.

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Printer Offline Error: How To Get Printer Online In Windows 10

“Printer Offline error” is considered a serious issue because you’ll not be able to print anything till the time your printer changes itself back to the online state. Mainly, it is assumed that the printer appears offline only when there’s some communication problem between the printer and your PC.  However, not only this, there are many other reasons as well. Therefore, getting your printer back to an online state is not that simple, as you don’t know the particular reason behind the printer offline error.

The possible reasons behind the Printer offline windows 10 error are:

  • Paper Jammed Error
  • Network Connection Issues
  • Or Out-dated or Corrupted Printer Driver is, etc

How To Get Printer Online?

In order to get your printer online in Windows 10, you need to look for a proper guide to solve this error. So, we’ve mentioned the below-given steps to help you fix printer offline error:

First of all, you may need to confirm whether your printer is in ‘Offline mode’ or not. If yes, then select ‘Start’ go to ‘Settings’ then ‘Devices’ and then to ‘Printers and Scanners’. There, open ‘Queue’ to choose your printer and under your printer ensure that ‘Use Printer Offline’ mode is not selected. If it is selected then remove it to get back your printer in ‘Online’ state.

But doing so will help you temporarily, and so required some permanent solution to this problem. Here’s how you can do it:

  • Open Windows 10, go to the ‘Start’ button, click ‘Settings’ and there on the setting screen click the ‘Devices’ option.
  • Then on the next window, you need to hit the ‘Troubleshoot’ option from the side menu.
  • In that option, click on ‘Printer’.
  • Doing so will get you the expanded menu and there you have to click ‘Run the Troubleshooter Printer’ option.
  • This option will then show you two suggestions i.e.,
    • Update Printer’s Driver or
    • Make your Printer ‘the default printer’
  • Lastly, sticking to the ensuing instruction, click on ‘Apply This Fix’ in order to apply the suggested fixes and get the printer back to the ‘Online’ state.

Additionally, if you want to know, how to manually update Printer’s Driver, here how you can update and re-install it:

  • In ‘Settings’ options choose ‘Printers’ in order to select the printer.
  • After selecting the printer, click right on it to choose ‘Properties’.
  • Then, search for the driver button under the ‘General’ or ‘Details’ to choose the driver again (if needed download the updated driver from the official website).
  • Now, by going back to the “Select the printer under ‘Printers’ option in the settings menu” you’re required to re-install the printer
  • Delete the previous printer and reinstall it again through the ‘Add printer wizard’.

That’s it; by following these steps you can definitely troubleshoot your printer offline error. Still, if the problem persists; it is suggested to contact your printer’s company. With the aforementioned guide, you will be able to fix printer offline error without external support.

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How to Split Files Manually – Top 3 Approaches To Split PST Files

Microsoft Outlook stores every item such as emails, calendars, contacts, etc. in PST file format. We all know that it gets tedious to manage these PST files. An Oversized PST file reduces performance & efficiency while working with MS Outlook.  In such conditions, it becomes difficult to stay productive and to increase productivity users want to split PST files.

Therefore, we come with this article, in which you find the top 3 ways to Split PST files. But before moving towards the solution let’s discuss why there is a need to split Outlook’s PST files.

Why Need to Split Outlook’s PST files?

  • ANSI: Microsoft Outlook 2002 & the earlier versions used ANSI encoding for the PST files. In ANSI format the file size is only limited up to 2 GB. It means that if your file exceeds the limit you may fail to open or work on it. In the worst-case scenario, you may also get up your file corrupted.
  • UNICODE: The ANSI format was changed to UNICODE from Microsoft Outlook 2003 version onwards. UNICODE format facilitates the standard size of the PST files to be up to 20 GB. In the higher version of Outlook that is Outlook 2013, the size limit has increased up to 50 GB. Although there are fewer chances of corruption in UNICODE PST files, you can still face problems when you exceed this size limit. In this scenario, we can easily open and work on the files, but the efficiency of application decreases up to some extent when the file size increases.

In both, the case’s problem will exist till the time you delete some of your data. But deleting your data is not the ultimate solution to this problem. Another approach you can adopt is to compress the size of the PST file to make it small.

How to split PST Files?

How to Split Files Manually: Here are the top 3 Approaches to Split PST files without having to go through rigorous online research.

Some of the approaches that are commonly used to split PST files are enlisted below:

1) By using the AutoArchive feature:

You can split your PST File by using the “AutoArchive” feature of MS Outlook. As the name suggests, this feature creates archives of your mails and saves them in different PST files in your machine. It creates archives of the mails between a user-specified period of time. But an important thing that needs to be kept in mind is that this feature will only create a backup of your PST file and technically will not split it.

Disadvantages of splitting PST files with AutoArchiving feature

  • It does not have a feature of archiving the mails according to date, size and year.

2) Import and Export feature:

PST file size can be decreased by using Import and Export wizard in MS Outlook. You can export the selected folders in your file and save them in a different PST file. The user needs to export each folder individually in order to move them into the newly created PST file. You can make a new PST file for every folder that you export. Hence, dividing your PST file into different files containing individual folders.

  Disadvantages of splitting PST files with Import and Export feature

  • The Import and Export option does not technically split your PST files but just creates a new PST file for each folder.
  • Risk of data loss in case any error occurs during exporting
  • It’s a time taking procedure as all the steps are performed manually.

3) Third-Party Assistance

All the above-mentioned methods require a lot of tedious work and are time-consuming. If you want to avoid such unnecessary efforts and are looking for a more reliable and advanced method to split your data you can always take the help of third-party tools. One of such tool is Outlook PST Splitter. This solution is easy to use and is very reliable.

Benefits of Using the Tool:

  • It will protect your data from getting lost while splitting.
  • Splitting can be done according to date, size, year and folder.


Till now, we have discussed the free manual and professional solutions to split PST files by email. Both the tricks are explained efficiently. You can follow any one of them. But, keep one thing in mind, i.e., freeway having some limitations so, it is good to go with third party application.