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AI-Powered Chatbots: Enhancing Business Communication

AI-powered chatbots simplify business communication and interaction with the end-users while making the process seamless and effortless. Now, let’s delve more into how artificial intelligence enhances business communication.

When the talk is about business, let’s put a universal fact upfront, “the Secret to Success of any business depends on the level of Customer Satisfaction achieved.”

The game of business revolves all-around how well to serve customers gaining their vote of trust for repeated business.

Business marketing can get you leads, for sure. But how do you turn them into customers with a pleasing and convincing communication?

Learn from Amazon and its Success Secret!

The overlord puts an obsessive-compulsive focus on ‘Customer’ rather than ‘Competitor’ and is aided by AI-powered chatbots which streamline its business communication with end-users in the most efficient way possible.

Customer’s Realistic Approach Aligned with AI-powered Chatbots

Customer’s Realistic Approach Aligned with AI-Powered Chatbots
Gone are the days of customers spending hours on the phone with the support team in order to get help, AI-powered chatbots have taken over. | Image Source: ChatbotsLife

In this modern era, if a user or customer has a query, they hardly visit a website’s knowledge base section(FAQs) or look for call center numbers anymore; however, they hunt for quick interactions over the most familiar platforms known.

Those were the bygone days when a user was passed from agent to agent trying to solve a problem and yet was left dangling with his unsolved query, adding unwanted additional time to build interconnections.

Digital customers, today, look for more personalized, relevant, and better interactions with brands with immediate responses and seek swift and handy solutions to their problems.

Thanks to Automation Technology!

The artificial intelligence technology has blessed businesses with a boon of Chatbots which can instantly respond to customer queries, improve customer support, and automate the purchase process.

By engaging with virtual assistants, companies are rendered with deep and valuable insights over customer behavior and patterns and benefit from the cost savings brought on by these well-taught bots.

Everybody, today, uses the Internet and is active over different social networks. This derives a golden opportunity for companies to improve their user experience with AI-enabled chatbots as they capture customer data and context better, for seamless conversations.

To dig deep, prefer reading: 3 Ways Artificial Intelligence is Changing the Future of Social Media!”  which is a 2-minute read, pinning the significance of AI in shaping social networks.

AI Bots Transforming Customer Experience and Business Communication

“Humans have limitations, but AI Bots don’t!”

Artificial Intelligence or AI is here to rescue you

Process automation allows companies agility, efficiency, risk reduction, control and traceability in the management of activities.

However, what if the processes are constantly repeatable and their use extends 24 hours a day, 7 days a week without stopping? Or even, multiple requests are entered at the same time?

The answer is undoubtedly a Chatbot solution.

A chatbot is a technology based on artificial intelligence that allows a user to have conversations with a program, using the language naturally and which in the business allows automated processes to be maintained at any time, working on their own.

So, to leverage business communications one can best avail the service of a 24/7 gateway that is highly effective and efficient in addressing user frustrations and maintains longer user engagement with an increased consideration rate.

Chatbots are virtual robots with which it is possible to hold conversations that can be integrated into various operational processes of a company, this in order to create a “natural” linguistic communication between applications, devices, and users.

(The conversation that occurs with chatbots can be to request some type of information or to request that an action be carried out.)

Gartner says that more than 80% of the interactions that companies have with their customers are handled by non-human “people”.

Chatbots identify bottlenecks in the operation and allow continuous improvement to be applied to business activities. They can serve many clients simultaneously and at the time they need, which improves the user experience without human intervention.

Bots are essential today in the digital transformation path of any company. 

With all that said about AI-powered Chatbots, now it’s time to prove all our assertions: 

Communication made Instant & Efficient

Chatbots offer immediacy, the same that Internet users ask for. They offer immediate answers to simple and complex questions with the expected user’s intent. It manages to segment users while making it possible to know them better and react accordingly.

Bots are also known to execute multiple conversations with multiple clients, simultaneously, providing them real-time support while engaging with them at their preferred time of the day.

Deeply Understand & React to Customer’s Intent

AI plays a significant roleplay in chatbot development.”

Backed up by the robust technology of the era, AI and its subsets (machine learning, deep learning, etc.) and executed with the codes running on NLP (Natural Language Processing) chatbots are made more than efficient to understand the context of a customer query.

The in return response of a bot is supported with algorithms that go through and scans millions of data sets to come up with an adequate solution. Unwantedly, if they come across something they aren’t trained for, they direct a user intelligently to its human counterpart.

Endless Availability

I won’t be wrong if I say chatbots are your new portable digital helpers. It doesn’t matter; whenever or wherever you need help, chatbots are readily available to help you with their refined data whether browsing a website or an app.

Chatbots are available 24 hours a day so they help agents decrease their workload. Thus, the latter can focus on managing high-value interactions with customers where empathy and excitement are crucial to delivering differentiated customer experience.

They are more of a convenience for customers to pick up a conversation whenever it suits them, they are available through messages, updates and push notifications.

AI-Powered Chatbots are always available to carry out your pre-determined tasks upon demand
AI-Powered Chatbots are always available to carry out your pre-determined tasks upon demand.

Conversations made Direct & Personal

The advancing AI has made chatbots more user-centric, allowing them to play the analogy of live chat agents. Much like them, chatbots can address users by their name, access their account and can deliver personalized feed of their question by scanning their profile or search history.

Chatbots with their 24/7 availability can also act as your in-store assistant, helping and comforting a website visitor with sorting and filtering products as per your needs based on customer behavior analytics.

AI enables its supportive bots to be proactive and anticipate a user’s concern as and when.


Virtual assistants in the form of chatbots are the new face of artificial intelligence (AI) and at the customer service level, they have represented a complete revolution.

Digital transformations are being carried out by the people for the people, leveraging the power of AI to derive optimal customer experience.

So our recommendation is that you don’t be afraid to implement chatbots and tools derived from AI, as long as you do it correctly and with good guidance. You must state a feasible objective of the chatbot well before venturing to its implementation to procure desired fruitful outcomes.

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Blockchain And Cryptocurrency: Here Are The Basics You Need To Know

In a world where public and private ways of living are two options, you have to choose from, blockchain technology comes in handy in balancing the equation. Blockchain technology is one of the hottest trends in the world today, especially with Europe’s General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) being implemented recently. 

The crypto industry is seamlessly growing in value and importance, and there are currently about 2.5 million products from reputable merchants across the globe that can be bought with the use of bitcoin today.

Blockchain technology is a form of digitalized, de-centralized public record of all cryptocurrency transactions. Blockchain was designed to record, not just financial-related transactions, but virtually everything of value.

Public and Private Keys Management: Blockchain Technology And Cryptocurrency Basics - Here Are The Basics You Need To Know
Managing your public and private keys is one of the best ways to keep your blockchain wallet secure always.

Several business sectors, companies in healthcare, financial services, agriculture, as well as other entrepreneurs and solopreneurs are rushing to adopt the blockchain technology and secure their financial transactions to provide a clear record book among individuals with the digital coin’s technology, “cryptocurrency.” Meanwhile, many of these businesses are doing so basically because of the fear of being left behind (FOMO), without having crystal understanding about the basics of blockchain technology and how it should be applied to optimize their business performances.

Bitcoin is a form of digital currency that is often compared to a combination of electronic money and gold. It only exists online and can significantly change the methods of using cash. It is a scientific alternative to money and source of value exchange and has become a popular form of batter in just a few years. You can use this string of virtual coins to sell or buy products, and even like cash. However, they are only present digitally that does not require an administration or bank to run. Well, as a form of virtual money, they are locked with codes, and highly encrypted, so people using Bitcoins for trading or buying and selling purposes are hard to get ascertained.

Now, let’s go in-depth about what this widely-used blockchain technology and cryptocurrency are and the complete breakdown of it.

What is Bitcoin?

As a form of cryptocurrency, it was first introduced in January 2009, that excludes the requirement of mediocre, like banks or administration to make transactions. It was developed by Satoshi Nakamoto, probably a pseudonym of a Japanese citizen. The case of interest is that the identity of the developer of this highly used digital money is still not revealed. Being a decentralized form, it is based on peer-to-peer technology, and only needs individuals to run. 

There is no physical evidence of this cryptocurrency. The balance is secured and verified by computing power and produced, kept, transacted by using a decentralized ledger method named blockchain.


A protected and highly encrypted scientific algorithm is used to provide the security of the extensive public and private keys that store the Bitcoin tokens.  

The public and private keys, quite similar to a bank account number, are used for the transaction of currencies. The public address is a combination of letters and numbers, and visible to others, with whom you are supposed to run trades with. Anyone who knows this address can send you money. The private address is like your ATM pin that is to be used to approve transactions.  

Also, the two-factor authentication, adds another layer of security to your account. It’s more secure because it requires two sources of verification. 

Where to Get Bitcoin?

You can buy these virtual coins by exchanging money or get them from your fellows, and online. The best thing is, you can even create them! If you run a business, you can ask for such cryptocurrency in exchange for your product. When you use your real cash to purchase them, you have to relate a bank account number under your name to a third party website. So you cannot keep your identity hidden in such a process. However, your number or money disposition can also be a way of purchasing this digital money.

Now, you may be thinking of how new coins get generated. Well, it is based on a process called mining, an automatic process run by servers. The authority that regulates the computing system and active in the generation system is called ‘miners,’ and they get paid for their work in the form of Satoshis. Besides, if you are new in crypto-trading, you can visit to get comprehensive crypto guidelines, crypto vibes, as well as review overview of immediate edge. 

Through mining, this cryptocurrency gets distributed and requires the solution of a mathematical riddle to open a new block that eventually gets added to the blockchain process.

Through mining, this cryptocurrency gets distributed and requires the solution of a mathematical riddle to open a new block that eventually gets added to the blockchain process. As a matter of fact, for a ten-minute block, approximately 25 coins get produced. However, the generation process depends on how long the network is kept running. It becomes harder for miners to generate new coins with an increasing amount of blocks and demands highly persuasive and equipped computing systems. Previously, it was possible to mine cryptocurrency with a typical computer. But with the rising level of difficulty, as a miner, you need costly and compact hardware systems and superior processing units.

Why Do People Want Bitcoins?

The best part is, this system of the transaction is not regulated by the government or central banks. It sometimes holds the focus of some people. If you want, you can keep your name secret while spending your currencies. No need to fear here as all the activities are getting registered and no one is able to know your account number unless you tell them – this settles the public and private debate I think. 

How to Use Bitcoins?

After being rewarded, you need to stock the funds. For this, you require an online wallet or a third-party site. When you have your wallet, you become a member of the Bitcoin system and can use it for various uses. If you want to send them to other users or buy something online, you need the ID of him/her to make transactions. It may be approved instantly or even take an hour as it needs to be verified by the miners around the world.

How to Protect Your Bitcoins?

You obviously do not want to lose your coins. So keep them guarded, and for general use, only keep a little sum in your PC, mobile or server.

  • Do not forget to backup the wallet public and private key, and keep the associated phone secured with a strong password. The same thing goes for your wallet.
  • You can keep your funds in an offline wallet that is not connected with your current wallet.
  • Do not forget to update the software you are using.

Is Using Bitcoin Safe?

As every action is getting recorded publicly, nobody can copy these digital coins, duplicate or use them without letting the actual owner know. However, you may sometimes misplace your online wallet, or reserves or even remove them. They can even get stolen from the sites, and so you need to ensure its security by saving your private keys.

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Staying At Home – Top 5 Gadgets To Make Self Isolation A Little Easier

Staying at home right now is essential, but it’s not always that fun in self-isolation, especially in a novel Covid-19 outbreak situation like this. All over the world, staying at home has been prescribed as one of the best curative ways to prevent the spread of this deadly virus. To maintain a proper self-isolation period without breaking the protocol of not leaving your home, you need something to alternate the plenty of idle hours at your disposal.

To help you pass the time, technology expert, MyMemory, has put together a list of 5 gadgets that will make self-isolating a little more enjoyable for you in this pandemic.

Staying At Home: Gadgets That Makes Self-Isolation Easier

Staying At Home - Here are gadgets that makes self-isolation easier

Smart Speakers

Google Nest Mini is a perfect addition to any home in a time like this. It gives you the ability to get help from across the room, using nothing but your voice. Hear your personalized schedule, set timers or reminders, and even control your smart home devices! Guaranteed to make your life easier.


The lack of contact with family and friends can be extremely difficult, especially for those who live alone or have vulnerable family members, so why not keep in touch with your loved ones via webcam? A Logitech B525 HD Webcam not only has an autofocus feature and HD 720p video calling, but it also has a built-in microphone meaning that you don’t have to buy one separately.

Staying at Home - Use Logitech B525 HD Webcam For Video Conferencing
In staying at home, you need a very high-quality webcam for video conferencing and recording. This is where Logitech B525 HD webcam comes handy.

Fitness Trackers

Staying at home doesn’t have to impact your daily exercise goals. The Huawei HONOR Band 5 is the ultimate fitness watch, with a continuous heart rate monitor, sleep analysis features and a high-level tracker with personal recommendations to keep you moving.

Use Huawei HONOR Band 5 Smartwatch In This Self-Isolation To Stay Healthy
With Huawei HONOR Band 5, you don’t have an excuse for self-isolating yourself during this Covid-19 outbreak. In fact, you need as much immune system as you can get to keep your body in check.


What better time to catch up on all your favorite TV programs than when spending your evenings indoors? Google’s Chromecast allows you to turn any TV into a smart TV, and stream television, music, films and even games with a click of a button. It’s compatible with any smartphone, iPhone or Android and can even work with your Google Home for hands-free control.

Chromecast stream on
Do you wish to stream movies from some of the popular movie streaming platforms like Netflix without restrictions? With Chromecast from Google, you can enjoy this period of self-isolation simply by turning your TV into a smart TV.

Gaming Consoles

Why not kill a few hours in the evenings by playing a game, either alone or with friends? The Xbox One S features 4K Ultra HD Blu-ray, 4K streaming and HDR graphics – your gaming experience has never been better! Whether you’re a solo gamer, or you’re using multiplayer as a way to bond with your family, the Xbox One S will keep you entertained for hours.

Xbox One S
Killing boredom, especially during this self-isolation period, gaming console like Xbox One S has answers to your questions.

Mobile Games

Another way to kill the boredom while staying at home is through your mobile smartphone. You can start playing mind boosting games. There are loads of interesting mobile games out there that help in boosting one’s emotional state. Sometimes ago, I wrote about best mind games that can help you improve your memory including Lumosity, Cognifit Brain Fitness, Circles and the rest of them. You can download these mind games unto your mobile phone; iOS or Android, you are good to go.

Staying at home right now is very crucial to prevent the spread of coronavirus. As you all know that self-isolation isn’t always as fun as having all the freedom to move around, deciding to stay at home while keeping yourself engaged will be the priceless decision you can make now. The aforementioned gadgets are what you need to keep yourself isolated against Covid-19.

If you require any additional information on these products or any other MyMemory product, please do get in touch.

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How To Switch From a Graphic Designer to User Experience Designer

If you want to make a change in your career from a graphic designer to a user experience designer looking at the promises it has on offer, there is a need to create and follow a specific roadmap. There are a few essential things that you, as a graphic designer, must know before you move on to UX.

You may have several skills that are common for a UX designer. Still, you need to know that there is a significant difference in the end-goals of a UX designer as it is in their responsibilities when compared with a graphic designer.

The Road To Take Switch From A Graphic Designer To User Experience DesignerHow To Switch From a Graphic Designer to User Experience Designer

  • You, as a graphic designer, may know how to create a beautiful and polished design, but UX design will need much more than that from you. Apart from a pixel-perfect design, you should also make sure of the high fidelity for such tasks.
  • You will need to use high fidelity prototypes often as deliverables so that you can comprehensively communicate your design concepts.
  • You must resist the temptation, coming from a graphic design background, to develop visual layouts too early in the project.

To be a successful UX designer, you will need to select fidelity based on the needs of the projects. This will make the design process more effective and efficient. Other requirements in this field include:

  • User-centric design
  • Collaborative design process
  • Product research
  • User testing
  • Iterative problem-solving
  • Specialization
  • Multidisciplinary skills and of course
  • Unending learning.

Ideally, understanding the right time to produce polished work is one of the key requirements and mindset that is vital in user experience design jobs.

Learn and learn more

The field of UX is ever-changing, and therefore, to be a good UX designer, you must continuously learn new things.

  • This will ensure that you stay competitive and create the best products being able to know and tackle the different challenges when you approach a different market.
  • This will also make the process of transitioning from a graphic designer to a user experience designer smoother.
  • You will also know the new demands in the skill sets that every new job comes with and proceed in your career with an open mind.

At the same time, you will also have a better knowledge of what exactly is expected from you in this new job role. You will need to do several things, such as:

  • Conduct user interviews.
  • Do usability testing.
  • Create information architecture.
  • Build personas.
  • Map customer journey and much more.

To learn more about this human-centered design process, you may choose different ways, such as:

  • Take up a new online course on user experience design.
  • Attend immersive programs on UX design.
  • Attend events, seminars, and workshops.
  • Read various UX articles from expert professionals.
  • Research online for the latest UI and UX trends.
  • Practice designing and testing different user interfaces.

Once you are confident about your potential and skills, browse through different UX jobs to find the one that is best suited for you.

Consider the job requirements

Your decision to become a UX designer from a graphic designer will only prove to be wise and productive if you know that you will be able to fulfill all the requirements of this job. If you find that you lack some specific requirements, try to find out whether or not there is a scope to expand your skillset.

However, you will find this job easy to perform because you come from a designing background already. All you have to do now is team up with an industry veteran as your mentor. It will make your transition process even smoother.

Ideally, your job responsibilities will include:

  • Building wireframes for mobile apps as well as for the websites
  • Defining style types
  • Storytelling
  • Prototyping
  • Knowing and using different user interface design tools and software
  • Researching on UX
  • Writing design blogs, and more.

From time to time, you will also need to skype with your mentor and read different design articles on various media.

Prepare yourself well

Next, you will need to prepare yourself well right from scratch after you are done with your learning stage to move forward in your journey as a UX designer.

  • First, you will need to build a stunning UX portfolio. You can start working as a freelancer on any reputed graphic design platform. Make sure that the platform offers an opportunity to you and your clients to get connected from any part of the globe. You can also participate in design contests to get good reviews
  • Then, promote your work. It is no good to create a design portfolio as that will not help you to get a job all by itself if people do not know about your skills. Make the best use of different social media platforms to promote and showcase your work.

You can also choose different online websites to promote your work, but make sure that you know the pros and cons of these sites before selecting one. Ideally, a good site will have the following attributes:

  • Instant client conversion.
  • Social media exposure
  • Payment security and
  • Hassle-free communication.

When your work reaches out to several probable recruiters, your chances of getting your dream UX job will be more.

Be an interaction designer

If you want to create a significant niche in the UX industry, you will need to improve your design ability and push your limits. Your graphic design capabilities will help you a lot in improving your performance. Apart from making the best use of this congenital advantage, you should also focus on becoming an interaction designer. This will put you in an even better position.

Therefore, make sure that you read a lot to know at least the fundamental aspects of interaction design and the concept of user experience. Make sure that you learn from the predecessors and also use learning tools to master the process.

Finally, be informed that there is no shortcut to reach the top in this field. Therefore, if that is what you are looking for and you are lazy, then UX design job is certainly not your cup of tea or coffee!

Application Design and Development (Mobile or Desktop) Programming Software

Managing API Integration With Dynamics 365 Finance and Operations

An application program interface (API) is a set of procedures, conventions, and gears for structuring new software applications. Essentially, an API stipulates the way a software component must interrelate. Moreover, the application program interface is made used by numerous companies with the help of programming graphical user edge (GUI) mechanisms. One of the best API generates them to become simple to make a program by offering each and every building block. A computer operator later enables and joins the blocks together. Thus this API – Application Programming Interface has been developing to be an indispensable component for making applications that knob into or apply website applications like Facebook, Twitter, and Flickr. The practice of issuing APIs has let website communities make an open construction for allocating information and records among groups and apps.

APIs allows any of your product and services to work flawlessly with new products and service. Here they do not have to understand the procedure of getting executed. The implementation part would shorten application development by saving loads of money as well as time. When the team is making new applications and tools and even if they are handling current tools and products than the application program interface (API) provides flexibility; shorten design, management, and usage. They further offer opportunities for transformation.

Application program interfaces (API) is a quite streamlined method to link the substructure from cloud created application development, though they do let any individual share all the information with the clients and additional outside users. Public APIs signifies exclusive industry value as they do streamline and enlarge the way you mix up along with the partners, over here the Google Maps API is the best example. They even possibly convert or change the data.

The New Information Management Outline, Data Objects, and application program interface (API)

In many businesses, there is only one big question how one can manage big data where a huge amount of information is lying all-around at this point we need to discuss the matter and look out for choices available and its techniques to deal with it along with the essential information management jobs. It is vital to check the application’s integration situations.

When we talk about dynamics 365 we can see several methods to handle information like Microsoft Excel Add-ins app Integration Outline, and info import and Export Outline. In Dynamics 365 Finance and Processes, Microsoft has familiarized a fresh perception that is the Data Administration Outline (DMF), and Data Objects, where they syndicate different kinds of data management ideas in just one set. Dynamics 365 amalgamates the competences of industry software and ERP methods by offering intelligent uses that flawlessly function at one time in the application of cloud.

Integrations using the Data Management Structure

In Dynamics 365 Business and Processes there are two main file type incorporation situations; that is the folder import and folder export. They are the main two different and unique APIs accessible to upkeep such situations related to Data administration outline’s API and Recurrent incorporations API. However, for both of these, the outline and shapes are the Consignment information API, these are the nonexistence integrations. Information handling is completed by A Drug Master File and batch structure of Dynamics 365 for finance and operations businesses and its functions.

Data management structure’s API

  • Scheduling external Business and Operations
  • Only data packages
  • only there is rest procedure
  • working kind is OData

Let’s know study how API integration work with dynamics 365: Letting customers access data

Having numerous alternatives API integrations are normally the best area of middleware system tool incorporation that is specially made to connect various software applications together. These work the range from simple connectors for big and small industries to the behemoth innovativeness software groups. Middleware integration tools are two types that are easily available in the market:

Lesser weight SMB: such tools normally provide the advantage of being used as comprehensible, so they normally map all the requirements related to smaller and larger size industries. However, they do not, forever support industries that require a lot of understanding, quite difficult mixing to function refined responsibilities.

Heavy demand innovativeness: such kind of applications provide a deep set of functions, however they come with difficult front-ends that need huge coding. Businesses normally have engineering teams so that they can communicate with the apps similar to this. Though this is not that suitable for all of them.

Pricing: Will your resolution charges incorporation services that allow gauging. Regrettably, many initial software tools are being said as old styles assessing models that take extra charges to each user or each discrete connector.

Connector capacity: so would your resolution quick-wittedly give support to the fresh connectors or will it improve the current ones. However, it will not do good in case the tool that you are looking for will not match the accurate use case also it will not be used if they do not give a confirmed history of making instinctive incorporations quite rapidly.

API integration with Microsoft dynamics 365 – why?

Managing API Integration With Dynamics 365 Finance and Operations
There are many advantages of the application program interface integrating with Dynamics 365 software. API integration with Dynamics 365 is not quite problematic as it may seem.

API integration with Dynamics 365 is not quite problematic. There are many advantages of API incorporating with Dynamics 365 software that comprises fewer growth charges, better accessibility, and quicker executions. Few of the best reasons are mentioned below:

  • Active Mobile and Website Applications: many firms are able to take out info with the help of Dynamics 365 CRM software so that they can preserve client’s communication, make allegiance, board clients for promoting creativities and offer the best customer service with 100 percent satisfaction.
  • Rationalized Administration: API integration creates larger expense savings by interrelating various subdivisions into just one department, lessening the requirements of IT people or extra employees who otherwise are not useful, lessening the requirements for manmade entries of information, offering actual-time record information, even lessening the expense of labor and allowing better and sharp business choices.
  • All-in-one Excel incorporation: Dynamics 365 functions very accurately when it comes to Microsoft Excel and this is the reason where many firms can create and conclude to decisions instantly. Because excel is an amazing software for changing information of the customer to accurate info everything can be resolved, examined and shared. API integration with Excel lets any company to speedily convert info of customers to a Hinge Chart opinions or pictures.
  • Entry to Resources of Microsoft: Many firms can join spontaneously and share their info among Microsoft tools like Windows Server, Outlook, SharePoint, Office 365, and Skype for Occupational, PowerApps, Exchange Server and lots more.
  • Improved kind of communication: Dynamics 365 builds holistic profiles they are made especially where you can connect successfully whether you are at home or in the office. Information is easily converted and filtered where only the info that is needed is retrieved for example sales figure of a particular salesperson. On the other hand, they make use of business important technology to inspire good professional practices and well-organized info exchange from the firm. Microsoft Dynamics 365 provides a healthy variety of competencies to clients.

There are many advantages of integrating your API with Dynamics 365 software. Since the basic function of an API is to create a set of procedures, conventions, and mechanisms for structuring a new software application mode of operation, you stand a lot to benefit by integrating your Microsoft Dynamics 365 software.

Biz Branding & Customization Web Banner Design (Ads Concepts)

DesignCap: Create Your Images Online with No Effort

If you have a blog, you can hardly do without attractive visuals. Fortunately, you do not have to be an expert in Photoshop to make beautiful graphics. More and more online tools are coming to your rescue—similarly, DesignCap.

DesignCap is a platform that allows you to create presentations, posters, infographics, reports, and other types of graphic projects directly online.

DesignCap facilitates for those who are in the first steps with design and for those who are more experienced but have little time to devote to these activities.How to Create Images Online With DesignCap

Start a project with DesignCap

The simplest way to start is to choose one of the many proposed templates (all accessible in both paid and free versions) and modify the graphics according to your needs. If, on the other hand, documents with customized dimensions are to be created, one must directly access the “Custom Size” menu.Start your design project with DesignCap

The template

Once you have chosen the graphics to start from (presentations, infographics, etc.), the template menu opens. The choice of templates is wide and it is possible to change the template at any time while editing, by selecting “templates” from the menu on the left.

The template of DesignCap

Note: Changing the template will not save the content of our project, which will, therefore, be deleted.

The elements: shapes and icons

One of the peculiarities that make this software interesting is that it offers a series of icons that can be recolored at will. It would be a useful feature for infographics and presentations.

To access this function, simply click on the “elements” item from the menu on the left and choose shapes or icons to be included in the project.

The elements - shapes and icons


The software also offers a selection of images accessible from the “photos” menu and divided by category.

If you want to apply your own images, then you can do so through the “uploads” function.

Note that the copy-paste of “external” images to DesignCap is not enabled. Therefore they must first be saved on a PC and then loaded on the platform.

All images – both those present on DesignCap and those uploaded from our computer – are editable. To do this, just click on the image. At the top, a menu will appear that will allow us to: change the color tones of the image, add filters, crop the image, rotate it, turn it upside down, duplicate it, and align it to the page.

The Chart

The Chart function is handy for creating reports, presentations, and infographics. Also, in the free version, all the most common graphs are available. In addition, there is the possibility of creating maps to represent data or geographical information.

Texts and backgrounds

Once you have chosen the text layout option, we have a wide variety of fonts available. While the different layouts are limited, if you don’t select a paid plan, the fonts are all also available in the free version.

The “backgrounds” background can be changed by choosing between a solid color, a texture or a gradient. It is always possible to use an image among those proposed (“photos”) or upload one of our choices (“uploads”) to be used as a background.


The Module function of DesignCap is certainly the most interesting. It allows you to use some elements already assembled to quickly create a good design for our project: in one click you can insert texts, icons/images, and shapes in a single graphic solution to be customized as you wish.

Save, download and share the project.

Once our graphic project is finished, you can download it on our computer and choose the file format (if we have opted for a paid plan) or print it. It is also possible to share it directly on social media or via email.

Note: DesignCap does not support automatically save, for this reason, it is better to remember to save every now and then.

Free or paid for DesignCap?

Free or paid for DesignCapIn order to start creating graphic projects with DesignCap, you need to register.

If you just want to explore this tool or if you plan to use it rarely, I recommend accessing DesignCap Free: the free version allows you to use a limited number of contents (templates, photos, icons without the diamond at the top right), to export only in format jpg, to upload a maximum of 5 photos, and to save no more than 5 projects.

However, if you need to have access to all the graphic contents, you can choose between a Basic and a Plus plan.

DesignCap Basic and DesignCap Plus are paid: in both cases, you will be able to access unlimited content (templates, photos, and icons), but the difference between the two plans (in addition to the price) lies in the number of uploads and saves allowed. With the Basic package, it is possible to upload up to 100 photos, with the plus, 1,000 photos are allowed for Plus plan.

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Coronavirus Effects Explained! Learn How Corona Virus Is Affecting The IT Industry!

This too shall pass, but when and how are the two things no one has the answer to Coronavirus, the pandemic that has taken over the world, is growing its hands in the IT industry now. With millions of people suffering from the disease and thousands who have lost their lives, coronavirus is not going to leave us soon.

With WHO predicting that the worse is still to happen, tech gurus have also predicted that the IT sector will be the one that will be the most affected one by this pandemic.

With offices shut, stock markets crashed, and humanity on the verge of extinction, Coronavirus is not leaving any stone unturned.

The coronavirus (also called COVID-19) is now known in over 100 countries and territories. While the coronavirus epidemic continues to wreak havoc on U.S. and worldwide markets and sectors, companies now face significant, unique challenges. Successful handling of these challenges will take detailed, careful preparation.

How Is Coronavirus Killing The IT Sector?

Coronavirus Effects Explained! Learn How Corona Virus Is Affecting The IT Industry!
Coronavirus pandemic has taken over the world, with millions of people suffering from it all over there, businesses have been shut down in many countries, and here is how Covid19 is affecting the IT industry.

This is the time for the technology industry to take action, as the coronavirus outbreak progresses further. Such interventions will help to raise the risk of coronavirus diseases and prepare how they would cope with it. A successful approach should involve the development, evaluation, and management of recognized danger by an interdisciplinary crisis management team. Recruitment, planning, performance, finance, human resources, and legal personnel are part of the team.

In recent days, technology firms have closed shops and offices to avoid managers and staff traveling to affected areas and to alert them of their possible consequences for their supply chains. Asian and Chinese manufacturers are the world’s leading suppliers for various technology companies. Chinese firms are, for instance, responsible for many of the solar panels, batteries, silicon modules and raw materials used in green energy products. Several such organizations have been contaminated by the coronavirus. They also advised consumers of potential major force events triggered by the coronavirus.

The Silver Lining In The Dark Clouds

There is still hope, and the IT sector can even save itself by being extra cautious and by taking simple steps. IT gurus advice the areas not to panic and follow the golden rules discussed below to sail their ship through the storm. Let’s take a look at the rules:

Communicate With The Suppliers

Companies will assess the possible effect on the supply of mission-critical materials and parts from delays or disruptions. Companies must meet these suppliers and determine the size of their inventories and the measures they take to mitigate harm to components and goods. Particularly for companies in countries with key suppliers that were most seriously affected by the pandemic, China in particular.

Monitor Demands

The company monitors the consumer demands, including the timely page of the parts delivered to the company, to ensure that they comply with their contractual obligations. In anticipation of disruptions, tech companies should formulate a plan to manage encounters with their colleagues, bearing in mind that competitive considerations might be involved in deciding if such steps should be taken. Of those customers with a greater risk of not paying, companies must determine contractual terms of payment.

Reporting Requirements

If a reporting requirement is enabled in business transactions, public agencies will review and publish accurately relevant reports. The existing MAT clauses (as mentioned above) and potential impacts on compliance with the financial arrangement between a borrower and another lending framework will be checked in order to decide whether there will be a need to hold substantive discussions with lenders.


Organizations must review insurance policies to determine future coverage and, in the case of an interruption, comply with all applicable notice requirements. The possibility of enterprise interruption insurance can also be discussed. Nonetheless, businesses evaluate the reporting of coronavirus-related market disturbances in order to determine if they are responsible. Nonetheless, some insurers have prohibited their daily business interruption policies from covering virus outbreaks. It is, consequently, necessary for companies to consider whether interruptions to coronavirus are appropriate in their particular policies.

The Chinese Finance Minister issued a warning that coronavirus is a force majeure phenomenon and a natural disaster is to be considered. The National Solar Energy Federation in India has recently demanded a case of coronaviruses to be deemed a force majeure for the Ministry of New and Renewable Energy. Nonetheless, in addition to reviewing the applicable major force laws and any decrees by government departments, it would also be important for manufacturers to prove that the force majeure situation prohibits them from operating.

A specific adverse material change (‘MAC’) clause is a way in which the danger between signature and termination may be attributed to both sides of the contract, and may be protected by other areas of the agreement.

In the section on arguments guaranteeing the absence of the MAC after a specified date, for example. MAC clauses usually define a MAC as ‘any individual event, role, development, condition, or shift, that has or can reasonably be expected to have a significant adverse impact, either individually or as a whole, on the business, financial position, operating performance and other aspects of the target company and its subsidiaries in whole.’

Cyber Security

Considering that governments allow or suggest closures of offices and schools to prevent or delay the spread of coronavirus, several businesses that plan to introduce or extend work-from-home programs for employees. Such services require business continuity, but they also pose increased cybersecurity risks by providing many new avenues for unauthorized access to enterprise systems and data. Organizations will also review their existing safety controls and whether they need to be strengthened before implementing or substantially expanding remote working technology.

Advice For Everyone

Since the inception of Coronavirus (COVID-19), many speculations have been made regarding its origin and how it can be cured or prevented. People have exploited social media by spreading unconventional cures and methods.

Every second on social media is about the new treatment that has been found to cure Coronavirus. All these fake news has been declared vague by WHO. But people are just not ready to believe the depth of the situation. Tech companies are finding it hard to curb this surge of fake news and social media rumors about Coronavirus.

So, if you are seeing any information on social media about all these, make sure the source is reliable enough.


To prevent the spread of the novel Covid-19 pandemic, we have provided you a 7 step guide to follow. In partnership with the World Health Organization, we want to help people get the right message instead of spreading fear.
Wash your hands frequently to stay safe from Covid-19
Wash your hands frequently to stay safe from Covid-19.
Coronavirus -Avoid touching your eyes, nose and mouth
Avoid touching your eyes, nose, and mouth while in isolation or outside. These three openings in your body are hot zone for the novel Covid19 virus in entering into your body. Guide it with all seriousness.
Cover your cough using the bend of your elbow by dabbing or use a tissue to prevent Coronavirus spread.
Cover your cough using the bend of your elbow by dabbing or use a tissue to prevent Coronavirus spread in your locality. That’s the best lot you could do to keep our world safe.
Avoid crowded places and close contact with anyone that has fever or cough
Avoid crowded places and close contact with anyone that has fever or cough. Do this, not just for yourself but, for others who may come in contact with you.
Stay at home if you feel unwell during this coronavirus pandemic - Coronavirus is affecting the IT industry
Stay at home if you feel unwell during this coronavirus pandemic. You don’t want to be the carrier of this deadly virus…but in the event of contacting it, what is best for you is to prevent infecting others around you. Stay home.
If you have a fever, cough and difficulty breathing, seek medical care early - but call first.
If you have a fever, cough and difficulty breathing, seek medical care early – but call first.
Get information from trusted and reliable sources about Covid-19
It is true that the virus is affecting the IT industry and many others, but only get information from trusted and reliable sources about Covid-19 before you allow fear to crips in. Don’t believe every passing news regarding this virus.


Right now, the downfall is inevitable. We can do nothing but wait till this pandemic is over. Coronavirus has not only affected the IT industries but also countless other industries as well and many of them are now in such a point that recovery is not anywhere close.

Let’s hope suffering will be over soon and everything will be back on track. You have learned how coronavirus is affecting the IT industry, now go and make changes to this effect in your businesses.

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How to Dispute a Traffic Ticket In California With Ease

It’s not nice to get caught overspeeding as a professional driver but you can dispute a traffic ticket in California against you if you are guilty by opting for a trial by declaration.

As a professional commercial driver, it is necessary to maintain a clean driving record, which means it is often necessary to fight speeding ticket California seeking a CDL ticket dismissal. Do you know how to fight a traffic ticket? There is a process, but to be successful, there are a few things to keep in mind during and after the traffic stop. Continue reading to find out everything you need to know on how to dispute a traffic ticket in California state.

Steps to Dispute a Traffic Ticket in California

Trial by Declaration - How to Dispute a Traffic Ticket In California With Ease
It is one thing to get caught in the act of overspeeding and another standing up tall to dispute a traffic ticket charge against you by opting for a trial by declaration. In as much as this is not a child’s play, let’s delve into how to legally dispute a traffic ticket in California.

Understand Traffic Law of the State

Fortunately, you do not need to be a red light camera ticket lawyer metropolitan courthouse to fight a ticket, but you do need to understand traffic law. While having a working knowledge of every law is not necessary, you should know the laws that pertain to your case, especially before going to trial. Also, know the technology that was used to identify your speed or violation. Sometimes the technology is not as accurate as officials would like you to believe.

Do Not Admit Wrongdoing

It is always best to avoid admitting wrongdoing. Every traffic usually starts with an officer asking if you know why you were pulled over. If you want to fight the ticket, play ignorant. Let the officer lead the conversation and explain why you were pulled over. By staying quiet about your guilt, you have a claim to make during your trial.

Pay the Fine

Regardless of your intention to fight the citation, in California, you have to first pay the fine. When you pay your fine and state your intention to fight the charge, you will be granted a court date. If you win your trial, then the money you paid for your fine will be refunded. Depending on your county, there are several payment options, including online and in-person.

Go to Trial

Taking your case to trial offers many benefits. For example, you are able to present your evidence and question the officer. However, in California, if you take a ticket to court, the citing officer will receive a subpoena to appear and defend the ticket, which may not be what you want. If you want a better chance of winning the trial because of an officer’s lack of response, then try a trial by a declaration in disputing your traffic ticket.

Choose a Trial by Declaration

In a trial by declaration, you submit a form as the defendant, stating the facts of the case and why you think the citation is unfair and should be overturned. You will still need to pay the fine first.

Once you have submitted your form, the arresting officer will receive a request to respond. If they fail to respond, then the ticket is overturned, and you win your claim. However, if they do respond, then you may lose, but with a trial by declaration, you can choose to have a physical trial if you are unsatisfied.

If you are a professional driver, then you understand the importance of a clean driving record. If you have received a ticket in California and need legal assistance, then contact a local traffic attorney to discuss your case.

It’s one thing to get caught overspeeding in California, but an entirely different case to overturn the charge (dispute a traffic ticket) against you by opting for a trial by declaration.

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Social Media Misconceptions That May Harm Your Business

Today, we are going to learn about some wrong beliefs about social media marketing simply known as social media misconceptions.

Social media is a buzz term in today’s digital era. More and more people are using social media to interact with each other. The number of increased users on social networks has attracted marketers to promote their business on the platforms. Handling social media is a crucial task for a business as it requires accuracy and attentiveness to communicate with the audience.

However, there are certain social media misconceptions exist that hinder a company’s progression through social media marketing. Not sure what are the common social media myths? Go through this blog and you will find the most common misconceptions about social media.

Top Social Media Misconceptions That May Hurt Your Business

Social Media Misconceptions That May Harm Your Business

All social media channels are the same 

Each social media platform serves a distinct audience. For instance, B2B companies should be more active on LinkedIn and Twitter than other social networks like Snapchat or Instagram. In fact, as per one survey, about 80% of B2B leads come from LinkedIn. Moreover, creative companies should thrive on visually focused platforms like Pinterest, Instagram, and YouTube.

Some industries do not require social media

Social media is an opportunity for a company to present itself as a thought leader by delivering commentary on industry news. This helps to demonstrate your brand’s expertise and business offerings to your target customers. With billions of daily active social media users, it is an exceptional opportunity to apprehend the interest of prospects and nurture them with content into qualified leads.

Using more hashtags make a business more discoverable

Although hashtag is essential to make your business discoverable on social channels, do not overuse it. Using more hashtags than required, may reveal a negative impact. Irrelevant hashtags easily annoy customers. Social media is all about presenting relevant content to an interested audience. Hence, make sure the hashtags are concise, accurate, and under 3-4 per post.

Social media is free

Technically speaking, social media is free to access, however you need to invest time and resources for better results. If you’re running a small business, It’s always advisable to boost it through social media. It will help you to increase social traffic and generate qualified leads. Besides, virtually all social platforms offer the opportunity to place ads within their networks. To get the maximum exposure of your social media, you should invest in the ads.

Social media is a time-consuming process

Definitely, you need to spend quality time to maintain social media presence for your business. But, if you define strategies beforehand, you can efficiently perform social media activities along with saving time. In fact, you should use readily available social media automation tools like Hootsuite, Buffer, BuzzSumo, etc. to save time and effort. These tools help you to schedule the post so that you do not have so it manually. Furthermore, you can even use traffic analytics tools like Finteza, Socialbakers, Unionmetrics, etc. that help to measure traffic rates on various social channels.

Social media is only for the young population

It’s a common social media misconception! People of all ages use social media. According to Hubspot, more than 40% of the world’s population uses social media on a daily basis. Besides, on various social networks, you will find different age groups of people. So, use social networks with the perception that all customers are on social media irrespective of their age.

Negative comments hurt business

Customer feedback is essential to improve your business. Even you should handle the negative comment positively. Listen to the complaining customers and resolve their concerns with appropriate solutions. Thinking that negative comment is bad for your business is one of the worst social media misconceptions out there. Instead of taking negative feedback wrongly, use it as an opportunity to provide exemplary customer service and respond promptly to customers.

It’s difficult to compete with competitors’ profiles

In order to strengthen your social media presence, you need to approach the audience differently than your competitors. Identify the criteria that sets you apart like a superior product, customer service, or corporate social responsibility, and use those while promoting your business through social media posts. But, make sure to avoid directly comparing your business with others. Try to align your performance facing the intentions and milestones you determined for your organization.

Post often as much as possible

Customers are always looking for value, not just a frequent appearance. Focus on creating content or post that you would get engagement, not just for the sake of creating content in bulk. Irrelevant content has diverse effects and negative impressions of your business among the customers. Thus, post relevant content without bombarding the post (which may not get engagement at all).

Social media is only a part of a marketing plan

It is another big misconception that social media is just a part of marketing. Since the evolution of digital media, the usage of social media has been increasing. Now the impact of social channels has become more than just a marketing plan for your business. If you want to increase your customer reach, you should have a dedicated social media team for your business. You can perform multiple activities on social networks such as posting engaging content, organizing a contest/ survey /polls, etc. Hence, separate your social media plan from a marketing plan. Do not relegate social media as part of your overall marketing strategy, that is a wrong social media misconception. It is a real deal on its own.

In addition, sometimes it is misunderstood that social media is a great tool to find new customers. Nevertheless, it is a medium to interact and build a positive relationship with your brand and customers. Think of social media as a communication platform to create recognition about your business offerings rather than discovering new customers.

So, if you understand and establish strategies to overcome these social media misconceptions, you can easily empower business growth. In fact, exclude the myths while practicing social media marketing activities and promote the growth of your small business through social networks. However, if you are not sure about how to strategically use social networks, do not hesitate to seek professional help to boost small business through social media.


Strategic planning – How To Design And Implement Business Strategies

Strategic planning is structured systemic thinking, organized for the company to achieve its objectives. It is the physical tool for the entrepreneur to put strategies on paper or the computer, constantly monitoring and evaluating the results.

Strategic Planning is the detailing of how the company will act to achieve the general and functional objectives, fulfilling its mission and realizing the future vision.

How To Design And Implement Business StrategiesStrategic planning - How To Design And Implement Business Strategies

Strategic Planning levels 

Strategic planning is prepared at three levels of the organization, namely:

  1. Strategic: strategic level. Strategic planning.
  2. Tactical: strategic management level. Marketing planning; of production; HR; finance; an action plan for middle activities.
  3. Operational: strategic level of operations. Elaboration of operational objectives and strategies. Specific action plan by area, end activities.

Implementation of the Strategic Planning model

Design phase

The strategic planning conception phase is the phase of thinking, reflecting, elaborating the company’s purpose. When answering the questions below, the entrepreneur defines the “north” of the company, where it wants to go and where it will go.

  • What is your reason for existing in the market? Thus, it defines its mission.
  • How will the company be seen, recognized over some time? Your vision of the future is defined.
  • What are its values, which aggregates, contribute to the development of the sector to which it is inserted?

Thus, the differentials are presented, the founders’ beliefs, which will expend efforts towards the best result for their business.

Scenario analysis phase

To trace the best trajectory, the entrepreneur must analyze the environment in which the company is inserted. It will analyze the panoramic photo of the scenery, the scenery where it is located, considering the space and the moment.

This environment will be treated in two dimensions:

Macro environment: it is external to the company, the one from which it receives the influences and impacts, however, over which it has no control – it is the political, economic, social and technological factors that dynamize the market movements. These are the opportunities and threats that the company will need to consider to proceed.

Microenvironment: one over which it has total control, its competencies, its resources, its strengths, and weaknesses.

These aspects are internal. The entrepreneur does the scenario analysis, knows the opportunities and threats along the way, their strengths and weaknesses to face the journey towards the future. That way, he will have a panoramic view from the starting point to the arrival point, he will have the market map: the current scenario.

Elaboration phase

What directions will the company take, what will its trajectory be like? What are the best ways? Are there any shortcuts? Are there obstacles?

Business definition

With consistent scenario analysis, the entrepreneur will define where he will start from, what the business will be, placing the limits of his performance: neither as short nor as wide, according to his resources and potential. It is taking the position to start the walk. In which market will you operate, which customers will you serve? How will you deal with technology? What will be the geographic range?

For the company to be able to make the journey from the starting point, the entrepreneur will need to outline how the crossing will be. Taking advantage of opportunities, minimizing threats, counting on strengths and correcting weaknesses, it will outline the organization’s general strategies, what are the intended results at each stage of the crossing over a short, medium and long term. That is, the entrepreneur will elaborate on the general and functional objectives, considering all the potentialities and limitations existing at the moment.

A short view of the business: direct definition of the product and service delivered. Example: the business definition of a company that sells cosmetics: perfumes, soaps, makeup items.

Strategic business vision: strategic definition: defined by the benefits that will be delivered, in addition to the product and service. Example: business definition of a company that sells cosmetics: beauty; gifts.

Developing general objectives and strategies

They are prepared by the company’s management globally, considering all the factors analyzed in the scenario. It is decision-making, on how to act on the scene to achieve the mission and achieve the vision of the future. These are the objectives and strategies of the organization as a whole.

The objective is what the organization will do, the strategy is how it will do, the set of actions to obtain the desired results. In other words, it is the broad way in which the company operates to reach the mission with the best performance, structuring and return to the business.


For the company to be successful with strategic management, the leadership of the managers must be entrepreneurial, efficient. Thus, the role of leaders will be to disseminate in the company: mission, the vision of the future, values and operating strategies over a certain period. Strategic planning must be known by all areas of the company. Panels, spreadsheets, meetings can be used to present strategic plans.

It is important that each stage of strategic planning is systematically monitored and its results disseminated, reviewed and improved, according to the needs of each strategy.

It is essential to integrate all levels of planning: strategic, tactical and operational in the effort to fulfill each strategy, according to their level of achievement, so that in the end everyone can celebrate the achievement of the objectives and general strategies and fulfill the mission of the company.

If you have benefited from this post, we’d like to advice you to stay tuned to the site for more business related contents coming your way in the next couple of days.