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12 Ways to Drive Up Your Social Media Conversion Rate

Social selling has become the newest trend in eCommerce that’s taking digital marketing to another level. The purchasing power of the masses through social media is something that business owners can no longer ignore. When social media apps became popular in the 90s, we thought that it was just a way to connect to long-lost friends. We were all excited at the thought of personalizing our internet experience by making a digital mark out there through our social media accounts. But the likes of Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter, have taken social media into a level where people are regularly glued to it, rely on it for not just connecting with friends or posting content, but also for other tasks they used to do on separate platforms. News and information websites, for instance, also keep their social media platforms updated alongside their website.

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If you want to master the art of social selling, here is how to increase your social media conversion rate by setting up effective social media campaigns that generate greater ROI. 


Business owners now maximize the potential of social media apps to reach a 3.8-billion-strong market with social media ads in the hope of converting followers, likes, and shares into actual sales. Now, it is easier to align social media strategies with sales goals because these major platforms have integrated Social Selling into their system.

Worldwide, Facebook now has 2.50 billion monthly active users (MAU). It has daily active users (DAU) of 1.66 billion people on an average log. This is a vast market, and if social media marketers and advertisers just play it right, they can have a portion of this market share, generating leads and conversion for their brand. We should be looking at how we can use our content to potentially bring in revenue for our brand through paid and organic reach. Social media engagement is also one of the metrics that search engine algorithms use to rank websites on SERP. So, the next time we post, we need to make sure we are optimizing that post’s full potential instead of just filling digital space.

According to Shareaholic, social media leads all others in driving traffic towards websites. You’ll know if your social media marketing strategies are worth their weight in gold if they are converting leads not just into engagements but to sales. Keeping track of your social media conversion rate will give you insight into how your social profiles directly affect your company’s sales.

How to Improve Your Social Media Conversion Rate – 12 Steps to Follow

12 Ways to Drive Up Your Social Media Conversion Rate
Social selling is now the new gold in the eCommerce industry, with just a landing page, you can turn in millions in sales. It is on an upward curve to move digital marketing to another level with a social media conversion rate on the rise.

Here are 12 effective ways that can help you increase your social media conversion rate:

1. Reach Your Target Audience with Relevant Social Ads

Assuming you have a website before your social media accounts, you may already know your target audience and is simply following them where they are at to seek more significant attention space. You need to be consistent in your client avatar, even if you are on a different platform. Make your marketing efforts align with your existing target market to make the most of your social media strategies like brand awareness, higher engagement, and relevance. Ultimately, you want these strategies to guide users to your website and convert them to consumers of your products and services.

One of the best ways to get users to go to your site and buy or subscribe is ad placement for your products on social platforms. When users click on your social media ads, they’ll be directed to your landing page, which brings you closer to a sale.

You can target your ideal audience by factors such as demographics, keywords, profession, intent, or behavior. You will then know where to dangle your ads to reach your specific market to turn up your conversion rates.

Strategize how you will place your ads in such a way that you are not hard-selling. People know when they are being marketed to, and brands that sell at first contact tend to turn off users. Even if you have to spend a little bit more with new ads, it is better to build brand awareness organically but steadily. Your goal is not just to get one-time sales opportunities but to convert visitors into repeat customers and even loyal supporters of your brand or product.

2. Different Platforms Need Different Content Distribution

Creating content for different social media platforms is not a one-size-fits-all scenario. Different demographics go to various platforms. For instance, Gen X and younger generations prefer Instagram over Facebook, while millennials and older use Facebook more than Instagram. All these generations meet comfortably in the middle on platforms like YouTube. So creating content and merely copying it on all your platforms is not optimizing the unique reach of individual platforms. Here are different content delivery based on the platform:

  • Facebook: Videos and curated content, stories.
  • Instagram: High-res photos, high-quality videos, quotes, and stories.
  • Twitter: News, blogs, and GIFs.
  • LinkedIn: job posting, company news, business content.
  • Pinterest: Infographics, instructional photos, and videos.
  • Google+: Blogs that you want to rank on Google.

Creating content that respects the social media culture and content expectations in every platform increase the chances that its audience will accept your content. More so, your campaigns.

3. Improve Sign-ups with Social Login

It becomes more convenient for users of your website if they can just subscribe or sign up using their social media accounts, rather than creating a new account just for your website. Website owners are seeing higher conversion rates through this method, and if you notice, more and more websites are adapting Social Log-in into their interface.

Stitch Fix was ranked as the best fashion subscription site in 2019. Their website uses Social Log-in when new visitors click “Sign-Up.”

Stitch Fix social sign-on login

Image Source: Stitch Fix

Visually, people see clicking a button to be much more comfortable than filling out a form. On a screen, a web page form looks heavier—as if it takes more effort to complete. People will almost always choose a more straightforward option. The way you offer account sign-up affects your visitors’ choices. Providing this option increases your conversion rate faster.

4. Create Landing Pages that are Seamless, Responsive, and Mobile-Friendly

Since there are 89% of internet users on mobile devices, it’s a no-brainer that our websites and social media content should be responsive to any type of device and Mobile-Friendly. Our goal is to give our users a seamless, consistent experience as they move from point A to point B. Landing pages must be easy to navigate and has a cohesive feel as to the social media site the visitor came from, with no interruptions, if possible.

Hubspot gives this short guide on how to create landing pages in this short video:

Video Source: HubSpot © 2019

If you’re not sure if your landing pages are up to par, you can use Google for a quick mobile test. To further improve your strategy for social media conversion, you can continuously split test your social landing pages and optimize them over time with tools like Optimizely that allow you to A/B test different elements such as imagery, article copy and link placement to maximize conversions. Unbounce also offers mobile-friendly landing pages to make it easier for you to create stunning and simple landing pages based on your current social media campaign. It’s good to refresh your landing page designs to match any ongoing promo, theme, or campaign as part of your users’ seamless experience.

The following tips are ways you can optimize your landing pages:

  • Use the images of your product that was in your ad: Do not mislead your customers with a different product or service than the one you placed on your ad. Be consistent, so your visitors will not get turn sour in proceeding to whatever you said you were offering that made them click the button in the first place.
  • Provide complete product details: Provide as many details about the product as possible, enough to answer the questions of your potential clients just by looking at your landing page image or video. 
  • Mention product applications when necessary: Briefly mention how the product can benefit your customers, or maybe how other satisfied clients are using your product or service.
  • Don’t hide the Price: Do not give your visitor a hard time by hiding the pricing on another page or not providing it at all, or else they will quickly bounce from the landing page, and you lose the chance to convert.
  • A Compelling Call to Action (CTA): Be straightforward yet sincere in your call to action. Your CTA should be very understandable, easy to find, and use with direct verbiage like “Buy Now,” “Learn More!” or “Get involved today.” Don’t use vague CTAs that may be creative but lack the power to give clear directions for your visitor as to what’s next in the funnel.
  • Mobile-friendly: Since 4 out of 5 mobile phone users do online shopping and banking, it is critical for any conversion campaign that every element of the user’s social media journey is mobile-friendly and again, responsive to any type of mobile device he or she might be using. Don’t ignore mobile-friendliness in your design strategies because SERP rankings are greatly affected by this feature. Your website or social media page will be less prioritized when it is not mobile-friendly, as search engines continue to aim to give the most accurate and useful results to queries that they get from visitors.

5. Increase Brand Awareness and Engagement Through Video

Videos prove to get the most engagement on Facebook, and compared to text ads, Facebook also offers video ads much cheaper. It is wise to take advantage of this and use video ads to increase awareness for your brand and encourage more engagement with visitors and followers.

Social Media Conversion Rate - Increase Brand Awareness and Engagement Through Video
Social Media Conversion Rate: It has been proven over the time that Facebook charges less for video ad promotion as against text-focused ads. The same goes for video content updates, they drive engagement more than text and images.

Videos do double duty in getting the attention of social customers and social ads that optimized this generated more leads and conversions than traditional ads. BigCommerce claims that with video ads, you can increase free trial conversions by 3x, decrease per lead cost by 20%, and increase the quality of leads by 10%.

A simple, stop-motion video campaign by Nuxe showed that “the campaign successfully conveyed the inspirational quality of NUXE’s products, resulting in a 6.2X return on ad spend, at a far lower cost. The ads in Instagram Stories placement converts and resulted in a 46% lower cost per acquisition and a 62% lower cost per click as compared to other placements.”

Here is a sample of an Instagram video ad campaign by Make Me Reach and Instant AdCopy and Spotify:

Instant ad-copy


There are websites like Wideo and Biteable that help create video ads to make the process of producing fresh content often be so much more convenient for advertisers.

6. Conduct Split or A/B Testing on your Social Media Campaigns

A/B tests allow you to run two different versions of your ads or landing pages so you can determine which is more successful in terms of engagements and conversions. No brand is going to get it “totally right” from day one. So, exploring the market with tools such as split testing gives the advertiser greater insight into the pulse of the market and the effectiveness of the campaign they are running. If a campaign is not connecting well, it will be easier to see why because there is another version of the campaign running that can be used for comparison.

Sprout’s social analytics helps advertisers see their top-performing posts and campaigns across all their networks. Their reports include details such as best hashtags to behavioral trends among followers. Facebook and Instagram can split test your ads automatically for this same purpose.

Conduct Split or A-B Testing on your Social Media Campaigns
In order to get an accurate social media conversion rate, you must regularly split, and A/B test your campaigns.

7. Provide Social Proof Through User-Generated Content

Take advantage of users raving about your products or services. Encourage comments and sharing of pictures and videos. It’s mostly free advertising for your brand. Not to mention, 55% of consumers of all ages trust user-generated content over other forms of marketing, so a word form your loyal customers, for example, build trust in your brand and increases your conversion rate.

Social proofis the marketing tactic/technique for easing the minds of worried customers,” according to Gregory Ciotti of Help Scout. It comes in many forms like reviews, social status updates, side conversations, word-of-mouth marketing and more.

Social media is a critical player in relaying social proof because people tend to trust the feedback they see on social media, which to them more unbiased and genuine.

Leverage your happy customer’s experiences with pre-fill social sharing options where all they need to do is click a button to share information to their social network about their purchase or even your latest promo or blog. Include promos if you can, like incentives on the next deals, when they share their experience with their friends or when they write a review about your product or service.

Google considers your social following when displaying search results on SERP as well. Embed positive comments from Twitter, or view the current number of social shares, and other positive comments and testimonials. Curate your social proof and refresh at least once to twice a month, so users know that you are actively making customers happy with your product or service. Think of a creative way you can incorporate social proof, like what Keds did with theirs. They used user pictures and included it on their landing page.

Provide Social Proof Through User-Generated Content
In closing the sale, there are many factors to consider such as providing social proof of user-generated testimonials, comments, and feedback about your product/service; the conversion rate is always over the roof!

8. Use Peer Reviews and Recommendations

Peer reviews are excellent trust elements that can help increase conversion rates as well. A word of recommendation from marketers and other influencers through tags, posts and mentions can make a huge difference to increase lead generations and conversion rates.

9. Schedule Posts and Interactions Well

If you are serving different areas with different timezones, you must schedule posting content and responding to messages to interact with as many people as possible. Make sure to keep that schedule consistent. You can use different tools to manage postings wherein you post consistently on schedule, in multiple accounts.

10. Use Simple Checkout Process

Baymard Institute gives the following reasons for online cart abandonment:

Use simple checkout process to avoid cart abandonment
Another factor that could negatively impact your social media conversion rate is how intuitive the checkout process was for your customer.

Use a simplified checkout process so that you don’t lose potential customers just because they lost interest along the way through a cumbersome checkout procedure. Keep customers hooked and ready to purchase by providing several payment methods, allow payments without requiring an account, delivering a seamless design, so people don’t get nervous they are being redirected somewhere unsafe, making errors easy to spot and correct, not asking for unnecessary information, and providing proof of secured payment and privacy. eConsultancy found out that 58% of respondents dropped out of the checkout page because of payment security concerns to concerns about payment security.

Be sure to display your security credentials with SSL and PCI badges, and an updated tally of satisfied users served, all upon checkout, so that customers will feel more secure with the transaction they are making with you. Also, integrate a social check out option to minimize shopping cart abandonment as much as possible.

11. Use social listening to stay on top of buying trends

Social listening is the process of monitoring mentions of keywords or key phrases across social media and the Internet at large. It’s a way of knowing people’s awareness about your brand, their opinion on it, without having to ask questions. There are digital tools available that allow social listening that can influence your social sales strategy, such as Awario, TweetDeck, Talkwalker, Mention. Doing this keeps you fresh and up-to-date in giving the needs of your target market in every season.

Use social listening to stay on top of buying trends - it is an effective tool to step up your social media conversion rate
Taking out time to listen, monitor, and track everything people say about your brand could cost you a whole lot of time, but with social media listening tools, you are in good hands.

12. Track your social analytics and conversions

Make sure you assess your social media conversion rate. You can begin by watching your social traffic in Google Analytics. You can set explicit social conversion goals to scoring a better social media ROI.

Track your social media conversion rates through Google Analytics to know where there’s need for improvement.

Conclusion: Increase Your Business through Social Media Conversion

In the world, with over 70% of internet users active on social networks, it is clear that social networks have become a sort of reality in which people connect, communicate, and place confidence in. Social media has definitely become a new dimension of reality in the business world where 90% of marketers now use social networks for business, with more than 60% of them getting new customers over social networks. Hence, it is more than crucial to optimize business promotions through social media platforms to generate more awareness and income for your brand. It is your time to increase your social media conversion rate this year. Start engaging your audience!

Disruption Healthcare & Healthy Living IoT (Internet of Things) Sports

How Artificial Intelligence Is Taking Over the Fitness Industry

You may not observe it, but artificial intelligence is digging deep into daily life. It is evident from the fact that healthcare to business, everything is changing to respond to ever-increasing automation. Besides this, the role of AI in the fitness industry is increasing swiftly without any prior notice or realization by the consumers. It has increased the influence of technology in routine life to help individuals get maximum benefits.

In response to the growth of AI, the states and industry experts are readjusting their focus towards innovation. It is evident from the fact that the United Arab Emirates is pursuing an AI strategy on the national level. Similarly, various supporting events and activities are happening to support the active deployment of innovative technology. You may also be part of AI in UAE based events to know how artificial intelligence is shaping the world. For now! Let’s get some details about the impact of AI in the fitness industry!

The Impact of Artificial Intelligence on the fitness Industry

Health is wealth, and it is the primary reason that people spend more on getting high-quality fitness products and services to stay healthy. No matter if you are an enthusiastic fitness seeker or casually visit the gym once a week, you should know how robotics is an emerging part of the fitness places, including gyms, gaming zones, and many other such areas.

Let’s consider how things are changing in the fitness and wellness industry while giving rise to higher sophistication:

AI in the Fitness Industry: How Artificial Intelligence Takes Over the Fitness Industry


AI-based Wristbands

Initially, smart applications are the sole focus on fitness experts and the individuals interested in a regular workout. Over time smart applications have been integrated into smart gadgets. Presently, artificially intelligent wristbands and watches are higher in demand owing to various healthcare indicators and fitness facilities. For example, Apple Watch comprised various fitness features that help the people to track their fitness routine with ease and effectiveness.

AI-based Wristbands is one example of AI in fitness industry
AI-based Wristbands is one example of AI in the fitness industry.

Fitness Apps with AI integration

The progress and evolution of smart devices have considerably helped the people to live a life with comprehensive fitness goals. The most interesting benefit of keeping health-related applications is that individuals can personalize their workout experience. In this regard, Googlefit, Fitbit, and many other apps are getting higher popularity among the people. In this way, AI is transforming the user experience of individuals with progressive fitness plans.Fitness Apps with AI integration

Smart Planners for Diet Conscious

There is no denying the fact that the diet plan is the first and foremost important thing when it comes to staying fit. However, many people want to comply with diet plans, but they are unable to do that owing to laziness or any other reason. Interestingly, smart apps for diet planning help such individuals to eat healthy for staying fit. The AI-driven diet planning applications are smart enough to sense your moods for making suggestions about today’s meal. So, you can adopt a proper routine of eating without feeling bound for anything.Smart Planners for Diet Conscious

Intelligent Shoes for Smart People

Do you want to run away? Take some smart shoes with you – they will support you through the thin and the dark. Surprised? It is true that you can find intelligent footwear that knows how well to keep your feet running, tracking, and hiking. The element of AI in the shoes help you estimate your running speed, the alignment of feet with the surface, and stride. So, you can pursue your fitness goals with strong companions for your feet today!Intelligent Shoes for Smart People

Smart Assistants for Gym

Have you seen robotics? Surely you have not imagined that one-day robots will chase you even in the gym. Yes! It’s the reality as modern-day gyms are hiring robots to help their fitness goals achievers. So, if you find a robot coming to you a say, “keep it up,” say cheers to go the fear! Additionally, robots as intelligent nutritionists are making their way towards slimming clinics. You can also get help from Chatbots and AI-powered Virtual Assistants to get advice for fitness problems.Smart Assistants for Gym

Smart Yoga Suits for Accuracy

Yoga is significantly helpful in getting a relaxed and healthy lifestyle. The benefits of yoga are enormous, and so people prefer adopting a routine for performing it. However, fulfilling all requirements of Yoga poses may be a hard nut to crack for many people. The integration of artificial intelligence in this field has changed almost everything. Now, you can buy AI-based yoga costumes that can help you get accurate yoga moves with better insights. The smart sensors attached to yoga clothes and other equipment help people get better in yoga practices every day.

Smart Yoga Suits for Accuracy
The introduction of smart yoga suits aids the accuracy of exercise reading.

Higher Personalization with VR Workout

Virtual reality is transforming the world for experiencing more reality than ever – the integration of the VR environment in the gyms has considerably increased the level of personalization for the individuals. You can also become the part of modern-day gyms by getting the advanced tools to follow your coach through VR-driven gyms and fitness platforms.

Higher Personalization with VR Workout
Gyms and other fitness tools and programs can now be personalized for individuals with the integration of artificial intelligence.

Final thought – AI is the Future of Fitness!

Hopefully, the above-mentioned insights have helped you understand the importance of artificial intelligence in the fitness industry. It is imperative to note that AI in the fitness industry is not only helping the fitness goal seekers but also contributing to fitness business stability. So, the role of AI in the fitness industry is critical in sales, customers’ services, marketing strategies, training, and other stuff related to the business point of view.

The professionals from various industries are joining hands to foster AI awareness to the present and upcoming generations. Want to know more about the perks of artificial intelligence? You can be the part of exhibitions of AI in UAE to get first-hand information along with practical experience with robotics. Don’t forget to experience innovation with an AI-driven future based on a healthy lifestyle!

Cloud Computing Technologies and Resources

Microsoft Azure Vs Google Cloud – Comparison of two best cloud service

Microsoft Azure and Google Cloud are two of the pioneers in the distributed computing market. On the off chance that you are thinking about moving to Google Cloud or Azure, or exchanging suppliers, it is critical to comprehend what every condition is offering regarding capacity, registering abilities and estimating options.

In this post, we’ll audit these two cloud monsters and look at their stockpiling and figure administrations, and show how NetApp Cloud Volumes ONTAP can help with overseeing complex cloud arrangements.

As it is said, “you will never get to experience the best until you get to examine the rest!”, it would be on a greater note that one gets to know the various sides of both technologies.

What are the Key Similarities and Differences between Microsoft Azure and Google Cloud?

As a rule, Azure is intended to run applications and handle stockpiling for undertakings and can associate ideally with on-premises Windows-based frameworks. Google Cloud, which values adaptability, can have various frameworks and is capable of dealing with the two applications and venture advancement.

While Google (and AWS) focus on open distributed computing, Azure has open cloud centers around the individuals who need to inter-operate with their server farms, where a great deal of Windows-based servers as of now are running.

So, this implies Azure is excited about its half breed cloud choice; Microsoft is wagering on that to contend with the cloud-showcase pioneer, AWS, just as Google, which is additionally well-intended for different cloud organizations.

To utilize a Microsoft Azure assistance, clients must pursue a Microsoft record, and it’s sheltered to state most business people as of now have Microsoft accounts. After they have finished this procedure, they can dispatch any help under their record inside Azure’s expressed points of confinement, and these administrations charge to their particular history. If necessary, clients can make charging documents and afterward make sub-accounts that move up to them. Right now, it can imitate a standard authoritative charging structure.

Also, GCP expects clients to set up a Google record to utilize its administrations. Notwithstanding, GCP sorts out assistance utilization by venture as opposed to my account. Right now, we can make various, completely separate tasks under a similar record. In a hierarchical setting, this model can be beneficial, permitting clients to make venture spaces for isolated divisions or gatherings inside an organization. This model can likewise be valuable for testing purposes: when a client finishes with an undertaking, the person in question can erase the task, and the entirety of the assets made by that venture additionally will be erased.

What Is Azure?

Azure is Microsoft’s open cloud administration. It is accessible in 54 geological areas, with around 162 accessibility zones. As a result of Azure Architect training, you will know, it offers a robust Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) portfolio just as incredible Platform as a Service (PaaS) highlights, particularly for Windows applications.

Azure offers specific types of assistance for enormous information and examination, game and versatile application advancement, information warehousing, DevOps benefits like deft improvement pipelines, and more.

How do users feel about Microsoft azure?

Aces: Microsoft arrived behind schedule to the cloud showcase (truth be told, four years after AWS) however kicked itself off by taking its mainstream on-premises business programming Windows Server, Office, SQL Server, Share point, Dynamics Active Directory, .Net and others–and repurposing it for the cloud, as one could easily grasp in the AZ 300 training.

A central purpose behind Azure’s prosperity is self-evident: such a significant number of undertakings send Windows and other Microsoft programming. Since Azure firmly coordinates with these different applications, ventures that utilization a great deal of Microsoft programming regularly find that it likewise bodes well for them to utilize Azure. This fabricates reliability for existing Microsoft clients. Additionally, if you are now a current Microsoft venture client, you can anticipate the critical limits of assistance contracts. Those are frequently non-insignificant investment funds; ask any CFO!

Cons: Gartner has had a few doubts about the cosmetics and structure of the stage. “While Azure is a venture prepared stage, the customers report that the administration experience feels less endeavor prepared than they expected, given Microsoft’s long history as an undertaking seller,” the analyst said. “Clients refer to issues with specialized help, preparation, documentation, and broadness of the ISV accomplice biological system.”

This doesn’t occur with all clients, yet there are sufficient unsatisfied clients that their complaints must be considered.

What is Google Cloud?

Google Cloud is a distributed computing stage created by Google and propelled in 2008.

It is in Java, C++, Python including Ruby. Likewise, it offers the various types of assistance that are IaaS, PaaS and Serverless stage.

Google cloud is classified into various stages, for example, Google App Engine, Google Compute Engine, Google Cloud Datastore, Google Cloud Storage, Google Big Query (for examination) and Google Cloud SQL.

Google Cloud Platform (GCP), Google’s open cloud administration, is a newcomer to the cloud administration industry. Starting in 2019, it is in 20 geological locales. Be that as it may, GCP compensates for its constrained reach with the upsides of Google’s unprecedented scale. It uses Google’s private fiber-optic system, which gives blasting a quick network between its information center.

Google Cloud additionally offers substantial help for compartments because of Google’s nearby association with Kubernetes. Finally, it was worked with “client well disposed of valuing”, which expects to be less complicated and progressively reasonable, and lower, than tantamount cloud administrations

GCP offers elevated level figuring, stockpiling, systems administration and databases. It additionally provides various choices for systems administration, for example, virtual private cloud, cloud CDN, cloud DNS, load adjusting and other discretionary highlights. It additionally offers the board of extensive information and the Internet of things (IoT) remaining burdens. Cloud AI motor, cloud video insight, cloud discourse API, Cloud Vision API, and others additionally use AI in Google cloud. Do the trick to state there are various choices inside Google Cloud, which is regularly utilized by designers, rather than line-of-business organization workers.

How do users feel about the Google Cloud Platform?

Aces: Users rely on Google’s building mastery. Google has an excellent contribution in application compartment arrangements since Google itself built up the Kubernetes application the executive standard that AWS and Azure presently offer to google cloud platform training will help you know, you are going to spend significant time in the top of the line figuring contributions, for example, huge information, investigation and AI. It additionally gives extensive scale-out choices and information load adjusting; Google realizes what quick server farms require and offer quick reaction times in the entirety of its answers.

Cons: Google is a faraway third-place in a piece of the pie, maybe because it doesn’t offer the same number of various administrations and highlights as AWS and Azure. It additionally doesn’t have the same amount of worldwide server farms as AWS or Azure, even though it is rapidly extending. Gartner said that its “customers regularly pick GCP as an optional supplier as opposed to a key supplier. However, GCP is progressively picked as a vital option to AWS by clients whose organizations contend with Amazon, and that is increasingly open-source-driven or DevOps-driven, and in this manner are less well-adjusted to Microsoft Azure.”

This is an elevated level correlation of the three significant cloud administration pioneers here in mid-2019. We will refresh this article with new data as it gets accessible, and e-WEEK will likewise be inspecting in nearer detail the different administrations—figuring, stockpiling, systems administration and apparatuses—that every seller offers.


Both of the technology, Microsoft Azure and GCP, have their own pitfalls and at the same time, best versions as well. It would not be wrong to mention people, can pick their sides depending on the kind of need they have.


Tech Threat: 4 Technology Threats to Small Business Growth

There is hardly a business that hasn’t included some form of technology into their daily operations. The earliest inclusions of technology were primitive calculators or computers, but innovations have led to robotic production lines or artificial intelligence piloting management software. Companies that want to remain competitive have turned to technology as a way to gain an edge over standard industry practice, but without advance planning and continual monitoring, heavy reliance on technology does pose a risk. Digitally-driven business strategies streamline work operations and free up valuable time, and these benefits often overshadow the potential tech threats that lurk among cyber activities. Now, let’s talk about tech threats to small businesses.

Major Tech Threats to Small Businesses

Tech Threats - 4 Technology Threats to Small Business Growth
Tech Threats To Small Businesses: Technology-driven business strategies always streamline business operations but the benefits often overshadow the potential threats it poses. This article elaborates more on how small businesses can prepare ahead for the unforeseen circumstances.

Defending Against Cyber Attacks

Though security has always been a concern for any business, cyberattacks have been named of the top 10 tech threats plaguing both global and national business ventures. The dark web is host to hackers and individuals that pirate and profit from the personal information of others. Gaining access to company assets and information presents a wealth of opportunity for wreaking havoc on unsuspecting consumers, partners, or employees. Hackers will often attack a company system in order to disrupt work operations, but anyone that gains access to personal data, financial information, or intellectual property can turn and sell the information to less-than-reputable individuals. Because of the far-reaching effects of a cyberattack, tech professionals like Hari Ravichandran cautions businesses against lax or frugal security protocols. It doesn’t matter the size of the business, though many would like to use a lack of resources as the excuse for not implementing a strong security protection program.  The recommendations for protection include:

  • Ensuring all systems have been updated with the latest security plan installed.
  • Restricting user access to all sensitive data; limiting access to a need-to-know basis.
  • Shutting down systems and removing any portable storage devices after use.
  • Encrypting data against hackers.
  • Requesting two-factor identification for users.

Disposing of Hardware Correctly

Most companies maintain detailed records including the customer, supplier, and company information, and these files are often stored among several different drives. Since storage has become more affordable, companies often end up storing too much data. This makes it harder to organize and protect data, especially when a lot of the data is redundant or several years old. Auditing and purging your company’s old data can help reduce the threat of an attack, but failing to dispose of the information properly increases your risk. One study found that approximately 78% of all the hard drives disposed of during 2016 still had either confidential or personal information still contained on them. Prior to disposing of any hard drives or systems, rigorously wipe the data off of them. The U.S. government has endorsed the NIST 800-88 data sanitization standard, and it provides three ways to conduct a thorough data wipe.

Maintaining Data Compliance

It used to be that companies could decide for themselves how to best protect their information and that of the consumer, but with data breaches and advanced malware and spyware attacks becoming more commonplace, regulations have been put in place to protect the security and privacy of consumer and company alike. Not only that, but the legal liabilities and lawsuit from theft, fraud, or a breach have given rise to security requirements established by insurance providers. These systems have been established to minimize the risk and exposure of wrongful data transactions, and any area of non-compliance could find your company facing steep fines, legal fees, and a lost reputation. By establishing a compliance division and program at your company, you can have a team of individuals dedicated to assessing, evaluating, auditing, and implementing the protocols needed to remain in compliance. Make sure your administrative team has at least one member with experience in compliance and legal ramifications, but you also need to have the same vigilance with your vendors. You may do everything right on your end, but those you work with could compromise your data security.

Restoring Outages

With so many areas of a business relying on a strong network and full-functioning technology, and unforeseen outages can force operations to stop unexpectedly and create data loss. Natural disasters are common occurrences for some locations across the country, but software updates or system maintenance can also create downtime for certain areas of operation. Internet connectivity can lag or a cyberattack could completely block any activities. The best way to address these concerns is through a well-thought-out disaster plan. It needs to start with a complete inventory of all data, software, and hardware, and back-ups all of software or information stored at an off-site location. You should also practice your data shutdown and recovery procedure to assess its effectiveness.

Protecting your company against theft means paying attention to both the obvious and obscure threats. Don’t assume that your company is too small to be the target of a cyberattack or data breach. Any relaxed approach to technology and data safety poses a large threat to your company’s operations.


How to Convert Videos from SD to HD with HD Video Converter

As we know, videos and movies have different levels of clarity and quality, and SD and HD are often used in movies. If there is a choice, no one will tend to SD, because it is a mode with poor picture quality, which not only affects our appreciation of movies and videos, but also prevents us from understanding the details. But it is undeniable that there are still some SD videos, so if we want to enjoy a clearer picture, we need to convert them to HD.

Why to convert videos from SD to HD?

Resolution and pixels will directly affect or even determine the quality of the movie. SD stands for standard definition, that is to say, this kind of film generally has a poor definition, with the majority of 720 x 576. Meanwhile, HD stands for high definition and provides users with HD quality, the pixel is 1280 x 720, and the pixel of Full HD video is 1920 x 1080. If it is 4K and 8K video, it will be even higher.

How to convert videos from SD to HD?

Introduced the differences between SD and HD video, and also learned the advantages of HD video, so how to quickly and easily convert SD video to HD video? In this case, you need to get help from a practical tool, WonderFox HD Video Converter Factory Pro will be a good choice, allowing video and audio to be converted into hundreds of formats, and it can also convert SD video to HD video for better quality, moreover, it is also good at converting HD video to SD video to reduce video size and save space. Even more surprising is that it also has features such as downloading videos, editing videos, and so on.HD Video Converter Factory Pro - How to Convert Videos from SD to HD with Ease

There are many tools on the software market that can convert SD video to HD video. Why choose WonderFox HD Video Converter Factory Pro? In addition to being an all-in-one program, its fast processing speed and easy steps also make it stand out.

Step 1: Run the program and import the SD video.

Click this link WonderFox HD Video converter factory pro to get a free copy of the software from the official website and click “Add File” to load your SD video to the program.WonderFox Converter

Step 2: Choose the HD or 4K output format.

Click on the right side of the software interface, here you will see more than 500 formats for your choice, such as 4K MKV, 4K, MP4, HEVC, HD AVI, HD MOV, etc. Select what you like!

Step 3: Click the “Run” button to convert SD video to HD video.

Select the output folder and click the “Run” button to start converting the SD video.

Other features of WonderFox HD Video Converter Factory Pro

  • Convert videos and pictures to GIF.
  • Record full screen without hassle.
  • Convert videos to portable and suspended devices, like smartphones, tablets laptops, desktops, TVs and more.
  • Download online videos from YouTube, Vimeo, Hulu, Facebook, Twitter, and 300+ sites.
  • Add subtitles to videos.
  • Extract audio from video files.
  • Edit videos at will, such as merging, cutting, clipping, cropping, trimming, rotating and more.


  • Support batch conversion.
  • Easy to use.
  • Lots of output formats and devices.
  • It comes with a multilingual interface, English, Chinese, French and so on.
  • Lightning speed and perfect output quality.


  • Windows version only.

Final words

In terms of converting SD video to HD video, WonderFox HD Video Converter Factory Pro is incomparable, and it also supports downloading video, converting video format, recording screen, editing video, and other features. If you want to improve the video quality and have an all-in-one program, choose it with confidence.

CyberSecurity Data Theft Disruption Security Software

How biometric verification enables ultra-modern future

Biometric verification has added a security layer for businesses. Using facial recognition technology, online face verification can be performed within seconds.

Biometrics have been in use for quite a long time and are used across several industries. One of the primary reasons behind this fame is that it offers convenience for businesses and consumers both. One of the most common biometrics is facial recognition and it’s predicted that by 2024 facial recognition market will grow at CAGR 16.6% reaching a record-high value of USD 7.0 billion.

Biometric verification is changing the way identities will be adopted in the future, a person’s identity will be his face and not a piece of paper. Thanks to the advancements in technology private and public sectors are already using face recognition for several purposes.

Some major use cases of face verification are fraud prevention, customer onboarding, user security, data security, crime control, border controls, etc. Fraud and crime control are the primary use-cases.

Facial biometrics screens the face of a person and store the data in the form of algorithms based on machine learning. Later these algorithms are matched with the faces in the databases to find a match, or matched the face on the ID card of that person.

Let’s see how the private and public sector is using this awesome technology to enable a totally automated future.

How biometric verification enables ultra-modern future

How biometric verification enables ultra-modern future
Bio-metric verification adds extra security layer your business backbone, thanks to the facial recognition technology which can be performed within seconds.

Crime control

Crime control agencies are using face verification to identify criminals. FBI uses it to match the faces of suspects with the faces of people charged with some crime. If a match is found it could be used as a legal proof against a suspect.

Other than that the police departments in some states of the U.S.A and UK are also using facial recognition to find criminals. They use public surveillance cameras to find the suspects.

Unfortunately, the masses have not accepted this change. Some human rights activists and consumers consider this practice as a violation of human privacy rights. But many of them have accepted it given the security it provides. Research conducted recently found that 54.8% of Americans agree that facial recognition shouldn’t be limited if it adds to public safety.

Travel industry

Airports use facial recognition to perform border control and security protocols. Many airports use it to verify the identity of passengers and reduce crimes such as human trafficking, drug trafficking, smuggling, money laundering, etc.

The Hartsfield-Jackson Airport in Atlanta has completely automated the passenger screening process making travel document-free. The airport screens and verify the faces of passengers at different check-points. The passenger shows his face to the camera which is scanned and verified to allow access to the concerned terminals.

Businesses are using it for KYC screening of their customers

Identity verification businesses use biometric authentication in KYC screening solutions to verify the identity of a person. The end-user shows his face along with the identity document and the AI-based KYC Solutions verify both in real-time.

The face of the person is scanned and stored in the form of machine learning algorithms, which are then compared with the face on the identity document. These solutions enable businesses to onboard customers, perform customer due diligence, fraud prevention, etc. Facial biometrics are used for employee attendance and at data centers to allow limited access to only authorized people.

Other than those facial biometrics are also used by force for border control measures. Hence facial recognition has multiple use-cases for different industries to move towards total automation.

Identity theft and the use of fake identities have increased fraud and ID cards are no longer secure enough to verify the identity of a person. Also, everything is digitized from online shopping to payments and financial transactions, and it has increased the need for digital security measures. Facial biometrics provides the needed security with high accuracy that substitutes in-person identity verification.

Biometric verification adds extra layer of security for small businesses with facial recognition technology which can be performed within seconds, but it does have some of its shortcomings. We will talk about them in coming articles.

If you have questions, drop them below and let’s discuss them further.

Business IoT (Internet of Things) Software

How to Shape your Business with On-Demand Application – Guidelines

In this digital economy, it’s important to stay tuned with new updates to implement those new ideas and information in your field. The digital disturbance is affecting the conversion, although it increases the leads rate, allowing IT leaders to modernize and hence build a new IT landscape that is much needed.

Are you under the continuous pressure to deliver more effort and getting less? Or face the challenge by the IT industry, now its demand to improve corporate agility. Although, modern software using cloud-native services support innovation that drives business results & here the important thing is you can track all cost. Review your current application architectures and identify the changes needed for the application to run from the cloud. Design and implement your on-demand application in such a manner that takes advantage of cloud-native and supports advanced functionality like Big Data, Analytics, and the Internet of Things.

Transform your Business with Modern & On-Demand Application

How to Shape your Business with on-demand Application
In this age, transforming your small business with modern and on-demand application development seems to be the best bet to stay ahead of time.

Modern applications are designed to high scale self-heal and offer high reliability of services, while there are many business benefits are available to do this.

Agility and innovation

Allow the introduction of new business capabilities with innovation. Your organization should adopt the trend future market and technology disruptions while managing changes from customers and competition.


Transitioning model into modern technologies, the cloud-based model will help you to ability on-demand apps and decrease prices via multi-tenancy. Modernized methodologies and systems provide high-quality results at a higher speed. Enterprise IT can become self-reliant, protected, independent and a service supplier to the business.

Generate more ROI

On-demand application modernization is important for enterprises, it also demands cloud expertise, next-gen technologies need to identify for legacy platforms and finally come up with a modernization strategy that delivers the utmost value. Much needed to explore the hottest trends in cloud technology and make new decisions that support your business objectives.

Steps that organizations need to add, API management provides a secure way to publish APIs to app developers and outside partners. It helps you set up quotes, apply policies and get useful insights. Recruitment Programs also offer rapid integration and app development with no-code, designer and from the box adapters. App Insights capture tracking information & various metrics for every service. This would also assist troubleshooting & improves the maintainability of the general solution.

Numerous companies are participating in a new kind of market. Businesses are not selling services and products, it’s about creating connections. Big Firms are turning to the on-demand app to better serve the best facility to the clients.

New Industries Growing with Modern Concept

The on-demand apps may be a comparatively new term in the market but it’s growing quickly. As the company work towards growing iOS apps and Android apps, we could expect to see a growing huge amount of on-demand support apps and future is so near to this. With programs like Uber and Airbnb gaining such recognition and customers enjoying the advantage they provide, it was just natural for companies to attempt and translate that success to other businesses.

Nowadays, on-demand apps operate in several different businesses. On-demand startups filled with innovative ideas and wish to find new strategies to serve clients better. The combinations of new technology are grabbing and analyze customer information; third-party can take to another level and supply services to the clients with a completely new experience. Digital transformation is the key of the customer and this is the reason on-demand apps hit the market and deliver top-notch customer service.

On-Demand Application built the IT Industry

The demanding apps like Uber are among the best example in the market. The new method of conducting business is like spread on too many different platforms and it’s changing the way customers receive then goods and services. Along with transport and lodging, individuals are hiring technicians, acquiring roadside assistance, booking stylists and receiving their groceries. There so many on-demand apps that are booming in the market like on-demand health care services, Uber, Zomato, Fuel delivery apps.

Firms and other support services provide benefits that come with having the ability to reach more customers. With this business model, goods and solutions become more accessible and customers get what they desire in a timely and comfortable way. Organizations are also finding new techniques; it is a completely new method of innovative thinking. With this information, more companies are continuing to research and trying to operate related to the on-demand market.

Final Thoughts

The World Wide Web is booming all over the earth and everyone is looking to provide the best services to customers or try to implement customer preference to raise numbers through personalization/modernization. Already, companies moving towards the on-demand market, here you will find new chances to provide the best customer service by their need.

The on-demand application market is a new concept and comes to the market with great challenges. If you would like to conquer in the market, you have to start thinking; create mindset related to the market that you can make this transition today.


Top 5 Best Driver Updater Software of 2020 You Can’t Ignore To Have

Drivers are major software components that enhance communication between the hardware peripherals and the operating system. Without a driver, computer hardware peripherals cannot work as expected. If you have outdated drivers on your PC, the chance of malfunction is very high. Hence, the need to always keep the computer in top shape at all times with a driver updater software. Now, the problem is finding the right software updater for your machine. Windows has an in-built software update functionality which aids the updating process for drivers and Windows components. However, unfortunately, it doesn’t have all it takes to combat today’s security threats as opposed to third-party tools out there. It can only update the known drivers while the unknown is left untouched. Secondly, it cannot bulk-update those drivers.

This arouses the need to find the perfect solution to finding the best driver updater that can fill the gap and figure out all outdated drivers and install them, as and when a new release is out in the market.

We are going to be listing out a few of the best Windows driver updaters you can use. Take note that, we are presenting this list after deep research, review, and comparison of all major factors of an effective software updater. You should pick any of these on your device so as to be on the safe side and enhance your operating system and hardware peripherals.

Check out the best driver updater software listed after detailed comparison, reviews and Pros & Cons that will work in 2020 for Windows users.

Smart Driver Care

Smart Driver Care is one of the best driver updater solutions out there that works better with Windows operating systems. It is a full-fledged system built to identify outdated drivers with the facility to update them accordingly without human intervention. Smart Driver Care software updater has a robust mechanism to streamline PC performance for quality performance.Smart Driver Care - Best Driver Updater Software

Features of Smart Driver Care

  • Has the largest driver database of more than 2.8 million entries to leverage from at the most affordable rate in the market.
  • It offers double insurance for a safer computer.
  • Updates system, outdated driver, by scanning your PC for missing, corrupt or outdated drivers susceptible to errors.
  • Smart driver care automatically scan for outdated and missing drivers.
  • It can also schedule a scan for outdated or missing drivers.
  • With a click of a mouse, it fixes all the driver-related problems and bugs.
  • It gives you the option to have a full or partial backup of your drivers before updating to new ones.
  • The roll-back function lets you return your computer to the previous state in case the update has some bugs.
  • It works with all old and new Windows OS.

Advanced Driver Updater

Advanced driver updater is the next best driver updater software that ensures keeping your system performance at the peak of it. It saves you time that you’d have spent on a long scan. It automatically keeps a track of all the latest driver updates and releases of new versions to ensure that the drivers are up to date and your system doesn’t stop when you need it.Advanced Driver Updater

Advanced Driver Updater Features

  • It is compatible with Windows 10, 8.1, 8, 7, Vista, and Windows XP.
  • 32-Bit and 64-Bit OS compatibility.
  • Installs the latest drivers directly from the manufacturer’s website for a perfect match.
  • It can detect and fix bad or corrupt drivers on the system caused by hardware errors.
  • Multiple scanning modes like Quick scan, Automatic scan, Manual scan, Deep scan, or Schedule scan.
  • It has a stealth monitoring mode to silently scan software update files for malware and virus infections before downloading. This helps in avoiding virus updates push by the developer.
  • Driver updates download will automatically resume if the connection is interrupted.
  • Cloud download support to aid seamless access to the latest drivers.
  • It backup compatible drivers to the cloud and restore them in a click on-demand in the case of errors, without hassle.
  • Check the driver’s compatibility with the hardware before installing the updated driver.
  • The driver database embedded into this software makes it easier for you to not miss out on any new or important update.
  • The driver exclusivity feature helps list out unwanted or unused device drivers that need to be excluded.

Driver Booster Pro

Driver Booster 7 Pro is a product of Obit. Its forte is PC gaming hardware and drivers. If you are a Game Freak and have a lot of games with numerous hardware controllers, you can find the latest updated drivers on IObit’s Driver Booster Pro library. It supports Windows 10 and all its earlier versions.Top Driver Updater Software - Driver Booster Pro

Driver Booster 7 Pro Features

  • Auto-scan and detect missing, outdated and faulty system drivers.
  • Scheduled scans can also identify outdated, missing and faulty drivers without human intervention.
  • Unlock the default driver update speed limit.
  • Boost gaming performance by reallocating resources to aid its functionality.
  • Time-saving: It comes with a compressed driver preloaded files to save time.
  • Auto-update and auto-download, install and update drivers to the latest version during system idle time.

Avast Driver Updater

Avast is a well-known brand in the field of online security and virus prevention. With years of experience in this industry and millions of customers, the company is tirelessly working on providing multiple PC optimization products. Avast Driver Updater is one of such PC optimization tool that makes it easy for users to update their software on the go. It works excellently with Windows operating systems starting with Windows 7 then to all later versions. To use the software, you might need to have, at least, a 2GB disk space and 1GB RAM of memory. With a single click, it can initiate a quick scan however the drawback identified here is the free version is not that effective.Avast Driver Updater is one of the top trending best software updater for windows

Avast Driver Updater Features

  • It detects corrupt, missing and outdated drivers with ease.
  • Multiple scan modes.
  • Automatically update over 500,000 drivers for peak PC performance. Its big database boasts of half a million erroneous and outdated hardware drivers.
  • Better graphics with the ability to update in real-time to give you a smoother media editing, video streaming, and impressive gaming experience all at the same time.
  • Prioritize more on Printer, Scanner, Mouse, Keyboard, Video Cams, Headphones, Speakers, Monitors, etc.
  • Automatically fix hardware errors for optimal performance.
  • Prevents hardware problems with accuracy and log maintenance.
  • Less freezing and crashing.
  • Realtime scan mode keeps a check on new releases and installs them on a real-time basis.
  • The smart scan feature detects broken or outdated drivers with the aim to fix them.

AVG Driver Updater

AVG Driver Updater is one of AVG’s pride; though it is less popular as other software updaters out there, it is effective. At least, everybody knows about AVG antivirus, right? The limitation over here is that the free trial version only scans and detects outdated driver but not update them.AVG Driver Updater

AVG Driver Updater Features

  • Prevent repeated system crashes caused by outdated drivers.
  • It has a lightweight and easy to use console that reduces the load on the computer processor.
  • With over 500,000+ driver database, you can rest assured of getting access to majorly required update resources. However, some other unknown drivers might not be listed there.
  • It focuses more on quality sound, multimedia, and other connectivity drivers for uninterrupted connections.
  • It scans and identifies outdated drivers from hundreds of hardware manufacturing websites.
  • Fix dropping Wi-Fi connection.
  • Resolve slow internet connection problems.
  • Speeds up internet browsing, video streaming, and internet downloading.

  • Extra features for improved and overall system performance.

  • Auto-scans every nook and cranny of your systems for missing, outdated, or corrupt drivers. 

  • Checks for the official system drivers from over 100 major hardware manufacturing brands like HP, Microsoft, NVIDIA, Samsung, Brother, Compaq, Intel, Lexmark, Dell, Acer, LQ, Sony, and Canon, etc.

  • Takes a snapshot of all the drivers to the cloud for future use.

  • It restores back to previous stages in case of unwanted changes.

  • Reduces hardware errors and glitches by installing drivers one by one to reduce the chances of hardware problems.

Rounding up on the best driver updater software out there!

Of all the best driver updater software listed above, which one does suit your computer. Let’s talk about them in the comment section. Take note that these Windows driver updater softwares were selected after series of research, comparison and tests.


Top 10 Online Clothing Websites in 2020

“Always dress like you’re going to see your worst enemy”Kimora Lee

One of the best things about fashion is that it brings constant refreshment. Whether it’s a seasonal turnover from one designer to another, or an unnoticed silhouette that appears in every store unexpectedly, or a brand new store that we have not run into before, there is always something new around the corner. The last one might be exciting for fashion freaks.

Ecommerce has completely changed the way we used to shop in the old days. Because of the various advantages, companies have turned and are taking their business online. The trend of selling everything online has not only provided consumers with more choices but also made them a little confused as to where to spend their dollars.  To help them make a choice, we have decided to do a deep dive into the top online clothing websites. But before that, let’s take a look at five factors that make these websites the best ones among their customers:

  • They are the one-stop-shop for everyone.
  • They have faster delivery options.
  • They provide good shopping experiences for their customers.
  • They stay loyal to their quality.
  • They offer various favorable discounts and offers.

Top 10 Online Clothing Websites in 2020

1. PrintShop by Designhill

If you are looking for a creative print-on-demand global marketplace, then you are in the right place. The design platform offers unbeatable opportunities to artists and designers to open up their independent stores and sell their artwork on a plethora of products. Currently, the platform has 50,000+ products (t-shirts, hoodies, sweatshirts, phone cases, tote bags, wall arts, etc.) for sale. Whether you want an artsy design or a funny meme, there are plenty of choices in men, women and kids categories. The key differentiators that set this platform apart from its competitors are the quality of the products and services they deliver. Be it print quality, fabric, design, pricing, or delivery time, the website is simply unmatched.Online Clothing Websites - Printshop by DesignHill


ASOS is a US-based company that has always been a fortress of stylish clothes. Over the years, this clothing website has brought a huge revolution in the fashion industry. This US-based online shopping website maintains its status for updating its online store with remarkable clothing for both men and women. Currently, the website provides shipping services to 196 countries. Apart from its own brand, the website provides products of other brands as well. ASOS - Online Shopping website

3. Topshop

Topshop is a UK based multinational women’s fashion retailer brand that provides their shipping services in 100+ countries. The website is known for attracting students, professionals, and high profile A-listed celebrities. It offers great styles at mid-high price ranges. They also provide tall, petite, and maternity ranges for those who want to stay fashionable, even when they require different fits. On top of that, the website doesn’t charge delivery charges on spendings above $100.  TOPSHOP - Online Shopping website

4. Next

Next is another UK based fashion brand that provides a huge range of clothing for men, women, and kids. This brand has a long history in the fashion industry. The brand is perfect for those who love to wear classic, relaxed European-style fashion. After wearing their clothes, the look of their clothing and the way they feel on your skin will reflect in your attitude and confidence. Currently, the brand provides free delivery services to 70+ countries. The returns are also easy. You can return your item within 28 days.NEXT - Top Online Shopping Platform

5. Zara

Zara is a Spanish based fashion company that specializes in providing current fashion trends. It is one of the topmost high-end clothing brands that sell products for men, women, and kids. One of the best things about the brand is that after every fifteen days, they add new products to their existing collections. Currently, the brand is providing online services in countries like the UK, Austria, USA, Portugal, Germany, South Korea, France, Netherlands, Canada, India, and many more. The website also helps people find the nearest stores.ZARA online shopping portal

6. Boohoo

Boohoo is a UK based online fashion brand that targets 16-30 years old women. Since the time of its inception, the brand has not stopped being marvelous. Every day, the brand comes up with hundreds of new products. Apart from the general categories, the brand also has a separate category called Shop by Fit. This category covers different sub-categories like tall, petite, maternity and plus size & curves. The brand offers online services in North America, Middle-East, Europe and Australasia. Although the brand charges standard delivery rates, the returns are free and easy.  boohoo online shopping

7. H&M

H&M is a Swedish multinational fashion company for men, women, teenagers, and kids. The brand is best known for its prices. Just like every website, their website also has a gender-wise product categorization. Under each category, you can shop by concept, by product, new arrivals, and deals. They also have a unique category named Magazine. Under this section, you will get insights into the brand’s latest collaborations, fashion tips, beauty hacks, etc. Talking about the delivery, well, you can expect delivery within seven working days. You can also find the nearest store from their website.H & M

8. Net-a-Porter

Net-a-Porter is an Italian online women fashion retailer that serves more than 180 countries globally. The website offers fabulous products from the world’s best designers. Every week, you will get to see new arrivals on their website. Apart from high-quality products, the brand is well-known for its luxurious signature packaging, easy returns, and personal shopping teams. NET-A-PORTER

9. Anthropologie

Anthropologie is an American clothing retailer for women that always surprises and delights you with their distinctive collection. They have a high-end collection, and the company is committed to delivering well-fitted quality clothes. The website is easy to browse, making shopping a fun experience. The website offers three shipping methods: standard, express and overnight, each with different shipping charges. Talking about returns, well, you can return your products within 60 days of delivery.Anthropologie

10. Forever 21

Forever 21 is an American fashion retailer brand for men, women, and girls. The brand has established itself as one of the most trendy and affordable brands. Currently, the brand offers an online shopping facility in almost 70 countries. The company delivers orders within 24 hours. They also provide free shipping on a minimum purchase, and you can return your products within 30 days of delivery.


So, folks, these are the top 10 online clothing websites. If you have ever made a purchase from any of these websites, then let us know your experience in the comments section below. Stay young, stay fashionable!


Rural Internet: Connecting the Unconnected All At Once

This may be hard to believe but in 1995, only 0.04% of the planet had Internet access. 25 years later, the world is now dependent on a reliable Internet for most everyday tasks. Canada is a very large, sparsely populated country. Providing quality Internet services to rural Canadian communities has been a challenge for most Canadian ISPs, with many communities remaining on slow dial-up Internet. In other areas, DSL is an option with low data-caps and large overage penalties, if you go over your limit.

At first glance, mobile data options appear to be a quick-fix to get your email or go online.

Mobile services and packages, however, are not designed to stream the amount of heavy usage most customers desire. Again data limit overages can be a hefty fine from your carrier company.

Mobile phone plans are notoriously overpriced and price gouging has been a controversial topic for many years among mobile carriers. Even with high prices, poor connection quality is a common concern with mobile services. In 2011 BlackBerry made major news when the entire network collapsed.

With a lack of infrastructure for wired and cable-based internet services, rural Canadian customers have been looking for alternative solutions that work.

One solution internet companies provide that is popular is fixed wireless Internet. Rural internet is fiber-fed at each tower location, which makes it extremely fast and reliable.

What is a fixed wireless internet?

What exactly does “fixed wireless” mean? Compared with mobile services, which means you can operate your device anywhere, a fixed wireless service provides Internet services in a specific location, direct to a house or a building. Sometimes getting the nickname, “DirectWave” as the wireless wave is directly aimed at a specific location.

Installation is a fairly simple process, an antenna is set-up on the roof of a home or building, and everything is handled by the ISP, similar to satellite TV.

Essentially, the internet service is transmitted wirelessly, and the line of sight from the tower to the home must be clear. Trees, big hills, or even buildings can obstruct the quality of service as a clear line-of-sight is required between antennas and their corresponding towers.

The antenna or dish communicates to a nearby wireless tower, which can connect to many antennas at the same time. This is commonly called MU-MIMO technology in the internet world.

There are many pros of using rural internet! Fixed wireless is generally faster than DSL and faster than 4G mobile services. The High Speed is offered alongside Unlimited data, which means no data-caps and unlimited entertainment. Which is really great news for gamers and TV streamers alike!

Fixed wireless internet is so fast and reliable that it is a standard option for businesses looking for internet in rural areas.

Fixed Wireless Vs Satellite Internet as a Rural Internet Solution

Sometimes, consumers confuse fixed wireless and satellite services. Fixed wireless is a ground-level technology, where satellites are situated up in space. Lag is a major issue with satellite internet since signals are transmitted out to space of orbiting satellites and back down to residential homes.

Another comparison to be made is the Weather does not interfere as much with fixed wireless compared to satellite transmissions.

Fixed wireless is a fairly new technology but is an increasingly popular choice in rural Southwestern Ontario as it has become a more affordable option. As technology improves, costs go down.

The fast speeds and lack of data-caps make fixed wireless services very attractive and anyone doing any rural internet research would definitely be interested in this type of technology.


Many people living in rural parts of Canada are still left without a high-speed internet connection. For some, there are no options for internet access at all and for others, it’s the cost factor.

No matter what side of this coin you are on, internet access has become a necessity for everything we do online today. From searching for employment, getting a higher education and even social engagement.

Online influencers even have gone so far as to say that, internet access is a basic human right like Mark Zuckerberg in this Entrepreneur article. There are many reasons, but it’s clear that there are not many people in this day and age that don’t use the internet on an hourly basis.

As stated earlier, some believe it is a “human right” to have access to the internet and I agree with them.