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Appointment Scheduling Software – 8 Benefits of Using Appointment Management Software

Do you want to improve the booking rate at your company?

Of course!! You want..

Then, the best option for you is the appointment booking software.

With a variety of solutions, each is promising to help you to improve the financial status of your organization.

Your business relies on the booking appointments and how it will be accessible for the user.

More booking means more traffic to your website, which means more profit.

There are various scheduling softwares out there that you can use to book an appointment and manage the task easily in your office. If we consider implementations then start with the software that will help your organization.

Now, what is appointment management software?

This is a tool or app that allows your client to book an appointment. To book an appointment anywhere and anytime through an online portal. Booking software comes with calendar and management capabilities that make everything efficient and more useful.

In this article, we will look upon some advantages of appointment scheduling software and how useful it would be for the business.

Table of content

Advantages of using online appointment scheduling softwareAppointment booking software

With the different types of software solutions. Each scheduling software is going to help you. To start with, you have to consider the goals that will improve your business. You must be worried about the budget. You would be very delighted to know that Online appointment scheduling is very accessible and budget-friendly. There are many appointment booking software that is going to help you. Here are some of the benefits of scheduling software.

Let’s get started:

24/7 services

The appointment scheduler takes your business to another level. The scheduler can be a boon to your business. People consider time is an essential factor in life and business. Today’s consumers appreciate the ability to book an appointment even after business hours. The study shows that 55% of clients prefer scheduling an appointment during non-business hours. People want more convenience in the booking because of the hectic schedules. Management software gives you the provision to book an appointment in a convenient way. This factor engages more customers on your website and saves a lot of time.


No-shows saves a lot of time and money in your business. No-shows are the minor inconvenience in your industry. If your client misses an appointment, it can be a significant financial loss to your business as well as to the client. To reduce the no-shows, all you need is an online booking app that will help to remove the problems in your business. Your online booking app will automatically send a reminder to your customer about the confirmation and cancellation of the booking.

In a study, it is revealed that short messages, email reduce the burden of the customer and make the customer happier. If you want a hassle-free booking, then the appointment booking software would be a great help to you.

Appointment management software
Instead of missing events, the introduction of an appointment management software to your business will help you set goals and meet up.

Monetary saving

Time and money are the most critical factors in business. They both go hand in hand. The hard work of staff and proper use of resources help to translate the expenses into revenue. The scheduling system can help to direct the other tasks and eliminate the need of the members.

With this tool, even the new members can smoothly perform the tasks. Appointment scheduling help to reduce no-shows and provides 24/7 services. This helps to reduce the time of your work and save the money of customers and business owners by not skipping the appointment.

Avoid overbooking

Have you seen the scenario where two clients book an appointment at the same time?

Overbooking is not new for the business. This is the major drawback of the manual booking system. But online scheduling helps to avoid overbooking. The online booking system puts everything in place by not doing anything repeatedly. Booking software automatically pops up the message if the appointments are booked twice by clients. This reduces the redundancy in the task.Appointment booking software

Better insights

A functional analysis can take your business to another level and make the person aware of the present and future. Scheduling software provides insights about the business. It helps to check the busiest day and time in your business. Also, it helps to check the most popular services in your business.

Data analytics help to answer the queries and where the exact action is needed in the business. If you are aware of peak hours, then you can schedule employees shifts more efficiently and effectively. If you can figure out the first and least popular services, you can quickly determine the best market for them.

Staff scheduling

Managing a staff is crucial for the betterment and growth of the business. Online scheduling software can handle the team by accounting for a flexible strategy for them. It creates equilibrium in the business and staff. It keeps your employees happy by dividing the workload in the business. The managing scheduler always reminds the staff about the next task they need to perform and the pending tasks that need to be done.

Mobile friendly

Many of you worried about the compatibility and user-friendliness in the business. Most of the online scheduling system is easy to book. By providing the feature of mobile-friendly, take your business one step ahead. Most of the system is easy to use and also offer mobile compatibility so that customer can easily book an appointment from their mobile phone. There is one instruction table that provides information about how to schedule an appointment. It helps to book an appointment even by the naive users by clicking the book now!! feature from their phone.

Appointment Scheduling Software - 8 Benefits of Using Appointment Management Software
The beauty of appointment scheduling software is that it makes the process of booking, editing and managing your agenda from anywhere easy. It is mobile friendly and no device-restriction.

Easy marketing

In the digital era, where everything is very competitive. It is imperative to market the things right for rapid growth in the business. Digital marketing becomes mandatory for business. Because these days, people are more web-friendly and consuming more content on the web. It would be best if you do more web-based activities. The scheduling tool gives potential users and a clear vision about the work. It helps to promote the business on different social media platforms like Instagram, Facebook, etc. that helps to book an appointment quickly.

Wrapping up

Having the ability to make your customers happy is the privilege for the business owners. The online scheduling gives you the chance to grow your business.

Above we have reviewed some of the benefits of using the appointment booking software and how it helps businesses and people who are utilizing the scheduling software. With its 24/7 services and the mobile-friendly feature can help the user to book an appointment anytime and anywhere. This is a trend that will grow and gain popularity.

I hope this article will be very helpful for you !!

If you have any queries regarding appointment management software. We would love to listen from you. Feel free to ask your query in the comment section.

Thank you for reading!!

Web Development & Design Ideas

How to Speed Up Mobile Site Loading Speed – 6 Expert’s Tips for Web Designers

For a professional web design, website loading speed play a crucial role in how your business performs both in search engine queries and in rendering customer’s request, and this is why it is expedient for designers to speed up mobile site project with the best optimization tools available so as to cater for today’s business needs.

Clients use websites for an assortment of reasons in their daily assignments if a client is looking through a question utilizing any digital associate, whether phone or work area, they anticipate fast and relevant answers.

For instance, if a client is composing a question “Website Loading Speed” from the outset example the client, for the most part, taps the principal result appeared, however on the off chance that, if the loading speed of the page is slower than anticipated time at that point, the chances are that the user may explore to another webpage.

Only getting a website designed for your business won’t work now. Upgrading website loading speed is likewise a necessary procedure. According to the guidelines of Google, a website should stack in under 3 seconds. Also, it has been found in studies of 2017–2018 that a user leaves the site if it is taking more than 2.5 seconds to stack. This shows the slow loading speed of a website will prompt a decrease in website traffic just as it will prompt a low ranking of the website. And that is the reason the client will hire a web designer online to speed up the website.

The slow loading speed of a website influences the online business in the following way:

Regardless of whether you make a website design that merits a pause, guests looked with slow download speed aren’t probably going to stay. So how might you set aside a few minutes is your ally? Give close consideration to seven professional Web design tips to make a website that won’t slow your business down.

Website Loading Speed – Tips for Web Designers to Speed Up Mobile Site

For Website Loading Speed To Improve, We Need Designers To Speed Up Mobile Site With Professional Web Design Tools
How to Speed Up Mobile Site Loading Speed: In this post, we offer you expert tips for designing a fast and responsive mobile site that attracts and keep customers.

#1: Limit utilization of flash

Flash is an exemplary case of style over substance and, while it certainly has its place in professional Web design, it must be utilized sparingly when you make a website. Regardless of whether your guests have the right flash player (and many won’t), it will expand your webpage’s download time. Flash is additionally one of the Web website design components that aren’t yet available to web crawlers, which means it can just hinder your site improvement efforts.

#2: Compress your images

Images are an incredible case of how looks can be beguiling in professional Web design. You probably won’t understand precisely how much space they involve when you make website design. By compressing your images before adding them to your professional Web design, you can reduce/recoil a GIF or JPEG picture by up to a significant portion of its unique size. You may likewise need to determine the stature and weight of your images in your HTML, which can decrease loading time.

#3: Clean up your code

While HTML content is a lot faster than realistic content, there are ways you can make it considerably quicker. Watch out for extra HTML coding – like spaces, pointless labels, and even blank areas – that can build the size of your records. Keep in mind that toning it down would be best, and use defaults for labels or evacuate them at every possible opportunity.

#4: Use thumbnails

Thumbnails are a particularly accommodating website design technique for internet business websites. Give clients a little, quick loading picture of your product and let them choose whether they need to see the larger version of the image.

#5: Switch to CSS

Many Web designers presently use Cascading Style Sheets (CSS) rather than the more conventional table format. CSS is a styling language that has a dual purpose in professional Web design: it can spare you time when you make a website and save your guests time by drastically reducing page size and download time.

#6: Reduce server requests

Any component of your design that heaps from an alternate server – whether it be a realistic, an audio clip, or an advertisement – will elicit an HTTP demand each time the page loads. Make a website with restricted outside content to reduce loading time.

How to Guide Web Development & Design Ideas

How to Create Local Incremental Backups in CyberPanel to Secure your WordPress and E-commerce Store

Step by step guidelines for creating local incremental backups in CyberPanel

Backups are the primary concern of any website owner because they carry all of the information and the hard work of the many years you have put into your website. You can lose your website’s data in a moment due to uncertainty on the web. Nowadays, Cyber attacks are widespread, and hackers find loopholes to access your personal and professional information and benefit from it. It is essential to have a reliable backup system that secures your website’s data as a priority.

After reading this guide, you will understand the difference between a conventional backup system and an incremental backup system in CyberPanel, and how feasible it is for you to use incremental backups rather than a conventional backup.

At the end of the article, you will know the steps necessary to create local incremental backups in CyberPanel.

How to Create Local Incremental Backups in CyberPanel to Secure Your WordPress and Ecommerce Store

How to Create Local Incremental Backups in CyberPanel to Secure your WordPress and E-commerce Store
Backups are essential to long-term business growth and sustainability. In this guide, you are going to learn how to create a local incremental backup system from scratch with a step by step guidelines to follow in order not to mix up stuff.

Table of Contents

If you want to create a local incremental backup system in CyberPanel, here is the step by step guide to do it.

What Is CyberPanel

CyberPanel is a web hosting control panel that allows you to install WordPress, Joomla, PrestaShop, and Magento with one-click. It is the best hosting control panel that you can install with one command on your CentOS server. Many professionals use CyberPanel to manage their sites by themselves, and in the same way, you can manage your sites from its simple GUI (Graphical User Interface).

What is CyberPanel (Main Dashboard)
This is CyberPanel main dashboard user interface. It makes it easy to create a local incremental backup system that works on autopilot.

If you have the technical knowledge, then you must understand the complexity of hosting a website by yourself without a web hosting control panel. It requires expertise on the Linux command line terminal to install the necessary prerequisites for running your WordPress website. Further, managing your site is also a proper job. Luckily, if you don’t have the technical knowledge, then you don’t need to learn it because CyberPanel provides pre-installed applications to install on your private or shared server with one-click. In the same way, you can create a local incremental backup in CyberPanel with one click.

What is the difference between a conventional backup system and an incremental backup system in CyberPanel?

There are two backup systems in CyberPanel that provide backups of your data, databases, and emails. Both backup systems allow you to take the backup of your website manually, or you can configure backups to run automatically on a daily or weekly basis.

The Conventional Backup System in CyberPanel

The conventional backup system takes a backup of your websites without knowing the repetition of your data, databases, and emails. For example, you have set a conventional backup system to take backup daily it will take a backup of your website without knowing the fact that today’s backup is similar to yesterday’s backup, and it takes the full backup of your website again that already exists. Ultimately, backup is consuming more disk space and bandwidth (if you are storing them remotely, more bandwidth will be used to transfer them),

The Incremental Backup System in CyberPanel

To resolve the problem of consuming more disk space by the conventional backup system, CyberPanel has recently launched an incremental backup system that takes a backup of only new data, databases, and emails. For example, if you have set an incremental backup system to a daily backup schedule, it will take a backup of only new data, databases, and emails that were added in the last 24 hours. Ultimately, the backup of your website consumes less disk space and bandwidth than a conventional backup system.

Steps to create an incremental backup and restore your site in CyberPanel

CyberPanel allows you to create an incremental backup of your website with few clicks. Let’s discuss the following in detail:

  • How to create a website
  • How to access the file manager of your site
  • How to create a new file/folder in the file manager
  • How to create an Incremental Backup
  • How to restore your website through incremental backup in CyberPanel

How to create a website in CyberPanel

From the main dashboard of your website, you can create a website with one click. Navigate to Website > Create Website from the left menu bar and fill out the following information:

  1. Set the default package of your website from the scroll down menu.
  2. Set the owner of your website to the admin from the scroll down menu.
  3. Enter the domain name of your website.
  4. Enter the email address of your website. Later on, you can make a new email in CyberPanel for official use.
  5. Select the PHP version of your website from 5.6 to 7.3.
  6. You can choose any additional features that are available for your sites such as SSL (Secure Socket Layer), DKIM Support, and Open_basedir Protection.
  7. Click the Create Website button for the instant creation of your site.
How to create a website in CyberPanel
If you have been finding it difficult, here is how to create a website in CyberPanel.

Access Your Site’s File Manager in CyberPanel

Your site is successfully created. Next, we are going to access the file manager of your site, in which we make a new file in the public_html folder, and test the incremental backup of this site. For that, you need to go to Websites > List Websites &gt Manage:

List website and manage to access file manager of your site
Go to the List website and manage the option to access the file manager of your site with ease.

Scroll down the newly opened window and click File Manager to access the public_html folder or index.html file of your site.File Manager in CyberPanel

Also, you can create a new folder or file in the public_html folder to make changes to your site from the graphical user interface with one-click. The File Manager is straightforward and carries prominent settings to make changes such as Delete, Add a new folder or file, and much more.

File Manager in CyberPanel to make changes with one-click
File Manager inside CyberPanel is where to make changes to your website with one-click. Any commit made here is live, so you have to be very careful.

How to Create a New File/Folder in File Manager

  1. Navigate to the public_html folder of your site in File Manager.
  2. To create a file, click New File from the main menu bar on the top of the screen.
  3. Enter the file name. In this guide, we are going to create a file with the name of CyberPanel.txt. Once you enter the file name and click Create File, the file will be displayed instantly in your File Manager.
  4. Select the file and click Edit from the menu bar on the top of the screen. Add content to the file, just like in Microsoft Word, and click Save Changes.

Cyberpanel.txt is created in File Manager

How to Create an Incremental Backup

  1. Navigate to the main dashboard of CyberPanel, and click Incremental Backup > Create/Restore Backup from the left menu bar.
  2. Select your website from the scroll down menu bar.
  3. Select local in the Destination section.
  4. CyberPanel offers you the ability to take a backup of your site’s data, databases, and emails. You can select all of them at once, or you can select any of these three while taking an incremental backup of your site based on your requirements. But, the CyberPanel team recommends taking a full backup of your site, i.e. (Data, Databases, and Email), to avoid any problem in case of an emergency.
  5. Click Create Backup.
Create an Incremental Backup of your site in CyberPanel
To create a local incremental backup of your site in CyberPanel, here are the steps to follow in order not to make mistakes.

The incremental backup of your site based on Data, Databases, and Emails is stored, and the result looks like this:

A Local Incremental Backup of your site is created in CyberPanel
A local incremental backup of your site has just been created in CyberPanel.

How to restore your website through Incremental backup in CyberPanel

Click Restore Point in the Output section to restore your site. When you click it, the results look like this:

Restore Point to restore your site information in CyberPanel
In event of error or glitch, you can use the Restore Point option in the CyberPanel to restore your site information back to the previous status with a click of your mouse using any of the local incremental backups as seen in the snapshot above.

You can restore your website instantly with one click, or according to your requirements. For example, you can restore data that is on Job ID 19, emails that are on Job ID 20, and databases that are showing on Job ID 21.

Example: Delete and restore a file with incremental backup

Let’s take a look at how a Restore of your website works if we delete a bunch of files, including CyberPanel.txt, from the file manager. We can restore them from the local incremental backup that we just created.

Navigate to the public_html folder in the File Manager of your website, select all the files, and delete them.Select all the files in Public_html folder and delete

All the files of your website are now deleted from the public_html folder in the file manager.All files deleted from Public_html folder in file manager

Navigate to Incremental Backup > Create/Restore backup, and select the website. The last backup that has been taken either manually or automatically per your settings is going to be aligned at the top. Click Restore and restore your site’s data as seen in the following screenshot:Example to restore your site's data in CyberPanel

Visit File Manager for your site, and you will see the restored files:

Site is restored through Incremental backup in CyberPanel

Similarly, you can visit the public_html folder to check your deleted files, including CyberPanel.txt, which is back again through a local incremental backup in CyberPanel.CyberPanel.txt is restored again in Public_html folder in CyberPanel

Example: Restore your WordPress site from the incremental backup

Let’s discuss the real example of taking an incremental backup of your WordPress site and how it works. First, you need to set up WordPress on your site in CyberPanel. Navigate to Websites > List Websites > Manage > Application Installer > WordPress + LSCache and install it with one click. You can get help from this article on how to set up a self-hosted WordPress site for free in less than 10 minutes, if necessary.

After the successful installation of WordPress, navigate to https://domain name/wp-login.php/ and provide your username and password to log into the main dashboard of your WordPress site.Main dashboard of WordPress site through CyberPanel

Now, we are going to apply the theme on our WordPress and take an incremental backup. Afterward, we are going to delete WordPress from CyberPanel and restore it to demonstrate the functionality of incremental backup. You will understand that if a hacker tries to make changes to your site, that an incremental backup is available to restore your site with one click. It gives a clear process to use the incremental backup as the most reliable backup system for your websites.

Navigate to Appearance > Themes from the main dashboard of your WordPress site, and apply any theme. Afterward, the site looks something like this:Applied theme to WordPress site

Take an incremental backup of the WordPress site in CyberPanel to save the changes to the theme. You can see in the following screenshot that the backup is stored:

Incremental backup of wordpress site in successfully created
Incremental backup of WordPress site successfully created.

Like in the previous example, go to your site’s File Manager and into the public_html folder that carries all of the files of your WordPress as seen in the following screenshot, and delete all of them:Delete all the files in the public_html folder of your WordPress site

All the files in the WordPress site’s public_html are deleted.Deleted all the files in the public_html folder of your WordPress siteRefresh the WordPress site, and it gives a 404 Error, as we have deleted all the files from the public_html folder.404 error occured due to deletion of all public_html files

Navigate to Incremental Backup in CyberPanel and restore Job ID 22, 23, 24 of your site’s data and databases in the same way as before. You can see in the following screenshot that shows the restoration:Restore data and databases of your wordpress site in incremental backup

Refresh the File Manager and visit the public_html folder of your WordPress site. All the files are stored again with one click.Successfully restored all the files of WordPress site in Public_html folder

Also, the WordPress site is live again after restoration from local incremental backups stored in CyberPanel:

WordPress site is Live again after restoraion from Incremental backup in CyberPanel
WordPress site is Live again after restoration from the incremental backup data from CyberPanel.


In this guide, we have successfully demonstrated the functionality and difference between conventional and incremental backup systems in CyberPanel. You must have learned the simple functionality of our backup system that is available to use with a few clicks. Most of the professionals in the world use CyberPanel to secure their websites with an incremental backup system that consumes less storage and bandwidth of your server. We have covered two examples that practically showed you the results by deleting all the files in the public_html folder in File Manager. Similarly, you can restore your site data, databases, and emails with one click from our latest feature of Incremental backup.

Moreover, you can easily install CyberPanel with one command with the help of a professional setup guide on the Cyberpanel website.

You already know, backups are very essential to small or large scale business growth and sustainability and this guide simplifies the process of creating local incremental backups in CyberPanel as against conventional backups.

With this guide, I’m convinced you should be able to create local incremental backups in cyberpanel without hassle to secure your WordPress and e-commerce store. If you have comments or additional tips, kindly share below.

Cloud Computing Technologies and Resources Games Gizmos News

Nvidia Killer to Be Launched in 2020

AMD’s most anticipated graphics card – Big Navi – touted as Nvidia Killer to be out in 2020.

In a YouTube Video by AMD titled The Bring Up, AMD’s chief executive – Lisa Su confirmed the high-end graphics will be available to consumers in 2020. Often referred to as the Nvidia Killer, the graphics card would take on premium graphics card range RTX cards.

With in-built hardware for ray tracing, this is the first GPU from AMD that features in-build hardware for ray tracing. The Big Navi is the introduction of a new age of GPUs.

Along with ray tracing, the hardware comes with other features such as better caches, variable-rate shading, advanced voltage regulation, mixed-precision compute improvement, and better and faster instructions per clock.Nvidia Killer to Be Launched in 2020

The graphics card is expected to match if not surpass Nvidia’s graphics cards in terms of sheer performance like the RTX 2080 and RTX 2080 Ti.

It is believed that the graphics card was thanks to a Linux driver update, which inspired three AMD Radeon RX 600 Series of Graphics Cards – Navi 21, Navi 22, and Navi 23.

Navi 23 is famed as the Nvidia Killer. As with most tech products, the hype never matches the development. Let’s see what the Nvidia Killer has in store for us.

This card from AMD is based around second-gen RDNA architecture with revitalized 7nm+ node and would present tough competition for GPU generations of Nvidia.

Race for the top spot

Over the past year, the Nvidia Killer has been subject to much speculations – one of them being the graphics card could be 30% faster than the Nvidia’s RTX 2080 Ti, but that is a big ‘could’ that would only be confirmed after we try the product for ourselves.

Regardless, the developers have to work fast if they don’t want the Navi 23 to be competing with other releases this year such as the RTX 3080 Ti, which is expected to be 50% faster than its predecessors.

Nvidia’s next-gen Ampere GPUs are also expected to be released sometime this year, so the charts are filled with some of the most interesting releases. As a graphics card and game lover, there is much to cheer about this year. The new graphics card could provide a new dimension and feel to GPU-intensive games such as Far Cry 5, The Witcher 3, and the expected Destiny 3.

Final Words

With the anticipation of the new release, we foresee the Navi 23 or Nvidia Killer to be competing with high-end graphics card ranges of Nvidia. But disregarding the potential of other releases in its comparison still looks farfetched. Although the Navi 10 has done well in the market with the implementation of the 7nm node, there is much to prove, to pose serious competition for NVIDIA’s architectural power efficiency.

Nevertheless, 2020 is going to be an important year for AMD as it brings some much-needed introduction in its GPU line of products.   

Infographic Money & Finance

10 Ways to Bring Up Financially Self-Sufficient Kids – Infographic

Do you know how to make kids financially intelligent and strong? How do I raise a financially intelligent or self-sufficient kids?

Is it possible to raise a self-sufficient kid that knows everything that’s needed to be known about finance and life in general?

Do you want to raise kids that sponge off of their friends or you in their early twenties? Of course not. But that’s what will happen when they are unable to manage their monthly bills on time, have a poor credit score, unable to live within their means, and trapped in a career that they don’t love.

How can you make sure that doesn’t happen? Well, truth be told — you can’t. Ultimately, it’s their life decisions that determine their financial future.

Financial Intelligent Kids - How to raise financially intelligent kids

In raising financially intelligent kids, there are very important guidelines to follow, and this infographic explains how to instill financial intelligence and self-sufficiency mindset in your kids right from a very young age.That being said, there’s so much you can do on your end to try and put them on the right track. From guiding them to picking a career path they would love to charging “rent” and getting inventive with the allowance, there are actions you can take today to make sure you’re doing your part in raising them right.

Do you know how to make kids self-sufficient and financially strong? This infographic below titled “10 Steps to Make Your Kids Self-Sufficient and Financially Intelligent” shows easy to follow steps to raise financially independent kids.

Check out this neat infographic by Peachy which nicely outlines the ten actionable ways you can raise financially self-sufficient kids. If you find it useful, feel free to spread the word with your friends on social media. And if you have any tips for fellow rookie parents who may be in the same boat as you, don’t hesitate to drop a comment below in helping them raise financially sufficient kids who would end up financially independent of nobody.e

Here’s Exactly What You Should Do to Raise Financially Prudent Kids

Raising Financially Intelligent Kids Infographic by TechAtLast
Raising Financially Intelligent Kids Infographic | TechAtLast
Biz Branding & Customization Marketing

How to Add Value to Your Business with Effective Video Testimonials

We are in an age where content is dominating the digital marketing world. You need to create content that lures the interest of your potential customers without being too contrived. Customer testimonials are considered the most effective content marketing strategy in the digital marketing landscape. It is no surprise that people expect evidence to believe that your product or brand is reliable. But just a text testimonial won’t work out. Video testimonials take the customer testimonials to the next level. It is considered the most effective online content marketing tool.

What is Video Marketing?

When a potential customer is doing research, they need to know why your product or brand is better than others in the market. Customer testimonials influence a buyer’s decision. Nothing sells your business as much as a viewer seeing a customer talk positively about your product or service. Thus, Video testimonial is the audiovisual presentation of real customer testimonials. Video testimonials are said to communicate your messages in an easy to understand and engaging way. With no doubt, videos also have the highest attention-grabbing power when compared to textual testimonials.

Why Does Your Business Need One?

In a recent study, it was proved that 8 out of 10 website visitors watch the video advertisement in full. It is also said that 78% of people watch online videos on a weekly basis. Digital marketing experts say that video testimonials are considered more personal and real resulting in creating huge confidence among the potential customer about your product or service. Moreover, video testimonials enhance the authenticity of your brand. Video testimonials help in establishing social proof which in turn increases your conversion rate. Let’s have a look at the reasons why you should use video testimonials and how it can add value to your business.

1. Build Credibility

An important benefit of using video testimonials for your business is that it is great at building credibility. When a potential customer hears positive feedback from their peers and sees a happy face of your existing customer, it increases the trust they have on your brand. This also makes your business look more transparent as you are showcasing a real person and not just a written testimonial.

2. Humanize Your Business

One of the biggest problems faced by online customers is that they feel a lack of human-to-human connection. Unlike an in-store shopping experience where they indulge in personal interaction with the salesperson, the customers just see the pictures of the product online which makes them lose trust. This is where a video testimonial comes to the rescue. Video testimonial creates a face for your business and gives your business a human factor. This helps potential customers achieve something closer to an in-store experience. Showing your potential customers the video of their peers who have benefitted from your product or service gives them reassurance.

3. Creates An Emotional Connection

Emotion plays an important role in a buyer’s decision-making process. Reading a testimonial can convey a message, but nothing beats video when it comes to kindling emotions. A textual testimonial is unemotional and it takes a lot of time to read and understand it. Video testimonials, on the other hand, reach the hearts and minds of the viewers right away. The facial expressions and the changes in tone helps create an emotional connection with the viewers. This helps in luring the customers, get them more engaged, and convince them to purchase your product or service.

4. Increases Exposure

Video testimonials are great at enhancing your online web presence which is the most important factor for driving leads to your business. When compared to textual testimonials, videos are more attraction-grabbing, interesting, and unique. Video testimonials are also easy to share. If you post your videos on YouTube, it can appear in Google searches and increase exposure to your business. So, if you want your content to gain more social attention, a video testimonial is the best option to go with.

5. Longevity

Video testimonials remain on the web for many years. It doesn’t matter whether your subject matter changes or not, your video remains live for as long as the internet continues to exist. This alone is enough reason you must put much thoughts into producing top-notch and over the roof kind of experience for the viewers. Keep reading to learn more on how to add value to your brand by producing video testimonials that lasts a lifetime.

Tips for Creating Better Video Testimonials

How to Add Value to Your Business With Video Testimonials
Customer testimonials are considered the most effective content marketing strategy in the digital marketing landscape. Video testimonials take the customer testimonials to the next level. It is considered the most effective online content marketing tool.

If you want your video testimonial to work the right way, but wondering where to start with, do not fret. We’ve listed some of the best tips and practices to create a perfect video testimonial.

1. Contact the Real, Right Customer

If you want your video testimonial to be more realistic, you need to make real people share their real feedback. You should also be very cautious in choosing the right customer for your video testimonial.

2. Keep It Brief

Ensure that your video is short and sweet, preferably under 3 minutes. This can increase the viewers’ focus and get the point across successfully. There’s nothing more to say in a sales video except you are running a tutorial series. Brush your words and make them as short as possible to discharge the valid points.

3. Forget About the Script

If the customers’ responses are scripted your video will lose the authentic feel which in turn will cost you your customers. Your viewers are humans; get this straight. You have got to tame down the acting and deliver emotional and thought-provoking message that inspires the audience to act.

4. Narrate A Story

If you present your video testimonial in the form of a story, it makes it more interesting and engaging. Tell captivating stories that touch the soul – play yourself into the audience’s fantasy.

5. Choose a Good Background

The final tip is to choose a good background and lighting for your video. If your video is of poor quality, your credibility will suffer. Invest good amount of money into making your sales testimonials video. You might have to sponsor the testifiers’ trip to the preferred location for the filming. Make the experience worthwhile to get the perfect output.

To Sum Up

There’s no better way than a video testimonial to build a connection with your potential customers and drive leads to your business –  no wonder it has been proven to be one of the most effective content marketing strategy out there with good records. It takes a lot of time and effort to create a great video testimonial. But once created it serves as one of the most valuable pieces of online content marketing tool for your business.

Blockchain Technology Business Featured Infographic

The Evolution of Mobile Data Collection Solutions on Business Growth [Infographic]

Discover how your organization can use mobile technology to boost the effectiveness of your data collection methods in 2020.

As we enter a new year and a new decade, now is the ideal time to upgrade your organization’s data collection methods. Due to the evolution of mobile data collection technologies, there has never been a better range of solutions to choose from.

Evolution of Mobile Data Collection -Infographic
This post detailed how to use mobile tech data collection solutions to solve and boost the effectiveness of your organization’s data collection methods.

Switching from the Old to the New

Traditional data collection methods are still widely used. This method involves gathering information in person with a clipboard, pen, and paper and then manually entering data into a spreadsheet. The main drawbacks of the traditional method are that it tends to be quite time-consuming, resource-heavy and labor-intensive. As such, it’s not surprising that so many organizations are now making the switch to newer technologies such as mobile data gathering.

Mobile Data Collection Explained

It is a method of information gathering that involves the use of mobile devices such as smartphones or tablets. It can be used to gather, compile and analyze both qualitative and quantitative data. As all the information is stored in a single centralized location, there is no need for post-information-gathering data entry. Another major advantage of mobile data collection tools is that they also often include extra functionalities that allow researchers to fulfill additional tasks such as asking research questions, testing hypotheses, evaluating results and much more.

Business Applications of Mobile Data Collection

Mobile data collection can be put to use across a diverse range of business activities. It can be a useful tool for many departments such as accounting or marketing. Some examples of business use cases include executing execute audits, scheduling jobs, market research, and lead capture.

Streamline Processes with Mobile Data Collection

By using mobile data collection solutions, organizations can streamline business processes. This boosts efficiency and can save a lot of time and resources. The automation of certain tasks not only ensures that the work is completed more quickly, but it also frees up employees to focus on more important jobs.

Improve the Accuracy of your Data

Mobile data collection software can help to significantly to improve the quality of data. Firstly, it does this by reducing the likelihood of error at the point of collection. What’s more, the real-time collection of data prevents memory bias. Another major advantage is that it can swiftly collect diversified information and produce data that is ready to share and analyze.

Find Out More

If you are keen to learn more about making the switch to mobile data collection solutions, then you should check out the infographic below. This insightful infographic features an easy-to-understand overview of mobile technology data collection and lays out some of the reasons why your organization should adopt this mobile tech in 2020. It also includes some sample use cases and offers advice on how to select the best data collection solution for your needs.

The Savvy Researcher’s Guide to Mobile Data Collection [Infographic]

The Evolution of Mobile Data Collection Solutions on Business Growth [Infographic]
The post elaborated on the beginning of this type of information gathering and roadmap to achieve the maximum result.
Scroll down to the below infographic to find out more today from ERS IT Solutions.

Blockchain Technology

Blockchain In Mobile Application Market Infographic

Blockchain technology has gained immense popularity among multinational companies and several small scale industries. This technology extended its reach at a rapid phase and popular firms claimed this as the most valued technologies of this century

There are several reasons for Blockchain’s unstoppable growth in tech space, it offers unimaginable speed and impenetrable security features. These features made mobile developers to welcome this technology into developing mobile applications. 

Using blockchain technology to develop mobile applications is a considerable and profitable idea, because we have to change ourselves according to the technology. Everyone in mobile application market are pretty sure about the idea of entwining these two will produce profitable results. 

What is blockchain?

The application of blockchain technology to mobile application markets
The application of blockchain technology to mobile application markets.

Blockchain technology is an open distributed ledger and it is decentralized in nature. This technology simplifies the process of transacting digital currencies like Bitcoin, Litecoin, Ethereum, etc.

And it also allows to display digital data openly, but this data cannot be copied or duplicated. This guarantees the protection of the data and build trust and transparency.

Blockchain has expanded its reach to various industries, like healthcare, banking, finance, insurance, and real estate. Generally, this creative technology has a major role to play in conducting transaction in a safe and secure manner, which is an important attribute for an industry to develop.

Now, blockchain technology has the capability to influence the advancement process of the mobile app industry. 

This technology is implied into mobile apps to speed up the electronic transaction process and it also ensures the safety of users information.

This is also foreseen as a technology which has the capability to serve as the best alternative for Apple’s App Store and Google’s Play Store as a main choice for downloading, purchasing, and searching.

The main reason behind Blockchain’s huge success and popularity is its stability in processing every cryptocurrency. Experts now considering into this technology as a database that helps in developing every single mobile app development process.

This decentralized technology has the ability to track down transactions easily of people or industries who transfer currency to their stakeholders or other individuals. 

Undoubtedly it will increase transparency and also improves the app security procedure, and it also flushes down fraudulent transactions.

Applications Of Blockchain Technology In Various Industries

Blockchain technology has several uses and it has the potential to work for many other sectors like Healthcare, Government, Travel and Hospitality, Financial Services, Retail and CPG. 

Financial Services: we all know that Blockchain technology has primarily developed to serve in financial services sector, but this technology has several other uses and it can be used and executed in several innovative ways.

Blockchain technology simplifies and manages the complete procedure that deals with asset organizing and conducting transactions by offering an automated trade lifecycle which enables all the users to gain access to the accurate same data about a payment.

Healthcare: Blockchain has a very crucial part to play in the healthcare sector and this is done by increasing the privacy (personal and financial), security and interoperability of healthcare information.

It has the potential to deal with various interoperability obstacles in the sector and guarantees secure transfer of healthcare data between several institutions and people involved in the process.

It eliminates the interference of a third-party or middlemen and also cuts off the overhead costs. With Blockchains, healthcare records can be safely secured in allocated data bases by encrypting it and executing digital signatures to guarantee privacy and genuineness.

Government: Blockchain technology keeps the potential to revamp Government’s operations and services. It can be a major part in enhancing the data transactional hurdles in the Government sector.

CPG and Retail: There is a great opportunity for Blockchain technology to be applied in the retail sector.

This includes everything from assuring the originality of high value goods, averting, fraudulent transactions, finding stolen items, allowing virtual warranties, controlling loyalty points and organizing supply chain operations.

Travel and Hospitality: The implementation of Blockchain can totally change the travel and hospitality sector.

It can be used in payments, storing key documents like passports and other ID cards, reservations and handling travel insurance, loyalty and rewards.

Key Challenges of using Blockchain Technology

The lack of recognition and knowledge of the Blockchain motive and the way it functions are the key hurdles to be cleared. People should be educated by giving them an idea about usage of Blockchain in industries apart from financial services sector. 

The obstacles or hurdles related with present legacy resource in organizations and lack of detailed technical knowledge are the main challenges to the adoption of Blockchain in the mainstream.

Owning Blockchain also need a cultural transformation from the regular ways of doing things, as it requires a major shift by decentralizing the complete procedure. 

Following the existing rules and making sure the necessary data privacy and security for the shared data bases also put on to the important roadblocks in adopting Blockchain.

How blockchain will revamp mobile application market?

According to statistics the mobile app economy is almost unstoppable, particularly when it’s supposed to become valued at about $6.3 trillion by the year 2021, and with the increase in usage of mobile apps for each and every need millions of more apps will be developed in the future.

With the implementation of blockchain in mobile applications, following advantages can be achieved:

  • Solves in app purchase issues.
  • Enhances advertising model.
  • Makes app transactions transparent.
  • Improves reward programs.
Blockchain in mobile application market - sage of blockchain in mobile application market
A team at ACmarket has developed an infographic to give a detailed description and explain the “advantages of blockchain in mobile application market.” The infograph explains some of the uses of blockchain technologies in mobile application market. You’ve got to read it to gain some new insights.