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Here is The Way to Buy More Followers on Instagram

It takes a reasonable amount of time to build up a good number of Instagram followers. However, you can achieve the same results quickly and effortlessly using several ways. Buying Instagram followers is one of the most common ways. Having more followers increases the visibility and credibility of your Instagram account. It also allows you to get more engagement without a sweat. Although, practically, building your followers naturally would have been the best bet but it takes forever to get the desired result. That’s why buying followers is one of the most effective ways of giving your brand a quick take off at the comfort of your home.

Having high numbers of Instagram followers gives you credibility with over brands. But how can you achieve this? We discussed with an expert who was willing to share with us techniques for buying high-quality followers on Instagram, including practical tips to keep them.

Take your time to go through this post as you’ll be learning ways to get started, so here is the way to buy more followers on Instagram while knowing quality is guaranteed.

How to Buy Instagram Followers
One of the quickest ways to build a large following on Instagram is buying followers, but there are gimmicks behind this.

Search For a Trustworthy Supplier

Buying followers on Instagram started a while ago and has been rapidly increasing with time. However, in 2018, Instagram began a serious hunt for those violating its terms of service by selling followers. As a result, these activities significantly reduced in the limelight though they are still being done.

To curb this, Instagram introduced auditing and vetting strategies for third-parties. Consequently, some famous suppliers called it quits, leaving just a few in operation.

Getting the best among the remaining suppliers is a big challenge today. In the process, you will come across some demoralizing websites that offer questionable services.

Amid all the confusion, there are some very reputable and trustworthy suppliers.

Decide Whether to Buy in Bulk or Drip

Instagram Auditors always monitor Instagram accounts. The primary function of the Instagram Auditors software is to monitor accounts to catch fake ones. It keeps track of spikes in the acquisition of Instagram followers. Consequently, it is wise to pay and get followers at a lower rate of growth. Having a sudden spike may create suspicion. However, you can still choose to buy followers in bulk.

Choose Your Package

Buying Instagram followers has become more streamlined in recent years. This is thanks to the fact that Instagram no longer allows the use of third party Apps. Any collision with an App is closely monitored and may lead to the punishment of the account.

This step has made it easier for those who want to buy followers. They do not have to download an App and surrender their personal information. All you need to do is to use your Instagram handle and carry out all the transactions. Select the right package that best suits your needs. The packages may range from 100 followers to 500 followers or more. Each package has a different cost.

Make Your Payment

The next step after choosing your package is to pay for the followers. Most sites will offer you alternative payment methods. Some of the common payment methods include the use of a debit card or credit card. Other options include net banking and PayPal, among many others.

Choose the best payment option for you, depending on your convenience, and then you’re your payment. Soon after your payment, your Instagram account will be credited with the number of followers you had chosen in the package.

In conclusion, having more followers can be a significant boost to your brand. Follow these guidelines to buy more followers on Instagram.


Fake News – When Does News Go Too Far?

We’re all familiar with the term “fake news.” We see it bandied around almost daily and now has more of a comedic catchphrase-type ring to it than any more profound meaning. However, fake news is a genuine thing; just ask the 60-year-old British Producer at the center of the latest media furor. A spontaneous side-hug he gave to one of the writers on a TV show they both worked on has taken him down a rabbit hole of having his name dragged through the mud, and dreadful things said about him.

Fake news
When does fake news goes too far?

The real story is that, yes, he side-hugged a writer, which she reported to her HR team. Her own personal code of ethics led her to believe that if someone can learn a lesson from a situation, then they should have an opportunity to do so. She requested he take a couple of hours of sensitivity training. He did, in fact, elect to take a whole class, wholeheartedly acknowledging that this was a delicate area in which much had changed over the last few years, and he felt he would get a lot out of it. The lady involved wanted nothing more than for him to become better educated about propriety in the workplace and was entirely satisfied with the outcome. Nothing more needed to be said.

The writer decided to leave because she felt they – her bosses – were treating her unfairly, something which both the network and her HR team didn’t support her on. Nothing at all to do with the producer. So, how then do we end up in a situation where the gentleman’s name has been plastered all over the international press?

Quite simply, it’s because, why on earth would a headline proclaiming, “Disgruntled Worker Leaves Studio, Blames Bosses,” get any traction from readers? Who cares? To sell papers, there must be scandal and salacious gossip, and what better way to get it than to take the most tenuous of threads and detonate it with fired-up language and falsehoods cloaked in ambiguous wording. And the press had leverage with this producer as his wife is a famous actress, so as soon as they dropped her name, they knew there would be interest.

This was good old, old-fashioned clickbait of the worse kind. Once a reader clicked on the headline, they weren’t then presented with the true story; instead, they got a far-stretched version that slurred a man’s reputation.

When will it cease to be okay to do this? Not only can it destroy innocent lives, but it is also downright insulting to those who have lived through truly horrendous experiences in the workplace and runs the risk of the public if those were exaggerated too. No good can come from these grossly distorted stories; no justice has been won. The only winners are the news sites themselves.

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How to side-step your career into the world of finance 

The world of finance is hugely appealing to many people, particularly when it comes to career progression. Accountants, financial managers, and other budget-based roles are certainly highly sought-after, not to mention well paid. Not everyone comes from a financial background, however. Many of us went off to college with different ambitions, and so it can feel challenging to think about making a complete career side-step.

In order to side-step your career in the world of finance, here’s how to go about it:

How to Side-Step Your Career into the World of Finance 

How to side-step your career into the world of finance 
To step up in the world of finance, we’ve outlined some of the tips you need to follow in order to side-step your career.

Chat with your boss

Before you start dreaming of ditching your current job for somewhere better and far, far away, be sure to check whether you have support from your own company. Ask to have a meeting with your line manager or a member of senior management to discuss how you want to progress within the company. If you work in a larger corporation, you might be surprised by their capacity to train you up in a new position. If they are prepared to do this, it shows their willingness and desire to keep hold of you as an employee. 

Consider part-time education

We can’t all afford to take time out for a three-year degree to completely re-train. If we have rent to pay, children to feed or other commitments, it’s not always practical to devote your full schedule to education. 

Choosing a part-time online degree might be far more practical. This way you can continue to either work your way up in the company you’re currently in or take up a part-time role somewhere else to improve your resume. You can easily study accounting from the comfort of your own home, from websites such as this one here

Experiment with trading simulators

You might be surprised by how many resources there are out there for you. Trading simulators, such as those by Investopedia, help you to build a would-be portfolio and gain a little experience. They also get you into the practice of checking the markets regularly. Crucially, they also allow you to generate a portfolio with a minimum amount of investment. 

Show and demonstrate an interest

Whether you’re side-stepping in your career within a company or you decide to hunt elsewhere for job positions, it’s good practice to display an ongoing interest in finance. This can be hard if you’ve never had a demonstrable career in this area. 

However, you can do this by starting a blog. Writing posts about current topics that interest you, or maybe even your investment ideas might be a great way of illustrating your active enthusiasm for this sector. 

Collect relevant experience

Becoming trained is half the battle when it comes to being an accountant or working in the world of finance. It’s useful to be able to demonstrate that you have the relevant skills, even if you’ve been working in a completely different industry. For example, a finance job such as accounting is actually completely deadline-driven. When you’re re-building your resume, try and think of examples of when you’ve had to stick to a tight and un-moving deadline.

It may also help you to start doing the odd job for small companies. Working in finance on a freelance basis (alongside your current job), may help you to start building that knowledge. For example, helping a small business with their accounts, or maybe even a few freelancers with their tax returns could be a generous way of showing your willingness to apply yourself. 

Find a mentor

Working in any industry is hard if you feel as if the path forward is relatively unknown. Therefore it could be helpful to you to chat with someone in that sector. If you’re looking to side-step within the company you currently work for, then chatting to a mentor could help you gain some knowledge about the position you want and what the expectations are for that role. Finding a mentor is also a great way of networking. When you do finally qualify, your mentor may be a helpful reference for you when you fill out those job applications. 

Closing remarks

Making a drastic shift in your career can feel incredibly intimidating. There will always be the worry about ‘making it’ or not being quite good enough. However, the best way to dodge these anxieties is to research the job role you’re after extensively beforehand. Be sure to investigate the job availability in your area, and what qualifications companies are currently looking for. Talking to a mentor within your workplace could help you to stay within the business you currently work in, as well as give you some real insight. 

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Why UX Design Must Be the Foundation of Your Software Product

We are currently living in the 21st century, where technology has taken over our lives. We all want to experience the top technology advancements without wasting time or stressing over it in our busy schedules.  The same thing applies to browsing websites or mobile apps. The faster and more competent a website or mobile app is, the better will be the results. In short, these days, it’s all about consumers. And when it comes to a mobile application, most technology-based companies move towards UI and UX applications. However, some people get confused between these two terms. 

So what exactly is UX design?

UX design is a process where products are created on the basis of users’ behavioral analysis. This analysis will help in finding out the motives of users’ so that companies can create the topmost online experiences for them. In other words, the primary goal of UX design is to enhance users’ interaction with a particular app, website, or device. 

UX Design

Let’s discuss UX with regards to software development

UX design refers to the software solution that essentially results in an acceptable product that is customized to consumers’ specific needs. It includes various aspects that may affect the user interaction quality in a software product. This is the reason why UX includes functionality, content, branding, and usability. UX designers have various experiences in content writing, programming, visual design, and psychology. To give a better user experience, the main principle is to become their advocate who can protect the welfare and convey their requirements to the design and development team clearly. 

As per Don Norman, the inventor of the word ‘user experience’, “UX includes all the aspects of the end-user’s interaction with a company, its products, and its services.”

UX and UI design differentiation

These notions may go together, but UX design goes far away than UI design. By now you must have noticed that the idea of UX design is much wider than any other type of design. In reality, UI is the sub division of UX.

Although, both are important to create a high-quality product, their roles and responsibilities are considerably distinct. UX design is more related with technical and analytical aspects that enhance the usability of a software product. On the other hand, UI, to a larger extent, is about the visual layout of the application. 

If we put it in layman’s terms, UX is similar to designing a building and UI is similar to interior designing. 

Reasons why UX design must be the foundation of your software product

1. UX saves resources:

The efforts infused in UX design save days and time that the development team may want to put in making alterations and changing the design. As per studies, the presence of a UX designer can lessen up to 50% of the time of developers spent on making the software again. Moreover, with clearly set priorities regarding development tasks and enhanced decision making, the overall development time can be reduced by 33% to 50%.

2. UX boosts sales:

Apart from saving resources, UX design also brings higher profits via increased sales. As per a survey, companies that have put their money in UX design has managed to increase their revenue up to 75%.

3. UX brings greater ROI:

UX participation in development offers outstanding investment returns. A study has shown that if you spent $1 in UX design, it will bring $100 in return. Studies have also shown that if you focus on UX, customers are likely to pay more by 14.4%. They will also recommend your products to others by 16.6%.

4. UX enhances customer satisfaction:

Considering the significance of user experience, it will allow your product to achieve its potential and strike the target by answering to customers’ requirements. Efforts will not go unpaid and you will gain the loyalty of customers. 

Mini guide on the process of UX design:

1. Research:

The first step is to collect the information about the market requirements, and to try to understand who your customers are, to gather ideas from the internet, the environment of the target audience, and other resources. Apart from that, you need to carry out client surveys, examine what your competitors do, and how users interact with their products.

2. Analysis:

At this stage, you need to dig deeper and structure the collected data. Here, you will also learn more about customers, their pains, and their requirements. Based on that, you can prioritize and determine what to design.

 3. UX design:

It’s time to put all you have learned into action. Here, to build a product structure, you will have to leverage the user flow that you have created. Begin working on prototypes and wireframes, explore UX’s best practices, brainstorm with colleagues and make sketches for better clarity.

4. UI design:

In this stage, you need to bring both UX & UI together. Work on the visual presentation of UX for the product. Build a UI style guide carefully and adhere to it. Here the objective is to provide the functionality of every element to the users appropriately. 

5. Development:

At this stage, software developers will become active. Whatever you have done till this stage, pass everything to them. But your job doesn’t end here. You will need to be engaged and work with developers in close cooperation.  

6. Evaluation:

Once the product gets developed, do usability testing and figure out if the product is providing the desired solution to users and if it is solving all their issues. Keep in mind that no matter how great your product is, there will always be a scope for improvement. Based on the feedback, you need to find out what best can be done to improve the product.


There is no secret behind the fact that today, the design of a product is primarily all about convenience and benefits for users. The great and successful products have flawless user experience. So create a team of talented people and deliver your best work. Want to work as a freelance graphic designer?

Designhill is your single stop solution. This platform allows designers to work in real-time space for hassle-free communication. You can also sell your designs here.

Marketing News

6 things to know before you start an influencer marketing campaign

Are you actually prepared to launch an influencer marketing campaign?

Seen by many in the past as the new kid on the block, over recent years influencer marketing has established itself as a high-value marketing tactic that shouldn’t be ignored. While it’s no longer an afterthought, some marketing teams are not aware of all the information they need to know before going live. This article will run you through 6 of the most important considerations you need to have planned for a successful campaign. Read on below to see if there’s any you have missed.

It’s not difficult to understand why influencer marketing has taken off so dramatically recently. At times when the economy appears less secure, brands keep an even more careful watch over their spend and the return on their activities. With influencer marketing, running and execution costs are low, with the potential for impressive returns.

How To Map-out a Successful Influencer Marketing Campaign

Are you actually prepared to launch an influencer marketing campaign? So to make sure you have the important angles covered, these 6 tips will get you started immediately.

So to make sure you have the important angles covered, read our 6 tips on starting an influencer marketing campaign below.

Set The Right Influencer Marketing Campaign Goals

This advice is universal across not just marketing but all business projects. In the context of influencer marketing, setting the right goals is vital to have all the team working towards the same targets and aligned with strategy. 

What metrics will define success?

Are you analysing results based on conversions? How about increasing traffic? Or revenue generated? Defining the metrics you’re working towards will be vital to understanding if your work has been a success or not. Brief the influencer you are working with to let them know exactly what you need from this campaign, this will avoid confusion further down the line.  

Not All Influencers Are Influential

Will the audience an influencer has actually engage with the marketing posts? Will this engagement drive results for your campaign?

One of the most difficult aspects of an influencer marketing campaign is finding the right people to work with. If your campaign is going to be a success, you have to choose the influencer you are working with carefully.

Again, you need to choose your influencer based on the goals you have set for the campaign. If you’re looking to increase brand exposure to as wide an audience as possible, then targeting influencers with a large following would be a good idea. If however, you want to increase conversions or another goal, working with a more specialist influencer would be a better strategy.

Would it be better to target a small niche of people who are highly invested in the industry you are promoting and more likely to convert? Or is it better to get your brand name out there to as many people as possible? Evaluating these against your marketing goals will help define the influencers you should be working with.

Don’t forget engagement rates

When analysing the best influencer to work with, remember that the number of followers is not always the most important stat to be looking at. Instead, focus on the engagement rates and the type of engagement posts get. As an example, does the audience of a particular person actually engage with the services and products they promote or are they more interested in the celebrity?

Consider an influencer’s industry recognition

Influencers keep a close eye on what their peers are up to. By carefully utilising one influencer, your reach could be expounded by further people within that field taking up your product or service. This is an ideal situation if it takes off, maximum exposure for minimum output. In terms of future campaigns, influencers are more likely to work with you if a respected peer has as well.

Know the Influencer Marketing Campaign Regulations

As influencer marketing has gotten more and more popular, increased regulations have become necessary. These regulations expect influencers to clearly define what content has been sponsored, as well as other factors.

For example, if a brand provides an influencer with a payment, a gift or any other perk, any posts resulting from that are then subject to consumer protection law in the UK. If a brand also controls the content the influencer puts out, they are also subject to the UK Advertising Code as well.

The rules around this area are regularly and frequently updated so it is critically important to check the latest legislation and make sure your campaign complies.

Employ a Multi-channel Strategy

A key aspect to influencer marketing is creating multiple touchpoints with potential customers. This requires a flexible and diverse approach across multiple channels. Most influencers are on more than one channel and their audience is too. You have to focus your campaign on more than one social media platform, or else potential growth is hindered.

Each platform requires slightly different styles of content, which is important to bear in mind. You have to craft the posts you are putting out specifically for each medium to maximise their impact.

What’s the cost?

The price of an influencer can vary dramatically. Keep in mind that it’s not all about the single figure of how much a campaign with an influencer costs. It’s about ROI – what is the amount of return your company will get on the money they have spent? There is sometimes room for negotiation on price, but successful influencers will be less accommodating on dropping their fee.

In summary

Influencer marketing can be an extremely effective strategy to drive brand awareness and product sales. If done well, with both a creative and analytical approach, brands are able to engage with their customers in ways that were not previously possible. But before you jump into a campaign, it’s important to pay attention to the 6 points we outlined above to make sure you are not wasting your budget on ineffective strategies. 

While influencer marketing is a relatively new addition to the marketing industry, it looks to only gain in size and popularity. Offering unprecedented access to younger audiences and their favourite ways of consuming media, it’s a strategy your marketing team shouldn’t neglect.

Blockchain Technology News

Leveraging Blockchain Technology: How Blockchain Helps to Enhance Data

Leveraging blockchain technology has become the best way to ensure data processing services quality. The way blockchains share information sets it apart.

A blockchain is a modern form of technology where several computers are linked together, and data is stored equally across all of these computers. Leveraging blockchain technology has become the best way to ensure data quality. The way blockchains store and share information are what sets it apart from everything else. Ownership of data is then established through each device linked in the chain. So when data is changed, it has to be verified across all sources. What this does is provides higher security and the ability to pull audit trails to see exactly which user made a change.

The problem with traditional data systems is those analytics are not always accurate due to data corruption. True insight is dependent on having access to accurate data. There’s so much data coming into businesses that systems start to degrade, and errors creep in. So executives begin to become less confident in their data and are hesitant to make crucial decisions. This will ultimately limit growth.

Blockchain technology fixes this problem because it records all information in the form of transactions, just like records in a database. The difference is that this technology stores these transactions in blocks on separate devices. They are technically separate records that are compared for accuracy. One transaction can have an error, but that chance becomes nearly impossible when that transaction exists across multiple blocks.

Now let’s look at some of the ways businesses are leveraging blockchain technology in relation to data processing services quality.

Leveraging Blockchain Technology: How Blockchain Helps to Enhance Data

Let’s look at some of the ways businesses are leveraging blockchain technology in relation to data processing services quality.

#1: Blockchain is Much More Accurate

All transactions on a blockchain are registered in the system, and then the network will run it through several monitoring algorithms. These are designed to make sure the new data is valid. If the new record is flagged for some reason, all blocks within the systems are notified, and then extra steps will have to be taken to prove their authenticity. If the data passes the check, then all other records are notified.

This makes blockchain technology a highly accurate way to store data because there are so many different checks made to ensure accuracy.

#2: Data is Secured Using Authentication Keys

Data security is one of the biggest concerns for businesses today. We have seen so many companies become compromised by hackers and other data breaches. The good news for blockchain users is that this information is much more secure than traditional databases.

Only members of the blockchain can access specific data and blockchain technology takes a lot of steps to ensure that they have the proper clearance. It forces the user to prove that they are who they say they are. This is done through authentication keys. This creates a much more secure data environment than a traditional database.

#3: Blockchain Fights Hackers

Cryptographic technology is used to help store data in the blockchain so that it can’t easily be hacked. Even if a hacker were to gain access to the blockchain, they would have no way to decrypt it. Fighting hackers is a high priority for businesses today. They must protect their customer data or risk losing consumer confidence.

Blockchain technology uses software that makes it so that only authorized individuals can read data. There are two types of keys used – private and public. That helps keep the data even more secure. So, hackers have a tougher time getting access to private data since they will not have the right keys.

#4: Creating Digital Identities using Blockchain

A user will create a digital identity within the blockchain for a block to be created. These credentials are checked and verified across multiple blocks by multiple users to increase their level of authenticity. So a secure digital identity is created and then verified. Once that’s done, they will be added to the blockchain.

This presents a unique opportunity for data to be shared throughout a company while also ensuring that only authorized individuals have access to it.

#5: Blockchain Data is Decentralized

Information stored on the blockchain is not dependent on a central source verifying it. Cutting out a centralized process saves time and lowers the risk of breaches. The more dependent a business is on a centralized data processing system, the higher the likelihood of sensitive information being leaked.

The bottom line is that businesses gain an edge by using a blockchain because they reduce the risk of fraud. All it takes is one breach to compromise a centralized system.

#6: User Authentication Made Easier

Leveraging blockchain technology also presents businesses with a unique opportunity to improve the way they authenticate users. For instance, a dating service website might need ways to verify that an individual is the person who they claim to be. Therefore, blockchain technology could be implemented to create a more advanced system that forces a user to authenticate  across an entire chain. Their information would be verified using social media, email, and other places where there is stored data.

The Future of Blockchain Technology

Companies will be looking to set up their data management systems in a way that makes it compatible with blockchain technology. Data processing services are one of the primary industries that I foresee seeing a significant shift in this new technology.

With that said, there is still resistance to blockchain technology. Some local officials are even taking steps to remove it from their areas so that it doesn’t evolve. These misconceptions are mostly due to financial applications. Cryptocurrencies are scaring banks into forcing these regulations because the technology removes the middle man, in the case of finances, banks. But to enhance data, eliminating centralized databases is going to disrupt industries as we move into the next decade.

Right now, we’re seeing blockchain technology being used mostly in the financial sector, but that is going to change quickly. The technology is expected to be fully adopted into all industries where the need for accurate and secure data is in high demand.

In leveraging blockchain technology, data management becomes an easy task because of the effectiveness of the blockchain. In a nutshell, blockchain technology enhances data processing services quality.

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Free Television Still Dominant Force Across Africa

Broadcasters to Take Centre Stage at DISCOP JOBURG.

Over 120 free-to-air television stations, including public broadcasters from 15 African countries, are expected to take part in the next Johannesburg edition of the DISCOP film, television, and digital content market and co-production forum that kicks off from 20th November for three days of intense networking and deal building.

These public broadcasters will be acknowledged and celebrated for their role as the dominant force in the African market where 85% of audiences still actively watch free television. While the launch of a range of new SVOD services across the continent may dominate discussions, behind streaming’s tech dazzle, the more mundane business of selling content to Africa’s ordinary linear networks is high on DISCOP Johannesburg 2019’s agenda.

New discovery shows that free television is still the dominant force all over the continent of Africa.
New discovery shows that free television is still the dominant force all over the continent of Africa.

Contrary to a certain belief, advertising-driven TV remains strong. According to recent reports, the market share of linear ad-supported television, currently 36.7 percent of the overall global market, would actually rise to 40.1 percent by 2025 and more than half of the industry’s global revenues will still be in free-TV six years from now.  

“All the major streaming and pay-tv services will be attending,” noted Patrick Zuchowicki, General Manager and Founder of DISCOP, who adds, “But pre-market reports point to strong demand for programming from commercial and public broadcasters. The bulk of the business for the vast majority of content suppliers is still in traditional television.”

135+ global and regional content sellers and 150+ African independent content producers will take part in a reconfigured market that will go beyond content selling and buying and also cover the co-production of original content. A total of 250+ programmers, acquisition, commissioning, production and marketing executives from 35+ African countries are also expected to attend seeking both finished content, adaptation rights and projects in development.

DISCOP JOHANNESBURG 2019’s sidebar conference program will feature focused thematic sessions that will provide an opportunity for a more dynamic, hands-on learning experience. Topics to be covered will include content monetization strategies, the booming animation industry, bringing eSports to television screens, the importance of dubbing, the export of original African content, branded content, and how to tackle disinformation.

Free to air televisions

“There is no question that Pay-TV penetration, access to mobile television and VOD adoption is on the rise.” says Andrew Boozer, DISCOP’s Conference Director, who adds, “This is why we have designed a conference program that will help ad-supported TV channels stay at the top of their game and build stronger ties with local talent, up-and-coming producers and advertisers who still  think that linear television is the most powerful ad-medium on the continent.”