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Top 10 Ways to Attract Millennials As Your Social Media Audience

Whether it’s a client requirement or your preferred demographic, connecting with a millennial-dominated audience on various social media platforms can be a tough challenge. Good thing, you can create a solid social media strategy that can make it easier for you to attract the millennial audience. Take a look at these slick tips that will help your social media engagement with millennials.

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Why choose millennials as your target audience?

Don’t know how to find your target audience? Here’s a quick breakdown of demographics that you need to know. There are four different generations of people currently using social media: Generation Z (ages 13 to 17), Millennials (ages 18 to 34), Generation X (ages 35 to 54), and Baby Boomers (ages 55 and up).

So why pay attention to millennials?

According to the New York Times, there are around 80 million millennials in the U.S., alone. That’s more than the combined total of Generation X’ers and Baby Boomers. These millennials have an expected disposable income of USD1.4-trillion by 2020. In addition, they tend to spend 5.4 hours a day on various social media platforms, making them a lucrative target for social media marketing strategies of businesses.

With huge profit and the following potential, it would be a shame if you can’t cash in from this generation. These tips and tricks will help you easily connect with millennials.

10. Avoid being annoying

There are plenty of ways to get the attention of a millennial. But brands need to be careful not to annoy them because they could unfollow you. According to a study by Sprout Social, millennials will most likely unfollow you after a bad experience or for being annoying.

So how can you avoid being annoying on social media? Adobe’s study found that 39 percent of U.S. consumers would be annoyed with your content if it was poorly written or too wordy. Keep your captions concise and direct to the point as much as possible without sacrificing creativity.

Millenials don't like to be annoyed for no reason
Avoid being annoying to millennials if your objectives are to capture their attention for the long term purpose.

9. Support a cause

Millennials have a soft spot for charitable or environmental causes, so much so that almost 50 percent of the U.S. millennial population will pay for a product or buy from a company that supports a cause. Meanwhile, 37 percent say that they will purchase a service or product, even if it costs more, just to support a cause they believe in.

With this, it could be a good time for your business to check out charitable institutions that you believe in. Have a chat with them and come up with a strategy that will not only benefit your own agenda but also support the needs and increase the awareness of the institution you’ve chosen.

Millennials have a soft spot for charitable or environmental causes
Millennials have soft-spot for humanitarian causes; charity, health and wellness services, and environmental volunteering. Your brand must not ignore this trendy opportunity to create an innovative corporate and community social responsibility campaigns targeted towards reaching out.

8. Give them a voice

One way to increase media engagement from millennials is to give them a voice. Post polls, surveys, or feedback forms. This will give them an avenue to air out things that they don’t like or want from your business or service. Entice them to participate by giving freebies or discounts for your products.

Millennials wants their voices to be heard clearly and loudly
Millennials want their voices to be heard clearly and loudly; give them a voice by running campaigns to get them involved in the decision and opinion gathering process.

7. Engage with them

Millennials don’t like to be ignored nor do they want to interact with a bot. This generation wants to talk to a real person or a brand with a great media presence. Make sure that their comments, messages, shares get some sort of engagement from your social media page.

Engaging them through comments (or by commenting on their shares) or replying to their messages will give your brand a genuine human touch. It will let your audience/customers know that someone is listening to them. Just make sure that you reply in a casual conversational tone and avoid shoving your product up their noses.

Engage with them
What could be more pleasing to a millennial than getting a blue-ticked response from the brand he/she is engaging with? Try as much as possible never to leave the conversation dull at any moment in time. Millennial needs proper engagement! In fact, consistent engagement leads to sales and brand loyalty.

6. Create easy-to-digest content

Millennials tend to spend their time on multiple social media platforms using multiple devices per day. Sadly, this gives them less time to read everything you give them. That’s why your content should be shorter, concise, and entertaining.

You can appeal to this social media target audience by using shorter sentences and paragraphs, bullet points, and header tags. You can also use more images to make it easier for millennials to get the gist of your content.

Create easy-to-digest content
Content is king! Yes, experts have said this time without number, but I want to reiterate that well-formatted and easy to digest content is the true king. To make Millenial very pleased with your brand, give them good user-experience!

5. Get creative with your images

Speaking of images, it remains the most popular type of content. In fact, 77 percent of millennials prefer to post photos over other forms of posts such as videos, quotes, opinions, and updates on social media. Among the social media demographics, millennials are tied with Gen Z’s when it comes to this preference; Gen X’ers come in at 72 percent, while Baby Boomers come in last at 52 percent.

Social media managers must team up with graphic designers and photographers to produce authentic images as effective content. You can also check out which dimensions you need to use and how much text you can put on your images on Facebook’s Ad Images; so it gets the maximum traction possible.

DSLR camera - Get creative with your images
Create visually appealing imagery that gets talked about again and again. Your social media audience is mostly the age group who are mostly moved by what they see. Don’t squander the chance before you; make it count with quality images.

4. Maximize user-generated content

Want millennials to trust your brand? User-generated content is one trick you can use to do just that. Enable reviews and ratings for your products and services on your social media pages. If you receive customer testimonials, post it on your social media accounts for all to see. This will help millennials develop brand loyalty and trust in your business.

Maximize user-generated content such as feedback and complaints
Create a feedback loop for gathering customer feedback, comments and testimonials about your services and don’t take them for granted. They love it!

3. Use high-quality videos

Did you know that 53 percent of customers engage with a brand’s social media after watching a video? The percentage of this social media audience analysis increases when it comes to millennials at 66 percent. If the numbers are to be believed, then it is imperative for digital marketers to include videos in their marketing strategy.

Sadly, hiring professional video teams can be costly. Good thing, mobile phones– especially the high-end models–can produce high-quality video. All you need is a good editing app such as Kinemaster or FilmoraGo, to get your creative juices to flow.

Use high-quality videos recorder via a good broadcasting camcorder
Use high-quality videos recorder with a good broadcasting facility for your coverage. The quality of your video content goes a long way in creating a long-time effect on your brand identity.

2. Offer them a deal they can’t refuse

As mentioned, millennials have the biggest buying power at around USD1-trillion worldwide, across the different types of generations. They also take up 50 percent of the world’s workforce. One way for businesses to get millennials to notice their brand is to hand out promos, discounts, and/or freebies, especially for first-time customers.

Discounts don’t need to be massive. They can be worth a few dollars.  Or, you can give away an e-book. This is a great way to build customer loyalty.

Offer them a deal they can’t refuse
Go out of your way to do the unthinkable! Offer your followers what they can’t afford to miss. Give them an irresistible offer that will create a lasting effect on their emotions.

1. Optimize your content for mobile platform

According to the Pew Research Center, 92 percent of millennials have a smartphone. Moreover, they spend at least 5.7 hours per day on their gadgets on social media, making up the bulk of their screen time. While social media platforms, per se, are optimized for mobile platforms, you could be missing out because of your content.

Optimize your content for mobile platforms. Look at the major social media platforms. They have guidelines for marketers and other creatives to follow; so that whatever content they produce will fit any mobile platform well.

Optimize your content for mobile platform
Design your content marketing strategy with mobile responsiveness in mind. You are doing yourself a disservice if a mobile-first strategy isn’t part of your strategies for attracting the millennials.

It shouldn’t be hard to attract millennials as your social media audience. In case you’re struggling to get it right, may these tips help you create a solid social media strategy for them.

There are many more interesting ways to keep millennials glued to your content, but these are the top attraction marketing strategies for young generations.


Medical Education: Is Artificial Intelligence The Way Forward?

Artificial intelligence is one of the boons of the 21st century. It is shaping the world as we know it. In the future, it will have even more impact. Leveraging it, medical education the way it is taught can be revolutionized.

The use of artificial intelligence is on track to improve medical accessibility to millions of patients globally. It can reduce medical errors, medical negligence, and provide relief to thousands of overworked doctors in the world. For that, doctors need to be well-versed in AI and know how to use it in medical science.

The Role of Artificial Intelligence in Medical Education

Here are some ways medical education can benefit from AI:

1. As a Data Aggregator

Most medical students are incredibly overworked. AI can help them by acting as a data aggregator by:

  • Eliminating rote learning
  • Promoting application-based learning
  • Promoting a collaboration-based environment
  • Promote critical reasoning skills
  • Helping students focus on the essentials of knowledge

AI in medicine as a data aggregator

2. Clinical Decision Making

With the vast amount of patient data available online, the world is moving towards personalized medicine. In the near future, redundant medical tests, that are common for everyone, will be replaced with tests that are tailor-made for an individual. It will provide better patient care and reduce costs. AI is central to this concept, and students need to know it, to be able to use it. It will help in:

  • Conducting a thorough check of the individual’s blood profile and past diseases, if any
  • Generating genomic profile, that is, an analysis of patient’s genes
  • Clinical decision making
  • Predicting the medicines that the patient should use, based on height, weight, age, sex, and other factors
  • Providing high accuracy of treatment
  • Ensuring high efficiency and lower costs of treatment

Clinical Decision Making

3. Help Physicians Develop Empathy

Physicians are mostly overworked wherever you go. In India itself, there is a current deficit of 6 million doctors and 2 million nurses. As such, doctors cannot really be expected to empathize with patients, even as students. Millions of other lives are dependent on them.

AI can help mold budding physicians from a young age by:

  • Freeing up plenty of their time
  • Helping them devote more hours to patients
  • Helping improve their communication skills
  • Helping them take time to listen and empathize with the patient by fully listening to the patient, and learning about the signs and symptoms

4. Introducing Robotic Surgery Courses

The world’s first telerobotic surgery was performed in India in 2018. The doctors using these advanced technologies never had the opportunity to study them in medical education.

However, the world is undergoing a shift in how medicine is practiced. Robotic and tele-robotic surgery is widely prevalent now and in the future. If students are taught such revolutionary techniques during college, they will come out with a very well-equipped doctor.

Benefits of such courses are:

  • Physicians can perform surgery from anywhere in the world
  • Physical barrier to medical treatment or surgery can be eliminated
  • Millions of lives can be saved
  • Medical accessibility issues can be solved, especially in a country like India
  • Future physicians will learn about prevalent technique and be ready for challenges

They can be prepared with skills necessary to upgrade to higher technology in the near future.AI in Medical Education

5. Learn the Importance of Preventive Care

Medical education is primarily based on reactive treatment. It still focuses almost entirely on what to do after you have a disease.

But what if you, as a doctor, could prevent diseases from happening at all?

And this is where Artificial Intelligence comes into the picture.

With the advances in technology, there has been a rise in activity trackers like Fitbit. Leveraging the power of these, you could instantly connect to your patients and monitor them real-time. And you could identify dispositions towards chronic diseases like diabetes and obesity from a mile away. This activity alone can save millions of dollars. Thus, getting to study specialized courses aimed at taking advantage of such technology is very crucial.Learn the Importance of Preventive Care

6. Centralize Data

Rather than making a patient run from department to department, the world is now moving towards value-based care model.

Here, the patient is the most important part of the treatment, and not the overall cost incurred.

Teaching students how to use Data Science and AI to centralize patient information onto a common platform is something that is of utmost need.

AI can help in this context by:

  • Streamlining patient flow through hospital departments
  • Bringing information about medical test results, diagnostic reports, previous diseases or surgeries, if any, on to the common platform for any physician to readily access
  • Readily providing information regarding the issues plaguing patient
  • Other pertinent details, such as the medicine(s) the patient is taking

All these are crucial information that can be collated and analyzed immediately through the power of AI.

Wrap Up

Exposing the physicians of tomorrow to such technology only helps to hone their skills. Thereby, they get ready for the real world, and the technologies that they will get exposed to. Inclusion of these topics during medical education is the best way to equip them with technological skills that will ultimately shape their future.

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How To Successfully Build Your Startup Business from Scratch

If you have an idea for a new business hatching in your mind, this is a major opportunity for you. Your small idea can pave the way for big things if you allow it to. Once you’ve formed the concept of your startup, you can begin to build the foundation, which is the first step towards achieving meaningful success. However, this step can be a daunting one. If you feel like you’re searching for a clear sense of direction on your path, this guide can give you the help you need.

Here are some essential tips for successfully building your startup from scratch!

How To Successfully Build Your Startup Business from Scratch

How To Successfully Build Your Startup Business from Scratch
How do I build my startup business without having to face the same challenges founders face?

Think of a Catchy Name

The name you attach to your business is the name that will come to define it. When people think of your startup business, the first thing that they will think of is its name. This may cause you to feel pressured to come up with the perfect name, but there are a few simple strategies that you can use to find one that works. Most successful businesses have short names that are easy to say. Your name has to be catchy in some way to capture others’ attention. Whether you’re coming up with shoe store names or salad bar names, remember to put enough time and thought into this crucial step.

Identify Your Source of Value

You might have an exciting idea for your startup business, but if you want to convince others to choose your business over someone else’s, you need to give them a good reason to do so. The best way to accomplish this is to provide value to your consumers in some way. People will only use your products or services if they decide that they are lacking something that only your business can provide. Once you prove that you offer something that others don’t, you automatically set yourself apart from the crowd.

Surround Yourself With the Right People

Everyone needs help and support along the way, and the future of your startup business depends on the people you work with. To ensure that your business moves in the direction you want it to, it’s vital to surround yourself with people who understand your mission and genuinely want to be a part of it. Not only can like-minded people provide much-needed encouragement, but they also might offer a perspective that changes the way you think about your company. Welcoming the opinions and suggestions of others has the potential to take your business to a whole new level.

Remember Your Vision

When you inevitably encounter an obstacle or two on your path to success, you will naturally feel discouraged. Everyone who pursues a big goal feels this way at some point, but only those who choose not to give up have a chance of becoming successful. The key to pushing through each challenge is to remember the reason why you started your startup business in the first place. There’s nothing wrong with experiencing doubts or failures, but having a clear vision of what you want makes you far less likely to give up. Throughout your journey, keep your vision in mind and don’t let it slip away from you. Constantly being aware of the goals you have for your startup business can help propel you towards success.

Building a startup takes a significant amount of work and determination. If you’ve made the decision to launch your own startup business, you’ve already taken a major step forward. The important thing now is to work on developing your ideas and staying focused. After you’ve put in the necessary time and effort, you can start to observe the results you truly want.


Why Are Computers a Good Tool for Writing College Assignments?

Today, it has become almost impossible to write excellent college assignments without using computer programs. Moreover, a student can get benefitted by using a computer for writing their college homework help. Students having regular access to computers always get advantages over those who don’t.

From blackboard to tablets, we have seen it all in the classroom. According to a study, the USA has now surpassed $13 Billion in spending on technology in the education sector. A survey conducted on students reveals that education ranks top when it comes to using computers for different purposes.

How Effective Are Computer Programs to Writing College Assignments?

Here are some important reasons why computers can be regarded as a good tool for writing college assignments:

1. Access to Assignment Samples

Today, professors post assignments online for students’ references. Without a computer and internet access, a student will not be able to get access to those assignments.

Also, every college now has its own portal and website, where professors often post extra study guides or questions which might help one to write assignments. In order to get those study materials, one needs a computer and an internet connection.

2. Research work

Every college student knows that the foundation of a great assignment is detailed research work. Today’s students have a busy life as they need to take care of many activities. They no longer have enough time to sit in a library all day long to find resources for their assignments.

Most universities, nowadays, have their own online library. A student needs to have a computer with internet access to use the benefits of the online library.

Research work

Other than online libraries, students also use the computer to search for things that are directly or indirectly related to assignment writing like an unknown term or technical word, online books, journals, blogs, newspaper articles, etc. This way, they clearly understand the topic, which enables them to write assignments in a better way. A well-informed and well-written paper always gives the students a chance to score higher.

3. Communication

Without proper communication, it becomes really difficult to write good assignments. Any confusion or misunderstanding can lead to writing an incorrect paper. But, if students have access to a computer, he/she can send an email to the professor or clarify his or her query instantly.

Other than this, professors can also send extra information, which students will miss without having constant access to a computer. Direct and easy communication also lets students get help by saying, “Do my computer network assignment”.

business woman using a computer to communicate

Not just emails, but social networking sites and online chat services also play a critical role in assisting students to complete their assignments. They can post questions on various student forums or use academic tools and apps or avail online professional help when it is needed.

4. Computer programs

In most of the colleges, students need to submit a soft copy of their assignments. Using computer programs, like Microsoft Word, students can submit readable, neat, and presentable assignments.

Other than this, there are also other computer programs, which help students in writing assignments efficiently. For example, with the help of Microsoft Excel, students can create different graphs and charts. There is also Microsoft PowerPoint which lets students make the assignments more appealing.

Different web applications like Grammarly assist students in proofreading their assignments. Thus, students can complete their papers more efficiently. It is necessary to have computers so that you can get access to all these computer programs and applications.

Other benefits

Other benefits of using computer programs for writing college assignments
College Assignments: Why Are Computers a Good Tool for Distance Learners?

Other than getting assistance for writing assignments, a computer helps students in different ways:

  • The use of computer in the classroom help in making students more engaged in learning.
  • Students’ computer skills also increase.
  • Professor can provide more detailed feedback to students using a computer, which will help students in improving themselves.
  • The computer also lets students gather more knowledge about any subject matter, which will again help the students not just in their assignments but also in their exams.

In conclusion, it can be said that the computer has become an essential part of academics. For doing any assignment, computers help students in a number of ways. This includes getting access to sample assignments, research materials; maintaining communication, and using different types of computer programs. The above outlines are the advantages of using computer programs for college assignments.

Mark Hales is a visiting faculty at a reputed University in Australia. He obtained his degree in English Literature from the University of Queensland. He holds an immense knowledge of Old English literature. He is also a noted member of and assists students who seek help.

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5 Reasons Every Busy Online Company Should Have a Computer Forensics Provider

If you’ve never heard of computer forensics or you aren’t very familiar with the field, you might be wondering why your business would need to utilize such a service. After all, many companies have done just fine in the past without ever needing the help of data recovery specialists. To be clear, by “computer forensics,” we mean the examination and repair of computers and operating systems to uncover or recover critical data during an investigation.

There are many reasons why you might encounter a need to utilize such a service, but the following 5 are by far the most common reasons to hire a computer forensics provider:

Why Computer Forensics Provider?

Computer Forensics Provider
Of all the possible ways to crisis management in an organization, computer forensics research still leads the one with positive potential for data protection.

1. You Can’t Guarantee the Safety of Your Data

There’s an abundance of guides online that will teach you about a myriad of ways to protect yourself from cybercrime and data loss. Unfortunately, there are no foolproof methods of protection in the rapidly evolving world of cybersecurity. Furthermore, you always have to consider the possibility that there could be a fluke hardware malfunction or even a natural disaster such as a flood or fire that damages your computers. Regardless of how your data winds up being lost, damaged, or stolen, it’s best to have a reputable computer forensics providers like Secure Forensics in your corner to help you quickly recover your files and restore your operating systems to working condition.

2. You Need a Way to Investigate Employee Activity in Retrospect

Computer forensics services aren’t just useful for recovering data – they can also be used to uncover inappropriate computer or network usage. If you suspect that some of your employees have been conducting forbidden web activity or stealing company data, a complete forensic review of the company’s server and OS logs could help uncover the culprit. Furthermore, a computer forensics provider can help you implement monitoring systems that will help to prevent future cases of company network abuse.

3. Cybersecurity is on the RiseCurrent trends in cyber security

If you’ve been paying any attention to recent tech headlines, you know that major corporate data breaches, hacking, and other forms of cybercrime are becoming increasingly common. The world is inevitably going to see even more digital crimes as more IT specialists and techies join the dark side of the web and take up hacking and the distribution of malicious software. Additionally, as the global economy becomes increasingly dependent on eCommerce and internet-based financial transactions, hackers have an ever-growing pool of assets and victims to target. Having a designated computer forensics provider ensures that you stand a chance of recovering your data if it is negatively affected by cybercrime.

4. Digital Disasters Can Have Real-World Consequences

Are DDoS attacks the biggest nemesis for online gamers
All activities online are vastly attracting to cyber attackers (i.e. online gaming), and it is strongly believed that online gamers aren’t in any way smiling because of DDoS attacks.

While cybersecurity might seem like something that only nerds should be concerned with, the theft or unauthorized use of company data can have severe consequences such as widespread reputation damage or even bankruptcy. Any business that stores sensitive data for its customer and clients or provides online login interfaces should be particularly concerned with maintaining the integrity of their servers and file systems at all times.

5. Acting Quickly is Essential to Ensure Data Recovery

Finally, another major reason why it’s important to go ahead and select a computer forensics provider in advance is that time is truly of the essence. When your data is lost, corrupted, or stolen, every time you use your computer you could be writing over the last remaining bits of those files on your hard drive. Thus, it’s good to have a team of computer forensics specialists that you can rely on to quickly restore access to your files. Likewise, be sure to shut down the machine and don’t use it at all if it appears to be affected by a virus, ransomware, or some other form of malware that is affecting the file system.

Police Forensics Investigation
If you must keep your company aloft, above challenges, you must keep forensics in your essential list. There are numerous computer forensics providers out there to choose from. Just do your due diligence.

Include Computer Forensics on Your List of Essential Services

Every business has a list of service providers and suppliers that are crucial for the continuity of their company. You might not need to actually use all of those services on a regular basis, but when it comes time to put them to use, it’s good to know who you’re going to contact before something actually happens. That way, you won’t be rushing to conduct a comparison on a computer where files have been compromised.

Having a reliable computer forensics provider to conduct a research still has more to offer you than several other options you can find. Your chances of data recovery are slim but not totally impossible.

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Writing the Perfect Social Media Advertising Headline

How can I write an irresistible social media advertising headline that converts like magic?

As a copywriter, one of the most essential tasks you are charged with is coming up with advertising headlines which are impactful and engaging: after all, you are a salesman with the written word.

Advertising on social media is an important aspect of an effective marketing campaign. Indeed, with social media’s reach, it is perhaps the most vital aspect of an effective marketing campaign, and with social platforms so inundated with posts and banners, how can you ensure that it is your copy that is noticed, and ultimately converted? What does the perfect social media ad headline look like?

Steps to Writing an Effective Social Media Advertising Headline That Converts

How do I write a perfect social media advertising headline
As a social media advertising headline writer, it will be a colossal mistake for you to think that the same headline will work on all social media channels. You should always try to be creative and improvise!

It’s tailored to your chosen platform

It’s a mistake to think that the same headline will work on all mediums. In fact, it’s a mistake to think that the same headline will work on all social media channels. The fact is that different audiences engage on different social media sites (Facebook is more popular with the over-30s audience, while Instagram appeals to the teen market and those in their 20s, for example, while LinkedIn is obviously more business-focused).

“Knowing your audience means knowing the social media channel your audience mostly frequents, and from there you can tailor your headline accordingly (appealing to the target demographic). If your demographic is wide enough to frequent differing social media platforms, then tweak your headline (and your copy in general) accordingly. That’s just smart marketing,” says Bobby Newsome, a social media marketer at LastMinuteWriting and Writinity.

It’s conversational

An ideal headline needs to appeal directly to an individual audience member, and the best way to do that is to use a conversational tone which is obviously not too formal and full of words such as ‘you’ and ‘your’ – pronouns which speak directly to an individual and their needs. A conversational tone also helps strike up a friendly approach which is more likely to see engagement.

It’s not too long

The modern attention span is getting shorter, which is hardly surprising. Even less surprising is that if your headline is too long, people simply won’t bother to read it as there is simply too much-competing copy for them to pay attention too. Grab their attention quickly, and don’t lose it again with just too many words.

It’s urgent

You must add urgency to the headline, implying that the target audience must act fast in order to avail of what you’re offering.

“It’s best to give your audience the idea that they could miss out if they don’t act quickly: after all, who cares about a special offer that they can take advantage of for six months? Urgency requires action, and action is exactly what you want from your audience,” suggests Ronnie Talbot, a marketing blogger at DraftBeyond and ResearchPapersUK.

It’s useful

Can you imply in your headline that your product or service is going to make a difference to an individual’s life? That’s why, for example, brands focus so much more on being ‘cool’ than simply fulfilling a function, for example, because that is useful to the audience member (they will be cool by association). If your product or service can do something for them, and do it pretty much immediately, and you can express that succinctly in your headline, you are on to a winner.

It’s unique

Once again, with so many competing messages, what is an individual going to remember: something which just says the same old thing or something which says something they have never heard before? The message must be unique and impactful: something they are not likely to forget. That, of course, is a major challenge, and no one said this is easy, but just think clearly about what you would respond to, and that is really the only place to start. The best ideas are the simple one where you think “why didn’t I think of that?” It’s exactly like that with the best ad headlines.

It’s specific

As well as keeping it simply, try to keep it specific too, which means avoid generalizations. Make it relevant to your particular niche, and leave little doubt who you are and what you are selling. Ambiguity is likely to lose attention unless you can be so masterfully ambiguous that they simply need to know more. That could work too.


Digital Transformation Can Ensure Continuity of Success in Business

According to a Tech Pro Research survey conducted in 2018, 70% of companies either have a digital transformation (DX) strategy already or are working towards one. In the case of large enterprises, the number may even be higher.

Digital technology and all its innovations have contributed immensely in shaping the world as we know it today. Several industries have become reliant on digital technology to make their job easier and pave the path for more developments.

Digital transformation success is one of the key driving forces when it comes to implementing new ideas and technology.

In this blog, we learn how to go about a successful digital transformation to ensure your business growth.

What is Digital Transformation?

Digital Transformation Can Ensure Continuity of Success in Business
What is digital transformation and how effective is it to business success continuity?

For those of you who don’t know what is digital transformation, it is the integration of digital technology into all business areas. This technology has the power to transform the way a business operates and delivers value to its customers.

In DX, the company uses new, fast, and dynamic digital technology to resolve problems often by means of cloud computing. This leads to an increased reliance on subscription-based cloud services.

There are a few of the digital solutions that increase the capabilities of traditional software products, while others are only cloud-based.

In addition, DX is a cultural change that requires companies to continuously challenge the status quo, conduct experiments, and get comfortable with failure.

How do these companies incorporate digital transformation?

Companies Incorporate Digital Transformation

Several companies opt to transform their internal processes while making a digital change. For starters, companies focus on renovating their business operation model to better suit the upcoming advancements in the field of digital technology.

They introduce new products and technologies that can provide them with a competitive edge in the market, which is why they often opt to interact with external partners through digital channels.

Adoption of technologies is certainly one of the key driving factors when it comes to incorporating digital transformation requirements.

Heres a list of digital transformation technologies that businesses have been using these days 

  • Traditional web technologies
  • Cloud-based services like help desk software
  • Mobile internet technologies
  • Big data and big data architecture
  • Internet of Things
  • Design thinking
  • Artificial Intelligence tools
  • Robotics
  • Advanced neural machine-learning techniques
  • Augmented reality technologies
  • 3-D printing

These advancements in the field of DX aim to provide the company with something that makes them stand apart. Furthermore, the introduction of new technologies can serve a bigger purpose by smoothing out business operations.

Do digital transformations always work? 

The answer is, unfortunately, no.

Less than a quarter of companies that take up digital business transformation strategies survive.

The major problem that arises when going for such a transformation is the lack of coordination between the different wings of the business. Several businesses state that although their performance has improved, technologies require tremendous upkeep.

Even companies in the digital sphere – media, telecom, and high tech find it quite difficult to consistently evolve with such a tremendous change.

Companies with a smaller workforce are more likely to incorporate a digital transformation successfully.

Key Factors Driving a Successful Digital Transformation 

Successful Digital Transformation - Business people working over laptop development vector

1. Introduction of New, Digital-Savvy Team Members 

When a company is looking to overhaul its operations and change some key aspects in its functioning, it requires a workforce that follows customer service tips and is trained to navigate the company through such a change.

Although the top-level executives in the company usually remain aware of the changes and its impact on the business, employees also need the guidance of experts that will help accustom the team to the new digital technologies.

Addition of new leaders to the management team can definitely help the company drive forward in the face of a digital change. These transformation-specific roles will issue added responsibility as well.

Inconsistencies with regard to transformation will be lesser with added responsibility and correct division of work.

Companies who hire a Chief Digital Officer (CDO) to overlook and manage the digital transformation process are more likely to succeed in their efforts. Leadership commitment is yet another important factor that can guarantee success with digital transformation.

2. Skill Development Within the Workforce 

No matter what changes your company seeks, digital or traditional, you need to incorporate new training techniques for the workforce. Skill development of employees is necessary when it comes to accomplishing success.

Companies will need to reevaluate and redefine each employee’s role within the organization. The practice will need to be aligned with the new goals towards digital transformation. Each person’s roles and capabilities can be assigned in accordance with the elements that best favor a successful conversion.

Next, the people at higher and powerful positions will need additional training to learn skills that help the organization take a step closer to digital transformation.

Undoubtedly, it is more beneficial for a company to have a majority of the workforce with adequate digital knowledge as compared to having a handful of digital experts.

3. New Ways of Working

Several studies show that digital transformations require plenty of work culture changes. Consider that your work team has been assigned a new project. This project can only be successful if each member contributes equally and shows enthusiasm and novelty in ideas.

A digital transformation is like a new project, except, the members of this team consist of every member of the company. Leaders need to empower the workforce to bring our new ways of working.

Continuous learning and open work environments are known to be catalysts for reinforcing new behavior that leads to organizational change. Employees too can contribute with their ideas as to the different areas in which the company can enforce digital technology.

By encouraging employees to experiment with new ideas, team leaders should be aware that failures are bound to happen. The key here is to learn from these failures and achieve overall business development.

4. Introduction of Digital Tools 

Replacing the day-to-day communication and work tools with digital alternatives have proven to help the company advance in digital transformation.

Here are three ways in which digital tools have guaranteed success:

  • Implementation of digital tools can make information more accessible across the organization. A smooth transmission of key information is important when it comes to incorporating a digital-reliant business.
  • Digital self-serve technology for employees’ and business partners has made communication easier across companies.
  • Standard operating procedures can be modified to include new digital technologies.

5. Frequent Communication 

One of the key requirements during a digital transformation is to convey a change story. A change or transformation story is one that highlights the reasons as to why the company has undertaken a digital transformation. Through this story, employees should be briefed about the potential changes that will be seen over the coming months or years.

Additionally, employees need to be made aware of changes in their roles and responsibilities. Incorporation of training to develop new skills and talent also needs to be a part of this transformation. You may even acquire a help desk software and based on the reports (it is one of the features of the help desk software), work towards improving the customer service.

Leaders need to immediately shift their team’s focus on the new changes at hand and accordingly draw up a list of all the necessities required to foster such a transformation. Using digital mediums to communicate such change has also proven to benefit the company immensely.

Change is constant, and this statement holds more weight in the world of business.

Diving into the world of digital transformation requires clarity in planning, consistency in execution, and excellent communication.

With these factors in mind, every business is much more likely to go through a digital transformation success.

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How Virtual Assistants Are Perfect Options For Small Businesses?

How Virtual Assistants Are Perfect Options For Small BusinessesAre you aware of what kind of role virtual assistants’ play in the life of a businessman or an entrepreneur for small businesses?

Understand this through a more relatable scenario from daily life:

You all will agree:

If you are a full-time employee and staying alone then I must say it is not at all easy.

You have to maintain the work and house life simultaneously.

At your home, there are various household tasks that are mundane but you have to perform on a daily basis.

Whether you want to do or not but they are necessary for the basic survival.

For example- Cleaning, cooking, etc.

But sometimes it is really unmanageable and it seems a back-breaking task to cook after returning from office.

Isn’t it?

Eventually, your life becomes more hectic and you have to encounter mental stress.

Furthermore, overall well-being and productivity are also affected. 

That is the reason why prefer to delegate their work to servants and cooks to ease their workload and improve the quality of professional life.

And you know what?

“The same role is played by virtual assistants for small businesses.”

This is the universal fact that being an owner of the company, you need to take care of better utilization of every resource with minimal spend.

And especially in the case of small businesses, the resources and budget are very limited and you need to figure out the best way to leverage them.


And if you think that by wearing many hats is the only way to manage all the tasks in a company then you are totally off base.

“Don’t you think if the experts will take care of the various tasks in your organization then productivity will improve along with the reduction in workload?”

Yes, of course… this is the reason why small ventures prefer to assign their tasks to virtual assistants.

So that whatever kind of task it is, it will have expertise infused.

This is not all…

Still, there are numerous reasons that make the virtual assistants a perfect option for the small business when ultimately it is about growth.

Let’s check out what are they? 

Effective method to save your hard-earned money

Effective Method To Save Your Hard-Earned Money

You might have observed that every business strive hard to move their growth graph in the UPWARD direction.

But small business is somewhere limited in their capacities like resources, budget, etc.

And this obviously hampers the growth rate of the SMALL BUSINESSES.

If you really want to escape the situation and want to find out the rooms to save your hard-earned money…

….then there is a much better way around that is by acquiring the help of VIRTUAL ASSISTANTS.

As they have turned out to be an extremely cost-saving option.

You want to know how?

“Firstly, VAs are paid either on an hourly basis or on task basis which will prevent you to pay the additional expenses.”

You do not have to pay a fixed salary on a monthly basis which includes payment for the free hour like lunch break, vacation pay, holidays, earned leaves, etc.

“Secondly, you do not need to make necessary arrangements like work stations, desks, stationery, snacks, etc. that is required in case of an in-house employee.” 


Proven Means To Save Your Time Effectively

When it is about turning from a small scale business to a big one, you need to give your sweat, blood, and tears.

And most importantly:

You need to give your TIME like you invest time in your child’s development in his initial phase.

The best part is:

You will surely get enough time to think, strategize and plan for the further development of your business.

“By hiring a virtual assistant you can save a lot of time of yours.”


When you hire an in-house employee, to need to invest a lot of time to get the right candidate.

After that again you need to invest time in training them.

“Ultimately, a lot of time will be wasted and the work process will also slow down.”

This is again a big loss for the company which small businesses can’t afford to do so.

Thus, take yourself out from all this hassle and use your time in some more LUCRATIVE tasks.


To Improve The Productivity Level

Whether it is about initial years of growth and development or it is about the expansion of business…

…in both cases, you need to deliver the BEST.

And you know what:

The best comes with the expertise and experience to handle various projects.

“Which you can easily get by taking the virtual assistants into consideration.”

Small businesses have to cover a very long journey to pick up the way to a successful expansion.

Thus, this journey can be smoothened by delivering QUALITY ALONG WITH QUANTITY within a limited time period.

Of course, this is not the cup of tea of everyone.

“Only experts and trained professionals have this ability to carry the tasks in such a manner.”

You will be happy to know that:

You do not have to look out for them and VAs are easily available which will give you access to expertise in no time.

“This is how you can make double up the productivity level without wasting a single minute.”

On-Time Delivery of Work

There is nothing wrong to say that how efficiently you deliver also plays an important role in making and breaking the success of an organization.

This is because ultimately what matters is CLIENT SATISFACTION.

If the client is happy, your business can easily build GOOD REPO in the market.

“Furthermore, not only your venture will attract new clients but also will find out several new opportunities for business expansion.”

Whether you are delegating the work to the VAs for yourself or for your clients.

Eventually, they will help you to stand out from the crowd of small businesses dealing in the same niche.

Might be that there is a point you aren’t aware of:

For small businesses, it is extremely challenging to complete the tasks on time with limited resources.

This is the reason why most of the small businesses abstain from talking the larger projects.

“But with the assistance of virtual assistants, you can double up the speed and productivity too.”

Being professionals, they deliver the delegated work on-time which can help you to handle even the large projects efficiently.

And make a mark in the industry.


Whatever kind of business you are into, you need to make hardcore efforts to bring out the maximum productivity with minimum investment.

Especially in the case of small businesses, productivity must be high along with quantity surpassing the budget constraints.

This all has become feasible due to the advent of virtual assistants which has not only opened the gateways towards the cost-effective process.

But also to access the expertise in every realm of a company.

According to a survey conducted with 1005 professionals,

It has been observed that 55% of them believe that Virtual assistants allow them on more important and productive tasks.

This way, small businesses can make better utilization of time rather than investing it in non-core tasks.

Have you ever acquired virtual assistants to delegate the tasks? What advantages did you observe for your small business while working with them?


Exploring the Role of Technology in the Modern Retail Store

With the news that 1 in 10 shops on the UK’s high streets now lays empty, the future of brick and mortar retail stores is looking increasingly bleak. Pair this with the fact that the UK’s ecommerce turnover is predicted to reach €200 billion this year (a 14.6% rise from last year), and it becomes clear that the future of retail is very much digital.

So, how does physical retail compete with the convenience of online shopping? Well today, our friends over at Action Storage are exploring one solution being favored by many brick and mortar stores across the globe – the implementation of technology.

Exploring the Role of Technology in the Modern Retail Store

Photo by Patrick Tomasso on Unsplash

Enabling a greater convenience 

Ecommerce’s greatest appeal is undoubtedly convenience – after all, why bother traipsing into town for that new pair of jeans when they can be delivered straight to your door within a couple of clicks? However, with the implementation of technologies both new and old, physical retail can begin to offer the customer an element of convenience too.

One of the most tried and tested ways of doing this is by offering a click and collect service. By integrating ecommerce platforms with physical retail spaces, customers can enjoy a hassle-free consumer experience that ties together the convenience of online ordering with the ease of picking up at a time and place of their choosing. 

A newer technological trend amongst physical retail stores is the rise of smart shops. These stores are often staffless, instead of tracking consumer purchases through self-scan barcode systems. By removing the stress of queues, the physical retail experience instantly becomes convenient and, subsequently, more appealing to consumers.

AI is also becoming a prominent feature in leading brick and mortar stores, streamlining the physical shopping experience further still. Searching through endless racks for a specific item is a thing of the past, with integrated AI systems enabling customers to snap items they see when they’re out and about, searching through a store’s inventory instantly to find the same or similar product (as well as its location within the store).

Personalizing the experience  

As more and more stores look to embrace technology, the physical shopping experience is becoming more immersive and personal in every aspect.

For example, cognitive computer technology can now interact directly with the customer to find out more about what it is they’re searching for. From this information, AI systems can make informed, personalized recommendations to the customer, personalizing the shopping system from the off. 

Furthermore, leading fashion retailers such as Ralph Lauren have implemented the latest in retail technological innovation in their dressing rooms with the use of interactive mirrors. These mirrors enable customers to change the colour of their item without having to go back out onto the shop floor and search for it, as well as suggesting items to complement their chosen piece – in essence, acting as the customer’s own personal stylist.

What’s more, with the use of mPOS (mobile point of sale), near-field communications and Bluetooth, retailers can now be notified when returning customers enter the store, enabling them to greet the customer by name and provide personalised, targeted promotions – engaging and converting more customers as a result.

Photo by Marcin Kempa on Unsplash

The implementation of technology in physical retail is perhaps the most valuable asset to brick and mortar stores looking to survive the ecommerce revolution. Boasting a variety of benefits to both consumers and retailers alike, one thing’s for sure – whether it’s physical or ecommerce retail, the future is very much digital.


Email Address Validator – How Exactly Does An Address Validator Work?

Having a clean list of postal addresses is vital to the success of your marketing campaign. Meanwhile, it’s integral for your relationship with your clients.

If you work with a large amount of information, including contact details, one small typo could lead to wasted time and money.

Imagine sending products to the wrong address. You don’t just lose money. You lose an existing customer.

The only way to make sure you’ve got the right information is to check it on a regular basis. That’s where address validators come in.

This program checks your existing mailing list to ensure it contains valid addresses and points your attention to possible errors.

Checking a mailing list manually could take a formidable amount of time. Meanwhile, such checks aren’t insured against human error. A simple program could do it in seconds. It can also check the address for errors in real-time, not allowing your clients to make typos in contact forms. 

How Does an Address Validator Work?

An address validator can check your addresses in two ways:

  • Real-time address validation – software checks the address while the user types it on the website.
  • Regular address validation – checks the address list you put into the system. 

How An Address Validator Work: The Process

Email Address Validator - How Exactly Does An Address Validator Work

1. Formatting

One of the most common mistakes made with addresses is formatting. Each country has its own formatting rules for mailing addresses. For example, in the USA, all addresses should comply with USPS standards. However, if you are sending mail to other countries, you have to make sure the format suits its standards. They could drastically be different from what you are used to.

An address validator checks all addresses against the known formatting standards. It ensures you are using the correct format, and none of the vital details are missing.

2. Missing Information

Many users forget to enter some part of the address details when typing in their contact information. Be it a street number or zip code; if one of these components is missing, your mail could end up being returned or sent to the wrong address. Meanwhile, many users simply forget to enter one digit. Such a mistake causes the mail to be returned to the sender.

An address validator checks each address on your list for missing information. Even if it seems as if the missing part is not important to the mailing process, the program still alerts the user to check the problem manually. 

3. Existence

The USPS database is usually used by address validators to make sure that the address exists in the United States. Other countries have their own databases. If the address exists in the database, it’s considered valid.

After adjusting the format, an address validator checks each address on your list against such databases to make sure it exists. According to experts from Byteplant, if the address doesn’t exist, the validator alerts the user to the problem. The rest would have to be checked manually.

Overall, the address validation process involves three simple steps:

  • Address parsing – the program breaks the address down into components, such as street name, city, state, zip code, etc.
  • Address standardization – the program ensures that the address suits the format accepted in the recipient’s country.
  • Address comparison – the program checks the address against the existing databases to make sure it’s valid.

3 Reasons Why the Address May Be Invalid

When the address validator shows that some of the addresses on the list aren’t valid, there are several reasons why it may happen. 

1. Fake Address

Some people tend to enter the wrong contact information when they want to get freebies from you. For example, if you offer free literature in exchange for contact details, they could share a fake address to get a freebie without consequences (such as promotional information from your side).

A real-time address validator spots fake addresses as they are being entered into the form to help you save time and money.

Fake addresses could also be made up by bots. So make sure you have a strong CAPTCHA system in place.

2. Poor Spelling

While an address validator is good at catching typos and spelling errors, some addresses may be so poorly written that fixing them is impossible for the program. That’s why the validator alerts the user, who may be able to deal with the problem manually.

3. Unregistered Address

An address may exist but not be registered in the database yet. This usually happens when new buildings are built. Such a mistake could also occur when occupants don’t want to receive mail.

In such a case, the user has to check the address manually by contacting the client to ask for the right address. 

Do You Need an Address Validator?

Many companies wonder if they really need an address validator or they can do the job manually. It’s possible to check addresses without a program if you don’t have that many people on your mailing list.

However, when you have more than twenty recipients, checking their addresses manually is time-consuming. Meanwhile, you aren’t protected against simple human error.

It makes sense to consider an address validator for its efficiency, simple interface, and reasonable price. 

Final Thoughts

An address validator checks if the addresses on your mailing list are valid by breaking them down into components, correcting formatting, and checking against the existing databases.

Such software could help you save formidable amounts of money while avoiding unsatisfied customers and wasted time.