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Free Trade Zone: Africa Goes Tough on Tariffs, Starts Free-Trade Pact

Africa, to a great extent overlooked in a United States-China exchange war which could frustrate economies around the world, is unobtrusively sorting out the world’s biggest facilitated free trade zone.

The African continental free trade area comes into power on paper yesterday after the required 22 nations approved the arrangement a month prior.

When it is fully passed by every one of the 55 countries perceived as a member of the African Union, it would cover a market of 1.2 billion people, with a gross domestic product of $2.5 trillion.

The potential advantages are self-evident if the standard obstacles of patriotism and protectionism don’t yet hinder this move.

According to Jakkie Cilliers, head of African Futures and Innovation at the Pretoria-based Institute for Security Studies;

“This arrangement would help the continent move far from mainly exporting commodities to building manufacturing capacity and industrialization.”

Boosting intra-regional exchange would boost the development of roads and railroads, thereby reducing the infrastructure limitations in Africa, he said.

Africa on the brinks of World’s Biggest Facilitated Free Trade Zone 

The exchange between African nations is at 15%, as compared with 20% in Latin America and 58% in Asia, as indicated by the Africa Export-Import Bank. And this has been forecasted by 52% by the year 2022 and can dramatically increase within the first decade of the trade agreement, a Cairo-based money lender said in a report a year ago.

Free Trade Zone Pact - Africa goes tough on tariffs by bypassing trade war with its own africa free trade zone agreement in the pipeline.
Free Trade Zone: Africa countries goes tough on tariffs by bypassing trade war with their own modeled Africa free trade zone agreement in the pipeline.

Following four years of talks, the mechanics of the agreement will be consulted in stages and should be operational by 2030. Non-trade hindrances, for example, delays at ports, and legislative issues would need to be explored before the arrangement to expel levies on 90% of good can be reached. Arbitrators will likewise need to persuade economies dependent on these tolls for income to release them.

“This is a technocratic agreement,” said Ronak Gopaldas, a London-based chief at Signal Risk, which advised organizations in Africa.

“It’s optimistic in nature and keeping in mind that the bearing is sure, deciphering what has been agreed by the technocrats and the approach to turning those into stuff that materially affects the simplicity and the expense of working together and cultivates increasingly incorporated markets” will continue to be challenging, he said.

One obstacle to coordination is Nigeria. The nation that competes with South Africa for the title of Africa’s greatest economy, hasn’t joined yet. Just recently re-elected president, Muhammadu Buhari, has been said to be reviewing and impact-assessment report on the free-trade agreement.

Experts including Tshepidi Moremong, the head of Africa coverage at FirstRand Group Ltd.’s Rand Merchant Bank, said the arrangement could at present face resistance from oligopolies gaining “massive benefits” in the West African country. Nigeria is one of three nations, including Benin and Eritrea, that hasn’t append to the arrangement. Twenty-two countries in the African continent, including South Africa, have reviewed and sanctioned the content of the agreement and moved to the next stage.

The trade agreement execution could likewise be scuppered if nation leaders looking for re-appointment values sovereign interests ahead of the continent’s, Moremong said.

“In every one of our nations, there are appropriate issues that one needs to manage and where individuals need to see that the administration is centered around their everyday issues,” she said. “Opening up a business opportunity for the general population from different pieces of the continent to unreservedly come and do business and share with your nation is going to take a great deal of resources.”

How do you think this free trade zone agreement would be of benefit to your small or big business? Share your views below.

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7 Best Ways To Build a Commercial Real Estate Marketing Strategy

Having a well-developed commercial real estate marketing strategy can bring many benefits to your business. However, it can be quite overwhelming to do so, be it with a team or with limited resources, on your own.

An effective and good real estate marketing strategy can help you move further in your business and not fall behind the competition.

Here is our list of steps that you can take in order to have a successful real estate marketing strategy.

How to Create A Commercial Real Estate Marketing Strategy That Works

Building a commercial real estate marketing strategy has more to offer your property business than you stand to lose. It is not so easy, though, but it is worth doing. This article guides on how to go about that.
Building a commercial real estate marketing strategy has more to offer your property business than you stand to lose. It is not so easy, though, but it is worth doing. This article guides on how to go about that.

1. Launch a website

Having a good website matters more than you may think. It should create a good first impression and allow your clients to get to know you better. It can also be an amazing outlet for all of your news and promotions. This gives people a clear image of who you are and that you are legit.

Not having a website is a huge loss for every type of business in our modern world. According to statistics, 46% of businesses don’t have a website and the other 54% have already received all the benefits from it.

As statistic shows that there are more than 3.5 billions of searches occurring in Google each day, so having a business website is surely an advantage. A proper real estate marketing strategy with investment in website development and management surely going to yield massive returns on investment.

2. Target your email campaigns

A targeted email campaign is one of the best ways to gather and nurture a substantial following. It is still one of the untapped real estate marketing strategies out there. You can use these emails to inform your clients, send them updates, share interesting posts, and essentially, increase both awareness of your company and your sales.

3. Create useful content

As an expert in your niche, you have plenty of useful things to say. Use that to spread awareness of your business. The content you create can also be entertaining or piggybacking on a recent trend – use it. But don’t just be a part of the crowd, find a way to stand out and find your place in the online world. Quality of content will often do, but don’t forget to share it. To ensure originality, use plagiarism checkers like Copyscape.

Keep in mind that there are many mistakes that you can make in your content marketing strategy, one of them being having too many grammar and spelling mistakes. You can use tools like 1 Day 2 Write or Write My X to fix your piece and improve your results.

4. Be present on social media

Social media could be a great tool for your business promotion. According to research conducted by We Are Social, there are more than 3 billion social media users in 2018 and it is 42% of all global citizens. You could share your content, updates, information, etc. Use it to engage with your audience as well and provide quick customer support if they have any questions.

Infographics, for instance, work wonderfully on social media and around the Internet. Try to generate viral content specific for your real estate business niche and you’ll receive a huge spread of word.

How to Setup a Commercial Real Estate Marketing Strategy For Your Real Estate Business
Setting up a winning commercial real estate marketing strategy that will guarantee massive result in your real estate business requires proper SEO strategy while not forgetting local search engine optimization.

5. SEO Optimize

As you know, SEO optimization is extremely important for your website’s ranking. Make sure that everything is in accordance with SEO – use relevant keywords, format properly, make sure your site is fast and that people find your website useful for their needs. Try to get backlinks and shares – work with influencers if you’d like. If you reach a high ranking on Google, you’ll have much better chances of being noticed in your niche.

6. Organize your time and set goals

You can’t start doing anything else before you develop a satisfying plan and to be determined with your goals. Without goals and organization, you won’t know where you are going and that’s not good for your final results. Make sure that you plan and strategize everything as regards setting up a commercial real estate marketing strategy that will work.

7. Measure your success

You can’t really know just how successful your real estate marketing strategy has been if you don’t set measuring tools. For instance, you could set monthly goals or use Google Analytics to see just how useful your plan has been.

Wrapping Up

Crafting a good strategy takes time, effort, and resources in some cases. Mostly, it can be overwhelming for a single person to achieve. But by following these steps and tips, you won’t miss a single chance to raise your business awareness and increase conversions.


The Future of Online Shopping in 2020 and Beyond in Nigeria

While online shopping is yet to be fully accepted by all Nigerians as a medium of commerce, it has grown significantly in recent years to the extent that it not only rivals the brick and mortar shops for sales, but it also threatens their overall existence as a medium of trade.

The Future of Online Shopping in 2020 and Beyond in Nigeria

With its current growth and acceptance rate, online shopping is poised to lead commercial transaction in Nigeria. This hypothesis is drawn from the fact that we are currently witnessing an ever-increasing number of internet users (with over 48 million internet subscribers, we currently have the largest share of internet users in Africa, NBS). Going by this trend, it is only a matter of time before virtually everyone accepts and use the internet as the main medium of purchasing virtually any commodity in Nigeria.

What Is The Projection for Online Shopping By 2020?

Does the above in any way connote that having a virtual presence automatically guarantees regular sales? Far from it! Just like every other facet of our lives, the algorithms keep getting better and the techniques required to make an e-commerce website visible at all times keep changing. Keeping an e-commerce website afloat now requires more than keywords stuffing for visibility. The e-commerce Website must also be properly optimized for accessibility as this makes it faster for web crawlers to find and go through the website contents and recommend them where appropriate.

With the current growth rate and increasing acceptance of e-commerce website as a medium of commerce, it might eventually take the lion share of the retail industry. This also creates an opportunity for traditional retailers to explore. Shop owners who intend to increase sales and adopt the current reality can combine the gains of e-commerce with that of the traditional stores by having an online medium well optimized to drive traffic to their physical stores and also include delivery in their modus operandi. More importantly, shop owners who intend to benefit from this window should always be on the lookout for the latest strategy designed to perfectly integrate e-commerce websites with their physical stores or seek professional assistance.

For new traders intending to maximize sales in an ever-changing market, there is a need to deprioritize the need to have a physical store (not that they are irrelevant) and focus more on having a strong digital presence. We can help you build the e-commerce store that will always remain relevant. By regularly monitoring clients’ website and familiarizing with the changing realities, you Should know when a particular strategy becomes out-dated and the quasi-perfect method it should be replaced with.

In the next couple of months from now, the current grow of ecommerce in Nigeria would have reached another milestone. Here's how online shopping will shake Nigeria retail industry by 2020.
In the next couple of months from now, the current grow of ecommerce in Nigeria would have reached another milestone. Here’s how online shopping will shake Nigeria retail industry by 2020.

With the highly competitive nature of e-commerce website in the Nigerian cyberspace, you will need more than paid Ads or optimization to continue to stay relevant. Good content will always be relevant. How web visitors are engaged and the kind of content they get will go a long way in determining your sales prospects.

How effective are your Audio and visual contents? Can buyers relate with them?

These questions and many more should be your guide when you are creating web contents for web visitors.

With the introduction of new technologies like voice search and virtual reality tools among others, the requirement to succeed as an online retailer in the Nigerian cyberspace will continue to be dynamic.

To stay abreast with the new wave of requirement you need to be acquainted with in 2019, 2020 and beyond as a Nigerian online retailer or B2C trader, your best chance will be to get a professional web developer/designer. They’d be available to give you free consultations geared towards improving your online business.

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CRM Software – 5 Essential Features of An Effective Customer Relationship Management Software

CRM software adds advanced features to help small and mid-sized businesses increase sales. But what are the essential features of an effective customer relationship management software? 

Customer relationship management systems are designed to automate the collection and analysis of data on different market actors (such as customers, partners, competitors, contact persons). It helps companies to interact with a large number of customers easily, operate different business activities smoothly, attract and retain the most profitable customers & generate more sales. Due to the availability of different CRM systems on the market, individuals find it difficult to choose the best CRM software that could meet their needs completely. Developers create different CRM systems for different industries. They add multiple features to the CRM software to increase its sale. So, what are the essential features of effective CRM software? Let’s find out.

5 Important Benefits of CRM Software for Small Business

5 Essential Features of an Effective CRM Software
Customer relationship management makes it easy for a business owner to automate the process of business from getting new sales to gathering customer feedback – you get it all covered with CRM. CRM software adds multiple features to help businesses increase sales. What are the essential features of SaaS CRM solutions? Let’s find out.

1. Online Appointment Booking Facility

It is the most important feature of customer relationship management software. Gone are the days when customers used to come to your office, wait in long lines, wait for their turn, request for specific products and services, and get it after wasting a lot of time and energy.

Now, customers are very sensitive about their time. If it takes a considerable amount of time to process their request for service, they will leave your office and service center soon and look for service providers who can cam provide products and services quickly.

CRM Makes It Easy to Setup Online Appointment Booking Facility for Your Business

An online appointment booking facility is very important. It allows company owners to book appointments with customers at any time and from any place using the Internet. You can show the availability of services, products, working staff, time slots, etc, to customers with the help of customer relationship management software & book appointments with them easily. Online appointment facility allows you to process the service request of a large number of customers, help them get the requested services in less time, & increase the customer base by leaps and bounds in a few days.

2. Point of Sale

A popular company may have thousands of products and services. It is not possible for a manager or working staff to remember the details of all products and services. That is why you must choose the SaaS CRM software with POS capabilities. It will allow you to feed the details of your products and services on the CRM Software.

POS - Point of Sale System A popular company may have thousands of products and services. It is not possible for a manager or working staff to remember the details of all products and services. That is why you must choose the CRM software with POS capabilities. It will allow you to feed the details of your products and services on the CRM Software.

It will help you to fetch all the details of a particular product or service immediately, inform customers about it, and make transactions quickly. POS software helps business marketing professionals, E-commerce companies, retail shops, restaurants, hotels, bars, etc, to collect payments from customers, generate accurate bills with all necessary details, maintain a record of all customers, and see how the business develops. It also helps to strengthen your finances, track the movement of finances, and catch wrongdoers. The POS must support different payment gateways and currencies.

3. Cloud Storage of Data

The concept of cloud storage of data is based on the operational distribution of remote computing resources. It allows business marketing professionals to access important from all locations and conduct business activities smoothly. Today, cloud technologies act as a backup service and store large amounts of information.

It helps freelance professionals and small companies that handle huge amounts of information and works with many customers. Cloud storage provides easy access to all company documents, reports, spreadsheets, photos, video surveillance cameras, and any other digital assets that are very difficult to keep on local computers.

Increased productivity and reduced requirements for local equipment are its two main benefits. Always keep in mind that, sooner or later, companies have a large amount of data. It becomes very difficult for them to store huge amounts of data on computers. So, Cloud storage helps them to accumulate data and maintain their privacy in an easy way. Only authorized individuals can access the stored data. So, the chances of insider trading or information leakage are reduced significantly.

With CRM sotfware in place, you can automate the process of storing all valuable data in the cloud with less hassle.
With CRM software in place, you can automate the process of storing all valuable data in the cloud with less hassle.

4. Mobile Version

Business mobility is gaining momentum. For example- Uber. It provides on-demand paid taxi services. It has reached a value of $60 billion and works in 600 cities of the world. Always keep in mind that mobile applications are increasingly penetrating the corporate environment and giving new competitive advantages to companies that use them.

According to recent studies, the number of smartphone users has increased dramatically. Today’s employees increasingly want to use mobile devices to solve business problems instead of desktops or laptops.

So, you must choose the CRM software which has its mobile version. It will enable you and your employees to conduct important business activities from all locations through mobile devices, acknowledge important business notifications, and make the business available to customers 24*7/365 days.

Mobile Version - So, you must choose the CRM software which has its mobile version. It will enable you and your employees to conduct important business activities from all locations through mobile devices, acknowledge important business notifications, and make the business available to customers 24*7/365 days.

5. Business Performance Monitoring Feature

A well-known American merchant, a politician, and marketing pioneer, John Wanamaker, once said:

Half the money I spend on advertising is wasted. The problem is that I don’t know exactly which half”.

Many business owners still can’t get rid of this problem as the art of measuring advertising effectiveness is imperfect.

Business marketing is one of the most important, but expensive for any organization. It helps companies to increase awareness of the brand, expand its customer base, sell more products/services, and expand the business further. Many organizations have a limited budget for marketing. So, owners and employees of enterprises have to measure the effectiveness of each marketing campaign carefully to find out which strategy was successful and which should be avoided in the future.

Unfortunately, there is no one hundred percent accurate way to measure the effectiveness of marketing campaigns. Therefore, companies must choose the CRM software with analytics and performance tracking feature. When they struggle to increase revenue, identifying successful marketing strategies will them to find the right business strategy and reinvest into areas that have been most effective in the past.

Regular analysis of all business activities with the help of CRM software allows business owners to better understand the nature and needs of their target audience and patterns of consumer behavior. The CRM software monitors all visits to your website and accumulates statistics automatically. So, it becomes easier to see which traffic channels are profitable and which are unprofitable & make changes in business marketing activities accordingly.

Final Words

The use of customer relationship management software continues to increase with each passing day. Be careful when you choose CRM software to automate business activities & increase the profit margins. Research and select the best CRM software with the above-mentioned features to skyrocket your business in a few days. CRM software adds multiple features to help small and mid-sized businesses increase sales. What are the essential features of effective CRM software? Let’s find out.

Image Credit: Pixabay, Shutterstock

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6 Important Things You Should Know About Real Estate Valuation in Nigeria

Real estate valuation is the process of making a report which contains information about the present monetary value of a landed-property, the size of the building and the structure on it, the general and technical details, the physical status (especially if there are structural flaws) and the cost of properties with similar attributes in the same area.

The position of a real estate property remains the same in every part of the world – An Asset with fluctuating value. Since assets rarely have a fixed value, the burden lies on the holder of the asset to constantly be abreast with its current value.

Considering the number of variables involved, you can only know the true worth of your property when you engage the service of a property valuation firm.

Regardless of the method used in achieving this valuation, you should take note of the following variables as they almost always hold the bigger influence whenever a real estate property is being valued in Nigeria.

6 Important Factors About Real Estate Valuation in Nigeria

6 Important things you should know about Real Estate Valuation in Nigeria
As you cannot certainly know the true value of your asset until you evaluate it, so we present you a real estate valuation guidelines to follow. Here are the six important things you should know before you embark on a real estate evaluation in Nigeria.

1. The present state of the economy

Setting aside the construction and maintenance cost of a property, the present state of the economy is a major determiner of a property’s monetary value. In other words, more money in circulation means that properties will command a higher amount and better purchasing power.

2. Political activities

Politics plays a big role in virtually every stratum of the Nigerian society. A political decision/activity can swing the price of properties in any direction. A case in point is the steep drop in the values of properties in Abuja after the 2015 election.

3. Architectural Design

Properties are created with different architectural aesthetics. While some styles stay longer, others quickly go out of fashion. If your property happens to be one with evergreen or the in-demand style, it will most likely command a higher value.

4. Location

This variable plays a very significant role in determining the value of your property. You can be assured of a steady increase in the value of your property by its mere presence on a particular location. In the same vein, the government or a corporate body’s decision to sight a particular facility (airport, train station, bus parks or industrial site) in your location can also significantly increase the value of properties. A case in point is how the establishment of a train station in Idu terminal significantly increased the value of all landed properties in Idu and its environs.

5. Date

This is one of the factors the owner or the valuer has zero control over. Properties demand varying values at different times of the year. The same property that is valued at a particular figure in January might have significantly increased or decreased before the end of the next month due to a recently perceived flaw or any other subjective or objective reason.

6. The valuing firm

Though the value of most properties are objectively derived by weighing the influence of the above variables and many others, having an experienced real estate valuer can go a long way in wrapping the needed sentiments required to give you a more accurate value of a property.

Conclusion on real estate valuation in Nigeria

The factors that affect the value of a property in Nigeria are obviously more than what is listed above. Also, the influence of any or all of the variables involved can change in a blink. It takes an experienced real estate valuer to quickly recognize these changes and take the corresponding action.

More importantly, property disposal and acquisition are not the only actions that call for property valuation. Taxes, insurance, mortgage application and the need to properly set an appropriate rate for a property are just a few of the reasons why we need the services of a property valuation firm.

Do you have any inquiry about property valuation and why you need it? Contact a reliable real estate valuation expert for an exclusive breakdown of the benefits of property valuation and the important things to note when your property is being valued.

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Can Big Data be the new BFF for Digital Marketers?

Can you imagine your life without gadgets? Imagine you are asked to stay without your cell phones and laptops for a week. Unimaginable right? Well, technology nowadays has become the heart and soul of our lives. We wake up with technology and go back to sleep with technology.

In the race of mobile apps, CRM solution, data security and networking commonly used software related to, AI, machine learning, big data IoT, customer management software, etc. are creating their own impression in IT markets. To stay ahead of the competition, most of the companies in India are opting for CRM software services. In the past few decades technology has evolved drastically. For us as consumers, it is extremely important to understand the technology evolution and its impact.

The rise of every technology has some motive behind it. To understand the technology, understanding the motive behind it is very much crucial. Let’s take an example of CRM. Customer Relationship Management software solutions have recently originated term, yet explored and tapped by almost all the internet and software companies in India. Internet nowadays has brought the world even closer. Also, it has changed the dynamics of consumer behavior and purchase decision making. Almost everyone nowadays goes online to read the product/ service reviews before making any purchase. CRM services help companies understand their exact target audience, traffic sources and approaches to convert their prospects.

An AI-powered (artificial intelligence) smart city was made possible with power of big data collection and machine learning.

What is Big Data?

These days, one of the buzzes is big data. It generates a massive amount of data that can be gathered from every search made on the web to every activity done on social media and pinned into your CRM system. NGOs, government bodies, private institutions, IT firms, CRM services companies, name it and all of them are already making use of it.

There are some mind-boggling stats related to big data. Over 50 billion smart connected devices will be available in just 5 years from now to gather, analyze and process the data. The only challenge with big data is producing a vast amount of information in an unstructured way. This can be addressed through customer management software. CRM is a customer relationship management software that helps with lead nurturing.

SMEs and enterprise level companies usually have a vast amount of information about their leads, which needs to be organized. According to Statista, CRM services let companies achieve data hygiene and management freedom. 

Revenue from big data and business analytics worldwide from 2015 to 2022 in Billion US dollars
Here’s a projected revenue from big data and business analytics worldwide from 2015 to 2022 in Billion US dollars just to tell you how great the future looks.

Big data operates on three major principles – volume, velocity, and variety. Big data produces a large amount of data that is gathered from multiples sources like business directories, social media channels, marketing campaigns, and multiple other possible sources. After data acquisition, it is streamed at pretty high bandwidth to be accessed in a timely manner. This is done in order to generate faster real-time results.

Talking about variety, big data comes in different structured and unstructured forms. It could be anything and everything from videos, social media posts, text files, emails, audio clips, podcasts, eBooks, etc.

But, is that all? Is that enough?

Well, most of the digital B2B marketers will complain that they face major issues when it comes to lead nurturing. Big data with CRM software in place can help you generate higher ROI.

Digital Era

We are living in a world of digitization. Smartphones, smartwatches, tablets, and laptops have converted strangers into a community. Social media groups, Google searches and ecommerce product reviews have completely transformed the way consumers are making purchases these days. Recent customer relationship management software trends say that 94% of consumers nowadays check for online reviews or products/ services before shopping, according to data from Marketing Charts below.

When it comes to making purchase online, what online media do you regularly use to find inspiration for your purchases?
When it comes to making purchase online, what online media do you regularly use to find inspiration for your purchases?

Therefore, digital marketing is the most prioritized activity for every brand. Understanding where your consumers are, what are their usual behaviors and what instigates their decision making helps brands connect with their potential clients in a personalized manner. This, of course, saves on time, yet increases productivity.

But, to gauge all this, it is important to have detailed information. A lot of CRM software companies in India helps you achieve that. Do you know what your user persona is like? Which social media channels they often use and at what times? Who are your competitors? Are your potential customers visiting your website, but are not motivated enough to make a purchase or drop an inquiry?

A customer relationship management software will help digital marketers address these pain points in order to optimize their brand identity, draw in more traffic and help the sales team achieve more closures.

Big Data Empowering Digital Marketers

Additionally, imagine something like ‘big data’. Some tool that can provide all this information about hundreds and thousands of your potential customers with just a single click. Yes, that’s exactly what I am talking about.

A vast amount of data combined with a customer management software describing the source of your website visitors, various mediums of social media channels, their behavioral analysis, their motivation factors, their interests, etc. all brought to you right in front of your computer screens. This will help digital marketers define their target audience, create user personas, draw better digital marketing strategies and deliver the right content at the right times.

Creating content, social media posts, remarketing strategies, eBooks, case studies, PPC campaigns, video marketing plans all will become easier and more sensible when you know who to sell, where to sell, when to sell and how to sell.

Can Big Data be the new BFF for Digital Marketers?

Big Data Benefits

  • Cost-efficient: Instead of searching your potential audience at different places manually, get a tool that can do the tedious job for you, while you relax and work on ways to reach your target audience through a CRM software in India.
  • Time-saving: Ever wondered how much time and efforts you will have to put into research about at least half a billion people with a proper CRM system in place? Possibly, your entire career span, and that is a lot of time. But, what if you have a big data and CRM software/ tool that can do this for you?
  • Online reputation management: Big data is capable of analyzing human emotions. Based on that data, you can easily address grievances if any, moderate pointless communications on social media and turn negative publicity into a loyal customer base through personalized customer relationship management software.
  • Explore newer markets: When you have a sufficient amount of data about your target audience and their behavior, you can easily understand the red ocean and blue ocean segments. This will help you explore more viable opportunities to enhance your business potential and create personalized campaigns within customer management software.


Big data helps digital marketers get a massive amount of data in a structured and unstructured manner through various sources like social media, website, emails, audio-video clips and text files to understand and process this data in real time for increased productivity. This data can be analyzed, segmented and acted upon through CRM- customer relationship management software services in India. To better justify your digital marketing efforts, explore big data tools along with CRM services to gather, analyze and strategize your business potential.

Create a scalable and seamless product/ service range for your customers and build long-lasting relations. Build a strong consumer base that can help you earn referrals and earn a credibility factor, thereby giving you an upper hand over your competitors.

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Digital Advertising vs SEO: Which is Best for Your Business?

In the current climate of digital marketing, businesses that desire increased exposure have to pay for it. A company can go about this in two distinct ways. Either, it can purchase ads that appear on search engines, or it can invest capital toward search-engine optimization (SEO) efforts to boost online position “organically.” Though digital advertising is a part of search engine marketing (SEM) it has no bearing on a company’s organic rankings. Today, we’ll explore the pros and cons of both digital advertising and SEO efforts, and explain which strategy is better for your business:

Digital Advertising vs SEO; Pros, and Cons – and Impact on Business Growth

Digital Advertising vs SEO - Which is Best for Your Small Business
How does digital advertisement impact small business growth as compared to search engine optimization? We get into the detail of this discussion below. Enjoy the ride.

Digital Advertising

The nice thing about digital advertising is the certainty that surrounds the process. As such, if you pay for an ad to appear on a social media website like Facebook, it will show up there. Similarly, if you outbid your competitors to appear at the top of a search engine page, your ad will claim the top spot. However, because digital adverts on major networks are so cut-and-dried, it can be very expensive to rank for advertisements that contain certain lucrative keywords. Given that fact, some businesses find that digital advertising isn’t a cost-effective method to promote their business.

What is the role of Digital Marketing in small business growth?
What is the role of digital marketing to small business growth?


SEO concepts are much more complex than the rather straightforward guidelines that govern digital advertising. Plus, new SEO trends come in and out of vogue on a regular basis. Hundreds of factors can influence a website’s ranking on a search engine like Google. Some of those factors include:

  • Website age
  • Content quality/quantity
  • Backlink profile
  • Link relevance
  • Bounce rate
  • Page speed
  • Mobile capabilities

The above list is merely the tip of the iceberg when it comes to SEO implementation. Though SEO strategies are complex, they can deliver massive benefits in the long run –– provided you have a team in place that understands the intricacies of digital marketing. SEO tactics aren’t likely to affect website performance in the space of a few weeks, but over the course of time, effective SEO will greatly enhance a company’s digital presence.SEO vs Digital Advertising

What’s the Best Play?

Unfortunately, there’s no universal answer to this question. Both digital advertising and SEO tactics can offer businesses significant advantages. The key to using either (or both) successfully is to determine the needs and goals of your business first. The modern workplace is diverse and constantly changing. What works for one company may not prove beneficial for another. In general, though, companies that are serious about upping their brand’s digital footprint will utilize some combination of paid advertising and SEO. For more information regarding SEO and digital advertising best practices, consider reaching out to a digital marketing agency.

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10 Best Responsive HTML5 Frameworks For Web Developers

Want to create responsive websites fast and effortlessly? Responsive HTML5 frameworks are an apt solution you can look up to. These frameworks are bestowed with incredible features. These are renowned for solving complex programming in less time. The best part is, they reduce the tasks of repetitive coding. One more thing, they are widely used for building front-end websites.

Simply put, with these frameworks, it’s intuitive to build websites that are responsive and customizable at the same time.

In this post, I have summed up a list of 10 responsive HTML5 frameworks based on their popularity. Let’s take a deep dive to know more about them.

10 Responsive HTML5 Frameworks You Cannot Do Without As a Web Developer10 Responsive HTML5 Framework for smart developers

#1. Bootstrap

Bootstrap is a framework, which is famous for delivering highly responsive designs. It is super-suited for making mobile-first websites. Such websites fit screen sizes of all devices.

Bootstrap is ideal for front-end/UI development. It has all features that can be pretty useful for crafting responsive apps and websites. It carries a 12-column responsive grid and 13 custom jQuery plugins. Due to this, it emerges as a perfect tool that you can use in almost every responsive HTML5 development process.

Bootstrap offers you a sleeky, yet intuitive, and powerful front-end HTML5 framework for faster and easier website project development.
Bootstrap offers you a sleeky, yet intuitive, and powerful front-end HTML5 framework for faster and easier website project development.

Download bootstrap HTM5 Framework here.

#2. Foundation

Foundation framework ranks top when it comes to the superior performance of devices and custom app requirements. It’s quite helpful for creating e-mail templates and websites. It has got an upgrade. The latest version V6 is power-packed with some amazing features.

This framework offers extended support in the creation of mobile-first websites. This, later on, can transform into effective mobile apps.

Foundation is world's most advanced responsive front-end HTML5 framework for smart web developers
Foundation is the world’s most advanced responsive front-end HTML5 framework for smart web developers.

You can download Foundation frontend framework via this link.

#3. Kendo UI

As the name suggests, this framework is in close sync with the user interface. This framework is highly recommended for the creation of mobile and desktop apps. Plus, it allows developers to access more than 70+ UI widgets.

Kendo UI is enhanced with tools for building better javaScript in a fast and lighter mode.
Kendo UI is enhanced with tools for building better javaScript in a fast and light mode. It offers you a collection of top javascript components with inbuilt libraries for Angular, jQuery, React, and Vue.

What makes it more interesting is its features. Support for Bootstrap developers, native angular integration, and mobile functionality are among them.

Kendo UI lets you quickly build attractive and responsive web applications that could work anywhere—regardless of your JavaScript framework choice.

How Kendo UI Help Developers Reduce Time
Kendo UI helps developers cut costs and here is proof of that.

If you want to download Kendo UI, go here.

#4. jQuery Mobile

jQuery Mobile is a popular JavaScript library for the web. It is used to create responsive web applications that function seamlessly on all devices.

Some of the remarkable features of jQuery include responsive design, sleek UI widgets, and in-built navigation system. Owing to these features, jQuery is the topmost choice for the creation of responsive websites and apps.

JQuery Mobile is a touch-optimized HTML5 framework for creating responsive web sites and apps that can be accessible on wide range of smartphones, tablets and desktop devices.
JQuery Mobile is a touch-optimized HTML5 framework for creating responsive web sites and apps that can be accessible on a wide range of smartphones, tablets and desktop devices.

Get it here.

#5. HTML5 Boilerplate

HTML5 Boilerplate is an open-source front-end development framework. Developers recommend this tool because it creates fast, robust, and responsive web apps. Moreover, it allows websites to support modern web browsers.

Additionally, this framework can be used to build mobile-friendly apps. It has placeholder icons, HTML template, and CSS resets for standardizing/normalizing stylesheet property values.

HTML5 Boilerplate makes it easy to build fast, robust, and adaptable web apps or sites with its interactive user interface.
HTML5 Boilerplate makes it easy to build fast, robust, and adaptable web apps or sites with its interactive user interface.

To download the latest version of HTML BoilerPlate, get it here.

#6. Sencha Touch, now part of Ext JS 

For developing stunning mobile apps, you can totally rely on Sencha Touch. Its hardware acceleration techniques offer UI components that enhance the functionality of small devices.

Whether you want to build an app for Android, iOS, Blackberry or Windows, this cross-platform framework offers all essentials that are required for creating stunning apps.

Sencha Touch HTML5 mobile framework solution lets you build stunning apps from scratch with ease.
Sencha Touch HTML5 mobile framework solution lets you build stunning apps from scratch with ease. However, Sencha Touch has now been merged with another product by the company known as Ext JS.

However, Sencha Touch has now been merged with another product by the company known as Ext JS. The previous Sencha Touch features have now been reworked into the core functionality of Sencha Ext JS for building mobile apps. With this new combination, developers will have one interface with all-inclusive tools needed to build data-intensive, cross-platform web and mobile applications. To download Sencha Touch for free, you can still do so. But it is highly recommended you get the Ext JS instead if you want advanced features in one.

Read more about the features and future releases here.

#7. Trigger

Trigger is a well-known cross-platform web development framework. It is primarily used for developing native mobile applications. This framework lessens the time to write complex codes for creating native apps.

It utilizes JavaScript functionality in order to create iOS and Android apps within a short duration. Along with this, it has in-built cloud service that facilitates building or testing mobile apps within the cloud. - smartest way to build mobile apps that does magic! lets you build an eye-catching smartphone app that renders on almost all devices. You can build native apps with javascript and have them stored on the cloud. It also enables you to asynchronously update via push option without the need to manually re-submit the app to the app store.

#8. Ionic

Ionic is one of the most popular HTML5 mobile frameworks used for building cross-platform apps and mobile websites. This framework helps to bridge the gap between Angular JS web apps and hybrid mobile apps for creation of mobile web apps and native apps.

Ionic offers a set of HTML, CSS, and JavaScript components. It is open-source, which makes it easily accessible by both beginners and experienced developers.

With Ionic framework, one codebase could work on multiple platforms without glitch. You can build nice app and ship them to the customer on different platforms.
With Ionic framework, one codebase could work on multiple platforms without a glitch. You can build a cross-platform hybrid app and ship them to the customer on different platforms with ease.

If you want to get Ionic, this link will help you.

#9. HTML Kickstart

This framework is famous amongst the HTML developers. Its diverse range of layouts, elements, and front-end files make it a wonderful framework for building mobile apps.

Grids, menus, slides, buttons, and typography are some available components within this framework. With these components, it becomes easy to create mobile apps in less time.

HTML kickstart is an ultra-clean HTML5 framework with CSS and Javascript building blocks for responsive web applications.
HTML kickstart is an ultra-clean and responsive HTML5 framework with CSS and Javascript building blocks
for responsive web applications. Occupying ninth position on our list of top responsive HTML5 frameworks.

#10. Base

This lightweight and modular HTML/CSS framework is the best for creating wonderful website applications. It functions smoothly with the old and new web browsers, and other mobile devices as well. In totality, it is a robust cross-platform and responsive front-end HTML5 framework.

Build a Responsive CSS Framework with Base
Base is a lightweight CSS framework that streamlines the process of creating website applications. It is the last on TechAtLast list of top 10 responsive HTML5 frameworks web developers can rely on.

Download Base here.

Final notes on responsive HTML5 frameworks

So, these are the list of responsive HTML5 frameworks. These are of great help while developing a modern and responsive website or app. It is imperative to choose the right web development framework as this guarantees better website performance in the future.

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Dumb Little Creatures, an indie puzzle that revives a great 90s Classic coming next week

A fresh indie game that revives a great 90s Classic

Dumb little creatures is a fresh indie culture inspired puzzle game that revives a great 90s classic experience for the gamer, and the good news is; it’s coming to your mobile phones next week.

Providing hours of strategizing and fun, Dumb Little Creatures engages gamers with vibrant worlds by solving addicting 3D puzzles that keep the innocent creatures on the right path. By instructing the creatures to build, dig and construct objects, the player can surpass an array of sadistic moving obstacles and mayhem during the gameplay.

Dumb little creatures game will be released next week to the Android and ios market.
Dumb little creatures game will be released next week to the Android and iOS market.

The dumb little creatures game story

“We love Lemmings, which is a great game that happened many years ago, and since there, there hasn’t been other like that. We want to bring younger generations of gamers the fun of a game like that, but with a modern and fresh look, and also we want to relive the same challenging mechanics it had for people that liked that game at that time, but with our own story, version of it and vision. We hope it will be great! We want to create a really fun experience. So we wanted the visuals to look really innocent, like watching a kids cartoon, just like Peppa Pig or something like that. So we went for Low Poly and bright colors. We created unique worlds with different environments. The idea is to help this group of creatures get to the exit. So we based the idea on a classic game called Lemmings. But we gave it a fresh look and started playing with the visual style (low poly), colors (bright), views (isometric & 3d), changing the tone of the game (introducing fatalities, etc). Adding additional elements to make it even more challenging, by having blind spots and having to think in 3D. We really hope it will be fun to play!”

– Pablo González
Mismatch Studio founder

Fun filled experience

The production of the game took over a year and promises to be an incredibly fun puzzle and has set May 22 as its official release date.

Challenging Puzzles

With over 21 challenging levels and an additional 8 bonus levels, this game is designed to keep the gamer entertained for hours.

The game just will also launch for PC and Mac users and it will be available in different stores, including, of course, Steam on the same date.

If you want to download Dumb Little Creatures, visit your mobile app store to get the app or visit the official website. It is already listed by Mismatch Studio, just waiting to be downloaded by you.