7 Cool Puzzle Games That Don’t Need Internet or Wi-Fi Connection

Are you looking for cool puzzle games you can play without internet or Wi-Fi connection? Look no further, we have got you covered!

Puzzles and crosswords games have been proven to improve one’s IQ level. Puzzles are mind stimulating problems that test one’s imagination and creativity while at the same time boosts your brain power, hence making them suitable for educational purposes besides being appropriate for entertainment and passing time.

This article outlines 7 cool puzzle games that do not require one to be connected to the internet to be able to enjoy them.

7 Cool Puzzle Games That Do Not Need Internet or WiFi

7 Cool Puzzle Games That Do Not Need Internet or WiFi
Gaming is fun! But to maximize your gaming experience in this new age, a lot of sacrifices are meant to be made in form of internet provision. These are cool puzzle games that you can play without internet or WiFi connection.

1. 4 Pics 1 Word

4 Pics 1 Word is a sensational puzzle game that has gone viral among mobile gamers. Made by Lotum, the game consists of puzzles that will test your logic in a myriad of ways and is related to the crossword games.

On opening the game, one is presented with a screen containing four photographs. The four photographs have something in common which a player must decipher. At times it will be easy and apparent and other times it will, in fact, be tough to deduce what is common in the four pictures, in single words. This is more so as one advance the levels of the game.

Just below the photographs provided on the screen, one will see blank spaces indicating how many letters are in the answer. Under that, there will be a jumbled keyboard of the probable letters you will be required to select from when typing in your supposed answer. Tap the letters on this keyboard to spell out the word you consider to be the solution. The solution will be a common theme between the four photographs.

Once you get a problem right, you are rewarded with three coins and progress to the next level in the game.

4 Pics 1 Word - Cool Puzzle Game That Do Not Need Internet To Play
Created by Lotum, 4 Pics 1 Word is a creative word puzzle game that lets you unravel the hidden word behind the set of letters that is given to the player. It is one of the best cool puzzle games without data that is available on Android and iOS.

2. 2048 

2048 feature a sliding block puzzle offline game developed by Gabriele Cirulli. The game is played on a little 4×4 grid, with numbered tiles that slide smoothly when a player moves them using the four arrow keys. With every turn, a new tile randomly appears in the empty position on the board. The random tile will have a value of either 2 or 4.

If two tiles of the same value bump into each other while you slide them, they will merge into one tile with the sum total value of the two tiles.

One wins the game when a tile with a value of 2048 appears on the board. The game ends when there are no more empty spaces and no more neighboring tiles with a similar value.

2048 - Cool Puzzle Game That Do Not Need Internet To Play
The official 2048 puzzle game was originally created by Gabriele Cirulli with intention to simply swipe the tiles up, down, left, and right to achieve the objectives. When two of the tiles with the equal number touch, they merge into one.

3. Math Effect

Math Effect is quite an intriguing puzzle game where the equations and answers are presented on the screen and you only need to decide and select whether the proposed solution is right or wrong. The equations can be pretty simple in some cases or they can complex.

Of key in this game is speed as well as accuracy. The game ends when one makes a wrong selection. This makes the game more challenging. The fact that speed is also essential adds pressure to the game and makes it more interesting.

You progress levels as you solve the equations correctly and make the appropriate selections. A scoreboard is featured to track your scores.

Math Effect - Cool Puzzle Game You Can Play Without Internet
Math Effect is a speed Mathematics game for everyone who loves to calculate and do workings with mathematics. It is for the smart guys out there.

4. Quento

Quento is a little simple and addictive puzzle game presented on a 3×3 board consisting of four operators and five numbers. You start with a number, swipe to an operator, and then back to another number in order to obtain the total answers required by the game.

Every correct solution earns you a star in the game. Once you collect all the stars, you can move to another board. With one set of numbers, you will have to solve 12 different equations which will ultimately make the game challenging and exciting to play.

If you are looking for a puzzler to invigorate your brain, then this is perfect for you.

Play Quento without internet on your phone
You can play Quento puzzle game without internet on your smartphone, be it iOS or Android. All you need is to download the app and try to make things happen.

5. Threes

Threes’ has simple gameplay but play it for a while and you’ll realize there’s something about it that makes it impossible to put down.

THREES android game app trailer

The logic is quite simple: combine 1 and 2 to get 3, 3 and 3 for a 6, 6 and 6 for a 12, and so on with multiples of threes. You do that by sliding all the numbers on the 4×4 board in the same direction. If two numbers can overlap to make a combination, you clear up a slot. But each slide you make also introduces a new number to the board. Your goal is to get the highest possible numbers on the board before it fills up and you can’t make a move.

The challenge of the game is in how long you can postpone the inevitable end and how smart you are at making several combinations with a single swipe to clear the board as much as possible.

THREES is an android game that works without internet
THREES is an android game that works without internet. It lets you play with random number just to get different outcomes of THREEs!

6. Nove is one of the best cool puzzle games

While Nove is the least complex in this selection, it’s perfect for those moments when you are bored but don’t want to stress your brain.

A 5×7 grid of colored numbers is presented and you have to swipe across end-to-end and similarly colored numbers in ascending order. The longer the swiped sequence is, the higher your score. The game has two modes; Zen Mode that has no time limit and Challenge Mode where you only have a minute to get the highest possible score.

7. Simply Sudoku

Sudoku is a common game and there are tonnes of versions on Google play. Sudoku is quite exciting, ingenious and addictive than the rest.  

That is mostly because of the games design and how it is played. Just like other sudoku games, Simply Sudoku is comprised of random puzzles at various levels of progression. It also features a help function. However, it has many unique advantages as well, like a smart keyboard that only shows the possible numbers when you highlight an empty cell

When it comes to sudoku, Simply Sudoku is one level above the rest and is guaranteed to keep you locked on your screen for hours.

Simply Sudoku is a badass android puzzle game
Simply Sudoku is a badass android puzzle game that works without the need of internet or Wi-Fi. It has some level of difficulties, but you will enjoy the fun along the way.

Conclusion on these cool puzzle games

Even with the advancement in technology today, there are still lots of places where one can’t get an Internet connection. For this reason, one needs to have cool games that don’t need Wi-Fi and Internet connection to work.  Along with these cool puzzle games, you can even download crosswords along with the 7 little words crossword answers to keep yourself engaged when you are out of data or wireless connection.

Therefore, keeping games that don’t need the Internet on your device all the time is a great investment on your entertainment. With these games, one can have a quality time whenever without worrying about connecting to the Internet and data charges.

Computer Tips & Tutorials How to Guide Operating System (Computer or Mobile) Windows 10

How to Protect Your Privacy in Windows 10 – Follow These 5 Steps

If you are familiar with search engine service providers such as Google, DuckDuckGo, or Bing, you’ll agree with me that “how to protect your privacy“, or “how do I protect my privacy“, or “how to stay secured online” are top search phrases that comes higher amongst the list of things people search for on a daily basis.

Privacy is one of the most debatable topics nowadays. Everyone wish to have their privacy intact and for this, they are ready to spend any amount of money. However, spending the money on unnecessary instruments is not a full proof solution to keep your privacy protected. But if we remain a bit alert and follow some common tweaks then we can ourselves protect our privacy. Now when it comes to the Windows 10, Microsoft is criticized for some of its features that don’t seem to be in accordance with the privacy rules and policies that one needs to follow. But guys do believe that it’s not that much difficult to protect your privacy in Windows 10. In this article, we will discuss how following some simple tips will protect your privacy in Windows 10.

Expert’s Guide on How to Protect Your Privacy in Windows 10

How to Protect Your Privacy in Windows 10 PC
If protecting your privacy is all that matters to you right now, using Windows 10 won’t directly help except you follow these tips for staying safe.

Turn Off Location Access

This is one of the most basic features that we never turn off, and in turn, we let our current location known to others. This means if you have turned on your location service then Windows, services and other apps can use your location by sending location-specific offers or ads to you. If you are ordering some food from the nearby restaurant then turning on the location access is ok but turning on your location access all the time doesn’t make any sense. Therefore, we advise you to disable your location access by following the steps below:

      •    Click on Windows Start button and select Settings (gear icon) > Privacy > Location.Turn Off Location Access to protect your privacy
      •    Now click on Change button to toggle off location service for the device.
      •    That’s it now your location service is disabled

Moreover, you can also give your location access to some of the apps, instead of allowing it for every app.

Stop Notification to Show on Lock Screen:

It is a common practice followed by every user to lock his screen while moving away from it. But if you have let the notifications to pop up even on the lock screen then it’s a serious concern to your privacy. Therefore, it is highly recommended to turn off your notification while your computer is locked. To turn off notifications appearing on lock screen follow the below steps:

      •    Click on Windows Start button and select Settings (gear icon) > System > Notifications & actions.Stop Notification to Show on Lock Screen
      •    Now toggle off the option, Show notifications on the lock screen.
      •    This will stop all the notifications from appearing on the lock screen.

If you are more concerned about your privacy, then you can also disable other types of notifications as well.

Never Make your Account Information Public:

Keeping your account info private is another method to not only protect your id but also privacy in Windows 10. This is because if you allow apps to access your account information then they can view your name, picture, and other account details. But once denied none of the apps can view your account information keeping your privacy intact. To do so all you need is to follow the steps below:

      •    Click on Windows Start button and select Settings (gear icon) > Privacy > Account Info.Never Make your Account Information Public
      •    Now click on Change to turn off the account info access.
      •    Also, toggle off the option that allows an app to access your account info.

Manage your Privacy using Privacy Dashboard of Microsoft:

Microsoft Privacy Dashboard is a less known tool that helps you to manage your privacy. By logging into this dashboard, you can not only view but also delete the data at once, that is gathered by Microsoft. To get started all you need to do is to visit the following link and sign in with your Microsoft account. Once signed in you can view and delete all your browsing history collected while using Microsoft Edge and Cortana, clear your search history, clear all your location information, manage apps and services that access your data and much more. And still, if you have some other privacy questions and concerns then you can also contact Microsoft privacy team.

Turn Off Timeline to Protect Your Privacy:

While for many users Windows Timeline feature is one of the most loved features, on the other side it is a matter of concern for others. This smart feature helps you to resume your activities from where you have left not only on the current PC but also from all the PC where you have signed in. Now, in order to make that possible Windows do gather information about your activities from all the PC, you are signed in. So, if you too feel this as a privacy threat then you can easily turn this off. To do so, please follow the below steps:

      •    Click on Windows Start button and select Settings (gear icon) > Privacy > Activity history.Turn off timeline on Windows 10 if you want to be secured.
      •    Now uncheck the option, Store my activity history on this device.
      •    Also, uncheck the option, Send my activity history to Microsoft.

Now Windows 10 will not gather information about your activities.

So, readers, now you can yourself realize that protecting your privacy in Windows 10 is not an uphill task. You have to follow just the above-discussed tweaks and keep your privacy intact.

Business Money & Finance

Looking Beyond Conventional Mortgage Financing Home Buyers Can Evaluate More Options

Government insured mortgages are very popular financing options as it serves the best interests of home buyers while assuring lenders of safe business. First time home buyers with limited financial resources would like to depend on this type of loans that can make home buying easy for them. Buyers must choose from different types of government insured mortgages like FHA loans, VA loans and USDA loans which means it needs some good understanding about the various facets of loans to match with the budget of individuals. The latest version of Karl’s mortgage calculator that is available online is a handy tool for analyzing the loan elements of different types of mortgage loans to get a clear picture of the loan.

Shopping for mortgage loans become easy when you have a ready calculator to try out various loan options for finding out which combination of the loan elements like interest, loan term and loan amount together with down payment works best for you. Searching for various home loans will help you discover many options beyond the conventional mortgage loans as you would find multiple home buyer programs and grants that can help to realize your dreams of owning a home. Since the house is the largest investment of your lifetime, it is worth spending the time to find out the most convenient mortgage options that fit your budget.

In this article, we will discuss 6 home buyer programs and grants that will expand your choices.

6 Exclusive Home Buyer Programs and Grants Looking beyond conventional mortgage financing home buyers can evaluate more options

The good neighbor next door program

The US Department of Housing and Urban Development or HUD sponsors the Good Neighbor Next Door Program for providing housing to a specific section of the population. The program covers firefighters, law enforcement officers, teachers from pre-kindergarten through 12th grade and emergency medical technicians – the group that keeps communities well educated and safe.

Homes in specially marked areas known as ‘revitalization areas’ are available under the program that allows home buyers to get a maximum discount of 50% on the listed selling price. You can search for properties in your state by logging on to the program’s website but must commit living in the home for 36 months to qualify for the program that offers homes on as-is-where-is basis without any warranty for buyers.

You can couple the program with any conventional financing like FHA, VA or cash and can sell the home for profits after fulfilling the condition of living for 36 months.

Freddie Mac or Fannie Mae

Freddie Mac and Fannie Mae are government sponsored entities that help to strengthen the mortgage market in the US. The government sponsored enterprises or GSEs are responsible for setting and borrowing guidelines for home loans they intend to buy from conventional lenders who operate in the secondary mortgage market. Having a good financial track record without an unblemished credit history and a minimum credit score of 620 are the eligibility criteria for both programs that entail down payment of 3% only. In some cases, Fannie Mae accepts debt-to-income ratio as high as 50%, but as you are putting not more than 20% down payment, you must pay for PMI too. However, you can obtain PMI waiver once your loan-to-value ratio drops below 80 percent. The loans are available according to the limits set by the government.

Luxury home - Looking beyond conventional mortgage financing home buyers can evaluate more options

HomePath Ready buyer program offered by Fannie Mae

This not so well known initiative aims at first time home buyers interested to buy foreclosed homes belonging to Fannie Mae. To qualify for the loan, it is mandatory for prospective buyers to take an online home buying education course that can help to receive loan assistance not exceeding 3% in closing cost toward the purchase of the home.  The scheme is relatively unknown due to its specific application for foreclosed homes that constitute a miniscule percentage of real estate and finding a suitable property in this category can be quite challenging. First time buyers with limited finances would find the program beneficial provided they are interested in foreclosed homes.

Energy Efficient Mortgage

Doing some good for the environment would also be good for your pocket when you set out to buy a home. Energy efficient homes mean lower utility bills besides helping to lower the carbon footprint on the environment. Despite spending some good money to create energy efficient or greenhouse, you could gain by availing energy-efficient mortgage (EEM) loan, which is an insured loan just like VA or FHA loan. You can offset the cost of energy efficient upgrades like installing double paned windows, more efficient HVAC, improved insulation, etc. done to your home against the primary loan upfront but without a larger down payment. Adding the improvements with minimal down payment and reaping the cost benefits in the long term are the attractions of the EEM program.

Local first time home buyer program and grants

Many states and cities offer first-time home buyer grants and programs to attract home buyers. The financial assistance is available in the form of grants that do not need repayment and low interest or interest free loans with deferred payment to cover the closing costs or down payment. However, some programs have income limits, and you must check it first before planning to avail the scheme. If you sell the house, you must repay the loan in some cases.

Native American Direct Loan

Eligible Native American veterans can avail loans under the program not only to buy a home on federal trust land but also to improve an existing home. This loan is like VA loans but with the difference that VA is the mortgage lender in this case.  The loan does not require any insurance cover, PMI or down payment and comes with low closing costs. Borrowers have to bear a minimal funding fee amounting to 1.25% payable to VA, and the interest rate is about 4.75% but subject to change.

However, the choice of property is quite limited, and the maximum loan amount varies according to the area where the property is located.

If you are really interested in looking beyond conventional mortgage financing home as a home buyer, these are more options you can actually evaluate.

Disruption News Startups

Logistics startup for ecommerce retailers raises a further £6.5m to serve the booming UK retail market

Logistics startup giant for e-commerce retailers in the United Kingdom raised a further £6.5m through Oxford Capital in her to serve the growing UK retail market for the next wave of disruptions in the industry.

London – 18th April 2019 – Weengs, a smart logistics startup that partners with ecommerce businesses to get online orders to their customers reliably and efficiently, has secured £6.5m in Series A funding. The investment round was led by venture capital firm Oxford Capital and was followed on by Weeng’s seed investors who include Local Globe, Cherry Ventures and Venture Friends. Weengs is using the funding to invest heavily in automation and technology to supercharge their operations to be able to fulfill more than 15,000 ecommerce orders per day.

  • £6.5m raised in Series A round, bringing the total raised to date to £8.7m
  • 10x company growth in the last 18 months
  • Over 1 million items fulfilled by Weengs to date
  • Round led by Oxford Capital and William Orde joins the board
  • Funding will be used to invest in automated warehouse operations
Weengs logistics startup for ecommerce retailers raises a further £6.5m to serve the booming UK retail market
Weengs, a logistics startup for e-commerce retailers in the United Kingdom raises a further £6.5m to serve the booming UK retail market.

Weengs supports retailers who are seizing the growth of the ecommerce opportunity by providing a ship-from-store logistics solution that delivers the experience consumers expect, at no hassle to the retailer. Weengs collects orders daily from retailers’ stores, professionally packs them back at the Weengs warehouse and ships them to customers. Time wasted on fulfillment has long been the silent killer for ecommerce businesses and the Weengs fulfillment service is saving its retailers an average of four hours /day.  Weengs can pack and ship a broad range of products all over the world – everything from plants to musical instruments and everyday items, such as cosmetics and electronics. Weengs has partnerships with a range of carriers and uses smart algorithms to ensure the best delivery experience for the end customer. Co-founder and CEO of Weengs, Pier Ronzi says

“The future is in ecommerce and the logistics problem was holding retail business owners back. We provide a seamless experience that increases consumer confidence to buy from anyone.”

To improve its service offering, Weengs is using the funding to invest heavily in automated operations in their new warehouse, which is five times the size of their previous one. The startup is also building a data integration solution with retailers to optimize their fulfillment needs, such as delivery speed, packing customization and matching with the best last mile carrier. Soon, Weengs will be able to offer full bespoke packing automation through machinery and proprietary software which will enable the startup to fulfill more than 15,000 orders per day. Weengs will also be able to expand their geographical coverage outside of London to the rest of the UK, which has the third largest ecommerce market in the world.

Weengs logistic staff at work
Weengs logistic staff loading content to be shipped out at the Weengs Warehouse in London.

Weengs is solving a huge problem for a growing market. It is expected that 18% of all United Kingdom retail purchases will occur online this year. By 2040, it is thought that 95% of purchases will be facilitated by e-commerce. Retailers are responding to the rise in online orders by moving to a ship-from-store solution. Ship-from-store allows retailers to be more agile and respond to the growing demand from consumers for a seamless online and offline experience. Ship-from-store also saves retailers time, improves inventory optimization and increases sales and profitability.  With Weengs, retailers can enjoy the benefits of this rising trend, while not wasting precious retail space on packing areas and materials or having the technology and know-how of logistics fulfillment. The professionalism of the Weengs fulfillment service also means retailers can reach customer expectations on packaging and delivery experience.

Weengs was founded by serial entrepreneurs, Alex Christodolou and Greg Zontanos, who were looking to solve a real problem – one which would be “a painkiller, not a vitamin”. As demand from ecommerce consumers grows, so does the demand for the Weengs service from retailers. Since the seed round, the team has grown to 70 people and Pier Ronzi, previously at McKinsey&Co, joined as a Co-founder & CEO to lead the business’ further growth. The startup has grown more than 10x in the last 18 months and now has about 400 retailers as customers. Weengs has fulfilled more than 500,000 online orders to date.  Prior to Weengs, retailers were either handling fulfillment themselves or using far-located and expensive fulfillment centers. By next year, Weengs will have saved its retailers over 2 million hours of time which would have otherwise been spent on fulfillment.

William Orde, a partner at Oxford Capital, who is joining the board says,

Weengs logistics service combines both tech and operational innovation to transform packaging and posting customer orders for retailers from a messy back-room task to a scalable third-party service. We’re excited by the leverage Weengs service gives to small retailers as they move online and to back Pier and the team as they disrupt this space.”

Co-founder and CEO of Weengs, Pier Ronzi says,

“Oxford Capital is the right investor to have on board as we embark on this ambitious next phase of growth for the business. Their deep experience with ecommerce businesses and their strong network in the UK market will be invaluable. We’re hugely excited for the next phase of Weengs and we’re one step closer to fulfilling our mission to keep ecommerce moving and retail entrepreneurs thriving.”

About Weengs

Weengs was founded by serial entrepreneurs Alex Christodoulou, Greg Zontanos and former McKinsey consultant, Pier Ronzi. Weengs is a smart logistics startup that partners with e-commerce businesses to get online orders to their customers reliably and efficiently. The fulfilment service offered by Weengs is the superpower for ecommerce businesses that can save retailers up to four hours every day. Time wasted on fulfilment has long been the silent killer for e-commerce businesses. Weengs collects items, professionally packs them at their warehouse and ships them directly to the customer.

About Oxford Capital

Oxford Capital has been investing in early-stage companies since 1999. Their London-based venture capital team has more than 60 years of combined experience, gained at leading venture capital firms in the UK and US. It makes early-stage investments in businesses all over the UK, in parts of the market where the team believe the UK can produce world-class companies. The current portfolio spans sectors including digital health, financial technologies, the future of retail and mobility.
Blockchain Technology Business

How Will Cryptocurrencies Transform the Online Retail Marketplace?

Cryptocurrencies were relatively unknown by the general public until recently. While originally designed for use within the financial sector, this interesting digital asset is now entering into mainstream use. In fact, it is estimated that approximately five per cent of all consumers currently hold some type of cryptocurrency within their portfolios. It therefore makes perfect sense that online retail businesses are looking for ways in which they will be able to accept this form of payment in the not-so-distant future. In order to understand the impact that this change might have upon the marketplace, it is first important to appreciate the appeal of cryptocurrencies in general.

How Is Cryptocurrency Transforming Online Retail Marketplace?

How Will Cryptocurrencies Transform the Online Retail Marketplace
For resolving payments online, online shoppers are already exploring the possibilities of using cryptocurrencies in the online retail marketplace. How soon that would be possible, no one can tell. But hopefully, very soon.

All About the Available Technology

Currencies such as Ethereum and Bitcoin have been making digital waves in recent times, and for good reason. One of the main reasons why they are so appealing involves their decentralised nature. Their values are not controlled by any single bank or financial institution, but rather reflect the number of transactions taking place at any given time. Further, cryptocurrencies are an excellent way to anonymously pay for a good or service. This is not always the case with traditional methods such as credit cards. Considering the fact that instances of online data theft are on the rise, it is perfectly logical that cryptocurrencies represent interesting alternatives. This is the very same reason why a handful of cutting-edge ecommerce platforms are already implementing changes so that they will be able to accept this form of payment.

However, there is another reason why encrypted electronic payments could very well overtake credit card purchases within the next five years.

The Advent of Secure Mobile Transaction Gateways

The Advent of Secure Mobile Transaction Gateways

We have already witnessed the rise of countless challenger Banks across the United Kingdom. Lower transaction fees, instantaneous account access and secure payment gateways are a few of the reasons associated with such a meteoric rise in popularity. The fact that the majority of challenger banks can be accessed solely via a smartphone app is another key point to highlight. The same holds true in regards to cryptocurrency transactions. These mobile-friendly currencies are excellent for those who have been looking for a one-touch sense of efficiency without being forced to compromise the integrity of their personal data.

Of course, e-commerce providers such as Shopify currently offer systems which are fully compatible with smartphones. It is therefore a foregone conclusión that cryptocurrencies should soon be featured as an alternative form of payment. It will also be interesting to see what types of dedicated applications will be made available in order to accommodate for this growing desire. While a handful already exist, the chances are high that such options will become more mainstream in the coming months and years.

The cryptocurrency market is here to stay. Online retailers are now beginning to realise the importance of this type of transaction and astute business owners should seriously consider adopting these methods sooner as opposed to later. The digital future of these virtual coins looks very bright indeed. Not long from now, we will witness the entrant of cryptos in the online retail marketplace. We can do nothing now but to eagerly await that to happen.

Energy Green Energy

5 Reasons Why Solar Roofing Is More Profitable Than the Conventional Kind

What is that one part of your home that gets the most sunlight? Of course, it is the roof. It is particularly why solar panels are installed on the roof. Have you considered the possibility of converting the entire roof into a solar panel?

Not only is it possible, but it is also profitable.

Tesla might make everyone think that solar roofing is their idea, but the concept has been around for a while. Whether you go for Tesla style solar shingles or the regular solar roof, one thing will remain the same – it will cost you more than a conventional roof.

However, when speaking of cost, people often overlook the benefits of a solar panel. These benefits are not apparent right away, but they prove extremely profitable in the long run.

When it comes to solar roofing installation, the benefits out ways the let downs against the conventional roofing solution. Here are five reasons why solar roofing is more profitable than the conventional kind.

Why Solar Roofing? Is It Worth All The Buzz?

5 Reasons Why Solar Roofing Is More Profitable Than the Conventional Kind
Solar roofing has become a rave of the moment, but not many are aware of its amazing features. Here are five reasons why you should give solar roofing a try in your home or office.

1. Solar Roofing Is Environment-Friendly

There is no second opinion about it. Environment-friendly choices are the need of the hour. The whole world is suffering from the side effects of global warming. And it is all because of the careless choices we have made over the decades. Now it is time to make more conscious decisions, on a much larger scale. Smaller acts won’t add up to a significant effect unless we make a bigger decision. We are talking roof scale big here!

Solar energy is renewable energy. When you power your home with solar, you are not leaving behind any footprint on the atmosphere. There is simply no harmful emission or any adverse effect of solar on human health or the environment. Since it is the only planet we have and the same planet we will inherit, the profits will surely be reaped by generations to come.

Now,by comparison, a conventional roof is a contributing factor in global warming. Scientists are constantly working on ways to reduce the amount of heat created by roofs. Many solutions have been proposed,but nothing is as effective as solar roofing.

2. Solar Roofing Increases the Value of Your Property

Property is an investment. Even if you buy a home you plan to live in, you never know when you will have to sell it. So, it’s important to always think of in terms of resale. Solar energy is now considered a great way to enhance the value of any property. Homebuyers understand the kind of saving they can expect. And we aren’t just talking about one or two panels, we are talking about a whole roof that acts as a solar panel.

According to a recent study in this regard, solar installations can improve your property’s value by around $16000. The difference can be higher in states that offer better tax incentives. A solar roof will make your home appear modern and up to date. It will attract buyers who are more interested in greener choices. Since there is still a dearth of eco-friendly homes, you will have the upper hand in negotiations.

3. Solar Roofing Can Offer Tax Benefits

As the mercury rises beyond historical limits every year, the government is trying to encourage more and more people towards eco-friendly choices. It is why they are constantly offering tax cuts and credits for people who invest in green energy in their homes.

With Solar roofing, you will be eligible for the 30 percent federal tax credit, plus any additional credit applicable in your state. Moving forward, we can only expect improved incentives for solar installation. We might even see better incentives for solar roofing as compared to simple solar panel installations. Some states have an additional 20 to 25 percent credit. This means the cost of roofing will be slashed in half, which will be close to if not lower than the cost of the conventional kind.

A fair estimate is that you can easily recover the cost of solar roof installation within five years. That is just one another reason why overhead cost should be the last thing you should worry about when thinking of solar roofing.

4. Solar Is All About Long Term Savings 

Take out the solar installation calculator and get an estimate of solar roof installation. The figure might seem too high as compared to the cost of conventional roofing, but that is just half the story. The easiest way to understand the difference is to think of a conventional roof as an expense, and solar roofing as an investment. Whatever you invest in solar panel installation, you are likely to get it back within five years or even less. We can always count on better tax credits and policies.

As mentioned earlier, a solar roof will bring in plenty of tax incentives your way. There are federal and state tax credits. There is a significant increase in your property’s value. Not to mention, solar roofing is better at insulation,and your overall heating and cooling needs will also subside.


Here’s How You Can Make Your Family Car More Tech Savvy

Adding the right technology to your car can make it feel like new. As a parent, you spend a great deal of time behind the wheel. Your automobile needs to be safe, comfortable, reliable — and enjoyable. Are you thinking about getting some cool gadgets for your car?

What is a car gadget?

As with every aspect of our modern lifestyle, various devices are continuously being designed to make everything as easy as possible. And driving a car is no different. Car gadgets are electronic pieces of equipment devised to optimize your driving experience. But do you really need them?

Are car gadgets useful?

Since a considerable amount of time is spent on the road, often drivers -and passengers- aim to optimize the environment. They want to get the most out of their ride. While the apparent benefit is added entertainment and value to your automobile, these devices also prevent maintenance issues from cropping up. They allow you to multitask safely, for example, answer a phone via hands-free. They prevent you from getting pulled over by the cops. They also keep you completely aware of everything that’s happening around your vehicle. Various displays provide information at eye-level positions so you won’t get distracted from focusing on the road.

Investing in these small yet powerful pieces of technology can help save you in the long run. Are you searching for the best family car gadgets for your next family trip? Here are some products that you should consider as your family car gadgets.

Top Selection of Family Car Gadgets You Can Get Out There

Family Car Gadgets - 5 Ways To Make Your Family Car More Tech Savvy
Installing the right technology to your car can make it feel, look, and perform like new. But only few people know about adding those little spices. If you want to make your car tech savvy, this post explains how to acquire the best family car gadgets for your ride.

Dash Cam

In today’s tech-driven world, dash cams have skyrocketed in popularity. You can easily record everything that is happening on the road while you are behind the wheel. This is especially valuable if an incident occurs and you have to settle disputes on insurance claims. In fact, when everything is on camera, it’s possible that this gadget can also improve your driving.

Rear Camera

If you have an older car to accommodate a growing family, you cannot benefit from the new technology features available in recent models. However, gadgets like the rearview camera are readily accessible. A camera is mounted just above the rear number plate. The live footage can be transferred to your smartphone via Bluetooth or displayed on a screen attached to the dashboard. It’ll provide you with the ability to reverse safely or park without scraping the bumper.

Mirror Dash Cam

Safety can be sophisticated. There are several models which combine the functions of a dash cam and rear camera. They can be fitted over the rear-view mirror of your car. Integrated with an LCD touchscreen, you can effortlessly record everything that is happening in front as well as behind you. Some gadgets such as the YI mirror dash camera have an additional feature – driver fatigue alerts. It’s a great way of enhancing the safety of the family, especially on road trips when there is quite a bit of driving.

Smarter Incorporation with Android Auto and Apple CarPlay

A lot of new cars support CarPlay by Apple and Android Auto by Google from the get-go. Both offer a trouble-free way to connect your phone to the in-car entertainment system, providing hands-free access to calls, messages, music, GPS, or any other app. It’s a simpler and safer way to use your phone while you drive.

Older vehicles are not entirely out of luck. You can easily purchase the system and install it in your automobile. But it can get a bit pricey as you’ll need to pay for parts, the labour for installation, and of course the head unit. So before you decide on this piece of technology, get a free car valuation done on your current set of wheels. You don’t want to invest in a product that will surpass or equal the value of your vehicle!

Head-Up Display

Another cool device that will benefit the driver is a head-up display. It projects important information onto the windscreen, including directions, the speed limit, your speed, viewing notifications, and much more. HUDWAY glass and NAVION Augmented Reality Car HUD are just a couple of tools which let your eyes focus on the road ahead while keeping your hands on the wheel. And though these features vary from model to model, they definitely add a futuristic feel to your car.

Roav Viva Alexa-Enhanced Car Charger

Don’t leave Alexa at home- bring her with you in the car. She’s no longer only in the Echo. Alexa-tech is usually expensive, but Roav Viva is dedicated to serving you and your family. Simply plug in the device to your car charger, tap the microphone icon, and ask Alexa to help you with anything. Inquire the nearest coffee shop, get directions, update your schedule, or make/answer phone calls while on the go.

Baby Mirror

Now, this is a must-have for those who have a baby on board. Keeping a close eye on a child while driving can be a challenge, especially if it’s a rear-facing child seat. But a baby mirror placed on the back seat headrest can make it simple to watch your child from the rear-view mirror.

How to choose the right gadget for your family car

There are so many items in the market, so how can you make the best selection? Here are a few guidelines to head you off in the right direction.


Need help backing into a parking spot?  Each person has a unique set of needs- find out what feature can make your time on the road more relaxing and entertaining. With just a little bit of gadgetry, you’ll notice how different driving can become.


Price often dictates what you can buy, no matter how much you think you need a gadget. Sometimes it cheaper to buy a product that offers multiple features. So while you enjoy the open road, a little more safety with a bit more clarity can go a long way.


Take a look at associated material, electronic capabilities, and wireless connectivity. You want to make an investment that lasts. Typically, it’s smarter to stick to recognized brands. These companies adhere to strict standards of production and services. And it’s highly possible that you’ll get a better warranty.


Before you commit to a purchase, make sure to check out customer reviews. You’ll be able to get unbiased feedback on any item.

You’ve got the wheels, so it’s time to throw in a couple of gadgets to enhance your ride. There are many amazing gadgets and bits of tech available. But select only those that are truly beneficial to you- and your pocket. With the prospect of advancements in technology, it’s exciting to see what else will be available in the near future.

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Keeping Your Startup Debt Free: Tips to Keep on Mind

The youth of today are more inclined towards starting their own business in comparison to opting for the regular 9 to 5 office jobs. However, a certain amount of capital is required for starting the business, irrespective of the niche that it belongs to. Even after taking a business loan and starting the business, an important reason as to why most of the new businesses are failing is because of the improper manner of debt management. It is crucial that you manage the business debts if you want your business to progress further. Every year numerous businesses are established, but 50% of them fail because the funding options are limited. It becomes very difficult to keep startup debt free if there are not proper guidelines for managing the financial records.

Given below is a list of the tips that you can consider if you are interested in keeping your startup out of excess debt and you want to build the business on an extremely solid foundation.

How to Build a Debt Free Startup From Scratch

How to stay out of credit card debt
Do you intend to run a startup that is fully funded without owing nobody? If that’s your dream, you have to do yourself a favor! You need to master some of the ideas in this article.

Ensure that you are not borrowing money until and unless it is absolutely necessary

The first and most important way of avoiding business debt is to ensure that you are not borrowing money. An important truth that you should definitely know is the fact that most of the businesses do not require a huge amount of money right when they are starting. In fact, numerous small businesses have started with $5,000 or less and they have been able to make their business stand successfully. It is a good idea to use the funds from personal savings, sell personal assets, or opt for loans from relatives and friends in order to start the business. It is a good idea to stay away from the creditors or the financial institutions for taking business loans.

Living lean at the beginning

You need to create a list of the daily expenses that you have and ensure that you are prioritizing them. You have to list the fixed expenses, which include the car payments as well as mortgage, along with the numerous variable expenses, which include the utilities, healthcare, food, and insurance. Next, it is crucial that you determine the total money, which will be required for maintaining the fixed expenses. Finally, it is your duty to understand if it is possible to reduce or completely eliminate the unwanted variable expenses to keep your startup debt free. You need to understand that if you are capable of trimming the personal expenses; your business will not need to keep producing revenue for keeping you afloat right at the beginning.

If you decide to borrow, ensure that you are getting the appropriate loan

It is crucial that you carry out thorough research and know about the different loan options that are available to you before you decide to borrow money for your startup business. You need to consider the different low-cost solutions like the loans of low interest from the credit union or the banks before you are considering the high-interest loans. Moreover, it is also crucial that you consider the total collateral that you need to pay for putting up with your loan. You need to understand the total amount of money that you are going to risk in order to get more capital for your startup business.

Use borrowed money for the various revenue generating purposes of your business

If you are borrowing money, it is your duty to ensure that you are making use of it extremely wisely. It is advised that the funds that you have borrowed from the financial institutions like credit unions or banks, should be used for the various revenue generating activities of your startup business as well as the essential expenditures.

You should ensure that you are not borrowing money for the assets that are depreciable, like the furniture of your office or your computers. Do not spend on anything that is not going to bring money to the bottom line directly. It is true that proper pieces of equipment, as well as, amazing furniture is definitely mandatory but it is not going to matter at all if there are no customers. You need to stop spending money on the items, which are going to serve only as a beautiful window dressing. Ensure that you are making use of your loan amount only to focus on the various business aspects, which is going to help in the growth of the business eventually.

Reduce capital expenditures

Numerous experienced entrepreneurs advise that a young startup owner needs to take the bare bone approach for running the startup, especially during the very first year of the business. You need to purchase only the things that you require and ensure that you are opting for the used pieces of equipment, whenever possible.

It is also a good idea to consider starting work from your home or you can also rent particular office space, as opposed to investing in the commercial real estate, which is going to be extremely costly. You can also outsource services in order to avoid the purchase of specialized equipment, especially when you have just started your business. For instance, there is no requirement of printing the color pages frequently, and hence you do not have to bother purchasing the color laser printers. You can instead outsource the occasional needs to the reputable printing companies.

Creating various income sources

If you feel that your business has still not started bringing in the expected revenues, it is a good idea to take up a part-time job or develop the various other income sources. You can opt to offer various services, on the different reputed freelancing websites in order to run a debt free startup company. The extra money, which you are going to make, will be helpful in covering the expenses, especially during the time when your startup business is not in the position of generating revenue.

Creating a plan for eliminating debt

If you have already taken a business loan, it is crucial that you try to clear the debt as early as possible. You can start by allotting a certain portion of the monthly profits for your debts, until and unless you are completely free from debts. If you are having debt consolidation thoughts, you can choose a reputed debt consolidation organization for consolidating all your business debts.


When you have just started your business, it is understandable that it is going to be difficult for you to tackle the finances and run your startup debt free without any form of hindrances. However, if you consider the tips that have been mentioned above, it will be easier to keep your startup business free from unwanted debts.

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5 Social Media Strategies for Small Brand’s Success in 2019

Are you a small brand that is looking to make waves on social media? You can still have a major impact on the platform, even if it does not stand out when compared to bigger brands with better clout. You can achieve your desired levels of success on the internet if you carefully manage your social media activity.

The avenue continues to be very popular with upcoming businesses because it offers cost-friendly marketing options that allow these brands to engage with potential clients without spending a big portion of their resources. Aside from being better priced for small brands than traditional marketing avenues, social media also features a higher number of users and a variety of targeting options. Did you know that you can get free Instagram auto likes to help your content appear more popular and become likely to attract interest on the platform? It is just one of a number of perks that you could benefit from by setting up your small brand on social media.

If you are considering setting up a social media profile for your small brand, you could stand to benefit from the increased level of exposure. However, you need to develop and adhere to ideal social media marketing strategies to stand a better chance of success. These are some of the best social media strategies you should consider using to ensure success.

How to Build an Empire With an Evergreen Social Media Strategies

Social Media Strategies for Small Business Success
Even with your small startup, you can still attain the level of a big brand by leveraging some of the top notch social media strategies for 2019.

Take advantage of paid advertisements

While you can grow your brand presence organically, if you are a small brand chances are that you do not have sufficient clout to attract followers and interest without a little help. Even the largest brands may need to consider paid advertisement options to help get the right kind of response to their social media activity. You may consider using a number of paid advertising options to reach your audiences better and address one or more metrics that could help you achieve your business goals. Paid advertisements are available across multiple social media platforms, which may mean that you should take some time to look into the potential impact of each option. This will help you develop the right marketing strategy for your upcoming brand to help you achieve your desired level of growth.

Personal selling can be just as good

If you do not have the financial backing to engage in any type of paid advertisements, you should consider personal selling instead of bombarding your followers with advertising content. Social media users will generally develop negative perceptions about brands that excessively advertise themselves, with many people opting against following these brands. You may end up losing interest in your brand and could limit your ability to grow through the use of social media. Instead of repeated advertising, you may consider using personal selling strategies to help you increase your likelihood of conversions. Follow your followers to find out what they like, as well as take advantage of any failures by other brands to win over clients. You could even stand to gain by leveraging life events such as graduations, marriages and other opportunities for personal selling.

Create your own niche

You do not need to engage in certain types of activity online because it appears popular or has proven successful for other brands. Different brands have unique goals and are guided by brand-specific metrics such as their target audience and perceived brand image. While mimicking what other brands do on social media has the potential for success, it can be a risky strategy and may be unsustainable in the long term. For instance, some brands could get away with using suggestive content, but any attempt to replicate this in your social media activity could lead to significant loss of followers and a damaged reputation. It necessitates a carefully planned content strategy, which may be more likely to succeed if it is brand-specific and focused on a niche. Still, it could be a good idea to observe successful social media activity by other brands to understand what works.

Hire a social media team

Many upcoming brands do not feel the need for social media management because of the relatively small size. For these brands, a team could be an unnecessary expense because most brands are only active on a limited number of platforms. But taking up this approach could be limiting to your ability to grow your brand. You should consider hiring a social media team, even if this is on a periodic basis. Having a social media team help out with your activity could increase your efficiency and boost online productivity for your brand. The team will be able to develop suitable social content, which you may then schedule for consistent posts. They could help monitor analytics and increase user engagement and interaction levels by keeping in touch with your followers. You should assess your capacity and ability to manage multiple fronts if you can only afford a social media team on temporary basis. However, you need to be wary about the possible risks associated with a social media team. Since they represent your brand, any unprofessional posts could cost your burgeoning reputation.Hire a team of social media developers

Understand your goals

Do you know what aspect of your business goals you are targeting by going online? It could be integral in helping you develop the right social media strategy for your brand. Failing to consider the actionable goals that you seek to achieve through your social media presence could negatively impact your efforts. You would not engage in any other type of marketing without targeting certain levels of output. Social media is no different. If you do not understand your goals, you may be unable to engage in beneficial social media activity for your brand. It will limit your ability to grow both online and offline. You can use analytic trackers, which are available across multiple social media platforms to understand how your activity is impacting different aspects of your goals. This will help you tweak your social media efforts for better output, ensuring maximum benefit to your small brand.


Java Test- The test that is very useful and effective

Java is one of the best computer languages that are used all over the world. If you want to hire node developers for your company, be aware that only interview and any general test will not be enough, and there is need to take the java test. Java test is simple and easy test that will guarantee you of the best candidate for the role advertised. There are some kinds of jobs that need great skills and experience and hence there is a need to appoint the most experienced people. This test will help the management to know more about the special skills that the employee has. This will test the special skills and the intelligence of the candidate. This will also check the special verbal skills of the candidate who is applying for the job.

Java test is a simple, very effective, and result oriented test that will guarantee you of hiring the best candidate for the role advertised without extra efforts.

What is the Java test, known in detail about the same?

You need to first understand what this test is exactly. This test will check the knowledge of the staff member about the computer and the specific computer language. The test will see if the person is able to do the coding and decoding with ease as this is very important. This will also check if the person is able to write in the codes of the java script. This will check the knowledge and the skills of the person and that will be helpful for the recruitment process of any company.

How does that work actually?

Java test is very effective and result oriented test. The hiring persons can see the basics of the person about Java. This test will take around one hour and the results will be there at once. This is very good for the hiring persons as they do not have to spend more time for this. This is a versatile test that will cover 20 items that are further divided into four categories. This will also test the candidate’s experience. This is the best time saver.

Advantages of the Java test

This test will be taken online and hence can be taken as per the convenience of the candidates and the management as well. This is a typically written language that has many expressions. This will be done without any help. The codes must be written. There are different types of the test and the applicant must take the test that is suitable for them. The test must be taken as per the job role needs. If there is short of time, then one can also go for the unit testing and that can be very useful. This test will include some unit codes. There will be some different questions like what do I think about people? The questions will be tricky, and the preparations must be done in the right manner. The candidate will make separate unit of code while giving the answers to the test questions.

The important aspect is that

This will be very difficult to call a function a project. The developer will create blend of the concerns that can generate the code. This can also be useful for the XHR request. After that it will divide the response data. With the assistance of the Angular Js, that can be simplified. If the XHR requests are more, then there will be dependency injection as well.  If also there is a DOM, there can an extract of the same. This is the same way in which the model can be tested and there will not be any difference to the Dom. There will be different functions that will be tested in different manners. This is the easy and simple application. In this test the candidates must follow the guidelines in the right manner. They need to read everything carefully before they start giving the test.

Testing your employee before hiring
Testing your employee’s efficiency with writing code and decoding programs before hiring is one of the smartest ways to getting the best hands for the job. Don’t joke with that!

How that is depending on other factors

This will depend on many of the external factors. There are a few factors that have the required dependents. There will not be any problems with the global factors and then there will be a lot of difference too.  This is the right way to test the Java skills of any candidates. There may also be some additional tools to test the Java knowledge and skills of a person. One can make sue of the same. There may be some different commands like the karma. This is a Java tool that can be sued with the help of the web server.  This will increase the load of the application and the test can be taken in the right manner.

How the results come up

The results will come up at once. Once the results are there the employers can check that and see if the candidates are the suitable one for the post or not. Even after the selection there will be lots of trainings. After the training is done the employee can work well with the java and other things. The results will come online immediately, and they will be more than prefect.

The usefulness of the test

The tests are very useful if there is a technical job. The test will have the questions based on the java language. This will help the employer to understand the knowledge of the applying candidate. The test will take almost one hour and there will be negative marking too. The candidates need to be very fast while they answer the questions. This is the best one for the technical or the computer jobs.

Easy process

This is stress free and an easy process. The hiring persons must first set the questions those are based on the java. The questions should be moderate. There will be one hour allowed for the candidates. After the test is over there will be results immediately. After the results are out then the recruitments can be done based on them. Just get that done in the right manner and have a very good time. This is the perfect way to test.