5 Benefits and Tips of Hiring a Tenant Screening Service

Every rental business owner would want to secure his business and properties by screening prospective tenants prior to entering into lease agreements. The screening process takes time due to a number of things that have to be considered such as the potential tenant’s personal background, lifestyle and financial status. Most landlords don’t have ample time to conduct the investigation by themselves. Luckily, there are various tenant screening services provider that can help landlords find their ideal tenants.

In this article, we will discuss various benefits of hiring tenant screening service companies instead of conducting the screening process by yourself. But before we proceed, let’s first understand what the tenant screening service is about and its importance.

Understanding Tenant Screening Services

As mentioned, tenant screening is the best way to protect your rental business from bad tenants. Bad tenants may mean occupants who do not pay on time, who cause damage to rental property or who create public disturbances. Through tenant screening, rental business owners will be able to rationally choose tenants based on factual information. Failing to pursue background check is a huge mistake. Just because the tenant has money to pay for the advance deposits doesn’t mean he can pay for the whole duration of his tenancy. Background check process is time-consuming; hence, availing tenant screening service is highly recommended.

Tenant screening services are usually offered by companies that collect personal information about potential tenants. This process involves checking tenant’s credit history, criminal background and eviction history; and sending those to rental business owners or property managers as references to assess if prospective tenants are capable to pay rent on time and are not criminals who may cause problems in the future.

Why Hire Tenant Screening Service Provider
Hiring a tenant screening service provider offers you accurate results, reliable database, analytics expertise, and timesaving benefits.

Why Hire Tenant Screening Service Provider?

Aside from the timesaving benefit, hiring a tenant screening service also gives you accurate results – with the use of their tools, reliable database and analytics expertise. Below are some of the reasons why hiring a tenant screening service is advantageous to your rental business.

Complete Tenant Screening Package

Tenant screening services typically include credit reports and nationwide criminal background checks. You can also request to add eviction history in their reports completing the data you need in order to select the best tenant to rent out your property to. Credit reports usually include Fair Isaac Corporation (FICO) score, credit account details, payment history, judgement, bankruptcies and other credit red flags that are useful in rental business. Criminal background reports include any fraud alerts, identity verification, sex offender data and most wanted list, as applicable. The information is pulled from various databases of agencies such as Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA), Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) and ODAC, just to name a few. Having comprehensive credit, criminal and eviction reports is way better than a simple check on the applicant’s financial status.

Compliant Process

If you are new to rental business and has limited knowledge about the compliance requirements, the tenant screening service provider will take care of you. Most tenant screening service companies follow the requirements of Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA) and their reports are in compliance with FCRA and other similar state laws which are applicable in the location.

Tenancy Agreement - How to conduct tenant interview
Tenancy agreement is required while processing the tenant’s document. It is one of the tool for keeping your tenant in check and to bind them in accordance with the terms and conditions for staying in your property.

Request Online Screening

In this digital age, tenant screening services offer an easy online process. Landlords or tenants can request and fill up the application form using their mobile devices from anywhere as long as there’s an internet. Just set up a free account, request for screening (either landlord or tenant will pay) and provide the tenant’s personal information by filling up the form. You’ll receive the results either via email, fax or phone.

How to Choose Tenant Screening Services

Partnering with reliable tenant screening service companies makes the landlord’s screening process easier and faster. But tenant screening service companies aren’t built the same way and don’t offer the same screening process. So, choosing the provider with services that will best fit your needs will require careful planning. Below are some of the things that you need to consider before availing any tenant screening services.

Know the Source of Data

Receiving credit, criminal background and eviction reports is one of the top features of a tenant screening service. But where do these data come from? Is the source reliable and accurate? Do the sources include governmental database like FBI for criminal background checks? Does the credit report include FICO score? Does the eviction report contain detailed and comprehensive data? Ask for sample reports and check if data are enough to tell whether an individual could be a good or bad tenant.

Check Customer Service

Check the level of customer support by searching customer feedback and reviews. You can also try to call and ask them some questions to check how they handle customer inquiry. Of course, not getting answers and solutions on time is disappointing.

Compare the Price

Choose the tenant screening service that offers a well-rounded screening package at a very affordable price. To know the best price, make some research and list your top five based on the first two considerations above. Compare the prices taking into account the inclusions and exclusions or plans and packages. You can never go wrong with a complete screening package at $30 – you can use this figure as your baseline.

Final Words

While it’s true that tenant screening services can provide landlords valuable insights on potential tenant’s historical background, it’s still a requirement to make reference checks. You should personally check employment status and conduct face to face interview. As examples, you may want to ask the following:

  1. Does he or she smoke?
  2. Does he or she love to party every night and come home late?
  3. Does he or she have a plan to look for a roommate in the future?
  4. Does he or she have a pet?

Depending on your preferences, you may want to choose prospective tenant who is not financially well-off over a tenant who smokes, loves to party and has a pet. Also, trust your instinct. If you feel that he or she is a good person, then go for it. However, be careful of tenants who are good at acting and smooth-talking when next you are conducting interview, or better still, opt for tenant screening service company.

There are lot of benefits to have from hiring a tenant screening service provider in carrying out the duty of interviewing and running a background check on your tenant, do not overlook those benefits for a meagre amount of money. Go for it and have yourself peace of mind over your investment.

Blockchain Technology Disruption IoT (Internet of Things) Money & Finance Startups

Which Blockchain Related Stocks Should You Be Looking Out for?

Investing in blockchain stocks of companies have been tipped by experts to be a great investment decision moving forward into the future.

If there was anything that the recent years proved for the blockchain investment funds, it is that there are quite a few emerging technologies that may significantly alter the future of money and the financial world itself. Blockchain is not anymore just the backend technology that supports the famous cryptocurrencies like the Bitcoin, Ether, or Ripple but it has become the jumping point of many revolutionary marketplace ideas by presenting a brand new way to store data across multiple locations around the globe.

Not only with financial institutions such as banks, the ripple effect of blockchain technology can be felt across industries. For instance, the healthcare industry is continually looking for ways to develop much better ways to prevent fraudulent transactions from occurring. They are also researching ways for a far quicker way to transmit confirmations and massive savings through efficiency and removing middlemen parties. There is even a recent study that has shown that at the least, a tenth of the global GDP should be stored in some form of blockchain enabled storage like coins, tokens, or blockchain investment funds in the next decade which could then grow exponentially towards after 20 years.

Blockchain Stocks - Blockchain Investment Funds
Blockchain Stocks – Discover how to invest in blockchain investment funds of top three blockchain tech companies around the world and earn a residual income stream from it.

Just how big is blockchain technology going to affect a company?

By the turn of the century, many have not expected that technology would progress as fast as it has today. The digital age sprung to life due to the internet and has never looked back since. Because of this, it has become almost impossible to create projections for technology based valuations especially if much of the technology is still being developed. Any advancement in this regard however would prove to be vital for investors wanting to spend smartly their hard earned money. The main question is how do we know which companies are going to do well based on how they are faring in their application of the blockchain technology. A ranking however, though through crude means can still be formulated and be used to be able to predict at a significant precision which companies’ values are going to be on the rise, and which ones are going to fall.

Based on the method described, here are the top blockchain enable companies for 2019.

Blockchain Investment Funds: Top 3 Blockchain Stocks Worth Investing Into For The Future

Blockchain and Long Term Investment
Blockchain Stocks and Long Term Investment: There are lot of benefits to have, and money to be made from investing, through some of the top trading blockchain stocks around the world. In this article, we explore the “Top 3 Blockchain Stocks Worth Buying” into for the future featuring Daimler AG, Hitachi and Hive Technologies.

Hive Blockchain Technologies

The cryptocurrency mining firm continues to impress as the year began. It usually does digital currency related profit making such as mining and trading Ethereum, Ethereum Classic, and ZCash. If you are not familiar with the company then maybe you have heard of Leeta Gold Corp which is what it was previously called. This is one of the top ranked company stock picks and are directly involved in cryptocurrency investing. The technology company, based in Canada aims to apply innovations from blockchain technology with capital markets such as blockchain investment funds. They intend to do this by setting up sites where they can efficiently mine currencies from different locations in the world. The function of the blockchain technology, in this regard, is it is being used to validate the transactions.

Recently, the Canadian tech company have announced that it spend $100 million to further enhance their mining capabilities. They intend to to this by doing another major expansion. This tech company was the first of its kind. They were the first firm to ever publicly trade their stock that was solely dedicated to cryptocurrency mining. It all began when they joined Canadian TSX venture exchange in September of year 2017. Presently, the expansion is going to significantly expand their Bitcoin mining capabilities but they also have set up cryptocurrency mining facilities for both Ethereum and Litecoin.

Daimler AG

Daimler AG is mainly an automotive engineering company. This firm have been developing, producing and distributing cars, trucks and vans all across Germany. They also hold the responsibility of managing the Daimler Group. Some of the cars that have been developed, produced or distributed by them are those that come from Mercedes-Benz Cars, their own Daimler Trucks and Busses, Mercedes-Benz Vans, and the Daimler Financial Services. They own a massive chain of car producing facilities all over the globe. The approximately own 8500 sales centers around the world in 20 countries.

It might come as surprise to some how an automotive car company is listed as one of the most valuable blockchain-related firms. Their first major engagement with blockchain technology is a launch of a €100 million 1-year corporate loan instrument which is entirely backed by blockchain technology. They call it the Schuldschein which is german for promissory note. All of the major stages of transaction is performed through the blockchain. This includes the origination and execution of the loan agreement, up to the confirmation of all payments including interest payments.

The extremely positive response from Daimler’s finance team as well as the consumers prompted the automotive industry giant to look for further applications of blockchain technology in their business. This could include auto financing which could then start a trend across the car industry. The company recognized how the blockchain technology, not only add value to the entire processes, it also let onlookers see them with interest as they blaze towards the modernization of finance. It can be safely said that the future of Daimler AG is a bright one and should be noted by future investors.


The Japanese firm more prominently known for the bullet trains and enterprise solutions around the world is also one of our top picks for the best blockchain-based company to invest on. As early as the 2000s, Hitachi have already been researching for technologies similar to the blockchain. It may come as no surprise that the Japanese giant is currently the top technology firm investing in blockchain for the entirety of Japan. By 2003, Hirachi has already obtained its patent for its own iteration of the blockchain technology.

They are not sitting on their laurels which should be a positive sign for future investors. They are continuously laboring to find ways to broaden the possible applications of the blockchain.

Conclusion on investing in blockchain stocks

Aside Daimler, Hitachi, and Hive Blockchain Technologies, there are many other innovative blockchain stocks out there that are worth looking out for. But we believe these three companies have all it takes to help in increasing your blockchain stocks portfolio’s ROI. They sure could help in guaranteeing your financial future through their blockchain investment funds. Investing into blockchain related companies have been tipped by experts to be a great investment decision for long-term investment portfolio management, and these (aforementioned) are the blockchain stocks worth investing into.

If you enjoy reading this article, please help us spread the love.

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Property Industry Growth: How Is Tech Changing Property Industry?

Technology is an evolving market that has drastically reshaped the world around us. There have been many key industries, like property industry, that have adopted this new trend as there has been potential for further development and progression in the sector. Using innovative new tech in everyday life allows for advancements, predominantly within a business, with the property industry welcoming new technology more so now than ever before.

So, how is tech changing the property industry?

How to invest in real estate by leveraging latest technological advancements in property industry
The goal of every billionaires is to find more investment opportunities to diversify into. And good example of that is real estate. Here’s how to invest in real estate by leveraging latest technological advancements in the property industry.

Long gone are the days when the only way to find a property for rent was to flick through the newspaper, contact an estate agent, use word of mouth or see an advertisement in your local shop window. More recently, every property company of today uses technology successfully to attract new buyers and tenants. Whether this is through social media channels, their own website or sponsored marketing on the internet, technology gives property businesses the opportunity to raise their public profile and ultimately improve their sales. For some companies, the possibilities through technology run a lot deeper than this.

RW Invest property investment consultants are a prime example of how a UK based property company is utilising the rising tech trend. Virtual reality has been a huge progression in the industry as a means of showcasing the latest properties and their surroundings to those interested in purchasing. This has enticed investors from all around the globe due to creating the ability to view an off-plan property before the construction phase has begun.

Real estate business - how technology is affecting property industry
Real estate business:- This is how technology is disrupting property industry and we think you might want to take a closer look.

When it comes to off-plan property, virtual reality isn’t only the tech trend that is a catalyst for its success. It is important for investors to view a property, or to at least have a vague idea of what the property plans to look like upon completion. As a result, the rise of computer-generated imagery is prevalent amongst the marketing of new build properties. As a vital element for so many property companies, the use of CGIs allows investors to preview how the build is set to look while simply scrolling online. However, it is not just the build that leaves investors questioning the potential of their investment. The surrounding areas are often as important as the property itself.

For investors that don’t have the money or time to travel to the site of their impending development of interest, the use of drones can be an incredibly beneficial form of technology. There has been a huge uptake in the number of property investment companies using drone footage to display the location of their existing and forthcoming properties, alongside the opportunity to highlight the progress during the construction phase.

How is tech and property industry mixing lately?
How is tech and property industry mixing lately?

Investors want to be certain that the location has everything they desire, not only for themselves but also for their target tenant. It would not be beneficial, nor attractive to a potential student if you invest in an off-plan student accommodation located a 10-minute train journey from campus. Opting to record drone footage regularly is a good strategy to stand out against competitors, as well as to provide peace of mind for overseas investors who have already purchased a property.

Advancements in technology have aided the industry to run more effectively and appeal to a wider range of investors and tenants. With momentous changes so far in the industry, it is exciting to think about what the future could look like. Over the forthcoming years, the rise of cryptocurrency is predicted to take effect and have a positive impact on a host of forward-thinking companies across the world.


Technology is gradually reshaping the world around us like it has done in property industry, but this is not where it will end, it has tendency to further development and progression in each sectors of our economy – in fact, it is a disruptive factor that would channel us into the next phase of economic development.

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Stock Trading 101: 4 Ways to Watch Stock Trading Business & its Growth

Why the UAE region is the most essential part when we categorize the Middle Eastern region around the globe? The reason is that it is a most basic point and spot where exchange among Asia and Europe is being taken out. We can observe that UAE stock trading is particularly imperative for all speculators from everywhere throughout the world. So we can say that exchange services resemble a scaffold between two subcontinents and particularly the requirements of oil assets are extremely pivotal in such a manner.

4 Ways to Watch Stock Trading Business & its Growth

Opportunities for Stock Trading Options

We can say that stock trading services and opportunities are best available in the UAE region because of its best investment choices. The majority of the central eastern states depend on their oil assets and same is the situation with Dubai as it is the second biggest condition of the United Arab Emirates (UAE), Dubai likewise center around oil assets yet not as much as different states of center east. Well if we see the state of Dubai, it depends on the monetary assets like universal brands and banking area and especially digital ledger is particularly critical for this reason.

Stock Exchange Reviews from Globe

Dubai stock exchange is a gift for expatriates as they can put effectively in any scheme that has started in the area with appropriate investment and can get the most extreme benefit. To all the more likely use Dubai as a sourcing stage for trading, global merchants need to initially identify their objective markets that identify with their items in the stock trading markets in Dubai. Additionally, the merchants and the business network ought to comprehend what items are popular, and how best to connect with these business sectors. Well, one thought I will give you that is one can motivate the banking services of Dubai to manage UAE stock trading. Dubai district is for the most part presently endeavoring to shift to other worldwide items with the goal that it needs to least depend on its oil sends out in which the greater part of the speculators are not intrigued.

One of the main areas that still need to explore is a currency market that is pretty important to be noted on time. With the passage of time, things are becoming quite popular for all kinds of customers and people are getting maximum profit from this market as well. The function and structure of the market are simple and straight in a line that you have to invest a little amount which actually need best investments to get maximum profit.

Niche Trading Areas For Best Practice

Numerous nations especially the oil exporters, are endeavoring to uplift the financial diversification so as to diminish their dependence on different assets. Stock trading in Dubai keeps on updating their mechanical offices and foundation, development-related exchange. These services are especially famous in Dubai. If we talk about the stock trading in Dubai then Machinery and electrical hardware is Dubai’s real trading area. On the other, there is another factor of trading that is particularly essential and it is forex trading and it is totally different from other markets. This market manages the cash trade and if one has a grasp on this market then cash is definitely not a major issue.

What’s more, from the most recent couple of years the forex trading is especially well known and prevalent among speculators working in Dubai. Dubai is a noteworthy wellspring of customer markets for Middle Eastern and African organizations pitching to their developing shopper markets.

There are numerous different advantages of best banks working in this area. One can get all data about Dubai trading services being given by the best banks of Dubai through official websites of some of these banks. Above all else, you need to login on the official page and there you will locate an online portal of the administration like UAE stock trading. At that point, you need to open that portal and all data in regards to all packages will be at your hand inside no time. No, you can likewise request or take different services through digital banking services.

Among Other Banks Which Should Be:

Among best banks, Mashreq bank in Dubai is viewed as a standout amongst the most solid bank in Dubai as it has been working from the most recent three decades. The most critical factor of bank that influences it to recognize from different banks is its double banking services that are customary and Islamic banking services. As the greater part of the general population in Dubai are especially inspired by Islamic banking services for stock trading in Dubai, Mashreq bank under one rooftop provide every one of the necessities for different clients. Presently I recommend all to take the services of Mashreq bank. To get the best opportunities for currency trading we suggest you choose the right market so that one could get the best services at the spot.


To excel in this industry, you need to understand stock trading basics, and you can only get that through stock trading books and websites for beginners and dummies out there. We have covered series of articles on financial markets, you can read them also. Another alternative to reading blog posts and books is to enrol in full-fledged free stock trading course to get yourself in shape for the challenges ahead.

You can as well play some of the top stock trading game simulators on your mobile smartphone to stay abreast of what’s going on from day trading stock terms to stock trading game theory, penny stock, short and long term strategies for beginners, and some other general knowledge of the industry. There are no limit to what you could gain by volunteering yourself to be schooled about the industry.

Social Media

A Definitive Guide to Promoting Your Graphic Design Business on Instagram

Ever since its beginning, Instagram has proved to be one of the most powerful marketing tools for large brands and small businesses who are looking to expand their exposure and presence of their offerings online. For graphic designers, Instagram can benefit a lot to their work and projects, ensuring to find clients and reach out to the audiences and boast of their achievements. With the continuous rise in the popularity of Instagram, it is crucial for you to carry forward your graphic design bandwagon to the platform and highlight your works in front of the massive audience present on the channel. To make things easier for you, here is an advertising guide to Instagram outlined specifically for graphic designers:

Graphic Designer’s Guide to Instagram Advertising

A Definitive Guide to Promoting Your Graphic Design Business on Instagram
Ever wanted to increase your brand reputation and increase exposure as a graphic design brand? We have covered a definitive guide on how graphic designers can increase influence using Instagram.

Marketing on Instagram

Advertising on Instagram is impressive if you have switched your personal account to the business profile. Even though it is true that Instagram took its time to allow advertising to all types of businesses, the platform is currently the ideal source of marketing design services. According to, Instagram’s aim is to create any ads that people will see and find it as natural to the Instagram videos and images that they enjoy from their favorite brands. As a matter of fact, the present advertising scenario on the platform looks intriguingly native to the platform and is performing great on the visual-only channel.

On a different note, graphic designers who want to promote their services on social media can now have four kinds of Instagram advertising options:

  • Stories ads: Meticulously forming Instagram’s version of Snapchat advertisements, these ads can be easily seen at the top of the news feed.
  • Photo ads: This deals with the standard post format on Instagram.
  • Video ads: Just like photo ads, this one is the normal post format just utilizing a video for the visual.
  • Carousel ads: This one helps in creating slideshow ads of your work where you can publish multiple images combined into one single post.

Reasons to Invest in Instagram Ads

As per Instagram, a recent finding states that around sixty percent of the audience says they identify new products on the platform, out of which 75% of the users take action after being encouraged by the post. If you are looking to reach out your graphic design works and services to a wide range of people, you can put some efforts and money behind your content to attain more exposure and following for your account along with generating a control over the outreach of your posts. For further assistance, you can connect with reliable sources such as Gramblast to understand how to implement your Instagram advertising campaign.

Tactics to Ensure a Profound Marketing Campaign on Instagram

Needless to say, Instagram renders a long-term marketing value to brand marketing especially when it comes to something as lucrative as graphic designing. The process is crystal and clear – create an account and begin publishing enticing visuals of your work with engaging taglines and effective hashtags.  The motivation is to captivate and keeping your growing follower base engaged throughout the campaign. With the massive potential that Instagram offers for conversions and generating leads to connect with influencers and prospective clients, here are some of the Instagram marketing tips that every graphic designer must follow while advertising on the platform:

Instagram Marketing for Graphic Designers
Here’s a definitive guide for graphic designers for promoting their graphic design business using Instagram.

Growing a Community around Unique and Actionable Hashtag

One of the most interesting aspects of this strategy is that it can be utilized on other social media marketing channels such as Pinterest or Twitter; however, it works exceptionally well, yielding great results in terms of audience engagement with your graphic design works and services. Hashtags that are unique in nature can be the identification and face of your content marketing strategy on the platform, allowing people to recognize your account and utilize the hashtag while mentioning your work. Besides, it helps in giving birth to engaging and geo-targeted posts that make the hashtag optimization on Instagram highly successful to build your own user community.

Promote Your Instagram Profile Everywhere

Likewise your other social networking channels, you have to make the most out of your Instagram to see success in the marketing of your graphic design services particularly in terms of user engagement. For starters, you need to have social icons or buttons on your homepage or service pages that helps in connecting users to your social media channels. Make sure that you are adding an Instagram icon as well to inform the audience of your Instagram account. Besides, while setting up your profile on Instagram, ensure first connecting to Facebook in order to notify your followers and friends regarding your establishment on Instagram. Moreover, you should run Instagram campaigns all over other social media channels for generating a positive relationship with everyone that is connected to you and encourage them to use your graphic design services.

Humanize Your Content

Although you are a graphic designer who is looking for potential clients on the platform, it is important to publish content other than high-quality visuals with vivid graphic detailing. For instance, you can capture snaps in the office or of your working environment to provide followers with a sneak peek into your day to day operation. Get your partners and assistants involved as well while choosing a unique hashtag to describe it and having all the members to leverage the same hashtag while posting images from their account. This will help in creating a buzz regarding your profile and help you in gaining more user engagement.

Leveraging the Filters, Editing Tools and Special Effects

From a graphic designer’s point of view, you can do a lot on Instagram to amplify the visuals, monitor your performance while staying with the upgrades and discovering new clients while maintaining the existing ones. This involves learning all the new and old Instagram filters that will help in processing your visuals to achieve the most visually engaging result. Some of the most popular filters include Valencia, Low-Fi, and X-Pro II.

Concluding Thoughts

Advertising your graphic design business is now easy with Instagram. Invest in the Instagram ads and leverage all the tools supplied by the channel to make the most out of your marketing campaign on the platform. You could as well put in for a graphic design course to increase your chances of being in vogue.

Money & Finance

Crowdfunding 101: How To Raise Money from Strangers With Less Efforts

Crowdfunding is an innovative concept that involves persuading people and organizations to contribute small amounts of money to fund projects or businesses. You can raise hundreds, thousands or even millions of dollars, depending on how creative and viable your business proposition is. Suppose you convince thousands of people, and each of them contributes $10, $100 or $500, you will undoubtedly raise serious cash.

Within the last few years, crowdfunding has become an effective and efficient method of raising money, courtesy of the numerous websites that allow businesses, non-profit organizations, artists, app developers and musicians to reach out to potential investors.

According to reputable studies carried out in the recent past, there are thousands of crowdfunding platforms spread across the world. Every year, billions of dollars are raised through the platforms.

Crowdfunding Basic - How to raise money from strangers
Raising Money from Strangers With CrowdFunding:- Crowdfunding is a nice concept that allows you to persuade people and organizations to contribute towards your project. Here’s a a step by step guide to excellence in fundraising.

How does crowdfunding work? 

Use of Indiegogo, Kickstarter and other similar sites is the most common form. Typically, individuals or organizations that wish to raise funds seek donations in exchange for special rewards. The rewards may be opportunities to take part in the design of services or products or get free products. Many developers who need app funding opt for this strategy.

Crowdfunding can also be used to get royalty funding or loans. For instance, LendingClub allows direct borrowing and lending among members. Getting rid of middlemen (such as banks) creates a win-win situation for both lenders and borrowers. Royalty funding is slightly different but still falls under the ambit of crowdfunding. Typically, owners of businesses are linked with investors, and the latter is assured of getting a percentage of the generated revenue.

Anyone who needs app funding can sign up to a reputable crowdfunding site and invite individuals and organizations to donate money in exchange for shares in the business. It allows investors to participate in a mini Initial Public Offering (IPO), with absolutely no obstacles that are usually placed by regulatory bodies. In the past, only accredited and high net-worth individuals and organizations were allowed to raise money from the general public, so crowdfunding has without doubt been a game changer.

Advantages of crowdfunding 

It provides opportunities for start-ups and nascent businesses with little or no capital to take things to higher levels. This could be the launching of new or improved services and products. In the past, owners of businesses had very few options. Failure to convince angel investors, venture capitalists or loan officers employed by financial institutions would force entrepreneurs to re-think or even put very ambitious plans on shelves. Today, developers who need app funding do not have to plead with angel investors or bankers. Crowdfunding allows them to pitch their ideas to millions of people spread across the world.

A successful campaign can offer your business a lifeline even when it is on the verge of sinking. Additionally, investors will get the feeling that they have interests in the business, so they will become loyal customers and generally ensure that the enterprise succeeds.

What is the downside? 

If you need app funding but cannot come up with a tale that sounds convincing to potential investors, then you may fail miserably. As a general rule, Kickstarter and other reputable sites only collect finances when entrepreneurs attain their respective fundraising goals. Failure to achieve these goals can result in the waste of precious time.

Entrepreneurs who meet their fundraising goals but discover that they underestimated the amount of money needed can also find themselves in serious trouble. Investors can take legal action if you fail to fulfill promises made to them, such as money in exchange for products or an ownership stake in the business.

When you opt for crowdfunding, you only get money. On the other hand, bankers and angel investors would have given you finances and valuable advice as well. Seeking money from the crowd and ignoring traditional financiers means that you’ll miss out on precious advice.

Making crowdfunding campaigns successful- how to go about it 

If you wish to successfully raise app funding from the crowd, ensure that you have a reliable network of friends, colleagues and family members who are willing and able to give and can also encourage others to help.

Be prepared to spend lots of time online by, for instance, remaining active on social networking sites such as Facebook and Instagram until the campaign ends.

Make sure that the offers you promise to give in exchange for money are not only irresistible but also attainable. Also, present a great business plan, and explain why and how the money contributed will propel the business to higher levels.

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How to Create a Superb Video in Just a Few Minutes with FlexClip Online Video Editing Tool

Have you forgotten to make a presentation video before in your business meeting? Or do you want to quickly create a video of the exciting holiday photos and share it with your friends quickly?

Whatever the reason, when you want to create a video in a hurry that does not need advanced editing skills, then you should try this online video editing tool I’m going to be talking about in a bit. It is called FLEXCLIP online video editing tool.

How Does FlexClip Online Video Editor Works?

FLEXCLIP online video editor
FLEXCLIP online video editor tops the list of online free video editing tools. You can’t get anything better for nothing out there.

In this post, we are going to discuss how to create a superb video in just a few minutes with FlexClip online video editing tool.

FlexClip is a very easy free video maker for beginners, in which you can create professional-looking videos in just a few seconds, whether it’s a promo video for your business advertorial, a tutorial video for your product, or a lifestyle video – FlexClip online video editor get you covered.

In FlexClip’s video editor, you can cut or split your videos into the desirable clips. To take your video to the next level, you can add background music, edit text, record voiceover, and upload your logo and watermark to your video.

FlexClip video editor in use for Olawale Daniel video.
FlexClip video editor is free tool for creating professional videos online and Olawale Daniel just used it to create a documentary.

With only a few steps, you can create a far more dynamic video.

  1. Visit and sign up with your email or connect with Facebook. The registration is free and quick.
  2. After signed up and logged into your account, you can start to create a project. Click on Create New button on this page, and you will enter the editing page.
Click on Create new button to start making free online video using FlexClip
To create a new project, click on “Create New” button as outlined in the picture to start making a free online video using FlexClip.
  1. Upload your own videos or photos to the video editor. FlexClip features an intuitive and simple storyboard where you can easily manage the elements.
  2. Customize your video to meet your purposes. Add text, record voiceover, or upload background music to touch up the video.
  3. Preview and download your final video in high-definition quality for free. To preview the video, click the Preview button at the top. If you like the video, you can download it on your PC. You have options to download the video in MP4 format and choose the quality from 480p, 720p, and 1080p.
FlexClip allow you to export videos without watermark
FlexClip online video editor allows you to export videos without adding any form of watermark on it except your own watermark. It is totally free. I don’t know if they are going to add a paid version in the future, but I still think this whole features might still be available for free in the future.

Highlighted Features of FlexClip Online Video Editor:

  • A straightforward and clean storyboard to easily control your video clips and photos.
  • It is completely free.
  • Choose from a wide range of high-resolution photos, video footages, and music.
  • A clean storyboard allows everyone to trim video, insert text, add music, record voiceover with a few clicks.
  • Export videos in different aspect ratios and resolutions including 1080p, 720p, and 480p.
  • You can upload various videos and images from the local computer. The videos formats include MP4, MOV, WEBM, and M4V, etc. and the image formats include JPG, PNG, SVG, BMP, and GIF, etc.
  • One-click to trim or split your video to get the desirable parts you want.
  • Combine or merge multiple videos and photos in one single professional video.
  • Built with many text animations. You can add text or upload logo and then quickly edit text colors, fonts, sizes, etc.
  • Powerful voice recording tool allows you to record your own voice over the video.
  • Upload favorite background music or audio to match your video.

It would be much appreciated if you could try out the software and also share it with your friend to them create marketing videos and family stories effortlessly.

FlexClip is a new powerful video maker to develop quality videos for any purpose. Try it out here:


FlexClip online video editing tool is a very easy free video maker for beginners, as you and I, for creating professional-looking and high definition videos in just a few seconds. No need to download and install any additional software, you can use FlexClip online video editor directly in your browser online. If you want to make a good-quality video in a very short time, the tool is of great interest to you. Even if you don’t have previous video editing knowledge or experience, you can handle it quickly.

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How is Technical SEO Beneficial for Increasing Traffic of a Blog?

You may all have heard about blogging is getting popular rapidly due to plenty of reasons. Well, many people are choosing this method to promote their business whereas others are also finding a career in it. You can see a lot of competition in this field because millions of people are getting into it. You can’t easily get success with simple content because the requirements are increasing day by day. People are investing a couple of dollars and also their precious time in order to have great results.

No doubt, many methods can help you to make your blog popular or stand above the others. You should choose the reliable method by doing proper investigation. You can consider an effective method to increase the performance of the blog. Some people are ignoring SEO when it comes to their blogs, but it is not the right thing. There’s need to frequently check out all the essential factors that can help to make their blogs successful on the internet. SEO is the main key factor that they should always take into consideration to take the steps further.

In this post, you can easily read all about the techniques and methods which can be used to increase traffic to your blog. You should always read these details carefully in order to understand what you should do to improve the ranking of your blog on the search engines. You should focus more on the technical SEO to gain the maximum traffic for your blog. You can also check out the main factors outlined in below post that are playing an important role in increasing visitors to blogs.

Technical SEO Is Good: How Is It SEO Beneficial for Increasing Traffic of a Blog?

Google Technical SEO - How Is It SEO Beneficial for Increasing Traffic of a Blog

Pay attention to links and content

Basically, there are two main factors to which you should pay attention; links and content. You should always focus to build quality link to your blogs in order to increase its visitors. You can either employ guest writing expert to work that round for you or a PR to get the best results. In order to develop a quality link profile, you can write posts for the other blogs. In addition to this, getting featured is also a good option that you can choose to get results.

Content is always considered as king, and you also need to treat it as such. If you are posting quality content to your blog, then it can automatically grab the attention of countless visitors. The content should be well written and SEO optimized.

Factors related to Technical SEO

After considering the basic factors, the next step you should take is to run a critical technical SEO checkup. If you have a blog, then get help from these technical SEO practices and get the desired number of visits with ease. If you want to know about the key technical SEO elements, then you should check out some important points that have been listed below.

  • Remove the thin content

When it comes to a blog, then you should always try to remove the thin content present on the category pages. The thin content is also a big problem that should be resolved quickly to increase the traffic to a blog. If your site has a lot of pages with the thin content and the low quality, then you need to remove them. You can also take any other step to resolve this problem and to improve the traffic for a blog.

  • Improve the page speed

Sometimes a poor site speed can result into less traffic. If you are also facing such problem, then take a step forward to improve it. You can either use plugins or the other methods available to choose from such as trimmy down on the site resources. You should also focus on the speed of the page at the beginning, and it is also the right way. The presence of the different images, fonts, and the other factors can also affect the speed of the page so you should take care of them.

  • Structure of the page is important

If you are not paying attention to the page’s structure, then it can also lead to several issues for your blog. Many pages can be seen where the header tags have been used for styling purposes. Well, it is not the right way because these should be use to give a good structure to a page instead of the other reasons. Pay attention to the header tags and the other factors that are affecting the structure of your blog at a high level.


No doubt, advertisements are the best method that helps a blogger to earn money. If you are a blogger, then you can easily understand all about it. When you use too many ads on your page, then it can also affect the visitors a lot. Using a lot of ads on your page can help to make money, but it can also affect the performance of the site. You should always notice this thing otherwise you can face many issues and a reduction in the number of page visitors.

Well, it is important to pay attention to all these technical SEO factors in order to gain the best advantages for your blog. Keeping all these things in mind can help a blogger to reach the top pages of search engines; that could amount to thousands of visits in a few days.

The final words

In order to be a successful blogger, you should pay attention to technical SEO properly. You can also take help from expert and professional seo consultant to avail the quality services. The professionals can help a blogger to gain the desired results for their blogs. You can also boost up the ranking of your blogs on the search engine by hiring experts or the other professional services related to SEO.

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10 Effective Long-Term Investing Strategies for Billionaires

Long-term investing allows you to make more impactful moves with most of the risk mitigated by the long-term nature of the investment. It’s important to remember that long-term investment is just that: long-term. The pay-off for your investment may benefit you immensely when you retire, for example. There’s potential for results earlier, but there must be a commitment to the idea that this form of investing is a marathon, not a sprint.

Finding worth-while investment opportunities usually involves the give and take of the risk-security balance. Most investments which are high risk have high pay-out potential, but, naturally, involve the ‘risk’ of total failure. Most very secure investments won’t reward you very much and, in the ever-changing world of financial markets, can actually reap you nothing at all, with the inflation rates.

Long term investing also necessarily involves some sacrifice. Potentially not the level of sacrifice involved in high risk short-term investing, but sacrifices do still need to be made when looking to yield results.

So, with that all being said, here are ten effective strategies for making a success of long-term investing.

10 Potent Long-Term Investing Strategies for Prosperous Billionaires

10 Potent Long-Term Investing Strategies for Prosperous Billionaires
Being stinkingly rich isn’t the ultimate goal for millionaires and billionaires alike; staying wealthy is – it takes a lot of hard work to attain such kind of feat! But with a proper long-term investing strategies in place, a common man could soon join this list of highly influential wealthy people in the society.

1. Invest What You Can

To some extent the essence of making long term investment is not overreaching. There’s no necessity to blow everything you have on one investment because the central concept is that small regular investments in stable companies will go a long way in the end. Of course, that’s not to say that tiny investments are all it will take, it’s simply to say that regular investments that come out of your income can do lots of work for you in the big picture without you needing to break the bank. It’s tactically conservative meaning that it may seem restrained, but the restraint is shown only with the promise of gains in the long run.

2. Invest In What You Know

Understanding the business sector in which your investment(s) lies is crucial with long-term investing. With the short-term high-risk investment, you can dive into a market that you’re completely unfamiliar with and not get bitten by your lack of understanding since the whole thing is over so quickly. There’s no requirement to understand what motivates growth in that industry or what causes stock price to plummet.

In long term investing and understanding of the business world of the company you invest in is important. Being able to understand the historic trends, the potential threats and the future prospects of a product or a service allows you to make your decisions over time more wisely and encourages you to make the subtler adjustments to your income investment if and when it is needed. If you don’t understand the implications of an investment plan and you’re committing to it long term you’re setting yourself up for disaster.

3. Dividend Investing

Purchasing stocks in companies which issue dividends is almost never a bad idea. It makes logical sense that a company which frequently distribute cash dividends to their investors is going to be a good bet.

Whilst a long-term investment scheme may motivate you to view the dividends as supplements to a pre-existing form of income, or even as sums of money which can be delivered straight into a savings account, with canny dividend investing one can actually create a portfolio which allows you to live directly off your passive income. “In either scenario receipt of, usually quarterly, cash payments makes dividend investment into one of the most reassuring and tangible forms of long-term investment. We’ll keep coming back to this through the list,” says Manuel Warren, a Financial writer at Academized and Paperfellows.

10 Ways to Retire RIch Using Long Term Investment Strategies
Do you want to stay off your passive income and at the same time enjoy your today? You can retire rich and wealthy using this long term investing strategy alone. It has been proven to have worked in the past, and it will still work today!

4. Seek Security for Your Long-Term Investing Plan

In long-term investing in general, but particularly in dividend investing, seeking secure investments is always best. Security for dividends works slightly counter-intuitively. For example, if a company pays out a lot of money in dividends to their investors that is something of a warning sign. Though it may be tempting to take the option which promises the most money in dividends up front, it can be a sign that the company doesn’t have enough of a buffer if their financial good fortune takes a turn for the worse.

A company which exercises moderation with their dividend pay-outs is always more likely to be a stronger option in the long-term, which is of course what you should be focusing on. In fact, dividend pay-out amount should always come second to the company’s overall stability (its stability-profit-expenditure spectrum) when you are assessing a potential investment opportunity. It’s important to remind yourself that you are in this for the long run and not jump at the most enticing prospect.

5. Diversify Your Long-Term Investing Portfolio

Long term investment focuses on risk reduction which avoids profit reduction; in other words, optimising the ratio so that you are able to make the most over time for the least amount of risk. One of the best ways to avoid risk, a way which is frequently ignored at the short-term level for obvious reasons, is to diversify your portfolio. All this means is that you are more likely to ride out the highs and lows of the market if you have your fingers in lots of different pies.

One of your investments can crash for some reason, but because your total investment is spread between multiple companies you are able to ride out that financial storm off the back of your secure investments. It will require more time to identify multiple appropriate investment options but the added level of security it affords you can be invaluable. The flip side is that you are also more likely to make an investment that surprises you with how much it makes, the more investments you have in place.

10 Long-Term Investment Strategies for Prosperous Billionaires
Diversify your long term investing portfolio to reduce risk which avoids profit reduction by optimising the ratio so that you can make the most over time for the least amount of risk.

6. Maximise Your Investing Budget

In some ways this is an obvious piece of advice, in another sense there’s a subtlety to it which a lot of people miss. You want to invest as much money as you can. This isn’t to back track on point number one, but that concept of ‘what you can’ is more flexible than a lot of people think. In modern life, we incur a lot of monthly costs, some of them essential, some of them less so. Once a direct debit is set up the effort that goes into then undoing the monthly transaction can seem great enough that there is more of a tendency for wastefulness and consequently there is less opportunity for putting even more money in your well cultivated long-term investments.

Paying your gas and electricity bill is one thing, paying your subscription to four separate streaming sites or an expensive gym you never really use is another, and a potential threat to your ultimate goal of accruing the most you can from your investment project.

“Your commitment to investment sometimes requires taking a long hard look at your own spending habits and deciding where you could be doing more for your future self by redirecting your cash flow into investment and out of wasteful lifestyle choices,” explains Chris Borger, an Investment consultant at Stateofwriting and Oxessays.

7. Be Ready To Make Change

In the long-term investment game there should be a decided aversion to hasty alterations to your portfolio. The sense that an investment should only be in place after a period of well thought out analysis and financial advice is important. So, in general, making changes is both not advised and not needed. However, the willingness to alter your portfolio, and in turn the requirement that you monitor the progress of your portfolio regularly and with an attention to detail can be crucial. In dividend investing it is even more important. If a company which was previously paying out cash dividends at a stable, steady rate then puts its rate up without an increase to their overall market performance or, even worse, drops their dividend pay-out in response to a financial event that should be a sign that it’s time to sell and get out.

It needn’t be impulsive but the desire for the security and consistency of a well-regulated dividend investment is what makes dividend investing, and long-term investing as a whole, so specifically appealing. Sell the stock, reinvest elsewhere, ideally somewhere that displays the commitment to consistency and stability which you got into the game for in the first place. In the long run, seemingly small changes in the present can lead to large losses or gains in the future, so if things are taking a turn for the worse be prepared to intervene.

8. Get Started Right Away

This is simple enough. The longer you have a good investment the more you’ll make in the end. This is certainly not to say to anyone that they’re too late, but young people often don’t investigate investment until they reach an age where they could have already made a large amount if they had got started 10 years earlier.

Once again, because it is a long-term investment, even as little as $1000 dollars in your twenties can be cultivated into one of the most valuable investment decisions of your life. There’s also an intuitive human logic to it: the earlier you put the money in the longer you have to enjoy the rewards of your investment. People tend to have less to lose when they are young, so putting in a small amount of money into a stable company which exhibits constant growth over a 10-20-year period and then putting the investment to the back of your mind can give you a wonderful surprise 15-20 years down the line.

10 Effective Long-Term Investing Strategies for Prosperous Billionaires
There is nothing as good as you starting your long-term investing portfolio now. Because in a long-term investment scheme, even as little as $100/month set aside in your twenties can be cultivated into one of the most valuable investment decisions of your life.

9. Dividend Re-Investment Program (DRIP)

One very effective way to go about long-term dividend investment is to seek out a company which fits your portfolio and offers a DRIP. The unique thing about dividend investments is that there is a near-constant cash flow back to an investor. The ‘dividends’ which are paid back are normally quarterly but a company which offers a DRIP can intercept the cash and redirect it back into further dividend-paying shares at that same company. There are many advantages to this scheme including there being no commission on shares purchased through a DRIP, the ability to purchase fractional shares and the potential for exponential growth through your dividend pay-outs. But, for the average investor, one of the biggest advantages is simply that management of your increasingly complex portfolio is simplified by leaving it in the hands of a DRIP.

Of course, you want to keep an eye on your initial investment, but in the world of dividends, when payments can come at any time, it can be extremely complex to keep a handle on everything, even to know when to reinvest the dividends you have received. The DRIP handles all that for you and gives you peace of mind that you are making the most out of your dividends. If the growth from the company is stable it can also lead to much greater earnings in the long run.

10. Research Companies Intelligently

The focus of investment is, naturally, finances. So, usually, investing in a company with a proven history of growth and stability with no cause to give you any alarm financially speaking is a good bet. However, increasingly we live in a world where personal reputations and personal identities get tied into corporations. The moral outlook and behavior of the board members of a huge corporation matters more and more in an age when media scrutiny is so intense and information travels across the globe in under a second. A company who make a lot of money and have done so for years but who have a shaky history in terms of their PR cannot be relied on in the long term.

All it takes is one highly publicized scandal for the company’s stock, in a market sense and a socio-economic sense, to plummet. Companies with a clean slate, in terms of their executives and their products are much safer than companies whose reputations hang on the decisions and behavior of their CEOs. It takes some doing, but thorough non-financial assessment of potential investment opportunities is crucial to a stable portfolio.

Do you want to have a true financial freedom without breaking the bank on your current level of income? Then reading this article is your best bet this year. It surely going to arm you with right skills and strategies for investing in your future right from this moment with effective long-term investing techniques that works.

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Create Your Own Social Media Network And Get A Good Traffic To Your Site As A Result

A social network consists of a group of acquaintances and friends, which are there to share some similar interests, careers or even both. Creating one proper social network online can always mean gaining a proper audience, which will prove to be rather beneficial for your career or political clout. Creating that effective social media network will always mean that you will end up with some contacts to help you with the career or personal endeavors.

Furthermore, it can be well-proven that you can always have separate networks for both options. It is time for you to expand your social media network with the help of person to person interactions and then keep in town with the help of social media. If you want to know how you can grow your current Instagram followers or Facebook likes, then following some of these significant steps might help. For that, log online and don’t forget to consider your own research in this matter.

How to Build Larger Followership on Social Media Network
The question pondering on most people’s minds is how possible it is to build large followership on some of the popular social media networks. But, it is possible!

Getting to network online with the help of apps:

You are always asked to make profiles on some of the popular platforms. You can always get proper establishments on some of the popular sites like Twitter, FB, Snapchat, Instagram, Reddit, YouTube, Tumblr and even on Flickr. You have to be very careful regarding the points you want to put right on public profiles as anyone can easily lookup for that. Most of the broadest audiences will be here for you.

  • You might have some people whom you know are quite active on social media. Don’t forget to ask them what they use as their social media relief.
  • If you are looking for social media help for the sake of professionalism, then you better try LinkedIn.
  • Once you have gotten your profile one nice picture and cute or even accurate name on a platform of choices, you can always add friends freely around here.

Communicate with friends through messaging apps:

Just to help your business grow, you need transparent communication. To network with people that you have in life already, you can always check out communication apps which will let you send what are mainly stated to be cooler text messages. You can further check out the messaging apps, noted to be popular all around the world if that helps in any way possible.

  • It is always advisable to use separate phone numbers for various networks. There should always be one work cell phone and a personal one.
  • In case, you are well interested in maintaining privacy, you can always download an encrypted app like a signal.

How to Build Your Social Media Networks Following From Scratch
How does one build a good following on social media network of your choice from scratch? This guide explains every detail on how you can build your social media network following from scratch using available resources.

Find the chosen niche right online:

You need to search for the platforms you have joined for the set cause you care about, and even for some points, which may prove to be interesting to you. For example, you can easily join some groups on FB, follow some of the firms on Twitter, and even more. You need to take some time off your busy schedule to reply to the request and personalized messages from your friends and followers. If you want, you can add some other members with whom you can easily get along.

  • In case, you are in FB group namely Panda Habitat Conservation and you are quite inspired by the jokes made by a man from Idaho posts then you can start by liking the post, replying with your own created joke and then add the person as your friend.
  • You can even come across some message boards or even online communities, which are focusing on any one of the points you are otherwise interested in. you can easily post on the topic and then get to share knowledge. If someone is on a message board with the same interest or can easily teach you something, then you can send them an email or just a private message and start knowing better.

Make sure to add the people freely:

You can always request connections with anyone you know and any person that you like in your real life. In case, the network is a personal one, you can try adding some of the close friends who you plan to hear from for the unguarded thoughts. In case, the current network is one business one, you can always add people you have interacted with, whether in person or virtually and you can always grow the reach.

Be sure to represent yourself:

Always be a pro in those sites where you choose to be active. At least once a day or so, you can share one comment, article or even photo, which can otherwise interest you and you might think that others might be interested in the same lot like you. If you end up using the site just for the sake of following others, then people will forget you in no time and that’s the last thing you could have asked for.

Make sure to take time and interact with contacts:

The easiest way for you to strengthen network is by interacting with people that you have well connected with. You should invest not more than a few minutes a day for checking out the site and expressing enjoyment of multiple posts. There are so many platforms that might let you work on that in several manners. You can easily comment or just press points like “heart”, “like” or even “favorite.” But, make sure to comment in such ways when you genuinely like something and not just for the sake of it. If you do so in other manners, then your feed might be slowly filled up with things that will not interest you.

You need to be a bit genuine in the interactions so that you can find some true common grounds around others. There are so many other platforms available, where you might post things and then get to tag people you think will be interested. Make sure to do that only on occasion and not tag more than a few people for the same. Otherwise, this situation won’t feel that person like you thought it to be.