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Long Tail Keywords: What Do You Need To Know About SEO? How Can You Use SEO Effectively For Your Business?

When it comes to SEO talks, there has been a lot of attention gathering for last few years regarding keywords. There has been a lot of researches done and strategies defined for various businesses by playing with keywords.

For sure, keywords and keyword research play an important role in SEO strategy, because they do perform well in the market, that too because best-performing keywords are the one that is easily clicked in anyone’s mind. But, since they come easily in any user’s mind, it has more uncertainty about the user’s intention behind the search. Whether the user is using a search engine to purchase a product or just learn information.

But as the years are passing, the industry realizes the importance of long-tail keywords. Few companies are coming up in the market who are getting expertise in long tail keywords, which is good for industry growth.

So, before we understand the importance and usage of these long-tail keywords, let us first understand, what exactly a long-tail keyword is?

A long tail keyword is the more specific form of a keyword, usually like a phrase, which contains more specific details about the product or service that a customer might be looking for. Let us understand this by differentiating it from regular keyword with the help of an example – If you are a company who sells a bottle, for you the general keyword can be “bottle.” But the long tail keyword can be – “Nova bottle 1-liter blue color”. As you see, this long tail keyword contains more detail about the product or service that customer can opt for.

Now, since you have understood what a long tail keyword is, let us now understand how it deserves importance in your strategy:

Understanding Long Tail Keywords And Why You Should Not Joke With Them

Long Tail Keywords - Best SEO Practices for 2020
Brands are coming up with high level of professionalism in long tail keywords, and I’d that is cool for the growth of the industry, but the question is; what are the importance and usage of some of these long-tail keywords?

Brings customer closer:

Long tail keywords help the customer to find the exact website of their need and what is available with you. To understand this, imagine yourself as a customer and go through this example – Suppose I want to go to Italy for a week vacation, I start my search as Italy accommodations. Later, after some study, I find that I would like to live exactly near Cala Goloritzé, Sardinia, thus now I would search for exact “accommodations near Cala Goloritzé, Sardinia.”

This brings the customer closer to the true result, the result for which he/she opened an internet browser. So, you see, a long tail keyword brings customers much closer to the desired result.

Higher conversion rate:

As compared to normal keywords, long tail keywords have a higher conversion rate. As said above, long tail keywords are more specific to the product or service; it means that if a customer is making an effort to exactly searching a product or service with those details, he or she might already be ready with the wallet and credit card to make the purchase.

A customer writing “Adidas Sports shoe size 8 US” has more potential to purchase the product than a customer writing “Shoes.”

You can see this as an analogy like –

You would prefer 10 purchases from 50 customers visiting your store than 5 purchases from 1000 customers visiting your store. That’s the importance of long tail keywords.

Long tail keyword possesses less competition:

Since long tail keywords have more specific details, it is more likely that they show up a better position in the search result box. This applies to both, organic as well as paid marketing. For example, if customer types “power bank”, there will be too many results and fewer chances of your website appearing, but if customer types “1000 mAh 2.4A power bank”, there are more chances that your page will be positioned higher in the rank, because there are fewer websites containing that keyword and your website is one of them.

Higher time on the website:

Those users who get redirected to your website through a long tail keyword search, tend to spend more time on your website. It is because they have the specific need about which they are clear, and they have entered your website with the intent of purchase. Thus, there are high chances that your website’s products variants will be explored by such users. This makes the user learn your website, and if your website is attractive and appealing, the user would like to visit the site again. This increases the rate of conversion as well as the average time spent by users on your website.

This average time comes into play when your website is in the labyrinth of search results available with Google. As search engine also determines how qualitative and useful your website is, the higher average time represents more trusted website and more qualitative website.

There wasn’t much information and awareness about long-tail keywords in the digital marketing and SEO world, but with the mammoth growth of the internet, there is a demand to analyze what’s best for the industry. Thus, many experiments, iterations, and researches have proved the significance of long tail keywords. The significance has proved that companies opted to play their card with long tail keywords have always won the game. Normal keywords have fewer chances of winning the bet, but long-tail keyword always wins the bet.

Now, since the definition, importance and benefits of long-tail keywords are clear to you, next step is to talk to the companies and get their expert service to implement this. Just do it. Expert companies should be approached to get this done. It is because expertise always plays a big role.

However, you as the originator of the business idea understand your product or service well than anyone else. Thus, it becomes your responsibility to understand your area, market, and the needs of your product demographically and age-wise. Then only you would be able to conduct proper keyword research and find the most suitable keyword for your business. Once your keywords are finalized, the time of higher ROI doesn’t stay far from you, and your business soon leaps.

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4 Ways to Include Bots in Your Digital Marketing Strategy

There are thousands of companies across the planet who are already using bots to assist them in day-to-day business management operations. Team management, human resources, accounting and telecommunications are all on the road to being well and truly disrupted through the increasing availability and accessibility of artificial intelligence-powered software solutions.

And they aren’t the only sectors benefiting from artificial intelligence. Digital marketing is seeing huge advances in a number of domains, with AI-powered bots coming in to streamline and automate operations, essentially generating new business and making life a lot easier for the people behind the scenes.

Wondering how you can make the bot revolution work for you? Let’s take a look at how you can bring bots into your digital marketing strategy and why you should:

Should You Include Bots in Your Digital Marketing Strategy?

Leveraging bots for digital marketing strategy let’s you use best customer service tools to reply consumers within seconds. Internet Marketing and BOTS - Why You Must Include Bots in Your Digital Marketing Strategy
Internet Marketing and BOTS:- Leveraging bots in your digital marketing strategy let’s you use best customer service tools to reply consumers within seconds. If result is what you seek, here below are reasons why you must include bots in your digital marketing strategy.

1. Let Them Take Care of Your Customers

Customer service has a huge impact on client retention and the image of your business and it’s set to gain in importance. A Walker Study recently found that by 2020, customer experience will overtake price and product as the key brand differentiator.

Let’s face it, the best way to lose clients is to provide them with so-so service that they have to wait hours for, but not all companies have a fully-fledged customer support team working round the clock. Luckily thanks to AI-powered chatbots, each and every business now has the potential to provide fantastic customer service.

Chatbots have been around for years, but it’s in customer service that they are truly making a name for themselves. Advances in natural language processing (NLP) mean that bots are now able to converse seamlessly with customers, handle minor queries or respond to complex requests, make recommendations and provide solutions to problems. What’s more, they do this 24/7 with little to no wait time. That’s a huge advantage for smaller businesses who are lacking large support teams, and a big gain in efficiency for everyone involved. Thanks yet again to NLP, bots can easily be programmed to adopt your company “voice” and reflect your brand throughout all customer interactions. And with most bot-building apps able to integrate with popular messaging platforms such as Facebook Messenger, it’s possible to provide clients with great service via the apps they use on a daily basis.

2. Use Them to Find Out More About Your Customers

In order to create great experiences for your customers, you obviously have to know as much about them as possible. Customer research is however a time-consuming and expensive process – that is of course, unless you bring in the bots.

Artificial intelligence does a great job on drawing on data from a wide array of sources (Customer interaction with your website, social media, previous purchases etc) and cross-referencing it to build up a detailed and convincing profile. And what if you could question customers directly? Chatbots can do just that, and what’s more, they can make it a fun and entertaining part of the whole customer experience. Used as a conversational research tool, chatbots can gather market insights and even power qualitative research including concept testing, brand perception, and purchase decisions. Depending on how you chose to incentivise participation, chatbot-powered research can be low-cost and unlike traditional research campaigns, you won’t have to wait months for data to be collected, analysed and fed back to you.

3. Let Them Decide Which Leads Are Worth Pursuing

Yet again, bots’ capacity to collate and analyse data from a wide variety of sources is a true godsend when it comes to lead qualification. Lead bots can be helpful for all sales teams, but they really come into their own when it comes to smaller teams or those with less experience, providing a boost for a fraction of the cost of hiring a couple of extra sales reps.

Taking the time to nurture good leads is obviously essential, but lead qualification is a huge investment of time and money for your average company. Lead bots act as a sort of digital concierge for your business, welcoming customers when they arrive at a particular destination (such as your homepage), asking a few questions, and routing them towards the right person, such as a rep who can then close the deal. Bots can help keep your team focus on high-quality conversations with a good chance of conversion and ensure that leads are followed up at the right time by the right sales people. At the same time, they can also provide help to more unqualified leads and ensure that they don’t feel left by the wayside. By programming your chatbot to provide those low-quality leads with helpful responses, you’ll ensure that they’re not left at a dead end and boost your brand image for little to no investment of time or money. Bots help bridge the gap between marketing and sales by helping you start more conversations and find out exactly where your customers are on their journey: basically, a win-win situation.

4. Use Them to Point Customers in The Right Direction

Even when it comes to traditional brick-and-mortar shopping, customers rarely head out to make a purchase knowing exactly what they’re looking for – and even fewer come home having bought only what they set out to get. What most potential buyers do is browse through a shop before committing to a given product. When it comes to online shopping, customer behaviour is pretty similar. You’re probably going to point out that physical stores have shop assistants ready to welcome customers and point them in the direction of the products they need, and that’s unfeasible online. It’s not – yet again, you can bring in the bots.

An obvious advantage when it comes to bots is that they can serve multiple customers at once, but that’s not the only one. Bots provide each and every customer with a personalised shopping experience, asking customers targeted questions about their tastes, using data gathered from previous interactions, web searches and social media profiles and cross-referencing it with external factors such as the weather, season or time of day to suggest the right products at the right time. “Hello Hipmunk” by travel platform Hipmunk integrates with Facebook Messenger, Skype, or Slack and uses a customer’s location and destination to offer them great deals, while lingerie brand Aerie offers a THIS or THAT option that enables shoppers to narrow down their range of options and find the right product.

Chatbots are popping up all over the place, and for a good reason. As we’ve seen, they not only enable huge savings of time and money for smaller companies and start-ups, they also vastly improve the customer experience by providing efficient, customised and entertaining service. With all these points of mine, I believe you’ve gotten some points, enough to convince you to consider adding bots in your digital marketing strategy anytime soon!

But my question now is, are you really thinking about including bots in your digital marketing strategy? Let’s talk about this in the comment section below.

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Why is It Necessary to Switch from Regular Remotes to Universal Remote Apps?

Remote-controlled devices are ubiquitous today, and the number of such devices is only increasing. Once largely limited to TVs, the remote control is quite common in a wide range of devices today. This includes air conditioners, set-top boxes, room lighting, gaming consoles, music systems and much more.

While these devices offer a higher level of convenience when compared to the past, they lead to a challenge. It’s having to juggle with multiple remotes. Imagine the number of remotes on your table when you’re watching a movie on your TV which has a cable subscription. And at the same time, you’re trying to adjust smart lighting and lower the room temperature! It’s quite a task to do all those tasks simultaneously. That’s where a universal remote control comes to your rescue. So, instead of multiple remotes, you only need one universal remote which can perform all the functions.

Why You Need Universal Remote Apps for Unmatched TV Experience

Universal Remote Apps or Smart Remote

The latest development in this space has been the advent of smart remote apps. Once you download and set them up on your smartphone, they convert it to a universal remote. Not only does such an app offer a more user-friendly navigation, but it also comes with a sophisticated and enhanced interface.

In this article, we are going to discuss some smart remote apps that can help you watch TV conveniently in your home. Here are a few examples of universal remote apps.

  • Anymote: Anymote is one of the best-rated universal remote apps in the market and is compatible with both Android and iOS phones. Similar to Peel, it uses IR and Wi-Fi technologies to control devices. It uses complex macros and sends multiple commands, thus allowing you to control any devices at the same time.
  • SURE: In addition to being a universal remote control app, SURE Universal can cast photos, audios and videos and photos to your smart TV and other media devices. Besides, it comes with an in-built support for Amazon Alexa support and is equipped with voice-control features. Besides IR technology, SURE Universal leverages Wi-Fi and DLNA networking to help you control numerous devices from your phone.
  • MI Remote Controller: Like many other universal remote apps, MI Remote controller also uses the IR-blaster of your phone to enable it with remote control functioning. The app supports devices like TV, air conditioner, set-top box, projector, A/V receiver, camera etc. It even lets you watch shows on your mobile phone. A key feature in MI remote controller is that there is no gateway required for Wi-fi operation.
  • Peel: The most popular app in the segment, one of the best universal remote apps you can find anywhere, Peel leverages IR and Wi-Fi technologies. It’s personalised intelligent assistance tracks your preferences and makes recommendations based on that. It can even help you plan your show-list for one week in advance. Interestingly, with Peel installed on your phone, you can perform basic remote functions even on a locked screen. Its capabilities stretch beyond TV and enable you to control for your set-top box, media players and even home appliances.

What is the Peel app?

The most popular among such apps is Peel remote app. Peel is a smart remote app which uses the IR-blaster of your Android phone and turns it into a universal remote to control several devices around your home and office. And it’s no concern if your phone doesn’t have the IR capabilities. In that case, Peel leverages your Wi-Fi network to deliver the same experience, as long as the device you want to control is Wi-Fi enabled and your phone and the device are on the same WiFi network.

Peel is a remote app for Android which is compatible with almost all leading brands of TVs and air conditioners. Besides, it can effectively control more than 600 set-top boxes available in India.

Peel is a free app with an easy set-up process. You only have to install it on your phone and it will guide you through how to set it up and configure it with the devices you want to control with it.

Benefits of a universal remote app

Through universal remote apps, you can control hundreds of devices using your phone. So, your smartphone will help you get rid of those multiple remotes on your table. Almost all the universal remote apps utilise IR technology and there are a lot of devices that run on it. Hence, these apps deliver a superior user experience.

Once you can synchronise these apps with multiple devices, you can control all of them at the same time without facing any challenges. Now, your smartphone is enough to control your TV, gaming consoles and other home appliances.

Peel, for example, works in the same manner with IR-enabled Android phones. Moreover, it comes preinstalled in many of such phones. In addition to that, it is also compatible with all home appliances that are Wi-Fi enabled.

A few major benefits of Peel universal remote are as given below.

  • Cost-effectiveness: You can download the Peel app for free and it doesn’t require you to invest in an additional hardware. This accumulates to a significant cost-saving in itself. On the other hand, if you’re using a regular universal remote, you know it’s quite an expensive buy.
  • Voice recognition: Although only limited to a few countries, Peel smart remote app offers voice-control features to provide the users with the next level of remote-control assistance. It can even understand the contextual meaning behind the voice input and follow the commands efficiently.
  • TV programme guide: Peel has been a leading and most embraced app in the TV remote segment predominantly. Among a series of advantages as a smart TV remote, it offers an intelligent TV guide assistance. It tracks the show preference of the users and provides recommendations based on that. Also, you can use it to plan what you want to watch over the next one week.

If you aren’t already using smart remote control, you may want to try any of these suggested apps to realise the range of benefits that come along with it. Get rid of concerns like multiple remotes, losing or misplacing it and its dead batteries. Just one app will make your TV watching experience more convenient and sophisticated.

You can hardly see a home without remote-controlled devices in today’s world and some of the points above are why it is necessary to switch from regular remotes to universal remote apps to save time and energy.


7 Amazing Tools To Find Duplicate Photos For Windows PC Users

Doesn’t matter how laser focused you are towards your Windows, your system will always end up accumulating junk and replica file on your machine. Moreover, these redundant files and duplicate files also leave the negative impact on your computer life and performance. However, you can get rid of duplicate files and recover storage space, but the manual deletion of duplicate files takes a lot of efforts and hours of your valuable time. So, you can take help of third-party to tool to get the work just within a few clicks.

In this post, we’re going to list the top 7 amazing tools to find duplicate photos for Windows users.

How to Find Duplicate Photos in Windows PC with Duplicate Software

Duplicate Files Fixer

Duplicate Files Fixer comes handy for deletion of accumulation of replica files on your computer which is conquering most of storage space. It is designed to give you rapid and accurate duplication results. The software can remove duplicate files effortlessly and save tons of your valuable time and hard disk space.

Duplicate Files Fixer
Duplicate Files Fixer let’s you find duplicate photos at a click of a button without stress or hassle.

Features of Duplicate Files Fixer:

  • Duplicate Files Fixer supports folder exclusion as per the requirement.
  • It allows you to create a backup before eliminating your replica files.
  • It reflects accurate identification of duplicate files and folders.

Get it here

Duplicate Photos Fixer

Duplicate Photos Fixer is one of the best duplicate cleaner and photo manager for Windows. It helps to find and delete replica images from your Windows computer which are not required, and hogging unnecessary space on the computer. Moreover, the program runs an in-depth scan to find out exact and similar duplicate images on both Windows storage and other external hard drives.

Duplicate Photos Fixer
Duplicate Photos Fixer allow you to find duplicate photos by narrowing down your files search process and clean the duplicates with ease.

Features of Duplicate Photos Fixer:

  • This software supports auto-mark feature which is effective for time-saving and providing impressive results.
  • It is suitable for cleaning external and internal drives.
  • It allows you to set matching levels according to your need and requirement to get the best results.

Get it here

Duplicate Cleaner

As the name shows, Duplicate Cleaner is an incredible free duplicate file removing software that is designed to locate similar photos, music files, videos, docs and other files. With Duplicate Cleaner, you can not only recover the storage space but also increase the speed of your Windows computer. It supports all the formats such as M4P, M4A, WMA, MP3, WAV, AAC, FLAC, OGG and many more.

Duplicate Cleaner - Duplicate Photos Cleaner for Windows PC
Duplicate Cleaner is an amazing tool for finding duplicate photos in Windows PC. It let’s you search for duplicate content across your machine and offers you an interface to get rid of the duplicates with ease.

Features of Duplicate Cleaner:

  • It offers a huge range of various removal option to eliminate duplicates.
  • Duplicate Cleaner comes with a straightforward interface which is simple to use.
  • The software supports image preview windows that allows you to go through the duplicate files before deleting them.

Get it here

Smart Duplicate Finder

If you want to recover tons of memory space on your computer by eliminating unwanted files which are unnecessary in no time, then you should download Smart Duplicate Finder to get an unbelievable result in just a few minutes. The tool will display and scan your entire computer to delete the empty folder and other space-hogging duplicate files from your machine.

Smart Duplicate Finder
Smart Duplicate Finder is an old duplicate photo cleaning suite but does its job quite well irrespective of the interface or anything.You can find duplicate photos in a matter of seconds while saving you time and efforts.

Features of Smart Duplicate Finder:

  • Smart Duplicate Finder is easy to use tool for beginners and professionals.
  • It requires fewer efforts and offers accurate results.
  • With Smart Duplicate Finder, you can easily find and remove duplicate photos and files and get the organized library.

Get it here

Duplicate Photo Cleaner

Duplicate Photos Cleaner is an amazing replica tool that can delete and move files with a tap of your finger.  The software allows you to compare the photos in a different folder and merge them according to your preferences. With Duplicate Photos Cleaner, you can get the preview of photos before initiating the eliminating the supplicate files.

Duplicate Photo Cleaner - Replica Cleaning Suite
Duplicate Photo Cleaner is an amazing Replica photos cleaning suite – this tools lives up to its name for eradicating duplicate photos from the operating system. You can carefully find duplicate photos and erase them by following the interface options.

Features of Duplicate Photo Cleaner:

  • Find and remove replica images and give you a well-organized and neat computer.
  • You can detect duplicate images and similar duplicate photos effortlessly.
  • Duplicate Photos Cleaner supports almost all the file formats such as GIF, PNG, TIFF, RAW and many more.

Get it here

Easy Duplicate Finder

Easy Duplicate Finder is an intuitive duplicate remove software for Windows users which helps you get rid of replica file. The software helps you to protect your stored files from accidental deletion. You can eliminate duplicate files of music, images, and windows media player as well. It supports Dropbox and Google Drive.

Easy Duplicate Finder - Remove duplicate files from dropbox, google drive, onedrive automatically
When you see the word “easy”, it means this app gets the job done easily! Easy Duplicate finder makes it easy to find duplicate photos not just from your PC, but also from cloud based photo storage spaces such as dropbox, google drive and others. It allows you to remove duplicate files from dropbox, google drive, onedrive, and others automatically

Features of Easy Duplicate Finder:

  • Give organized and tidy photos library.
  • It is a fast and powerful tool that helps you delete duplicate files.
  • It finds and removes duplicate photos and keep the original copies which have high resolutions.

Get it here


dupeGuru is an effective and reliable tool to detect and delete duplicate files and folders. Apart from time-saving, the software also prevents the accidental deletion of your documents and offers a preview before deleting the files. It is also available on Windows, Mac and Linux.

With its inbuilt accident precaution, this software let’s you remove duplicate photos and as well as prevent data loss. You can’t get anything better out there that let’s you find duplicate photos so easily!

Features of dupeGuru:

  • dupeGuru is simple, fast and customizable.
  • Capable of replacing replica files instantly.
  • dupeGuru is specially designed to prevent duplication in your computer and efforts of manual deletion.

Get it here

So, these are the list of 7 amazing tools to find duplicate photos for Windows computer.  We hope this list will help you to choose the best software to remove duplicate photos from your Windows machine and recover precious storage space effortlessly.

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The Top 10 Cloud Myths to Watchout for in 2019

Cloud computing has become a mainstay over the past decade, as more and more businesses have adopted it. However, despite this fact, there are a great many cloud myths surrounding its actual value. Whether it involves cost efficiency or security issues, these cloud myths serve no real purpose but to distract us from moving forward.

Talking about cloud myths, I’ve got some amazing insights about cloud computing myths that worth sharing. So why don’t you take a peek at these cloud myths below to see whether or not your perception of them is closer to reality or draped in cloud myths and confusion.

Cloud Myths – The Top 10 Cloud Computing Myths to Watchout for in 2019 Going Forward

Top 10 Cloud Myths
These are the top 10 cloud myths that are stylishly influencing the cloud computing industry.

1. The Cloud Has Infinite Applications

The cloud is capable of fitting where flexibility is required for a business, allowing for such business to utilise it only when needed. In most cases, moving a legacy application is never a good choice, if there are no cost savings involved.

The cloud isn’t always the best solution for all workloads. It’s for this reason why you should never be afraid to utilise non-cloud solutions, when the situation arises.

2. Cloud Is Just About Money

When it comes to migrating over to the cloud, saving money shouldn’t be your only motivation. There are many other things for you to consider, such as agility, flexibility, speed to market, and more.

You should never assume that cloud migration automatically equates to saving money. It’s in your best interest to do your due diligence using a TCO analysis and market comparison – look at planned growth and current costs to best determine the solution that will work best for you. 

3. The Cloud Isn’t As Secure As On-Premises Solutions

Most tend to perceive cloud computing as less secure. But the reality is that security breaches in public clouds are very uncommon, as most breaches tend to occur in on-premises data center environments.

It’s in your best interest to not automatically assume cloud providers are insecure, but you shouldn’t automatically think they’re secure, either. You want the cloud provider you’re interested in, to demonstrate their capabilities, from there, you will be able to best determine whether it’s the service for you. Just reaching a conclusive decision without practical approach is one of cloud myths we are trying to eradicate.

4. Cloud Not Suited for Mission-Critical Situations

Cloud computing shouldn’t be looked at as an all or nothing type of service. Most organisations out there like to migrate over in phases, making decisions on a case by case situation.

When it comes to mission-critical, there are many things that it can mean. If we’re talking about complex systems, then you want your implementation to be phased. 

5. Cloud Equals Data Center

Migrating to the cloud should not mean completely shutting down all data centers, and taking everything over to a cloud. Generally, data center modernisation, data center outsourcing and data center strategies are all things that are commonly not associated with cloud services.

When making a cloud decision, you want to look at it on a workload-by-workload basis, rather than the all or nothing approach.

6. Virtualisation Equals Private Cloud

When it comes to cloud computing, virtualisation is a commonly used enabling technology. However, there are many other ways of implementing cloud computing, with virtualisation in many cases not being sufficient or necessary.

When building, you want to be sure you’re using the correct terms. It doesn’t necessarily have to be cloud to be acceptable. You don’t want to overstep your expectations, as it only adds to more cloud confusion.

7. We Need Just One Cloud Strategy

Cloud computing is many different things, which is why any cloud strategy must take this into account. The reality of cloud services and interoperability standards makes limiting options less of an issue, as consumers are none the wiser about these specific details.

The best cloud strategy should involve aligning business goals with identified benefits. You may opt for a single cloud strategy, which would make sense, if the decision framework expects and allows for a plethora of answers.

8. Your Get All Cloud Characteristics When You Migrate

Cloud computing naturally has its own unique characteristics and capabilities. The vast majority of migrations can be categorised as “lift and shift” re-hosting, or other movement types, which typically don’t enable for elasticity or scalability. However, there are other types of cloud migration, such as refactoring and rewriting, which offers for far more characteristics. However, the cloud is most commonly used for new applications.

You want to make that distinction between applications that are hosted in a cloud from the cloud services. There are many benefits to the cloud, as you’re not required to purchase any additional hardware, and these benefits add their own value. However, outcomes may and do commonly vary.

The remaining cloud myths point are going to be shared in the next couple of posts on this series. Stay tuned and stay blessed.


Steps to Preventing Cyber Crime When Using Business Technology

Many people believe cyber crime only happens to large corporations with massive customer databases and large, complex computer systems. The truth is rather different.

In reality, many smaller businesses are increasingly vulnerable to cyber crime, so all business owners need to overhaul or at least check their security. Remarkably, in the UK, over half of businesses suffered some type of cyber threat in 2017 and the financial impact of the biggest attacks regularly makes the latest headlines.

More and more tech is being used by business such as smartphones and tablets issued to staff, modern point of sale equipment to enable speedy and quick purchase transactions, and computer controlled machinery such as in logistics centers and manufacturing environments.

Lack of vigilance and ignoring precautions when using this modern tech can create vulnerabilities for cyber criminals to exploit.

What are cyber criminals after?

Sometimes it’s just to cause disruption, but usually there’s a distinct motive such as accessing a company’s customer database and ‘harvesting’ sensitive data such as email and home addresses, credit card data, bank details and more.

Preventing Cyber Crime: How to prevent cyber crime from happening?

Safer Online Presence - Cyber Crime is on the rise
Crimes of all levels, including cyber, are on the rise across the world. Preventing cyber crime has become a necessity in this age. It is worth noting that myriads of combative innovations have also been consider to counter-attack some of the prevailing cyber security incidents – but, it is our individual responsibility to stay abreast of preventing cyber crime from taking place around us.

Common causes of cyber crime:

Human error: much of the risk stems from staff not observing safe practices often through ignorance; for example, opening a phishing email because they’re unaware of what they are and how they’re presented or setting a too-easy-to-crack password.

Updating systems and software: another large element of the risk is through not maintaining and updating systems properly; something simple such as updating to the latest operating system might plug a security vulnerability that cyber criminals have been exploiting.

Update other software: many updates revolve around attending to a recently discovered security vulnerability, so outdated firewall, anti-phishing, anti-malware, anti-virus and DNS protection software can add to the vulnerabilities.

Therefore, updating all system software regularly is an important basic step to combat cyber crime.

Train staff in cyber security

As said above, often staff using tech aren’t fully aware of the threats they face. It’s worth having periodic training to appraise them of the risks and encourage them to adopt safe practices such as the following:

  • Emails – the perils of phishing emails and how to spot them, and being on guard against emails from unknown sources, asking you to either visit a certain website or open an attachment
  • Passwords – the need to adhere to the company’s password policy (for example setting strong passwords and changing them every week, month or whenever is prescribed)
  • Social engineering – guarding against cyber criminals using platforms such as social media to ‘befriend’ staff, win their trust and gain access to sensitive information
  • Safe sites – how to spot potentially dangerous websites that may download harmful malware or viruses to the system compared to perfectly safe ones
  • Other tech – if staff are given other tech to use for their work such as a smartphone or tablet, then an awareness of risks to these devices from cyber criminals is important to know

Human error is always a vulnerability that even the strongest security procedures can’t always combat, so ensure staff are trained – and that it’s ongoing.

Systems access

Ensuring staff only have access only to the parts of the network relevant to their work prevents too many people having higher level access.

A company wide policy regarding passwords is a basic cornerstone of good cyber security; they should be strong passwords and changed frequently with care taken as to who they are issued to.

Hire a security professional

An expert in systems security can assess and advise you as to how well or otherwise you’re protected and, if not, what to do about it.

They’ll also advise you of the latest threats and can ‘keep you in the loop’ on an ongoing basis – and may be able to provide security training for your staff or at least know of a good training provider.

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Increase Productivity by Choosing the Right HR Software Solution

The HR department is one of the most crucial departments for any business as they are responsible for all the activities that are related to the welfare of the employees. Regardless of the size of your company, it is very time consuming to manage the employees, and it takes in a lot of efforts too. Whether you own a startup or an owner of a large enterprise, you shouldn’t just underestimate the benefits of HR Software. It helps a lot in the development of the business as well as the morale of the employees.

Here are some of the benefits of owning a right HR software solution.

6 Benefits of Using HR Software Solution For Brands

You can increase productive in your business without increasing overall spends simply by using a cutting-edge HR Software Solution. You can reduce cost and save a lot by investing more resources into improving your human resources department.
You can increase productive in your business without increasing overall spends simply by using a cutting-edge HR Software Solution. You can reduce cost and save a lot by investing more resources into improving your human resources department. 

Improves the Efficiency of HRs

This is the first and most important benefit of the HR software solution. The software reduces the efforts and tasks that must be performed by the HR. It provides solutions for various problems that are faced by the HR department, and implementation of HR software solution immediately affects the administrative efficiencies. The software will improve the way in which HR department handles the day to day tasks and helps the organization in saving a lot of time. The automated features of HR software make it easy to increase the productivity of the businesses.

The HR software helps the organization by streamlining the work as per the requirements. Everything will be in order and taking care of the tasks will become very easy with the human resource software.

Reduce the Business Costs

The HR software solution will help your organization in reducing the administrative costs. The improvement of efficiency and productivity is another way of saving money. By using the HR software, the organization won’t need to hire another HR administrator, and this will help in saving a fortune of money. There is an estimate that every 100 employees need one HR manager but with the use of the latest and automated software, the ratio changes and the number of employees that one software can manage increases dramatically. This will influence the business in a lot of ways.

Improved Communication

Every organization should consider the HR software as a way to communicate. Similar to the project management software, the staff can interact with each other within the HR software. The HR software can be used as a network where the team can communicate the information and access the analytics and tools. This will help in streamlining the HR workload reducing the requirement of redundant communication.

The mobile-friendly HR software helps the staff to leave their desks of laptops and computers but even access the software whenever necessary. They can access all the tools, analytics and work on the software on the go without much of a hassle.

Improved Decision Making

When you have a particular decision to make, then it is essential to have all the required information at your fingertips. This information will help you in making better choices for the growth of your business. You can find such accurate and up to date information in the HR software. The HR department and the senior staff of the company will be able to look up for any information that they want on the software without much of a fuss.

Better Ways to Track the Employee Data

It is essential to keep track of employees of an organization from time to time. Monitoring the absence of employees, payroll, the pay gap according to the seniority and gender, everything plays an important role when it comes to the data. The HR software is a source of all the data related to the employees. The HR department and the owners of the business can track the performance of their employees from time to time with the help of the software.

The online data storage facility will help in accessing the information whenever required securely.

Better Management of Risk

The HR software makes the management of risk very easy as they help you to keep track of the employees more efficiently. You can store the policies and share them with the employees in a secure manner, and the software helps in managing various other important aspects of the business in a better way.

The HR software benefits in the business in so many ways and it increases the productivity as well as the efficiency of the company.  

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How To Improve Your Small Business Budget By Avoiding Unnecessary Expenses

Everyone knows that running a business costs money. Whether you are running a small shop or you are the owner of a small e-commerce business, every company has to deal with a number of expenses. However, there are many ways to reduce your costs at the office and avoid unnecessary expenses. To help you improve your small business budget, here are a couple of tips on how to reduce your business costs.

Want to Improve on Your Small Business Budget? 

How to improve small business budget by avoiding unnecessary expenses from your business processes without sacrificing on the quality of services you render.
How to improve small business budget by avoiding unnecessary expenses from your business processes without sacrificing on the quality of services you render.

1. Outsource

Instead of hiring full-time employees for short-term jobs, bring in contractors or freelancers to do these jobs for you. By doing this,you won’t have to pay them a full-time salary and you’ll be saving tons of cash. In case someone from these freelancers stands out, you can always consider hiring this person if there is a job opening.

 2. Reduce Paper Costs

The truth is that printing costs add up rather quickly and the cost of mailing, ink, and paper supplies can lead to a large business expense. Try to eliminate as much paper as possible at the office to cut costs and transfer to a digital invoice. Instead of a file cabinet packed with thousands of papers, you will find all important paperwork in a folder on your computer.

3. Buy Refurbished Equipment

I know it’s nice to have new things, but many of these items cost a lot. Fortunately, you can reduce these expenses by purchasing used equipment which in most cases is as good as the new brands that cost much more. Many manufacturers offer refurbished equipment at a discount price,which is great for your budget. This should apply to things like file cabinets and drawers. I wouldn’t recommend purchasing used laptops or much worse, office chairs for the employees.

4. Invest in Web Conference Software

Travel can be expensive. Instead of organizing dozens of business trips for your employees, consider investing in web conference software which will allow you and your employees to have face-to-face conversations with other parties. This doesn’t mean that you should eliminate personal meetings and travel entirely, but to reduce costs, the travel budget should only be used for high-priority situations.

5. Reduce Energy Costs

Yes, you can actually do this. There are many energy efficient appliances online that you can use to cut some costs. Consider switching to compact fluorescent light bulbs, as they use less energy than your standard incandescent bulbs.

6. Avoid Bad Marketing

Although marketing can help your small business in the long run, there are many bad marketing agencies out there that charge a lot of money for their services. Instead of wasting your hard-earned money on bad marketing, learn something about your customer base first. This little secret could save a lot off your intended small business budget.

7. Negotiate Lower Prices with Your Suppliers

One of the best ways to improve your small business budget and cut down expenses is to negotiate lower prices directly with your suppliers. Luckily, many suppliers are open to the idea of negotiations, simply because they would rather give you a cheaper price than lose a regular customer.

8. Cut Back on Software

You can reduce your small business budget and costings by purchasing software that is actually used at the office every day. There are many companies who pay to have applications that they use like once a year and this is called wasting money. To save more cash, you can also use open-source software alternatives instead of popular brand name applications.


Small businesses usually face many challenges and one of these challenges is finding enough money to keep the business profitable. Each of these 8 steps is there to create an alternative solution that can reduce your costs and protect your small business profit. You can do yourself a lot good simply by learning more on streamlining your small business budget.

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How Technology is Transforming Healthcare Systems in Africa

For years policymakers have struggled with how to improve the healthcare systems in Africa. The challenges have been immense and the lack of trained doctors and nurses, equipment, logistics, and even corruption have made it difficult to provide those who are most vulnerable with the care that they need.

However, things are starting to change and, in many ways, the transformation of healthcare systems around the world has nothing to do with government. Instead, changes are being driven by the combination of talented engineers the world over and the technology they produce.

Digital innovations has made it possible for healthcare service consumers to access medical information, monitor vital signs and carry out a wide range of medical tests via their portable devices. This was never possible some years back. That tells how much technological innovations is vastly disrupting the healthcare industry.

With that in mind, here are some of the way which technology is transforming healthcare in Africa.

Ways Innovation in Technology is Transforming Healthcare Systems in Africa

How Technology is Transforming Healthcare Systems in Africa
In Africa, technology has been the driving force of industries including healthcare industry. Here’s how technology is disrupting and transforming healthcare systems across the continent of Africa.

Dr. Roboto

It used to be that people would die because there was no doctor in the area. At the same time, rural doctors tended to be overworked – especially during periods of conflict or disease outbreaks when the need for doctors peaked. But all of this is starting to change, thanks to technology.

Artificial Intelligence (AI) enabled systems are helping doctors, nurses, and other care workers around the world to improve treatment, and outcomes, for patients. While much of the focus has been on high-profile studies in urban areas, AI is also making its way to the countryside.

In fact, developers are already in the process of rolling out AI-enabled solutions based on anonymous blockchains to make it possible to expand access to healthcare at a fraction of the cost when compared to more traditional solutions. The result is that at-risk populations can get the care they need when they need it, which will help to lower the total cost of healthcare systems in the developing world.

Intelligence Clinical Decision Support

Even though doctors are highly trained, no one doctor can know everything there is to know about medicine. In fact, the sure pace of clinical innovation makes it impossible for the best doctors to know of the latest and greatest treatment options.

Enter MD Guidelines. This is a software-centric approach to better clinical decisions by increasing access to the lasted in evidence-based treatment, allowing doctors everywhere to make the most of the latest breakthroughs in medicine.

Not only will this make life easier for doctors, many of who are overworked, but it will lead to better outcomes for patients everywhere. The result will be more agile healthcare systems, and this will help policymakers to better meet the needs of its citizens – especially as African nations rapidly develop.

Don’t Go to the Lab; Have the Lab Come to You!

While Theranos turned out to be the scam of the century, the reality is that many others are working on ways to use technology to decrease diagnostic costs and improve reliability. However, there are two competing approach – one which focuses on low-cost, high functionality devices, and the other which relies on drones to move samples back and forth.

At stake here is the view of the world, at least as it pertains to medical diagnostics. While the drones would help to support a highly-centralized ecosystem, the introduction of diagnostic devices and applications would lead to a round of decentralization and could revolutionize healthcare.

The reason is simple, even with drones, wait times and logistics are an issue related to transporting samples. While having low-cost devices installed in the field would allow doctors and nurses to conduct a slew of tests on site and without significant delays in performing the tests.

The shortened cycle team not only means less waiting, but it could also eliminate the need for patients to make a non-essential trip to their local doctor. This is especially important in rural areas where it could take hours to get to the nearest clinic.

Improved Working Conditions

One of the biggest challenges facing the healthcare system in Africa has been the exodus of skilled professionals to developed countries. This largely has to do with working conditions which are often stressful – even in the best of times.

As such, the integrations of technology solutions such as blockchain, AI, robotics, drones, and even specialized devices could make life easier for those whose job it is to look after our lives. The hope is that widespread implementation will stem the tide as skilled professionals choose to stay closer to home. The result would be more healthcare workers enjoying a better quality of life in their home countries.

Technology can make life’s better and when it comes to its integration with healthcare systems it is transforming healthcare systems everywhere – even in Africa. Just recently, USNews ran a post on several ways technology is transforming healthcare systems across the world. This emerging trend will not only change our lives for the better but will also help to ease many challenges facing policymakers for years.

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Convert PDF to Other Formats Online With This New Free Tool

Tech companies have shown the progress in the last decade, providing solutions to consumers in every sphere of their lives. For the first time, it isn’t enough to give service directly to the consumer, but you need be able to do so in the fashion of the consumer-first approach. With so many choices available online, the user’s brand loyalty goes as far as the ability of the company to understand what users need. If the user feels that the software or tool isn’t in line with their needs, they will jump to another one without looking back.

That is why we wanted to introduce you to a new online PDF converter that is looking for the needs of their consumers in the best way.

Do you want to convert PDF to other formats without registration or installation? Use this tool, upload the file to be converted and then convert to other formats. EasyPDF is an online PDF suite that enables the conversion of PDFs to other formats, creating PDFs and much more, with a unique approach – it is free, anonymous and secure. You can use this tool without registration or installation. All that is required is to visit this website, upload document and convert PDF to the desired format.

Convert PDF to Other Formats Online With This New Free Tool

Supported conversions by EasyPDF

EasyPDF supports conversion of regular and scanned PDFs to one of these formats: Word, Excel, PowerPoint, JPG, PNG, GIF, and AutoCAD (only PDFs designed in AutoCAD).

For the conversion, you need to select one PDF file that you will import. You can import PDF either from your device (a computer or a mobile device) or the cloud storage (Google Drive and Dropbox supported). Start the conversion process with “Convert PDF” button. After a minute you will be able to download the converted document.

PDF conversions by EasyPDF
Start the Convert PDF process by selecting the PDF to Word conversion option inside the EasyPDF interface.

Creating PDF from other documents is done in the same way as conversion. You can choose to convert Word, PNG, and other formats to PDF, one file per conversion.

We were glad to see OCR online tool, that enables you to extract text from scanned images to either Word, Excel, or Text files. OCR process is highly complicated in terms of the technology behind it. But, for the user-part is made pretty simple as choose an image, select the output and convert.

PDF Creation using EasyPDF
You can also create PDF files, split it or merge them at the same using the PDF Creation tool.

Some other functionalities include PDF split, merge and compress which are all very self-explaining. As you can see it is a very well rounded PDF tool that can enable multiple conversions in one place.

The user-first approach of EasyPDF

The simplified user interface of EasyPDF is making it appealing for the eye and functional at the same time. Each different tool is divided by its functionality, removing any doubt of what are you required to do.

As mentioned before, this online tool is free and without ads. There are no limitations on the number of daily conversions, size of file or services you can use.

You aren’t required to leave your email or any personal identifier to use the tool. You can start conversion straight-away. Because the PDF conversions run on automated servers, no one can access your documents at any point. With each document being auto-deleted from servers, your documents stay secure all the time.

EasyPDF is an online tool which means it isn’t limited to any platform or operating system. You can use it equally on Windows, Linux or Mac. The developers have paid special attention to mobile users as well, with EasyPDF working the same as the mobile app would.EasyPDF Interface

EasyPDF online tool is available on all platforms or operating systems. It is a responsive tool that let’s you convert PDF files to other formats on Windows, Mac, or Linux, and as well as on your mobile smartphones.Last but not the least, users can switch the interface between 14 different languages. The supported languages are English, French, Italian, Spanish, German, Greek, Portuguese, Turkish, Dutch, Chinese, Malaysian, Japanese, Indonesian and Arabic.

There aren’t many completely free online tools available out there to convert PDF files, so that is why EasyPDF comes as a real refreshment to other online PDF converters. You can use this new online PDF converter without registration and with multiple conversions supported. In time, this can be a truly reliable tool that many users might choose as their first choice when dealing with PDF documents. You can easily convert PDF files to your desirable formats without hassle.
Like I said earlier on, EasyPDF online tool is can be used on all operating systems. It is responsive too convert PDF files and as well works on your mobile smartphones, at a click of a button.