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3 Simple, Yet Effective Ways Corporate Businesses Use Instagram Stories for Marketing

Promoting corporate links on Instagram hasn’t been that easy until Instagram stories was introduced. Top corporations with good amount of social media budget have been able to take advantage of this new innovation while some are still lost in translation over it. 

There is now a strong relationship between businesses and social media. This is because many social media platforms have developed into great marketing tools. No matter what business you’re in, using social media as a tool to promote it doesn’t get better than now.

One of the online marketing tools that has grown massively in recent times is Instagram Stories. Instagram Stories allows you to share photos and videos that disappear after 24 hours. But within those short hours, successful businesses use this platform to promote their products and/or services.

The following points will show you how businesses use Instagram Stories for marketing so that you too can join this trend.

Reveal the Behind the Scenes of Your Products/Services

Successful businesses share photos and videos of their products during the production and finishing stages. It helps show your audience the energy and creativity behind your business, and your consumers are likely to find that appealing.

This is particularly useful for small businesses and new brands looking to expand their territory and trying to gain a new ground. But how do you do this? It’s simple. Take behind-the-scenes photos and videos of how you make your products, look for a brilliant photo/video editor to put them in a flawless package, and share them with your audience.  

However, a small business or new brand needs to do this more anyway, and here are some things that can help your business thrive better. About 800 million Instagram users follow business profiles so you have high chances to promote your products.

Showcase Your Products’ Accomplishments

Another way businesses use Instagram Stories to attract new followers and potential customers is by showing their accomplishments. This works like magic because it convinces potential customers that your product is of high quality and that they will find it useful and effective.

How can you also showcase your accomplishments as a business owner? It’s simple. But first, know that you should never underestimate your accomplishments, no matter how little.

To do this, find customers who are loyal to your product to give their reviews or rate your products. You can even record this in a short, clear video, edit it properly, and share it with other followers. This goes a long way toward influencing the decisions of potential customers.

Share Promotional Offers and Discounts

This could be a timely thing to do, but surely successful businesses do this. Sharing promotional offers and discounts at some strategic periods can be a great way to bring old customers back and entice new ones.

As a business owner, you can use Instagram Stories to achieve this. Instagram Stories are fleeting—after 24 hours, they’re gone (unless you want them to appear again). This makes it more interesting because your customers will have to be targeting your timely offers and checking your stories often.

You can include links to your offers in Instagram Stories. While you get more sales with this strategy, it also brings more new customers to your Instagram page.


Whether you’re an established brand or a new business, Instagram Stories is a wonderful marketing tool that can help you maximize your business—i.e., get you more followers, help publicize your brand, bring in more customers, and of course, generate more sales.

Utilizing this doesn’t have to be hard. Showing the creativity and energy behind your products, letting your followers see how your products and/or services benefit others, and giving out timely offers and discounts are a great way to maximize your business.

Don’t delay, go for it now. Nothing brings more joy than a thriving business. 

How Corporate Business Use Instagram Stories For Marketing

3 Simple, Yet Effective, Ways Corporate Businesses Use Instagram Stories for Marketing (Infographic)
Here are three simple, yet effective, ways corporate businesses and startups use Instagram Stories for marketing purposes, properly explained in an infographic image.
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Credit Limit: This Is How Your Credit Card Limit is Determined

Wanna know how your credit limit is measured and determined before you can get that loan or financial aid approved? We wrote a definitive guide that detailed all the process you should follow.

While the credit limit a card issuer sets is in fact an indication of its faith in your ability to repay the loan, it shouldn’t be looked upon as a measurement of your worth as a human being.

After all, given a choice between doing the right thing and the wrong thing, most people do choose to the right thing—first.

Seriously though, while the exact algorithms governing how your credit limit is determined vary from lender to lender, the clues they use are all pretty much the same.

How Your Credit Card Limit is Determined

Your Income

The more money you make, the more you can afford to repay—or so the logic goes. Thus, people with higher incomes tend to have higher credit limits. Well, that is up to a point. As you’ll see below, there is another rather significant issue that comes into play around your income.

What You Owe vs. What You Make

Also known as your debt to income ratio, this factor could find you saddled with a lower credit limit than someone with a much smaller income—assuming they also have no bills. The more you keep of what you make (the lower your debt to income ratio), the more risk a lender is willing to take on your behalf.

How You Handle Debt

A quick glance at your credit report is all experienced loan professionals need to determine whether you’ll qualify. If your accounts are paid on time and have low balances—or paid in full with no hiccups, you’ll find yourself getting a pretty nice credit limit—assuming your income will support it. On the other hand, late payments, high outstanding balances, and other negative credit-related information will depress your limit.

Your Credit Score

The factors above are typically combined to determine your overall credit score. If everything lines up and yours is high, you’ll get a larger limit than a similar applicant who has a lower credit score.

How Others Have Previously Ranked You

If you routinely get cards with five and six-figure limits, each new application you submit is likely to be responded to with yet another one—assuming all of those accounts are in good standing. However, this is only can only be true up to a point. If a lender finds itself fifth or sixth in line and your income has already been stretched with a hand of cards with high limits, they might be reluctant to follow suit.

Your Co-signer’s Situation

If you need someone to apply with you to qualify, you’ll find your credit limit will, in part, be determined by what they are considered capable of handling. After all, if things go sideways and the issuer has to go after your co-applicant, they’ll want to be certain that person has the ability to pay on your behalf.

Your Financial Problems (or Lack Thereof)

As you may have surmised, when it comes to how your credit limit is determined, problem-free people tend to get better treatment. If you’re not one of them, you should set about cleaning your house before inviting new lenders to come in and look around (so to speak).

If you have a lot of debt you can’t shake and your income isn’t keeping pace, you might consider working with a debt relief company to help you get things back on track. However, before choosing one, conduct some research along the lines of these freedom debt relief reviews to learn the nature of the company with which you’re considering working.

Hopefully now you understand how your credit limit is determined and can leverage this information to make the best choices for your financial situation.

With this article, we hope you are clear of the fact having a clean credit record is all it takes. To get that loan approved, your credit card limit has a lot to do. You must do everything to be clean to go.

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Top Much-Awaited Mobile Phones for 2019

As a smartphone user looking forward to what is in store next year, here are some of the much-awaited mobile phones coming out in 2019.

Now that we’re right in the middle of a progressive digital age, most of us can’t live without our everyday handheld device. Mobile phones have gone a long way since the one-liner screens and three-day battery life. The future is here with all the cosmetic and performance upgrades we get to experience every time we switch smartphones.

It’s always an anticipated event each time big smartphone brands release the next iteration of their flagship device. We all hold our breath for all the upgraded features we’re soon get our hands on as we scour the internet for leaked images and bits of information about their awesome functions.

If you are one of the many smartphone users looking forward to what the next models are about to offer, you will be excited for what’s in store as we go through some of the much-awaited mobile phones coming out in 2019. This is based on social media trends and reports.

5 Much-Awaited Mobile Phones Worth Having in 2019


Samsung Galaxy X

For the past few years, Samsung has been developing technology to build a foldable smartphone (in fact, it is branded as the first foldable phone worldwide). It was tentatively named the Galaxy X and soon we’re going to find out how great this revolutionary design will turn out. This mobile phone is expected to fold out clamshell-style and turn into a tablet, with a rumor suggesting a section of the screen is uncovered when folded up to see incoming calls on the always-on display.

Samsung Galaxy X foldable phone
Samsung Galaxy X foldable phone is amongst our list of much-awaited mobile phones coming out in 2019. It was revealed at the last Samsung Developers Conference that this beast will be unveiled pretty soon..

Samsung Galaxy S10 and S10+

Samsung’s flagship device is going on its 10th iteration with word suggesting there will be not only two but three of them to choose upon its release in 2019. If reports are correct, they could come in 5.8, 6.1 and 6.4-inch screens, with the smallest of the three having a flat screen display instead of a curved edge one. Three cameras are also rumored to be installed on the back, powered by a Snapdragon 855 with a fingerprint sensor in-display.

Samsung Galaxy S10 and S10+ Are The Latest Much-Awaited Mobile Phones
Samsung Galaxy S10 and S10+ are the latest much-awaited Mobile Phones worldwide. These two are the newest miracles from Samsung that the whole world is eagerly waiting to see.

2019 iPhones

Following the recent release of Apple’s three new iPhones—the iPhone XR, XS, and XS Max—the tech company is already working on the improvements of next year’s big release. Rumor has it that the next iPhone will finally jump onto the current camera bandwagon and go for three rear-facing cameras. It would have advanced 3D depth-sensing technology and stereoscopic vision to dramatically improve its augmented-reality capabilities.

2019 iPhones
The new range of 2019 iPhones promises to raise more eyebrows. It is believed that Apple is working on breaking more grounds in the next version of iPhones.

But as much as this seems to be good news, this rumor was quashed, with analysts saying Apple is still going to stick to its dual camera array for next year’s iPhones. But rest assured, they will still be more powerful.

Xiaomi Mi Mix 3

Xiaomi may not be huge in the West but it’s currently number four in world rankings, with good reason. They take design risks and build quality products at prices that are below average. Its third iteration of the Mi Mix features a slide-out front camera, and a massive 10GB of RAM. Plus, it supports 5G networks.

Xiaomi Mi Mix 3 Lite
Imagine having a Xiaomi Mi Mix 3 Lite with 10GB RAM, what else would you have wished for? This much-awaited mobile phone further confirms itself as one of the most powerful smartphone in the world for 2019.

Huawei P30

Huawei has gained momentum in the popularity race with its P series that features topnotch camera technology. Their next release is also expected to make the 5G list with its own Kirin 980 chipset to power the device. Of course, Leica will be coming up with a more advanced camera system that made Huawei what it is today.

With advancements in technology pushing the boundaries of a smartphone’s capabilities, it’s not surprising that we’re going to get more hi-tech devices as early as next year. Watch out for rumors from ‘reliable’ sources to keep yourself updated on the latest news and info on all the features of these smartphones from your favorite brands.

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iPhone 7 Armor Cases: How to Create Your Desired Profile With Judicious Choice Of An Armor Case

There is a wide and extensive range of armor cases that will keep your iPhone 7 well protected. Make the best choice out this huge collection to create a desired profile for your all new smartphone. The new iPhone 7 has created a massive euphoria among its fans successfully in spite of its lacking in design.

It has an excellent camera, 40x faster processor, force-touch enabled home button, and lots more. You will need to protect these from damage and accidents with a strong protective armor case.

You deserve classic lifestyle, we know that! And we would love to help you create your desired classic profile with judicious choices of electrifying iPhone 7 armor cases.

Top 6 iPhone 7 Armor Cases for Classic People

The iPhone accessory makers have come to your rescue as always with a huge collection of armor cases that comes in all possible hue and colors to grab yours as well as other’s eyeballs, sometimes popping it out. Follow this list to ensure your requirements are fulfilled ideally and keep you phone protected and carry it in style.

Luvvitt Armor Case

This is the ultra-armor iPhone 7 case that is highly protective, high on style and carved exquisitely to fit your expectation. This is a double layer armor case that has a combination of shock absorbing TPU core and a branded hard shell that will prevent any damage due to accidental fall. You will be able to access all ports and buttons easily and the lips above the screen will keep your screen protected.

Luvvitt Emoji iPhone 7 Armor Case
Luvvitt Emoji iPhone 7 Armor Case

Ionic Pro Armor Case for iPhone 7

If you want to have a good-looking wallet case at an affordable price then this is just for you. The black leather exterior along with the red soft micro fiber padding in the inside will offer the desired protection to your iPhone. You can even keep three cards in it comfortably.

Ionic Pro Armor Case for iPhone 7
Ionic Pro Armor Case for iPhone 7

Acmebox Armor Case for iPhone 7

If you want an ultra-slim case you can try this out. Made from flexible TPU material you will feel nice to touch it. It is light in weight adding minimal bulk. The case is shatterproof and scratchproof as well.

Acmebox Armor Case for iPhone 7
Acmebox Armor Case for iPhone 7

Tozo Armor Case for iPhone 7

If you are looking for a sleek and elegant profile in your iphone 7 armor case then this will dazzle you. It has features such as matte optical care stickers, anti-glare properties, and precise cut-outs for easy access to ports and buttons as well.

Tozo Armor Case for iPhone 7
Tozo Armor Case for iPhone 7

Love Ying iPhone 7 Armor Case

Another slim protective case for your iPhone that will fit into all your needs. It will protect your phone from dust, dirt, scratches and damage. Made from TPU materials, it also has shock absorbing abilities and abrasion resistivity. The wrap-around edges are raised so that it protects the screen and provide easy and comfortable access to ports and buttons.

Love Ying iPhone 7 Armor Case with Shock Absorbent, Dual Layer (Drop Protection) Hybrid Armor Defender Rugged Protective Case Cover
Love Ying iphone 7 armor case with shock absorbent, dual layer (drop protection) hybrid armor defender coupled with rugged protective case cover is just all that you need for your iPhone.

FYY Armor Case for iPhone

These are the most fashionable cases for your iPhone 7. This delightful option will catch everyone’s eyes for it beautiful design, attractive pattern, pretty looks, and flexible TPU material, lightweight, durability and slim-fit. You get a plethora of colors to match your style.

FYY Armor Case
FYY case for iphone is a tough armor case with ergonomic design hand grip stand (kickstand feature) blessed with air cushion technology and heavy duty body to shield your smartphone from all forms of dangers.

These iPhone 7 armor cases will steal your heart as that is what these are crafted for. The captivating design and the PU and TPU leather and the gold finishing metal ware will flaunt your style.

Visit a reliable site store to find some more varieties.

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Boredom Killer Apps: 10 Android Apps That Can Help Beat Boredom Quickly

Getting bored waiting in the doctor’s office or on the commute back home? Or is it a slow day at the office? There’s only so much that you can browse through on Twitter and Instagram before getting bored once again. Instead of fidgeting and watching more bored faces, let’s find ways to pass the time while having fun on your phone with boredom killer apps. We have compiled a list of amazing android apps to help.

Here is a list of boredom killer apps that you can download for free on your Android right now.

Boredom Killer Apps You Can’t Do Without in Your Me-Hour!

Android apps that can help beat boredom quickly
These boredom killer apps can help beat boredom quickly. they will keep you engaged while you stay active all through your gaming session. By not having these boredom killer android apps on your phone, you may be doing yourself a disservice.

1. Flow Free

It’s a simple yet appealing puzzle game that will keep you hooked for hours. The objective of the game is to join pairs of colored points that have been scattered across a grid. You must build tubes to connect the points of the same color, without intersecting any other ones that are covering the grid. The goal is to complete the level with the smallest number of moves possible.

Flow Free has more than 2,500 free puzzles. If you want to play something more stimulating, you can race against the clock. Depending on your mood, the gameplay ranges from simple and relaxed to challenging and frantic.

2. 2048

This is another awesome boredom killer game for Android users, kids and adults alike. 2048 has a unique gameplay that tests your mind and skills.

You have to move tiles from one side a 4×4 grid by using your arrow keys. Two tiles that have the same number need to touch each other before they can merge into one, obtaining the combined value of both the tiles. For example, if two tiles each with the number 8 touch each other, then a new one will appear with the value of 16. As the name suggests, the objective is to combine the tiles until they reach a total of 2048. Seems easy? It sounds easier than it really is. Few players have achieved this target. 2048 is a boredom killer app that gets you busy all through.

3. Wattpad

Ok, so you don’t feel like gaming. You just want to bury yourself in a book. It’s an app that lets you download and read millions of different books on your phone, anywhere anytime.   On Wattpad, you find stories from all genres, including classics, romance, suspense, poetry, spiritual, non-fiction and all types of fiction.

It allows you to read offline and adjust reading options, such as font size or style, background color or brightness, and story language. The best feature is that your user account is your bookmark. That means that Wattpad automatically syncs to any device, whether it’s a phone, tablet or desktop.

4. 9GAG

Looking for a bit of humor to cheer you up while you wait? 9GAG has the funniest pics, gifs, videos, memes, etc. to kill time so fast you won’t even realize how bored you are. The boredom killer app is easy to use, loads quickly and facilitates topic searches that interest you. It allows you to share the latest trends with friends on multiple platforms, such as Facebook, WhatsApp, Instagram, and even through email. It offers users to vote, upload, comment, and tag any form of media. So as long as you have Wi-Fi, you can get unlimited amounts of entertainment.

5. Jetpack Joyride

This addictive game is full of fantastic graphics with non-stop frantic enjoyment. All you have to do is lead Barry, the cartoon character, through various levels using a jetpack without dying. The game begins with a basic one, but as you complete daring missions, new levels open up along with high-tech equipment and power-ups. You will also earn coins, and therefore upgrade Barry with cool gadgets. The game tests your reflexes with simple one-touch controls as he dodges through lasers, zappers, and guided missiles.

6. SeriesGuide Show Manager

It’s a simple app that is useful for anyone who loves to watch TV shows. So, if you have a free moment, you can search what shows will be airing soon. You can plan what you want to watch tonight as you unwind in front of the TV. That’s a sure way to cure boredom.  Since the app is designed for American programs, it displays the dates and times of each episode according to the US. SeriesGuide Show Manager keeps track of all the shows you like, the number of episodes viewed, and how many are yet to be seen/aired. The main menu also displays a list of recommendations that might interest you.

7. Make Me Old

You are so bored that you want to see how you will look in the future. Well, this is the way to do it. To add a bit of fun to a dull day, download this app and transform yourself- into an old person in a matter of seconds! This entertaining app lets you apply various effects and layers to a photo.

All you need is a picture, either by importing it from the phone memory, downloading it from Facebook, or taking a new one from within the app. Then add glasses, wrinkles, a beard, or whatever strikes your fancy. The possibilities for a good time- and laugh- are endless! Then share it with friends and family on numerous social media.

8. Big Barn World

The app was developed by AirG based on the concepts of social farming. So you can grow real crops and run a farm while chatting with fellow farmers or friends. The game is available in English, Arabic, German, Japanese and Spanish.

As with any interactive game played over the internet, you should keep your personal information safe. You can opt to use the AirG Spam blocker app, Hookt. It may be better to block spam and pop-up ads so that you can have uninterrupted fun.

9. Trivia Crack

This is a challenging way to play online trivia with people all over the world. There are thousands of questions divided into 6 categories. Plus, there are 4 power-ups to help you get through difficult situations. It’s a lively way to ‘get smarter’ and pass the time.

10. Candy Crush

Last but not least, my favorite, Candy Crush.  It is one of the hottest and tastiest games on Android.  You can play offline as well as online, competing with friends on Facebook.  The objective of the game is to link chains of candies together.  You must clear a given number of sugary combinations to complete the level.  With hundreds of levels to clear, this game can give you hours of addictive amusement.

So, with the above options of boredom killer apps, waiting for friends to show up or the ride home won’t be so bad after all.

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Online Gaming: Are DDoS Attacks The Biggest Nemesis For Online Gamers?

Distributed Denial Of Service (DDoS) is infecting online businesses and their customers as a rodent infestation. It moves by charging on offline websites through overwhelming domains with intensive traffic flows posing a big threat to business of all types. Going offline because of the DDoS attacks the websites becomes a liability where it impacts revenue, customer interactions and basic ease of access.

This is not limited to online businesses. We all know the prospects of online gaming which has become a huge phenomenon in the online world. It’s no longer a game, it’s a profession. But everything online is becoming prey to DDoS attacks. Online gaming is part of it, and some say DDoS attacks are the biggest nemesis for online gamers.

Let’s see how accurate it is.

Online Gamers: DDoS Trends In the Gaming Industry 

Are DDoS attacks the biggest nemesis for online gamers
All activities online are vastly attracting to cyber attackers (i.e. online gaming), and it is strongly believed that online gamers aren’t in any way smiling because of DDoS attacks.

Recently DDoS attacks have taken the gaming industry by a considerable margin, and these attacks are primarily aimed at the network protection because most of the gaming servers do not work on HTTP, neither do they support it. They explode the server with exponential requests which slows down to the point that the connection breaks. For a gamer, this is not a good news, and online gaming has been disturbed with these DDoS attacks. Players are unable to log in and save their data, and as a consequence, the entire storage is wiped out.

DDoS Attacks Gaming Servers – Why?

A hacking group named ‘Lizard Squad’ takes time to gain attention of all the possible targets online that could be attacked. The online gaming has what is called a “disruption amplification” influence which makes them fancy targets for DDoS attacks. There are two possibilities why online gaming becomes the easy target for DDoS attacks.

  • Point of Failure of Gamers: Online gaming blossomed because of the mass scale response of the online gamers who are willing to play online games with no restrictions or hesitation whatsoever; which is why online gaming became an online model. This particularly increased the chances of online connectivity growing the need for multiplayer and single player options. The constant demand for the connectivity increases the chances of a security concern that creates single-point-of-failure – SPOF. Because of the SPOF, the DDoS attacks move towards the gaming platform and breaks loose on the gaming profiles and servers.
  • Nature of Gaming leads to frustration: DDoS attack perpetrators take advantage of the gaming persona and attachment that online gamers have towards it; whether a deep connection for a level or a connection towards a specific character. Gaming is a religion to many, and any interruption in the game may lead to chaos. Attackers take advantage of this experience and twist it for the worst that triggers an outbreak. In both the cases, the attackers know how to instigate fire in the form of DDoS attacks.

Gaming Networks Are Exposed to DDoS Attacks 

Considering the demand for online gaming; these games are sensitive when it comes to latency, making them perfect targets for DDoS attacks. These flaws make DDoS attacks able to exploit online gamers.

Custom Protocols

Gaming platforms are heavily dependent on custom network protocols built with precision performance a big factor. For a machine such as a game, it is not easy for it to distinguish between a player and a DDoS bot because there is very little information provided by the online gamers and taken by the game’s developer to separate them.

General Traffic Increases Susceptibility

While gaming online, traffic periods can be recorded and predicted with a simple algorithm. Developers announce new game releases in advance such as ‘Pub G’ and the gamer traffic follows by. Seasonal traffic rises by the end of the year holidays or in national holidays. Without the attack of DDoS, online gamers still complain about the slow bandwidths and latency because of the traffic. While the game is functioning at full capacity on slow servers, there is no best time to launch a DDoS attack that ultimately leads to online gamers suffering.

Offline Status Not Required

It’s common to understand that shutting a server will not kill it. Games which inhibit MMO competitive action depend on instant responses in real time and player interaction is essential. The major functionality works in the absence of latency which is an instigator to the worse gaming experience. The time between sending a command and making it happen takes way too long.

While you are reading this, there is a likely chance your next door neighbor could be the next possible DDoS target, and you will get to know because of the abnormal behavior the game will start to produce. We can say with a heavy heart that DDoS attacks are the biggest nemesis for online gamers and comes by as a plague that stays.

Online gamers are advised to take extreme precaution while playing online games and adopt new strategy; to use a VPN to boost online gaming experience. It will surely keep your identity hidden while playing online and make sure DDoS attacks do not break the military grade encryption.

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7 Technologies of The Automotive Industry That Are Taking The World By Storm

Do you know the latest technologies of the automotive industry that are taking the motoring world by storm?

The recent technological advancements have taken every industry in its fold. From healthcare and finance to automotive and computing, it has impacted every industry in its wake.

New technologies have slowly made inroads into the automotive industry resulting in smarter and safer cars. Consequently, our rides have become more efficient, secure and enjoyable. In this article, we present seven latest technologies that have been revolutionizing the automotive industry. Each of these automotive industry technologies has transformed the auto industry in its own way and can no longer be ignored.

7 Recent Automotive Industry Technologies Clearing The Way for The Future

Automotive Industry Technologies to look out for in the next coming years.
Automotive Industry Technologies to look out for in the next coming years.

1. Electric cars

Much has been said and written about electric cars which are no more a vision but a reality. Auto manufacturers are increasingly focusing on this technology as more and more people have started showing interest in electric cars. The sales of electric vehicles rose by 54 percent in 2017 which suggests brighter economic prospects for the sale of electric cars in the future. Major companies like Tesla, Hyundai, Toyota, Nissan, and Kia have already launched their hybrid and electric cars and are constantly working at improving this automotive industry technology. Most of these brands have introduced EVs within affordable ranges which is why more and more people have started taking an interest in them.

The latest improvements in the Lithium-ion batteries now enable these cars to travel for hundreds of miles per single battery charge. The advancements in the tech features have also attracted a significant number of people to own these eco-friendly vehicles.

On today’s road, Tesla electric cars are everywhere displaying the aura of creativity of the automotive industry, but only few people could have expected it; that tells a lot about the future of automotive industry come 2020 and moving forward.

Automotive Industry Technologies brings about TESLA Electric cars
Automotive industry technologies makes Tesla electric cars possible and there are many other innovative solutions that would be made possible in the nearer future. This is just the beginning!

2. Self-driving cars

This has been the hottest trend in the industry for a while now, and almost all major brands have entered this race. Several companies have been testing their self-driving technology with Google’s autonomous car technology, Waymo, leading the race. Waymo has put their technology to severe tests across multiple locations in real-world conditions and has successfully driven more than 10 million miles so far. They have started accepting applications for the early rider program – a public trial of Waymon’s self-driving vehicles which will soon hit off. Most of the companies have already launched the semi-autonomous vehicles and the evolution towards the fully autonomous car is not far from becoming a reality. This technology will help reduce all the accidents caused by human negligence and will allow humans to be more productive on their commute.

Google Self Driving car - Driver-less car
Google is at it again by testing its self-driving car! The self driving car is such an innovation.

3. Active Window displays

Many brands are working on this technology which will enable the drivers and passengers see information about objects outside their cars on their window screens. The head-up display technology is incorporated in some BMW cars which display basic information. Toyota is also working on its Human-Machine Interface (HMI) in partnership with Intel and Microsoft which will make this technology a reality sooner than expected. Imagine a windscreen which provides you information about the speed of the car, the navigation details or even displays incoming calls without you looking down at your smartphone. This technology will add many functionalities to the cars and is worth the investment it is getting.

Active Window Displays Technology
Active window displays technology lets you view important information right from your windscreen without having to lose track of the road.

4. V-to-V and V-to-X communication

Vehicle to Vehicle (V-to-V) communication and Vehicle to everything (V-to-X) communication will enable our cars to talk to each other and the surroundings. Cars will be able to share vital information like location, speed, and direction of the vehicle by interacting with other and the outside objects like posts and street signs using wireless signals. Many automotive companies are working on this technology in an attempt to reduce accidents. Ford is already testing its V-to-V communication technology, and we might be able to see it on the roads soon.

5. Enhanced Gesture Control

This technology is not entirely new as we already have cars with Multi Media Interface (MMI) installed in them. This feature allows the driver to enter characters using a touchpad and dictate to the car and the associated apps to do a particular task. It can be used to dial a number, enter an address for navigation purposes or play a song by simply moving your finger over the touchpad. The technology makes driving easier and more enjoyable.

Enhanced Gesture Control Technology
Enhanced Gesture Control Technology

6. Intuitive safety features

So far, we have witnessed features that keep those inside the car safe in case of an accident. But how about a technology that prevents your car accident from happening in the first place. To achieve this, automakers came up with a “pre-safe” system which is an improvement on the active safety measures of a vehicle.

Scenario: “A car in front of you suddenly stops, and a potential impact is inevitable. We want your car to sense the danger and automatically apply the brake pedal. The system overrides your decision and brings the car to a halt without you applying the brakes.”

Auto companies like Mercedes even went one step further and are working on airbags that will increase the stopping power by twice. This technology will help prevent an accident or at least mitigate the effects of a collision.

Intuitive safety features to prevent accidents
Intuitive safety features to prevent accidents by default. It will override human control and instructions in order to avert accidents. It is another great innovation that is already introduced to the automotive industry technologies that will shake the world in coming months.

7. Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning

Cars are no more used solely as a means of transportation from one point to another. The automobile manufacturers are shifting their focus towards artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) and rightly understand the important role of these breakthrough technologies in the future of the automotive industry. The auto manufacturers have joined hands with some of the best minds in the tech industry to devise powerful algorithms that will create highly autonomous systems and ease the entire driving experience. Automakers are investing in technology to make vehicles smart and intelligent devices that will understand driver’s preferences, connect to smartphones and take voice commands, set up the infotainment system and even take decisions without human interaction. Artificial Intelligence will also lead to predictive vehicle technology which will inform the owner whether or not the vehicle needs service from a mechanic. The technology will be able to estimate car’s performance, set up appointments in real time and inform users of any measures based on car’s mileage, condition and other relevant factors which are also used in the valuation of cars.

Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning
Artificial intelligence alone has disrupted the automotive industry for months. And the addition of machine learning abilities further spices the features car owners could make use of in coming months. It feels great to be alive in this age! 🙂


The afore-mentioned automotive industry technologies may not be implemented in today’s cars in their entirety, but the pace at which the automotive industry is making strides in these technologies suggests that these features will soon become commonplace in cars of everyday use.

Do you know any other automotive industry technologies that are taking, or could take, the world by storm come 2020 that we might have failed to mention? Let’s discuss them, kindly share them with us in the comment section.

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6 Tips for a Safer Online Presence + Recommended Safety Tools

While the internet and mobile devices have made our lives easier and better overall, failing to protect your private information poses a serious threat. Sadly, the social media networks we love can facilitate identity theft and fraud by giving cybercriminals access to your sensitive information if they get into your account. Gone are the days when anti-virus protection was enough to keep you safe. Hackers have more ways now than ever to gain access to your personal data.

In this brave new world where we live in the cloud, identity theft protection services can give you peace of mind as you use cloud-based accounts on various devices. At the same time, common sense practices should also be followed.

In order to have a safer online presence, here are six tips you need to practice in order to protect your privacy and keep your information safe online:

Safer Online Presence: Step-by-Step Guide to Stay Protected Always

Safer Online Presence - Cyber Crime is on the rise
Cyber Crime is on the rise and there’s an urgent need to combat prevalent data miners. Enjoying a safer online presence is gradually becoming a daydreaming experience until recently when a group of security experts discovered a new technique for staying safe online by following basic guidelines. Discover how to experience a safer online presence anywhere in the world.

1. Create Strong Passwords for Your Online Accounts

Your passwords are the first line of defense when it comes to online accounts containing sensitive personal information. Don’t use passwords people who know you can easily guess. Also, don’t use obvious passwords, such as the word “password” or your name. The longer and more complex a password is, the safer your account will be. It’s also smart to avoid using the same password for all your accounts, and change up your passwords every few months.

2. Keep All Your Devices Password-Protected

Consider all the apps on your phone or tablet you’re logged into that could make you vulnerable if your phone got stolen, or if a peeping tom got a hold of it. It’s critical to have a password on your phone, or to use facial recognition technology to unlock your phone if your phone supports it. While it does take time to unlock your phone every time you want to use it, this layer of security is well worth your time.

3. Engage Only with People You Know

Don’t be tempted to talk with users on social media who you don’t know. Fake profiles are out there, which can be used to commit crimes. Make sure you’re selective with friend requests, and avoid responding to users who seem interested in you for no apparent reason.

4. Don’t Share Sensitive Personal Information Online

Be mindful of what you’re sharing on social media and on websites. Avoid posting your home address or phone number, because this type of data makes it easier for criminals to steal your identity. Before you submit any private information to a website or perform a transaction on it, make sure it’s a legitimate institution by doing your research first.

5. Customize Privacy Settings on Your Social Media Accounts

Every social media network or social app has privacy settings that allow you to decide who sees your account information and how much they see. Make sure you familiarize yourself with the privacy policies of every channel you’re a part of, and customize your privacy settings to ensure that only people you trust are seeing any sensitive information or media.

6. Get Identity Theft Protection

Identity theft protection services monitor your financial accounts and loan or credit applications that are filed in your name. They’re able to detect potential fraud so that you can be alerted immediately if someone has stolen your identity. This allows you to handle the situation before it’s too late when the damage is already done.

Taking Action to Protect Yourself Online

Everyone has an online presence in today’s word, which creates an extra layer of vulnerability. While you shouldn’t let it stop you from benefiting from what cutting-edge technology and online services have to offer, you need to use common sense. Identity theft, fraud and account hacking can cause long-term damage to your financial health and personal reputation. Keeping your accounts safe in a cloud-based world and using an identity theft protection service can help you stay in the clear.


This article has been able to make you understand why safer online presence is nearly impossible to achieve, and we continue further to discuss different techniques to follow if you intend to have a safer online presence free of exploits.

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Free Android Games: Top 15 Best Free Android Games of 2018

Discover the Best Free Android Games of 2018!

Before Android, Windows ruled the gaming world as well as being the best operating system to date. But the introduction of Android 10 years back changed the gaming arena bringing thousands of games and apps on the Android Google Play Store. Compared to iOS, Android apps are mostly free and provide the best of the best results. Then again, that’s a generic response; most Android apps aren’t good quality, and some of them are expensive with poor consoles.

Knowing the best free Android game is not a big task as Play Store suggests best games up front. Whereas it’s a saying “if you don’t have good games on your smartphone then what are you using your smartphone for?”

That is the reason gamers look for games online to fill them on their smartphones. As per gamers request, we have come with a list of 15 Best Free Android Games of 2018.

Best Free Android Games for 2018 in Chronological Order


Minecraft among the many is a favorite game of 2018 and is being played by all ages. For all who have no idea about Minecraft; it’s a challenging mind game that puts you in a giant world where you mine boxes/stuff, build things, beat bad guys and basically does whatever you want. It’s essential you survive throughout the game with the help of your own resources along with creative possibilities. It can be played on your smartphones, PC, and consoles.

Minecraft android game
Minecraft is a game about placing blocks and traveling on adventures. It is set in boundless generated worlds of wide open terrain – from icy mountains to vast pastures, swampy bayouts – filled with hidden secrets, wonders, and peril to the player!


If your operating system is on Android, then Crashland is the game to download. Launched in 2016, this epic episode caters to an intergalactic trucker that crashes on alien terrain. The character’s job is to find out where he is, what is going on and build a base to send SOS help. Further, save himself from numerous dangers; all that in just one game with fantastic RPG element for character development. This game needs your mind and eyes focused.

CrashLands is one of best free android games you must download.
CrashLands is one of best free android games out there that you must download this year.

Pokemon Go

The legend Pokemon cards company created its hit game Pokemon Go in late 2016 and became a sensation in no time. The game got so much attention that users started playing the game regardless of watching where there were going which resulted in numerous accidents. It’s an augmented reality game quite similar to Ingress where you walk around the real world to catch Pokemon characters in the augmented world.

Pokemon Go Updates needs to have these features
The ability to trade or train your favorite Pokemon and many other elements of the Pokemon experience are just missing in the Pokemon Go update, but yet still, the experience still remain exciting.

Riptide GP Series

This series is the best of the best android game of 2018 as the best racers come together in one of the best illegal races held in the game. Play as a racer, get a hold of a supercar and battle your way through the impressive graphics and simple controls to maneuver your car and boost it through the Nitros built in the car. The game is filled with excitement and adrenaline. The best part is its , so your game won’t be disturbed.

Riptide GP - Renegade android game
Riptide GP – Renegade lets you experience the future of unlawful hydrojet racing. In this game, you will need to race against other armored riders, kick out death-defying stunts over massive waterfalls, avoid cops on the waterways, and increase your speeds across surging waves.

Rollercoaster Tycoon

This comes the classic PC game back from the early gaming times. It’s one of the very few games that isn’t filled with in-app purchases that hinder gaming performance. The game is all about building an amusement park where you need to become an architect designing each section of the park, set up shops to keep people happy and spend money on their amusement park. The original series comes up with the entire base of Rollercoaster Tycoon 2. 

RollerCoaster Tycoon
The ultimate roller coaster simulator game for android users let’s you build your dream amusement park right from your mobile. Still standing firm amongst the best free android games till date.

The Room Series

The game comprises of four puzzles with a franchise that does well on mobile. The recent series is just as big as its hit predecessor and remain the top game in the Android junction. The aim is to solve the mysterious puzzles and progress from room to room finding unique objects to further solve the level. It’s a good call for a free Android game. Go for it. Good news for Amazon customers too. You can as well play it if you are connected with Nintendo Switch.

The Room Series
The multiple award winning game, The Room series, has proven itself over the year as one of the best android games carting away the BAFTA Best British game, GDC best handheld and mobile game, and TIGA best design awards respectively. It is of record that Apple rated this same puzzle game as 2012 game of the year. That tells a lot about how good it game is!

Evoland 1 and 2

Evo 1 and 2 are one of the most happening Android games which use RPG, classing fighting, puzzles and top-down shooter. These are the best graphics used in the game and for any game. Each gaming trick goes back to the 90s where it all started. It’s a good game changer for game lovers with no in-app purchases, no ads and plenty of gaming till your battery dies.

Evoland game by Shiro Games
You want to play till your phone battery dries out? Evoland free android game by Shiro Games gives you just that! It is one of its kind game with no in-app purchases to disrupt your gaming experience and offers great UX.

MADFINGER Games (Unskilled, DeadTrigger)  

Madfinder is a big name in the game developing sector which brings hit games to the users. They include good FPS titles including Shadowgun series including the recently launched Shadowgun Legends and Dead Trigger series. Shadowgun comprises of fighter shooting multiplayer mode for both games.

MADFINGER Games (Unskilled, DeadTrigger)  
MADFINGER Games published both Unskilled, and DeadTrigger android games. These two free android games offer different styles of play and are available on the play store.
Dead Trigger (DeadTrigger)
Deadtrigger game brings out the zombie shooting experience out of you with a ton of missions filled with blood thirsty zombies.

While the Deadtrigger games include zombie shooters with a ton of missions filled with bloodthirsty zombies.

Noodlecake Studios

This game is for fun lovers. Includes lots of titles and varied options for you to customize the game. Among the many titles comprise of FRamed 1-2 which are designed for puzzle games. realMyst and its sequel. Noodlecake is a game for those thinkers. All you think tanks need to play this as keeping aside some clunkers, the majority of the titles are very nice. Just hit the play button and get on with it.

Critical Ops

This is the game of the century as new gamers definitely enjoy shooting, while first-person shooting is even more fun. The game is filled with terrorists in a layered design where urban-oriented levels give you a proper playground, to begin with. It includes multiplayer where you can play with your friends and challenge gamers online as well. With frequent updates, this game brings it all under one package and is free on the Google Play stores.

Critical Ops
C-OPS is a 3D multi-player for android mobile smartphone users. It comes with action filled TACTICAL skills and reflexes to help you succeed in the game.

Nova Legacy

Nova Legacy changed the way first-person shooting was done. Being the first Android shooting game, it took expectations to a new height. Packed with crazy graphics and controls, users found it really easy to maneuver all the controls and settings. Also, it includes Multiplayer mode, sci-fi storyline and a rudimentary crafting system making the game more real look alike. With the price tag, it’s perfect but extremely annoying with free-ads ruining the game.

NOVA Legacy
NOVA Legacy is a great game except its annoying ads. Aside those popup ads, the experience still remain one of the best for an android game.

Plague Inc

Strategy planning at its best; Plague Inc is a strategy game where you need to mutate and engage diseases and destroy the world with the heinous infestations. The aim is to infest as many people as you can to win the level. The game is real enough for the gamers to keep playing and plan strategies to infect the world with the diseases. Life savor is the ability to save and pause the game, so you don’t have to start the game all over again.

Plague Inc - Best Free Android Games
In a world where you are infected with the most prevalent disease and have a purpose to invest as many people as possible. Plague Inc offers you an unreal experience to witness a world where evil takes over. It is one of the best free android games you can’t do without!

Injustice 2

The name speaks it all. The original series gave fans a taste of brawlers picking a fight on their cell phones. At the same time it manages to integrate its console against the app where villains and superheroes rule, making your gaming experience worthwhile. Mobile version brings on fierce attacks and taking on superheroes with a powerful punch. The character has a signature move while blowing off steam from villains. With tons of content Injustice 2 is a lengthy campaign for all fist fight lowers with modes to keep you logged in on your game.

INJUSTICE 2 - Every Battle Defines You
Injustice 2 brings out the fierceness in your special ability to deal with evildoers. Your goal is to deliver on different superheroes with bad intentions.

Super Mario Run

Super Mario has been around since the 80s, and its one game that never gets old. The jingle and the little Mario has created a name in the gaming arena, but the perky plumber’s mobile debut is filled with an endless runner. For now, it’s for free android app but to enter the entire world of endless possibilities, you need to pay £9.99. On Android, the controls work effectively with goombas and carnivorous plants, and the unpredictable green pipes that rule planet mushroom.

Super Mario Run
The legendary Super Mario Run is right here again! Unlike in the PC version where you use the keyboard shortcut for control, the Mario is controlled by just tapping your android smartphone screen – to make the jump, run and do other amazing moves.

Sky Rusher

Built and created by the famous Voodoo, Sky Rusher is an ultimate free android game that takes you beyond the realm into the mysterious layers of the alien world. The game comprises of layers filled with obstacles and a spaceship that needs to maneuver avoiding those obstacles to win the game. The more distance you cover avoiding the obstacles, the more levels you win. Scoring points means you can upgrade to a new spaceship.

Avoid obstacles as much as you can if you aim to fly to the top in this Sky Rusher android game. It offers wide range of layers of challenges you have to scale through with your spaceship in order to get to the destination.

These 15 best free Android games will surely fill your devices with excitement and fun as after intense analysis, these games have been played and tested after user reviews. Surely your gaming experience will get more intense and extreme. It’s essential to understand these free android games may be geo restricted as well. That means hypothetically speaking Noodlecake Studio may be accessed for free in just one country. To download it for free without compromising your online privacy on kodi you need a VPN. That is the only software you need to swiftly give you installation option for all the games mentioned above.

Application Design and Development (Mobile or Desktop) Mobile App

App Development Industry: A Flourishing Business In China  

The app development industry in China has rapidly increased in profitability over the last few years. There are a lot of opportunities that innovative apps can take advantage of and rake in a lot of money from this market of over 1 billion people. In 2017 alone, the Chinese spent over 200 billion hours in apps collectively. That’s a total of over 225000 years! This can only mean that launching a mobile app business can be a very lucrative venture.

What’s the future for App Development Industry to Chinese People

App Development Industry Is A Flourishing Business In China
Mobile app development Industry has now gone mainstream and they are flourishing business in China right now.

Popular apps in China 

In China, some of the most used apps are communication based apps such as Wechat, which are used to socialize and communicate with one another. The Chinese also enjoy engaging with brands by communicating with them, checking prices and reading about special features. This makes them a unique society because they prefer to get as much information about a product as possible before making a purchase.

Gaming apps are the most downloaded apps in China. There are over 4 million Chinese apps in the world’s popular app stores, and most of them are games. The fact that there are 713 million e-commerce app users who enjoy making online purchases makes game app purchases and in-game purchases a lucrative opportunity for app developers.

Other app categories that are popular in China, apart from games, include video players and editors. Cheaper internet and data costs have made video streaming and live streaming apps a huge part of everyday life. Productivity apps are also very popular. This massive uptake and use of apps are what has made China the world’s largest and fastest growing mobile app economy. And they have 119 billion apps downloaded in 2017 to show for it.

The opportunity for payment apps

The online payment app space is also equally flourishing in China. Alipay and Wechat pay payment platforms together control about 90% of the payment app space in China. Modern mobile payment methods have also been conveniently and efficiently integrated with normal businesses. Furthermore, the security of these apps is so top notch that the users of the systems trust them completely. For businesses, mobile payment options not only make it easy to earn from your hard work, but it also builds the trust of your clients while also acting as a vital analytical tool to help create effective strategies to boost sales and revenue.

Thanks to the internet, China’s growing middle class can easily make purchases from all over the world through the convenience of their various apps. Chinese buyers are consistently looking to buy higher quality products from overseas.

Android OS has dominated the Chinese market. Most Chinese people like variety, and consequently have a unique array of interesting devices. Most of them can only work with Android phones, therefore this is the primary reason why Android is so popular.

If you want to make and release an app in China, there are a few key things that you need to consider:

1. Learn the language if you can

International businesses need to understand the fact that being able to communicate in the language of your users is a huge deal. If you fail in it, you risk alienating your potential clientele from the get-go. Nonetheless, you can hire a professional translation company to help you with the translation.

2. Engage Professional Employer Organization for Your Recruitment

If your business is moving to China and you need employees, the best and most convenient way to achieve this goal is to contact a professional employer organization who will help you and walk you through the entire process.

3. Make sure your app is good enough

Use efficient design strategies like app optimization and SEO, ASO, among others to achieve this. You should also take the feedback of your users very seriously and aim to constantly improve your product.

4. Leverage the power of social media marketing for your business

Social media is an essential part of every business today. It is not uncommon for people or potential users to bounce off your page without clicking on any other link or pages simply because your social media game is wanting. China is a great country for app development root with room for innovative apps that would further help the citizens. Depending on where you are, you will likely get to meet great people, eat amazing food and visit breathtaking places. If you want to set up your mobile app development business and develop a mobile app in China, the entire process can be a little frustrating. However, sometimes, it is alright to admit that you need help. For instance, if you need employees, sourcing them can be an uphill task. This is where hiring a professional employer organization comes in. They help you create a team that fits your vision and helps take your business to the next level.