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Everything you need to know to get ready with Personalized Restaurant App 

Are you an owner of a small scale or a medium sized restaurant business and willing to market your brand for better sales? Think of the digital wave carrying the tech world by the storm! Get a food ordering app integrated and move your business digital.

Though getting a customized restaurant application for your restaurant business isn’t a piece of cake, here’s a guide to get you through the requirements, challenges, and budget involved in developing a food ordering application for your restaurant.

Why you need a dedicated restaurant app for your business?

Why you need a dedicated restaurant app for your business
Though getting a customized restaurant app for your business isn’t a piece of cake, but here’s everything you need to know to get ready.

A customized restaurant app can fetch several benefits to your business, listed below are the major ones:-

Increased sales

According to the stats provided by AppInstitute, right after 12 months of the app adoption by a restaurant business, average spend per customer is increased by 51%. While the average orders increased by 105% per customer, per month over the similar tenure.

Even the business owners tend to follow the strategy of “spend less than you earn” which isn’t a selfish verdict though! It is true that you should be implementing the changes which have a higher probability of boosting your revenues, and an app is exactly what you require.


Retargeting can be the best way out to remind your brand’s existence to your targeted customers. How, you ask? It’s simply the push notifications! With the help of push notifications, you can update the customers with trending dishes, lucrative offers and what’s special for them (loyalty benefits).

While this can only be done with apps, websites aren’t too handy in this case. However not every day you may have offers, there is still an option to flash notifications of the tempting dishes either in general or customer choice (from past purchases) specific.

Brand awareness

Brand awareness is imperative in keeping the business running successfully. However, the crux isn’t getting a wide customer base, it’s more about having loyal customers. A restaurant’s success depends on the loyal customers who tend to at least keep repeating the orders, maintaining an order flow!

It is more profitable to have a decent customer base who generate regular orders than acquiring new ones which involve heavy costing! A professionally designed restaurant app is handy and can be quite a customized option for your loyal customer base.

Essential features a customized restaurant app should include

Your restaurant app should be a feature packed platform, lucrative enough to grab the eyeballs, further boosting sales and elevating profits.

  1. Restaurant info

Right after the splash screen, your restaurant app should be displaying an information-centric screen which should be containing everything about the restaurant to be visible in a single glance. The information on the first screen should include-

  • Brief restaurant description
  • Location
  • Working hours
  • Selected images
  • Meal options available

2. Menu & Categories

A fresh page should display the menu options your restaurant is offering along with the categories filter enabling option. The categories can differentiate in case your restaurant is multi-cuisine or if you wish to keep the food divided into subcategories like starters, main course etc.

3. Specific filters

Considering the convenience of e-commerce, online shopping applications, even your food app needs a revamp! Have an option for specific filters including price, category, and availability. It can be along the searching bar available on the screen.

4. Table booking & food delivery

It is one of the most important features, unlike the takeaway outlets available almost at every city location, not every restaurant can be in the closest vicinity but, the best dish of a restaurant can be on the customer’s pick of the day list. Give your customer the convenience of ordering food through your app and book their space when they wish to dine in.

5. Customer profiles & reviews page

People actually rely on positive reviews! More than 60% of food lovers who wish to dine in rely on past customer experience, create a review section for customer feedbacks not just to allow customers to check previous reviews but also to send genuine feedbacks for the restaurants either as a token of appreciation or a service modification reminder.

Similarly, a customer profile is mandatory while every customer should be having an account on the platform, this gives a feeling of connectivity and worth. Thus, making it more interactive.

What team do you require?

An app development requires an efficient team to work and turn the blueprints to the product you’ve thought of developing.

Product manager

As you would always be needing a person accountable for everything going on in the development, a product manager is the one who knows every inch about your product idea, the team working on it and the latest ongoing in the process. Getting you covered against miscommunications, holdbacks and taking care of various disciplines including user experience, long-term planning, customer service, and product marketing strategies.Personalized Restaurant App Product and Services Manager Role


The entire technical architecture of the app depends on the developer. Apart from the basic function of writing app’s code, the developer integrates the code with external data sources. Consider the developer to be the most critical team member contributing maximum efforts on the iOS or android app development.


The designer is responsible for crafting the app’s UI. While a designer will stay imperative even when the app is fully developed and needs further branding and promotion. An innovative designer can elevate the app UI to the next level by making the app interactive for the users.

Recommended skills your restaurant app should include

An app development doesn’t always require just creation but, it needs the perks to jack up-

  1. UI design skills
  2. Backend software integration
  3. Server & infrastructure setup

When you’re sure on beginning the app developments, do not forget to have an NDA in place to protect the ownership and confidentiality.

What attracts customers the most?

Not every app is that successful! It requires the on-point approach to develop a great customer base. Evaluate what will engage more customers to your app:-

1. Relevancy

Your app may be great with UI & UX but, may fail to attract customers. The reason is relevancy! The idea on which your app is based should be relevant enough to grab a customer base it should solve a purpose of convenience and provide reasons why customers should make use of your app.

2. Designing

A talented designer isn’t enough, it’s the logic which is paid! The app designing should be clean, simple and catchy. The elements to be included should be well thought and equally well executed, make the app architecture easy to understand and the features and functions relevant to customer needs.

3. Connectivity

An app is better driven when it’s more connected to the social connections and other app connectivity for data syncing and enhanced usability.  This allows users to explore the vast internet and mobile network.

Budgeting recommendations for developing a restaurant app

Restaurant app development can levy higher costs, while the pricing somehow depends on the stage your idea is, for instance, if you’ve already developed a wireframe, you need not seek for a package which needs working from scratch.

You can choose from options available in terms of budgeting:-

1. Hourly Basis

If you’ve just reached halfway in developing a blueprint for your project, it’s better to opt for hourly basis development. The good part here is that you can monitor your project developments step by step, provide feedback on the same and run your later phases planning parallel to the ongoing development. While in this case, you have an added advantage of getting your development started instantly! This may end up being a more costly option but, will be a suitable one to help you develop your product on an experimental basis, provide feedback and keep on improving continuously.

2. Fixed Price

Well prepared with your project idea? Keep a detailed functional specification draft ready to share with the company offering fixed price plans for your project idea. Remember, more you alter your specifications, the better estimate you will be getting, probably more exact in simple words!

3. Dedicated Teams

This is a unique combination of an hourly model and a personalized team to work dedicatedly on your project requirement. You can hire a complete team of required resources for a particular duration of time, for instance, 4-6 months and end up the contract once the development is completed.

App development flow for delivering the apt. mobile application

All set for your app? follow the checkpoints in your restaurant app development journey:-

  • Set a goal
  • Sketch your ideas
  • Wireframe
  • Define backend
  • Check the model
  • Get building
  • Look designing
  • App testing
  • Modifications and adjustments
  • Beta testing
  • Release the application

Choose the best suited and get going with your million dollar idea!


You can design your own personalized restaurant app by following this ultimate guide to restaurant app development. You don’t have to be a professional designer or content manager to do, you can outsource the app development process.


The Intelligent Shopping Manual to Purchasing a New Sleeping Mattress

Purchasing a new mattress is perhaps one of the most important investments you can make for your bedroom décor, adding to your overall home ensemble. The biggest reason why you should be more ardent regarding the purchase of a sleeping mattress is that it is the product that you will be using not only for sleeping, but to relax as well. Choosing the ideal sleeping mattress for your bedroom demands a comprehensive thought process that often leads to anxiety. After all, buying a brand new sleeping mattress can be a great investment, one that will determine the comfort and support to your body for a prolonged period of time.

In order to keep the shopping process of your sleeping mattress stress-free, here are some tips that will help you in making a smart pick while considering new sleeping mattress:

3 Tips/Guide to Purchasing a New Sleeping Mattress on Budget

User Manual Guide to Purchasing a New Sleeping Mattress
It is of the high necessity to make sure that the new sleeping mattresses you invest in will be right for the long term benefit – both on the financially and health-wise category.

Browse Different Mattress Websites

In order to get a view and understanding of the different modern-day mattresses, it is recommended to first research by browsing a couple of mattress websites such as counting sheep. This will help you in retrieving an ample amount of information that will come in handy later while purchasing the new sleeping mattress. While browsing the websites that showcase sleeping mattresses, make sure you keep an eye on some of the essentials such as check the pricing in order to work on a reasonable budget along with the special features offered by mattresses of different brands. Apart from that, consider the upcoming new style of sleeping mattresses that might suit your individualistic needs revolving around the customizable firmness levels and cooling temperatures.

Determine the Level of Firmness

Deciding on this particular attribute might seem difficult; however, getting the right impression of the firmness levels can get a bit easier if you are able to consider some of the physical factors. In case you are struggling with back problems, it will be ideal to invest in a medium-firm to firm mattress in order to get the best back support and relief from the lower back pain. Similarly, pillow-top mattresses are perfect for people who are looking for extra padding with additional comfort. Also, check the padding material of the mattress whether it is foam, latex, polyurethane or memory foam for enhanced convenience.

Mattress Firmness
Purchasing a new sleeping mattress requires an intelligent shopping manual to guide you through the nook and cranny of the process to get your money’s worth in terms of value, longevity, and most importantly, COMFORT.

Learn About the Comfort Guarantee

A comfort guarantee is something that offers you the flexibility and opportunity to return or exchange the mattress once you have purchased it. Although the comfort guarantee varies from brand to brand, it is crucial to have prior knowledge of this certain period of time for further reliability and making the final decision on buying the mattress. Even though you have gathered all the required information, make sure of asking about the comfort guarantee time period once you are purchasing the new sleeping mattress in order to get the correct data.

Invest the required Add-ons

Although the general notion is to simply buy the mattress and ensuring a good night’s sleep, you should also consider equipping your mattress with the necessary add-ons. Make sure that you are buying a water-resistant mattress cover in order to prevent the damages that might appear due to accidental spillage.

Mattress Pillows and addons
Mattress pillows are a great example of mattress add-ons. They add extra later of pleasure and comfort to your new sleeping mattress. Try to buy one when next you are purchasing a new sleeping mattress, you’d be glad you did.


Whether you are looking for a super plush or extra firm mattress, stick to the aforementioned points for making a smart investment. After all, buying the right mattress will offer you much more than a night of restful sleep.

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How to Migrate or Import PST File to Office 365 Mailbox – 5 Workarounds

Microsoft Office 365 is the prominent email application that can be selected by many personal and professional users simultaneously all over the world. MS Outlook stores and saves its all data into PST file format. All the Outlook mailbox data items are such as calendar, email, notes and so on saves in PST data file. But, sometimes users of Outlook wants to import PST file to Office 365 mailbox.

Office 365 is an appropriate email platform, many companies have started moving over to it. It becomes one of the best services facilitated by Microsoft. One can access their data any time from anywhere if they have available an internet service. Due to its advance practicality, users need to import their PST files to MS Office 365 account.

So, we come up with the reliable solution to perform the conversion task to import PST to Office 365 effectively. Before moving forward the first user need to go through the below-listed query that will help to make, a user understand the PST to Office 365 migration procedure properly. The following query is taken from a forum site, have a look:

“A long time ago I was working on MS Outlook on my local machine. But, now I have thought to migrate my PST file into Office 365 mailboxes. I have searched a number of methods, but I was not able to identify an appropriate solution for the same. Moreover, I need to know that is there any way to import PST file to Office 365 mailbox effectively? Any help will truly be appreciated. Thanks in advance.”

Import PST file to Office 365 by Network Upload
Learn 5 workarounds to import PST file to Office 365 mailbox easily. This guide will help you to import PST file to office 365 online account using the network upload solution. You can easily migrate Outlook data into Office 365 at a click on a mouse with another tool included at the end of the post;.

Import PST File to Office 365 Mailbox via Network Upload Manually

Using this method such as network upload user can be executed PST to Office 365 migration procedure easily and simply. Afterward, this permits a user or an admin to upload the Outlook PST files above the network. Then, all the PST files are been stored into O365 utilizing MS Office 365 Import service. Therefore, a user must also necessary to download the Azure AzCopy software free utility that will permit to copy PST file to Office 365 account. There are some workarounds that will help a user to perform the conversion task, simply follow all the workarounds in sequence:

Workaround 1: Copy SAS URL & Download Azure Azcopy

  • First, you have to sign-in Office 365 utilizing admin username and password to
  • Now, go to an option to Security then Compliance Centre after that Data Governance and just hit on “Import”.
  • Here, on the “Import” page, select + fresh import job option.
  • Provide a name to the PST import job and opt “Next” to move forward.
  • In this step, on the Do you want to upload or ship data? display, choose to Upload your data and after that click on the “Next” button.
  • Afterwards, from the “Import Data” screen, you have to copy the SAS URL and then hit on “Copy” to the clipboard, then paste and store the data.
  • Finally download and install the “Azure Azcopy” utility.

Workaround 2: Import PST File to Office 365 Account

  • Primarily, open the command that appears on the local machine.
  • After that, go to the directory where the AzCopy.exe utility is downloaded.
  • Now, you have to run the listed following command as shown below:
“AzCopy.exe /Source: /Dest: /V: /Y”

Workaround 3: Preview the Report of Uploaded PST Files

  • Start with, download the application named as Microsoft Azure Storage Explorer.
  • Open the utility and go to “Storage Accounts” and then Connect to Azure storage.
  • Now, hit on Use a shared access signature (SAS) URI and connection string option then select the “Next” button to move forward.
  • Here, from the “Connection Summary” page, opt “Connect” and then “Storage Accounts” after that (SAS-Attached Services) then Blob Containers and last ingestion data.
  • Finally, this step permits to connect all the PST data files.

Workaround 4: Generate PST Import Mapping File

  • Initially load a copy of PST Import mapping file i.e.,CSV file
  • Afterwards, populate the CSV data file with the needed information

Workaround 5: Form Import Job in MS Office 365

  • Firstly, go to the “Import Data” page and provide the settings as shown in the below-listed picture.

Import PST file to Office 365

  • Here, you have to select “Next” and then, upload the CSV file which was generated previously using an option to Select the mapping file.
  • Afterwards, hit on “Finish”, now the job is recorded in the page named as Import data to Exchange Online.
  • Lastly, select “Refresh” and then update the status, if in case the analysis is already completed, the status is automatically changed to “Analysis completed”.

Effortless Approach to Import PST File to Office 365 Online Mailbox

The above-mentioned method have some constraints that affect the procedure in an effective manner. Furthermore, the discussed workarounds are very lengthy and time-consuming. So, we come up with an effortless and reliable solution such as Office 365 migration tool to import PST to Office 365 user account with Outlook whole data items. Thus, it has a user-friendly and understandable interface even, a novice user can use it without having any external help. Afterward, this utility is capable enough to import Outlook PST to Office 365 mailbox without losing a bit of data of a user. Here, are more advanced features that are equipped by this third-party application. Some of them are listed below:

  1. Import several PST files to Office 365 user or admin account
  2. Migrates PST data like: emails, contacts to Office 365 Online
  3. Allow moving only specify folder using the option to Include folder
  4. Tool permits transfer selective data using Date Filter option
  5. Execute Incremental Import from exact PST after first attempt
  6. Supports all version of Outlook & Windows Operating System

Bottom Line

Import PST file to Office 365 mailbox is not that much tough procedure but, the manual approach has some constraints such as it is the time-consuming and hectic procedure for a novice user. Afterward, we discussed an alternate solution i.e; the Office365Import tool to migrate PST file into Office 365 account. With the help of this application, a user can easily and simply import PST to Office 365 user account with all data items of Outlook effectively. Moreover, it totally depends on the user they can opt any one way as per their desire and comfort.

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Why are Tech Company’s Stocks Falling?

At first glance, it would appear as though tech stocks were rebounding after an unexpectedly tumultuous summer. While Nasdaq enjoyed its second consecutive week of growth and completed a 25% rise year-on-year, however, this is thought to be a large cap phenomenon that has left small cap ventures and Chinese Internet companies behind.

This means that while investors may be assuming that the recent recovery has a relatively broad base, the facts remain that the majority of tech stocks continue to trade in a relatively low and narrow range.

In this post, we’ll look back at a turbulent year for tech stocks and ask why they’ve fluctuated so significantly over the course of the last 12 months.

Tech Stocks: Why are Tech Company's Stocks Falling
Tech Stocks Crashing: Do you know why tech company’s stocks are falling and maintaining a downward curve in the stock market?

How Tech Stocks Tumbled During the Summer

While tech stocks were a little subdued during the first two quarters of 2018, it was in July that they began to free-fall.

At this time, the tech-heavy Nasdaq posted its biggest three-day loss in three months, while Oanda reported that both Facebook and Amazon missed analysts’ key targets for the second financial quarter. Social media giants Facebook also saw a staggering $120 billion wiped off its market value during this time, finishing 2.1 lower at the end of the month.

Fellow tech leaders Alphabet and even Amazon also saw significant losses in July, with their share values declining by 1.8% and 2% respectively.

The takeaway here is the unexpected decline of so-called FANG stocks, which include the world’s market-leading and highest performance tech companies. Facebook, in particular, was besieged by a disappointing second-quarter report and a significant decline in its rate of new subscribers, which appeared to be indicative of exhaustion and saturation at the highest end of the market.

What Trends are Now Governing the Market? 

While FANG stocks may have suffered the most pronounced losses during the summer and blazed a trail for smaller tech companies to follow, it’s interesting to note that these large-cap brands have enjoyed a far greater recovery at the start of the fourth financial quarter.

But why should large-cap stocks have rebounded while smaller-cap entities continue to struggle? The answer may lie in the market’s shift towards value stocks with a relative upside, which typically trades at a lower price relative to their fundamentals.

While this would typically not include large-cap stocks, the conditions of the market have forced the value of companies like Facebook down. Despite this, these companies retain long-term value and sustained growth potential, making them increasingly desirable to investors in search of a relative upside.

This has helped FANG stocks to recover considerably from their summer decline, while these entities can boast impressive growth over the course of 2018. In fact, Netflix is up by more than 77% despite its recent fluctuations, with Amazon showcasing a 54% year-to-date gain.

It should be hoped that this also aids the recovery of small-cap stocks in the market, leading to a bright and prosperous future in the near-term.

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The Super-Charging Power of AI in Customer Service Industry

Artificial Intelligence is everywhere today. We interact with it every day, sometimes without even knowing it. Plus, it is getting better and smarter every day. The world is moving from simple mindless chatbots to being more accepting of the notion of AI and what it means. Today, app development companies are integrating AI with their products. AI has shown up in popular SMS platforms, Facebook, Twitter, and Whatsapp. Since AI is already among us, we need to figure out how to take advantage of the opportunities it presents and how best to use them.

The Super-influencing power of AI in customer service industry hasn’t gone unnoticed over the years. Artificial Intelligence is disrupting everywhere and it is leaving no stone untouched especially in the blockchain technology space and customer experience industry. We interact with it every day, sometimes without even knowing it through the power of AI.

AI in the Customer Service Industry

In the Customer Service industry especially, AI is poised to shake things up a lot. Already, AI is being used to play the role of a virtual assistant, performing all manner of daily tasks such as customer support and answering simple questions. However, the potential for AI is enormous in this industry, and merely using it for such simple tasks is underutilizing its potential. Businesses can save a lot of money by automating their processes, and customers will appreciate the improved user experience. For example, telco companies can streamline their customer service provision by harnessing the power of AI.

Today, AI in the customer service world can listen to conversations between the client and the customer care agent. They listen to these conversations and feed the agent data and information to prompt and lead the conversation in a specific direction. For instance, the agent can propose deals or discounts to lure the client into making a bigger purchase, earning the company more revenue. The AI also helps the agent make the best and most helpful responses, to boost customer satisfaction. Most banking and insurance and utility companies do this beautifully. Most of the time, the customer will not even notice what is going on until after they have made the purchase.

AI in the customer service industry, including virtual assistance, are getting smarter and smarter every day. This is partly due to machine learning capabilities and better development practices. The technology as a whole has made leaps and bounds over the years. Today, you can have almost natural conversations with Siri and Alexa. Nuance, a market leader in customer service solutions, has made an AI assistant called Nina, which can handle intelligent conversations and transactions.

Will AI replace humans in the future? 

Artificial Intelligence in Customer Service

This all brings up one of the most popular discussion topics in this subject. Will AI eventually replace humans in the Customer Service Industry? Short answer, no.

Customer service interactions fall into two categories: urgency and emotion. AI, as it is today, is perfect for high urgency scenarios, but we will always need humans for high emotion scenarios. AI can’t replicate empathy. A lot of customer support interactions need the human element, so humans are not going anywhere any time soon.

Why is this important? Why not just replace all customer service jobs with AI? Get rid of the humans and save money while at it? Well, the answer is simple. High emotion scenarios are the most important in the customer service industry, and AI cannot comprehend them. Imagine this. You have just ordered food using your app. It is 12.30 pm, they said the food should reach you by 1 pm. It is now 1.30 pm, your food is clearly running late. You have a meeting at 2 pm, if you do not leave now you will miss the meeting. In a situation such as this, with such emotionally charged contexts, only a fellow human being will understand what you are going through. How this situation is handled will determine whether or not you order from that business again in the future. AI will have no idea of the gravity of the situation. High emotion scenarios are what stick with customers, and you need to handle them carefully.

To properly use the power of AI in the customer service industry, the most important thing you need to think about is the needs of your customer. How you treat your clients can make or break your business. For example, studies show that more and more clients prefer messaging businesses as opposed to calling them. Does your company provide users with this option? Less than half of all companies do. On the other hand, AI can help you outreach as well to new clients or partners.

In the end, you need to ask yourself what value AI can add to your company. The costs involved in integrating AI solutions with your current systems are falling every year, so you will be saving a lot of money by taking it up. However, it is so much more than just about the money. The bottom line is, implementing AI is absolutely good for the customer service industry, and anyone not already on the bandwagon is losing out.

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Cloud Hosting: Top 5 Benefits of Cloud Computing for Start-ups and SMEs

Cloud hosting is one of the best inventions in the IT field that has helped global businesses in a great way. Though it has helped various businesses including both big and small sector it is the Start-ups and SME sectors that have been experiencing the maximum benefits. Right from enhancing business productivity to reducing the IT costs and better security management, there are various ways in which cloud computing is helping the small and start-up sector.

Let us talk about some of the major benefits offered by cloud hosting to small businesses and start-ups:

5 Amazing Benefits of Cloud Hosting to SMEs and Start-ups

Top 5 benefits of cloud computing for Start-ups and SMEs

Easy connectivity- anywhere, anytime and on any device

The major benefit of cloud hosting is that it presents an easy way to connect remotely using any net compatible device that you are most comfortable working with – desktop, laptop, ipad or even a Smartphone! All you would need is an uninterrupted internet connection – something that is almost ubiquitously available except in unreached areas of the world. Thus, it allows the remote workers as well as touring executives to connect seamlessly with the organization and work actively on various pending projects as an individual worker or a team member. This easy, anywhere, anytime connection has strengthened the networking capabilities and offered a common virtual platform to both on-site and off-site workers to connect and collaborate on various projects. It facilitates various operations by multiplying productivity.

Facilitated Global collaborations

Apart from keeping the productivity of workers intact regardless of their geographical or time differences the second important benefit of cloud hosting is that it has strengthened the chances of global collaborations on mega projects where the expertise in multiple disciplines is required. Where multiple companies work as a single team. It not only enhances the potential of the companies but also opens more doors of opportunities for them. Digging deeper we will realise that the cloud technology facility has immensely helped the small Start-ups and SME sector by offering them an inexpensive way to connect with other global players and collaborating with them on various projects.

Benefits of Cloud Hosting on SMEs and Startups
Cloud hosting has been one of the breakthrough innovations in the internet technology industry that has massively impacted businesses around the world. Here are the top 5 amazing benefits of cloud hosting for start-ups and SMEs.

Cost-efficient way of global expansion 

One of the major challenges for Start-ups and small businesses is the infrastructure investment required during their global expansion programs. In fact, this is the critical juncture where the capabilities of the businesses are affected due to the limited availability and lack of required infrastructure.

During such instances the SMEs and Start-ups require easy collaborative infrastructure with minimum investment and as-and-when availability assurance. Cloud hosting not only offers them the anytime access and easy resource scalability but also relieves them from the fixed investment on significant costs associated with buying physical infrastructure resources or paying fixed subscription charges irrespective of the usage. The PAYG (or Pay As You Go) facility of cloud computing offers powerful connection facility to the small businesses to connect them with global stakeholders as and when required and pay only for the usage. Thus the expansion mode of Start-ups and SMEs is not challenged by the lack of infrastructure costs and it certainly compresses the gap between the large and small companies.

Relief from high IT costs on infrastructure and management

While IT has played a vital part in enhancing the business competence, capability and opportunities, the advanced usage of technology comes at a very high price tag. If we break down the costs associated with IT capabilities we would notice that a large portion of the same goes to hiring the executives and buying/running hardware/software resources. Cloud hosting allows the businesses to rent their resources for executing various business operations. It not only relieves the businesses from inflating their budget by investing in IT set-up but also saves them from hassles associated with managing and maintaining the same.

Top 5 benefits of cloud computing for Start-ups and SMEs

Better IT security management

With the ever increasing instances of hacking and malware, IT security has become the vital requirement for any business. However, IT security is much more than just installing a good quality anti-malware. There are a number of security loopholes that needs to be patched up and each time you start a new IT operation where the connectivity is required you most possibly open a new loophole. Managing IT security is thus a cumbersome process. However, when you use cloud based hosting, IT security is managed by the well qualified professionals of cloud hosting companies who possess a keen expertise in the IT security field and with the help of the latest technologies. Thus, cloud hosting also helps you in securing your business from hackers and malwares.


5 Factors Enabling Modern Workplace Transformation

The modern workplace landscape is vastly different than it was 50 or even 20 years ago. Today’s workers are experiencing increased job satisfaction thanks to a variety of shifts occurring in the modern workplace. From Google bringing fun back into work to a greater emphasis on caring for employees, today’s workplaces bear little resemblance to the factory models of times past. Here are 5 factors in particular that are helping transform the landscape of the modern workplace.

5 Factors That Would Enable Modern Workplace Transformation

5 Factors That Would Enable Modern Workplace Transformation
The modern workplace landscape is totally different than it was 50 or even 20 years ago. Today’s workers are experiencing a vast change in work routines. Workplace of today have disrupted, and replaced the factory of the old times where employees are treated with little or no care. Today, we would talk about factors that are influencing modern workplace transformation.

1. Demographics

At one time, employers had a very limited talent pool to choose from. Their options were limited to either workers that lived in their immediate vicinity or workers willing to move to the area. Today, however, employers have a far broader talent pool to choose from, which isn’t even limited to the US. Between global telecommuting options and even short term work visas, the modern workplace is becoming more diverse than ever before.

With changes in the type of labor required for most jobs, even the ages of modern workers are changing. Women in particular are actually entering (or returning to) the work force later in life and staying longer. All of which is having a powerful effect on workplace demographics.

2. Culture

Culture is not exactly anything new in the workplace. Any time humans congregate for long enough, a certain culture tends to naturally develop that guides the behavior of the group. What has changed, however, is an understanding of the importance of actually cultivating a conscientious culture.

Today’s workplaces are no longer being guided by the most dominant force or personality in the business, but actually seeking to create a certain system of core values and beliefs that guide the company instead. Even the understanding that the values of a company are important is a major shift in the corporate landscape. All in all, this makes for a far better workplace environment.

Modern Workplace Transformation
The modern workplace environment of today is designed to give room for, and inspire creative and, innovative ideas that would have positive impact on the company.

3. Technology

Probably more than any other factor, technology has made great strides in helping people achieve better work life balance and making telecommuting more feasible than ever before. Parents can conduct business from home and spend the time they usually wasted in traffic with their kids. Thanks to advancements in communication and collaboration software, teams from around the globe can do great things together in real time.

Even traditional office workers have far more freedom and flexibility in their schedules than they have ever had in the past. The days of a corporate-wide 9 to 5 or 8 to 6 schedule is largely a thing of the past. While workers may actually be putting in more hours than ever before, they are able to tailor their work hours more around personal obligations and commitments which may actually lead to greater job satisfaction overall.

4. Data

One of the main driving forces behind changes in the modern workforce is simply a vast amount of data showing what is and is not working. In the past, experts have proposed theories as to how to do everything from increase efficiency to improve work quality, but there was very little data to show what was and was not legitimately working.

Today, however, technology provides us with a vast amount of data ranging from how employees are responding to the new team member to the effect that artificial or natural light has on our moods and energy levels. All of this data is helping us to better understand how to create a better work environment for all.

5. Costs

The cost of doing business is neither rising nor falling, but rather it is shifting. What businesses save in real estate and energy costs by using remote workers, they often shift to better benefits for workers. More and more businesses are beginning to invest more in their employees than in anything else. While this is still too new of a trend to determine if it will indeed be the most cost effective strategy for businesses in the long run, early signs show promise.

One significant shift is CEOs who are no longer seeking to shift every dime they can from their businesses into their own pockets. Several years ago, Whole Foods founder and CEO John Mackey not only gave up any future stock options and bonuses, but also reduced his own salary to a single dollar. Today, some of the top CEO’s of some of the largest companies in the nation have also followed suit. While they are certainly not hurting financially, the trend is towards at least moderately decreasing the gap between the lowest paid employee and the highest.

Modern Workplace
An example of a healthy and lively modern workplace environment. It would be an understatement to think there won’t be massive progress in this kind of company.

Overall, the trend seems to be towards creating workplace environments that foster a healthier, happier work experience. Even corporate giants like Apple and Google that still insist on employees showing up in a central office have shown their commitment to at least making that environment as pleasant as possible. Businesses are no longer as concerned with a single bottom line as they are with a triple bottom line. Just making a ton of money is no longer the most sought after metric of success. This is having a profound effect on the workplace.

Money & Finance

What is Cash Flow Financing And Why Should You Use One?

In business, an ever-growing number of businesses, especially small ones, regularly seek out some sort of debt financing to secure some necessary funds to grow their businesses. This can be for a number of reasons including opening a new store location or another branch or simply buying more stocks during seasonal fluctuations. And truthfully, it really is not entirely hard to find a suitable loan to finance these sort of things. In fact, taking out loans is so easy you can almost do it in your sleep. However, as a smart businessman, you need to be smart about the loans you take. On the one hand, you want a substantial capital to sustain your business effectively. On the other hand, you don’t want to end up on a pile of debt that you can’t pay.

So what’s the solution? Three words. Cash Flow Financing. Cash flow loans typically strike a balance between APR, loan size, and the difficulty and length of the application process. It’s the kind of business financing that won’t land you in trouble if you are careful. So what is cash flow financing and why should you use one?

Cash Flow Financing In A Nutshell

Cash flow Financing
Cash flow financing in a nutshell is a form of financing where a loan made to a business is backed by the company’s projected (future) cash flows.

According to Investopedia,

“Cash flow financing is a form of financing where a loan made to a company account is backed by the company’s expected cash flows. Cash Flow financing differs from an asset-backed loan, in which the collateral for the loan is based on the company’s assets. The timeframe of the repayments for cash-flow loans are based on the company’s projected future cash flows.”

Cash flow finance is usually suited for companies with a steady growth of cash inflows. It is also recommended for businesses that require an upfront investment to generate more profit or revenue.  Simply put, a business borrows money they are already expecting to receive in the future in exchange for giving an investor or lender the rights to an agreed portion of the receivable profit.

Cash flow finance often comes as short-term loans, credit line, or working capital. They can be paid off through weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly dividend payments. On an investor’s side, it’s also a smart opportunity to put money in a business with a steady net income that is able to cover all debt obligations. It’s a win-win situation on both sides.

When should you use Cash Flow Finance?

Common uses for cash flow financing can come in a variety of business needs:

  • Invest in physical inventory and stocks.
  • Preparation for seasonal or peak periods.
  • Opening a physical store or in some e-commerce shop’s case, a Brick and Mortar location.
  • If you’re looking to lock in a good deal for the merchandise, you are selling.
  • You need additional staff or workforce.
  • An opening of another branch location.

What are the types of Cash Flow you can get?

Cash Flow can come in many ways. Here are 5 of the most common types of cash flow financing.

Term Loans – Much like mortgages or student loans, cash flow financing can also come in the form of a term loan. Essentially, you borrow an amount upfront and pay it back in fixed weekly or monthly payments throughout the agreed-upon term of the loan agreement.

Business Credit Cards – Perfect for your business’ short-term needs, business credit cards are used to finance projects that can be typically paid back fully within a month. It is relatively easy to access business credit cards if your business has a good finance and credit reputation.

Credit Lines – Unlike business credit cards, credit lines are a more formal agreement between lender and borrower. Credit lines are also typically only given to companies that already have established relationships with banks or other financial institutions. This is perfect for covering seasonal cash flow gaps.

Invoice Financing – If your business needs upfront capital to fulfill a short-term need for a big project, invoice financing is the way to go. Basically, you will borrow the amount of money that you’ll be expecting to get from your customers once the order is fulfilled.

Merchant Cash Advance – A Merchant Cash Advance isn’t necessarily a loan, per se. It’s an advance payment against your company’s future income. Terms can be as short as 90 days or as long as one year or more. You get a lump sum that is paid using a percentage of your daily credit card receipts. 

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11 Features Reliable SMS Platform Must-Have for Good Service Delivery

With the help of smarter SMS campaigns, you get the opportunity to increase sales and also customer satisfaction. It can work pretty well with notifications, surveys, instant OTPs and more. You alone won’t be able to handle this task that easily, and you need a powerful, easy to use, comprehensive, and reliable SMS platform to be your guide for this task. If you ever check out the market, you will be bombarded with so many options. You literally have to pick and choose anyone among the lot, and that will be easy once you are sure of the features you are looking for in the packages offered. To know more about that, let’s just get right into the standard features you can expect to enjoy from a good SMS texting platform.

Top Features That Differentiate Reliable SMS Platform Service Providers from Posers.

Choosing Reliable SMS Platform Service Provider
With an SMS campaign, you can increase sales and ROI, but you will need a powerful, easy to use and reliable SMS platform to achieve that.

Thanks to the latest technological advancements in SMS texting platform, now you don’t have to bother send SMS to everyone individually. It is a great way to save your time and use that for working your way out on some other projects. Without wasting any time further, let’s just get right into details on the allotted features you can get from a reliable SMS platform.

Bulk SMS redefined

Within a few seconds, you get the opportunity to reach out to millions of people at the same time by using bulk text messaging. If that’s not enough, you can also schedule and even send some personalized texts and also messages in some regional languages.

SMS attachments

Right now, thanks to modern technology, you can actually attach files with your text messages, just like you do with your Whatsapp profile. So, whether you are planning to insert PDF, word docs, images, spreadsheets or anything similar, you now have the opportunity to work on that as well.

Track your campaign metrics

Now, you have the liberty to take the guesswork out of your current SMS marketing campaigns now, especially when you have an SMS marketing platform in store for you. If you want, you can purchase granular click reports for all your links, as sent via text.

Mobile based solutions for you

Now you have the right to create and even send some mobile ticket. Not only that, but you can even get surveys, discount vouchers and even some forms, as directly to the phones of your customers. That’s the power of trustworthy SMS bulk texting platforms.

You will receive SMS

Through this platform, you can actually allow customers to reach out to you instantly and get some information by just texting into long or short codes. To know more about this feature, you have to start using your selected platform right on time. The more you start using it, the better features you will come up with.

Reliable SMS Platform service provider
Choosing a reliable SMS Platform service provider puts you in the right position to get true value for your money with unmatched service delivery with top of the class customer service.

Proficient integrating of SMS APIs

With the help of simplistic APIs, you can allow web developers and the software workers to integrate any kind of application into the texting platform. There are some steps allotted for that and you will come right to know more about it easily.

Sending via Excel, App or even Email

Now, you have the right to actually send SMS in the way you have always liked it. It can be through Microsoft Excel, APIs, and mobile apps of the texting platform you are using or through email gateway. The more you come to know, the better. It is always mandatory to check out the features, high and low, before finally addressing your needs well.

Always enterprise friendly

Make sure to check for the app, which is enterprise friendly. For that, you can always get started with role management, multi-user accounts, locked templates and more. You will further catch up with audit trail, proficient bespoke services and there are so much more to be added in the list.

Always try to create a checklist of your own with these features and points in mind. Once you come across a reliable SMS platform offering these features under one package, you have actually made the right decision by selecting this lot. Finding your way through so many SMS platforms can be tough, but only a little bit of research is what you need for that. After that, things will start working out in the way you want it to be.

Check out for the gateway infrastructure

Reputed SMS platforms will have a robust form of SMS gateway infrastructure and that must come with fanatic customer support. But before you get hands on the one you like, checking out on some of the advanced features might help you make the right choice.

Unmatched delivery speed and rates

The reliable sources will have direct partnership with various telecom operators, robust infrastructure and SMS gateway routine. It will help the team to ensure best ever delivery rates with 24 x 7 of supporting services and ultra-low latencies, associated with the texts you are planning to send. You just have to get in touch with the team to learn more about that.

Bulk SMS Texting keeps on increasing
Texting has increased our level of real time communication around the world.

Reliable SMS platform provider will have best ever customer support

You have to be 100% sure of the fanatic customer support service before the matter gets out of the hand. Technology consultants and mobile marketing experts must always work hard to help SMEs and startups run best ever SMS campaigns of all time. They pride themselves on delivering nothing but superior quality support to every customer out there, without taking any note of the company’s size. For that, work matters the most and not the size of the client.

Real report all the time

The centers are proud to offer you with authentic reports based on real-time, just to help track some delivery status of every SMS you have sent already. You need to take a quick look at the cheapest form of SMS service providers and avoid them right on time. They might offer services but will compromise on quality, resulting in fake reports. That’s the last thing you can ever ask for.

So, do your bit of research and always head for the platform you can actually trust.

Meanwhile, you are further cordially invited to try out bulk texting through SimpleTexting, a platform you can trust blindly any day!

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How Global Positioning Systems (GPS) Is Changing The Way We Travel

Global positioning systems (GPS) have played a big role in the way we travel every day. Be it about finding out the routes to use to even safety of our cars and loved ones, Global Positioning Systems has proved to be a very important technology in our daily lives. In order to appreciate how it has revolutionized the way we travel, we need to first look at the way GPS works.

When your car is installed with a GPS device, it is in constant communication with satellites in space in order to identify its actual location. With the use of light and its speed, a satellite that is orbiting the earth can then determine the exact location of any car even my used Volkswagen Beetle on earth depending on where and when the signal from the car’s GPS device was sent. It requires three satellites in order to determine the location of a GPS device on the earth’s surface and an extra fourth one for altitude calculation. The history of the GPS device is tagged on the military as it began in this sector to enhance security and make the communication and interactions much easier.

How Global Positioning Systems Is Reshaping Our Way of Living

How Global Positioning Systems Is Affecting Traveling Industry Massively
Global Positioning Systems is massively, and in a positive way, affecting the travel industry. The trend is not going to stop anytime soon because it is an emerging industry.

In terms of accuracy, the global positioning systems of a vehicle is accurate to 10-15 meters. With all the above mentioned, we can appreciate the importance of GPS devices in travelling through the following ways:

Helps in identifying locations

It is usually very annoying to get lost, especially when you are traveling to a place for the first time. Thanks to GPS, we can now easily identify locations while in transit thus making it much more convenient for us traveling. With GPS, one can search for the right locations to tour in the holidays and see which one is most suitable for the family. It is useful to also know the logistics of the journey, for example how many miles the journey would go and the time it would take. Such logistics, which you can establish through the GPS systems, can be of great help even in determining your budget on fuel among other things.

GPS technology is useful for locating subject
GPS technology is useful for locating subject on the surface of the earth with ease.

Helps during an emergency

When traveling, you may never know what may take place during the journey. Sometimes we may not anticipate misfortunes such as accidents and mechanical breakdowns. This is where the GPS devices and technologies come in handy. GPS in the event of an accident has been designed through latest technologies to aid the passengers of the vehicle by automatically reporting the vehicle’s location to the relevant authorities to get help. In the event of a mechanical breakdown as well, the GPS devices can help the car passengers to get assistance from the nearest breakdown service or mechanic present.

As seen in the above examples, GPS has really changed the way we travel every day. More research and innovation is being carried out which would now facilitate a self-driving car. With the use of GPS technology, it would be much easier to come up with cars which drive themselves rather than being driven by human beings. You can read more about GPS technology on Wiki here.