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SEO is no more a choice but a necessity for small businesses

While big businesses have used SEO since the time it came into prominence, small businesses had reservations about it. It resulted from lack of understanding about how SEO could be useful for all size of businesses.  Most people ignorant about SEO thought it was something too technical and expensive that small businesses could neither afford nor was it necessary. However, with time, people have become more familiar with the most popular marketing method and have realized the scalability aspect that makes it suitable for all sizes of business. The widespread use of mobile devices has given a boost to SEO because to survive in the present environment; businesses have to take a more dynamic approach. Business owners can now take their business to the doorsteps of customers by using various techniques of search engine optimization.

Small Business SEO campaign is now a Necessity; Don’t Joke With It

Small Business SEO Strategies - Why Your SEO Campaign May Fail:-
Small Business SEO Campaign Is Now Necessary:- There are many factors that may affect your small business growth in this digital era, and one of such is failing to set aside budget for your small business seo campaign.

Building on visibility

Remaining visible is a primary requirement to succeed in SEO because it is the only way to attract people and bring them closer to your business. Once you have achieved visibility, you have to make use of other SEO techniques to launch an impressive online marketing campaign. Gaining the attention of consumers is a top priority in online marketing for which search engine optimization is by far the most efficient and cost-effective marketing tool.  The internet draws the maximum crowd of people searching for some products or service that are available in close proximity to their location. This group of searchers has already made up their minds about purchasing something, and once they find the source of supply near them, they would immediately purchase it.

Cannot do without Small Business SEO campaign

Therefore, it will not be wrong to say that focusing on local SEO would give a clear advantage to small businesses to keep growing.  SEO gives the impetus to business by driving more traffic and ensuring higher conversions. To cut through the competition and even stay ahead of it, small businesses have to embrace SEO that has become much more small business friendly as evident from the emergence of local SEO.

In this article, we will find enough reasons to back up your decision to implement local SEO for small businesses.

Higher visibility means more traffic

Unless you can capitalize on the online identity of your business, you will never be able to taste marketing success. In addition to gaining high visibility, you must make your online presence felt in such way so that viewers find it compelling to visit your website. To make it happen, your site must figure among the top ranks of search results that only SEO can help to achieve. By using relevant keywords in the content and spreading it across the website, it is possible to capture the attention of search engines that are eager to provide the most appropriate search result. Garnering traffic from search results is part of the best practices in SEO, and it can improve the business performance significantly by encouraging more leads and conversions.

Improved search rankings

SEO has become more important for local businesses because the majority of pre-purchase activities that help buyers to make buying decisions happen on the internet based on searches. For anything and everything, buyers depend on search engines to provide the answers. This makes search engines the focal point of marketers who always try to earn higher ranks in search results.  If you want your website to hog the limelight, you have to implement SEO to ensure that it occupies one of the top spots within the first five results on the first page. The power of SEO is such that it can improve both visibility and search rankings.

Widen the customer base

Once you can retain your position among the top ranks in search results, it becomes easy to reach out to new customers that can make your business grow. Existing customers can reach your website directly as they are already familiar with your online entity but those who come via searches are new customers that constitute the bulk of organic traffic. While organic traffic helps to gain Google’s confidence in the quality of your online marketing, it also helps to widen the customer base by adding new customers. And who else than marketers know that more the customers, merrier it is for revenue earning.

Create brand awareness and develop trust

SEO is highly effective in upholding brands to create awareness about it and small businesses, for which the business itself is the brand, can gain from it. By ensuring that your website remains steadfast in ranking high, the consistent visibility shows the trust that search engines repose on the site and it finally translates into a sign of reliability for business to viewers.  Through consistent viewing of the business on the upper ranks of search results, viewers derive confidence about it that encourages them to interact closely with it. They would also gradually turn loyal to the brand as they start trusting it.

Expand the outreach

With mobile device users outnumbering desktop users, SEO can help local businesses to reach out to more people. The majority of searches happen from mobile devices, and small businesses would now be able to target more people. Had it not been for SEO, small businesses would never have been able to penetrate through the masses in the way they can do today. It is possible to give wide exposure to business and discover new customers that were out of bounds till not very long ago.

Spread across the social media

By taking advantage of the closeness between SEO and social media, small businesses get good opportunities of using the social media platform to strengthen SEO.  The shares, likes and follows of the social media networks are important signals for Google that uses it to determine the worth of websites, and it shows up in better search rankings.

SEO has provided a level playing field for all sizes of businesses and marketing prospects are bright for small businesses like never before. By using a reliable company, it is possible to leverage the visibility factor and make big gains in online marketing.

What do you think about the idea of setting up a small business SEO campaign for your startup?

Blockchain Technology

Bitcoin And Blockchain Technology: The Challenges and Way Forward (Explanatory Infographic)

What do you know about Bitcoin and Blockchain technology?

Over the years, the Bitcoin blockchain has proven for being strong. Bitcoin blockchain has even withstood cryptographic verification and adversary attacks, when attracting more investors, users and participants.

Bitcoin and Blockchain Technology Limitations and Challenges

Currently, there are some limitations in the Bitcoin blockchain design. They are as follows:

  • The size of the block is about 95 GB and is still growing, since the bitcoin blockchain is preserving the entire records that are linked together.
  • The bitcoin blockchain technology is slower at about 7 transaction per second, than the present payment methods like Paypal, SWIFT, or Visa.
  • Latency at present consumes over 10 minutes for creating a new block, that results in introducing Latency.
  • By design, bitcoin blockchain will be consuming lot of power for performing complex computations as proof of work. In the infograph, you will be exposed to a differing estimates of its power consumption. When compared with the computational power of the 500 most innovative supercomputers that are combined, the computation power of the Bitcoin blockchain computers are eight times more powerful.
  • Some of the economists may argue that bitcoin might be inflationary in the long run, which results in its downfall. This is based on the given theoretically limited supply of Bitcoin.
  • There is a need for Bitcoin blockchain for devising additional, solid computational challenges for keeping pace with the quantum jump in computing skills.
  • The power of individual miners, in connection with mining pools had diminished, since the mining has become computationally intensive. This sort of trend if continues, then there could be a scenario of a monopoly mining pool emerging and overthrowing the basic design of the method. In addition to that, there is a concentration of hash power in a single country, namely China with attendant geopolitical hazards.
  • The “open source” which is a Bitcoin software code, is handled and written by voluntary coders who are working independently in an informal self governing structure, that has been prone for criticism from different walks of life. For the purpose of finding acceptance as an industry utility, its internal organization is required for redefining.

As the legal structures currently stand, the regulatory implications of the revolutionary technology will be presenting a dilemma for them.

Currently, there are lot of misconceptions about bitcoin and blockchain technology by the general public but we hope this infograph would help you shed more lights on the way forward.

Bitcoin And Blockchain Technology: The Challenges and Way Forward Explained (An Explanatory Infographic)

Here’s an infograph with detailed information on how bitcoin blockchain was created and how far it has gone. You’ll have the luxury of learning about other innovative ways you could use bitcoin and some of the challenges they pose.

Bitcoin And Blockchain Technology: The Challenges and Way Forward (Explanatory Infographic)
Bitcoin And Blockchain Technology: The Challenges and Way Forward (Explanatory Infographic)

Infographic first published by BitcoinFy team before it appears on TechAtLast.

Designs & Invention Disruption IoT (Internet of Things)

The future of 3D printing and opportunities underneath

3D printing model still has a long way to go to become mainstream print media solution!

3D printing is no more a science fiction but has ventured into a reality and has a long way to go with new concept of smart things and IoT getting traction all over the world. As Wohlers Associates estimated, the 3D printing market globally is expected to reach a staggering $21 billion by 2020 — quadrupling its size in just four years.

It is a revolution and revolution doesn’t happen overnight. With 3D printing gaining traction all over the world, there’s some amount of skepticism and cynicism associated with it just like with any other revolutionary technology.

3D Printing Model Is The Next Wonder of The World
3D Printing model is the next big thing to happen to many industries like healthcare, automotive, electronics, and manufacturing etc.

3D printing is one such technology that has grown exponentially and supported many industries like automotive, healthcare, manufacturing, and electronics etc. It has now become easy for companies to design specific parts and graphics with detailed design, geometry and graphics with no extra costs, low wastages, hyper personalization and low production time. 3D printing has a history that started from 1980 with the advent of rapid prototyping technologies and now moved to even get 3D functional organs to save lives of thousands of people.

Some of the major challenges 3D printing have addresses very well is true rapid prototyping, rapid design iteration, low volume production, mass customization and product innovation renaissance.

Why 3D printing still has a long way to go?

3D printing innovation
According to experts, 3D printing is like a bomb waiting to explode, but still has a long way to go to become mainstream print media solution!

3D printing is being used for rapid prototyping, tooling and molds, digital manufacturing and personal fabrication. 3D printing invaded all these segments and is at the different stages in each of these. Rapid prototyping Molds and tooling is one of the segment where 3D printing has already being matured and still growing but at a steady phase. There are few things that are required for rapid adoption of 3D printing at the end-user as well as to adopt the 3D printing business models by printers as well:-

  1. Applications to be widely adopted – Though there are cost-effective and handy 3D printers that are available in the market these days, the demand is less. The reason being the less awareness about the day to day application of 3D printed products and how they can be part of our people lives. Similarly, there’s less interest from printers’ side to make it a B2C model than a well-established B2B product.
  2. Web to print software for 3D applications – 3D products need different kind of designing applications like CAD, Sketchup and other free online tools but very few web to print caters to this requirement. Web to print software provides basic product design tool and software that can cater to the normal printed products requirements like T-shirt, Business Cards, Flyers, Brochures etc. A full-fledged web to print software that can bridge the gap between end-users and 3D print manufacturers and let them design their own models is still something industry is missing. Having said that, a lot of work has been done in this area to make the products and solutions affordable, easy to use and less technical. Web to print or software that can align the process of 3D printing designing and manufacturing can be a right fit for this growing industry and will be easy to adopt for the customers that are already using web to print softwares.
  3. 3D printing is more of manufacturing – 3D printing is more of a manufacturing, and printers and print software vendors have to understand this. Software designed and processed adopted for printing needs a major upgradation when it comes to 3D printing usage. Web to print vendors are expected to design more sophisticated product design tool to be integrated with the 3D printers to get good outputs. Printers also need to ramp up their traditional printing processes and adopt this major shift of 3D printing. The challenge is to have low cost but efficient 3D print manufacturers so that it can be adopted easily with low barriers to entry.
  4. Lack in best practices and appropriate industry standards – Many manufacturing companies are trying to seek advice and expertise in defining what parts can be manufactured with 3D printing for low cost and high personalized production. Though industry has progressed a lot in terms of demand of 3D printed products, there’s an imbalance in terms of adoption of specific standards for producing parts of machines, electronics etc. This acts as an opportunity for research and development and providing expertise in the same area. Traditional printers lack the resources and skill to do the same but possess the acumen to understand the basic process of printing and utilizing the same in producing 3D printed parts.
  5. Lack of laws and governance – With 3D printing and manufacturing anything can be duplicated with low costs, this presents threat to the unprotected design independent of the intended quality or design measures, creating security concerns for the public and product designers.
  6. Addressing the Lack of in-house 3D Printing Expertise – Considering how fast 3D printing is advancing, it can be very difficult for organizations to attract the right talent and retain them. Design teams require more support as they learn to design for 3D printing and cross-train to speed up with the 3D Printing designs and processes. Large and medium-sized print corporations could consider a partnership opportunities with universities that have an already running 3D printing labs to deliver training to engineering students. The challenge of skilled manpower is crucial and can be addressed with the right collaborations coming in presenting opportunity for both the organizations and research wings working towards them.

The best of both the worlds

3D printing presents answer to most of the questions that question the existence of printing with the increase in digitalization. 3D printed products can not only be tagged with microchips and sensors but can be used to capture data from various point of contacts. Traditional printing has lot of opportunities lying underneath the revolutionary technology of 3D printing and with the combined efforts of industry, research universities that are high chances of making printing as physical.

Business Disruption Mobile App Money & Finance

mCommerce: How Artificial Intelligence is Disrupting Mobile Commerce Industry

Mcommerce Made Simpler – AI is driving the change!

Ecommerce dates back to late 1970s when Michael Aldrich, an IT entrepreneur, first invented online shopping to facilitate transactional behavior between businesses and consumers.

Years later, Amazon and PayPal came to the scene followed by the Dot-com bubble around end of the century. By then, online commerce was already $150 billion strong.

Today it is whopping $2.3 trillion market which is expected to go over $4.8 trillion in course of next 3 years.

Massive growth of mobile usage around the world has a lot to do with its growth. Not that web sales will die entirely but mobile commerce (also known as Mcommerce) will gradually capture the major portion. With that said, businesses still can’t afford to erase their web presence. For this purpose, mobile optimization for small businesses is of highest importance.

The skeptic consumer still finds it convenient to shop on a computer. This justifies the need to make the site responsive and introducing a mobile app simultaneously. You can’t force innovation on people, it will take time for some people to gradually upgrade to mCommerce way of shopping. So, before then, make provision for them by designing a responsive shopping experience.

Both ecommerce and mobile are parallel to each other – that’s why we have the term mCommerce today. Therefore, any technological upgrade to one will have to be replicated to other.

Artificial Intelligence, or AI for short, has refined online commerce big time. Though it is still to be adopted by many businesses but they are gearing up for the change slowly.

Generating traffic and leads has always been the biggest challenge for small and big businesses alike. The most difficult part is to figure out the right marketing strategy for a business. You never know what will work for you and what will not. Or do you?

For this, online business owners always wanted time. Now AI is helping them on that front. Artificial Intelligence is enabling business owners to focus more on delivering excellence by taking charge of customer interface. Be it customer support or assisting customers to shopping in real time, AI is driving everything.

Take a look exactly how AI is driving online commerce today by reading this infographic below. It was designed by Mofluid team. It explains perfectly well how mCommerce is gradually gaining more grounds, that too visually, and all thanks to Artificial Intelligence.

How Artificial Intelligence is Disrupting Mobile Commerce Industry (mCommerce)

AI powered Mcommerce Trends infographic
This is how Artificial Intelligence is disrupting Mobile Commerce Industry, also known as mCommerce. We provide insightful infographic to help you position your brand towards the next phase of innovation in your industry. Read and enjoy.

Web Hosting

Cloud vs Shared Hosting Comparison: Everything You Need To Know

Cloud hosting provides hosting on virtual servers whereas shared hosting provides a server that you have to share with other users. The primary difference between cloud and shared hosting is whether you want to store your files on a single machine or multiple servers. Commonly shared hosting is chosen by the websites that are in their earlier stage because they do not need many resources and do not get that much traffic. Cloud hosting, on the other hand, is preferred by people whose websites and businesses are well established.

Both cloud and shared hosting offer different services and have their own specialties. In this article, you will read the basic differences between a cloud web host and a shared web host.

Cloud vs Shared Hosting Comparison: The Pros and Cons

Cloud vs Shared Hosting comparison by TechAtLast
Cloud vs Shared Hosting Comparison: In actual sense, both cloud and shared hosting offers the client range of services and have their pros and cons (own specialties). Explore to know which wins in our cloud vs shared hosting comparison post.

1. Resources

A shared server shares the resources with many other users, resulting in limited resources for all the clients. However, mostly all shared hosting companies offers a beginners help kit and guidelines to getting started for newbies to get everything they need to get online, including free domain registration, email accounts, automatic server backups, and at times, a SSL security certificate. The technical details of your server maintenance such as operating system updates and security patches will be taken care of as well. In cloud vs shared hosting comparison, cloud hosting has multiple servers that add their resources together and host multiple websites. More resources are available to each customer because of the added hardware.

2. Scalability

When we talk about scalability in between cloud vs shared hosting, cloud hosting has the upper hand. When a website is in its beginning stages, it will not require much storage space, but once it starts to grow, you will definitely need more of it. Shared hosting is not made to fit the requirements of websites with high traffic. On the contrary, cloud web hosting has the ability to grow along with your business, and it enables you to scale up or down according to your needs.

3. Cost

Because of shared resources, the cost is also lesser than other web hosting services and the payment is done on a monthly or yearly basis. Many cloud hosting plans invoice customers for the number of computing resources they consumed over a given time period, but if you do not keep track of the apps in your cloud, you might end up paying more. If you plan out your objectives for your cloud, maybe your bill will be cheaper.

4. Speed

Your website’s speed can be very slow if it is being hosted by a shared web host. This is one of the no-nos of shared hosting! The reason is that other websites are sharing the storage space and all the resources, so in case one of them takes up too much of them, your website will get slower, or worse, even crash. In cloud hosting, every website has a separate set of resources, and your site is always up and running.


The advantages of a web host vastly depend on your needs. If your website does not get much traffic and you have a limited budget, a shared hosting plan will easily do the job. For businesses and websites that demand greater resources, cloud hosting is an obvious choice.

In a nutshell, both shared and cloud hosting offers wide ranges of exclusive hosting solutions and have their pros and cons and we’ve been able to highlight some of them in this cloud vs shared hosting comparison post. To drive home points for your choice hosting feature, I believe this cloud vs shared hosting comparison would have offered you some resources to help your quest.

Barbara Morgan is an IT enthusiast and tech content writer based in the USA. She is professional web developer with a passion to dig into Linux servers tuning. With years of experience in the field as an IT beginner, she has been featured on host of websites across the world including TechAtLast. She regularly posts at – a Managed Hosting Provider in USA.

Biz Branding & Customization Blogging Tips

5 Ways to Optimize Your Content Marketing Strategy for Potential Customers

There are many components to marketing that ensure businesses are successful, but arguably the most important of these is content marketing. Regular content can keep your target market engaged and eager to see what comes next, but without the right strategy, you could be putting content out there which is doing more harm than good to your business. This can be a daunting prospect to process, but there are luckily many ways in which you can polish your current strategy and optimize it. If you are struggling to find out how content marketing strategy could greatly impact your brand, make sure you take note of the following key tips.

Content is king - but effective strategy means a lot to your brand!
In case you don’t know, content is king in this digital age! But, effective strategy means a lot to your brand! Finding the rhythmic way of positioning your content to drive values to your brand is the ideal way to mastering the game of viral internet marketing.

Make a plan for your strategy

It is impossible to have a flawless content marketing strategy if you don’t have a plan. Not only can your aim become lost, but you can lose track of funds quickly, which is not ideal if you are a small or emerging business. Before you start putting content into the world, you should make a plan that covers everything from budgets to staff involved, what mediums to use to your key objective.

Always have a back-up content marketing strategy in place

Although it’s easy to create a rigid plan that you want to stick to, most plans don’t work without some leeway. In any content marketing strategy timeline, there will be times when your costs don’t match your budget, or other nasty surprises crop up. In this case, you should always have a backup plan you can turn to if you need. This means having a fund reserved for emergencies, having a bank of freelancers on call, and being flexible with targets.

Understand your target audience

The biggest mistake many businesses make is thinking they know their audience straight away. In fact, without an in-depth analysis, it can be tricky to know exactly what they want. In some cases, without this understanding, you could be pitching to the wrong crowd. To help with this, hold market research focus groups, engage with people on social media, and enlist the help of customer psychologists.

Also Read: How Digital Marketing Can Help You Get Closer to Potential Customers

If you are struggling to know how having a viral content marketing strategy could greatly impact your brand image, this article covers tips that would shed more light on it.

Be original with content strategy

When people think of content, they automatically start producing blogs and articles. Yet there are more mediums to content marketing that are often ignored, such as social media posts and videos. Though this is a new area to many businesses, it is not one that should be ignored, especially as it helps you reach a larger audience. By investing in business video production, you can include the power of visual storytelling, which can help convert viewers into customers, while getting your brand and ethos across.

Focus on headlines; it wins the eyes of your audience!

Written content has always been an important part of any effective content strategy, but while lots of people focus their time mainly on the body of articles, much of their time should be spent on creating a catchy headline. As this is the first thing people will see of your article, it needs to be memorable and relevant. There are some rules out there to help you write the best headline you can, but if you feel as though you need some fresh ideas, it’s always worth looking for an expert freelancer to give some input.


For anyone struggling to know how content marketing strategy could greatly impact their brand, these tips would shed more light on it. We have been able to share ideas and strategic steps to position your business using content. Now, go and get the attention you deserve!

Blockchain Technology

How Cryptocurrencies Can Make The World a Better Place

There are many pointers to the emergence of new world order as cryptocurrencies disrupt the way we live. From money transfers to online gaming, database management to healthcare, blogging to video marketing, cryptocurrencies are becoming the ground norm.

When Dogecoin emerged a few years ago, it was a leisure coin that quickly earned the moniker “Joke coin”. A few years down the line, the joke coin attracts an upwards of $5 million in daily trades.

The most remarkable mention of Dogecoin points to its utility as a tipping coin for social media users. In simple terms, Dogecoin became the first payment method to reward people who do what they love.

Several parallels exist among cryptocurrencies that mirrors the Dogecoin example. As Bitcoin and other altcoins grew in popularity this past year, Bitcoin mining emerged as a new business opportunity. Global collaboration is driving this new frontier in a remarkable manner:

Top cryptocurrencies that is worth looking at
Top cryptocurrencies that are worth looking at for the next couple of months to come if you are cryptocurrency enthusiasts or investors.

A Borderless Financial World

One enviable advantage of the cryptocurrency revolution is seen in how the world has become a borderless community. Individuals can now conduct transactions without the dichotomy of the national and international transactions in banking payments.

In times past, the need to apply for approvals with respect to overseas transactions took the shine of international business. Many creative minds could not do business with people in other countries as a result of national boundaries. All of these have changed with the rise of altcoins.

More people are becoming users of cryptocurrencies on a daily basis, and they are using them for international payments. In a sense, the likes of Stripes, PayPal, and Payer, started a push for a borderless financial world.

The centralized processing systems across the globe forestalled the expansion of earlier digital payment methods. With cryptocurrencies taking the rug off the feet of global oligarchs, a truly decentralized and democratized financial processing system is emerging.

An Efficient Settlement System

There is no doubt that cryptocurrencies are evolving, and the best of the blockchain is yet to be seen. However, thus far, it is clear that the disruption of the global financial processing system is a vote for efficiency.

Presently, payments settlement period has shrunk to a matter of minutes instead of days, and also at a cheaper rate. The rise of the Ethereum blockchain led to smart contracts and it has become a driver of billions of transactions. As expected, the Ethereum price forecast remains rosy.

The likes of Ripple and Cardano fulfill a payment and transfers need among several sectors globally. Ripple has completely redefined the international money transfers scene, and it is facing a deluge of adoption requests globally.

The difference made by cryptocurrencies in terms of efficiency is noteworthy. While the Bitcoin and Ethereum Blockchains have been pilloried for their slow pace, Ripple is different. From a SWIFT standard of 3 days for international money transfers, it is now a matter of seconds on RippleNet. And Dascoin, a new entrant into the crypto space with disruptive intuition, promises less than six seconds of transaction processing. The future looks amazing! Isn’t it?

Eliminating Barriers

In evaluating a field like healthcare, many people had to face up to the delay in payment processing and access to facilities. The rise of cryptocurrencies has eliminated some of the barriers that patients faced in terms of the procurement of foreign exchange for Medicare.

Traveling abroad for specialized care is made a lot easier on some healthcare blockchains that offer patients a one-stop-shop. Patients can now work with their care providers to access specialized care abroad and pay with cryptocurrencies.

Since crypto can be bought in virtually every nation on earth today, access to facilities and expert attention is facilitated.  The same example is seen in medicine and surgery services as well as dental care.

Easy Access to Funding

Not a few business ideas have failed to see the light of day as a result of many reasons. The inability of business promoters to access funds has sounded the death knell to some innovations at their infancy.

In one breath, cryptocurrencies have decentralized the funding model of businesses and shareholding.  The mere fact that no central authority regulates cryptocurrencies makes them fashionable for genuine entrepreneurs.

Crowdfunding platforms are now commonplace on the blockchain, and a number of business ideas are given a lift. In a sense, more people get a chance to explore funding options that they can’t access elsewhere. On the blockchain, they can access funding irrespective of where they live.

Funds are raised daily in the cryptocurrency marketplace in various forms. ICOs are the most popular way to raise funds with cryptocurrencies. And of recent, Token Asset Offerings (also known as TAOs) is been tipped to replace initial coin offering (ico) which has been massively abused lately. There are other means to fund business with cryptocurrencies like private sales and crypto lending.

While some people might point at the presence of failed ICOs, it is not a reason to despair. It is also important to note that business failures do affect many traditional stock exchanges too. Businesses fail for a number of reasons, and the platform to fund-raise is not one of them. However, nowadays there is a number of crypto telegram signals that can put you one step ahead while trading. 

Enabling A Global Community

It might be fashionable to say cryptocurrencies offer lower entry barriers to many sectors across the globe. However, in real terms, they have dismantled the barriers in several spheres of human endeavor.

In the field of blogging, decentralized platforms now exist that give power to the community members. The participants earn their contributions and the underlying cryptocurrency is the reward driver for everyone.

For online gaming, several platforms are making their mark with the top chart headed by TRON. TRON might never have seen the light of day if there wasn’t a cryptocurrency to drive the platform. Global oligarchs in the gaming industry have been given a run for their money in many ways.

To look at the attraction that users have to crypto-driven ecosystems, it is important to point out the community identity standpoint. Just like the early torchbearer known as Satoshi Nakamoto handed Bitcoin’s fortunes to the Bitcoin community, others have followed suit today.

It is evident from the several strides made in the cryptocurrency community that the world is becoming a better place. As oligopoly gives way to perfect competition driven by crypto, the end-user becomes the biggest beneficiary.


3 Ways to Eliminate Costly Business Mistakes for Massive ROI

In one sense, errors in business are inevitable. Despite the many amazing technological advancements of the past twenty years, it’s nevertheless impossible to guarantee that your company will operate in a mistake-free manner. However, that’s not to say mistakes aren’t annoying –– because they certainly are. Furthermore, some professional slip ups prove to be more than just minor inconveniences and end up costing businesses massive opportunities to increase revenue; indeed, one too many lapses in judgement can sink even the most promising company. With all that in mind, today we’re here to help you learn to cut back on the common errors and costly business mistakes that plague businesses across industries. Here then are three ways to eliminate the costly business mistakes that’ll cost you the most:

How to Eliminate Costly Business Mistakes From Y3our Company Operations

Costly mistakes that could cost your business more than you would ever have bargained for
There are some costly business mistakes that could cramp down on small and already established business if not checkmated. This article will guide you on how to prepare for the unfortunate from the onset and stay safe.

Having the Right Tools for the Job

You wouldn’t expect a carpenter to build a bookshelf equipped with nothing more than a moldy piece of wood and a couple of nails. In the same way, you shouldn’t ask your team to do tasks without first providing them with the tools they need to carry them out. Consider calculating marketing ROI: it’s an assignment that just about every business needs to address at some point. However, if your team members don’t have the software required to view online marketing and advertising performance –– they’ll never be able to accurately arrive at an ROI figure. Keep this example in mind next time you or your team start an arduous project.

Foster a Culture of Collaboration 

Most of us work better in group settings. Still, even if you have team members who prefer to work on their own in general, it’s nonetheless critical for business owners to promote collaboration and communication between team members. Not only will this cut down on confusion within your ranks, but it will empower your employees to figure out problems together. The most progressive business owners give their team members the time and space they need to identify solutions on their own. What’s more, involving multiple people on a project usually helps to cut down on silly errors that sometimes characterize single-person efforts. After all, it’s much easier to proofread someone else’s work than your own.

How to eliminate most costly business mistakes from your company processes
Right or Left? How do business owners stay abreast committing costly mistakes? Here’s how to eliminate most costly business mistakes from your company processes.

Bring in Outside Help

It’s all well and good to challenge your staff and to motivate them to reach new heights. However, there’s a fine line between pushing your team to succeed and pushing them over the edge. If you find your employees are unduly stressed dealing with logistical issues or back-end problems, you may want to call in some outside help. Partnering with a 3PL company or a freelance service can help alleviate some of the strain your team is feeling –– while boosting your internal processes at the same time. Don’t underestimate the value of lightening the load, since it could lead to greater production from your staff in the future.

You can avoid committing any of these most costly business mistakes by just trying your best to find an enabling environment that’d inspire creativity and allow your employee to express themselves. The end result will always worth the efforts.

Cloud Computing Technologies and Resources News

Use of Cloud is Growing With Cloud Security Concerns

As companies moved to the cloud to simplify their IT management, including improving security, they’re learning that it’s not as simple as “shift applications to the cloud and watch the magic happen.”

It’s not that most organizations see it that way, but that is how it is when the companies feel it one way to better security. It’s why it’s been a rough couple of years for cloud security. And while recent vulnerabilities disclosed such as Spectre and Meltdown have cast a long shadow over the ability of enterprises to defend themselves enterprises need to be vigilant for potential exploitations.Network Data Connection - Use of Cloud is Growing With Cloud Security Concerns

One thing that security concerns are not expected to cast any shadow on cloud sales. A recent market research data released by QYResearch forecasted the global cloud computing industry to grow by roughly 26% from 2017 to 2022.

This current bevy of hardware flaws won’t slow that demand down any time soon. According to a report from Synergy Research, and reported in CRN, the overall cloud market grew 24% last year.

“Over the past four quarters leading up to September of 2017- essentially Q4 of 2016 to Q3 of 2017 – cloud sales, including on all services and all infrastructure products used for building clouds, achieved an overall market of $180 billion,” Joseph Tsidulko wrote in his story Cloud Computing: Now A $180 Billion Market.

According to the story, cloud infrastructure and platform services grew 47 percent, with hosted private cloud growing 30 percent. That’s quite a clip.

The unfortunate reality is, however, that many organizations don’t need a low-level hardware flaw in the infrastructure of their cloud providers to make themselves vulnerable. They can do that all on their own. Perhaps it was the rush to the cloud that is part of the reason why there have been so many cloud-related breaches, such as when a poorly configured AWS S3 bucket exposed thousands of military and intelligence personnel records to unauthorized public access. According to the story, thousands of military contractor files allegedly left online, unsecure, published in The Hill, those files included personal contact information.

“Chris Vickery who works at UPGUARD as researcher said he discovered some set of unsecured resumes on a public-facing AWS cloud server in July that was left unprotected by any form of login. Typically, this happens as a result of misconfigured security settings.

It’s certainly not the only example last year. Verizon exposed millions of customer records due to another unprotected S3 bucket. Dow Jones experienced a similar gaffe. In fact, throughout 2016 and 2017 we witnessed many poorly configured cloud-based databases being breached.

Fix it with a minimal effort

As if organizations weren’t having a challenging enough time keeping their environments secure, along came to the vulnerabilities Meltdown and Spectre just recently made public by Google. These hardware flaws affect almost every current processor and, through exploitations against “speculative” code execution, attackers can capture passwords and private encryption keys. Filip Truta provides an overview in his post, Meltdown and Spectre: decades-old CPU design flaws put businesses at risk. And fixing some of these precarious hardware glitches can have a significant impact on the cloud systems performance

“Not only did we see significant slowdowns for many applications, but we also noticed inconsistent performance, since the speed of one application could be impacted by the behavior of other applications running on the same core. Rolling out these mitigations would have negatively impacted many customers,” wrote the Google Cloud team in this blog post.

Most organizations do not have just one, or two, or three cloud service providers to worry about. According to RightScale’s 2017 State of the Cloud Report, 85%t of survey respondents are using multi-cloud, with most running production applications in four clouds.

“Companies now run 79% of workloads on the cloud, with 41%of workloads in the public cloud and 38% in private cloud. It is essential to note that the workloads running in the private cloud may consist of workloads running in present virtualized environments or bare-metal environments that have been “cloudified,” the report states.

Turns out the move to the cloud weren’t the security nirvana many (incorrectly) expected. And effective cloud management requires all of the things that traditional and on-premises systems require – good asset management, classification of data and resources, having the right security controls in place and monitored; as well as good incident response and business continuity plans.

So as enterprises clouds scale, we have seen threats and other risks to cloud apps and data. This is why cloud security strategy has to scale as cloud adoption grows more complex. One good place to begin, or make sure your company’s cloud security strategy is on point is, the Cloud Security Alliance’s most recent Guidance for Critical Areas of Focus in Cloud Computing 4.0 is a great place to start.

The guidance 4.0, as detailed by the Cloud Security Alliance, functions as a practical roadmap for those on the lookout for safety and to securely adopt the cloud model.

According to the Cloud Security Alliance, about 80% of the guidance was revised to better embody the current and future state of cloud computing security and reflects real-world safety measures for cloud practices.

While we are still a long way away from cloud security Nirvana, there are many enterprises and other organizations can do to bring more serenity to their current environments.

Study the Infographic below from Synopsis titled 10 Critical Cloud Security Threats for 2018 and Beyond.

Study the Infograph below from Synopsis titled 10 Critical Cloud Security Threats for 2018 and Beyond.


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Broken Phone - Why it is good to do research for you gadget repair services
Fixing Broken Phone:- Here’s why it is good to do proper and thorough research while searching for gadget repair services. There are many out there, but only a few are qualified.

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