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eCommerce Web Development: Top 6 Advantages of Using Drupal for Your Brand

In this vastly changing digital age, Drupal ecommerce web development is one of the best decisions any serious entrepreneur with ambition would think of.

Drupal 8 is one of the functional and most flexible CMS solutions available these days for the creation of an advanced, functional and the futuristic website. It offers one of the flexible ways to organize, manage and publish content with ease. Written in PHP, Drupal is a great platform for publishing complex websites, online communities and portals. It offers flexibility and is also quite easy to use even if you do not have much programming knowledge.

One of the interesting sides of Drupal is its eCommerce web development venture, i.e Drupal Commerce. It is developed to function greatly on Drupal websites specifically small to mid-sized businesses and designing for entrepreneurs.

6 Advantages of Using Drupal for eCommerce Web Development

Top Advantages Of Drupal Ecommerce Web Development
What are the benefits of Drupal ecommerce web development to other CMS?

Unlimited functionality

Drupal Commerce comes with unlimited functionality like graphics, poll management. This helps the developers create advanced websites effectively. Drupal also gives you the advantage of using forums, events, calendar and videos integrated in your website. Its multi-user functionality makes it highly useful if you are developing a website for the enterprise client.

Advanced modules:

Drupal Commerce is completely a modular, open source web content management framework that also features some core modules. Secure page is one such module that offers the opportunity to follow simple ways on your website. There are 29,000 modules and two themes in Drupal that can be used extensively to design customized website. These modules increase the performance of a website without requiring much of hand work from the side of developers.

Stripe API

One of the greatest benefits of Drupal over its competitors is how well it integrates with third party APIs. This allows for the integration of different payment gateways, one is the Stripe API. Stripe can be integrated to the Drupal website through a custom module and can help in the creation of customized payment solutions. This customization allows for multiple ways to accept payments.

Custom content type

As far as eCommerce website development is concerned, it is important to plan things in the simplest ways. Drupal is quite easier to handle and also makes it quite simple to modify your website based on the addition of a new functionality. A core content construction kit is made available that allows you to add different types of content. It allows you to have 30 different content types and each of them can be best to perform.

Unbreakable security chains

Drupal stands ahead in resolving the security issues for core code that is hosted on Drupal team constantly publishes security advisories that disclose any kind of vulnerabilities in Drupal and offers solutions in the form of patches and updated versions. Drupal development community is blessed with multiple forums that offer the best security strategies that would keep your system secure at most times.

Drupal is innovative

Drupal community is active and makes use of every new-fangled technology. Drupal is the first open source CMS that makes use of responsive themes. The online editing feature first came into use by Drupal CMS. This feature makes it easier for the user to edit the content without the need to move to admin panel. Whenever a user comes across a mistake, he just needs to click the edit button and rectify anything that is live.

So, with these points given above, it becomes clear that Drupal is the right source for creation of an eCommerce website. Clients can easily search for eCommerce website with search engine friendly pages via Drupal eCommerce web development.


I strongly believe that by reading up to this moment, you must have understood some of the top advantages of using drupal ecommerce web development for your brand over other CMS out there?

Please share your views and feedback below.

Blockchain Technology

Should Bitcoin Really Be The Blockchain Standard-Bearer?

With so much hype surrounding Bitcoin and Blockchain, it can be challenging to separate fact from a flaw. You might think of Bitcoin and blockchain as two halves of a whole, but in reality, they are very distinct commodities. Which begs the question: should Bitcoin be the blockchain standard-bearer?

Perhaps one of the simplest ways to identify one of Bitcoin’s conspicuous flaws is to try to spend it.

“I wanted a coffee and had my new Trezor [Bitcoin] wallet,” Yumiko Kawa explained. “And Vancouver has a cafe that takes Bitcoin.” Kawa was passing through Canada’s most westerly province on business and decided to “give it a try.” 

After placing her order, she told the barista her payment choice who quickly pointed out an additional surcharge applied to all cryptocurrency payments – an additional expense that would triple the cost of her drink. “The coffee was good,” Kawa enthused, “but I didn’t want to pay four times the price.”

Asked if she had experienced this before, Kawa smiled. “It depends. Online, there are fewer charges, in Japan, too. But other places can get costly. There’s no consistency, yet.”

And there lies one of the simplest – but most significant – hurdles facing Bitcoin enthusiasts: the practicality of use.

Why it’d be very difficult for bitcoin to become blockchain standard-bearer!

Blockchain standard-bearer - Bitcoin bubble - The main confusion behind the bitcoin hard fork and segwit upgrade

Mine Rate Stagnation

With the fervor surrounding Bitcoin, it’s easy to forget that at its essence it is a prototype. Satoshi Nakamoto’s initial proposal was never intended to be the final word on cryptocurrency. And as with most prototypes, upgrades often provide for greater convenience, effectiveness, and ease of use. Bitcoin’s initial code has been improved upon since its creation in 2009, but it’s still a first-generation prototype, that has a very real limitation.

Bitcoin Was Designed to End

Nakamoto’s original process sets a predetermined speed for Bitcoin creation, or ‘mining,’ that is continually decelerating. To date, more than half of all Bitcoins have been mined. From here on in, things don’t speed up; just the opposite. So while the supply will continue to increase, it will essentially become a fixed money supply by the year 2025 – when the Bitcoin creates rate will slow to an inconsequential amount.

Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies are dependent on blockchain – the underlying distributed ledger that guarantees tamper-resistant permanent transactions – to do business. But that’s not all blockchain does or has the potential to do.

Because blockchain is based on a peer-to-peer network that is distributed globally on tens of thousands of servers it’s practically impossible for one person to gain control of the network successfully. And it’s blockchain’s inherent transparency – anyone using blockchain can see anyone else’s activity in real-time – that has it positioned to disrupt the entire system of how we currently use technology.

Considering all that potential, think of Bitcoin kind of like the Ford Model T car: a first-generation functioning archetype that was a fantastic achievement for 1908. But for 2018, Model T’s aren’t in hot demand save for history buffs and car aficionados. Every big business was once a small business, and growing pains are natural, so long as you grow your business beyond your start-up phase.

Cryptocurrency is in still in its Model T stage. Bitcoin is exciting. But it isn’t a Tesla Roadster sitting on top of a Falcon rocket heading into space – achieving the blockchain-standard bearer status will take some time.

To pin the future of blockchain on any one currency, let alone the initial one, means limiting blockchain potential; a potential that once scaled promises to have an unequaled impact on our day-to-day lives. And that really is the stuff of stars. 

If you’d like to understand how blockchain technology works in a layman’s term, Olawale Daniel published an infographic post with detailed information to guide you. It is titled; how blockchain technology works in layman’s terms. Read it and share with your friends and let us know if you think bitcoin has all it takes to become a blockchain-standard bearer coin for the next decades.

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5 Most Detrimental Mobile SEO Mistakes that You Could Make

Right from the “mobilegeddon” to the  mobile-first indexing, Google has always been conveying one unswerving message that in order to get your desired SERP rankings and to effectively boost your business you must necessarily require being mobile-first. As Bing and Google’s algorithms keep evolving and continue to incorporate new technologies, we are constantly fine-tuning our SEO strategies.

We need to optimize our web content for desktop visitors, voice search, social media followers, and mobile users. The task could feel quite challenging, overwhelming, and almost impossible to achieve.

However, here are a few grave mobile SEO mistakes that you must avoid for earning better SERP rankings, driving more and more traffic to your own mobile site and keeping your mobile target audience or visitors happy.

5 Mobile SEO Mistakes You Must Avoid Like a Plague

Mobile SEO - Most Detrimental Mobile SEO Mistakes that You Could Make
How Do I Take Advantage of Mobile SEO? Firstly, if you are able to master some of these detrimental mobile SEO mistakes. Secondly, you take massive action towards avoiding them by all means, you can be so sure of staying atop of mobile SERPS.

1. Very Slow Site Speed

Page loading speed seems to be a crucial Google ranking factor. Site speed is an important issue for all those people who are visiting your site. As per Google research reports, about 53 percent of the total individuals visiting a site, would be immediately abandoning a site if it takes more than 3 seconds for loading. You must make sure that every mobile page loads under 3 seconds. Here are a few fast fixes for helping you in effectively speeding up your mobile website. You may consider minimizing redirects and requests and keep the pages simple and clean. Slow site loading speed is one of major mobile SEO mistakes you shouldn’t be committing as a web developer or business owner.

Get rid of 301 redirects to the maximum extent possible, consider optimizing your HTML code, and you must transform your JavaScript and CSS which might be adversely affecting your load times. You need to consider resizing and compressing images for speeding up your site’s load speed. You may create AMP optimized pages that would be loading four times faster as compared to the regular mobile pages. Always browse online for latest news in the SEO world. Rectify your errors to stay abreast with the latest in the industry.

2. Mobile-Specific 404s

All content on your website should be accessible to users from all devices and in optimized form. Some instances do arise when mobile users get broken links or 404 errors for content that desktop users might be able to access. The soft 404s and other 404s need to be nipped early so that they don’t become a mainstay in your site’s ecosystem. This would certainly give you a boost in SERP rankings. Website auditing tools will help you fix broken links easily.

3. Using Unplayable Content

Before incorporating multimedia or video on your page, you must consider how it would be affecting your overall site speed. You must check if the video-embedding is playing perfectly or not on all devices. You must consider including a transcript whenever necessary. You must use HTML5 for adding animated content, as per Google directive.

4. Poor Mobile Design

Your design requires being truly mobile-friendly. You must design specifically for tablets and smartphones, instead of the desktop. You must eliminate small font sizes, illegible fonts, and necessarily avoid on-screen clutter.

5. Rich Snippets Missing

Google has always preferred accurate and instant answers to search queries. If you use for providing these answers, you will certainly have the upper hand. People who are not using Structured Data or Schema markup to categorize content are certainly missing out on what will be seen as one of the top organic CTR boost factors. Both Google’s users and its algorithms tend to respond favorably to rich snippets. You can use the Structured Data Testing Tool to audit the condition of the data on your site’s desktop and mobile versions with ease.


The key to a successful SEO campaign is a perfect understanding of your specific target audience. If you are clear about how the consumers would be behaving online, you would be able to impress your audience. Now that you are aware of these popular mobile seo mistakes, steer clear of them.


How digital marketing strategy can help you get closer to potential customers!

Irrespective of the nature of your business, it is important to have a successful digital marketing strategy to enable you to reach your potential clients. However, with easy access to numerous online marketing channels and strategies, determining the best marketing strategy for your business might be an overwhelming task. While every business comes with different and unique needs and aims, some plans are collectively operative in both leads and income generation

Digital Marketing Strategy
How effective is a digital marketing strategy for your business success? This is how digital marketing can help you get closer to your potential customers.

Why you need a digital marketing strategy

Before you learn how these marketing strategies can lead you to potential clients, it is important to know some of the goals they have in common.

Augmented brand awareness

When you consider marketing your brand online, your prospective lead is huge since the internet has billions of users. Irrespective of what strategies you choose to use when doing your online advertising operation, they will play a vital role in assisting you to increase your brand awareness. With the help of the sheer higher number of internet users, be sure that your brand awareness will increase once you market your brand online. Note that online marketing involves sharing your content frequently, being seen on social media and creating online campaigns on various platforms such as Google AdWords.

Helps you to get more leads and sales

While marketing your brand online, make sure you direct your marketing campaigns to the potential clients, and this will help you create more leads and conversions.

Higher income

The moment you reach your potential customers with the right digital marketing, you will have a chance to increase your income. This because the digital marketing strategies will let you attract high-quality leads, leading to a high Return on Investment (ROI) and increased income for your business.

The most effective digital marketing strategies to help you get potential clients

Since you have understood the basic digital marketing benefits, here are some of the most effective digital marketing strategies that will help you reach your potential clients with ease.

Digital Marketing Strategy 1: Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

SEO is a marketing tool that lets your site to have a higher ranking in search engine results for the entire search that is related to your brand, products, and services. This assist you reach your potential clients as they are bound to visit the website that is ranked on the first page in any search engine. SEO comes with several strategies that play a vital role when it comes to increasing your ranks in Google and other search results.

Bear in mind that keyword research is an important portion of any SEO promotion. For this reason, make sure you define the keywords that your potential audience is interested in before you begin optimizing your website. Once you get the most valuable keywords, make sure you optimize your article for the keywords you choose. This entails incorporating them where to appear unbiased in your article, and in HTML components such as tags of the headers and Meta descriptions. Trying to incorporate the keywords more effectively throughout your website is important as this will make your site to have a higher rank in search results when your potential clients search for them. And don’t joke with local SEO if your business is targeted at a local audience.

Basic SEO techniques for beginners
Search engine optimization (SEO) is not rocket science! Master how the experts rank their website top of search engine pages and practice the same.

Digital Marketing Strategy 2: Pay per click advertising PPC

PPC is among the most effective ways of promoting your brand online and reach potential clients who are frequently looking for particular goods and services online. Additionally, PPC is an economical digital marketing strategy since it lets you choose the amount you intend to purchase per month, and how much you pay every moment a client clicks your ads. As the name signifies, you are only required to pay for your ad once your potential client clicks on the ad and not when it is seen. PPC is designed to work on a bidding system in the search engines. For this reason, you need to decide which keywords you intend to use with your PPC ads, and then create a bid for the amount you intend to pay every moment it is clicked.

Try to bid higher than your competitors who want to advertise for the specific keyword as this will make your ad to display above the most searched products. Then, you will only be required to pay your predetermined bid amount once a user clicks on your ad and visits your site.

Link Wheel for Mastering the Art of Game Theory in PPC Marketing
Pay Per Click advertising has been for ages and still yet, super effective as ever!

Digital Marketing Strategy 3: Content marketing

Creating informative content is an important aspect of any online marketing approach since it will give your users numerous reasons to visit your website and with your content, search engines will have content to index.

Once the content is indexed, it will appear in results pages of search engines, and if your pages are not indexed, Google will not know the existence of your pages that makes it hard for them to get a high ranking of your page in the search result. Since google like the continuous flow of fresh information, blogs tend to be a perfect content alternative apart from your typical website pages. However, make content that is useful/informative to the target audience as this could help the business to create trust within the minds of the readers, try to cover what/why & how queries of the audience just like you can create a blog to solve general queries of your potential future customers.

Irrespective of the type of article you generate, it is your duty to make sure that it is helpful and interesting to your potential audience. The moment your target audience realizes that your information is useful; they will share it and consider you as the leader in your field. This plays a major role in helping you obtain a huge online audience.

Good Graphic Design is an Investment Strategy. Consumers want visually appealing content
Consumers want visually appealing content! There’s no easy way to stay longer in your consumer’s mind than to give value that’s hard to find elsewhere.

Digital Marketing Strategy 4: Email marketing

This is another perfect means of staying in touch with potential clients who have expressed some interest in your business. Once a user sends a subscription request to your email listing, try to lure them into using your products by giving special offers, coupons, useful tips, and info about your business. Avoid sending emails to addresses that have not received through submission form online or in person as this will look like spam to recipients. Adding a form to your site, inviting subscribers to give out their email address to receive a certain reward is a perfect way to collect emails from your contact list. Once you finish collecting addresses, you can begin the campaign.

How to maintain a healthy email list
Create a relational and healthy email marketing campaign to keep your consumers informed and educated about decisions and progresses in your company.

Digital Marketing Strategy 5: Social media marketing

Social media networks present an enormous opportunity for your business since they boast a large number of online users across the world. Some of the come social media networks that can help you market your business include Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram and YouTube.

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4 Reasons to Execute Marketing Automation for Your Online Store!

Marketing automation is a kind of software which allows companies to focus on the customers by sending some automated messages such as an email message, lead generation message, promo code offer and so on. For generating a lead, most of the brands use marketing automation tool.

List of features which marketing automation provides:

Basically, automation is helpful to build a customer relationship. Instead of this, it provides so many features. 

Let’s have a look at these points:

  • It renders an account-based marketing.
  • Provides analyzing customer relationship management.
  • It provides inbound and leads generative marketing.
  • Focus on the return of investment policy.
  • Enhance social marketing strategies.

Reasons to implement Marketing Automation?

How to Execute Marketing Automation for Your Online Store
Marketing automation allows companies send automated lead generation message, special product promotions, coupon code offer and others aimed at keeping the customers/followers informed, and to inspire an action from them. And good thing there is, it is on auto-PILOT!

1. “ Send email” to remind the customer of your online store:

There might be a possibility when a customer visits any shopping site then he leaves his mail but he does not buy anything or decides to buy later. Therefore, it is the responsibility of your store to remind him about new products and offers and give him the best reason to visit again.

If you use marketing automation tool then by using “triggers” you can do this. Then certain clients get a comeback email 25 days or before after the shopping or visiting the site. Try to show the real advantage of making a buy in your online store. There are thousands of sites which are trying to grab the attention of your customer. Make sure, you have to be the first.

2. Use unused cart emails in your marketing automation:  

To increase the revenue growth of your online store, you do not have to lose the connection with the customer after he unused his cart. So, the right thing is that you need to remind them about your store. You have to send an email and you can add some discount on that email. By using automation technique, it would be easy for you to send the email by adding some relevant content.

 3. Focus on collecting information about customers:

You will have to connect with more customers through content email marketing automation tool so that, you would be able to know the current interest of customers. Each and every time, you need to find something new about the customers. If you do this, it will increase the customer engagement and loyalty.

4. Send a welcome letter for every new customer:

Once a customer subscribes to your newsfeed or places an order for the first time then you need to show some gratitude, it is important to send a welcome letter about your brand, your new product, some other promo offer and so on. Your customers will see a good attitude and appreciation from your brand. You do not require sending these letter every time, make a proper letter with unique content.

  • Follow some automation tool to send a welcome letter such as go to the contact submits any form, if you do not see any contact then click on the Add trigger. After that click on the send email” Welcome letter”.

Why do we need to use marketing automation?

Marketing automation tool is beneficial for both B2B and B2C. Both can use automation platforms to make customers aware of their current products. It allows companies to deliver promotion such as flash sales, awareness of a new product, some exciting offers and so on. With the help of automation tool, companies can stop sending emails to their customers at regular intervals for telling about some promotion or new products.

Tools that use in marketing automation:

  • Marketing cloud service tools such as Salesforce Pardot and Oracle Eloqua
  • Marketo
  • Hubspot is a leading automation tool which has its own CRM backbone.

Here, is the Conclusion:

If you have read all the above points then you would be able to know about marketing automation. It is the leading apathetic marketing tool for your online store which has a lot of advantages.

If you use only automation marketing tool then it is not enough, you will have to plan some strategies to implement it with strong content. After that, there is higher chance to increase the number of customers.

Many responsive Magento websites are using marketing automation tool to increase the sale of their business.

How to Guide Infographic

DIY Recording Studios – How to Create a Recording Studio at Home

Music lovers and amateur musicians listen up! If you have ever wanted to record music from the comfort of your own home, we have the answer.

Insulation retailer, Insulation Express in partnership with TechAtaLast has created a guide to DIY recording studios, including a look at the most famous recording studios in the world.

Read on to discover how you can create your own studio and the science behind the studios.

Famous Recording Studios

For those who prefer to keep it professional there are many recording studio options. However, there are just a few which can be considered legendary within the music industry.

  • Capitol Studios
    Located in the heart of Hollywood, Capitol Studio has been frequented by the likes of Tina Turner, Nat king Cole and Frank Sinatra. The space is unique because it offers an echo chamber made from reinforced concrete.
  • Abbey Road
    Perhaps most famous for that Beatles album, Adele, Amy Winehouse, Take That and Michael Jackson have all also recorded at Abbey Road in London. The building is now Grade II listed and still has accommodation attached where stars used to stay when recording.
  • Trident Studios
    The place where ‘The Rise and Fall of Ziggy Stardust’ was recorded, in 2017 a blue plaque was installed to recognise the David Bowie albums recorded there and Tridents rightful place in music history.

Creating Your Studio: Nine Steps to DIY Recording Studios

Step 1: When creating an at home recording studio, you must first choose where you want the studio to be located. More than one room is ideal, but not essential and it is always best to pick a bigger space than you think you’ll need.

Step 2: Next, soundproof the space and use acoustic treatments to add density to the walls and reduce outside noise getting in. This will also help keep your neighbours happy as it will stop the noise getting out!

Step 3: Elevated floors will also reduce vibrations from the space below and can help stop any movements being picked up on your recordings. Spend some budget on that to keep your recording studio top notch.

Step 4: Technology can be helpful, but when you are just starting out you will only need the computer you already have. Update your computer once you know at home recording is right for you and buy the highest speed computer you can afford.

Step 5: DAW software allows you to record, edit and mix music. You’ll need this software to complete any recording and you’ll need an audio interface to connect your computer to the rest of your gear.

Step 6: Long XLR cables will connect your monitors and various equipment, we recommend one long cable for the mic and two shorter cables for monitors.

Step 7: Pop filters can create a softer sound and are essential for vocalists. Don’t ever think about not having it around.

Step 8: Microphones and stands are also important, though for starting out if you are a solo artist just one microphone will be enough. A large diaphragm condenser vocal mic is a great place to start.

Step 9: Two pairs of headphones will be important for checking your sound quality. The first pair should be noise cancelling while the better will have better sound quality.

These nine steps should get you started on the right path, however, you could also study the infograph below to have an indepth know-how of how to setup DIY recording studio from scratch.

DIY Recording Studios Guide – How to Create a Recording Studio at Home

DIY Recording Studio Guide: Living Room To Live Room - DIY Recording Studios for Beginners
Living Room To Live Room – A do it yourself guide to creating a local recording studios for beginners from the comfort of your home.
Cloud Computing Technologies and Resources Computer Tips & Tutorials

DDoS Attacks and Disguised Traffic: The Trouble with Encryption

As can be attested by anyone who has ever took in a guard dog that eats four pounds of food every day, sometimes security measures can feel like more trouble than they’re worth.

Every website or business owner who has invested in encryption is probably nodding knowingly right now. When it comes to protecting users’ data, encryption is an absolute must. Unfortunately, it’s also becoming an absolute headache as DDoS attackers are taking aim at encrypted services and even hiding behind encryption themselves.

How DDoS Attacks Works & Some Of Its Implications

Computer Security - How to mitigate DDoS attacks
DDoS attacks along with disguised traffic is one of the major challenges faced by online business owners and users with lesser or no encryption protocols skills or know-how. Let’s explore some of the areas where encryption could be lessened and how you could block the loopholes.

Server struggles

Encryption is a process that obscures data exchanged between users and websites. Whether it’s usernames and passwords, credit card numbers, home addresses, or even just the answer to the question what’s your favorite flavor of cupcakes, the expectation is that anything a user inputs to a website is secure. Without encryption, attackers could position themselves between a user’s browser and a website as the so-called man in the middle and intercept sensitive information. With encryption, all an attacker will see is long strings of unintelligible characters.

Overall, encryption is obviously a beneficial and necessary thing. However, in order to secure connections through encryption, a website’s server needs to work much harder than it would for unencrypted connections.

An unencrypted connection essentially requires three steps, known as the TCP handshake: the browser sends a request, the server receives it and sends an acknowledgment, and the browser acknowledges the acknowledgment. Boom, connection. An encrypted connection, or an SSL handshake, requires the three steps listed above as well as steps that allow the browser and server to agree on a method of encryption, a verification process, and the generation of the keys that will encrypt and then decrypt all data exchanged. Only after that heavy lifting is the connection made. This is where the problems with encryption begin.

Distributed denial of encrypted service

Distributed denial of service or DDoS attacks are attacks designed to render a website unavailable to its users by overwhelming the website’s server or network with more requests or traffic than it can handle. Many attacks that target the server are asymmetric, meaning it takes the victim server a lot more resources to deal with the attack than it does for the attackers to launch it. This is the precisely the scenario DDoS attacks on encrypted servers put the victim SSL server in as a result of the extra work a server has to do in order to encrypt communications.

DDoS attackers are taking advantage of already-stressed servers by targeting the SSL handshake protocol to tie up even more resources with illegitimate requests or by sending garbage data to the server. Attackers are also using distributed denial of service attacks to exploit SSL vulnerabilities by targeting SSL ports with protocol attacks, and aiming application layer attacks at the underlying service. Attackers even use volumetric attacks on servers using encryption, targeting ports with high volume floods of traffic.

DDoS attacks and disguised traffic - the trouble with encryption
DDoS attacks is the tool of the primary tool of Men In Black Veil because it allows them unsuspecting backdoor access to valuable user private data which would later be exploited. It is of high importance for your business to be highly secure if you are to attract the right kind of audience and get maximum exposure of your brand.

Further complications

For a while there, the solution to DDoS attacks was somewhat simple: get professional DDoS protection. Leading DDoS mitigation was a good solution for even high-value targets that require constant uptime or that are oft-targeted due to their competitive industries.

Things are a little more complicated now and it’s because of, yes, encryption. Attackers are now encrypting attack traffic in order to hide it amongst legitimate encrypted traffic, making it harder for many security solutions to detect attack traffic quickly since doing so requires unencrypting it to allow traffic analysis to scan for suspicious or malicious activity.

While encryption has undoubtedly saved untold millions of internet users from data theft, it’s also forcing an upgrade in DDoS protection. Always-on detection, a time to mitigation under ten seconds, processing power that can handle even the largest volumetric attacks, and leading granular traffic analysis that includes decryption and then re-encryption for legitimate traffic is what’s quickly becoming a necessity for websites and businesses that need to maintain uptime, protect their reputation, and protect their users. Upgrading your mitigation might be a hassle in the short term, just like throwing yet another steak bone on the floor for Brutus might be, but it’s well worth it in the end.

Do you own a website or blog with a decent amount of traffic with an occurrence of a DDoS attack? Would you mind sharing your experience on how you mitigate the DDoS attacks from destroying your business?

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CyberSecurity Trends: Top 5 Trends in CyberSecurity for 2018 and Beyond

Cybersecurity science is a major aspect of the development, understanding and practice of cybersecurity. Cybersecurity is a broad category, covering the technology and practices used to protect computer networks, computers, and data from harm. People throughout academia, industry and government all use formal and informal science to develop and expand cybersecurity knowledge.

Top 5 Cybersecurity Trends for 2018
What is trending in cyber security industry in terms of infrastructural developments, technologies and adoptions?

As a discipline, the field of cybersecurity requires authentic knowledge to explore and reason about the “how and why” we build or deploy security controls. In every changing world of cybersecurity, there are some facts about what leaders want.

Cybersecurity leaders seek:

  • Balance risk, usability, resilience and price
  • Need enough visibility into what is happening
  • Gain much control–but only over what actually matters

Cloud security grows into a top priority

As the cloud platform evolves, it’s shaping into a security target and it will begin having security problems. It’s possible cloud will become a victim to a tragedy of the commons where as a shared cloud service turns into insecure or unstable based on rise in demands by companies. When in the case of cloud, security professionals will need to determine who they can trust and who they can’t. Companies should reinforce security guidelines for public and private cloud use and utilize a cloud decision model to implement rigor to cloud risks.

Organization and skills for cybersecurity continue to change

With no unemployment rate, there is a scarcity of security skill sets, the industry requires and will sustain the need of emerging skills, as cybersecurity progresses in areas such as data governance and data classes. It’s a problem that experts in security have avoided, but the reality is that in the next few years, enterprises will generate data that they ever had before, said Mr. Perkins. Transformations in cybersecurity will require emerging skills in data science and analytics. The general growth of information will mean artificial security intelligence is essential. Adaptive skills will become an important job for the future of cybersecurity.

Application and data security are led by development operations center

There are a lot more of opportunities in the application security, but many enterprises ignore it because of the expense. It’s the crucial time to figure out the correct path to evaluate the value of security and the right way to describe it to the business. Moreover, DevOps should turn to DevSecOps, with a focus on security. This is a good time to collaborate development and operations. The time to trade has decreased so much, it creates a lossless connection between operation and development, which means it’s important to stop running them as isolated units. This is the time to bring security to DevOps, or if the team is not internal, to ask the service provider what kind of security they provide.

White Label ransomware
White label ransomware may be the scariest cybersecurity risk ever recorded in the history of cyber security worldwide.

Digital ecosystems drive next generation security

Privacy, safety and reliability are considered to be a segment of cybersecurity. When these systems begin to have a direct physical impact, you now become responsible for the safety of people and environments. Without a handle on security, people will die. The reliability part is needed for operation and production environments.

Shift your focus from protection and prevention

“Take the money you’re exhausting on prevention and start to drive it more equitably to response and detection,” said Mr. Perkins.

“The fact is that you will not be able to stop each and every threat and you need to overcome it.”

A well-financed, dedicated actor who is after something in your agency is going to get it, even if they use the thinnest link– people–to do so. This means adapting your security setup to focus on detection, response, and remediation. That’s where the cybersecurity fight is today. In the future it will most likely move to suspense of what’s coming before something happens.

Blogging Tips Infographic Marketing Video Sharing

3 Tips for Effective Viral Video Marketing Campaign + Brands Using Video Marketing Infographic

Video marketing has become accessible and an essential component for all digital marketers.

Today, about 85% of them are already leveraging videos on their business sites to promote brands and products. As a business owner, you should consider trying video marketing strategy, as it offers you with an effective way to convey your message. Because of this, many brands such as Amazon, Newegg and many others are really paying close attention to video marketing and how they can benefit from it.

It also allows you to build a stable relationship with your prospects and customers. Videos are dominating the world as millions of them are uploaded and viewed every day. It is the best way people can spend free time online.

However, before you start recording videos, here are some tips you should consider if you want to get the best out of it.

The First Five Seconds Are Crucial

How you start the video will determine if the viewers will want to continue watching it or not. Capturing viewers’ attention is not an easy task, but you can do that by providing exciting and relevant content in the first five seconds of the video.

What Is The Goal Of The Video? 

Every marketing campaign requires a strategy. And just like other marketing strategies, videos too must follow a particular procedure in order to be effective. The first step is to create a well-detailed plan of what you wish the video to do.

Stay Relevant To The Vital Topic

It’s not all about having a viral video about your products on the internet. Is the content relevant? People love watching videos, but they will only take action if your video is precise about their needs. The content must be worth of the viewers’ time for it to be shared and re-shared. Making exciting boring video content won’t get you positive results, so if you are to make it exciting, don’t overdo it and try as much as possible to give samples relevant to your products. You don’t have to hide emotions and humour. Buyers love to see the face behind the product.

Add A Call To Action (CTA)

The call to action is the event or action you want your viewer to take after watching the video. For example, you can ask her to leave a contact information for the future marketing purposes or to purchase a product from your business.


A good video increases the time viewers spend on your website, YouTube channel, or social media channels. The more time they spend watching it, the more they will be tempted to check your other videos and products on your site! Also, don’t forget that Google will rank your page or website higher in its search results if it notices that people love your site. Video marketing is an excellent way to create brand awareness.

Here’s an infographic picture talking about brands using viral video marketing approach to drive sales and value across the world.

Reputable Brands Using Video Marketing as Mode of Projecting Their Products/Services – Infographic

Viral Video Marketing Campaign Strategies
Viral Video Marketing Campaign Strategies
Africa Disruption

Egg Powder Can Generate $1billion Annually For Nigerian Poultry Farmers

The good news for investors and entrepreneurs is that investment in egg processing plants, which can process egg powder, could earn a revenue of up to $1billion per annum. Currently, less than 5% of the country’s egg powder demand is met by local production.

Nigeria is the largest producer of eggs in Africa, with 10.3 billion eggs produced annually, data from the Poultry Association of Nigeria (PAN) shows. But the poultry farmers in the country are yet to fully take advantage of the large production capacity by processing eggs into powdery forms.

Nigerian poultry farmers usually experience a glut between February and May every year, largely because people tend to consume less eggs during this period of the year and there is a short shelf life for eggs. This situation results in wastage of eggs, as eggs are mostly consumed during the rainy season. But if we are able to process excess eggs into powder especially for use in the food and beverage industry like other advanced countries do, then we would save the country $1billion used to import egg powder every year,” according to the report from Nigeria’s Poultry Association.

“In Nigeria, there is low usage of eggs because the food and beverages industry in the country uses egg powder that is not being produced in the country, but imported,” Francis Toromade, former group head, policy and strategy at Amo Group Farms, told journalists recently.

This increases the pressure on the country’s foreign exchange reserves, money that could have been saved if the country processed its fresh eggs into powder.

How Egg Powder Production Can Have Impact on Nigerian Economy.

Egg Powder Production Can Generate $1billion Annually For Nigerian Poultry Farmers
Egg Powder production alone can add an additional $1billion annually to the purse of Nigerian Poultry Farmers if well this business category is well exploited.

The good news however is that investment in egg processing plants could remedy the situation and earn investors up to $1billion per annum. Currently, there is only one company in the country that processes fresh eggs into powder and it is located in Ogun State. The company can barely meet 5% of the market, which means there is a huge opportunity in that line of business. In terms of numbers, Nigeria’s egg powder industry is worth $1 billion dollars (N350bn) currently, with less than five percent produced locally.

This implies that about $950million worth of egg powder is imported into the country. On a monthly basis, an average of $79.2 million worth of egg powder is imported into the country. The actual volume could not be ascertained as the country does not have any data for the industry.

Egg powder is in huge demand for various uses which include: preparation of foods such as ice-cream, bread, cakes, biscuits, noodles, and doughnuts. It can likewise be rehydrated to make dishes such as scrambled eggs and omelets. The egg powder can also be used for oil-based emulsions.

“Nigeria has been losing a lot of money due to its inability to process eggs into powder. It has really been a tough year for poultry farmers, yet they still have to struggle with the annual egg glut,” said Kabiru Ibrahim, former president, Poultry Association of Nigeria (PAN), in a telephone conversation with journalists.

“We need to start processing eggs into powder to help address the issue of egg glut in the country and also increase the shelf life of our eggs,” Ibrahim said.

Raw eggs have a shelf life of about four weeks, while powdered eggs can last up to a year. The yoke, the whole eggs and the albumen can be processed into powder. The longer shelf life of egg powder means output could be preserved rather than wasted.

Eggs contain protein and are consumed in homes across the country, especially by the middle and upper class. Eggs likewise serve as a cheap source of protein for young Nigerians between the ages of five and 40, which constitute over 60 percent of the country’s over 170 million population.

According to industry sources, the spray drying technology is used to convert milk into powder to extract the moisture content from the eggs, turning them into powder. A ton of egg powder can be produced with 3,500 to 4,000 crates of egg daily.

The business is viable and suitable because eggs in powder form are more durable, stable, portable and applicable for multiple usages in various food and beverages industries, military establishments and in the production of fast foods, instant baby formula, beverage and health products; athletes’ and body building foods, several value added products, including mayonnaise.

With the fact provided above, the question is, how many Nigerian investors would be willing to take advantage of egg powder production industry before foreign investors invade it?