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8 Common Enterprise Cloud Computing Mistakes And How To Avoid Them

Enterprise cloud computing has become increasingly popular and necessary for companies and its time your company adopt it as well. But why is it that more than 80 % of the businesses are opting for cloud computing? Well the answer is simple. Cloud Computing can be used to store confidential data and also operate major applications on coded servers that are not on available offline and can be accessed any place through an active internet connection. It is also helpful for creating backups, so that you have your data available in case it is lost.

Cloud Computing costs significantly less than other IT services and it helps to regulate the workflow methods in a company. Company’s also got the advantage of flexibility for storing data. However, the cloud cannot do all of these functions on its own and as a business owner you must know what are the enterprise cloud computing mistakes you should avoid while implementing cloud in your business:

Common Enterprise Cloud Computing Mistakes & Pitfalls To Avoid

Cloud Computing - What IoT (Internet of Things) would cause in this world
IoT (Internet of Things) and cloud computing are two important elements of a business that’s aiming to reach the top with latest technology advancements.
And today, we would be talking about enterprise cloud computing mistakes entrepreneurs needs to avoid like a plague.

1. Failure to develop a concrete Plan:

Cloud services differ from company to company they don’t come in one uniform size which can be applied by all. As a company you also shouldn’t think that you will get a standardized package. Your IT requirements will be unique and you will have to navigate the right cloud service which will match your needs. Before searching the market for a Cloud solution, create a concrete plan which must address some key questions such as:

  • How will the company benefit from Cloud Computing?
  • What does the company want to achieve in the future (i.e. goals and priorities)?

If such decisions are taken by many people it would be best to take input from everyone in your company. Failure to create a plan could result into one of the greatest enterprise cloud computing mistakes you’d ever make as a business owner.

2. Not able to estimate the company’s bandwidth requirements:

It is important to analyze whether the current internet connection in your company can give smooth accessibility to the Cloud. The connection should be secured and reliable. In case, it doesn’t meet your requirements its best to get in touch with the service provider to discuss the need for increased bandwidth once the company fully shifts to cloud services. You would want to make sure you have enough usage limits to access to the Cloud platform.

3. Presuming the Cloud Service will back up your company data in a secured way:

One of the worst and horrifying enterprise cloud computing mistakes many firms make is to presume that Cloud service providers also backup the data. However, this is not true. When you choose a Cloud Service provider make sure they can backup your data and if not then make sure you have an arrangement to do so.

Enterprise Cloud Computing Mistakes
When it is all about cloud computing and cloud hosting, there’s nothing like presuming or assuming that your data are properly backed up online. It is one of the costliest enterprise cloud computing mistakes to avoid. The reality there is, you’ve got to set things in motion for it to work.

4. Not adhering to Privacy Laws and overlooking security:

Security of data must be the top most priority. Consult with your Cloud provider to understand how they address security threats. Check with the provider as to whether they are adhering to the Privacy laws implemented by the regulating agency. Also, you must assess their track record of maintaining security in the past and also evaluate what precautions they are taking for such future events.

5. Prioritizing cost over support of the service:

Looking at the cost is the right thing to do, you shouldn’t waste money. A good service and Cloud support system are necessary for smooth functioning of the business. That’s why opting for a cloud service which is priced competitively but also delivers is something that can boost the business in the future.

6. Not considering the cost of existing IT facilities:

Once you have fully adopted Cloud service you might feel the need to get rid of IT equipment and the best way might be to throw it or donate it. However, a more feasible option is to sell it in the Secondary market and get some money out of it. So be on the lookout for companies which deal in the Secondary market such as MarkITx and try your luck at cracking some deals.

7. Not able to implement Cloud service effectively:

It can take time to successfully implement a change and during that period there will be a lot of struggles and setbacks. This is why the company should create a blueprint for implementing the transition to cloud. Also, creating steps which the employee can follow will help them a great deal in using Cloud. Telling them about the benefits of shifting to cloud will be advantageous for them as well as the company.

8. Not having an exit strategy:

In case, the cloud service you opted for doesn’t deliver good results. Then you must have a strategy to leave the service without losing your company data. Exit strategy is very important when it comes to subscribing to a service provider and failure to would lead you into committing the gravest enterprise cloud computing mistakes that might cost your organization fortune to recover from.


Cloud computing has worked effectively for many businesses. It has proven to be highly beneficial for small firms as it saves cost, improves security and is a reliable service. So, if you are a business owner with plans to use Cloud Services, make sure to follow the guidelines to make the switch a smooth one. And we believe that by telling you about these 8 common enterprise cloud computing mistakes and how to avoid them would eventually help your business get started on the right path.

Disruption IoT (Internet of Things)

How to Protect Yourself from Security Attacks As a Remote Worker

It was something that was unheard of several years ago, but slowly the world is changing culture and remote working is becoming a big deal. In fact, some countries believe that it’s just a matter of time before the majority of the workers are actually employed in this manner.

It would be fair to say that this movement has been welcomed by the majority, who can now work with much more flexibility. At the same time, there are drawbacks, and cyber security is one of these.

In short, those remote workers who are based away from the standard office are open to a lot more risks. It might be because their systems at home are much less advanced than official business ones, or it can be because they are on the move more and therefore open to a lot more risks.

Bearing this in mind, let’s take a look at some of the ways you can protect yourself as a remote worker and ultimately keep your data much safer.

How to Stay Safe from Security Attacks As a Remote Worker

The Rise of Remote Working Makes Me Think Technology Is Quietly Replacing Humanity
Working from home or on the go in this age is not longer a new invention but a reality for smart workers across the world. Gone are the days you’d have to be in the confine of an office, today, you can be in remote offices across the world all thanks to Wi-Fi access. But that posses a challenge to remote worker because of security. Let’s delve into ways to stay secure as a remote worker.

Public Wi-Fi: a risky business

Over the last few years we’ve seen much more emphasis on maximum security antivirus software, which really is pushed onto a lot of users. It should go without saying that the emphasis on this is absolutely correct as well.

One of the big reasons for this push is the threat of public Wi-Fi. This tends to be the best friend of a remote worker, but at the same time it can be a powerful enemy. Some public Wi-Fi hotspots are not configured properly, and this makes them vulnerable for some people to launch malicious attacks. Data can be intercepted whilst in some cases, software can be discreetly installed on your device.

As such, try and keep public Wi-Fi use to a low, or at least only use trusted sources.

The importance of email encryption

Email encryption is something which has been doing the rounds for a while now, but for remote workers it’s even more important. It’s something that can add an extra layer of protection into every email that enters your inbox, and leaves your sent items, and ultimately makes them un-readable to anyone who shouldn’t be seeing them.

This can be related to the previous point, where internet connections can be hijacked and emails and other sensitive information can be read. Ultimately, if you have such an encryption service installed, things suddenly become a lot more secure.

The threat of removable drives

In the age of cloud computing, this might not be as much as an issue as it once was. However, for remote workers who might routinely visit conferences and clients, removable disk drives can be still a common tool. In relation to conferences, many actually hand out free devices – and this is where potential problems can creep in.

Some of these devices have hidden programs installed, which are obviously not going to do any good to your data or your device. It’s worth mentioning that conferences, and others handing these out, often aren’t aware of this. However, before you plug the drive in, just ask yourself whether you really think it’s a safe course of action.

If you follow some of the safety and security measures, you should be certain of protecting your data as a remote worker.

Disruption IoT (Internet of Things)

The Rise of Remote Working – How Remote Working Is Quietly Replacing Human’s Unproductivity At Work

According to some studies, half of the population will be working remotely by 2020. This is in stark contrast to the situation a couple of decades ago, where pretty much every worker in the land was fixed to the infamous 9-5 hours, or they worked unsociable shifts.

Of course, a lot of these workers are attached to larger organizations, who are simply becoming a little more flexible in the way that they offer hours to their employees.

Aside to this, there’s another type of remote worker. This comes in the form of the self-employed worker, or the freelancer if you are otherwise inclined. The number of people taking such a route on is increasing by the year and through the course of today’s post, we will take a look at why remote working has become a bubble that is showing absolutely no signs of popping.

The Sudden Rise of Remote Working Tells How Technology Is Increasing Productivity At Work

The Rise of Remote Working Makes Me Think Technology Is Quietly Replacing Humanity
The rise of remote working makes me think some of the latest advancements in technology might (quietly) be replacing human’s touch in business and activities lately. I don’t know if you think otherwise?

The power of the app

In truth, it’s not just apps which have transformed the remote working marketplace, but the internet in general. Websites and apps have become more powerful and it’s meant that rather than purchasing specific (and expensive) software to complete every task, most things can be done by the touch of a button.

For example, rolling back the clock a number of years, expensive accounting software was needed in order to prepare invoices. Now, through companies like Pay Anywhere, this has changed and remote workers can quickly prepare invoices through their mobile phone.

Suffice to say, these developments don’t just relate to accounting, but pretty much every type of administration service you need to run your business.

We all live on the cloud

The cloud is one of the most interesting developments of the last few years. It might seem relatively new, but in actual fact it’s been around since the beginning of time. Put simply, it’s merely uploading files to a server.

The big difference is of course that these servers are more user friendly than ever before and can ultimately be accessed by anyone. For the remote worker, this is key.

It doesn’t matter whether you are dealing with a client in the next block, or if they are based on the other side of the world. Everyone can access the same files and for remote workers, this means that you don’t have to share them face-to-face.

The fall of face-to-face meetings

On the subject of face-to-face sharing, this is something that is slowly on the way out. Will it ever be completely eradicated from our lives? Probably not. There will still be occasions, in some sectors at least, where nothing will beat a traditional meeting.

On the whole, they are largely unnecessary though. Thanks to cloud sharing, and the fact that video conferencing  and screen sharing is well and truly accessible to the masses, it means that there really isn’t a need to meet client’s face-to-face. Sure, some might prefer it during those initial stages in a bid to seal a deal, but following on from this little face-to-face contact is required in the modern day, remote working world.


7 Tips For Helping You Become A Better Entrepreneur That Commands Great Results

Owning a company is a huge accomplishment that you should be proud of, but it also comes with a lot of additional responsibility, including keeping your finances on track, your employees happy, and all the cogs in the machine turning smoothly. When you’re a business owner, you can’t be someone who expects all to go seamlessly going forward simply because you opened the doors for business.

You’ll only succeed when you put forth an extra effort to become the best boss and business owner out there. These days, the corporate landscape is always changing, and technology is having a major impact on the way companies function, regardless of industry, niche or country. You have to be willing to learn, grow and go with the flow if you’re going to come out on top.

7 Steps to Becoming A Better Entrepreneur That Commands Great Results

Ideation process helps you to become a better entrepreneur
How do I become a better entrepreneur? This has always been one of the most frequently asked questions by aspiring business owners. We strongly believe that engaging in right ideation process helps you become a better entrepreneur. So we present you this seven helpful tips for become a better entrepreneur.

1. Adopt Technology Solutions

When you embrace technology and not shy away from its challenges, you’ll be a better entrepreneur because you won’t survive long without it. Educate yourself on all there is to know and be willing to experiment with various solutions using trial and error. Consider adding online advertising into your marketing strategy and launching an easy to navigate, well-designed website and blog to help consumers find you more easily. You’ll also likely want to hire an IT team that can help coach you on what direction your company should be heading next regarding any new and improved technology business solutions. There are also many available hacks and shortcuts out there you should know about that will help you and your team work more efficiently and be more productive on a daily basis.

2. Listen to Your Employees

Although you’re in charge, it’s wise to listen to your employees and take their feedback seriously. Be proactive and reach out to gather different opinions and advice as you try to do what’s right for your company. You never know when someone will have a great idea that’s going to allow you to jump in front of your competitors and grow your brand all at the same time. Also, the younger generations are talented when it comes to using technology and can probably teach you some new information that can help your business grow and better connect with consumers.

Listen to Your Employees If You Want To Become a Better Entrepreneur
As an upcoming business owner with ambition to become a better entrepreneur, playing down your ego to listen attentively to your employees would help you achieve more success.

3. Manage Your Finances Responsibly

If there’s one area where you want to make sure you’re attentive to and always be accurate, it’s your finances. As an entrepreneur, you’re going to want to make sure you clearly separate out your personal and professional financial accounts as you become a legit business. Refer to this page if you’re in need of quick money or loans as you get up and running. What you need to be is smart about how you manage your money and always aware of what’s going out and coming in. Cash flow will be most important when you’re trying to stabilize your company and expand.

4. Stop Doubting Yourself

Start believing in yourself and remembering why you got into the business you’re a part of in the first place when the road gets bumpy. Now is a good time to stop doubting yourself and acknowledge all of the accomplishments you’ve managed to pull off so far in your journey to becoming a better entrepreneur. While you don’t want your ego getting in the way of you making the right business decisions, you do need to demonstrate confidence when it comes to running your company. You should work on approaching new experiences with a curious and open mind, instead of feeling worried or fearful as you embark on a wide variety of challenges going forward.

5. Follow A Schedule

Your life is going to instantly get more hectic as soon as you open your own business. There’s no way around all the obligations, meetings and events that are going to occur in your new role. It’ll help if you follow a schedule and try not to veer too far from it each day. Actively manage a calendar, hire an assistant and make sure you block off time for taking care of you. For example, get up early and work out before you head to the office and set a time you want to leave each night and arrive home to your family. Getting into a routine is what’s going to help you stay sane as you juggle multiple projects and employees.

6. Take Risks & Learn from Your Mistakes

Become a better entrepreneur by not being afraid to take calculated risks when the situation calls for it. Where you could fall into some trouble is if you’re constantly making poor decisions that aren’t well thought out or the same mistakes over and over again. Keep a journal and write down each time you come across a situation that you know you could have been handled better and determine how you’ll change your ways in the future. Make a note to yourself to always think before you act and not let your emotions or impulses take over when you’re feeling stressed.

Take Risks & Learn from Your Mistakes
Learn to take risks as much as possible if you want to grow big in your business. And when your trajectory hits the rock, learn to stay calm and learn from your mistakes.

7. Find A Mentor

It’s normal to feel a little lost and apprehensive when you’re first starting out as a business owner. Being an entrepreneur is a new role for you, and it’s going to feel uncomfortable initially. What you should do is work on finding a mentor who’s walked in your shoes before and is currently running or has previously launched a successful business. You can even go as far as to find mentors in different subject matters such as finance or technology, depending on which areas you feel you need the most help. Come prepared to meetings with questions and different scenarios so you can work together to problem solve what’s on your mind.


Being your own boss is an exciting time in your life, but also one that requires your full attention if you want to achieve your goals. Wanting to become a better entrepreneur is a great place to start, and this new knowledge is what’s going to help propel you into experiencing great success in your future. Make sure you stay focused and take one day at a time as you learn the landscape and best practices for being a more talented business owner.

Blockchain Technology

2020 and Beyond: How Will Blockchain Technology Affect The World? – Case Study

We will start this article with a straight yet a bit uncomfortable question: “Is information technology a boon or a bane?”

Well, there cannot be a simple answer to this. We can say that IT is a double sided sword that can be both a boon and a bane depending upon who is using it. When used by the hackers to steal the sensitive information or hack a website it is a bane but if used by the healthcare sector to increase, accuracy efficiency and speed it could be a boon. The challenge here is – how to make sure that the IT should not be used negatively in the hands of unscrupulous people?

There could be many answers to this but one most competent answer would be to make it technically impossible for hackers and other malicious elements to misuse the technology. The blockchain technology can help a great way here.

What is a Block Chain technology? Can I understand the technology behind it?

In simple terms, Blockchain is a system that is based on decentralizing the system to eliminate the middleman. As we see that most corruption incidents happen due to some central point of access. As the information is secured using cryptography the BlockChain can be (and is) distributed across a wide network so that no single person has the master keys of the central location.

For example, the permanent record of transactions using the sophisticated technology of BlockChain is easy to be verified and facilitate chronological arrangement. Delving into the depths of the technical structure behind Block Chain technology can only complicate the matters as the real technology behind it is quite complex. So the simple definition is that blockchain means decentralization!

The best thing is that you can use the blockchain technology in your system even if you don’t know the A, B, C. of how it works. Now decentralization brings transparency and exposes the transactions that make it difficult to corrupt the system. Besides, the sophisticated use of decrypted blocks (and that’s the main technology behind it) makes it technologically impossible to change or hide the transactions.

However, to know in a better way how the blockchain technology can change the world we can go through some of the real-life examples where the BlockChain is being used. Blockchain technology is still in its early stage of development and evolving at a good rate. We can expect that by 2020 the technology would be so sophisticated that when it is used wisely it can reduce the corruption, help the businesses and society and increase both efficiency and productivity.

2020 and beyond: How will Blockchain technology affect the world?

Blockchain 2020 And Beyond
Blockchain 2020 And Beyond: How will this innovative solution affect the world we live in by the year 2020? Let’s discuss some of the amazing developments taking place in the block chain technology industry lately.

Let us explore some of the examples of sectors and industries where blockchain technology will disrupt:


Due to its secured yet fully transparent technology, the BlockChain can facilitate the exchange of money and makes the process faster. In fact, if we deeply study the present model of money exchange we would notice that it requires one to pass through multiple security gates but the instances of scams in the financial industry are on the rise.

  • The use of bitcoin can offer a higher level of efficiency while protecting the users’ interests in a better way.
  • The initial success of this model can be gauged from the fact that many reputed banks have already started their efforts towards integrating blockchain technology in their banking system.
  • The challenge would be how to blend the privacy and secrecy required by the banks and transparency offered by block chain.
  • With the technology developing at such a fast pace, it could be assumed that by 2020 some solid solution for the same could be found! It will add speed to transactions and make them more secure.
Blockchain technology will disrupt the banking sector
It is no longer breaking news that Blockchain technology is already disrupting the banking sector. If you don’t agree, think about Bitcoin, Ethereum and Dascoin powered Daspay and host of other amazing solutions out there for the banking sector.

Cyber Security

If we drill deeper into the instances of cyber crimes we would find that one of the most basic activities after breaking into the digital property that helps in harming the digital properties is done by changing the information/details/credentials! Monitoring these properties 24X7 is an uphill task even if we use the automated system.

  • With the use of Blockchain model, the cryptographic structure of the entire process can be modified where unauthorized changes would be technically impossible.
  • By decentralizing the servers using Blockchain technology the possibility of corruption, intended and unintended human errors, hacking, injecting malware into the script and other such “clever activities” of hackers could be stopped.
  • It is the centralized servers used in the present times that make all these activities possible. The distributed model of Blockchain would offer failsafe protection the data residing in the Cloud.
Cyber Crime - Steps to Prevent Identity Theft
On combating Cyber Crime, block chain could be a very vital tool for streamlining the process of exposing dangers looming and building a fence against the blackhat activists out there. | CC:- Pete Linforth


The concept of IoT is to make the world a huge network of the internet with different products acting as a network carrier. It allows you to turn a refrigerator, car and even a coffee machine into an active modem that offers internet connectivity. Here too the central location of operating these things allows the hackers to gain the access to the master key and carry out their damaging activities.

  • The block chain technology can help in decentralizing the data that resides in such instruments and also the information is spread across multiple points rather than allowing it to reside in a single point.
  • Looking at the increasing use of IoT the BlockChain can help a long way in eliminating many presents as well as potential risks posed by the increasing use of IoT in public places.


Complexity is the companion of corruption! In fact, if we study the basic structure of corruption in the bureaucracy we will find that it is because of the complexity and tedious processes that makes people agrees to “pay something under the table” so that their work can be done more quickly. Besides, the corrupt officials know how to add more knots to the already complicated system in order to augment the bribe. With the help of blockchain technology, transparency would be increased and it can also enhance the efficiency in the workplace.

  • Most importantly the reasonably open to all system would help the people to know about the exact status of their request/processes without any curtain.
  • If designed properly the corrupt official can also be exposed using this system.
  • Easy verification, accurate counting, and quick way to check compliance are some other ways in which the blockchain’s capabilities will significantly reduce corruption.
Corruption will reduce with blockchain technology
Block chain technology will sweep out corruption from public places and makes it difficult for perpetrators to continue the act under the hood.

Charity Foundations/NGOs

Right from the local charities to the highly evolved United Nations programmes, there are a number of avenues where your financial contributions can be utilized to elevate the lives of the people. While it offers a great feeling helping fellow beings, you should also make sure that your money is utilized for the advertised purpose and is not going into the Black Hole of the corrupt charity organizations, it is quite tricky as tracking the complete lifecycle of your specific contributions is not possible. However, the things are not completely disappointing.

  • The Smart contracts of Bitcoin charities help you to know the people your hard-earned money is been channeled to help.
  • The Blockchain based smart contracts help in the transparent ledger. It can be checked anytime without any difficulty. Besides, this system also discourages the corrupt charities or official to take advantages of the kind-hearted people.

Healthcare sector

While the IT technology has largely revolutionized the way the healthcare sector works, there are a number of challenges that are still unanswered. One of the most disturbing concerns is how to protect the sensitive information of the patients.

  • In the recent ransomware attacks, some of the significantly popular healthcare providers’ data were “hijacked” and in several cases, the providers had to pay a significant sum of amount in order to get their data released.
  • With the help of BlockChain, the hospitals can be able to build a more efficient database that is highly secured and resides in the cloud or offsite secured location.
  • It could only be accessed by the doctors and the patents and no other elements can have access to the same. It can revolutionize the way the healthcare sector works and reinforce the trust of the people.
Blockchain 2020 and Beyond - What Are Your Expectations?
What are your expectations for block chain technology by the year 2020 in terms of technology in use, in terms of infrastructure deployment, and in terms of adoption patterns, and acceptability.


Block chain technology is an emerging technology that cannot be considered fully ripe for its potentials, but we are certain of great impact it would have by 2020 and beyond. There are many ways block chain technology could be useful to humanity aside from the ones explained above. And like I’ve said earlier on, we are just getting started to know how blockchain technology works. It is just a matter of time for 2020 to be here!

Blogging Tips Web Development & Design Ideas

Local SEO Domination: How to Dominate Local SERPs in 2020 for Beginners

Staying in check with the latest search engine optimization techniques lets you experience the most constant thing about SEO as a whole because it is always changing. Even white hat SEO, which is a user-focused SEO technique, can fluctuate in efficacy as search platforms change and less ethical sites are trying to game the system. In local SEO, it’s crucially important that you optimize your on-site and off-site SEO tactics. Customers and clients are looking for you online and there is a wide scope for better lead generation and improved conversions locally.

But before we delve straight into explaining how you can dominate local SEO in your industry, let me quickly share some amazing info with you.

12 Local SEO Stats Every Business Owners Should Know About Before They Begin

Here are some amazing and interesting statistics collected to help you see how important local SEO is for your local business:

  • About 92% of people prefer to interact and do business with the company that appears on the first page of local search results.
  • Google’s sign of acceptance; the popular three-pack always appears in the top spot in 93% of searches with local intent.
  • Around 72% of searchers who did a local search prefer to visit a store within five miles.
  • Over 32% of searches conducted on mobile smartphones are location-based.
  • Google recorded that about 86% of users look up the location of a business on Google Maps before they interact with it.
  • 18% of local mobile searches reportedly lead to a product or service sale in less than 24 hours.
  • About 60% of adults in the US make use of smart devices to search for a local product or service.
  • The popular Google “near me” feature searches have doubled over the past few years.
  • Local business domination in Africa is on the rise as of late.
  • 89 percent of users disclosed that they search for local content on their smartphone at least once a week.
  • 58% of survey participants admitted they conduct local content searches on a daily basis.
  • Worldwide, about 46% of all searches conducted on Google are local and affirmatively 76% local searches are a result of a phone call.

5 Strong Local SEO Strategies That Works Like Magic

How to dominate local seo searches without spending a dime
Ever wanted to master the art of coming first in local Google pages for your business? This article will detail how you can dominate local SEO searches without spending much on advertising.

Here is a list of five strong local SEO strategies that will enable your business to rank better locally.

Let’s get an insider look:

Title and Meta description tags

Title and meta-description tags can be customized to reflect the topic and content of a webpage. They are HTML elements and show up in the search results, this is a huge factor for Local SEO. Meta Description and Title are like mini-advertisements that should be carefully designed to attract more people. However, don’t go for too long description as it will make your post titles and meta descriptions truncated and misrepresented in the SERPs.

In 2017, Google did surprised webmasters by increasing the width of the main search results area from around 200 to 600 pixels. By these new developments, the generally accepted length for title tags is now increased from 50-60 characters (approximately) and in 2018 for description tags, it is somewhere between 160 to 280 characters.

So, keeping them short, simple, accurate, unique, compelling and crisp will help you rank. Write descriptions that inspire the viewer/reader to click on the result. Use trigger words and check the quality of your content with different tools.

SEO friendly local search engine ranking optimization techniques for beginners
Using an attractive title and good meta description is one of the best and friendly local search engine ranking optimization techniques in the world. Use it to your advantage because it will increase your click-through rates.

Online directories and citations rocks

According to a study conducted by Google recently, three out of five consumers (approximately) use search engines to perform local searches. Having said that, if your small, local business is not showing up online on Local Business Listings, you are losing serious business opportunities.

It is absolutely reciprocal that your business shows up on major local business directories like Yelp, Citysearch, Merchant Circle, Bing, Foursquare, Facebook, etc and gets the result. 

Mention your business name, address, phone number, website, working hours, etc and other information on the citations and keep the information consistent. Before hitting the publish button, recheck everything as discrepancies such as spelling mistakes, irrelevant abbreviations, incorrect phone numbers will make it difficult for Google to determine your presence.

Claim Your Google My Business Spot

Google My Business (GMB) is another directory but it’s an incredibly useful tool for small and midsize businesses (SMBs). Google My Business is absolutely important and the best part is that; it’s free!

Businesses with physical addresses can gain huge exposure through this tool also you can only claim the GMB Page for your business if you are a business owner.

After the claiming part, you need to focus on its optimization.

You need a rock-solid description, appropriate categories, right business hours, etc and more relational information on the business page. Be sure that you upload your business logo and concerned pictures for more prominence.

Google My Business creates a win-win situation by hiding your physical location for service businesses.

Professional Barbers in London - LOCAL SEO content explanation
When we did a local business query for professional barbers in London, below is the list of registered and claimed Google My Business pages to tell you about this free local business marketing tool. Any business appearing here got listed for free, thanks to Structured Data Markup!

Online reviews

Reviews are an additional driving force behind your local SEO performance. Getting positive, high-quality, and frequent reviews from your customers improve your business visibility and give your local SEO a massive boost.

Note:- As per the snapshot, when you search for Studio Bookings, You can find a lot of online review websites.

A recent survey revealed that 84 percent of people believe in online reviews as much as a personal recommendation. And almost 7 out of 10 customers will write a review when asked for one by the business.

You can scrutinize through reputation marketing software tools like Vendasta, Reputation Loop, Get Five Stars, etc.

Always responding to customer reviews helps to build a relationship and it engages them more into your services which reciprocates your visitor count and ranking.

Focusing more on Facebook page and Google My Business page reviews will help you influence, rank better and become more visible online.

Dos and Dont's of local SEO ranking
One of the most crucial factors for ranking top of local SEO pages is customer feedback. An online review can make or break your business and you have to be very deliberate about dealing with what customers/clients say about your business. It is part of your long-term strategies for ranking higher.

Use local structured data markup to get a free voice on Google

Structured data markup is actually schema markup and you can add it to your website’s code to give search engines more information about your business and helps to increase the CTR (Click-through Rate).

According to a recent survey, only 27 percent of total websites have applied the markup strategy and most still rely on the basics. Schema Markup is a great technique of making your local business different from competitors and rank high.

Google features structured data markup to help its spiders crawl the web pages and contents better.


Local SEO centers around being accessible, applicable and high caliber for searches that are done on a “near me” premise. As per George Konidis, references and Google My Business can liberally enable your business to push ahead and show up in more places with applicable content. Despite the fact that these tips are only the start of Local SEO, they should give you the soft landing you require to position yourself in the industry as a go to the source.

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4 Simple Ways to Build Your Budget & Get Out of Debt Legitimately

It feels good to get that first credit card. You can finally get anything you want. However, it’s too easy to use cards like cash and before we know it, the limit is reached. Then comes the offer to roll that balance into another card with a larger limit. This frees up the first one, plus you now have room on the second one. But then, before you know it…

If this sounds all too familiar, don’t worry; it can be reversed. Here are some simple ways to build your budget and get out of debt.

Wanna Stay Out Of Debt? Here’s How to Build Your Budget To Do ‘Just’ That

How to stay out of credit card debt
Do you intend to be financially free this year by owing nobody? If that’s your dream, you have to do yourself a favor! You need to master the art of using your credit card appropriately in order to build your budget accordingly.

Start with a List

It’s easier to create a plan when everything is in front of you. Make a list of all of your debts, specifically noting the monthly payments and the outstanding balances.

Lower Your Interest Rates

If your credit score is good, you might be able to get a consolidation loan. This has the advantage of rolling everything into one payment at a lower interest rate. If this won’t work, get in touch with your card issuers and ask for a rate reduction. This will make the money you have go farther toward clearing your debt.

Assess Your Situation

Once you’ve listed of all your debts and gotten your interest rates reduced as much as possible, total up the monthly amount you’ll need to pay everything off in three years. Add to this figure your rent, utilities, phone, internet and all other recurring expenses. If the total is less than your monthly income, you’re in good shape.

If it’s more than you make, you’re going to need to figure out how to earn additional money. If this isn’t feasible, you’ll need to work with a credit-counseling agency, debt relief program, or declare bankruptcy. Each of these has advantages and disadvantages. Ultimately though, your choice here will depend upon your specific situation.

If you owe less than you make, you can use the snowball method of debt elimination. List all of your debts in order from highest to lowest. Calculate the minimum payment on all of them. If you’ve been paying more than the minimum amount on each one, stop doing so on all but the one with the lowest balance. Make minimum payments on all of the others and add the difference to the payment you were previously making on the one with the lowest balance. Continue until it is paid off and apply the strategy to the next smallest one. Keep working your way up until you’ve paid them all.

Once you’ve cleared up the debts, save the money you were using to pay them off, rather than going out and buying more stuff. Create a buffer fund, so if an emergency arises you can deal with it in cash rather than going into debt.

Wanna Stay Out Of Debt Right? Here's How to Build Your Budget To Do Just That
Do you want to stay out of debt? We have some helpful finance tip and techniques for you. Here is how to build your budget to avail you the opportunity of staying off negative financial record books legitimately.

Enact a Spending Freeze

While you’re paying off the cards, or working through the credit counseling or settlement plan, limit purchases only to the necessities; rent, food, fuel, utilities, and etc. No new clothes, no dinners out, no new toys nor treats whatsoever. Let the dwindling balances be your reward. And, whatever you do, don’t use the cards again as you pay them off—you’ll only dig a new hole for yourself.

These simple ways to build your budget and get out of debt will help you get your financial situation back on the straight and narrow. If you find debt settlement is the way to go, do your research to help you decide which company to use.

Yes, it isn’t simple and it does take some time to do. But with diligence and careful planning you can get your finances back on track within three years. Though, it may cost you some sleepless night filled with calculations, or you may have to fork out some cash to get professional help. But at the end of the day, if you decide to build your budget, it would all be worth the sacrifice than not to.

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Online Security: 3 Ways to Protect Yourself Online from Hackers

The fact that you are reading this article shows you are among the millions of global citizens who are connected on the internet. The digital revolution has brought with it many benefits but also changed the way people look at their personal security.

Not so many years ago the term ‘security’ solely referred to one’s physical security but the internet introduced a new dimension – online security. With shunning the internet not being an option at all, you have to find ways to secure yourself online amidst all the issues of security breaches and personal data theft.

Online Security Tips for Staying Safe At All Times

Cyber Crime is on the rise
Cyber Crime is on the rise but with the influx of emerging technologies into the cyber security space, combating crime will become easy for online security experts.

Secure passwords

As a customer, you hope that when a company collects your personal data they will keep their end of the bargain and keep it safe. That also means not selling it to third parties for profit either through targeted ads or mass marketing.

Before it gets to that point though, your security starts with you. The passwords to your online accounts are the first security feature to protect yourself online. Do not compose simple passwords that can be easily guessed from your basic personal information.

Avoid passwords with your name and year of birth or simple numeric combination like 1234. Your passwords should be a combination of several characters to minimize the risk of someone guessing and logging into your accounts.

More importantly, have different passwords for your various accounts. Having the same passwords for all your accounts extends the threat to other accounts when one is hacked.

Have an updated antivirus software

Anti-virus software protect your machine from virus infections that can wipe out all your data and also prevents malicious software from getting installed into your machine especially when you are connected to the internet.

You could be online browsing a genuine site like but without an updated antivirus software, you are exposed to many online threats include spyware and malware want to install themselves into your machine undetected.

Look before you leap

Phishing scams are one of the most common tactics used by cybercriminals to collect important personal information from users. It usually comes in the form of an ostensibly genuine looking email from resembling that of reputable organization they are impersonating.

They link in the phishing email will direct you to an insecure login page where they will be able to collect your username and password.

The key to avoiding phishing scams is to verify the URL of any link in your mails before clicking on it. Most reputable organizations have also secured there sites and you will notice this in the form of a padlock in the address bar.

Two-step verification

You can improve your online security by activating the two-step verification login method for all your online accounts. This acts as a second layer of protection should someone hack into your account.

After logging in with your password, another code is sent to your phone for verification before you can finally have access to your account. Some people disable the two-step verification for the devices they regularly use but this may be dangerous should you lose the one or all of the devices.


Tips Entrepreneurs Can Use To Improve Their Email Marketing Approach

For an entrepreneur, ROI matters the most. No matter what kind of marketing approach he or she applies, the results need to be positive. Only then, a startup grows with time.

Email marketing is one of many techniques that help entrepreneurs. Startups obtain many opportunities regarding leads, sales, and potential customers. However, it is all possible when you know how to leverage email marketing.

Every entrepreneur needs a strategy for a successful startup and that is what email marketing can do. This article presents valuable tips to improve email marketing approach and redefine your strategy to ensure startup success.

How to Improve Your Email Marketing Approach Without Breaking The Bank

Email Marketing Approach - How to Choose the Best Email Service Providers

1. Offer a simple registration process

More registered emails means more business opportunities. However, a person doesn’t want to fill out long forms. You should provide a crisp format for registration. Try getting the name and the email ID of the user. These two informational pieces are most important to send personalized emails. They are very vital email marketing approach you could follow in improving your email marketing campaigns.

2. Help them understand the benefits

Your subscribers are more likely to stay if they know your business approach, hence the need for a working email marketing approach. It is your responsibility to present your business as a beneficial choice for potential customers. So, whenever you get a subscriber, send an introductory email informing a little about your business and what you offer for their advantage.

3. Personalize emails as much as possible

A user will feel more connected to your emails if you greet them with their names. Personalized interactions increase open rates and also impact your conversions in a positive manner. There are email services that allow you to create personalized messages in a bulk format. So, you don’t have to worry about spending too much time on each and every email.

4. Add your own signature

A signature qualifies your emails and adds credibility to your business. Plus, you give more appeal to your emails. You can view post to understand how to generate an email signature.

5. Write simple email copies

People get hundreds of emails on a daily basis. You can’t expect them to read yours every time you send. However, the rate of attention depends on the simplicity of your email copy too. The words you use, format, title and other aspects decide the level of engagement you can get. Hence, always choose a simple format and words to describe your pitch.

6. Optimize for mobile devices

These days, most people use tablets, smartphones and other devices to access their emails. These devices have small screens, which changes the presentation of email copy, templates and graphics. You need to focus on creating mobile-friendly copies for emails, so that, anyone can read them easily.

7. Consistently monitor metrics

The success of your email campaigns depends on how well you manage them. Various metrics such as open rates, conversion rates and click-through rates can help you target your market efficiently. Plus, you can improve your marketing approach for better results.

Knowing what you know through this article makes you capable of running successful marketing campaigns via emails. All you need to do is create a strategy, find reliable resources and stay consistent.

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Variable Data Printing (VDP): An opportunity for bringing new business model to the market

Printing businesses are exploring different business models that lies in and around their expertise of making printing exceptional. Variable Data Printing (VDP) is one such technology that can be clubbed with the existing print businesses to cater to print demands of the customers, differently than the competition.

Work etc. can be printed with variable marketing messages based on customer type (Existing or New). Variable Data Printing can be essentially viewed as collaborating static and constant variables without giving print in command every type or designing different documents with ‘n’ number of variables. These variables can be numbers, alphabets, color or images.

What does VDP mean to online printing

Variable Data Printing: A win-win for print buyers and sellers

Adopting variable data printing in a business is more than a technology, it is convincing customers to adopt variable data in their printed collaterals. After all you are printing for your customers. As per an info trends survey in 2006 for predicting trends in VDP, nearly 36 percent of the respondents indicated that they are combining their transactional documents with marketing messages while 33 percent of respondents say that they are planning to do the same in next 5 years. Organizations using trans promotional printing had observed that their response rates were 36 percent than the previous while other metrics including revenue and repetitive orders had seen an up surge of 31.6 percent and 47.6 percent respectively.

The recent statistics from SmithersPira states that the global VDP market opportunity is forecasted to be 853,097 million sheets in 2017 that was around 656,756 million sheets in 2012. Let’s see how VDP can help your customers and how you can make it an integral part of your printing business.

How does VDP technology helps business models to evolve?

Printing industry is seeing growth in some of the pockets, while recovering from a global decline. VDP is one such technology that is seeing growth in an overall affected market and cannibalizing other traditional printing methods. A web to print storefront integrated with VDP technology can attract customers and user-friendly to place orders directly to print. VDP combined with direct mail marketing, transpromotional printing and hyper-personalized printing experiences can be utilized for current print businesses to evolve.

VDP is essential pre-requisite to provide personalized print communications to your customers. Industry is already making shift from basic VDP software that allow to change name and address. Integrating VDP with your web to print stores or services can make it easy for customers to do business with you or integrate their systems. Web to print systems with in-built VDP can help in processing large numbers of small value orders in a business to business or business to consumer scenario.

Printing businesses that have more B2B customers can convert themselves into managed print service providers for clients. Printing of business cards, brochures, sales flyers and different transpromo materials can present a lucrative business opportunity for struggling print businesses.

Variable Data Printing is an opportunity for bringing new business model
Variable Data Printing serves as an opportunity for new business models to spring up because of its flexible features.

Technologies for VDP

Printing service providers can also identify potential applications to expand their product offerings with portfolio of services such as photobooks, book publishing, packaging, displays or transpromo print. VDP printing has gone beyond name and address customization for multiple customers. Various VDP applications are now available that provide complete document customization as well as color customization.

In transpromo printing, transactional documents like invoices, receipts, bills, proforma, Statement of work can be clubbed with changing marketing messages. VDP applications markets are matured enough to produce customized transactional documents with transpromotional messages as well as customized sales brochure depending on the customer type and needs.

Apart from transpromo printing, document composition software allows customers to design personalized documents. These software are easily integrated with the existing hardware and software, printing businesses are currently using providing efficiency across various printing systems including monochrome, highlight color and full color systems. Such technologies save customer and print business time in personalizing documents.

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Variable Data Printing in action


How print buyers can leverage VDP?

Printing companies deal with marketing departments on clients for printing materials and other branding stuff. With world getting digitalized, printing marketing budgets are shrinking for companies, most of the investments are going in interacting customer over digital medium. Marketing managers are often being questioned about the ROI of print marketing campaigns or how their print ads or offers are contributing to the bottom line of the companies. Some are able to identify however most of them are not because they are not able to create differentiation and measure the impact of the communications.

Printing businesses can take up the role of consultants to help marketing teams to improvise their printing campaigns by extending variable data capabilities. Printing industry has already seen a lot of shift towards hyper-personalization from mass production. Digital print capabilities make it possible to produce shorter run of prints with data management and workflows. Customer know about the power of hyper-personalization for their print communications but they need to be provide with the right VDP software. VDP can be clubbed with transaction documents your customers are sending to their customers. Present them with a set of sample and show them how can transaction documents like invoices, receipts, bills, proforma, Statement of Work etc. can be clubbed with marketing messages to add one more channel in their marketing.

Variable Data Printing is a win-win for print buyers and sellers
Variable Data Printing is a win-win for print buyers and sellers because it helps businesses convey marketing materials and at the same time, represents the consumers of the data. Relevant information can be portrayed through this medium with ease.

Normally every printed marketing communications is associated with costs and the costs of producing every piece as personalized for different segments for customers can add up the costs. VDP has become highly successful because of the cost-effective print personalization it provides for marketing communications.

The future of Printing Industry with VDP

Printing industry is going to be highly disrupted – ‘for better’ in coming years. Growth is not going to be uniform and sector needs to look for digitally integrated print alternatives. Conventional printing needs to adopt web to print integrated with VDP to survive in the longer run. VDP technologies can evolve more with time to produce printing assets clubbed with Virtual and Augmented Reality. Printing businesses need to be prepared with a humble start of offering basic VDP software to their customers.