Agile Certified Practitioner (ACP) Exam Prep-on demand

Everything You Wanted to Know About the Agile Certified Practitioner (ACP) Exam Prep-On Demand Course.

If you are working in an agile project management environment, then you must go for the PMI Agile Certified Practitioner (ACP) Exam Prep-on demand course. ACP certification, a relatively new but fastest growing qualification offered by the Project Management Institute (PMI), is in great demand these days, especially from people who want to have sound knowledge of agile principles and improve their skills with agile techniques. In order to be eligible for this agile certification degree, you need to satisfying PMI‘s eligibility criterion (explained later in this article) and pass a rigorous exam.

Digging Deeper

The agile project management training is gaining rapid and huge popularity, especially from the businesses and people who want to see themselves turning highly responsive to the ever changing market dynamics and want to complete their projects more quickly and successfully than their competitors. The PMI-ACP certification course will increase your adaptability as it extends many approaches to agile such as Scrum, Kanban, Lean, Extreme Programming (XP) and Test-Driven Development (TDD).It will help you take your knowledge and skills to the next level and score an ace over your peers at workplace. The agile certified practitioner certification is for anyone involved in any product development efforts that have a large amount of complexity and insecurity.This certification carries a high level of professional standing and credibility as it requires a combination of agile education, experience and examination on Agile practices.

What are the Objectives of Agile Certified Practitioner (ACP) Exam Prep Course?

This course is intended to help you develop the knowledge and skills required to clear the PMI-ACP® certification exam along with the requisite 21 PDUs. It will let you gain a working knowledge of the Agile Principles of SCRUM, KANBAN, XP and TDD. You would also see yourself becoming an expert in implementing multi iterative development models for any scale of projects and developing the ability to deliver high Velocity Stories and Epics.

Although, this certification is primarily intended for IT people, but it is also very useful for Biotech, Engineering, Manufacturing, Advertising, and Healthcare streams too. PMI-ACP certification allows you to access Project Management jobs using software such as Scrum, Kanban, Lean, extreme programming (XP) and test-driven development (TDD).

Why Should You Go For the Agile Certified Practitioner Course?

You must try for the PMI-ACP certification if you are working or plan to work in agile teams or if your organization is going to adopt agile practices.In sharp contrast to the other agile certifications that are normally based solely on training and exams, the agile programming certification is a concrete evidence of your real-world, hands-on experience and ability.

Quickly becoming an essential professional requirement across the IT/Tech industry for all project management roles internationally, the PMI Agile certified practitioner exam prep program is ideal for:

  • Project managers
  • Project Executives/Engineers
  • Software Developers
  • Agile Team Members
  • Associate/Asst. Manager – Projects
  • Team leads/Managers
  • Any Other IT professional who plans to be a Project Manager

Eligibility Criteria for PMI Agile Certified Practitioner Exam

Prerequisites for the PMI-ACP exam include 2,000 hours of general project experience working on teams. You should have skills of working for 1,500 hours on agile project teams or with agile methodologies. This requirement is in addition to the 2,000 hours of general project experience. Also, 21 contact hours of training in agile practices is required. It is worth noting here that the certification exam has 120 multiple-choice questions and each student gets three hours to complete it. To maintain your PMI-ACP, you must earn 30 professional development units (PDUs) in agile topics every three years.

Basic Outline of the Agile Certified Practitioner (ACP) Exam Prep-on demand Course

The whole course for the preparation of PMI-ACP is divided into total of ten chapters. The information has been divided into different chapters with proper heading and sub-headings. This chapter-wise presentation will help you understand everything related to Agile Certified Practitioner examination. The chapters are as follows:

Chapter 01 – The Process

Chapter 02 – The Exam

Chapter 03 – Agile Principles & Mindset

Chapter 04 – Dynamic Systems Development (DSDM)

Chapter 05 – Value-Driven Delivery

Chapter 06 – Stakeholder Engagement

Chapter 07 – Boosting Team Performance

Chapter 08 – Adaptive Planning

Chapter 09 – Problem Detection & Resolution

Chapter 10 – Continuous Improvement

The certification training will enable you to learn about the application process and the exam, Agile principles, dynamic systems development, and value-driven delivery. You will also come to know about stakeholder engagement, boosting team performance, adaptive planning, problem detection and resolution and continuous improvement.You will learn about the Agile Project phases, agile life cycle and stakeholders, key agile management skills and the social-economic-environmental influences.You will also study about the key Agile Project management processes of product backlog, sprint planning, sprint reviews and retrospectives, along with other factors such as prioritization,using different techniques. The training will also equip you with the understanding about the professional responsibilities regarding agile project management.

An Important ACP Update –Upcoming Changes in PMI-ACP exam on 26 March 2018

If you schedule your exam on 26 March 2018 or later, you will be required to attempt an updated version of the exam drafted in accordance with the Agile Practice Guide. PMI will update the PMI Agile Certified Practitioner (PMI-ACP) exam on 26 March 2018 to harmonize with terminology in the Agile Practice Guide that was released in September 2017). However, please note that the current exam content outline, which is based on the most recent role delineation study from 2014, will still be relevant.

After the release of the new PMI-ACP exam in March, the Agile Practice Guide will be added to the list of reference materials for the exam. At, it is a religious practice to update the PMI certification examination preparation courses to ensure that our lessons align with the new or updated terminology, whenever a new PMI publication (a Standard or a Practice Guide) is released or updated that is a reference for the certification exam — such as the Agile Practice Guide.

What Makes QuickStart Stand Out from the Crowd?

QuickStart is an award winning Microsoft Gold Learning partner with 28 years of impeccable expertise in imparting perfect IT technical and developer training. Our focus is not only on finishing the Agile Certified Practitioner (ACP) Exam Prep-on demand course in a stipulated time frame but also to make you crack the exam in first attempt itself. We believe in imparting knowledge, which will not just increase your market value but will also help you in practical scenarios in your business or employment.


The article tries to tell everything you need to know about the Agile Certified Practitioner (ACP) Exam Prep-On Demand Course.


A Guide to Second to Die Life Insurance Policy for First Time Buyers

Life insurance is a big part of your estate planning. It is important to have a life insurance cover, especially if you have loved ones who depend on you financially. This is because a life cover will enable your beneficiaries to cater to their everyday expenses after your demise. You can easily choose from various types of policies depending on the amount of benefit that you wish to provide. Here are a few guidelines for first-time buyers of a joint life policy.

Second to Die Life Insurance Policy; steps to follow for success

An Expert's Guide to Second to Die Life Insurance Policy.

When to purchase

It is advisable to always purchase your second-to-die cover as young as possible. This is because you will have lower rates when you are still young and healthy. The need for insurance benefits can seem far off for most young people. However, even young adults without any dependants may leave final expenses and debts that must be paid off. A life insurance cover is a crucial thing for every individual.

Compare apples to apples.

When getting the price quotes for joint life insurance, ensure that you compare similar offers and products. This is because term life tends to have lower premiums when compared to permanent life policies. This means that a permanent policy of $50,000 will have a huge price difference with a term policy of $50,000. Therefore, be sure to look at all angles and not just focusing on the monthly premiums.

Utilize your “free look” period

Your policies will have a free look period. This is a time given when you can make any changes to your policy or even reject it if it is not working for you. You should inquire about this free look period and when it begins. If for various reasons you feel that your second to die life insurance policy is not right for you, then you have the right to change your mind without any financial obligations.

Boost your coverage using policy riders whenever necessary

When you choose your joint life policy, you should inquire from the company representative about the available policy riders that you can opt for. Endorsements and riders are excellent ways that you can customize your life insurance cover to satisfy your budget and your protection needs.

Life insurance is only for protection

You should understand that the major purpose of purchasing life insurance is for financially protecting your beneficiaries after your death. Permanent life insurance policies have the ability to earn money over time. However, this does not mean that you should use them as your investment vehicles.

It is best to get your joint policy when you and your spouse have your first child. This way, your family members will be protected in the event of the death of both you and your spouse. Your beneficiaries can utilize the death benefit to maintain the kind of lifestyle that they are used to without worrying about replacing your income. It is ideal that you choose a policy that is enough to cater to the growth of your children to adulthood or even cater to college tuition.


3 Reasons You Should Consider Hiring an Engineering Consulting Firm

Many companies rely on their in-house expertise for their product development and construction projects. The strategy is only effective if the team of experts within the organization includes qualified engineers. You cannot ignore the input of engineers in your product or constructions projects. Hiring such professionals is expensive especially for start-ups and small businesses. Engineering consulting firms enable such businesses to engage engineers at specific stages of their projects. Here are more reasons why you should hire an engineering consulting firm.

Why Hiring Engineering Consulting Firm Could Be A Bright Idea for your Business…

Hiring Consulting Firm

1. Access to Specialized Skills and Experience

The best consulting firms hire professionals who have completed their on-campus or online masters engineering programs. Such engineers will share their skills and expertise with your in-house experts while working on your projects. When looking for a consulting firm, choose one that has been in business for several years. Working with experienced engineers has added benefits. Experienced professionals are likely to complete your projects faster and handle any problems better than inexperienced engineers. Ask about the academic qualifications and experience of the engineers before signing any deal with a consulting firm. Some firms charge a high consultation fee and make promises that they cannot deliver. Compare different firms and pick the best pool of expertise that your company can afford.

2. A Different Perspective to Your Projects

Working without the help of consultants means that your company is relying on the creativity of your in-house experts. If the experts have worked on other projects in the past, they are likely to apply the same ideas that proved effective. Engineers with online masters in engineering may have a different perspective of your projects. The professionals may come up with new ways of saving costs or improving the quality of your products. Engineers are not only trained to complete projects but also make projections about the performance of products. The engineering firm may save your company from possible losses in the future. The consultants will highlight any aspects of the project that your in-house experts and management have overlooked.

3. Saving Costs

The alternative to hiring a consulting firm is hiring a qualified engineer as a permanent employee. The demand for engineering services has been increasing over the years. Consequently, the salaries and benefits that top engineers demand have been increasing. Your company will incur a high cost in the long-term by hiring a permanent employee. You may not require the input of engineers throughout the projects. In most cases, you need the input at the planning stage. Your internal team can implement the ideas and direction given by the consultants. In addition, you can negotiate a fair consultation fee depending on the work done. Choose a firm with a fair fee structure without compromising on specialized skills, academic qualifications, and experience.

If you have an upcoming product development or construction project, consider involving engineers in the project. The best approach is to hire a consulting firm. If you hire in-house talent, you will not require their services in the long term. Consider the experience and qualifications of the experts in the consulting firm before hiring. It is advisable to work with experienced engineers in your projects even if their consultation fee is slightly higher than that of other firms.


The Future of Virtual Assistants – Why You Should Care To Read This!

Long before smartphones, virtual assistants saw their initial heyday in the mid-1990s. Although search engines like AltaVista and Lycos were on the scene long before our favorite digital butler, Ask Jeeves, the latter allowed users to input more natural search terms and questions in order to get an accurate response.

However, it wasn’t until Siri started answering our questions via the iPhone 4s that the public really embraced a more modern-day version of virtual assistants. Google Assistant soon followed with improved technology on devices like the new LG G6.

Today, users can also connect to Google Assistant through their smartwatches, laptops, and TVs for a fully comprehensive virtual assistant experience. But beyond giving us the weather report and playing our favorite tunes, there’s a lot more in store for virtual assistants that will impact every facet of our lives. Here’s a look at their bright future.

Virtual Assistants


In the past, virtual assistants largely existed as stand-alone products. Today, however, we can interact with Siri through third-party iOS apps and tap into Amazon Alexa via multiple products. Consumers will continuously expect the ability to connect with a virtual assistant across multiple devices to help streamline their activities and everyday life.

Although Siri is solely a component of Apple, other companies in the virtual assistant space, including Amazon, have developed the same technology to be used in additional capacities. In particular, Ford has already announced plans to add Amazon Alexa to its line of vehicles in order for drivers and passengers to more easily play music and get directions.

But all these technological advancements will require the development of more tools and resources in order for the Apples and Googles of the world to deliver on increased consumer demands. Those efforts are already underway, though. In 2015, Amazon released a “skills set” for Alexa, allowing developers to create their own voice commands. Meanwhile, Google opened its doors to developers to create commands for its Assistant.

Interpret and Adapt

Siri, Google Assistant, and Amazon Alexa already have the ability to interpret what we say in a natural context. Case in point: We don’t have to repeat, “Give me directions to” every time we launch Maps. Instead, we can use a variety of natural commands and still be understood by our virtual assistants to receive assistance with straight-forward questions.

However, the future of virtual assistants lies in their ability to learn, interpret and adapt to our ever-increasing demands. Virtual assistants and artificial intelligence technology work in concert to handle tasks that typically require a lot of back and forth. That’s where new virtual assistants like Amy — this “invisible software” doesn’t require an app or website to interact with — can be a godsend.

For example, you might send an email to a colleague, copying Amy, and say: “Hey, let’s get together next week” or “Grab a bite next week?” or “We should connect.” Amy will then take action, introduce herself to the other person and, based on your calendar and preferences, suggest a time to meet.

Autonomous Ideas

As Amy looks to attract more companies in today’s hectic business world, virtual assistants like ElliQ can go a step further by picking up on your subtle cues and habits to provide autonomous suggestions. In fact, the tabletop robot can do any number of things, from suggesting you take your medication to recommending a hot new restaurant in town.

Designed with the elderly in mind, the founders of Ignition Robots want ElliQ to be able to perform tasks completely autonomously in order for it to more quickly learn and adapt to human commands. Of course, that type of adaptability can help the elderly and disabled stay better organized and on task. Plus, these folks are bound to thrive and have a new outlook on life with the help of a virtual assistant.


Mattress Thickness – All That Is There to Know before Buying

Among the many things that need to be considered while buying a new mattress is the thickness. While very thin mattresses can be unsuitable for heavy persons due to lack of inadequate support, very thick mattresses made from multiple layers of materials of different densities can be somewhat of an overkill for many sleepers. The height of the mattress also affects the way you can get into and off the bed as well as the aesthetics of the bedroom.

Low Profile

These mattresses are usually 2-5 inches thick and are available in quite a few types, including ones meant for use on air beds and folding mattresses for use on the floor. These mattresses are usually favored by people who don’t want the mattresses to be elevated too much from the floor to create a modern spacious look in the bedroom. Low profile mattresses while being suitable for light people will typically not be able to provide the support required by heavy people.


These mattresses are usually between 5-8 inches thick and constructed out of heavy density foam. These too can be used by persons who don’t weigh too much but you may have to sacrifice comfort as the plush layer on top is minimal. Thin mattresses are ideal for use by children as they don’t require the extra support of a thick mattress. Thin mattresses are also preferred by those who desire to adopt a typically Scandinavian contemporary style in the bedroom where thick mattresses will look out of place.


These have heights ranging from 8 to 12 inches and are the most popular type. You will be able to choose from the conventional innerspring, memory foam and latex constructions depending on your need and preference. Comprising multiple layers, these offer better support and comfort but are more expensive than their thinner versions, though you can usually find one to suit your budget due to the intense competition between manufacturers. Read up on a nectar sleep mattress review to know more about how premium mattresses are constructed.


These mattresses fall into the category of 12 inches and above, right up to 20 inches. Available in innerspring, memory foam, latex, as well as hybrid versions, the construction involves multiple layers of materials of different densities to cater to the support and comfort aspects. Typically, mattresses of these thicknesses are the most expensive though you should not equate quality with price.


The combination of the height of the bed and the thickness of the mattress dictates how easy or difficult it is for you to get in or out of bed. Despite the obvious attraction of a bed that is really low or high, most people, especially those suffering from mobility issues or back pain will find it wiser to choose a height that is 24 inches to 30 inches. The mattress thickness should be selected accordingly; medium thicknesses are optimal as they can provide the desired comfort and support yet are not too heavy for transporting or flipping over.


IP Camera Settings for Difficult Lighting Conditions 

WiFi IP cameras are extremely versatile in terms of installation options and features. Modern IP cameras can operate on just a single cable, an Ethernet cable which can receive power and deliver data. WiFi IP cameras just require power in order to deliver data wirelessly. There are plenty WiFi IP camera reviews and comparisons available if you are looking for more details on the devices features. Another great feature to add to the versatility of these cameras is the ability to record video in darker settings.

Recording video in a darker setting leads to an image filled with motion blur. Moving objects in the video feed will suffer, and as a result, you will end up with blurry images. Image noise is also prevalent under these circumstances. This creates random brightness and colors to appear in the images. The good news is that there is a quick fix to these issues built into the settings of most IP cameras control panel. Read on as I explore the various types of settings and features available to make your home security work for you.

IP Camera Settings for Difficult Lighting Conditions Image Courtesy of

Choosing an IP Camera for Dark Conditions

A few minor adjustments to the settings of your IP camera can do wonders to the picture quality. But if you haven’t purchased a camera as yet, you may want to check if the camera includes adjustments for these features first before you make a decision.

Amplifier Gain: As mentioned earlier, noise is regarded as random brightness and colors (in some cases grain, similar to old photos) that appear in the picture. This is especially evident in low light situations. Noise can sometimes be a result of a lower signal to noise ratio (in most cases measured in dB, decibels). Adjusting this accordingly to suit your rooms settings can help produce less grainy images.

Iris Control: An Iris diaphragm (also known simply as an iris), is an opaque structure which has an opening in the center. This opening is called aperture. The role of the iris is to control the amount of light that goes through to the sensor.

Shutter Speed: This is the amount of time that the shutter takes to open and close. The longer the shutter stays open, the more light will enter into the sensor. An extended or longer shutter period can cause motion blur.

Frame Rate: A number of frames a camera is able to record video within a second. Most cameras average around 24 to 30 frames per second. Shutter speed and frame rate are related but are not necessarily the same thing.

Making use of IP Camera Settings and Features

The ability to change the above settings on a camera will allow you to tune the cameras picture quality to your liking. You can adjust these settings to not only brighten up pictures that are being recorded in dark areas. You can also work on a video that is being recorded in a very bright room with excess light exposure. Having the flexibility of being able to work with most types of lighting conditions can lead to some innovative uses from your IP camera.

Most cameras may not have the availability of these settings because the cameras could have an automatic adjustment feature, like auto iris control. A lot of smartphones today work this way. There is no generic or general complete setting for darker conditions. This is because the lighting in all areas is not always the same. It’s best to experiment with all of the settings until you achieve your desired result.

Low Light Camera Settings

As mentioned earlier, the iris feature on a camera actually controls the amount of light that is being allowed to reach the camera’s sensor. This is one of the features that is usually set to automatic in most cameras, but you can adjust this setting in some cameras. Opening up the iris to allow for more light to enter the camera’s sensor can aid in much brighter pictures.

The downside to this is that you will lose field depth (shortened depth). With an opened iris you will experience shorter field depth which will result in objects being out of focus. You will have to compromise with a brighter picture that has out of focus objects in the distance.

Having longer shutter periods can allow for more light to enter the camera’s sensor. This comes at the expense of motion blurring. If you are viewing slower objects, like people walking then you can get away with longer shutter times. If you are recording cars driving by in darker conditions, then it is advisable for a short shutter time.

Some IP cameras will allow you to adjust the amplifier gain to either 50% or 30% of the maximum signal level. In darker conditions, the 30% setting will usually reproduce pictures and video that is full of noise. Adjusting this setting to 50% will help eliminate some of that noise.

Wide Dynamic Range Settings

Wide dynamic range is a feature that is usually found on high-performance cameras. WDR has since made its way to smaller cameras such as IP cameras. This feature takes different types of pictures at different exposure levels and combines them to find the best result. This works well for areas in which the lighting conditions differ drastically. HDR will increase the brightness in the dark areas while maintaining a similar level of brightness in other parts of the image.

However, HDR is most suitable for images that have a mix of light and dark areas. Using HDR in extremely dark conditions won’t work well. This is due to HDR being made up of fast shutter speeds and frame rates, which in turn reduces the light that reaches the camera’s sensor.

When it comes to areas that are covered in darkness, it is best to switch over to night mode. This is made possible by the day/night mode located in a supported cameras settings. These supported cameras have infrared filters which work during the day (brighter conditions) and are removed at night (dark conditions). After removing the IR filter, the camera will switch automatically to a black and white picture. 

Don’t Overdo It!

We are fortunate to have an abundance of settings and features available at our disposal in regards to achieving the best possible picture results from our IP Cameras. It is easy to get carried away and to overdo it by drastically increasing the values of your camera’s settings. It is best that we just try and tweak these settings just enough to give us clearer, more visible images.

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Different Methods of Achieving Excellent SEO Results for Small Businesses

With the progress of time, SEO techniques change, and this is a constant truth right from the first generation of search engine optimization. With the change of search engine algorithm, methods are revamped accordingly by the webmasters. This tussle between webmasters and search engines is quite common, and sometimes, it has been observed that due to this tussle, new techniques or improvised techniques have been able to appear in the whole scenario. Whether good or bad – as an online business enthusiast, you have to be careful with the search engine guidelines. Some common search engine techniques are there, and amongst them, blog posting, as well as article marketing are quite common.Different Methods of Achieving Excellent SEO Results for Small Businesses

Article marketing

Though even a few years ago, article marketing had popularity, presently it is becoming futile. At this scenario, other search engine marketing techniques, like blogging, and guest blogging are gaining popularity. However, what if you want to build an array of backlinks that too in a quick succession of time? Well, in that case, nothing but forum posting is the best choice. Forum posting is one of the most ignored SEO techniques, and only a few webmasters have a fair idea about it. The concept of forum posting is not at all spamming in the forum discussions but participating in quality discussions and building links from there meticulously.

Forum Posting

Choosing forum posting for website marketing has a lot of benefits over other SEO techniques. The most prominent benefit is that forum posting is highly effective yet cost minimal in comparison to the other SEO techniques. Hence, if you have a small budget, you can blindly opt for forum posting without any hesitation in your mind. You do not have to allocate funds for article writing or copywriting services. All that is necessary is choosing a good forum posting or link building service, which can serve you ethical as well as legit solutions.

Natural Links – Enjoy Organic Traffic

Getting backlinks for your website through an ethical forum post and building natural links would be useful for your website marketing. Posting in the relevant forum would endow your organic traffic. As a result, you will be able to search engine rank hike, PR growth and increased popularity of your website. If you have an eCommerce based website, selling or endorsing products or services, a high number of organic traffic will surely reward you with increased sales and profitability. For forum posting, it is important to find a good service provider, and that may be a daunting task. With meticulous plan and vigil actions, you have to find out the best service provider.

Getting SEO Benefits with Article Marketing

Along with forum posting, article marketing has been regarded as one of the best techniques for article marketing. It is one of the proven methods for clinching SEO success. So, what is article marketing all about? How can it help your business? Why is article marketing essential for the growth of your business? Answers to all these questions are discussed in the following section of this piece of writing. Article marketing is all about creating backlinks for a website or web-based business from various article directories as well as blogging platforms. Each backlink is vital and contributes immensely in deciding the Google Search Engine Page Ranking. Find useful social curation tools for further improvement in search engine ranking.

Article marketing comes with many valuable and exclusive benefits in the offering. It helps your online business to grow by clinching great online recognition as well as reputation. Article marketing has often been used or employed to create awareness about a product or service, which is new to the targeted audiences. Tactical article marketing is always useful when your business is suffering from a negative reputation. To convert a negative reputation into positive and to make your business friendlier as well as popular among internet users, article marketing is always essential.

Veteran Services for Article Marketing

For practical and result oriented article marketing solutions, you need to find an experienced service provider. Professional or veteran services come with immense knowledge experience to offer the best services to their clients with precision. They are poised with experience as well as the expertise to make your overall experience with the article marketing process seamless. For better ranking and to achieve more organic traffic on your website, you should work on with precision on strategic article marketing. It will help your business to grow with sheer effectiveness as well as seamlessness.

On-Page SEO for Business Marketing

Till now we have only talked about link building processes for SEO. Now, we have to move on to the discussion of on-page SEO. On-page SEO is different from off-page SEO in many aspects. Basically, on-page SEO comes with many useful ranges of benefits in comparison to off-page SEO. With the advent of off-page, SEO has gradually lost its significance due to spamming as well as other unethical activities. These days, search engines give more importance to on-page search engine optimization. The on-page optimization process is simple, yet a critical thing. You need to be careful in every step for on-page SEO. The margin of error is little and minimal for on-page SEO.

The best trick for on-page SEO is revamping the website first. Your business website needs to be revamped as per the guidelines of the search engine. The search engine comes with a new set of directives with algorithm updates. Thus, on-page SEO is not a one-time thing rather it is a continuous process of upgrading as well as updating the website. Content is the king, and thus your site content should be seamless and perfectly optimized. Any error is web content would be considered as a negative thing. Thus, minute detailing is required when it comes to putting content on the website. Apart from text content, you need to add proper images to the site. Large or heavy images are usually slow to load, and they lower down search engine ranking significantly.

Author Bio: Derek Iwasiuk is the author of this article and he is a veteran in the field of link building and on-page SEO. Know more about SEO, SEM, and social curation tools ion his articles.

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5 ways that you can use the internet to manage your time as an entrepreneur

In the fast-paced world of business, every second counts. That is why you need to make sure that you are making the most of your time. Instead of spending your days distracted by unnecessary tasks, all of your focus should be centred on taking your business to the next level. If you are determined to succeed in your entrepreneurial endeavours, you will need to read on. Below are five ways that you can use the internet to manage your time as an entrepreneur.

Ways to use the internet to manage your time as an entrepreneur.
Do you have challenges in maintaining the peak of your daily schedules? Worry less!
Written underneath below are five effective ways that you can use the internet to manage your time as an entrepreneur starting immediately.

Look for time-saving ideas

Going online opens you up to a world of opportunity. Make sure that you are always on the lookout for time-saving ideas. This will help you to free up your schedule. One option is to use marketing automation. This software platform will take control of your digital marketing activities. It can complete repetitive tasks such as product recommendations, abandoned cart notifications, and order confirmations. Why complete these jobs yourself, when technology can do them for you?

Manage your schedule

In order to get the most out of your days, it is vital that you stick to a clear schedule. That is why you should consider moving your weekly timetable online. Going digital will provide you with the tools needed to color code your workload, edit your tasks, and share your information with other people. It will also eliminate the chance of you losing your schedule.

Monitor your communications

If you are in charge of a workforce, it is important that you are communicating online. Even if you are in a small office space, digital communications are easier to monitor. You can even use an email system that allows you to see when an email has been read. This will help you to hold all of your employees accountable and to promote a fast turn-around.

Find potential employees

If you have a vacancy that you would like to fill, you should look for your employees online. This will help you to find a wide range of candidates and will improve your chances of selecting someone who is a suitable addition to your business. It could also save you a huge amount of time, as you can cut out the process of dealing with a recruitment agency. Instead, you can find all of the necessary information independently.

Conduct your meeting online

Conducting your meetings online is a fantastic way for you to manage your time. Instead of leaving your office for meetings, you can stay in one place. This will benefit staff morale, as your employees will be able to see you throughout the day. It will also ensure that you aren’t wasting any of your time in transit. Why spend your days travelling around, when you have important tasks that need to be completed? If you decide to take this approach, you need to ensure that you understand the basics of engaging with video calls.