How to develop a web-based application at a lightning speed

The keys to speeding up your web-based app development.

In today’s business environment, you really can’t put a premium on timing. Getting your product out first isn’t necessarily the end-all and be-all, but getting your product out at the right time is absolutely crucial to its success. The ‘right’ time varies for different companies and products, but it’s more often than not a situation that calls for speed versus waiting. So what can you do to speed up your web-based app development so that your killer application doesn’t miss its optimal window for release?

Below we’ll take a look at five things that any business can do to help speed up their development process.

How to Speed Up Web Based Application Development Process

Mobile app development
When it comes to web based application development, there are certain rules to obey. Sticking with the right tools that you and your team are comfortable with is one of them. Don’t go around searching for relevance when you have got the rare gem around waiting to be put to proper use. Mobile app development is about presenting your concept in the most effective way possible.

Don’t skimp on research and planning

There’s a lot you can accomplish with a talented team and a good idea. But many great ideas have died in the crib because some teams believed that’s all they needed. In fact, to make a truly successful app, you need to invest the time and hard work into the both the business side of the operation and the tech side. This means doing exhaustive research on the market and developing a plan around that research because doing so will prevent a tonne of headaches during development.

Another important planning stage that needs to happen has concerns the development lifecycle. For instance, if you’re adopting the waterfall model, then you need to have clearly defined steps that have deliverables and deadlines that will help keep your team on track.

Conversely, if you’re looking to do things with a little more fluidity and instead are adopting something like the Agile methodology, then you also need to ensure that the lines of communication are set up between the teams and that the process for collaboration is simple and straightforward.

No matter how you end up building your product, you need to lay the groundwork before to make sure that the nitty-gritty details don’t get your team hung-up. That means planning and research before you even lay down your first line of code. Otherwise, you’ll be encountering small and big nuisances along the way that will hamper your development process but could have been cleared away with a little bit of planning.

Pick the right tech

So once the game plan has been set and you’re ready to begin coding, one of the best ways to smooth the process along is to make sure that you’re using the right framework and other tools for the job. For instance, here’s how Apple is benefiting the Health IT industry.

For instance, if your team is best suited in Java, then stick to Java. It’s simple, but you’d be surprised by how many startups and businesses get distracted by something shiny and new, trying to implement it on a dry run while developing an app, only to have the whole thing blow up in their faces.

And then you’ll also want to search out supplemental add-ons like frameworks and libraries that can boost your productivity. Libraries, for instance, will have archived coding strings that can make your life infinitely easier rather than having to start from scratch.

Open-source tools are also great resources for finding out what does and doesn’t work for people coding in the same language or framework that you’re using.

Get it out fast and get feedback

A lot of people in the tech industry tend to be perfectionists. And that’s not always a bad thing. There is a time and place for the perfectionist, and they often do push the team to achieve a better product overall by the end of development. But in terms of speed, perfection is toxic.

After all, you’ll never actually attain perfection. The best you can do is a get some approximation of flawlessness. But that approximation will take iteration after iteration after iteration and will cause endless headaches to yourself and your team.

With that in mind, you’re almost always better off releasing beta versions and other test-versions of the app in order to see how it functions in the real-world, collect feedback, then use the feedback to make an even better product down the line.

It’s not exactly reinventing the wheel, but you’d be shocked how many people get stuck trying to create the perfect app that the thing dies before it can ever be released, succumbing to a thousand changes and loss of time.

Take advantage of resources available

There is a wealth of backup available today for coders and developers. From managed services to cybersecurity consultants to freelance coders, there’s a million different options available to a team looking to get into web-based application development, so don’t be afraid to reach out and find help when it’s warranted.

Sometimes you have a coding workload that is particularly difficult but will require time and repetition. That may be a great time to hire on some extra help, outsourcing those more rote and routine necessities so you and your core team can tackle the big picture items and other areas that will make or break the app.

The idea being that while the mentality in the tech sector is very much DIY, that can often get you into trouble and slow your process down. Looking into hiring outside help in a number of areas can speed up your development by a healthy margin.

Tech is your friend

Similar to picking the right tech for coding, there’s also a number of different hosting services, app-development platforms, cross-platform hybrid solutions that allow you to code for multiple platforms simultaneously, etc.

Anyone of these services on their own can help speed up the process and save you time and money. But if you manage to compile the right gathering of tools together, you’ll be trucking along faster than ever in your development process.

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Why Is The Leading Remote DBA Expert Using Apache Hadoop?

Apache Hadoop is an open source software like no other. It is scalable, trustworthy, consistent and supports distributed computing. It is a software library rather than a separate software program. The Hadoop framework allows distributed processing of extensive datasets, which is why we get to see a lot of mention of Hadoop in the big data scenario. It is not just another software that takes care of data and database management, it is a software of the future, which can pave the way for machine learning and big data into your company.

Who uses Apache Hadoop?

As per, a huge number of companies across the USA and the world use Hadoop for scientific analytics, business data storage, research and production purposes. This Java-based programming framework is rather flexible and reliable. It can easily manage thousands of terabytes of data and handle thousands of application hardware nodes.

Most of the big data projects now use short-term computing resources like Hadoop in substantial amounts. Now, this is well suited for highly scalable public clouds including Google Cloud Platform, Amazon Web Services, and Microsoft Azure. Most of the similar public clouds support Hadoop tasks directly, or they have specifically tailored services for Hadoop-type tasks.

Apache Hadoop Remote DBA big data management
Apache Hadoop is an open source software, a framework that allows distributed processing of extensive datasets. By default, Apache Hadoop is scalable, reliable, consistent and it supports distributed computing. It serves mainly as a software library instead of a separate software utility.

How is Apache Hadoop going so many places without any direct publicity?

Hadoop can extend its own capabilities and features by supporting many added projects including

  • Apache Flume: this is a tool for collecting and aggregating massive amounts of data into the HDFS.
  • Apache Hive: this is a data warehouse from Apache, which can summarize data and process queries for analysis.
  • Apache HBase: it is an open source, non-relational database
  • Apache Phoenix: it is another open source engine for Hadoop. It still uses Apache HBase for functioning.
  • Apache Oozie: it can manage Hadoop jobs by scheduling server-based workflow.
  • Apache Pig: it is a high-level platform. It can support and create programs for Apache HBase.
  • Apache Sqoop: it transfers bulk amounts of data between Hadoop and relational database systems.
  • Apache Spark: this is a fast engine for big data processing. It can stream and support SQL, graph processing, and machine learning.
  • Apache ZooKeeper: another open source configuration that can support synchronization of large distributed data systems.
  • Apache Storm: it is an open data processing system for the open source relational database systems.

Maintaining and working on Apache Hadoop is not easy. Unlike MySQL databases, it is not as easy to master. If you want your company to step into the realm of big data holding the hands of Hadoop, you will need the service of a responsible database administrator. We know, getting an in-house senior DBA is next to impossible for most startups and small businesses. However, you can surely opt for reliable but affordable remote DBA services.


Author Bio: David Wicks is an author, blogger and RDBMS researchers. His work with has been outstanding. It has shed light on cost cutting while data management, efficient big data management, minimization of data corruption and maintaining multiple data tables by using modern RDBMS options.

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PST Viewer Pro – Convert Outlook PST Files to PDF Easily

PST files are personal storage table it stores emails, calendars, contacts and other items. In order to read PST file contents, there is need to install Microsoft Outlook on the local machine. But, there are some users who are not working with Outlook and wants to access PST emails. Therefore, to open and read PST files at any platform there is need to export PST file to PDF format. For the conversion, there is an efficient tool like the SysTools PST Viewer Pro. With this software, users can easily read various emails and attachments also. Moreover, it facilitates the users to convert PST items to PDF file format. This software maintains the folder structure and displays the contents.

About the Tool PST File Viewer Pro

This tool enables the uses to read PST file data easily. It can even export PST to PDF in batch. This software provides matchless features that include maintaining folder structure, sort items by various properties such as Received date, Sent date, email subject, size in KB, phone number, contact name, address, calendar subject, location, start, end, etc.

Benefits of the PST Viewer Pro

  • Auto Locate PST Files within the computer.
  • Open and Read unlimited PST Files with attachments.
  • Dual Mode of Export: Single PST to PDF conversion and multiple PST to PDF migration.
  • Outlook Installation not Required to read and migrate emails.
  • Compatible with all versions of Windows 10, 8.1, 8, XP and Vista.

Advantageous Features of PST Viewer Pro

Convert PST to PDF in batch

Outlook email messages can be easily read on various platforms such as Mac, Linux, Unix machine by converting them into PDF format. Users can also perform selective conversion of emails. By using the check or uncheck option user can export desired data.

Dual Method to Export PST to PDF

The tool offers two different ways by which users can convert PST files. One is by saving single PST to PDF. Users have to choose important email, right click and then click on the “Export” button to initiate the process of migration of PST files. The other method is to convert complete folders from Outlook PST to PDF in bulk.

Set Naming Convention

There is an option provided by the PST File Viewer Pro to set different names to the exported files. The output emails can have different names according to their subject, from+subject+date, subject+date and auto incremental, etc.

Provides Searching Option

The PST to PDF Converter software ensures that the folder structure is retained during migration of files. The tool has a remarkable search capability to search within email files. Users can easily search emails by entering particular keyword or phrase. Moreover, users can add search criteria such as search by To, From, Email Id. This tool auto locates and identifies PST files present in the machine.

Save Email in New Folder

This software enables the users to create New Folder to save PDF file directly from software panel. Moreover, users can also save the files at any desirable location by simply browsing the location. PST to PDF Converter provides the print option to get printed copy of selected emails. By using the Print option users can take the hard copy of emails by the software.

How Does the PST Viewer Pro Work?

Step 1: Download and Install the software.

Step 2: Next, click on Add File button to add PST files that you want to convert

Step 3: Now, click on Export button to export selected emails into PDF format

Step 4: As you click Export, the below screen appears with all the steps to export PST to PDF. Just follow the instructions and click on Export button and start the conversion process

Step 5: After the complete conversion of PST files, you will get alert message “Export Completed Successfully”.


The PST Viewer Pro is one of the best software that converts PST to PDF file format. This software provides various matchless features that are described in this article. The graphical user interface of this software is very easy and simple to use.


How to Read Lotus Notes NSF Files in Outlook Application

MS Outlook is a little complex email application as compared to Outlook. Therefore, a number of users want to switch from Lotus Notes account to Outlook. As a popular or widely used email client, Outlook is preferred by most of the users. Nowadays, emails are the source of communication in an organization and a user may have a number of important emails which he wants to access in Outlook. To read NSF files in Outlook, it is required to export emails from Lotus Notes to Outlook PST file format. A user asked:

“Hey! I want to view Lotus Notes email in Outlook because now my organization has switched from Lotus Notes client to Outlook. But I am new to this email application. I really need some assistance to perform the migration easily without any data loss. Thanks!”

read nsf files in outlookReasons to Move from Lotus Notes Client to Outlook

There can be many reasons to open Lotus Notes NSF file in Outlook as listed:

  • The Interface of IBM Notes client is highly complex for a user who belongs from a non-technical background as compared to Outlook.
  • The maintenance and purchasing cost of MS Outlook is quite less. If any issue arises in Outlook, then one can use inbuilt utilities which are available in Outlook to repair the damaged PST file.
  • You can access your emails in Outlook on your mobile phones or tabs. But there is no such feature provided by Lotus Notes. You can definitely use smart devices to read Lotus Notes emails in Outlook.
  • Due to Lotus Notes complex functions, it is difficult for a beginner to work. There is no need of technical assistance to use MS Outlook.
  • If a user wants to access any other account in Lotus Notes, then he needs to have ID file of that account in his system. There is no feature of accessing multiple accounts simultaneously but in case of Outlook, you can read emails from more than one email account.

Read NSF Files in Outlook Manually

There is a two-step process that can export the emails from Lotus Notes database and import those emails in MS Outlook. Following are the steps to perform the migration process:

  • Export NSF file
  1. Open Lotus Notes email client. Click on Mail >> File option from the menu bar.
  2. Click on the Export option to start the export process.
  3. In Export Wizard, choose the file format of the emails to be exported from Notes.
  4. Choose Tabular Text/Structured Text (supported by MS Outlook email client) and then, click on Continue button to proceed with the exportation process.
  5. Click on Export to finish the process. Now, all your files will move to the destination location.
  6. You need to convert contents in Notes NSF file to CSV(Comma Separated Values)/ TSV(Tab Separated Values) in the next step.
  • Open Lotus Notes Mail in Outlook
  1. To read NSF files in Outlook, open the application and go to File menu.
  2. Click on Import & Export option.
  3. Click on Import from another program or file in Import & Export wizard, and then click on Next button to proceed.
  4. To open Lotus Notes email in Outlook, Choose the format CSV (Comma-Separated-Values) (Windows) or TSV (Tab-Separated-Values) (Windows).
  5. Click on Next button and continue with the Export wizard.
  6. Browse the exported file and then click on Finish button.
  7. Now, all emails from Lotus Notes will get migrated to Outlook.

Automated Solution to View Lotus Notes NSF Files in Outlook

There is no doubt that above method is very easy to read NSF files in Outlook. But if a user has a bulk number of emails then it can take a lot of time to transfer the data from Lotus Notes email client to MS Outlook. So, you can avoid the time-consuming process with the help of the automated solution. It can convert the Notes NSF database file to Outlook PST file format. After that, you can open that file in MS Outlook. It is easy for the non-technical user to understand and implement the process with the help of this tool. This tool ensures data safety and there is no loss of data during the process.

Last Words

Due to the increasing demand of Outlook, most of the Lotus Notes users have migrated to it. But some people are still facing problems to switch their email client. They don’t know how to read NSF files in Outlook. In this article, we have explained methods to access Notes emails without a loss of single bit in MS Outlook.

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How to Grow Your Business with Quality Web Hosting & Design

When you own a business, having a good online presence can be a major factor in whether it is successful or not. With so many people relying on the internet to help them find the products or services they need, it’s more important than ever to make sure that your website is not only easy to find, but that it also offers a quality user experience once potential customers land on your site. Of course, this means that you’re going to have to take everything from your web hosting to the overall design and SEO of your site into consideration. Fortunately, a company like Network Solutions will be able to provide the web hosting and design packages you need for every stage of your business growth.

Steps to Grow Your Online Business with High Quality Web Hosting and Design Services

Web development service
Connecting your company’s website with the visitor’s emotion has a lot to do with the caliber of team efforts behind its development. After high quality web hosting, web development is the only thing that could make your business successful online.

A Great Looking Website is just the Beginning

An essential part of any successful business is not just having a website, but having a website that is well designed and provides the functionality users need. Whether it’s easy navigation or it’s an aesthetically pleasing layout, your website is often the first impression customers will have of your business. It is important that this first impression is a good one.

Of course, a quality website is more than just a great way to impress your customers, it can also be a huge ranking factor. For example, Google considers ease of navigation as well as mobile friendliness to be important factors in how your site will rank in their search engine. Additionally, a visitor’s ability to find what they need on your website can affect whether or not they return.

Quality Web Hosting and Design services
You want to know how to create a very successful online brand? Very simple, get a very high quality web hosting and design service provider to give you a fast track service. As much as we preach DIY, we are certain some of you would still prefer click and go option to save time. This post focuses on addressing just that.

Choosing the Right Web Hosting Company is Crucial

When choosing a hosting company, it’s important to make sure that you have thoroughly evaluated your business needs. It’s important to not underestimate the impact that a good web hosting company can have on the success of your business. For example, being able to rank with the search engines is an essential step in gaining quality, targeted traffic to your website. Of course, this targeted traffic is also more likely to convert into paying customers. However, if you have a website that is frequently down, you’re not only going to rank lower, but you’ll quickly begin losing what little traffic you were able to gain. This can certainly have a major effect on your overall revenue.

Security is also a big concern when choosing a web hosting company. While any website can be vulnerable to malware or hacking, a reputable hosting company will provide regular backups to a remote server. You can use these backups to recover your website, if necessary.

When you’re looking for the right solution for your business website, it’s important to choose a company that will be able to work with you to develop the custom look you need. Every business is unique, but a quality web design service will have the flexibility to give your site the look and functionality necessary for your specific needs. Additionally, when you work with a company that is able to not only provide you with a professionally designed website, but that can also provide quality web hosting service, you’ll be able to team these essential needs together with one company. Your web hosting and design company will be able to better understand your unique business needs and will work with you to ensure that you get the custom solutions needed to grow your business.


Having a good online presence can be a determining factor on whether your business will excel or not, and you cannot have such without a good web design and high quality web hosting service provider at your rescue.

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Does a Business Require Cloud Services? The Answer May Change Your Perception!

A number of startup is coming up with innovative ideas these days. There’re different types of business which are thriving these days and to run a successful business it is important to put the various services for business management to use and reap the maximum benefits out of them. Every business has a certain amount of data and information and they have to be stored and archived and maintained well. This is why it is important to get professional help regarding the same.

Here we are going to provide you a brief insight about the various cloud services and how they are beneficial for your business.

Cloud Services - How Cloud technology works
New to Cloud Services?The above diagram explains how cloud technology computation and saving really works. It elaborates more on the initiatives behind cloud technology services. We believe your understanding of this concept would enable you to make the informed decision on using or not subscribing to the idea of cloud services.

Additional space

The cloud storage is an additional space which is huge and accessible through the internet. The additional space is important to store all the share information of the company which has to be accessed by all the members and the staffs of the company the cloud storage is easily accessible to the employees of the company and they can easily share and exchange the information that are being stored in the cloud. This way the information can be used and many decisions can be taken quickly when the related information can be accessed easily.

Keep backup

The backup of the information can be kept in the cloud and this would help the users easily access the back up whenever they need to. The backup is important for ensuring that the company does not suffer any kind of loss due to lost information and for this reason a professional should be hired who can maintain and archive the information in the cloud. There are several cloud services and these agencies are noted for the quick help and prompt services regarding the same.

Why opt for the professionals?

The professionals are known for their quick and effective solution to the cloud and backup necessities of the companies. Any company of any magnitude may need these services and these companies are always ready to serve the needs of the people. The first and foremost thing to be taken note of is the requirements that your business and company have and whether the professional services that you are seeking are at all at par with your necessity.

Contact the agencies

You can simply visit their website and get in touch with the agency for their advice regarding the same. The experts who are working at the technical consultant agencies have a clear idea about the services that you may need and they can help you out regarding the same. The companies can simply consult the representatives of the agencies and get a customized service plan from them.

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Top 4 Ways To Keep Wearable App Development Costs In Check

A few stats to share about wearable app development niche.

  • The wearable market will exceed 4 billion dollars in 2017. (Source)
  • 54% of the companies have started investing into BYOW (Bring Your Own Wearable) model. (Source)
  • Companies have started testing wearable apps for security access, employee time management, communication and other use cases. (Source)

The numbers don’t lie and make certain that wearable devices like- smart watch, smart glasses, smart shoes, smart belts and pretty more have succeeded in garnering the lion’s share of buzz.

The beginning of a revolution in the consumer wearable market is compelling every business, no matter what industry they belong to, to consider the potential advantages wearable is offering and make a shift towards Wearable app development.

The tiding shift from Mobile app development to wearable is on the rage as it is not just connecting businesses with customers, while also generating the tsunami of data, which if analyzed intelligently, the businesses can turn the table upside down.

Also, the tech giants such as Facebook, Google, Apple, Intel, and Samsung have spent billions of dollars on smart wearable to bring major changes into the computer paradigm. So, to set the stage, the businesses have to craft a wearable app that offers the best services. That’s why businesses are investing thousands of dollars to build a wearable app which transforms the way people work and interact.

Although setting aside a budget for app development is imperative, but over investment is not a good option. If the companies are doing so, they are making a big mistake. The businesses have to create the best strategy to maintain a fine balance between the app development cost and functionalities.

Take a look at how wearable app development cost can be kept under control:

Wearable App Development Cost

Don’t bank on obsolete sensors

With the launch of a smartwatch, the need to carry a smartphone to pay for the things is alleviated. Now, with new nanosensors that can be attached to bodies, clothes, or jewelry in the market, the sensor laden devices will soon become out-of-date.

When the businesses plan to build a wearable app for early hardware, then their wearable app will become archaic before it makes its way to the market. It costs too much!

Certainly, you don’t want this to happen. Consider the device that has complete a computing system that can sense, connect and intelligently process the data, to build your app. It really makes sense to forget the devices laden with dumb sensors and make your app future-proof.

Don’t keep wait-and-see approach

The smart devices are the result of constant effort and creating something that’s out-of-the-world. When businesses want to integrate wearable DNA in their work, services, and offerings, then taking a risk to innovate is essential, else building an app for every wearable device will create no difference.

The experimentation and contribution help the businesses to maintain an edge in the market. Also, upgrading the wearable app with updations in hardware and OS stays at the core to get the benefit of advancements.

Waiting for others and then chasing them won’t bring million dollar revenue. Come up with new insights and incorporate them into wearable app development that will make your app succeed while staying in budget.

Don’t kill your creativity

Following hardware-driven approach never allows the businesses to achieve the goals. Restricting the development capabilities according to device capabilities don’t allow the businesses to build a wearable app for the need they have and end up losing the dollars as well. Thinking differently from the beginning will help the businesses to make something that’s not possible.

For instance: Building a general Google glass app is not a big thing, but crafting an app for different use cases leveraging augmented reality is reward-worthy.

Build the functionality that wearable support

Keeping the creative thinking cap on is brilliant, but it’s necessary to check that the features you are developing for the hardware will work on it or not, and they are compatible with wearable OS or not. It implies the real life use case must resonate with the wearable capabilities, else it will be equivalent to an inaction.

For instance: Making an effort to build and integrate Fitness app solution like – REPD app functionalities in the smart watch makes no sense. As, the app allows the fitness enthusiasts to find any gyms in their close vicinity, but the smart watch is incapable of displaying the nearby areas.


Thanks to the willingness of consumers to adopt new technology that’s pushing the businesses to embrace and make it as an integral part of the work. The immense growth in wearable development is the consequence of the same. But, tapping the full potential and making the advantages with wearable is only possible when the development cost is kept under control.

It’s possible!

When the businesses avoid a few expensive mistakes such as following a herd mentality by developing apps using dumb sensors, not coming up with innovative solutions and waiting for others to see the result, developing the feature without checking device compatibility and much more.

Be a champion in wearable app development and bring the winning outcomes by keeping costs in check.

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Split PST: Apt Solution to Dissever Outlook PST Files

Large sized PST files tend to be one of the primary reason for the corruption of Outlook database. When the PST file exceeds the pre-defined size limit, the ultimate result is the inaccessibility of data residing within the file. Therefore managing the PST file size can be a great measure for safeguarding the PST file from getting corrupt.

Split PST is one such solution that makes the task to split PST file into multiple files more easier. This enables the user to save the file from being corrupted and at the same time dividing the data in a conventional form.

In this review we have summed up the features and working of Split PST tool. This will help the users in getting a better insight to the complete working of the best PST splitter tool. By the end of the review, we believe that you will be able to split large PST file using this software without any issues.

Features At A Glance

Significant Features Of Split PST Tool

Some of the most important features of the tool are:

1) Support To UNICODE & ANSI PST
The software supports both ANSI and UNICODE PST files. Being it 2GB size issue in ANSI PST files or performance issues in Outlook due to exceed in the size limit of UNICODE PST files, the software enables the user to split PST file without any issue.

2) Split PST By Size
The software offers Split By Size option that enables the user to split Outlook PST file on the basis of its size. For example, the user can select the size as 1 GB and the software will split PST file into multiple files of 1 GB each.

3) Split PST By Folder
This option enables the user to make separate PST files for each folder present in the PST file. An individual PST file for each folder is created using this option.

4) Split PST By Date
The Split By Date option when selected split pst into 2 files accordingly. Once the date is selected, the software saves the data lying before the selected date and the emails of that data into a single PST file. The other PST file stores the data lying after the mentioned date.

5) Split PST By Year
The Split By Year option is used to split Outlook PST file on the basis of year. The software will create a different PST file for each year lying in the year range the users have mentioned. For example, in case the user has chosen the year range 2013-2015, three different PST files will be created for each year.

Once the user has selected the required options, the PST file that needs to be split has to be added in the software. Also the destination folder in which the resultant PST files have to be stored needs to be mentioned as well.

Versions Of Split PST

1) Trial/Demo Version
The trial edition of Split Outlook PST allows users to get an idea about working of tool. The demo edition of the utility can be downloaded free of cost from official website of company. However, demo edition does have some limitations as compared to license version.

2) License Version
Once user gets satisfied with working of the application, users can purchase license version. The license edition of the tool can be purchased from authorized website at a cost of $49 only. The license edition does not have limitations as with demo version.


  • Different options to split PST file into multiple files.
  • Supports both ANSI and UNICODE PST files.
  • Splits all the data items residing within the file.


  • Does not support splitting of corrupt PST files.

The Verdict

Based on the overall functioning of the software i.e to split PST file into multiple files, we would like to rate Split PST software as 9.7/10. Even though the software does not support splitting of corrupt PST files, it readily split PST file which are healthy based on different criteria.

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How to Travel the World Using Your Laptop

In an ideal world, traveling would pose no financial challenge. You would sip your latte in a chic coffee shop in Prague one day and embark on a cruise across the Atlantic Ocean to the Caribbean the next. You would have enough money to buy a safari excursion or fly all the way to Australia and dive at the Great Barrier Reef.

But, this is the real world, and more often than not you can barely make ends meet at the end of the month, yet alone travel to some exotic destination. However, that doesn’t mean that you can trick reality. In this overly connected world, you don’t even have to get out of your home to enjoy what the world has to offer.

Here’s how to visit the world using your laptop.


See the World without Leaving Home

The Internet is a place for everyone. It doesn’t matter if you can afford to book a vacation at a five-star resort or are camping outside the city. It doesn’t matter if your computer is old or new. Anyone can use different platforms and services and see the world without ever leaving their couch., for example, is a service that gives you access to thousands of webcams around the world. You can see the Northern Lights in Finland, enjoy a panoramic view from the Eiffel Tower, or visit Budapest’s main square. It will take you one click and less than a few seconds to get there. You can also explore places that are unknown to others by using their map and accessing all available webcams.

Google Earth is another excellent platform you can use to learn about the world. Sure, there are a lot of strange sights on Google Earth, but the website also showcases a lot of educational videos and tours of cities, UNESCO sites, famous buildings, and so on.

Engorge on Social Media Pictures

We all have that friend that is on a perpetual vacation and posts photos from every destination she or he visits. Don’t feel bad about envying her and thinking about banning her account (we’re all guilty of that.)

Yes, social media can be a frustrating reminder that your life isn’t as perfect as you would have wished. But, instead of resenting those that live their dream, try to use social media to explore the world and learn new things.

Follow travel accounts on Instagram or Pinterest, read travel blogs, and let their stories and photos seduce you. Who knows, maybe someday you will put all this knowledge to good use to create a travel blog of your own.

As you’re reading this article, feeling sad for yourself that you are stuck at work, try to understand that while you can’t physically travel to a destination, you can always cheat reality.

Become a Tutor and Connect with People Worldwide

One of the things that make traveling such a rich and fulfilling experience is immersing in cultures and traditions that are different than your own. Thankfully, you don’t have to fly to the other corner of the world to learn what views other people have on topics like life, death, politics, and so on.

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POS Technology: How Can Point-of-Sale Systems Save Money For You?

POS (Point-of-Sale) systems are simple yet highly efficient technologies that transformed the food service industry. A high-tech, robust POS solution can affect your work environment positively in many ways and bring innovation to your business. A great POS system will save you a lot of money, increase your revenues substantially and save a lot of time for your employees and customers.

The latest POS systems with a lot of features can help you gather data you can analyze later to optimize your business, enhance your marketing strategies, and develop healthy relations with your customers.

How can a Good POS Technology Save Money for You?

mobile Point of Sales Systems
A mobile Point of Sales Systems device to aid collection of funds from customer. | Copyright: Olivier Moritz;

Let us know the four primary ways in which a good POS technology can save a lot of money for you and your business.

Analyzing your business data

To manage a business effectively, you must be well-aware of its strengths and weaknesses. For this, you must have access to the data that is reliable like facts, statistics and number, instead of just depending on your instincts such as many old-school shopkeepers still do. Gathering data can be a time-taking process that may require a considerable effort, and sorting by hand through all these numbers is nearly easy.

One of the ideal features of a modern POS technology is the accumulation of all of your business data like:-

  • Discounts,
  • Items sold,
  • Food and labor costs,
  • Number of customers, and
  • Sales by the hour and type.

They provide you with access to the highly popular “Big Data,” enabling you to understand about your numbers using a practical approach. POS provides the available reports that streamline the sorting process through your taxes and expenses, plan your future deals and promotions and define your marketing strategies. According to few well-defined KPIs(Key Performance Indicators), getting to know how well you performed will get you a step closer towards reaching your goal.

Enhancing Customer Experience

It is not easy to argue that the clients who are happy can make successful businesses, particularly when you run a coffee shop or a brewery which are quick ticket businesses. With the specifically designed features, some POS solutions can improve your customer experience substantially. These features can also enhance their engagement. Imagine your restaurant guests can make their reservations online, view their order status in real time, and enjoy their waiting by watching some food pictures.

The delightful menus that can be customized as required may attract the Patrons in cafeterias. They can display your convenient next-week-only promotion, an enthralling upsell or your amazing food that may convince the customers to come back again.

If POS is integrated with tablets and iPads, servers can take orders from customers on the spot, thereby reducing waiting time and mistakes, turning more tables and enhancing the service quality. The better your customer experience and the faster your service, the more likely a customer is going to come back again. Gift cards and loyalty programs can be programmed easily with a few clicks, and they provide you a simple method to tightening your bond with your guests and increasing your brand exposure.

Making your Business More Effective

POS Technology
The image above gives us an idea of what a retail POS looks like along with its peripherals and functions.

You can save a lot of money by enhancing operational efficiency and you can smoothly run your daily operations in many different ways by an advanced POS technology. Here are 2 instances of how a POS can help you in running an eatery.

Order efficiency and speed – a traditional order system needs your server to write down the order after talking to the customers by going their tables. Replacing this traditional order, a guest can send an automated order through online or by clicking on a table menu instead of through phone, cutting down the time to just few seconds. The higher success rates can be achieved on the orders if the tickets are easier to read. The more orders you can receive and process accurately, the more amount of money you can make.

Order Accuracy – the workload can become hectic if you have more number of customers. Due to this, mistakes are bound to happen as in these kind of situations, the cooks must prepare dishes quickly and servers must run back and forth. You are saving more than $200 per month, if you avoid one mistake per day and if this error costs you $7.

Save Environment and Money by Going Green with Technology

Saving cash and going green have a direct relationship. Putting money in technology that is environmentally sound is wonderful not only for the business but also the environment. These technologies are highly efficient in enhancing the daily operations’ productivity and they will help in saving a large amount of money. The easy and simple ways of cutting cost are provided by POS technologies to businesses like restaurants. During the day-to-day operations of a restaurant, a lot of paper is wasted. By adopting better items, you can eliminate paper waste and paper costs.

A transaction can be completed from a credit card and the receipt is sent to the customer through email by the signature capture pads. It is efficient and doesn’t need any paper. You must invest in rechargeable gift cards if you are offering gift cards to the clients. They can be utilized again and again by reloading. The trouble with printing new ones can be avoided in this regard. The cost of kitchen receipts can be saved if you can use the kitchen display system (KDS). Without decreasing the service quality that you are offering, these techniques are ideal for saving money.


Choosing the appropriate POS for your online or retail store can save a lot of money for you, probably much more than you can imagine. Though most of these solutions need an upfront expense, they are highly economical in the long run. As we quickly progress towards an era of digitalization, having the appropriate “tools of the trade” incorporates having the highly reliable and advanced POS tech as well. In order to succeed in this competitive world, it will provide you with the edge you need.