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Online Printing or Offline Printing: What’s your take?

Commercial printing industry has been experiencing an upward curve with touch of technologies. With debate still continues around the profit and margins in commercial printing industry, printers are still not sure about web to print investments.With changes in customer preferences and behavior, it is necessary for every business or industry to change the way they are working.

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Commercial printing combined with web to print technology is on the rise. Though there are no recent numbers which support the same, but statistics from past decade supports the rise of print ecommerce.

What They Think cited data from The Commerce Department which found that printing shipments in August 2015 exceeded $7 billion in market value, and that represents a 3 percent rise over 2014, when inflation is accounted for?

Statistics suggest that between July and August 2015, US commercial printing shipments were up by $2 billion compared to the same time period in years prior, with American printing services earning upwards of $57 billion. The numbers seems pretty impressive. Even more impressive, the source explained that printing shipment compound annual growth rates are better than the U.S. gross domestic product’s own figures, and the industry has shipped $86 billion in product between August 2014 and August 2015.

Industry numbers seem promising but technology adoption is very low. Commercial printers still believe in investing more on infrastructure rather than technology. There’s no debate between investing in either of them but all the formats of commercial printing can be redefined with going online.  Right from screen printing to digital and offset printing, all the formats are well supported by online printing.

Printers are worried about the online adoption for their commercial printing setups. Online printing technology powered by web to print is designed keeping all the parameters of traditional printing businesses in mind. Web to print is based on specific needs of print service providers as well as customers. This technology is based on servers, HTML interfaces, SaaS, databases, scripting engineers with security and permissions schemas, automated FTP servers, slow digital presses, templates and catalogs and automated reporting. Additionally, web to print software service providers customize their offerings as per the market variables of commercial printing such as unique custom automated billing models, obligatory pricing, shipping methods and a unique set of customer services challenges.

Let’s touch in detail the advantages which an online commercial printing has than the traditional commercial printing –

1. Online is the new mode of any business

The first thing any business should do is capitalizing the areas where there customers are dwelling and printing is not different. Commercial printing has been a local business and thus printers think of operating it in offline mode. The same set of customers keep on coming to them with same requirements and orders and businesses keep on moving. But there are some printing businesses which experimented with going online and catered more customers.

Custom Logo Cases, a normal printing store offering custom logo cases started using web to print in 2016 and experienced change in overall business dynamics.With 10% increase in sales and 50% cost reduction in pre-press job handling, Custom Logo Cases reported 20% overall cost reduction in business.

Custom Logo Cases is no different than the normal pop and mom stores in printing industry but their approach towards business changed with customer expectation and advancements and thus, reaped benefits also.

2. Think Beyond Printing

When it comes to printing, there are so many innovative business ideas which can be knitted around it. Direct mailing services, Personalized printing, Print marketing agencies, Print Marketplace solution and B2B and B2C printings are some of them. Online printing is the base for all these printing business extensions. Printing is one such industry which can be innovated by going online.

3 Ps of profit in printing

Product, Personalization and Printing are the 3Ps which leads to profit in printing. Personalization in printing industry is necessary as requirements and tastes vary from one person to another. Moreover in B2B printing industry also, brand elements for each business will change according to their end customers and industry. Thus printers need to give their end users all the freedom to experiment with their designs, ideas and templates.

The normal offline business would not be able to cater to such changing needs and expectations of business. Moreover they will not be able to create a central repository for different customers so every time they don’t need to mail or send files to printers for printing. But with online printing business backed by web to print, it is possible.


Shorter turnaround times, personalization, 24*7 customer accessibility, easy approval workflow and cost benefits are some of the advantages of commercial printing going online. With all these advantages, the very first step of going online is having a website from which customers can directly order their stuff. The next step is offering online personalization for customers to design their own stuff, order them and receive it directly at their doorsteps. Once online business is in place, there are so many innovative business ideas which can be turned into action with printing as the base.

The only way to test the waters in online printing industry is to begin by yourself, implement technology in your business and adopt it to serve your clients better. One key takeaway with all the above discussion is that printing industry runs on margins, costs and customer service. The only way to create product differentiation is doing things backed by technology and going online is start of creating these differences.

Happy Printing!

Amy Watson has completed her education in Information Technology sector and then she has started working in eCommerce web to print research & development segment at Design’N’Buy. After getting more than 5 years of experience in web-to-print technology  as well as Print Commerce product customization software development & solution she found best interaction model about it. She really enjoys her success in research and development for start-up business by extending current model with highly reflective ROI model.

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Top 9 Advantages Of WordPress Development for Businesses

WordPress has grown as an effective CMS in 2017 and its popularity keeps on rising day by day. About 60 million people around the world are utilizing WordPress as the platform for their website building as well as for both professional and personal blogging. From startups to large MNCs, each organization relies upon WordPress platform for their development projects. In fact, it has become the first choice of every business owner.

WordPress is an ultimate solution for all your business needs which comes with amazing features, themes, plugins etc. that gives you a unique recognition on the web. Ultimately, you can earn well with WordPress along with a good reputation in the market. Moreover, many big brands naming Forbes, TechCrunch, Digg, eBay, Yahoo! etc. are using WordPress.

However, there are many reasons behind its ultimate popularity. In this blog, I have listed out some of the top reasons of WordPress development.

Check out the list of WordPress Development advantages for Businesses below:

Wordpress Development Advantages

Cost effective

Since WordPress is an open source and absolutely free to use. You don’t have to pay a license fee to work on it. That’s why it is called as a cost effective solution. Instead of hiring a specific professional for managing its content, you can easily do this by yourself. Also, it comes with thousands of free themes and plugins which you can add to your website in order to extend the functionality of your WordPress site. So ultimately it saves your time and money as you don’t have to hire developers every time you want to make changes to content or site.

SEO effective

Google easily crawls SEO friendly sites as compared to other sites. All WordPress sites are SEO friendly as the code behind it is clean and simple. So it becomes easy for Google to index the site. Moreover, each post, web page of WordPress contains inbuilt meta tags, meta description, meta title, keywords which provide precise SEO. For high converting pages, you can also focus on SEO campaigns. It has various SEO plugins to make your business site SEO friendly.

Responsive Designs

WordPress always give you a responsive site for your business. Responsive web design is the need of today’s hour. With a large number of mobile traffic in 2017, it can be predicted that only a responsive site is the key to success of your online business. The more responsive your site the more people will get attracted to it. In fact, you don’t need to develop different sites for different devices. A responsive web design flawlessly moves on every type of device. 

Social media integration

The modern era is greatly affected by social media sharing. Everybody is connected to it and a large number of people around the world using social media for their brand promotion or to fulfill their business as well as personal needs. They are earning well with it. Similarly, WordPress lets you share your web pages, blogs or any kind of post with the help of its social sharing plugins.So you don’t need to login to your Google+, Facebook, Twitter or Linkedin accounts individually to share your stuff. Simply install sharing plugins on your WordPress site and let people know about your fresh content.

Dynamic CMS

WordPress is a dynamic CMS (Content Management System) and most widely used all over the world. It is much more than a blogging platform and lets you create comprehensive websites for your business. In fact, it has grown as a full CMS that comes with lots of features, plugins, themes etc. You can create any type of website with it viz. Multilingual Website, Podcasting website, e-Commerce site, Business Directory, Portfolio, Online Communities etc. It can extend the functionality of a site by adding video gallery, event calendar, Facebook Fan Box and much more. Everything is possible with it either free or you have to pay very less for it.

6) Reliability and Scalability

When we talk about WordPress, we talk about its quality. It is a reliable and scalable CMS. It has been already tested on million of websites for more than a decade now and this is the reason what it is today.WordPress is compatible with all browsers and if you find any difficulty with its installation, you can reach out to its community who is happy to help you anytime.

In addition to it, you can keep thousands of blogs and web pages without disturbing the performance of your WordPress site. So the overall performance will not get comprised. This makes WordPress scalable which parallelly grows alongside your business.


Security is the first major concern for web developers when it is about website designing and development. But WordPress developers don’t need to worry about site’s security as WordPress is a secure CMS. With the help of various security plugins in WordPress, WordPress developers can fortify a site’s security and make it hacking proof which was not possible with traditional sites.

Easy and Safe

Since WordPress has an intuitive interface, it becomes easy to use. You can easily add new pages, any kind of media and blog posts on a regular basis. You don’t even need to spend time on formatting. So it saves your time and you can do more with WordPress. Moreover, WordPress offers multiple browser compatibilities. So, You can log in from any computer with internet connection and manage your WordPress site.

Good Support team

WordPress has a large support community who are testing it on a regular basis in order to keep your website up to date. Within WordPress, there are a number of users roles which define control access levels for its members. In fact, you can add additional user roles if none of the default roles provide you required level of control.


So far, we have seen the top 9 advantages of WordPress development for your business. It will surely lean you towards WordPress CMS which gives you many business benefits. Moreover, these reasons are enough to highlight the grown popularity of WordPress development in 2017. Always choose a reliable WordPress development company to outsource your WordPress development project. It would surely let your business grow and give you a good recognition over the web.

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Forget overwhelming debts: say hello to debt relief for small businesses

Contrary to what most people believe, small business owners have it tougher. Most of the times, small businesses have a harder time getting big loans. Therefore, business owners end up taking multiple small loans from multiple lenders at varying interest rates. This makes the situation much worse for all owners and people who are managing the finances.

Are you ready for debt relief?

If you are one of the business owners who has multiple debts to multiple lenders and you have pledged personal assets as collaterals to loans, you can find the solution to your situation right now. You can collate all your smaller loans into a larger amount. Take the help of a debt relief expert for the process. Not all loans require consolidation. Sometimes, it is also about prioritizing your paybacks and redistributing your resources. A good debt counselor at your debt relief agency will be able to guide you with this process.

Healthy Financial Habits - Saving Money Saves You
Saving money saves you a whole lots of unnecessary stress and challenges of the future. He who save money is actually safe from all forms of financial storms that may arose as a result of changing economy or governments. Cultivate a healthy saving habits today and you will never regret it.

Doesn’t debt relief mean bankruptcy?

Debt is difficult to just move past. While applying for debt relief, always be sure to read between the lines. Some companies in the USA are still offering bankruptcy guised as debt relief. Choose a company that can promise to reduce at least a percentage of your current debt. Enrolling with a good company does not mean being debt-free overnight. It is a long process. You need to understand the efforts the debt relief representatives are putting in to get your business out of trouble. A good company takes care of the financial as well as the legal matters for your business. Thus, debt relief DOES NOT mean bankruptcy, when you work with a BBB-accredited and user-verified company.

Does debt consolidation loan mean adding to your loan burden?

Debt consolidation is now a mainstream solution for almost all small business owners who are struggling with multiple debts and creditors. You can collate your smaller loans into a larger one and apply to your business bank, credit union or a credible loan agency for a loan to cover the total amount. This may seem a bit confusing, since it seems like stepping into an ocean to clear out of the swimming pool. However, that’s not the case. Most consolidation loan companies that are BBB-accredited have amicable interest rates. Now, you can opt for paying off the new (larger) loan amount in smaller instalments over an extended period of time.

Why should you try debt consolidation loans right now?

You will enjoy a flurry of benefits and new opportunities.

  • You will save more money by paying less in installments each month.
  • You will be paying a flat rate of interest.
  • You will be paying to just one creditor ( your debt consolidation loan company)
  • You will also have some money left to invest in new projects and make more profit.

Debt consolidation loan is the boost almost every small business needs to get out of a murky place. Occasionally, everyone needs a helping hand. Debt consolidation loan companies, which are good, will get you out of your repayment worries, missed payments and rate calculations for good.

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5 Steps to Building Healthy Financial Habits for Financial Stability Without Breaking The Bank

It takes years of discipline and effort to develop healthy financial habits that can help you reach your specific objectives and allow you to protect your financial future. Practicing good financial habits starts with identifying negative money habits that can lead to debt and finding ways to avoid committing these habits on a consistent basis.

Many people encounter financial problems as a result of poor budgeting and spending too much on luxuries instead of needs. Others lose money as a result of diving into risky investments and losing regular paychecks because of sudden job loss. So whether you’re looking to save up for retirement or to purchase a new home, positive finance habits can greatly help increase your financial security and help you obtain the financing you need for your purchases.

Why You’ll Never Succeed In Life and Business Without Healthy Financial Habits

Stop the habit before it stops you.
Stop the unhealthy habit before it stops you! You are never too old to give up on those unhealthy financial habits but you’d be too old to change the way your future looks if you fail to deal with this attitude today.

One good side of habit is that it reveals to you who you truly in an unadulterated output! No alteration whatsoever. You can actually predict how your financial future would look, and be like by studying your current financial habits. If the habit is appealing, then you could be on your way to financial freedom pretty soon, whereas, if it is unacceptable, you might need to change it before it becomes a norm and change you! We intend to show you reason why having healthy financial habits will make you question every spending decision before executing them – which we strongly believe is the right path to a frugal way of living.

Consider the following financial habits to get you started on the path to a stable financial future:

Separate wants from needs in your budget.

You can avoid impulse spending habits by distinguishing needs from wants. The key to doing this is to identify what items are categorized as needs and which ones can be considered wants.

Many people mistakenly categorize items as “needs” because they cannot imagine life without these items. If you are unsure whether a certain item is a want or a need, delay purchasing it and see if you can manage without it for a period of time.

One example of a bad finance habit is spending in certain places where you feel obligated to shell out money. This may be during family vacations, a night out with friends, or during holiday seasons.

Some people also tend to turn to compulsive spending to soothe negative emotions such as stress and anxiety. Because stress levels have been linked to impulsive buying, many people who are put under stress temporarily lose the ability to make wise decisions about what they spend their money on.

To avoid this, you need to identify what triggers this behavior and determine whether there are certain environments or specific times when you feel the impulse to shop.  Once you identify the triggers, it will be easier to control the behavior and avoid unplanned spending.

What if your decision today could affect your financial future
What if someone tells you that the decision you are making right now could have an adverse effect on your financial future. Will you still continue or you’ll desist?

Set up an automatic savings plan.

One effective way of boosting your savings is by setting up an automatic savings plan. An automatic funds transfer is a type of personal savings system that allows for a scheduled transfer of a fixed amount of money into an individual’s investment account. You also have the option to set up a transfer of a portion of your paycheck to a retirement account.

Having a financial plan can be helpful for people who have difficulty in maintaining a certain amount of savings every month. It can help you start on the habit of spending less than you are actually making, as it allows you to live on a smaller amount while letting your savings grow. This type of system also helps investors continue increasing their investment savings even after investment losses.

Healthy Financial Habits - Saving Money Saves You
Saving money saves you a whole lots of unnecessary stress and challenges of the future. He who save money is actually safe from all forms of financial storms that may arose as a result of changing economy or governments. Cultivate a healthy saving habits today and you will never regret it.

Participate in your employer-sponsored retirement plan.

Participating in an employer-sponsored retirement plan has many benefits that some employees fail to take advantage of. In reality, making contributions to employer-sponsored plans is one of the most powerful retirement savings moves you can do.

But before you take part in your employer’s plan, you need to have a clear understanding of how it works and what it entails. To learn more about your employer’s plan, you can talk to your company’s benefits officer as well as other professionals including financial planners and tax advisors.

The features of employer-sponsored plans differ among companies, but a key feature that employers share is an automatic deduction of contributions from a portion of an employee’s salary. Commonly, you can decide on the specific amount to be deducted and also have the option to contribute to the plan on a pre-tax basis. Another key feature of an employer-sponsored plan is that it allows you to borrow a portion of your contribution at a reasonable interest rate.

Participate in your employer-sponsored retirement plan.
Another great way to take charge of your financial future is by participating in your employer-sponsored retirement plan provided by the company. The ultimate goal of employer-sponsored retirement is to make it easy for you to save on automation. A portion is configured to be taken aside from your salary towards your retirement plan. The amount depends on you anyway, but it is cool way to save for the future and eventualities.

Start investing early.

Many people delay investing for a number of reasons, including lack of financial knowledge and  money to invest, which is why new investors commonly start when they are closer to retirement. It is important to remember however that investing early, rather than delaying it for a few more years, will give you an excellent advantage as it it will give compound interest more time to increase your wealth.

People in their 20s and 30s believe their money is insufficient for investment and fail to recognize that their valuable asset is time. When you invest early, you allow your investment to turn time into money through compounding. Over time, your principal investment, along with its interests and gains can grow significantly, making it even more important to start investing early.

Because of many misconceptions and a lack of financial literacy, many young people view financial management as a difficult undertaking that requires too much effort. But when armed with the right information, building one’s wealth can be easier than many people expect, especially when you put time on your side by investing early.

Could of, Should of, and Would of life
When it comes to investing in your financial education, avoiding the Could of, Should of, and Would of life would be one of great decision of your life. Never allow doubts and fear to rip you off of your financial freedom. When in doubt, take a deep breath and reconsider your options. Do not live based on what is only coming into your pause – create multiple streams by investing wisely.

Prioritize your savings goals.

While it is important to set aside a portion of your earnings for your savings, it’s also useful to identify your purpose for saving money. The reason for saving money varies widely among individuals, so you may need to distinguish your personal financial goals to allow you to find ways to grow your wealth.

Once you start saving, you can set a portion of your income for emergencies and even for an early retirement. You can use your emergency fund for serious financial events such as losing a job that previously provided you with a regular paycheck. After you have set aside a budget for emergency and retirement, you can then begin saving for short- and long-term goals. These may include vacations, gadget upgrades and purchasing a new home.

Prioritize your savings goals.
There are many things to spend money on and for this single reason, you need to put your saving plan in order to accommodate your day to day spending. Prioritize your savings goals by distinguishing your personal financial goals in order to achieve them in the right accord.

Conclusion on building a healthy financial habits.

Financial stability can be attained by exercising discipline and control. For people who are on a tight budget, the pointers above can greatly help you focus on your priorities and take control of your finances. Once you recognize your financial goals, it will be much easier to grow your wealth without sacrificing your needs.

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How Blockchain Technology Works in Layman’s English – Infographic

Do You Know How Blockchain Technology Works?

If you haven’t been living on the Mars, you surely would have come across the word “blockchain technology” at least for once. Agreeably, you are not so techie-minded, I will take it like that – but you must have heard about cryptocurrency, or about some of its babies such as Bitcoin, Ethereum, DASH, Doge, REDD, STEEM, and the soon to hit the market Dascoin, etc. I can see you are nodding to that… 🙂

That’s cool.

It is cool in the sense that, your knowledge about it makes my work today much easier. As much as I’d have loved to make you understand what I’m trying to drive at, your lack of proper information about the subject matter would further make the educating process difficult for me and for you.

Coming through…blockchain technology is the technology that powers some of these cryptocurrencies. It is not just about money, blockchain technology goes beyond sending and receiving of money…it is a whole new ecosystem where you can do virtually anything. It is like a database or say, a registry of data.

I’ve published quite a lot of articles in the past ranging from bitcoins to other blockchain powered technologies. You can go here to read them, but today, I just want to quickly share these two powerful infographic picture I came across titled; “How Blockchain Technology Works in Layman’s English.” They are worth sharing because they carry great amount of information on how blockchain technology works in an easy to understand and interactive manner.

Read on and enjoy.

This Is How Blockchain Technology Works for Beginners

How blockchain technology works
Blockchain technology is the 21st century disruption that we are anticipating to channel us into the next realm of technological advancements. But the question still remains to be answered on how the blockchain technology actually came into existence and how a layman could embrace it. This brings us to ask the popular question to know how blockchain technology works in layman’s way?

The second infograph below also expands further on how blockchain technology works for a layman to have something to take home.

How blockchain technology actually works
How does blockchain technology work? This has always been a question that has gone for a very long time without proper answer but this infograph from PDForest explains the concept behind blockchain technology and how it works in a layman English.

You can read all my other articles on Steemit here

I post regularly on diverse of topics ranging from blockchain technology to artificial intelligence and automation. I also talk about personal development and other stuffs. Let’s connect guys.

Blockchain Technology Disruption Money & Finance

Blockchain Revolution – Is Blockchain Technology Really Dangerous?

Vlad Zamfir who is one of the founders of Ethereum and its lead developer has recently published an article titled: “Blockchains Considered (Potentially) Harmful”.

I believe that the potential dangers of the blockchain, outlined in Vlad Zamfir’s article are exaggerated and contradictory.

I’ll try to provide a different point of view, different from the opinion of Vlad Zamfir.

Is blockchain technology really dangerous as the traditional and government backed media promotes it?

Blockchain technology is not dangerous but a blessing to our generation.
I think we are trying to get rid of all intermediaries, including the centralized government by introducing the blockchain technology. To me, Blockchain technology is not dangerous but a blessing to our generation.

Censorship resistance

Absolutely rightly mentioning the impossibility of censoring information in the Blockchain, Vlad somehow tries to divide the censorship into useful censorship and bad censorship:

On the other hand, censorship is actually important for preventing many forms of online abuse.

But this is exactly where the contradiction appears. There is no good and bad censorship. There is only one kind of censorship. Censorship is always imposed with the help of violence, using methods which individual authors cannot prevent or oppose. It does not matter who acts as a censor – a global corporation, for example, Facebook, or the government. In any case, censorship is the arbitrariness of the person who makes the final decision.

Let’s be frank, censorship cannot prevent any events, it can only hide or limit information. And any restriction of information is an intervention on freedom.

Assuming that censorship will prevent the spread of some information, we thereby deny people the freedom of reasoning, that is, we, a priori, believe that people do not have the ability to reason intelligently and be responsible for their actions. But at the same time, supporters of censors forget that the censor is also a person and will be guided by his own moral principles. Thus, defending any kind of censorship, we give some person the power to decide what is moral and what is not.

Next, the author provides an example with a photo:

For example, imagine if you were unable to un-tag yourself from an embarrassing photo that someone posted to Facebook without your consent.

But the censorship cannot remove from history that event – when the photo was taken, nor can it destroy the photo itself. If you follow this path to the end, then you should not just delete the file from the Facebook database, but also remove all participants of the event. And yet it will still remain in their memory.

And now for the:

The right to be forgotten, which allows people to stop their personal information from being searchable.

Who could ever come up with the idea that someone has such a right? Adoption of new privacy laws does not remove already happened events. We live among people. Any action of ours directly or indirectly affects others. Demanding the right to be forgotten, we essentially demand that everyone around us also forget, never speak or write about something they saw or heard. This is an interference into basic human rights – freedom of speech and thought.

Everyone should be responsible for his or her decisions and actions. If you want to stop the distribution of information about you – initially do not be the cause of such information. If you act and talk without preliminary reflections, accept the fact that the blockchain keeps everything.

Financial freedom

In this part of the article Vlad Zamfir tries to take care of the government:

On the other hand, the same financial freedom can pose critical threats to a government’s ability to enforce its policy goals. Goals like tax collection, enforcing capital controls, and preventing terrorism financing may be challenged by the possible success of blockchain technology.

Correct me if I am wrong but I was always thinking that introducing the blockchain technology we are trying to get rid of all intermediaries, including the centralized government. The author’s concern about how the state will collect taxes is amazing.

It is assumed that weaning some of the money from those who earned them (taxes) is simple for execution now. And when new technology that makes it difficult for the government to interfere in the lives of its citizens, including making it impossible to use force to collect taxes – poor little government begins to play the role of a victim.

Right now, does the government often consult with taxpayers, how exactly to spend our money?

Let’s look at this problem from the other side. In the event that the forcible tax collection will not be possible, the government will have to try very hard to raise the right amount for its needs, which means that it will have to publicly answer a lot of unpleasant questions from opponents. In case the goal seems worthy to the people, then the government will easily collect the necessary amount by the Crowd Funding method.

Using the blockchain technology to collect money by the government will make it impossible to endlessly inflate the bureaucratic apparatus. At the same time, it will make healthy completion possible, since there will always be a private company that will happily provide any service to people if this is backed up by appropriate financing. Intuition tells me that a private company will do any work cheaper and better than any government, particularly in countries with less developed democracies.

Prevention of the financing of terrorism

Has someone wondered how well this works now? Our life becomes more complicated for doing business, traveling, communication – because governments interfere in everyday life under the pretext of fighting terrorism. Did all those measures really hinder the terrorist attacks?

Blockchain Technology
There are lots of misconception about blockchain technology that would take ages to retrace. Many sees it as the next dot com bubble that would soon blast while others sees it as the next disruption that would would channel us into the next century. On the other hand, some other people sees it as a baby lacking motherly care, hence there’s need for censorship so the baby won’t go wayward. But the bottom line is, blockchain technology is here to stay and it might mean diverse things to many people as possible.

New kinds of organizations trailing blockchain technology

But this new technology may also enable organizations with nefarious goals. Cyber criminals who infect their victim’s computers with ransomware are able to accept ransom payments without fear of having their accounts shut down or their payments reverted, thanks to the blockchain.

I have a question: “How did the lack of the blockchain interfere with the existence of organized crime so far?”

A kitchen knife can be a tool for cooking, and can also become a murder tool. It depends not on the knife, but on the one who holds it in his hands and his purposes. The same can be said about any technology: nuclear energy, electricity, mobile communications, the Internet, social networks, drones.

Blockchain powered city of the future
An example of a blockchain powered city of the future where everything has to be transparently done and projected. From the local vegetable shop to other perishable goods stores, and from there to the city mall where you could buy virtually anything from clothes to house wares, to children toys, to bicycles and many others without carrying physical cash while everything is well documented on public ledger for accountability. That is the future where we are all connected, that’s where blockchain technology is heading.

Blockchain creates plenty of great opportunities for the world to be more secure. For example, the creation of private law enforcement structures, which will be financed directly by consumers. They will compete among themselves. They will not depend on borders and governments. Blockchain allows us to create an open organization, independent of the borders to search for missing people, stolen property, etc. Such organizations do not require licenses or permits from governments, they do not depend on the authorities. Their activities are regulated solely by consumers. The most uncomfortable questions

I have other questions related to the development of blockchain technologies:

Is there any future for banks? Now the bank is an intermediary who verifies the identity, guarantees transactions, carries out payments, issues loans. What will remain of the banks when the blockchain technology becomes ubiquitous? I do not see banks in the future world.

What will happen to national currencies? Already now, having several Bitcoins, I have no reasons to worry in almost any country in the world. I will always find a local who will gladly exchange Bitcoins for local currency. Already now crypto-currencies do not depend on the country, the central bank or the government. Lots of business accept Bitcoins already now. Sooner or later the question will arise: “Why do I need different currencies if I can buy goods and services without an exchange?”

And again, the most important question: “Do we really need a government?” Now the strength of the government lies in the security guarantees of execution of transactions. For this, in addition to the power component, governments monopolized various registries and databases. With the wide adoption of the blockchain, an unlimited number of DAOs will be able to deal with all those situations monopolized by the government at the moment, not only in terms of voting but also in terms of funding.

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Computer Processor: The World’s Most Powerful Processors Ever Created

In the past decades, technology is probably the field that advanced the most. Well, that’s the way it is supposed to be since technology is the motor for progress in other fields as well, medicine for example. With the development of smarter and more complex tech, we are now able to properly understand the human body and find new ways to treat it.

One of the greatest inventions in technological progress is the development of the processor. This made programming of objects possible and opened a door for a revolution in the technological field. Read on to find out about how processors changed the world.

The Birth of World’s Most Powerful Processors and the Impact They’ve Made

First processor ever made

The ancestor of today’s smart and powerful processors is the Intel 4004. It was released in 1971 by Intel and most of the credits for its creation went to Frederico Faggin. With a frequency of 740khz, 4bits and 2300 transistors, Intel 4004 changed the world forever.

Motherboard of electronic computer processor.
Processors are the main engine inside that makes a computer functions and perform excellent job we use them for. Without the presence of powerful processors in some of our computers, we have just a dead gadget waiting to be thrown away.

What followed

After this major breakthrough, more complex and capable processors were developed and by the end of the 80’s there was a real boom in electronics and gadgets that used the all-mighty processor to run. Soon enough, the processors became an integrant part of our lives and we probably use one without even noticing it.

Difference between a processor and a CPU

It’s a common mistake to refer to any processor out there such as a CPU. It’s not necessarily a trick question, however, the lack of information leads to the spread of such misconception. In a PC, for example, The CPU is the part that controls the executions and processes the data sent by other components and ensures that all the functions are executed correctly and everything is interconnected.

CPU processors
The processor is the logic circuitry embedded in the computer that makes it possible to act and respond to some of the basic instructions that would make the computer execute tasks efficiently. It serves four main purpose such as fetching, decoding, executing and writing back.

The same goes for consoles, they have the main CPU and other processors that help deliver the best results. However, all other devices have a processor that takes care of commands such as read or write for that specific component and takes care of errors.

What’s the best processor out there?

This is a wide discussion that can be subject to all kind of factors when it comes to determining what the best or most powerful processor is. Some voices say that it’s all about how expensive it is; others say it’s all about cores and how much overclocking can be performed on it. Over the years, the main opponents in the fight for the most powerful processor remained Intel and AMD, two giants that fight for supremacy in this field.
Intel has the advantage of being in the game a lot longer than AMD and that gave them an undeniable advantage over the years, however, the guys at AMD are recently ready to take the fight to Intel with their brand-new Ryzen. Here are some specs: 16 cores and 32 threads, it is capable of a maximum clock rate in extended frequency rate of 4.2 GHz per core and it’s simply something from the future.

Most powerful processors
To many, it is a processor, while others sees it as microprocessor. But above it, is a small chip installed inside computers and many other electronic devices to aid there functionalities. The basic function of a processor is to serve as a receiving and sending unit. While this may seem like a simple task, today’s modern powerful processors can handle trillions of data calculations per second.

But Intel were not just going to stand back and watch AMD steal the show, they came up with the amazing Core i9 with 18 cores and 36 threads all put together in a single piece of silicon, which makes it the most powerful processor in the world right now. It is perfect for high-demanding tasks like video editing or the latest video games that require a lot of resources in order to run.

We’re already used to seeing mind-blowing technology being developed every day and the future is certainly bright in these conditions. There’s only a matter of time until various devices will be able to use top-notch powerful processors and definitely change the way we live.

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How to Maximize the Battery Life of Your iPhone: 23 Free Tips

Every year, when announcing a new version of their operating system for mobile devices, Apple reports a significant increase in energy efficiency. Interestingly, but users do not really feel these improvements.

Honestly, it is not always the fault of the manufacturer and developer of the software, but the owners of smartphones and tablets. Most of them completely neglect the Settings menu, even if it takes several moments to perform the desired action. As a result, using only a tiny fraction of their device functionality, users often have to charge the battery several times a day. iPhone is one of the most complicated, yet amazing invention of the century. This post focuses on 23 different ways to help you extend your iphone battery life. I strongly believe that having these free tips handy could save you money and time spent consulting engineers to get your phones fixed.

In this post, I am going to describe quite a few ways to extend the life of the iPhone battery. Read and enjoy.

In 23 Easy Steps, Discover How to Maximize Your iPhone Battery Life Effortlessly.

iPhone battery life can be improved with these tips
In every Apple operating system announcements so far, there has always been a common pattern when it comes to new developments for mobile devices, Apple has on many occasion reports a significant increase in energy efficiency. But unfortunately, users do not really feel these improvements because they could hardly explore most of the features. This article focuses on improving your iphone battery life.

1. Low power mode

The most simple and effective way to delay the charging moment is the power saving mode. When this feature is activated, the OS disables a number of resource-intensive processes, such as background app refresh, sending geo-data, visual effects, etc.

To enable the low power mode, go to Settings > Battery menu.

The system is going to prompt you to activate the low power mode when the battery charge level drops to 20%, and will automatically turn off when the user charges the device to 80% or more.

iPhone low battery life
When your iPhone battery is low, it is advisable that you find means to have the device charged because using it as is could damage the battery life and causes it to discharge quickly. The tips below could help you preserve your iphone battery life without spending extra dollars on extra power utilities.

2. Location reporting

iOS allows you to send information about the location of the device through the iMessage, Find Friends and other apps. In reality, the need for this does not occur too often. It makes sense to turn off this function.

To do this, it is necessary to move to the passive position the button Share My Location in the Settings > Privacy > Location Services.

3. Unused widgets

Pay attention to the installed widgets in the Notification Center. It is possible you do not use some of them. To open it – swipe down from the top of the screen.

4. Handoff

Apple allows significant interoperability between desktop and mobile platforms using the Handoff function. Handoff allows you to quickly switch when working with any iDevice and Mac. Of course, this thing is very convenient, but it is not always necessary. It makes sense to turn off Handoff in case of its uselessness.

Go to Settings > General > Handoff.

5. Resource-intensive apps

Naturally, each application installed on your iPhone has a different level of power consumption. You can identify programs that consume battery power more than others.

To do this, go to Settings > Battery. Scroll down and find the list of top used apps. The level of power consumption is shown for each app.

6. Automatically update applications

Of course, a rare user will refuse the opportunity to have only the latest versions of games and programs on his device. However, the automatic updating feature not only eats your mobile traffic but also may kill the battery at the most inopportune time.

You can completely disable auto updates for all or individual programs in Settings > iTunes & App Store > Updates.

7. Backgound app refresh

It is not superfluous to turn off the Background App Refresh option. The desired radio button is located under Settings > General > Background App Refresh.

8. Notifications

Active social networks users, mobile gamers, and news feed subscribers face this problem more than others. Constant notifications about new likes, subscribers, posts are not only annoying but also negatively affect the battery power.

You can disable them in Settings > Notifications.

Fully charged, medium charged and half charged iphone battery on display.
It is advisable to have your iPhone battery properly maintained so that you can avoid damaging the phone. The image above shows three stages of your smartphone; (1.) Low and draining battery, (2.) Medium charged, and (3.) Fully charged iphone battery life graphically analyzed.

9. Do not close background apps

For beginners, this may seem like a paradox, but often used apps that stay in the background, that is, in the multitasking menu, not only do not waste OS resources and battery power but instead help to save them.

10. Airplane mode

You may use the Airplane Mode of your iPhone to save the battery power when you do not need to receive calls and use the Internet.

It is very simple to activate it – just raise the curtain of the Control Point and tap the pictogram with the airplane image or go to Settings > Airplane Mode.

11. Auto-brightness

Retina-display iPhones allow high brightness and contrast. But is it always necessary to use the full power of the screen? Full brightness requires plenty of battery power. It is especially true with modern devices that have 4.7” and 5.5” displays.

It is quite easy to solve the problem. Go to Settings > Display & Brightness. Set the Auto-Brightness function to the active position. The iPhone will use the sensor on its front panel to automatically detect the level of illumination and consequently adjust the brightness of the screen.

12. Parallax effect

First appeared in iOS 7 parallax effects look pretty nice, but, like many similar design features, discharge the battery of you iPhone significantly. To disable parallax effect, it is enough to enable the Reduce Motion mode in Settings > General > Accessibility.

13. Reducing transparency

The famous blur effect in iOS 10 can also be disabled, in order to reduce the battery load.

To deactivate it, go to Settings > General > Accessibility > Increase Contrast > Reduce Transparency.

14. iOS updates

These days, Apple developers are actively introducing updates to their mobile operating system, correcting the discovered shortcomings. Almost every update has a positive effect on the performance and energy efficiency of the device. It is desirable to use the latest version of iOS.

15. Disable push notifications in Mail

iOS will automatically scan mailboxes added to the Mail app for new messages. If email is not critical, it makes sense to turn off automatic data fetch.

Go to Settings > Mail > Accounts > Fetch New Data. Select the Manual option, after which new messages will be downloaded only when the Mail application starts.

16. Auto-lock

Data protection is not the only reason of the auto-lock function. Your smartphone consumes much less battery power when in the lock screen mode. It makes sense to set the minimum auto-lock time.

Go to Settings > Display & Brightness > Auto-Lock.

17. Ad tracking

For Apple to show relevant ads, consumers should be grouped on the basis of their location, age or other signs. Constant tracking of users’ devices is carried out for this reason. These extra processes, of course, also consume a certain amount of the battery power.

Limit ad tracking in Settings > Privacy > Advertising.

18. Location services

Many apps request access to the device’s location data. Users often do not remember which programs may track their location.

To disable this option for certain apps to go Settings > Privacy > Location Services.

19. Siri

The voice assistant is a very useful feature. But do you really use it often? If the answer is No, in order to save the battery power, it is better to turn it off. Settings > Siri.

Do you use the Siri Suggestions that suggests search keywords and apps? Siri Suggestions can be configured or disabled in Settings > General > Spotlight Search > Siri Suggestions.

20. Vibration and system sounds

Lots of users naively believe that the vibration mode is a power-saver feature. Things are quite opposite – the work of the vibrator is much more energy-consuming than the sound reproduction by the speakers.

To maximize the battery life, turn off the Vibrate on Ring and Vibrate on Silence in Settings > Sounds. Here you can also turn off lock sound and keyboard clicks.

21. AirDrop and Bluetooth

Wireless AirDrop and Bluetooth services are used by average users quite infrequently. If they are constantly in an active mode, they can force you to urgently look for an electrical socket/outlet to charge your iPhone.

22. 3D Touch

If you do not use the main innovation of the iPhone – the 3D Touch function (when the screen recognizes the force of pressing the buttons) then disable this function.

The switch is located under the Settings > General Accessibility > 3D Touch.

23. Sending reports

Any iDevice sends Apple a daily report by default. It helps the company to identify problems in its operating system. It is known that this report can also contain location data.

You can disable this function in the Settings > Privacy > Analytics.

Bottom line on improving your iPhone battery life

Of course, this list does not pretend to be complete and does not contain all possible recommendations for preserving the battery life of the iPhone, but each user can for sure find something new and useful here.

Keep in mind that with each new release iOS offers more options to tweak its features and functions. Do not install dubious apps that pretend to be useful but in fact show excessive ads and use plenty of battery power.

Healthcare & Healthy Living

Smart Cooking Appliances That Should Adorn Your Kitchen

Move over backsplash tiles and crystal encrusted countertops. Today it’s about smart cooking appliances and how well your kitchen is integrated with it all. When it it comes to smart cooking appliances, here is our list of must-haves in your home.

Some of the Best Smart Cooking Appliances You Must Have

Smart cooking appliances for your home.
In order to have the last mile experience from your cooking, there’s need for smart cooking appliances. This article discusses some of these smart cooking appliances and benefits attached to them.

BehmorCoffee Maker

This connected temperature control coffee maker is a cut above the other smart coffee pots. It promises you full flavor coffee using its pulsed water flow movement. This means your coffee grounds are well-moistened and impart the rich smooth taste you crave. Heat the water up before you make your coffee, or just set the pre-soak duration and what specific temperature your coffee needs to be made at. You can use your Behmor app to do all this. A truly personalized experience, the Behmor allows you to actually create a profile to brew your coffee.

Amazon Echo Show

The latest offering from Amazon is completely interactive, allowing you to make your list and place orders for goods. But this is just the start of the process. Its screen lets you watch videos on YouTube, listen to audiobooks, check out recipes and even look at snaps. Not just this, keep an eye out on things with the Echo on security cameras that are connected to the device. Call your friends on video chat and pair this device with any number of devices, from Ecobee to Spotify. Eight microphones and Dolby speakers enhance the experience even more. It comes equipped with Alexa.

Summit Ingenious Refrigerator

While the Samsung brand of smart fridges is most known, the Summit is also a keen contender for top spot in the field. Apart from settings selection that lets you adjust temperature, power cool and create functions for when you’re not at home, you can also set an alarm on the door. The Smart Station consists of a cooled compartment where you can keep the items you need at hand, without repeated opening and closing of the fridge door. Handy for the kids and their demands! It’s not strictly a smart gadget, but it does do its bit to make your life easy.

TefalActifry Smart XL

Love your fried food but worried about high cholesterol? This healthy fryer is the right fit for you. It helps to create healthy and delicious dishes; its many recipes and instructions will help you cook with no difficulty. Toggle on your Bluetooth and connect to the app to create memorable dishes. This is more than a kitchen device. It’s a piece of equipment that can help improve your health.

Juicero Home Cold Press Juicer

Cold pressed juice is all the rage today and Juicero capitalizes on it. It’s got a pretty steep price tag and is connected to the internet. You get updates on your juice but a word of caution- if you think your juice can be anything at all, you’re wrong. There are ingredients, called packs that Juicero comes with. Only they can be used. The app will tell you what the ‘pressing profile’ needs to be for the pack you use.

Smart plates and smart forks help you with mindful eating and weight watching. Find the right fit from this wide range of useful smart cooking appliances for your kitchen and cook away!

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How to Double E-commerce Sales with Instagram Marketing with Steps to Build a Formidable Empire on Instagram

Can Instagram help e-commerce websites boost sales and revenue? The answer is yes, it can! Many webmasters are not sure on how they can double their e-commerce sales with the help of Instagram. If you look at the social media platform Instagram, you will find that the platform has over 300 million active users online daily. Recently, statistics have revealed that the social media platform has crossed 500 million users. This means like Facebook and Twitter, Instagram also lies at the forefront when it comes to social media marketing.

How to double sales with instagram marketing
Can the use of Instagram help e-commerce websites to boost sales and revenue? The answer is yes, it can! Now, discover how to double your business sales with the wonderful power of Instagram social media platform.

Why opt for Instagram for your e-commerce website today?

There are approximately 68% of Instagram followers that associate themselves with the different brands available in the market. If you compare this percentage with Facebook, you will find that it is only 32%. Gone are the days when retailers underestimated Instagram when it comes to the generation of product sales on their websites. However, if you take a look at Instagram, you will find that there is no place for you to put your active link to the site other than the bio section of your account. However, despite the above, you find that the number of Instagram users and followers are growing fast day by day. This makes it one of the most widely sought after social media platforms in the market today.

Double sales on your ecommerce website with Instagram

The following are some simple tips that every e-commerce website owner should keep in mind when it comes to doubling their sales with the help of Instagram:-

Cut the sales talk out

Now, this is obvious- if you are going to sell a product, it is important for you to sound persuasive. However, Instagram is no sales platform. Post pictures with real people in real life situations. This will ensure that you will get them interested in your product. Instagram needs pictures that speak about the benefits the product can bring to your life and not the features it has in the market.

Instagram mobile marketing for brands

Increase reach to the targeted audience

If you wish to increase sales of your e-commerce website, you need to connect and reach out to more people. This can be done with the tag a friend option where you reach out not only to your circle but their circle as well. You must also remember to hashtag your photo with the relevant word. Do not hashtag your picture with many words – maximum five words will help you reach out to people.

How to Double E-commerce Sales with Instagram Marketing with Steps to Build a Formidable Empire on Instagram

Resort to the principle of influencer marketing

You can opt for celebrity endorsements of your product to get it selling for you. Take for example weight loss tea or a fitness protein shake. You can rope in a celebrity to spread the message and let people know how your product can help them in weight management and overall fitness.

Content is still the king

Most real Instagram followers state that they follow accounts primarily because of the genuine content they post. When you are creating content for your Instagram picture, ensure that it is high in quality. A trick is you can create content that revolves around the hashtags that you use for your product. When you are posting images ensure that you use a picture size that is 1080×1080 pixels. The content on your Instagram handle and caption also influences the likes of followers. Make sure that you create content and use to scheduling software like Latergramme to publish posts for you. In this way, you do not have to log into Instagram all the time and manually publish the posts yourself.

Instagram advertising using content
Content is still the king for any marketing project that is going to be successful. Without great content, you will end up wasting time and money. Learn how to craft winning content to take charge of the market.

Engage with your followers

It is important for you to allocate some time and engage with your followers. It is important for you to personally connect with your Instagram followers and reply to the comments that they make on your posts. This also increases customer loyalty as followers are getting the chance of interacting with you. You invoke trust, credibility, and value when you interact with them. The comments should be read carefully as most of the time you will find that customers have posted their feedback on a particular product for you to take note of.

Track the conversion to the check- out process

It is imperative for you to track the journey of the user from the conversion to the check -out process. You should study these steps and see if you are able to reduce the number of steps or not. You might have to change your strategy. You can place an active link in the bio section of your Instagram account and have your customers click on it to get access to the process directly. It might seem challenging however if you can reduce the number of steps from the conversion to the check- out process, customers are more likely to come back as they know they can buy products from your website without hassles at all!

Positioning your business on instagram for mobile users

Present the culture around your product

If you take a look at the Nike brand, you will find that they post photos of their products however they also create a positive association with them as well. This is the secret of connecting with their targeted audience. It is important for you to ensure that you follow this strategy that will bring you positive marketing results.

Therefore, Instagram is a great boon to you if you know how to use it effectively for increasing the sales of your ecommerce website. With the help of Instagram, you can increase the sales of your products and reach out to a large customer base. You have to devise and develop a content strategy that works. At the same time, you must reply and interact with the feedback and comments you receive on your page. With the aid of the above tips, being on Instagram will give you an edge in the e-commerce market and boost sales. You can double sales and be in the forefront of the competition with success!