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Confusion as bitcoin reaches crossroads on SegWit implementation

The bitcoin is the world’s most valuable cryptocurrency. It has been around for about 8 years now and has experienced extraordinary growth. The cryptocurrency has been largely successful due to the absence of a centralised system as all resources are shared out between members. But in recent weeks, the bitcoin community has been shaky. This is due to the possibility of the existence of a new hard fork and it has divided the camp along philosophical, political and economic lines.

The new bitcoin hard fork is a new proposition largely supported by a group of people in the industry; the bitcoin miners. They believe the network as well as the processing time needed for transactions is slow. Data in bitcoin transactions is processed in batches called Blocks. The miners want to increase the data cap on blocks from 1 MB to as much as 4MB. Essentially, they want to increase the size of a block to cut down waiting time therefore making the network faster and more reliable. Though a compromise (with regards to SegWit) was originally arrived at, the opposition camp (consisting of core developers) do not see the immediate need for the increase in the data cap blocks. The difference in ideology is threatening to split the bitcoin currency itself into two; Bitcoin and Bitcoin Cash.

What You need to know about Bitcoin Hard Fork and Confusion hanging around Segwit 2X

Bitcoin bubble - The main confusion behind the bitcoin hard fork and segwit upgrade
Bitcoin bubble – The main confusion behind the bitcoin hard fork and segwit upgrade EXPLAINED. And here are what we think you surely need to know about the pre-bitcoin hard fork and confusion hanging around it, and how to prepare for the post-bitcoin hard fork effect.

What is SegWit?

SegWit (Segregated Witness) is a proposed program meant to update the current bitcoin software. It was developed by the team at Bitcoin core which is responsible for a majority of the Bitcoin referrals. Originally drafted to tackle and fix the level of malleability of the bitcoin, further applications like linear scaling of sighash operations is a more recently explored application and is what is causing the rift in the bitcoin community now. The proposed update seeks to expand block size by removing the quadratic scaling of hashed signatures. It is set to be accepted only if it receives support from 95% of the community.

What seems to be the problem?

In overview, increasing the block size would seem like a step in the right direction as it increases the speed of transactions so what actually makes it such a hot button topic?

The problem behind the hold up to adoption of the update has been to how the update plans to do tackle the problem. The update is going to use sidechains to relieve the stress on the block chain, all transactions will now be moved to an external third party that now effectively acts like a centralised processing hub. Since one of the allure of the bitcoin is its decentralised nature where no one person governs or controls the process this poses a problem for many people in the business.

For some people the reason has been quite different. Voiced by the core developers, it raises concern that an increase in block size as well as SegWit overall implementation will increase the already growing divide between small miners and the big timers. They reason that the Bitcoin will lose its allure as the big timers with a reduced time and increased processing speeds will be able to mine coins at a much faster rate than the small time miner. This causes the exponential divide that already exists to increase therefore discouraging beginners from delving into mining technology.

What are the main camps in the argument?

The camps drawn are pretty clear and straight forward, On one side of this imaginary battle line we have the core developers, who are responsible for the development of the bitcoins powerful program and implemenation. They believe SegWit implementation is potentially dangerous for the cryptocurrency. On the other side we have the miners, who use their massive computers to check and verify transactions. They believe implementing SegWit will be the way to save bitcoin. These two opposing forces have brought the world of bitcoin to a standstill.

What happens to the bitcoin when the two currencies split?

It is hard to tell the effect the split will have on the value of bitcoin. The bitcoin is however expected to stay and remain strong since its value is based on demand and supply.

Coinbase update for customers asking if they are going to lose their Bitcoin cash
Coinbase released an update as a wake up call to customers asking if they are going to help them keep their Bitcoin cash in the case of eventual split in the Bitcoin network as a result of user-activated hard fork also known as Segwit 2.

Not only Coinbase, also released an update regarding this developing. It is believed more bitcoin service providers are going to disclose their support for, or against, the Segwit 2x update as the event unfolds.

SEGWIT update
CEX.IO also releases Segwit update for customers to be aware of where they stand in the wake of the user-activated hard fork of the bitcoin software. The correction is said to have a huge impact on the bitcoin network.

What do the digital asset exchange companies say?

Many digital asset exchange companies like Xapo, Poloniex and Coin Base have outightly stated they would not support the new Hard fork. Others like Kraken and Bitfine have come our to support the hard fork. Their reasons for accepting or opposing have been wide and varied. However they have all stated the need to be cautious in dealing with the new cryptocurrency.

Are you at risk of losing your wallet and bitcoins?

Short and simple answer, Yes. There is always the risk the new split will rob some wallets of their contents. Many wallet vendors have already started protocols to keep their customer’s wallet and bitcoins safe. However, it is advisable for the user to create a back up of his or her account. This prevents permanent loss of bitcoins.

How do you back up your wallet?

There are a wide variety of tools and ways to back up your wallet, private key and protect your bitcoins. This depends on the wallet provider and the platform you use. The safest options are the paper wallet and hardware wallet backups. Want to know more? Be sure to check out our article here.


Today the fate of the bitcoin is at stake. Will the bitcoin finally tank and lose its ever increasing value? Amidst the chaos, will the bitcoin cash be able to keep up with the bitcoin? Or is it all just white noise floating round the hype that is the bitcoin. One thing we know for sure is that nothing is concluded yet and the next coming weeks will be critical for the bitcoin and all cryptocurrencies.


How to backup private key on all major cryptocurrency wallet providers

Satoshi Nakamoto is a name synonymous with the bitcoin community, yet no one knows who he is. On the 31st of October 2009 he published his invention. 7 years later the bitcoin is gradually taking over the world, with value as high as $2800, the bitcoin is the world’s leading cryptocurrency. And as such the bitcoin has always faced adversary and come out on top. The bitcoin community has been in an agitated state of late, with many people moving for the implementation of an update to the bitcoin open source software. The update, (called SegWit) if implemented will establish a higher data cap as well as create side chains to make data processing faster. But still others oppose the implementation of this update and therefore camps have been split and sides drawn.

Come 1st August, many would be implementers of SegWit intend to make it a reality. And as we know establishing the another set of implementation rules without universal acceptance basically creates a new currency. All this talk of new currency seems very queer and unsafe so You might be wondering “how do I keep my cryptocurrency safe?”

Normally, Bitcoin wallet providers keep the Private Keys you need to access your account as well as use your funds in transactions. These wallet providers then utilizes your private keys to help you execute the transactions. Given the recent volatility in the fate of the bitcoin, security has never been more important. With the possibility of the existence of a hard fork come 1st of August, it is very advisable for all wallet owners to find ways to back up their wallets and Private Keys. This is to prevent theft or loss of data in any case during the split of Bitcoin and Bitcoin Cash.

How to Backup Bitcoin Private Key on Web Wallets.

Method 1 ( For Coinapult, Coinbase, Xapo, BitGo, Green Address,

Many Web wallet providers do not offer the opportunity to backup your account as well as it’s private key. They manage the accounts and the Private Keys and then execute the transaction for the clients. Like I like to put it, you don’s actually own the wallet, but it is lent to you. Does that mean you can’t backup and keep your funds safe? Absolutely not. Almost all the above mentioned have made statements ensuring the security of bitcoins and wallets on their platforms. They have also made it clear they will not deal in the new currency (Bitcoin Cash) and have advised that anyone not comfortable with their policy move the funds out to a new wallet.

How to use Paper wallet to keep your bitcoins off the web.

One of the best ways to keep your wallet in your own hands and keep all account details with you is to use a Paper wallet. Here is how to create one.

  1. Visit the web address
  2. When the interface opens type in some random address in the bar or move your mouse randomly around the generate wallet
  3. The Opensource Wallet Generator now generates and displays your new wallet(s).
  4. You can now select “Paper Wallet” from the available paper wallet generation
  5. Select the number of addresses you need.
  6. Hit the “Print” button.

Congratulations. You have your paper wallet, you can now make or send payments from your Web wallet to the paper wallet by scanning the bar codes. Above all you have your bitcoins safe and offline.

Method 2 (for offers you the chance of immediate backup when you get your account online. The backup is sent as a PDF download. You have to encrypt it and store it in the clouds (not literally). Create a new wallet on BTC site

If you have misplaced the backup, have no fear, you could move all your savings to a paper wallet and keep it safe along with your address and Private Key.

Download your bitcoin wallet backup via PDF

How to Backup Bitcoin Private Key on Desktop Wallet Providers (Bitcoin knots, Bitcoin Core, Bither, Electrum, mSIGN, ArcBit, BitGo, Green Address)

Desktop wallets are simply wallets you download and operate from your desktop. These wallets store the private key associated with your bitcoin account on your computer’s hard drive. They all operate in basically the same way and store files in similar folders.

So how do I backup my desktop wallet as well as its private key?

  • Launch your wallet application.
  • Locate the backup button (on some wallets it is the export button) and select it.
  • For some wallets, you have to specify the parameters, that is, where to store the back up and if to export your Private Key.
  • Name your file as a .dat file. This ensures that the file is stored with generic data information that only your wallet vendor can read.
  • When your file is done exporting, you can now encrypt it and save it on a data stick or in the cloud.

How to Backup Bitcoin Private Key from Hardware Wallet Providers (CryptoSteel, Trezor, Ledger Nano, Ledger Nano S, Digital Bitbox, KeepKey).

Hardware wallets are a bitcoin marvel that is truly your own personal safe. This device allows you to keep the bitcoins with you at all times. Therefore your bitcoins are kept offline, and with the recent use of second screen technology, even if the device was hacked from another location, the hacker wouldn’t have access to your funds because the device verifies all transactions. The only true problem is how to protect your 12, 24 or 48 digit mnemonic (Note, all users of this devices have the mnemonics pulled up from the device and all accounts restoration is done with these.) Now how do you keep those precious bitcoins safe by protecting your private key? Wondering how to back up your hardware wallet? Do not fret we have something for you too.

Meet Cryptosteel, currently the best and most secure way of backing up private keys and mnemonics for those of you that have wallets with hardware wallet providers.

Cryptosteel to the rescue

How do I use Cryptosteel?

Cryptosteel comes in 2 parts: a stainless steel casing that is almost impenetrable, fire Proof, water proof and highly durable, as well as a small plastic bag filled with metal tabs each with a letter inscribed on it. Using it is also a very simple process. So how do I use Cryptosteel to backup Private Key.

  1. Firstly you open then casing, by sliding the lid of the casing counter clockwise. This may take some time but patience is key.
  2. When the you get the case open, you just slide in the tabs to create your mnemonic key or save your private key.
  3. Finally you slide the steel lid back in place.
  4. Extra holes are made on the sides of the casing for padlocks and other security devices. So lock it in place.

How to Backup Bitcoin Private Key from Mobile Wallet Providers.

Mobile wallets offer you much more flexibility and ability to make transactions on the go. While some are pretty straight forward to use, many of them can be hard to understand. Below here we have listed the best of the best. We have also listed the ways you can protect your bitcoins by backing up the wallet and its private key


AirBitz bitcoin wallet is one of the modest direct to use wallets out there. This handy app creates and automatically backs up your wallet, its transactions as well as your private key. So now all that is left is to figure out how to retrieve it.

How can I retrieve my Bitcoin Private Key on AirBitz?

This is divided into a 2 step process. Firstly you have to retrieve your Wallet Private seed, then you can now retrieve your Private Key. To retrieve your Private seed, please follow the steps below.

  1. First of all you login to your AirBitz account and look for “Wallets” screen.
  2. In the top right of the Wallets screen, you have to select the 3 dots.
  3. Tap export.
  4. Tap Wallet Private seed (advanced)
  5. Enter your password and then you will be able to Print, Save to SD Card, and/or view it.
  6. Go to
  7. Enter your wallet Private Seed
  8. A list of all your public addresses as well as private keys and balances will be displayed.
  9. You will be able to now sweep any of the addresses that have funds in them.


Mycelium is a bitcoin wallet that is really trending in the market right now. It is easy to use and with a very friendly mobile interface, is the go to for new wallet owners.

So how do I backup my Mycelium account and Private Key?

  1. Download and Install the Mycelium Wallet app.
  2. Create new account. (No verification is required, your account is up and running with the click of the button)
  3. Once your account is up and running, check the top right corner for 3 vertical dots.
  4. Select it and choose back up.

Green Address

The Green Address app just recently got an update supporting SegWit. Attractive service but almost none existent customer service. Backing up on this Wallet is pretty simple. You create wallet and a 24 word mnemonic is automatically created and you can then verify and be done. Pretty simple right? Right.

This android wallet is portable, easy to use and above all charge no fees. They also do not view your account balance or see your dealings and additionally it also supports lite coin.

Unfortunately the vendor holds and operates the Private Keys of the wallets. Therefore it does not really make room for backup. On the upside, all data stored on the mobile app is safe and protected from any potential dangers to your bitcoins and there is always the option of paper wallet to fall back to.

Simple Bitcoin Wallet

This Wallet is so simple to use you would probably introduce your grandma to bitcoins using this app. The name says it all, it is simple efficient and user friendly. Security wise it is also a tough nut to crack like most other wallets. It is easy to back up as all accounts are protected using a 12 word mnemonic generated when you create your account, therefore it is easy to backup and protect.

So how do I backup my Simple Wallet as well as Private key?

  1. Download the app via Google Play store or F-Droid
  2. Open up or initialize the application you should see a screen like this.
  3. Select “Create New Wallet”
  4. The next screen to show will require you to select a password.
  5. After you select your 6 digit character password, input it and select “Create New Wallet”
  6. A message telling you your wallet is ready shows, you can now select the “View Mnemonic Code”. With this you can recover your bitcoin wallet as well as all its transactions and contacts.


This wallet is so good it has been described as one of the most popular iOS wallets. Breadwallet for android was launched exactly one year ago in July, 2016. This app is functionally exceptional as it gives the user a very simple interface and ensure you need just the barest understanding of bitcoins to operate. It is however not advisable to keep large amounts of bitcoins on Breadwallet or any mobile wallet at all (try paper or hardware wallets). Unfortunately or maybe fortunately for some, the user is given access to the control of his or her Private Key, so to protect your wallet, you have to back-up the whole wallet

So how do I backup my Breadwallet as well as Private Key?

  1. Download the and launch the Breadwallet app.
  2. On the interface that appears, you have to “Generate recovery phrase” (Please write down the phrase in a file, encrypt it and keep it in multiple locations, locked and secure with password buried under the sea 😉 When it comes to bitcoins, there is nothing like too much protection )
  3. You may now be asked to input your android phone password after selecting the button to generate the recovery phrase.
  4. You will now receive your recovery phrase, remember to keep it safe as anyone who has access to it can use your bitcoins even without your phone.


This app is so aesthetically pleasing and functional you can’t help but want to use it (I certainly did). Built for efficiency Copay is very easy to use, interactive and straight forward. Therefore backing up your wallet is pretty simple and straight forward and can be done from the start or at a much later time.

So how do I backup my Copay wallet along with my Private Key?

  1. Install and open the Copay Wallet.
  2. Follow the tutorial and info tit bits (or you can skip it if you want).
  3. Select “Create Bitcoin Wallet”.
  4. You would then be required to input your email so as to receive notifications of payments.
  5. The next screen requires you back up the account then or do it at a much later date.
  6. A 12 word phrase is now generated. This phrase is to be kept safe and secret as it is the only way to recover your wallet in case of theft or damage to the phone.

To back up your wallet at a much later date, you can bypass steps 5 and 6. After you create the wallet, you now select the wallet account like so.


It then shows a message saying your Wallet is not backed up. Select the thin orange bar it then redirects you to a warning window, select “Got it” Follow steps 5 and 6 to back up your account.

So that’s how you back up accounts on the major wallets. Green Address, and some other important mobile wallets have been left out. That’s largely because they are similar to the ones listed above. If in any case you need help concerning other wallets, feel free to comment below. Need help understanding anything bitcoin related? Or you have a better opinion or correction to what is posted above? Feel free to comment here.


Space Race Is On! – How the Modern day space race affects your daily life

Mankind has always looked for a future far beyond his immediate present, both figuratively and literally. This pattern of thought, unhindered by time or space has enabled man to dream of soaring the skies and the space beyond it. But naturally man does not send a comrade to the moon without saying to his neighbour ‘Hey! I did it first’. And thus the space race was born which at its height in the 20th Century saw two heavy weights of the world take centre stage in the race to ascertain which was superior in terms of space exploration and technology. Nearly thirty five years after the end of the cold war we see mankind has rekindled these flames of rivalry. But amazingly instead of seeing world governments going head to head we see in true resident evil fashion mega corporations that drag on for the supremacy of aerospace aviation with Elon Musk announcing his plan to colonize the Mars, and Peter Beck intending for his corporation to launch commercial flights at much cheaper rates than competitors and with much more frequency. The space race is truly on. But what does this really imply for you and me?

Mars, Peter Beck, Elon Musk, Space Exploration, Aerospace

The Air Space Race Is On! Here’s Everything you need to know about the development.

Space race is on - but what is in it for you?
Space race is on – but what is in it for you?

Creation of a market for space products and services:

The space race throws open a wide door of opportunities in the creation and distribution of space and aerospace related products and services at relatively inexpensive prices. Well, this does not mean you or I could go out take a short trip to space and buy a space doughnut. Then again maybe it does. With commercial flights to space now seen as a possibility in the near future, Peter Beck of Rocket Lab already launching 3 rockets per week into space as well as Amazon’s Jeff Bezos spearheading the creation of the New Shepard passenger capsule, man’s modern day age of the space race is already creating avenues for regular and efficient travels into space. Other services to be rendered include, interplanetary exportation of goods to space, therefore, making it possible for a group of astronauts to stay for much longer periods in space.

Threat of a truly global catastrophe:

One of the truly darker themes on this list, but with the possibilities as technology crosses a whole new horizon it isn’t a far-fetched idea any longer. Recent developments in the aerospace industry have made it truly easy to plant satellites in space. These satellites, used for a wide variety of purposes of which one of top priorities is defence, creates a truly easy and sometimes irresponsible way to develop military systems and tools essential for nuclear warfare. With the tensions rising between the United State and North Korea it isn’t too much of an estimate to believe that the current nuclear tensions could only be accentuated by cutting edge space technology being innovated.


What could indeed be better than the potential of every human being having access to the best medical care? Well that potential is now a possible reality with each day that comes near, with the recent improvements made by NASA in the telemedicine platform, it is now possible for a doctor in a remote location round the world to monitor and understand the health of his patient as well as treat him from half way round the world.

With the advent in the various technologies of the era, space technology and indeed the modern space race has pushed forward the need for a comprehensive health understanding and long distance treatment of people far and isolated from traditional means of medical care.

Means to address other global challenges:

The challenges faced and possible responses to them are numerous and rather difficult to list in a short article of this nature. But the space race in the modern day capacity pushes the limits on what is possible and what isn’t. Will Earth’s rapid population growth eventually be tackled by Elon Musk’s dream of humans settling on Mars? Will Peter Beck’s dream to permanently link the two planets be ever achieved? Will either of these discover an alien life form who might share the key to life’s and indeed the earth’s problems with us?

These are questions that demand the attention of every space enthusiast, scientist and even casual observers. And mankind has a duty to explore this possibilities that could pave a way for the major successes in the future, as Guissepe Cocconi and Philip Morrison once said in their paper “the probability of success is difficult to estimate, but if we never search, the chance of success is zero”

Education Marketing

4 Effective Tips for Improving Sales Rep Productivity

Sales representatives serve at the front line of your business, so you have to do everything you can to make sure they perform effectively. While hiring the perfect lineup of sales reps from the start is ideal, it’s not always—if ever—an option. However, working with your current team of sales reps and finding a way to improve their productivity is always possible.

There’s a common misconception that a sales rep’s productivity is all dependent on the individual’s abilities. However, there are many factors that affect a sales rep’s effectiveness, some of which are beyond their control. You also have to make changes on your part if you want your sales rep to be more productive, and knowing where to make those changes is key to big improvements.

If you don’t know where to begin, these helpful tips for improving sales rep productivity should give you a good start.

Growth-Hacking Techniques for Your Improving Sales Rep Productivity

Improving Sales Rep Productivity
Sales representatives serve at the front line of your business, therefore, the growth of the company rest solely on their performances. But how do you help them to step up their games? Here’s strategies for improving sales rep productivity without much hassle.

1. Use the Right Sales Compensation Management Tools

One of the best ways to improve your sales reps’ productivity is by keeping them motivated, and one way to do this is by giving them the means to track their progress. This way, you’ll be able to reward them with appropriate incentives. By using sales performance management tools, you can let your sales reps know where they stand in terms of how well they are performing.

How does using the right technology help motivate sales representatives? By using the right sales compensation management platform, you enable transparency and real-time visibility for your sales team members and executives. Your sales representatives will know how well they have to perform to qualify for incentives, and you ensure accuracy of payouts. Performance-based rewards can either be rewarded on a per-individual basis or as a general reward for team-based efforts.

2. Know Your Target Market

Even the best sales reps will have a difficult time hitting ideal productivity goals if they’re trying to sell to the wrong people. It’s not just about reaching out to as many people as possible. Remember that time spent on trying to make a sale to an unlikely customer is time not spent making sales to your target market.

Identifying your real target market allows your sales reps to focus their efforts on people that are more likely to buy what they’re selling. Better chances of conversion improve your sales reps’ individual sales figures, which means an overall boost to your sales team’s effectiveness. Furthermore, knowing your target market also ties into the other tips on this list.

3. Improve Your Marketing

Sales reps will have a more difficult time making a successful conversion if a potential buyer is not familiar with the product or services they are selling. If knowledge about your brand, product, or service is low, sales reps will have to be able to introduce what you’re selling before they can actually attempt a sale. This is where effective marketing comes into play.

By being able to come up with a marketing strategy to increase awareness, you’re taking the burden of introducing your product from your sales reps. This way, your target market will be more likely to want to buy your products or services, and your sales reps can concentrate on making sales. Employing social media, for instance, is an effective and affordable technique when it comes to reaching out to your target demographic. Use this to your advantage.

4. Choose the Right Leaders

For your sales rep team to be truly effective, everybody has to be on the same page. This is why you need to have the right leaders to point the team towards the right direction. It’s up to the team leaders to make sure areas that need improvement are identified and properly addressed and that each sales rep sticks to the company’s sales strategy.

How to improve your sales representative productivity through right partnership
Improving Sales Rep Productivity: Picking a leader who knows when to say something and how to properly say it in order to inspire the rest of the team to deliver could earn your organization long term benefits. You don’t just need top sales performances in every departments, but you need some special people who has keen interest in reading signals, studying individual growth and analysing them properly to handle strategic position.

Picking the right leaders requires more than just assigning the top performers to leadership roles. Instead, look for individuals that are good at mentoring team members and those that have a keen eye for improvement. They also have to be familiar with keeping track of metrics for analyzing individual performances so they can coach employees that need to improve even before their stats take a major hit.

Improving sales rep productivity requires a concerted effort among your sales reps, their leaders, and upper management. A sound sales strategy combined with the right tools and people can mean the difference between an average sales rep team and an outstanding one.

Blockchain Technology News

Rothschild Investment Corporation takes a slice of the bitcoin pie

The digital currency, bitcoin has gained another major victory, And overall digital currency continues to grow in leaps and bounds. More and more credible sources seem to be accepting the usefulness and functionality of the currency. This has resulted in turn in an increased purchase of bitcoins and shares in bitcoin holding and trading companies. Rothschild Investment Corporation is the latest to dive into the world of cryptocurrency investment. The Chicago based company has purchased over 500 shares at Bitcoin Investment Trust at the cost of $210,000.

What…! Rothschild Investment Corporation also is investing in Bitcoin?

Rothschild Investment Corporation takes a slice of the bitcoin pie
Rothschild Investment Corporation takes a slice of the bitcoin pie. Isn’t this a sign to invest in Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies?

Rothschild Investment Corporation, in a recent holdings report, revealed the details of the transaction. Details of other transactions and investments in their vast portfolio were also included in the report. The report, which dates back to 30th June 2017 was released by the Bradley C. Drake, Executive Vice president at the company. The report illustrates the recent piqued interest of large and credible corporations (like Apple) in the world of digital money. Even countries have shown interest. An example of this is illustrated by China commencing plans to produce their own digital currency.

Rothschild Investment Corporation is different and separate from holdings by the Rothschild Banking Family

The news of Rothschild Investment Company owning shares at a cryptocurrency company raises some eye brows. The major reason behind this is that they are often confused with the Rothschild family of bankers. Though with similar names (or rather same name), the two entities have almost nothing to do with each other. The Rothschild Investment Corporation was founded in 1908 by Monroe Rothschild and his brother-in-law Samuel Karger. Then known as Rothschild & Company, it trades and invests in many stocks and companies and continues to do so for about 100 years now. The perceived association has been helpful at times with the company being perceived as yet another branch of the Rothschild family and its influence. This has given rise to a multitude of conspiracy theories associating the Bitcoin sector with the Illuminati.

Cryptocurrency: the currency of the future?

As more and more companies and corporations reveal they have interest in the growing world of electronic money, many pundits and enthusiast have been led to ponder. Is cryptocurrency the currency of the future? Or another passing phase in mankind’s financial history? Is the technology sustainable and can it totally replace the physical currency we have all come to know and love so much? (Indeed). Rothschild Investment Company seems to think so, with its financial report showing an interest in investing the technology as it gets progressive.

What do you think? Please let us know in the comments below.

Android Fans News

Google CEO, Sundar Pichai, is in Nigeria to attend Google for Nigeria program

Google putting Nigeria on the map again with Google For Nigeria launch!

Google CEO, Sundar Pichai is in Nigeria. The Chief Executive arrived Nigeria early on Thursday the 27th of July. In a tweet posted 9:37 am, Sundar Pichai announced his arrival in Nigeria.

He is in Nigeria to promote the new Google for Nigeria program.

Sundar Pichai speaks on developments
Sundar Pichai in Lagos for Google For Nigeria launch. He speaks on different developments that are in the fridge by the technology giant for Nigerians and other Africans.

But wait, what is Google for Nigeria all about?

Google for Nigeria is a current program promoted and supported by Google. The web giant is looking to make more and more impact on the internet scene in Africa. The project aims to increase Google’s reach by helping them address many key issues in Nigeria like unemployment, creating suitable market for small companies as well as facilitating the tools needed to harness the potential Nigeria has to offer. Sundar Pichai, who was recently announced as Google CEO gave a formal address on the various issues in the country and how Google plans to help tackle them.

Sundar Pichai in Lagos for Google For Nigeria launch
Google CEO, Sundar Pichai look set to get the ball rolling by taking on some students in Lagos for Google For Nigeria program.

Google kicks off products launch with Nigeria as a major market.

In the company conference held in Lagos, Mr Pichai addressed Nigerians and International observers as he revealed that Google would be launching a series of new products and services on the Nigerian market. These products from various broad sectors show the highly diversified interests of the technology giant.

Among the products launched were Google Street View. Google Street View allows the user to see and experience the sights of places, landmarks and monuments as well as explore places with natural phenomena. This is all done from the comfort of your room or on the go. This allows one to truly explore and understand any place of interest from your device. According to a tweet released by the “Google in Africa” handle “You can now explore the vibrant city of Lagos from your couch…”

Besides Google Street View, the Company also announced the new Google service that effectively allows for social media styled posts to rank directly on Google’s search results. The new service “Post on Google” allows for users to create posts that rank directly in search engine results. This allows Nigerian companies, celebrities as well as important personalities to create content on their social media account that then appears directly in Google’s search page results. This service is currently available in just 3 countries: U.S.A, Brazil and now Nigeria.

Sundar Pichai took selfie with the participants at Google's Digital Skills for Africa program in Lagos.
Sundar Pichai took selfie with the participants at Google’s Digital Skills for Africa program in Lagos. Few months ago, Mark Zuckerberg was in Lagos and today Google CEO, Sundar Pichai is stepping up the game. It is right time for tech startups in Nigeria to benefit from these developments.

Google to Train 10 Million Africans.

Google also restated their commitment to aiding and facilitating development in Nigeria. The Company has also pledged to help train 10 Million Africans over the next five years.

It further went on to elucidate that over a 100,000 Nigerians will be receive training as software developers by the company. The CEO further pledged the company’s full backing to help prepare Nigerians and Africans for the jobs of the future.

The company further went on to express its delight at the new Telcos service coming to Nigeria. This service will allow Nigerians to make payments on their phones without using their credit or debit cards. Simply put, this allows Nigerians to pay for services using their airtime. Currently, just 2 service providers will have the new feature powered by Google: MTN and 9Mobile.

Google is opening more doors.

The Google CEO’s visit has come just little over a year since the visit of Mark Zuckerberg, Facebook CEO. Many pundits expect a very rapid change of the technology landscape in the country in the next five years. This highlights the interest many international corporations have in Nigeria as growing market. It also helps highlight the potential on the African continent and the need to explore the African market to further facilitate growth and development. is planning to commit $20M to African non-profit organization over next 5 years, and that’s a huge development for non profits in the country.

Other notable events of the day at the Google For Nigeria


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Twisting Tao Zhu Yin Yuan Tower: Using Architecture to Save the Planet against Global Warming

Tao Zhu Yin Yuan, literally meaning “Retreat of Tao Zhu” leaves many in awe as they pass by this modern day wonder. Located in the heart of Taipei Taiwan in the Xin Yi District, this giant building with its double helix structure is literally a smoke eater. With over 23,000 trees and shrubs, it is estimated that the shrubbery on the Tao Zhu Yin Yuan will absorb over 130 tons of carbon dioxide every year, therefore help making the air in Taipei cleaner and safer.

The brain child of archibiotect Vincent Callebaut, known for his beautiful, technological as well as environmentally friendly works and projects, Taipei’s jungle skyscraper as it is also affectionately called is said to contain over 40 condo homes as well as 2 penthouse apartments each equipped with the stunning view of the Taipei skyline and lush beautiful greens, essentially making it a modern day and highly innovative tree house.

How the twisting Tao Zhu Yin Yuan Tower idea was conveyed and the history.

Tao Zhu Yin Yuan actual view
An architectural design of Tao Zhu Yin Yuan tower with its actual view from the bottom of the building. | Copyright: Vincent Callebaut Architecture.

The Vision of  Tao Zhu Yin Yuan tower

The winner of an architectural international competition in November 2010 Vincent Callebaut architectures began construction in 2013 and scheduled to be complete by September 2017. The building from conception is a wonder and according to the creator it is inspired by the helix structure of the DNA strand which symbolises renewal. The building is expected to house a massive forest of trees as well as help in cleaning of the environment.

Architectural master-class

Breaking the norm for what we know as conventional architecture, the Tao Zhu Yin Yuan consists of 25 floors with 4 of those being located underground. The building itself is made to climb while gradually twisting on its central axis at an increment of 4.5 degrees until it makes a full 90 degrees turn right at the very top. This is not some random flaw or just an artistic gimmick but also a well thought out response to some issues pertaining to the building and its construction. This twist satisfies the four major targets of the creators of the project:

1. Purposefully concepted

The pyramidal orientation of the pyramid is preserved perfectly. The objective here is to be perfectly integrated in the North/south pyramidal profile of the building volume.

tao zhu yin yuan full from side view
Full view of Tao zhu yin yuan tower from one of its sides. It was designed by Vincent Callebaut Architecture.

2. The creation of extra space for the open air garden to be hosted on the building.

Aerial view of the giant Tao Zhu Yin Yuan green building
Aerial view of the giant Tao Zhu Yin Yuan greener environment focused building desgned by Vincent Callebaut Architecture.

3. Tourist-focused scenery

Offering individuals residing or visiting the building a panoramic view of the stunning scenery and beautiful skyline.

Tao Zhu Yin Yuan city structure
Tao Zhu Yin Yuan city structure from the neighboring condominium around the environment.

4. Preserving the privacy of the residents of the tower.

The high compacted central core, which is an integral component of the spiral structure, is also important to the dynamic nature of the building not just supporting the building but serving other important functions as well. Surrounded by foyers that aid accessibility the core is fully equipped by level with 2 stair cases that makes it possible to move from floor to floor as well as 4 high speed elevators that is capable of carrying 24 people, a car elevator which is also useful for transporting giant objects ranging from furniture to works of art as well as 2 sky garages for cars of the tenants or condo owners.

The apartments in the building are of stunning design with each unit including a living room, kitchen, dining room, family room and multiple bedrooms. An outdoor pool and fitness centre are also part of what the construction team has in store for the building.

Tao Zhu Yin Yuan from afar off with landscape view
Tao Zhu Yin Yuan from afar off with full landscape view from a nearby tall building.

Perhaps the most intriguing of fact about this building is that it has been equipped with up to 23,000 trees. This trees and shrubs placed on terraces and by walls will be able to consume 130 tons of the carbon dioxide found in the Taipei air in one year. That is equivalent to the amount of gas produced by 27 cars. This architectural marvel blazes a trail for others in eco-friendly and environmentally sustainable technology.

How the Twisting Tao Zhu Yin Yuan looks like from the next condo when we look much closer.
How the Twisting Tao Zhu Yin Yuan looks like from the next condo when we look much closer.

It is also armed with natural lighting to compliment the beauty of the trees, natural ventilation and an extensive array of rooftop solar panels to ensure it is self-sufficient and self-sustained.

ALSO READ: Cities of the Future: What Will Our Cities Look Like in 2050?

A beacon for the Future

In a world where global temperatures are on the increase, rapid climate changes, deforestation and atmospheric imbalance of gases in our atmosphere as well as ozone layer depletion. New and much more efficient alternative means of lifestyle choices ranging from the choice of fuel to consume to the architecture we choose to adopt are being explored by leading scientists, innovators and contemporary thinkers.

Greenish Tao Zhu Yin Yuan tower
Tao Zhu Yin Yuan is greenish in nature. The structure was perfectly constructed with the environment on major consideration. The architect had factored in the environment and how the building would not just provide housing solutions, but it also housed the world’s largest green plantation aim at protecting the community.

The Tau Zhu Yin Yuan is a beacon or symbol of perfect balance between technology architecture and very progressive environmental protection strategies, is it sustainable? Is it a bit over ambitious and over the top? Or do you think Mankind has taken a step towards a grand and better future with a safer planet. Please, feel free to let me know your thoughts via the comments section below.

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Yara Birkeland – The world’s first autonomous ship set to launch in 2018

It’s hard to turn on your TV or tune in to a technology-focused blog or forum without hearing talk of a newly built driverless vehicle, with Tesla, Google, Audi and even Apple working on variations of the technology. In a recent change of pace, innovators in other transportation sectors have shown a willingness to adopt the principle of driverless transport vehicles, with two companies; Yara which is a fertilizer developer and distributor as well as Konsberg, a developer of maritime technology (both based in Norway) taking an interest in the production of a vessel that require less human control or guidance, gradually intending on making crews on ships a thing of the past by the year 2020. The new ship Yara Birkeland besides being autonomous is also electrical and therefore will cut down on fuel consumption as well as pollution.

Yara Birkeland is the World’s first autonomous ship, and it is set to launch soon!

Yara Birkeland is the first autonomous ship - The world's first zero emission, autonomous container feeder.
Yara Birkeland – The world’s first zero emission, autonomous container feeder that is set to disrupt the world of sea transportation by 2018. The development is in top gear in Norway, towards its launch.

Plans for the Yara Birkeland development were recently announced on the 9th of May this year with the ship described on the Konsberg website as the world’s first truly electric and automated container ship with zero emissions. Designed by Marine Teknikk and named after the Yara founder, Kristian Birkeland, the ship is expected to cut down on the fuel consumption required by most ships at sea, reduce CO2 emissions as well as remove about 40,000 truck journeys. With Konsberg responsible for developing key technical functions of the new ship, the production cost is minimized.

The ship itself is pretty small in terms of physical standards of today’s carrier ships, with a cargo capacity of 100-150 TEU and Length overall (LOA) of more than 70 meters. The open top container is also equipped with Electric propulsion and sensors like cameras, Radar, AIS, and IR camera that aid in its unmanned trips on the seas.

The ship is expected to make its journeys over an area 12 nautical miles from the Norwegian coast, with three different control centers set up to manage the vessel. The centers, controlled by both Yara and Konsberg will handle emergencies, navigation, surveillance, maintenance, and decision support as well with the ship expected to perform as much as 2 hours per day. While at ports located at Heroya, Breivik, and Larvik, loading and unloading will also be done automatically using electric equipment. The ship will have an automatic mooring system too.

While construction of the ship is still underway, all parties involved seem to be very enthusiastic about the expected impact of the vessel on sea transport, with Yara president Svein Tore Holsether speaking excitedly about the possibilities opened up by the Yara Birkeland.

“With this new autonomous battery driven container vessel we move transport from road to sea and thereby reduce noise and dust emissions, improve the safety of local roads and reduce NOx and CO2 emissions” he says.

Konsberg has also expressed delight at the partnership and the potential of developing the world’s first commercial autonomous shipping vessel, with the partnership expected to set the pace for more similar minded marine technology to follow.

Yara Birkeland will hold the record for being the first world autonomous ship ever to be built. But currently, it is still under development in Norway.

Watch how Yara Birkeland, the world’s first autonomous ship would work in real-time in the video below.

What do you think about the prospect Yara Birkeland? Let me know about it in the comment below.

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Chinese buyout: Canyon Bridge to save imagination studios

Imagination studios put itself on sale in June 2016 after a very bizarre feud with Silicon Valley mega corporation, Apple. The UK based company had found themselves in unsavoury waters after Apple had announced that it would stop using Imagination studios graphics technology. Apple, in a statement say they now needed new and differentiating IP for their products. Poaching of employees followed as Apple tried to lure top Imagination employees over. Things only turned out worse for Imagination studios with apple deciding to locate their new UK headquaters in the same locality as Imagination studios. The feud with Apple caused a 70 percent drop in share prices as well. But in a recent turn of events, it seems that all hope may not be lost for the UK based firm. Although in some unfamiliar territory, the firm has been able to generate interest in its services. With lots of companies showing interest, the most remarkable bid in this case has come from a not so unlikely source: a Chinese equity fund.

Canyon Bridge; likely hope of saving Imagination Studios revived after Apple divorce.

Private equity group, Canyon Bridge Acquisition Co Inc to buy troubled Imagination studios
A Chinese private equity group, Canyon Bridge Acquisition Co Inc, plans to buyout troubled Imagination studios and refocus its brand image to garner profits unlike the way Apple left it.

Chinese backed buyout?

Canyon Bridge Capital Ventures is a private equity firm that provides capital needed by technology companies to grow and develop. The Chinese giants recently acquired Lattice semiconductor for an estimated $1.3 billion and seems to be on a mission to improve on their portfolio.

“We are investors who provide capital, deep technology and business smarts that is driven by an entrepreneurial spirit that is designed to help companies innovate and grow” is how the company is described on their website.

News of the bid first surfaced last week with multiple reports of interest by the Chinese government backed fund hitting the internet but with no official statement by either Imagination Studios or Canyon Bridge Capital Ventures, it is difficult to tell the exact terms or stage of negotiation.

Hope for the future for Imagination Studios.

Imagination studios have been experiencing something of a revival since the announcement of a sale. Profit turnover has been very high as costs were cut down and prices of shares steadily climbed back up. The company has reported a profit of 2.4 million pounds which was an improvement from almost 30 million pound loss of the previous year with a revenue of over 140 million pound according to a recent company statement.

Truly, the patient dog eat the fattest bone – how interesting this story span out! Canyon Bridge has proven truly to be a game changer in the global private equity buyout market as stated on its website – it is time to cash in on the investment!

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Time to get meta on META 2, the New AR Technology

Many of us are familiar with the marvel Cinematic Universe Iron Man series of movies, where the lead character, Tony Stark controls and augments reality in conjunction with his personal computer Jarvis to create super cool humanoid battle armor for him to save the world with. This is just one illustration of how Augmented Reality can be used to change the way work in an office space is done. With its possibilities endless and truly without bounds the relatively young sibling to virtual reality is really taking off with the new Meta 2 AR headset hitting the markets soon.

In 2013, Meron Gribetz founded the company Meta, with the sole aim of integrating Augmented Realities with the everyday office practices at his firm and eventually replacing it.

“Look at all these desks, within a year or two I want people to be doing their work using our glasses” he said.

Where reality meets fiction: How the new META 2 technology is transforming the AR scene!

Augmented reality was said to be fictional, but it is quickly becoming a REALITY with Meta 2!
Meta 2 is a technology designed for more meaningful connections–for deeper understanding and optimal productivity. A fully-loaded augmented reality experience awaits you!

The Meta journey.

The journey of the META 2 headset has been an inspirational and amazing one, with the developers going through many processes of trial and error to make sure they get their product just right. Meta 2 AR Headset comes with a host of features intended to make its use seamless and enable its integration into the real world.

Augmented Reality is becoming realistic with Meta 2
Augmented Reality was said to be fictional but the story has quickly changed lately. It vastly becoming realistic with Meta 2 coming the team at Meta Vision.

Key functionalities and features.

The extremely lightweight Meta 2 comes with a 90 degree field of vision which is currently the largest of any AR technology in the market that allows you to load and work on multiple apps and features in real time as you would in an office building. Its positional tracking and hand interaction sensors helps the device understand and track your hand movement as you grab, tap, swipe, click or enlarge various items in the work space. With a resolution of 2.5K and a 60 Hz refresh rate, it has pretty impressive graphics and with more platform integration options being explored, it is very correct to think that the Meta 2 is only going to improve from here.

Meta posses the potential to replace physical office cubicles.

Due to it’s immense potential, this piece of hardware has been affectionately described as the IOS of the mind by Meron Gribetz, CEO and founder of META. With everyone at his company in festive mood and currently testing the new product, a flurry of reviews and praise have been flowing in as the CEO has now turned from the dreaming guy to the one who makes realities come true. Augmented realities that is. When he first revealed his plans he had already known he was in for a huge challenge as he was about to go “...against 50 years of computing tools”.

It is Gribetz’s dream to completely replace the formal office working cubicle together with personal computers and handheld devices with the new technology he is developing at his start-up Meta. He has predicted that in five years, the technology will be so advanced that it would have become faster, more powerful, more interactive as well as slicker and much more seamless with its real life integration. The nostalgia and enthusiasm isn’t felt by Gribetz alone as other members of the start-up have shown excitement at the possibility of an augmented work space. Where stacks of virtual files, objects seen in 360 degrees orientation, collaboration using the Meta’s holographic technology as well execution of flawless boardroom presentations are all possible.

Possible repercussions of the Meta 2.

The struggle to make this dream a reality has not been without challenges along the way. With multiple issues plaguing the development of the product ranging from costs of production to the struggle to protect the said technology from being stolen (META sued a former employee on account of him stealing their data and going to start up his own firm). Factors like productivity of workers as well as the impact of the technology on the balance and cognition of workers when they leave the virtual space as well as its incompatibility with many of today’s apps have also been highlighted. This however does not discourage META and its CEO from striving to achieve a reality where where the everyday office is replaced by a virtual work space.