How to Drastically Simplify Your Test Automation Process (and Boost ROI in the Process)

Streamline Test Automation Without Sacrifice

Test automation isn’t a new concept. But as with most things in the digital world, it’s one that continues to improve as user needs change.

Testing is a natural part of any software development, but even the best software engineers can find bugs in the final product. Manual testing can usually detect these inconsistencies before release, but it often proves more time consuming, expensive, and less effective than automated testing.

During its initial heyday, test automation did what manual testing could never accomplish. Automated tests were established one time to perform a predefined set of actions. The tests could then be used in a variety of testing projects, cutting out countless man hours and reducing human error.

At first glance, automation appeared to be the end-all solution to software testing. But despite the many problems test automation solved, it also created new problems that eliminated much of its effectiveness. Early adopters soon realized that their automated tests didn’t scale; that is, when they changed their application-under-test, they had to change their automated tests, too. Engineers often

Early adopters soon realized that their automated tests didn’t scale; that is, when they changed their application-under-test, they had to change their automated tests, too. Engineers often found themselves spending more time tweaking and developing new automated test scripts than they did in actual software testing.

These inefficiencies heralded a demand for improvement that led to the reshaping of test automation software as it should have been to begin with. Solutions now exist that can take already-robust test automation and transform it into a faster, less painful, more effective system that can boost your ROI in the process.

Making Solid Test Automation Stronger

In a traditional approach, testing typically occurred after the development phase against tight release deadlines. This sudden death rush would lead to lower quality test data and reporting, and with little time to fix issues. As a result, companies buckled under the weight of excessive costs and resources and a heightened risk of project failure.

Given the existing idea that test automation should create time-saving and money-saving advantages over manual testing, there still existed plenty of room for improvements, such as using HP ALM test configuration and test data sheets to help streamline the testing process.

The emergence of a new keyword data-driven framework has nearly flipped the grievances of traditional testing by 180 degrees. Users can now ensure development and testing quality at all stages of the software lifecycle by assuming a “client mentoring” style approach. Ultimately, companies can boost their test reporting accuracy and efficiency, lessen the costs associated with testing and error fixes, and reduce their risk of live app failure.

This modernized automated testing solution now enables users to highly reduce the amount of scripting by using these and other common functions, while easily scaling their functionalities as workloads shift. In doing so, users will also notice stronger execution performance in putting the test automation to work.

Test Automation Framework Benchmark
Test automation has been for a very long time, it isn’t a new concept. But as with most things in the digital world, it’s one that continues to improve as user needs change.

In many comparisons run under the same conditions against popular test automation products like business components (known as BPT), it has been proven that this type of automated testing can be up to 40% faster at executing automated tests. As testing speeds increase, users can experience fringe effects like discovering and fixing issues sooner, which leads to a reduction in costs and other resources.

This automation framework not only provides a head start to test automation processes, but also improves code maintainability and reusability, along with functionalities like error handling, test recovery, tests execution and reporting.

Instead of creating copious or redundant automation scripts, this new tool can help companies reduce the complexity of their test automation processes, increase defect detection, speed up their application delivery and improve their return on investment.

But simply streamlining the testing process isn’t enough. Rather, users will also benefit from partnering with companies who offer the support and expertise to make it work correctly and efficiently. This means no guess work, no investing in additional resources, and more focus on problem solving than problem finding.

There are many ways to implement test automation, but only a slight few can deliver the profitability and efficiency of the Keyword Data-Driven Framework. The support alone can guarantee your investment will be one well worth it.

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How To Recover Exchange Database DB From Dirty Shutdown – Step by Step

“I am using Microsoft Exchange Server to meet my business requirements. However, I am sick with all the major solutions of backup. Even with the Windows server backup, which includes the backup of EDB database &amp associated logs. Before mounting back the Exchange databases, it ended up in dirty shutdown. I am a bit curious in knowing that is there any possible method to recover Exchange database from dirty shutdown state?”

Exchange Server is like a blessing to users by Microsoft. It is one of the popular media for the storage of database and for executing cross-communication among organizations. However, sometimes the issue like dirty shutdown in Exchange has come up in front of users. Now, the question arises that what is dirty shutdown in Exchange?

The database in MS Exchange is based on the technology of JET Blue engine. This technology uses a cache of the database to reduce the number of Input-Output process to the transaction logs. If the update is not done it will not write into the outstanding transaction and JET engine marks the database as dirty. Moreover, an obstruction caused the system to shutdown, resulting in the dirty shutdown state.

Detected Errors

Error 550:

Error 528:

Now, we will discuss the method how to repair Exchange database from the dirty shutdown.

Methods to Recover Exchange Database From dirty Shutdown Using ESEUTIL

Methods to Recover Exchange Database From dirty Shutdown Using ESEUTIL
Here is a step by step guide on how to recover exchange database from dirty shutdown using ESEUTIL.

In this section, will discuss that how by using ESEUTIL command users can perform recovery of Exchange database from dirty shutdown. However, there are certain points that a user must keep in mind before opting for this process such as:

  • An expert should operate the ESEUTIL command. The reason behind this is that it is complicated & may result in data loss.
  • There should be 20 and 110 percent availability of free space to repair & defragmentation respectively.
  • The consumption of the time to repair Exchange database DB from Dirty shutdown state depends upon the size of the Exchange database.
  • Quite often, the mounting database can cause the problematic situation. Therefore, it should be dismounted from the server so that it can run against ESEUTIL.

Method 1 – Soft Recovery of Database:

At the time when Log files present in a clean state, then users can repair data by using ESEUTIL. In soft recovery, the log transaction will be replayed with the help of log & checkpoint files. ESEUTIL is a command line tool that helps in performing different operations against the database as it comes with a variety of switches.

Note: It is very important to check the state of the database before executing soft recovery.

To check the state of the database use /ml switch of ESEUTIL. This is the syntax for this Eseutil /ml “Path of the log files\log prefix

Now, once it is done, use this syntax for soft recovery

ESEUTIL / r enn /L(path to log files) /s(path to checkpoint file) /d(path to database file) /i

Method 2 – Hard Recovery of Database:

Hard recovery is different from soft recovery as it replays log transaction by restoring the database from online backup. In case there is an availability of valid & recent database then you can restore .stm, .log, and .edb files. After the restoration, you will get restore.env file.

Note: There is a possibility of loss of data in hard recovery method, therefore, it is recommended to create a copy of restore.env & log files.

You need to use this syntax for hard recovery Eseutil //cc “Path of the restore.env containing folder”

Once the hard recovery is finished, the folder that is temporary with restore.env will be empty. However, what if there is no valid backup? This is possible if the log data files are inconsistent & there is no backup. In such circumstances, you need to repair the database with help of /p switch.

  • The syntax used for this is D: \Program Files\Exchsrvr\Bin>eseutil / “D: \Exchsrvr\Mailbox Store (Server).edb”
  • You will receive a message that this process might result in the loss of data. It will ask if you want to proceed further. In this box, you need to click on OK.
  • Now, the process of database repairing will begin. Those pages, which are unused, will be eliminated in this process from the Exchange database.

After this completion of recovery process, check the state of the database with the help of /mh switch once again. In case, the state is Clean Shutdown, then proceed to defragmentation offline process.

Perform Offline Defragmentation in MS Exchange via ESEUTIL Command

One of the main reasons behind performing defragmenting is to delete unused pages as mentioned above. Use this syntax for this eseutil /d Database_Name.

ESEUTIL Commands Fails: Go for an Expert Solution

It is possible that the above-mentioned method will fail to perform the recovery of Exchange database from dirty shutdown. Therefore, in such situations, it is recommended to opt for a third party utility. One such reliable third party tool is Exchange Recovery. This software can repair the database of Exchange in an effortless way and also provide an option to export Exchange EDB mailbox to PST format so that user can also open in Outlook. It can even repair Exchange database DB from dirty shutdown state. The simple interface makes the software popular among its users.

Final Words

ESEUTIL is a command line tool that comes up with different switches to repair and recover Exchange database. However, sometimes it fails to recover Exchange database from the dirty shutdown state. Therefore, in above article, we have come up with an automated solution. With this, the process of recovery has become easy, smooth and quick.

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12 Innovative Approaches In Improving WordPress Only A Handful Of People Know

Since its first release date, WordPress never backed down regarding its constant improvements and incredible features. Each year WordPress employs clear strategies, brings in new attributes to make the life of a WordPress user easy.

To make you and your WordPress page prepared in the coming days, we have compiled few innovative approaches to improving wordpress, rather secrets of WordPress only a handful of people aware.

12 Amazing and Innovative Tweaks for Improving WordPress Website

Tweaks on Improving WordPress Site Performance
To make your WordPress web pages stand out, here are innovative approaches to improving wordpress site performance that only a handful of people are aware of.

1. WordPress Security

WordPress Security is often overlooked due to the fact that it is referred to as ‘Hardening’. Though the core installation of WordPress is easy and secure, the add-in features, themes, custom codes which you download are more likely to be hacked. Even adding more users to the installation increases the prominence of security. Hence, one must know technicalities and approaches in securing site’s backend to ensure even the slightest information is safe and not prone to any danger. We here talk about everything that improves speed and vulnerability management of a WordPress.

2. Bespoke Elements for Designing

Many organizations are moving towards bespoke elements of designing which make illustrations friendly and adaptable. It brings in features of customized photography and design, making designers build their own illustration.

3. Image Optimization

If you are the one who strongly relies on heavy images to make your site compelling, then you should opt for Image Optimization. These tools compress and optimize your image, making it lighter and easier to load.

4. Install a Scanner

A security scanner checks for malicious attacks in plugins, themes, files and ensure zero tampering is executed. There are quite a handful plugins in the WordPress repository that helps in improving WordPress operation that you can download for this purpose.

5. Install MultiPurpose Themes

Multipurpose themes are well known among its users for offering benefits of the creation of a site with the limited resources available. These themes are exceptionally customizable and flexible. An economical site owner can experience the immense benefits with this kind of themes.

6. Keep Track of Dashboard Activity

Having a track of what’s going on within your dashboard can be a great advantage. It allows you to trace the user’s steps. It improves the access towards each action within the dashboard. The constant WordPress logs organize all the data handled by the site. Certain free plugins keep a track of everything that happens on the site backend.

7. Limit Logins and User Access

“Brute Force” attackers are in rage now. Their primary target is to crack your password with infinite logins. However, you can prevent it by installing plugins that limit the number of logins from a specific IP over a given period of time. This restricts the unlimited user logins over a period of time.

Also, be careful while giving permissions to user’s tasks. Empowering them with all administrative powers just adds to more troubles.

8. Login LockDown

Relocating or renaming your login page with something different from this: or can definitely ensure high security giving a tough time for hackers. Meanwhile, I have seen an instances of different variations of implementing this such as using the website name with some other generic details to confuse the perpetrators.

9. Maintain WordPress Up-to-Date:

Sounds Simple Isn’t it! But Indeed, it has a greater impact than you imagine. Something this simple might change the way you work with your WordPress. Whenever you come through a “WordPress Update Available” Banner, don’t think twice and update the version to the latest. If you are worried about breaking out, make a backup before installation.

Updating themes and plugins from the reputed sources is as important as you update WordPress. If not, improper security causes plugins and themes to act as an open door to your personal information. At the same time, deactivate and delete the unused plugins and themes. Fewer plugins ensure better site security, better speed, and better performance.

Regular updating overcomes the security flaws related to the previous version. You should stay informed of when the new updates are released and try to upgrade your content management system in due course.

10. Mobile Themes

Another creative approach to improving wordpress web development is investing in mobile themes instead of depending on the default concept. More mobile WordPress themes are brought into effect as cell phone gadgets are experiencing a whooping 51% internet users. Hence web designers are now beginning with mobile responsive web page design, the one solution for all client groups.

11. Pick up the Best Hosting

A great selection of Hosting Providers reduces the vulnerability. A managed WordPress Hosting Service Provider is specifically designed for running WordPress inside and out. It includes all the best features in the market, thereby ensuring better performance and better usability of the site.

12. Set up Two-Step Authentication:

The Two-Step Authentication approach involves authorization code along with a password. This authorization code is sent to your mobile via SMS. Several plugins handle this feature. Clef is one of such application that let user take advantage of 2-Factor authentication inside WordPress platform. Unfortunately, the team are shutting down the plugin this coming month. But you can find some other two step authentication plugins to improve your wordpress.

13. Strong username and Password:

Many installs the WordPress with the username ‘admin’. If you have done the same, it is high time to change it. You can alter it by inserting an SQL query in PHPMyAdmin.

Similarly, change the password to something which includes numbers, letters, and special characters. If you are unable to generate one, the password generators always come in handy.

Final Words…

These are some of the practices that make WordPress experience a boon. Some you might have already known and some you might find new. Focusing on the most relevant features ensures better user accessibility to your site. Then why late? Become a WordPress Pro by employing the above strategies. Improving wordpress site performance is a continual process, you just have to continue innovating and learning about maximizing wordpress features. Its potentials are huge!


Things Nobody Tells You About Logistics And Supply Chain Management

Supply Chain Management
Supply chain management (SCM) has to work in tandem with business strategy for it to realize its full potential. Let’s look at some of trends that are likely to impact the SCM of businesses and how they can complement it with their business strategies.

Overview of Logistics Outsourcing and Supply Chain Management:

A report filed by Cerasis aptly sums up the importance of technology integration with third party logistics services by saying;

Technology has always been the driving force behind the growth of the 3PL industry. Some of the technologies that are likely to transform the market in the near future include 3D printing, internet of Things (IoT), drone delivery, driverless vehicle and augmented reality. Many of the emerging technologies are still in the testing phase, but there can be little doubt that they will have significant roles to play in the future. And the future is not very far down the road; it’s just around the corner.’

The inclusion of technology and innovations driven by technology are likely to bring about more cost-cutting and customer satisfaction in the long run, rather than non-technology driven innovations. The cost of resources that an organization incurs owing to freight shipping, labour, storage in warehouses and other business processes can experience a significant reduction in cost if processes are automated. Businesses also give themselves the added advantage of faster business outcomes in a shorter turnaround time without compromising the quality of goods and services delivered. While 3PL providers get the higher ROI edge, shippers experience the fruition of their expectations into results, making the relationship they share symbiotic in nature.

Though technology has a lot of benefits to offer, small businesses may still be averse to the benefits of technology, putting them at a comparative disadvantage. The initial cost to set-up the technology acts as a major deterrent for small businesses to invest in it. However, what they need to realize are all the long term benefits and cost-cutting that these technology-fuelled innovations shall bring about to their businesses in the long run. Also, they may benefit from an edge that shall be a result of higher and deep sated customer satisfaction. Not implementing technology that is conducive to their business has given way to a greater level of customer dissatisfaction and given rise to shipper complaints, both of which are harmful to the organization.

The widespread adoption and usefulness of technology is forcing logistics service providers to rethink the transparency present in their business processes, so that shippers can monitor and keep an eye on the movement and delivery of their cargo throughout the freight shipping cycle. By eliminating silos and driving higher transparency across levels, logistics providers get to experience streamlining of their organizational processes and enjoy superior customer satisfaction.

The faster logistics companies adopt technological advancements and the sooner they bring about flexibility in their approach, they shall benefit from being more consumer-centric, which is the call of the times. The discerning and digitally-active customers want to be able to digitally track their freight booking, and this is only possible if a logistics provider offers that particular service. A report by Exchange-Traded Fund supports this by claiming that 32% of retailers and manufactures interviewed in the U.S. expect their 3PL organisation to offer services that are supported by augmented reality.

Amazon has set the bar high with its usage of drone delivery tools and augmented reality fuelled software. Though India is far from achieving such finesse in terms of customer service, the days when this becomes a global phenomenon are not too far.

A promising hope that the days to come for the national logistics industry shall not be as bleak seems to be the adoption of technology such as Transportation Management Systems (TMS), Global Positioning Systems (GPS) and Warehouse Management Systems (WNS). These advancements are consistently fuelled with the latest additions that technology enables, giving organizations the much needed ability to deliver more reliable and faster services in real-time at more feasible prices. Software such as truck booking apps will be beneficial to both logistic providers and shippers, as each party involved will be able to monitor the movement of the cargo at any given place and time, as well as monitor other aspects of freight shipping from anywhere.

Trip In is a modern and smart truck booking app that facilitates shippers with the facility to track the process on an end-to-end basis. Details such as the registration number of the vehicle, the contact details of the pilot, and all the necessary details of the cargo are sent to the shipper along with an estimated cost and necessary addresses.

Additionally the shipper is provided with option of tracking the truck’s en route progress and an estimated time of delivery is updated in real-time as well. Toll charges, and all additional expenditure, if any are digitally intimated to the shipper post the safe delivery of the freight. With Trip In, shippers can be rest assured that from booking till delivery, the entire process of freight shipping shall be transparent as it is processed by a technology-fuelled truck booking app.

Supply Chain Trends That Can Help You Achieve Excellence

Supply chain management (SCM) has to work in tandem with business strategy for it to realize its full potential. Let’s look at some of trends that are likely to impact the SCM of businesses and how they can complement it with their business strategies.

1. Data integration

In order for organizations to realize the efficiency that SCM can bring about they need to integrate their data. According to an IDC report, data integration will lead to not just faster decision making, but also enhance the entire process as a whole, resultantly benefitting supply chain processes and operations. Business owners and stakeholders understand the importance of Big Data, but now is the time to leverage that importance and use it to their benefit. IT estates and internal supply chain shall become inter-dependent and organization will experience superior functioning. Shaping and predicting demand will be easier.

2. Warehousing to self-driven vehicles, can all be automated

Automation cannot be restricted to just the giants, it has to permeate to the SMEs as well and it shall. Operations and supply chain management rely on automation for their success. What businesses and their associates need to understand that automation does not necessarily mean cutting-back on labor forces. In fact, a McKinsey report says that automation will enable labor-intensive jobs to get easier and more convenient to perform.

3. Omnichannel experiences will be integral

Organizations the world over are turning to technology and technology-driven innovations to meet evolving customer expectations. Customer experiences have to be consistent throughout their life cycle, meaning achieving supply chain effectiveness is integral in order to achieve so. According to a Forbes article, businesses will look to expand their IT estates in order to provide superior customer experiences to their customers, irrespective of whether they are from emerging or established markets. Technologies such as the internet of things (IoT), such as blockchain technology, will help drive transparency across the SCM and the organization.

4. Resource optimization

The year and the times to come will witness businesses making more and more environmentally friendly choices. This will be a conscious choice, rather a government induced one. Technology and automation will help organization rectify their carbon emissions and make sustainable choices.

CSR activities are also high on a customer’s mind. If a CSR study conducted in 2015 is to be believed, 80% of customers consider the CSR initiatives of a company throughout their lifecycle. This too is driving organizations to make careful choices and invest in more pro-environment technologies.

5. Freight shipping with 3PL

“Business and government organizations are highly aware of the added value that the effective use of logistics outsourcing can have on logistics and supply chain effectiveness.”, says Dr. William L. Grenoble, Executive Director, Center for Supply Chain Research and Senior Research Associate for The Smeal College of Business, Penn State University.

Freight shipping with 3PL makes sense in India because of several reasons, especially since the infrastructure is already overstretched and under developed. Not only is it sensible for organization to partner with a 3PL who has expertise in logistics, it is also revenue-friendly.

This industry too in undergoing a digital transformation and freight bookings are being conducted efficiently online with aggregators and 3PL providers.

Application Design and Development (Mobile or Desktop) Mobile App Web Development & Design Ideas

Five Factors That Can Slow Down the App Development Process and How to Deal with Them

How much time does it take to develop a mobile application?

It’s not easy to answer that question. But time is money, so a solid developer company should be able to accurately assess the time it will need to develop a mobile app for their client.

The mobile market is incredibly dynamic, and apps need to be released as soon as possible. If the development process is lagging behind schedule, the client risks someone else developing a similar product and bringing it to market first, snatching away their target audience.

Here are five most important factors that slow down app development and tips to help you deal with them to deliver your next mobile app on time. And why having a well-structured app development process is the secret ingredient to building a next-generation application.

Factors That Can Slow Down App Development Process and How to Overcome Them

Mobile apps development gimmicks

1. User Experience and Interface

UI and UX both contribute to an app’s success on the market in a significant way. Great UI and UX help apps to instantly attract the attention of users. User experiences are key if you want your app to be engaging and realize its objectives.

But it’s not easy to build a smooth and seamless user experience. It takes a lot of time and effort to plan, design and test different options to finally come up with a product that addresses the needs and expectations of users. Best check out the latest UX trends before making the final decision on how to approach it in your app.

UX or User experience
UX or User experience is another major thing you need to consider when building an app. It may slow down app development process if needed ingredients are not put in place as due.

Developing an impeccable application is essential for boosting consumer loyalty and achieving top satisfaction in every user interaction. Otherwise, the brand for which the app is built might suffer. That’s why designing an amazing User Interface takes a lot of market and target understanding – and you can only get the kind of insight by careful user data gathering and analytics.

2. The availability of resources

Mobile app development involves a team of developers who specialize in different areas. The ideal situation is when the entire team is available to participate in the project and willing to work closely with the client.

But that’s not what happens every single time.

Sometimes the client’s custom requirements generate a need for new talent. The time spent on sourcing, hiring and onboarding a new team member only adds to the whole development time.

Other potential problems include the prolonged waiting time to finish an existing iteration and get started on the new requirement that delays the process. That can easily happen if developers outsource certain aspects of mobile development and contractors deliver their parts late.

All in all, team member availability will change depending on the active and planned projects so the process of developing an app might be delayed until particular team members are available and can fully focus on the task at hand. Great team management is the only solution to that problem.

3. App security

App security is a serious matter that can take up a huge chunk of time dedicated to developing a mobile product.

App developers need to be aware about the most widespread security issues that might affect their users and possess knowledge to deal with them effectively. Ask any developer and they’ll tell you that security is a time-consuming activity.

But it’s not a good idea to skip security testing to publish the app as soon as possible. You wouldn’t want your app to have any vulnerabilities that make it fall victim to malware and viruses.

APP security is essential to fasttract mobile app development process.
Security means a whole lot to mobile app development. App security is a major factor that can limit the rate of success of any mobile application development processes. Combat this and you’re good to go.

Remember to test every inlet for security – from GPS and camera to the platform itself. It takes time, but it’s worth it. Finally, make sure you are aware of all app security risks and the available tools to deal with them.

4. The number of targeted devices and platforms

If you want your app to reach the widest possible audience, you’ll need to develop a product that works on multiple screens, platforms, devices, and operating systems.

It seems smart to build multiple versions of an app at the same time. But the reality of the process is tough. Designing, developing and testing an app for different platforms takes a lot of effort.

Even if you manage to plan some activities simultaneously, you’re guaranteed to need extra time for building apps that cater to different segments of your audience. So think well before deciding to develop an app for your entire target.

5. The number of included features

The number and complexity of features is a key element that determines the time it takes to develop a mobile app.

The more features you want, the more time and effort it will take to design, develop and test each of these elements before they’re ready. Apps that require little user interaction – for example, knowledge apps – take much less time to develop than products that include complex features (like the ability to buy something, push notifications, or real-time synchronization with server).

That’s why it’s always a good idea to develop an MVP for the mobile app first. This is how you get a clear idea about the app and what to expect of it at the onset of the process.

You can also gain more knowledge about user needs and tweak the app according to what you find out. Perhaps some features turn out to be completely unnecessary? It makes sense to add features to your app on the go – that can save you a lot of time.

Key takeaway

Don’t forget that even once your app is ready, you’ll need some time to get it published. Depending on the app store, the process can take a lot of time. Having a well-planned out app development process can help you achieve the aims and objectives of your business faster than you’d had imagine – in a nutshell, you can predict the future!

Each of these five factors affect the duration of the app development process, but if you understand in what ways they affect it, you’ll be able to deal with them, develop your app in a timely manner, and achieve your business objectives.

In couple of days, we will be sharing more insider’s guide to app development process on your darling technology blog for small businesses.

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How to Transform your Hobby into a Successful Business?

Every individual has his/her own personality and the different nature of each person makes this world a wonderful place to live. The world would have been a pretty grey and dull place if everyone was the same. But, every individual is not different from the other and there can be few similarities between the individuals. Our hobbies are one of the common things that we share with others usually. Some individuals have numerous hobbies that make them a bit different to those around them.

There are two types of people when it comes to hobbies. The major type of people are those who just enjoy their hobbies and practice them when they are free and according to their desire. There is nothing wrong with this. But, the other type of people are those that have an entrepreneurial spirit and they witness an opportunity at places where others do not. This actually means that the second category of people take their hobbies and try to transform them into profitable ventures. This will be their another business or job.  

Transform your hobby into a successful business venture with these ideas.


Transform your hobby into a successful business venture with these ideas.
Every individual has a gift waiting to be unraveled. They are merely awaiting their recognition of it. Here’s how to transform your hobby into a successful business venture with these ideas.

How does this work actually?

For the people who want to transform their hobby into a successful business, it will be harder than it seems. But, people can make this can happen by exploring the possibilities. The first thing you should do is the identification of your hobbies and acknowledging some elements. Firstly, in what area you are good at? And secondly, when it comes to it, how good are you? If you do not understand this, let’s take an example, there is a huge difference between some people who are able to impress their friends by drawing and someone who can draw a great picture that by looking at it, you will feel that it is a digital picture. Keeping this in mind, let us see what happens after you get the answer for the second question.

Things you need to take care of for the development of your business

To make sure that your business becomes a big success, there are few things that you need to look into.

The Advertisement is one of the most significant aspects as it is how people will come to know about you, your hobby and in what way you can serve them. The latter depends mainly on your hobby. If your hobby is drawing, you can advertise your expertise and skills in the creation of graphic design sketch.

There will be hundreds of people who claim that they can do better than you or they can do for a lower price. You have to prove yourself here that you are much better than them. The Demonstration is the best way of doing this. The demonstration of your work in a way that it reaches to a wider audience is the key factor to consider here. For instance, you can create popular subject’s speed painting like the main character in a highly popular video game or the major character of one of the most famous TV shows. Whatever it is, by projecting it in a way that reaches to a larger audience,  you can make your video known to many people and in that way, people will come to know about you.

You can prove your skill in various ways. For example, if you are a break-dancer, you can utilize competitions as a guide for the promotion of your brand. Beating other participants in the competition and being the best helps you in a great way for promoting your brand. This kind of approach is affected by certain things like whether or not it appeared on T.V or is it publicized in social media and so on, but if your hobby is mildly famous, you must look out for a proper place for self-promotion. For a better understanding, you can compete in organized matches depending on your fighting style if you possess martial arts skills. If you win these matches, you can persuade people to join your school/dojo/gym.

The people who are interested in your area(‘martial arts’ in this context) may happen to witness your work and if they see how good you are, they will come to know about your story and your contacts. This brings them to you eventually.

Offer people numerous ways to contact you

Once people are interested in your work, your profile and if they try to contact you, there must be plenty of ways available for them to contact you. Some people want to know more than usual. So, providing a phone number simply doesn’t work. Most of the people shy away from contacting personally and asking about your work and more. So, you must offer them a contact-free information such as a bio or an article and so on. Apart from this, other information like your business location and in which form you can be contacted( Twitter, Facebook, website, email, phone etc.)

Final Thoughts

Many people, including the successful ones, have a really hard time as they aren’t necessarily doing something that they enjoy doing. Most people learn to like a business once it is successful. If you start doing what you love (your hobby for example), you will have a much easier time overcoming obstacles that may seem impossible for other people.


Print Commerce: Bridging generation gap of old industry with new age technology

Continuous development in technology and changing consumer behavior forces every industry to undergo some fundamental change. And now it is the time for a change in the working of printing and publishing industry.

Digital printing industry today is reproducing digital images on various physical surfaces like – paper, photographic paper, film, paperboard cover stock, plastic, cloth, vinyl, magnets, glass, and others. Digital and traditional printing are very different. The key differences include –

  • In traditional, a set of printing plates are used and the same print is made on the paper. However, print can differ on every paper in case of digital printing based on the desired type.
  • In traditional printing, the ink or toner is absorbed into the substrate, however, in digital printing, the ink forms a layer on the surface which may be fused to the substrate through heat process or UV curing process.
  • As opposed to traditional printing, digital printing requires less amount of paper and chemicals for setup.
  • Digital printing offers excellent rapid prototyping and small print runs and is also accessible to a wide range of designers. Also, it is cost effective in short runs. However, this is not the case with traditional printing.
  • Nowadays, due to the evolution of digital printing and the increased use of internet has given birth to the print commerce industry which is the future of printing and publishing for the next few years or at least a decade.

Will Print commerce adapt to the changing advertising and marketing industry?

Will Print commerce adapt to the changing advertising and marketing industry
Digital printing industry today is re-producing a wide range of digital images on a very large scale unlike the traditional that’s vastly moving into its extinction. But can print commerce adapt to the changing advertising and marketing industry?

Business is growing beyond boundaries, hence companies are becoming more distributed. For instance, a large retailer with a number of stores across the country needs to do store specific campaign and produce marketing collaterals like sale brochures, advertising sign boards and so on. Most of this marketing collaterals are usually done at the company’s’ headquarters. However, affording a local store level designer is not usually possible. In such cases, print commerce can come to your rescue. Print commerce allows the business to create content based on the store needs and allows printing in local store thus reducing logistic time.

Print commerce has been continuously upgraded along with the development of internet technology. For instance, on the internet 2.0 era, Xerox Corporation’s InterDoc, a commercial product was on sale during 1995. InterDoc is a software which allows printing departments to receive and produce the digital file submissions of the customers over the internet.

It is evident from this that the DTP’s history acts the pillar for today’s web-to-print expansion and the emergence of e-commerce during the 98’s and 2000’s allowed web-to-print to prosper.

Current Industry landscape for Print commerce

Internet of things


Print commerce broadly refers to commercial printers which communicate with their customers or partners like graphic designers or advertising companies. They do jobs like submitting print jobs, online prepress previews, postcards design on the web using rich user interfaces, digital cross-media marketing, and various other services like variable data printing, booklets, photo printing and others.

World Wide Web and internet popularity opportunities have emerged for the remote publishing/print commerce companies. Hence, the new age distributes and the agile print commerce has allowed the larger organizations to become more popular among all businesses in all sizes who demand any type of printing. This is further leading the standardized printing industry to on-demand print commerce industry.

According to researchers, commercial printing shipments over the last 6 months are worth more than $7 million every month, which marks the longest time of sustained growth since 2010. Also, the sources indicate that the printing shipment Compound Annual Growth Rates were better than the U.S. GDPs figures and the industry between August 2014 and August 2015 has shipped over $86 million products.

On-Demand Printing

Off late the days where offices having printing departments or larger printing areas required for commercial printing purposes got replaced. Many print commerce companies are there out in the market offering print services of professional quality on demand, hence allowing businesses to outsource their printing jobs. This, in turn, allows the businesses to have printing services without any capital investment or maintenance while having the flexibility to printing material and other services like professional designers on demand.

On Demand, print services have thus allowed companies to access printed material such as sale brochures, flyers, advertising sign boards, and others in one piece at a time fashion leading to more flexibility and control of production. This, in turn, indicates that you waste less paper.

On-demand printing is best for companies and also associations which need to frequently update and distribute content to communication hubs and remote offices/stores. Further, on-demand printing also allows firms to deliver them overnight without having to ship the materials themselves.


This technology allows companies or organizations or marketing departments or employees to upload the desired content in digital format through websites or cloud services and order printed products for self or to ship to other parts of the world. This flexibility allows companies to get the job done easily and quickly from anywhere. Also, it helps to produce copies of training materials, manuals, posters and others on demand as per their needs thus allowing companies to reduce the cost of a large amount of storage space, logistic costs of transferring the documents, and also flexible customization of materials as per regional demands. From all this, it is evident that every business big and small are taking the advantage of the web-to-print technology.

According to the associate director at Infotrends, Howie Fenton, web-to-print service will receive an investment of over $259 million next year.

Digital Content Distribution

The emergence of web-to-print technology and the growth in the need for on-demand printing, digital content creation and distribution has seen a growth in demand.

Businesses can now create and upload digital content or host them on distribution platforms allowing their stakeholders to order branded printed resources as per their needs.

This has allowed everyone to access the same contents and documents and the hosting firms to regularly update their materials based on business needs and demands.

Future of Printing Commerce
The emergence of web-to-print technology and the growth in the need for on-demand printing, digital content creation and distribution has seen a growth in demand.


Consider these basic facts about printing industry to have something to take home from this article and why printing commerce idea would serve us really right;

  • The increasing influence of internet and internet technology enabled mobile devices in everyday life is creating a perception that traditional printing is almost out-of-date.
  • The accessibility to various digital screens and the demand of consumers for digital options in everything especially for entertainment indicates that use of paper doesn’t make any sense anymore.
  • But there is no sign of suffering by printing and publishing company.
  • The good news is that the growth in consumer product industry is increasing the demand for packaging materials and labels exponentially.
  • According to the research by Smithers Pira, who have the authority over packaging, paper, and print industry supply chains, the global printing industry is forecasted to reach $980 million by the year 2018. This growth will be due to – packaging, labels, and print commerce online application.
  • The share of the digital market will double in constant value terms of 19.7% by 2018. Excluding packaging, this share is going to be 38.1% by 2018.
  • However, digital demands more values as the print suppliers portray their product effectively.
  • The web-to-print being simple to use and effective is expected to grow multi-folds. Also, print commerce with their specialists can cater to the marketing needs effectively thus allowing corporate marketing team in developing print and marketing on-demand solution qualitative, hassle-free and cost-effective products.

6 Signs Your Business Needs a Computerized Maintenance Management System

A computerized maintenance management system or CMMS is used to schedule and plan equipment maintenance the same way a material resource planning or MRP system schedules the ordering of raw materials and assemblies so you never run short or waste more money than necessary on storage. CMMS systems are not as expensive as MRP systems, but there is the cost of buying it, learning to use it and maintaining it. When is it worth the effort? Here are six signs your business needs a computerized maintenance management system.

The Simplest Ways to Make the Best of Maintenance Management System

The Simplest Ways to Make the Best of Maintenance Management System
CMMS is mainly used to schedule and plan equipment maintenance with aim to prevent wastage and here a six signs your business needs a computerized maintenance management system.

Too Busy Putting Out Fires

If your maintenance department is overwhelmed putting out fires – hopefully not literally – handling everything that is breaking down, and they don’t have the time to spend on required maintenance, you need a CMMS system as soon as you’ve brought in extra people to catch up on the backlog of repairs. The better choice is having a computerized maintenance management system so that you prevent most unexpected breakdowns with their attendant disruptions in production.

Maintenance Occurs Right Before Repairs Are Needed

When you don’t schedule maintenance, you may end up deferring maintenance until the equipment is nearly in need of repair. Think of the equipment that needs oil replaced periodically, and it tends to only occur after someone reports the equipment is smoking from burned oil or the motor is making extra noise because contaminants are affecting the mechanical components. A similar technology is used in drug storage systems in online pharmacies. While maintenance may take place before a total failure, the impact of this practice is that your equipment wears out faster than it would with proper maintenance. You end up replacing equipment sooner than otherwise necessary, literally paying for deferred maintenance with higher capital costs later.

Maintenance or Repairs – One of Them Goes on Overtime

Some companies end up wasting time and resources performing maintenance based on the calendar instead of when it needs to be done based on runtime. The end result may be several days a month where repairs are delayed so that preventative maintenance is done to prevent future breakdowns, or overtime is run up because you schedule repairs on top of the planned maintenance schedule. With a CMMS system, you can plan the maintenance as part of your staff’s intended workload to reduce, if not eliminate, overtime costs. A CMMS tool also allows you to schedule work around new equipment assembly and new repairs so that maintenance activities aren’t forgotten in the rush of higher priority work and end up on the overtime budget before it is too late.

Didn’t We Just Do This?

A CMMS system allows you to not only schedule maintenance tasks, but log how often it is being done. The data from a computerized maintenance management system allows you to see which pieces of equipment are requiring maintenance like oil changes or filter replacements more often than would be expected; now you can see exactly which equipment likely has a serious, hidden problem and plan to repair it before there is a catastrophic failure. A computerized maintenance management system also lets you schedule maintenance based on runtime instead of the calendar; this may let you do maintenance less often when the equipment isn’t run as hard and as long. CMMS systems can track when you take equipment offline so you don’t take staff away from critical tasks to change the oil or filters on something just turned on after having been idled for a few months.

What Is Asset Management and Site Monitoring?

Think. Plan, Act on integrating computerized maintenance management system into your business.
We provide you the best ways to utilize and integrate computerized maintenance management system into your business.

Report generation is built into CMMS, so you can run reports for auditing maintenance department labor costs or let an industrial engineer determine changes to operations to minimize failures and maximize productivity. You can use the same reports to demonstrate that old equipment has an accelerating failure rate, so it is time to buy new equipment before a catastrophic, unplanned failure.

Furthermore, CMMS systems allow you to track the consumption of consumables used for maintenance activities from oil, glue, shims, filters and rags to replacement parts. With this data, you can plan the ordering of these consumables just as manufacturing resource planning ensures you have enough screws and sub-assemblies to build your product. Whether the need for these items is communicated to the purchasing department or has to be ordered by the maintenance manager informed when stock is getting low depends on the tool.

Depending on the CMMS tool you select, the maintenance management system may track the time required for each person to perform maintenance activities. If you have this data, you could assign the people who complete the needed type of task fastest to the job and send those who take the longest back for training so that they can complete it more quickly next time. You then invest training only in those who need it instead of lecturing the whole department about something most of them already know. Reports could let you see who uses more supplies than others for maintenance work, and you can learn how they are doing the task differently or determine if they are squirreling extra items away for personal use.

Manual? What Manual?

The computerized maintenance management system does not only track the schedule at which work must be done and the time allotted to it. They often let you store user manuals and work procedures so that maintenance staff always has the right work instructions and diagrams needed to do the job. The CMMS tool can be set up to provide checklists, too, so that no one misses critical verifications before turning the equipment back on. The checklists can be altered by the software to include monthly or annual tasks not necessary during more frequent maintenance so that it isn’t neglected because it was forgotten.


If you are too busy dealing with failures to prevent them from happening via periodic preventative maintenance, you need a CMMS system. If your deciding point to perform maintenance is when the equipment is about to fail, you should invest in a CMMS tool. If you have to choose between maintenance, repairs or overtime costs, you need CMMS. If you don’t know when you last did maintenance work or staff don’t know if they’ll have the information and supplies they need to do the work, you should get a computerized maintenance management system. If you don’t know which equipment is consuming spare parts and consumable supplies or send someone to maintain equipment someone else took offline, see CMMS as an investment in the productivity of your maintenance department.

How to Guide Web Development & Design Ideas Web Hosting

Weighing the Pros and Cons of Do It Yourself Website Building

The evolution of Do It Yourself website development and guidelines to follow!

When you decide to set up a website, the question arises whether to do it yourself on an existing platform or build a brand new site from scratch. There are pros and cons to each approach, and there are situations where one or the other is the better choice based on your needs. Here are the pros and cons of do it yourself website building.

Unbelievable Do It Yourself Website Success Stories

Do It Yourself Website
When it comes to small business website development, there are two options to choose from. Should you do it yourself from scratch or build on an existing platform?

The Pros of Do It Yourself Website Building

Building your own website on a site that provides existing templates allows you to set up a website quickly and using nothing more than your own time.

If you want a basic website to simply be able to put out the digital equivalent of a “for business” sign, only a do it yourself website building project on a major platform will get you up and going in a matter of hours. There’s no need in these cases to buy a domain, spend hours picking out what to upload and then trying to build the site.

If you work in IT, building your own website and being able to state it on your resume is a strong plus. If you are a graphic artist or web designer, your website literally showcases your talent in a way a cookie-cutter web page cannot.

Building your own website, especially a simple one, is cheaper than hiring a professional to do it. It may allow you to save even more money when it is combined with an existing online hosting plan. When the same company supplies the tools to build the site as host it, you don’t have to worry as much about compatibility between the website and the architecture hosting it – and you have someone to call for technical issues.

When you build your own website, updating it occurs on your schedule. If you find you need to make a small change, you can make it immediately.

If you choose the right platform, such as Joomla, you can manage a large scale website with multiple administrators. If you want to set up a dedicated fan page with multiple volunteers, you can now do it yourself at a low cost that may only be the hosting fees.

The Cons of Do It Yourself Website Building

Do It Yourself Guide to Website Development

If you build the site yourself, it may look unprofessional. If the site is there to promote your business, it is the digital equivalent of showing up looking for a storefront and finding a street vendor peddling the product.

When you build a website on a platform designed to make this a plug-and-play process, your website will literally look like hundreds of others. Try to add complexity through plugins you see online or code you try to add to the page, and it may look bad – and when you do it yourself, you don’t have the skills to troubleshoot it. When you try to add more complex functionality to a website yourself, the time spent learning and testing may have been worth more than the cost of hiring a professional to do it in a fraction of the time and knowing it looked right.

Also, if you build the website yourself, you may not have the tools to test it when viewed by users on different mobile devices. And when you build your own website, you may not have the expertise to implement IT security measures that convince customers that it is safe to buy through your portal or sign up for your newsletter.

When you use template-based webpage builders, you may not be able to add the music, images or video files you want. The project may become more complex, like needing to upload how-to videos to YouTube so that you can then embed the YouTube video on your website instead of uploading it directly to the site you’re building. This issue, however, depends on the platform you’re using to build the site, though you avoid it entirely if you hire a professional to build the website.

Why Way Should You Go?

Relying on a professional to build a website doesn’t have to cost a fortune. Hire a coder on a site for everything from minor changes to the whole project and you could have a professional do the work for a reasonable price. The only concerns are hiring someone who actually has the expertise to do the work right and whether or not you trust them to build your site without adding malicious code to your new website.

Do it yourself website building through templates limits your choices from the website structure to types of images that may be used. There may be restrictions on selling items commercially through a blogging platform, while other web hosts may let you sell items but limit the types of items sold. These issues don’t exist if you build your own website as long as you are within the law.

If you build a website through a free tool offered by the web host, they get their money back by ads on your site. These ads may draw away visitors to your site and interfere with your ability to sell to them through your own website.

Building your own website doesn’t mean you cannot add functionality that the top ranking sites have. You can find plugins for your blog or HTML page for social media sharing, an RSS feed, a Twitter feed or a calendar. The limitations of DIY websites come in when you try to add shopping carts, ecommerce pages, and complex multimedia – few people have the skills to do this right themselves on a website unless they are professional programmers and web designers.


Do it yourself website design can be fast if the project is simple, cheaper than hiring a pro and lets you customize the site as you choose. When you hire a professional, it costs more money but you have options limited only by the skills of those you hire. Balance your skills against your needs, and hire a professional for otherwise time-consuming or complex work, but remember, most of us have the ability to use plug and play interfaces to set up a basic website or blog ourselves.

Discovery Europe News

United States of America all set to traverse the path of totality of cosmos

The whole world has started anticipating with awe for one of the most magnificent events in this year and that is the path of totality or the total solar eclipse that is due to be happening on 21st August, 2017. This is going to be an incredible phenomenon given the fact that the complete sun will be outshone by the moon as it is going to cover up the sun totally. Based on the trajectory of this whole event of the universe, there are certain areas that have been identified from where the solar eclipse can be viewed without any hitches. Hence, people all over the world have already started making prior plans to reach those places from where they can witness this historic phenomenon.

The Insider’s Guide to this Year’s Path of Totality – Solar Eclipse

SOLAR ECLIPSE - United States of America all set to traverse the path of totality of cosmos
USA is set to traverse the path of totality of cosmos. Total solar eclipse is slated for fourth quarter of this year.

What are the probable natural occurrences that can happen?

Whenever a solar eclipse is happening, invariably it will accompany certain changes in the atmosphere as a whole. It has been found in the history also during several other solar eclipses. Quite likely, the imminent path of totality that the moon is going to cross as it covers up the sun on the 21st day of August 2017 will bring along darkness during the morning time as obviously, the sun won’t be visible and rather will be wrapped up within the moon. At the same time, the temperature will also be witnessing a steep decline in the absence of the heat of sun.

What’s more, the whole sky will be filled with streamers of light being emitted from the shining silhouette of the moon. In fact, the picture of the universal incident will look like rounded silver and a dazzling crown being surrounding the moon in a marvelous manner that will definitely be a breathtaking scene to watch. America is the lucky country to pass through this path of totality on that particular day.

Stretch of the path of totality

The solar eclipse or more commonly getting named as the Great American Total Solar Eclipse will be clouding the sky throughout the stretch of Oregon to South Carolina in the United States of America. This will be precisely around 70 miles or 113 kilometers in width and anyone who can be present in any of the places that fall under this total area will be the fortunate ones to be a part of this path of totality.

Frenzy related to this Great American Total Solar Eclipse

This upcoming phenomenon has started escalating excitement throughout the human fraternity of the world and people have already started booking for the places from where they can view this overwhelming natural phenomenon. There are lots of guides available on the internet that will speak regarding the safety aspects and other related aspects of this

Eclipse Planet Solar System Science Fiction Alien

in the US. Therefore, one can easily proceed towards this iconic event of the year!