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4 Operating System Enhancements No Techie Should Go Without

As techies, we love to show off our gadgets and computers, but even more than bragging about them and putting them on display, we enjoy using them the most. Of course, since the operating system is essentially the brains of the machine, we often find ourselves tinkering with tools, settings, and commands to fix and optimize performance as needed. Most of us know about anti-virus suites and other basic software that can protect or enhance your computer, but many overlook a few simple things that can really take your OS to the next level. With that said, here are four things you can do to boost speed and enhance aesthetic appeal:

4 Must-Have Operating System Enhancements for 2017

Operating System Enhancements No Techie Should Go Without
These are the four must-have computer operating system enhancements for techies and newbies out there.

Custom Background

The first thing you and everyone else will notice when logging in is the background or wallpaper. The majority of computer owners have no problem opting for a premade wallpaper that has already been used by hundreds of other people. But as true techies, we want our computers to be one of a kind, so custom backgrounds are our preference. Plus, using a background creator to produce a custom wallpaper can be loads of fun, if you’re into that sort of thing.

Custom Theme and Start Menu

Computer Operating System Enhancements Explained
Having a customized theme and start page won’t just make your computer feel homier, but it also would have impact on the operating system.

Once you’ve created a good background for your OS, why not compliment it with a nice skin and start menu adjustments to suit your workflow? If you’re using Windows 10, you might find that the Classic Shell app is a great way to revert the start menu to the Windows 7 look while also adding your own special touches like custom button icons. Regardless of your personal preferences, there’s no denying that almost anything looks and work better than the default appearance and functionality.

Defrag and Disk Cleaning Utility

Now that you’ve handled the aesthetic aspect, it’s time to consider the performance essentials. Installing and using the defrag and disk cleaning utility is something every computer user should do to prevent sluggish operation, errors, and other problematic issues. If you’ve been noticing that it takes a while for files to load and processes seem to hang a lot, it may be time to run a defrag. If you don’t already have a tool that can do this, you need to download one ASAP.

Extra RAM

Finally, perhaps the most powerful enhancement for an operating system would be a boost in RAM. Although this would involve adding a few extra sticks of RAM, which would entail learning the installation process for that part, it is definitely worthwhile for any serious techie who wants to get the most out of their machine.

Making Your Computer Yours

In the end, your computer is essentially an extension of your mind, so it makes sense that you would want it to be a unique individual in cyberspace just as you are in the real world. The tips above can get you started on customizing your OS, but there are still plenty of other things to research and explore. Remember, you will get out of it what you put into it, so explore as many other operating system enhancements options as possible!

Information and Communication Technology (ICT) IoT (Internet of Things)

Drone Tech in 2017: A Lot More to Come

Drones are capable of so many things that the prospects are as frightening as they are exciting. From quadcopter racing and weather surveillance to spy cams and terrorist activities; drones have the potential to do it all and there’s a lot more still to come in 2017 and beyond. So without wasting any further time, let’s get into what the future holds for drone technology.

Top Drone Apps
Drone Tech: When it comes to drones, you need to root for great drone app that would seriously be of great benefit for your flying experience. 

Improved Cameras

Consumer drones don’t exactly sport the best quality cameras and the ones that do cost more than they should. This is likely to change in 2017-18 as drones are already being equipped with much better cameras that allow for better action footage than before. The rehashed Karma and Karma II drones with excellent imaging hardware from GoPro are coming soon.

Modular Drones are the Current Trend

In a trend set by the GoPro Karma, modular designs for drones which let the user customize them to best suit their specific needs are a hit. We have already seen a few launches this year and more will make their way into the market as the year pushes on. Apart from customization, the modularity also allows for easy reconstruction in case of a crash. Better yet, rumor has it that some of them could also be indestructible (read hard to break).

AI Powered Drones

AI or artificial intelligence is the order of the year in 2017 with so many companies launching software that’s capable of advanced machine learning. The use of AI is expected to make its way onto the drone industry as well. Weather stations could be using batches of small drones with the capability to fly in coordination with each other automatically. It should be noted that the Perdix drones can already do incredible things, such as self-repair, communicate with other drones and when flying in a swarm, rearrange themselves after they lose some of their brethren mid-air! While that’s US military technology, we are hopeful that at least some of it may make its way onto commercial drones soon.

The Bigger the Better

Well, that’s not quite true in all situations related to drones, but it could be useful in the future. While small drones are perfect for weather stations and some serious spy work, bigger drones could have commercial grade applications. The EHANG 184, for example, hopes to act as an aerial taxi, ferrying people around for short distances. Although the powers that be may not yet let the EHANG 184 fly passengers commercially for safety concerns, the company has already demonstrated that these huge drones are quite capable of doing just that. The logistics of commercial aerial taxis are yet to be figured out and therefore it will take a while before this one “takes off.”

The Selfie Drone

Why strain your hand holding the phone at a stretch or look stupid using a selfie stick when you can strike people with awe and a strong dose of vanity by instructing your selfie drone to do it for you. You have probably heard of it or even seen it, but if you haven’t, know that a series of new selfie drones are coming.

This should give you a decent idea of what to expect in terms of drone technology in 2017 and beyond, but it wouldn’t be all that surprising if we saw something that’s even more innovative and game-changing.


5 Key Characteristics of a Successful Entrepreneur

Do you ever wonder why certain business leaders become more successful than others? Most of these entrepreneurs have similar traits that set them apart from everyone else and this allows them to achieve much more in their business lives. Below are five of the key characteristics of a successful entrepreneur.

Road-map To Becoming a Successful Entrepreneur

The making of a successful entrepreneur
The Making of A Successful Entrepreneur: Do you ever wonder why certain business leaders become more successful than their counterparts? We are discussing some certain criteria that sets them far above others.

1. Financial Management

To succeed in business, you have to make more money than you spend. This means it’s vital to have a good understanding of the financial aspects of business. You can hire people to help you with accounting and other finance-related tasks, but it’s also beneficial to understand this area yourself.

Completing a finance-related course such as the online masters of accounting program will give you the skills and knowledge you need to make better financial decisions. The fact that an online accounting masters degree can be completed over the internet means you can study at times and places that suit you, which is important if you already own a business.

2. Decision Making

Key Characteristics of a Successful Entrepreneur
Knowing what to do at a very point in time is one of key characteristics of a successful entrepreneur. What makes you successful is your ability to call the shot at the right time.

A lot is at stake every time a business owner makes a decision. Ideally, you need to be able to weigh up the pros and cons of every decision you make. When you have all of the facts required to make a more informed decision, you need to be decisive and ensure that the appropriate actions are then taken by you and your employees.

3. Delegation

When you start out in business, it’s tempting to try to become a ‘Jack of all trades’ to save money and to have a firm grasp on everything that happens in your business. However, you’ll soon find out that this approach is unsustainable and that you need help from other people. The quicker you start to delegate and hire professionals to do certain tasks in your organization, the quicker you can start to focus on more important activities such as running and growing your business.

4. Planning, Scheduling, and Forecasting

Company structure
Proper planning and prioritizing the most important things in the company for strategic positioning can stand you out among your peers as an entrepreneur.

The leading figures in any industry are always looking ahead. These people are able to identify trends and future opportunities, which allow them to take the appropriate actions before anybody else.

Becoming a better planner, scheduler, and forecaster will change the way your business functions. Instead of following the crowd, give yourself the chance to become an industry leader and have a business that others have much more respect for.

5. Communication Skills

It’s essential to be able to communicate in a professional way with everyone that is associated with your organization. This includes employees, business partners, investors, and suppliers. The smoother your relationships are with each of these types of business associates, the smoother your business dealings will be. The most important communication skills a business owner must develop include negotiation, diplomacy and writing skills.

The leading entrepreneurs don’t become successful through luck alone. They have developed certain skills that set them apart from their competitors. The five successful entrepreneurial skills mentioned above are the main skills you need to develop to be able to replicate what these individuals achieve in their business lives.

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Tablet Accessories by the Numbers – Secret Ingredients To Adding Value To Your Device

Looking for fantastic tablet accessories to beautiful and fine-tune your prized-asset?

Tablets such as the Samsung Galaxy Tab, iPad and Microsoft Surface are now quite popular. If you have a tablet or smartphone, there are plenty of accessories that you can buy for it. Today, we are going to explain why tablet accessories are the secret ingredient to beautifying your device with the selection of types you can find. Here are some of the most useful tablet accessory types for you out there.

Tablet Accessories are the Secret Ingredient That’s Missing!

Tablet accessories worth having at all cost;

Tablet Accessories are the Secret Ingredient That’s Missing!
The aesthetic design of your smart device have positive effect on your emotion. There are plenty of smartphone and tablet accessories that you can use, you just need to do little research to picking the right match.

1. Phone or Table Cases

Using a case is one of the best ways to protect your tablet from damage when you’re transporting it. Depending on your type of device, be it an iPhone or Android device, there are hundreds of different case types on the market today. They range from the simplest and cheapest, all the way to designer cases made from the finest materials. You will also find some cases that have a built-in keyboard for added convenience.

Agreed, you’re not the tablet type. There are iPhone accessories in the market to safeguard and protect your prized asset. If you are rooting for iOS phone related cases, Unlimited Cellular has them in store for you, check this link to shop for discounted iPhone accessories for your phone. You will thank me later, except you don’t have one!

Tablet screen cover and cases

2. Screen Protectors

The screen on your tablet is the part that is the most likely to get damaged. Getting a replacement screen can be quite expensive, which is why you should ensure that your tablet’s screen is protected at all times. The good news is that you will find plenty of screen protectors on the market today. You simply apply them to your tablet and they will help protect your tablet from smudges, scratches and small liquid or food spills.

Tablet Screen Protector

3. Keyboards

Tablets are quite convenient, but using the on-screen keyboard at all times may not be too comfortable for all users. This is especially the case if you type a lot on your tablet. Having an external keyboard is the solution to this problem. Every tablet will have various types of keyboards that are compatible with it. Tablet keyboards are smaller than the standard PC keyboards. They are made to be portable, so you can easily bring them with you wherever you take your tablet.

Surface Pro Tablet keyboard - Tablet accessories

4. Stands and Holders

If you don’t want to keep holding your tablet in your hands at all times, you can use a tablet stand or holder. There are dozens of types and styles offered that will fit your tablet model. For example, you can find simple tablet stands that will hold it upright on a desk. But you can also find new, innovative holders that let you mount the tablet in a vehicle, on a wall, or even suspend the tablet from the ceiling.

Tablet stands and holder

Aside from the above accessories, there are still countless number of amazing designs of smartphone and tablet accessories you can find to turn your smart device into an envy of your friends. But these are exceptional and undeniably needful.

How to Guide Operating System (Computer or Mobile) Software

ScanPST Cannot Repair PST File – Alternative Method to Fix Issue

Microsoft Outlook is one of the most popular email applications used for the exchange of information. It has a database file, namely Personal storage table (PST). PST file does not only hold emails, but calendar entries, scheduled meetings, appointments, notes, attachments, contacts, etc. However, at times PST file gets damaged and corrupted due to various reasons. In this case, users take help of Inbox repair tool to repair minor corruption in Outlook data file (.pst), but sometimes Scanpst cannot repair PST file. Inbox repair tool is especially designed to rebuild damaged PST files of MS Outlook.

Repair PST File with SCANPST.EXE Utility

These are the following steps using, which users can repair PST files with the help of Scanpst:

  • Firstly, go to “Start”, then “Run”
  • Now, to open “Scanpst.exe” type in the location of the tool, i.e. “drive name: \Program files\ Common files\ System\ Mapi\ Locate ID\ Scanpst.exe

Know the Location of SCANPST.EXE in various versions of Outlook

  • Once you done that, click on “OK”. As soon as click on ok a message box will pop-up
  • Next, put in the name and path of the corrupted PST file
  • Now, finally click on “Start”. This will start process of repairing

What if Scanpst Cannot Repair PST File

Scanpst does not guarantee that your PST files will be repaired. It is possible that Inbox repair tool unable to repair Outlook data file if the PST file is highly corrupted or damaged. Now, the question arises that what can be done to repair highly corrupted PST file? Apart from that, consider this query to understand the problem a user may face while repairing PST file with Scanpst:

“My Outlook is not opening in Windows 10 and it seems that my PST file get corrupted. I tried to repair PST file with the help of Scanpst.exe utility, but the process stops in between when it is about to complete. Is there any alternative solution of Inbox Repair tool to repair the same?”

Outlook PST Repair Software: An Expert Solution

Users can go for Outlook PST file recovery Software to repair Outlook PST files that are highly corrupted. This software is designed in such a way that it can repair any PST file regardless how extreme the corruption is. Follow these steps to use Outlook PST file recovery software:

    • First of all, launch the software by clicking on Start >> All Programs >> Outlook Recovery
    • Now, to add PST files, which need to be recovered, click on “Add File”

    • Select the file by clicking on “Browse” button in a dialog box that pops up when you click on add file.
    • Click on “Advance Scan” mode to perform recovery from extremely corrupted PST file

add pst file

    • Next, click on “Add File” and start scanning process. Once it is done, click on “Yes” to save scanned files or “No” if you do not want to save them

scanning done

    • Now, choose the emails you want to export after the recovery process. Make a right click and select the option of “Export” to start export Outlook PST Files.

Export emails

    • To proceed further, apply filters and once you done all of this click on “Browse” option to choose the destination to store the files
    • The software pops up a success window once the process is completed. Now, click “OK” to finish the process.

  • Click on “Save As” to save the exported data.


Scanpst.exe is a free tool developed by Microsoft. Its main motive is to repair corrupted PST files in Outlook. However, as we have discussed, we cannot rely fully on Inbox Repair tool as sometimes Scanpst unable to repair PST file. Therefore, to overcome this limitation we have explained one of the best alternative method of Inbox repair tool I.e; Outlook Recovery, which gives the users guaranteed results.


The Hidden Secrets Behind Free Data Recovery Software

A data recovery tool is a unique program that is helpful in recovering lost data from drives. This software will save you from the side effects of losing vital data even after emptying the recycle bin. There are a lot of online data recovery tool you can find online for free. All you need is the right guide for selecting the program that will fit your requirements. Below are some of the secrets of a quality free recovery program that can serve you well.

A quality free data recovery software needs to be able to recover data from a formatted hard drive. It should be able to assist in the recovery of data from your crashed hard drive. After getting an error resulting from partitioning, this software needs to be able to help you retrieve data and repair the damaged partitions. This program also needs to help you fix system errors.

A free recovery tool should have the ability to recover data from an empty recycle bin. It needs to be able to help in the recovery of data from a hard disk which is dying. You need to have the ability to retrieve data lost from memory cards and a USB drive. This software supports files from Microsoft packages. It also supports diverse formats of information.

Even though these programs are free, they need some form of licensing for differentiating them from fake programs found all over the internet. There are so many data recovery tools you can find on the net. Some of them have viruses instead of providing solutions to your computer. Take the right measures before downloading any software. You, therefore, need a free package that comes with a license key.

A quality free data recovery software needs to be 100% safe. You do not have to fear anything when using this software. You will also have a lot of ease when downloading it. Downloading this package will just involve three simple steps.

For you the get the right recovery software, you need to undertake a very in-depth online research that will give you useful information and reviews for selecting the right package. There are many vendors in the market with free packages for downloading. Look for a trusted provider from the online space. Beware of fake vendors who are trading viruses instead of recovery tools. Avoid them at all cost. Take time to study reviews and features of preferred programs. You can take some time to consult a computer technician to get the right.

Factors to Consider While Looking for Free Data Recovery Software

Data is the most vital asset for all businesses. For that reason, protecting it from all forms of virtual loss is paramount. For you to prevent data loss, you need to put in place a robust strategy which will perform well even in scenarios of worst data loss. Many of these scenarios include system failure, accidental deletion, disk/partition formatting, logical damage, MFT corruption, hardware malfunction, and virus intrusion.

Protecting your personal or business data from these situations can be done by using quality data recovery software. Therefore, it is good to note that you need an efficient data recovery tool which will guarantee the restoration of your damaged, lost, formatted or deleted information.

In the recent past, free data recovery software has been helping many people from losing data with excellent efficiency. Depending on the data loss type, these tools have the ability to provide useful means of restoring data. Each tool has a unique feature, and when you are on the lookout for the best software, you need to select the software which will fit your requirements.

In this write-up, you will get the tips which will help you in selecting the right recovery tool for your windows. Data security is the primary concern for businesses. Therefore, it is crucial to choose a software tool that will safeguard your valued information in the whole process of recovery and maintain consistency of data. A secure data recovery software will not cause damage will not cause an overwrite of data or device destruction.

Friendly and Easy to Use

No matter how functional or practical your software is, then it fails to meet the requirements of the users, there are chances that it will not be able to provide the required results. Therefore, you need to look for a package that has a user-friendly and interactive interface for the process of recovery. The market has much third party software which can be of use to both newbies and savvy techies.

Advanced Recovery Mechanism

The data recovery software free application has the right design with advanced recovery techniques which will help you in recovering, scanning, and restoring deleted folders and files. The procedure of recovery specifies the types of files to recover and provides a preview before restoring them. Any software package that has undergone design by use of these techniques will help in improving the availability of data, recovery, and extraction in a convenient and quick way.

Compatibility of the System

The right free data recovery tool should have the ability to support all Windows version and Mac operating system.

Powerful Features of Data Recovery

The right free recovery software will allow recovery all kinds of data types like audio, video, documents, and emails. It should also be able to get lost data from digital devices, PC, laptop, formatting, deleting, virus attack, and system errors.

Supporting Multiple Data Storage Devices

An advanced free recovery tool should recover data from external drives like flash drives, USB, IDE, SATA, EIDE, Jump Drive, SCSI, and XD picture card.

The Free Data Recovery Software Option

You will understand that the internet is no longer a money making tool but a marketing tool. When you are on the lookout for these services and software, you will find free software that will help you recover data from your hard drives. However, you need to be careful because some of the free recovery programs do not work in all cases of data loss. In most cases, the software will work well when recovering lost or deleted information on the hard drive. In the event the lost data went missing as a result of an intricate reason, these free tools can cause a permanent loss of the data without giving hope of ever regaining it.

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How to Leverage Local SEO to Boost Your Business

The phenomenal growth of internet marketing seemed to spell doom for small local businesses. The focus seemed to be on a global perspective while ignoring the role local businesses play in the business world. Well, things have changed and local businesses can now harness the immense power of the internet to grow their reach.

Importance of Local Search Engine Optimization (Local SEO)

Local SEO to Boost Your Business

Previously, businesses were focusing on search engine optimization (SEO) without narrowing down on their local market. This is not only wasteful but there is almost no ROI. For instance, a car dealer in Tampa, FL has no business paying for paid ads that are not targeted towards the local market. Their resources would be better utilized optimizing their website for local search.

There are many reasons to invest in local search engine optimization (SEO). Take a look:

  • Local SEO marketing is more targeted and timely
  • Higher conversion rates
  • Leveraging influence of mobile internet
  • High return on investment (ROI)
  • Higher levels of trust from the local community

According to a 2016 Go-Globe Study, 50% of customers who do a local search on their smartphone device visit a store in the area within a day. The same survey shows 18% of local mobile searches convert into a sale within a day.

Better still, 87% of smartphone users carry out one search on search engines every day. If you consider that 60% of American adults use internet devices to search for local information or services, it becomes obvious that local search is more important than ever.

Strategies for Effective Local SEO

Local search engine optimization (SEO) is the best way for your retail store, dental clinic, car dealership, restaurant, spa and massage parlor or any other local business to exploit opportunities available online.

It is advisable to hire an SEO expert to develop and implement a marketing strategy. These experts have requisite resources and expertise to deploy innovative local SEO tools for your campaign.

Here are some strategies which an SEO consultant will use to help boost your brand’s visibility on local search:

Optimizing Business Information on the Website

Unlike an ordinary website, your company’s business website should be optimized for local search. This means the information included on all pages must reflect your target market. The idea is to increase your ranking on local search engine result pages (SERPs) for your target keywords. To achieve this, the domain name must reflect the business type and location, include keywords that reflect services offered and location, include business’s name, address and phone number (NAP) on individual pages and add information about the local community.

Go Mobile

Over 80% of internet users are using mobile. In October 2016, Google announced that mobile internet traffic had exceeded desktop usage. Local businesses must strategize on how to make their websites ready for mobile usage. Website mobile friendliness is now a big deal as Google has demonstrated its focus on mobile over the last one year.

The mobile-first indexing is an indication of this new direction. The fact that most local internet traffic is mobile means your website design must be mobile-responsive. Mobile-only deals and special promotions are great strategies to win over mobile users to come to your store or order from your business.

Business Listings on Local Listings

To boost local SEO, make sure your business listing information is readily available on 3rd-party platforms and is consistent. Google crawlers are always looking for new information to understand the local web better. If your business information is not available, there is a risk of poor ranking on local search.

You have to be proactive in updating your business listing information. For instance, a change of business location should be reflected on all 3rd-party listings. Some of the local sources to check for your listings include Google, Facebook, Yelp, TripAdvisor, and Yellow Book among others. In addition, add valuable content including videos and images that help customers to understand your business better.

Leverage Online User Reviews

There is no reason to fear online user reviews if at all you are doing genuine business. Encourage visitors to rate and review your business and make sure you respond to such comments. Provide forums where customers can leave their comments. It is important to remain objective when responding to any customer review or comment and work towards improving your services.

Social media engagement is also crucial for local SEO and your SEO consultant should help you come up with a strategy on how best to utilize these networks. Still wondering how you can tap into the growing internet market for your local business? These tips will start you off.

It makes much business sense to hire an SEO expert for your local SEO management if you are aiming at dominating your local business landscape. You could try for such.

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4 Ways Material Selection Can Affect Your Invention’s Success

The invention of a revolutionary material that can dramatically increase the energy efficiency, speed and durability of computers and smartphones was recently announced by University of Victoria scientist Natia Frank. The new material, known as light-induced magnetoresistive random-access memory (LI-RAM), uses light to store and process information instead of using electricity. This can drastically reduce the amount of heat generated by computing devices, potentially enabling computers and smartphones to process information as fast as a supercomputer. The university estimates that the amount of electricity currently generated by information communications technologies, which currently accounts for 10 percent of the world’s electricity consumption, could be cut in half by LI-RAM.

As this illustrates, materials selection can make all the difference when it comes to new inventions. Selecting the right material can be a critical factor in whether your invention is a success or a failure. Here are four ways material selection can affect your invention’s success.

How Not Knowing Material Selection Makes You a Rookie Inventor

Creative Ideas for Material Selection Success
As an inventor, you need firm belief in your creation and there are no better way than choosing the right materials for your production. These are new unconventional ideas for material selection that would propel you towards achieving your dreams.

Development and Production Costs

One of the most direct ways material selection can affect the success of an invention is by affecting production costs. One of the biggest cost hurdles for inventors is the cost of prototyping, which can run into the tens or hundreds of thousands of dollars using traditional materials and methods. Likewise, high production costs can cut into profit margins.

The advent of 3-D printing and the development of 3-D-printable materials have made it possible to drive development and production costs down significantly. For instance, 2016 Startup of the Year winner Apis Cor was able to 3-D print a 409-square-foot house for just $10,134, representing a 70 percent savings from traditional building methods, Futurism says. 3-D printing likewise enables o-ring manufacturer Apple Rubber to produce customized seals from materials such as fluorocarbon for a fraction of the cost that it would cost to custom-make such designs using traditional methods.

Production Efficiency

Efficiency is another benefit of using 3-D-printed materials. Apis Cor was able to produce its 3-D-printed home in just 24 hours. One reason 3-D printing can cut down production time so dramatically is that it works from digital blueprints, enabling architects to rapidly adjust prototype design rather than taking the time it would take to create a new physical model, explains AGi Architects 3D printing specialist Cristina Ruiz Nolasco.

3-D-printed materials and production process are also more energy-efficient than traditional materials. 3-D printing’s design and materials flexibility allows more complex shapes to be produced in a single production step, in structures that only require 25 percent of normal fill percentage to provide structural integrity. Additionally, products can be produced closer to user locations, reducing shipping requirements and energy consumption. Michigan Technology University research has found that 3-D printing materials consumes 41 to 74 percent less energy than using traditional materials and methods.


Material selection can also have a decisive impact on product quality. Innovative use of a new material that enables quality superior to alternatives can often set a company ahead of competitors.

For example, one exciting new material that innovators are currently exploring is graphene, a material made from thin layers of carbon. MIT scientists have discovered that when graphene is arranged in a specific molecular configuration modeled on coral, it becomes 10 times stronger than steel, while remaining only 5 percent as dense. The result is an incredibly strong, lightweight material that could revolutionize a wide range of industries, from construction to smartphone design.


The cost, efficiency and quality advantages of specialized materials can translate into marketing advantages for inventors. Gains in production costs and efficiency can be passed on to consumers in the form of savings, while quality advantages can also be promoted as a selling point.

For example, Glint Photonics, a renewable energy startup, has created a new material that adjusts reflectivity in response to heat changes. This material can be placed over solar panel photovoltaic cells in order to collect more energy with fewer infrastructure requirements, drastically reducing the costs of solar power. Glint Photonics estimates the material could be used to produce electricity for four cents per kilowatt-hour, half the cost of traditional solar panels. Such advantages and savings can become strong selling points when incorporated into a smart marketing campaign.

As a creative inventor, these are new unconventional ideas for material selection that would propel you towards achieving your dreams. Here’s why proper material selection will change your life.