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5 of the Best Jobs in Health Tech Industry You Can Opt for in The New Year

There are many jobs in the health tech industry, and most of them require candidates to complete online degrees before having any chance of landing a job. It is one of the hardest industries to get into, but with a bit of hard work and dedication to the cause, there are many opportunities to be taken advantage of and they all offer many career progression benefits. If you are interested in getting to know more about the best health tech jobs in the industry, have a look at some of the available ones below.

Health Tech Industry Job Opportunities You Can Opt for in 2017.

5 of the Best Jobs in Health Tech Industry You Can Opt for in The New Year
Health tech industry is one of the hardest industries to get into, but with a level of hard work and commitment towards the cause, you can scale through. The opportunity in this industry are enormous and well-worth the hassle.

Medical Laboratory Technician

It is the job of a Medical Laboratory Technician to conduct tests on samples and specimens to detect and treat diseases. This position offers progress to better opportunities in different health sectors and offers a decent starting salary. The average annual salary of a Medical Laboratory Technician is $34,160.


An optician specializes in eyesight and patients will often go to an optician to find out if they need glasses, or if their eyesight is getting any worse than it already is. Opticians conduct certain eye tests and even if the patient doesn’t have any eyesight issues, they will still be able to arrange regular tests to make sure. An average annual salary of $33,330 is available for opticians depending on their experience and the state they are practicing in.


Pharmacists get paid a lot depending on their experience and where they work. In general, an average salary of $116,670 is available for experienced pharmacists. Pharmacists dispense medication to patients depending on their medical history and their prescriptions. They play an important role because they must make sure all medication is prescribed accurately, in case certain medication conflicts with a patient’s health or other medication they take. There are many online MHA program details to have a look at before considering a career as a pharmacist.

Audiometric Technician

An audiometric technician tests the hearing of a variety of people of all ages. They have an important role to play because they must use the latest technology as well as their own experience to judge whether a patient’s hearing is failing or not. An average salary of $69,415 is available annually for this position, and there are career progression opportunities available.

Anesthesia Technician

A salary for an Anesthesia Technician varies greatly depending on their experience, but on average, an experienced technician can expect $34,000 annually. All Anesthesia Technicians must be A.T.T certified before they can make a career out of it.

The above technician jobs are just some of the many jobs available in an industry that is steady. Whether the health tech industry is doing good or not, there are still many jobs available in a variety of health sectors which makes it a great industry to have a job in. There are of course many other jobs in the health tech industry in many other sectors. You may even fancy a career in cardiology or neurology depending on your interests and the path you are willing to take to get there.

Energy Green Energy

Top Five Reasons Why Your Company Should Invest in Solar Energy for Long-Term Benefits

Earlier this year, solar energy marked a milestone in the UK by providing power to more British homes and businesses than coal power stations over a 24-hour period. Over the same day, it was seen that solar generated 29 gigawatt hours (GWh) of power compared to the 21GWh generated by coal-fired power stations.

What’s more?

In October, it was revealed that solar panels provided more power than coal for six months of the year in total, with April to September being heralded as prolific months in the history of clean energy.

There has been an increasing move towards alternative energy sources in recent years, with a number of businesses moving to install solar before changes to the government subsidy program were introduced in February (more on that later). The shift isn’t just happening across the UK though – over £113 billion was invested into solar power globally in 2015. So could solar be right for your business?

We take a look at five compelling reasons to give solar investment some serious thought…

Should you consider solar energy for your business? Consider these:

Solar Power - Solar Energy Systems
Thinking long-term for your small business? Here are 5 reasons why your company should invest in solar energy to take charge of the future. These are valid and well-detailed reasons to Invest in Solar Energy Systems | CC:- Tropical Solar Energy

It’s easy to do

With solar panels now costing 80 per cent less than they did five years ago, utilising solar energy has become a more realistic option for business premises across the UK. Solar panels can be easily installed, too; photovoltaic farm panels are laid and connected via a solar cable, and these panels last for a minimum of 25 years. You should ensure your system is installed by professionals using accredited panels, and that the solar cable used has a TUV certification to be sure of it’s high quality.

Lower your energy bills

The solar energy generated will greatly reduce your utility bill and lower your carbon emissions, both positives for business owners. Rising energy costs are becoming an increasing point of concern, and so with solar in place, you will have some protection from price inflation that may occur in the wake of both Brexit and the US election results. 

Claim tax benefits

The government overhauled it’s feed-in tariff”(FIT) scheme in February of this year, but businesses can still apply to receive rebates from their energy supplier for generating it’s own electricity. Once your solar system is connected to the grid, you will receive money from your supplier for the units of electricity generated, and any surplus units can be sold back to your electricity supplier in exchange for an export tariff. There are calculators on the government website designed to help you work out how much you could receive – for some businesses, it could amount to recouping the cost of the installation in as soon as 10 years.

Increase your business

Positioning environmental responsibility as a key focus for your business can be attractive to investors and consumers alike. Making sustainability a priority can therefore be good for business, and help improve your Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) efforts. 

It’s the future

Finally, alternative sources like hydro, wind and solar are becoming the future of energy provision as traditional resources fall in supply. It’s projected that 13GW of solar capacity will have been installed throughout the UK by as soon as 2020, and so as more businesses and homeowners will move to make the smart choice, you can be ahead of the curve and start enjoying the many benefits of solar power sooner.

Energy Green Energy News

The World’s First Solar Panel Road Unveiled in a French Village

World’s first solar panel road unveiled in a French village. Innovation they said would certainly rule the world, and that’s exactly what is happening at Tourouvre-au-Perche in Normandy, France. The small village is determined to take solar panels off the roof to the street. The town is boasting of housing the world’s first solar panel road ever to be recorded. The 1 kilometer long route approximately 0.6 mile enclosed by 2,800 sq/km of electricity generating panels was unofficially declared opened yesterday by the country’s minister of ecology, Ségolène Royal.

French village boast itself as home to the world’s first ever solar panel road network.

WattWay - Solar panel road

While thinking about the rationale behind the solar panels being installed on a road as per longevity of the panels, the officials reported that the panels have been protected with a protective resin made of silicon sheets to assist to resist the heaviness of over 2,000 motorists which make use of the road, while taking into care the friction between the tyres and the solar panel road.

This is not the first and yet, it is not going to be the last time such an interesting idea like this has surfaced. A very similar project of such was pronounced back in 2014 in Amsterdam, Netherlands but the difference is, it was to be constructed on a circle path unlike this one that’s on the road.

Solar panels well-layed on a road network in Normandy, France
Solar panels well-layed on a road network at Tourouvre-au-Perche in Normandy, France.

The project is half-way up to its acceptance level and officials are really looking forward to WattWay’s answer to generating enough energy to power street lighting all across the town with 3400 residents before 2019, says The Guardian. If the project proves to be successful, the Royal would want the panel to be installed in every 1,000km (about 621 miles) of road in the country, and they currently have a total of 1 million km (approx 621,000 miles) of road network.

But there’s a problem!

The cost implication of completing a stretch of road goes for about 5 million Euros (approx US$5.2 million), leaving us room to question the project’s actual value. Here’s what Marc Jedliczka, the vice-president of Network for Energetic Transition (CLER) told Le Monde regarding it:

“It’s without doubt a technical advance, but in order to develop renewables there are other priorities than a gadget of which we are more certain that it’s very expensive than the fact it works.”

However, in its effort to reduce the cost of production of the solar panels for the road energy distribution system, Colas, the manufacturing company behind the solar panel roads, is working around the clock to make it work for a better and affordable rate. In the same vein, the company is also working on hundreds of other solar side-projects both in France and abroad.

News Social Media

Facebook Live Streams from Mark Zuckerberg; Telling from my own point of views and concerns

The latest report this week aimed to disclose the latest release program of the Facebook founder – Mark Zuckerberg, who himself stated that they were launching Facebook Live for everyone. He explained further that the New Released System formally known as the Facebook Live makes it easy to create, share, and discern live video. He disclosed that the service was started as a tool to unite all human-beings one to one or one to multitude – this same initiative that has been in existence with Youtube for ages, only for the fact, unlike Youtube that’s solely a video sharing platform, Facebook live on the other hand is coming from a social media perspective.

So, what’s Facebook Live Streaming all about?

Facebook Live lets you stay in touch with your loved ones.
Facebook Live lets you stay in touch with your loved ones and those who really matter to your life.

In reality it’s just like a television camera so portable and pocket-able which means that whosoever now has a touch-tone phone or smartphone which could browse the web also has the power to publicize to anyone in the world. Such would be able to design, discern, and distribute live video content anywhere and any time. In addition whenever one shares this live video, he stays personally connected. Now the system has made communication so easy and fast and opportunities are being newly created for the whole wide world to become one. The program has now made the world free of the fear of multitude (agoraphobia). Now the most fearful ever could be facing the largest crowd in the world and as well communicate with them.

It was a joyful thing as Mark Zuckerberg went all round answering questions upon questions about the new invention of his.

Mark Zuckerberg`s 1st  Comment

“Live is like having a TV camera in your pocket. Anyone with a touch-tone phone now has the power to broadcast to anyone in the world. When you interact live, you feel connected in a more personal way. This is a big shift in how we communicate, and it’s going to create new opportunities for people to come together”.

Could you imagine the state of mind of the CEO when he was commenting over his innovation? There would never be any course for alarm. His joy was overflowing because I personally felt it from him.

He continued, “I’ll be going live myself around 10:30 am PT today and I’ll answer some of your questions about the new product`. Speech by the company`s founder”

This is live and direct. There is no greater joy like the joy of  achieving a new thing. If you ever tried riding a horse inside CEO,I am assuring you,the horse would never stumble let alone falling down.

The Questions Recapitulated by `The Guardian`-

Also there had been a lot of questions asked which were briefed by the Guardian such as the following ones below:

“Does increasing the visibility of violence lead to justice for the victims of violence? Does the video itself constitute a form of redress? Does consuming such imagery sensitize and politicize viewers? Or does it exhaust us – or worse, encourage a perverse kind of voyeurism. In short, should these kind of videos be produced, watched and circulated?”

People were eager to know the great effects that the intensification that the visibility of all events are having towards fairness, also if the overshadowing of the image is to sensitize and politicize the listeners otherwise is this system having anything positive to add to all man kinds?

These were the inexplicable questions raised so as to be sure if the outcome of the Facebook live is to be encouraged, created, viewed, and disseminated and of course, this creativity has already added value to people all over the world.

Mark Zuckerberg Connecting with His COO using the Facebook Live Stream

On Wednesday, the Facebook CEO had a live Facebook video chart together with his company`s COO, Sheryl Sandberg, where they had a brief talk over the year 2016 and also discussed what they were expecting to see, and have in 2017. And there also, Mark tackled the hullabaloo of the counterfeit information that was put out all over the Facebook at the time of  election (issues about fake news and jokes being broadcast on the Facebook). There he made it clear that Facebook had happened to be nothing but an innovated form of proposal and not a business as of the olden days. He gave reasons for building the tool that news is not just for people to read on the stage and not only to be distributed, instead it is also to be lively by uniting the world.

Specially to me, I do not see anything sensible in this castigation.

Facebook Live Streaming puts you in front of your audience and makes sharing easy for you.
Facebook Live lets you stay in touch with people that matter to your world. The streaming feature puts you in front of your audience in no time and makes sharing a lot much easier.

 Zuckerberg’s Comments and Conclusion:

Though the comments thereof really raised a lot of argument as soon as the election ended, nevertheless, he made his opinion known through his own Facebook page whereby he declared that out of the 100% content on Facebook, 99% of what people would often see would be true while just minute would be counterfeit pieces of information and jokes. He explained further that the jokes that might be available would not be for any fan, neither would they be for any politician.

Zuckerberg concluded that they had been at work over a program which could give people the easy access to identify all jokes and pieces of wrong information, he made it visible that they were working to improve and it could later on be seen that the steps taken over this matter were really immediate.

The Modern Zuckerberg`s System:

After,  as a result of the conclusion made during the election period, they arrived at the latest social media tool – Facebook Live which enables all users of Facebook to find it easy to solve the current problem. Which means now, there would not be any existence of unreal information.

I also am urging every reader of this report to try and unveil any fake news discovered. Simple.

In addition,the giant company`s founder released an open invitation for many more complaints to whoever wishes to table them at any moment from now on that it is so easy to reach anyone in the world through the social media-Facebook-Live, as stated by the CEO Mark Zuckerberg during the time that the argument was really on fire.


FreeCharge CEO, Govind Ragan, Let Loose on What He Termed “The War on Cash”

Prime Minister Narendra Modi Gave the Approval on E-Wallets in the Demonetization World:

Before the time the Prime Minister, Narendra Modi, would be revealing his decision on demonetization of Rs. 500 and Rs. 1000 in India, the larger majority of Indians had been showing a great interest in mobile wallets such as – FreeCharge, Mobikwik, Ola Money, PayTM, Alipay, PayPal, etc., as alternatives to the note equivalent. This is in relation to how fast the world is changing or advancing towards embracing technological innovations – these group of people do not have interest in using cash, hence they prefer an electronic alternative. And that is true about life. The glory of the latter is always greater than the formal. We give up the old for new.

The War on Cash by FreeCharge CEO, Govind Ragan
The War on Cash: The war on cash had begun even before the Prime Minister, Narenda Modi, announced his decision on the demonetization of Rs. 500 and Rs. 1000 notes, says Govind Ragan, CEO of Free Charge India.

To me, it seems that this revolution that is taking place would soon bring the money value back to it`s natural worth as it was in the beginning.

To continue with the report, their interest had given them the gut to be taking a close look at mobile wallets as mentioned above together with many others and improving the system the more even though it was reported by the India`s Press Trust in Dec 15, 2016 that some of the E-Wallets were not yet as secure as they had to be and in contrary, it was also reported that others believed that mobile wallets were chances that would really drive the implementation of a device that would enable payments regularly digitally.

Here are comments you might need to know about the new trend dominating the world at present:

PayTM CEO`s Comment over Digital Money:

Shekhar Sharma, PayTM CEO, commented that to let all know the position of his heart in the world these days, he said that they were in the era of keeping digital currency and that it had been a brilliant pace by the dear Prime Minister who made a change from inconveniency to an unbelievable result.

Not long after that, the CEO of FreeCharge company, Govind Ragan also commented saying that the number of the individual that enrolled in the account of the company which they realized instantly after Narendra`s speech on Tuesday night significantly increased by 12-times till Wednesday morning which was nothing compared to the normal daily cash inflow.

Based on these scenarios, I realized that according to the statement messaged from PayTM, it was not only increase in the enrollment they noticed after the PM`s speech, but also, there was a noticeable 435% boost in the general traffic – 200% got registered from their mobile app downloaded, and 250% rushed into the deal instantly. I also rejoiced when I saw the rise of the moment. And that alone was not the end of all success about the transformation. We just begin. Also, the saved cards grew by 30%, the expansion of 1000% in money was added to PayTM`s wallet. There was 40% growth in registration in Mobikwik`s account in just 18 hours.

Try to take a breath before you read on for you are to be informed the more… 🙂

FreeCharge CEO Govind Ragan gave his own reasons for being on the side of “mobile wallet revolution” saying it was a simple way forward to invest money, trace your expenses and of which you are not to bother with security with because of the two-factor verification system in place for protecting your transaction when making payment. And he even used taxi services like Ola and Uber proclaiming that it would be convenient to book a taxi and paying without anyone following you up for your change. He said because it was so simple with automatic process that made the taking of rides easier.

One very thing to know is that mobile wallets are yet pretty restricted in the way they could be used and where they are used even though this might change in the nearest future through UPI (Unified Payments Interface) – and this would make transaction online so easy and affordable for people. Govind proceeded in his conversation with Gadget 360, believing that sooner, the change mentioned above lately would replenish the whole wide world. After that, he then asked if anyone had read about what happened in Sweden where he referred to the stable rally on going cashless in Sweden.

He aforesaid then that, banks would be turning any client who asked for cash away and that it would not be long that India would also become cashless unless if the right steps hadn’t be taken. Then he made them know the ecosystem they needed to have in the first place and explained to all the people about the advantages of mobile wallets.

So who’s going to win the war on cash? The government or the masses? Let’s talk.


How to Extract and Recover Deleted Emails and Contacts From OST File

Sometimes we might find some contacts which are not useful for us and at that time we delete those contacts from OST file. However, if the data is deleted permanently then, it means that it is removed from the server and hence, there is need for some solutions by which a user can recover deleted emails & contacts from OST file.

NOTE: The deletion may be any i.e., permanent and temporary. Therefore, it is mandatory have solutions which recovers data from both type of deletion methods.

Need to extract contacts from OST file? Read on...

How to Recover Deleted Emails & Contacts from Deleted OST Folder

Below-mentioned are the queries given by some clients who are using Outlook in their daily life:

Query 1:

I deleted one important contact from Outlook contact folder. I have no idea how can I restore that contact. Please anyone help me in getting back that contact because by mistake I had performed shift deletion into it.

Query 2: 

I have deleted my few contacts from Outlook OST folder but now I want to regain those deleted data from OST file. Please share your views so that I can recover deleted emails & contacts from OST file.

Query 3:

Due to an issue of a fatal error i lost all my OST file contacts. I have no idea how to recover deleted emails & contacts from OST. I want my lost contacts back without any loss of data. Is their any solution to recover those lost data from OST file.

Query 4:

I had deleted some of my contacts which were not useful for me in OST file but now I want those items back in my Outlook profile. Therefore, I am in search for a solution by which I can fix my issue as soon as possible.

Approaches To Restore Contacts From OST File

Well, the solution to extract deleted contacts from OST file is dependent upon the fact that whether the contacts are temporarily deleted or permanently. If contacts are temporarily deleted then, we can use manual approach to regain it but, if there is permanently deletion then we have to go for automated approach to regain it.

Solution 1: Manual Approach to recover deleted emails & contacts from OST

1. Firstly, open MS Outlook on your machine and then go to the Deleted Items folder.


2. After that select those contacts which you want to recover from deleted items folder. We’d be using Isabelle Couteleau – Schmitz contact as seen below that it has been successfully recovered.


3. Now Right-click on selected contact and choose Move option from the context menu, then select Other folder option.


4. A window of Move Items will display in front of you. From this window, you can explore the OST file where you want to recover deleted contacts. Then from the list of items, Select Contacts option and after that click on OK button.


5. Now you can see that the selected contacts had disappeared from Deleted Items folder of Outlook and is moved back to its original location. Therefore, now you succeeded in restoring deleted contacts from Outlook deleted items folder.

Note: To perform the above mentioned steps, you need to perform the procedure in an active Exchange environment.

Limitation of Manual Approach

The solution described above is not relevant when we want to recover large amount of data. This method is complex, long, and take a large amount of time to restore deleted contacts from OST file. This approach can be used only to recover temporary deleted contacts. It is not applicable when you want to restore absolutely lost contacts from this approach.

Solution 2: Automated Approach

To overcome limitations of manual method, the best suited approach is to use a third party utility. One such utility is OST Recovery Tool, which allow users to recover deleted emails & contacts from OST file without any loss of data. There are many trust worthy features provided by this recovery tool and these features are very useful while restoring data from OST file. Some of the features are mentioned below:

  • Retrieve OST Data: This tool can recover entire data of OST files like deleted contacts, emails, tasks, calendar etc. After restoring data, the tool provide option to save it in PST format and make it accessible in MS Outlook.
  • Extract Selected Items: OST recovery tool provides a feature to restore only those items which we need to recover. To extract selected items from OST file, we just need to check the desired items and proceed further to save them in PST file format.

Maintain Meta Data:

This tool maintains meta properties like To, Cc, Bcc, send data and receive data etc. Software guarantees that not even a single bit of data will be modified while performing recovery and original formatting will be same throughout the process.

  • Scan OST File: This tool has two scanning modes to handle damaged OST file i.e., quick scan and advanced scan. If a client is having less corrupt OST file then, Quick scan is used; else Advanced scan for major corruption. By default, the tool performs Quick scanning.
  • Generate Preview Of Data: After scanning of file, tool generates a preview of all OST file data like contacts, emails, tasks, notes, calendar etc. It generate preview of all OST file components with its item count.
  • Several Ways To Export Messages: This tool provides multiple export message option to save the recovered data. You can extract your lost OST file in multiple email messages format like PST/MSG/EML by using this tool.


In this post we have discussed about two approaches to recover deleted emails & contacts from OST file. One can use manual approach for recovery of deleted contacts but it is applicable only for recovering temporarily deleted contacts and is also difficult to use. Therefore, we recommend you to go for automated approach because OST recovery tool restore deleted emails & contacts from OST file. The software is independent from the fact that whether the data is temporarily deleted or not. This tool does not modify contacts data and also not require any type of the server for working.


4 Ways to Focus on Improving Customer Service and Achieving Success in Tough Economy

The competition in all industries is increasing and the economic times are becoming tough. If you want to make sure that the business stands out from other business then it is important to pay attention in improving different elements so that you can stand out from other businesses. To make sure that the business is able to do well even during hard economic times, it is important to market smarter by improving customer service delivery to your audience.

Customer service is crucial to the success of the business. Customer loyalty is the key to getting through tough economic times. It is important to earn the trust of customers so that they stick to the brand no matter what. The customer loyalty is inspired by strengthening a relationship, efficiency in critical situations and perceived alternatives. Good customer service is critical to the success of any business or company.

Here are some tips that will help in improving customer services and earning customer loyalty.

In Tough Times and Tougher Economy, Improving Customer Service Delivery Is The Way To Go.

Improving Customer Service Delivery
Improving Customer Service: In tough times and tougher economy, improving customer service delivery has been proven to be a working charm. Invest in improving customer service department of your business and you’ll notice the significant change in the overall resultant effects of this single decision.

Keeping your experiences in mind:

If you want to offer the best services, then you should take a moment and think of your own negative and positive experiences. Try to remember all the factors that played an important role in convincing you to do business with any particular organization. It will help in understanding the thoughts of clients. By being in the customer’s shoes you will be able to recognize factors that play a significant role in attracting customers and earning their loyalty. Try to introduce all the effective factors in your customer services and retaining the clients.

Keep your focus on the customers:

You will only have a good business if you have clients. Clients are the most important asset of the business so it is essential that you keep the focus on them. Make sure that there is a trustworthy bond between the clients and the organization. There are certain steps that can help in bridging the gap between organizations and clients. It will also give a new perspective and help in identifying new opportunities to help customers. The first thing you need to do is to make sure that you keep then in mind while creating marketing strategies. The strategies should focus on the most valuable asset that is the clients.

Secondly, you should think of ways that can make you stand out among the competition. Make sure there is a unique element in the way you are offering a valuable proposition. Thirdly it is essential that you are honest with the customers. Honesty will help in gaining customer loyalty. If there is a mistake, you should admit it and apologize to the clients. It will show the customers that your organization always prefers to put customers ahead of everything else.

Keeping good relationship with customers:

Steps to Improve Your Customer Service Departments

The customer services provide an opportunity to the organizations to create good relations with the clients. It is important to offer good customer experience. If you are running a food business then you should use appliances such as upright freezer and refrigerators to offer easy access to the clients. You can use segmentation strategy to make sure that you can provide a good shopping experience to the clients. Try to design strategies that will help in building good relations with clients if you want to make sure the business is a success.

Managing customer expectations:

It is not possible to provide the customers with everything that they want. The key to satisfying the clients is prioritizing the desires of the clients and try to fulfill them. Build a reputation that shows the clients that you can keep the promises. Once you have the trust you will be able to ask for their patience if there is any delay.

Once you have built a good relationship with the clients then it is important that you are able to maintain good customer service. One you have attracted the customers you need to retain them by being consistent in customer services. The satisfaction of the customers is imperative for the success of business. It is important that you employ best strategies to entertain and serve the customers.

How do your clients perceived your business? What are the strategies and techniques being used in improving customer service department in your company? Would you mind telling about them below?


No More Entry for Travelers in the US without Their Facebook and Twitter Accounts Being Scrutinized

Bad News: Travelers in the US without Their Facebook and Twitter Accounts Being Scrutinized Will be Granted No Entry.

Hey travelers. welcome into the world of none confidentiality!

The new development emanating from the US is making many travelers unrelaxed lately because of the new rule on authorization which could be preventing people from gaining entry into the country unless, their social media accounts (such as Facebook and Twitter) were being scrutinized of any form of irregularities.

Surrender Your Facebook & Twitter Account or No Entry!

No Entry: United States Passport for traveling entry and documentation purpose
United States Passport had been serving as the major requirement for travelers coming into the country for a very long time. But, the story will change soon as Facebook and Twitter will be added to the list of basic requirements for visitors to the US or else, there’d be no entry.

This report is stating that the US government had tendered an ESTA(Electronic System for Travel Authorization) form for any traveler that was under the umbrella of VWP-Visa Walver Program that such traveler had no other option rather than to submit his social media accounts. But for what reason? You shall learn about this as you read on.

Which means if you intend to make a travel that requires VWP form, you have to be ready to surrender all your requirements which must surely include your Facebook and Twitter accounts. It is a must do.

I am releasing the latest report of the information that took place on Thursday Dec.19 through Politico of which Mashable also got the confirmation through a CBP (Customs and Border Protection) representative who announced that the government had approved the revolution that had just taken place that  it was a new strategy to uncover any unlikely confidential.

And just as of a recent,the traveling agency intended never to give entry to all aliens that could not present their social media account(s) irrespective of reasons. To add to this, the chief of staff for the American Civil Liberties Union`s Washington office, Michael W Macloed-Ball said that there were very few sets of laws on the way details might be gathered, preserved, and circulated to the other agencies, and that there would be no procedures that would limit the government from invading in the privacies of  others. So this means that this change is really a bridle to both the government and the travelers and there is no inequality in it.

Even though the government has the privilege to collect information. So Macloed finalized his comment by saying that it would be polite to concentrate on the intimate details articulated for so long.

To hit the nail on its head here in this report, without the Electronic System for Travel Authorization form completely filled through Visa Waiver Program, no foreigner would have the right to enter into the country.


Donald Trump Charges American Companies to Release Job Opportunities to the Masses

Yesterday, Donald Trump – the incoming POTUS, sent mails to the American Companies and he had succeeded in his trial through this mails. As a result, he was able to keep 700 employments in Indiana  and many more exploits like that just for him to kick off the unemployment rate. Even though he is not yet a president, within few days, he endeavored to get the main U.S organization like the Ford Motor Co. and Carrier Corp onboard in a short time.

One of the commenters once said that he already had a tactic which showed that he would surely follow the foot-marks of the heroes such as – Teddy Roosevelt, John F Kennedy (JFK), Lyndon Johnson and so on and so forth.

I never believe that it is too late to be who you want to be to contradict some professionals who declared that his gradual strategy to save jobs for the good of his administration is too little and that it`s even too late for him to reverse in the provision of employment opportunities for the joy of the Americans.

Donald Trump effects on unemployment.
Donald Trump effects on unemployment even before resuming office is giving unemployed majority a sigh of relief.

Daniel Griswold, a professional researcher at George Marson University Mercatus Center commented that even if the Congress wanted to erect the kind of financial Berlin Wall  which had prevented the U.S organizations for the productive access location overseas, He exclaimed that they had to pass a law. He continued, adding that we shouldn’t let him fall back from his endeavor so as for him not to retreat from his good works. So it’s not because of his presidential campaign, but he already has the mind of a president – in term of risk, he is ready to take risks, in term of leadership without title, he is everywhere to be found.

The matter of the fact is that as Trump is invalidating unemployment before becoming the president, rousing the hopeless with promises that could transform American economy throughout his reign, reaching his two desired goals during the campaign-obtaining victory over the major American organizations (as big as Ford and Carrier) and others like Apple Inc.,the maker of Oreo cookies, and Mondelez International Inc., there would surely be peace during his reign without any controversy.

And as added by a representative for Mondelez, Mike Mitchell, who said that the company had spent $450 million as at 2012 to innovate domestic factories and also remained committed to investing in there U.S manufacturing network where business was very sensible to do and as from then, they sought to become more efficient, valuable and viable. Apple also made its own comment that it used to invest greatly in American jobs and modernization. And much more information would still be brought to you.

We would bring you the latest report soon…


Google Sued for Its “Spying Program” and Rigid Policies Towards Employees

Even at this festive season when all things should’ve been rosy and rocky at Google headquarters, but otherwise has taken an unpleasant direction if all reports from The Information were anything to go by.

In a reported news by Mashable today, culled from The Information, the search engine giant had been reported to have in its place an internal spying program orchestrated to stop leaks. In line with this, a lawsuit had been filed against the company by an anonymous product manager who claimed that the tech giant company had violated the California state labor laws with its rigid confidentiality policies which included a “spying program.”

Google Sued for Spying Program and Rigid Censorship Policies towards its employees.
Google Sued for Spying Program and Rigid Censorship Policies towards its employees.

The lawsuit stated that Google had encouraged its employees to expose other employees for leaking private information. The suit as well claimed that the company frowned against employees writing a novel about anything that had to do with working at the company without an authorization.

It also stated that Google threatened to fire anyone who tried to disclose information to the media and not encouraging any internal workplace communication pertaining to work issues, like wages, legal violations and others.

Google was reached in an email to confirm the report. A Google spokesperson regarded to the lawsuit as “baseless.” The email reads:

We will defend this suit to the best of our abilities because it’s baseless. We’re very committed to an open internal culture, which means we frequently share with employees details of product launches and confidential business information. At Google, transparency is a huge part of our culture.”

It continued by stating that the company’s intent for being confidential with some certain information and the rationale behind that motive.

“Our employee confidentiality requirements are designed to protect proprietary business information, while not preventing employees from disclosing information about terms and conditions of employment, or working place concerns.”

The lawsuit also claim the company urges its employees not to document company challenges or illegal activity in order not to fall into the wrong hands.

The lawsuit was filed in San Francisco on Tuesday and brought by John Doe.

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