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Ways A Smart Home Can Make You Feel Like You’re Living In The Future

The Future Of Living Is Now With The Technology of Modern Smart Homes.

Smarter home with smart devices
Smarter home with smart devices to take charge of your world effortlessly.

In the early 1960s, a simple animated sitcom changed the way people imagined the future of living. Though The Jetsons only initially aired for four months, the show’s futuristic utopia full of remarkable robotic contraptions, aliens, holograms and other fanciful inventions sparked the imagination of just how advanced smart home technology could one day be.

Now, more than 40 years later, modern developments have opened a world of possibility in the smart home industry. Though we haven’t quite reached The Jetsons status of smart home technology, we’re getting closer. Below are five modern features of smart home technology that will make you feel like you’re living a futuristic dream.

Smart Home Technology; The Futuristic Feel Of Smart Homes

Living In The Future - Impacts of Smart Home Technology on our lives
Are You Still Here or There? With the affluence of smart home technology, living in the future seem inevitable and some of its impacts are verifiable in our lifestyles.

5. Robotic vacuum cleaners

In 1999, the hit family comedy Smart House brought to life the idea of a fully automated dream house that would clean itself. And while science has yet to develop a home whose floors would simply evaporate trash and debris, robotic vacuum cleaners are a close second.

The Roomba is a robotic vacuum that cleans without requiring you to lift a finger – except for occasionally charge it up. This disc-shaped vacuum can be controlled from your smartphone, meaning you can prompt it to clean while you’re away. The new and improved Roomba 980 makes a map of your house, allowing you to dictate which areas you want to clean and which rooms you want it to stay away from.

This high-tech vacuum also knows to return to its port and recharge when its battery is running low. Once fully charge, Roomba 980 will continue its cleaning job – even going back to clean spots it may have missed.

4. Smart Refrigerators

For some, the idea of having a smart refrigerator might seem a little overzealous. But having a fridge that’s connected to the internet is becoming more and more beneficial as modern technology advances. LG’s newest refrigerators have SmartDiagnosis, programs that send alerts to your smartphone and also connect with LG’s customer service department if your fridge is experiencing a malfunction.

Many smart refrigerators also have a food tracking system which alerts you when an item needs to be restocked or if food is on the brink of expiration. Samsung’s Family Hub refrigerator is equipped with cameras that allow you to remotely check the contents of your fridge while grocery shopping.

3. Smart Faucets

Commonly found in public restrooms, smart faucets are now making waves in the smart home market. Not only do smart faucets save more than 15,000 gallons of water per year, but they make washing things like hands and dishes a “hands-free” task. With smart faucets, water conservation becomes a cost-effective and environmentally sound way to ensure you’re doing your part to save energy and reduce carbon emissions. Furthermore, intelligent, sleek design makes smart faucets a stylish amenity in any home while providing a hygienic and contamination-free way to wash.

2. Smart Locks

Years ago, automotive engineers developed ways for drivers to remotely start the car and unlock or lock the doors via Internet-connected technology. Now scientists have applied this same technology to smart homes, allowing you to remotely unlock and lock your doors via smartphone technology. Smart locks feature much more than a lock-and-key access–you can create personalized entry codes for individuals in your family as well as temporary access codes for guests. Program all the locks in your home to automatically lock when you go to sleep at night, and lock or unlock your doors remotely using an app on your smartphone.

Furthermore, home automation technology enhances your security features, letting you check on your home from wherever you are. Arm and disarm capabilities provide you with an intuitive interface on your touchscreen, TV, or smartphone which gives you the power to activate an “away” mode that sets the alarm, engages the security cameras, and locks all the doors. You can also program a smart home system to activate a smart lighting pattern that makes your home look occupied when you’re away.

1. Smart Sleep

Perhaps one of the most riveting developments in recent smart home technology is the groundbreaking gadget that helps you monitor and improve your sleep. One of these new sleep trackers is called Sense, a small orb that you place in your bedroom to monitor noise, light, temperature, humidity and even air particles. The Sleep Pill, an add-on clip, attaches to your pillow to track your movements. All of this intel is then sent to your smartphone, allowing you to see how much actual rest you got and what environmental factors disturbed your rest the most.

High-tech conference room with smart home technology
An example of a high-tech conference room with smart home technology fully deployed. This is a clear example of a smart and well-connected digital home.


These five aforementioned smart gadgets are just the tip of the smart home technology iceberg. With things like high-tech LED lighting, wireless entertainment systems, automated appliances, and much more leading the way, engineers are getting closer than ever to achieving a true Jetsons-like home and making homeowners feel like the future of living is now.

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Essential Travel Apps – 7 Essential Planning and Packing Apps for Travelers

We all travel, at least a couple of times a year. You might enjoy that classic family vacation, or you have to fly each week for business purposes. Regardless of the reason for your travels, it’s helpful to have certain tools that can help you prepare and guide your trip in a positive direction. Check out these essential planning and packing apps for the smart traveler. They can certainly keep you organized on the busiest of trips.

Essential Travel Apps for Planning Your Next Travel Events

Essential Travel Apps: Apps for planning and packing for savvy travelers
Love Traveling The World? You need to download these essential planning and packing apps for your next trip. They sure gonna be kind of handy essential travel apps you can’t just afford to miss out on. They can certainly keep you organized on the busiest of trips.


When it comes to buying airfare tickets Hopper offers you virtually endless options. Hopper is an app that breaks down the flight prices and tells you when it’s preferable to purchase that next seat. Simply tell the app about your travel dates and destination city. It then matches your information to flights and returns with some interesting information.

You won’t just receive a list of airlines and times. Hopper tells you if it’s a good time to buy those seats. The analysis might return with the prediction of a price drop occurring next week. Follow this app’s advice, and it’s possible to save up to 40 percent on your next flight.

Packing Pro

If you’ve always struggled with packing, this app will become your best friend. It gives you a checklist of every item you can imagine for that next trip, including passports, money belts, jackets and more. You will need to pay for the app, however, but it’s definitely worth the $3.

You can pick from suggested lists for common destinations, or create your own list. Every list can be saved for use on another trip too. Families and professionals with busy traveling schedules can benefit greatly from this app.


A competing app against Packing Pro is PackPoint. This app is more in depth because it asks specific questions about your travels. Maybe you’re going skiing or maybe you’re going on your first sailing trip and have no idea what to take with you – PackPoint will help you pick what you need to pack, simple as that.

Input the length of your vacation, and it tells you how many shirts, pants, and other items are necessary for a great time. The app also accesses the local weather so that you can pack that umbrella if the threat of rain is imminent.

This app also asks about your potential activities during the trip. If you plan on kayaking, you’ll want to bring your wetsuit or bathing suit. Without a packing app, these specialty items might be overlooked.


If you want a more personal tour of a popular city, download the Vayable app. Tell it which city you are visiting, and it will create a guide that’s customized to your needs. You won’t hear basic tourist information with this app because it integrates unique tips from local residents. It’s possible to find that hidden beach with this app in your pocket.

When you’re looking for an educational diversion, Vayable offers factoids from obscure resources that are incredibly interesting. You’ll come away from your trip with a greater appreciation for an area.

Around Me

This app is useful because of the basic information it offers. Allow it to pinpoint your whereabouts, and it will tell you where every local ATM, restaurant, and hotel are located. When you’re new to an area, this app can save you a lot of time and keep you safe from traveling the wrong roads.

You can technically use this app in any area that you’ve never visited before. Locals may even try the features so that they can discover a place in their neighborhood that was otherwise hidden from view.


Duolingo is the fun way of learning a new language. It’s actually one of the easiest ways to learn the basics when you’re traveling for a short period to a foreign land. Greetings, basic phrases, and objects are your focus as you use Duolingo on the go.

Try to use Duolingo a few weeks before your trip. You’ll spend at least five minutes each day on your chosen language. With a few weeks of language in your mind, you’ll have some of the basics ready to go as you hop on your flight out.


One of the worst feelings during a vacation is confusion over potential activities to take part in. Zip-lining, trekking, boating and other activities will often fill up before you even arrive at the destination. The Peek app is your chance to try an activity and book it well before the date.

Book and organize all of your excursions at your destination so that you have a schedule to look forward to during vacation. You can enjoy the user tips and reviews on the app too. Peek is designed to organize your fun with each trip.

Final Word

Every traveler will need help with their currency, bookings or languages at some point during their travels. Download some or all of these essential travel apps before your next excursion. When you get to know the apps’ features, you’ll be able to move swiftly through your travels while concentrating on the amazing sights and sounds around you.

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Why You Can’t Have a Great Website Without Great Graphic Design

Building a successful and appealing website involves a lot of hard work and great creativity. Nowadays, users are requesting fast load times, high-quality content, professional aesthetics, and user-friendly sites.

If you already have a site, or you’re planning to build one soon, it’s essential to have features that will provide you with high conversion rates and a large customer base. A poorly or unattractively designed website can do more harm than good.

Visuals are one of the most important factors involved in engaging audiences online. Judgements about your site will be made instantaneously, so if it doesn’t look appealing, people won’t hang around.

Here are some ways that visual appeal can contribute to the overall success of your website:

Website Graphic Design Cheat-sheet for Having a Killer Concept for Conversion’s Sake

Great Graphics on Your Website Build Your Brand Image
Wanna Improve Your Brand Image; huh? Invest in professional graphic designs. Do you know that having great graphics on your website helps build your brand image effortlessly?

Great Graphics on Your Website Build Your Image

High-quality graphics represent a high-quality brand. If your website contains a poorly designed logo, low-quality images or hundreds of stock images – you’re going to be perceived far more negatively. Companies who put time and effort into their image are putting themselves in a higher position for success, as customers are more drawn to them and their brand identity becomes more recognizable. It could boost your chances of getting noticed in a world where competition is tough.

Appealing Graphic Design Can Help Save Your Marketing Expenditure

Some business owners are forced to stay fresh in people’s minds by launching new products regularly and spreading the word; but of course, it costs money. Rather than constantly doing this, there is always the opportunity to change brand image. This can be achieved by implementing fresh design rather than frequent product launches. A brand new website design may in turn change how people perceive your content.

Bridge The Gap Between Appealing Graphic Design and Having None, It Can Help Save Your Marketing Expenditure
GOOD GRAPHICS BRIDGE THE GAP FOR CONVERSION: Bridge the gap between having an appealing graphic design and none. That single design alone can help you save a lot of money, increase your conversion rates from marketing efforts and reduce your overall business expenditure.

The Power of Graphic Design Can Instantly Increase Conversions

Every topic under the sun has a dedicated website for discussing such matters. The problem is that niches are now saturated, and it’s extremely difficult to rank sites that publish content in competitive niches like a business. However, if you want to set yourself apart from the competition, you can do so by providing similar content but with enhanced graphics. People are likely to come back and trust you because they remember your site, unlike your competitors who offer the same content in a not-so-appealing fashion. Graphic design makes your site memorable. It touches your audience and makes them want to consume your content over other sites in the search engine.

Good Graphic Design is an Investment Strategy. Consumers want visually appealing content
GOOD GRAPHICS BRINGS GOOD ROI: Good graphic design is an investment strategy for smart business owners to leverage on. Consumers want visually appealing content and you can stay longer in your reader’s mind if you can just understand, and take advantage of this as a part of your marketing strategies.

Good Graphic Design is an Investment Strategy

Consumers want visually appealing content. Until you can understand this fact, you can’t use it to your own advantage. You can always stand out and even create your own space before anything else can cover your presence. It will work for you now and in the future.

Hire a Designer to Help Cover the Fundamentals

Successfully creating great graphics can be tough to handle on your own. You don’t only need the skill, but you need the knowledge of what works in the market. By hiring help, you are not only paying for the time spent designing but also the numerous years of knowledge and experience gained in the industry. A designer will help you get that appealing website, which will enable you to share your business products and services with potential customers all over the world.

Bottom Line

An attractive site has a great chance to create a positive impression and retain visitors on your site. Thus, as businesses continue to populate the web, whether large or small, your challenge is to attract and uphold users’ attention. Pay close attention to graphic designs while building your site. Ensure that your site is visually appealing, polished, and professional since it’s reflecting the products and services you offer. Always keep in mind that the help of graphic design service can transform the look and feel of your website completely. And while putting all the above guidelines in check, do not underestimate the loading speed of your site, hence, you must upload only optimized graphics to your website.

Social Media

Social Media Plan: The Benefits of Social Media Planning For Your Brand

In this technologically advanced world of today, many businesses are starting to take advantage of the power of social media. In most cases, you will be able to have a larger impact on your audience by learning about social media to advertise your business. For new business owners, using social media to get the word out about their business is the best and most cost effective means of marketing that they can find. In order to be successful in this medium, you will need to develop a strategic guide that details your plan for your social media. The following are a few of the many benefits that come from planning out your social media strategy.

Here’s Why Social Media Planning Should Be Up On Your “To Do List”

Social Media Plan: The Benefits of Social Media Planning For Your Brand
SOCIAL MEDIA PLANNING DEMYSTIFIED: No crime in planning your social media marketing strategies, but there’s if you fail to. Here are the benefits of social media planning for your brand and you could avail it to your brand’s visibility.

Time is Money

One of the biggest benefits of having a social media plan is that it will save you a lot of time when you start to post on your page. Without a plan, you will spend a lot of time in front of the computer trying to come up with the right post for your social media page. With a plan, you will already know what you are going to post and in some cases you will have a lot of content already written. Except you want to contracted this action out to third-party search engine optimization service provider such as SEO services USA, I think it’d be worth your try if you can learn to do it by yourself.

Relieve the Stress

Another benefit of having an adequate social media plan is that it will help to keep the stress out of the whole process. For many small business owners, finding the time to post on social media can be a chore, which is why having a plan is so important. The better you plan out your social media posts, the better off you will be in the long run. Instead of leaving something this important to chance, you need to develop a concrete plan on what you want to do with your page. In actual sense, social media planning relieves you of stress, and lets you focus on the business of the day instead of wasting time on what doesn’t really matter to your business growth.

Diverse and Often Posts

Another benefit of having a social media plan is that it will allow you to keep divers and regular posts on you page. This will help to keep your customers and followers interested in your page and what you have to say. Keeping people interested in your company and your content is the only way you will be successful with this type of advertising. You need to make sure that you know who your core audience is because this will allow you to market directly to them. The more you know about your audience, the more success you will have with social media advertising.

Professionals will be able to help a business owner plan out their marketing strategy with ease. But, if you’d like to go through the do it yourself route, then learning these basic social media planning routine will saves you time and resources.

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How to Easily Migrate Outlook Emails to Thunderbird

It is not an easy task to migrate from one email client to other, similarly when try to migrate Outlook emails to Thunderbird, because the file format of every email client is not same. So due to incompatibility in file format leads to data loss while migrating. Losing past saved mailbox data can be devastating for the professionals relying for their day-to-day operation. Microsoft Outlook is the widely used email client used by most of the users, but some people relies on Mozilla Thunderbird. It is because Mozilla Thunderbird is more cost-effective than Microsoft Outlook.

Methods to Migrate Outlook Emails | Contacts| Calendar to Thunderbird

If you want to switch to Thunderbird from Microsoft Outlook, there is are some workaround that needs to be done for transferring Outlook information into Thunderbird.

Microsoft Outlook requires a proprietary import and export system, whereas Thunderbird needs Outlook to set as default email program for performing these operations.

We can export PST file to Thunderbird by two methods:

  1. Using Manual Method
  2. Using a Third Party Tool

Manual Method to Import Outlook PST File into Thunderbird

1. Click on “Start”. Type “Default Programs” in the search box and double click to open it.

2. Now, click on “Set your default programs”.

How to Migrate Outlook Emails With Ease

3. Select “Outlook”.

Choose OUTLOOK - Set As DEFAULT PROGRAMS - IMPORT - How to Migrate Outlook Emails With Ease


4. Click on “Set this program as default” option.

Set As DEFAULT PROGRAMS - IMPORT - How to Migrate Outlook Emails With Ease

5. Open Mozilla Thunderbird application.

6. Click on “Tool” located on the top of the screen.

7. Click on “Import”.

8. Select on “Mail” >> and then click on “Next”.

9. Select “Outlook”. You’ll see a pop-up window showing the progress of Importing.


IMPORT - How to Migrate Outlook Emails With Ease

10. Click “Next” and then “Finish”.

11. Now all the Outlook emails will be imported in Thunderbird.

12. Go back to “Default Programs”, Click on “Thunderbird” and then “Set this program as default.”

Note: The Thunderbird imports the PST file only till Mozilla Thunderbird version 31.8. The later version doesn’t import/export Outlook data files.

Exporting Outlook Data File into Thunderbird using Outlook to MBOX Converter

With the help of Outlook to MBOX Converter Tool, we can easily transfer Outlook emails to Thunderbird. It is an easy and automated approach to migrate Outlook emails, contacts, and calendars to Thunderbird mailbox.

  1. After downloading the application, click on Start button and type the “Outlook to MBOX Converter” in the search box and hit the “Enter” key.
  2. Click on “Open”. It will initiate the PST to MBOX conversion process.
  3. Select on “Browse” to select the PST file from the file path.
  4. Now, determine the destination path by clicking on “Browse”.
  5. If you want to keep the folder order same as that of the previous Email Client, then click “Yes” else click “No”.
  6. Click on “Export” to start the conversion process.
  7. Click “OK” after completion of process.
  8. Now, navigate to the folder location of the converted PST file into MBOX format.


Thunderbird no longer supports Microsoft Outlook emails to import in it’s interface. The earlier version of Thunderbird i.e. till version 38, was compatible with migration process. So the simplest approach is by using an Outlook to Thunderbird Migration tool. It is simple & time saving solution for converting Outlook PST into MBOX format. The instructions are available in every steps to assist less technical users. With this guide, it will be easy and straightforward for anybody to migrate Outlook emails to Thunderbird with little or no technical know-how.

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Digital Nomadism: A New Way of Life for The iGenerationist

We all know what a nomad is: a person who carry with him his home and don’t have a specific place of residence. We all know what the word digital means or represent. But what a hell does the expression Digital Nomadism means?

Digital Nomadism
How sure are you that you aren’t a digital nomad? Do you use telecommunications technologies to earn a living? Or is it that you conduct business or do things more with dependency on technology? If you answer Yes, then you are a digital nomad. In fact, your digital nomadism level might have gone overboard! 🙂

Well according to Wikipedia, this is a person “who use telecommunications technologies to earn a living and, more generally, conduct their life in a nomadic manner.”

I believe this is more than that. Why?

Because three phenomena are appearing in the same time.

First: Emergence of broadband telecommunication in remote location and WiFi propagation all over the world. It’s never been so easy to have connection to the web. In some countries sometimes it’s the only way to transfer money or to be paid as the figure below shows.

Digital Nomadism statistics

Second: With the digitalization trend and the globalization, “people who are holding 2 or more jobs in this economy are not unusual. In fact, according to the most recent available numbers from the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, (2010 Census) in December of 2011 more than 7 million people in the US were holding 2 or more jobs.”

This tendency creates a fuzzy situation between the time dedicated to work and the time dedicated to leisure. As a result, you can spend your time in vacation and still be able to generate revenue and value.

Third: The increase of time in transportation and traffic. We live in a period of fears and threats which drives us to take more and more security measures to protect ourselves from potential risks. Lost time in airports or stations has been multiply by three in the last 20 years. The traffic on roads and the time spent in a queue has more than double. As a result, we work more and more at home or outside home. To be efficient you have to be able to work where you are when you want.

Digital Nomadism Lifestyle
Making a Living With Technology: Being a digital nomad isn’t a bad idea for those who value the ever-changing and ever-evolving technology industry. Things are vastly changing by the day, because, people are aspiring to have everything at their fingertip and its as a result of your availability as a provider that’ll bring money to your table.

The digital nomadism – far from to be dedicated only to people who live in a nomadic manner – is for me a new way of life where you decide where you work, when you work and with who you work. Your nomadism is linked to the disappearance of your office and desktop.

Welcome to the iGeneration who will establish this trend as a new standard?

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How to Remove Duplicate Emails in Outlook Manually and Automatically

MS Outlook provides a feature that creates personal storage data file to let users access their emails for business purpose. The Outlook PST file holds the data in the mailbox that includes emails, contacts, calendars, tasks, etc. These emails messages can be generated by the newsletter, press release, or exciting news items etc. The main purpose of all the users is to keep the data items in the mailbox safe and secured and to remove duplicate emails in Outlook.

However, most of users face problems when they cannot access their Outlook PST files due to reasons like multiple copies of same emails, incorrect synchronization, and virus attack issue. To overcome these issues due to presence of few duplicate items in Outlook. In the article, we will be discussing what duplicate files in Outlook are, how duplicity occur in Outlook, how to remove duplicate Outlook emails, contacts from PST file and solution to remove duplicate items.

Possible reasons behind Duplicate Items appearing in Outlook

While using Outlook mailbox many users have encountered certain problems, which have necessitated them to remove the redundant data from PST files so that they can easily view the files accurately and independently. There are plenty of reasons to remove duplicate emails, contacts, calendars entries, etc. from Outlook PST files. The following reasons are mentioned as below:

  1. Users may receive multiple copies of same email messages from their friends and relatives. They forward same email messages gradually it causes duplicity in data items.
  2. Most frequent cause is an interrupted or synchronization with a laptop or mobile devices. For example if users can view some messages from multiple platform i.e. mobile device or laptop and then, place the read messages to multiple folders.
  3. Sometimes redundant e-mails are produced by delay of mail server; especially users started the “Leave Message on Server” setting option. While configure Outlook then, apply “move a copy to” rule twice to a certain incoming message which cause an email duplication.
  4. Merging PST files into one it may result in duplicity messages.
  5. If users try to save a contact along-with same name or email address as one who already existing into users contact list a dialog box may appear with options to create duplicate outlook contacts or update the existing contacts.
  6. While importing the contacts into Outlook then, duplicate items might be created, it will create more complicated.
  7. Complicated emails and content of other mailbox require more space in the file, and it may results in increasing PST file size. This may cause to generate duplicate items occur in Outlook mailbox.
  8. Anti-virus software may create duplicate items. Due to this cause, users enable to select “Send and receive” option.

Multiple copies of same data items it will become less productive. Users become more stressful if they face these types of redundancy issues.

Problems occurred by duplicate items.

As we know, Outlook is one of the most complex applications of MS Office suite.

It comprises many resources for making performance smooth, and it consumes more memory, disk space and CPU usage. For example, users want to search a particular message from Outlook but Outlook get irritates through all email messages in a given folder including duplicate data items.

Outlook becomes to slow down when size of mailbox reaches around 2-3GB otherwise if users not able to reduce the size of mailbox and Outlook data items, then Outlook mailbox may start hanging, freezing and not responding properly.

Advantages of deleting duplicacy from PST file

  1. Flexible:- users can able to view the particular data file without any hurdle after deleting the redundant file from PST Outlook.
  2. Fast:- Speed becomes more simple and fast. Users can easily access contacts, emails, calendar, tasks etc.
  3. Space free:- Create free space and to remove outlook duplicates. Users have sufficient space for storing the necessary files and reduce file size.
  4. Virus free:- After remove duplicate emails, Outlook mailbox becomes free from numerous bug and virus. All users keep the data files in the mailbox safe and secured.

How to Remove Duplicates Emails in Outlook from PST files/folders

Single files create multiple copies and store in different Outlook mailbox or archive folders. There are two methods to delete Outlook duplicates from Outlook Data File i.e., Manual and Automated method. Manually, to remove Outlook duplicates use the following methods and remove the copied files from the folder.

Step 1: Open Outlook mailbox and select specific folder from where users want to remove duplicate Outlook items.


Step 2:  Now, select view menu, and move to the current view and then, change the folder view type according to user’s requirement.


Step 3: Click Right on column heading and after this click on Field chooser option.


Step 4: Select all mail fields from field chooser option and then, drag the modified field to table heading.


Step 5: For checking the duplicate items click on modifies sort fields. Then, view the list of duplicate items.


Step 6: Select any file that users want to remove and the, click on shift + Delete button to delete permanently from Outlook.


Limitations of Manually Remove Duplicate Emails in Outlook

  1. While working on Outlook, users may be delete single necessary files by default.
  2. Slow internet connection network.
  3. At a time, users cannot remove duplicate emails in Outlook messages from multiple Outlook PST files in bulk.
  4. Users cannot able to remove redundant files within the folder and across the folder.
  5. Does not allow to add multiple PST file with attributes at a time.
  6. Users do not able to create new store folder while removing duplicate emails.


After discussing the issues related to duplicacy of files from Outlook data files, the article focuses on the requirement of Outlook Duplicate Remover Software to remove Outlook duplicates automatically present in Outlook PST files. It also explains why the Duplicate Remover Software is better than other available manual solutions. Also gives the solution to remove Duplicates in Outlook.

Apple iOS CyberSecurity Data Theft Hack Security

Ensure your iPhone 7 Security With These Guidelines

iPhone 7 with iOS 10 released last month and is up for grabs in markets. Apple is known for its strong security of the devices and robust designs. But, like many the security issues with iPhone 7 are inevitable. Although Apple keeps on rolling out security updates; you have to take security measures in your hand and set up the security features by yourself to ensure your iPhone 7 security, follow these steps to set up the security features of your new iPhone 7.

Ensuring Your iPhone 7 Security, here are the guidelines to follow…

1. Set Up Touch ID & Passcode



iPhone 7 has passcode features, like older devices, to lock your iPhone device. An unlocked device is accessible by another person who can use your data in harmful ways. Apple has two phone lock features: PIN and Fingerprint. To setup PIN code:

  1. Open “Settings” on your iPhone.
  2. Look for “Touch ID & Passcode” in the settings option.
  3. In Touch ID & Passcode window, Choose “Turn Passcode On” option to enable it.
  4. Enter your 6-digit PIN code, or choose “passcode options” for a four-digit pin code entry.
  5. Enter your PIN code again to confirm the settings.

Tip: It is a recommendation to select a 6-digit PIN code entry because larger PIN codes have a large number of combinations to crack.

Touch ID

iOS 10 introduced a new feature “Touch ID.” You can stop entering your PIN codes repeatedly, with a finger touch. To allow this feature in iPhone device, you must have turned ON PIN code first. To enable this feature:

  1. Dry and clean your home button and your finger/
  2. Open these options, Settings and then Touch ID & Passcodes.
  3. Pick up your device in your natural way and then press “Add a fingerprint” option.
  4. Slightly touch the home button with your finger or thumb – but be sure not to hard press Remove your finger from the button upon vibration or prompt.
  5. Slowly keep on tapping on the screen, to make adjustments of the finger positions.
  6. After adjustment, on the next window adjust the edges of your Pick up your device in your usual way, and tap on the screen home button with fingertips edges.
  7. If it fails, repeat the steps with another finger.

Tip: It is a recommendation not to use Touch ID to unlock the device if you are concerned for law enforcement agencies to forcefully access your device.

Other Tips: You can enable these optional settings with your Touch ID and Pin code.

  • Automatic Lock, Open Settings option in iPhone, go to Display & Brightness options, setup auto-time lock to your requirements, but do NOT set it to “Never” option.
  • Erase Data, Open Settings option in iPhone, go to Touch ID & Passcodes options, open Erase Data and choose Enable. On 10 wrong-tries, the data will be wiped from your iPhone device.

2. Factor Authentication

You can allow 2-factor authentication and merge it with your phone number or trusted devices. It will send a message whenever someone or you tries to access your account from an unknown location. To enable this feature:

  1. Open Settings option in iPhone, go to iCloud option and select your Apple ID
  2. Look for the Password & Security option in the Apple ID option.
  3. Tap on the option “Turn On Two-Factor Password Authentication.”

3. Find My iPhone

Find My iPhone is pre-enabled in your iPhone 7. To check this feature Open Settings option in iPhone, go to iCloud option and select option “Find My iPhone.” And setup the option to Turn on “Send Last Location.” 

4. Limit Third-Party Apps From Ads Tracking

You can place a limit on ad tracking of your Apple account by opening the Settings option, then  Privacy option, and finally go to Advertising option window. Select the field “Limit Ad Tracking” and enable it. Select the option “Reset The Identifier” to clear it.

Tips: Use can also take advantage of the incognito mode in Safari web-browser to prevent location information. 

5. Location Information

You can limit the location information requests from the apps installed on your iPhone device. To change it open Settings option on iPhone, then go to Privacy option window, and then Location Services option. Now select which apps you want to stop requesting location information.

Tips: You can prevent system apps from requesting location information. You can disable location information, by opening Location Services window option and select System Services option window. Now, Disable Frequent Location option; also clear history data from “Clear History” under Frequent Location menu.

6. Limit Data Access

People can access your unlocked iphone device to use your personal content in harmful ways. You enable iPhone to self-destruct messages function to automatically delete messages after a fixed period. To enable the feature, Open Settings option in iPhone, then go to Messages window option, now go to Keep Messages window option, and select the time period for self-destruct. Similarly, you can set a limit on your audio messages to Self-destruct after 2 minutes.

7. Use a VPN

VPN offers you the benefits of security, anonymity, and privacy. It hides your internet activities, and your app traffic by encrypting your iphone device. You can also access the geo-blocked website by using a VPN. You can find some iPhone VPN apps on Apple store.

8. Limit Lock Screen Notifications

In iOS 10 the notification limit is increased which shows previews of the messages you receive. You can place a limit to the previews of messages and widgets on your lock screen. You will have to manually change settings by opening Settings option on iPhone, then go to Touch ID & Passcode window option. Now, Disable apps manually to set a limit on previews.


  • Disable previews for email and messages apps.
  • From iPhone lock screen remove the widget “Home Control”
  • Disable Raise-To-Wake option (In iPhone Settings, go to Display & Brightness)

There are many iPhone 7 security issues that may arise, and Apple is really working up on releasing latest updates to combat them, but you are responsible to ensuring your iPhone 7 security. These guidelines to are surely going to help you get that done faster.


8 Techniques To Create Custom Homepage When Developing WordPress Websites

About 40% of the world population has the Internet connection. Currently, more than 3 billion people have access to the Internet. With the advancement of the technology, our lifestyle is digital-driven as interpersonal connections have been shifted to Internet connections. Everyone has adapted technology and if you are still not in this connection, then it’s time to get on, on the online bandwagon.

Whether you are a blogger or an enterprise and looking for ways to extend your name and make the world aware of your service, then the website is the platform to start the development with. If you have a business but doesn’t have a website, then you are losing out on great opportunities for your business. A well-developed website can be used to implement and accomplish many marketing stratagems making your business to be at the pinnacle. You should know that the benefits websites provide to the businesses are just immeasurable. It is imperative to have an online presence. In simple words, if your audience/customers are aware of your service but are unable to reach you, then there is no point of your service.

For your business to grab more eyeballs, to drive the growth path, to generate more revenue, your voice needs to be heard and achieving your business goals, your brand name should be visible and for that, web development is the key that can give it a realistic touch. Websites are the soul of any business whether you are an online retailer, blogger, e-commerce or any online portal and community.

Do you want to run the risk of burning down that communication bridge between you and your customer? The obvious answer is – NO.

But that’s not the only risk you will face as there are certain points that should be considered for your website design and development.

How to Create a Custom HomePage in WordPress for Your Website; 8 Techniques To Use When Developing WordPress Websites…

How to create a custom homepage
Custom WordPress HomePage:- How to create a custom homepage for your website from scratch using wordpress CMS with little or no programming skills whatsoever.

In this step-by-step tutorial we teach you how to create a custom home page in WordPress using the custom page templating snippet and your ever available WordPress admin.

Following things to consider before developing a website in WordPress:

1. Have a crystal clear goal:

Before developing websites, the first thing you need to ensure is what is the ultimate goal of your website and you need to coalesce all your different ideas to serve the common purpose. You have to incorporate cost-effective methodologies and need to take into account the cost of developing a website. You have to keep in mind about creating a clean and appealing design. A website without a purpose will serve, little, if any, benefit.

2. Navigation:

From functionality to appearance, to integrity to navigation all these factors determine the effectiveness and capability of your website. It takes a lot in creating an eye-popping and user-friendly website but it is worth a shot. You should develop a proper page hierarchy and make sure that all the functionality of your site is working properly and that users find it easy to navigate through your site, hence, creating an user-rich experience. Conduct an in-depth view of your site not as a developer but as a visitor.

3. Choose the perfect domain name and Host:

A domain name reflects the brands’ image. Why it is crucial to incorporate a good domain name because you have to also incorporate SEO in the site. Brand identity and a well-optimized site lead into a higher rank in the search engines. Businesses that are easily noticeable tend to draw more customer.

4. SEO-friendly:

Whether you are developing a new website or just enhancing the existing one, one thing is sure that you need to develop the website more SEO-friendly. You have to improve on the codes and keep it reviewing from time to time, albeit it is a strenuous process but it will increase the overall return on investment. SEO-friendly code paints a clear picture of your website making it rank higher.

5. Content, layout and color:

Your website should contain good and informative contents to draw the customer’s attention also target certain unique keywords to rank higher in the search engines. The type of the images, data, bar graph used will also determine the loading time of your website, therefore, choose wisely. Neat layout and good color combination grab the visitor’s attention faster, so, focus on this part too.

6. Speed do matter:

You can add a boost of speed to your WordPress website because of CDN (Content Delivery Network). CDN changes the way your website handles JavaScript, static content like images and CSS. It caches your static content to create faster page loading, lower response time which helps your website to rank higher in the search engines. You can have a look at CloudFlare, MaxCDN, Incapsula etc.

SEO benefits of CDN:

  • Low response time
  • Increased website speed
  • Fast web pages loading

After having a look at the aforementioned points, you must now, have a slight idea about where to steer the direction. These are few trivial steps but the benefits are just immeasurable. All the points can work wonders for any site.

After overcoming the first hurdle, what lies ahead is how to proceed forward and how to keep the ball rolling. The homepage is a zone that lets users have their own space for thinking. It reflects the website’s vision and core work values. A homepage is the most viewed part of any website.

Do you want to create a custom homepage in WordPress? As you know that WordPress has different layouts for different pages, hence, you can choose accordingly. A custom homepage allows you to have a different layout in appearance from the other pages.

Techniques to create a custom homepage in WordPress:

Creating a custom homepage in WordPress requires a basic knowledge and understanding of HTML and PHP. To effectively create a page template in WordPress, you should also be familiar with JavaScript and CSS. Understanding of WordPress admin area and WordPress technicalities would be an add-on.

  1. Create a custom WordPress Page Template: to add a custom homepage to your current WordPress theme, you have to start a new page template. You need to copy the following code into a blank file using the text editor. If you already have a page that you want to use as a custom homepage, then add this code at the top of that file.
<?php/*_x000D_Template Name: My Custom HomePage_x000D_*/

You can save this file as templatename.php such as homepage.php.

  1. Building your web page: build your webpage using the file you have had saved. You are free to choose from JavaScript, CSS or HTML but you need to make sure that all the supporting files are stored in a common folder so that it is easy to identify them in the pool of the files. Steps for creating a webpage:

– create a new page (Pages > add new page)

– add a suitable title to the page (templatename.php)

– select “custom homepage” from the template drop down “page attributes”

– click on the “publish” button.

  1. Description boxes: description boxes can prove beneficial to your website as they provide useful information about your products and services. It is placed just below the slider so that it catches the user’s attention. You can have as many as description boxes if you want to show more details about the products.
  1. Creating the panel: whether you want to show all the panels separately or want to provide all the options under the same panel, you can easily do that as per your requirement. You just have to add the following code into your templatename.php file.
// Adding the Product Description panel::add_panel('product_description',array(_x000D_    'priority'=>10,_x000D_    'title'=>__('Product Description','magnificient'),_x000D_    'description'=>__('Panels to show description of the products','magnificient'),));
  1. Uploading your custom page files: after you are done with the saving of the folder and creating a custom page, it is time to upload them on the server and the real test is to check their functionality. The PHP file you created by the name of templatename.php, needs to go in the main folder of your current theme that should have a directory path similar to that:

After doing that, upload your templatename.php to your theme directory followed by all the supporting files for your new template homepage into the same directory.

  1. Editing your homepage: after uploading the homepage, you need to edit the homepage so that it is capable of grabbing attention. Here are few steps:

– create a gallery or slideshow to project your website.

– make your website enchanting and link it with some other posts.

– go for images, texts etc that set the tone of your site.

  1. Activation of the custom homepage: now you have to activate the homepage from the WordPress admin so that the rest of the pages get connected with the homepage. Few simple steps will guide you in connecting your homepage with other pages.

– login to your WordPress admin dashboard.

– click on the “pages” section and then on “add new” to upload the new page.

– on the right side of the page, there is a template drop down where you can see your template file.

– after selecting that template file, publish it.

How to create a custom home page in wordpress from scratch

  1. Functioning of the homepage: after having done with the publishing of the custom home page, it is time to cross check whether the uploaded homepage is functioning. At the top of the add page dialog there is “view page”, click on it and you will be redirected to the custom homepage. If you really want your homepage to serve its purpose, then you have to take into account the following steps:

– A full established custom menu pointing to some of your best contents and categories.

– Provides a smooth navigation and enriching user experience.

– Include some useful widgets in the sidebar, to help the user find their way around and get an insight of what your website is all about.

How to Add Custom Home Page To Your Website using WordPress
How to Add Custom Home Page To Your Website using WordPress

Wrapping it up:

That’s it – through this article, you have been briefed about how to make a custom home page for the WordPress website. After following the aforementioned, you should be able to create and add a customized homepage for your WordPress website. I believe that this article should get you off in the right direction so wait no more and just get started.

Author Bio:

Emily Smith is an ed-tech enthusiast and has been associated with CWS Technology as a writer for more than 7 Years. CWS is the leading web development company that also provides PSD to WordPress service and other IT solutions. Emily has a passion for writing on emerging technologies like application management outsourcing, consulting, system integration etc.