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A Guide to Accelerated Mobile Pages and Why Businesses Need to Take Note

For a lot of people, reading on the web from a mobile device was a very frustrating process. That however, was until Google first introduced Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP) back in October 2015 and since then users have had a higher quality experience when operating the web on their mobile. The changes have meant publishers are also able to create mobile optimized content and have it load instantly everywhere. As always with advancements like this, nobody really took notice of it at first but over the year Google has shifted more emphasis towards AMP and with their latest algorithm update hitting last week – it is now even more important businesses take note.

What is AMP - Accelerated Mobile Pages Value to Your Website Growth
What is AMP – Accelerated Mobile Pages Value to Your Website Growth?
AMP or Accelerated Mobile Pages, is new new open source initiative designed to make websites awesome in the face of mobile viewers. It is packed with features to make the work easier for users, publishers and developers.

Accelerated Mobile Pages: Why did it come about?

As mentioned, mobile web wasn’t a very enjoyable medium to browse the internet for a very long time. Facebook’s Instant Articles and Apple News were the first ones to and act on this can create content for mobile web users that was fast and better to use. These features though were only for content which was created by Apple and Facebook and wasn’t available to other publishers (Facebook have since changed this after AMP was released). Google then realised that this was having an effect on the amount of mobile content that was being produced from other websites, so they created AMP which would be an open source that any publisher could use.

The Specifics

The biggest statistic that caught everyone’s eye is that AMP pages load 85% faster than standard mobile pages, meaning that users experience on mobile web substantially improved. Part of the reason this was so important is demonstrated through Google reporting that more than 40 percent of users will abandon a website that takes more than three seconds to load. This left many publishers eager to see how effective AMP is to increase readership from mobile devices and it does not worry them that there is a number of revenue streams that are unavailable, with interstitial adverts being the main one missing.

How it Improves Your Businesses Visibility

For content heavy companies, such as PR firms, newspapers, bloggers and so on, if you want your content to be found first, it needs to live in the News carousel, and the only way it can get there is if you’re using AMP on your site. With content especially recent news or announcements, you can search for something that happened yesterday e.g. the US presidential debate, but it can show you an article relating to the debate from a month ago if the website is utilising AMP! Away from news articles have a look at the search results for “SEO.” As you can see below, it clearly shows which sites are using AMP and it brings it at the top of the search results.

Why is this important to you? So say you’re a company and you want a much visibility on a search page as possible. If you’re hogging top rankings through paid advertising, then you’re appearing for AMP stories as well as organic results, essentially you’re dominating the page so you’re guaranteed to get new customers landing on your site. The more customers, the more conversions!

How it can affect Rankings?

Google have been very strong to point to the fact that AMP doesn’t automatically mean that websites will suddenly shoot to the top of the rankings. However, they did state that when everything is equal between two sites, the ones that load quicker are given an advantage over the other – which makes the fact AMP sites load in under a second hugely important. Take a look at SEO Manchester as an example, when you search for this term there is a huge fight for rankings as the content led agencies are trying to push for the highest ranking, with AMP being one of the primary reasons some are performing better than others.

Today most businesses refuse to get on board with digital changes through a lack of knowledge and they sometimes see it as irrelevant to the nature of their business. What they fail to recognize is that the world is becoming more and more digitalized. With big changes like this, for those companies who refuse to get with the times and look into how to implement new changes like AMP, they’re sadly going to fall behind.

How it Get Started with AMP in WordPress

By adding AMP not only will your site load substantially faster, but you’ll also gain access to Google’s massive content delivery network. As explained above, when people search for your website on their mobile devices, Google will serve up the AMP version of these pages, all for free.

So if you’re using WP, here’s how to get started:

How to Get Started With Accelerated Mobile Pages Plugin in WordPress

1. Install the Plugin

  • Select ‘Plugins’, from your admin dashboard.
  • Select the option to add a new plugin, “Add New”
  • Type “amp-wp” into the plugin search box to automatically locate the WordPress AMP plugin

What is AMP - Accelerated Mobile Pages Value to Your Business Success

  • Install this one and active the plugin by selecting ‘activate plugin’.

2. Allow The Creation of Pages

  • From the dashboard, press ‘permalinks’ and simply press the save changes button.

3. Validate AMP

  • From Chrome, open “Chrome Developer Tools”
  • Paste the URL of your Accelerated Mobile Page in the omnibox.
  • Add “#development=1” to the end of the URL, then select console.
  • If you’ve done It right it should say ‘AMP Validation Successful.’

Once you’ve set this up, it is a simple case of adding styling and Google Analytics tracking code to the page you want to optimize for AMP. Once you’ve entered you AMP content, you can then verify this on Google’s Search Console. It usually takes up to 5 days to index but once it’s done, you’re all set to go and create even more and let your content take over!

Video Introduction of Accelerated Mobile Pages and the Promises

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Best WordPress Themes For Websites In 2016 That’d Stand You Out Of The Pack

Not all designers or developers would like animated, complex and a bright website. There are real life examples wherein the colorful and shiny “purchase now” buttons have discouraged the potential buyers or site visitors. Clean and good WordPress themes have these unwanted elements banished, to offer your services, products or contents in an elegant and a nice manner. Having a website which is functional, neat and direct allow your potential buyers to focus on the content which you are offering them and they will move on to think the value they would obtain from them. Another important reason why the clean WordPress themes are popular nowadays is the truth that subtle designs generally load quicker and offer good user experiences. A lot of top publishing companies are using WordPress such as TechCrunch, RecapToday, Glad; brands like Toyota Motors aren’t behind in the flow and many more. Themes that have simple designs for layouts and direct features will give your site proper functionality and flexibility. We make a list of such best WordPress themes for you this year!

Care about Uniqueness? Install These Best WordPress Themes Today…

1) Uncode

This template is well executed and looks professional as well as serious. It has got amazing versatility and is widely functional as well as refined in terms of technology. It is excellently crafted, pliable, and flexible and has got graphical compositions which are deliberate. Uncode has got splendid intuitive responses and is usable effortlessly. This bold theme that is expressive has been skillfully designed by dedicated UI designers and covers all the tools that a website needs.

Uncode WordPress theme
Uncode WordPress theme connotes the name it was given. It is far beyond coding; the ideology behind it is far beyond just putting some line together but instead, making something that STANDS OUT amongst its pack.

2) Soledad

This is beautifully refined as well as sophisticated. It is uncluttered, minimalist and amazingly constructed. The clever coding makes it efficient, reliable and robust to say the least. The theme is technically resourceful and proficient, effortlessly usable and has got good intuitive responses. It comes with a theme of magazine website and multi concept blog. Soledad is one elegant theme that covers infinite possibilities. The streamlined and simple page design built around this theme makes it a jot favorite.

Soledad Best WordPress Theme

3) Beoreo

This is a polished and clean, simple and streamlined WordPress theme. It is easy and has got great intuitive responses. It is an ambitious modern website designing platform that is both flexible and versatile for the web masters. It can effectively bring together seamless, functional and sophisticated websites readily, without needing to write one code. It is built with plugins that are premium, page templates and tools that makes the working of a website neat. The content sliders and video sliders are cleanly polished and the layouts are sleek. Besides, it has got a whole set of professional elements that a professional website deserves!

Beoreo WordPress Theme
Beoreo WordPress Theme is prebuilt with premium plugins and customizable page templates and tools that makes the working of a website neat. The content sliders and video sliders are cleanly polished and the layouts are sleek and these and more qualifies it to enter our best wordpress themes list.

4) FatMoon

This one is fresh and colorful, innovative and youthful, technically easy and instantly responsive as a creative photography website theme that serves multipurpose. It has been furnished to be a total thorough platform for combined development of functional, beautiful modern day websites across a wide range of niche and utilities. With this theme, designing a visually splendid interface is quicker and easier than ever before. It includes more than forty different websites for demo, and each layout has been optimized for best user experience.

FatMoon WordPress Theme
FatMoon WordPress Theme is one of the best wordpress themes ever you can see out there. It contains a visually splendid interface that’s quicker and easier than ever before. And also includes more than forty different websites for demo, and each layout has been optimized for best user experience.

5) Bateaux

With this aesthetically marvelous theme, you can design quick and engaging, intuitive and light weight websites that serve multi purposes. This is the result of skillful design and development, and is no less than any advanced website theme. It provides easy interface for the developers to design most sleek, unobtrusive and appealing websites. With the integrated layer slider and revolution slider it has got, you can keep your users glued to your content and is very easy for them to use.

Bateaux WordPress Theme is
Bateaux WordPress Theme is among our list of the best wordpress themes for 2016. It comes with intuitive design coupled with the integrated layer slider and revolution slider it has got, you can keep your users glued to your content and is very easy for them to use.

6) X – The Theme

This WordPress theme is the epitome of a beautiful theme. It is extremely functional and pretty, and has got something to offer to everyone. It provides quantity and quality, that is hard to find, and has got a whole set of elaborate features. It offers you the tools you would need to design a distinct website on your own. With this theme, you can tweak and personalize your website page, or make use of unique designs of themes like Integrity, Ethos, Renew and Icon.

7) Kalium

It is a good WordPress theme which fits the needs of blog pages and portfolio web pages. It provides a lot of variations for you to design the layouts, and has also got content builder of the drag and drop type. It has got a lot of features and elements, each of them put into force to enhance your website experience.

Kalium WordPress Theme

8) Studio 8

This is a prominent choice among business professionals with immense experience. It is powerful and easily adaptable. Studio 8 has got all abilities of improvising your portfolio website. Even the non-technical users can use this theme without needing much knowledge of coding. It has got quick loading time and a range of short codes that are very useful.
Studio 8 WordPress Theme

Well, that’s our list of the best!

If the word “Uniqueness” and “Standing Out Of The Pack” does mean something to your brand,  then have any of these Best WordPress themes installed

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Mobile App Promotion Strategy: How to Make A ‘Good and Lasting Impression’ in 15 Minutes

Wanna make a lasting impact in 15 minutes or less? Yes, it is possible to have a successful mobile app promotion campaign in fifteen minutes or less!

Making an app is the first step in garnering success with your customers. The real test begins once you publish your app on Android Play store or Apple store. Some people may download your app while randomly stumbling upon it but this doesn’t account for the kind of traffic that you are searching for. You require targeted downloads, where people won’t forget about your app or delete it after some amount of time. The idea is to locate customers who are VIPs and those who want special communications and deals with your company.

Here’s a list of ways by which you can do your mobile app promotion in just or less than 15 minutes:

Want to be popular, here’s mobile app promotion strategy that truly works!

Mobile App Promotional Strategy

Optimize your mobile app

Prior to beginning the promotion process for your app, it is important to ensure that it is perfect. Before following the below mentioned steps, download the app on your smart phone to explore each and every page, button and tab. Make sure that the colors look great, every page possesses functional content tools and the images are not stretched. This will help the customers get in touch with you in an easy way. You can even hire out a third-party app testing service to troubleshoot issues. Optimization in simple term is an ability to deliver what your mobile app promises in the easiest possible way to your customers without hassle.

If your app is fully optimized, it will tell a lot on your mobile app promotion results. You will spend less time and money, and yet, you will record a great result of downloads.

Constantly Optimize your app
Never Joke With Optimization: Constantly optimize your app to keep your end users glued to your mobile app. Make it render properly and always on the lookout for customer satisfaction. Accessibility should be your top priority if you want to be inside your user’s brain always.

Provide great content on the app stores (Place everything well on the app stores)

How can you make a lasting impression with your mobile app promotion strategy when you don’t offer enough consumable information on your app page? Certainly, you wouldn’t!

Take great screenshots, make an amazing app icon, write apt content and do whatever it takes to attract users and get your app downloaded and used.

Let first-time visitor see those “hot button” that’ll keep them glued to reading on, until that last minute of taking decision to download.

Do not for a second starve your readers with information.

Provide enough details on your mobile app page.
Provide Enough Details: Never starve your visitors of little details or else, stand the chance of loosing them to your competitors.

Promote your app by advertising it on your website

Your website is the first place where you should publish information about your app. With search engine optimization, you already get some traffic coming your way. Thus, it is recommended to have a separate landing page for promoting your app on your website.

Promote your app by advertising it on your website
Charity Begins From Your Website, Not From Home! The best mobile app promotion strategy is the one you start from your own domain! Promote your mobile app by advertising it on your website to your existing audience before you move on to talking about it to others. You can’t just leave money on the table unless you have too much of it!

Promote your app on social media

Even if you possess only a limited number of followers on your social media, promoting your app on the platform is always effective. The sharing method on social media posits more opportunities for users to share your posts with other people. Social media has always been an effective mobile application promotion platform for established organizations.

Why not take advantage of these cheap advertising portals?

Social media platform is another mobile app promotion strategy
Avail Social Media Platforms: It is another avenue, and most effective of all strategies to get good results for your promotion. You can get free traffic and likewise, you can as well spend some bucks to attract targeted audience for your mobile app.

Promote your app by sending an email

Another way of promoting your app is to upload a list of email contacts that you have and send out a direct link to all of them. For instance, if you are using MailChimp or any of the other email list service providers, and sending out emails on a weekly basis, then you should also announce the benefits of your new mobile app by sending out a link.

Forward text messages for app promotion

This methodology works well if you send out messages to people you know as you most likely possess their phone numbers. It is one of the most effective techniques of promotion as it delivers the download link direct to the phones of users. It is one of the best techniques when it comes to quick conversion. The potential user can move from the text messages to the play store directly to download and check the app once. The chances of keeping the app are good if it is useful for the user.

Write a blog post

This comes under the promotional tactic of websites mainly but it involves a blog post that can be easily shared through social media and clubbed with media items and descriptions. A blog post on any related term that is useful for the user to read and has unique content can make a mark.

A well-optimized content can go a very long way in fighting the battle of search engine for your brand against competitors. Take for example, your mobile app is helping people book rides from a particular location to the other like Uber, when you write a well optimized article around the ‘benefits of booking a ride on the go,’ you’re indirectly exposing your app to customers of this company.

You can easily attract free traffic to your app for just providing epic content that takes care of people interested in your mobile app niche.

Reach out to influencers

Influencers are those who have a good following in a related field and they possess the power to influence the buying or engagement decision of the potential users. Making strong mutually beneficial associations with influencers pay in the long run.

Let me ask you this and be sincere with yourself. If you are assured of 100% success in collaboration with influencers, would you rather mind doing it all alone with little assurance of success or opt to throw on stone to catch two birds? I bet you’ll go with the later because you have nothing to lose than much to gain.

Create and promote a video

A video is a great way to depict beautifully what your app is all about and how it can solve the problems of the user or entertain them. Videos have greater impact as compared to text, thus investing a little time here will be worth it. In this age, making things happen doesn’t cost as it used to be years back. With budget of $5-$50, you can hire an expert video editor to do the magic for you. Fiver is there for this purpose.


So you see promoting your mobile app is no rocket science and it doesn’t take that long too! You do not need to be a professional marketer to make it big on the App store or Google Play. If the idea is good and you do the above basic tasks, there is no stopping you from being a hit. Now, go make an impact with your mobile app promotion efforts.

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Countermeasures for Electromagnetic Interference – Here Are The Lifelines You Should Reconsider!

You don’t have to be a geek to know that electromagnetic interference shielding is a burning issue all over the world. Want to know what the buzz is all about? Read this article. It might answer many of your queries.

What Is Electromagnetic Interference?

Countermeasures for Electromagnetic Interference
Electromagnetic Interference Challenges: What needs to be known and done about EMI and the negative and positive impacts it is having on our environment.

Scenario 1: You have waited for this TV show for the whole week, and now what is coming up on your TV screen is a collection of lines and deformed pictures that make your head reel. Your husband, who is sitting in the same room and is using his laptop, is facing troubles too.

Scenario 2: You hit the treadmill in the morning with your music device tuned to your favorite radio channel. But what all you get to hear is a constant purring noise.

Scenario 3:  Thunderstorm outside? Your television and AM radio will be the first to break the news to you through a cracking noise.  

Why do you think all these things keep happening? What is wrong with your home? Well, ask around, and you will find that these types of hazards are common to every household. Of course, your gadgets are not under the spell of a poltergeist, they are simply the victims of electromagnetic interference (EMI). It’s a kind of disturbance that tends to affect the performance of electrical and electronic equipment, transmission channels, and all other systems susceptible to electromagnetic radiation.

Power lines displaying electromagnetic interference

Countermeasures to Deal With the Hazards

For a long time, people have brushed aside these hazards as minor disruptions.  Eventually, experts started detecting more serious and potentially destructive effects of EMI in the electronics that are used in the aircraft – both in the civil and military aviation. EMI-induced medical debacles also did not go unnoticed. All these emphasized on the importance of devising some techniques to contain the disastrous impact of these potentially hazardous radiations. Innumerable studies were conducted, hoards of research papers were published. And out of these academic pursuits, a new, exciting discipline was born that deals with a number of EMI countermeasures and suppression techniques.

EMI Countermeasures

Today’s electronic equipment are designed keeping the EMI in mind. While on one hand, they should be able to protect themselves from the electromagnetic radiations emitted by other sources, on the other hand, they should help minimize the amount of interference they create. While resolving EMI issues through their design, the electronics manufacturers should consider the electromagnetic compatibility (EMC) requirements that are upheld by different national, regional and international bodies such as EU and FCC and also by the military of different countries. Here are some of the EMI countermeasures that are governed by international EMC rules:

EMI Shielding

This technique is based on Faraday’s Cage principle, which strives to shield or enclose EMI- vulnerable equipment, especially the medical units. This technique involves a high level of engineering, particularly when an application demands complete enclosure of the equipment’s circuitry.


This technique does not only help reduce noise and interference but also ensures the safety of the equipment and its users. This technique is particularly effective for electric power transmission lines and equipment.

Identify the EMI sources and eliminate them at the root – this might sound fantastic in theory, but is not a very pragmatic way to combat EMI. No wonder, despite its effectiveness, it has a limited use.


As its name suggests, this technique allows certain frequency signals to pass through a device, but rejects others.


This approach advocates both pre-market and post-market screening of all EMI vulnerable equipment. It emphasizes the importance of regular EMI compliance tests for devices susceptible to EMI.


Consumers need to be made aware of various EMI vulnerable devices and possible sources of such disturbances. It is especially important for people using life-supporting medical devices, as they are particularly prone to failure due to EMI.

Choose from the shielding, filtering and grounding techniques depending on your application needs. When it comes to small, yet complicated electronic devices such as smart phones, electromagnetic interference shielding is the way to go, as it helps to curb the electromagnetic waves right at the source. Consult an EMI expert to know which of the EMI countermeasure is ideal for your application.


Photography Quiz: Are You Good Enough at Photography?

Today, every second person in the world considers himself/herself to be a professional photographer. Is that really so? What about you? Are you a well educated picture taker?

Not sure, huh? 

Well, let’s check that out and see if you’re really good at what you do with the help of this easy photography quiz.

Answer these photography related questions, score the highest number of correct answers and see your photography knowledge level improve:

Photography Quiz – Are You That Really Good In Knowing The History of Photography?

1. Who invented the first photo camera?

Who invented the first photo camera?

2. Who developed the first colored original digital camera prototype?

Who developed the first colored original digital camera prototype

3. Whose picture is that?

Whose picture is that?

4. Who made this picture?

Can you tell us who made this picture

5. Who invented an exclusive photo montage technology: a few different plans were recorded on a tape and then assembled into a single image by superimposing the two or more negatives?

Who invented an exclusive photo montage technology?

6. What photography genre is that?

What photography genre is that

7. A technique of an art production, primarily used in the visual arts, where the artwork is made from an assemblage of different forms, thus creating a new whole.

A technique of an art production, primarily used in the visual arts, where the artwork is made from an assemblage of different forms, thus creating a new whole.


8. What’s editing photographic imagery?

What's editing photographic imagery like?

9. What’s a lens accessory that allows the lens to be mounted to a tripod, sometimes also called a lens collar?

What's a lens accessory that allows the lens to be mounted to a tripod, sometimes also called a lens collar?

10. What’s International Award in Photography, awarded for the greatest achievements and contribution in sphere of photography?

What's International Award in Photography, awarded for the greatest achievements and contribution in sphere of photography
Photography Quiz: What’s an International Award in Photography awarded for the greatest achievements and contribution in sphere of photography known as and attached to?

You can look up for correct answers for the Photography Quiz and check if you’re a real photography practice and theory connoisseur from 1 to 10. Good luck!

If you get the answers correctly, you qualify for a special treatment from the TechAtLast International crew. Wait for the surprise.



The key:

Niépce Nicéphore Joseph 10. 

Sasson Steve 3.

Newton Helmut 9.

himself Dali Salvador 6. 

Robinson Peach Henry 7.

photography Fashion 4. 

Collage 8. 

Retouching 5.  

Collar Tripod  2. 

Photography in Award Foundation  International The Hasselblad 1.
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8 Tips for E-commerce Owners To Secure Their Mobile Apps

Purchasing online is something we all do. E-commerce companies spend a lot to acquire a customer, then there is expenditure to retain the same customer. With so many competitors in E-commerce, companies have to push themselves a little harder to set a benchmark.

According to eMarketer, the global e-commerce market is projected to surpass a staggering $3.5 Trillion within the next 5 years! Criteo in their recent study revealed that more than 34% of global ecommerce sales were on mobile in 2015 and in the year 2016 is forecasted to be at 40%. This steep rise in only predicted to grow higher and will soon be a primary medium of shopping for shoppers around the globe. 

Effective e-Commerce business owner don’t joke with these tips, you shouldn’t too!8 Tips for E-commerce Owners To Secure Their Mobile Apps

Security during agile development

Security is something that should be looked upon from Day 1. If you don’t know what an agile development is, let me explain it to you in brief – Agile development means more team collaboration and greater flexibility while deploying the mobile app. This means that implementing security during agile mobile application development is a must to achieve greater security.

Layer your security

When it comes to vulnerability in mobile applications, it is all about how secure the layers are in the applications. All you need to do is make sure there are no bad sectors in the layers. You should try Devknox plugin while writing code in Android Studio, it will help you give better suggestion and auto check what you write.

Build a fantastic in-house security team

This is a good way to start with. You must hire a security researcher so that he can trace all the harmful areas of the app. Almost all the E-commerce apps in the world are vulnerable. They do not pass the basic security checks. There might be several reasons for it, one of them could be that the app owners take security for granted and think it is an unnecessary cash burn to invest on security.

Later on, Hire a 3rd party App Security Team

Allow them to hack you. It is better to get hacked via a mobile app security team rather than a hacker who is ready to dispose of your data into the Internet! Let your in-house team be assisted with their services. You should not compromise on security at any point of time. While on the long run, it would be best to hire a team that can look after you.

Use Less Permissions

Users hate it. There is an unnecessary deterrent created amongst your users with the help of social media that apps take more permissions for no reason. Security starts from telling your customers that your data is secure. Check out this article and see if any of those permission is being used by your app, think about it and discuss it within your team. Having less permission is the key to greater installs.

DDOS Protection

Distributed Denial of Service attack is an attack with which hackers can make the network unavailable to you. As an E-commerce company, you have to be proactive towards security as data and financial loss can drop you down to nadir. You might never know why your users went down because they might not have access to your listings. DDOS attack is something that is loved between the hacktivists.

Promise Users Only If You Can Handle Traffic

Do not be too much optimistic. It happened in India before, when Flipkart started Billion Dollar Day sales and the servers crashed because the website couldn’t handle too much demand. Many companies are going app only, if your company is still having a website, please consider the possibility that website servers might affect mobile app users. Loyalty is gained when you deliver what you promise!

Intelligently Store Billing Information

As an E-commerce company, you must know that your loyal users love you and most of them have you in their pocket. Saving card information and automatic transactions are sexy, but you also have to take a note what if the phone is in the hands of someone else! Analyzing whether or not to store sensitive billing info should be something you must think over again and make it more intelligent.


Why mortgage lenders are banking on mobility solutions?

There are various industries that are using mobility solutions to do business. Mortgage lenders have also entered the fray to offer quicker solutions for their borrowers. Financial institutions like banks, brokers, and online portals have embraced the new methodology to service their clients. What makes this smart method so valuable for the new age lender?

In mobility solutions we trust…why the shift for mortgage lenders?

Why mortgage lenders are banking on mobility solutions
WONDERING WHY THE SUDDEN SHIFT? Here’s why the mortgage lenders are banking on mobility solutions.

Mobility suites offer better access to products and services 

For a consumer who does business on the latest smartphone, he need not apply for a loan in a conventional manner. He can simply use the phone and with the aid of a software/app, apply for it. It cuts down the time to deal with the entire process. Once he meets the requirement of the lender, the entire loan cycle moves forward on its own until the end. The mobility solutions involve getting the customer to agree for a mobile suite, seek a loan, servicing, collections, and operations.

Mobility benefits business of lender and customer 

When the business consumer seeks a loan for a project or product, they are able to launch themselves in the market faster. Once launched, the operations become efficient and their customers have an enhanced experience. The risks are managed by the software for any frauds and credit checking. Today, mobile solutions are being offered to many industries that need loans. Individual customers also get them sanctioned for auto finance, real estate sector, personal loans, education, gold and credit card loans. Mobility helps in keeping the digital environment alive. The paperless workflow offers a viable eco-system to conduct business.

How the submissions work 

A typical aggregator would develop a simple system for retail or commercial loan procurement. The process would be adaptable, responsive, and easy-to-use by the customer. It would involve:

  • Pre-screening of the applicant
  • Eligibility and credit check
  • Application management that will process the data in the template provided
  • Credit assessment done via software tools
  • Validation and approvals that are monitored
  • Document management
  • Deviation and delegation to support the rules and workflow
  • Dashboard that offers a function to configure reports
  • Disbursement of the loan
  • Third party applications, legal solutions, rating, and credit bureau systems

Eventually, the customer has a good experience 

When a business consumer is able to use the mobility tools for loan origination solution (LOS), it leads to success and profits. They are able to pay the lender and the loan cycle closes faster. This is the most significant reason why mobile loan processing is gaining ground. With this method there is more trust involved between the two parties. The entire process is done on a single platform that allows room for getting more loans if and when required in the future. Most customers are then able to decide how to move on to the next project.

With the mobile platform, the lender gets visibility and can control the processes. Each transaction or payment is done in real time. It optimizes the audit trails and underwriting and also makes credit analysis easier. With adherence to compliances, the management is able to handle more loan accounts. It is now time to get the app and ping the new customer-Hello!

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3 Top eCommerce Trends for 2017 – Stay Atop of What’s Trending in Your Industry

The fact that the e-commerce industry has been steadily growing is nothing new in the world of the Internet. A prediction by Internet Retailer claims that online spending in the U.S. will generate $355 billion in 2016 and this number will continue to surpass the $400 billion mark each year by 2018.

Online shopping was up by 45% in 2016 and there’s no sign of this trend slowing down. Without an innovative attitude, you might find yourself lagging behind and not sufficiently meeting the growing needs of your customers. While nobody can predict the exact future of e-commerce, you need to stay on top of your game to grow your online business. These three top ecommerce trends and developments will continue to shape the e-commerce industry.

Top eCommerce Trends for 2017 and Beyond

E-Commerce Trends for 2017
Latest eCommerce Trends:- Technological advancements in the ecommerce industry has paved way for creative and innovative ideas to flow in. And according to forecasts, this is just getting started to be a glowing trends.

Monitor Web Analytics to Increase Business Margins

One of the biggest 2017 ecommerce trends is that of companies leveraging web analytics to provide deeper insight in the way their customers behave and engage. When you collect user data, you begin to create a more complete user profile. But without a comprehensive way to collect this data, it will be more challenging to figure out better data marketing decisions. Big data and predictive analysis increase business margins. For the first half of 2016, companies who used predictive analysis have already enjoyed 73% higher sales than those who have never done it.

More expansive and integrated platforms will continue to be the norm where the focus will be on incorporating all tasks as a “one stop shop” – from marketing, sales, service as well as predictive click fraud analytics. Having all these services all under one roof makes it possible to collect data and algorithms for your next strategy.

One such example is how user behavior translates into data to help run your business more efficiently. E-commerce platforms like Shopping Cart Elite have built-in tag managers that allow you to tag all your traffic sources so you can learn about specific traffic sources and how well they are converting. Let’s see an example in action when advertising with Google Shopping. Businesses and companies that bid too high on keywords might find in their data analysis that their results have been showing up in the Google search results instead of Google Shopping. At first glance, that may seem like a good return on investment until a business finds out that the visitors clicking on those same ads from Google Search Results are not looking to shop for the items, but rather are looking for images, coupons or randomly search, which means no return for your investment. This is where TEA software that is built into integrated platforms like shopping cart elite can give you the bigger implications of user behavior and how this impacts traffic and conversion. A business working with integrated platforms that provide this kind of data analysis of user behavior in real time, will begin to understand that by lowering their bid on keywords, their business’s targeted ads will only show up when their target audience specifically clicks on Google Shopping. These comprehensive reports also allow you to see if the specific traffic source produced a conversion, window shopping, clickfraud or checkout abandonment.

Provide More Sell Moments with Real Time Customer Service

Latest ECommerce Trends for 2017 and Beyond

Another e-commerce trend in 2017 continues to be the sales force. As retailers realize that shoppers will not compromise on the convenience of online shopping along with the in-person experience of a store, more retailers will be looking to provide a strong virtual customer service experience to accommodate the growing consumer need. By the end of 2016, 89% of executives believe that customer experience will be their primary mode of competition.

Using predictive analytics combined with actionable widgets to target user behavior can increase conversions by 50%. For example, if a visitor enters your e-commerce site website looking for a specific product, often they might be hesitant about paying the price and still, they try to leave the browser tab to continue to shop around at which time, a popup can immediately appear saying “Buy this now and get 20% off.” Another example of an actionable widget can happen when clicking on a woman’s category for example, that then defines that shopper as a female and as a result, the shopping experience renders the content, promotions, and the color theme to be gender specific.

As you can see, combining real time predictive analytics with ecommerce data can make endless possibilities that work for your e-commerce platform in real time.

The Omni Channel is the New Normal

Multiple channel shoppers shop more often and will spend over three times more than your single-channel-shoppers. A number of companies such as Omni Channel Hub, Channel Advisor, Solid Commerce, and Sellercloud allow you to take your products and list them to eBay, Amazon, Jet, Walmart, Rakuten, Newegg and Sears while maintaining an adequate amount of inventory across these channels. Most will integrate with every shopping cart, however Omni Channel Hub offers a single software that powers this functionality without purchasing an additional add-on.

As you can see, 2016 has already been a healthy year for e-commerce. As we head into 2017, many of these predictions are already being acknowledged as the new standard moving forwards. For sure, 2017 will continue to bring innovation leaving us wondering the future of e-commerce. So start preparing to take advantage of these emerging ecommerce trends!

Blogging Tips

5 Dumbest Mistakes Entrepreneurs Make While Blogging

When you start a blog, you think it’s as easy as 1, 2, 3 right? Just set up an account, write contents and then publish the story and sit here and wait till people visit your blog. That is because you think blogging is just like that. You write your thoughts and let people know what is on your mind. But wrong. It is more than that. Running a blog and making money out of it is never easy. It requires a lot of commitment and making your blog as competitive as possible to let people know your site is out there and they should check it out. Others may succeed while some don’t. Of course, you will want to be on the other end of the spectrum and you want to avoid these things that most bloggers do. Here are the dumbest mistakes entrepreneurs are making while blogging and we provide solutions to quickly turn the table over.

Want to Start a Blog? Here are Dumbest Mistakes You Should Be Wary Of.

DUMBEST MISTAKES IN BLOGGING:- Are you making these dumbest mistakes as an Entrepreneur? Now is the time to do things rightly; posting at the sequence, pick the right template to promote your brand, taking time to reply to comments from your tribe, having a working promotional strategy for your content, and not forgetting to put search engine positioning in proper check.

Choosing the Wrong Template

When you start a blog, the design templates, color schemes are very important because the first impressions last. If you have a business-like content in the blog, or if your target is the professionals, then you may want to avoid using flowery templates or cheeky-colored backgrounds. Instead, choose a straightforward color and you can research the color schemes perfect for businessmen. There is a psychology behind the colors and designs in website making so you should do a little read on that.

Also, make sure that the contents are readable despite whatever foreground and background color you choose in the design. If your texts are unreadable or of it causes strain to their eyes, then chances are readers won’t come back because you are making it hard for them to like your blog in just a glance. If you are just starting out, you may want to check out WordPress and if you have a little extra, you can get premium themes do make your website a little fancy but still with great depths.

Not Paying Attention to Comments

The comment section is the place where your readers connect with you. This is the place where they can be heard and as a blogger, you have to acknowledge that. Unfortunately, most of the time, the comments section is unread. Think of the comment section as the feedback comment of your retails store, they air out concerns and even commends your store for having good customer service. The comments section in your blog is like that too. Replying to your customer helps increase your goodwill and you should be courteous about your reply to keep in touch with your readers.

Sometimes the comment section is where they may give constructive criticisms like you are overselling yourself too much or just have gone way overboard with the storytelling. Though telling your story may captivate a lot of people but that can sometimes be telling too much of yourself and sometimes overestimating how your life and “success” stories go, it can lead to losing readers or regular visitors in your website. So when you want to tell your story, don’t overdo it and keep a little bit about yourself when you start a blog.

Want to Start a Blog - Here are Dumbest Mistakes You Should Be Wary Of.

Not Using Search Engine Optimization Techniques

To reach the first page of the Google search is the main point of blogging and using the right SEO techniques. This increases the visibility of your blog thus increases blog traffic. You should understand when you start a blog that writing for a print publication is different when you are writing for online publications. SEO or search engine optimization is very much useful to gain visibility and hopefully make it on the first page of Google Search! However, you have to make sure that you are using the correct method of making use of the keywords. Don’t overdo things and strategically make sure the keywords are in the right spots. There are tools that you can use and purchase them online to add keyword density to your post and still make your article look good and not forcibly just insert the keywords in the whole content.

Not Promoting Blog Content

As an entrepreneur, you have to promote your blog or website to increase traffic, gain a lot of visitors and earn money in the future. When you start a blog, this vision seems far-fetch at first so sooner or later, you may forget and neglect that you had a blog. That can be a problem because if you don’t put contents or then your readers don’t have anything to look forward too.

Promoting your blog is very important because it helps you build your brand and make it become a household name to a lot of people. One of the best and surest way to promote it is through your social media accounts. You can always share your content on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and all other social media websites. Aside from that, there is the e-mail list where you send emails and send updates to your subscribers about your products. Then you can also guest post to other blog sites with the same niche and also encourage other bloggers to post on your website. It is very nice to promote and see your blog grow along with other people who are also in the same niche as you.

Writing Everyday

Writing every day is like a 2-edge sword if you are a beginner in the blogging world. Others may say that when you start a blog, writing every day will increase blog visibility and at the same time increase blog traffic. But if you are a beginner in blogging, and you only have a few following, in the beginning, only about 10% of those viewers will see your blog. It does not really make much of a difference depending on the article contents that you have too. So, as a newbie in the blogging industry, you may want to go slow on your entries and then increase the number of articles as your viewers also increase.

There is no exact solution on how to really avoid these dumbest mistakes in blogging but the one thing that you should do as a blogger is to listen. Publishing anything on the blog the way you want to and not thinking about other people will make them like your website even less. It is not the content and the appropriate keywords that matter to them the most. It is because what they are looking for in your blog site is not met or seen by their eyes.

There are many things you can do to turn people off your blog that we might have missed. But, we believe avoiding some of the major points outlined above wouldn’t be considered as part of the gravest or dumbest mistakes you’d ever make this year as an entrepreneur trying to make things happen through blogging.

If you could do without any of these blogging mistakes which have been dragging some of the former top bloggers backward as a result of complacency or not measuring up to the industry standard, you’d be highly regarded by people in your niche as a professional blogger who knows what’s working and what’s not. You will not commit some of the gravest mistakes of using blogging to propagate your online business.

If you are making these dumbest mistakes as an entrepreneur, it is time to do things right to achieve great success while blogging. To start a blog and achieve great success doing it, the above outlined are dumbest mistakes entrepreneurs make while blogging you must avoid.

Are you a blogger or an online entrepreneur? Have you been committing any of the dumbest mistakes above? Share your experience with us below.


How to Become a Photographer for National Geographic?

National Geographic magazine is one of the most popular books in the world. The reader, without leaving home, can travel around the world to all corners of our planet, to plunge into the atmosphere of the wild nature, learn the secrets of the deep sea and much more. The success and prosperity of NG are entirely the merits of the talented photographers, as three-quarters of the journal volume are occupied by the unique color photographs.

The chief editor is sure that it is better to see once than to hear a hundred times. That is why to become a photographer for National Geographic means go to the highest professional level for many photographers: to be able to always improve the knowledge and skills, become a well recognized and much sought-after, and, of course, receive higher annual revenues.

Even if you ask a chief editor on “How to become a photographer for National Geographic?” he will probably boggle: “There’s no such a recipe!” and he will be right. However, there are photographers who managed to find it, no matter what, and you know that! So, why not to find one for yourself, then?

Despite the shockingly responds that there are no recipes, that you’re under ill ambitions, and empty dreams, how to become a great photographer in the world remains a cornerstone for every photographer, not just you. Because once you make the best shots in the world, National Geographic knocks at your door, as large as life, and very aggressively. So, what can be done to make that happen, then?

Fundamental Rules for Featuring on National Geographic

How to Write for National Geographic magazine.

In the first place, to make a high-quality photographic material, you need a reliable tool for creativity, i.e., you need to buy professional photo equipment. Skilled craftsmen advise Nikon. Nevertheless, the sky is the limit. Many photographers, despite the modern digital cameras fashion, continue shooting with mechanical devices. They also waste about 300-400 films in 36 shots for one article. Yeah, they make it hard.

Also, it is important to understand that production photos are completely unacceptable for National Geographic, not mentioning the fake ones. The main task is photographing people, animals and the nature in the wild. The photographer has to capture what is happening, without interfering with the process or its simulation, etc.

You choose what would be the subject and find the best angle. You need to take pictures from different points (top, side, bottom, etc.).

Shooting people

The trademark of National Geographic is portraits and photos of people telling about life on different continents, about their culture, life, philosophy, etc. The main purpose of these images is to show what they really are. Become a photographer for NG and you will work in hot areas or areas still untouched by humans, where you can take unique pictures of women in Saudi Arabia, homes of the Japanese geishas, princess castles, villages of African tribes, or Amazon rainforests.

When photographing people, do not be afraid to experiment, focus on different parts of their bodies: eyes, hands, hair, etc. Pick an interesting background and an unusual angle. Catch the moment when the facial expressions are the most articulate, when human emotions, feelings, reactions are plastic. Do not forget to be friendly and welcoming to strangers, learn their traditions and rules of behavior in their society to let you in and shoot them.

Shooting Animals

To make high-quality and interesting pictures of animals, birds, insects and so on, do not only have professional technical skills, know the habits, characteristics, and the language of animals. This will determine not only the success of your work but your life and safety too. Photographers sometimes have to demonstrate the wonders of endurance and resourcefulness.

A world-renowned photographer Michael “Nick” Nichols, for example, uses the camera traps to capture the animals, which is a conventional camera with infrared sensors that respond to movement, leading the work of the shutter and flash. This technique allows him to get the most accurate images of wildlife in the wild environment.

For those who want to shoot under water, it is important to learn how to swim well, to navigate, and be able to capture interesting shots. The object may be an underwater fish, marine animals, fauna, shipwrecks, etc.

Using a macro, or fill flash in dim light, can make spectacular pictures of animals, for example, catching the reflection of light in the pupil at the time of sunrise or sunset. There are dozens of subjects!

Where can I get ideas for stories?

Having enough money, the photographer can go to distant exotic countries for the material, shoot animals in their natural habitat, unspoiled wilderness, on mountain peaks, in caves, underwater and even more. These photos will certainly be interesting and informative, but it is not an absolute guarantee, for becoming a photographer for National Geographic.

The skill and the talent of the photographer are the ability to observe the world around and see the extraordinary in the ordinary, and attract the viewer’s attention to it. Therefore, sometimes it is enough to look around, to focus on the little things and find a fascinating and exciting story for the whole photo story.

A lot of famous photographers have managed to produce unique pictures at their country houses, or take a series of underwater photographs, plunging into a local river in the city centers, etc. All kinds of ideas will do. More important is the final result, if you convey the message with the help of your camera if the picture renders it for sure.

It may be a story of an insect in the sands searching for food, or a bird, weaving a nest for a younger generation, a person, traveling in the wilderness or climbing a mountain trying hard to survive, etc.

You must be ready for the fact that the work on such pictures takes a long time, and can last for months or even years. This work becomes a part of the person, his or her job of the whole life, and a real calling. Because you need to capture all the stages of a phenomenon, the process or journey may be never-ending and takes much patience, which it very clear without words and signatures. This can also be compared with the art of making movies. This should be both unusual regarding the form and the content.

A Tip From the Chief Editor

Everything genial is simple. National Geographic requirements are simple and complex at the same time: there are no excuses, no climate changes, no budget lack, no bad equipment, cold weather, no nothing! Either you are the best in the world, or work elsewhere. And this approach allows National Geographic to be ultimate. Nevertheless, there is a thing to bear in mind:

  • No compromises!

The only way to become the best in the world is never to compromise.

When you take a professional camera for the first time, you should already be determined to become the best; you have to get to the National Geographic pages, study them and make great plans for it. Of course, the competition is as great as hell: many of your fellows may waste their whole lifetime trying to get through there. But that won’t stop you, will it?

Do not go on compromises. The only way to become the best in the world is to do what you do and never go astray or look back. And it is worth living too. Good luck with that!