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Advantages of Applying Game Theory in Pay Per Click Marketing

Due to the lucrativeness of the online market, most vendors are interested in maximizing its potential for the profitability of their business. This has created very stiff competition for the people selling the same products. The fierce competition can lead to lack of profitability. The guidelines below show the advantages of applying game theory in PPC marketing.

Understanding the Magic of Game Theory in PPC Marketing – Know The Do’s and Dont’s!

Game Theory for Social Media Advertising
WHY GAME THEORY? The fierce competition in the online market can lead to lack of profitability. We think you should apply game theory in your PPC marketing to get the desired results by following our guidelines.

Skills and knowledge

The agreement between your fellow competitors in game theory can be the best platform to acquire new skills and expertise. The main agenda for coming up with this agreement is to enhance the profitability of your businesses. These relations can culminate to sharing of effective strategies that will boost the sales and the profitability of your trade. This is a way of getting new skills.

Market segmentation

While competing, businesses normally fight for a territory. This is called market share in marketing terms. Vendors are always seeking to find effective ways of dominating the market. This causes other businesses to either close down their operations or encounter minimal sales. Game theory provides an opportunity to get your own market share without fighting for it.

Market penetration

Many new businesses find it hard to venture into the market successfully because of already established firms. Introduction of a new business needs the support of an already established one to start easily. The dominance of established trades is behind the failures of new businesses. Game theory makes market penetration to be extremely easy due to support obtained.

Reduced expenses

The Orlando Florida search marketing company is aware of the importance of digital marketing to the retailers in online business. Due to this information, the charges are normally high. Investing in effective marketing will cost you lots of cash. With game theory, the marketing expenses will reduce. This is because you will be focusing on specific websites within the online market.

Minimized competition

The worst element that culminates in closure of online business is increased competition. Every time retailers are on the increase selling the same products. Game theory on the other hand gives you an opportunity to reduce competition for your business. You will be collaborating with a competitor and that reduces the threat of losing your business due to strong competition.

Greater marketing efficiency

Marketing can only be efficient when your resources are focused on a particular segment. The essence of marketing is to let many people know of the existence of your business and products. That forces countless vendors to overspend on marketing since they want to reach as many people as possible. Such strategies are ineffective. Concentrating on a manageable market segment is very effective.

Preservation of resources

After dividing the market between you and your competitor, you will have an easy time reaching out to specific customers within a particular segment as agreed. Since you will not be covering a vast majority of the websites within the online market, you will preserve your resources. This includes your time and your energy. This is achievable due to minimized rate of competition.


When considering targeting numerous customers within the internet, it is possible to lose focus. Millions of people visit the internet daily and working on promoting your goods to them will be extremely tiring. It may reach a point where the objective might seem unreachable. To maintain focus, you need a market share that both you and your workers can comfortably handle.

Competitive edge

With decreased level of competition, you will have time to focus on the advancement of your business and the development of your products. Rest from competition will open up opportunities to build a competitive edge against other competitors within your segment. By improving your merchandize in quality, you will become a force to reckon with within the online market.

Stability of business

Numerous businesses have perished because of competition. Customers will always prefer acquiring their products from the stronger competitor. This leaves the weaker ones perishing due to lack of enough revenue to support their operations. Game theory increases the chances for the stability of your business. This is due to decreased competition by the agreement with a fellow retailer.


The commitment between the competitors is the binding factor that brings trust in their partnership. Other retailers commit by word of mouth. This is dangerous since either party can revoke the agreement easily. To enjoy the security of the agreement, you should get a lawyer. Through legal representation, the agreement will be protected and you will enjoy its benefits.

Exploit other opportunities

Confusion caused by extreme competition does not support focus to look for other opportunities. Most of the time the retailer will be thinking of finding better ways to ease or beat the competition he/she is facing. Losing to a strong competitor taking a legal agreement will empower you to seek other fresh opportunities that have not been exploited in the market.

Self-appraisal of the business

These agreements do not last for long. This is because they are made for the mutual benefits of the parties involved. Hence, it is possible for one of the parties to decide to ditch the agreement. Before this happens, ensure your business has the capacity of handling competition on its own. Take this chance to examine your business and build it to become capable of competing on its own.

Minimal workforce

Game theory for PPC marketing gives you an opportunity to cut costs by using few workers to achieve your objectives in promoting your merchandize. With reduced competition, only a few employees can manage to deal with the rest of the competitors within your range. This will reduce the expenses of your trade and escalate your profit margins. You can invest in highly skillful workers.


Regardless of the benefits of game theory, this agreement can only be effectual when you collaborate with a competitor that seems to be a threat to you. Rather, get a competitor with the same capacity to pull down a notorious but strong competitor. Hence, take time to examine the strength of your prospective partner first before choosing them.


8 Amazing Credit Card Processors for Your Business Success

We all need to try to keep up the pace with these modern advancements if we want to be successful at what we do. One of those things we need to include in the improvement we seek is enabling our customers to purchase our goods or services via the internet, and to do just that, there is a need for payment processors and credit/debit card processors. It is hard to determine which one is the best because there are so many of them. Also, if you’re considered to be a high-risk merchant, then it’s even harder. Here are some examples of credit card processors which you should have in mind when you’re looking for the right solution.

Choosing the right credit card processors out of countless numbers out there

Best Credit Card Processors for Your Business
Best Credit Card Processors: It is hard to determine which one is the best credit card processors, but you should have these in mind if you’re looking for right solution.

Best High-Volume Credit Card Processor: Flagship Merchant Services

The Flagship Merchant Services is the best possible solution for those who own small businesses. There is a certain problem when it comes to leading a small business because many of that credit card processor forces you to get the rates they think are the best, and those in most cases are not something you want or need. Flagship Merchant Services offer you the opportunity to choose the rate which you think suits you the best, and by doing so, they’re the ones you should trust and choose. The focus here is on the “high-volume” part because they offer the best rates for those kinds of small businesses.

Best Credit Card Processor for Small Business: Payline Data

This is yet another credit card processor for small businesses that can quickly boost up the level of your income. It is ideal for small businesses because the lower rates are also available to smaller business just as same as to larger corporations and companies. Another great thing about this credit card processor is that every single piece of information about the rates is available on their website, unlike many of other processors.

Best Low-Volume Credit Card Processor: PayPal

If you have any doubt about any of credit card processors, you can always seek out those who are the most famous ones, such as PayPal for instance. One of the reasons why this processor is an excellent choice especially for small businesses is that it’s too easy to set up an account and start using their services right away. Plug-and-play service is imperative here, and that’s the best choice for you if you’re new in this field of work.

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Best Online Credit Card Processing: Stripe

Stripe is one of the top credit card processors, and you should consider using their services if you want to improve your business. The phrase that will completely describe why this processor is the best for business is “ease of use”. Minimalistic design and simple use will allow your customers to purchase anything they want from you with much ease. All they need to do is just select what they want and click on buy button after which they only need to enter their credit card number, and that’s it. It’s as simple as that. If you’re on the list of high-risk merchants, you will have to search for high-risk credit card processing services.

Best Mobile Credit Card Processor: Square

Since there is a demand for enabling your customers to conduct payment via their smartphones or tablets, you will need the help of Square – credit card processor. You won’t have to set up a merchant account, as it is required by other processors. Also, the pricing is the same for everything, and you can find every single piece of information about it on the internet. The square account is automatically linked to your bank account, and that makes everything easier regarding deposits.

Best Credit Card Processor for Medical Practices: TSYS Merchant Solutions

If you’re one of those businesses which focus is on medicine, then you will need the services of TSYS Merchant Solutions. The rate of 1.7 percent plus 20 cents per transaction is one of the best you can get in this field of work. You will be able to accept credit cards, and this will significantly increase your profit. This credit card processor also includes free credit card reader. As a medical practitioner, you can hardly get any other reasonable credit card processor that’d fit in into your business category than TSYS merchant solutions.

Best payment gateway provider:

One of greatest ways for you to expand your business is to engage with The reason for you to do so is that you will be able to offer everything you got via the internet, and allow your customers to pay for everything on the spot. Just one click and they’ve purchased something from you. This is all-inclusive sort of thing, and the security of your business, as well as your customers, is something you don’t have to be worried about.

Best Credit Card Processor: Fattmerchant

This is one of those subscription-based credit card processing companies, which are quite handy if you’re new to this system. Fattmerchant is using National Processing Company as its primary processor, and this shouldn’t concern you because Fattmerchant has taken care of this for you. Again, as for the other credit card processors mentioned earlier, the part which is more appealing is the rates which are quite affordable. The service you get in return is also admirable.

To Conclude

These are just some suggestions, and all of those are the best of the best. You should conduct research on your own because these things aren’t something that should be taken lightly. The less informed you are, the worse situation you’re in.

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5 Awesome Free Online Productivity Tools That’d Up Your Game

Nowadays it is more than unusual to meet a person who resides somewhere in the western world and doesn’t use their computer on a daily basis, or at least to a certain extent. Even the ones who have real trouble coping with these new technologies frequently use programs for processing information, web-based email accounts, social media, and sometimes nifty free tools for either entertainment or professional purposes (like image editors, audio/video streaming services and so forth).

In order to adapt themselves more adequately to the insanely quick pace of modern life, many embrace all sorts of free tools and apps which are simple by design, but offer great help when it comes to time-efficiency and productivity. Today we are going to introduce a couple of these free online productivity tools that can be extremely handy for all users, no matter how technologically savvy or advanced they are.

You Can Do More Than Expected With These Free Online Productivity Tools
HOW CAN I BE MORE PRODUCTIVE? You can do more than expected with these free online productivity tools.

Want some improvement? Use these free online productivity tools to up your game!

1. Fotor

Fotor is free web-based online photo-editor

Fotor is free web-based online photo-editor, and it has many amazing features like making a collage (which is great for making serious tutorials, and also for fun, making collages from your vacations pics for instance). It also has options for beauty retouching, making HDR photos, double exposure photos (a beautiful effect which is very complicated to achieve without Fotor). You can also create designs with different elements for your YouTube channel, social media post, or Facebook cover art and much more.

2. PDF to Excel

PDF to Excel

The most famous programs for information processing are Microsoft’s Word and Excel, and because they are so widely-spread, with each new update there are some fantastic new features. But as much as they are advanced, they have certain lacking in specific sections.

It is well known that Excel spreadsheets should be converted to PDF (Portable Document File) format before sending, so that the layout of the page wouldn’t get corrupted when the file is opened on another device. But the PDFs are read-only file types and cannot be edited regularly, they require a specialized program or a tool that can convert them back to their native state, in this case the spreadsheet.

PDF to Excel is a completely free tool that allows you to extract your Excel spreadsheets locked in PDF and then edit them without any problems. Besides the very accurate conversion, its best feature is that absolutely no user information is required, not even an email address.

3. Doodle

Doodle scheduling app

Doodle is a scheduling tool designed for busy individuals who often struggle with free time, and when a couple of people like this try to meet, either for business or simply for a cup of coffee, the process of arranging the meeting often becomes complicated and quite tedious.

This tool works on a principle that everyone on it marks the dates, locations and a specific time frames when they are available, and by doing this a match is automatically found every time that the time/place is in accord with all the participants. It really simplifies the process and the time needed to schedule any event.

4. XSplit Free

Xsplit app

XSplit is a streaming software perfect for both video and game streaming, and the free option allows you to set up a live high definition broadcasts without any troubles.

While the gaming section is pretty simple to understand, the regular video streaming can be used for a number of different reasons, ranging from education, tutorials and business, to music and other more relaxed subjects. It also has a personal and premium packages with whom you can get access to other more advanced features.

5. Buffer

Buffer App

As one of the best social media management tools around, Buffer is a great option for anyone who needs a software that is simple by design but has real power in its core. After creating the account you can add or remove networks and connect all your social media pages and profiles.

In the Analytics Lab you can access all the analytics reports where you can see your social media reach and quickly learn how to improve your marketing strategies.

With Buffer you can also create custom posting schedules, and choose the frequency of your daily posts. It can be used on all your devices via their mobile app, and directly from your browser using the add-on extension.

If you find yourself in any of the niches that these free online productivity tools are made for, be sure to give them a try and become more productive than ever before!

Featured Infographic

Using strategy and measurement to break the barriers to internal communications [Infographic] 

Effective employee communication is an essential ingredients to growth. It essential to your employees, to your managers and to your shareholders. In a survey carried-out by the Hay Group, it revealed;

“that companies with highest level of engaged employees generate 50% more in returns for stakeholders and investors than their competitors.”

Effective communication in a business place and the financial performance go together; in fact, they are interwoven. Towers Watson recently conducted a research and it states that companies that are highly effective and efficient at communication are 1.7 times as likely to get more results than their peers.

However, if you ask an internal communicator for a list their biggest challenges are, I’m sure you will hear that getting a seat at the strategic decision making table and being able to measure up are high on that list. In 2014 we conducted a survey with Ragan Communications and found that only 4 out of 10 internal communication departments find it easy to get support from the those at the top and in 2016 when we asked this question again, we found that much hadn’t improved.

So, the question is, why does the internal communication sector still finding it difficult to be seen, and identified as a strategic player?

You can see from our newly published infographic picture entitled ‘Internal Communications Measurement and Strategy’ that 36% of expert internal communicators admit to having no particular strategy in place.

Surprisingly, 12% are still not measuring any of their communications! As a good communicator how can you know which elements of your communications strategy you can improve?

Study the Internal Communications Measurement and Strategy explanatory infographic below for tips on creating and reviewing your internal communications strategy and how to correctly measure employee engagement with your internal communications.

How can IC department in your organization effectively leverage strategy and measurement to break the barriers to internal communications as a growth-hacking funnel?

We strongly believe you’d be happy to know that your organization will experience a new turn after taking the necessary recommendations in this educational infograph into consideration and applying them effectively. And for this reason alone, we have tried to provide this new research, its now yours to make use of them to spark a change you seek in your establishment.

Bridging the Internal Communications Gaps with Measurement and Strategy in Your Organization.

How to Use Strategy and Measurement to break barriers to internal communication
Effective employee communication matters and here’s how to use strategy and measurement to break the barriers to internal communications in your organization. | TechAtLast
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NITDA’s revolution of Nigerian ICT sector, a microscopic look at the future benefits we tend to gain

The National Information Technology Development Agency (NITDA), on Thursday has reiterated the need for creating an enabling environment for the multitude of technology startups in the country and spearheading Nigeria as a global brand and “a go-to technology hub for Africa and far beyond.”

In his recently held meeting with Lagos-based online media and bloggers community on Thursday, the Director-General of NITDA, Dr. Vincent Olatunji, described the commitment of his office in rebranding the image of the country while taking advantage of the 21st century economy shift we are witnessing.

While declaring its agency’s decision in pursuing an ‘all-round ICT based SMEs’, the DG expressed his utmost confidence in using this as a channel for retracing the missing link in the economy considered to be lagging behind while also serving as an avenue for creating youth empowerment opportunities which are currently lacking in the Nation.

With a clearly-stated mission to develop and regulate the information and communication technology sector for sustainable national development, NITDA therefore is set on delivering on this main course.

The Director General of NITDA, Dr. Vincent Olatunji, delivering a keynote presentation at Transcorp Hilton Hotel.
Director General of The National Information Technology Development Association (NITDA), Dr. Vincent Olatunji, delivering a keynote presentation at the Transcorp Hilton Hotel, Abuja.

Sharing from our slogan at TechAtLast;

“at the end of all trials and challenges any nation may be facing; technology is, and will still be the lasting solution.”

On this affirmation, the DG of NITDA, dwelled more on the vision of the agency in making ICT the main instrument for transforming the Nigerian economy into a profitable IT-driven economy.

He further expressed his feelings towards the way our world is vastly changing and the need to take advantage of this growing industry;

“The way we live and we love and work have completely gone virtual; today, we have online dating websites where two lovebirds meets and agrees to holy matrimony afterward, and according to statistical analysis, some of these incidents have resulted in a fruitful relationship; internet purchasing activities in Nigeria is on the upward curves as a result of ICT, so it is imperative for NITDA to build up capacity to maintain these online activities and ensure utmost benefits are derived from it”, Dr. Olatunji concludes.

Technology has evolved over the years, and it is having a positive effect on how we do things. It serves as a criterion for employment opportunities in public and private sector, a motor for international relationship, a means of acquiring information for educational purposes, avenue for business growth and marketing and so forth. Hardly can one live a day without having anything to do with technology related products. We live it.

Continents of the world showing Africa
A map of the world showing continents of Africa’s information and communication technology landscape yet to be covered. NITDA is aiming at projecting Nigeria as the main focal point of technology disruptions in next few months to come..

While enumerating the socio-economic advantages of ICT-based SMEs, he stated that this would help in making Nigeria a focal point for the ever-growing digital economy in Africa. Dr. Olatunji cited English language which is well-spoken among tech entrepreneurs in the country, Nigeria’s population, high rate of education, and the willingness of our youths to embrace ICT as some of the key advantages prospective investors in this innovative economy will be looking at. In supplementing those efforts, the agency, with its vision to be the prime catalyst for transforming Nigeria into an IT driven economy, has launched a platform aimed at showcasing these tech-preneurs by leveraging various mediums available. One of such avenue is the e-Nigeria Conference and Expo, which according to him serves as “clearinghouse for adopting relevant ideas and innovation for defining and accelerating national economic growth”. Nigeria’s #1 ICT conference is a well thought-out platform to bring key players of the Nigerian innovation ecosystem and foreign and local stakeholders together to share ideas, insights, experiences, identify challenges and proffer definitive strategies for using ICT-enabled innovation and entrepreneurship to expand the economy and create jobs.

NITDA - Information and Communication Technology as a panacea to Africa development.
NITDA wants to make Information and Communication Technology (ICT) a panacea to Nigeria’s IT sector development towards Africa’s domination.

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In other development, NITDA in collaboration with Dubai World Trade Centre (DWTC), is gearing up towards massively represent Nigeria at the upcoming GiTEX Technology Week slated to hold between October 16 – 20 with its crucial interest in exposing the wealth of raw talents and potentials of our local technology startups. GiTEX Technology week is the premier Technology event that takes place every year in Middle East Africa and South Asia (MEASA) to showcase newer inventions and innovative ideas up for grabs in front of top brands such as Facebook, Twitter, Apple, Google and the rest.

NITDA is smoothing the progress of Nigeria’s participation at three levels including the Nigerian Pavilion, Nigerian Startups hubs housed inside the very popular Innovation Hub which he claims is focused towards ‘bringing together what we have here, take the best out there to showcase, strike deals with investors and sell’, and the GiTEX Africa Investment Forum being co-managed by the agency and the DWTC.

According to the DG, “all these levels of participation are structured to ensure maximum publicity for the ICT sector and other non-oil generating sectors which is a prime economic objective of the current government under the leadership of President Muhammadu Buhari.” Dubai has become a global hub for business activities and through its efficient leadership and strategic partnership with DWTC and support from the Consular Office in Dubai, the agency has commenced talks with several business prospects in the region with prospects of exporting our local brands to foreign lands for global exposure and acceptance.

He then afterward tasked the online media representatives to positively support the efforts of the agency in creating awareness in the area of ICT so as to create authenticity and eliminate fear of the people in leveraging the infrastructure provided, and in patronizing local brands over foreign counterparts.

When asked on his stand in line with the current online tech reporting situations in the country, he said there’s freedom of speech and everybody has rights to his own opinion so far it is not aimed at attacking other person’s personality or human rights. He stressed the need for reorientation of ideas and awareness while also citing the case of the Cyber Act Law which is now officially incorporated into the Federal Government of Nigeria’s law.

“We have Cyber Act Law – two years ago, we don’t have any law for ICT. Though it is not perfect, but we are working on improving it every single minute of the day.”

Since Nigeria started participating in GiTEX, which is billed to kick-off on October 16 this year at the Dubai World Trade Centre, this is going to be the first time it’ll be showcasing home-grown tech startups at the global show. While making a pledge to always interact with online and conventional media on NITDA activities, the DG also promised to extend all aspects of the media partnership with the Agency which includes training, empowerment, and access to the online media community, describing them as “veritable agents of change in the digital age”.

Notable names at the Lagos based technology bloggers media meetup with the DG of NITDA are; the head of private communications for NITDA, Hajia Umar; Director of NITDA for South West, Mr. Abejide; Amarachi from corporate department of NITDA; Ejiofor Agada from Tech Brand Review; Stephen Jesuwale from African Public Sector Magazine; Olawale Daniel representing TechAtLast; Kayode Akindele from The Lagos Times; Ojo Ebenezer from 234Today and host of other dignitaries.


POKEMON GO: 5 Urgent Updates expected in next version of Pokemon

Pokemon Go, in only a short space of time, has become a worldwide phenomenon. For a long time, fans of the franchise have been begging Nintendo for an alternative way to play the famous game only to begin losing hope in anything other than the latest RPG update. Until earlier this year when news got out that Pokemon was coming to mobile. We all became 10 year old kids again excited with the prospect of going outside, spotting Pokemon throwing out pokeballs and waiting in anticipation as the ball moves left and right before either stopping or bursting open. The world was excited as this is what we had all been waiting for.

Not only was this appealing to Pokemon fans alike, but now casual gamers were involved, taking advantage, not only of the games fun elements, but this game also encouraged exercise! Those negative stereotypes of video games making people lazy and being damaging to society was shoved back into the critics face. (Although as always there were some questionable events surrounding the game. There’s always a few). Although this game was a smash in terms of record buys and users, a lot of fans still asked, is this all?

Sure it is extremely fun being able to walk around, seeing Pokemon live on your screen and joining a game of cat and mouse as you try to catch them all. But Pokemon isn’t just that. Those of us who grew up with either the games or shows remember challenging our friends to a duel to see who the better trainer was. We could trade Pokemon because we had two already. We could train our favourite Pokemon so that our Pidgey or Zubat could handle those bigger and more powerful pokemon. These elements of the Pokemon experience are just missing in Pokemon Go.

Pokemon Go Updates needs to have these features
The ability to trade or train your favorite Pokemon and many other elements of the Pokemon experience are just missing in Pokemon Go. | TechAtLast

In the following video, we discuss this exact problem, listing 5 things that people have been asking to be included in Pokemon Go. We discuss what it would mean if they were included and why we think that it is essential that Nintendo should include these things in the game in order to make it the perfect Pokemon Experience.

5 Updates expected in next version of Pokemon Go

Watch the video below to explore the new and exciting features we are anticipating to experience in the next version of Pokemon Go.

What update do you think Nintendo should make? Do you Play Pokemon Go? How Many have you caught? Let us know below!

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10 Must Have Home Renovation Apps That’d Change Your Design Taste ‘Like a Magic’!

Our home is our paradise. When we are there, we feel safe. That is why we want to make it beautiful and we work hard every day to ensure it looks amazing. How often are you sitting at home thinking about redesigning a room? It’s a big decision because your home is so important to you. You don’t want to risk renovating a room unless you’re sure it will look great. Often you’re not sure if you have the required skills to do the job, and the expense of a contractor is too much. Sometimes it’s difficult to know where to begin and you don’t know if you’re making the right decision on the room you are renovating. Unfortunately, life can get in the way, and that new kitchen you’ve been dreaming of gets put on the long finger for a million different reasons.

Well luckily we now have interesting home renovation apps to help us on our way and they will hopefully make everything a little bit easier to get done. Firstly, there are some great home renovation apps to help you see the big picture. Home Design 3D is a fantastic example of how technology can help in designing your home. It lets you see how a design that looks good in your head will look like in reality. It shows you a room in 3D as if it were actually real. This is great because what’s in your head may not be suitable in reality.

Other fantastic apps such as Home Calculator Calcs give you more than 170 conversions and calculations all in one convenient app. Having all the tools you need in one app is really handy when you’re working on any home renovation and it also ensures no silly measurement mistakes are made at an early stage. If mistakes are made with measurements the whole redesign is in jeopardy. As everything is in one app you don’t need to work with a million different tools during the renovation.

How do you ensure you remember everything? The home improvement planner app takes care of all that. You can set a budget, set up reminder, and cover everything related to the project in one simple app. The amount of features it has really makes it worth the price!

Sometimes just reading about these apps isn’t enough. What might be the best move is to download a few of and play around with them. If you find that they help, then great! Maybe download a few of these free home renovation apps initially to whet your appetite.

For one app that’s a real all-rounder, Houzz is the one to choose. It has grown in popularity around the world and now has over 40 million monthly users. It really is a fantastic one and can help you get some much needed inspiration to begin the home renovations you’ve been putting off.

It really is amazing how technology has begun influencing all areas of our lives. It’s astonishing that just 20 years ago very few people had a mobile phone, and even 10 years ago mobile phones were still very basic. It’s amazing to think that now we have one device that allows you to make calls, text, browse the internet, and even help you renovate your home. The strange thing is that we may only be at the beginning of the tech revolution and it’s exciting to be a part of the journey.

Home Renovation Apps That'd Change Your Design Taste Like a Magic!
10 Must Have Home Renovation Apps That’d Change Your Design Taste Like a Magic!

Check out this infographic from Half Price to get further information on the benefits of each Home Renovation Apps featured. Get reading and get downloading the ones you like today!


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Desktop Users vs Mobile Users: The Shopping Experience Scaling

It’s no surprise that there has been a tremendous, continuous growth with the way mobile phone users engage in online shopping as it is easier to shop on the go. You no longer have to wait till you sit in front of desktop computers before you can shop online. In fact, it can be rigid sometimes especially when you can’t move your desktop around as easily as you do your mobile phones. Surely, most e-commerce websites have realized this while others haven’t.

To Maximize Your Online Marketing Output, Should You Focus on Mobile Users or Desktop Users?

Desktop Users vs Mobile Users - Shopping Experience - How to maximize mobile users traffic
There are several (in fact, numerous) advantages the mobile users have over the desktop users. But in actual sense, are mobile users more valuable than desktop users? | CC:- Techndustries Media

I have had the opportunity to check out some shopping websites and their mobile version is a big turn off. This in turn, will definitely affect their gross orders because it is safer to save more when orders come from mobile users than desktop users.

For a top e-commerce website, say Jumia Market, they sure do realize the importance of mobile shopping. Not only is their mobile site responsive; they also have the mobile shopping app to back it up which is available on Google Play Store for Android users and App Store for iOS users. There is no doubt when I say that it is much easier to shop with mobile phones than desktops.

There are several advantages the mobile users have over the desktop users. First of all, you can shop anytime, any day, and anywhere that is, no matter where you are, as long as you are connect to the internet. Also, you have the benefit of the flash sales marketing strategy which is usually done by shopping sites, you sure don’t want to miss it. I could recount my experience in 2012, Aliexpress had its Black Friday flash sale. During the Black Friday flash sale period and the Cyber Monday, I was able to cart-away wide range of gadgets, jackets, and foot-wares. The fact is, they are excellent and top quality products; they are indeed real value for my money at such a run-away price!

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With your mobile devices, you can easily order these discounted products once they are available. Just like the name “flash”, don’t expect the deal to be open for long because they come with massive discounts.

According to global reports about mobile users and desktop users, it is a known fact that mobile users far outnumbers desktop users. Therefore, it is wise for e-commerce sites to target mobile users more by making sure all the required mobile problems are fixed in order for their users to enjoy shopping on their website. In Chirag Kulkarni’s article titled “How Mobile Technologies Are Innovating The On-Site Retail Experience”, he delved more on the reasons behind the sudden rise of mobile purchase on some e-commerce websites than desktop based and why this would continue for the next centuries. It is just a matter of time before the total shift from desktop to mobile takes its full course.

Since the past two years, even Google released that there are more search queries coming from mobile users than desktop users. Mobile phones have changed the world. For anyone thinking of an online business, make sure not to leave out the mobile users because there will be more traffic from the mobile devices. Also, when planning how to release newsletters, emails, text messages, all these marketing strategies should be aimed at reaching a large audience of mobile users. The future is therefore in mobile technology.

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The Best User Story Mapping Tool You Can Rely On Is

Discover new free story mapping tool at and enjoy effective and easy way of user stories arrangement.

Each experienced PM is aware of the fact that an effective roadmap cannot exist without user stories. A user story map masterminds user stories into a helpful model to comprehend the usefulness of the system, distinguish gaps and exclusions in your backlog, and adequately arrange all encompassing product releases that convey the value to the clients and business with each release.

When you craft a roadmap, you simply visualize the way you build your product based on the user stories of the highest priority. That is why a clear and effective user story mapping tool will be a must for those who dream to succeed in PM. To discover one of the most effective tools for making up user stories into successful roadmaps will soon be possible with too.

Discover User Story Mapping Tool provided by Craft

Discover User Story Mapping Tool at
A user story map masterminds user stories into a helpful model to comprehend the usefulness of the system, distinguish gaps and adequately arrange all encompassing product releases that convey the value to the clients and business with each release.

How StoryMapping is Built?

Story mapping is a top-down methodology of assembling the requirements and is formed as a tree hierarchy. Story mapping begins from an all-encompassing vision. A dream product is accomplished using objectives. Objectives are achieved through certain activities. Also, to finish an activity, the users need to run certain errands. Furthermore, these errands can be changed into client stories for the top product development with the help of effective story mapping software.

Story mapping is a great visual way of building your product backlog effectively. If you wanna learn to do that better, you will definitely need some user story mapping software. For your reference, you may have a look at a sample branch of storymapping from the real projects.

Let’s, for example, make an online application’s goal PM (workspaces)

Goal Activity/ Feature Tasks/Epics Stories
PM (Workspaces) PM Create new project Create new blank project Create new project from template
Existing project View my projects View my group projects Pagination for projects Sorting projects Search projects


In real life your storymapping may look like this one right below:

Storymapping example
Storymapping example may look almost the same like this. | CC:- Danish Mend

However, a sample branch of story map produced with the help of free story mapping software tool is more likely to look like this:

Story map produced with the help of free story mapping tool
Story Mapping Tool result: Here’s a sample of story map result produced with the help of free story mapping software tool such as Craft. | CC:- LinkedIn & TechAtLast

Story Mapping Pros

Product backlog visual presentation is available to every one of the partners on the same page, as far as the scope and complexity are concerned. A view of a project size is additionally given.

  • Requirements caught in a physical organization encourages coordinated effort and constructs shared comprehension.
  • As far as inception is typically a time boxed movement, the story mapping approach serves to plunge profoundly into and concentrate on critical components of the application. Checking ‘good to have’ highlights as ‘out of view’ amid profound plunge sessions, helps the group to save their time.
  • Oddly enough, but having all stories gathered on the blackboard enables the group to perform relative estimation of the stories extremely rapidly.
  • The structure of the story map assists with prioritization and offers simple backlog slicing into releases and tailors out MVP (minimum viable product). Slicing should be possible both horizontally and vertically, for example, few components or more with MVP in every feature.
  • Story map can be adjusted to agile story mapping software like Craft. io.

At some point we may require more data to be caught with story map: ‘good to have’ stories, follow up inquiries, alternative methodologies and others. This includes improving your story map with more various data. It is easy when you make your story map physically visual on the wall, floor or a board because you can mark various components with different colours to represent the variety of levels. It is visually effective to put the wire frames next to the relevant story map areas. Stickers like dots are used to mark specific data like:

  • scope features that are extremely important for the shared understanding,
  • search of alternatives to reach out the user experience or low-cost solutions, etc.

Notes, assumptions, questions or follow-ups may be marked with the small stickers and so on. But how can you do the same virtually? Of course, effective story mapping tool will be in handy.

Roadmapping Challenge Tips

No matter how you do your story map, there are certain challenges you may come across and, thus, will need some tips to overcome them. These are useful tips on how to avoid the hardships and run your physical story mapping successfully.

Since making a map of stories is quite a discovering phase of your work for the product requirements, to succeed, you simply should follow certain algorithm of capturing everything from A to Z, including alternatives, to avoid the time waste and long-running debates with your development team members. So, here we go:

  1. You should make priorities of your deep dives, so that not to waste time on less relevant topics and to abstain from investing energy in less significant points. Organize profound jumps here and there.
  1. Clean up and improve your markers more often before it becomes huge and turns out to be extremely hard to oversee. Keep a wide space on your wall empty to add something any time.
  1. While working with any marker with stickies, try to clean carefully up those that you do not need to get rid of folds.  They may be present on your story mapping spot for long activity duration and interfere with it. Make sure there are no folds readable on photos too.


Effective story mapping is a viable starting point in organization of your backlog and the product roadmap in an outwardly organized manner. It is a discovery tool that helps to make a product understandable, build its common comprehension, distinguish crevices the gaps in backlog and catch the inter-dependencies, better perform the relative estimation. Further, it can likewise help with the backlog slicing into the timely releases and other arrangement activities.

To step up to a higher level in digital product management, you are welcome to discover online story mapping tools that are easy to use and extremely effective for your business. Do not forget to include them in your everyday tool list and use on the regular basis. And fortunately for you guys, this storymapping tool is included in our resourceful business application list published here.

Feel free to comment and give feedback about this featured story mapping tool and digital product management as whole and likewise, you can visit for more!

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The 3 Most Common PPC Mistakes You Will Likely Make

PPC is among the best internet marketing tools to use. It is very effective in generating traffic and increasing conversion. PPC can also be used for a wide range of other purposes, including creating awareness and generating direct sales. It all depends on the goals you are trying to achieve and how you formulate your PPC campaign.

Unfortunately, there are still a few common mistakes even an experienced ad manager makes when using PPC to advertise products and services. In this article, we are going to take a look at those common PPC mistakes and how you can avoid them.

The 3 Most Common PPC Mistakes You Will Likely Make

Online Marketing - Common PPC Mistakes marketing
PPC can be used for a wide range of purposes, such as creating awareness and generating direct sales. Unfortunately, there are lots of common PPC mistakes that you can make along the way and here’s how you can avoid them.

Ignoring Mobile Traffic

Just as the internet shifts towards mobile devices (and mobile users), internet marketing does too. This includes PPC advertising. There are a lot of great advertising networks and PPC platforms that allow you to reach mobile users effectively. Ignoring mobile traffic is one of the costliest – and most common – mistakes to make when formulating a PPC campaign.

Instead of using desktop-centric ads for mobile devices, you should actually create a separate PPC campaign for mobile users. This means creating a different call to action and setting up mobile-preferred ads to reach more smartphone users. Small differences can have a huge impact.

For instance, switching from the word “click’ to “tap” in your call to action is enough to attract more taps by mobile users.

Bad Keyword Targeting

Keywords are the heart of every PPC campaigns. Selecting the right set of keywords is everything. It determines whether your PPC campaign is a success or a complete waste of money. There are actually several quite common mistakes related to keyword targeting.

The most common one is the use of broad keywords. Overly broad keywords mean you’re competing with thousands – if not millions – of other ads (and products) for the same untargeted market. There is no guarantee that your ads will be seen by the right, potential customers.

Another common mistake is the lack of negative keywords. In fact, recent research suggests that over 20% of AdWords accounts don’t really use negative keywords at all. You can actually use negative keywords to filter out unwanted placements. It is a great way to improve your conversion and return on investment when running a PPC campaign. Avoid committing this common PPC mistake and your marketing effort will skyrocket by going over the roof overnight.

Bad User Experience

Sometimes, the worst mistake in a PPC campaign doesn’t lie in the campaign itself. One of the worst and most common mistakes you can make when using paid media marketing is directing users to a bad landing page. Bad landing page experience will ruin everything. It hurts your conversion rate (and of course your bottom line) and it will render the entire marketing campaign nearly useless. Be sure to set up a landing page that works. More importantly, make sure users can find the information they need and make purchases as smoothly and easily as possible.

Avoid making these common PPC marketing mistakes and you will see a nice jump in ROI from your PPC campaigns. The same tips and principles can be applied to other parts of your internet marketing efforts too, so get started right away and start fixing them.