Learn How To Use Your DSLR Camera With This Easy Photography Tutorial

Over a decade ago, I acquired my first SLR. In the past, they did not have digital and they were simply called SLR cameras. We have digitalized everything including DSLR cameras today. This enables us to apply, practice, practice at no additional expense.

Decade ago, there was no such freedom to apply because shutter film was so expensive and you took an image and hoped it turned out just.

I got shocked when my first roll of film was all blurry and out of focus. The lighting was all off and they were to be honest the worst pictures I had fashioned ever taken. I’ve heard a whole lot about how precisely wonderful these cameras were! That which was I doing wrong? So I became so overwhelmed that I had to place the camera on the shelf and forget to ever touch it again.

A decade has passed and I made a decision to take another whirl with the DSLR cameras. THEREFORE, I delve into learning how to use these amazing cameras. Not quite long, I began to learn just a little here and a little there, and they did not seem to be so hard to make use of after all.

During the next couple of weeks, I will share some tips to help you better understand and use your best DSLR camera.

Photography Tutorial on Using DSLR Cameras to Make Things Happen

Photography Tutorial on Using DSLR Cameras
Beginner’s photography tutorial on using DSLR Cameras in making things happen without a short period of time. | CC:- Pixabay


To assist you understand your camera better we should first tackle the particular exposure triangle is. The exposure triangle is the partnership between three elements: ISO, Shutter Aperture and Speed. Once you know these 3 elements, you shall have a much clearer knowledge of how your camera works!

Exposure Table thumb
Image courtesy of my

1. ISO

ISO is a way of measuring how sensitive the sensor is to light. Go through the table above.  The low the ISO number the greater light you have. If you were shooting outside over a sunshiny day then you will shoot with your camera on a minimal ISO setting, probably 100. This will generate a specific, crisp picture. If you are working indoors in lower light, you will have to modify your ISO to permit more light to the sensor. A whole lot of my food pictures were shoot during the night at an 800 ISO to pay for having less light in the area.

Take into account that every camera differs and you must practice with your camera to see where your cameras sweet spot is when it comes to ISO. An ISO of 800 is okay for my DSLR, but anything larger starts to be grainy. When adjusting the ISO, remember a higher ISO comes at a price. The bigger the ISO, the grainer the picture can be. I make an effort to shoot most of my pictures on the cheapest ISO possible.

The picture on the left was shot with my iPhone. Have a look at how grainy the picture is. It had been shot with an ISO of 640 (I understand it is not on the diagram, but it is somewhere within the 400 and 800) and evidently this is to most of an ISO for these devices I had been using. Now the picture to the right of this was shot with an ISO 200. Look how crisp the picture is.  Is it possible to start to see the difference?

Huge difference between ISO 640 and ISO 200 pictures
Huge difference between ISO 640 and ISO 200 pictures are well elaborated in this photography tutorial images.

The image on left has ISO of 640 while the image on right has ISO 200.


Shutter speed is the quantity of time the shutter is open. Shutter speed is how fast, or slow the picture is recorded by the camera. The slower the shutter speed the greater light that reaches the sensor. The faster the shutter speed, the less light that reaches the sensor.

Shutter speed gives you to freeze any motion in an image (action shot) or even to blur any motion in an image (waterfall). While I was taking the pictures of my daughter at her soccer game, I intended to freeze the action of the soccer ball mid air. That is done by using a fast shutter speed.  On another day, I was shooting a waterfall and I’d like it to truly have a blurred motion. I wanted more light to access the sensor therefore all I do is to slow my shutter speed right down to create the blurred effect.

Remember, you can take your camera for whatever falls above 1/50. In the event that you lessen your shutter speed below 1/50 then you will need to employ a tripod for this picture so that it will not be blurry. This may change from camera to camera greatly, so experiment with your camera to see if you want to employ a tripod.

Understanding shutter speed


Aperture is how big the opening in the lens is when the picture is taken. Aperture is measured in f-stops (f/1.8, f/2.8, f/3.5, f/4, f/5.6, f/6.3, f/8, f/11, f/16, f/22…). The low the quantity (f/1.8) the bigger the opening in the lens or the more light that reaches the sensor. The bigger the quantity (f/22) small the opening in the lens or the less light that reaches the sensor.

The aperture controls what is in focus in an image. Below is an image of 2 bobbleheads (I understand, it was all I needed to shoot at that time)? The picture on the left has an extremely low aperture number, f/2.8 or an extremely large opening in the lens. It offers an extremely shallow depth of field. Notice the way the bobblehead on the left is barely noticeable because I have thought we would blur it out so the focus is on the bobble at the right.

Now the picture to the right comes with an aperture f/6.3 or an inferior opening. Notice, the way the bobblehead on the left of the next picture is a bit more in focus. It includes just a little bigger depth of field.  WHEN I raise the f-stop number, the clearer it will become.  Take into account that in both these pictures I have centered on the bobble at once the right.


Remaining picture f/2.8, right picture f/6.3.

This is actually the same image at a f/11. Notice how much clearer the picture is. It has a bigger depth of field. Also, pay close attention where your eyeball moves.

I have no idea about you but my clear concentrate has been rescinded from the bobblehead on the right in this picture. Actually, I really have no idea where to concentrate my attention in this picture.

Is it possible to see now how aperture will let you define what you would like your audience to see?


The final appertune output

A good example would be if you are creating a far more shallow depth of field then you are allowing more light to enter into your picture. You will have to modify either the shutter speed or ISO to compensate for the change in light.

Do not stress, this is a later lessons. We are certain to get to manual method after we did a small amount of homework and some exercises to help you better know how it all fits in place.


Ok, so now you understand a little about ISO, shutter aperture and speed. It is time to practice now. If you are just getting started with your DSLR, I recommend that you begin practicing by making use of your Aperture Priority mode (AV for Canon and A for Nikon) and Shutter Priority mode (TV for Canon and S for Nikon). You can transform this through the method dial near the top of your camera.


If you are capturing on aperture top priority mode you will be arranging the aperture and the camera will automatically arranged the ISO and shutter velocity.

Note: If you wish the ISO to bet set automatically ensure you have it on auto in your settings. Just press the ISO button, hold it down and use the black main dial together with your camera to go auto (this button is usually closest to your shutter button that you push to have a picture, see picture below). Check your manual for even more instructions if needed.

To improve the aperture, use the same dark-colored main dial together with your camera to modify the aperture. Go through the picture below to see where in fact the aperture is situated on your camcorder’s LCD screen.


If you’re capturing in Shutter Top priority setting, then you establish the shutter quickness and the camera will automatically placed the ISO and aperture for you (again, make certain which you have the car select for your ISO).

To improve the shutter rate, use the same dark main dial together with your camera to adapt the shutter quickness (see picture above). Go through the picture below to see where in fact the shutter speed is situated on your LCD display screen.


Absorb the three areas we talked about above and notice that they work together and exactly how they change in several situations. This enables you to get some good practice with selecting aperture and shutter rates of speed and can help you feel more familiarized with your camera.

DLSR camera with buttons explanation


So that could it be! Now this week start doing shooting in both of these methods and again play close focus on the aperture, ISO and the shutter quickness and exactly how they interact.

You are one-step nearer to capturing in manual function, just a couple more steps and you are there! After you shoot in manual mode, you hold the freedom to build the pictures that you will be envisioning. This is where we end the first phase of our photography tutorial series on DLSR cameras today.

If you have questions or feedback about this or any suggestion or topic we can feature in our upcoming photography tutorials, do not hesitate to comment them into the box below. We’ll surely read them and get back.

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How To Keep Your Digital Home Comforts When Traveling

We are fortunate to live in an age where travelling is easier and more affordable than it has ever been before.

It is still only just over a century ago, before the advent of aviation, that to travel from Britain to India, the USA to Australia, or Kenya to Japan would have taken several weeks on a long boat trip. Today we can do all those journeys within a day and for the sort of prices that allow more and more people to explore the world.

It is not just cheaper and faster forms of transport that have made this possible, but the evolution of a whole range of new technological solutions, from the internet to smartphones, to the huge range of software which these days caters to our every whim.

Thanks to this, travelling has never been so comfortable and convenient. No matter where you are in the world, you can still stay connected with friends and family, keep in touch with news and entertainment from back home, and for a growing number of jobs, you can even keep working as well.

And this is something I know for a fact. I am an American citizen born and raised but am currently living in Budapest, the capital city of Hungary. My Hungarian is not great and I have not really developed a taste for goulash (although the beer here is pretty good) so staying connected with home has been really important for me both personally and professionally.

And in this article, I am going to give you my top tips on how to Keep Your Digital Home Comforts When Traveling. Whether you are travelling for work, living abroad, or just on an extended holiday, I am going to try and address some of the questions you want to know the answer to about maintaining your digital home. How do I stay in touch with family and friends? How to watch Netflix in Europe? How to work remotely whilst living abroad.

If you want to know the answer to all of these and more, keep on reading:

Want to keep your digital home in perfect condition when traveling? Here’s the deal!

How To Keep Your Digital Home Comforts When Traveling
Want to keep your digital home in perfect condition when traveling? Here’s are the guidelines to keep your home digitally in good condition when you’re away | CC:- Techndustries Media

Stay in touch with family & friends:

Thanks to the widespread, and often free, availability of video calls, it has never been easier to stay in touch with your loved ones while abroad.

Gone are the days when you had to write a letter which could take weeks or months to arrive. Today you can use your smartphone to video call anywhere in the world for free using apps such as Skype, WhatsApp, FaceTime, or one of the many other VOIP calling programs on the market.

If you prefer a regular telephone call, you can do that for free too using the same apps, while letter-writing has been overtaken by emails, and more recently instant messaging.

With instant messaging apps like WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, and Line, you can send short (or not so short) written messages that arrive immediately, meaning a text conversation can be had with someone on the other side of the world.

And then, of course, there is social media, of which instant messaging is often just one of many features. With social media like Facebook and Twitter, you can see what friends and family are doing and interact with them about it. It is most likely that you communicate with many of them through this medium at home. And it works just the same, no matter where in the world you are.

So if you are worried about travelling or living abroad and missing friends and family, you don’t have to. You will probably communicate with them more from there than you do at home!

Keeping up with your favourite shows / movies / sports:

This little home comfort is not quite so simple to do. Sure, plenty of TV shows, movies, and sports sell their rights across the world, and if you are lucky you might find yourself somewhere where you favourite is on.

But what should you do if you don’t? And what should you do if your show is on, but dubbed into Indonesian or Hungarian? And what if you like to dip into a streaming service like Netflix and try something new out from time to time?

Pretty much all of the US-based websites which stream shows, or make them available to download, will be geo-restricted. This means that they can only be accessed by people within the USA. But there is a way out of this, and it’s called a VPN.

VPN stands for Virtual Private Network and is a tool which hides your identity online. This simple tool provides a simple solution to the problem of how to watch Netflix in Europe, or indeed anywhere else. It does this by sending all your internet traffic down an encrypted pathway to an external server before it moves on to your chosen site.

Because the first part of your connection is encrypted, the sites you visit can only see the IP Address of the external server. This is the piece of information which tells the site where you are. So if that server is in the USA, the site will think you are too, even if you are not. If you log onto Netflix via a VPN, you will be able to watch it, no matter where you are.

Keeping up with work overseas:

Remote working is becoming more and more popular, and one of the big draws is that it allow people to work from wherever they are.

This has spawned a whole generation of digital nomads, people who work online as website designers, writers, English teachers, and various other things. Not every job suits the digital nomad lifestyle, but thanks to the explosion in software tailored to suit the needs of the remote worker, more and more can be done.

Need to stay in touch with the office? Use the instant messaging services we have mentioned above, or a more professional option, such as Slack. Need to manage your workload, or oversee the workload of others? There are plenty of services such as Trello which can let you do that online.

These days no matter what your business need is, there is likely to be an app or piece of software that lets you do it from anywhere, and that means when you clock off, you can go and explore the world which is literally right on your doorstep.

Do you enjoy reading the article? Do you have any suggestion on improving the article or feedbacks, you can also hit the reply button below to contribute more about putting your digital home in order at every point in time.


Tablets vs iPads: let’s be honest and answer these three questions

Tablets were on the market for decades before their popularity exploded. What was the reason? Apple, of course. When Apple unveiled the iPad it changed the way we use the internet, the way we shop online and our behaviours as users too. It also meant that it was only a matter of time before a rival would surface, and shortly after its release, Google created the operating system Android.

Fast forward a few years, and it’s more difficult than ever to decide between the iPad and the Android tablet. If you’d like some help in choosing your next tech purchase, then all you need to do is ask yourself these three questions:

Tablets Vs iPads: Three Questions to Ask Yourself Before Choosing

Tablets Vs iPads
Right now, it’s more difficult than ever to decide between the iPad and the Android tablet.

1. What do you use now?

Let’s not forget that the best feature about both of these products is that they were designed to work like large smartphones, in the sense that they have the same operating system and physical usability as their phone equivalents. If you’re wondering which way to go, then it’s worth considering what type of smartphone you already use, and therefore what operating system you’re used to.

Not only will it make the actual use of the product feel like second nature as soon as you open the box, but if there are any files you want to transfer across, iPads are brilliant for syncing with other Apple products, whereas not all Android phones are the same manufacturer, brand and so on.

Tablets vs iPads
Tablets vs iPads: Let’s be honest and answer these three questions before you can choose rightly.

2. What will you use if for?

Another way to help you decide which to opt for is to consider the purpose of your buy. If you just wanted the latest bit of tech, then Apple creates the products which are the sleekest, most sophisticated and most powerful on the market. Or will you be using it for work? iPads may have a better selection of apps for business, but it’s worth checking whether there are any specific ones only available to the Android market.

Does it need to be portable computing? Again, iPads often provide the operating system that will have more power behind it, but the battery life on Android models has proved to be greater with better energy efficiency, so this is perfect for people on the go.

ALSO READ: DISCOVER a breakthrough aluminium battery that charges your smartphone in less than 60 seconds!

 3. How easy are they to repair?

Let’s be honest, it’s fair to assume that you may at some point need some technical support for your tablet or iPad, and when you do, do you know where to take it, how much they charge and so on? There are many apple repair store locations for example, and a lot of them are not expensive and provide everything from data transfers to cracked screens.

It’s worth investing some time looking for where the Android equivalents are, what types of prices and services they offer, and weigh this against the cost of the item. Forums are always a good place for advice and honest answers on this.

How did you answer our three questions to choosing between tablets vs iPads?


Likely Problems in Windows 10; Data Loss still leading the race!

Installation of Windows 10 operating system in your computer might lead to some problems. Windows 10 came as a fix to the error-prone Windows 8 OS from Microsoft, and it came with lots of surprises (in the aspect of security, though!). From Windows Passport that uses a PIN technology to authenticate the user; to Windows Hello which uses the bio-metric technology to give you access to virtually anything; to Device Guard aimed for zero-day-attacks and protection; to Windows’s Secure Boot, which is professionally designed to prevent persistent malware attacks and rootkits issues that may spring up during the booting process. There are too many to talk about in the new Windows 10 operating system.

Despite all the positive security factors mentioned above, there are lot of issues that Windows 10 is accustomed with when it comes to security. Hence, the need for me to talk about Windows 10 Problems and its solutions. Below are some of the challenges that is associated with Windows 10.

In view; Windows 10 Problems and the likely solutions.

Windows 10 problems - One product family. One Platform. One Store

1. Less storage space

Unlike the previous versions of OS, Windows 10 occupies a large space on your local disk C. As a result, less storage space is left.

2. Privacy

Windows 10 has data sharing defaults, which puts your privacy is at risk. The OS might expose your privacy as a result of the defaults.

3. No downgrade

If you have been operating a relatively current operating system such as Windows 7 or the updated copy of Windows 8.1, it is very easy to take advantage of the free Windows 10 by upgrading. However, a month later after upgrading windows 10 OS, you cannot downgrade to your previous OS.

4. Data loss

Upgrading your system to Windows ten is likely to cause data loss of files, photos, music, and videos. The most vulnerable data files to be lost are those saved on C drive.

5. No system restore

The bad thing with upgrading your system to Windows 10 is the inability to reset the system. The problem occurs especially if your system crashes and has valuable information stored. You cannot restore the system apart from formatting it.

6. Lack of great app

If you decide to ship Windows 10, it comes without the app of playing DVDs on. If you like watching movies, then this is one great disadvantage since it is not possible.

7. Incompatibility with software and hardware

Although Windows 10 is a great operating system, some hardware and software are likely not to be fully compatible with the system. Besides, others may not work at all with the system.

However, data loss problem can be solved easily with data recovery utilities, the EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard is one of those. As at this minute, it is still one of the best free data recovery software‘s you can depend on.  You can recover deleted, formatted and lost data from your PC. It also offers laptop and memory card recovery which is an addon – you can easily and quickly recover lost data on your memory card by a click.

Lost data and memory card recovery take three simple steps using EaseUS. The process of recovery data involves launching the data recovery software, scanning and retrieving your data. Among the various situations which can use the EaseUS data recovery software for include; virus attack, OS crash, damage to the hard drive, raw partition, partition loss, and when data is deleted or formatted.

Among the many reasons making EaseUS software the preferred data recovery software is the ability to recover 2GB of data free, Supporting free dynamic disk and Linux file, enabling you to specify the file types before you proceed to recover, and to save your previous searching results.

For memory card recovery, insert it in your PC or Laptop; launch the free data recovery software, perform quick and deep scanning to retrieve all files. Select all files you want to recover and press the Recover button. EaseUS does not overwrite and that’s gives it an upper hand above its peers out there.

Windows 10 can be quite problematic if you are not taking every little detail into consideration, you’d be free from experiencing any of the Windows 10 problems outlined above.

Information and Communication Technology (ICT)

10 Things You Should Know to Prevent Identity Theft Incidents

Identity Theft has been known to man since we first invented the concept of money. People have been trying to steal from others just by copying their identity or by purposely presenting themselves as someone else. Nowadays, it can be fairly easy to steal someone’s identity and wreak havoc on their finances. If you manage to get hold of someone’s credit card – you’re pretty much set. However, all of this comes at a price.

Firstly, it’s considered a crime and some penalties can be very harsh. Secondly, you won’t be able to keep that identity forever; someone will notice things are happening without their approval. Eventually, they will get their identity back, and you would be forced to steal again. You need to know how to prevent identity theft and also, you need to know what to do in the event of it happening to you. Here are ten things you should know to prevent identity theft!

Holy Grail Rules to Prevent Identity Theft Incidents From Occurring

Cyber Crime - Steps to Prevent Identity Theft
On combating Cyber Crime: These are steps on how to prevent Identity Theft from ever occurring. | CC:- Pete Linforth

What is Identity Theft?

Identity Theft happens when someone steals your identity to further their goals which can’t be accomplished without a stolen identity. This often happens at the hands of people who don’t have money or don’t want to spend their own, for something that they want to buy. Sometimes it happens in the medical field if they need medication that they can’t get without a prescription. It’s a dangerous business to do.

How does Identity Theft affect your financial life?

Unfortunately, if someone gets hold of your credit card details – you’re pretty much going to suffer in the financial field. People that steal credit card identities, usually spend all the money on the credit card and move on to the next victim. Sadly, you probably won’t notice that it’s been stolen until it’s too late and the money has been spent. There are ways however to protect yourself!

Categories where it can occur

There are a lot of categories where Identity theft can occur such as credit card theft, medical theft, account theft, criminal impersonation, etc. There isn’t a single type of identity theft – there are many, and depending on the situation that someone is in, they will steal an identity in regards to these categories.

Types of Identity Theft

As mentioned before, there are various types of identity theft. Criminal impersonation can happen if someone presents themselves as someone else. For example, imagine your friend is accused of criminal activity. They ask him his name and he says your name, effectively impersonating you and causing you a plethora of problems. This is just one example of the many types of identity theft.

Who can probably steal your identity?

This question doesn’t have a clear answer, but the most precise one is – anyone. Anyone can steal your identity if they are inclined to do so. If you give out more information than necessary, especially to shady people, you can expect to have your identity stolen. You need to be very careful about what type of information you give out and to whom!

How your identity can be stolen?

As we mentioned before, giving out too much unnecessary information to various people can end up in identity theft. You need to be very careful about all of this, and you’ll likely run into all kinds of people that will want to steal your identity.

Warning signs of identity theft

If a person comes up to you and asks for information that is usually classified and only asked for by banks, government officials, police or hospitals – then it’s highly likely that the person asking you wants to steal your identity. In the event of it already happening, there are only a few types of identity theft where you can check if someone has stolen your identities – such as hospitals and banks. If someone is criminally impersonating you, well, you won’t know until the damage has been done.

How to protect yourself online

Identity Theft Protection

Stay away from shady sites or offers. Don’t give out any personal information unless it’s asked by a verified person or website. Keep important numbers (social security number, credit card numbers, etc.) to yourself unless it’s important to something you’re doing (for example, shopping online requires you to connect your credit card to your account).

Tips to prevent identity theft

As mentioned before, keep valuable information to yourself and don’t share it unless it’s completely necessary. Stay away from scams and frauds. Stay away from offers which are too good to be true because they are exactly that – not true and they are devised in such a way that they seem legit. This is one of the easiest way to prevent identity theft. Avoid praying to get lucky in an insane way – run from any shady deals or offers on your computer screen except it is from a trusted source.

How Identity theft services can help protect your identity

You can check out several identity theft services that serve a purpose of protecting your identity. They take great care of the information you give out and the information that you’re allowed to share. If you can’t protect yourself, by yourself, – get identity theft services to do it for you!

You can easily prevent identity theft if only obey certain rules that guide the internet, and none of these rules exist elsewhere than what we have been able to cover above. Master the art of preventing onlookers or an outsider’s intrusion into your private file simply by obeying the holy grail’s rules to effectively prevent identity theft incidents from occurring. We strongly believe you’d be safe as long as you put them to action.

Education Mobile App

7 Awesome Apps that Help Busy Families Connect

Managing your home and family takes so much time that it could be a job of its own. On a daily basis, you need to coordinate everyone’s schedules and still find time to make dinner, run a load of laundry and clean the entire house. With so much going on, it can be easy to miss an appointment, run late for practice or forget about visiting a friend.

Fortunately, as technology is advancing, the number of ingenious apps that can be used on smartphones and tablets in order to help keep track of your family life is rising. From the big events to the little details, these apps can help you manage everybody’s schedule and even share some of your fun moments with the people who are close to you. Consider these different apps and see which one would make the most sense to help manage your family’s time.

Awesome Apps That Bridges The Family’s Gap in Shortest Time

These Awesome Apps Helps Busy Families Connect Easily
There’s an app for virtually anything you could ever think of. Here are awesome apps that bridges the family’s gap in shortest possible time. | CC:- Techndustries LLC


About One

About One allows you to integrate your contact list of your friends and family within a single calendar. This makes it easy to write notes to each other, share videos of special events and exchange different snapshots. You can create memories within the calendar function and then go back and review them any time you wish. With About One, your memories, photos and schedule stays private unless you choose to share the information with your contact list which makes it ranks first in our awesome apps list for bringing disjointed family together.


Another one that makes our awesome apps’ list for this month is Cozi. Cozi is a free app for mobile devices that helps you organize your family’s schedule. The app has features that include a shared calendar with color coding for each person in your home. You can set event reminders, use the family journal and leave yourself notes. Cozi also comes with a grocery list, to-do list and meal planning section that you can use on your mobile device when you are at the store so that you do not forget to buy something. You can even add and save recipes and transfer the ingredients to your shopping list. Cozi is accessible on any computer, smartphone or tablet.


Life 360 is a free app for your smartphone that connects you with your family members and friends. You gain access to a private map and can sent instant messages. There is also an emergency help feature in case your car breaks down or you need medical assistance. Parents can track their teenagers‘ driving speeds and the places they go. With Life 360, you can coordinate the carpool to school in the morning, check in to make sure your teenagers got home after practice and make dinner plans with your partner for date night.

23 Snaps

With 23 Snaps, you can share your snapshots and short video clips of your family’s activities. You add the photos to a timeline, which makes it easy to see how a young child grows and changes over a year. You can also add a gallery and cover art designed by your kids. You can keep your account private or share it with aunts, uncles and grandparents. This app works on desktop and laptop computers, tablets and smartphones. Family members can also be invited to log in through 23 Snap’s website to see your updated gallery. This app is a great alternative to posting photos of your children on social media which can be unsafe. Instead of making your photos publicly available, you share them privately with only the selected people.


SquareHub can be used for connecting with your family or friends and to help you get things done. You set up your own private social network and exchange texts, photos and appointments. SquareHub also allows you to coordinate activities and find out the best time for everybody to get together for dinner or a movie. There are safety features so that you can protect your kids’ privacy, including their location and activity schedule. This app is very easy for beginners to use. You could include older relatives who are new to apps and they would be able to navigate through all of SquareHub’s features easily. SquareHub’s intuitive interface makes it scale through into our awesome apps category and you’d agree with me that you’re getting more than what you bargained for. Isn’t it?


HatchedIt is a hub designed to coordinate all of your family activities. This free online calendar can be shared with anyone, which allows you to keep track of your kids’ activities and your partner’s work schedule. This app has an appointment book function and separate sections for each family member. You can import your contacts list from your smartphone or email app. HatchedIt also allows you to keep up with your favorite blogs. You get to customize your own news feed with the sites of your choice. If you see something that strikes your fancy, you can use the photo sharing and link saving section. From the very first day I downloaded this particular multi-faceted app, it has become my winner! So, I added it to the exclusive awesome apps list for this month.


With ChoreMonster, both you and your kids can keep track of what chores need to be done and who needs to do them. ChoreMonster allows parents to set up a points based system for doing chores. The kids can then go shopping with their points and choose rewards that parents have pre-selected. For example, once a child has earned 25 points, this might be enough for a movie with his or her best friend. Kids are motivated by ChoreMaster because it helps them keep track of their progress toward a desirable reward. Parents like this app because it eliminates the need for constant reminders and negotiations to get things done around the house.

Final Word

These simple apps can help you stay up-to-date with your kids, partner and the rest of your family. With only one app, you can share photos, make a grocery list and send messages to the kids. You can stay connected and productive with just a few taps or clicks. As a whole, these awesome apps for family are still the best till date and has all it takes to get you thinking aloud anytime soon. Trust me.

Android Fans Mobile App

The New Android Games to not miss out on [BEST of the BEST’s]

Well, in the month of May amazing new games were released and in case you missed to keep a tab on some of them then here we are to offer a list of best new and updated games. You can download a few of them as they are quite an experience to play.

New Android Games for 2016, Download Them for Optimal Experience

Android Game Development

Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons

It’s a prominent console game that just came on Android and it talks about the tale of two brothers, Naia and Naiee. In this game the father of two brothers is sick and now the boys are responsible to keep him from dying.

Resident Evil 5

This you can download on android mainly on the NVIDIA SHIELD Android TV. No matter you already know the story or whether it’s entirely new to the Resident Evil experience, you are just going to love as you save the world.

Uncharted: Fortune Hunter

This puzzle game features everyone’s favorite hero, Nathan Drake. Everyone adores him as he is someone who does what he does best, i.e. uncover “long-lost treasures of history’s most notorious pirates, adventurers, and thieves.”

Battleborn Tap

It’s cookie-clicker game that’s not related in any way to the console/PC counterpart that also came out last month. We hardly see players tapping the screens in order to shoot baddies that appear with the use of points to buy and unlock new Battleborn that is a lot helpful to join you in battle.

Skylanders Battlecast

Now this is quite a thrilling game. Here is Kaos who just opened a rift into a mysterious world filling it with the notorious villains out there from Skylands. It’s necessary that the Skylanders learn new powers, abilities and tactics in order to defeat the villains out there.

Ultimate Chicken Horse

This was optimized for the NVIDIA Shield and it’s an amazing party game. Here you and your friends are building the level as you play, place deadly traps prior to reaching the end of the level. You get to earn a point as you complete the level prior to your friends.


It’s a game that appears too much like Monument Valley though it has a big twist. You can win each level by ringing the bells in the correct order. However it’s just not as easy as you find the end point.

Assassin’s Creed Identity

It’s a first action RPG game in the Assassin’s Creed series. You can easily explore the Italian renaissance through the eyes of your assassin, completing various missions and unleash the mystery of The Crows.


It’s called as a “love letter to trees”. Swiping a finger, you can grow and shape your tree into the sunlight as well as avoid the dangers of a hostile world. As you grow trees you can uncover a deeper story.

Crashing Season

It’s an action-packed runner game having a physics-based 3D world. Here we need to survive and beat waves of enemies, fight mean bosses and finish goals.

Vector 2

Here you get to experience intense gameplay in a dystopian world. You are required to make efforts with the help of a huge and intricate research facility and just get out alive. Once you are done you are require to do that again.


Now here is an action team-based shooter and 2D platformer game featuring the cool retro 8-bit pixel art style that’s just mind-blowing. You can run, jump, shoot and do whatever that helps your team in winning a round. Gangfort adds to our list for new android games for 2016 because of its amazing UI and the interesting gaming experience you’d have from playing this game.

Browsing through the Google android’s Play Store would get you exposed to apps in their millionth that work similarly to what you’re looking for. They are too many to name. But there’s an issue, hardly can someone pick the one that does exactly what you are looking for except you’ve tested it yourself or a friend has. In lieu of downloading hundreds and uninstalling them afterwards all in the name of finding that particular new android games that gives you comfort and that exciting gaming experience, that’s why we make this post available.

Download as many of these new android games from the app store, and share your views with us. They are still the best android games available for now.


White Label Software: Why White Label Ransomware May Be the Scariest Cybersecurity Risk Ever

Many startups and enterprises don’t have the time or resources to build every component from scratch. This is where software white labeling comes in. White label software is a product or service that is developed by one company and sold to another company under a different brand label. The software product or service can be delivered via hardware or through a cloud-based platform. White label software is commonly used when starting a new business or expanding the services of an existing one. It’s obvious to see how this can be a beneficial way to utilize the research and development of other professionals to help your own brand. However, white label software isn’t just something that is used by legitimate businesses. Criminals and hackers are now applying the practice of purchasing white label software for nefarious purposes. Malware is officially on the market in the dark corners of the Internet. This means that criminals no longer have to have any programming skills in order to distribute dangerous, far-reaching ransomware.

White Label Software; Cerber Ransomware, Is Still the Scariest Cybersecurity Risk Ever Recorded.

White Label Software - Cerber Ransomware danger
The Cerber Ransomware danger that has shaken the world of internet security. White Label software licensing allows a non-programmer to have immediate access to an already coded-programmed software that could wreck havoc.

The Rise of Cerber

If there was one threat giving IT managers and security professionals headaches this year, it’s something called Cerber. This brand of ransomware stands out as a particularly vicious threat in a world of cyber threats. Cerber is especially concerning because it uses a strong, unbreakable encryption that makes it very difficult to fight. It also has a number of unique features that make it one of the biggest threats in the digital world. Of course, the most troubling thing about Cerber is the way it is distributed. Hackers from around the world can easily purchase this ransomware the same way reputable companies purchase white labeled software. Individuals who sign up to distribute the program agree to share a piece of the profit with its original authors. The program itself is purchased as a customizable file that allows the user to change certain characteristics for their own purposes. The threat capabilities of Cerber include:

  • An audio script that can repeat a verbal ransom note over and over again.
  • Visuals that can be altered to mimic reputable brands, organizations or people.
  • DDoS attacks that can compromise multiple systems.

Combating Cerber 

White Label ransomware
Why White Label Ransomware may be the scariest cybersecurity risk ever recorded in the history of cyber security worldwide.

IT professionals really have their work cut out for them when it comes to protecting networks against Cerber. It is a program that is constantly evolving to evade authorities and IT professionals. This malicious ransomware enters a system via infected Word documents or other files. It then encrypts documents and makes them inaccessible to their owners. A ransom message with details about how to pay the perpetrators pops up on a user’s screen at some point. The perpetrators may or may not actually deliver a code for unlocking the files once the ransom is paid. Law enforcement has repeatedly cautioned against giving any money to the criminals who partake in this type of attack.

Prevention really is the best remedy for ransomware attacks. Enterprises need to invest in advanced cybersecurity software that is capable of detecting and stopping these types of threats. Staying ahead of the game is the only way to avoid losing valuable and confidential information and resources.