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Living the Modern Life: Using Technology to Stay Fit and Healthy

Fitness is slowly but surely becoming a big part of modern lifestyle and fitness enthusiasts want to leave no stone unturned in ensuring that they stay in good shape.

Modern-day lifestyle is also technology-oriented with an increasing number of people becoming dependent on it for the smooth functioning of their day-to-day activities.

The good news is that ‘fitness and technology can be mixed,’ and the combination often produces great outcomes. Using hi-tech gadgets to stay fit not only makes accomplishing goals convenient, but also easier and consistent.

Mentioned ahead are a few ways to live a healthy lifestyle with the help of technology that aids fitness.

7 Ways to Stay Fit and Healthy Leveraging on Technology Tools

Living the Modern Life Using Technology to Stay Fit and Healthy
How to Use Technology to Stay Fit and Healthy in this era | CC:- Pixabay

1. Track Your Nutrition Intake

So you want to lose weight, but that does not mean that you compromise on the quality of food you eat. Also, following fad diets and cutting out certain food items from your diet can result in the deficiency of essential nutrients. However, you want to keep the nutrients and cut out the calories, which is why keeping track of your daily nutrition in paramount.

In fact, the more active your lifestyle is, the greater is the need to pay attention to your daily nutrition intake.

Several mobile apps can help you with this. All you need is a smartphone app that will enable you to track your daily nutrient and calorie consumption which, in turn, will help you make healthier food choices.

2. Monitor the Shape of Your Heart

Sure, you want to work out and do so enthusiastically, but are you doing it in a healthy manner? It is important to consider the heart rate and monitor it, especially when indulging in intense physical activity. This is where the use of a heart rate monitor comes into the picture.

If you use cardio machines, you may often find them equipped with a heart rate monitor that displays how hard your body is working.

Modern portable heart rate monitors can be worn during indoor and outdoor workouts. Make sure you’re aware of your maximum heart rate (the highest number of times your heart can beat per minute), though to be able to use it effectively as this is important to determine training intensities.

Further, basing your training session intervals or workout schedules on your heart rate can strengthen your overall cardiovascular health.

3. Wear Fitness On the Move

Wearing fitness-monitoring devices has made it extremely convenient for modern people to get accustomed to their fitness routine and keep an accurate tab on their workout. It, therefore, isn’t surprising that the trend has picked up in a short span of time.

These devices are user-friendly and extremely accessible as they can be worn at all times and can measure the calories burned, sleep patterns, heart rate, movement, blood oxygen levels, skin temperature, and also the number of steps an individual takes in a day.

These devices can be synced with mobile apps and used to develop and maintain our vital statistics. This can go a long way in assisting us to achieve the type of body we have always wanted, and can be a massive self-esteem motivator.

These fitness gadgets give further impetus to the phrase “health is wealth,” making sure that by investing in them, we promise ourselves a healthy lifestyle.

5. Play Video Games

Workout and interactive dance games have been around for quite a while now, but haven’t really gotten due attention. When playing such games or exergaming, you take the concept of exercising in front of the TV to another level.

Several gaming devices offer gaming consoles and fitness games, which come with 3D exercise demos, calorie counters, track heart rate, measure muscle exertion, and also dole out expert tips on how users should move. Get one today to make your workouts more fun than ever!

6. Be a Hot-Stepper

One of the first thoughts that is bound to strike anyone who’s trying to lose weight and be fit is hopping upon one of those exercise machines. Of course, there are a variety of such machines like elliptical machines, steppers, cross trainers, treadmills, and rowers, and each one comes with its own merits and demerits. Affordability is also a factor that comes into play.

Of the above, steppers are relatively easier on the pocket. Further, because of their small size, they can be used at home, can be stored properly, and used for a natural workout. Elliptical machines provide full-body workouts, as do cross trainers as they keep the entire body moving so one can lose weight rapidly and stay fit.

Rowers are great too as they tone the backs, arms, and belly and thigh muscles. Walking on a treadmill can benefit the lower body, i.e. the quadriceps and hamstrings in the thighs, the gastrocnemius and soleus in calves, the hip flexors and the gluteal muscles.

As and when you feel ready to amp up the intensity of your workout, increase the treadmill’s incline. Doing so helps burn more calories.

7. Join Online Social Communities

With the Internet taking over virtually every aspect of our lives, fitness hasn’t been spared either. And that’s a good thing because such technology can bring about social accountability, which can boost motivation.

You can keep things fun by joining fitness-related online communities to touch base with others working towards getting fit. You can record your workouts and upload them to the Internet, thereby enabling yourself to not only track your workouts, but also compare your statistics and progress.


More often than not, advancing technology gets all the flack for people living sedentary lifestyles in the modern age. However, a lot depends on your perspective. You can use your tech gadgets as motivational tools to get active and stay fit. It’s no secret that an increasing number of people use mobile apps and exercise equipment to supplement their workouts and successfully achieve their weight and fitness goals. With sufficient effort and persistence, you can be one of these achievers as well!

You can stay fit and healthy simply by obeying natural laws of healthy living, and latest technological advancements has over the time proven helpful in interpreting these laws. All you need is to avail yourself of the handy inforamtion at your disposal and use them to the fullest.

I charge you to stay fit and healthy today…you have no better choice than this.

Happy Children’s Day to all our readers worldwide.

– Stand-in Editor, TechAtLast


Current Trends in Cyber Security; Your Guide to Safety

In the last few decades, the world has moved from being mostly computer illiterate to computer opportunistic. People with malicious intentions lurk on any vulnerable network to which they can gain access. For some digital natives, the game of hacking their way into computers and mobile devices is not merely a source of enjoyment. More specifically, it is a monetary goldmine. Sensitive information and company secrets, the data and intellectual property lying around for the taking, is simply too tempting to ignore. With every sensitive data grab, the hacker feels like they just won the lottery. To make matters worse, the hacker almost always operates under the cloak of complete anonymity; consequently, even if the hacker is caught in the act of invading a network or mobile device, chances are nobody will ever know who the intruder actually is. This reality makes it next to impossible to shut down organized hacking groups that strike without ever physically touching the property from which they are stealing data. Other hackers work on the inside and become equally difficult to spot by their employers. Fortunately, steps can be taken to beef up security on networks and personal mobile devices to bring security back to a competitive level.

Current trends in Cyber Security and why you need to be concerned…

Current trends in cyber security

Current Trends in Cyber Security: The Right Mobile Devices Matter

Since the trend is that mobile devices have earned a nasty reputation for being incredibly vulnerable, it is vastly essential to make certain the mobile devices a person uses are designed to be secure. For example, not all mobile phones are created equal. According to article posted on Wired, the Blackphone 2 mobile phone was designed with extreme security in mind. This mobile phone keeps intruders out and segments personal data into more than one disjoint profile for increased security guarantees. This makes it far more difficult to utilize back doors in apps to hack data on a profile that is not using apps while alternatively using apps on one of the other less sensitive work spaces on the phone. Additionally, the operating system on this phone is equally designed for increased security, since the manufacturer intends for no OS back door access. Before buying any mobile device, it is smart to check out how their on-board security works and how reliable it is. This is a major issue currently, because some mobile device manufacturers take very few precautions to protect the user’s data while the device is in use; hence, making these mobile devices a major vulnerability point when an employee uses a mobile device at work to access the corporate network. Of course, even if you just have a regular Android phone, major antivirus players like ESET developed antivirus solutions for mobile devices. This type of security, along with some common sense (like not installing apps outside of Google Play) goes a long way to insure your device’s safety.

Current Trends in Cyber Security: The Internal Leak

Companies often imagine that Internet security is all about keeping hackers off their in-house network. All the while the greatest threat to their company may originate right inside their own IT department. All it takes is one unscrupulous, tech savvy employee to wreak havoc with a company’s data. For this reason it is best to require background checks on all IT employees. Even if an employee has no past record, it is still important to regularly monitor and test to make sure that security leaks do not originate from inside a company. A recent survey by Cisco revealed that 70-percent of global corporate-related data leaks occurred because of employees using unauthorized applications on company networks. This trend held true, despite the security protocols in place by each company involved in the survey.

Current Trends in Cyber Security: Artificial Intelligent Security Plugs

Another trend emerging is interest in artificial intelligence-based security to prevent cyber threats to business networks. Since human response times are far slower to detect and react to a cyber threat, the idea is that intelligent monitoring software will both detect and respond many times faster to a hacker’s attempts to gain access to sensitive corporate information. Since the security landscape is ever changing, there are still some questions as to how well computer-based intelligence is at recognizing threats when the security landscape is in flux.

Security is at the heart of modern Internet-based business models. The more layers of security a system or a mobile device happens to employ, the more difficult it becomes to peel back the layers of security to get at the data inside. Detection, rapid response times and successfully repelling a cyber attack are all key to keeping information out of the wrong hands. The more automatic these steps are, because computers are performing these critical steps of cyber defense, the more likely the execution will be quick enough to make a difference. The points above are the current trends in cyber security and we’ll keep you posted of others.


5 Ways To Have a Secure Online Transactions

Secure online transactions…is that even realistic in this era?

We are living in modern times where almost everything can be bought via the Internet. You can just simply click on a purchase button, enter the requested information and that’s it. This is one of the easiest ways of shopping but, as well as it is convenient, it’s is also dangerous.

When you purchase something, you’re doing it using your credit or some other type of card, or via paycheck. You must be really careful when it comes to this because you can easily get tricked and leave some information to someone and put yourself in danger. They can literally take everything you have.

But come again, does that mean one cannot have a sweet internet purchasing experience? Or are you telling me there aren’t ways around it? I’m already assuming what’s already going on in the minds of many reading this. And for this purpose, I’d be sharing with you techniques and guidelines you can follow to have a sweet and secure online transactions starting from this moment.

Here are some examples of how to have a secure transaction and not lose a penny using the internet.

How to Enjoy a Secure Online Transactions Without Breaking The Bank

How to Enjoy Secure Online Transactions Without Breaking The Bank
How to Enjoy Secure Online Transactions Without Breaking The Bank | CC:- Viktor Hanacek

Avoid using public computers

You know where you will be safe and sound, at your own home using your personal computer! There are many reasons why you should prefer using your PC. First of all, people tend to overlook the question which every browser asks, which is “Do you want this browser to save the password for this site?” or “Do you want to stay logged in.” If you neglect those questions, you can put yourself and your personal information exposed. Therefore, anyone that can access that computer can access the information that you just left there.

You should also have in mind that you should do these kinds of transactions while being connected to a password secured Wi-Fi network rather than a public Wi-Fi because many hackers can steal your personal information if he has access to the Wi-Fi on which you’re connected at the moment of the transaction.

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Use Appropriate Security Software’s

Well, since there are hackers who can steal you information, there is also a kind of software protection against them. You should also be very careful when you choose which kind of software protection you want. Always have in mind that all of the protection software often has a small glitch which hackers tend to use to their advantage. So if you get protection software, that still doesn’t mean you’re 100% safe. You always have to keep your webmail or web browsers up to date to encounter many dangers such as hacking and virus attacks.

You should consider using Lifelock software because that is one of the most popular and the best identity protection services out there. Or better still, check our article here on other mobile security softwares.

Use SSL Certified Websites

In general, what SSL Certificates does is that it digitally binds a cryptographic key to an organization’s details. When you install it on the browser you use, you then have a more secure connection which goes from a web server to a browser. Another thing you should have in mind is that the website, which doesn’t have an SSL certificate, are not the ones to be trusted. You must be extremely cautious if you’re purchasing anything from a website that doesn’t have an SSL certificate. Therefore, that should be the first thing you check before you make the purchase.

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Choose a Trusted Payment Gateway for Secure Online Transactions 

If you buy something from someone via the internet, then there must be some kind of service between you and the seller. These are so-called payment gateways, and that’s exactly what their business’s primary focus. They are that “one” in between. Their main job is to get some crucial information from you and guarantee the other side that you are a valid and trustworthy buyer. There are many different payment gateway services, and some of them are PayPal, Skrill, eCommerce, Payoneer, etc.

There are also those websites which are not using any of those payment gateways, and that’s where you need to be careful the most because that’s a perfect place for a hacker to get some critical information about you.

Avoid Sharing Your Personal Account Details

This is where it gets tricky; it’s hard to determine who to trust and who no to trust. You must be sure if you can trust that someone who is asking for some critical information about your account or something else before you give them that information. For example, a hacker can be posing as an employee or a member of a support team, and he’s asking for some of your personal information. That is just one of the reasons why you should be careful when it comes to information sharing.

Like I used to say, in some of our previous publications, about online security, particularly on having a secure online transactions experience without much glitch, we can’t get everything perfected for you! You are the best person to help yourself stay secured almost all the time you are online.

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Do everything possible to “stay awake and aware” of what’s going on around you so you can make good decisions when next you find yourself in the similar situations. Purchasing online is fun, and should remains that, as long as you don’t jeopardize what’s most important to you and your loved ones out of care.

Thank you for taking time to read this piece once again, I look forward to meet you guys pretty soonest and if you have comments, you know how we do it! Engage me below. 🙂

I love you all.


How to Identify Cerber Ransomware and Prevent Yourself Against It

Ransomware threats are increasing day by day. They have crippled the cyber space and their activities are growing in number. Just recently confirmed, a new ransomware has gained entry into the web that encrypts the users’ files like any other ransomware but then follows a twist. This ransomware utilizes the Text to Speech [TTS] feature to read out the threat and calls itself Cerber ransomware.

Cerber ransomware homepage
Cerber ransomware homepage displays message for ransome from cyber criminals | CC:- PC Risk

What you need to know about Cerber Ransomware

The indications of the attacks by this particular ransomware broke out in the previous month. The security company SenseCy named Cerber ransomware as “the child of Russian coders.” They have teamed up to promote ransomware, like Cerber, in the form of Ransomware as a service or RaaS. Illegal platforms are being used to spread this ransomware within Russia.

RaaS is a fresh model being utilized for the purpose of business to benefit the malware operators. This service is a platform through which ready-coded ransomware is delivered to the criminals while circulating through spam runs or spear-phishing. A small percentage is charged by the actual criminals who are involved in coding the malware. This occurs if a ransom is made by a victimized user.

Distinct features are demonstrated by the Cerber ransomware. It has been spread over the web with the aim of not being spread in countries that speak Russian. As per the investigations by the security teams, the code of Cerber hints that it was created in a way that the users within the Soviet nations will not be infected by it. Thus, Cerber demonstrates a development in its design that infects people residing only in non-Russian speaking countries. Prior to the file encryption, Cerber displays an error message that compels the user to reboot the PC in a safe mode, followed by repeating the process again in normal mode.

The computer is then deceived by the ransomware while restarting in Safe Mode with Networking. Then this malware restarts the device forcibly. This is exactly when the file encryption process initiates with the use of cryptography AES algorithm. The main issue that is currently being faced with this ransomware is that it cannot be decrypted. Once the files have been encrypted on the device of the victim, the malware places three files on the system. They carry the necessary information pertaining the ransom amount that needs to be paid in three particular file formats – text, VBS, and HTML. This is done in each folder where the encrypted data has been contained. Cerber informs the victim about making a payment of 1.24 Bitcoin upon viewing the VBS format in order to have the encrypted files retrieved. Any delay in payment would result in the ransom amount being doubled with each passing week.

The most peculiar thing about the Cerber is that the ransom message is read out loud to the victim. Although the malware comes from the underground malware forums of Russia, it is quite effective and there is no way to have the files decrypted without paying the ransom amount being demanded. With each passing day, new things are coming to light about this threat that has slowly started gripping the cyber world. The ransomware first checks the country to which the device of the victim belongs before commencing the file encryption. It terminates its actions if the user resides in any of the twelve Soviet nations, including Russia, Armenia, Azerbaijan, Belarus, Kyrgyzstan, Kazakhstan, Moldova, Turkmenistan, Tajikistan, Ukraine, Uzbekistan and Georgia. In addition to this, the ransomware leaves a message that states,“That which does not kill me makes me stronger,” which is another unique thing about this ransomware. The VBScript compels the system of the victim’s device to actually read out the message, thus making it unique amongst the other sophisticated ransomware.

A link to the Tor-based website is contained within the note asking for ransom, which happens to be the Decryptor of the Cerber ransomware. The victim can find the step by step guide on making the ransom payment with the aid of Bitcoin crypto currency. The website comes with additional warnings of the fee getting doubled if the payment is not made within seven days. To save yourself from being a victim of this ransomware, you need to consider restoring your files from a backup if you have any. With the web space getting vulnerable to malware and other threats, it is crucial to have a backup of all your files.

As the ransomware is relatively new in the cyberspace, it is being analyzed by several security agencies. The documents encrypted by this ransomware come with an extension of .cerber. This ransomware has the capabilities to scan and list unmapped shares of windows. The data within the shares is encrypted by the ransomware. If the network setting is by default 1 in your configuration file, this ransomware will scan it and encrypt all the shares of networks that are accessible through your network, even if they are not mapped to your device.

Cerber ransomware encrypted files

Security experts are recommending the system administrators to beef up their networking security shares. This is crucial because of the increase in the frequency with which several strains of ransomware are making use of this functionality in their designs. The decryptor of this ransomware demonstrates compatibility with twelve different languages.

Targetted Extensions on Your PC by Cerber Ransomware

The picture below displays some of the file extensions that the cerber ransomware criminals are targeting.

Cerber targeted file extensions
Cerber ransomware targeted file extensions on your PC. | CC:- Techndustries LLC

The only way to remain safe from this dangerous ransomware is to prevent clicking on suspicious or malicious links, have an antivirus solution updated on your systems, and maintain a regular backup of the crucial information that you do not want to be missing from your device. This can save you from having to pay for the files encrypted by the ransomware. Using the best security services is the only solution to combat the threat until the cyber security experts come up with a decryptor by studying the strain. Prevention is always better than cure, and it implies to the increasing fragility that is common in the cyberspace. With every ransomware getting stronger, it has become crucial for organizations and individuals to follow the preventative measures.

You will agree with me that ransomware attack has become a global phenomenon and this Cerber ransomware isn’t going to be the last one of its kinds. So, it is your responsibility to always stay abreast of any incoming attack against your workstation.

Web Development & Design Ideas

Web Design Convergence – Common Themes That Are Causing The Web To Homogenize

The internet is an ever-evolving thing. In years past, the hottest things were cheesy web animations and obnoxious flash banners. More recently the experts raged on about the use of tacky stock photos, flat design vs. skeuomorphic design, the death of scrolling web pages, and the use of big, big type to grab eyeballs and focus attention. In 2016, the debates are still raging, though there are a few trends that are proliferating so rapidly that a good number of newly created and recently redesigned websites are all starting to look like they were made by same person. What sort of techniques are we referring to? Consider these three things:

Common Web Design Themes That Are Causing Major Issue To User Experience

Web Devevelopment Project

Annoying (But Effective) Video Headers/Backgrounds.

You know of what we speak. You open a website, and –BAM– some loop video of a group of attractive young people starts auto-playing. They’re doing something important, or hanging out and laughing. They have some washed-out filter distorting the color of everything. They are so happy about what they’re doing you want to explode. In addition to making you fume, however, they also are making good use of one of the most effective communication tools available. The video is a quick and direct way to get visitors to a site introduced to what you do. There’s no denying that video backgrounds are striking and capture attention when done correctly, and as long as it’s done by a pro and visitors to your site have an internet connection strong enough to handle it, it’s a great thing to have.

JavaScript. JavaScript everywhere.

It’s cutting edge! It’s dynamic! It’s flashy! It’s killing your website! That’s right, even though you see everyone else doing it (even WordPress sites) that doesn’t mean you must. We know JavaScript is versatile and can be used to create cool web elements that other programming languages can’t. You still have to trim some of the fat. JavaScript can increase load times on your website (and annoy visitors in the process) especially if someone is using a mobile device to access your web page. From a security standpoint, JavaScript can be exploited if not implemented correctly. Why go through that “hackers stole our information!” headache if you don’t have to? Most importantly though, it’s shooting your local SEO efforts right in the gut, since whatever you have in there is ignored outright by search engines.

The Rise of the Blog.

You’ll recall in one of our previous articles that we mentioned having a plan to make use of social properly, which included doing a bit of blogging and supplying visitors with relevant content. All the designers must have gotten the memo, because it seems everyone (and their mother) has a blog on their sites these days. This is good, since it gives your visitors periodic updates of content and reason to keep coming back. The blog doesn’t even have to be extremely long. Just enough for visitors to your site to wet their beaks and feel that they read something interesting.

Of course, it’s still possible to make use of these and other overwhelmingly common themes and still end up with a website that’s all its own. Using a pro designer with a lot of experience is key. Sure, you could hop on over to Squarespace and churn out a cookie-cutter website in minutes. If you want it done right, with subtle-but-important details like user engagement, social media, and local SEO in mind you might want to go with someone who knows what they’re doing. Companies with community ties like Old City Press (Washington, DC), or Brown Box Branding (Seattle, WA) are leading the charge with some of the most impressive designs of 2016.


How Mobile Point of Sale Systems is Improving Local Business and Increasing Revenue

If there is one thing, we need to credit the late Apple co-founder Steve Jobs with; it is reshaping how to think about customer presentation. Beginning with understanding the difference between what people think they want and what they actually want, few entrepreneurs have done as much as Jobs for changing the way we think about customer interaction. Do you remember the first time you entered an Apple store?

Their open floor plan, inviting environment, and helpful, highly-educated customer service representatives were an entirely new business model at the time when it was initially implemented. For the first time at a major outlet, customers were able to check out and pay for their goods anywhere in the store, without ever having to encounter a line. While the Apple model has many groundbreaking components to it, one that is easily transferable to other businesses, is a mobile point of sale systems.

mobile Point of Sales Systems
A mobile point of sales systems; a device to aid the collection of payments from the customer. | Copyright: Olivier Moritz

While the Apple example is notable because it was groundbreaking, it also has several components that might not be a good fit for every business model. That said, the benefits of mobile point of sale systems should convert seamlessly across most industries. SMBs struggling to keep up with the corporate competition, in particular, may find such an update to be the exact leg up they need to keep things going.

4 Benefits of Implementing Mobile Point of Sale Systems 

If you want to know how the mobile point of sale systems and other e-payment solutions is gradually improving local businesses around the world, this article will guide you through.

Now, let’s study four reasons why introducing a mobile point of sale systems will skyrocket your small business growth.

1. On-the-Spot Checkout softens the closing process

While the walk to the counter and a short line may not seem like a huge issue, the fact is that every time a customer considers making a purchase, they get momentarily thrilled and then gradually that excitement fades until they have either paid for the item or returned it to the shelf. By providing on-the-spot checkout, you reduce the time between the initial, maximized level of excitement and closing the sale. This minimizes the chances of a customer changing their mind. Check out one of our older articles for more information about how to use point of sale solutions to improve sales for your business.

2. No in-store Lines

Along a similar line, waiting in line gives the customer time to second guess their purchasing decision. But even if they do not go back on their choice and go through with a purchase, they do not enjoy standing in lines. By reducing your lines, you produce a better customer experience that is guaranteed to yield a higher number of returning customers.

3. Improves Customer Service

By eliminating a swamped employee at the front desk, rushing to check out customer after customer to keep up with a growing line, each client is aided more efficiently, freeing up your employees to provide better service to each customer.

4. Allows for Deliveries and Curbside Checkouts

This is a big win for smaller storefronts, like pharmacies, which may need to increase flexibility to provide for individual customers. If you have ever owned or worked at a small, local pharmacy, you know how difficult it is to keep up with the corporate competition. By providing the quickest and painless process for fulfilling prescriptions, you increase your chances of being able to hold your own against the bigger companies. Curbside checkouts, drive-through options, and deliveries are the best customer experience for such purchases; the mobile point of sale systems are integral for these types of improvements. 

When it comes to finding the right mobile point of sale system for your business, Forbes provides an overview of some of the most common and most useful POS systems out there for traditional retail environments. When it comes to mobile pharmacy point of sale systems, the EvolutionPOS from RM-Solutions was one of the original options and remains one of the most common solutions for pharmacies of all sizes.

After reading this article, we’d love to hear from you…would you consider implementing mobile point of sale systems into your business for better customer experience?