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10 Reasons to Invest in Solar Energy Systems – #EarthDay Wake

“Here comes the sun, and I say, it’s all right.”According to the Beatles, the sun is a great subject for lyrics. It’s also an excellent source of energy.

There are financial, ecological and environmental reasons to switch to solar. As an investment opportunity, solar power is an up-and-coming energy system with a lot of potential.

When homeowners and businesses chose solar, investors profit. And there are a lot of reasons why people are rethinking their current energy suppliers and taking a closer look at solar systems.

Solar Energy Systems
Here are the valid and reasonable factors to consider if you want to Invest in Solar Energy Systems | CC:- Tropical Solar Energy

We Think You Should Invest in Solar Energy, and here’s why:

1. Easy Does It

Compared to other power systems, solar energy is simple. There are no mechanical parts to break. Even if an issue develops, many homeowners have maintenance contracts with their installers.

Wind turbines get a bad rap for their noise levels, even though a typical home turbine makes less noise than a refrigerator. However, solar panels have the benefit of being completely silent.

2. Get Rid of the Grid Inspectors

Homeowners who want to be free of the massive energy grid in the U.S. can use solar energy and be completely independent. Solar power isn’t just for hermits, ecology fanatics and political activists — people throughout the country have gone off the grid.

Perhaps more importantly, solar energy offers an option for developing countries that essentially have no grid. Solar energy is a safer, cleaner and more reliable alternative.

3. Choices, Choices

Homeowners who buy solar systems outright receive the largest savings most quickly. However, people without ready cash can also go solar.

Some solar energy companies lease their equipment. Maintenance costs are included. Consumers save 10 to 20 percent on electricity. Average savings are $10 to $40 monthly.

Certain lenders offer solar loans. These loans typically cover the entire installation and are paid off within 10 to 20 years. Meantime, homeowners save $40 to $120 each month —an average of 40 to 60 percent of their electric bill. Once you settle your loan the savings jump dramatically.

4. Solar Selections

Not all solar systems are the same, so homeowners can use what best meets their needs. Early solar panels were monocrystalline, grown from a single crystal of silicon. These are typically black and very efficient.

Polycrystalline panels, somewhat lighter in color, are cast from molten silicon. This process results in more imperfections, so efficiency is affected. However, manufacturing polycrystalline panels requires less energy and fewer materials.

5. Businesses Are Big Business

Homeowners aren’t the only ones interested in solar systems. Businesses are seeing the advantages, as well.

In addition to lowering electrical and maintenance costs, businesses can use the shadows from their large panel arrangements to shade parking lots or outdoor work and leisure centers.

A company can focus its adoption of solar energy in order to market itself as environmentally conscientious. Solar has increased in popularity because the cost of solar has dropped 50% since 2008. It can make a commitment to using greener power and reducing its carbon footprint, a move that can also encourage media attention.

6. Jobs, Jobs, Jobs

When energy comes from fossil fuels, much of the work is mechanized. The production and installation of solar energy systems on the other hand needs actual workers.

Over 200 thousand people work in the solar energy industry, manufacturing products, making sales and installing systems. Employment grew more than 100 percent in the first half of the 2010 decade, and expansion is expected to continue.

7. Energy to Spare

The sun is full of energy. Every 18 days, it releases the same amount of energy as earth’s remaining stores of coal, oil, and natural gas, which are finite.

The sun releases an enormous amount of energy — about 1,300 watts per square meter. Not all of this energy reaches earth, as the atmosphere reflects some away. On average, the sun delivers 4.2 kilowatt-hours of energy to every square meter on the planet. For comparison, one kilowatt-hour is enough to run a smart phone for a year or power ten 100-watt incandescent light bulbs for an hour.

It’s not just the hot and sunny southwest that can collect solar energy. Even in cloudier regions, the sun still shines —but it’s usually not as strong. Solar panels also work more efficiently in colder weather.

8. Money in Your Pocket

Most households save $100 to $200 monthly on their electric bill after installing solar panels. That means the system pays for itself within five to 10 years. After that, electricity is essentially free.

Through 2016, a federal tax credit covers 30 percent of installation costs. Homeowners who stick around after setting up a solar system experience a terrific return on their investment.

9. Help for the Planet

Have you heard of global warming? Energy needs contribute to that. Most power plants are guilty of producing significant amounts of carbon dioxide and other gasses that capture heat inside the atmosphere, altering temperatures.

At the other extreme, solar systems cause almost no emissions. Preventing the formation of greenhouse gasses is just one advantage.

Coal and natural gas power plants cause air and water pollution, which are associated with lung, heart, and neurological problems. Solar energy systems don’t release any toxins into the air or water. Not only would the earth be cleaner with less fossil fuel use: People would be healthier, too. We believe in greener economy and here are the valid and reasonable reasons you should invest in solar energy systems for the betterment of our economy and the world at large. So, let’s invest in solar energy system and we will all reap its benefits.

Megan Ray Nichols is the editor of Schooled By Science. She enjoys discussing renewable energy innovations and other scientific discoveries on twitter @nicholsrmegan.

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The IT Manager’s Guide to Securing Your Cloud – Infographic

Cloud computing has become a standard business activity, with people needing to access key data via their mobile devices while on the move in a world where we are expected to be always ‘on’ and always accessible. Some IT policy makers have expressed reservations over cloud storage, the primary concern pertaining to its security, but all it takes to safeguard cloud-stored data is a few actions which are not enormously difficult to implement.

Use strong passwords: This may seem insultingly simple, but the truth is that thousands of businesses worldwide use feeble passwords that are scandalously easy for hackers to guess. Use a variety of passwords for separate logins and create different variations of numbers, letters and symbols so that your passwords are all but impossible to decipher.

Inspect cloud storage devices: Check your cloud storage to see what applications are installed and remove those which you no longer use. Do the same with your files, but be careful not to delete files which you still need.

Inspect your files: Go through all of your files to see if there are any you can delete and ensure that all important files are backed up elsewhere in case of a cloud security breach. With especially critical files; it is advisable to remove it to local storage or encrypt it so that your provider cannot access it.

Go with a top quality service provider: Not all cloud service providers are created equal. Some are far more transparent in their terms and far more committed to safeguarding your data than others. If a provider is unclear about their terms or allows themselves access to your data, don’t do business with them.

Spread the load: Once you’ve eliminated service providers that can’t be trusted, utilise as many other providers as possible so that you’re not putting all your eggs in one basket. At least this way if one of your accounts is hacked, only the files in that account may be affected and the rest will be safe.

By ensuring that you have taken all of these steps to maximise the security of your cloud, you can rest easy in the knowledge that your data’s safety is all but guaranteed, while also being able to fully enjoy cloud computing benefits such as near-universal access for those to whom access has been granted, being able to access data even if a device has been stolen and being able to wipe your data remotely in the unlikely event of a security breach. For more on cloud computing, here’s a practical infographic from Exigent Networks (

Working Steps to Securing your Cloud – IT Experts

The IT managers guide to securing your cloud - infographic
Securing your cloud, here’s the step to take. | CC:- TechAtLast Media Int’l/ExigentNetworks
Internet Access

How to Troubleshoot Wireless Router Problems

Problems related to Wireless routers can be really frustrating for a user. There are few tips which can help you overcome issues related to Wi-Fi. Most of us think about replacing our routers with a new one but the old router may be functioning properly and might require only small fixes which can help resolve its issues. There is nothing like a good or a bad router. The difference lies in knowing how to fix the problems in bad router. If you are using internet for a long time and using the same router then you need to be aware about how to resolve issues related to router. You may feel it is an uphill task but it is actually quite easier to solve issues related to routers. Routers are an expensive device and involve a lot of money in replacing it with new one unless ISP provider takes it guarantee. However there are some of the few tips which help you overcome common Wireless router problems.

Steps to Troubleshoot and Correct Wireless Router Problems

Wireless Router Problems troubleshooting
Wireless Router Problems Troubleshooting Techniques | CC: TechAtLast Media LLC.

Resolve Router slowness during hot day

Most of the routers are accessible at 2.5 GHz internet frequency and so does the most of the cordless phones and other electronic devices. There are three channels at which routers work. If you want, you can modify the channel at which router operate. This can be performed by choosing the router configuration and modifying the set up controls. It is a known fact that router configuration are accessible through its default IP address. The default IP address generally for a router device is IP address. If you are living in a metropolitan area then this is quite possible that your router device connection could be slow. You can easily change the router channels and see if the new configuration works. In order to save or reload the configuration, then you need to manually restart the modem in order to save the changes.

Upgrade your router firmware

Another thing which you can try to do is upgrade the firmware of your router. The procedure to perform the changes is quite simple. All you need to do is open the default IP address of your router and click on firmware upgrade (if available). The tool helps you keep the router to the latest version and also allows you compare it with the new version. Once you have downloaded and installed the firmware on your system then you need to setup the utility software in order to proceed with the changes.

Lost your passphrase and not able to access the router features

If you are having issues with the passphrase of your router, then you need to a reset the device to its default settings again. Most of the routers available in the market are having a reset button available at the back of the device. In case the device is showing red then you need to change or modify the settings by changing its setting to factory settings. The downside of this is that you may not have saved the manual settings done before then you will not be able to restore the settings. However the router passphrase can easily be restored using this procedure.  Make sure that you keep the username and password easier without changing the settings drastically or keeping them saved in a separate notepad in your system.

Router consuming lot of energy and Power

Another common problem face by most people is that the router is consuming a lot of power or memory. In such cases, it is advisable to use the router efficiently by keeping it shut down when you are not working and keep a check on how many devices it can support. Some of the routers only configured to support multiple devices. This becomes quite difficult for users to connect more than supported devices. Therefore it is important that you keep a check on how many devices you are connecting and how many are supported.

No Internet connectivity or Wi-Fi not accessible

Most of the times users face a lot of issues with internet connectivity or Wi-Fi is not accessible using router. In such situations, you can simply restart your modem device or try to give a cold reboot to device in order to restore connectivity.

Are there other Wireless router problems you might have encountered that we have not been able to mention in this article you’d like to share with us? Use the comment box and we will try as much as possible to provide possible solution to Wireless router glitch. Do not forget to share this article too.

Contributed by Masha Winget from IP address.
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Want to improve your customer service? Think about the Cloud

Customer service is such an important facet of any business, and even more so in the digital age of the empowered consumer. While this may be easy to say, how often do businesses do really accept the value of getting this right?

Web desk help company, Help Scout, states that 78% of consumers have given up on a transaction or purchase because of a poor service experience. Those numbers are far too high, as all businesses should strive to have high customer retention rates.

Want to improve your customer service - Think about the Cloud

The challenge of customer service in the modern era

Big businesses that span areas with different languages, currencies and time zones, let alone taste and spending habits, need to be able to manage thousands, if not millions, of customers and keep them all happy and coming back for more. It’s a daunting prospect.

According to the Huffington Post, the cyber-savvy customer now has even more power in their favour. They have the means to switch to an alternative provider for a product or service from a competitor based halfway around the globe with a couple of easy clicks.

The cloud can free you up to focus on the important things

When a business is faced with the tough task of keeping an empowered and varied base of customers coming back for more, what are they to do? The customer is armed with technology and so the onus is on businesses to follow suit. Use it smartly and this can be an asset to you as well as the customer.

One company has developed a cloud contact center that can allow a business to siphon off all of the difficult ‘heavy lifting’ of technology deployment, software integration and systems maintenance into the cloud. Using this technology, employees are left free to focus on actually looking after the customers themselves.

Cloud based technology can not only make the management of a customer database much simpler, but it can also deliver an in depth understanding of those customers – something that is essential if you want to even get close to delivering a personal service on a large scale. Businesses can flag up common concerns from customer service calls and even use voice biometric software to help to establish the identity of a caller so that they can get on with the business of handling their query.

Make tasks more manageable 

According to Forbes, cloud based technology, allows a business to adapt more quickly to an ever-changing environment and use data to make the relationship between a business and its customers a more two-way experience, with marketing messages that use the right tone and are relevant to the recipient.

Using cloud based services to gain a thorough understanding of your customers helps a business to deliver the sort of customer service that translates people from arms length consumers to loyal followers. The cloud is the key to making such a complex task manageable.

Biz Branding & Customization Business

Developing a Public Relations Strategy for Your Small Business’ Product Launch

One of the most difficult things for a new business that hasn’t grown beyond a handful employees is building up publicity. If no one knows about your product, then no one is going to buy it. So what is a small business owner to do? The answer is a public relations strategy.

Public Relations Strategy for Your Small Business’ Product Launch
Working Public Relations Strategy and Techniques for Your Small Business’ Next Product Launch.

How to Develop a Working Public Relations Strategy for Your Next Product Launch

There are a few strategies to keep in mind when building a public relations strategy for a small business, and here they are:

Know your audience

The first step in building a public relations strategy is figuring out exactly who your public is. This will allow you to focus your efforts and determine exactly which media contacts you need to cultivate. If you are a local business, then you likely don’t need to worry about national publications, but it’s wise to build a good relationship with local newspapers and radio stations. Then, as your market expands, so should your network.

Figure out the stories you want to tell

In order to catch the interest of any news outlets, you need to have a story that’s newsworthy. This can be anything from public outreach efforts that your company is making to charitable work. Simply make sure that it is newsworthy without dripping with promotional materials. The instant it looks like an advertisement, news outlets will turn the other way.

Write the press release news outlets want

When you create a press release, there are specific formatting requirements that you need to follow, so make sure you are following industry standards. As for content, a good press release will be approximately one page and include all the basic, important information. Include some background information, the contact information for your business, and a quote from a higher-up in the company—an owner, partner, or other high-ranking member of the team. Don’t try to pack every detail in, though. If the story catches a news outlet’s attention, they can contact you to get more details.

Something else that’s important to note: don’t make the mistake of underestimating social media. People hear about social media and think of it as just a way for twenty-somethings to keep in touch with their friends, but it holds much more potential than that. Social media has the capability of making both larger companies seem more local and smaller companies seem like a national chain. Because of this, even several larger companies use social media to great advantage.

When Taco Bell launched their Cool Ranch Doritos Locos Taco, one locally-targeted campaign sent customers on a miniature treasure hunt, “leaking” the fact over social media channels that a Manhattan flower shop was giving out free tacos to people who knew the password: “blue bouquet.” The local effort boosted sales in the area, and the company followed up by issuing a press release that led to national coverage.

When Hostess came back from bankruptcy in 2012, they branded the return “The Sweetest Comeback in the History of Ever” and capitalized on all of their social media channels, focusing on creating a personal connection between the brand and the consumer. In the end, the relaunch led to over 350 million Twitter interactions and 500,000 more Facebook fans than it previously had.

Social media campaigns don’t need to be tied to a huge, new branding campaign, either. Whenever they release a new product, digital security firm Blue Coat promotes the release across their various channels, instantly reaching the online networks that they have built and raising awareness of the new product across their customer base.

While it may seem daunting at first, building an effective public relations strategy for your business can be extremely beneficial and much simpler than it may appear. It’s a way of reaching a broad audience without the expense and inconvenience of an ad campaign. It can lead to a connection with customers at a more personal level, and it avoids putting off customers when it seems like you’re only out to sell them something. With just a little bit of work, you can build a rapport with customers and new outlets, and get people talking about your company in a positive light.


Vote NerveFlo at the global GIST Tech-I competition

This year, a promising Nigerian Tech Startup, NerveFlo, has scaled into the semifinals of the global GIST Tech-I competition (organized by the U.S. Department of State) with others from 135 countries. GIST stands for Global Innovation through Science and Technology and they are working towards empowering young and intelligent ideators, innovators, creators and inventors in creating solutions that would be well-received in the marketplace.

NerveFlo Samsung promo

NerveFlo provides African music, video and ebook creators with a platform to sell their work locally & internationally.

“We want to transform Africa’s creative industry with your help.” – NerveFlo Team

VOTING is currently ongoing everyday from April 1 until May 1 to help determine the 30 finalist that will showcase and pitch at the June 2016 Global Entrepreneurship Summit (GES 2016) in Silicon Valley, California U.S.A.

By voting for Nerve Flo, you stand a chance to win a brand new Samsung phone by voting this tech startup from Nigeria at the global GIST Tech-I competition.

Kindly Vote for us and stand a chance to WIN a BRAND NEW Samsung smartphone as well as other cool prizes.

NerveFlo voting on GIST
To vote, take the following steps;  

  1. Log in/register at the GIST website here:
  2. Go to NerveFlo’s startup entry:
  3. Click the VOTE Button under the startups entry.
  4. Send a screenshot of this voting success page to

GIST TECH-I voting confirmation for Nerveflo

You can vote again once every 24 hours, for as many days as you can, to improve your chances in our weekly draw.
Prizes include a brand new NEW Samsung Ace device and original autographed Adidas/Puma soccer balls.

Thanks for your support. 🙂

– Team NerveFlo

PS: See example screenshots attached above for guidelines.

Editor’s Updates

It is part of our mission to showcase African startup businesses and Nerveflo happens to fall into this category. So, support them by voting!

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Mary Uduma, CFA, Wunmi Hassan receive NiRA Presidential Awards 2016

NiRA Presidential Awards 2016 Updates.

The Nigeria Internet Registration Association (NiRA) recently held a gala and web awards night organised to recognise all those using the .ng domain names.

The event had two sets of awards; the first was the .ng web awards while the other was the Presidential awards. The .ng web awards recognised companies and institutions that have effectively used the .ng domain over the years and have indirectly helped to promote the Nigerian brand online.

The other set of awards were given by the NiRA President to organisations and individuals that have been committed to the development of the ICT industry in Nigeria. Mary Uduma, erstwhile President of NIRA received the special recognition award for her contributions to the growth of the .ng domain name ecosystem. Another recipient, was Chukwuemeka Fred Agbata Jnr. (CFA), Presenter, Tech Trends on Channels TV and Founder,, who received the NiRA Presidential Award for Youth Development, an award that recognizes and encourages youths with a combination of the best .ng website, best online local content and best use of ICT and finally, Dr. Wunmi Hassan, who was recognised for her role in the advancement of women in technology.

NiRA’s ultimate goal is to get more Nigerians to use the .ng domains because Nigeria currently has less than 100,000 .ng domains while South Africa has over 1 million domains.

Like the Chairman, Board of Trustees, NiRA rightly pointed out, it is a shame for any Government establishment in Nigeria to still be using any extension other than .ng.

Winners of the .ng competitions preceding the gala and awards night also received gifts from NiRA. This is encouraging as many Nigerian government establishments, business concerns and individuals as possible to embrace the .ng domain name going forward.

Below are pictures from the NiRA Presidential Awards 2016 Event.

Chukwuemeka Fred Agbata, CFA, Receiving the Award at NIRA Presidential Awards 2016
Chukwuemeka Fred Agbata, a.ka. CFA, receiving the Award at NIRA Presidential Awards 2016 in Lagos.
Participants at the NiRA presidential awards 2016
The cross section of Participants at the NiRA presidential awards 2016 in Lagos including CFA.

Talking about the .NG Domain Name Extension;

If you’re truly a Nigerian, you’ll agree with me that I don’t need to explain what .NG stands for. The acronym, .NG, stands for Nigeria in the The Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN) registry. .ng is the Nigeria’s Internet country code top-level domain (ccTLD). It is the domain extension promoting local business operating in Nigeria and those outside with interest in investing in Nigeria. It was formerly managed by Randy Bush until May 13, 2009, when Internet Assigned Numbers Authority (IANA) completed the process of re-delegation of the domain extension from the temporary authorities managing it back to the present body known as NIRA.  As at this moment, .ng domains are running on Nigeria DNS which means, your business will easily be found on search engine better than the foreign hosted websites. If you serve local content, you have better chance of being found easily.

To get your .Ng domain, NiRa has made room for this by assigning registrars to fastrack this process. You can find them here. Meanwhile, you can as well go for the second-level .ng domain such as:

  • – open domain, commercial entities and businesses
  • – semi-open domain, non-commercial organizations
  • – closed domain, governmental organizations
  • – degree awarding institutions
  • – ISP infrastructure
  • – Secondary Schools
  • – open domain
  • – open domain, suitable for mobile devices
  • – closed domain (Nigerian Military Establishments only)
  • – open domain, All purpose and businesses

What are the advantages and the disadvantages of .NG for business?

Advantages of .NG domains on business

  • Our Identity: .NG is the official ICANN approved country code top level domain extension for Nigeria.
  • Ease of Finding Corresponding Names: Availability of domain names is better on the .ng ccTLD platform than on the gTLDs like .com, .org, and .net.
  • Branding and Geo targeting: It makes local content accessible to the Nigerian community.
  •  of local content to the Nigerian market
  • Security: We have our own primary DNS servers that are locally managed for security purposes.
  • Helps Our Economy: Aims at improving the Nigerian Economy’s global image and helps in creating job opportunities for myriad of jobless IT professionals in the country.
  • For the patriotic You! – Because you’re a citizen of this great nation, Nigeria, having a .ng domain is a sign of ambassadorship for younger and existing generations!

The little disadvantages that I know of:

If your business is targeted at international audience, having the .NG domain name may not be ideal for you. You’d be better off with .com, .net, or .org gTLDs domain name instead because they’d help position your business towards international audience. For example, for bloggers serving Google Ads to say, USA audience, it’d be ideal if you have a .com domain for this purpose than having a .NG domain. Aside the above reason, you should think coming home as the best business advice for you in 2016. Looking at the way Nigerian internet ecosystem is evolving, it is time to eat from the national cake! And having your customized .NG domain is the best and cheapest way to do just that.

Will you switch to .ng domain or not, let me know your thoughts!


The Mobile App Industry of Today – Infographic

Over the past decade, the mobile app industry has defined and then re-defined itself. It has become smarter, more useful, and more profitable. Ten years ago, browsing an app store was very different. There were technical terms in app descriptions, the apps were named arbitrarily, and the burden of proof was on the consumer. The ‘burden of proof’ here means that the consumers had to convince themselves that the app was worth a shot. Today, thanks to the competition, it’s entirely upon the publishers to market their apps. The publishers have managed to change the markets for the better through both front-end app marketing and back-end marketing. Primarily, the publishers are focusing on the following rules to get users to try their apps.

Rules for Dominating the Mobile App Industry & the Mind of the Users

1. “Seeing is believing”.

The smart phone user of today is a lot busier than that of 10 years ago. Today, browsing through the app store is more of a necessity than fun activity. And the publishers know that. They’ve been smart enough to understand that the users can’t be bothered with reading and going into the details too much. So most publishers use screenshots of their apps and put them up on the app page. This is a norm now, and all app stores allow publishers to do this.

2. Identity is the foremost selling point.

Three things matter here: name, logo, and description. If someone is browsing through the store and he or she sees your app along with ten others, you cannot afford to not stand out. To build an app outlook that’s catchy, the first thing developers focus on is the name of the app. They try to describe the function of the app through the name. But it’s always catchy. The logo is next. It incorporates the company’s color theme to reflect consistency, but it also supports both the app’s concept and its name. Then comes the description. Today, the publishers understand pretty well that if they don’t have the user in the first three lines, he’s gone. So they focus really hard on those lines and turn the description into a subliminal marketing message. 

3. Praise is a lot more valuable when it comes from others.

Through extensive surveys and research, the industry has come to understand that an average user (especially the Generation Z user) likes to believe he’s smarter than someone who’d buy something that’s self-praising. He likes to conduct his own little research before making a decision. And good reviews about apps serve as the research that these consumers need to be convinced. So developers embed rewards in the apps to encourage users to give positive feedback so that others may see that and follow. 

4. A little programming goes a long way.

Developers know that it takes very little time to insert the most relevant keywords to put in their app’s description, and it has a great impact. Keyword optimization is what helps the search algorithm choose your app in return for a particular query. Also, indexing has become a very important part of back-end marketing. Biznessapps and other top app building platforms offer a broad range of functionality for this purpose. You can avail that instead.

5. Go where the storm is. 

Although the apps are on the app stores, the users are not (not always, at least). So the developers have taken to the social media to market their apps, and that has proven to be an awesome active marketing technique.

The Mobile App Industry of Today
The Mobile App Industry of Today

What do you think about the mobile app industry growth?  Care to share something with us, let’s discuss below.

Social Media

How To Make Effective Use of Social Media for Customer Engagement?

It has been rightly said that no other platform can provide you customer engagement better than social media. Social media has emerged out as a medium that provide businesses a platform to showcase their products and services. Most of the web users learn about various brands and businesses from social media. Therefore, one should make effective use of social media to enhance the engagement of the customers into your products and services. If you are looking for reasons how you can utilize social media for better business performance, then here we have solved your purpose. Below, we have clubbed several useful tips that can help you use social media in a better way.

Steps to Improve Customer Engagement ‘Without Breaking The Bank’

Customer Engagement Strategy for Maximized Growth

Keep Them In The Flow by Updating Regularly

Creating a business page on social networking websites would not only bring you traffic, but you need to update the content regularly, this would help you establish relation with your customers and they can also know what is cooking hot in your business.  You can share the latest deals; discount offers or anything related to your business that can please your customers.

Answer Customer Questions and Queries

Social media also provides you an opportunity to improve customer relations by answering the questions and queries that they might have.  If a customer asks you some question or he is confused over anything, you should always come up with a positive answer and help him clear his doubts and queries. This would help build trust factor among the customers.

Deal with Negative Comments Wisely

Surely, you might have had experienced negative comments.  Negative comments or discouraging feedbacks can be very intimidating to business. They not only put the reputation of your business at stake, but also pass a bad message about your business goals and values.  Whenever you come across a negative comment or feedback, you should answer politely and address the issue of the customer properly.  The answer should be very polite and not in arguing mode.

Give Clickable Social Media Icons On Your Website/Blog

You should always give clickable social media buttons on your website or blog. This way, customers can directly visit your social accounts without having to search them separately. In case you do not provide your customers with clickable icons, they may never come to know the existence of your social accounts because nobody has time to search for them separately.

Ask Happy Customers for Reviews

Another great trick that you can use to enhance customer engagement on social media is to encourage happy customers for giving positive reviews. People generally have a habit of going through the customer reviews before they indulge in the purchase. Reviews play a crucial role in making people reach decisions. Therefore, to enhance the credibility of your business, you can always ask happy customers to leave positive reviews on social media pages (facebook), so that they can encourage other customers.

Watch Your Competitors Closely

Since there is a tough competition going over the web to get to top positions, therefore you should keep an eye on your competitors so that you do not lag behind others in the competition. Be watchful about what they are doing and use that to re-define your strategies the same way so that it does not put a detrimental effect on your business performance. Never lose sleep over your competitors because while you are, they’re probably outplaying you in the marketplace. Find useful tools to make it easy for you to keep track of what’s on point. You can use tools like Google Alerts for being in the loop for trending and breaking news and events around your industry.

Customer Engagement Model
Customer Engagement Model: Non-personal and Personal Interactions | CC:- PM360

Promote Your Business Effectively

If you do not promote your business, customers may never come to know about your business.  You should always make efforts to promote your business the best possible way so that it can reach its targeted audiences.  You can also hire a marketing agency to help you do that.

Those were several tips that you can follow to enhance the customer engagement in your business. You could also reward your existing customers for their loyalty so that they keep coming back and refer others as well. Additionally, if you follow above mentioned tips, you can surely win over the trust of the customers. This would help you get improved customer engagement, increased sales and enhanced profits. If you are a business owner, then what are you waiting for. Use these useful tips to take your business to the next level and reap the results you always hoped for your business.

Biz Branding & Customization Marketing Social Media

Making A Great Social Media Marketing Promotional Strategy

The planning phase that precedes the execution of a task could be the most tedious of the whole process. That is just true of planning social media marketing promotional strategy. Abraham Lincoln’s quote will suffice here:

‘if I have six hours to chop down a tree, I will spend the first four hours sharpening the ax’.

The planning process is the most important processes involved in creating a social media marketing promotional strategy for executing any given project. Social media marketing can be quite tactical due to the instantaneous reach, and feedback advantage it possesses.  This obvious advantage makes it more demanding to create an effective strategy for marketing at this level.

Social Media Marketing is a form of marketing done via the internet that employs social networking websites as a marketing tool for generating leads. The aim of social media marketing is to create online content that users can share among their social network to help the firm increase its brand exposure and for a wider customer reach.

It is clear that the reach of social media for marketing is just as wide and unlimited as there are social media platforms and users on the internet. For the records, a Pew Research Center reports that “72% of all internet users are now active on social media”.

Now that we have taken the definition hurdle out of the way, let’s explore the steps!

How to Make Your Social Media Marketing Promotional Strategy ‘One of its Kind!

Social Media Marketing Promotional Strategy

Defining your social media marketing promotional strategy funnels would give you perfect head start in your campaign. | CC:- OST

1. Highlight Your Objectives

This entails the aim, the expectations and the perceived lapses of the campaign. Your goal/objectives need to be as all-encompassing as possible. The chances of veering off course when the objectives of a campaign or marketing strategy are not well set are higher at the planning stage. That is why it is important to examine all points in developing the objectives.

You may want to hold a preliminary discussion with the brand you are designing the campaign for to understand their ideals. This will put you in a better position to carry the brand image along in developing the social media marketing strategy fit for them.

Also, the handling team should meet to brainstorm on the various channels available to carry out the campaign. This gives the marketing team and the client / brand a sync in thought and action. With this, you are well on the right track for creating that super-effective social media marketing promotional strategy.

You will need your objectives to be SMART i.e. Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Realistic and Timed.

2. Develop The Message To Share

It is important that the message of the marketing strategy be stated and shown to the team – if you are working in a team. Developing the message aids a smooth passage through the process of creating the desired strategy.

This serves as a compass that guides your actions and measures your inactions through the whole process. Developing a message for your strategy gives you a template to run with.

Once you have created the message, you are as good as half-way through the whole process.The Social Media Marketing Effect Infograph

Here's a sample of processes your content would probably go through before getting the right attention it deserved on social media. | CC:- CPC Strategy

3. Prepare Your Targeted Audience

In this section, you are expected to carry out your segmentation and differentiation processes. You may want to refer to Hubspot’s tips on that. Once these have been done, you then have a sketch of who your targeted audience for the campaign is and what they do.

I cannot emphasize this enough. Preparing your target goes beyond just highlighting them. It covers the first move of getting acquainted with them.

That is one of the many benefits of using social media for marketing. You can get specific information about your targeted audience just by using a good analytic tool to track the traffic on the platform you want to use.

Take the initiative to approach your target and then conduct research on various fields relating to your target: demographics, psychological, racial, etc. The scope can be expanded or shrunk to suit your specifications.

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4. Select The Media/Channel

Social Media Channels for Promotion

The segmentation and differentiation process that you have done above would have availed you some vital details about your target audience. This should be able to guide you in the choice of media to reach your audience.

For one, there are campaigns that perform well on Twitter and Facebook. And there are some that are more effective on platforms like LinkedIn and Google Plus.

It is left to you as a good social media marketer to feel the rhythm and pulse of your targeted audience and know what platform they can best be met on.

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5. Create The Materials

This is where a good creative digital designer’s skill comes in handy. Infographics and designs to be used throughout the campaign need to be available or pre-scheduled. See Buffer’s post on tools to create images for social media.

This will help to create a reservoir of resources that can always be fetched from for use throughout the campaign. The importance of creating the materials beforehand is to allow you do a thorough-based research on the campaign. That is how you get to determine what you will need to run with.

Now, go and be the best at creating that super strategy for your brand’s social media marketing!

Contributed by: Tobi Adono from Big Field Digital