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5 Ways Mobile Technology Is Helping the Poor

When it comes to helping the poor, more eyebrows are raised. Oddly, one of the greatest ways in which the poor are being aided in the 21st Century is through mobile technology. Yes, there are foundations and societies that offer relief to local communities, and even some that have national programs available in all 50 states, but it is through mobile technology that advances are being made on a large scale. Government programs that offer free phones to those qualified within a certain bracket of poverty give them access to communications that would otherwise be inaccessible. Not only is mobile technology offering relief to the poor but it is that same technology that enables relief efforts to reach the desired portion of the population.

Heping the poor from FoodForThePoor

Is technology truly helping the poor? Here’s why we think it does:

1. Demographic Analysis

It would be virtually impossible to serve the needs of the poor without being able to analyze needs and areas where those needs are greatest. Through mobile technology it is easier than ever before to conduct surveys and polls in an effort to identify demographics in need of assistance in any given city, rural region or state. With free cell phones sponsored by the federal government, agencies can conduct polls via SMS messages and get results in real time to keep current on demographic analysis.

2. Access to Education

Some of the poorest of the population live in outlying rural areas too far from colleges and technical schools to even think about secondary education. With the advent of mobile technology, more students than ever before are able to access online classes even in areas where cable isn’t available for high speed connections. Mobile devices are able to connect to the internet so that these students can study and also, parents of younger children can stay apprised of their children’s progress through SMS messaging from teachers and school administrators.

3. Access to Market Data in Agriculture

Where once farmers had to actually make the trip to market to stay informed of market prices, they can now access that data via mobile devices. There are also apps that warn of inclement weather and offer such things as reminders for feeding. There are so many applications available for agricultural uses that a farmer need never leave the field to access the information needed at any given moment for a multitude of reasons.

4. Access to Mobile Health & Self-Assessment

Within the past few years, mobile health technology has been advancing at such a rate that many people no longer need to take a trip to the local clinic for routine assessments. There are now health apps for keeping track of meds, recording levels of glucose in the bloodstream and monitoring heart rates and rhythms in patients suffering from cardiovascular disease. If something is amiss, the mobile device sends information to the doctor or clinic where immediate action can be taken in real time. If the medical practitioner deems it necessary to see the patient, a quick call can be made to schedule an appointment. At other times the information is simply placed in the patient’s file.

5. Access to Banking

There are so many people around the world who live in areas void of banking services that mobile banking is quickly banking the unbanked. One area that is particularly served by mobile banking is Africa where it could be literally hundreds of miles between brick-and-mortar financial institutions. With the availability of mobile banking, there is no longer a need to go without a bank account to pay bills and transfer money as needed.

And number 6!

6. Access to charity organizations across the world

Helping the poor children in our community to have social amenities and good education.

Fundraising has never been much easier these days without the advent of mobile technology. With the responsiveness in most mobile websites, poor people can easily get access to fundraising organizations across the world. Website like FoodForPoor has certain feature that enable poor people to have their say-and yet-get instant food and social amenities support within a short period. This wouldn’t have been easier if there’s no such system in place to make room for that. Mobile technology has really touched all and sundry, helping the poor is among them.

These are just a few of the ways in which mobile technology is helping the poor. However, by these few examples it is clear just how much of an impact this technology has made for the less fortunate within our society. There are many other ways technology is helping the poor and less privileged people lead a better life in our society and we’d be glad if you can add your own voice.

Which way do you think technology is helping the poor around you that worth mentioning? Use the box below.

Designs & Invention

The Role Of Voice Recognition Software In Artificial Intelligence Development

Artificial intelligence guarantees to make our lives more intelligent, more helpful and gainful, however without luminous voice recognition this is an outlandish dream. Voice recognition transmogrifies a significant part of this intelligence. Beyond the capacity to comprehend spoken word, AI is consigned to a standard input-output system that does not advance a viable and intuitive method for communication. Hands free intercommunication is a vital segment of a completely practical Artificial Intelligence unit.

The Importance of Voice Recognition

The Role Voice Recognition Software on Artificial Intelligence Developments

Voice recognition makes it less demanding to correspond with the technology. At the point when an individual is utilizing their hands to modify and work with items in the physical domain, it’s vital to keep away from the requirement for inputting information manually. Current innovation requires cloud-based servers and there is a detectable slack between posting a question and getting a reaction. Programming like Siri can rapidly prepare data, but since information recall is so serious it has to first join with a server before giving a reaction.

A More Natural Form of Communication

Human beings can convey the utilization of facial motions, pitch and social references to express what is on their mind. The capacity of a machine to effectively translate both the message and goal is an extraordinarily complex undertaking. The greatest hindrance at this moment to making a completely realized Artificial Intelligence computer is data stockpiling. Data recovery need to be exceptionally exact and ready to decipher, it should likewise be extremely quick and have the capacity to hear, make an interpretation of and react to the discourse it hears. Before Artificial Intelligence can grow further, it should first have the capacity to react to individuals in a more common manner.

Artificial Intelligence In a World Without Voice Recognition

The Role Voice Recognition on Artificial Intelligence Developments

In the event that voice recognition innovation wasn’t an alternative, it would oblige clients to physically input all inquiries. Data requests and inquiries would need to be entered through a console or another less proficient technique. It would bring about a critical inconvenience for individuals who expected to utilize the innovation to be more efficient. Artificial Intelligence can at present perform valuable capacities without voice recognition, however it won’t act as effectively. Devices like Siri, Sync and other voice recognition technology would be incomprehensible. Voice recognition permits Artificial Intelligence to keep progressing to amalgamate value in regular life.

The Future of Artificial Intelligence

What is Artificial Intelligence? - AI

As more streamlined computers will become obtainable, the part of voice recognition will grow to be more distinguished. Considering that voice recognition has approached the consumer industry, there may be an increasing drive for companies to make investments in the technology. This may help businesses that are struggling to generate more lifelike and self directed Artificial Intelligence devices. The requirement to manually input data will subside and machine will have the ability to interact, previse and function with humans on projects.

The forthcoming future of voice recognition is only the start of the Artificial Intelligence revolution. Unless the technology evolves to the stage where it will function from a central interface, it is going to impede the development of Artificial Intelligence. One option is to generate a central cloud that will impart voice recognition data to be retained and transmitted to available Artificial Intelligence devices. A summation of typical words, commands and phrases can be retained with a physical Artificial Intelligence unit. If additional data or processing is required, the unit is able to access cloud storage to assemble information and react to demands in a proficient manner.

Other Helpful Resources on Artificial Intelligence Developments

Stages in Artificial Intelligence Development from the journal “Funding a Revolution: Government Support for Computing Research (1999)” by National Academic Press –

The Upside of Artificial Intelligence Development by Wired

The Handbook of artificial intelligence, volume III edited by Paul R. Cohen and Edward A. Feigenbaum –

Question & Feedbacks

I know you’ve got something to say about AI Developments. I’d love to hear your opinions so we can debate them and learn from each others. Use the comment box below.

Designs & Invention

The Evolution of Bullets & Shooting Accuracy

Gun design was revolutionized during the 1800s, pushed by a desire for more accurate and rapid shooting. Bullets changed most dramatically, evolving from the round balls used in muskets to the familiar cone shape that made rifles the weapon of choice for hunters and militaries around the world.

The Bayonet, Not Bullets, Made Muskets Effective

Shooting Accuracy

Early guns were mostly muskets and rifles that worked through flintlocks that created sparks to fire off gunpowder and propel a lead round ball out the chamber. Both were single-shot weapons.

Muskets were used in battles because they could be loaded more quickly than rifles. They weren’t terribly accurate, particularly over distances. Their chambers lacked spiral grooves that had distinguished rifles since the 1600s to improve shooting accuracy. But muskets had a dual purpose:

  • Spray the enemy with shot to confuse them
  • Charge with the attached bayonet, which caused far more casualties

Writing in the Journal of the American Revolution, Hugh T. Harrington notes that muskets also lacked a rear sight, making aiming mostly guesswork. It was also difficult to accurately load gunpowder under active fire, so barrels were often damaged as well.

Rifles, on the other hand, shot with much more accuracy. However, they took a lot more time to load. Most experts say a musket could fire three to five rounds per minute, while a rifleman or sharpshooter could get off one shot every three minutes. Only sharpshooters used rifles in battle.

Bullet Cartridges Sped Up Shooting Time

Bullet cartridges were introduced in the 1840s for pistols. They kept explosive primer, propellant, and bullets in one place and ended the tiresome loading cycle. Now, a hammer strike to the casing activated the shot. Daniel Wesson (of Smith & Wesson fame) strengthened cartridges in the 1850s so that they could be put on rifles as well.

The development of center-fire cartridges, which moved primer to the center of the cartridge, changed how weapons fire altogether. Manufacturers recalibrated hammers to precisely strike percussion caps that held the primer in place. Striking pins or spring loads ignited the primer and powder to fire the bullet. This remains the basic firing mechanism in modern guns, except that bullets are now encased in jackets they shed as they exit the chamber.

Changes in Bullet Shapes Improved Projection

Since rifles shot more accurately, it’s not surprising they were the focus for better ammunition and design upgrades.

The most significant changes in ammunition came from France, where an army officer created the Minie, the first cone-shaped bullet, in the 1850s. Minies were also made from lead, but their shape helped them spin out the chamber at higher speeds, making it a more powerful weapon. Muskets fell by the wayside.

During the Civil War, both sides used Minies in their rifles. Later in the century, manufacturers created special bullets with points that penetrated further into a target. Hollow-tipped bullets expanded on impact, causing maximum organ damage on targets. The 1899 Hague Convention outlawed these bullets, but the U.S, did not sign off on it.

Metal Jackets Preserve Bullets

Lead bullets didn’t hold up well to the increased temperature and velocity of larger firearms and repeating rifles that fired multiple shots before reloading. Their outer layers stripped off, fouling the barrels. The solution was to create metal jackets to preserve the bullets during the firing sequence.

Copper and zinc alloys, are used in most pistol jackets today. Larger bullets for rifles and machine guns are coated in steel or cupronickel (also called copper-nickel). Bullets used in modern warfare are entirely cased in jackets (full-metal jackets), although Military Times reported in July 2015 that the Army plans to create a new pistol that will fire hollow-tipped ammunition.

Business CMS

Migrating To WordPress: Why Migration to WordPress Provides Business Benefits

Having a website is not a must anymore, but an indispensable condition for every serious business. If your office is your offline business hub, your website is the online center of your work. It has to be a meticulously organized and visually impeccable unit. The great news is that today even absolute beginners in the online world can create their own website. The key that will lead them to that goal is the WordPress platform. It is the most practical content management system for a number of reasons, and here are few reasons to consider before migrating to WordPress CMS.

Migrating to WordPress: Amazing Features That’ll Convince 

Benefits of WordPress Migration for Business

Free and payable options

Probably the most obvious advantage of WordPress is its versatile structure. It offers free website solutions, but on the other hand you can buy additions worth hundreds of dollars. In such a system, every single website seeker can find the tools that will meet their needs. The most natural way to start your WordPress career is to search for the most appropriate free plugins and themes for your website. Hand in hand with handy website options, this platform can help business people launch their own blogs and connect them with the website, as well as with their social media profiles. As your business needs keep growing, you will see what special payable extensions you might need.

WordPress – breed for speed

The saying that time is money has always been more of a rule than a mere phrase for business people. However, since the Internet has fiercely overtaken the business world in the last two decades, today this rule is a principle. Every single minute of a work day needs to be planned to a detail, so that work productivity remains on a high level. Transferred to the online context, minutes are becoming seconds. Since Internet users know that they have millions of websites at their disposal (check this real time website calculator to get an idea of what I’m talking about), they will not spend more than a second or two on any website. So, you have a moment or two to attract them to your website. Thanks to hard work of numerous contributors, WordPress offers a vast array of free speed-enhancing plugins for websites built on this platform.

Mediator-free payments

Today many businesses not only collaborate via the Internet, but they also make online payments. Although there are also reliable and trustworthy mediators that can transfer your money from one part of the world to another, nowadays it is possible to dodge such middlemen. For instance, if your business is part of the event-organizing niche, now you can pay tickets through a WordPress event ticketing system. It provides high-level security for its clients. Moreover, it is connected to hundreds of other payment systems and that way safe from any intrusions and hackers’ attacks.

Stay in touch with innovations

Wordpress CMS for small business

The great thing about WordPress is that its open nature yields dozens of applicable and user-friendly solutions on a daily basis. It can be compared to smartphone application stores, where users are the only critics of the product quality, which is the most liberal system in the business world. So, when you decide to create your website on WordPress, you should always install the latest versions and updates of the tools you are using, so as to ensure that the website security and functionality remain on a high level as long as you use it.

Having WordPress for the base of your online business presence is the best choice for startups and business beginners. As time goes by, your business results will tell you what further online directions you should take in your future business life. And considering all the features and functionalities that WordPress CMS promises to offer you, whether or not to migrate to WordPress is yours to decide. But my fear is, if you are not migrating to WordPress anytime soon, you might be loosing a hell of benefits by staying with your existing Content Management System?


Forex 101: Essential Tech for Currency Trading Online

Although the claim that 95% of forex traders lose money can be debated at length, this statistic does at least some insight into the challenges facing those who try their hand at currency trading. While this market may deliver high, margin-based returns, for example, it is also prone to considerable volatility and can also suffer from sudden price movements. It is certainly not a market for the feint-hearted, while beginners must also take the time to research the foreign exchange in detail before taking their initial steps. 

Forex Market and Currency Trading 101: Online Tips for beginners Foreign currency exchange trading online - Forex Trading

While the rise of online trading outlets and brokerage firms have removed many of the barriers to entry facing novice currency traders, the foreign exchange is still and extremely complex market that demands a great deal from beginners. With this in mind, here is a quick and basic guide to get you started: – 

Trial a Demo Account with your service provider 

Arguably the primary benefit of trading online is the option to invest through a demo account, and this is accessible through the majority of reputable, virtual brokers. A demo account replicates all of the conditions associated with the live market, with the exception that traders can invest virtual currency to trial their strategies without risk. If you are able to trade through a demo account for a period of three to six months, you can gradually hone your skills while optimising your chances of success in the live market.

Get Trading on your Mobile 

Another key benefit of online trading is that you can access your account in real-time, without the need to funnel information through a middleman. This means little without mobile access, as using as associated trading app through your smartphone or tablet enables you to implement time-sensitive trades while on the move. This will ensure that you make the most from your strategy, while also executing trades during all three sessions of currency trading. 

Make the most of Real-time News resourcesForeign currency trading online - Forex Trading

As online brokerage platforms have continued to evolve, they have added new dimensions to the virtual trading experience. One of the most impactful has been the development of real-time news resources, while serve the dual purpose of issuing breaking financial bulletins and analyzing live market trends. This can provide the type of market insight that simplifies the experience for novice traders, while also ensuring that they tailor their strategy where necessary in line with wider, external factors.

Operating System (Computer or Mobile) Windows 10 Windows 8

PST Merge Software to Merge Multiple Outlook PST Files into One

If you are an Outlook user, you might be well aware of the fact that managing multiple PST files in a single account can be very troublesome at times. The problem becomes even worse, when the PST files belong to different versions of Outlook. For instance, in case you are using Outlook 2010 and you have an ANSI PST file, you will not be able to access it in your present Outlook version. The only means by which this can be made possible is by merging it with your current PST file and accessing it.

Commercial utilities such as PST Merge facilitate the users to do the same. The software merges multiple PST files in a single UNICODE type PST file. It supports merging of both ANSI and UNICODE PST files into a single file. Its user-friendly interface makes it easy for even a naive user to run the software smoothly. Outlook installation is necessary to merge PST files.

In order to give our users an idea of the complete functioning of the tool, we did a complete analysis of the PST merge tool. Here are the observations made by us.

Highlighting Features of the PST Merge Tool

  • Merges both ANSI and UNICODE PST files in a single UNICODE PST.
  • Offers 3 options for merging-Join, Merge and Merge contacts.
  • Gives the provision to exclude deleted items from being merged.
  • Allows the users to remove duplicate items from getting merged.
  • Provision to add folder containing multiple PST files.

Working of PST Merge

  • Download and run the software.
  • Click on Add Files option to add the PST files individually. In case you need to add a complete folder of PST files, click on Add Folder
  • The software offers three options to merge the PST files and the user can select any option according to the requirement.

Join: The first option, Join is used to join the input PST files in a single PST file while joining the files under a common PST file known as parent PST file. The joined PST files are visible as different folders of the parent PST file.

Join PST files option - TechAtLast
Merge: the Merge option merges the PST files into a single PST and merges all the similar folders of the PST files. For example, the inbox folder of all the PST files will be merged in a single inbox folder of the resultant file.

Select Merge Option - TechAtLast

Merge Contacts:As the name suggests, this option merges all the contacts of the input PST files into a single PST file. The PST file will only consist of a single contacts folder.

Merge contacts option - TechAtLast

  • The user can also select the Advance Options.

Exclude Deleted Items option when enabled will exclude all the deleted mails and those mails will not be merged into the output PST.This option is only available for Join and Merge.

Exclude Duplicate Items option when selected will not merge the duplicate items like emails, contacts, calendars, etc. if any,in the output PST file.This option is only available in Merge and Merge contacts option.

  • Browse the location to save the resultant PST file.
  • Click on Merge PST Files to start the merging process.

Setup & Installation of the PST Merge Tool

PST Merge is available in two distinct versions:

  • Demo Version

The demo version is made available in order to give the users, a trial of the working of the tool. It is available for free and can be downloaded from the official website. However,there are some limitations associated with this version.

  • License Version

Once the user gets satisfied with the working of the demo version, the user can purchase the license version for $69.There are no limitations associated with the working of the license version.


  • Extends support to both ANSI and UNICODE PST.
  • Allows removal of duplicate items from merging.
  • Gives provision to remove deleted items from merging.


  • Does not give a preview of PST file data before merging.
  • No provision of merging selective data of PST file.

The Verdict

PST merge is an effectual utility that has been designed keeping in mind the naïve users as well. The single panel interface makes it easy to run and the user does not need to toggle between different windows. Based on the overall functioning of the tool, we would like to rate the software as9.7/10.Although it does not give a preview of the PST file data, it merge outlook PST files into one whilst maintaining the folder structure intact.

Biz Branding & Customization Business How to Guide

How To Choose The Best Domain Name For Your Business

It is no more news, to open the global market opportunity for your business, you have to come online. Coming online involves you setting up a virtual office (website) where your local and international prospects can reach you and transact business with you without a physical meeting.Choosing the best domain name for your business

Setting up a website starts from purchasing a domain name from a provider. Selecting a domain name could be very critical; it is one of the factors that determine business success online. Choosing a wrong domain name could be detrimental to business image online, therefore, I come up with a short guide to help you chose the best domain name to help your quick business growth online.

5 Great tips to choosing the best domain name for your Business

1. Make it memorable

Business grow well when people are able to easily recommend product and services to their friends, families and acquaintances. A customer or someone who just came across your website should easily recall your website domain name when they are trying to recommend you to someone else. Make it something that people can easily remember.

2. Make it short

The whole world is lazy; don’t let them crack the brain before they can remember your site address, they don’t want to type long words as web address, make it short! It will easily sit in your business card; it will easily fit in search results.

3. Make it easy to Spell

You have a big advantage when your domain name is easily spelt, never try to style-up or else you will lose out on a lot of prospect. (E.g. Assuming you are in the mobile phone business; A domain will get prospects better than

4. Avoid numbers and Hyphens

Hyphen and numbers makes it difficult for people to easily remember your domain name (It will be easy to get on “” than

5. Include Keyphrase

It is important that your niche keyword appear on your domain name, this will help you appear quickly when people put a search through the search engine alongside improving your click through rate. (For example; let’s say you run a coffee business, a domain name like “” isn’t bad)

Following the tips will help your business grow faster online. If you have other tips to share with us, feel free to put them up in the comment box.