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LEO Privacy Guard V3 Review Can Help You Choose the Best Privacy Guard

Do you often get the feeling that you are being spied by your co-workers, significant other or naughty kids via your mobile phone? Sometimes mobile phones serve as a platform for information leakage, be it personal or highly professional. And all the time it might not be possible to carry your phone along with you. So, what to do in such a situation? Sometimes, setting password is not enough; you need much more than that. You need a seamless privacy guard for overall protection and security.

Privacy Guard V3 Review

Research and read reviews properly for best buy

In the online market, you will find tons of privacy applications that claim to be the best and most reliable with uncountable downloads. Although a figure of, say 100 million downloads might make a mobile application look appealing, it is highly recommended to research your options. And read . thoroughly, before installing and handing over your privacy to an app. Some of the most trusted and user-friendly applications provide you with the following features. Let’s take a quick look at them:

  • Relief from personal or confidential information leakage
  • Sturdy app lock for locking various applications
  • Privacy scanning features for locating the loopholes
  • Safety box for hiding personal videos and pictures
  • WiFi security for offering network safety
  • Anti-theft features
  • Options for reducing power consumption
  • Seamless features for optimizing application performance

Main threads of information leakage and solutions

Your accounts on different social networking sites are among the most susceptible areas that contribute to privacy leakage. With the help of a privacy guard, you can lock up all the important apps that you find are more prone to privacy intrusion. A well-built security application would first of all scan the privacy status of your phone for finding out the possible privacy loopholes. This feature would not only scan your phone, buy also the photos, videos, and files as well as newly added apps. Moreover, such apps would also enable you to hide those photographs, videos, text messages and other things that are extremely private to you.

Most of the time the access to free WiFi network makes people extremely happy and they tend to use it without understanding – whether or not it’s safe. If you have a strong privacy guard installed in your mobile phone, you can easily get safety alerts against malicious hot-spots. No wonder why, a stolen mobile phone can give your sharp headaches. Although some websites are there in the market, which allow you to lock your phone remotely, with a good app you can remotely lock all your applications. Moreover, you can also locate your mobile phone on map via setting an alarm. Generally when you are not around, your phone turns out to be a spying ground for prying eyes. With a phone with no privacy lock, people can easily make few attempts to put the screen password right by using hit and trial method. However, when your phone has a very strong privacy app installed, the intruder’s photo is clicked, if he or she enters wrong password. Isn’t it an amazing feature?

These are some of the most prominent features, which you can enjoy by installing a strong privacy app in your phone. However, before doing that make sure to read LEO Privacy Guard V3 Review carefully.

How to Guide

How To Create Secure PDFs With Able2Extract 10 Software

In the digital world, it’s a common thing to create PDF documents that are only meant for certain users. And this makes sense as the PDF is one of the most secure formats out there. It can prevent unwanted users from tampering with content you want to lock down.

However, did you know that, by itself, the PDF format isn’t fully secured?

Believe it or not, despite its incredible capacity to protect the content it contains, the PDF format can still be misused. Users can print up your PDF, rearrange the pages, add content and even copy it word for word. All it takes is a PDF application that allows users to do so.

Imagine all that being done to a dissertation you took months to complete, or a report you painstakingly put together, or content you originally intended for a specific publication.

Thus, as secure as you may think a PDF file is, you can—and should, secure it even further.  From important business contracts to simple content submissions, PDF security can be useful and handy for any kind of document. You never know what may happen!

Now although some simple PDF creation tools can already create quality PDF documents, not many come with the advanced security features to lock your PDF down tight.

And this is where Able2Extract 10 fits in. This PDF tool is a PDF converter, creator and editor. With one installation, you can get a ton of features for working with your PDFs. Most notably,  it comes with security features you can use to tailor an advanced security system for your PDF document.

With Able2Extract 10, the process of creating and securing a PDF document is simply a matter of specifying your options. The following steps show you how easy it is.

Creating Secure PDF Documents with Able2Extract 10

1. In Able2Extract 10, go to View> PDF Creation Options…

Creating Secure PDF Documents in Able2Extract 10

2. Go to the Security tab in the PDF Creation Options dialog. Here, you can opt to secure your PDF document with password protection. You can even decide which common file permissions to assign to your document.Able2Extract 10 PDF Creation Options

When securing PDF documents, adding a password for opening the file is highly recommended as it can stop malicious users before the document is even opened. After your recipient passes that security level, you can then determine exactly how he or she can interact with the file. In other words, you gain control over your entire document right to the end!

3. When you’re done selecting your options, click on OK. Note that the options you choose here will affect all PDF documents created. Thus, you may need to change these options for any subsequent PDF files you create that need different security options.

4. Then from toolbar in the main interface, click on the Create icon on the toolbar to start creating a PDF from an existing document.Able2Extract 10 Create Icon

5. Locate and select your file in the dialog that appears. Click on Open.

Able2Extract 10 Open File option

Able2Extract 10 will then start the conversion automatically and display the newly converted file when the process is done:Able2Extract 10 output

6. Click on the Save icon on the toolbar to save your new PDF document with a name and in a location of your choice. Note that newly created PDFs aren’t automatically saved as .PDF even though the conversion is displayed. You will need to save it manually.

Able2Extract 10 Save File Option

And that’s all there is to securing newly created PDF documents with Able2Extract 10! Going forward, your PDF file will be secured and only allow users to work with your file as specified. You can test this out with a PDF viewer:

Able2Extract 10 security feature for passworded file

Document security doesn’t have to be difficult or costly. A simple file permission and password can do the trick, and with Able2Extract 10, you can do it in one single session with the software. It’s as convenient and simple as clicking on a few options and can save you a lot of document-related stress in the future.

The version 10 of Able2Extract app features top-notch innovations in PDF conversion technology like:
  • Convert anything to Excel (not just PDF)
  • Edit PDF text directly (add, delete or modify text) using WYSIWYG text editor (all changes of the    text style are immediately visible)
  • Merge and extract PDF
  • Further enhanced conversion accuracy (Able2Extract’s signature feature)
  • And host of other amazing features.

You can try this secure PDF creation feature for yourself by downloading the Able2Extract 7-day free trial from the website.

Mobile App

LEO Privacy Guard: How app security technology keeps your mobile device safe from snoopers

Mobile devices can leak your most kept secret when you least expected it. Your personal information is at risk of falling into the wrong hands if you don’t protect it. Not locking or keeping a low profile on your phone makes you vulnerable to snooping when you’re not aware. Secondly, if your phone is left for everyone to access the files therein, you will live in constant fear, not having the peace of mind that comes with locking data in a Smartphone.

Nevertheless, to have a sense of security where your mobile phone or tablet is concerned, you need to install an application that you can trust to lock the files that you don’t want others to access.

Mobile device privacy tool you can rely on to keep you safe from snoopers

The world of Android is growing so fast that it’s easy for loopholes to exist where your privacy is concerned. If you’re hiding photos, videos or messages from Whatsapp, you definitely need to be sure that the Android application you’re using to do that is as secure as it can get.

To stay in control over all information that users can access is what will enable you have the peace of mind you badly need.

An application like LEO Privacy Guard V3.0 is specifically created for Android users who want to maintain a low profile where data privacy is concerned. It’s easy and fast to download, thanks to the fact that it comes in 3.5MBs only. That kind of storage should be accommodated in almost all android devices of today.

Leo Privacy Guard v3.0 app for protecting your mobile smartphone from snoopers and snooping activities.

Once you install such an app into your smart device, it will run automatically in the background, giving you a number of options to choose where your mobile data security is concerned.

In every Smartphone or tablet security routine, one needs to ensure that all their passwords are safe and sound. Your social media accounts, PayPal account, photos and videos must all be locked with inaccessible passwords. In addition to this, you need to restrict access to your text messages and call logs so as to lock out the prying eyes of a spouse or another third-party who might be interested in who calls or sends text messages to you.

Privacy protection

Leo Privacy Guard v3.0 privacy scanner
Privacy protection apps must protect your information so that it can only be served to the eyes that are meant to consume it. Such information includes images, videos, call logs, texts and so on. In addition to this, these apps are designed to alert you on what loopholes need to be sealed so you can make it even harder for snoopers to access your information.

Locking of apps

Leo Privacy Guard v3.0 app lock functionality

Some apps are essential because they contain sensitive data in your phone. These too should be locked when you use a privacy protection app like the Leo Privacy Guard v3.0 app. With such an advanced phone security app, you can manage all the other apps securely and conveniently.

You’ll be able to operate them in various modes and also choose the appropriate timing for automatic locking/unlocking of those apps.

Other security features of the Leo Privacy Guard App

Leo Privacy Guard wifi security against hackers Leo Privacy Guard v3.0 app anti theft featureLeo Privacy Guard v3.0 intruder selfie


There are many other apps which have been created specifically to guard data in your phone. The Leo Privacy Guard V3.0 is just one of those apps meant to do this job, although you can find many others in the Android market right now. So the decision of protecting your information is in your hands.

Have you used the Leo Privacy Guard v3.0 app or similar app? What are your experiences with these mobile privacy protection apps. You can as well share other apps you have used with us below too.

Application Design and Development (Mobile or Desktop) Designs & Invention Freebies Web Banner Design (Ads Concepts)

FotoJet – Top Free Photo Art Designer

Ever heard about Fotojet? I guess you haven’t!

Are you a person who loves selfie when you go outside? If you are such a person who like taking pictures time to time, you must have hundreds and thousands of pictures waiting to be dealt with. Have you ever found a way to do with those photos? Then I’ll tell you the way.

FotoJet photo collage site

Making some marvelous photo collages, posters or any photo art designs will be definitely to your liking when dealing with your life photos. FotoJet, a free online art designer, will help you much. Here let’s see how it can help.

Features of Fotojet online art designer

1. Easy Classic Photo Collages

With the Classic mode, you are able to make classic photo collages quickly with a few seconds and mouse clicks. FotoJet offers you various nice collage layouts for you to generate stunning photo collages with your own photos and all the necessary decorations. Then easily share it with your family and friends.

2. Creative Photo Collage

Fotojet 3D

If you don’t have any idea of collage in mind, just browser the hundreds of templates in FotoJet. You will be inspired and find your idea for the collage designs. There are numerous collage templates sorted in 5 categories, Modern, Art, 3D, Creative and Poster.  I just love the 3D ones to give me a strong visual impact.

Creative collage templates allow you to show your photos quickly in a beautiful design. With these templates’ help, it’s easier to create a creative and professionally designed photo collage online with personal photos.

3. Beautiful Social Media Art Designs

FotoJet also provides lots of social media art designs from Facebook cover to YouTube channel art, Twitter header, Facebook post, Instagram post, Pinterest graphic. If you are a social network fancier, it won’t let you down. With little effort and time, you will create good social media arts for these platforms which impress the visitors and lead them subscribe your page. The good thing is that you can personalize the design with your own photos and texts without hassles.

4.  Photo Card for Any Occasion

Fotojet photo cardYou needn’t be a photographer or an art designer. FotoJet, as a free online photo card maker, helps you make the best to your works. It has a wide range of stunning photo card templates for many different occasions like Anniversary, Graduation, Thank You, Travel, Baby, Birthday, Father’s Day, Wedding, etc.

4. Have Fun with Other Designs

Fotojet classic view

FotoJet is equipped with other funny design templates like magazine cover, photo comic and fun photo. Check them and you will love them and enjoy the endless funs definitely. With its flexible functionalities, it’s easily to experience the fun when making your designs.

FotoJet is free, however, the overall performance is very impressive. You are able to save your final photo collages as JPG or PNG format. It’s also very easy to share your collages to Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and Tumblr. Besides, you can just print your design directly in the app.

Business Windows 10

Top Windows 10 Apps for Top Business Productivity including Windows Hello, Passport & Others

After Windows 10 was released on July 29, a number of business users have begun showing interest in the software. Although released primarily as a consumer version with some business features built in, Windows 10 was downloaded on to 75 million PCs in the first month alone. At 5% of the PC market, 1.5 million of these downloads were by business users.

The business edition of Windows 10 includes a number of features designed to simplify the user experience, enhance productivity, and ensure the protection of personal and corporate data. Here are some of those features that make the Windows 10 experience easier for business users.

Windows 10 Apps That’d Ignite Your Business Productivity in 2016

Microsoft Windows 10

Windows Hello and Windows Passport

Windows Hello introduces users to a new, more secure way of logging in to their Windows 10. Using biometric authentication features, such as a fingerprint or facial recognition, Windows Hello allows users to eliminate using passwords, which can become lost, forgotten, or fall into the wrong hands.

Windows 10 security

To use Windows Hello, you will need certain hardware and technology. Facial recognition cannot be done on a typical webcam and requires more advanced services, such as the Intel F200 RealSense 3D camera. While these features are not currently standard with our devices, regular business use would make them a staple in future device developments.

Windows 10 security

Microsoft Passport works in conjunction with Windows Hello to give users access to other apps and online services without having to type in a password.

Virtual Desktops

One of the many features, for business users constantly operating multiple apps or switching programs, Windows 10’s Virtual Desktops allows you to split or group different open apps across a number of different desktops.

Instead of needing to use different monitors, Virtual Desktop keeps everything organized, open, and ready to use on its respective desktop.

Creating and using a new desktop is easy. Simply enter ”Task View” on your Windows 10 screen. In the bottom right hand corner, you’ll see a plus sign with the words “New Desktop” written below. Select to create a new desktop. Drag the apps you would like to hold on your new desktop into the designated space and you’re all set.

To switch between desktops, simply enter ”Task View.” Task View should allow you to see all the desktops you have currently operating. To move to a new desktop, just click on the one you would like to work in.

Windows Update for Business

Windows Update for Business is a system that makes it easier for business owners to manage updates. Right now, Windows Update for Business only has two features, Defer Updates and Windows Update Delivery Optimization, but more features will be added in the future.

Defer Updates allows business users to avoid updating their software for a few months. Windows Update Delivery Optimization allows you to get updates from other sources, making it easier to manage updates if you’re using a number of different computers or devices.

Enterprise Data Protection

Because companies recommend using one device for both business and personal use, users are storing a lot of personal and professional information on their cellphones and computers. Enterprise Data Protection will protect and encrypt any enterprise information for Windows 10 users.

Enterprise Date Protection allows users to view both personal and enterprise apps on the same screen, so user experience is not compromised. Marking an app as business will protect the personal apps from gaining information and access to anything labeled as enterprise.

Device Guard

Windows 10 securityDevice Guard is another protection service from Windows 10, in addition to Hello and Passport. Device Guard works to protect applications and programs from attacks by hackers who have already gained access to the device.

Device Guard provides business users with another level of protection that works in conjunction with traditional control technologies.

Credential Guard

Credential Guard is yet another level of protection against online and malware threats. Credential Guard works with Device Guard, but where Device Guard protects the actual device, Credential Guard protects the information within. If the device is compromised, Credential Guard will protect important information from falling in the wrong hands.

Mobile Device Management

Because business typically operates on a number of different devices, including computers, smartphones, and tablet, Mobile Device Management ensures that each user’s experience is as similar as possible.

The business version of Mobile Device Management includes features like multiple user management, control over Windows store and user groups, and management of virtual private networks.

Continuum for Windows Phones

Business users can find themselves needing computer capabilities at the most inconvenient times. With the addition of Continuum for Windows Phones, users will get a desktop PC experience on their smartphones. Through connecting a mouse, keyboard, and monitor, users can do almost everything on their smartphone that they could on a typical computer.

Additionally, users can continue using phone systems, like text messaging, while working on Continuum.


2Checkout PCI DSS is here – Update may be needed

PCI DSS 3.1 - Payment Card Industry Security systemInsecurity of internet user’s data has always been one of the let-downs of using the internet. There’s no where you turn to that this subject will not pop up, it is a worldwide issue. Of recent, precisely last year, Heartbleed breach took the world of internet by surprise, and most of the top players were affected. How this happened I cannot tell, but, the little I know is that, there was a loophole that those masterminding hackers exploited into gaining access. Nothing else!

In order to prevent such a reoccurring in the closer future, the present secure socket layer (SSL) web security layer which has been in use for a very long time will be downgraded and out of use starting from this month. An upgraded version of Payment Card Industry (PCI) Security Standards Council’s latest Data Security Standard (DSS) 3.1 will block, straighten and strengthen the system against future exploits.

Upgrade to PCI DSS 3.1…you can’t afford to wait for the evil days.

One of the top consumer of PCI’s products, 2Checkout, has mandated all of their customers around the world to upgrade to DSS 3.1 in order to deliver high-quality and secure web experience. We are proud to be one of 2Co’s loyal customer though 🙂

Here’s the statement released, it read thus:

"From protecting the identity of our Merchants to securing your customers' transactions, our focus here at 2Checkout is to process your payments securely and efficiently while adhering to the latest changes and updates within the payments industry.   

The Payment Card Industry (PCI) Security Standards Council (SSC) has released its latest data security standard (DSS) 3.1,  which mandates all  businesses move away from Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) web encryption because it's no longer considered strong enough.  

Your customers often notice SSL when a little padlock appears online to denote that the encrypted transmission of sensitive payment data is now possible, allowing a transaction to go ahead during the checkout process. It may also appear when your customers view SSL security certificates.

After a series of browser attacks took advantage of vulnerabilities in Secure Sockets Layer (SSL), the PCI Data Security Standard was updated to use the more secure, current version of Transport Layer Security (TLS).

The 3.1 upgrade will dissolve the use of SSL 3.0 and TLS 1.0 as permitted security protocols, so2Checkout will no longer support SSL 3.0 and TLS 1.0 as of June 30th, 2016. This will mean that all API requests, Vendor Admin sessions and standard checkout processes will need to use TLS 1.1 or TLS 1.2.   

As a Merchant, you may need to make updates to your servers, programming language and even the browser you are using.  

The 2Checkout Sandbox environment,, has already been changed to support only TLS1.1 and TLS1.2. Tests can be performed today with your shopping cart integration and API calls against that environment, so you can get ahead of the June 30th deadline.

2Checkout will be sending additional communications to you as information becomes available, along with any other updates we may have.  

As always, you may reach us at with any questions. 

Integrations Team
2Checkout "

Payment Card Industry functionality

Still don’t understand why PCI released DSS 3.1 as an upgrade on SSL, or what it can do for your business? Then, think about this:

PCI DSS 3.1 features

Do you still want more information? Download the PDF guide here, it contains all you need to know more about PCI security.

Are you curious of knowing what internet thieves really want from you?

The picture below explains more about the type of information encrypted on your payment card and what they stands for.

PCI - Types of Data on a Payment Card That Thieves Want to Steal

If you are one of 2Checkout user like we are, please adhere to this change to enjoy the latest of web security available in DSS 3.1.

Business Featured

5 Top Picks for 3D Printers

3D printers take a huge role in the success of each business that uses additive manufacturing technology. Thus, it is essential to purchase heavy-duty and top-quality one.

Since 3D printing is being recognized by numerous manufacturing businesses these days, it is worth noting to choose the best printers available in the market. As a business owner, you have to ensure that your products or services are in great condition at all times. If you own high-grade printers, then you get to produce prime 3D objects faster and more conveniently.

Moreover, there are a lot of things to consider when buying 3D printers. You need to pick the one that suits both your needs and preferences. The quality, cost, usage, and reliability of the printer should be taken into consideration when deciding which to purchase. So, here are the recommended 3D printers for your business:

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Top 3D Printers for Better 3D Printing Experience

Makergear M2

The paper thickness of MakerGear MakerGear in action The awesomeness of the makergear.

This 3D printer is built on a solid steel body, which makes it durable and functional. It also includes quality parts and high-precision rails. Since Makergear is known for its prime printers, you will never go wrong with it when you purchase one of this brand. Additionally, enthusiasts have always ranked M2 as one of the best 3D printers today.

LulzBot Mini

LulzBot 3D printer Lulzbot Mini Tool Lulzbot mini top view Lulzbot Mini with Spool Angle Lulzbot robot captureFor those who are just starting up their 3D printing business, the LulzBot Mini printer is one of the best. It boasts features such as metal hot-end, auto-leveling bed, and self-cleaning nozzle. In addition, it is regarded as one of the most user-friendly 3D printers and has positive reviews even if it’s relevantly new to the market.


Witbox 3D printer in different colours

Manufactured and designed by BQ, Witbox has the largest build volume among its class. It is a well-designed and fully-enclosed printer, which makes it more stable and safer when printing. You are sure enough that it’s child-safe, in case kids come near it in the process. Also, it is able to produce multiple parts all at once easily.

ProJet 160

Project 160 3D printers

3D printing with Konica Minolta has made all manufacturing business’ works easier and more convenient. ProJet 160 is a 3D printer from Konica Minolta that helps you create top-of-the-line prototypes and concept models at a reasonable price. It also sports network connectivity for smartphones, desktops, and tablets.


DeltaWASP side view Deltawasp project Deltawasp project 4 Deltawasp project 3 Deltawasp project 2 DeltaWASP 3d printer DeltaWASP side view

This type of 3D printer has one of the best-looking designs. It is equipped with Delta style robot system and offers increased printing speed as well as positioning accuracy. The DeltaWASP is able to print with wide range of materials as well.

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With these five 3D printer suggestions, you will be able to select one wisely. There are still tons of 3D printers to choose from out there, but these five will certainly give you the best printing experience. Any of these will not disappoint you, especially in terms of pricing and quality. Hence, if you are looking for a top 3D printer, then you may take a look at this list.


3D printing has gone ahead beyond our expectations, thanks to technological advancements. When it comes to choosing the right 3D printers, you cannot be more satisfied using any other brands out there than these models.  They are the top of their crops – the best you can get for excellent 3D printing experience!

If you have question or feedback, I’d like to have them below. Let’s talk about your own views of this post.