iPhone 6s on its way, Sports 12 – Megapixel iSight Camera With 4K Recording

Finally, Apple has confirmed its September 9 event which has been in the rumors earlier this month, in the event, it is expected that Apple will officially announce its new iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s Plus smartphones.Apple iPhone 6s debuts

Besides the iPhone 6S and iPhone 6S Plus announcement, other Apple products expected to debut includes the next-gen Apple TV and the formal launch of iOS 9. Enough rumors and photo leaks through the web has given us an idea of what the iPhone devices would look like and the features that it might sport at release.

As previous rumours speculated, the new iPhone 6s devices are expected to sport rear camera upgrade to 12 megapixels alongside ability to record 4K videos as 9to5Mac reported. Current models of iPhone has 8-megapixel rear iSight camera on them and can’t record 4K resolution video. If this happens to be true, this will be the first time the iPhone series is getting an upgrade in camera power since the release of the iPhone 4S.

We also get a gist about the FaceTime camera boosting up quality for video recording and selfie shots, Apple is assumed bent on adding front-facing flash on the FaceTime camera, as 9to5Mac sources sport a code on the iOS 9 beta versions indicating inclusion of front-facing flash, the source has denied such report, instead it is said that the iPhone may borrow some features from  Snapchat or PhotoBooth where a quick white screen would pop whenever user clicks a shutter for the front camera. Other interesting features include front-facing panorama shots and HD resolution slow motion video recording.

More of the rumored popped out on web include images of the yet-to-be assembled box cover of the iPhone 6S Plus, it shows a gold koi pond fish wallpaper, cementing the speculation. Although sources say the animated wallpaper may not make it to the final consumer release.

What about the rumoured iPhone 6S dispaly panel with the Force Touch technology, Macrumors released new set of images with a closer look on the panel, nothing new was revealed but it does buttress on the already talked about Forced Touch technology. The image leak source revealed that the display panel is slightly thicker and heavier than that in the iPhone 6. The Forced Touch technology was confirmed with a mysterious chip placed on the panel.

A video posted last month displayed the purpoted iPhone 6S display panel, when 9to5Mac also tested some iOS 9 code, some Force Touch feature code were discovered. The feature is said to be used for numerous functions, one of which is for keyboard trackpad scrolling.

cnBeta which leaked the unassembled iPhone 6S plus cover box we talked about also reported a smaller battery for both iPhone 6S handsets, it is said to be a 2750mAh battery, down from the current proposed 2915mAh offering.

As for the new pink colour variant, the device is now said to release in the specific Rose Gold colour variant in the Apple Watch. Another thing to note which was reported was that the iPhone 6S and iPhone 6S Plus would likely be missing out on sapphire crystal display covers.

Combining the whole package, recent leaked has shown Apple to be using System in Package (SiP) technology for the new smart devices, and release the cellular in the same storage variants – 16GB, 64GB and 128GB. Apart from the metal casing, both the iPhone 6S and iPhone 6S Plus has said to redesign wireless systems powered by Qualcomm’s Cat 6. LTE Chip.

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Gamification: Making Work More like Fun Makes You More Productive

Everybody knows how hard it can be to keep young people engaged, these days, youths are exposed to constant distractions. There are videos to watch, messages to check, and social media accounts to keep track of. It’s hard to stay focused and hold the interest when all of that is going on.

However, there is one trick that makes it easy to keep everybody’s attention: Gamification.

Making work more like a video game, people will be driven to complete it. When you see gamification examples in action, you’ll understand why so many people have started using this method.Gamification; turning work to fun

Why Gamification seem to be the best application to hit work target

Goals and Rewards

One of the biggest reasons why people are driven to keep playing games is that they offer a steady system of goals and rewards. A game presents a goal to you, and when you achieve it, you are given some kind of reward. From there, you’ll be presented with a new goal.

It’s easy to connect goals with work – for example, you could make the goal finishing the chapter or one part of the project. Then, you have to connect some kind of reward to finishing the goal, such as a new phone or any other reward. This will keep people motivated to keep on learning, working and keep earning more rewards.

Creating New Worlds

Another reason that people are often drawn to games is that they allow them to visit stunning worlds that they’d never be able to see in real life. They also give them the opportunity to play as amazing, larger than life characters.

You can do the same thing when teaching employees something. Whether it’s just a short lesson or working with them on a big project, make the subject seem like a part of an exciting new world. Make the employees genuinely interested in exploring it, and then allow them to explore it at their own pace.

Gamification in Education

These days, a lot of schools aren’t just using gamification examples — they’re actually using educational games in the classroom. This allows students to have fun while they learn.

Every day, new games are being created that make learning a priority. Students can use video games to study history, math, science and more. Games are available for computers, tablets, and even phones, which means they’re accessible to just about everyone. No one has to miss out on them.

A lot of people think of games as an obstacle to learning. They believe that all the games out there are part of the reason why so many students are struggling. However, games can actually help students to learn if they are used wisely.

Instead of looking at games like they are enemies, take a closer look at these gamification examples. Whether you opt to use them in your home or in your office, they should be able to deliver positive results. Take full advantage of the power of gaming. They can really help us to learn and work more efficiently.

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How To Deal With Google Algorithms: Let’s Explore 12 Tips

On a frequent basis, Google launches updates in order to enhance the experience of the online searchers. The recent release of “MobileGeddon” by Google is a supporting example for the previous statement. This MobileGeddon is meant to enhance the experience of the mobile searchers because this prefers the mobile-friendly website and on the basis of mobile friendliness, it controls the ranking of the website.

The update sometimes badly affects the ranking of the respective website that further causes a bigger loss for the business. Not even this, it also jeopardizes the online reputation of the businesses. Secondly, it also becomes difficult for the affected website to regain the same position or ranking in the search result. Therefore, every business owner should primarily be concerned about the imperative strategy so that they can easily deal with the Google algorithm.

At present, the cut-throat competition has made it difficult for the business owners to devise the smart strategy that can save their website from the adverse effect of the algorithm. Therefore, through this blog, we are articulating the smart ways to cope with the updates. We have gained all these tips from various online marketing experts, who have been associated in this arena for many years. Hope that it will be helpful for you.

Let’s have a glimpse below: 

Coping with Google Algorithms in a 12 Easy-to-Follow Steps

How to deal with Google Algorithm updates

Proceed Google Mobile-Friendly Test

Google has launched a mobile-friendly test tool, where anyone can test mobile friendliness of their website. Here, you only have to enter the URL and click “Analyze” button that is on right side of the search bar. After clicking Analyze, it will present the report card. If your website qualifies, then you do not need to worry. On the other hand, if your website fails the test, then you have to consider the recommendations in order to make your website mobile-friendly.

Initiate Page Speed Insight Test

The algorithm of the search engine is coded to prioritize the website’s ranking according to the performance. Here, performance is related to the loading speed and response time. The better is the performance, more will be the chance for your website to get good rank in the search engine result page. There is a Page Speed Insight tool by Google; that enables you to analyze the performance of website on desktop and mobile.

Here, you just have to enter the URL in the search bar and click Analyze; after then, it will showcase the seriousness of the issues, if any exists in the website. By highlighting issues, it will help you identify the faults and remove the faults to make the website better.

Configure Your Website According To Mobile Features

In these 5 years, there is a multifold increase in the usage of smartphones. Various data sets show that more than 70% of smartphone users prefer accessing the internet through their mobile device. Hence, it is imperative for you to configure your website for the mobile, if you want to expand business exposure in the digital channel.

Whether it is content styling or performance, you have to transform the website content in order to make it compatible with all the features of the mobile devices. The best way to do so is  to adopt the ‘mobile first approach’ while developing the website. This approach will half the efforts and minimize the cost.

Make Search Engine Aware Of Website Configuration

In order to ease the way for search engine to identify the type of your website and index the website, you should keep the search engine updated in terms of your website configuration setting.

This step will affect ranking not only on Google search engine but also on other search engines like Yahoo, Bing, etc.

Clear Away Most Severe Faults

While making the website compatible with mobile device, we mostly overlook the faults. That further jeopardize the reputation and put the business in danger. Let’s have a glimpse over the most common and severe faults:

  • Broken Links 404 Error: This is the most common error that is not easy to be spotted. It can only be corrected if a website owner checks every navigation and link in the content.
  • Leave JavaScript, CSS & Images File Blocked: Many website owners leave the JavaScript, CSS and image file blocked that make it difficult for the search engine to index the website.
  • Not Working Content: Sometimes, the video content does not work on a particular browser that results in bad user experience and deplete rank of the website.
  • Invalid Cross Links: The invalid cross link means the link in the web page that redirects a user to irrelevant page. This is also one of most important errors that hinder indexing process and harm the ranking.
  • Slow Speed: Due to heavy images and function, the speed of page loading decelerates that provides unpleasing user experience and leads the search engine to pull down the rank.

Take Help Of Online Press Release

By generating the online press release, you can pave the way for effective inbound marketing. For creating a buzz, you can share the media pitches with a journalist, who can help you enhance the visibility of the story regarding your business in the digital world.

It is good if you define a press release or media section in your website page so that visitors can explore different events or latest happening inside your business.

Removes All Bad Links

Only good quality and relevant backlinks can render the best result for your business. Having any single bad links can harm the business ranking, even if most of the backlinks created for your website are good.

Thus, do not feel lazy or reluctant! Analyze your website from every angle, try the best analysis tool in the market to find out the bad backlink that is associated with your website and remove it, until it is too late. The negative effect of the bad link is so extreme that it becomes very difficult to regain the same ranking in minimum time.

Think of AdWords Alternative

Although the Google AdWords is a features-rich online advertising tool, with the changing time, it is becoming expensive due to increasing keyword bidding cost. Therefore, you should think about the alternative of Google Adwords.

In the recent years, various platforms, such as Flipboard, StumbleUpon, and others, have been launched that are not much expensive and have extensive features. Thus, select the best platform that suits your business and your budget.

Develop Unique & Informative Content

In order to stay ahead in search engine result, every website owner should invest the valuable time in creating the best of the best content that features crucial information, unique concepts and expressive nature with no slang & grammatical errors. The content should be well crafted in order to target the relevant audience so that they would like to go deeper while reading the content. This will automatically boost the web traffic as well as generate leads for your business.

Make Use of YouTube

YouTube is not only the video based search engine, but also a social media platform where the users share videos. The video-centric platform has now become more popular than the other social media websites such as Facebook, Twitter, etc. And, the reason behind this is people like watching videos rather than reading a blog or an article.

YouTube is one of the amazing platforms that can bring the web traffic through video content for long time. Here, the life of the posts is longer than  any other platform. More importantly, at present, the competition for the keyword has reduced; hence, this is the best time to post videos with proper description having keyword so that you can boost the business ranking in the digital world.

Improve User Experience of Website

User experience is one of the most imperative features that every website owner should consider while deploying the website. Every search engine prioritizes the website ranking according to the user experience on that website.

Therefore, from quality content to proper functional navigation, the website owner should implement every imperative feature that accounts for enhancing the user experience. The website developers should also research the best features in the market that can enhance the functionality of the websites.

Establish Brand Image With Effective Approach

Implement multifarious long-term digital marketing strategies in order to reinforce the identity of your brand. But, make sure your strategy does not comprise any unethical practice that can harm your business ranking and reputation. Use the power of every social media platform, media and analytics tools in an effective manner for establishing your brand.


Google comes up with different algorithms frequently. It is your responsibility to keep an eye on new features released in the algorithms. Did your website affect by algorithm? What did you do when this was happened? Please share experience via comment section given below. We will pleased to exchange words with you.

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Digital Eternity: Eter9 Social Media Posts updates on user’s behalf after Death

The new social media claims to create digital eternity for user, Eter9 will learn user’s personality using Artificial Intelligence (AI) and will continue to post updates after the user is dead turning the user to an eternal being.Eter9 social media

Digital immortality has long been seen in Sci-Fi movies, but this time, new social media claims to offer this service to users.

Learning your personality, the way you use the social media with artificial intelligence (AI), Eter9 will continue to post updates on your behalf after you have gone to the beyond.

With Facebook-like newsfeed and a “cortex” working just like the Facebook wall interface, Eter9 also allows you to “smile” at things similar to liking them on Facebook, and adopt virtual beings it calls Niners to act as your assistants.

Eter9 will analyze the kind of content you share, how you share them and how you comment with AI and will create a virtual counterpart that mimic your behavior after death.

Eter9 will learn more from you if you post frequently on social media.

“Eter9 makes it possible to eternalize the user and gives them the permanent ability to interact within the network 24/7 through an element called counterpart, which will be active even while the user is offline, both in terms of posting content and commenting,” the company states on its website.

“The counterpart will also be responsible for the user’s eternal life. The counterpart will absorb all the information according to the posts and comments, and process that information within the limits of the acquired knowledge.”

In an interview with the creator of Eter9 Henrique Jorge, he stated that Eter9 is a combination of “Eter” – from the word “Eternity” and “9” from “Cloud 9” referring to a state of absolute happiness.

The social media network is currently running its Beta stage; it already has over 5,000 sign ups although some insightful thinkers have described the concept as “spooky” or “creepy.”

In his word with BBC Newsbeat, Mr. Jorge said he is trying to create an AI system that faster learn from other social networks like Facebook as the Eter9 information is currently small.

Eter9 is never the first website promising eternal life to users in the online world, Lifenaut is an American company that offers you a chance to make a rich back-up of your life by creating a digital avatar based on voice recordings, photos and other information.

Also recently, Facebook rolled out a feature it called “Legacy contact” in the UK which allows users to appoint an “online executor” to decide what happens to their profile after they die.

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7 Social Media Strategies to Maximize your Brand’s Awareness

With business companies turning to SEO agencies to handle all matters concerning social media, it’s safe to say that SEO agencies have upped their game. With temperatures on the rise, it’s easy for a recent hot Internet trend to soon seem outdated. Companies are now turning to social media to help provide that extra, refreshing boost to business websites as well as personal blogs. This fierce competition has inspired even more innovative and unique ways to advertise for your brand. The following points may be of great use if you wish to increase your page’s views.Social media For Business

100% fresh

If your business strategy is to jump on the social media bandwagon, then you need to make sure that your content is completely authentic and fresh. Remember, there are a thousand others, just like you, blogging out there. What makes your page so special? Optimization of your site should be your no.1 focus. If you’re unclear about how to go about it, then call an SEO agency. Reputed firms like Good Monster, a search engine optimization agency and many others are always equipped with the latest trends and strategies to help assist you.

Links, links, links!

Linking your YouTube video to your main landing page can make all the difference. A Facebook fan page can divert a visitor to your YouTube channel which will eventually land the viewer to your website. It’s all linked. This cycle is bound to create a buzz in the social media scene, making people more aware about your brand.


Coordinating all your pages will help your potential customers identify your brand better. Match your site colors to your YouTube channel, use similar fonts, link your Instagram account photos to Facebook. This will help capture the attention of your visitors eventually drawing them closer to your brand’s website.

 Tic tac toe

As your goal is to make your brand’s name reach out far and wide, it’s understandable if you want to use only the big names to advertise for your brand. Being picky about advertising only on the best social media platforms will help gather positive buzz for your brand. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest are all big names in the industry. They could serve as your tools to get the word out.

Connect with your content

Any form of social media, from the best used apps to the least utilized, are connected with through a screen. You need to make sure that you are staying connected with your followers, subscribers and visitors, daily. As most people use cellphones as their most convenient means of communication, optimize your website for small screen usage.

Local Search

An increasing number of people use local search applications to find out salons, restaurants, bars etc that are located in close proximity. These location-based apps can trigger your search engine rankings. By increasing the likeliness of a potential customer browsing through your brand’s name, local-apps play a big part in creating awareness for your brand.

Build your brand

Social media marketing can open an array of opportunities for you and your company. By increasing your access to people and organizations, your brand grows further by building new partnerships and strategies with more companies.

It is all of these numbers that you gather in the virtual world through likes, shares and re-tweets which will play a big role in spreading your brand’s awareness in the real world.


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New Security Features Introduced with Windows 10

Microsoft products are among the most used in the world, and because of their widespread popularity and use, these products are unfortunately often targeted by various types of threats and cyber-attacks. With the latest update released by Microsoft, Windows 10, users will benefit from having access to even more security features. With a closer look at what these are, you will see that these are features that you may want to benefit from by upgrading to the latest Windows version. Windows 10 security

Windows HelloWindows 10 security

If you are concerned about the vulnerability associated with using a password or a PIN, you may feel more secure using Windows Hello as a login function. Windows Hello uses biometrics, such as your fingerprint, your eye’s iris or your facial features, to identify you for login purposes. The actual user must be physically present in front of the computer in order to log in and use the features, but you will need to have a machine or equipment with biometric reading capabilities.

Windows PassportWindows 10 security

Windows Passport is another new feature available through Windows 10. It can work in conjunction with Windows Hello or a PIN to authenticate the user. Once the user has been authenticated, the user will have access to a full list of networks for finances, social media, business networking and more.

Device Guard Windows 10 security

One of the biggest threats that users of previous versions of Windows faced related to zero-day attacks. These are threats that have become immediately known and that the programmers have not yet had time to develop a fix for. The time immediately after this threat is introduced is the time when users are most vulnerable. Device Guard is effective at preventing zero-day threats because it blocks any enterprises, apps or software programs that are not deemed to be trustworthy. This is best used in conjunction with a comprehensive anti-virus program.

Windows Store: Trusted AppsWindows 10 security

Windows Store was first available for users using Windows 8, and it continues to be available for Windows 10 users. There are currently more than 206,000 trusted apps that are available for users to download through the Windows Store. This is very similar to Apple’s App Store, but the apps available through the Windows Store must be approved by Microsoft before they become available to you. Because of this, they are deemed to be safe to download. Because the Windows Store is a relatively new option available for Windows users, you may find that there are still some kinks and limitations available through these apps. Updates and new developments are expected to continue in coming years.

Secure Boot Windows 10 secure boot

The Secure Boot feature is not new to Windows 10 users, but some may think it is. This is a security feature that was previously available through Windows 8, but many people did not know that it was an option available for them to use because the feature was disabled and had to be manually turned on through Windows 8. This is a security feature that is designed to prevent malware attacks and rootkits issues during the booting process. It works by only allowing Microsoft and other software programs to load during a boot process. While this is a beneficial feature, you should be aware that Linux users may need to disable Secure Boot due to the fact that Linux is not an approved program.

Microsoft EdgeWindows 10 Microsoft edge browser

Microsoft Edge is the new default Internet browser available on Windows 10. It is designed to remove support for legacy technologies while also enabling integration with new technology, and this makes it lighter and more navigable. This browser essentially eliminates the security vulnerabilities associated with the Windows operating system. Every web page that is visited through Edge will run in an app container, which is deemed to be considerably more secure than the alternative. This works in conjunction with Passport technology for one-time authentication, and there are anti-phishing features in place as well.

Innovating security with new technological updates is crucial. With the new security features available in Windows 10, it will be difficult for cyber-attackers to find a blind spot to penetrate.


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What is ADSL 2+ and why should you get it?

ADSL 2+ sounds pretty darn great when you hear or read its name. The “2+” tacked on the end is impressive and represents an improvement upon initial ADSL, eliciting thoughts of speed and convenience that are intriguing to any customer. Right now, ADSL 2+ is by far the best option for many users, especially with the National Broadband Network still unavailable to hundreds of thousands of Australians.

ADSL 2+ connection is taking over.

But just what exactly is ADSL 2+? In short, it’s a type of broadband internet service. But there’s more to it than that. Let us help you get a grip on what ADSL 2+ is and what is required to get hooked up.

What is ADSL 2+?

ADSL stands for Asymmetric Digital Subscriber Line. The reason it is referred to as asymmetric is because the upstream and downstream channels are not the same. ADSL 2+ gives more credence to downstream transmission. ADSL 2+ improved upon initial ADSL, providing faster service that can handle multiple users without getting bogged down with lag. The frequency band of ADSL 2+ can be up to double that of ADSL.

Also Read: The ‘4G’ – The Making of a New High Speed Internet Connection

What is needed to use ADSL 2+?

Like its predecessor, ADSL 2+ operates through copper phone wiring. ADSL 2+ requires a few specific components for operation, including one of the ADSL 2+ modems available now from iiNet. Your modem can have a big impact on your internet speed, so make sure you determine which one is best for you. Take into account what you are using the ADSL 2+ for, as certain models will better suit office buildings while others are better fit for home use.

The obvious key is to make sure you get a modem specifically created to handle ADSL 2+. That is because ADSL modems cannot process the faster speeds of ADSL 2+. The other factor is your proximity to a telephone exchange and the capability of said exchange. Your telephone exchange needs to be able to handle ADSL 2+, as does your phone line.

adsl 2+ router connectivityUnfortunately, not every person will be able to utilise the speeds of ADSL 2+. There’s not much that can be done if no nearby exchanges are equipped. However, one thing to keep in mind is that internet providers equip exchanges individually. That means that one provider being unable togive you internet access via an exchange doesn’t mean that another is also unable.

How to get hooked up

The easiest thing to do if you want to enjoy speedy ADSL 2+ is to contact your provider and see if the service is available in your area. Your provider will be able to determine the quality of ADSL 2+ at your location and help you figure out which plan is best suited for your situation.

Part of this process will involve deciding whether or not you should ditch your fixed phone line. In most cases we don’t recommend doing that, as bundle plans make keeping it inexpensive. Also, fixed lines can come in handy in emergency situations in which power is lost.

With the advent of technology and several discoveries, internet connectivity just kept on improving every blessed day, and ADSL 2+ , unlike others, answers to the need of people lacking high speed internet connectivity. But my question is, have you experienced ADSL 2+ speed yet? Let me have your say below.

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Is Social Media Ruining Science Journalism?

Science and technology are areas that have always had the ability to draw public interest – when something exciting has happened. We all look on in excitement at the New Horizons pictures of Pluto, or read with interest when a new medical advancement has been made. However, a lot of the time, the work carried out in science, technology and medicine takes the form of baby steps towards these impressive goals, and headline grabbing glamour stories simply don’t occur with the regularity of celebrity scandals or the other kinds of news we get to feast on through social media media science journalism

This, of course, has always been the case, but as journalism is replaced by blogging, outlets claiming to bring the latest and best science news often use the same tactics more traditionally associated with lightweight media. Has the social media age ruined the way science is reported in the mainstream?


Popular science blog IFL Science has come under criticism from its own fans for increasingly using ‘clickbait’ style titles for its articles. It is by no means the only offender. A clickbait title is one that misleads the reader into thinking the article is more revelatory than it is, and often includes a dramatic question that obviously the reader has to open the article to see the answer to.

This, when it is employed in lightweight news (‘Which member of 1 Direction has a controversial new tattoo?’) is effectively harmless, but when reporting on science and medicine, it can have worrying effects. A link that says ‘Scientists have found that sleep affects your cancer risk – but how many hours do you need?’ and then takes you to an article that explains that in a small study on mice, a possible correlation between sleep and breast cancer was observed, is clearly not responsible writing.

Exaggerating the Significance of Findings

Nobody would even attempt to get a paper published in a science journal which said that the findings of a small, isolated study were enough to prove anything more than that a theory deserved further exploration, however most people don’t get their news from journals, they get it from blogs. People tend to be afraid to simply report that a study was done and the findings were interesting – instead they feel they have to exaggerate the significance of it so that every bit of research says something terrifying about climate change or promises an affordable cure for HIV.

Do You Want to Write About Science?

With a decent website by a design agency like anybody can have a professional looking, nice blog, but that doesn’t mean they are actually qualified to talk about anything – it is still hugely important to display some journalistic ethics. If you want to cover science, medicine and technology on your own blog, make sure you aren’t overblowing the significance of findings, and when you speculate on possible future implications, don’t state your theories as fact. Do this, and report honestly, and maybe you can help turn the tide of misleading and dangerous medical and scientific reporting on the web.

Social media has changed news in both good and bad ways, but when it comes to science and medicine, a move away from misleading journalism really needs to happen.

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The Ultimate Guide to Internet Security

The internet is a wonderful invention that allows us to have a worldwide exchange of ideas, information, and products. It is also a very dangerous place for the unprepared, as the tools of the internet and technology have allowed criminals to roam relatively unopposed on the internet, except perhaps for other cybercriminals who are competing for the same marks. Identity theft is perhaps the most profitable crime out there with a significant lack of risk considering international boundaries and the anonymity the internet often allows, and the defenses of some large organizations leave a lot to be desired.Is the Internet Hurting You? Find the missing WHYs

All of this means that it is essential for you to know basic internet security so you have a framework and mindset that you can use to defend yourself from threats while you use the network that has become such an integral part of everyone’s life. There are many tools and habits that can help you, but they are only good if you are using them.

Here are things you absolutely need to know in order to stay safe online:

What You Constantly Hear

If you’ve read anything about internet security before this, then you’ve heard advice like having an excellent password and having a top-tier internet security program before. The reason you keep hearing this is because it is the right advice, and any good online security plan has these basic guidelines as its foundation. If you aren’t doing this, then all of the following advice will be for nothing.

There are other things that you hear often that you should be doing. The most prominent one of these is to perform a backup often so that you can restore your computer without a heavy heart should you have any problems with malware or viruses. Another thing you should be doing is a manual check of all of your important files so you know where they are and can keep easier tabs on them. The last commonplace thing you should be doing is keeping your email protection at the highest priority because your email can be considered the nexus for all of your other accounts, if your email isn’t directly part of a more sensitive service in the first place.

Privacy is Your Friend

Not everyone online needs to know everything about you. It is often best to leave many optional fields blank when you create online profiles, or avoid making online profiles at all if they ask too much, especially if the website is not a trusted brand. If someone in your life asks you for information regarding your passwords or other account information, make sure to tell them nothing or uselessly vague information. No one except you and maybe your spouse needs to know every detail of your online life. Anyone else might use that data against you or try to sell you that data someday, so your privacy is vital.

You may also want to consider using a tool to obscure your IP address such as a proxy or a VPN, which will be explained shortly. This way people and organizations won’t be able to track you so easily and know who you are, allowing you a greater amount of freedom and security online. Whatever you use, having your IP address hidden is a good thing for you.

Public Networks and VPNs

A lot of your internet security has to do with not what you do on the internet but how you access the internet. You have probably seen “Free Wi-Fi” signs posted everywhere in restaurants, large stores, and public buildings, but they are often extremely dangerous due to the lack of encryption or any other protection they have.This means that hackers can easily take a look at and steal any data that travels over the network with a simple and inexpensive setup that you won’t likely notice. This will lead to identity theft, or at least a few compromised accounts.

Your best defense against this particular type of attack is to use a Virtual Private Network (VPN), which is a service that allows your computer or smartphone to connect to an offsite secure server using an encrypted connection. The encrypted connection will act as a sort of protected road or tunnel for your data, allowing to travel unnoticed by hackers or anyone else. All they will know is that you are using a VPN. The fact that you are connecting to an offsite server which masks your IP address means you will get that all important privacy and will be able to bypass problematic government restrictions.

While a VPN is an essential tool to have, it is also important to pick out the right one. There are quite a few out there all competing for your attention, and that is why it is important that you check out reviews from websites such as Secure Thoughts and VPNSP. No matter what you choose, you will be better off for it.

Scams and Malware

The internet is full of people who want to take a bite out of you. Criminal activity is rampant on many parts of the internet, and you need to know what to watch out for when it comes to this sort of individual or website.

As for scams, there are too many to mention in this article, but many of them are variations on the theme of an offer that is unbeatable anywhere else and all they need is your information to send you something. In almost every circumstance, it is a trap, and if something sounds too good to be true, then it positively is. Try reading a list of common scams, using only websites that you trust, and not clicking ad links on the pages that you do visit.

Malware can be tricky, and the best way to fight it is to avoid it. Luckily a good security program can block out most of it, but it is still possible to download it directly onto your computer and give it permissions, thinking that it is another program. You also have to worry about ransomware, which will try to block you from exiting a tab on your browser until you download something that will “secure” your computer, which will then lock up your computer until you pay the ransomware creator a large sum of money. With this you just need to exit the browser tab by any means necessary, including ending the process or even resetting the computer.

When it comes to anything like this, it all comes down to using the right websites and going with your instinct. Try not to find too good a deal; otherwise, you’ll find yourself severely disappointed.

Thank you for reading, and I hope that you now know enough to defend yourself from any threat out there.

Business Information and Communication Technology (ICT)

How Machine Learning is Changing How E-Commerce Websites Operate

What is Machine Learning?

Machine Learning is an area of Computer Science that emerged most prominently in the 1990s alongside the advent of the World Wide Web. To put it simply, the goal of Machine Learning is to filter raw data through algorithms in order to learn and gain insights from said data.

Computer Programmers who study and apply Machine Learning principles, and tools such as Amazon Machine Learning and Apache Spark, have become highly sought out by E-Commerce websites in recent years.

The Question

My question is, why, at this moment in time, are a multitude of E-Commerce websites adopting complex and technical Machine Learning procedures?

The main reason is there is a proliferation of E-Commerce websites in many of the same markets, which has led to increased competition between these online businesses. The solution? Find an edge anywhere you can.

Enter: Machine Learning

Machine Learning enables E-Commerce websites to make reasoned decisions about customer behaviour. It allows these websites to understand their customers’ general tendencies, and then plan marketing and sales campaigns towards these customer tendencies, which allows businesses to make impactful decisions that benefit themselves and their customers. Machine Learning can become a key part of anE-Commerce website’s analytics. With a wealth of customer data, including purchase history, products visited but not purchased, bounce rates, and other trends, a Machine Learning tool or solution can identify avenues for improvement.

Machine learning and ecommerce

Recently, more and more E-Commerce websites are pushing towards Machine Learning applications and software, and hiring full-time Programmers who are solely in charge of building personalized Machine Learning tools that are applicable and appropriate for only specific E-Commerce websites.

Should Your Business Use Machine Learning?

So does it make sense for your E-Commerce website to integrate a Machine Learning system? Well, for smaller E-Commerce websites with a few products and users, it’s possible to run operations efficiently without machine learning. However, as the scale of an E-Commerce business starts to increase, there are interesting problems that arise.

For example, how can you be sure that you’re offering the right products to your customers? Are there products in the store that are often purchased together, or that you should be upselling? Can you make reasoned recommendations to your customers? These are questions that an unsupervised Machine Learning tool can answer.

Concluding Thoughts

In conclusion, Machine Learning is a new tool that is extremely and readily available to E-Commerce websites. It can help inform site owners about their customers, from product preferences to behavioural tendencies. However, it requires a high level of technical understanding to implement and understand properly.