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How to Pass on your Digital Properties to Beneficiaries

Just like you have a lot of real estate and business properties you can transfer to you heir when you age and die, likewise nowadays, the digital environment is full of accumulated treasures that can’t just be overlooked or forgotten.How to inherit digital propeties

We spend increasing amount of money on digital products such as music, TV shows and movies.

An average iTune user blows $48 (£31.47) per year according to an estimate. If you have been an iTune customer since 2001 when it was launched, you would have blew out £440.63

In the past, music lovers could pass on their record collection, this is the digital era, and our rights are far less clear.

A Saga legal service representative Emma Myers said “Many people use the internet to download music, films and TV shows, What you may not know is that you are most times actually not paying to own the content in the real sense, you are paying for a license to use it during your lifetime.

What about digital currencies in PayPal, Bitcoin, Perfect money etc and unfinished businesses online? How can your heir inherit that?

Now, How do you transfer your digital Property to the next generation?


Even though, the Facebook platform is free to use, your friends, circles, followers and group accumulated may be considered a big wealth of treasure.

A new Facebook features “Legacy Contacts” lets one appoint a loved one to manage their account after death.

A friend or loved one can now be appointed to inherit a social media account when their benefactor dies.

The new Facebook feature called “Legacy contacts,” is now available for UK users. it also allows one to request Facebook to delete the digital property when one is dead.


Currently, Apple does not have the features to delete an account, if you share you Apple ID and password with loved ones, they can edit the detail after you are gone.

Click here can manage Apple ID. The names, address and other information could be changed once they login. They could have full access to any media the deceased had downloaded in the account. Include personal information of intended beneficiary to avoid problems

Apple customer service can also be reached on 0844 209 0611 or 0800 107 6285.

Nectar Point

To inherit points left by the deceased on a Nectar eShopping card, the legal beneficiary will call 0344 811 0811 providing the deceased name and date of birth.

If the balance is more than 40, 000 points, written confirmation from the executor will be needed and posted to: Freepost RRXL-TGET-CGZX, Nectar, Clipper Boulevard, Dartford, DA2 6QB.


To claim funds left by the decease on Betfair, the beneficiary or next of kin will have to send a copy of death certificate of the decease to alongside the deceased name and other information.


The PaddyPower policy also requires the beneficiary to provide the deceased death certificate and other information sent to, the outstanding balance of the deceased bet funds will be paid.

William Hill

The gambling site will request a copy of the death certificate and proof that beneficiary is related to their deceased client. Document like birth or marriage certificate may be needed to convince the company sent to The account will be closed and the remaining balance transferred to beneficiary.

London Oyster card

Oyster Transportation Company of London will request the Oyster card number from and death certificate of deceased from next of kin which could be forwarded to


To inherit PayPal fund; the company will request the following document by fax to 08707303194

  • A written statement that declares the account holder is deceased and the executor wants to close the PayPal account.
  • Deceased PayPal account detail
  • Copy of death certificate of the deceased account holder
  • Copy of deceased account holder’s legal document or Will providing information regarding the executor.
  • Letter stating the intentions of the executor, e.g. closing the account or changing the account holder.
  • Copy of photo ID of executor.

These are the ways to transfer digital properties to beneficiaries.

Got more ways beneficiaries can inherit digital properties online, feel free to share them with us in the comment section.


Cloud Computing Technologies and Resources

How Would Your Small Business Cope with Data Loss or Accidental File Deletion From Local Computers and Devices?

If you operate a small business from your own computer or a small network, then chances are you often keep things you are working on saved to local drives. While there are many benefits to moving to cloud storage, if you haven’t implemented this yet and are still operating locally, you might probably accidentally become a victim of data loss.Managing Big Data in the Cloud

Whether it is pictures from your camera’s memory, documents and other files from your computer, or audio files from your phone or tablet, it can be incredibly stressful when you can’t find the things you need, and can cost you a lot of time. At worst, losing files you need to deliver or use in your marketing can even cost you business.

The Importance of a Good Saving Strategy

Modern applications like MS Office will allow you to set an autosave, so that your computer will save your work regularly even if you don’t remember to manually ask it to save. This means that you can recover almost everything you have done recently if your computer crashes, assuming you can get it to reboot! It is a good idea to have this feature switched on, although on slower computers it may make the application run slowly while the automatic saves are taking place – this is better than losing work just because something simple like your computer overheating or Windows crashing occurs.

Automatic saving and recovery is not completely foolproof, however. You can still lose work if you have done a lot in the minutes between autosaves, and sometimes for different reasons files can’t be recovered properly. You should therefore hard save very regularly.

The Importance of Backing Up

Backing up the data from your computer to a different drive, or to another computer like your local network server, will make file accidentally deleted recovery much easier, or which become lost or corrupted. You can also consider backing up to the cloud, which can be a better option because you don’t have to worry about the stability of your back up location, schedule backups to run automatically, and run them regularly – how regularly depends on how much data you tend to add or change, and how important it is.

Buy Some Good File Recovery Software

Even when you are saving and backing up with a good policy, you may sometimes lose files. There are all kinds of reasons why this may happen, from accidentally deleting them yourself through to data becoming corrupt. It is therefore a good idea for your business to buy some file recovery software which can be run as and when needed to restore any missing files. offer solutions for file and photo recovery on Windows and Mac at reasonable prices, and products like these offer assurance that you won’t need to panic if a file is lost at a crucial moment!

Consider how you will be able to cope in the event of losing files, and also do all you can to prevent this with very regular saves and a good back up strategy.

Apple iOS

iPhone Breaks Easily? – How Did You Break Your Smartphone?

The clamshell design of cellphones in days past were much more protective than today’s smartphone designs with their large, flat screens and thin frames. In spite of protective cases, smartphones still break pretty regularly. PC Advisor reports the average iPhone breaks within six weeks after purchase. So, what are some of the most common and unusual ways people break their smartphones?

Top Five Ways iPhones Break

iPhone Breaks: 5 Ways/Reasons Your iPhone Might Break 

According to PC Advisor, these are the most common ways iPhones break:

  1. Dropped on a hard surface
  2. Fell into water inside the home (bathtubs, toilets, sinks, etc.)
  3. Was accidentally sat or stood upon
  4. Was left on car roof
  5. Got broken by a child

Comments on forums like MacRumors report a lot more iPhone breakage for models released after the iPhone 4. Elite Daily reports that a drop test of the iPhone 6 and 6 Plus “will break your heart along with the screens.” Apple may have succeeded with design, it says, but not with durability.

Not Just iPhones Break

Fast Company finds that Androids and iPhones break in the same places around the home. For example, they both fall victim to the toilet 9 percent of the time and to the washing machine 4 percent of the time. Likewise, 6 percent of each are fated to fly off a car roof.

Android phones are much more likely to break in the bedroom (12 percent) than iPhones (8 percent.) Furthermore, 21 percent of iPhone breaks occur in the kitchen, compared to just 15 percent of Android breakdowns. The living room is the most dangerous for both, where 21 percent of iPhones and 17 percent of Androids meet their ends.

Most Unusual Ways Phones Break

Although most phones break for mundane reasons, there are some pretty unique cases out there. Bankrate interviewed two experts in the distribution of electronics to find out more unusual ways smartphones have been destroyed. Here are some of the best ones:

  • Dropped in an outhouse pit
  • Slipped out of a pocket and into an ice-fishing hole
  • Hit in the batter’s pocket by a 90mph pitch
  • Taken by a dog from a kid whose hands were covered in barbecue sauce and ate it
  • Peed on by a dog during a camping trip
  • Fell into a deep fryer at McDonald’s

Clearly, human error plays a huge role in the destruction of cellphones. This being said, it makes sense to shop for a reasonably-priced smartphone like the LG G4 instead of investing in an expensive one.

Don’t Blame Yourself Too Much

Accidents happen. Don’t be too hard on yourself (or your kid) if and when your phone breaks. It was bound to happen anyway. Mine did awhile ago, I forgave myself, and even inspired my colleague to write about his own experience.

The mobile tech news site Pocketnow reminds its readers that smartphones, like other consumer goods, degrade with use. And when you think about it, most people use their phones almost constantly throughout their waking hours. Smartphones have a lot of moving parts that can be damaged by friction, heat and contaminants. Humid environments (like the bathroom) and keeping a phone in your pocket contribute to this risk. So, although you want to try and protect your phone for as long as possible, don’t be too devastated when it breaks.

Does your phone breaks? If yes, did you freak out when it happened? And how did you handle it afterwards? Hit me up.

Operating System (Computer or Mobile) Windows 10

Microsoft Windows 10 Debuts; Here’s the big Plan

Microsoft Windows 10

Microsoft’s Windows 10 debuts into the software market as the company struggles to become relevant in a world where more people increasingly rely on Smartphone, tablets and online information.

Windows 10 debuts with amazing apps aimed for top business productivity

No queue is expected as it used to be 20 years ago during the days of the Windows 95, but Microsoft expects tens or even hundreds of millions of people to download its latest software release free within the coming months. Microsoft is set for a global marketing campaign, like LG did with FlashMob awhile ago, to accompany this release – to reshape its own future and to reach out to vast audience of computer users globally.

The PC and tablet will be having the Windows 10 first, later to get on phones, game consoles, and even holographic headsets. Some of the new features to expect are the revamped Web browser called Edge and a desktop version of the sweet lady Cortana, in response to Google Now and Apple’s Siri.

The company still bank on the statement that the Windows 10 will seem familiar with the Windows 7 users, the 6 year old OS still running on most PCs. Seem Microsoft and PC makers is trying to erase the memory of the 2012 big update named Windows 8 which pretty look strange and unacceptable to PC users.

Microsoft jumped the name Windows 9, a way to further distant itself from the last release as many analyst believed the Windows 8 crashed PC sales worse than ever, it’s still on watch if the Windows 10 will spin the industry back to growth.

How does Microsoft Plans to distribute the Windows 10?

Microsoft has planned Wednesday to run promotional events across cites, attached to a global ad campaign and different charitable donations. Windows 10 will become downloaded immediately to about 5million people who enrolled in an earlier test program.

To anyone who has the Home or Pro versions of Windows 7 or 8, Microsoft is offering the Windows 10 as free download over the next year (except for the enterprise version used by big organizations). Many may not get it the first day, Microsoft will be delivering downloads in waves, to ensure the whole thing goes easy but hasn’t talked about how long that would take.

Wal-Mart, Best Buy, Staples and other retailers will have some desktops and laptops already pre-loaded with Windows 10.

Why is Microsoft Offering Windows 10 for Free?

The company is set to get the new OS to the hands of as many users as possible; Microsoft needs a crowd of users to convince developers that it is worth it building great apps for the Windows 10 devices. Microsoft also believes if more people are able to try out the latest and the best Windows in town, they may likely be convinced to try other Microsoft products on mobiles and PCs.

Satya Nadella, Microsoft’s CEO has given himself a target of getting 1 billion devices running Windows 10 in 3 years. About 1.5 billion people are currently using some kinds of Windows according to Microsoft’s estimate, rather than charging them to upgrade as the company used to do, its employing the free download technique after Apple and Google’s legacy.

How will Microsoft make Money from the Windows 10?

PC makers that pre-install Windows 10 on their latest devices will still pay licensing fees. Up to recent years, most users have always waited until they bought new devices to get the latest Windows. Microsoft will also make money selling Windows and other software to enterprise users (big businesses and organizations).

More so, Microsoft is counting on Windows 10 to spur more use of other services. The Bing search engine belongs to Microsoft, the company makes money selling adverts for the engine; Windows 10 debuts with many apps that steer users to Bing. OneDrive cloud storage, Skype, and Office software are also Microsoft products, users will pay a premium to the company to use these products.

More features on Windows 10 to Wow Consumers

Microsoft claimed to have designed the Windows 10 for the way people use the computer today; faster web browser, features to makes it easy for you to start a task on PC and then switch to mobile device (Google and Apple has similar features on their software).

An upgrade on security, Windows 10 users will be able to log in with their face, iris or thumbprint, instead of cracking passwords, though this will only work on device that has the hardware.

Microsoft will still give technical support to Windows 7 user for the next five years, even though the Windows 8 is unpopular, but Microsoft’s guys is still on sit to phase out maintenance and security support till 2023 as it did with the older Windows XP, still, no need to panic about upgrading right away.

Why is the new Windows 10 innovation important to the tech industry?

Manufacturers like Hewlett-Packard and companies like Microsoft, Intel and others whose products are PC based has suffered fall in sales of PC due to growth in mobile devices.

Windows 10 won’t make people drop their hand-held device, but Nadella has strategized to reposition Microsoft for a world where people use multiple devices.

Toshiba’s consumer PC business fore runner Jeff Barney said the new software can’t be compared to the Windows 8 and will complement hardware advances in Toshiba’s latest releases, although it is not expected to have big rush at the store on Wednesday at the release but over time, there will be positive trend in sales Jeff believes.

The windows 10 is available in 190 countries today.

Designs & Invention Gizmos

The Next Generation of Robotic Technologies for Home

From the days of Dexter, the boy genius and Batman with his smart cave and even more recently on movies such as Marvel’s Iron Man towering in his Point Dome House. From the above examples we have visualized how smart homes are a fantasy comes true. In reality, we are not far off neither are we there yet. We have electric gates and doors such as Lockitron, automated lawn mowers and yard sprinklers to mention but a few. However, the next generation of smart homes will blow your mind. It is close to the imagery we see in futuristic series and movies. Let’s see what is in store for us sooner than we think.

Next-GEN Robotic Technologies for Your “Classic Home”

Automatic gate that opens and closes with a sensorAn example of a automatic gating technology in action (sensor)|VCI Online

For starters a bit into the theory of what it all means when we say: Robotics and robots. A robot simply put is an agent that is controlled by a computer program to do a specific task. According to, in Artificial Intelligence, any agent has a specific environment and has pre-fed data about that environment to make it function well in the environment where it’s meant to function. For example, an automated gate ‘knows’ its boundaries and its functions (knows here is quoted to show that true there is some intelligence involved but we need to remember that it is inanimate.) Therefore when triggered by a button or more intelligent ones, by motion detectors, it activates and using actuators opens and later closes the gate.

Automation rules everywhere, even at tesla motor manufacturing factory.Automation is the name of the game everywhere and Tesla manufacturing factor can attest to that. | Tesla

Robotics applies in so many fields particularly it has become instrumental in manufacturing such that plant managers cannot imagine life without them. Coming to homes, Morelli (2015) says “robots that perform many tasks will arrive in our homes. But don’t just doing the laundry or dishes just yet” This norm tells us that beyond having the household washing machines and dishwashers, there is a lot of expectation in the future.

The move of investors towards home comes not as a wonder because private homeowners, read rich folk, can spare a few bucks on a smart house. They can do this far more than factories and the customers stretch them to limit in specialized designing of the robots coupled with different environment as mentioned above.
Among the specific areas homes can be made smarter are entertainment, security and energy. Far beyond that, Myo, the gesture control armband from Thalamic Labs suffices this. According to the demo Stephen Lake, Thalamic Labs CEO and co-founder, shows Myo can control your Apple TV and Home stereo.

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When working with Bluetooth beacons more devices become operated wirelessly. On the CES 2015 featured Matt Rogers of Nest, who are among companies trying to create intelligent rooms that will be our bedrooms and servant quarters pretty soon. Smart beds that can track your child’s sleep pattern and even having an inbuilt alarm that wake you up that’s awesome who wouldn’t want that.

Lockitron smartphone app for doorWith Lockitron on your phone, you can control your door even while you are miles away | TechAtLast

Internet-connected door locks are there, but what is to come is an entire connected home where from your smartphone’s interface you can get notifications of any impending danger from security CCTVs and heat level from the thermostats. As far as home assistants are concerned we foresee a future where the iRobot becomes a general purpose boat; inbuilt vacuum cleaner and wait at the table while you eat. Moreover in the effort of creating smart rooms, devices attached to the lighting of the room and stereo system such that it can sense your attitude/mode and transform the environment to suit you.automatic gate installation and demographic

So back to robotics, all robots being agents respond to stimuli, interpret the stimuli and eventually send a command to actuators to execute the tasks. Linear motion systems are systems acting on a certain path (line) of trajectory. For example sliding doors act in one line of closing and opening. So does closing and opening a sunroof. At first it is ejected from a lock and then slid through by the actuators parallel to the hinge and vice versa in line. These actuators come in different types. They can be mechanical, pneumatic, hydraulic, piezoelectric and electromechanical (mostly used in robotics).

Automation has taken over almost every aspect of our days, all thanks recent development in robotic technologies. But my question is, would you like to substitute robots to help out with your home chores? Hit me up in the comment section and let’s discuss pertinent issues about robotic technologies and what the future holds for automation industry.

Business Featured Information and Communication Technology (ICT)

Technological Revolution in the Work Place

Interaction with technology in our daily activities is so omnipresent that it is almost taken for granted in this digital era.Being Tech savvy for business growth

1. Influence of smartphones on people’s life

The impact of technology on an individual varies based on how “techy” they are. From people who use their smart-phones to upload every minute of their lives to social media to those that religiously follow the latest technological news, modern technology offers something for everyone. Many people today have easy access to unprecedented computing power: An average smartphone of today is faster than PC’s available a decade ago. This computing power is also well complemented by the global information resource, the internet.

While for an average Joe the technology at their disposal today is merely a source of entertainment, for many people it’s a life saver. Efficient use of today’s devices and their capabilities can save a lot of headache to those who are already burdened by the typical work stress they have to undergo every day. At the onset, working from home has never been more real and accessible, even for those from technology-oriented professions. It is not uncommon to see freelance programmers, web and graphic designers that have worked on projects as big as those undertaken at reputed organizations. Freelancers, however, have the added advantage of deciding their own work hours and work load, which gives them extra time to spend with their loved ones, not to mention the time they save on commuting if their offices are far from the place they live.

That is not to say that people working at offices do not rely on modern day technologies. Previously, taking a day off work meant that they were essentially out of contact with clients for that day. This would normally mean that they would have double the work load the next day, or increase their back log at the very least. Moreover, with the computing power that most Smartphone’s are equipped with, not only can an employee stay in touch with their office work on their days off, but also finish any important or time bound task right from the comfort of their couch.

2. Importance of technology in the Work Place

Many devices are advertised for their special designs or capabilities that improve the productivity of the users, and several television ads show creative ways of how these devices can be used for being more productive. Developers of various mobile platforms also realize this potential, which is probably the reason why many apps from the productivity section of their respective stores witnesses a constant expansion, both in terms of their capabilities, and their sales. These mobile applications range from simple office suites that let a user edit a document or presentation to those that allow for accurate manipulation of images to apps that deal with financial data sheets, not to mention several tailor-made apps that turn the smartphones and tablets into remote controls for high-quality equipment such as cameras and workstations. Such a wide variety of apps means that a plethora of professional work can now be conveniently performed right from your handheld device.

Just as the employees, the employers also are coming up with new and creative ways to use technology for an improved efficiency of their workforce. For example, crowd sourcing has been shown to be successful in many different situations. For a big MNC, this would mean that employees from several different countries and time zones are working on a single problem. By providing a custom app that is installed on the devices of all the employees working on a project, companies can efficiently track and understand which group of their crew is lagging behind and where is more efficiency needed. Similarly, wearable devices such as smart watches are increasingly being supported by several big companies to ensure that their employees never miss an important meeting or email. However, this can sometimes compromise the security of the company, as it is not very difficult for an employee to collect sensitive information of an organization and sell it to third parties unless proper measures are taken to prevent this.

Developers working on building tools and software for improvement in workplace efficiency are always on the lookout for latest technology news that they can use. This has led to the availability of tools that have enhanced several aspects of a typical organization. A good example is the hiring process. Back in the day even when emails and internet communication was prevalent, it was still a burden for recruitment personnel to scan through hundreds (and sometimes thousands) of applications and resumes to choose or shortlist people. Now, many companies use tools that let them set filters to automatically remove applicants that do not meet certain criteria.  Similarly, good tracking systems enable employers to simplify the background checks and other steps of the recruiting process.

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3. Technology and Environment are inseparable

This trend highlights how inseparable technology has become with work environment. With the recent developments in smart eye wear and robotic technologies, it is only going to become more prevalent. We have already seen concepts where firefighters are given real time instructions via their smart eye wear in dismantlement of complex machinery. Companies increasingly show interest in investment on robots that help human personnel in performing repetitive and mundane tasks with great accuracy. It would be interesting to see what keys the future holds in terms of technology-driven workplaces.

Technological revolution is taking place everywhere; day-by-day we hear about news of different forms of technological advancements replacing there obsolete counterparts, and that is just a sign of what’s to come. With all the recent technological revolutions coming into the fold, what are your opinions, and what does the future holds for non-techy employees and employers?

Information and Communication Technology (ICT) Internet Access Startups

Technology Consciousness in the 21st Century: How technically conscious are you?

Believe it or not, technology runs our days – I mean our daily lives, either you believe it or not! Has it come to your consciousness that you can’t just do without technology, even if you hate it!? If you don’t believe this yet, now is the time to get to know what you’ve been involved with unconsciously. Being technically conscious of what is going on around you is a great gain. There are so many things that may go wrong if you do not take note of your environs. With the influx of recent technological developments and upgrades and the affluence of tech start-ups springing up daily; all thanks to strategic acquisitions taking place of recent; the need to make profit by any means will continue to be the headline of the day. And you might not know the impact this could have on you.

My task is to bring it to your notice – I will be revealing what this mean to you, your loved ones, and family. You may not agree with me that Technology runs you! But here’s why maintaining a technology consciousness mentality in the 21st century is golden, and it will help you in a lot of ways.

…Having a Technology Consciousness mentality in the 21st Century is a great deal!

Your smartphone could hurt you so badly

no to mobile phone calling while charging

I don’t know if you are aware before this moment or not, that having a smart phone around you all the time poses a great danger to your health. In fact, it does more harm to you than the goods mass media pitched it to be doing in your life. Does that mean we shouldn’t be using smart phone? Absolutely not.

You can use it but knowing how to use it properly will minimize the risk aspect of using it.

Action points:

  • Avoid keeping phone in your chest pocket – it is deadly.
  • Avoid putting your headphone on while sleeping – there’s high level of radiation taking place between your smartphone and other electrical appliances while it is in use, so, it wont be nice to forget taking it off when you are ready to sleep.
  • Avoid picking calls while charging your smartphone – this will pose a high level of danger to your eardrum.

Your car, phone or other device could be used in revealing your whereabouts

Gone are the days when GPS location system was still in its infant stage. Then it becomes difficult to have enough facilities in place to instigate a tracking system (whether for good or bad reasons), not to talk of having such a system installed to track human beings. But with the recent technological advancements in the global positioning system technology, a small mobile tracking chip installed onto your smart phone; automobile, fridge, door, gas cooker, or, even in your pocket consciously or unconsciously; is all hackers need to know your whereabouts.

A total stranger, with hacking knowledge, can have an idea of the person you are without having to move close to you, once they can break into your data through illegal means available at their disposal, and one way you can avoid this is to be conscious of what is going on around you.

Having the knowledge of what you use and how it works will give you a proper understanding of protecting yourself against any evil device against your security.

Action Points:

  • Study the manual of each gadget to know some of its features – know the do’s and don’ts and the pros and cons of how it works.
  • Spend more time to know your gadgets – after you must have studied the manual, you need to put the knowledge into use by practicing it so that you could spot when things go awry. Hackers could gain access to your webcam without your permission, if you have prior knowledge of how the camera reacts when you put it on, and when you didn’t, you’ll quickly identify the mal-functionality.
  • Put your Wi-Fi off when it is not in use – doing this will save you lot of hassle.
  • Cover your webcam lens when not in use.
  • Disable automatic downloads and installation of software from website. It is advisable that you should manually download and install software especially if they are not from trusted source.

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Your homes could be wired to broadcast/transfer sensitive data to outsiders

Webcam hackers

20st If you’re from the 19th – 20th century era of big head-like television set with no internet access, you may be free from what I’m about to say. But if you are living in this 21st century, you are not excluded from this. According to IBTimes, over sixteen million phones have been infected with malwares which later on expose the owner information to hackers from the outside. After your details have been shared, what the worst would you expect? The next is to wait patiently for when the attacker will launch a stealth hacking attempts at your data.

Most of the attempts reported in 2014 were initiated with the help of an in-house wireless system failure – smartphones being the prime target. Last year, a research was carried out by Norse Corp, a US based data security firm, released a staggering result of 5,840 cyber attacks happening within just 45 minutes in the US. The image below analyse and expand more on how much of these hacking attempts could have taken place in less than 45 minutes in one country alone. What about the figure for the rest of the world?

Hacking attempts across the worldA staggering report of cyberattacks carried out in less than 45 minutes, all coming from all across the world.

You’re not alone, even when you think you do

Okay, agreed you don’t use some of these tech gadgets, and by that reason, you cannot get entangled in any form of truces from outsiders. But you are WRONG!

Don’t think you are free from hacking attempts, especially if you have children of nowadays around you. They want the latest iPhones, RIM’s Blackberries, and Android phones, so you tell me how they’ll use it without having internet access on any of these gadgets.

The era of being free totally is long gone, unless you are not living, so being technically savvy of what is going on around you; understanding how stuff works around you will save you time, stress, and money.


Technology runs almost everything and according to Alvin Toffler, as “our technological powers increase, the side effects and potential hazards also escalate,” so there is a great need to learn as much as possible about the possible hazards they may arise as we are using them.

Blogging Tips Web Hosting

Why a Blog for Your Local Community Can Be a Rewarding Thing to Start

If you would really like to start a blog where you can build up a good following and write about things you care about, then doing a local blog aimed at the people in the community where you live can be the perfect choice. Exactly how local you want to make the focus of your blog is up to you – you can base it on your whole city, or just a neighborhood. Some places even have blogs for single streets (though usually especially long ones!).

Here are reasons why being a local community blogger could be an ideal avenue for consistent income generation and getting your voice heard!

Community blogging

Getting Started

You can start your own local interest blog easily, simply by choosing and buying a domain name, and hosting it at, then setting up a basic design using content management system such as WordPress. After which you are set to start writing  and uploading media about your community, and spread the word to the world!

So why is blogging about local matters is such a good idea? Here, we take a look at some of the benefits:

Clear, Targeted Audience

One of the simplest reasons why making a local blog is a great idea, is that you know exactly who your target audience are, with no ambiguity! They are your neighbors, local businesses, and people looking for places to go near you, schools, and everybody else who make up the community you call home. You know that even the most minor news, if it is local enough, will be interesting and important to the people it affects, and that having a resource where they can find it, talk about it together, and even report their own news, is something they will welcome in their lives if your content is positive and timely.

Great Opportunities to Partner with Local Businesses

Local businesses often rely on online marketing, and use methods like targeting local people on Twitter and Facebook, and running SEO campaigns to get them noticed when people search for services they offer in your town. However, what can work extremely well for them is coverage or advertising on a blog that already targets their intended demographic – that is, the people who live in your area. Whether you want to monetize your local blog or just do it for the community as a hobby, this presents opportunities for you. You can get interesting new content by doing interviews with local business owners or write ups of their promotional events, or you can work towards advertising deals with them. Some local blogs even work with things like local restaurants to give them their own column where they can share recipes or tips!

Once your blog has picked up a following, you can also rely on your community to generate content to keep it fresh. Allow local people to comment freely on your posts, or submit news and posts of their own to the blog. Work hard and you can make your blog the go to place for information for everybody in your community!

Are you intending running a local community blog but not knowing whether to start it or not? Let’s hear what you views are about this article.


Why business owners need to be tech savvy  

It is expected that business owners be tech savvy in today’s busy world. If you don’t keep your business up to date then you risk falling behind your competition and losing the respect of your customers and clients. Here are some of the many advantages of keeping current with technological business trends:

Should business owners be tech savvy? Here are our reasons!

More economical and far-reaching marketing 

Being tech savvy is paramount to your career as a business owner

Advertising in magazines, newspapers and other print media can be expensive and take a lot of planning. Through the use of the internet and social media it has become much cheaper for firms to implement strong marketing plans that reach a large and varied demographic. Social media allows your firm to keep customers and clients more up to date on the latest from the industry and company you are involved with.

Better networking equals more opportunities

Not everyone has the time or capability to attend industry related conferences, trade shows, etc. Sites such as LinkedIn, online forums, and more, make it possible for business professionals to network like they never have before. Good networking can help your business find opportunities for growth and collaboration.

M1 Group is an investment holding company that has greatly benefited from the networking opportunities that easy internet access and networking has allowed. M1 was founded by brothers, Taha and Najib Mikati, as a way of diversifying the investments of their successful telecommunications company. You can follow CEO Azmi Mikati on LinkedIn and see what opportunities they are exploring. Technology ensures that international investments are easy for M1 to manage, regardless of how far away their main office is. With the existence of telepresence, and sveral other online meeting tools out there, business owners can leverage on technology in meeting and connecting with like-minded, business-oriented people all over the world, and that would ultimately give room for more business opportunities.

Technology shows you are interested in improvement 

Old Tech Savvy Business Owners

Customers and clients want to do business with those that are always looking for a way to do a better and more efficient job. By staying up to date, you can save time and money that can be passed on to individuals, while still getting a higher volume of business than before. Many satisfied customers will lead to many referrals. Attracting younger clients is also easier if you keep your website and social media accounts up to date, while incentives such as discounts can increase the amount of attention you receive from social media. 

Fewer mistakes 

Being Tech savvy for business growth

Virtual office systems and the ability to store data on the internet, securely, have reduced the costs of maintaining an office. No longer do employees have to remember to back up data or take it off-site at the end of the workday. Virtual files have largely replaced paper so that employees can find information when they need it, instead of wasting work time that you are paying for. When information is better organized there are fewer mistakes made. Fewer mistakes mean a greater number of satisfied customers and clients.

Office spaces can be much smaller now that data does not have to be stored in paper form. With office space prices at a premium in choice locations, this can add up to a lot of money saved over the years. 

Being tech savvy as a business owner has lots of advantages, especially for those just starting out. Are you an entrepreneur, do you subscribe to the idea of being tech savvy or outsourcing the technology to third-party to manage?

Credits: InvestmentNews, PivotPoint,
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Trust Me, I’m Lying: Confesson of a Media Manipulator. Financial Times called this book “atonishing, disturbing book”

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