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Setting up an Account for Yahoo Mail iOS 8

Marking the eighth major release to the operating system developed by Apple Inc., the iOS 8 is Apple’s biggest iOS release till date, as claimed by the owners. The iOS 8 operating system is supported by iPhone, iPad and iPod devices, all manufactured by Apple Inc. With a bold revamped interface, the iOS delivers excellent performance supporting millions of apps for varied uses. The iOS 8 supports major e-mail accounts by default to ensure complete functionality of the device for both and personal and professional use.

Setting up an account for yahoo mail iOS 8

iOS8 yahoomail

While setting up mail accounts seem quite easy, it is not completely true. Setting up a yahoo mail account on iOS devices is a tedious job and most of the users find it quite difficult to sync their Yahoo mail account on their iPad or iPhone. One of the most common issues involving the account set up is that the devices fail to sync the contacts due to lack of proper connectivity with the mail server. But then nothing is impossible and a few tricks can sync your account with your iOS 8 device and make it work as a charm. Make sure you have a working yahoo mail ID and remember your password properly. It is also of utmost importance to ensure that you are connected to your internet properly before you start with the syncing process because if your internet connection fails in the middle of the setting up process, the syncing will be terminated and you have to start again to set up yahoo mail iOS 8. So make sure that your device is connected to the internet.

Let’s get started: Configuring Yahoo mail iOS 8 the easy way

First of all go to your IOS 8 device’s menu. Then navigate to the Settings panel of your iOS 8 device. Once you are in the Settings menu, head over to the Mail, Contacts, Calendars menu item. Once you are inside that menu, you will be able to see all your existing synced accounts on your iOS 8 device (if you have any already). Now look under all your previously synced account and you will find an option stating “Add Account” (refer to the picture below) which lets you can add a new email account to your iPhone or iPad. Tap on the Add Account option to enable a new options panel having all major email services listed by default where you will be able to see Yahoo mail being enlisted to enable you with the Yahoo account sync up process.

mail, contact, calender
mail, contact, calender

Tap on the “YAHOO!” menu item and a new panel will open which will now ask for your credentials. Quickly fill in all the credentials needed for the verification process and make sure you enter something recognizable in the Name and Description section. Once you are done, tap on the Next option found in the top right corner of your iOS device’s screen to take you further towards customizing and syncing your account. Here you will see that the “Contacts” syncing option is turned off by default. Make sure you turn it on to sync your Yahoo mail contacts to your iOS 8 device. If you skip this step you will not be able to sync your contacts to your IOS device later on. As you turn the “Contacts” option on, you will be prompted with a new dialogue asking your opinion on whether you will like to retain all your previous contacts saved on your device or whether you want them to be deleted. Once you choose a suitable option from the dialogue as per your needs, tap on the Next button and your yahoo mail account will be added with proper contact synchronization.

yahoo maiil settings

A few tricks to prevent common errors in configuring Yahoo mail iOS 8

  • Ensure that the “Mail” option is turned on after setting up the Yahoo account. It is a common error done by users often due to lack of knowledge about the procedure. To ensure proper syncing of your mails, turn the option on.
  • It is advisable to use Wi-Fi for network during the syncing process if you do not have a high speed carrier internet connection. Unless it is maintained throughout the setup process, you might come across error messages showing server connectivity problems or sometimes failing to verify your credentials, thus stating them as incorrect.
  • If you fail to set up your account for a successive number of times, choose the “Other” option instead of choosing “Yahoo!” from the “Add account” menu. In this way you can set up your account by including details such as hostnames for both incoming and outgoing servers of your account. After filling out your valid credentials, choose the IMAP option and write the following hostnames for the incoming and outgoing servers. Your email id shall be used as the username for both. for incoming mail server for outgoing mail server
  • Make sure all essential mail components like “Contacts”, “Calendars”, “Reminders”, etc. are properly turned on for synchronization before completing the setting up process. Failure to do the same shall result in the above components not showing up on your iOS 8 device.

For more advanced tricks and for iOS, you can click here to read from my blog.


Google’s Gmail “Undo Send” is now official

I never knew it was still in the beta stage, my friend has configured the Gmail “Undo Send” for me over 3 years.

Checking the Google news earlier today, I saw 599 sources including big tech media have already written that the Google “Undo Send” feature has gone official.

The feature will apply to all Gmail web account and the inbox by Gmail app.

The Gmail “Undo Send” has been in beta testing for over six years while Google has been getting positive feedback from Gmail users around the world, now it’s public.

Gmail Undo send now official

The feature allows you to stop your email message from being delivered after you have sent it. If you enable the “Undo Send” and send out an email, the usual pop up that says “Your message has been sent” will be followed by “Undo.”Gmail Undo send feature now official

Simply click the link and stop a potential embarrassment you spot in your message. You can delete the message or correct your error and resend.

How to enable the Gmail “Undo Send” Features

To activate the “Undo Send” feature in your Gmail, simply click “settings” – the gear-shaped button located on the top right corner on your mail box, then move to the “General tab” and tick “Enable Undo Send”How to enable the Gmail Undo Send features

You can choose the time frame from 5, 10, 20 or 30 seconds’ cancellation period.

Anytime you send an email, you will see “undo” like I described above, if you discover an error in your email message or you suddenly changed your mind from sending it, you just simply “undo” and your message is called back from delivery. If you are too slow and don’t do this within the chosen seconds you set, no doubt, your ass would be exposed.

The Gmail Labs has always been up to something unique in transforming the world’s email messaging experience; they have a handy of unofficial features which makes the Gmail the best.

Some of the features include the instant messaging, the Google calendar widget and a whole lot of other great stuffs, no wonder, the Gmail is the most widely used email service with over 900 million users globally.

Android Fans Music News

Google Play Music launches free version ahead of Apple

Google releases the free version of its Google Play music streaming service just a week to rival $9.99 per month Apple Music debut.Google Play Music free

The free version of Google Play music streaming service, launched on Tuesday, has been around for two years offering subscription at $9.99 per month. The free flagship is released on the web while the Android and iOS version is to come by weekend as indicated by Google product manager Elias Roman.

Earlier this month, Apple has said it would launch a music streaming service which will subscribe for $9.99 per month along with $14.99 per month family plan on June 30; the service will come with a free three month trial.

Google Play music with other streaming services such as Rhapsody and Spotify curates playlists, user will be able to tailor playlist based on artist, genre or even activity such as “having fun at work” or hosting a pool party.

In an interview with Roman, he said

“We believe this is a play that will expose a lot of people to the service”

The Google Play Music free service will carry ads; exclude certain songs and will be unavailable offline unlike the paid version.

According to Roman, millions of people check the Google Play music monthly but seem not to be ready to pay for a subscription, with the free version, the company hopes to get more people compelled to upgrading to the paid version.

Google’s timing was just strategic said Ted Cohen, managing partner of TAG Strategy, a digital entertainment consultancy.

“It’s a smart time to do it with all the attention around Apple,” Cohen said. “If they did it absent the Apple service, it wouldn’t be the same story.”

Google in 2014 said its music service subscribers is more than double of the previous year, but it had not revealed the actual number it has on its server. Spotify, Pandora and Beat music had far more mobile downloads than Google in 2014 according to the data from App Annie analytics firm.

With this move, Google music streaming team are strategically negotiating a long-term deal with their subscribers in order to scare away competition from Apple.

Do you think launching free version of Google music streaming is the right step for Google now or it is going to hurt them the other way round? Let’s discuss below.

Discovery News

Venus, Jupiter on an alluring “collision” course

Jupiter and Venus have been moving closer lately, almost all month, and forecast says it might be the trending topic for stargazers this weekend.

nasa jupiter conjunction imminent

According to NASA discovery which was made public today, Jupiter and Venus have been drifting towards each other in the sky all month. And they will appear together on Friday and Saturday after dusk and they’ll most likely be the most brightest objects in the sky for stargazers to behold, after the sun and the moon.

Jupiter and Venus drifting

To have a clearer understanding, NASA has below a handy video that deciphers everything that you need to know about this event.

You can as well learn more from NASA here.

Designs & Invention News

New Technology for iPlayer App; you may start changing TV Channels with your Brain instead of Using a Remote

BBC and The Place are working on a new BBC iPlayer technology; this technology will allow you to Navigate TV Channels with your mindBBC iPlayer app headset

BBC has teamed up with a user experience company “The Place,” to create an application that works like a Mind-control TV remote.

According to a blog post, the system uses an ECG-branwave reading headset which is able to display a power bar on the screen according to user’s concentration. Wearer will be presented with program list to watch and as the app cycles and changes highlighting stations every 10 seconds, user will simply meditate with their mind to select what they want to watch. Think of it like the golf game’s power bar.

Though, impressive technology like all other consumer-grade brain scanning hardware, it isn’t that great at the moment; it can only detect one binary input (hence the need to subsequently switch between shows). But at least, you could see how important this new iPlayer technology would be for people with limited mobility.

Don’t throw away your TV remote yet, the iPlayer headset isn’t coming to market any time soon, prototypes is just being developed.

Looking at the TV technology trend, the new iPlayer headset which will allow you to navigate TV program with your mind might be the next update.

The first electronic TV would now be 84 years old if it still exists, the TV technology was never imagined it will become what it is today, and this is to tell us never to doubt what it will become.

Far back as I knew in the 80s, if we ever want to control the TV, either to change the channel or alternate the volume, we have to get up, walk up to the TV and roll the knob.

The TV technology from the 90s up till now has experienced tremendous growth.

I could remember when I first handled a TV remote, it looked more like a magic, the present age, which is the 21st century experienced controlling TV via Smartphone or tablet through app, life got more fun, comfortable and luxurious.

The future seem to be saying your finger will not be doing the job; thus iPlayer mind control technology.

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Why Cell Phone Spying Software Is a Reparation to Parenting Errors

We must agree that as parents, we have many flaws. We subjugate our personal lives at the altar of a better standard of living. But the question is, have we been able to blend a perfect balance between different aspects of our lives. Like when was the last time, you got out with your kids or partner to have a family time or are you satisfied that the money you earn is spent well.

One facet of imperfect work-life balance comes out in the form of parenting errors (that’s what I like to call it!). We work more, and then we spend that extra earned money on looking after our kids and house, hiring governesses and housekeepers. You can solve this parenting fallacy by investing a very small portion of your hard earned money on cell phone spying software. So you wouldn’t need someone to take care of your kids. It’s like the E-governess that can inform parents of their kids’ activities.

XNSPY Cell Phone Spying Software

Earn That Lost Love from Your Kids

Your kids will start loving you when they will be monitored with an intrusion free smartphone monitoring app. I bet they hate their governess (and may be you too for doing that to them) for being on their heads all the time.

By looking into their smartphone activity, parents can know where their kids have been. Or what kind of friends and peers they have. Have a look at some of the features of this cell phone spy software XNSPY:

Phone Logs Spying

This feature of XNSPY lets parents monitor their kids’ calls, SMS, phonebook logs. You can who your kids have been calling and what kind of conversations they are up to. Emails, internet browsing history and calendar entries are also other vital phone logs that XNSPY can track.

Instant Messaging Tracking

IM conversations sum up all of your kids’ late night chats. Parents can read messages or view call logs, photos, videos and audios from apps like Facebook, WhatsApp, and Line, Skype, Viber and iMessage.

GPS Tracker

While you are out for work, you can make sure that your kids are safe by tracking their real time location with XNSPY. Watchlist locations will let you know if your kids enter any restricted areas, set by you.

Compatibility and Pricing

XNSPY cell phone spying software will definitely not let your consider anything else with its amazing pricing that’s as low as $8.33/month. It’s compatible with all Android (2.3 or higher) and iOS (6.0 or higher) devices.

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8 Secret Skype Features That Would Blow Your Mind

Skype is an essential tool for any computer user. It saves a lot of your money on international calls and text messaging. Unlike the Facetime which is popular just among iOS and Mac users, Skype can be used on any smartphone (iPad, iPhone and others) or PC. Moreover, it offers plenty of essential calling and IM features.

If you also like spending much of your time chatting on Skype, then you will surely like to know much more about its possibilities. Here are some of the coolest, hidden, and secret Skype features that you may not be familiar with.

Eight Secret Skype Features You Should Know About

How to effectively use skype with skype app tricks

Change Text Size and Font

The font on Skype is 8pt Tahoma by default. If you feel that is very small you can change it. Simply go to Tools > Options > IM & SMS > IM appearance. Then click on the Change Font button and modify it according to your need. This one of the coolest skype features I’ve ever seen lately.

Share Screens with your friends and colleagues

Now you no longer require to screen capture a video in order to share it with colleagues and friends. The Share Screens option will allow you to show images without sending them, explain how to use a program, and even display a presentation.

All you have to do is to click on the “+” and Share Screens buttons simultaneously when you are engaged on a video call. You can get this feature for free just for calls between two individuals.

Rename Contacts

Your Contact list may have many similar names. You can rename the contacts in a way you know them. For example, Sophia (Nursing Assistant) or Jimmy (Travel Advisor). You can do this by simply clicking on the name of the person and selecting Rename.

Share Contacts

It is not necessary for you to type every Skype ID when you are sharing contacts with new friends in Skype. You can simply drag a group or a person from the Contacts list and drop it in the chat window.

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Clear History

Skype maintains chat history on your PC for your comfort. But you can delete it if you want some privacy. By default, this feature is disabled and hidden within Skype. To do this you need to go to Tools > Options > Privacy > Privacy Settings > Clear History. You can also set the Skype for auto deletion of the history within certain time period.

Quickly Edit the Last Message While Typing

If you happen to find that there is a typing mistake in your last message after hitting on the Enter button, you can click on the Up arrow and the edit box with appear with the message. You can edit the message and resend it by clicking the Send button.

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Hide All Notifications

If you don’t want to be notified with the constant popups that someone is offline or online, then you can have them switch off.  Go to Tools > Options > Notifications. You can choose the important ones or disable the unneeded ones.

Leave Conversation

Most of the Skype users tend to have plenty of active conversations – some of them may be important, while others can be annoying. Don’t worry you can leave the conversation by simply clicking the right mouse button and choosing Leave conversation.

If you have any other secret Skype features that you’ve been using that’s worth sharing, kindly add them in the comment section below.

Business Cloud Computing Technologies and Resources

Colocation rocks, here are things you should know about it

A quality colocation facility is equipped with specific features designed for housing servers and related IT equipment. A business purchases its own IT equipment, and then installs it in a colocation facility. Once the equipment is installed, the business then relies on the colocation provider to provide general items like power, cooling and Internet connection. A business still maintains control over its servers in terms of the software it installs, and so on. The colocation facility typically provides security and a trained technical staff as well. Additional services, like Managed colocation, and Managed Firewall, they charge extra fees.

Challenges of Private Data Centers and the Benefits of Colocation

Challenges of Private Data Centers and the Benefits of Colocation

There are a number of benefits associated with the use of colocation providers. A private, in-house data center facility requires a substantial investment. Such a facility requires a redundant power and cooling infrastructure. Trained staff also needs to be present at all times to make sure that servers remain online all the time. Security measures must also be in place to protect the equipment and data.

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For a small-sized business, creating and maintaining an in-house data center can be a daunting task.
Moreover, for any company, a majority of the investment should be directed toward core business functions that generate profit. However, in order to facilitate IT requirements, a large amount of investment is often redirected toward that purpose. That is why colocation is deemed as being a much cheaper alternative.

A colocation facility allows a small company to enjoy the benefits of having a large and high-profile IT infrastructure at an affordable cost. A colocation center houses and maintains a number of companies’ IT equipment and data in a secure facility.

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Colocation facilities also offer a solution to expansion needs. The IT requirements of companies can grow over time, most often as the company grows itself. In such circumstances, companies that have their own private data centers can find themselves in a fix. In-house data centers were often created to house only a fixed number of servers. Once that limit is reached, there is not much that can be done except find another location or try to create more space. In turn, a colocation facility has generally been built to accommodate the growing needs of its clients. If a company wants to install more servers, all that it needs to have to do is inform the vendor, and the facility will make it happen.

Similarly, upgrading technology can also be difficult in regards to private data center facilities. IT technology is evolving rapidly all the time, and the installation requirements of this equipment can also differ. Colocation facilities are designed with features that have the ability to support new technology and equipment upgrades. Therefore, a business just has to sell off its old equipment and install the upgrades that it desires. The colocation facility will even facilitate the transfer of data.

Consequently, it can be said that colocation is the future of the IT requirements of the business sector.

Do you believe that Colocation will be the spectrum of business functionality in the future?


US Data Hack; Sex, Lies and Debt scandals potentially Exposed

Filling up a US clearance application, a 51-year-old military man disclosed his 20 years affair with the wife of his former college roommate, this information is supposed to be classified and remain secret between him and the government.US data hack, China as prime suspect

Washington was shaken up last week when information released that hackers had penetrated a database containing intimate and possibly blackmailing information about millions of private and government employees.

Hacking the White House Office of Personnel Management (OPM) could be a gold mine for foreign spies.

The 51 years old military man who upgraded his clearance when he got a job with a defense contractor was just a scape-goat of embarrassment and blackmail from the hacking.

He had successfully kept the affair from his wife for two decades before disclosing it on the government’s Standard Form 86 (SF 86) filled out by millions of American citizens seeking security clearances.

The announcement that the OPM’s data had been hacked frightened former and current US government personnel as they realized that their secrets about drugs, sex and money scandals could be revealed to foreign government.

The data that may have been compromised during the US Data hack which Associated Press reported included specifically detailed information on the SF 86 “Questionnaire For National Security Positions” according to US officials.

US Data Hack, China as Suspects

On a different attack on OPM disclosed earlier this month, the act was linked to China by US officials, though they aren’t so about the origin of the second attack than that of the first.

China had denied partaking in any of the US data hack.

As the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) performs its own clearance investigations, other agencies like the Defense Department, State Department and National Security also uses the OPM’s service to some degree.

The news did not specifically unveil how many Americans’ information may have been compromised. The SF 86 as of Oct 1, had 4.51 million cleared or is worthy to receive national security information as released in a report from the Office of the Director of National Intelligence (DNI).

Professionals on Intelligence said the US data hack may be disastrous as China may use this to locate relatives of US officials abroad as well as evidence of drug or love affairs which could be a tool to blackmail or influence US officials.

“The potential loss here is truly staggering and, by the way, these records are a legitimate foreign intelligence target,” said retired Gen. Michael Hayden, a former CIA and NSA director. “This isn’t shame on China. This is shame on us.”

The SF 86 form is 127 pages long, and it’s regarded and extraordinarily comprehensive and intrusive.

Some of the information required by applicants to list includes; where they lived, travel abroad, contacts with foreign citizens; personal details of relatives, illegal drug use and mental health counseling etc.

Security appeal denials published on the web shows various information in the hand of hackers, including infidelities, psychiatric diagnoses, health issues, arrest, financial troubles and substance abuse.

A former senior US diplomat said “It’s kind of scary that somebody could know that much about us.” These data could be used to impersonate and American official online, get password and explore bank accounts.

Less Vulnerable Agencies from the US Data Hack

An A.U.S. official who knows more about security procedure speculated some agencies that do not employ the OPM for clearance giving a clue that there employee data could have been excluded from the compromise (the US data hack).

The former senior diplomat said someone with a complete set of SF 86 data and names of U. S. embassies officials which are usually public could compare both and make guesses about who might be a spy.

“Negative information is an indicator just as much as a positive information,” said the former diplomat.

The case of the military man who informed the government but hid a 20 year affair from his wife came to lime light when he filed an appeal in effort to upgrade his security clearance ran into trouble.

The man according to a May 13 decision by an administrative judge, who heard the case, revealed the affair in the “Additional Comments” section on the SF 86 in January 2012, ended the affair in 2013 and told his wife in 2014.

According to a Defense Office of Hearings and Appeal document published online, the judge wrote ” Department of Defense (DOD) is aware of the affair because Applicant disclosed it on his SF 86; the affair is over; and the key people in Applicant’s life are aware of it.”

His access to classified information was approved.

Social Media

Facebook wants you to see what’s trending in 5 topics

Facebook trending newsFacebook continues its organizing experiment by adding Trending area on its homepage which user can view by different topics. The experiment has started since April.

As at now, the social media giant has five view-able topics that users can switch between — All News, Science and Technology, Sports, Entertainment, and Politics.

Presently, the social network has five topics that users can toggle between — All News, Politics, Science and Tech, Sports, and Entertainment — and are represented and displayed by small, noticeable icons, including an old-school film camera to denote Entertainment, a stock market graph to represent All News, and a soccer ball icon to represent Sports.Facebook Trending Topics ALL NEWS

Facebook Trending Topics EntertainmentFacebook Trending Topics Sports

It is obvious that Facebook normally spends a few week to test out experiments for perfection before rolling them out, so expect to start seeing this update on your homepage any moment from now.

And while many may see this as nothing big from Facebook, it symbolizes yet another excellent move by Facebook to become a rich media news distribution platform all over the world. Back in May, for example, the company released an update that enable its partners such as The Atlantic, BuzzFeed, BBC News, and the The New Your Times with an editorial platform to publish instant and engaging content to its users with features like zoom and tilt along with auto play videos.