FYI – Facebook Share Dialogue Preview Bug + Updates

Share Dialogue Preview bug and the updates

Over the last week, we have reported and monitored a bug within Facebook that impacts the sharing of website content to Facebook. Facebook is currently affected by this bug, and it is causing image previews not to display in the share dialog for all websites across Facebook. For content that has recently been published, the og:image will not be presented in the share message preview. It is affecting a large number of sites on the Facebook Platform. Facebook has acknowledged the bug on their end and is actively working to fix it.

FYI - Facebook Bug affect Share Dialogue Preview

The details of this bug are that the “Fetch New Scrape Info” button / API endpoint works, but does not update the image in the share dialogue preview. Your sharing should still work normally, despite the preview not displaying.

While this issue isn’t caused by any , we wanted to make you aware of it.

You can see additional details about the bug and track status here.

This is currently the #1 priority bug within Facebook and across all of other Facebook platforms, so we expect it to be resolved quickly. We’ll put up another article or update the existing one on the status once the issue is resolved. But you can keep yourself updated by staying glued to read from this page.

Until Facebook resolves this bug, here is how the bug will impact you:

  1. The share message preview may not include a picture. We have seen instances where the image is correctly populated after the share is posted, but this behavior is inconsistent.
  2. Facebook may serve the wrong image in the share message. Sometimes we have seen Facebook publish a random image from a given page, but this behavior is also inconsistent.

In the meantime, other aspects of sharing are working well on Facebook. Shares are still being posted and attracting visitors, but engagement may be lower than usual. We are monitoring the situation and will let you know as soon as it is resolved. FHJFJ

Thanks, and have an awesome day!


The bug, reported earlier on above, according to the Facebook Team, has been taken care of as I’m writing this.

FYI - Facebook Bug affect Share Dialogue Preview Issue Resolved

As of last night, Facebook resolved the issue and images will now appear as they should in the share dialogue preview when your content is shared. You can check and verify if this Facebook share dialogue preview issue continues at your end and let me know if there’s any below.

Product Reviews

The Workstation Laptop is a Powerful, Sleek, and Secure must-have for any Professional

Working in a cubicle or at a desk for 90 percent of the workday is still a reality for many professionals, but the idea of static work and 9–5 interactions is quickly dying out. We’re a country of increasingly mobile, versatile work forces that need to adapt and work in non-traditional methods and environments. And much of this shift has been accommodated and even hastened by workstation laptops. These powerful devices are the next step in evolution for full power, portable computing technology.

workstation Laptop

One of the most important things that differentiates a workstation from a traditional laptop is the fact that they pack all the power of a desktop. From storage space, to memory, to graphics cards, their hardware is equivalent to most desktop models used in the workplace. Features like Intel 7, 4 GB DDR3L, 500 GB HDD, and Windows 8.1 upgrades mean you can run multiple applications and access resources on your cloud network quickly and easily (and whenever you need to) without having to worry about limitations.

When laptops first arrived on the scene they were portable only in the most vague sense of the term: still heavy, clunky, and awkward. Today’s workstation laptops are much more portable, and now boast lightweight, ultra-thin, magnesium allow designs. Although they’re reduced in size and weight, the screens aren’t—in fact, many cutting edge screens are bigger and clearer than ever, using HD LCD displays. By striking this perfect balance between form and function, workstations are the ideal computer when you’re away from the office.

Formerly, laptops were next to impossible to upgrade, especially if you were trying to update them on your own. These days,you can upgrade and customize your workstation to your liking, both before and after you purchase it. If you want to give it more RAM or a new graphics card, there isn’t much stopping you thanks to their simplified design. This helps keep your workstation up to date with new technology. As most professionals know, there’s nothing worse than purchasing a computer only to have it become obsolete only a year or two later.

Early laptops used to consume energy at stunning rates; it was a common frustration to find your computer run out of power when you needed it the most. Workstations of today are much more energy efficient, especially when you trust to an eco-conscious company like Toshiba.

Toshiba’s products will allow you to work longer before having to worry about replacing batteries, which are of a much higher capacity compared to older models. In fact, mobile workstations from Toshiba are often E-Peat certified, too, giving your new investment a green stamp of approval for extra sustainability!

This company is at the forefront of eco-friendly technology, so finding a laptop or other business-related device from Toshiba also means investing in ethical technology — the responsible choice for all forward-thinking industries.

If you’re worried about workstation laptops being less secure than a desktop, then don’t be! New security features like the fingerprint reader, SIM card technology, and other safeguards make sure that your data is secure at all times. That being said, remember not to install new programs on your computer without the approval of your IT department, just to be extra safe.

Unlike smartphones, tablets, and other mobile devices, workstation laptops pack the power necessary to run serious programs simultaneously. However, unlike traditional models, new business versions are lighter, sleeker, and with a greater focus on portability and security. This makes them the ideal desktop and cubicle replacement, and the ideal devices for those who spend their workday on the move instead of in the office. Check out the wide range of options currently available and upgrade to the latest and greatest in workstation technology!

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How High Resolution Photography in Consumer Goods Changes History

Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge with high resolution photography power

The Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge features the best display yet available in a Samsung product. It’s coming out in May and the legion of the Samsung converted will be after one of the day it drops. It seems like a no-brainer, but why is an improved display important to us? And how will the improvement of continually improving color and resolution standards in consumer technology change the way we see the world? The answers may not be so standard after all.

Also Read: Before we continue, let’s go a trip down memory lane with cameras!

Let’s look at these questions with photography in mind. Mobile devices were first “cell phones”, then “camera phones”. This second iteration is important, because it was the first successful synthesis of two very different devices, at least at this level. Suddenly, millions of people had decent cameras in their pockets. They started documenting the minutiae of their lives, moments they might not recorded a decade before, given the finite nature and cost of film. Even early digital cameras weren’t cut out for the job of taking pictures of any and every thing. You had the size and weight of the camera to contend with, as well as limited early storage.

samsung galaxy s6 edge

Devices like the Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge serve to give a complete history of the human race, as it is lived by normal people. As these devices are adopted in the developing world, this visual record will become much more universal.

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Due to the high quality resolution possible in Samsung’s newest offering, devices like these are going to draw a fine line in the sand between histories. Pre-history will be the time before cameras and digital technology was available to all. Modern history will be times we can look back on in fine detail. Even pictures taken 20 years ago show their age. They seem like they were taken in another era, all the more different for the changes in clothing and hair styles. Today, devices like the new Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge will set the new standard for the way normal people see themselves and create their own personal histories.

To learn more about The Next Big Thing head to:

This video tells a lot more about the awesomeness of the Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge – a powerful display, high resolution photography and a whole lots of improvements. Watch it and let me know what you think of it below.

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Facebook changes News Feed this week. Here’s how it affects your Brand message and contents

Facebook news feed changes and your action points

On Tuesday, Facebook announced updates to what content is displayed in users’ News Feed. And in our efforts to keep you posted on the latest regarding this new Facebook news feed changes, we wanted to share a very quick overview of the most important takeaways for your content:

The new facebook news feed change sets to hurt your business. See why.

Facebook May Now Show Multiple Posts From The Same Source

What Facebook said:

“Formerly, we had rules in place to limit you from seeing multiple posts coming from the same source in a row. But with this update, we are easing this rule. Now if you run out of content, but want to stay longer by browsing through your News Feed, you will discover more content.”

What this means for you: Facebook will no longer bundle or hide posts from the same source of content. In the same vein, more pieces of your post have a higher chance of being seen by users, and may drive more referral clicks each time readers share your content. This means optimizing those share messages through tools like Hootsuit or Naytev, can galvanize more referral clicks.

Facebook Is Prioritizing Posts That Users Share Organically

What Facebook said:

“Content posted directly by the friends you care about most, such as links, photos, status updates, or video will algorithmically be processed to show up higher in the News Feed so you are less likely to miss it.”

What this means for you: Organic sharing from your website is now more critical than ever. Publishing content on your Facebook page will still drive engagement, but the visibility of your posts will likely have less and less priority over organic shares from your site and app visitors. This update is not too surprising – Facebook has systematically reduce the reach of Pages long time ago, that is why it was tagged  “Death of Organic Reach” by Martin Beck in his post.

Facebook Is Deprioritizing Posts That Friends Like and Comment On But Don’t Share

What Facebook said:

“Lastly, many people have told us they don’t enjoy seeing stories about their friends liking or commenting on a facebook contents aside what they wanted to read. This new update will make these updates appear lower down in News Feed or disappear totally, so you are more likely to see the stuff you care about directly from friends and the pages you have liked.”

What this means for you: As with the second update, this further solidifies organic sharing as the primary driver of visibility on social media. Facebook post Likes and Comments are still very helpful in there little way, but Facebook Shares are king. We’ve noticed this transition first hand, and want you to use it to your advantage.

Ex: Facebook will deprioritize posts like this where users like or comment on a post shared by a brand (in this case, Jasper’s Market)
All of these updates point to one overall shift – organic sharing is becoming more essential by the day. And with several options of automation tools powering your content, you will automatically capitalize on the new transition.

In a nutshell, if you want to gain the larger proportion of your Friend’s Facebook activities for your brand, you’ve got to embrace “Shares” than you do for “Likes”. With the new update, Likes has been limited to a certain extent, whereas, if anyone comes to your website and shares your content (upon request or willingly), it is a signal of recommendation and authority for your brand.

Let us hear what you have to say about this new Facebook news feed change. 

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More Tips on Choosing an SEO Company to Work With

There is no shortage of options when it comes to SEO companies around Canada. You can always find a suitable one to hire regardless of your budget and need. Choosing the right one to hire, however, is still very important, especially if you want to have an effective SEO campaign boosting your online presence.

SEO Flow Chart

There are a number of additional tips you can use when choosing an SEO company to work with. We have outlined some factors you can consider in choosing an SEO company for your next online branding and marketing project.

Relevant Experience

You would normally ask for information on past projects and references when comparing SEO companies. This is a good first step to take when you are looking into SEO companies to hire.

Take a step further and review the past projects that looks similar, or at least relevant, to the site you will be promoting. If you have an online store, for instance, working with an SEO company that has plenty of experience doing internet marketing for ecommerce is a good way to start.

Relevant experience is more than just about the same industry. Review the tools, marketing instruments and other elements of the campaigns the company has handled in the past to get a clear picture of what to expect when working with the SEO experts.

Local SEO and Social Media

Local SEO is the hottest trend in SEO right now. If you are targeting a local audience, focusing on local SEO is simply a must. You can get a much better set of results without having to pour a lot of time and money into the campaign. You can achieved this by working with a Canada-based SEO company that has sufficient experience in local SEO campaigns.

The same goes for social media. Social media is an inseparable part of a successful internet marketing campaign. The available social networks are also great for boosting the site’s presence and SEO performance. Ask about the companies’ experience in handling social media pages and campaigns before deciding the best one to hire.

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Cost and Benefits

We naturally compare SEO companies based on the quotes they present us. Make sure you compare the quotes not only based on prices or the bottom lines, but also on the services, add-ons, tools and bonuses you get in return.

Let’s say an SEO company quotes you $500/month for a full SEO service, while the other quotes you $700/month. At first glance, the first offer seems to be more effective. Drill down a bit deeper and you may find the second offer to include access to premium SEO tools, additional reports and advertising credits. If this is the case, the $700/month plan is actually more valuable, despite the more expensive price.

By focusing on cost and benefits, you will get the best value for your money. Bonus advertising credits, for instance, can be used to jump start your own SEM campaign. Promoting products and services will be much easier to do with the right marketing tools at your disposal. Additional services, on the other hand, can help complete the SEO campaign altogether.

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A breakthrough aluminium battery that charges your smartphone in 60 seconds!

Discover a breakthrough aluminium battery that could charge your smartphone in just 60 seconds.

One of the primary and consistent challenge smartphone user faces is, and will continue, to be battery problem. Even with the influx of high-end smartphones to replace the obsolete ones that we thought has lesser battery lifespan, some users still find it difficult to enjoy mobile phone up to its peak standard.

As highly hyped the Apple iPhone, Samsung Galaxies, and the latest Xiaomi smartphone is, there battery issue still remain the talk of the day – because no matter how effective and power-efficient the hardware gets – the lot of its functionalities are reserved by manufacturers mainly for improved screen displays, faster memory performance, state-of-the-art gaming experience, and some other high-in-demand features.

aluminum graphite battery(Hongjie Dai & Meng-Chang Lin of Stanford University)

The future of smartphone battery life looks blurry until recently that my colleagues at Stanford University came up with something that looks absolutely like the answers all smartphone users have been looking for. The discovery is nothing but a Holy Grail kind of solution for smartphone users. It is an ultra-fast-charging aluminium battery that can charge your smartphone within just 60 seconds.

Oh please! 60 seconds? Yeahbsolutely!

And one other upside of this new aluminium-powered-charger is that it could be manufactured in bulk on a large scale basis if there’s good budget on ground.

When asked about the new technology, the Stanford University’s professor of Chemistry, Hongjie Dai, said in an article.

“Our new aluminium battery does not, and will not catch fire, even if you drill or make a hole through it”

The new rechargeable battery was inspired to render existing storage devices such as the lithium-ion batteries, which infrequently burst into flames, and alkaline batteries, which is totally working against our health and our environment especially now that everyone is working towards a greener environment because of global warming.

The aluminium-ion battery contains a negatively charged (-) anode and a positively charged (+) graphite cathode. Researchers placed those two items inside a flexible polymer-coated pouch with an ionic liquid electrolyte during the testing.

We think you may like this: Finally! – Apple’s Hydrogen Fuel Cell Battery Plans Uncovered

Aluminium has always been useful material for battery design, but it has been too complex to work with. It’s easy on the pocket, not combustible, and could possibly have high capacities. However, the challenge up to this stage is developing the right equipment that could repetitively generate enough voltage after several cycles of charging and discharging.

As we all know, the lithium-ion batteries we have today takes several hours to charge and it doesn’t take long to discharge upon use. Due to some of the recent technological advancements, phone manufacturers like HTC and Samsung have gone ahead in developing burst methods that give you 25% (25 percent) of original battery life in just 15 minutes of charging it, and it also parched in a new slow-burn, which serves as emergency efficient modes to make it last longer by using extra time out of the last few percentage points of battery life. But, one of thing I noticed which makes this aluminium-ion battery prototype better is, its “unequalled charging times” – lesser than one minute. Wondering how possible? Please don’t – it is #TECHNOLOGY!

In fact, it is going to be a powerful selling point.

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In addition, the researchers conducted a test for this new prototype, they charged and discharged the aluminium-ion battery 7,500 times without loss of power, compared with 1,000 cycles or less of what we have today.

The researchers said that, in addition to phone batteries, the aluminium-ion battery could also be used as storage means to store up additional capacity in renewable power grids, and the 2-volt output could an alternative replacement for 1.5-volt AA and AAA batteries which has been destined to be thrown away after use.

The last hurdle is that the voltage, according to the researchers, is just about half of what your smartphone needs to charge. As far as this aluminium graphite battery charging prototype is concerned, they cannot manufacture it yet, until this is resolved. We are hoping they get this done soon so that we could all start using our smartphones to their fullness.

What do you guys think about this new aluminium battery charger? Hit me up and let’s start talking…

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Java vs .Net War – Most Hilarious Programming Video Ever (Comedy)

Its been awhile that I have posted hilarious content. If I recollect, I think the last funny article I wrote was two years ago about funny technology images. I know you guys must have missed this type of belly-aching, and mind-blowing contents lately – I promise, you won’t have to miss much from us again.

This time, I’m back with something different. In fact, it is techily-funny! You better mind my use of English 😉 🙂

Java vs .NET war parody

Java vs .NET war – Most Funniest Programming Video I’ve Ever Watched

It is a story of a young boy who find happiness in playing with Java programming language, but finds himself alienated in an inhabitable .NET environment that comprises of his family members. Every member of the family share similar point of views except this Java-crazy boy. He loves exploring Java programming language because, he thinks it is “beautiful and has a robust, secure, portable and scalable features” unlike what he could get from____________ (fill in the gap).

I’m not the one say that oooo! 😉 🙁

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It is time to tell the truth about who you really are, boy! Are you with us or against us?

On a fateful Christmas day, he couldn’t keep it to himself any longer, I guess it is time to reveal the truth about who he really is. Here’s how the conversation goes:

Boy: Dad, Mom, I have a confession to make. I’m using Java!
Father: I don’t know what the hell you’re talking about?
Boy: I want to use a programming language which doesn’t “only” run on Windows.
Father: That’s just wrong!
Boy: As you already know, “Portability has never been a priority for Microsoft.”
Mother: My son is a monster!!!
Father: Microsoft gives us .NET based applications that share information with other applications via web browsers. They actually enable us to send XML-messages through SOAP! Through SOAP!
Boy: Shouldn’t you be able to make your own choices according to what you need?

GBAMMMMM!!!! This boy deserves a bottle of beer or a power-packed slap!

He is most concerned about Microsoft’s monopolization of his rights to code as he likes; he believes everyone should be able to make their choices, especially when it comes to programming language selection.

To add salt to the wound, while the boy was trying to leave the house with fury, his Father tried to force him back and mistakenly, the boy’s shirt got ripped apart. Shockingly, spotted on his wrist is a tattoo image that symbolizes “I love JAVA.” BUSTED AGAIN!!!

Immediately the Dad saw the tattoo, he collapsed and died!

I don’t know why someone would be so religious about programming language like this when Bill Gates, the founder of Microsoft, himself is not! Or is he? 😉 I don’t think so.

Meanwhile, while paying his last due, the boy had a conviction that Microsoft Inc., may be right in setting the standards for .net, which definitely makes it better than Java. Meanwhile, it was too late for him to bring back his father from the dead.

I guess the boy might be right. But I will leave you to decide that.

Java vs .Net: Is Java programming environment better than .NET framework?

Watch this epic video to know more. The Java vs .NET war story is just getting started, keep watching and sharing, and learning more about Java and .Net programming languages.

How to Guide

How to Pay for Advertising on TechAtLast with Payoneer

Before you continue further, please review our payment processors page for other options you could use beside this one Payoneer.

As you all know, this website accepts advertisers and product reviewers, but the challenge of accepting payments with PayPal is one of our major concern – PayPal has some limitations that affect our location. In order not to deprive you of high quality services we have in place here at TechAtLast, we’ve opted for other alternative payment processors after careful considerations. One of the major PayPal alternatives is Payoneer MasterCard Online Payment! You can easily use it to collect and make payment online without hassle.

This is how you can easily pay for TechAtLast International product and services through Payoneer.  I promise this is going to be hassle-free, and the payment processor portal is 100% secure! Payoneer website is secure, fast and reliable.

No matter what amount of money you want to pay us at TechAtLast, you can easily use the Payoneer MasterCard Online Payment method via their secure payment platform (

Follow the process below to send payment to us via Payoneer, and make sure that you send the description of the services you want us to carry out for you via the contact form on the blog (after making the payment).

If you want to send payment to us via Payoneer, kindly visit their website here: and click on “Load Money to Card”. You will be taken to this page: where you will add the fund to the Payoneer Mastercard account we have with them (note: the money will  reach the account  three days after you have paid it because the company will go through a verification process in order to secure both parties involved). 
Our email for the payoneer account is: How to pay to TechAtLast via Payoneer email address
Select “BY EMAIL ADDRESS” payment option and then enter this email address into the email account option. It will immediately show up cards details registered with that email address. You will pick the one ending with: 88 as its last two digit. 
Then go to the next line of action as stated on the website loading and payment page. (Immediately after you insert the email, you will see the last 2 digits: 88. If not – don’t pay yet!). Just contact us here.
You can then make the payment into the account by selecting the amount due in the appropriate section. After that, select CONTINUE to make the payment.

P.S: Note that there are two options for paying us, either you pay the total amount as agreed by the two parties involved (Techatlast and your company during the conversation via email), OR:

  1. You can offer to pay the transaction charges
  2. We take responsibility for the payment charges (it all depends on the negotiation – but in most cases, we do pay the charges!)
 You can see the images below for better understanding….
payoneer homepage
<click image for larger view>

How to pay the amount to TechAtLast Payoneer MasterCard account:

How to Load Money to Payoneer Mastercard for adverts fees
<click image for larger view>

I believe you should by now know how to pay for product and services on TechAtLast International owned web projects if need be? Thank you for staying tuned!


3M Vinyl MacBook Skins are not just Stylish, Featuristic, but Adorable!

Vinyl MacBook Skins: When computers are both expensive and fragile, you want to make sure that your oh-so-necessary device withstands everything you throw at it in today’s wired and tech-driven world. For those seeking the ultimate in security and protection, you can’t do better than investing in a 3M vinyl skin for your MacBook and other Apple products.

Vinyl macbook skin

3M Vinyl MacBook Skins Aren’t Just Stylish, They’re Also A Great Safety Feature

Aside from being a stylish and innovative way to express your individual flair, the thin vinyl material of a MacBook decal is extremely resilient against the nicks and scratches that can cause irreparable damage to your laptop. They’re also great protection against everyday build up of grime, dust, grease, and other materials that can clog your device and slow down its processes.

Many companies on the market claim to offer the best protection and the most intriguing styles, yet they seem to lack a solid number of options in terms of designs. On the other hand, an abundance of businesses offer fantastically stylish MacBook decals, but they simply don’t have the security and safety features required to protect your devices.

This is why evaluating the decal of your MacBook by its customizable fit, the company’s policies, materials, and the array of designs is crucial in order to make the right purchase. 3M vinyl decals for MacBook computers sold by reputable companies are the ideal solution because they offer the best fit, superior grip, and endless style combinations for any generation of device.

While maintaining resistance to stains, fading, and scratching, they also allow for a surprising amount of customization with regard to finishes and textures to match your unique and colourful personality.

Check out dbrand’s selection of MacBook decals to see what distinctive combination of colours and textures you have at your fingertips. Another great feature of vinyl skins is that they don’t leave sticky smears after they’re removed, which can be all too common with so many other leading materials on the market.

When searching for the best deal on your MacBook skins, remember to consider the company’s prices and return policies and weigh them against the competition. While you will want a great deal, you also need to focus on quality!

Vinyl skins are also much more secure and more efficient than laptop cases. MacBook skins are in place wherever the device goes—not just while the laptop is in storage or transit. With a skin defending your laptop, you know that your device will be protected while you use it; it’s an investment for your prized possession that can also be a reflection of your personality and sense of style.

Android Fans Mobile App News

WhatsApp Call now available, the Mobile Craze Continues

WhatsApp Calls; WhatsApp has finally introduced free call into the ground breaking mobile messenger.  Android users being the first to rock on the latest feature.

Whatsapp arrived as a game changer in the history of mobile messaging being the first cross platform mobile messenger rivaling RIM’s BBM messenger. It’s arrival was attributed to the sudden conversation of the BBM messenger from Blackberry device alone into other mobile platforms.WhatsApp Call now available, the Mobile Craze Continues


Looking at the WhatsApp logo, it could have well been concluded that the founders has thought beyond ordinary mobile messaging. It carries a telephone earpiece already.

I wasn’t surprised when I saw the update suddenly appeared on the right corner on my Android whatsapp application, whatsapp has finally done it, I exclaimed the arrival of WhatsApp free calls.


The WhatsApp Call update began beta testing last month on some selected device after which it became available by invitation, and now for all users. Android users are the first to use this free service as iOS, Windows Phone and Blackberry are to expect to see the update later in the weeks.WhatsApp Call

Other services whatsapp will be competing includes; Skype, Viber and Apple iMessenger/Facetime.

The WhatsApp Call feature is available on the updated version 2.12.5 and it is available for download on the Google play store.

Once you download and open, you will see the new interface which consisting of Calls (where your list of call logs is archived); Chats (which has the list of friends you are chatting with) and; Contact (where your whatsapp contact list is placed).


When you place a whatsapp call, the recipient’s profile picture will appear large at the middle of your screen and a red button below for call termination. If you receive a whatsapp call, your caller’s profile picture will appear large at the middle with a green and red swipe button to either receive or ignore the call.WhatsApp Call conversation chat

Whatsapp was launched back in 2009 as a mobile messenger platform, in August 2013, it added the voice messaging feature as a major update. Facebook in Feb 2014 seeing the future acquired the company for $19 billion and by April 2014, whatsapp hits 500 million monthly active users, 700 million daily photo share, 100 million daily video share and 10 billion messages sent per day. Few months ago, Whatsapp desktop client was launched activated via mobile on Android, iOS, Windows Phone, Blackberry or Symbian S60.

Go try the new whatsapp free call feature and let’s have your feedback.