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Can Bebuzee become the next Social Media Giant?

For those who have not heard about Bebuzee, it is an emerging Social Network, with a small dedicated team with huge passion and determination, competing to become potentially one of the most successful Social Networks to grace this planet.

A social media that pays

Over the past decade Social Media and social networks in particular, have become an extremely powerful force, changing the way people use the internet today. Simply a great and successful period in our timeline (got it?). From thousands to millions and millions of people use the likes of Facebook and Twitter and even the newly found success Ello. Before social networks, I’m sure you have some sort of idea of what people used to do to engage with each other online. MSN and Yahoo Messenger, probably one of the biggest methods of chat from the early noughties, possibly right through to about 2006.

Well at the end of this era, Facebook were still growing and so many of us weren’t aware of them. So of course we learnt over to the next big trending online social medium. This in our eyes turned out to be in the form of MySpace (launched 2003), the California based, social networking service with a strong music emphasis owned by Specific Media LLC and pop music singer and actor Justin Timberlake. They had a significant influence on pop culture and music.

Unfortunately this era was short lived with Myspace falling down the pecking order of one of the most used Social Mediums in the world, similarly to Bebo. This was a fortunate stepping stone for the likes of Facebook and Twitter, enabling them to take off imminently. Not so long after, we had wonderful creations popping up from absolutely everywhere. Some of which include the likes of Instagram, one of the fastest growing social networks of all time, reaching one million downloads in the short space of only two and a half of months, making them indestructible in regards to fastest growing social mediums. Other names include WhatsApp, the mobile messenger giants; Snapchat, a photo messaging application developed by Evan Spiegal, Bobby Murphy and Reggie Brown, former Stanford University students.

Moving on, Pinterest is another revolutionary application but available for both mobile and web, it offers visual discovery, collection, sharing and storage tool. Adding to all of these mediums we have last but not least Youtube, who are the largest video-sharing website in the world, late owned by Google and based in the ever famous California. Each and every one of these apps, websites and social networks, have all over time successfully contributed in making this remarkable competitive market to anyone who wishes to strive in bringing a new lease of life into the technology world. Many would argue that, the internet holds everything a market would require to satisfy a user. Conversely, others would say that there is still a gap in the market and plenty of room for opposition to come in with new projects and better what is currently out there.

Alternatively, through various bits of research through one of our very own surveys. We found out that social media users are still disgruntled about certain features, arousing concerns within mediums, allowing them to be exploited. Funny you should be confused? Yes, that’s right! For years, social networks have exploited their users through small print. Honestly, who has the patience to go through all of these little words upon agreeing to sign up to something as exciting as Facebook? These small prints allow social networks to take personal information, data and permission to view of texts, pictures, videos and access to particular apps such as the Messenger. This is then sold on to competitors or advertisers in exchange for their own personal gain, or actual money to put it another way. So not only are users unwittingly disclosing their entire confidential data via their phone but they are also allowing themselves to be marketed. Reports claim that this collected data is then both marketed and advertised back to you via the form of spam emails and popups. It just goes to show you that nobody in our common world can be trusted. Even if they are not in the wrong and are craftily pulling the wool over your eyes. The worst thing about all of this is, that if you wanted to opt out of the likes of Facebook messenger accessing all of your personal details, it is not possible in any way or form on most devices. We have heard of very few cases of which android based mobile handsets have enabled users to change the permissions for this even though this hasn’t been proven nor confirmed. This is sadly, leaving people with no choice but to either shut their social network accounts down or stick with them and suffer being subjugated against their will. This is the result of a lack of options or a narrow minded approach of conning innocent loyal users.

Bebuzee, on the brighter side, have been extremely cautious of such situations taking place in the world around them hence do not take or sell any third party data under any circumstance, what so ever. They also firmly believe that this is not fair and a prejudicial way to make money out of millions. Bebuzee have better intentions, not to con their users, but to reward them for using their services and remain a loyal user.

Is this the new social media network we've been waiting for, see why Bebuzee beats other social network sites in revenue sharing with users

Social Networks, as a whole make million and millions if not billions of dollars every year. Out of these amounts, how much do you think they pay their users? Yep, you probably guessed right. Sweet zero. Further down you will find out how Bebuzee donate half, that’s right, HALF of their entire ad revenue. Resounding, as it is, this sensational approach is said to be the way to go forward and the future of social networking.

Furthermore, reflecting upon this matter, Bebuzee have launched and announced themselves as an integral part of and brand new, social network which is unique and allows users to share profits with them as an integral part of a revenue sharing system. If you read correctly, Bebuzee are actually rewarding all their users the minute they sign up. And once they have logged in they can actively see how much they have gained on their own private dashboard with monitoring facilities.



Social Networks are free for all, as almost all revenue is generated through advertising and or premium features such as apps. Similarly Bebuzee will not be charging their users, making them feel as if they are part of them nor require any surplus requirements to financially aid them. Bebuzee have a very strong philosophy about their user friendliness and equality, ensuring all users know where they stand within the ever-growing service. Users can then begin their Bebuzee experience, by posting and sharing etc. It shows that if Facebook, Twitter or any other Social Medium had come up with something remotely close to this, somewhere in the past, it would have made them an untouchable and unstoppable force, not wishing anything bad upon them, obviously!Surely the technology babies Bebuzee would have no chance to compete that way.

Nonetheless, Bebuzee’s method of providing what users are lacking, unlike Ello, is making sure both all users and their data are protected under any circumstance. Supposedly, they promise this! It can’t be that bad now, can it? Moving in the direction of at least a few steps ahead of all the others in the game, Bebuzee have some futuristic, almost too ridiculous, yet revolutionary ideas to change the world of socializing.

Bebuzee has generic posting of statuses, profile views, image and earning whilst doing that, takes them to a whole new, different level of social media. Meanwhile, ensuring the users’ privacy and data confidentiality consistently remains, effective.

Subsequently, revenue and earnings, per thousand impressions, the user receives $0.50 and for each click on the ads they receive $0.25. The stats and figures surrounding Bebuzee’s way of succeeding as a brand new social network is rather astonishing. Allegedly we are yet to expect two or three more money making features, which are due to be released later this year.

Other topographies within Bebuzee’s remit, naturally brag a string of incredible features, from standard news feeds, Photo & Video uploads; Rate my Pic to Blogbuz and Fan Page creations.

Bebuzee have also released the all new, Worldwide Business Search/Directory which enables users to add their business or organisation, with information, website link and direct contact details, including photos, direction maps and reviews. A great addition for those who wish to publish, promote and advertise their event, business or organisation.

Bebuzee social media
World Wide Business Search page

Most Social Networks have their very own messaging services. Bebuzee have taken a slightly slow approach, in the form of a very traditional style Messenger, appearing on the bottom right of the screen when logging in. They are currently developing and will soon introduce further new features, most of which have never been heard of in the Social Media world. All features are designed to create social engagement within the site to accommodate and encourage users to happily post continuous content, safely, allowing their earnings to increase via the traffic generated.

Being new, Bebuzee believe that they are a global network growing together. Finally stating, that they did not simply generate themselves out of thin air, they gratefully thank the millions of users who have helped them get to where they are today. As reported via one of their team members. “Great things are to come, greater thing are to be seen.”

In summary, the public should understand and remember Bebuzee for being the world’s first and only social network which shares revenue with its users. This is expected to be the next internet sensation waiting to explode onto the scene. Rumours say that within a year they could be pushing up against social media giants, Facebook, Twitter, not forgetting the growing Ello too. Users are said to be receiving one dollar ($1USD), for as simple as creating an account. There after the possibilities are endless. Every time you write a blog, your photo is rated or even your profile is viewed by somebody else you are paid. You are rewarded for all clicks and impressions within your account. Phenomenal achievement for a Social Network who only came about four months ago. To this date they boast over five million users. Facebook only managed sixty-four thousand after six months.

This is believed to be one of the easiest yet effective ways to make money online. Of course there is competition from those who provide and earn online services, however a Bebuzee spokesman has stated that this does not change in the slightest. “We are more than happy with our incredible creation, merely providing what we believe to be best for users within our network.”

Obviously, Bebuzee aren’t the only online venture providing it’s users with some sort of income. There are so many variations, most of which include the likes of Amazon Associates and the of course the big boys YouTube. If you are a keen blogger, create an account on internet giants Amazon Associates. This allows you to add links and banners to your website (if you have one). When a person clicks on your link and makes a transaction, you will be given five percent commission automatically. One of the easiest way to make a bit on the side.

Videos, oh videos, I don’t even have to get started with YouTube. All techie internet users will know about these web giants. Upload a video whether its music or viral. Clip sharing will earn you a solid little income on the side if you can rack up the views. You are paid through amount of views, sponsorship and promotional deals. Most other comparisons are minuscule compared to what these guys offer. Bebuzee being the only exception, with half of their ad revenue. Other sites entail gallons of surveys or questionnaires. Even writing blog and reviews. What makes it worse of all is that, most of these don’t actually provide cash in exchange, but instead these poor users are only rewarded with shopping vouchers and discount coupons. Freebies if you are lucky!

Contrariwise, on the upside, reflecting back on what Bebuzee offer, in regards to revenue or money, they boast a variety of revolutionary features as mentioned above.

You may only be aware if you are a current user of theirs, but Bebuzee’s excellent new blogging feature comprises you to blog whenever you want, while solely making a living from other Bebuzers’ who read them. Social media enthusiasts know that making any sort of revenue in this day and age is extremely demanding as the levels of rivalry just go through the roof. Bebuzee have realized that making a simple change and coming up with an ingenious bit of kit could consequently become the next big thing in the tech world. In order to achieve this they welcome the all new Blogbuz, one of their finest creations.

So to begin, Blogbuz is a service which allows any Bebuzee user to post a blog and have the capability to share it where they desire. This can then be shared on various social networks through the share icons below each post.

Sharing is extremely important within Bebuzee, as whatever other users decide to click on or view will result in the poster making a small bit of revenue. The more the user promotes their page or blog, in whatever way, the larger the sum of reward will be. It’s a simple concept.

One positive at the moment is that every user who wishes to sign up to Bebuzee opens their account with one dollar. So sign up, login and you have simply made yourself some money. Sound too good to be true? Well it is decent and spot-on. So going back to where we started. There are two sections to Blogbuz. There is tab on your profile which takes you to ‘Create a new blog,’ and if you scroll right down, you are able to see all of your previously written blogs. However, the actual Blogbuz button is under another icon tab in the form of a three horizontal lines. Via this you are able to navigate through and read various other blog posts. Remember every time you read on one, that user will be rewarded.

All amounts of money made through Bebuzee’s Revenue Sharing system is also accessible via the users’ profile. Basically, once on the profile page, click on the earnings tab. So that you will always be in control of how much you are earning and see how many impressions or clicks you have been receiving.

Adding to this, we briefly mentioned an application or feature called Rate My Pic. This you must unquestionably check out. Fundamentally, users add photos to their gallery within their profile, as per usual. So these images will be accumulated via all Bebuzee users, and once collected, they will appear in Rate my Pic. The dazzling entity about this is that every time your photo or picture appears in Rate my Pic and is rated, an impression will be added to your account. This only means one thing. You are making money, and you’re going to be rich! Well of course that depends how much time and dedication the individual decides to put in. Remember, hard work always pays off. Justin Bieber can tell you that. The ultimate moral of this social network is to make sure users’ have something to smile about. Bebuzee hope they have ensured this.

Whether your taste is a combination of social networks or one in particular, you need to have fun in what you do just like what all the young entrepreneurs do in this modern day.


Is Bebuzee Set to Become the Most Popular Social Media?

Living in one of the most developed decades of all times in terms of technology, means that we are faced and bombarded with large amount of information and telling us what to do, what to buy, use, and so on. Whether it is through an advert displayed on your home page or a post of a friend showing his brand new pair of shoes we are certainly victims of information. As a society, perhaps we let ourselves be influenced by what we see, our friends do and try to copy them. If you do not agree with this statement then let’s take a look at a couple of examples and refresh our minds. First let’s go back a couple of years, back when most of us either had a MySpace or Bebo account.

A social media that pays

Back then we probably thought of how amazing MySpace was comparing to MSN Messenger, yes MSN! From going to chatting with friends and sending icons to posting pictures, personalizing your page to actually see what is going on with your friends life all at once without having to ask them individually, we must have thought ‘what a great invention’. All of the sudden we seemed to be more interested in logging in onto our profiles than anything else. However what happened next is crucial to my early statement which is when people left MSN Messenger, Myspace and other Social Networks to join Facebook. Eventually everyone started to close all their other accounts, simply because they did not want to be left out; and so names like Myspace and Bebo were left behind, for this reason we can agree that we do let ourselves be influenced by what is happening around us.

Okay, you might still not be convinced and say ‘Facebook gave us something better’ which by the way Facebook’s features were still very primitive back then. Here’s a thing though, posting pictures on Facebook or on any other platform is possibly one of the most envy provoking ways yet it influences users to post more and more pictures because they feel the need to brag about their lives to their friends. It is clear that we as a society take these factors seriously.

Bebuzee, the social network that pays

bebuzee social media
My Earnings Tab

As you may or may not know, Bebuzee is the first social network founded in the UK and the first Social Network to share its revenue with its users. It is also one of the fastest growing social networks with over 5 million users in the space of 3 months. You may say ‘wow that is impressive’, indeed it is! Bebuzee’s aim is not to take over the world (however it would not be a bad idea) but to make the world of Social Media a better place. Sharing ad revenue is their main characteristic and what makes them stand out; for every ad clicked you will earn $0.25 and for every 1000 impressions you will earn $0.50 also to mention that upon registering the user will receive a total of $1. These impressions depend on how much online traffic you create, how many friends you have and how interactive they are, of course. Bebuzee also ensures complete privacy and security of your data and will not sell it to any third parties, a great boost to their rapid growth. It is clear to see that Bebuzee’s mission is to provide the best service to its users by allowing them to get something in return. Providing a whole variety of amusing features Bebuzee believes they can bring the world to you rather than you going after it.

Bringing the world to you

The way Bebuzee wants to bring the world to you is by what they call ‘Shopping by images’. This is the newest feature which allows users to search for a product they have in mind on their Bebuzee account. Here they will be shown a catalogue of specific items the user is looking for from a whole variety of different brands. Let’s say a user is planning on buying someone a pair of sun glasses, by going onto the ‘shopping by images’ feature they can view a whole catalogue of sun glasses from various stores. Here they can choose which ones they like and click on that item. The user will then be directed to the purchase page of that item’s site to finalize their purchase. Joe Onyero, founder of Bebuzee says “we want to implement this new way of shopping to save people time instead of having to go to various different sites to look for an item”. This new way of shopping as confusing it may sound it is pretty straight forward, how many times do we go to buy a whole outfit but cannot find one in one single shop? By having a range of products from different brands all in one place makes the life of many much simpler. It is believed already by some a success.

Bebuzee social media
Profile Photo Gallery

Another feature implemented into their service is ‘Business +’. This is a Worldwide Search directory where users can search for both local business as well as international business. If you happen to have a whole new set of furniture coming to you but do not have the time to set it up yourself, then perhaps you can search for a company specialized in fitting furniture thorough Business + search while you socialise with your friends on Bebuzee page.

Users can also add their own business or products onto the service to start their propaganda. Joe Onyero says “this is the perfect place for you to expose your own business or product as it will be searched by a large number of users on Bebuzee”. “Business do not need to look any further if they are looking to expand fast” he concluded. Have your friends reviewing, endorsing and recommending it to all their other friends. If you do not feel like missing out on this great journey then do not hesitate to join the Social Network that not only gives you money to socialize but also believes in bringing the world to your screen. Bebuzee claims this is only the beginning of a great, bright, prosperous future.

Take 30 seconds of your life to feel the difference. Join Bebuzee.

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What Are the Different Types of Barcode Scanners?

When you decide to implement barcoding in your business, there’s another decision that you have to make. You have to choose the right barcode scanner. So before you make this decision, you will have to get to know the different types of barcode scanners available so that you can make the right choice for your business’s needs. The scanner you pick needs to useful for your business and it needs to be capable of reading the barcode symbology you choose to use.

Introducing the Wide Variety of Barcode Scanners

Types of Barcode Scanners

Wand/Pen Barcode Scanner

According to Thomas Net, this is the least expensive and simplest barcode scanner that you can buy. It’s durable and doesn’t have any moving parts. But when it’s scanning, it has to touch the barcode, and this can be annoying. If the barcode has to be read over and over, the need to touch the scanner to the code might end up damaging or smearing it, which may make it unreadable. Another issue is that the wand’s powered by a human, and it has to be held at the right angle and moved at the right speed to properly function. This is the best option for someone who is looking for something that’s usable but cheap.

CCD Barcode Scanner

According to Semicron, this barcode scanner can read your barcodes easily and quickly. But there are two major limitations that the scanner comes with. Its scanning range is short, which means that it has to within one to three inches from the barcode. It also has a width that is limited, which means that it can’t read barcodes wider than the scanner’s face.

Laser Barcode Scanner

Featured on Barcodes Inc., this scanner is the most popular one. This scanner doesn’t have to be close to the code or touch it to be usable. The scanner, with a standard range of six to 24 inches, is quite versatile, but the scan range is also affected by the size of the barcode. Long range versions of this scanner are capable of reading barcodes between two to eight feet from the scanner. The scanners that are extra-long range are able to read barcodes up to 35 feet away from the scanner. These scanners range in price from $200-$2,000 and have lots of different models to choose from.

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Fixed Mount or Hands Free Scanner

These kinds of scanners are anchored so that users are able to scan the barcodes using both of their hands. Durable, extremely reliable, and versatile, these scanners boost the productivity of stores to higher levels with minimal effort on the part of employees. These scanners are often seen in self-checkout lanes in retail stores.

Codeless/Wireless Barcode Scanner

This type of scanner is for warehouse and factory applications in which cords and cables restrict free movement. In harsh environments where cables can become damaged and make scanner systems inoperable, cordless scanners are the best solutions. They are also useful in shipping and receiving environments where cables can also deny freedom of movement. They are also useful in retail stores in allowing cashiers to scan heavy and bulky items.

Wearable Barcode Scanner

These scanners function in two amazing ways. A hand or ring scanner is worn by someone and then the person activates it either by pointing it at a barcode or by pointing their finger at barcodes while simultaneously pressing their thumb against the trigger that’s at the finger’s base.

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Two Scanners that are a Bit More Than Scanners

Portable Terminals

Semicron states that these data terminals are handheld barcode scanners that are battery operated and that store data in their memory to be uploaded elsewhere later. As well as being barcode scanners, these devices have keyboards and LCD displays. The user is able to walk around and scan and key in data while getting responses from their computer with each of their entries.  These combine barcode scanning with palm computing.

Barcode Decoders

Barcode decoders are used for translating a barcode’s information into a format the computer is able to use. Some low-tech scanners aren’t able to decode more advanced barcodes, so it’s necessary to have a decoder. Some users prefer using an un-decoded scanner and a decoder unit so they’re able to remove their scanner for use with portable terminals.

You need to take some time to figure out which of these barcode scanners is the type that will be right for your business. Take a look at what they have to offer and what their prices are, and then think about how you will use the scanner. Then you can figure out which one is going to be the best choice. It’s always a great idea to research your options before making a time consuming and costly choice that may not be the right one for you. Among eCommerce vendors I know, I think Shopify has a wide range of barcode scanners along with a compact wireless barcode printer. When doing your research, don’t forget to pick a barcode scanner that is capable of reading the barcode symbology your business uses.

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How Small Businesses Are Using SaaS

Small business owners are playing a big role in cloud computing’s growing popularity­. According to a recent KPMG survey, 70% of respondents believed that using the cloud would save them money and make them more efficient. Software as a Service, or simply SaaS, is one of the most common types of cloud computing used by businesses. SaaS and small business

 What is SaaS?

Traditionally, software was purchased as a stand-alone product that needed to be installed on a computer. Companies now prefer the Software as a Service model that works on a subscription basis over the cloud. You can find SaaS versions of many popular types of software.

Why use SaaS?

The main advantages of using cloud software are:

  •  Simple access to software from web browsers, no installation required.
  • Works on computers, tablets, and smartphones.
  • Lower initial cost since paid on a monthly or yearly basis
  • Free updates. No longer need to buy this year’s version.

How is SaaS Used?

Let say you operate a small business. Here are some examples of different types of SaaS products you could be using:

File Storage and Sharing Software: Google Drive will enable you to create documents, spreadsheets, and slideshows. You can allow more than one person to access a file at a time by sharing it with your colleagues. This way, everyone can modify it simultaneously.

Accounting Software: FreshBooks is an easy-to-use accounting tool. The greatest thing about FreshBooks is that it allows you to create invoices and manage your account receivables in a quick and intuitive fashion. The software also has additional features such as expense tracking and report generation.

Scheduling Software: CalendarSpots is an appointment scheduling software that allows you to easily manage your appointments quickly and efficiently. CalendarSpots also allows you to offer online appointment booking to your customers. Confirmations and reminders are sent automatically to help you reduce no-shows.

Customer Relationship Management Software (CRM): Salesforce is used for Customer Relationship Management. This software will allow you to create and manage client profiles. These profiles are then used as a reference when making a sale or following-up. You can also track all interactions between yourself and your target.

How to choose the right Saas?

Some software is useful for everyone, while other software might fulfill the needs of a certain niche. What’s important to keep in mind is determining what aspects of your business needs the most improvement. Once that is done, you can decide what type of SaaS you need. When you start comparing different SaaS products, make sure to try them out before purchasing them. Many companies offer 30 day free trials that do not require any credit card information. Simply sign up for the service and see if it’s right for you. If you choose a software and realize that you can do better, you can simply cancel it since you are paying on a subscription basis.

Final Verdict on SaaS

Software as a Service has grown in popularity. Small businesses now benefit from a rich variety of cloud applications. Just make sure that you find out which SaaS products are right for you.

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A new Social Network dubbed “the Saviour of Social Media”

A new Social Network dubbed “the Saviour of Social Media world”, because it promises to share revenue with its user and never sell user data to marketing companies or any other organization.

Bebuzee does not release numbers but says it has over 5 million registered users since its date Launch 1st of July 2014.
The Simple design consisting of Sky blue and red as its prime colours, Status updates and photo/video uploads are the primary functions. Friends are added to your network, Worldwide Business Directory useful for those searching from fish and chips to Big Suppliers. Rate my Pic feature added for users to gain photo popularity through a random list of pictures and gain more impressions through other user rating your picture for fun. Questions and Answers feature has a selective category for different questions from love to farming. Blogbuz Feature to create blogs while the blogbuz feed is shown from the most recent blog to the last. Messenger to keep in touch with your networks and share files plus notification button to keep track of any updates in your profile. My Earning Features are there to keep track of impressions earned and payment due. All This Features are there to break the business mould and accommodate its users to create traffic and earn money doing so.

For every new account open $1 is already earned and accumulated on my earnings tab, in 30 seconds it takes to join the user is already $1 dollar better off and the more you post the higher the impression counts on your earnings tab. For every 1000 impressions (views of content post) 50c of a dollar will be rewarded and for every click of an advert 25c of a dollar is gained. So the higher your network and influence the more impressions the user will earn on their account. Most Facebook users have 100s of friends and once the word goes out and you start finding friends on the

Bebuzee site, the easier it will be to gain 100s of impressions daily, the possibility for the site and the user is limitless and exciting.

Blogbbuz Feature was created to fulfill the need of blogging capabilities desired by users and not having to keep exchanging sites and promoting through links, why not build a fan base on a real Social Network and keep earning through impressions and clicks. On blogbuz you can easily share on other Social Networks to keep adding impressions, you can also add video formats for which I believe is now called vlogging.

“Rate my Pic” feature was added to generate more impressions and boost popularity of user photos, when you click on rate my pic feature you will find a random selection of photos in one screen, were you can rate from “love it”, “maybe” and “not really” and from then it will move on to the next photo. Users can also rate friends pictures when they go on their friends profile and click on the photos tab, you will see a photo gallery made of 5 strips were you can also rate, this is providing a tool for more impressions to be earned and generating traffic, no other Social Network has anything similar to “Rate my Pic”.

The World Wide Business Search Page is another innovative tool for the user, Search the type of Business, the Location and add your address so that a map screen will show you how to get there. We all want to find local restaurants but find searching on search engines a bit annoying and time consuming as there is not one website that has this kind of directory, if there is, some smaller restaurants are missing out because they do not wish to pay to advertise, but on Bebuzee it is totally free of charge, any user can add their business on this directory with no compromises.

The Data Collected from Users has fueled a boom in digital advertising Sector as marketers use it to target ads to the right people. Bebuzee is tackling with the reality, without ads no Social Network will survive and I doubt people will pay monthly fees to use a Social Network. Most Users have not left a Social Network because of ads, but to get paid to Socialise is a whole new Business Mould and be able to tackle the giants of Social Media.

Ads are there to display and show what the big brands are doing, in a free world we all want to have the freedom of information and ads help us make choices. We are accustomed to ads, but should the user be milked for money by Social Media indirectly or should we benefit too from the billions of dollars generated on this platform? I certainly hope most of us wish to benefit from such revenue, it will make the User a little bit happier and the company fulfill Socio-economic obligations. No other site offers monetary benefits just for socializing and doing what we all do every day on Social Networks.

With Younger consumers who feel that most Social Networks are not giving them what they want, been the case that this audience are less repetitive to traditional Marketing. You’ve got to ask yourself “Where is the alternative”? The Founder Joe Onyero said “The user is who we cater for and our business model will enrich the user experience through Revenue Sharing and Strict Data Confidentiality, nobody has thought of the user as the way we do”. For every post you share, every network friend you make and every blog or question you create it adds on to the amount of impressions you gain to accumulate money and be able to withdraw money for every $100 dollars accumulated. The Argument is you are treated as partners, with respect and not as a commodity, “You made us Global the USER” this is in Bebuzees DNA.

Overall Bebuzee Portrays itself as ethically correct, created out of the frustration of the users who have no ship to jump to. Bubuzee could be that ship, rewarding those (the user) that make things happen through a monetary fashion.
Were the internet is an open space with commercial value and why not all benefit and not only the same giants that have been allowed to monopolised this field.

Africa Social Media

Is Bebuzee the Social Network we have been waiting for?

Bebuzee is a new social network, Launched 1st of July 2014 and in its early days it claims to have surpasses 5 million registered users at such an early stage.

Going through the website I can recognise it functions smoothly and has many traits Social Media users recognise. Friends are called networks, status updates, uploading photos and videos, blogging, rate my pic and worldwide business search, plus other features for which I will not go into detail.

Is this the new social media network we've been waiting for, see why Bebuzee beats other social network sites in revenue sharing with users

What’s the appeal?

For starters the heart and soul of Bebuzee is banking on sharing half of the revenue earned through digital ads with its users, this ads displays on the right side of the screen when browsing through this Social Site. So for every post shared on your profile impressions are earned when viewed by your friends and network, for every 1000 impressions 50c of a dollar is earned and every direct click to an ad link 25c is earned. This feature is tracked on my earning tab on the users profile so the user will keep a record of how influential their post has been and encourage user traffic.

Bebuzee is a referendum on how disillusioned we are with the Social Networks we have right now. Fortified Social media Sites like Facebook and Twitter who dominate the market have had many users desire to abandon and jump ship. In today’s digital age data is collected and sold on to marketers for huge profits, and the user is always wondering in frustration from endless calls and email spams who are invading them. The question many people have but yet to be asked is “How did you get my information?”.

So giving out personal information to the Social Giants bites back, this is the result from lack of respect for the user who can’t get away from constant bombardment of ads and only wishes to share moments with loved ones on Social Media.

Bebuzee considers what is true “Ads keep us running, but we must compensate and reward” This is true with all sites unless government funded no site will survive without ads.

The concept of sharing our content was born with Facebook but have they thought of the user who gives away all but receives nothing. I would suggest a big fat “NO”, Bebuzee is the only Social Network who have banked on an idea we have been waiting for “Revenue Sharing”. Share what the user feels is rightfully theirs, as they are the ones ads cater for.

Overall Social Media is and will remain as part of our lives, we want to be connected and update ourselves with moments and feelings of our closed ones no matter how far they are. Bebuzee is there to make things a little better and less frustrating, the user does want to jump ship from the monopoly but want to be active in this digital age.

Is Bebuzee the answer well I can only recommend you give it a go and see for yourselves? Let’s discuss in the comment section below.


Free live webinar: Learn the Strategies and Techniques used to build Smart, Connected Products

The Internet of Things is evolving and only few folks observe that it has existed for decades. Room5 is one among the frontline firms that have been operating and strongly believed in the Internet of Things idea since its inception. As IoT expert, Room5 is a trustworthy and reliable source for information in this aspect and will be sharing their knowledge with you during a free webinar that will be taking place this October; the 21 and the 23rd respectively (read on to know more).

Everyone is talking about the Internet of Things. In my own opinion, not everyone has an idea of what they could be getting from having a profound knowledge of how it works and what they could be benefiting from availing the opportunity. From the market perspective to how it will impact users’ lives, there’s already a strong trend going in the IoT industry. Getting a useful, helpful, yet practical advice with guidelines for building smart, connected products seems to be the challenge for almost everyone trying to create stuffs for the internet. From starting the project, to choosing the right infrastructure and framing it to work as envisioned, and delivering such a wonderful product to the end users, with your praises on their lips even after they might have paid you awesomely for the product, should be your next focus.

In making this happen, there’s going to be a webinar featuring top industry experts with hands-on knowledge on how to make your Internet of Things project a BOOM-like experience!

Wondering how you can get a hold-me-by-the-hand kind of information that will yields good results?

Think less of that! You will get more than that.

Why building a smart and connected solutions?

Smart, connected solutions is the next rave because people nowadays prefers to do less while getting more done within a shortest possible time, and what they need in such a scenario is smart and connected systems of computers; simplifying the whole process, taking away the risk of outages and irregularities.

For one to be able to effectively create a solution in this field, the fellow need to have at least the underlisted technical disciplines, that were not previously in high demand, such as;

  1. Mobile Application Development
  2. Firmware Development
  3. Software and Hardware Security
  4. Power Management
  5. Cloud Architecture
  6. Technical Program Management
  7. Computer Hardware and Software Testing
  8. Technical Project Management
  9. Human Centered Software Design

For you to be a success in this field, a strong approach that takes emerging challenges and winning stratagems into consideration is highly needed.

Room5 is a leading firm in the aspect of building smart, connected products for the IoTs with their engineers building real and existing products for some of existing customers such Intel, BMW, Sony Ericsson, and Samsung on regular basis.

Have you been thinking of knowing some of the best practices in use for building smart and connected devices?

You are covered because in this 30-minute technically-inclined online call, Eric Ljung, the Room5’s senior development director, will be taking you through some of these processes. At least, after the program, you will be armed with valid details about the complexities and challenges that you may likely come across when building smart, connected products and how to deal with them.

About the Internet of Things webinar host; Eric Ljung

Eric has been in the fold for a long time; with 20 years of experience in virtually all the technologies that summed up the Internet of Things, you can bet on the kind of knowledge you will be taking home.

To be partaker of the call, register for this free webinar.

The Internet of Things webinar will go live on Tuesday October 21st, with a replay webinar Thursday October 23rd, titled: “Learn the Strategies and Techniques used to Build Smart, Connected Products.

Waiting to see you there.

Africa Cloud Computing Technologies and Resources Information and Communication Technology (ICT)

4 New Developments In Cloud Computing Technology To Consider in 2014 & Beyond

With rapid scalability and low cost of deployment, cloud computing continues to increase in global adoption. Many African nations including Kenya, Nigeria and South Africa look poised to increase their investment on platform as a service (PaaS), software as a service (SaaS) and cloud hosted infrastructure (IaaS) in 2014-2015 and beyond, reports IT News Africa.

While private cloud services have been the main focus of the large business sector in the country, there have been new developments in cloud computing that can improve the service offering, global coverage, price and competitiveness of African companies. As a result, African companies that choose a cloud strategy can take advantage of these new opportunities.

Mobile cloud computing

Here are four recent developments in cloud computing that could revolutionize the way African businesses operate:

The increase in cloud APIs

Many cloud service providers have exposed their cloud servers API, making it possible for businesses to plug into the cloud platform to do things such as open and control servers, reboot servers, custom software stacks, inject files into a file system, and more. These APIs simply ease complex processes, and speed up the development of new capabilities and services and hastening adoption.

They also facilitate hybrid cloud adoption by creating an interface between public cloud services and corporate data centers. Some cloud providers are also submitting APIs as open source projects, which serves as an indication of the direction the cloud is heading towards. This isn’t the industry’s only open-source effort; rather, it is an attempt to provide corporations more control and customization when it comes to cloud applications.

Hybrid cloud

The merits of private and public cloud models have been debated for quite some time. Hybrid cloud is a new cloud model that is giving businesses more choices for personalized solutions while satisfying security experts and big data advocates. More African companies are likely to drop the old debate and adopt this cloud model as hybrid cloud services go mainstream.

Whatever the requirements of a business may be, hybrid cloud services can provide flexibility of cloud computing and simultaneously coexist in the current environment. Service providers offering hybrid cloud services use a collaborative approach that aligns their cloud services with company strategies, setting organizations up with complete scalability to adopt to their changing needs.

Graphics as a service and web apps

Running high-end graphic applications requires a substantial investment in hardware infrastructure, but cloud computing is changing this reality. Several new cloud-based technologies from companies such as AMD and NVIDIA are allowing end users to run high-end design applications using a simple HTML5 web browser.

Also, scalability and efficiency continue to be the primary benefits of cloud computing, so service providers are also introducing cloud-based applications compatible with multiple platforms. With cutting edge initiates adding new life to HTML, it won’t be long since the web becomes the main platform for cloud applications.

Mobile optimization

The future of the cloud, one way or another, is firmly optimized on mobile. The exceptional rise in mobile devices are a contributing factor towards increasing the focus of cloud service providers to adopt a mobile approach. In the next 5 years or so, more cloud computing platforms and APIs will be accessible on mobile.

This simply means the need for optimal cloud experiences is the top agenda for companies that are embracing this technology. The trend is expected to grow more as cloud technology expands into various industries.

News Social Media

Social Media users have finally something to smile about

Brand new Social Network giants, Bebuzee have seen a tremendous growth and results upon launch just shy of four mere months ago, having reached nearly 6 million users, without any particular Mass Media Coverage. It is understood that unlike other major social networks they do not have any use of user data (sell personal data on to third parties) who provide content and traffic. This is said to be a brand new way of attracting millions of users. Honestly, who wants to be exploited for their personal information only to be sold it back to them unwittingly?

In this respect Bebuzee is ready to announce itself as a brand new and unique social network which allows users to share revenue with them. Social Networks are normally free, because all or most of the revenue is generated through marketing and advertising. Bebuzee has recognised this and came up with a new way of allowing users to form a partnership with their social network. All users will share revenue with Bebuzee from the second they sign up. At least by doing so, Bebuzee users will feel that they are part of something. The fact that Bebuzee are giving one dollar to every new signup exceeds what any other present social network can offer. Supposedly users will continue to earn more, adding to their dollar by posting and sharing. It just goes to show that if Facebook or Twitter had come up with such thing many years ago, then they would be way ahead of the game.

Updating statuses, viewing profiles, sharing images and earning whilst doing that, naturally marks a new era, while ensuring the users privacy and confidentiality of data consistently. Joe Onyero, founder of Bebuzee has publicly said “It is time users benefit, offer them return, dividing our profit.” He believes strongly in this, reiterating that without the users Bebuzee would hardly even be where they are here, today.

This importance in this huge feature is the originality injected into the company, with them stating: “take care of the users and return to them, rewarding the time they spend on the platform. A simple rating on a photograph, the sharing of a status amongst other things” automatically provides the user with an amount in their earnings. On a per thousand impressions, the user receives $0.50, and for each click on the ads they receive $0.25. The stats and figures surrounding Bebuzee’s way of suceeding as a brand new social network is astonishing, yet we are hearing there are two or three more revenue making features due to be released this year.How to earn a living through social media networks

Interesting features on Bebuzee

Bebuzee has everything a social media user would expect, plus more. The platform itself, boasts a string of innovative features, starting from the standard status update and rolling news feed, to Photo and Video uploads; Rate My Pic; BlogBuz for blogging; Fan Page for public figures; Business; Entertainment organisations. A brilliant addition for those who wish to publish or advertise their business, they announced the huge Worldwide Business Search/Directory which enables users to add their business or organisation, with information, website link and direct contact details, including photos, direction maps and reviews.

Adbuz lets business grow with targeted audience

Adbuz is an advertising platform for businesses and organisations, who wish to grow and promote their own business to a particular targeted audience in order to attract traffic to their own websites, creating huge growth in revenue. Adbuz users will be able to attract millions of clients or customers across the world.

Adbuz is said to be operating on an individual server soon, and run by a completely different team. Bebuzee will very much still be controlling its actions. This is said to allow Bebuzee to focus strictly on what they do best, running a social network.

Competition is said to be no risk to Bebuzee as they hold contracts to several affiliate sites. Bebuzee have negotiated and agreed a deal boasting more than three thousands of these websites as partners with the potential to grow even further beyond this.

Most social networks often provide some form of messaging or direct mailing. Bebuzee have perfected their very own one of these and brought a modernised version of the traditional Messenger service. They are currently developing and will soon introduce further new features, most of which have never been heard of in the Social Media world. All features are designed to create social engagement within the site to accommodate and encourage users to post continuous content comfortably, allowing their earnings to increase via the traffic generated by doing so.

Our user comes first! How true is this?

As a brand new social network, they strongly believe that the user comes first. They are a global network growing together. They also stated, “We didn’t grow ourselves out of thin air, we hugely thank the millions of users who helped us get to where we are today”. As reported via our news station.

Hugely quoting the importance and beliefs the staffs at Bebuzee have they stated to us that “Trends come and go, it is the same with Social Networks. Bebuzee wasn’t made to go or deteriorate similarly to the likes of MySpace, but to cement a place in the world of social media, enabling millions to connect and live”.

Wise word? Of course, they weren’t fibbing.

It is understood that users are able to voice their disappointment and provide feedback, reflecting upon any aspect of the site or services. No Social Network can monopolise the market and dictate privacy policy to remove users’ power over their personal information, they have stated strictly that they are against such practises.  A quote from a Bebuzee spokesman states, “We promise not to sell personal data to marketing companies and give the user full power over what information they feel safe to share or disclose.” Fair comment.

General users do not tend to leave an internet provider because of advertising or data sharing, so Bebuzee has come up with the revenue sharing feature, which provides adverts, but also creates a win-win situation for the end-user, while keeping their data private. The potential to generate such extra income is absolutely phenomenal and limitless. No other social network apart from Bebuzee, values their users as much as Bebuzee appreciates theirs.

More than just a social network, Bebuzee is a new platform for web enthusiasts, where originality, innovation and ethics revolutionise the social universe. If you have any questions or queries on what you may have just read, do not hesitate to call the news line or speak to Bebuzee directly upon signing up if need be.


What you can do with your old iPhone now that you have a new one

Transition from old iphone to new iPhone

With the new iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus now on the market, we are seeing a huge trend of older mobile devices suddenly being considered irrelevant. If you have made the switch yourself, then you may still have your previous device laying around somewhere. What can this older device now do for you? As it turns out, there are numerous uses for it. If your older iPhone is still in your possession and you want to find a purpose for it, then continue reading to learn about five ways in which you can dispose of it, use it or make money off of it.

Deciding Not to Upgrade

We can often be convinced rather easily that our perfectly good technology is in need of replacement. With billions of pounds annually spent on marketing and advertising, it is no wonder many fall for this. But your older iPhone may still be perfectly fine (looking at you, iPhone 5s owners). If you haven’t upgraded yet and have an iPhone that was purchased within the past two years, ask yourself what you really need in a new device, and whether you actually need it. Such a decision – if you haven’t already upgraded – can save you hundreds of pounds in mobile costs.

Giving Someone a Gift

Giving your old iPhone as a gift

Not everyone is fortunate enough to be able to afford an upgrade, or necessarily understand the reasons for doing so. If you know someone who is in dire need of a new phone (or a phone at all), then consider giving them your old iPhone as a gift. Friends and family members may not be in the situation to get the latest gadgets, and will certainly appreciate even an older device that you deem no longer worthy. If they do not currently have service, then the best way for them to go in terms of cost would be with a SIM-only plan, which has shorter contracts and lower monthly payments. SIM Only Expert is a good place to look for SIM only plans, comparing dozens of different options available from all the UK network providers.

Trading It for Credit or Cash

If you’d like a quick and easy way to get a bit of cash for your old iPhone, then you have a couple of choices to consider. The first one is a potential trade-in program (only available to those who haven’t yet upgraded). From time to time – especially when new Apple products are released – carriers will allow you to get partial credit toward a new phone when you trade in an older device. The other choice is sending your old iPhone to a company that recycles or resells them. In either case, the payout/credit received will not as substantial, but it is a fast way to unload the device onto someone else and make a little money in the process.

Using It for Something Else

You may not have considered what will happen if your new iPhone 6 or 6 Plus suddenly becomes damaged or otherwise stops working. This can be a difficult time for anyone who has to rely upon their mobile device for work or pleasure. Having insurance will get you back on your feet, but it will take time to obtain a fix or replacement. In order to be prepared, some iPhone users will keep their old devices in order to have a backup if needed. While you have the device, you can also choose to use it as a MP3 player, gaming system or other media solution: the possibilities are endless. You can find 10 smart ways to reuse your old iPhone here.

Selling It Directly

Selling your old iPhone now that you have a new one

Rather than dealing with a company or carrier who will pay you a fraction of what your device is worth, why not consider selling it yourself? Several different auction sites and platforms are available to consumers who are looking to buy and sell mobile devices. Seeing as how you’ll get a better rate selling through here and buyers will find lower prices than they would through a refurbished option, you’ll have no trouble at all selling the device. Even if it is damaged, many people will buy older iPhones in order to use their functioning parts to repair other iPhones. Sites such as Amazon will even allow you to list your old mobile devices and sell them to the public (find out more about Amazon’s selling policies here).

Make the Right Choice

With so many options to consider, you may feel a bit overwhelmed. Know that this is not a bad situation: you can choose how you’d like to handle the presence of your old iPhone in order to get the most effectiveness out of its future potential. It doesn’t matter if you have a friend in need, need a bit of cash yourself, or need to find a new purpose for your old device: you now know how to act.