RIM may exit handset business, YouTube blocked in Turkey, HeartBleed Bug, NTCB passed in Nigeria

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Technology News

Social media giant, Facebook is silently getting rid of chat in mobile apps, forcing users to use its Messenger.

Blackberry lawsuitRIM (BlackBerry) may soon exit handset business if season of less or no profit continues, says the company CEO, John Chen, in a blog post .

Despite court order in its favour, YouTube is still blocked through out Turkey — and it will remained blocked for the time being according to a reliable source.

New solar plane is as big as a 747, and it will circumnavigate the globe according to @j_timmer from Arstechnica.

China’s UCWeb releases its own PC browser with default integration of Alibaba’s online shopping sites such as TaoBao and TMall. And it is believed that Alibaba’s CEO, Jack Ma sits on its board of investors.

Unbelievable, you won’t believe this guy could spend over 9hrs (nine hours) walking backwards through the streets of Tokyo via Wired.

Have you changed all your passwords yet? It is probably the right time to change your credentials because of HeartBleed Bug that’s rendered all internet firewalls useless in last couple of weeks, TechRadar suggests.

Would you like to know where to study to prove thyself approved as an entrepreneur? These 15 Colleges with Powerhouse Entrepreneurship Programs will prove useful to you. Go to Mashable for full information.

You will be surprised to know African-Americans represent 12% of the total U.S. population, but comprise just 5% of clinical trial participants.

In Nigeria, The National Tobacco Control Bill (NTCB) has just been presented to and approved by Federal Executive Council (FEC).

Australian’s Atlassiana is the biggest tech company you have never heard of,but something has been happening there, which I believe should know. The company has been evaluated by T Rowe Price at $3.5 billion even without having sales staff. Read more on newscomauHQ.

The free app market is gaining on paid app really according to Forbes.

Peace Keeping:

Although it may be hard for us to imagine but retrospectively conflict is actually on the decline, according to HCSS PDF report.

Takeway Quote:

“Hatred stirs up dissension, but love covers over all wrong.” Book of Proverbs 10:12″

So, I will leave you with this powerful quote to challenge you for the best in the way you relate with others in your community. Till tomorrow, I remain your one and only trending tech news reporter, Olawale Daniel.

Africa News

GTBANK to increase her targeted loan growth to 15-20% come 2014

TECHATLAST – Guarantee Trust Bank Plc. is a commercial bank and by status a foremost Nigerian financial institution with vast business outlays spanning Anglophone West Africa and the United Kingdom.

Guarantee trust bank reveals her agenda on increasing Targets of loan growth to 15-20% this year by increasing her targeted sectors to telecommunication companies, oil and gas, maritime and manufacturing sectors. Mr. SegunAgbaje the Managing Director/Chief Executive Officer of the institution made this clear during his presentation of his 2013 full year report to the journalists.

He added that “probabilities will be raised on loan growth”.

The GTBank boss also confirmed the bank would maintain low cost and ensure the growth of its subsidiaries this year.

“We shall persevere to improve deposits, our machinery, and encourage innovation to keep cost low,” he added.

In addition, Agbaje said the bank is aiming a 20 per cent growth in retail deposits to maintain low cost of funding, adding that it would invest in technology and electronic banking to drive its retail base.

“Our business strategy and objective is to be one of the top three banks in Africa by 2016. And our market leadership size up our franchise in Africa.

“Also, we shall ingenuously grow up our market share in our chosen/priority sectors, with knowledgeable and highly driven staff with deep industry skills,” the GTBank boss said.

GTBank audited full year results as at December 2013 showed that it recorded profit after tax of N90.02 billion, in lieu of a marginal progress by 3.1 percent, over the N87.30 billion it stood at in the corresponding period of 2007. The bank also attained profit before tax of N107.09 billion, revealing a 3.9 percent growth, as in opposition to the N103.03 billion it was in 2012.

The bank’s loan book was N1.008 trillion in 2013, increased from N783.91 billion in 2012, while its interest income stood at N185.38 billion in the year under assessment, as against the N170.30 billion attained the previous year.

“The recent force in the company is for long-drawn-out expertise in functions with an aim to achieve 40 per cent cost-to-income ratio by 2016,” he said.

GTBank successfully completed its acquisition of Fina Bank and its subsidiaries. The banks have been re-branded to Guarantee Trust Bank, known as GTBank Plc.

According to him, “Fina Bank was already a profitable venture prior to acquisition and we are confident that it will be a lot more lucrative, well-organized and inventive under the GTBank umbrella.”

Reporting; .keemBolaji. Fortnox

Web Development & Design Ideas Web Hosting

How to Make Your Site the Next Viral Nova

The Viral Nova site hardly ever puts out any new content, but it still gets millions of unique visitors every month. It’s totally possible to replicate their success, but it could take some work. Here are a few ideas to start you on your way to create a viral website like Viral Nova.

Building a Viral Website from Scratch: Viral Nova Overview

Viral Nova is a site that has articles targeting social media such as Facebook. The site rarely actually produces anything itself. Instead, it takes content from other sources and displays it linking to the source. It uses really eye-catching titles for content in order to drive views. The site then makes use of AdSense and other ad revenue approaches to generate money through the huge influx of traffic. The owners of the site plan on selling it off for a pretty penny in order to cash in while the site is hot.

Viral Nova like website

Domain Name Approaches

The first thing you need to do in order to get a Viral Nova type site going is purchase a quality domain name and web hosting package. Basically, you need to make sure the domain name is something catchy if you can swing it. The domain name should be straightforward as well, and not something that will confuse consumers. They need to be able to remember it.  You’ll need a host with multiple options for types of hosting including shared, VPS, dedicated and so on. It’s also important to make sure the web host you chose offers bandwidth upgrades that are cheap and easy to implement. A site in this mold will need to grow rather quickly, after all. It will also need to generate quite a large amount of traffic so you need to make sure that your web host can handle it. A web host that shuts down your site prematurely will be death for your business model.

Get Content

How to create a next Viral Nova website that generate traffic and sales without contentIf you want to model your site out of the Viral Nova model, you will need to gather content. You don’t need to generate any yourself, you simply need to find content that people will like that may have been overlooked and showcase it on your site. It can help to look at the site in particular and see what sort of content they have on their site in order to maximize content that people will love to share around since that is what the business model of this type relies on. It’s also important to put in titles that will be particularly clickable like “I couldn’t believe what happened when this panda came out!” This is what the viral website banks on because it creates excitement that will keep people not only clicking on your site, but sharing it with others as well. In order to make sure that they share with other on social media, you need to make it something that seems exciting enough to be worth it. A free website maker can help expedite the process of creating the viral website that your content will go on as well.

Social Media

The next trick is to look to social media. You’ll want to sign up for social media like Facebook and Twitter using handles that are the same as the name of your intended viral website. You then need to promote the site as much as possible. If you have an investment to put into promotion this is obviously best.

In the end, the success of your site will depend on how well you market the site and get it going in the first place. This is the most difficult and crucial part in the starting up of this type of site.


News: WHO warns against Mosquito bite, Nigeria Allocates 8% on Education

Hmmm, another evening news here again. After yesterday’s bug fixes on the site, I couldn’t do more writing yesterday than David Letterman, Evernote and Smiletrain’s smilestone campaign. Today likewise, I will not be doing more news to give way for my first article published today about AngloGold’s new term resolution about staffs morale.

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Today’s health news:

WHO says just a bite of Mosquito, fly & tick may pose a big threat to our health. And they’ve published a fact video to explain why you shouldn’t allow these small pieces of works come around you.


Ghana Allocates 30%, South Africa 25.8%, Uganda 27%, Swaziland 24.6%, Lesotho 17%, Nicaragua 15%, and the said Giant of Africa, Nigeria allocates 8% of the federation budget on education. Can somebody tell where the other monies will go to?

Are they truly invested in the future of our youths?

Are they truly invested in the future of Nigerian youths with this 8% allocation on education?Click to view larger image.

I’m sorry for my dear country, Nigeria, she’s been lead by people who do not think for the future but what they’d eat and enjoy now. Paypal has been riding on us for so long, nothing has been done to curb this shameful and limited international business opportunities exposure for our youths who are talented with fresh blood of creativity running in them.

When will Nigerians rise up to chase these hoodlums from our government? That, I can’t say, but time will tell.

In rebasing Nigeria economy, Oby Ezekwesil, the one-time vice president of the World Bank’s Africa division and Nigerian former minister of education, says sectors like Nollywood (entertainment), IT and telecommunication (mobile) industry are now pretty huge, but were not there in 1990. So Nigeria must rebase.

Do you agree with her?

Let’s hear your views on this.

Article posted from my Apple iPad powered by TechAtLast Int’l.

Business News

AngloGold aim at restoring Staffs’ Enthusiasm, Confidence and Discipline at Once

TECHATLAST – AngloGold Ashanti, well referred as AngloGold, says it is considering strategies to restore lost staff morale which “may” have been destroyed due to wide ranges of restructuring the firm went through last year.

The chairman of the JSE-listed gold mining company said while assuring the company’s interest in re-engineering working systems with aim of enabling/improving productiveness in the company.

AngloGold aim at restoring Staffs' Enthusiasm, Confidence and Discipline
AngloGold aim at restoring Staffs’ Enthusiasm, Confidence and Discipline at once

Last year, the company took away $500 million from part of the company’s operation costs for one and half years. The firm took the decision which has negatively affects the company operations. About 40% of the staffs were laid-off at the company’s head office and regional offices.

The decision came immediately after the appointment of Srinivasan Venkat, the company’s new CEO, at the time. The position was formally held by Mark Cutifani, who left for Anglo American.

In his statement, Pityana explains in the company’s latest annual report saying:

“While absolutely necessary, this was a difficult and painful procedure. AngloGold will ensure that its responsibilities as a good corporate citizen to all stake holders and the physical environment are not compromised.

With this move, AngloGold is set to restore high level of enthusiasm, confidence, and discipline of staffs towards achieving the company’s visions all at the same time.

I pray this goes as planned.

Article posted from my Apple iPad powered by TechAtLast Int’l.

Charity Information and Communication Technology (ICT) News

News: SmilesTrain reaches 1million Smilestone, David Letterman retires, Microsoft XP support extended in the UK…

Yoo! We’re back again today for the tech news updates. Today, I will be brief because we want to do some upgrade on the site back-end. Here we go..

Today in Tech History

April 3, 1966

The first space craft orbits round the Moon, it is called Luna 10. It was launched from Earth orbiting platform by the USSR on March 31, 1966. The project was launched by the USSR from an Earth orbiting platform on March 31, 1966 and the mission ended on April 3rd.

Charitable Causes: reaches 1million Smilestone while promising more smiles to children living with cleft worldwide. The NGO is among TechAtLast International partners in charitable causes. It is because we have a strong belief in these childrens – they are the future of this beautiful earth, if given the chance to live well, they’ll change the face of this earth.

We need to leave a good children for our earth, and not majorly good earth for our children (that many people believes in).

Please head over to #SmileGraph to check the rest of this smilestone.

SmileTrain reaches a #SMILESTONE of 1 Million

Technology News Updates:

Evernote is quietly playing the notepad destroyer role well. See why I said so here.″

President Barack Obama has more reasons why David Letterman will be missed. 33 years of late night TV hosting isn’t an uneasy task – other high-ranking journalists out there will resonate with this. Kudos to the rave man of the moment, David Letterman – gracias!

President Barack Obama has more reasons why David Letterman will be missed

Microsoft unified code base for developers. This alone will affect productivity and ease of use for users of its operating systems

Google’s Nest sales paused due to smoke alarm fault on the device. What a smart move to win the heart of customers?

Climate Change Extra:

United Nations Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon says “much heavy lifting” required by all in order to prevent impacts of climate change at #Climate2014 which took place in Bibliothèque Solvay, Brussels. He’s calling on all and sundry to tackle the phenomenon now before it is too late.

“From the tropics to the poles, from small islands to large continents, and from the poorest countries to the wealthiest, the ominous signs of climate change are profoundly visible.”

While making his aims known, he share what seems to be his goal for the world:

“My objective has been to impress on Member States, the world of business and the public at large that climate change is an obstacle to the future security, prosperity and sustainable development of humankind,” via @UN.

Government has paid Microsoft £5.5m to extend Windows XP support because of the health care industry’s high dependency on the software version. With this deal, Microsoft will be offering tech support and fixes to all UK public sector for the next 12 months. In the meantime, the commercial support for the operating system will end on 8th of April 2014. It is basically for “critical” and “important” issues. reports.

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Till I come back tomorrow to bring you the features from all around the web, Stay healthy, stay in the know!

Olawale Daniel

Green Energy Information and Communication Technology (ICT)

The Up-and-Coming Renewable Energy Source: Recent Advances Driving the Solar Power Craze

Compared with some of the wonders of the digital age, the technology that makes solar power a viable energy source has actually been around for quite a while. After all, the photovoltaic effect was first discovered all the way back in 1839, and the first commercially available solar cells hit the market in 1955. And in the more-than half-century of time that we’ve had to get used to the idea that we could possible get the sun to foot our energy bills, the technology itself hasn’t actually changed that much…. Not until now.

As modern technologies are becoming smaller, faster, and less expensive to produce, so too are solar technologies profiting from modern innovation and advancements. Residential and commercial industries have seen an increase in the application of solar power. Even the army has started using amounts of solar power. Here are five new innovations that may make it possible for you to run your life all on the power of a sunbeam.

1. Perovskites

One of the major drawbacks of solar energy is that most solar cells just aren’t able to efficiently produce enough energy to be seen as cost-effective. Sure, some commercially available panels are able to convert upwards of 35% of incoming sunlight into electricity, but these tend to be made from expensive and difficult to maintain materials. However, new advancements with perovskites may change all of that. Using the same production methods as the least expensive silicon cells, perovskites are able to achieve 15% efficiency. This may not sound like a lot, but given that perovskites have only been around for a relatively short amount of time, and that their efficiency levels are expected to improve dramatically, they could potentially revolutionize the future of solar power. Several solar power companies like Vivint have started to emerge, offering this new technology to homeowners at a discounted price. These solar companies now rent solar power to homeowners at affordable prices, which has seen a spike in residential solar power panel installations.

At the same time, it has been shown that perovskite cells could be modified to absorb only specific wavelengths of light, which means that by using several layers of cells, each designed to absorb a specific wavelength, one could potentially increase efficiency dramatically. We are likely to see an increase in the efficiency of perovskite cells, which will likely continue to increase the sales for solar power.

The Up andComing Renewable Energy Source - Recent Advances Driving the Solar Power Craze

2. Printed Solar Cells

What if every electronic device that you owned came with its own solar cell? We’re not talking about some clunky panel that would need to be set up in direct sunlight before you could get any useable juice; we’re referring to a paper-thin, durable cell that could be printed onto the device as easily as a decal in placed on a model airplane. MIT researchers have developed an inexpensive method that relies on special “inks” that can be printed directly onto most any material, effectively converting it into a functioning solar cell.

3. Nano-constructed battery molecule

Another MIT advancement that could change the future of solar power are special “battery” molecules. Using carbon nanotubes, researchers at MIT have developed a new molecule that can actually store solar energy almost indefinitely. That energy could be accessed and used at a later date, thus effectively turning these new molecules into microscopic batteries. Of course, the comparison isn’t totally accurate, because unlike conventional batteries, these molecules don’t contain dangerous chemicals, don’t degrade over time, and are cheap to produce.

4. Transparent cells

Imagine if the windows in your home or on your car could be used to generate power. That’s a concept that is currently being researched by the same people who have been making such amazing strides with perovskite. By using the material to create a thin solar-cell that allows light to pass through while still capturing enough energy to be considered efficient, one could potentially turn every glass window in the country into an energy-producing solar panel. Just imagine being able to contact a home automation company and having them drop by to to cover your windows in a transparent film that cuts down your energy bill.

5. Road surface cells

This idea has been getting tossed around for quite some time. Ostensibly, the plan revolves around replacing the asphalt of American roadways with durable solar cells, thus creating an intersecting web of energy-producing paths that could supply the country with as much power as it might need. Add to that the possibility of using some of the generated energy to create road surfaces that could be illuminated at night or heated to prevent snow accumulation in the winter, and you have a possibility that is definitely worth considering. Of course, implementing these new ideas could end up being quite costly, but when combined with some of these other innovations, we might find that solar energy is one venture that really pays for itself.

So, if you don’t believe that solar energy is the answer to the current energy crisis, just wait a few years. With all of the new advancements and technologies being developed, it won’t be long before we’re all letting the sunshine in.

Africa News World News

News: Millicom invests in Rwanda, PayStand accepts Bitcoin, and Bitrix challenges DropBox

April fool, April Cool!!!

Yeah, April is going to be one of the COOLEST month for the tech scene this year with series of technological innovations. It looks promising; Bitrix is challenging Dropbox for Russian largest online backup space, Paym now allowing UK bank account holders to pay IOUs through their mobile number – first of its kind in the country – Viber launches “Viber Out Calling” for Win 8 phone users, PayStand makes Bitcoin online payment visible and more sensible, and the best of today’s tech updates is about Africa business revolution as Millicom is planning an incubator installation in Rwanda in order to empower entrepreneurs.

The move will impact them with knowledge for creative reasoning and the company will also provide seed finance for their startups to let them stay on their own. But in my own view, the company is looking beyond that. They want to extend their stem into the country and other part of the sub-saharan african countries through the philanthropist-like initiative.)

Time will tell if I’m right or wrong….

So here are the trending technology news for today. Relax, enjoy and share with your friends.

Today in History Tech History

Exactly this day, Microsoft announces its first hardware product called Z80 SoftCard. It is a micro-processor that plugs into the Apple II PC in order to enable it to run computer programs written specifically for the CP/M operating system. Read more from TDITH.

Trending Tech News Today:

Bitrix, tagged Russian Dropbox killer, aims to let users do it all in their own way. They are ready to replace Dropbox in the country if given the chance. But I don’t think this would go well with Dropbox. Read more from Forbes Technology

Viber, the popular social messaging service provider has announced its “Viber Out Calling” on Windows Phone 8. Report by @jordanrcrook

UK bank account holders can now register for Paym’s system to in order pay IOUs with their mobile number alone. According to report they are aiming at 90% of the whole population of the UK to embrace this technology because it would soon be rolled out on all the accounts in the country

PayStand launches its online payment service with Bitcoin adoption along with Credit Cards And E-Checks by @jshieber

The company had raised a $1 million in seed financing from investors such as Cervin Ventures, Central Coast Angels, Serra Ventures, and TiE LaunchPad. But they are still in beta.

Flappy Bird Games’ new season soars to top of the App Store charts in a recent report. GuardianTech has more on this here. @guardiantech

TicketTea has acquired Telentrada, another ticketing service in Spain by @sohear

Report says Apple is eyeing a Japanese Chipmaker because they want to improve iPhone battery life, and screen. @mashable reports.

Flexibits’ Fantastical 2 app, the iphone best calendar app, debuts on iPad. @sarahintampa reports

Rwanda receives Venture Capitalist generosity

Rwanda to enjoy venture capitalist’s generosity as Sub-Saharan Africa receives more interest from top tech entrepreneurs and financiers. Africa, as one of the world’s emerging market in the tech scene, has received series of interests lately, and I think this is what convinced Millicom, a Sweden-based telecom firm to think Rwanda is the right place to start from. I don’t think they are wrong if truth must be told. Strauss has more on Forbes to share

Health Corner:

Do you know that short bursts of exercise can give you the same energy boost as that of coffee drink - Yes, you read it right, but there is something you must know.

Do you know that short bursts of exercise can give you the same energy boost as that of coffee drink? Yes, you read it right, but there is something you must know. That’s, you shouldn’t overdo it, especially when your body isn’t in the right mode. However, taking coffee could be ideal for some, but 30 minutes of exercise may prove to be far more effective. There’s a science behind it. @Lifehacker


Tesla is planning to offer an “affordable” car by 2015, but will it take off?

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To your tech success.

Olawale Daniel


Information and Communication Technology (ICT) News Today In History

News – Gmail clocks 10yrs, BBM gets update, WorldBank wants to end Poverty….

Here’s our newsflash for the first day of the month of April 2014, we bet you’re going to enjoy the bits and pieces of the updates.

But before we move on, let me take you through few of the categories that we’ll be talking about tonight. The highlights are: Pure Tech, Gadgets Review, Today in History, and Gmail – today’s notable company!

Today in history!!!

Gmail debuted exactly 10 years ago this April Fool’s Day. It was real, and ever since, the Web was never the same!

Gmail is the most popular email service in the world, it was founded 1st of April 2004 – majority of the people thinks Gmail is April fool of a thing, but they are wrong because it came and conquered the email industry. A recent study by Digital Trends shows that Gmail users are far better than other email service providers’ user base.

@mashable: has a one minute illustration which entails the 10-year journey of Gmail till this time. Endeavor to check it.


According to @epro, Android and iOS users spend 32% of their time playing games, 17% in Facebook, and 14% in a browser. This is a game-changer!

And Techcrunch puts it this way saying, Mobile App Usage Increases In 2014, As Mobile Web Surfing Declines via @sarahintampa.


Your WiFi routers could be exploited for huge internet attacks in a recent UK study”

What is the best way to keep your cutting edge digital crypto-currency secure? @WiredUK says you should do just that: Print it out.

Today news

Where’s Google going next? CEO Larry Page shares his far-off vision by @TEDTalks

World to end poverty: WorldBank says a global movement to end poverty in our lifetime is gathering strength. That you should join the movement to end poverty! With hashtag #endpoverty,” WorldBank wants to put an end to poverty and I think you’d be glad to hear that. In their statement, as it reads “we believes that Social movements can produce solutions to problems that appear insurmountable. And for this little reason, your small effort can help gives people great hopes for living.”

What is your take on that? Don’t you think it is part of our social responsibilities to put an end to poverty in the land. Let’s join hand to end poverty.

States passing laws to pull the shades on high-tech police snooping on mobile devices by @dcexaminer

States passing laws to pull the shades on high-tech police snooping on mobile devicesPure Tech News:

How to build a tech ecosystem: The essential building blocks for your city by @cee

Samsung reveals 3 new mid-range Galaxy Tab4 series devices by @TheNextWoods

Give Chrome for Android a serious speed boost with this simple settings change by LifeHacker

Krablr Raises $5 Million With Sequoia Partners, Scranton Angels by @johnbiggs”

RIM’s BBM updated with stickers, support for sending out larger files, and an ability to share photo in multi-person chats by @epro.

Why Oracle Needs To Embrace WebScaleSQL by @mjasay

Windows 7 outgains Windows 8 and 8.1 in market share again, but Windows XP still above 27% by @epro

YouTube Claims It Has Been Behind Every Viral Video Trend Ever by @jordanrcrook

Social Media:

Facebook CEO, Mark Zuckerberg today announced his annual salary pay-cut. He’s now going to be collecting $1 annual salary. No typo!

@mashable: “Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg slice his salary to $1”

This shows how difficult it is to lose customers’ trusts as Oculus team got ‘so many death threats’ after their Facebook deal. @WiredUK has much more to say on this.

Do you really need social media audit? @TheNextWeb explains the 15-minute social media audit everyone can do with ease”

Latest Gadgets Review & News:

HTC One (M8) review: it is just like the HTC One, but it is an improvement on the former.  by @TheNextWoods”

Rumor, hmm? @cultofmac says Upcoming iPhones Could Feature Changeable Camera Lenses. I think Apple has this patent.

future iphones

Business World:

Richard Brandson explains four ways an investment business is giving back.

Changing your startup’s name: A tale of crowdsourcing 843 domain names by TNW

Customer Service

@ForbesTech says Fewer companies listen for customer complaints on Twitter, why is that so? I think ForbesTech has more of this well said.

Sports and Entertainments

How to become a professional gamer … by the best gaming team in the world video via @guardiantech

Thanks for staying tuned!