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Does what Olx.In has to offer Indians better than what they have had?

What makes different in the classifieds business? is a reputable online digital advertising portal for people interested in either buying or selling of products and services. There are many items available on the platform such as; tablets, gadgets, electronic devices, and various mobile for sale. The website is a part of OLX, Inc. (its mother company) which is widely used throughout the world for free classifieds. And it works the same way their Nigerian counterpart works. You can check here to confirm that; its design, its aesthetic and its layout.

Promotion is said to be the backbone of successful product sales, and the right promotion strategy always come out successful at the end of the day. But, just getting your ad perfectly crafted towards a particular niche (targeted group of interest) without a reliable and responsive channel to get your message out there, you are still wasting time because it will eventually led your ad into the trash bin.

What we sell on OLX.IN

Classifieds could be helpful here.

Do you want to know why I did say that? It’s because it is always free to use!

Gone are the days when you’d had to spend large bucks before you could get your stuffs promoted to large amount of people all over the world at a go, but you can! Now that things have been simplified with sites like OLX, DealDey, and SalesBuddie, Quickr etc., you could get a piece of ad across to different homes worldwide in a matter of seconds.

The introduction of the World Wide Web has had many lives changed positively compared to the kind of lifestyle our forefathers lead during their own time. As we were told, during their time, they were accustomed with the traditional face-to-face products and services delivery – there weren’t enough technological tools to aid business developments like we had today, not to talk of easy exchange of products and services until now!

21st century revolution with classifieds

We’re very lucky to have great and newly improved technologies at our disposal; smart computers such as smartphones, tablets, home-made gadgets, and other smart devices. All of these make it easier for us to do things our way and express ourselves the way we want.

The online classifieds platform simplifies the complications in buying, trading, selling, organizing, and meeting people around your vicinity. Imagine how a life with no radio station, TV broadcasting would look like, everything will just remain on the same spot – and the introduction of classifieds ads later improves on all of these media.

The kind of classifieds platform we recommend

The truth is that there are a lot of classified sites out there, but OLX since its March 2006 lunch “Sab Kuchi Bikta Hai,” which means “everything sells here“. You have no cause to fear, the platform is simple enough that it doesn’t take time to dispose your product.

Products and Services available on

Here are some of the things that you could be doing on  OLX platform, you can;

  • Easily design quality ads with images
  • With My OLX, you can get a feel of a personalized portal that’s specially made to fit your taste – it is useful for controlling user’s activities such as buying and selling of items.
  • Authenticate your social media networks to display your ads on them.
  • Change the interface to your language with its multi-language feature
  • Post and edit ad from your smartphone devices because it is mobile friendly

Another benefit of OLX India unlike other similar sites is that you can select ad specifically for your state – this means, your ad can be seen in your own locality and you can also respond to classifieds within your vicinity.

OLX India participating states

The American Blue Jeans Millionaire, T. J. Rolheder emphasized that unique promotion and marketing is the key to a successful business, apart from offering one of the best classified platform, the site invested well in advertisement to  get exposed to a large number of audience, the OLX YouTube Channel archive a lot of promotional and tutorial videos for you to feed on. You can learn more on how OLX, Inc. services works particularly with customer’s reviews.

Have you ever used any of OLX services in your local language? How was your experience with OLX’s customer support?

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In Pics: India’s first ‘Milk ATM’ machine Unveilled by Amul

Wonders they say shall never end; same applies to India, a country with gifted human resources, trailing China in world economic growth ranking, has recorded another great feat in innovation and technology development with her first-ever ATM milk vending machine. You wouldn’t believe this could be that easier until it was unveiled by Amul (meaning Anand Milk Federation Union Limited), an Indian-based diary co-operative society with base in the state of Gujarat in India.

India’s first Milk ATM launched by Amul

The newly unveiled ATM-style milk vending machine let user experience the real-feeling of diary milk directly from the machine tap. While fielding reporters, Rahul Kumar who happens to be Amul Dairy’s managing director said this innovative product is one of its kind all over the country.

‘The milk pouches are kept in the automatic dispensing machine which also keep milk pouches chilled under 4°,’ Kumar says.

There are cross-section of consumers at the Amul Dairy gate in Gujarat taking advantage of the newly installed device, paying directly into the ATM before being served the milk.

While speaking, Amul affirms that the motive behind the initiative is to help street vendors, daily workers etc. who always return late from their respective working place at night, or over night to have a convenience milking session. 🙂

“Since the machine is working around the clock, they’d surely be able to get milk whenever they come around at their own convenience,” says Rahul.

How does it work?

I first thought this is a form of charitable project that attracts nothing afterwards; sharing free milk through a newly designed automatic milk dispensing machine all for no fee, but I was wrong!

The machine has been designed in such a way that it senses only ten rupees (Rs 10 currency note) before it can dispense one pouch of milk from its opening at the bottom.

What does the future promises?

According to Rahul, “Amul will wait for people’s feedback, and if all goes well as planned, we’ll roll out features for rural markets in Gujarat, and other areas so that people can enjoy the service.”

Employment Opportunities for Job seekers

Amul claimed they’ve employed services of able individuals to take care of some specific areas of service delivery such as provision of Rupees note to consumers at the spot.

With more than 200 people feeding them back positively, this project could be classified as success at this stage with more than 200 pouches dispenses record over a night.

I’m not surprised with this new development, but it’s worth mentioning, that’s why I have to put something up for you guys.

If you want to see the slideshow for this write up, please click here because the owner does not allow the image to be used offsite.

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Sharing What We Care About, that’s Why We All Love Blogging

The world has never been more connected than it is today. The explosion of social media in the late noughties has allowed everyone to share multiple snapshots of their life in a series of pictures, tweets and statuses to friends and family anywhere in the world.

This has become particularly prevalent with the ever tumbling prices of already low cost mobile broadband.  The link above points to the provider mobi-data which currently offers internet data at 1/20th of a pence per MB of data – suffice to say that unlimited data usage is a cheap and plentiful commodity for people in 2014. One of the most popular and longest standing social media channels is the online blog. Essentially a blog is an online journal, which provides an outlet for individuals to share their life experiences and opinions in much greater detail than would be possible on sites such as Facebook. But of course, you knew that because you probably have read one before, or even have one yourself.

blogging while travelling
This lady blogs while traveling around the world because that’s what she loves doing!

Blogs can be created by anyone for any purpose, and there are millions of them ranging from stay at home mummies sharing their experiences of motherhood to stylists reporting on the latest collection from the FROW at London Fashion Week or techies at the recently concluded #CES14 where all new technology developments are on display for the world to behold. Such has been the success of blogs that marketing companies have jumped on the bandwagon to capitalise on this ready-made captive audience. Blogs can be used not only as a personal record of life events and journeys, but also provide a perfect platform from which businesses can communicate their brand and services through well written articles with relevant content aimed at establishing relationships with key demographics.

Whether you are looking to create a personal or professional blog, there are several things you must consider in order to make your blog a success.

Firstly, what will your content be? Are you a foodie who wants to share recipes and inspire fellow cooks with your culinary creations? Are you a budding photographer who wants to publish your experiments with new lenses and techniques? Or maybe you are an established travel company looking to increase your web presence by attracting new clients to your website.

Whatever your choice of topic, you need to be passionate about it. Interesting and engaging copy is key to all great blogs, and MAD blog award winner hits the nail on the head with her honest writing about her life raising two daughters, her love of vintage style and crafting. Another great example is, where Kari eloquently writes about all things fashion, inspiring readers with her style and regularly reporting on different brands and design must haves for any fashionistas wardrobe. The reason these blogs work is that they are full of personality, and even though they contain the odd paid marketing review, readers know that they are getting the bloggers own thoughts and opinions.

It takes a while to build up trust and relationships with your readers, but with clever content and regular posts with short attention grabbing titles, your blog will start to gain gravitas in the world of Google+. 🙂

Why do you blog? Are there other interesting reasons why you blog different from what we’ve mentioned? Please let us engage and learn more about this subject.

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How Big Data Solutions Inform Big Business Decisions

Exactly how big is big data? Micro-blogging platform Twitter sees almost 340 million tweets on a daily basis. Every second, ten thousand people use their credit cards one way or another. Where does all this information go and how is it stored? All over the world, almost three exabytes are created every day. It sounds like a small number but if you think of a single exabyte as one billion gigabytes, you’re in for a treat.

As institutions, governments and businesses utilize more of technology in paperless filing and work management systems, data begins to accumulate exponentially. This creates problems in data storage, processing and transfer. To properly capture, analyze and manage the massive amount of data, big data solutions are crucial. Databases, spreadsheets and other software tools are simply not enough, especially if a company is about to undertake a major project or management move. What exactly can these solutions do for businesses and how can these be used to make better business decisions?

How Big Data Solutions Inform Big Business Decisions

Big data services collect and make sense of data

There are different types and sources of data. Everything from banking, politics, science, sports and retail has its own data sets that, in their raw form, are basically useless unless they are made sense of and analyzed. Data comes in two forms: structured and unstructured. Spreadsheets may work for structured data but companies will benefit more from solutions that are developed to handle both forms.

The right tools for the job

Large volumes of data cannot be poked at with a toothpick. Data analysts need a full arsenal of tools to help them undertake more accurate analyses in less time, which can help companies make more informed decisions. Traditional data processing applications and database management tools just don’t cut it when dealing with thousands of exabytes coming in from multiple sources. Analyzing big data demands a lot of resources in order to be able to discover business trends and patterns of consumer behavior.

Big data solutions provide insights

The key to making good business decisions lies in knowing what the current situation is and seeing where the industry is headed.

What are the kinds of information businesses require?

Product usage trends, consumer preferences and behavior patterns and location data are just a few of the data sets that have within them a wealth of insights that, when tapped, can be the best resource any business can have.

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Big data solutions are able to collect, analyze and interpret data to come up with an infinite source of knowledge that can be used in a company’s decision-making process. What products or services do consumers use most of the most during the Holidays? What do Twitter users rave about in the mornings? Knowing the answers to these questions may help businesses decide what next to do in their marketing plan and social media strategy. In addition, the insights garnered from big data analysis can be used to improve products and services.

Using big data provide companies with myriad opportunities for business development. In order to take advantage of what big data can offer, companies should see big data solutions as a wise and long-term investment. After all, it’s not how large the volume of data is but what companies do with it that really counts.

For discussion on this subject, Big Data Solutions and its benefits for your business, please make use of the comment box below.

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A Career in Cyber Security – Discover What’s in IT for You

There are over 300,000 cyber security specialists employed in the United States, according to information provided by the United States Department of Labor Bureau of Labor Statistics. The employment prospects for those individuals known as Information Security Analysts, Web Developers, and Computer Network Architects (among others) is better than average for the ten-year period from 2010 to 2020. Another 65,700 jobs are expected to be created in this field at a growth rate of 22 percent (whopping 22%!).

Individuals interested in a career in cyber security can expect to have a position that pays a median income of $75,660, which is 3 percent higher than the median pay for all computer occupations and 124 percent higher than the median income of all occupations. In order to determine if cyber security is a field of interest for you, you should know what the education and training requirements are, the types of jobs available, and what a typical day as a cyber security specialist entails.

A Professional Coder Posing for photograph

Education and Training Requirements for Cyber Security

Attending institutions like those listed by CyberSecurityU can provide you with the training you need to be considered for the many current and planned jobs in cyber security. Depending on the type of position you prefer, anything from a high school diploma to a bachelor’s, master’s, or other advanced degree will do.

Determining the education requirements associated with the career path you choose in cyber security is just part of the challenge. You will also need to understand what prior experience or knowledge base you need to have for the different positions available in cyber security. Many positions in cyber security require one to five years of experience in systems designs, networking, and systems analysis. Individuals with a military background may also be well suited for a career in cyber security.

Types of Jobs in Cyber Security

There is a wide range of jobs available in cyber security. Some of the top positions are Information Security Crime Investigator/Forensics Expert; System, Network, and/or Web Penetration Tester; Forensic Analyst; Incident Responder; and Security Architect. Each of these positions requires different levels of skill and experience in the field of cyber security.

A Career in Cyber Security requires a lot from the student

A Security Crime Investigator/Forensics Expert is involved in analyzing security breaches to IT systems and networks, usually by reverse engineering the attack. A System, Network, and/or Web Penetration Tester looks for potential vulnerabilities in a system before it is launched or revamped. Forensic Analysts are responsible for collecting and analyzing data related to a cyber attack, while an Incident Responder acts like a police officer at the scene of a cybercrime. Finally, a Security Architect works to build the protection necessary to lessen the vulnerabilities that a hacker exploits and attacks.

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What to Expect from a Career in Cyber Security

Cyber Security expert logging on using a fingerprint login system

Imagine being on the frontline of the war against cybercrimes, preventing and exposing large-scale attacks, viruses, and other maladies that effect computer systems in both the private and public sector. This can be the type of work that you do for a living. As more and more of our personal and financial data is subject to compromise and attack, it may be the right time to consider a career in cyber security.

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Is Your Blackberry Slow or Hanging? Here’s How To Fix The Issue

Is Your Blackberry smart phone working slowly or hanging?

I’ve just discovered the viable solution that deals with this issue immediately, once and for all, for all blackberry users in Nigeria and the rest of the world.

Like every computer workstations we are using at our various homes, there’s something called log file inside them. This tiny application keeps all the records of the computer activities; daily, weekly, monthly and yearly basis.

According to Wikipedia, “a log (or log file) is a small file that records either the events which happen while an operating system or other software runs, or the personal messages between different users of a communication software or a multi player game.”

The act of storing usage data on your machine is known as logging, and this is what I will be talking about, which has been the cause of your PC’s slow performance in this short tutorial session.

Every smart devices like laptops, desktops, palmtops, tablets and smartphones, which is our focal point today, has something called log.

Well, the simple truth there is:

“Every action, process on your blackberry phone is automatically logged”

Whenever you check your email, browse and chat on Facebook, send out tweets using Twitter, chat on Yahoo! Messenger, or whenever you send and receive pings using the popular BlackBerry Messenger, there’s going to be some series of log files record which contains all processes of those actions, and they are logged in the Blackberry Event Logs.

For a smartphone with lesser RAM (see How to Increase Random Access Memory), immediately as your device hit some certain levels within it available space, it tells on the phone with a negative signal that will definitely reduce the overall speed.

This is the kind of time when the phone will takes longer than expected time to boot.

How to Clear Blackberry Event Log Register To Create Space

In order to clear your blackberry event log register so as to create space for processes to run smoothly, kindly master the steps I will be revealing below.

Steps to Clear Blackberry Phone Event Log
1. On your blackberry device, hold-down the ALT key and press LGLG (without giving a space)  while on your BB Home screen. See the picture below.

Blackberry ALT Key

2. If the phone takes longer to display the information requested, do not panic. It may be because you have a lot of errors presently stored on the device. In this case, you will have to wait a little while until the phones comes up with the event logs. The event log will looks like the image below.

Blackberry error log with ALT key + LGLG key

3. Now that you’ve seen the error logs that are presently on your device, you are to delete them to give peace. To do this, click the MENU button on your blackberry and select “clear log” from the options to delete all your blackberry phone log. Immediately you finish this process, you will notice a significant increment in your device’s performance. 100% increase in speed and performance guaranteed!

Confirm this and let me know if you encounter challenges while trying it in the comment section below.

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Why I use Employee Scheduling Software for My Business

Every business requires proper planning of employees as it is mandatory for increasing the efficiency of both the employees and business. Using worn out strategies or ignoring proper method can actually affect your business. Though the hand written schedule planners are replaced by the excel sheets in most of the organizations, the growing competitive needs across the niches demands more. Why do any business owner need the employee scheduling software over any of the existing methods is a question faced many a times. There are multiple reasons to go for the employee scheduling software, regardless of your industry type. As a business owner, I use this software as it helps me in achieving the optimum employee efficiency.

Here are some of the reasons of using the Employee Scheduling Software for your business-

1. Customization as Per your Needs

Many reputed software offer only work scheduling for the higher level employees which helps in reducing the confusion among the rest of the employees. However, when there is a change required in this feature, or any other feature, there exists the option to remodel the software to cater to the needs of the business. The software come with user friendly interfaces and have been designed keeping in mind about the requirement for remodeling the software.

2. Time Saving

The software for work schedules also makes it easy for deriving graphical representation of the data. Using the software makes it easier for the higher ups to inform others about the schedules. When the managers make changes to the schedules, the employees are automatically notified. This saves time and improves efficiency. Moreover, there is no communication gap also.

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3. Round the Clock Accessibility

The software can also be accessed round the clock as most of the times; the employees need to look into the schedules often. It is also easy for managers to control the access provided to each employee. The managers can assign certain jobs to the employees, which require access to the work scheduling software. In such cases, the managers can restrict access. So, while anyone can access it, given the required permission is offered, still the ultimate control reside with the managers or the employer.

When I Work Employee Scheduling Software

4. Self-Scheduling

While using the software, the employees are given unique login IDs and passwords. The employee must not ask the supervisor or manager regarding shift schedules, but can check it themselves. Also, when one employee wants someone else to cover his or her shift, the cloud based software cuts down the need to communicate to all regarding the same. The employee can find through the software, using messaging apps, which can change the shift.

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5. Compatibility with Multiple Devices

The cloud based work schedule software helps a lot, for example- When I work is an employee scheduling software preferred by most of the business owners, employers and top management people. The software brings the advantages of all platforms like web apps, smartphones, social media and text messages, together. The software can be used on Apple devices, desktops, laptops and all sorts of mobile phones. This makes it easy for employers to give all the required information to employees, with ease of access. While you can reach your employees easily with text messages, you need not compromise cost efficiency for this. The complicated process of communicating can be made easily. The software is also flexible, and you can make any number of changes easily.

You can invest the time for developing the business instead of sparing the same for scheduling work of the employees manually or through the excel sheets.