3 Reasons to Explore the Best Phone System for Your Business

Gone are the days of having a hardwired switchboard and one or more operators receiving and fielding calls for your business.

With new technology, business phone systems can be streamlined. Everything from phone, fax, and internet can all run through a single network. This is cost-effective to your business telecom needs and allows you to make and receive calls, anywhere. As long as there is an internet connection, you are doing business.

A Virtual PBX Phone System effectively links multiple telecom functions. There is no longer a need to have multiple phone lines hardwired throughout your offices to permit incoming and outgoing calls. A virtual PBX system allows all calls to be routed through one central line and the computer can branch it out into multiple user’s extensions. Calls can be made directly to a main line and transferred via a human or automated operator to the individual department or recipient. As an added bonus, calls can be made or received from anywhere there is an active internet connection.

hostedpbx phone system is different from landline telephone system and this is how it worksHow HostedPBX business phone system works

Effortless Setup of a Phone System

Without any complicated hardware to install or wiring necessary, a virtual PBX system is easy to set up and use; all that is required is an internet connection and one or more phones. Voice and fax service can instantly be activated through your service provider and be ready for use. The system can be controlled through a desk top computer, laptop, tablet computer, or even a smart phone.

Multiple lines, departments, offices, and even locations can all be integrated through this one system. And, because it is internet based, offices in multiple locations or different states can be connected. Employees can function, even when out and about, with just a mobile device. This is a great benefit when you require an employee to function in different areas of your business. Their mobile device can even be routed through a dedicated workspace, so they can take their office with them.

If your company changes in size, it is easy to add or reduce phone extensions or assign fax numbers. There is no need to pay a technician to set up new lines every time you hire a new employee or expand your company.

A small business pbx services

All in One Services

A virtual-based, business phone systems combines all the features of traditional telecom networks.

  • Hold music and messaging. Pre-determined hold music or direct messages can be utilized and individualized for each call. Callers can hear whatever messages you want them to hear, based on caller ID. If your system has multiple departments performing different functions, each caller can hear a different message — unique to that area. Furthermore, each individual line can have its own unique hold music or message to callers. If you allow it, employees can display their particular taste in music to their on-hold callers.
  • Inform clients of valuable information when they call. When a client calls your main line they can be greeted with a message informing them of your business hours and location. Or, if you run a retail business, your hold messages can advise customers of your latest specials and incentives.
  • Custom voice prompts can lessen hold times and ease the burden of your receptionist. Instead of your receptionist fielding every call that comes through, pre-recorded voice prompts can help callers get to the right department or person.
  • Preset dialing directory. Callers can access a full directory of all of your employees. Your staff can be searched by name through the automated system, and the caller directly connected to them. If they are away from their desk, the call can be transferred to a mobile device.
  • Complete voice mail. Each extension you designate on your network can have its own unique voice mail with a custom outgoing message. Because the entire system is internet-based, it works even in power outages or can be accessed away from the office. Additionally, voice messages can be transcribed into an e-mail message and delivered to the employee’s e-mail inbox. This allows them to review voice messages even while on another call.

Limitless Phone Options

The best business phone system offers unlimited features

Your virtual-based, business phone system can utilize any type of desktop phone — as well as cellular phones and tablet computers. Desktop phones can even be linked with a cellular device, so calls can be received regardless of location. The caller would not have to dial different numbers to reach the employee’s desk or mobile device.

Phones can be of a basic desktop model that utilizes one or two lines. They enable voice calls and also utilize call features like called ID, call waiting, call forward, speaker, and mute functions.

More complex phone systems can handle as many lines as necessary and have interactive displays that can function similar to a computer.

Finally, cordless and cellular phones can be integrated into your business phone system network.

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Season greetings!

With the ongoing Christmas and New Year celebration, we at TechAtLast wishes all our esteem readers a wonderful year ending, and praying that you start 2014 in bright colors. We believe we cannot do without you, so, we are hoping to see you more in the new year. Happy new year in advance. from TechAtLast Board

Business Featured Marketing

How to Interact with Your Customers More Using POS Systems

Whenever you are running a business, it is all about getting as much face time with your clientele as possible. You must spend a lot of time speaking with your clients about the kinds of products you have to offer and about why they will appreciate these products. The last thing you want to do after you pique their interest is to run off to a remote POS terminal to put in an order or to ring them up. It is much better if you can remain with the client and keep talking as you ring up the sale. This is why so many retail businesses and restaurants have started moving towards using iPads as a way to remain with the client as long as possible. Forbes even thinks it is possible that the iPad may eventually replace the traditional cash register.

As it has been seen in restaurants in New York City, the iPad has been instrumental in allowing servers to stay at the table longer, according to The great thing about using the iPad as a part of your POS system is that you are able to place an order while standing at the table, run the credit card right in front of the customer, and reduce the chance that clients will change their mind about a purchase. All of these things are possible with the new retail POS software available in the marketplace today.

Minimize Clients Changing Their Mind

A common problem in the retail industry is that customers can change their mind in between viewing the item and moving to the register. This problem can be avoided when you have the kind of retail POS software that allows you to stay with the customer and ring up the items at the very moment after the purchasing decision has been made. This way, the customer will still be focused on how great the deal is and is less likely to have second thoughts. The transaction takes place in one spot, and customers will never leave the items they want to purchase.

A Mobile POS systemAn example of mobile POS system service rendered using an iPad-like device by REVEL

Place Orders at the Table

The same kind of software that works for the retail industry works well for the restaurant industry. This is because servers can stay at the table while talking with guests. When an order is placed, it can be put directly into the system. This means a shorter wait time for the guests when trying to get an appetizer to the table, or if they are in a rush. The server can continue to up-sell for the next course even after putting in a food order. While customers are still ordering their dinner, the appetizer is being cooked and may even be on its way to the table.

Run Credit Cards in Front of the Guest

iPad POS system credit card payment

Just as the food orders can be easily placed in front of the guests, the payments can be made in front of the guests as well. Just like with the retail POS software, tablets allow the servers to simply pick up the credit card and run it right there at the table. This cuts down on the possibility of a guest feeling cheated on how much they are paying for the food they have received. Additionally, there can never be any dispute about whether the server has copied the numbers of the credit cards. Since the credit card is never out of the sight of the customer, it is impossible to copy down the numbers. This makes the customer feel more secure in using their credit card and may encourage them to return.


Leawo Software Christmas Promotion – Giveaway of Leawo Tunes Cleaner & Blu-ray Ripper Starts on the 27th of December

What is the most important holiday in the last month of 2013? Christmas! So at first, we will wish you Merry Christmas and a happy new year! Then we would like to introduce you the Christmas Promotion held by Leawo Software, and we hope the software provided by the company can bring you happy and convenient using experience.

Leawo Software started its Christmas Promotion on Dec. 10, and the promotion will last more than a month. In this Christmas Promotion, Leawo Software provides all products of the company to users with attractive activities. Among those activities, the giveaways of Leawo Tunes Cleaner (Win & Mac) and Leawo Blu-ray Ripper (Win & Mac) stand out. The giveaways of these two pieces of software will be unveiled on the 27th of December, and the giveaways won’t be closed until the 7th of January, 2014. Anyone can get the software on the official web site of Leawo Christmas Promotion: Meanwhile, people can purchase Leawo Blu-ray Ripper with $19.95 and Leawo Tunes Cleaner with $14.95.

Leawo Tunes Cleaner lets you clean up iTunes songs

Leawo Tunes Cleaner is an iTunes utility which helps to clean up the music duplicates in iTunes library, and complete the information for the music files in the library. The software is helpful for the people who are fond of listening to music with their iOS devices. People spend much more time with their iDevices than iTunes, so when people get many music files in the iTunes library, they may not want to spend time checking and removing the duplicates. Leawo Tunes Cleaner does this job for you. It can scan the music library of iTunes and show all the music files within the software. It checks out the duplicates and you can remove them by one click. You are also able to edit the information of the music files manually, or let the software fulfill the information for the music files. This software is helpful for the people who like listening to music but don’t have much time to manage the iTunes library.

Leawo Blu-ray Ripper is used for converting Blu-ray/DVD movies to standard video and audio files. This software is helpful for the people who like watching movies, and want to save the movies on computer or send them to their smart phones or tablets for an enjoyment. The software makes the conversion very easy to be done, and you only need to load the Blu-ray/DVD disks to computer, and then you can accomplish the conversion in seconds. As a fan of movies, Leawo Blu-ray Ripper is a good choice for you.

Leawo Software will release the giveaways of these two pieces of software on Dec. 27, and the giveaways will last more than 10 days, and other wonderful activities have been ongoing. If you are interested in the Leawo Christmas Promotion, check the web page out:

If you want some other giveaways that we’ve hosted on this site, you can check here for the list. However, in the course of our re-branding process, TechAtLast is currently hiring reputable, reliable and resourceful writers with vast knowledge of Africa business at large. You can go check the site for all the requirements that we seek.

In the meantime, try to comment below if you are lucky to win either of the Leawo Tunes Cleaner and Blu-ray Ripper. Thanks for your time and Happy New Year in advance!

Discovery Information and Communication Technology (ICT)

How an Inflatable Jacket could Save your life on a Motorbike

Inflatable motorcycle safety garments have seemed a long time in the making in relation to the types of airbag developments we’ve seen in cars. Bikers have always worn suits and body armour, but it seems that inflatables could really revolutionize protection to the back, neck and torso. A typical inflatable biker’s vest can be seen here:

The lifesaving power of Inflatable Jacket

Inflatable jacket could save your life on a motorbike - try it

There’s a lot of debate over the value of inflatable motorcycle gear, with comfort and appearance being of prime concern amongst many riders, but the most important aspect of any rider’s kit should be safety.

Lisa Buckley, Marketing Manager at Carole Nash, commented:

“Technology is becoming an unstoppable force across the globe. Over the past few years there have been a handful of exceptional developments in the biking space, key safety features have been unveiled, ensuring bikers are enjoying safer riding experiences, something which we are always keen to back.”

Inflatables such as vests can fit snugly beneath most leather biker jackets, or in the more sophisticated products the inflatable compartments actually form part of a futuristic jacket.

The jacket works by using wire triggers to inflate the compartments. Things like gyroscopes and sensors can also be used in the production, but the trigger methods will often depend on the purpose of the product. For most conventional bikers, a broken wire from being ejected from the bike is probably the best mechanism.

This lends itself to all sorts of comedic scenarios about the suit inflating by accident, but the stress on the wire will have such a torsion that is rendered highly improbable. Even if the suit does inflate – whether on purpose or by carelessness, it can often be rolled back up and re-set with the only additional cost being a new CO2 canister.

This short video provides a simple overview of the methods and ideas behind the new inflatable safety gear:

The possibilities seem endless, and the gear should extend to anyone on two wheels. As illustrated in the video, jockeys could certainly enjoy the benefits as could cyclists and participants in an array of potentially dangerous pursuits.

Perhaps the procrastination in getting this motorcycle safety clothing on the market stems from the fact that it doesn’t come directly from the bike manufacturers. Car airbags are an obvious component in the product itself whereas biker ‘airwear’ is very much an optional extra. This has meant biker safety may have been somewhat neglected through the years.

How an inflatable jacket could save your life on a motorbike

An inflatable casing will surely help to disperse the pressure of the impact, and although concerns such as bouncing instead of skidding may be plausible, the benefits surely outweigh the pitfalls. Vital organs will be protected from trauma and your neck will be supported by the brace which features on many of these jackets.

Business Freebies

Top 10 Digital Signage Softwares You Can Use for Free

Do you need digital signage softwares?

Digital signage is an effective way of promoting your brand. However, it can be a challenge trying to find the right fit for you and your needs. Here are the list of top ten free digital signage softwares you can either try out or download in full for free:

Digital Signage board showcasing a blue screen with tiny ads

Top 10 Free Digital Signage Softwares You Can’t Afford Missing Out On

10. FireCast

Whether you own a start-up or a big network of business, this platform has a solution for you. FireCast Easy is perfect for smaller signage projects like touch screen kiosks, menu boards, and video walls. On the other hand, FireCast Enterprise is for larger networked projects like digital signs, and interactive kiosk. Both have built-in ready-to-use templates for users with zero graphic skills. Check out the free trials offered in their website.

Firecast website is here:

9. StrandVision

This digital signage software uses a web-based approach and delivers content directly to subscribers’ screens. This program lets you quickly send text messages and graphics like video content, advertisements, and national and local weather and news.

The company website offers a test drive and a free trial subscription.


RYARC is a digital signage software that has a lot of advanced features. This program is interactive with a touch screen, blue tooth, and face-recognition driven media. It lets you load and manage content to any of your devices from your desktop.  You can schedule images, video, web content, high definition video, cable TV, and flash.

If you want to see if this digital signage software will fit your business needs, give their 30 day trial a spin.

Test RYARC here:

A Digital Signage for Samsung

7.  OpenSplash

OpenSplash is digital signage software that offers very basic features which include full screen back to back video, flash or static content, and simple split screen layouts. This software is free, multi-platform, and open source. It can run on Linux, Windows, Android, and Mac OSX. It does not have a CMS though which means it’s not a complete solution.

Check it here:

6.  Concerto

This is another digital signage software option that is open source. This software has the basic functions of most digital signage software but unlike other programs, Concerto is designed more for sharing information across communities like towns and universities. This is currently in use in campuses to advertise lectures, student activities, seminars, and course offerings.

Visit the website:

5.  MediaSignage

MediaSignage is a software that lets you create a presentation on your PC and push it to different screens for your customers to see.  This program displays a detailed map and color-coded status of each of your devices. Best of all, it’s open source so it’s 100% free, and you can tweak and customize it as much as you want.

Go to Media Signage here:

4.  Digital Recall

This program allows you to create different schedules for each monitor and use popular file formats. It can only display content for up to 20 monitors, but this should be enough for small projects.

While the software is free forever, you’ll need to fork out extra cash if you want some additional features.


Scala Digital Signage Network at Larnaca Airport showing Eurofast Global

3. Rise Visions

This is one of the best digital signage software in the web. It is free, open source, has numerous public API’s, and uses html. This software has a ton of really great features like click events (think touch screen) and an alerts system that works with 3rd party providers. The company also boasts of the Google Gadget API and an active community that you can consult any time.

If you are a fan of open source and can code with HTML, then this program is perfect for you.

2.  Xibo

Xibo is another great open source and mature digital signage software. This program is centrally managed via a web panel and can be used over a local network or through the Internet to one or more clients. With Xibo, you can create and manage multiple layouts, content media, and schedules from multiple locations. It runs on Windows, Ubuntu, and Android.

Does it sound daunting?  Its developers assure that it is easy to use and that its community is very willing to help.

Go to their website here:

1. Vodigi

Vodigi is one of the best free digital signage software you can find. It is easy to understand, easy to use, and there is a solid support system. The highlights of this software include their player application which lets you create and control content, an administration site where you can view all the information you need including reports, and open source architecture that is extremely flexible and customizable.

Remember that the best free digital signage software you choose should match your skills and meet your specific needs. When you find the perfect fit for you, do get back to us and tell us all about it.

There are many good signage software that are useful which are good as to save time and to work professionally. Check more of these softwares from and help increase your business.

Have you used any other free digital signage services before that are different from the ones mentioned above? Please let us know why you’d vouch for them and what makes them your fav.

How to Guide Information and Communication Technology (ICT)

Is the Internet Hurting You? How the Internet Can Be Harmful to You and the Way Out

Everything in life has two sides, good and bad. The internet can be very good but in the other way, it can pose many threats for people using it. The internet world is no more a safe world and it can be a weapon of death that kills if care is not taken. In this article I will list out some ways in which the internet can be harmful to you and the way out.

How the Internet can be harmful to you and the possible way out 

Cyber Crime and Attacks

How to Stay Safe Online: Important factors to consider to avoid internet harm

IP Address exposure

Your IP Address is a public address that your computer or network router is assigned to. Whenever you browse or visit any website your IP Address is transmitted and recorded in log files on the servers you visit. With the help of this log your internet activity can be traced back to your computer and possibly to your home or office. In the recent years, IP Address has been of great use for law enforcers to trace hackers and cyber criminals but on the other hand hackers and other criminals on the internet can use the IP address to track down their victims.

Possible Way Out: You can hide your IP Address. Most internet users think they don’t need to hide their IP Address or think that it is only people engaged in illegal activities on the internet should be the one hiding their IP Address, but little did you know that some people on the internet are trying to harvest your IP Address and they can use it to harm you if care is not taken. When you hide your IP Address your public address on the internet become untraceable and you become anonymous. You can use various tools on the internet to perform this task; some of them are listed here.

Unscreened Internet downloads and software usage

Of recent, hackers have posed a lot of threat to old and young internet users. Once they have access to your internet through botnet they can do whatever they like and it is very unfortunate that we always see the handiwork of hackers, but they escape the law enforcers because it is very hard to trace them or catch them.

These cyber criminals can use the internet to hack into your computer and steal files from your database. From different cases, hackers has been able to hack into different categories of people and companies database stealing valuable files and use it for their own good but they get this access through what I call hidden passage through unscreened downloads, hardware and software usage.

Possible Way Out: There is always a hidden gateway for every hacker before they can be able to hack into anybody’s private data. They get access to many computer when their victims download and click without careful examination before they downloaded those files from the internet. In my opinion, I’d suggest that you should stop downloading any files that are not from trusted and reliable source because it is freely available. It is advisable that you save files that are important to you on external drives or removable drive and keep it in a secure place because hackers can get their hand on files you save on the internet especially those in the cloud – if your provider does not have a good infrastructure in place to protect them. Hackers cannot hack into files that do not exist; they only hack into files you save on your drives, be it on the internet drive or on your hard drive.

Webcam vulnerability

Surveillance IP camera, also known as CCTV system camera

You may find it unbelievable if I tell you about the dangers that are related with the web cam on your PC. The camera can be of great use for video call and video chatting on the internet but it can also be very dangerous if use wrongly by hackers. Some hardened hackers can create a loophole into your Webcam and record videos of you or take pictures through the use of malware or via a Remote Access Trojan. Most laptops today come with a webcam and this has made most internet users to be frequent users of this powerful tool either for chatting or video conferencing. Hackers may be spying on you without you knowing through the webcam on your PC. Webcam can pose a serious risk to users because you don’t know if someone is watching you.

Possible Way Out: To stay safe from any harm related to webcam vulnerability you must use strong antivirus that has firewall. And you must not forget to always deactivate or cover the lens of the webcam when not use. Do look for the indicators light on your webcam if it turns on automatically it means someone is spying on you – however, you should always make sure your Adobe Flash Player is updated because they might be of help to hackers in planting those bad seeds.

Social Media Connection Spying or Social Engineering

How to earn a living through social media networks

This article will be incomplete if social network is not added. Nowadays everyone wants to be on the social network, either to connect with friends and family, meet new people or to perform various business transactions – especially for small business owners. Social connection can be of great importance in helping you to get connected to different people all around the world through the internet but at the same time it can connect with the cyber criminals. Beware of people who you share your valuable information with on any form of social media platforms; be it pictures, videos or general information, because you don’t what they are capable of using it for, and the number of people that will have access to files you send. Most cases of death through the internet investigated by law enforcers have their root from the internet social network connection. And this should tell us of the extent of dangers and impacts of social media networks on people’s lives.

Possible Way Out: Never share you address with strangers on the internet be it when you chat or when you are dating only because it is gateway to many harm. Your personal address be it email, home, mobile, office and other address that can make people to reach you are not be given out without caution. Don’t go to meet people you meet on the internet alone or without telling anybody. Verify people and know their reason for sending you friend request.

VPN services indirectly encourages hacking through unnecessary ads

Network Wi-Fi VPN

Virtual Private Network (VPN) is designed to protect your data and identity over the internet but as we all know that good things also have their bad sides. VPN allows you to access websites with an anonymous address, but on the other hand it can be dangerous. Most company that offers this so called VPN or free proxy were run by Hackers. Most of VPN software has been invested with virus and adverts that will get you to click on and put your computer at risk or even damage it. Unknowingly to users of VPN or free proxy, personal information about you that you give as answers to question asked by VPN providers can be used against you. And the funny thing there is that these people can access your PC with the help of their software.

Possible Way Out: Never use a free proxy or VPN because using can allow your computer to be taken and get your identity stolen by cyber criminals. Don’t give out personal information to any VPN company. Instead of this, go for paid VPN services like Invisible Browsing VPN – they have integrity in the business.

Uploading Files for Awareness

Uploading files like video and pictures can be exciting and the easiest way to let the world see and know you are. According to a statistic collected about internet usage that was presented in form of an infographic, it shows that there are millions of people browsing the internet every minute of the day. And that Youtube, the world #2 most populous search engine on earth controls the majority of the share of these activities.

The internet today is filled with different sites that can help you to get popular without paying a dime all they need is your pictures or videos. Through the help of some popular video sharing sites people get to notice you quickly and easily, but little do you know that this action can be harmful. Video sharing sites helps enables users to upload their favorite video contents and these contents are rated by views or clicks it gets overtime. Uploaded files can get into the hand of anybody on the internet. Last year, many pictures of social media network users are stolen, but the secret leaks out when one of the picture impersonators was chatting with the real person that owns the picture.  Also a while ago group of kids try to do crazy racing stunt and upload it on YouTube so then can get views but they die in the process.

Possible Way Out: Never upload what you don’t want the world to see on the internet. Anything that you wouldn’t like others to access, you must not share them on social media. Even, applying privacy settings for these files doesn’t mean others cannot have access to them.  Hackers can hack the site using DDos attacks and similar ones.

The Devil with Internet Shopping

Is the Internet Hurting You? Find the missing WHYs

The internet comes bearing gifts. Mobile marketing and online shopping can be very fast and fun, but it can be extremely dangerous if your credit card details fall into the wrong hand along the process. Nobody would love to do stressful activities; we want to do one-click order from the comfort of our homes, we don’t like staying on the queue because there’s home delivery service.

Ordering products from the internet has its benefits and disadvantages; one of the benefits is that you don’t have to commute before you can access your item while you can be exposed to identity theft along the process.

Possible Way Out: Before you enter your credit card details or send money online, check to know if the site is trust worthy. Some marketing sites collect their money or swipe your card when they deliver your goods. Check this page it consist of everything has to do with online security and prevention.


Many of you may not know that these things could be spoiling the fun for you until now, and now that the secret has been revealed, you’re thereby advised to stay away from any of these. Do everything with due process and you won’t be having security breaches.

Have you been breached in the past, how do you resolved the incident? What have you been doing that has guaranteeing your security from several internet harms all over the internet? We’d like to know them so other people can know different ways internet can be harmful to them so as to prevent it before it strikes. Please share knowledge and let’s learn more.

Windows 8

What I Love about my Nokia Lumia 520

The Nokia Lumia 520 is a humble phone. It isn’t flashy, it doesn’t have specs to die for, it isn’t a part of a thriving app ecosystem, it doesn’t even have FM radio!

Being an entry-level Lumia phone, it is also cheap, though it definitely doesn’t look it.

But descriptions can be deceptive.

It is all too easy to be mightily impressed by the bigger, badder phones like the Note 3, the HTC One, and the iPhone 5 (or whichever number is the latest) and feel sorry for your little unpretentious friend. Ha! Not anymore.

I’m a proud owner of a humble smartphone and I have set it up to support my lifestyle in a way that I don’t need anything more sophisticated. Good for me since I can now keep the extra cash in my pocket!

Poor me, huh?

If you own one of these devices too, you will find yourself nodding in agreement as you read this, and also learn a few new ways of making the most of it. If you are thinking of buying a Lumia 520, I say go ahead! But only after reading this.

With that out of the way, let’s look at what I love the most about my Nokia Lumia 520.What I love about Nokia Lumia 520It looks good.

Yep, it does. It is every bit a looker. I own a red one, which is a cheerful colour but if I ever get bored with it, changing the back case is a matter of minutes. Or seconds, depending on how fast you can do it!

The phone is sleek, lightweight, and sturdy (has survived a couple of falls already). And though Nokia doesn’t claim to be so, I suspect it is scratch-proof, too. But don’t quote me on it, just conveying my experience!

It’s customizable the way I want it

Nokia Lumia 520 by TechAtLast

A friend, after going through my Lumia when it was just a few weeks old, remarked to me that my phone had ‘me’ written all over it.

I take that as a compliment!

Seriously, my phone is all about me. It is about my favorite playlists pinned to the home screen, my favorite yoga, meditation, and technology apps gazing at me in the form of big colorful tiles, even my to-do lists for the day in the form of sticky notes pinned right there where I can’t miss them.

Even the theme color is pink (which is my favorite color, no points for guessing!), and which I think goes swimmingly well with the overall blackness of the phone.

So if you are a tad self-obsessed and love to plaster your pictures over everything you own or leave your imprint on everything that belong to you, you are going to love this cutie!

The most wonderful thing about the Nokia Lumia 520 is not that you can customize it but that you can do it to your heart’s desire.

And I like change. I keep moving the tiles around, changing the theme color and the back cases, all of which makes me feel like I have a new phone each time I do it!

Nokia Lumia 520

Nokia Music

I have a thing for music phones. The Motorola phone I owned prior to this one (Moto Rockr) was also a music phone. The Nokia Music store has got a great collection of songs and soundtracks. I can find anything I want in there, and it is all available for free download. Good quality music from a trusted source at free of cost? Yep, I’ll take that.

I have had this phone for 3 months now and I already have more than 400 songs downloaded to it (I honestly cannot think of any more to download). Granted the subscription is only free for a few months, but hey you can use it to your heart’s content and download as much as you want till then.

The apps

I’m not a social media junkie but all the big names have a presence on the Windows platform. Personally, I only use Twitter of them all, which works perfectly well on my phone.

Of the apps that I have set up to support my productivity and/or lifestyle are: MyFitnessPal, OM chanting, One Note, Diary, Here Drive + Here Map, a couple of my bank-related apps, a few blog and magazine apps, a couple of news apps, yoga apps, and meditation and motivational apps.

Not exaggerating at all when I say that I have started meditating regularly, and smoking far less courtesy an e-cigarette app, ever since I downloaded the relevant apps to my phone.

Of course, I have more apps too, some of them entertainment and travel-related, but my point is that despite the relatively small app collection on the Windows platform, I have everything I need to support me on the go.

In fact, I only use about 60% of the apps installed on my phone anyway, so not sure if I even need any more!

The camera & related apps

Nokia Lumia 520 camera

The Nokia Lumia range is now known for excellent cameras and though 520 is its lowest offering (5 MP), the camera is still good — especially in low-light conditions.

The images come out bright and cheerful, and a lot better than those taken by Android phones with cameras of similar megapixels.

The 520 doesn’t have a front camera, true, but I had owned a Motorola touchscreen phone for six years (2007-2013, before I got my Lumia) and have perfected the art of taking selfies with rear camera so I’m not any poorer for its lack in 520.

The Nokia Insta Me and Glam Me are awesome apps if you want to touch up your photos. I mostly leave mine alone but I have tried these apps and by god they can make a world of difference to even the most ordinary of pics!

Conclusion: It’s just the right thing.

I realize that the features I’ve mentioned so far are available on all Lumia phones but where the 520 scores is that it is just the right combination of things.

It doesn’t overdo anything.

What am I going to do with weird sounding units describing the battery power or all those endless specs and gazillion features which tech geeks love to rattle off of their tongues? I couldn’t care less if it’s Android or iOS or whatever as long as my phone works silky smooth (which it totally does!)

I prefer a phone that is simple to use, good to look at, customizable, and fun!

The 520 is all of that.

I know I’d probably love the 920 too, but hey, I don’t need half the features it contains.

You either don’t use all the features you pay good money for, or you end up using them more than you need which basically amounts to you wasting your time and other resources.

This is where the 520 trumps – it serves its purpose, and rather delightfully, too, but does not waste your time. It is interesting and engaging, but stops at the right limit. So that you can get off the phone and get some work done!

Awhile ago, I wrote on my frustration about personal computers, smartphones and tablets as whole; I ditched my laptop for tablets, you can read it over because you’ll sure love it. Here’s why I ditched my laptop for tablet.

Social Media

Earning a Living through Social Media: The Ultimate Guide

Social Media has only really been in our lives for a short ten years. LinkedIn launched in 2003 for business professionals, Facebook in 2004 for college students and Twitter just slightly later in 2006. More networks have emerged and we see a regular line of social network icons wherever we turn. We connect with our family, our friends and our work and industry colleagues. Businesses realize that an active social media presence is essential to their success, and employees and entrepreneurs alike utilize social media to work. Internally organizations connect through their own networks, or use external networks, Facebook pages, and these connections transfer externally as employees use their social networks to influence customers and consumers. Twitter feeds, and of course LinkedIn, where connections made whilst working with one firm, carry over to the next. How to earn a living through social media networks So can we earn a living through Social Media, businesses have recognized it must be a key marketing strategy, and many are taking advantage of the demand by:

Supplying social media services

There are many entrepreneurs and small firms, and large organizations too, specializing in digital marketing and offering outsourced social media management services. Designing and integrating the organizations networks, and managing them on a day by day basis with content to engage and drive traffic to websites and increase sales. These services are provided on hourly, weekly and monthly basis and work can be found easily through freelancing platforms like Elance, Freelancer, People Per Hour and Coworks.

Use social media to make your business work

Social Media LEAD - earning a living on social media through recommendations If your business or employer makes money then you will too. Whether social media management is internal or external the key is to use it well. A social media presence actively determines search engine ranking. To be top of Google you must be regularly marketing your content, and links to your website to represent your products or services. If you are good then your posts and tweets will also drive traffic to you site and result in direct enquiries or purchases. Building a healthy social media profile shows the world your credibility, your news and views and most people engaging with a new brand will click on at least one of those social media icons.

Find work with social media

Most job opportunities are now posted on social networks, either directly from the company or through job boards, recruitment agencies or freelance platforms. Google estimates that 1 in 5 job searches start with social media. Few times ago, I wrote an article about on hiring through LinkedIn and in my conclusion, LinkedIn are the job finding specialists with premium programs for recruiters to find candidates and massive investment to double the number of jobs posted on LinkedIn in the past year. Connections and endorsements on LinkedIn make it easy to connect with a new employer or client, and to see who you know already connects with them.

Let your social media connections find you work

Social media lifestyle - how to make a living using social media

You can go a step further and allow your social media connections and endorsements to gain you jobs directly. For freelancers there is a new platform which offers the normal payment protection and administrative systems but goes a step further to show potential clients recommendations gleaned from social networks. Coworks offers firms the ability to choose freelancers with what they term the new “word of mouth” referrals, rather than sifting through tens of propositions, taking a risk on an unknown resource. It also allows new freelancers to compete based on completed work or referrals gained outside of the platform, and aims to increase both price and quality by ruling out untried, inexperienced bidders.


Why You Should Implement Email Encryption for Your Own Safety

Security is a big issue for computer and internet device uses these days, with cyber crime affecting both personal and business users on a large scale. The high level of cybercrime can affect everything we do on our computers and devices, posing a real threat to our security. Even using our email accounts has become a big risk as a result of increased threats to email security – which is why it has become so important to implement email encryption.

Many cyber criminals are able to cause havoc and devastation through email-borne threats and activities. With encrypted email you can help to reduce these threats and risks, which means greater peace of mind and increased security. Finding expert providers that can protect you with a secure email gateway will enable you to benefit in many ways, avoiding a range of threats that could otherwise cause huge issues and problems for you or your business.

Why you should do email encryption

The key benefits of email encryption:

Whether you are an individual or a business user, you will benefit in many ways from ensuring email encryption. It is important to remember just how commonplace and widespread cyber crime has become as a form of criminal activity, and those who engage in this type of crime are constantly evolving their range of ways to try and achieve these goals. Using emails to attempt crimes has become so widespread that all users need to be increasingly mindful about the risks they face.

Alan Henry of Lifehacker has a very long tutorial with videos which explains how you can encrypt your emails with some added advantages of email encryption. Trust me, the post is long enough to guide you through the whole process.

Let’s move on, here are some of the key benefits of having email encryption in place as far as I’m concerned.

Valuable peace of mind

With the high level of cyber crime experienced these days, it is little wonder that both personal and business users are nervous about falling victim to it. When you implement email encryption, you can ensure you have that extra layer of protection against cyber crime, which means that you can benefit from valuable peace of mind.

Protection against a range of threats

There are a number of email-borne threats that could potentially cause huge issues for you if you do not have protection in place. With the right protection, such as encrypted email, you can make sure you minimise on the risk of email threats such as spam, malware, data leaks, social engineering attacks and DHA & DDoS attacks.

Affordable protection

With the right provider on board, email encryption provides you with a very effective yet affordable means of protecting yourself and your system against a range of potentially serious cyber attacks. This is something that can dramatically reduce risks, which is vital in today’s digital world.

For businesses in particular, having this sort of protection in place is of vital importance. The variety of threats and attacks that can be spread via email means that businesses are always at risk, and the effects of these attacks can be devastating to a business. With the right protection in place, businesses can protect their data and systems, taking a stand against the growing problem of cyber crime.

Email encryption is necessary for individuals and businesses to stay on top of the game when it comes to security. There are several methods of securing ones email, in which encryption is one of, but I’ll love to know other methods you’ve used.