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How to choose a web hosting company for your Business

We are in the 21st century, any business not on the web is really missing out. Many people, organizations and parastatals are waking up and bringing their business on the World Wide Web for global exposure.

Even if you created a Facebook or Twitter page for your business, you still need a web page which your prospective customers can visit to learn more about your product and services (Your virtual office).

Let’s say you already created and registered your business domain, you need a host that will carry your website load on its shoulders such as There are a number of them on the web promising a lot of benefits why you have to use them, giving you a big headache on which one to trust your web hosting unto.Hosting company

This guide is created to help you make the best of decision in choosing the web hosting company that perfectly suites your business.


Most of the times, we like to choose from the cheapest out of the product and services, in choosing your web hosting company, it might turn out to be a disaster if you choose the cheapest. It is good to consider a low budget company, but you have to review first what they offer, before jumping at the offer. Non outsourced support and quality hardware are costly, you wouldn’t expect a web hosting company charging $1.99 per month to give you these features, HostMonk has a comprehensive list of hosting companies with their respective packages, and you can easily compare and make your choice.

Your area of specialization

You have to choose your web hosting company based on the area you want to specialize your business, different host are right for different customers. Some host offers good shared plans but lacks solutions that are great for growing businesses while others has strong enterprise solutions, but won’t be good for someone who just want to open a small recipe blog. You have to consider the company’s area of expertise before finally subscribing to them and choose the one that will understand your need. You can do an online research for testimonies and reviews to confirm how powerful there service has being.

Specifications and Limitations

A web hosting company offers services just like your computer; they have RAM, disk space, processing per etc. You have to specifically know what you want to do with your site. E.g., you will need a good hosting package for an ecommerce site, blog with rich content, videos. Other factors you have to consider is that; do they charge for additional domains, backups, supports etc. Make sure you interact well with them before taking your final decision, let them know what your site needs to be.

Technical support

This is one of the crucial points to consider when choosing a web hosting company. You have to critically review their support department, what are people saying about their customer support agents, are they competent enough to handle a technical difficulties you may encounter, are they around 24/7 or you have to wait for them to open office before you can solve you website’s down time issues. What are the mode of their contact; Live chat, toll free phone, Email support etc. Do they outsource support to contractors?


At this point, you have to check out what the company offers that others don’t, what extra benefit can your site generate if you choose them as your host; Energy saving, multiple data centers, or other features such as free domain privacy or regular backups.

Customer testimonies/ Reviews/Reputation

Check forums, social media and blog reviews about the web hosting company. The kind of experience their past and present customers are having, what people are saying about them, ask questions on those places, about their support centre and other things, you will like get few response from sincere users.

User Interface/ Control Panel

Being a web master, there are few things you are expected to know how to do, installing wordpress, setting up FTP accounts, setting up emails without engaging the host. You have to know what kind of interface your web hosting company uses, is it cPanel or Plesk, or some cumbersome interface that no one can easily understand. You will have to work with this once a while, so you have to find out from the beginning.

Future Planning

You don’t expect your website or blog to remain a baby till death, there is always a room for growth, you will most likely have to upgrade your hosting plan as time goes when your traffic increases, it is important to check from the beginning if your web hosting company has a very good plan you can migrate into.

This will save you from the hassle of moving from one host to the other which consumes valuable time and effort.

It is very wise to certify these factors before finally deciding on which company should host you on the web space.

Information and Communication Technology (ICT)

The Impact of Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) on your Business

Managers of a business that functions on a national or international level, with complex systems required to manage a range of interlocking departments, know that keeping track of everything on a daily basis can be a challenging task. Smooth-running systems are vital to maximize business performance, produce good and reliable results, and make that essential contribution to improving the bottom line.

A major contribution to business growth is Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP), a software solution that integrates management information both internally and externally across the whole organization. The Impact of Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) on your Business

ERP functions and use

ERP allows users to access real time data across an organization quickly and effectively. Instead of accessing information from different departments to obtain organizational trends, each department has the ability to view all data independently across the business. This real time advantage, which streamlines management systems, enables businesses to pursue strategic plans whilst being instantly aware of any problems, either occurring or likely to happen in any department.

Management systems are only as good as the data inputted, so instead of multiple entries being made for each department, ERP provides a system of modules and sub-modules. These represent a specific element of the business, such as human resources, manufacturing or supply chain management, and when data is entered into one module, all related modules are updated automatically.

As with the introduction of any new machinery or, in this case, software to a business, it is crucial that those who are going to use it are properly trained. This includes managers who will oversee as well as use the system, and staff responsible for inputting the data.

ERP can be used for many types of businesses but it is important to research and source the appropriate program. Mainly used in manufacturing operations, where there are multiple departmental issues to bring together, ERP can also be used in different business environments, such as the fashion industry, utilities, local authorities and schools. The development of online ERP gives businesses additional opportunities to explore the best solution.

ERP impacts on our businesses

The benefits of using ERP

There are a number of major benefits that come from using an ERP system, including accountability, customer relations management, strategic planning and, perhaps the most important, the saving of time.

In business time is money, and the ability to use a streamlined system that reduces the time needed to accomplish tasks means that money will be saved and that crucial bottom line improved. Manual systems need people to input data in every department, whereas ERP reduces the number of people needed for these tasks and also cuts the number of machines and associated servers required.

Taking care of customers is the lifeblood of a successful enterprise, and ERP’s centralized database means that details of clients and their requirements can be accessed quickly and accurately, ensuring that their needs are prioritized, and completion of product deliveries or specific projects can be put to the forefront of the business operation.

Monitoring inventory in any business can be difficult, but with ERP there is additional accountability in the system whereby the usage and ordering of raw materials can be tracked, and thus over consumption can be controlled, again leading to improved overall margins.

Marketing Web Banner Design (Ads Concepts)

How to Design your own Bumper Stickers and Order Bulk Printing

Bumper sticker is very good way of marketing your business offline, imagine if all vehicles in the whole city carries your brand, you are on your way to stardom. Well designed stickers have proven to be very effective and make people easily know about your business existence.

Everywhere the vehicle goes, it carries your brand. The most beautiful thing about that is that no one takes money to stick your advert on vehicle bumpers, so it remains a very effective yet free way of making adverts.

How to design Bumper Stickers with ease

Printing stickers has been made easy, you don’t really need a professional to do that for you, apart from using the paint or Photoshop to design your bumper stickers, many online contractors has a platform where you can customize your design free of charge and make print order. Bumper stickers are pretty very cheap but varies based on quality and quantity, the more the quantity, the lesser the price.

How to make your own bulk Bumper Stickers 

Get an idea or concept 

You know the nature of your business or organization, look deeply into the reason why you want to get the sticker printed and your targeted audience, this will give you an inspiration on what should be on the glossy paper. Try to make something simpler and determine the size you would like. Since you will like people to see from afar, the letters must not be too small.

Try to make something a little funny with a simple phrase or slogan, and make sure everyone gets an idea of the message you are passing across. See Ford’s slogan sample below:

“What makes it Ford? What makes it stand out?”

“Built Ford Tough”

“Go Further”

Bumper stickers sketches on a Car

Sketch your design

After getting a full idea of what you want to print on your bumper sticker, take another time to think on how it should look; the color, the graphics, the word text and the font you will like to use. Use designer text but make sure it is clear that even people afar off can read.

Locate a print company

There are a lot of bumper sticker print companies on the web, Google and other engines will help you fish them out or visit here, most of them offer some tools on their platform in which you can carry out your design, or you just simply use paint or Photoshop and submit to them.

How to get the best printing company depends solely on your expertise and research, there is price factor, delivery factor, minimum order quantity, quality of materials offered and other technical conditions that apply. You will get all details on their websites. Consider about two to three of them, and choose the one that best satisfies your condition.

Use fewer color to save on cost, the material used by the company will affect durability and look of the sticker, so you have to make your decision on that.

Finalize design and Submit

Most printers has specific requirement, make sure you follow the specifications before submitting for final review by the printing company, they will offer some finishing touches and send you a printed copy for review, this copy is called “Proof.”

Place your order

After you are satisfied with the proof, you can now place your bulk order for the bumper sticker. The printer has given you enough review and refund won’t be made if you discover any other issue, make sure you make all changes before submitting the proof copy.

Your sticker is ready, and it is time to stick your brand to the whole bumper in the city.

Wow! So easy and cheaper steps for you to advertise your products and services to the market and the part of the world for as cheap as possible. Do you think you have something more to add to this steps, to better help people take advantage of bumper stickers? Please share them below.

Information and Communication Technology (ICT)

Google Chromecast Vs. Apple TV: My Unbiased Comparison of the two

If you’re looking for a TV streaming device that will serve your need, you have quite a little options to choose from; ranging from game consoles to set-top-boxes. But the new entrant, Google’s chromecast could be ideal for anyone hoping to pay low for better value. We know its cheap at a mere $35 USD, but it has all it takes to rival Apple’s third-generation, Apple TV.

Why am I comparing them?

Google Chromecast and the Apple TV comparison would sounds great to a prospective buyer? I guess you guys would love reading a simple comparison-cum-review of these great TV gadgets and that’s why I’ll be writing them line by line for your understanding.

In my opinion, the new Google chromecast comes with a whole lot of advanced features which makes it superior in one or two ways to the Apple TV, but that doesn’t mean Apple TV lacks high-end features as well. The two gadgets are introduced into the market at a very different time, and they were meant to appeal to the same kind of customers but the technology used in making them seems different. So, let me analyze some of these technologies so you can see which is superior to the other as we move a step further to a 21st century or next-gen living room.

Google Chromecast vs. Apple TV: Battle line drawn

The Size

Apple TV and Chromecast Size: Is it Sparkplug in Apple TV or hockey puck in chromecast?

Seeing from the image above, you can see that the new Chromecast beats Apple TV hands down; from its length to breadth, we know the leader is in this regard.

And seeing clearly, there are two highly different devices; one comes in Sparkplug form, while the second in form of an hockey puck.

To take advantage of the Apple TV, you have to put it somewhere around or under your TV, while the Chromecast makes life much more easier because it connects directly to an open HDMI port. I love this a lot!


Chromecast and Apple TV weight

How heavier art thou oh Apple TV?

Although, you don’t have to hold both device all around as the case may be with a smartphone, you won’t care much of how heavy each may be, but surprisingly, Apple TV is much heavier compared to Chromecast.

Output Method

Chromecast and Apple TV both can connect to your TV via HDMI, but Apple makes you buy a separate cable

Chromecast has built-in HDMI plug (although, male one), while Apple TV lack this feature, and you will still have to buy additional HDMI cable to connect your TV, Google makes its gadget interesting here!

Both devices requires power source: Chromecast derives its power from USB port (either from a wall charger or through USB port on your TV), and Apple TV through a separate cable (Apple makes you purchase this separately).

Maximum Output

Both devices comes with a maximum output at 1080p (full HD content for you)

Both devices comes with a maximum output, which means you can watch all your media content in full HD (1080p). Thanks to latest technology advancement for this!

Mobile Device Slinging capacity

Chromecast and Apple TV lets you sling content from supported apps but....

No superiority here because both devices comes with feature that let you sling content directly from supported apps on your smartphone to the big screen. But they sling content in different ways.

To share content from Apple TV, you’ll use iOS to Apple TV slinging, where the content is served from your mobile phone and the output is thereafter shown on the screen for everyone. On the other hand, Chromecast slings content directly from the cloud while you can use your smartphone or tablet as remote controller or trigger for next action.

And remember that Apple TV lets you mirror anything that’s on your iOS device’s screen but Chromecast only let you mirror chrome web browsing, while lacking in mirroring from iPhone and android smartphones.

Slinging platforms

chromecast lets you sling content from ios, android and chrome but apple only allow Apple's platform

As you all know, Apple has a kind of monopoly that makes it uneasy for outsiders to benefit from their services, so also is the case here. Apple TV has been designed in such a way that makes it easier to communicate within Apple ecosystem. You can’t stream from Windows, Android, or any other unsupported platform unless your system has been hacked to do that.

Chromecast raised a lot of eyebrows with lots of features. By default, it slings from android devices, and unlike Apple TV, you can use your iPad or other iOS devices with!

But Windows phone and Blackberry devices aren’t included. Sorry Microsoft and BB guys out there!

Remote Control

Control us from your mobile device, says Chromecast and Apple TV, but Apple has physical remote system

Apple TV has a physical remote control and you can use your iOS devices such as iPad or iPhone by installing Apple’s own remote app. With Chromecast, you won’t see a physical remote control, but you can make use of your smartphone or tablet powered by Google’s Android or Apple’s iOS, as remote.

Supported Apps

Supported apps by Apple TV and Chromecast

When it comes to app availability on both devices, Apple TV rocks here, owing to the fact that Chromecast is a new comer compared to Apple TV.

With Chromecast, you can sling from Youtube, Netflix, Google Play Music, and Google Play TV & Movies. And if you are browsing through chrome browser on your PC, you can easily install an extension that lets you mirror content from the browser to your TV screen hassle-free!

Although, the kind of quality rendered isn’t as good as streaming directly from a mobile device, but it worth the hassle at 720p — but, if you’re to consider the kind of quality that someone would get from using some of the high-end mobile phones like those compared at, you’ll agree that it worth the price at $35 than paying high for almost the same quality.

Isn’t that awesome?

Apple TV offers a wide variety of native apps and this feature reduces Chromecast’s chances.

Processor Capabilities

Chromecast and Apple tv processors

CPU capability is very important in knowing how far a computer can go in term of performance and how long it can last, and to sum it up, these two devices has single-core processors, and they are enough to handle 1080p video and audio streaming from the cloud.


Both Apple TV and Chromecast comes with a 512MB ram

Same thing happened here, as each devices comes with a 512 MB of RAM (Random Access Memory). I think one is copying the other here 🙂

Storage space


This doesn’t mean anything much because you don’t have to a whole lot of media files on the device, its only there for caching purposes. You have the cloud all to yourself as the storage space for all media content, while the device takes hold of them for a shorter time.


Neither of the two can allow you to add your own media content such as video or audio files. But Apple TV can play such content if you go through the back-door by transferring the files to your iOS or Mac, and then AirPlay it from the device to Apple TV.


Rumour has it that Chromecast runs ChromeOS, but I’m not certain of this. However, Chromecast is more of Android or Google TV than how it is to ChromeOS. But if you have plan to do some hack, that’s okay.

Apple TV according to Gizmag, is a modified version of Apple iOS. So, don’t expect much or less than iOS.


Chromecast price is more preferable to Apple TV

Know thy selling point and thou shalt sell much…more!

That’s Chromecast for you. At $35 you can watch video from Youtube, Netflix, and access music and videos from Google Play with ease. And you can as well transmit content from your web browser on a PC with ease without paying extra hard.

Also remember that you’d be required to purchase an extra HDMI cable before you can connect the device to the screen on Apple TV purchase. And that’s extra after $100 payment.


Google Chromecast has lots of features that you’ll hardly see in Apple TV, and also, Apple TV rocks in its own areas. Moreover, Google chromecast at the launch has limited list of supported apps unlike , but you’re free to make your choice.

Judging from the pricing, storage ability, connectivity features and many others mentioned above, which do you intend to buy, Apple TV or Chromecast?


The Fall Of A Empire? How iPhones Might Fall To Windows Phones

At the moment, iPhones are trendy and ubiquitous, present in the hands of nearly every young person, businessman, and tech savvy guru across the country. However, the tides of technology are changing, and Windows is gradually eroding away at Apple’s huge lead in the market. Could Windows eventually become the market leader? Some experts in smartphones believe that the Windows operating system, coupled with rapid changes in phone features and technology, could lead to a long-term Windows victory in the United phones 8

The Development of Windows Phones

It is rare that Microsoft enters a sector as an underdog, but this is exactly what happened when Microsoft released the first Windows phone in 2010. Apple had already achieved a stranglehold on the market, but its position as a market leader had led to its stagnation. For once, Microsoft took the stage as the innovative underdog, and it has gradually refined its Windows phone system to its current iteration: Windows Phone 8.

Advantages of Windows Phones
Windows Phone 8 is integrated with all of Windows other services and products, making it perfect for the vast majority of American computer owners who use the Microsoft Windows operating system on their own home computers. While Apple iPhones can technically be synchronized with Windows computers, they work far better with Apple computers which are usually more expensive and less appropriate for business usage.

Windows Phone 8 has a very useful and aesthetically pleasing interface that is much more customizable than Android or IOS. Apple’s operating system is rigid and difficult to modify, while Windows Phone 8 has a long list of ways that users can personalize their phones and make them more useful for business or pleasure. Windows phones appeal to the casual sector of phone users with their easy interfaces and clear documentation as well as the “prosumer” class of customer with technology and features that are vastly superior to Apple’s relatively old iPhone devices. Microsoft opens up its operating system to far more manufacturers, making money on the operating systems rather than on the phones themselves, so there is more competition among Windows Phones and a broader variety of features available.

Popular Windows Smartphones

The most common Windows phones are manufactured by HTC and Nokia, with around half of all Windows phones offered on “Straight Talk” “T-Mobile” and other prepaid plans. Windows phones tend to occupy the more moderately priced sector of the market, making them perfect for consumers who do not want to sign long phone contracts with the major carriers. For only $70-200, a consumer can purchase a Windows phone and can sign up with a pay-by-the-minute service like Virgin or Cricket.

The Future of Windows Phones
The future of Windows Phones is up in the air, but it is still possible that there might be some major chances to Microsoft’s strategy in the future. At the moment, Microsoft is guaranteeing support for their phones through 2014, but they have not announced any further upgrades to their operating systems. Some of the manufacturers that used to support Windows Phones have changed their minds, so Microsoft is looking to add additional partners in emerging markets like China. If you would like try out a windows phone please look into windows phones and try it out for yourself.

Information and Communication Technology (ICT)

Slimbox: Cutting the SPAM from your Email Diet

Do you get tired of being greeted by a wall of unneeded junk emails? Are you frustrated by the thought of an email inbox that is completely unusable? Well then it’s time to learn how to make your inbox become a leaner, meaner version of itself, that can connect you with your friends, family and co-workers without the hassle of working your way through hundreds of spam emails first.

There are many ways in which to ensure your account becomes fighting fit to work best for you and an inbox free of spam is an achievable goal even for those who may not be technology whizzes.

Slimbox: How to slim your inbox spam messages with ease

Don’t sign on the dotted line

Signing your email address up to a site which will then bombard you with information on their latest products, offers or third parties who would be interested in your business is very much an avoidable mistake.

Always read the fine print when giving your email to a company in exchange for an offer or a download; many times it gives you the option of ‘opting out’ of any further feedback from them at a later date. If not, then it can be better to use an older address to test the waters and see whether the profile you’re signing up for is a hot spot for junk email.

Password preparation

Your account can be at its weakest when you have kept the same password since setting it up. This can lead to a ‘Sent’ box full of spam emails that you are unintentionally sending out to other people and this can be just as bad (if not worse) for the health of your account as receiving these sort of emails. Varying your password on your account every few months is a smart way to make sure your outbox does not become phished and compromized.

Software satisfaction

Finding a suitable user interface is the best way to get your email account back in shape. With cloud email services from Mimecast, the archiving of important email and documents is far simpler and as an accompanying software program to MS Office 365 you can cut the junk right out of your inbox and find that you can take the hard work out of keeping your account safe.

These software services provide easier email management and flexible security options to ensure that your personal data is still accessible by you, without getting into the wrong hands. This software is ideal if you want to turn your inbox from a flabby spam-filled slob into a well oiled machine which offers you the best service possible.

Business Cloud Computing Technologies and Resources Information and Communication Technology (ICT)

Big Data Management: Steps to Manage Big Data in the Cloud

As the Internet rapidly becomes the place for almost anybody to store and transfer data, this space gets crowded with chunks of information that require huge computing power to process them. The term ‘big data’ refers to large amounts of digital data that are difficult to process and, up until recently, only huge enterprises had to face the problems of managing them. Now, as more and more small businesses expand their online presence, more tools are needed for efficient big data management.

Cloud computing technology has made it possible for many organizations to cope with this problem. As the cloud matures, it increasingly focuses on big data and developing solutions that are able to deal with them.

Big Data Cloud: How to Manage Big Data in the Cloud

Managing Big Data in the Cloud

Big data growth phenomenon

It used to be a tendency to relate particular fields, such as pharmaceutical companies and financial analytics, with large digital databases. However, there are plenty of other industries where a thorough analysis of large datasets is necessary. Whereas most business documents get transferred to a digital form, traditional software solutions clearly lose their power over them. Even average-sized companies now need access to software tools that would enable them to process large amounts of digital data accurately and, possibly, at a reasonable price.

The development of cloud computing resulted in the overall decrease in prices of advanced software solutions streamed via the web. This is not only because cloud vendors are many, but also because of the general elasticity of the cloud. Cloud platform enables users to buy a necessary software program through pay-per-use models and thus access all the resources they need. Then, as the amounts of digital data grow, a company may at any point upgrade to premium accounts and get more cloud storage space for a slight increase in price.

Clearly, before this form of data storage had become widely adopted, smaller businesses didn’t need particularly powerful software solutions for managing their data. NASA was one of the companies that needed incredible processing power technology to be able to cope with unstructured data. Now large databases and unstructured data are almost a household item, which justifies an increased requirement for advanced cloud solutions. This is why many industries, including educational, healthcare and governmental institutions, decide to implement cloud technologies.

Future predictions for Big Data storage in the cloud

Big Data and cloud computing are concepts that are frequently discussed in relation to each other. As simplified big data analytics means that more companies are able to achieve a competitive advantage, it is reasonable to expect that the focus of cloud technology will remain exactly here. According to the last year’s report by Gartner, big data market is to drive $34 million of worldwide IT spending in 2013. Their experts predict that by 2020:

“the functionality and features of big data will not be varying from what is expected from traditional enterprises vendors, and part of the products they offer.

Apparently, the cloud has had a major impact on the direction of development of many businesses worldwide. Yet, there are so many ways in which it can contribute to further progress. One of them is definitively its power over big data, which is why these two trends are expected to grow in line with one another and shape the industries in the future.

Do you agree with the writer’s claim about big data and cloud technology forecasts for 2020? Please share your views

Designs & Invention Featured Green Energy Information and Communication Technology (ICT)

The advent of Solar Powered AirPlane, a Bertrand Piccard Adventure!

We are constantly looking for new sources of energy. It is evident that fossil fuels are a limited supply and that we are going to need to have an alternative source of energy to turn to in the future. There are many alternative energy sources, such as nuclear power, wind power, and hydro-power plants that all provide us with energy. However, there is one type of energy that seems to be on rise… solar energy. Solar energy is gathered from the sun and converted to electricity.

The Solar Impulse, a completely solar powered airplane is testament to the value of this energy. Swiss scientist and pilots have manufactured and tested a completely solar powered plane, and are hoping to release it to the public one day. Here is a brief look at how solar energy works and solar impulse technology, a newly invented Solar Powered AirPlane by Bertrand Piccard (a Swiss-born scientist) works.

Solar Impulse, a solar powered airplane by Swiss scientist

Solar Impulse: A solar powered airplane in the Air, about to land in John F. Kennedy International Airport.

How Solar Power Works

Solar power utilizes photovoltaic (PV) cells to manufacture power. These cells are bunched together in rows or sheets aimed to capture the sun’s light. When the light has been captured it leverages a semiconductor, a unit that acts as a conduit for electrical flow, to energize the panels. As light from the sun hits the columns the semiconductor becomes saturated with light and energy from the light. Once the light is harvested, the columns then influence the light and harness it using PV cells to force them flow the same general direction. This flow creates kinetic energy, which is then used to make electricity. Once the electrical current is generated it can be either employed instantly, often by the use of a power inverter, or warehoused like a battery. That being said, the semiconductor is typically shiny and does not take in sunlight very well. To combat this, inventors treated the semiconductor with a material that reflects light, allowing it to capture a supreme level of light.

Solar Revolution

The idea of a solar revolution has been talked about for quite some time. It’s the idea that we could one day take everything that used to be powered by either electricity, or fuel, or batteries, and simply power it by the sun. This is an outrageous prospect because on a sunny day, the sun gives off 1,000 watts of energy per square meter of the planet’s surface. If we were able to control that energy and harness we could easily power all of our spaces for free.

Powering a Plane: Solar powered Airplane invented

Solar Impulse, Solar powered airplane invented

Solar Impulse, Solar powered airplane invented!

The Swiss engineers have had at least ten successful take offs and planning more in the future. The Solar Impulse relies solely on the sun to power the plane and batteries for reserve power. The plane only needs about 90 meters to take off due to its smaller size and huge wingspan. The plane is only powered by a small electric motor but can reach altitudes of thirty thousand feet. The ultimate goal of the Swiss Impulse is to travel around the clock. The Swiss scientists are hoping to show that people are lot less dependent on fossil fuels than they think. If they can power a plane for twenty-four hours this is probably an energy source worth looking into. Who knows, maybe in the future we’ll all experience the Swiss Impulse.

B. Harris conducts his writing in California where he also obtained his B.A. in Communications, supporting establishments like Don Rowe.