Top 5 Lenovo Laptops for 2014 – The Best of the Bests of Lenovos!

Proficient tech support, top quality, best-in-class ergonomics, exclusive designs and unique features make Lenovo one of the most ground-breaking Laptop Companies. Promising adaptable and most excellent entertainment experience, Lenovo offers wide collection of laptops for their target segments in the market to meet their expectations and to build long-term relationship. Now if you are planning to buy a stylish Lenovo laptops in 2014, either a used or new one, it can be hard to choose which of Lenovo laptops to buy because Lenovo’s series are on the top of the other. The best thing you can do in this regard is, get an idea of the top 5 Lenovo laptops in your hands to make selection easy for yourself. From feedback and experience from various Lenovo laptop users’ forums and expert market reviews, we bring you the top five lenovo laptops for 2014. Hoping you’d end up purchasing one or two of these ground-breaking Lenovo Laptops!

Top Lenovo Laptops for 2014

Lenovo IdeaPad Y500

Lenovo Laptops 2013 - IdeaPad Y500 Laptop PCYou would simply drool at the exquisiteness and cool factors that this multimedia and gaming powerhouse offers. The wonderfully brushed aluminum-keyboard along with the innovative metallic feel of Lenovo IdeaPad Y500 set the bar high for the technological sophistication and design. This corporeal marvel is a mainstream notebook with a swappable bay, allowing its users to trade in an isolated graphics card, additional storage space, or extra cooling fan. Moreover, a 15.6-inch display, 1366 x 768 resolution, JBL speakers, adequately spaced cool-touch palm, 16 GB of RAM, 1TB hard drive with a 16GB SSD cache and 720p HD webcam etc are the innovative features that put Lenovo IdeaPad Y500 at the top in the ranking.

Lenovo IdeaPad Yoga 13

IdeaPad Yoga 13 Convertible Lenovo Laptop PCAs the name itself indicates, the Yoga 13 possesses a 13-inch screen that supports 10-point multi-touch screen. It is a pinnacle of elegance, hi-tech and innovation. This outstandingly designed laptop is simply best in two major ways. First, you can use this touch-screen machine as a Premium Ultrabook laptop. Secondly, you can also bring it into play as a powerful tablet at 360 degrees fold, besides the “stand” or “tent” modes. Lenovo IdeaPad Yoga 13 runs on Windows 8 and offers wide range inimitable features like 1.7GHz Intel Core i5-3317U, 4G of DDR3 memory, 128GB SSD, 720p HD Camera, Integrated Intel HD 4000 Graphics, and 2 dual-cell speakers etc. We hope these spectacular characteristics are impressive enough to keep it at second position.

Lenovo Ideapad Z580

Lenovo IdeaPad Z580 Laptop PCLenovo Ideapad Z580 is an all rounder, hitting the market incredibly. It is wonderfully designed, keeping all kinds of entertainment and budget needs of the amusement enthusiasts in mind. This elegant laptop stands for a grand value, thanks to its perfect combination of high-quality design, latest hardware features, a solid keyboard, stylish touchpad, excellent performance, and six hour battery life. Lenovo Ideapad Z580’s simplicity, affordability, and functionality grant it a third position among the top 5 Lenovo Laptops/Notebook for 2013.

Lenovo Thinkpad T530

Lenovo ThinkPad T530 Laptop PC with advanced featuresLenovo Thinkpad T530 is an ultimate choice for the people of corporate world. This professional-Grade Laptop is reliable, long-lasting, and possesses all the features to meet your expectations in every business environment.

Up to 3rd generation Intel® Core, 24-hours battery life, 30-day standby mode, precision keyboard with optional backlight, Dual array HD microphones with automatic optimization, integrated 720p HD webcam, 720p video, Integrated optical drive and Multimedia buttons are some of the fabulous features, making it a best choice for fourth position.

Lenovo Essentials G585

Lenovo Essentials G585 Laptop PCServing with a motto “We set the price low – then we set the bar high,” Lenovo never ignored its customers with budget constraints. Lenovo Essentials G585 is a true example of their efforts. This fantastically designed laptop is not only budget-friendly, but High Performing as well. Neither the quality nor the performance is compromised to produce this affordable laptop. Lenovo Essentials G585 offers an average of 5-hrs battery life, Windows 8 operating system, LED Display, ATI graphic card, 1 MB of Cache, 500 GB Hard Disk Drive, Wi-Fi 802.11 b/g/n, 0.3 MP Webcam, Media Card Reader Slot, 65W AC Adapter and 2 GB RAM, which can be extended to 8 GB.

What else you need within limited budget? Are there other Lenovo laptops which you think worth mentioning here? Please endeavour to share them with us.

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What You Need to Know About Surveillance IP Cameras

Surveillance technology has made strides over the past few years. As a result surveillance cameras are becoming more affordable. Consequently, both home owners and businesses alike are using surveillance systems to monitor and secure their property. There are several types of surveillance cameras that are available on the market today. Cameras that are different in terms of resolutions, wired or wireless capabilities and their ability to broadcast over the internet.Surveillance iP camera

The use of Surveillance IP Cameras

Commonly used for surveillance, an IP camera is a type of digital camera that simply sends and receives data through any computer network including the internet. Unlike its analog counterpart the CCTV (Closed Circuit Television) camera which transmits its signal to a predetermined number of internal monitors, the IP camera simply makes a public broadcast via the internet and can be accessed by quite a number of interested persons anywhere in the world.

See also: DARPA Showcase world’s highest resolution Camera, ARGUS-IS, 1.8-GigaPixel, can spot 6-inch target from 20,000 feet distance

The IP camera involves the webcam and it is only referred to as an IP camera or a netcam when used for surveillance purposes. There are two types of IP cameras which are:

  • Centralized IP Cameras: This is the type that requires a central NVR(Network Video Recorder) to cater for the recording, video and alarm functions.
  • Decentralized IP Cameras: This type does not require the central NVR since it contains an in-built recording mechanism which enables it to record directly to a digital storage medium like a hard disk, network attached storage or a flash drive.

IP Camera Benefits

According to Panopticon Security, IP Cameras provide secure data transmission by encryption and authentication methods like the WPA, WPA2, WEP.AES and so on. Remote accessibility is possible via any computer or mobile device from  anywhere. The two way audio through a single network cable enables users to effectively communicate with whoever they are seeing at the other end.

IP cameras have many applications. They are used in situation where the need to monitor areas live. In most cases, the camera feed is viewed remotely by an observer. Applications of IP cameras include locations where the need for higher security is present.
Current IP cameras can function properly without any additional power supply. They are simply able to function with the PoE (Power over Ethernet) protocol which supplies power through the Ethernet cable.

Although IP camera is a technology that seems to be perfect in many ways, it also has its disadvantages. The first and most important downside of an IP camera is the price. IP cameras are generally more expensive than analog cameras. Aside from the expensive cameras that are needed, it also needs greater bandwidth demands and complexity. And, with the CCTV or DVR system, in some cases, the video might be transmitted to the public internet instead of transmitting it to Private IP LAN, thus the system can be open to broader audience.

IP cameras are also able to effectively function on a wireless network. On the flip side, this type of camera requires high network bandwidth for best results. The chances of unauthorized persons gaining access to the transmitted videos are high since they are being transmitted via the public internet and not a private IP LAN. They also require quite costly webcams with the best resolution unless in instances where less expensive ones are used. IP Cameras still continue to advance as newer models are introduced in the market. They have also become more popular in the surveillance industry.

At the end of the day, whether you need an IP camera or not really depends on what your uses are. If you are looking for remote viewing capabilities and live monitoring then such a camera would be a good fit for your surveillance needs.

Michael C. is owner of Panopticon Security and has been in the surveillance camera installation for ten years. You can visit the company’s website to read more about surveillance cameras.

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2 Best Applications for known Photo Sharing Sites + Apps

Having thousands of unsorted images can be a headache. Sometimes, you just need to find the right image, at the right time, and you don’t have hours to sift through unlabeled digital photos library.

One of the easiest ways of curing this problem is downloading an app that enables the creation of galleries and portfolios. Some of these apps work with particular programs, others enable uploading to major social networks like Twitter and Facebook. Most of them provide users with the tools to name, date, and comment on photos, as well filter them via tags, which makes the organisation process easy.

Best Known Photo Sharing Apps for you

Here, we take a look at what users have had to say about some photo sharing apps that are currently available for download.

zFolio – excellent photo sharing app for Android, Kindle & Nook

zFolio advertises itself as ‘the best Zenfolio app for Android, the Amazon Kindle Fire and the Nook’. It enables the creation of galleries, the downloading of images and the uploading of them to ZenFolio. The downloading process is efficient and can occur while your phone or tablet is charging. The uploading function can be set to sync automatically with your device.Best application for known photo sharing site

zFolio’s interface is well-designed, making functions easy to access and use. The display enables sideshows in full screen mode, and continuous scrolling of both thumbnails and sets of photos. It is possible to shift photos from gallery to gallery; organize photo albums according to name, dates and tags; delete images; share pictures via Facebook, Twitter and email; and view information regarding both EXIF and uploads and downloads.

Frequent updates mean that the photo sharing app is being improved and expanded all the time. Also, it has been enhanced to suit Android 3.0 tablets that run Honeycomb and, on Android 2.3.3+ devices features enhanced jpeg decoding.

Users’ Feedback

Most users praise the speed with which zFolio enables the uploading and downloading of images. They also find the interface easy-to-use and visual appealing. They are impressed with its capacity to upload photos through major social networks like Facebook and Twitter, which means that sharing with family and friends can be immediate. Some have commented that the enhancements for Android 2.3.3+ and Android 3.0. devices have also been useful in terms of maintaining optimum performance.

A handful of users have made complaints with regard to running the app on their devices. However, this seems to be the exception, rather than the rule, and is therefore likely to be linked to particular situations.


zFolio makes it easy to download and upload photos. It has the capacity for actions involving multiple images, which means that users can upload and/or download while using their device to perform other tasks. Its interface is simple-to-understand and has an appealing appearance. The developer offers constant support and is quick to respond.


Some users have complained of operating problems, but these are highly unusual, and many users have noted that the developer is quick to respond to, and resolve, customers’ issues. Also, the photo app crops thumbnails to a square shape, rather than retaining full-frame, and, thumbnails of wide angle images tend to appear out-of-focus.

Blurb App – lets you express yourself in a professional way!

Samsung Galaxy S4 users can now use their phones to print high quality publications, including books and magazines. This process is enabled by a new app, which is the product of collaboration between Blurb and Samsung.Best application for known photo sharing site

This is the first time that the smartphone has been able to produce publications of a professional standard. The development promises to expand possibilities for the self-publishing world, because it removes the need for a ‘middle man’ between the writer and the final publication.

The app provides a variety of design and layout options, and they can be applied automatically. Users need only add images and/or text, decide on the appearance of their publication, and hit print. The process happens within Story Album, which is found on the Samsung Galaxy S4.

Samsung’s Product Strategy Vice-President, Chan-Woo Park, has said that “The Galaxy S4 is furnished with a superb quality camera and unique, powerful features maximizing the usage for photography experiences. We expect that our customers will like to output their beautiful images into beautiful books and magazines. Our partnership with Blurb will provide the top-of-the-class experience for our customers.”

Over the past eight years, Blurb has established itself as one of the globe’s most competitive, popular and creative self-publishing platforms. It provides tools for the design and publication of books, as well as their selling and marketing, and has contributed to the publication of six-and-a-half million titles.

Technical Features

Have you always dreamed of publishing your own photo essay? Have you run some ideas past publishers but been unable to secure a deal? Do you have a stack of photos that would look amazing in a coffee table book?

Here’s your chance to turn your concept into reality. For the first time in history, the Blurb app allows users to print professional quality publications from their smartphone. You either select photos from your gallery or take some via the app, decide on a design and layout, touch the print function, and off you go. The app even works with Photoshop, Hipstamatic and Instagram.

The online version enables the creation of photo essays. You can distribute these among your contacts, through email and/or social networks. You can also display them publicly on the Blurb site.

The free photo sharing app allows for you to work with a selection of seven themes, You can publish up to eight images, an audio clip of 30 second or shorter, and/or a video clip or 10 seconds or shorter. If you spend $US1.99, you can extend this capacity, with an additional eight themes, up to 3 x 30-second video clip and an audio clip of up to two minutes.

Users’ Feedback

Overall, the Blurb app has received positive comments from users. Many have stated that they find it to be extremely stable, and efficient and easy to operate. Many users enjoy utilizing the option of sharing their photos via the Blurb site – the opportunity to be part of an online photography community is appealing. One of the helpful aspects of the Blurb site is that it updates automatically – i.e. if you make a change to the photos in your folio, the photos in your Blurb account will change immediately. There’s no time-consuming changing of URLs needed.

A few users have complained that the text size for captions should be more flexible. As it is so large, it can sometimes interfere with the clear online publication of images.


The Blurb app’s easy-to-use factor is definitely one of its benefits. It makes the creation of photo essays and publication designs a breeze. The fact that it is now possible for an individual to manufacture a professional quality publication from his or her phone is impressive. The world of self-publication is about to enter an exciting new phase.


The Blurb photo creation app enables a publication of professional quality, but it’s still not the same as a comprehensive professional setup. There are fewer options and less scope for flexibility. One example of this is that for online publications, the text size is set, and can prove too large for some images.

Steven is a tech writer for the and an avid smartphone user who is always on the look for new apps to download and review. He is keen on writing about online services, like photo book sites, online backup and printing services.

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8 Must Have iPhone Sport Apps for Sport Lovers in 2013

You have spent hundreds of dollars on your iPhone, so it owes you a few things. And, one of those things is the ability to enjoy sport more freely. There are apps out there that are very good for sports fans.

There are some that give reviews, others that give sporting tips, and others they let you see the most recent sports results. The fact is that just about any function you want, you can find with the right iphone sport apps out there.

Here are eight best iPhone sport apps for you to try if you are interested in any sort of sport.

Best iPhone Sport Apps for 2013

1 – NBA Game Time

This app is completely free at the moment, so get in whilst the getting is good. It will work for your version of the iPhone, but there is also a version for the iPhone 5 that has newer features such as a NBA Summer League live coverage. It is a nice free iphone sport apps!

2 – AlpineReplay Ski & Snowboard

Apparently the professionals use this app (if you believe the app marketing). They use this app to actually use this app for winter sports. Forget watching them on the TV, you can take part and measure how fast you go, not to mention how vertical you get. You also note how many calories you burn, your distance, jumps, etc. The app uses your GPS and uses your accelerometer to track the information needed. The app is simple and bright.

If you are still not keen on taking to the slopes then why not check up on your favorite winter sport player. They may upload their latest scores onto the attached social media site, where you and your friends may enter their scores to see how you stack up against the professionals. Plus, it cannot hurt to know how well your favorite star is doing in practice if you want to have a bet on him or her.

3 – MLB Pre Play

This is a cute and simple app for people who like to guess the results of their MLB sports matches but who do not want to bet on it. You can enter your predictions into the app and get little awards for guessing correctly (not real awards, just points and things). You also get to hop onto the leader board with people who have predicted the outcome better and worse than you.

4 – trainman 3D

Back to the winter sports. Let’s assume you do not want to play the sports on the big sporting tracks where all the stars visit. Then what about visiting the winter sports facilities in over 750 resorts around the world. You can take part in the winter sports around the world with this awesome iphone sport app. You can view maps to find out where you are, and you do not need an Internet connection in order to see the maps. This is good because the mountain tops do not often have a connection. You can use the 3D function too to get a better view of the area.

5 – Coach’s Eye

This app helps you to learn how to play golf. It gives you a coach’s opinion on how to play golf and tells you ways that you may improve your game. It has a few good techniques for the budding golf enthusiast.

6 – Watch ESPN

This is a new app that has been launched by the TV network ESPN. So as you can imagine the app is based around watching sport of all descriptions. They have finally introduced a live streaming function so you can watch games on your iPhone. People with an iPhone 4 or 5 may use this app. They have combined the many sports into one app so all you need to do is pick your category to gain access to the numerous games.

7 – The Snow Report

Okay, so maybe you don’t fancy being competitive with your winter sports. Maybe you just feel like a bit of a ski or a snowboard. If that is the case then you should keep an eye on the weather. You can do it with this sport app. It is not going to give you the results to any snow games, or an insight to the progress of your favorite winter stars. But it will tell you if heavy snow is impound and if you are at risk of an avalanche.

8 – Football Pickem

This is a sporting app for people who want to catch and share their photos on a social media site. This app links to a site that has nothing but football pictures on it. You can take them from the stands and upload them yourself if you want. And, you can look at the photographic efforts of other football fans too. There are also a few professional photos uploaded from time to time.

There are many other sport apps online but few of them meets the selection criteria we employed in selecting these excellent iphone sport apps. But if you want more sport apps for your Apple iPhones besides those eights above, you can easily get them from the App store or Google Play store.

Do you have other sport apps to add to this list, that we might have excluded? Please share them in the comment section.

My name is Robert. I am IOS developer at Global Soft, an offshore software development company that help simplifies virtual development works for small and large businesses online. You can join him on Google+.

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Samsung’s Android Is Back and Better – Google Is Worried

Google is the company that created the Android operating system. It is the biggest competitor for the Apple operating system known as iOS. However, when people talk about an Android, they are usually talking about a specific device that happens to have the Android operating system on it. That is why you will hear people talk about the Samsung Android and the Google Android as if they are two different things. What they are actually talking about is the different mobile devices that have been produced by the Google Company and the Samsung Company. Both are using the Android OS, but are referred to as Android devices.Google Android Vs Samsung Android

Google and Samsung are in competition

Each of them has their own mobile devices that run on the Google Android OS. Samsung’s most popular Android device is called the Galaxy S3, and Google’s most popular mobile device is called the Google Nexus. Samsung did very well in the year 2012 with their Galaxy S3, and outsold their device when compared with the Google Nexus device. The fact that Samsung are creating newer versions of their device means that Google have something to worry about if they wish to compete (again) with Samsung this year in the mobile phone arena. Here are a few reasons why the Google Nexus producers should be worried by Samsung.

Samsung has a scary but convenient timeout system

Almost all mobile devices have some sort of timeout mode, which is there to help save the battery life of the mobile device. It will turn off the backlight, or even put the device on standby/sleep in order to save battery life. The Samsung will stay lit unless you are inactive on the device (as most do), however, if you are doing something such as study a web page, it will stay lit up and on. It does this by using the front camera to watch where your eyes are looking. If it sees you looking at the screen then it keeps the backlight on.

It has a multi-screen view that you can use

This is a function that the Samsung has which allows you to use two apps at the same time. You do not need to close or minimize each app. You can keep switching between them on the same screen. It is far more efficient than the alternative.

The Samsung has an auto-rotate function

This is now a common feature on phones, where the internal sensors detect the orientation of the phone and changes the screen to match the web page orientation. However, instead of randomly switching from one orientation to another using the internal sensors, it also uses the camera to figure out what orientation it should place whatever is on the screen.

People hate scrolling on mobile devices

This is why Samsung invented their little double tap idea. If you want to scroll on a mobile device, the usual way to do it is to press your finger on a certain part of the screen and then hold your finger on it as you swipe up or down. Samsung added a little function where if you want to get back to the top of a web page quickly, then you double tap the screen and it jumps you back to the top.

The Samsung can use pop up apps

The screen is bigger, which means that apps may be stored in a sub menu and be pressed upon so that they pop up. This means that apps may be left running but that will only pop up onto the screen when the user desires (similar to the way you minimize tabs on IE on desktop computers).

John Kravz is a representative of that provides professional help on dissertation writing.

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10 Great Sites to Make Cartoon of Yourself under 5 seconds

You would have seen some of your friends in various social networking sites, having their cartoon-ed pictures as their DP. You would have wondered lately how to create such interesting pictures of yourself too. That doesn’t require you to learn tricky Photoshop tutorials. You can Cartoonize yourself easily in the web.

There are many sites available online that lets you create cartoons that resemble you, You can then set them as your DP or profile picture as some sites call it, in various SN sites and be the center of attraction. Here I have compiled a list of 10 sites that let you Cartoonize yourself.cartoonize yourself

Best 10 Sites to Cartoonize Yourself Now!

#1 Face Your Manga

The best site out there, Let you create cartoon pictures of yourself that almost look like you. Try it out at

#2 Simpsons Movie

Create Simpson like pictures of yourself here. Enter the site and look in for the option to create a simpson you at the top menu. check at

#3 Yahoo Avatars

This is from Yahoo, this web app has plenty of features, you have wide varieties of accessories to choose from. This can be a pretty interesting thing to meddle with in your free time. Check at

#4. SP Studio

If Simpson Movie site was for Simpsons, this site is for South Park. All SP fans go here and you know what it is capable of doing. South-Park-Yourself at

#5 Illustration Maker

Illustration Maker might not be what you’re looking for but you can still try it out. Go check it out at

#6 Wee World

Cartoons created using this site may not absolutely look like you, but you can just have the pleasure of creating cartoons here. Create cartoons at

#7 Mii

A simple tool, with less options but lot of fun. Mii may not be the best cartoonizer, but it surely one of the easiest to work with. Mess around at

#8 Befunky

You might have already heard about this, it is a very popular web carton creation app which can be used to create awesome cartoon of yourself! Do the justice at

#9 Moonjee

The site’s purpose is actually different, but however you can use it for cartoonizing you. Check it out at

#10 Cartoon Your World

Requires you to download it. But fun to use. Check at These sites are  not arranged in any increasing or decreasing order of awesomeness, just try them and pick your favorite. My personal favorites are at #1 and #2 Try these sites and create cartoon pics of yourself and share your favorite ones with us too. Here is a pic I created using the site at #2. Looks cool huh ? 😛

Image: Bamidele Onibalusi

Do you guys know some other valuable (useful and resourceful) websites out there where we could cartoonize our image for better output, please endeavor to share them below.


Has Blackberry Finally Got Its App Mantra Right?

It appears that the company that produces the BlackBerry is pushing to make a comeback. They are mixing up their marketing efforts and making new strides to try and attract back the customers that they are losing to the Smartphone market. RIM, the producer of all BlackBerry phones, has had a troubling few years. Their product was known for its business use, but a lot of people have switched to Smartphones and the company has had little opportunity to fight back.blackberry 10 progress

So what are the BlackBerry producers doing?

They have just released their Z10 range, which is said to be one of their most advanced and sophisticated mobile devices to date. It is being backed by a large marketing campaign which will hopefully win back a few of their old customers and maybe even interest a few new ones.

The new operating system is something that RIM seems to be openly patting itself on the back about. They are promoting the Z10 as a fantastic device with a cutting edge operating system.

In a very clever move, the BlackBerry Company has updated an online app store which they are now calling the BlackBerry World. Alongside this new store paradigm, they have launched a very large number of new BlackBerry apps to enrich the store.

Is the new BlackBerry operating system any good?

The new OS is something that the BlackBerry Company are openly very proud of, and at the moment it appears that it is receiving very good reviews. Sometimes when an operating system comes out, it is met with cheers or jeers instantly. Other times, it takes a while for people to realize how much they hate or love an operating system. The BlackBerry OS has already received a lot of positive reviews, and even the negative reviewers are failing to point out any fundamental flaws in the system.

Many people say that the BlackBerry OS stands up to the competition from Android, iOS and Windows, but RIM claim that they beat their competitors. They say that the BlackBerry OS executes command efficiently and cleanly. They are also very proud of the fact that the BlackBerry can be operated with just one hand, which they claim is very difficult to do with other devices and operating systems.

The new push for more apps works in BlackBerry’s favor

Their previous models had a 45% share of the market, and this has fallen to 8%. This may be because they offer very few apps when compared with Google or Apple. That is one of the reasons why their creation and launch of so many apps recently is going to help them out a lot. At least part of their market share was lost because people like apps, and BlackBerry is now able to compete on the app front. They hosted over thirty app developing conferences, and many of the ideas that were voiced turned into a reality.

Apart from the conferences, BlackBerry gave their device to developers to help them program and develop apps for it. This helped to further the push for new apps. They then installed a new ten grand developer commitment program. The developers get a share of the ten thousand dollars if their app is popular enough to have made one thousand dollars within a year. The apps developed by chosen developers were also given a BlackBerry certification, which would help the developer gain more trust when selling the app.

Some of the more popular free apps have appeared in the BlackBerry app store, such as the social media apps. There are also lots of paid apps that were developed by programmers across the country. There are now over one hundred thousand BlackBerry apps, and more are still on the way.

So, what do you think the future would look like for RIM’s Blackberry? Do you think the mobile smartphone company would be able to fight off Apple, Android and Windows, and recover their market share, or even surpass it, in the current mobile industry? Please share your views.

John Kravz is a representative of that provides professional help on dissertation writing.
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Why Google Needs To Leverage Motorola in Android

It was an acquisition that stood to change the smartphone world, but to date it hasn’t made much impact. Nearly two years ago Google agreed acquire Motorola Mobility, giving the primary developer of Android a handset division to go with it. The possibilities were, and still are, endless. Yet it seems as though nothing has changed. To nearly every consumer, Motorola is still Motorola, rather than Google’s handset division.

According to Google, that’s the game plan. They claim to have acquired Morotola for its array of patents, which it will use, and has used, in defense of lawsuits from Apple and Microsoft. But with such a powerful asset within their company, it stands to reason that Google will eventually move forward with Motorola as their own vehicle for Android.

Right now it’s just what they need.


Facebook changes the game

When Facebook announced Facebook Home, it was met with little fanfare. Many people had decided, before even seeing the announcement, that they weren’t interested. Why would anyone want to make Facebook the center of their mobile experiences? Yet that misses a fundamental point about Facebook’s latest mobile gambit.

What Facebook accomplished was to essentially claim Android as its own. It didn’t go through the process of developing its own mobile OS, or commissioning a manufacturer to create an official “Facebook phone.” Instead they worked within the existing open architecture of Android to create something essentially new.

Don’t listen to tech snobs who had made a decision about Facebook Home before trying it: the platform does have plenty to offer. Even if people don’t switch now, Facebook has a foot in the door. Think of this like an experiment, such as those described by Eric Reis in The Lean Startup. Now Facebook can more closely monitor how people behave on their mobile phones and tweak their strategy accordingly.

In other words, Facebook is creating a new mobile landscape. It’s certain that others will follow, hijacking Android for their own gain. The only solution is for Android to fight back.

Learning from the best

When it comes to creating products that consumers love, there is perhaps no company more effective than Apple. Steve Jobs brought Apple back from the dead, because he knew how to create products that would resonate with consumers. Part of his formula involved combining hardware with software. The iPod required iTunes to run. The iPhone came with its own operating system.

Controlling both hardware and software allowed Apple to in turn control the whole experience. That is key in their ability to create products consumers want. With Android there is a fragmented experience. Google develops the software, but manufacturers create the devices. On top of that, they also create their own Android overlays, which changes the experience from device-to-device. An HTC and a Samsung smartphone might both run Android, but they both provide different experiences.

If Google utilizes Motorola to its fullest, it can realize that same level of control that Apple does. Google would deliver its own vision, the original vision, of the Android software, coupled with a fine-tuned hardware experience. It wouldn’t have to deal with HTC using an unpopular skin or Samsung using flimsy parts. It would be the exact phone that Google envisions. Chances are it’s a phone that consumers would enjoy.

Think about it in terms of the Nexus series. On those Google was able to control the software end. Now imagine they were able to add their own custom, presumably high-end, hardware. It’s something that would pique consumers, if not enthrall them.

Competitors ahoy

The final reason Google should take fuller advantage of Motorola: increasing competition. For a few years iPhone and Android were the only two real choices for consumers. BlackBerry had busted, and Microsoft continually failed to deliver a quality Windows Phone product. But this year the competition is getting fiercer. Google taking closer control of Android would put them in a better position.

Microsoft might not have much juice with Windows Phone 8, but the BlackBerry 10 phones have certainly made an impact (especially on an international basis). They’re not the only ones. Firefox announced dozens of partners for its Firefox OS, which it will release later this year. Samsung, the most popular Android manufacturer, has partnered on the Tizen OS, and will release a Tizen-based phone later this year.

With all this competition, it makes sense for Google to make Motorola its flagship Android. They could better position themselves in an increasingly dense marketplace. This goes especially if Samsung makes a move towards Tizen. Losing Samsung as a partner could hurt, but Google could more than compensate if it made Motorola the manufacturer of the Google Phone.

To date we have seen Google take little advantage of its Motorola acquisition outside the courtroom. Yet the potential is always there. We’re already hearing plenty about the Motorola X Phone. Could that be Google’s big move with Motorola, creating a closer alignment between Android software and hardware? Maybe. If not, it still stands to reason that Google will make such a play in the near future. The conditions are rips. That’s for certain.

How to Guide Internet Access

Broadband security issue, how safe is your tablet on network?

Being able to access information online ‘on the go’ has had a massive effect on the way we can do business, as well as on our personal lives and the way the internet reaches more aspects of what we do. 

Although originally based on the idea of laptops, it was the emergence of the smartphone that really took the whole idea of the ‘mobile internet’ to the next level. Now there has been another step in the evolution with the mass market penetration of the ‘tablet’ form factor.Tablet Security

The emergence of tablets as a whole new class of device has seen yet another leap in the way the mobile internet is perceived and the opportunities it offers.

Of course, ‘mobile internet’ doesn’t just mean the connections we make when we are out and about via mobile phone networks or public Wi-Fi systems. Being able to roam freely around the home or office whilst connected to the internet is something we now all take for granted and the design of tablets inherently takes this into account.

Having a good Wi-Fi home network with a fast broadband connection is essential for many people these days and using a Virgin Media fibre broadband service is a great way to get the best service at great prices.


Although any decent internet provider service will come with some security considerations already in place, it is up to the user to make sure they keep their tablet safe from the many threats that connecting to the net can have.

Most people give some consideration to security issues when it comes to their home computer or laptop and the use of firewalls and antivirus programmes are things that are more than likely used in one way or another. Tablets are also vulnerable to threats and in some cases more so, as they often rely on a network of unfamiliar servers and data connection points as we travel around and use them out of the home or office.

Identity theft

We carry larger amounts of personal information with us on our tablet devices as memory capacities increase and we use them for a wider range of functions.

Identity theft today means hackers and scammers target our digital devices, but losing your tablet is the easiest way for personal information to fall into the wrong hands. This means that sensitive data should always be encrypted.

Taking easy steps such as clearing cookies, histories and login details can also save you a great deal of trouble, especially if you use public systems regularly.

Information and Communication Technology (ICT)

Bitcoin shows the potential of digital currency

Interest in Bitcoin, the digital alternative currency, has exploded in recent weeks, but there is still a sense of uncertainty surrounding the concept.

Bitcoin is more simpler than you see it. It is an alternative currency and many online sites use it as their currency of preference, e.g, Reddit. As opposed to ‘normal currency’, there is no central banking.


On the face of it, Bitcoins are no different to the Pound or the Euro. All currencies have a value so long as it is traded. If people were to stop trading Bitcoins, the value would reduce to zero, much as the Pound or Euro would.

Turn of fortune

The turn in fortune of Bitcoin has been nothing short of astounding; in 2011, 1 Bitcoin digital currency was valued at $2.

Today however, 1 Bitcoin is worth around an incredible $100, according to This is largely thanks to the uncertain economic climate in the wake of the Cypriot meltdown.


More and more people are starting to view Bitcoin as a securer form of money than the real thing.

Digital currency is not a particularly new idea. A quick glance at Wikipedia shows that there are over a dozen digital currency agencies in operation, but Bitcoin just happens to be the most successful agency by quite some distance.

How safe is Bitcoin digital currency overall?

Despite being a currency that is physically neither here nor there, Bitcoin does actually have a major failsafe.

According to the Economist a ‘unique digital signature tied to every single Bitcoin makes them impossible to forge’. Conversely, it’s estimated that as many as three per cent of all Britain’s pound coins are fakes and in America, the United States Department of Treasury, estimates that there are $1 in counterfeits for every $12,500 in genuine currency.

Furthermore, Bitcoin digital currency is a cryptocurrency. In summary this means that every Bitcoin transaction goes through an encryption and decryption process as the currency is moved between two parties.

Bitcoin’s appeal

Because Bitcoin and other agencies are not government backed and therefore lack accountability, the industry has a reputation as being a haven for criminals; the lure of untraceable (all you need to create an online account is an IP address).

Perhaps another reason Bitcoin digital currency is causing a stir is because it’s a force unto itself. While traditional currency transactions incur penalties when being transferred across different banking systems and countries, Bitcoin is un-taxed and instant. There’s no waiting for authentication between one bank to another, nor any fees for the handling of this currency.

For many, this power is too attractive to turn down – no matter how much these unique selling qualities might frustrate financial regulators and governments as well as banks.

A tarnished reputation?

It should come as no surprise to discover that by developing a currency so attractive and anonymous, Bitcoin has grabbed the attention of some less-than-desirable users.

According to news outlets like the BBC, the currency has been quickly adopted and embraced on sites like Silk Road, which have reputation for being the black market Amazon.

The marketplace is allegedly a haven for the sale of illegal drugs, as well as other offering other unscrupulous products such as fake IDs and pornography.

Naturally though, one could assume that as Bitcoin grows in popularity, the proportion of users looking to abuse its system will most likely decline.

How far can Bitcoin go?

There are concerns that Bitcoin could be a victim of its own success. Because of the hype surrounding the currency – and because of its limited supply (only 21 million Bitcoins will ever be produced) – the value of Bitcoin digital currency is rising rapidly as users attempt to stockpile as many as they can.


This ironically rather defeats the object of a fluid, working currency, because the more Bitcoins people have, the more expensive items will become to buy with them.

In this sense, Bitcoin is baring more similarities to that of a limited commodity, such as gold, as opposed to a currency.

All things digital

As with all things digital and new, trepidation is to be expected. Credit Cards were once viewed as a dubious alternative to paper currency, whilst the Internet was dismissed in its early years an unnecessary and un-viable.

Opinions, therefore, can swiftly change, and it will be interesting to observe the fortunes of Bitcoin.

As with every form of currency, however, Bitcoin is a bubble. As we’ve seen with the Euro and Dollar among others, when it bursts, chaos ensues. Whether Bitcoin can stand up to such a monetary crisis, and it is surely inevitable that they will one day encounter such a scenario, remains to be seen.

What do you think about the future of bitcoin?