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5 Custom Skin Suggestions for Your iPhone 5

With iPhone 5 skin, you can customize your iPhone device in many ways that you like. From themes to colors to almost any style you like, it is easy to transform your device in different ways and make it outstanding and suitable for you. Here are skin customization suggestions for you.

If you are a regular user of your iPhone 5 device, you will find it very necessary to protect the device from the possibility of having its screen scratched or even shattered when you carry it to every place you go. Sometimes you can forget and keep your iPhone 5 together with keys and other semi blunt objects.

One of the best ways to protect your device from such dangers and defects is to use an iPhone 5 skin. The market of mobile smartphone accessories provides a wide range of iPhone 5 skins that one can choose from, but more often than not, it is likely that you will find yourself without an idea what to choose that would definitely look great on your iPhone device.

Here, we discuss some of the best suggestions of skins you can use to personalize your iPhone today.

When choosing a custom skin for your iPhone 5 device, it is important that you consider a number of factors. The very first is the size, especially if you are going to use an iPhone case with it. The skin you choose should be well optimized to work well or fit the kind of body the iPhone 5 device has. Sometimes, it is advisable that you purchase a custom skin at the same time with the case to ensure that they all fit on your iDevice properly. In addition to that, you might also want to choose an iPhone 5 custom skin that doubles up as a case or protector for your iPhone. That known, here are some iPhone 5 skin suggestions you could use to transform your device.

All Roads Lead Home Skin

This skin’s design concept is to transform the look of the iPhone to make it completely different. Designed by David April, the skin is digitally printed with artwork on the adhesive-backed vinyl comfortably cast. The skin is colorful and coated clearly in a gloss finish so that the artwork from scratches that may damage it.

All Roads Lead Home iPhone 5 skin will transform your iPhone device, including its screen and is compatible with a case. With it, the screen and the whole cover will carry a whole new concept.

David April's All Roads lead Home Skin for iPhone 5David April’s All Roads Lead Home Skin

Guitar iPhone 5 Skin

If you are a music enthusiast and would like to show it off on your iPhone 5 device, the Guitar skin is the most appropriate skin for you to choose. This skin transforms the back of your iPhone to look like the resonator of a guitar while the front one as the controls of the musical instrument. The skin can also appeal to those who love vintage inspired themes since it looks closely similar to a wooden case or skin.

Overall, it gives the iPhone device a completely unique look that almost no one would expect. While changing the aesthetics of the iPhone, it is also able to protect it from scratches and other damages. It works well with the Apple Bumper case for iPhone 5.Guitar iPhone 5 skin for iPhone 5

Guitar inspired iPhone 5 skin.

Birth of an Idea iPhone 5 Skin

Though originally designed for the iPhone 3GS, the Birth of an Idea iPhone 5 skin is now available for all models including iPhone 5. This skin will style and protect your iPhone, all at the same time. The skin does not add any bulk to your device since it is 1 mm thick and designed to provide basic scratch protection.

Designed by David April, the skin is made from cast vinyl of premium grade, a mattle laminate, UV resistant ink and a designer’s mojo. Once you install this skin, your iPhone will rival the gloss and reflection of automotive paint. It is sophisticated and purely good for style and protection.The Birth of an Idea iPhone skin for iPhone 5

Birth of an Idea iPhone 5 Skin

The Enamoured Owl iPhone 5 Skin

The Enamoured Owl iPhone 5 Skin was designed originally for iPhone 4S, but there is now a version for iPhone 5. Inspired by color and illustration, an owl sits at the center of the outlook of this skin. With it, it is possible to avoid the bulk that comes with most of the cases such as bulkiness.

It is super thin, thinner than 1 mm and is built to be scratch resistant so it will always remain shiny and looking new on the device. You can try this skin if you would like your iPhone to have a vintage-like theme that the skin sports.Enamoured Owl skin for iPhone 5

The Enamoured Owl iPhone 5 Skin

From Dusk Till Dawn

If you like something vibrant and really appealing in terms of color and concept, the skin called From Dusk to Dawn is definitely a good pick. It is designed to showcase the impression of an environment created when the evening falls and morning cracks. The sunset on the ground and the fall of night are all conceived in this skin. You can almost think you are not holding an iPhone when with this iPhone 5 skin.The new Dusk to Dawn iPhone 5 skin

From Dusk to Dawn iPhone 5 Skin concept

Customize Your Own Skin

Installing a skin on your iPhone 5 can double up to protect it. You can make your own style or theme and use it on your iPhone 5. Wholesaleteez is one of the many places you can make a custom skin for your iPhone according to the kind of material and theme you like. Other than that, it is important that you provide your device with solid protection such as that provided by rugged cases for your iPhone 5 and these cases are available in rubber, bumper, plastic and many other types which can be obtained from SF Planet or Greatshield or other vendors of smartphone accessories near you.

Matt Reeves has lots of interest in design stuff. Being a Photoshop expert, he has spent time designing some of the best iPhone 5 cases and skins for his own consumption just to make his device look different and standing out from the rest.

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Yesware added Sync and Reminder tool for Business decision making

The Awesomeness of Yesware at Email tracking, Sync and Reminder tools that help you close deals now added.

Sometimes when you send out important Emails maybe on business proposal or about deals, you eagerly await a reply. You never knew maybe your Email was opened at all lest to talk about getting a reply. What if you have a tool that will help you track all your outgoing Email messages?The Awesomeness of Yesware Business Marketing Tool - with calendar sync and Reminder tool

Yesware has a solution to take care of that for you!

The greatest problem in business development, sales and partnership is managing your pipeline. The closely related challenge is managing, tracking and keeping up to date with the email inbox. Searching the online far and wide, no tool seems to be able to be accurate in nailing the shortcomings.

Recently, a friend told me about Yesware, although he sent it to get points into his referral account, but it did me better. I immediately installed Yesware into my Gmail account and my inbox got transformed into a nerve body, sensitive to all activities.

Yesware has a goal of helping sales people close deals via Email tracking and gauging their efficiency in email communication with customers. The app is concerned with these questions; was the message opened? When and how many times? Is there any response to my email messages?

Founded in 2010 by Matthew Bellows (CEO) and team members, Yesware have grown and by January 2013, already running 17 employees. The user base rapidly increased from 5,000 to more than 120,000. Some of the big customers that use Yesware include, Groupon, Xactly, GoodData, BrightCove, HubSpot, Demandforce, Adroll and Cloud Sherpas.

Yesware Email tracker is adding new features to its product line.

Matthew and his team have worked to build two more features to Yesware to aid the sales battle: Yesware Reminder and Calendar Sync.

The Reminder Feature

The Reminder allows user to set a future time to check in with the email recipient, the reminder will pop up important information about the prospect; number of email sent, where and when they were opened, if at all they were opened.

Rivals of this feature are Followup and Baydin. But I believe these companies has a long way to go to catch up with Yesware present popularity in helping business close business deals.

The Calendar Sync Feature

Calendar Sync will allow you sync appointments that are mostly scrambled between Google Calendar and This feature directly competes with Appiro’s Cloud Sync.

Want to follow up a track of all your Email messages, join the league here:

Have you had time to check how Yesware really works? What do you think about Yesware business benefits? Can you recommend yesware to your friends and relatives? Let me know your views and suggestions.

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HDD vs SSD servers – Which is the Best Storage option for Your Small Business?

Years back, choosing the best storage option came down to the highest-capacity hard drive you could afford. But with the recent rise of solid-state drives, things got a bit more complicated. The storage landscape has changed so it’s only normal you’d feel confused and in need of some guidance to ensure you choose the right storage option. So, which type of storage should you get: HDD or SSD servers?

First things first…

What is a HDD, what is a SSD?

HDDs or hard disk drives have been the traditional mainstay in storage technology. Actually, ‘hard drive’ has become the common descriptor for all storage hardware.

They’re basically quickly rotating metal platters that are paired with read/write heads that spin move over the platters’ surfaces to retrieve or record your saved data.

SSDs or solid-state disk drives are getting a lot of attention these days, especially from techies. These drives use non-volatile NAND flash memory, which means there are no moving parts. They’re faster in reading and writing data because there is no actuator arm and read/write head that needs to seek out data on a platter like on a HDD.

SSDs offer exceptionally higher performance compared to HDDs but they do provide less capacity per drive and are much more expensive than HDDs.HDD vs SSD servers - which is the best for your small business

Advantages and Disadvantages of HDD and SSD servers storage medium

If you think about it, both HDDs and SSDs do the same thing: they boot the system, store your applications and your site files. However, each of these storage options has its own unique set of features.

So, what are the differences between the two?

1. Price

HDDs are dirt cheap compared to SSDs which are more expensive. For instance, for 50GB, you’ll probably be paying around £11-15 per month for a HDD server and around £40 for a SDD server. So, if you’re on a budget, the traditional storage might be the best solution for you.

2. Speed

This is where SSDs win as files are accessed faster, which means your website is faster. There’s also no seek time meaning that applications like database servers, file servers and high-traffic websites work better. However, HDDs need a bit more to access files and launch applications.

4. Durability

This is yet another plus for SSDs. Unlike HDDs, SSDs have no moving parts which make them less susceptible to damage from vibrations or movement. In other words, with SSDs there’s less risk of losing your data.

5. Fragmentation

HDDs usually work better with larger files that are located in blocks close to one another. This allows the drive head to go through one continuous motion. When hard drives start to fill up, large files becomes scattered around the disk platter which is known as fragmentation. With SSDs, having data scattered on its chips doesn’t matter as there’s no physical read head, which makes them so much faster.

6. Noise

SSDs, unlike HDDs, make no noise at all. Plus, they require less power, which makes them a more efficient solution.

Overall, SSDs are ideal if you need speed, durability and silence. However, HDDs win on capacity, price and availability.

Looking ahead, we’re also wondering if SSDs will replace the traditional HDDs, particularly now that cloud storage is all the rage.  While the price of SSDs might drop, we can’t help but wonder if they’ll drop enough to become the no #1 storage option and replace HDDs completely.

What do you think? Will SSDs replace HDDs, making them obsolete? Share your views with us

Alexandra Gavril is a content writer for web hosting providers | Image credit: Jamison Judd/Flickr
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Vermont ISP offers Gigabit Internet at the rate of $35 a month

Google Fiber is one of the faster and cheaper internet providers in the US, National telecoms like AT&T have vouched to compete with Google, but we haven’t seen any green-light as touching that. Instead, new and small phone companies are at the fore front in bring fiber internet to America.

Recently, we got a report on The Wall Street Journal that a local telecom firm called Vermont Telephone Co which recently upgraded its ancient network has installed fiber across its service area. Vermont in its plan will offer gigabit speeds internet for just $35 for one month, a half of the charges of the Google fiber service.Vermont ISP offers Gigabit internet at the rate of $35 a month

What was really funny in the event is that, it was the Google fiber internet that opened way for Vermont. The company got the stimulus fund as part of the FCC’s National Broadband plan. Vermont Telephone Co.’s CEO, Michael Guite confessed that his company was first denied of the federal stimulus fun, but as soon as Google announced the Google Fiber internet, he was called up to claim the fund for the upgrade.

Together with Vermont Telephone Co., over 700 rural telephone firms have been able to upgrade their system to fiber so as to compete with the big ISPs. Now, the local rural runners has started offering better fiber internet services at cheaper rate than even the big guys.

Aside from the fact that gigabit internet are generating, the most encouraging thing is that more rural communities are now having access to cheaper and faster internet. The big ISP firm often ignores smaller communities because of their level of investment. The FCC is even an encouraging factor with the City Gigabit Challenge. A law maker is sponsoring a bill that would make broadband internet readily available at an affordable rate for the poor families and the inhabitants of the rural settlement.

Vermont doesn’t really know if the $35 rate will continue for a long time, but its presently experimenting. That is what we need; experiment can easily lead to national examples for good competition.

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Windows 8 Start Screen – How to Skip and Boot Directly to the Desktop

To all of you guys in love with Windows 8 Operating System, I have a great news for you today!

Windows 8 came few months back, and its arrival bring joy to people’s face. I could remember vividly how people were searching for Microsoft Windows 8 crack or trial version when it was first launched. That shows there’s a big market for the OS — and that as well, increased Microsoft OS market domination during the time, even till date.Windows 8 Start screen displayed at CES 2012 folding Yoga PC

Before the launch, Lenovo announced their ThinkPad Tablet featuring the Windows 8 operating system, and at that time, Windows 8 hasn’t been released by Microsoft. But the market readiness for the OS was revealed when top PC manufacturers like HP and Lenovo decided to feature the OS in their latest and upcoming product releases.

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My Love and Hate about Windows 8!

I love the OS UI (User Interface) but there’s this feature I hate most in Win 8, the “Start Screen” imposed on users. As you all know (Win 8 users), that you cannot remove the tiled, multi-colored Windows 8 “Start screen” feature booting your computer.

I prefer going directly to “Desktop” like I used to do in Windows 7, but the case is different with Win 8, and Microsoft do not include an option to disable “start screen” feature. Though, it is one of the coolest features in Win 8, though, it slows the PC down a bit.

So, if you want to skip start screen badly next time, I’d recommend you use third-party app to disable or skip “Windows 8 Start Screen” while booting your PC.

How to Remove Windows 8 Start Screen Hassle-free

To skip the default Start screen and boot directly to the Desktop on your Windows 8 PC, you should download Classic Shell app. The app will re-enable your Start button to return to Windows 8 desktop toolbar, and also allow the PC to boot directly to the desktop whenever you put it on.

However, using Classic Shell does not actually mean you’ve permanently disable windows 8 start screen.

Let’s be skeptical, between Windows 8 and Windows 7, which is the best to you? And when it comes to Windows 8 Start Screen, what is your side of the story? Do you like the features or you don’t? Please share your views below.

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How to Speed up Windows 8 Running slow

Windows 8 can have a tendency to run quite slow, especially if you have upgraded from an old computer. Here we have a look at why your system may be running slow and what you can do about it.

Determining the cause of a slow Windows 8 PC

If it takes a lot of time when booting up your computer, this is most likely due to the amount of processes that are being loaded during start up. If on the other hand if your operating system slows when you copy files, this would probably be due to the buffer memory of the system not being available. Otherwise, when it slows when you are in the middle of a gaming session, this would be down to other unwanted applications running in the background at the same time.How to make windows 8 pc work faster


The first step is to get to know what usually get launched during the start up time and then try and trim it of any processes that are unnecessary or seldom required. In order to do so, you need to open the task manager and go to the start up tab where you can disable any applications you know you won’t be needing. For example, iTunes often includes a startup application which is only really necessary when you want to run the program at the time.

Another important thing that you can do to resolve a slow operating system is to clean up the buffer memory and all the unnecessary temporary files that makes it respond in a slow manner. The way you do this is by opening the Run window (which can be done by pressing the Window+ R button) from your keyboard and then press enter. Enter “%temp%” and this should show you a folder full of temporary files which you can delete.

In the same way as before, open the Run window again and type “temp” and then press enter. Again delete all the files. Another folder with temporary files which can be deleted can be found by opening the run window and entering “prefetch” where you can also delete all the files. The last step of removing unwanted files is to right click on my computer and select properties. In the properties window you should see a disk cleanup option which will prompt you for which temporary files to delete. By following that step by step process, you will be able to clean your system’s buffer memory successfully which will help speed up the system.

The next way of speeding up the process is by reducing the runtime services of your system, being additional processes that run in the background. In order to do this, press the Window+R button again and then just type “msconfig” and press Enter. Once done, you can go to the Services tab and click on “Hide all Microsoft Services” and deselect services that are not useful at runtime and press OK. These two steps will actually reduce the runtime services.

You also have to pre-set your registry value attributes in order to clear all the unwanted applications. To do this, just open the Run Windows again and navigate to HKEY_CURRENT_USER/ Mouse and the you double click on the MouseHoverTime in the Edit String window then change the value from 50 to 100 and then Press Enter.

These are all housekeeping measures that can help. In addition to these, there are further tricks that can be deployed. These include disabling animation properties, sound notifications and preventing windows from displaying more information than is required. Geek squad also have some clever ways of speeding up the starting up and shutting down process, by bypassing the login screen at startup for instance, or condensing the entire shutting down process to one click.

What are the others ways you use to increase the speed of your Windows 8 PC, and earlier Windows OS? Please share them with us.

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Going Green: Easy Steps to Improving Your Community

You can decide to run your own things and stay isolated than poke-nosing yourself into the affairs and occurrences in your local environment, on the other way, you can decide to make few contributions to make the environment a better place to live. It is very easy to do that.

There are so many advantages in engaging in community development services. First, you will be well respected and you will have a big sense of belonging, you will also have a good rapport and integrate easily with the neighbors. More so, while seeking for job position at a large company in your community, the employer might consider you because of the role you have played in community development. If you aim to put in for a degree in human service, your application may be considered and gives you an edge over others.

Going Green, How to make your environment clean by Volunteering

Steps to Improve Your Community

To make your community the best you could have been dreaming of, there are certain thing that you’d need to sacrifice or lay down for the changes you want to take place and here are few of ’em:

Volunteering for a good course in the community

The Salvation Army Team Volunteering for a good course

Volunteering is one of the best ways in which you can give back to your community. For example, you could get involved with a local sports team as an assistant coach, or you could organize some sort of local sale to raise money for the needy. Volunteering at a homeless shelter is also a great idea, or perhaps you could visit an elderly person in need of some company.

By volunteering, you can give back a lot to your community, assisting the coach of a local sport team is one way you can get involved, putting up with people in organizing a local sales to help the needy in the community. Going to offer a helping hand at the homeless center is another good idea, even visiting an elderly to keep a company is mostly appreciated.

What about  cleaning up streets in your local community? What if you encourage others to support the motion, then arrange a meeting of friends and family to do patrol your community once every week, picking up litter, sweeping the floor?

There’s no limit to what you can do as a community development conscious person.

Cleaning up is one of the task most youth won’t love to engage, but doing this for your local community is one of the greatest sacrifice. If the task is a little bigger than you, you can seek support and assemble a team of family and friends like I’ve just said to parade the streets for clean up once a week. You will be amazed how the whole place will look clean if you just engage in liter picking.

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Neighborhood Watch

Security is a very big issue of the moment, everybody has to be vigilant. Watching the neighbourhood could save from cases of theft, robbery, buglary and the likes. If your boy is not as sharp as the Home Alone Movie kid (Macaulay Culkin who starred in the film as Kevin McCallister), you have got to invite your friends and family for a shift on community watch. Doing so will turn your entire household and community a safer and happiest place ever to live, and people will appreciate you a lot for this.

Neighborhood watch

Helping local events, such as church event, town hall meetings, local charity events and others are ways you can contribute. You can help in logistics and arrangement.

Setting up a local event may help uniting the whole neighbourhood. A get together, like street dance, cookouts, parades, street barbecues are some of the developments you can contribute.

The greatest of all is to imbibe simple courtesy, your neighbours can vouch and defend your course anywhere because you normally give them a simple “hello” whenever you have got the chance. You can thereby control, organize and arrange community services.  Be actively kind, social, and helpful whenever you’re called upon.

What are the other ways you think you could help improve your community? Share them with us

Image credits:, Salvation Army,

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T-Mobile could be the first to go live on LTE Advance and ‘5G’

When the 3G launched few years ago, we were all amazed at the 2mbps+ speed on our mobile devices, today, the 4G LTE moves at a peak rate of 60mbps in many locations with Verizon and AT&T being the major carriers. You know, this is technology, it’s never going to stop there, and there is room for improvement.

The LTE (also known as Long Term Evolution) is just the first generation of 4G. The LTE Advanced follows, this technology theoretically boast of a peak speed of 300mbps, three times the speed of 100mbps peak of current LTE. Yota, the carrier at Moscow was the first to go live on the LTE Advance in October 2012, then, there were no phones carrying the LTE Advance radios in market.4G LTE Modem from Samsung (speciallly made)

T-Mobile LTE Competitors…

The 4 major carriers in the US have just started rolling out the LTE networks with T-Mobile below the table. While Verizon and AT&T are covering around 200+ cities, T-Mobile has just got 7. Sprint is rallying in between as they just started on the LTE last year. Being at the bottom of the table is about getting T-Mobile the big crazy advantage as they are now focusing on how to get on the LTE Advance instead of the old school first generation LTE. Head of radio network and evolution strategy at T-Mobile, Yasmin Kamili said this to Venture Beat:

“I think we’ll probably be able to move faster [to LTE-Advanced] because we have the latest hardware in place,”

LTE Advance on T-Mobile – the future of Internet Connectivity

The T-Mobile new LTE plan is set to cover 100 million US homes by mid-summer, and over 200 million by year ending. This is a really big ambitious plan, the company recently acquired MetroPCS, which should be a great tool to getting the LTE network live as soon as they can. The current LTE subscribers know that the theoretical 100mbps is just a day dream; the speed is actually around 5-25mbps depending on traffic on network. As many have seen a crazy speed up to 60mbps, the LTE Advance might actually go around the range in the reality as the given theory for uploading and downloading is 300mbps.

For real, will T-Mobile be able to utilize the opportunity and be the first to get live on the “5G” network before the others or stick to the plan of getting on the LTE Advance on the level of 4G+? Let me hear your views.


Facebook Phone? Who’s Going To Buy?

The Facebook phone has been rumoured for years; however theses rumours look like they will be coming to an end very soon. It is said that Facebook has been working in conjunction with HTC phone manufacturers to make a Facebook branded phone, although this information has been kept in denial. The world is eagerly waiting for this speech from Facebook to get to know if may be the rumoured device is really a brand new phone or an Android Facebook OS, but if the rumours just turn out to be hot air, Facebook will miss a big chance to make a big impact on the smartphone market.

If it is going to be a new phone, then it should offer something new to the market so that it can compete with the latest modern phones. Current phone systems have the Facebook app integrated in them in one way or the other. For example, with any Windows phone, you can post something to your Facebook wall and easily get your Facebook contacts through ‘People tile’ app.

Facebook Phone without clear OS

All operating systems have a dedicated Facebook App while on some mobile phones you only drag a finger from top of screen and tap ‘post to Facebook’. One wonders what more could you possibly expect from a phone made with the main focus being social networking.Facebook phone invite

Since Facebook and HTC have remained closely guarded about the rumoured story, speculation has run wild.

Is it a complete mobile phone or just an operating system? How big is the phone? How much will it cost? Who’s going to buy it? What colour is this phone? Will it have the blue and white colours of Facebook app? Will it have QWERTY keyboard? How is the menu screen and how will navigation through the menus be done?

All these questions should be answered shortly.

In the meantime, unverified rumours claim that the hardware of Facebook phone won’t be more than 16GB storage and a 5MP camera. Some other websites are even suggesting that they have in possession screenshots of a Facebook Home app and that the whole operating system will contain dedicated Facebook screens and menus. These rumours can only be confirmed by the official announcement.The official Facebook Phone back view

Some sites claim that the entire device is all about Facebook from functionality, form to its aesthetic. Additionally, Facebook is the obvious social feature and the device will have a button branded “F”, to be located at the right bottom corner of Facebook phone. This button would be dedicated entirely to update your status. However, this is concerning. Can you imagine your Facebook wall filled with status updates from one friend? If that is the case, if you buy the Facebook phone take the F trigger easy, otherwise you will be probably be unfriended by everyone.

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If the rumours are true, then Facebook has not manufactured a phone but has just partnered with a mobile phone manufacturer to incorporate its service and apps at the core of a typical Android smartphone. Not much is expected from the hardware part of this phone beyond the Facebook makeover. The screen is only expected to have buttons for common Facebook actions such as status update, posting a photo, changing a photo or searching for a photo from a location as well as main Facebook apps icons such as messenger and Instagram at the screen centre.

All of this begs the question: who will be tempted to buy it?

Many argue that even if Facebook fails to show much innovation in their new smartphone offering, it is likely not to matter; many people use smartphones only for the Facebook application and a handset that makes this functionality central to the device is likely to appeal to that sector of the market.

For further information on the upcoming announcement, the Geek Squad also has some great commentary in their Knowledge Vault where you can find out more about the rumours.

Article written by: Stacy Barton. She is a for Geek Squad.
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Anonymous begins Anti-CISPA campaign

CISPA – Cyber Security Intelligence Sharing and Protection Act is a controversial cyber-security bill which had been in the US senate for quite some years now. The bill is about making corporations share individual’s personal information with the government a measure taken to combat cyber attacks.

Most corporations and individuals have been kicking against the CISPA bill, but last week, it got approved by the house.

The opponents are not sitting; they are strategizing methods for fighting back measures against the CISPA law. The hacker group anonymous, advised sites to go black out in protest, about 900 sites went black out as advice by Anonymous.

Apart from various privacy groups, President Barrack Obama also opposes the bill and threatens to veto it in its current form.

The CISPA bill was sponsored by, Reps. Mike Rogers and Dutch Ruppersberger, it seeks to remove current restrictions that prevents them from sharing and mining user’s sensitive information with the government. CISPA bill passed at the senate but Anonymous Hacker group wants them to reconsider the bill

The CISPA supporters were of the opinion that the bill is important to protect the US against cyber attacks from rival nations like Iran and China, but the opposition such as the Electronic Frontier Foundation is of the opinion that CISPA essentially means overriding the relevant provisions in all other laws – including the “privacy law”

CISPA should be of greater concern to you

When the CISPA law takes effect, your communication service provider “would share your emails, text messages and voice conversation with the government.” Your cloud storage company is not an exceptional, all your personal files stored in their cloud are no more private, and the government can now peep into your ass.

The American Civil Liberties Union joins the Electronic Frontier Foundation to oppose the CISPA bill revealing that, credit card information, health records, and other personal information will be accessible to the National Security Agency (NSA) without consulting the archive companies for approval, all in the name of investigating foreign attacks.

Companies like Yahoo, Google and Microsoft are few top tech companies that support the bill. Facebook is one of the tech giants that revoke support for the CISPA.

CISPA could scale through the senate vote and decision, the White House also has it says and president Obama is not a party to the bill. The bill faces doom of the white house as Obama threatened to veto it in 2012, or at worst, it pushes it to further month of debate and deliberations in the house.

Got any contribution, spill out what you think in the comment section below.