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What Changes Can We Expect in 2013 in the Mobile World?

The mobile phone world has experienced a massive expansion over previous years, and it all started with Apple releasing their iPhone device into the public. They single-handedly started the new mobile technology revolution and have dominated it ever since.

Now things are changing a little and for the first time in a long time the Apple Company has started to look a little bit shaky. This means that predictions on the changes that are due in the mobile world are now not as easy to predict.

Here are a few predictions of changes that you can expect this year.

Mobile Changes 2013Mobile Technology Changes to expect in 2013

An increased use in mobile payment technology

Technology that allows people to use their phones as mobile credit cards is always going to have the backing of large financial organizations. And, they are the ones with a very lot of persuasion power. They are part of the reason that you are able to pay with your mobile phone in some stores already. This technology is going to become more commonplace, with more and more mobile phones having the hardware and software pre-installed into them. The idea of an e-wallet that people can use with a mobile phone is going to become more popular in the year 2013.

Mobile phones falling in price as more versions enter the marketplace

There are now more companies designing and manufacturing phones than ever before, and now that Apple has the likes of Google and Microsoft snapping at its heels, it is highly likely that competition is going to become even more fierce. The harder the competition and the more competitors there are, then the better the deals that the consumer receives. The manufactures will start undercutting each other’s prices and start creating deals that damage their competition for the sake of gaining an edge in the future. Clever consumers will be able to take advantage of this and get some really good deals.

Even more app developers creating even more apps

This has been a growing trend for years. Apple currently has the most apps, and there are developers still working now to create even more for the Apple operating system. There are also app developers that are creating apps for Windows and Android. The trend is set to continue because there is nothing holding it back. App development is time consuming but does not have to be expensive, and lots of amateurs are creating and selling apps online. The introduction of the FireFox OS is also going to stimulate a lot of interest from the app developing community.

More cloud based mobile phones

This is due to the increased bandwidth that comes with 4G Internet. It is quite conceivable that mobile phone developers are going to lower their product prices by skimping on hardware memory. Other than the memory needed for apps, it is quite conceivable  that music, documents and movies will be stored on the cloud and loaded onto mobile phones on demand instead of taking up the memory of the phone.

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Things to Consider When Streamlining Your Product Certification Process

If you’re a product distributor or manufacturer, getting your products certified is one process that is most probably foremost in your mind. With product certification, not only do you adhere to local (or international) laws regarding certification schemes, you establish trust among your target consumers as well.

Trust, in this cutthroat marketplace, can well be your ticket to differentiation, hence, success. Product Certification Processes

The product certification workflow

Product certification, generally speaking, follows a sequence based on the following actions and/or decisions:

  • Is product certification warranted?
  • If so, you’re ready to initiate the process. First step requires getting management’s approval to get the ball rolling.
  • Once approved, collection of documentation needed for presentation to the accreditation body follows.
  • More often than not, the accreditation body will ask for further information and may request that the product be presented to them for some tests and in-depth evaluation.
  • Once the accreditation body reaches a verdict, you will need to complete a report on the steps taken, what went well or wrong and what processes need to be enhanced next time, if any.

As you may have guessed, the process above will most likely be the same process you will follow every time a product of yours needs to be certified. And in today’s technologically-driven world, a good product certification solution should allow you to devote ample time and attention to other business concerns at the same time the wheels of the product certification process are turning.

Benefits of automating your product certification workflowThe Product certification process steps let's you ascertain your product before giving it to consumers

Automation, especially in product certification, comes with various benefits, three of which are the following:

  • Real-time status of multiple product certifications from a single control dashboard
  • Simplified data analytics through built-in forms and lists, or color-coded charts and diagrams
  • Data input requirement as the process progresses, which will be the basis for reports on the overall procedure and each product involved

As well, with the right product certification workflow software, despite the workflow being pre-configured, workflow changes that have to be done on the fly pose no problem to the entire process. Not only that. With a visual workflow editor and form builder, all you need is do some dragging and dropping around when editing your workflow. No need for extensive programming training or experience.


Because product certification is an integral part of a successful business execution, consider automating the process. Essentially, with the right product certification automation solution, you hit three birds in one stone: document management, streamlining of the approval process, and overall product certification administration.

Maricel is a freelance business and technology writer. Presently, she writes web content for Comindware, a corporate solutions provider.

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Video Game Technology Makes Major Advances – See the changes!

New video game technology has proven to flourish this year. There is a high anticipation of video game consoles and upgrades which will only bring the current status to another level.

OUYA is a mobile gaming console that is going to revolutionize the market in June and the angle of its concept is definitely unique. OUYA uses mobile games and allows the playing of these apps on an actual TV screen with an in-hand controller. The console will allow the playing of any Android games because it is always connected to Google Play. Users can expect access to other mobile services as well such as Google Movies, but the gaming is the main attraction. The OUYA holds a 1.7 GHz 4-core APU with a 12-core Geforce LP.

For the low price of just $5 gamers can play their favorite mobile games in a more luxurious setting and without the boundaries of your constricted smartphone screen.

Microsoft has added a new technology to the video game world which may soon become a standard with every gaming console. Microsoft’s illumiRoom debuted at the Consumer Electronics Show this year and it is designed to add to the entire gaming experience. IllumiRoom works through the Xbox Kinect and it uses a dynamic light system to launch a changing display around your actual television screen to greatly enhance the visual feel and experience. The environment around the television matches that of the actual game inherently without any need for user settings.

Video Game Technology Developments

Xbox 720Xbox 720 new age gaming experience in real time

The next generation console from Microsoft, the Xbox 720, is sure to be one of the most popular systems for an array of reasons. The hardware behind the upcoming product will have to pack a powerful punch to display the proper graphics and ideal gameplay. The console will house an AMD Jaguar-based CPU with 1.6GHz. There is an expected AMD 7000 series in regards to graphics that is based upon a 28nm GCN.

The anticipation continues to build and because of Xbox 360’s success, the expectations are very high. Microsoft is planning to deliver to the eager gaming audience so we will have to wait and see how powerful the future console can take next generation gaming. Upon its release the Xbox 720 console will be used in all kinds of game based events including video game tournaments or even gaming conventions.

Wii UNetflix arrives on Wii U

Nintendo plans to come out with their newest gaming device by the end of 2013. The Wii U is an HD console that uses a hybrid tablet as a controller. The controller holds its own small screen so the console utilizes dual screen gameplay. The new Nintendo system will move things such as maps, status indications, and health bars to the controller’s screen from the game so that users will have a clear view of the environment within the actual game.

PlayStation 4Sony PlayStation 4

The PS4 will be the biggest competition to the new Xbox 720 and they are similar among a number of platforms. The PlayStation console will have 8GB of speedy memory which is a large pool that is easily reachable. Sony is known to bank on cloud gaming as well so the memory can be extended.

The PS4 continues its hardware package with an 8-core Jaguar AMD CPU and a dependable 1.84TFLOPS AMD GPU. High level graphics are a priority in new video game technology but the back end hardware makes for smooth gameplay with little to no glitches even when it comes to online play.

The future of gaming technology looks bright!

What do you think about video gaming technology advancement? Please share your views below.

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Bug in Snapchat and Poke lets users save videos

Snapchat and Poke Bug Paved Ways for Users!

Social networking giant Facebook launched its new chat Poke that allows you to send self-destructive messages, the messages which get deleted automatically after a small fixed time span.

The company’s CEO Mark Zuckerberg is said to be the voice behind the ‘Poke’ app. If you are a die-hard fan of instant messaging, then you might already know that to which app does this new ‘Poke’ app by Facebook resemble with! Yeah. Snapchat! As the concept is same as that of Snapchat, both of these apps are shining in the news over web world.

Snapchat and Poke are supposed to give full control to users over the stuffs like ‘who sees their messages’, ‘who sees their video or photo’, and ‘for how long’. These are features that both apps Snapchat and Poke claim. But is this so indeed?

Both Snapchat and Poke offer self-destructive messaging service via which, your messages get deleted automatically after a set time. But the bug is found in both of these alike apps. This bug has been discovered by Buzzfeed, the bug that allows you to save videos before these are sent.

facebook-pokeBug in Snapchat

Buzzfeed reported on Thursday that both Snapchat and Poke store copies of videos that users share.  The copies of shared videos are easily accessible with a free iPhone file browser. Buzzfeed even explained the process of doing so.

Explaining it, Buzzfeed wrote that the Snapchat users, just plug an iPhone into a PC and then open a file browser like iFunBox. After doing so, just navigate to the Snapchat folder within the User Applications menu and open “tmp” folder.

The process is same in case of Facebook’s Poke, but this particular app’s users will have to find nested folder “library/caches/fbstore/mediacard”.

Well, once you are in the right described folder for your app (either Snapchat or Facebook), you can simply copy the files to PC and enjoy watching them whenever you want.

Most of the Snapchat users are not likely to take advantage of this hack revealed by Buzzfeed; especially, the ones who favor ‘sexting’ videos by Snapchat, would not be enjoying this hack. As the Buzzfeed has made the hack public by explaining in a post, analysts are expecting the developers of Snapchat and Poke will be fixing this bug in anytime soon. But Buzzfeed does not believe so and according to the site, this bug will linger in both Snapchat and Poke.

Buzzfeed pointed out in its post that Snapchat videos remain in the folder even after Recipients view them. However, Poke videos appear to be deleted after they are viewed.

Buzzfeed even tried to locate photos in any of the app’s folders, but failed.

Facebook’s spokesman stated that though Pokes get deleted after they are read, but people can save them. For example, one could take a screenshot of photo, one could even take a photo of photo or a video of video. So the people should think before sending any photo or video.

Nothing has come from the side of Snapchat on this loophone, being discovered by Buzzfeed.

Facebook’s Poke made its way to iTunes a few days back, and shines among the most downloaded apps in short time span. Snapchat is available for both Android and iOS devices.  Both Snapchat and Poke are available for free download in iTunes.

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How to Choose the Best Online Retail Service for your Shopping Experience

Few Things You Do Not Know About Online Retailing, that you need to know today!

This is one of the blessings of the internet. Before the advent network of computers, purchase transaction is only successful when the buyer and the vendor dialogue until recently when the internet came into existence.

Online retailing is an electronic commerce that allows consumers to directly purchase goods or services from a retailer or seller through the internet via the web browser. Other names it is called includes; e-store, e-shop, online store, virtual store, web-shop, web-store.Need online retail success? Read on

This practice saves consumer the fatigue of going to the brick building to make purchases. All he just need do is to go to the market online retail store, choose a variety of products, make payment with his credit card, and the products will be shipped to his residence within the shortest time possible. In online retail transactions, buyers doesn’t have to communicate with anybody to make a successful purchase and most of these online retailers open their store 24 hours 7days.

Qualities of a good online retail service

Web User Interface

The website interface is one of the most important determinants whether a customer will like to return to an online retailer’s portal to shop. The interface must be user friendly, the load time is very important, the lesser the load time, the interesting it will be for customers, product mustn’t be jam-packed, it will be very easy for customers to surf if it is arranged in categories. A site search bar is very important, bringing accurate result as fast as possible will yield a very good usability. More so, the page should look interesting in design, people love something beautiful.


A very good online retailer offers shopping search engine, after a product has been found, the website must have a program that could accumulate all products a consumer has chosen, calculate them and make readjustment should in case. Some good web stores allow customers to do a onetime sign up, and login to their account whenever they need to make a purchase, all information are already pre-loaded.


A good online retail store must have good payment and billing systems. Most of them commonly accept Credit cards or PayPal. Other allow alternative means, such as Billing to mobiles and landlines, Cash on delivery (C.O.D.), Cheque, Debit card, Electronic money, Gift cards, Postal money order, Wire transfer, Invoice etc. Some web store will not accept international credit cards; some will require billing address and shipping address to be in the same country where they operate.

Product delivery system

For digital media products such as software, images, movies and music, the delivery system is often by downloading, and it must be instant for a good online retailer, there should not be any delay.

Other consumer products are usually sent by shipping directly to the consumer’s address. A good online retail service must be able to tell the buyer the estimated time the product should arrive, and for it to continue to receive a good business review, no time should the time be bridged by a second.

Other delivery method includes; Drop shipping, Printing, Will Call etc.


A good online retail shop will have a good design structure that includes a wide variety of product customers can choose from with competitive pricing.

Shopping cart systems

This is a system whereby product is displayed for customers to view. Good online retailers will add a short review of product, its accessories, and alternative products with good pricing. The product display should be in nice graphics and attractive enough to fascinate the customer’s eye.

Other qualities

A good online retail web store is not just a good looking website have nice technical features and ranking top on most search engines. Most companies produce online stores that support their organization brand name and culture without considering customer’s interest. Understanding customer’s want and need is very crucial. Always standing to the company’s promises makes the customers want to come back again, meeting their expectations makes them stay.

Customer needs differs, age, gender, culture and experience are important factors.

These are few qualities of a good online retail service, feel free to make your contribution and add more qualities in the comment section below.


The SmartWatch Battle: What does Apple, Google, and Samsung Smart watches means

Every day, new trends surfaces in the technology sphere all because of recent technological changes that we have been experiencing for long. Some of the top ranking technology giants do not want to be left behind in the race, that’s why they kept on introducing new ideas and invent new products regularly.

Of recent, I read a San Francisco Chronicle’s syndicated post to SFGate about Smart Watches that the three technology giants are planning to release any time from now.

Apple iWatch

Apple is leading the pack with its smartwatch, which is called iWatch, that would come with so much functionalities; such as ability to connect to virtually all Apple gadgets from iPad to iPhone, iPod, Apple TV with push abilities. Aside that, user can use the smart watch to track their iPad, iPhone or Apple Mac when they are outside the range that is programmed into the iWatch.

And last but not the least, user can also have access to push emails, notifications from all their Apple smartphones and tablets without hassle.

Samsung Altius SmartWatch

Samsung is at it again with their own smart watch, it called “Samsung Altius.

Lee Young Hee, Samsung VP of Mobile recently told Bloomberg in an exclusive interview session they had with him that the new Samsung smartwatch “will alternatively perform most of smartphone tasks with ease.” And that should tells us smartphone days are numbered, but only if they have the advanced smartphone features.

The Samsung Altius is set to run on Google’s Android Operating System – this means, Google’s SmartWatch and Samsung Altius won’t have much of competition, but Apple iWatch would have a face-off with the two device.

Google SmartWatch

Google on the other hand after the success of Google Glass, is planning to release its smartwatch later by the end of this year. Although some of the features haven’t been made public, but we’ll uncover them as they surfaced. According to SFC, the smartwatch can allow user to access most of Google products and services on the Go!

User can get push email, text, alerts and notifications from Google+ or other Google services without hassle and the major of them all, user can use the smartwatch to control Google TV’s programs like the remote control.

Rumour has it that this smart watch will soon turn Google Glass obsolete because it has majority of Glass features. So that would give the user the chance to either choose the Glass or the Google smart watch instead of getting the two for almost same purpose.

Production of Smart watches has commenced, shipping will start soon!

Full production has commenced for these watches by the three companies and hopefully, Samsung will release its Altius any moment from now. But make sure that you haven’t changed your home address while ordering the product because it’s going to be on limited production. And if you have moved after ordering the product, you can use us mail change of address to update your new home address from the older address so that you can receive your package with ease.

And for Apple and Google, the release date hasn’t been mentioned publicly but Apple has announced it’s going to release the iWatch at the end of this year while Google remain silent!

You know the technology giant monopoly 🙂

However, many people are afraid of recent watch sales in all around the world – watch sales over the past three years have experienced a huge failure all because smartphones have most of watch features. And as a smartphone user, you don’t need a watch when you can easily use your smart device to check time.

But watch is useful when it is high-end watch for fancy kind of thing, e.g Rolex!

That means, the number of people using watches is on the decline and that might have negative effect on smart watch sales.

But considering all what we have just discussed, these three technology giants really want to forge ahead and produce watch products for users all over the world.

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Transparent Gadgets; Do you admire these technologies?

Transparent gadgets: Technology is amazing, in years back, I stopped the philosophy of “this is impossible” and joined the league of “all is possible, let’s look for how to make it work.”

I didn’t just concluded to follow that thread, but technology wonders made me. We are in the 21st century, a world that opens us to the wonders of technology.

This time around, technology is revealing gadgets in a new form. Apart from the comfort ability it had tried to include and improve on, some new styles had recently been creeping up which will leave your mouth open Ahaaaa! We revolved from a world where 1GB hard disk weighed over 1 ton to an era where 1TB memory could sit on your palm without a feeling.

After dealing with the size, we move to the world of transparency. Most of the science fiction movie I watch features the future gadgets in transparent, even cars, if the remember the James’ Bond “Die another day.” In this article, we bring you five of the technological transparency concept.

Transparent TV

Transparent Gadget

This is the first transparent gadget I will be reviewing. From big and bulky CRTs, we went into slim Plasmas, LEDs and LCDs. Now the transparency is possible, and we eagerly await it. Michele Friebe in 2011 designed it, the transparent television and it became a big splash for that year. The project concept was said to have started from the high end TV maker in Europe, Loewe. The company according to news is in talk with Apple Inc to make the first HDTV with super clear LCD technology to give your home a cool TV feeling.

Transparent Smartphone

Transparent Gadget

Did you watched Iron Man 2, a sample is the phone used by Tony Stark. Transparency in mobile phone was first used in the LG GD900. The mobile phone came with a transparent keypad (slide out). This time we are talking about a complete transparent gadget, the Taiwanese has proved themselves in this area; Polytron has created a complete prototype of the transparent mobile phone. The phone is said to have no software, but the hardware is said to have been ready.

Transparent Keyboard

Transparent Gadget

In most science fiction movies, the computer gains most of the favor of the transparent gadget technologies. One of the best innovations expected to hit the market soon is the transparent keyboard. If you see a computer with an actual keyboard, just suspect a transparent gadget may be sitting before it. The keyboard is planned to use a laser beam to produce a keyboard interface on a horizontal surface. The aim is to move screen without the hassle of carrying a keyboard, and an email or a document can be made anywhere a flat surface is found.

Transparent Iron

Transparent Gadget

The normal home iron seems to have a perfect shape with no wrinkle, making a transparent gadget iron should just be perfect. With the B-Iron 715 by Dong-Seok Lee and Ji-Hyung Jung, you can see clearly the surface of your fabric under heat. The idea is a great one, but it’s still a concept at the moment.

Transparent Speakers

Transparent Gadget

These sets of speakers system were first presented by the British speaker maker in 2009, Ferguson Hills. The sound production of these speakers was just as clean as you could think looking like a figure in the public aquarium. They were kept out of common man’s reach with the price.

What other transparent gadget have you come across, feel free to describe them in the comment box below!

Pix: Google Image

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Doctor Web uncovers new Android malware; it is Google Play look-like Android Malware

Although the popularity of mobile operating system ‘Android’ has been catching the up curve for past some time, but still, the security does not seem to be at top notch. New viruses and malware keep hitting the Android phones, and the poor users suffer from a hard time with their Android. In the series of new malware and viruses, a new one has made a spot as ‘Doctor Web’, Russian anti-virus vendor, has uncovered a new Android malware. This time it is something different; it is something advanced as this is Google Play look-like Android malware, and it also has been uncovered that this Google Play look-like  Android malware can help Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) attacks. This new malware can send text messages for spamming and can as well receive incoming commands from criminals.

You might be thinking that why the Russian firm addressed it as ‘Google Play look-like Android malware’. It is because when installed, this program creates an application icon that is none other than the icon that you see on official app store Google Play. Once any user clicks on this ‘Fake’ Google Play icon, the malicious program gets activated and start its work; the work that cause harm to your Android.

Google Play look-like Android Malware

How this Google Play look-like Android Malware is harmful ?

Once a user clicks falsely on the fake Google Play icon, the program gets into action. Once this malicious program gets launched, the Trojan then tries to connect to Command and Control server. Once the Trojans becomes successful in making connection, it then sends the number of victim to criminals. It then awaits for the instructions to be received via SMS. According to Doctor Web, this Google Play look-like Android malware has two main functions. Firstly, the criminals attack any particular server by using the parameter [server.port] and in the second part, criminals send over the message text along with the number to which this text message is to be sent.  After receiving  DDoS attack command, the Google Play look-like Android malware begin sending data packets to specified address.

The Doctor Web, said in its report regarding uncovering of Google Play look-like Android malware that this can cause low performance of affected Android phones, and as its access the Internet and SMS services, which are paid ones, this malware would cause money-loss to the user. Moreover, as the malware sends SMS to premium numbers; the user gets charged even more. The motive of spreading this Google Play look-like Android malware is not cleared yet, but it may be to earn money by sending messages to premium numbers, to affect competitive websites or products. Even the mode of spreading this trojan is not cleared yet, and it seems that criminals are promoting it as genuine Google application.

This malware is expected to affect more users because of its trick of Google Play icon. The users would not get even a single feeling that by clicking on Fake Google Play icon, they are creating problem for their own.

Well, spreading of Trojans is not a new thing to hear. Malware for mobile phones was addressed as main trend in 2012, and now most of the malwares are most likely to hit the Android smartphone as Android market is growing rapidly.

It would be interested to see Google’s move against this Google Play look-like Android malware. As of now, we advice you to download only trusted apps. At last, only precautions ensure your security.

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3 Latest Car Systems Aimed at More Safety and Comfort of the Cars

Car Safety and Comfort Systems recently introduced into Cars

Today, software act as a driver of innovation in vehicles. The importance of software-based function in cars has increased steadily in the last three decades.

With novel features, cars have changed dramatically when it comes to safety, comfort and assistance. Along with the fundamental changes in the development of processes, almost all areas of vehicle, including software-based functionality, has been radically improved. The heavy dependence on the functions leads to entirely new requirements of the software and system engineering.

Today, we will talk about some of the latest technologies introduced recently, which are aimed to enhance safety and comfort of the people using cars. Let’s rock!

‘Active Lane Assist’ from Audi:

The assistance system ‘Active Lane Assist’ from Audi comes in models featuring electro-mechanical power steering and uses a camera to detect markings on the road at speed over 60 km/h. The camera is located on the interior mirror, which focuses the road up to about 50 meters with approximately 40-degree angle and provides 25 high-resolution frames per second.Active Lane Assist from Audi

Image credit: Audi

Software processes the images and recognizes the boundary lines and route the car followed between them. If the car approaches a line, without indicating, the system guides the driver to steer back to the lane through subtle but significant interventions in the electromechanical steering.

For the medium and large models with hydraulic power steering, the Audi’s lane assist is a good choice. The warning is generated by a vibration in a vibrator of the steering wheel spokes. It has three intensity levels, which are adjustable. This camera of the Audi ‘Active Lane Assist’ gives differentiated data, like it can differentiate between yellow and white lines of different sites.

Real Life Safety: Assistance System from Mercedes-Benz to Prevent Wrong-Way Driving:

Mercedes-Benz has introduced an assistance system, which will eliminate the chances of deadly accidents caused by wrong-way driving. The Real Life Safety can detect and warn driver audibly and visually when he gets on the wrong path. The new system is initially intended for 2013’s new releases of S-Class and E-Class.

Mercedes Benz presents Real Life Safety

Image credit:

Major element of the technology is a camera located inside of the windscreen. The camera can visually identify and transmit the information to the computer about the avionics. When the vehicle enters the prohibition area of road, the system will warn the driver. In this case, three loud beeps and a flashing red light on the display indicates prohibiting entry to draw attention to the danger.

The system security is enhanced by using the Mercedes-Benz electronic data from the camera, in addition to the data from the navigation system. The technology  also uses other features of the new traffic signs wizard of Mercedes-Benz. These include detection and display of speed limits and overtaking and lifting respective signs. In case of poor visibility, which hinders the appearance, like in foggy weather or heavy snow, the system informs the driver that it is ‘temporarily unavailable’.

The new traffic signs wizard will be initially installed in the upcoming S-Class and E-Class. Gradually, the technology will also be integrated in other ranges. Initially, the system has been designed for Germany, but Mercedes-Benz is working hard to make the system fit for other countries.

Lexus LS with Electronically Controlled Lighting System, AIS and Climate Concierge:

For the first time, the new Lexus LS comes with the electronically regulated interior lighting system AIS (Advanced Illumination System). A welcome lighting sequence guides the driver to the vehicle. The Advanced Illumination System (AIS) is an all-LED interior lighting system, which lightens up to welcome the coming person and then gradually turns off in sequence as the vehicle gets ready to start.

Lexus LS

Image credit: Lexus

Other systems on the new Lexus LS include Air Concierge, a multi-zone climate control. This is an integrated automatic seat heating and seat cooling system. Using infrared sensors, the air flow of the automatic climate control for each passenger, and thus the optimum temperature is reached. Moreover, the Nanoe technology is used for air pollution control.

Final Words:

In modern automotive industry, car manufacturers have increasing focus on safety and comfort, which lead them to develop novel, distinguishing features. Active safety systems and driver assistance systems have become increasingly essential. These technologies help detecting dangerous situations at an early stage, which helps in eliminating chances of fatal accidents or at least reducing consequences of the accidents, particularly when there is a heavy traffic density everywhere.

Are there other latest car safety systems that we have not mentioned here that you have noticed of recent in your car or friends’ that needed to be in this list? Please share them with us.

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Free Classifieds- The New Age Marketing Mantra

Free classifieds as the name suggests are the perfect panacea for those who are seeking efficient marketing. These ads are more than attractive and call out to prospective customers if they are used in a proper manner. The advertiser does not have to spend any penny on these advertisements which come under this category and they are like angels for those persons who want to sell something but don’t know how it should be done. At this time these ads come into rescue. Free classifieds new age marketing mantra

The square or vertical ads in a newspaper or magazine will draw attention towards themselves in a very subtle manner but in new papers some amount is extracted. They come into the categorized name as Needs  or Required or Available but the motto is the same. The individual entities ask for them for having their say at a particular place.

This facility has changed the whole marketing scenario of today. These free classifieds are not printed on paper only but are published online and reach the whole world. As one knows that the internet is mainly linked to show off each and every thing related to this globe so these ads have also become global and reached to a network of wider audience. One can go through several websites on the internet that display classifieds and have a wide audience.

These ad services have a different layout. They are not conservative, longer and can open up at the search of a click. The cost is negligible so the firm offers free cost. To succeed in this arena one should have a catchy title and the knowledge of product or services which should be up to the mark, to the point and totally clear. The language of the ads should be unique so one should attract towards it instantly. The best thing about this concept is that it’s totally free.

The term online ads has proven to be a relief for the marketers. Between the buyer seller and there is not much hoopla. In a search of a click on names the products and one has it before their eyes to make the issues more clearly. There is being presented an example  of a thing like this.Free classifieds online vs newspaper ads

So these examples show that at once the job or any service seeker is connected to the provider and on the internet the sea of variety is open and one gets overwhelmed to see a lot of variations not in products but models, amount and colors also. The analysis of things and products is also easy. It seems that there is no dearth of anything in the world only the need is to be alert and selective in once demand. The things are everywhere and whether print media or virtual media are promoting all the desires of human beings and they are not complaining either.