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3 Best Ways To Build New Websites from Scratch with little “Know How”

Years ago, the idea of someone without web design experience being able to create a high-quality website would’ve been nothing short of ludicrous. Indeed, most people still believe even today that building a website takes years of schooling and on-the-job experience, and thus usually feel compelled to spend their hard-earned money hiring a professional designer.Website Designing Tutoria;l

The fact is, there are plenty of ways to build a website on your own, with new options popping up regularly. The best ways to build new websites aren’t expensive or even time-consuming – they’re simply intuitive and user-friendly.

How to Design New Websites from Scratch

Here are just a few tips to help you build a new website without spending a fortune on web design.

Brainstorm Your Ideas Right from Stage One

While the route you can take when trying to build a new website can vary dramatically, the first step in almost every scenario is to brainstorm ideas. You’ve got to have a solid notion of exactly what it is you’re looking to get out of your website. It’s not necessary to have a great deal of (or any) knowledge about web design to know how you want your website to look and feel.

Everything starts with an idea, and you can get a lot of mileage out of a simple brainstorming session.

Brainstorm Ideas for your website design project
Brainstorm Ideas

There are even free pieces of software that can help you to brainstorm more efficiently, although nothing can take the place of a pen, notebook and a quiet room.

Secure Your Domain Name

In today’s age, a website without a legitimate domain name will do you very little good. Fortunately, securing a domain has never been easier.

There are countless services online that allow you to purchase domains, most of which are relatively inexpensive. A proper domain name will add legitimacy to your website, and will also help you to stand out from the crowd.

You might wish to consider signing up for SEO services as well, which many hosting companies offer for a small fee. SEO will make your website even more visible online, allowing your audience to find you more easily. Be careful to watch what you end up spending when pursuing professional SEO services, as pricing can sometimes be quite high.

Use a Free Web Design Service

More popular than ever before, free website design services can be found all over the web. Many of these services allow users to create custom websites by utilizing templates, which is one of the easiest ways to build a strong web presence without spending a lot of money.How to design a website from scratch

You can make a free website using this tool, for example, instead of hiring a professional web designer to do the job for you. Most services that allow you to build your own website also offer paid options, which are perfect for those who wish to get a bit more out of their site (an online store, for example, or no advertisements).

Gone are the days when you would’ve needed to hire a professional web designer in order to build a website. Whether you’re looking to build your personal or professional web presence from the ground up, you can rest assured that you have what it takes to get the job done on your own.

At what extend can you go learn the nitty-gritty of web designing in order to land that dream web project this year? Please share your thoughts below

Business Featured Infographic Information and Communication Technology (ICT)

The Legal Side of Data Security and Protection; PCI DSS & ISO27001

If you run a business, you’re no doubt aware of the importance for valid data protection. The data protection act is clear on what you need to protect, since you often obtain and store personal information from your clients.

Yet, when it comes to more specialized areas of technology, there are a few more rules and regulations that come into play. With this in mind, here is a quick look at one of the most important standards to meet, the PCI DSS, as well as another well recognized security standard, the ISO 27001.

Having both of these standards met will result in a very safe and secure business, one that customers will be happy and safe to give data to.

So, let us look at these data security and protection methods to know which ways we could implement them into our businesses for earned customers trust which could eventually leads to more sales.

In focus: Legal Data Security and Protection

Credit Card Security


This stands for Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard; as the name implies, it’s a legal standard by which you need to secure the information of any cardholder. This is important, given the many ways a customer can now input data into your business.

Whether it’s through physical chip and pin or online data transactions, you have an obligation to maintain a high level of data security from the moment the data is put in.

This can sound rather complicated, so it helps to seek professional advice that’s experienced and knowledgeable in helping you maintain PCI DSS compliance.

PCI-DSS Compliance Controls and Requirements
PCI-DSS Compliance Controls and Requirements

The needs vary from company to company, but if you utilise any such information, it’s important to ensure your data is secure at any given point. This is highly valuable data for your customers, so they also need to know you’re fulfilling your legal obligations to keep their financial data secure.

ISO 27001 securityISO 27001

Another way to ensure a safe system is to utilise one of the standards set by the International Organisation of Standardisation. As the name suggests, this organisation creates a series of industry standards; undertaking one gives both security and credibility to your company. One of the most currently recognised and used standards is ISO 27001.

Unlike PCI DSS, this looks at various data security aspects, checking that a well rounded and fully covered security system is in place. This is a formal specification, but being able to be ISO 27001 compliant is a certificate to the standard of your security. This can reassure yourself, customers and other businesses you come into contact with as it advertises the measures your company has gone to.ISO 27001 protection

In conclusion

At what level can you go to make sure your customer’s data is secure at your care? If you can answer this question with ease, it means you have been able to pass the phase of online data security measures that needed to be put in place for a secure online transaction experience. So, go perform the needed action by making sure your business keeps user data as promised.

Q&A Session on Online Data Security 

Your younger sister is half-dead on hospital bed and what was needed to get her back on her feet walking, hale and healthy is a pill of drug. But the medicine isn’t within your reach unless you make a quick-delivery order from a nearby Jonax chemist store in your household (one and only store that sells the kind of drug in your town).

Unfortunately, you do not have physical cash on you except on the MasterCard in your purse. And the drug must be administered to the patient within the next 2 hours or else, the worse incident will take place.

In this kind of situation, “can you give your financial data to the store without a sign of assurance on your data?”

Let’s be realistic?

I want to read your honest arguments, comments below….thanks for reading this.

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Smartphones Are Waterproof, Right? Think Again!

Picking the right smartphone can be an agonizing decision. You look through reviews comparing one model to the next before deciding on the perfect one. Once you have it you spend your time customizing the display, loading pictures, setting your ringtone and downloading apps. You’ve created the perfect accessory and the perfect assistant; your life is officially complete.

But unfortunately, the smartphone fell into the pool!

The next night at a party you take one wrong step and splash, there goes your perfect BlackBerry Bold into the deep end of the pool. You think back to when you bought the smartphone and the salesperson asked if you wanted to purchase the additional insurance.

Should you have taken it? Would this aquatic mishap even be covered?

You may have assumed insurance was just a ploy to get you to pay more. According to a study performed by InMobi, the average person spends 144 minutes a day using their smartphone in one way or another. Isn’t it worth the extra few dollars to protect something you devote 10 percent of your life to?

BlackBerry offers a variety of anti-theft software such as Lookout and BlackBerry Protect, but if the problem is damage and not loss, insurance may not be a bad idea.

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Waterproof phone get damaged

Image via Flickr, by MattHurst 

Most wireless operators offer policies that will cover loss, accidental damage (including that unfortunate plunge into the deep end), theft and mechanical defects not covered by the factory warranty. Policies will typically have a monthly fee, (AT&T charges $6.99 a month and Verizon charges $9.99) and a deductable which usually runs around $199, but varies depending on your device.

Think again, what of third party smartphone insurance companies?

You can also purchase a policy from a third party like Protect Your Bubble. Their monthly fee is right in line with the wireless operators but they offer a much lower deductable which can be an attractive incentive. Protect Your Bubble also covers a variety of phones (unlike many wireless operators that typically only insure their own devices) and you get a discount if you insure multiple devices.

Retailers now offer extended warrantees

As an alternative to insurance, retailers like Best Buy offer extended warrantees. Extended warrantees tend to be cheaper, involving a one-time fee at purchase, but the coverage is limited. They may prolong coverage of mechanical defects and some accidental damage but they won’t help you if your smartphone is lost or stolen.

How smartphones are desperate not to lose their phones

Image via Flickr, by cogdogblog

Fact to backup some smartphone insurance claims

Los Angeles Times reported that 63 percent of smartphone users would be willing to dumpster dive to retrieve a lost phone, 25 percent would be willing to fight a thief and 12 percent would be willing to run into traffic.

So how important is “phone insurance“?

Deciding whether or not to purchase insurance is a personal choice that requires a little bit of fortune telling. If your smartphone takes a long walk off a short pier two weeks after you purchase it, you’ll be glad you had the coverage. However, if you enjoy two happy, incident-free years you may feel like you’ve wasted money each month for no reason. You have to decide which is worse; to have it and not need it or to need it and not have it.

Let’s talk reality, can you insure your smartphone? Have you ever insured one of your smart gadgets before and what was the experience like? Please share your views in the comment section below.


Internet Marketing Goldmine Revealed: The Cool Hunting Is For Everyone and Here’s why you must start now!

Internet Marketing slang “Cool Hunting” is for you, read on

The “cool hunt” is the hunt that marketers and professionals do to stay on top of trends and to keep in touch with what the contemporary youth of any given time or culture find “cool.” People who specialize in this area are called “cool hunters” and they focus primarily upon things like Street style, and intuiting what is going to be popular or trendy in the future.

Why Cool Hunting?

Cool Hunters on ranpage with cool geeky car

As an affiliate marketer, it is up to you to be your own cool hunter. If you want to succeed as an affiliate marketer, you need to figure out which products and services are going to be the most needed and coveted by “the cool kids” in future months or even years. Remember, right now the “cool kids” are also called “hipsters,” an annoying breed of human who assures anybody who will listen that he (or she) was over whatever trend is currently popular before anybody else knew about it.

Embrace Social Media for Fruitful Cool Hunting Career

The best way to be your own cool hunter is to embrace social media, Twitter in particular. Twitter makes it possible to see which conversational topics are popular in any given moment. You simply have to visit the website and see which topics are “trending,” click on them and see what people are saying. You can also use the service to search for your keywords or product name and see what’s being said about it in real time.

Pinterest is another good source of social media that affiliate marketers need to embrace. You can research certain products or topics within Pinterest and see who has pinned websites, products, articles, etc within your chosen field. If there are people who have lots of followers, make sure to explore the other boards that they have created. Perhaps there are other opportunities for affiliate marketing there!Cool Hunt Marketing strategy for success

Another important part of “cool hunting” is not just figuring out what is currently trendy and popular. It’s about figuring out what is going to be cool in the future. This is where, if you are creative, you can give yourself quite an edge. Instead of figuring out what’s going to be cool and positioning your business to be a part of that specific trend, find a way to position whatever it is you are selling as the next big thing!

Again, this is where social media can really help you. You can use your own followers to start spreading the message and pinning your pages. If you are creative, before long, all of those hipsters we talked about before will be insisting that they knew all about you and were totally over you years ago.

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Sony re-invents PlayStation 4 to arrive in 2013 holiday season

Sony completely re-invent the PlayStation Videogame console, now coming with faster, rich graphics hardware alongside internet enabled features to compete with the modern day mobile devices and on the web applications.

Sony PlayStation 4

According to the Japanese electronics big player, the PlayStation 4 which was just announced at an event in New York last Wednesday has a new design that embraces latest technologies for its customers to play game as well as dealing with the popularity of the gaming system offered by the tablets and smartphones.

Sony did not actually show a precise picture of the PlayStation 4 at the announcement event, all it just talked about is the specifications and the hardware plan, its price and the date of release was not mentioned only that the company said it will get ready by the 2013 holiday season.

A new controller design was also featured in the show with an integrated touchpad with new button added to share game information, and also an improved motion-control camera product was showcased.

A new technology integrated by Sony in the PlayStation 4 is called cloud gaming or streaming where gamers can remotely controls the console.

Sony also developed a new social-networking service which allows customers to share gameplay footage to the online; while also able to watch others play. This service will connect to the present social networks and also to mobile devices will be a benefactor of the features the PlayStation 4 has packaged.

Sony PlayStation 4

Head of PlayStation department at Sony, Andrew House said; “The consumer is changing us, he living room is no long the centre of the PlayStation ecosystem, the gamer is.”

Sony made the PlayStation 4 to revolutionize the videogame industry, has it has been facing a lot of slide due to what the present smartphone and tablet offers, the Apple iPhone, Samsung’s Galaxy Tab has become console machines for various kinds of casual games which are offered for free or goes at a few dollars.

Mark Cenry, a head at Sony’s new console development department said since the PlayStation 3 released, consumers were continually going for other devices leading to a slide in sales of games, consoles and accessories every month for over a year now in the US, said the NPD research Group.

As a result of this innovative upgrade, Microsoft is also expected to announce its new Xbox console later in the year.

Wall Street Journal reported that Sony will be partnering with Advanced Micro Devices Inc for the PlayStation 4 chips which include eight PC kind of processor that has powerful graphics circuit. Previously, Sony uses chips made by International Business Machines Corp and Toshiba Corp. Sony said the shift in chip design is to make things easy for developers to develop games for the PlayStation 4 device.

This will also help to cut cost, as analyst has said people complained so much about the retail price of the PlayStation 3, and Mr. House had refused to comment on the profitability of the device. He never forgot to mention that the coming PlayStation 4 will consider economic situations.

The PlayStation 4 completely made renders the PlayStation 3 obsolete as its hardware would not support games that are played on the previous version. However, the new streaming technology will allow the PlayStation 3 titles on the new PlayStation 4.

The cloud gaming which is a completely new feature in the world of video gaming will allow customers to demo titles before buying them, when a segment of the game is downloaded, you can quickly begin to play. Sony also said it has linked the features of the new PlayStation 4 with its handheld video console to the PlayStation Vita to allow gamers to play titles on the new PlayStation on the mobile device.

Many game developers like Activision Blizzard and Capcom Co has displayed flashy games it is designing for the new device as it equally praises Sony for making the world of video gaming totally easy and fun for developers.

Ubisoft Entertainment SA Chief Executive, Yves Guillemot said “Next-generation games blur the lines between real and virtual worlds more than ever before.”

Source: WSJ


Are Mobile Phones Blessing or Curse to Living? A thinkable issue

Mobiles are so much useful gadgets. You can make calls and give important messages too. With the advent of technology, mobiles have made a mark in the modern era. So many other gadgets are also there like palmtops, laptops, netbooks, note books and computers etc, which help to communicate.

People are communicating these days via internet as it is the fastest and cheapest medium to talk with. Talking about the mobile device, the old mobile device was not having such features and even the call rate was also too much. It is a wireless medium to talk.

Merits and Demerits of Mobile Phones

Merit and Demerits of Mobile phones

Even though there are so many bad effects and disadvantages of mobiles, still their popularity is not diminishing but it is enhancing so much.

Present mobile is a complete device endowed with so many qualities. You can chat, talk, receive calls and even make calls to others. The option of gaming is also a wonderful option.

While feeling bore this is a handy device on which you can play varied games. This can also be used as a wireless radio, there was a time when radio devices were too big to carry but now the devices are small and even your multimedia mobile is also endowed with the same facility.

One biggest problem by the increasing usage of the mobile and laptops is that youngsters are keeping them handy and an advance technology can take them into the wrong path too.

Awesome features promises new life

Mobile phones have facilities of digital cameras and sending the picture or videos as MMS, so these youngsters are misusing it and sending vulgar MMS, which is really a big harm to the Indian society, where culture is respected so much.

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Students now getting distracted easily in class

Mobile Phones: curses or blessinggs?These days most of the youngsters are not paying attention towards their studies and play games while in the class. Most of the times, school and college students are chatting on social media, while sitting in the class. So they are certainly not listening to the lessons. So while guardians are providing mobiles to their children they should check these issues too.

Smartphones misuse may affect government officials

There should be some restrictions imposed by the Govt. otherwise even the ministers will see vulgar clips while sitting in parliaments and making rules for the country. If the mobile device is not misused, then in case, it is a great blessing and you can call the help even going on the isolated roads.

Mobile phone prices around the world

Mobile prices in India have lessen by the advent of Chinese mobiles in the market, mobiles have become so cheaper day by day that even a layman can purchase them, so also in some African countries, especially Nigeria where every primary school students has two or more phones to their names – getting mobile phones become easier due to low rate.

Mobile phone prices in India starts from 1000 INR, which is the lowest mount to purchase the mobile while in Nigeria, you can get a mobile phone for as low as N1000.  There are CDMA companies which are providing handsets with talk time and the cost of the handsets is too low.

But this does not mean that there are no higher ranges smartphones in the market. If you wish to have a mobile set with the facilities of computer or a smart pc then you can spend more to get a small computer in your pocket!

That actually an extra advantage of mobile, you can use it like a laptop or computer. It all depends on what you want; you can spend that much according to the required facilities.

Is your mobile phone a kind of blessing to your household or something else? Please share your views in the comment box below.


Easy Step to Change Your Home Address for Free Online

Change Address Online with ease

Sometimes you find that moving is easiest part of the whole process. What seems to be difficult is the hassle with going through and changing all of your mail over to your new address. Well now the hassle is gone and it’s a simple click through process. Imagine changing over your address in little time and best of all, your not calling company and business to change address.

With online services that allow you to change your address for free, you can now have the ability to change from your old address to your new one online with no hassle or hours of telephone use. These services are guaranteed free and allow you to update all of your accounts and change addresses with just a simple registration.How to change address online

What These Services Can do for You

The first step in using these services is to read and follow the guide to change address to your new location. Then you choose where you want to send your new information whether it be schools, postal services, businesses, or any other organization that you choose. You can also send your very own personalized change notifications to your friends and family via email, and post your moving page to your facebook or twitter accounts.

While your enjoying your new address changer, let these services help you eliminate the junk and spam mail that is sent to you by signing up with their premium Junk Mail Eliminator. They can also eliminate all the credit card offers that you receive with a customized spam filter for all of your paper mail sent to your home. You just tell them what mailers you are not wanting to receive mail from and they will send them an email saying “don’t mail.” It’s as easy as that.

Change Home Address OnlineThere is the benefit that you can sign into your account at any time and check on the status of orders you have placed and also send many additional notifications of your change of address to subscriptions, accounts, family and friends.

The services are completely free if you choose the address change account. This account includes an official paper mail change, you choose your mailers, sign in at any time to change your notifications, and without using an online address changing service, you are spending more time on the phone than you have.

Additional Advantages You can Receive

If you upgrade to the premium account, the price is around $10. This includes services such as personal moving help to let you sign up and move any of your internet devices or cable services to your new location, access to hundreds of savings and coupon offers, free access to their Junk Mail Eliminator, and the help from their amazing customer service. All of this for less than $10 as other sites may charge you as much as $40 a year to stay in membership with them.

All of this sounds too good to be true, but in fact there are online customer service individuals who can talk with you and explain all of their services. It’s a quick and easy registration and if you are choosing to use the premium service, its a simple $10 charge a year. You can cancel your membership at anytime if you do not feel it necessary anymore.

Android Fans

7 inch Tablet Sales Increased Significantly

7 Inch Tablets Rocks!

7 inch tablets market sales are on the increase if the reports from analysts is anything to go by. Some market analysts are predicting significant growth in upcoming shipments of smart tablets during year. According to the recent analysis conducted this year, between 170 to 180 million of tablets are expected to be sold worldwide, while the supplies for the last year amounted to about 130 million.

In the report, it shows that majority of the market shares in this category of tablets are products that has diagonal screens of 9 and 11 inches, and those falls in Apple’s iPad side. This shows Apple iPad is still leading the pack of tablets.

With the report, 7-inch tablets are expected to get shipped better this year ahead of other smaller tablets, but the majority of the sales are expected to be on popular tablets such as the Apple iPad etc.

Meanwhile, other tablets running on Google’s android operating system will still succeed, although analysts are saying that the Apple iPad Mini experience a record substantial growth in number of shipment and also on popularity.

According to IHS iSupply sales data, it show that shipment of 9 inch tablets in the last year rose from 35% to 59% of total market share which is approximated to 73.4 million devices, while the shipment of 7-inch tablet models have increased significantly; almost doubled from last year 41.1 million devices. And as of now, 7 inch tablets now make 32% of the global market share.

IDC in its forecast shows that 7 inch or smaller size tablets will even be more successful throughout this year, with over 60% estimated to be the total number of deliveries to be made for tablets with diagonal screens that falls between 7 and 8 inches.

This sudden rise in sales of 7 inch tablets over 9 inch tablets didn’t come as surprise with the popularity of Nexus 7, iPads, Nooks and Kindle tablets, and still, we’re expecting more successes to be recorded for the smaller sized-tablets in coming months.

What do you think about small-sized tablets such as the 7 inch and 9 inch tablets’ domination in the market? Do you think this trend would continue for a very long time or just for a limited time? Please share your views in the comment section below.


Should You Repair Your Broken Mobile Phone or Upgrade Entirely?

You check your bank account, and while the news isn’t surprising, the number isn’t exactly a welcome sight, either: you’re broke, down to your last chunk of change.

The problem?

You have a broken mobile phone in your possession, and restoring mobile functionality into your life is going to require an investment of some sort. The question becomes simple: what’s the least expensive and headache-free way of getting things back to the way they were? Should you repair your broken mobile phone or upgrade to a new one entirely?

Broken Mobile Phone, which way to go?How to upgrade broken mobile phone

Advantages to the Full Upgrade

No matter how “broke” you consider yourself to be, there are advantages to the full upgrade to a new mobile phone. For starters, a new mobile phone is less likely to break; your repaired mobile phone might have a tendency to repeat its same mistakes. For another, today’s mobile phone plans are often not nearly as expensive as you think, as long as you purchase them with long-term contracts.

In some cases, a full upgrade to a new mobile phone might be the only cost-feasible way of ensuring you have a mobile phone to use – especially if your old mobile phone’s repairs are going to cost you an arm and a leg. You can also sell your old phone online to cover some of the cost of the new phone.

Advantages to Repairing Your Mobile Phone 

Of course, sometimes repairing your mobile phone is the only cost-effective way out of your jam. If you can pay a friend to fix your phone for a fraction of what an electronics outlet – or the manufacturer – might request, then you can not only save yourself a lot of money, but you can save yourself the commitment of a new mobile phone.

Whatever your solution, don’t throw away the idea of simply upgrading to a new mobile phone. When you weigh the pros and cons of each choice, you might be surprised to see which option wins out.

What can you say about this article? If you have any questions or concerns to make, please drop them in the comment section below.

Information and Communication Technology (ICT)


Speed cameras came into existence relatively late and have not really been around since a long time. But in such a short time they have completely managed to get numerous dreaded drivers. The law enforcement agencies on the other hand had a sigh of relief as these cameras have made their lives a whole lot easier. In this post let us have a look at the technology behind speed cameras and their working. There are basically three types of cameras:

  • Mobile Speed Cameras
  • Fixed Speed Cameras
  • Average Speed Cameras

How do Speed Cameras works? Read to learn more!

Mobile Speed Cameras

These are the speed cameras that are generally found on the police vehicles. They are also called as Radars and they come is various shapes and sizes like hand held, vehicle mounted, concealed and tripod mounted etc.

These cameras have an in built detection facility that allows the authorities to record the velocity of an incoming target whether the carrier is stationary or not. The carrier might be moving along the traffic or against it, it really does not matter.

The cameras work on LASER technology (Wiki) and are capable of detecting a target within 0.3 to 0.7 seconds within an operative range of around 800 meters. The Doppler Effect comes into action here. The Radar emits laser beam at a particular frequency across the roadway. When a target approaches, it reflects these waves at a different frequency. The shift in this reflected frequency as compared to the emitted frequency depends on the speed off the target.

Also if the frequency has been increased, the target is approaching and otherwise.

Fixed Speed Cameras

This camera is in the form of a box mounted across the roadway or on the spotlight poles on sometimes on the over-bridges as well that have a better perspective of the entire area. These cameras utilize very tiny piezoelectric detectors embedded into the road’s surface itself. Generally there are a set of these detectors placed at a specific distance apart.

Whenever any vehicle passes over the first detector, the camera is activated. Then the time taken by the vehicle to reach to the second detector is noticed and the respective speed is calculated. If the speed exceeds the limit, your vehicle’s digital picture would be taken.

Also these cameras have an automatic license plate detection system. These cameras record the time, location, date, direction, the respective speed and the speed limit all along with your license plate info. These cameras can pick up the offending vehicle from the rest of the vehicles easily and as these are a bit angled, hiding behind your front car won’t do much good to you.

Also sometimes separate lanes have separate sensing cameras and a common wide angle shooting camera.

Average Speed Cameras

These are probably the most basic and simplest type of speed detection camera systems and have been implemented most widely. These are also officially called as Automatic Number Plate Recognition (ANPR) cameras.

These cameras are very simple and they do not use any high-end technologies like GPS, LASER or any other modern tech marvel. They just utilize a simple photographic camera with a few infrared beams and simple math. These cameras are pointed between point A and point B. Having known when the vehicle crossed point A, the time when it reaches point B is measured and the average speed is found out quite easily.

These cameras use IR rays for the detection of the license plate and then they compare it with the centralized license plate database in order to identify the car. So, now you know all about the tech hidden behind those intimidating speed detection cameras that do take a toll on your pockets. But then it is always good to be safe than sorry.

Do respect and follow the speed limits and traffic rules everywhere.

What do you think about this write-up? Does it in anyway have good use to you or do you think there’s still more to be added to make it more better? Please share those with us in the comment box below.