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Specs and Features of the new BlackBerry Z10 Smartphone from RIM

RIM finally Launches BlackBerry Z10 Smartphone

The Canadian smartphone giant, Research in Motion today finally unveils the much awaited and consistently leaked BlackBerry Z10 Smartphone; this will be the first phone to run the RIM new BlackBerry 10 mobile OS which also announces alongside the Z10.

This device is the first RIM’s flagship product to race with the likes of the Apple’s iPhone and the super Android devices such as the Samsung Galaxy S III.

Blackberry z10 smartphone

Q10 is a trademark for BlackBerry keyboard which RIM also revealed today.

Thorstein Heins, RIM’s CEO, said “BlackBerry 10 devices are absolutely the best typing experience in the industry. Period.”

The OS equally boasts of features that supersedes that of the rivals such as the finger swipe sleep mode.

What you will find on the newly released BlackBerry Z10 Smartphone

The new Canadian citizen, BlackBerry Z10 Smartphone arrives with a 4.2 inch display screen having a resolution of 1280 x 786 pixels with a resolution density of ~356 ppi. This feature is technically sharper than the Apple iPhone 5 retina display which has ~326 ppi.

The smartphone has a thickness of 0.35 inch weighing 4.78 ounces. The BlackBerry Z10 smartphone is powered by Qualcomm Snapdragon 1.5 GHz dual core processor supported by a 2 GB RAM. The internal memory measures to 16 GB and could still be extended by a microSD up to 64 GB storage.

The connectivity option on the BlackBerry Z10 Smartphone includes; Wi-Fi, NFC for mobile payment and accesories connections, Bluetooth 4.0. RIM made a HSPA+ and 4G LTE networks alongside global roaming available on the Z10 device.

Blackberry z10 smartphone

The rear facing camera on the BlackBerry Z10 Smartphone is 8 megapixel, also facilitated with a front facing camera of 2 megapixel. The camera features includes; Time Shift, that allows user to “reverse time” for a specific shot finding a particular posture or action.

The battery that powers the BlackBerry Z10 Smartphone can sustain a talk time of 10 hours on 3G, up to 11 hours video playback and around 305 hours on standby also on 3G.

As RIM specified, all the four US major carriers will vendor the BlackBerry Z10 Smartphone for $199 with contract as per carrier to determine total price and availability. The unlock version goes for $599.

In the home country Canada, the device will be going for CND $149 with a three year contract.

Does the BlackBerry Z10 featured to your taste as expected? Will you order a piece as soon as it gets to your country?

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Image: TNW

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The Technology in House Alarms Which Keeps You Safe

House alarms are things which we don’t tend to think about too much. We buy one, get it fitted and then switch it on to protect our property. What could be simpler?

However, modern house alarm systems have some highly advanced technology in them which makes it interesting to spend a bit more time investigating them and how they work.

How House Alarms Technology Saves Us

Wireless Systems

Wireless Systems ready to keep you safe at homeOne of the greatest advances in alarm technology in recent years is that which gives us wireless systems. This isn’t merely an aesthetic improvement, as a wireless alarm will offer the homeowner a more flexible and secure way of protecting their home than a traditional one would. This is because additional detectors can be added easily to the network and there is also no risk of the wires being cut or otherwise rendered useless.

Ultrasonic Devices

Ultrasonic device can help avoid injuries at homeAnother interesting way of protecting home is with alarms which use ultrasonic frequencies. These can’t be heard by humans but are very effective in detecting movement in a property. The detector sends out waves of sound and then receives them back, as they bounce off the walls and furniture. However, if there is unexpected movement in the room then the alarm will pick up on the fact that the sounds come back to it having been altered by that movement.

Heat Detectors

Some of the alarms which most people think detect motion actually detect heat changes. This may not seem like a huge difference but it helps make them more efficient than a motion detector would be. When someone passes the detector it will detect the subtle change in the room’s temperature caused by that person and this will activate the alarm.

Heat Detector Prevents Fire

We have all seen how crime films make great use of light beams crisscrossing a room or protecting a giant precious stone. Of course, the big problem with visible beams is that the criminal can look for a way of getting past them. A better way in most cases is to use infra red beams which are invisible. Instead of just one narrow beam these can be concentrated in blocks to make an implementable barrier.

Infra Red Beams

Infrared BeamWe have all seen how crime films make great use of light beams crisscrossing a room or protecting a giant precious stone. Of course, the big problem with visible beams is that the criminal can look for a way of getting past them. A better way in most cases is to use infra red beams which are invisible. Instead of just one narrow beam these can be concentrated in blocks to make an implementable barrier.

Broadband and Remote Control

The use of broadband communication means that alarm signals can now be sent in a faster and more secure way than ever before. It is certainly a long way from the old fashioned alarms with tripwires and bells to the current models offered by the likes of ADT. You can also integrate your alarm in a smart house design by operating it by remote control. The CCTV monitoring system enables you monitor your house when you are away from home and also to turn it off for your arrival before you even get there.

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All is set for the BlackBerry 10 release on Wednesday

It’s happening on Wednesday, the BlackBerry 10 will be showcased in New York by the Chief Executive of Research in Motion Ltd, Thorsten Heins.

The Canadian smartphone maker has promise a speedy, super typing experience and a device that could keep personal and work identities separate on the same phone.

blackberry 10 interface

The debut will go along with a super bowl marketing campaign for the long awaited BlackBerry 10 device. The smartphone has suffered a lot of delays, which may be attributed to a phobia from the trend – setting Apple iPhone and the Google Android devices. RIM couldn’t afford a single error that will give the iPhone and Android more edges.

The BlackBerry 10 since its first demo has been receiving positive reviews by analyst and blogs around the globe. Many analysts has predicted the BlackBerry 10 as a chance for RIM to bounce back, last September, merely getting a new about the new device, RIM’s stock surged nearly triple to $16.18 from the a nine year suffering, although it is still 90% below its $147 value in 2008.

Major analysts believes the success of the BlackBerry 10 would be very important in the history RIM’s long term viability.

BlackBerry, introduced back in 1999, once dominated the smartphone market, especially for business users. Infotech managers loved the device based on the security and easy management. The physical keyboard was one thing that thrilled a lot of employees; it is easier to type than the touch screen system on the iPhone. It was President Obama’s favorite when he entered office; it also entered the list of Oprah Winfrey’s favorite things. Out of addiction by so many people, BlackBerry got a new nickname called “the CrackBerry.”

Many more markets began to open for the BlackBerry, and the ego entered many countries. The story changed to another thing just in 2007 when Steve Jobs came with the iPhone. The iPhone proved that phones can much more be useful than just doing calls and Email. They became big time music and video players, alongside game consoles.

Soon, the Blackberry looked obsolete.

Although, the sales of the BlackBerry continued its growth in other parts of the world, but the North Americans switched to Android devices and iPhones. In the quarter of September 1, the 80 million BlackBerry subscribers dropped to 79 million in recent quarters. IDC research firm observed that within 2008 – 2012, BlackBerry shipment in the US sloped down from 46% to 2%. The market was lost to either iPhones or Android devices.

RIM purchased QNX software systems in 2010, and promised to catch up with the trend with the technology it has gotten through the new acquisition. RIM previously promised the BlackBerry 10 in early 2012, later pushed it to late 2012, and due to some issues, it was extended further to early 2013, missing the lucrative holiday sales.

Over sometimes now, executives has been relaying a glimpse into some of the features of the BlackBerry 10, but RIM’s boss will finally uncover the entire system in the event coming up on Wednesday. The device is to go on sale after the event, but the price and the exact date is earnestly been expected on Wednesday.

RIM has redesigned the system to accommodate apps, multimedia and touch-screen experience that are the technologies of today.

RIM’s executive vice president of global sales, Rick Costanzo in an interview admitted that, RIM in history has once missed some strong points, but, now “Not only have we caught up, but we may even be better than some of the competition now.” Rick said. He continues “no one else can touch what RIM’s new system offers.”

BlackBerry 10 operating system, boasts of better multitasking than the Android and iPhone. A simple swipe of a finger across the screen will help you switch to another program.

The Blackberry Hub receives all emails and notifications from apps like Facebook and Twitter, a sensitive location that is easily accessible with a finger swipe even when you are running another application. You can peek into it to open your mailbox or go back to the opened application without opening the email.

Constanzo added that you won’t be going in and out of applications, but you will flow through applications with just one finger. The unique thing we worked on is to make sure you effortlessly flow between applications, and there is no problem if you choose to leave them running.

You can check your email while watching video, but the video get paused if you decide to open the email message. You will just resume it back after getting through with the email message.

One breakthrough RIM achieved with the BlackBerry 10 is that, the touch screen keyboard learns your writing style and suggest you words or phrases to auto complete, a feature above the typo corrections rivals offers. Pick the correct one you are about writing.

A Scotiabank financial analyst, Gus Papageorgiou who has tried the BlackBerry 10 out agrees the keyboard further learns and even adjust to your finger placement.

RIM has planned to produce touch screen phones for the BlackBerry 10 at first, and then later release the physical keyboard versions. Many users prefer the physical keyboard to the touch screen and that an area where RIM is still able to stand in the game.

The second area that will make RIM excel with the new BlackBerry 10 is the ability to run two different accounts on the same device, employees don’t need to purchase a second device as one account can be for Business and the other for personal use. The feature is called BlackBerry Balance, with balance, you are able to switch from personal to work mode.

The browser is another thing Papageorgiou talked about, its browser promises to get speedy and faster even more than browsers on desktops and laptops.

Then only shortcoming in the BlackBerry 10 is that, it will not support many outside app writers for its app world just like it is being done on Android and iPhone. Although RIM has promised to launch over 70,000 apps alongside the release, and the apps will also support the PlayBook tablet release back in 2011, that is just one tenth of what is offered in the GooglePlay and iTunes store.

The analyst never forgot to add that longtime BlackBerry users will have to adapt to the new operating system.

He added that RIM will be successful if just one third of its current subscribers should upgrade, and if about 4 million new subscribers can be added overseas. According to IDC, the shipment of smartphone increased by 44% in 2012, and if the trend should continue, the growth of BlackBerry is possible even if Android and iPhone users refuse to switch.

“This smartphone doesn’t have to be the best in the world before RIM can be successful, Papageorgiou said, the big question is, if it fails, is it just too late? Is it that the two other platforms are just too advanced that no one can catch up with them? That’s a big risk.”

Media Credit: blog.BlackBerry and BGR

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DARPA Showcase world’s highest resolution Camera, ARGUS-IS, 1.8-GigaPixel, can spot 6-inch target from 20,000 feet distance

ARGUS-IS is a 1.8 gigapixel camera, by DARPA and the US Army. The video surveillance equipment can resolve object as small as six inches from an altitude of 6km (20,000 feet). This is the highest resolution surveillance camera in the world so far or betters still, the world’s highest resolution camera.

ARGUS would be attached to an unnamed UAV drone and taken to an altitude around 20,000 feet is able to view 25 square kilometers (10sqmi) area.  For example, if the world’s highest resolution camera was flown to hover above New York City, it could capture half of Manhattan. Attaching two ARGUS could make the US keep an eye on the entire Manhattan 24/7.

This video shows ARGUS in function, you can see how amazing this is.

ARGUS can capture video at 12 fps with an imaging power of 1.8 billion pixels; the world’s highest resolution camera can clearly pick flying birds on the sky. The 1.8 gigapixel powers were made possible via 368 smaller sensors which DARPA/BAE claimed to be just 5 megapixel smartphone camera sensors. The totalities of the 368 sensors were focused on the ground through tetra image-stabilized telescopic lenses.

The world's highest resolution camera

This combination creates 600 gigabytes of data per second, part will be processed, and others stored for later analysis. All ARGUS’ data cannot be sent to the control room; therefore, DARPA has created Persistics, software which is able to identify ground objects and indefinitely tracking them.

The initial intention behind ARGUS, the world’s highest resolution camera was to get it deployed in Afghanistan, but scrapped; the war is winding down before the project could be completed. The best place ARGUS could be used is at home in the US where it will be strapped to a Predator drone for surveillance purposes.

Does this technology amaze you? The world’s highest resolution Camera, 1.8 Gigapixels or 1.8 billion pixels.

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5 Most Expensive Computer Repairs Till Date

Computers aren’t always as intuitive as you might expect. It’s tempting to assume computers know how to take care of themselves. After all, they seem to know well enough how to play music, install updates, print documents and tell you you’re performing an illegal action. The truth is, however, that the more advanced computers become, the more care and regular maintenance they need.

The longer you prolong giving your computer the attention it needs, the more support you’ll need from your local computer repair shop.

Fortunately, many of the most expensive computer repairs are also the most preventable. Here’s a look at the top five most costly computer problems (most expensive computer repairs till date) – and how to avoid them.

Most Expensive Computer Repairs

1. Virus Cleanup

Depending on the situation, virus removal from a fleet of business computers can cost in the tens of thousands of dollars – or more. The more computers affected, the more expensive the computer repair services.

When a virus invades a computer, it can corrupt and steal data. Along with accessing your personal data, a virus on a business computer can acquire sensitive information about a company and its customers. Consequently, this can result in fines and penalties for not securing the privacy of those with whom you do business.virus cleanup - expensive computer repairs

Prevention tips: Install and regularly update antivirus and anti-spyware programs, as well as a firewall. A computer repair professional can recommend products based on your needs and budget.

Furthermore, be smart about the emails you open and the web pages you surf. Avoid opening emails from people you don’t know, and don’t click on attachments or links that come from unsolicited messages. Stay away from peer-to-peer file-sharing websites and those that appear suspicious. If you handle sensitive client information, consider having an IT company monitor and update your computer from a remote location so it can catch and prevent problems before they become major issues.

2. Cracked LCD Screen

There’s no simple or inexpensive fix for a broken LCD screen – you simply have to replace it. A simple screen can cost up to $300 to replace, but the latest touch screens will cost you more.Cracked LCD screen is expensive to repair

If the crack occurs on a laptop, you’ll have to surrender it until the computer repair and maintenance work is done, which can result in being out of business for a few days if don’t have a backup PC.

Prevention tips: Always use and place your laptop on a stable surface where it can’t fall or accidentally get kicked. Avoid placing an object between a laptop’s screen and keyboard before you close it. When you travel, use a padded bag or backpack designed to protect laptops from bumps.

3. Data Recovery

There are several scenarios that can make you lose all the data on your computer: a fried motherboard, failed hard drive, natural or man-made disaster, theft, virus, hackers, a drop as short as 6 inches, or age (hard drives and motherboards have a lifespan of a few years). When your data is gone, so are all the pictures, music files, client files, reports and projects you saved on your computer.

Data Recovery is another computer repairs headache

To recover the data lost on a single computer, you can expect to spend at least $3,000. It’s important to note that this cost doesn’t come with the guarantee of complete (or any) data recovery. If the problem is with a business computer, you can also expect a few days of downtime.

Prevention tips: Regularly backup your computer files using an online data service or external hard drive that automatically saves your data. If you do opt to use an external hard drive, keep in mind that you should store it in a secure, fire-proof and waterproof location. Additionally, guard your computer against power surges and lightning strikes with a good surge protector.

You can use Google Drive online backup for automated data backup!

4. Beverage Spills 

Beverage Spills is one of the expensive computer repairsOne of the simplest ways to fry a computer is to spill a liquid onto it. If the spill occurs on the keyboard of a desktop computer, you may only have to spring for a new keyboard. A spill on a laptop or computer case, on the other hand, can cost up to $400 because the computer repair professional has to take the machine apart, clean it well and put it back together – by hand.

Prevention tips: The simplest way to prevent a spill is to avoid drinking beverages around a computer. Since this is highly unlikely to happen, the next best thing you can do is sip them from a lidded container.

5. OverheatingOverheating is one expensive computer repairs

With the ability to reach temperatures of up to 171 degrees Fahrenheit, computers need to be able to vent hot air and take in cooler air. Like a car, when a computer overheats, it begins to fail. An overly warm computer may not work as quickly as it used to, or it may freeze or crash. If the overheating is bad enough, you could end up with melted components or fried circuitry.

Prevention tips: Give your computer or laptop plenty of room to breathe and don’t block the cooling vents. For example, avoid placing a laptop on blankets while it’s turned on; hard surfaces are best. When using a desktop PC, keep the case away from walls. If necessary, consider having a computer repair and maintenance shop install a special cooling system. Use a cooling pad with a laptop to prevent overheating.

These are the most expensive computer repairs issues/problems always encountered by computer users and this has been happening for long. If you don’t want to experience such kind of problem, you must follow the prevention tips outlined in this article so that you won’t experience any of these expensive computer repairs issues.

What are other things you think could be referred to as other expensive computer repairs issue that we haven’t covered here? Please share them with me.

Image credit | Google Images

This post was contributed by Zac Cramer, the founder of Happy Hamster Computers, the largest independently-owned computer store in Portland, Oregon. Zac and his team fix more than 3,000 computers a year, and provide awesome support to businesses throughout the community.

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Nokia Planning True PureView Windows Phone to release later in 2013

At the Mobile World Congress tradeshow in 2012, the Nokia 808 Pureview was arguably the most rated phone, except for the Symbian Operating System Nokia has made on this device. The mobile phone unboxed with a whooping of 41 MP camera, which made the phone able to capture exceptionally clear and crisp photos. This was a fascinating experience for people, but the Symbian was not just worthy of this, and a quest for the True PureView Windows Phone via the Lumia line up.

True PureView Windows Phone

The PureView is yet to hit Windows Phone, Nokia tried incorporate it on the Lumia 920 claiming it had added camera stabilizing features to reduce the on hand-shake induced blur, but the sensor in the 808 PureView was not found anywhere in the device.

The story could change this 2013 as the Finnish manufacturer is planning a “True PureView Windows Phone” and currently, it is codenamed “EOS” proposed to unbox with a similar sensor like that on the 808 PurView.

As the report we got from the Verge wrote; the EOS smartphone will be a high-end Lumia series for this year and instead of polycarbon, will be clad in aluminium which Nokia uses for its high-end Lumia phones. Nokia had earlier planned to shift from plastic to lightweight aluminium for a forthcoming high end Lumia phones, now the EOS True PureView Windows Phone is apparently one of the three devices being reported about, the rumored Lumia 920 replacement (Catwalk) being the second and a mid-range Nokia smartphone expected in the early summer is the third.

True PureView Windows Phone

The True PureView Windows Phone EOS will be a range on AT&T and will come with a new look featuring square edges in the aluminum body.

Nokia is yet to release a comment on the devices on rumor. As a spokesman said “Nokia doesn’t respond to rumors and speculations.”

Finally, apart from the True PureView Windows Phone, other rumors are saying that Nokia will be making its own Windows RT tablet, and is expected to debut early this year. Nokia has been an early pioneer of Internet tablets since 2006, the device ran on a form of Linux. Nokia is also one of the late phone makers to offer a tablet. Above all, Nokia is yet to comment on all the above listed issues.

Image: TechCrunch and Flickr

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TechAtLast January Giveaway II: featuring 18 Disk Partition Managers

We just concluded the Season I of the 2013 TechAtLast giveaway, our winners has been announced and guess what, they won for themselves great prizes, and some even went with double prize. We are very sorry if you couldn’t made it to the selection stage, but right about now, I am very happy to announce to you that another giveaway has kick started. This time around, our sponsor is AOMEI Technology, author of one of the best disk partition manager.

AOMEI Technology disk partition manager

What is Disk Partition?

Disk partitioning is a process whereby you divide your hard drive into numerous compartments, just like sectioning your library into different departments. One section covering books on wild-life, another on Psychology, Computers, Anatomy etc.

The main advantage of this disk partitioning is that you can access each compartments as a single individual drive.

Disk partition

Why do you need Disk Partition?

These days, hard drives arrive in bigger gigabytes, although it is a great improvement in the world of information technology, but there are major disadvantages facing disk with large spaces. An example is data loss, if there is an attack on your data store in a single compartment, the whole files could get infected. It has been observed that larger disk stored with data un-partitioned easily crashes down.

Importance of Disk Partition

Easy Maintenance

When you do disk partition, maintenance becomes easy, e.g. defragging process will be an easy task for the system, you will be able to set up Windows to defrag drives one after the other.

Easy Search Performance

When you are about to locate a stored file, since you have disk partition for each categories, it is easy to have a clue where the specific file could be locate, and it will also be an easy task for the system to search small compartments than larger space within the shortest possible time.

Security against disaster

This is the largest advantage of all; disk partitioning can save your data in times of infection or error. If a compartment gets infected, the other compartments are secured and you can easily format the infected section, unlike having infection in a whole disk when not partitioned.

How to run Disk Partition

This is usually done at operating system installation, this would enable you start up with a blank drive. For people who already have data on your disk and want your disk partitioned, you can run a format and restart your OS installation, but this will erase all your content except you run a backup before the process.

To save you all these stress, you can purchase a third party disk partition tool that will run and manage your partitions without a bit of data loss.

If you don’t want to spend a dime on this, you have to run this contest.

I hereby present to you AOMEI Technology, our sponsor for this giveaway.

AOMEI Technology disk partition managerAOMEI Technology provides complete and professional partition solutions for PCs.

The AOMEI Partition Assistant Pro packed with more than 30 brilliant features allows you to

  • Partition disk
  • Resize Partition
  • Smart align partition
  • One-click migrate OS to SSD
  • Easily create bootable CD

In short, your hard disk will be managed in all dimensions.

The newly upgraded AOMEI disk partition Assistant 5 packs more features and quality, it allows you to:

  • Resize/Move Partition
  • Allocate Free Space
  • Wipe Disk/Partition
  • Merge Partitions
  • Create/Delete/Format Partition
  • Align Partition
  • Split Partition
  • Copy Disk/Partition

AOMEI disk partition manager has won over 100 international awards and it presently cost US $36 with an immediate delivery and a 30 Day Money Back Guarantee in case you feel failed out. It currently supports Windows 8, Windows 7 (SP1 included), Vista, XP, 2000 (both 32bit and 64bit) and available in multi-language; English, German, French, Spanish, Italian, Japanese and Chinese.

TechAtLast giveaway sponsored by AOMEI Technology

AOMEI Technology has given us 20 copies of this wonderful disk partition manager to give to our loyal readers.

I am giving out 18.

Why? Because 2 members of TechAtLast team is having a software each.

How to participate in this giveaway

  1. Download a test copy of the AOMEI Partition Assistant Pro here.
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a Rafflecopter giveaway

Note: This giveaway will run for a period of 10 days and anyone with so many entries will end up with the price tag!

Good luck!


LG at CES 2013: High Definition Displays for Mobiles, Tablets, and Laptops

Year 2012 was just awesome for the smartphones and tablets industry. We seen some nice gadgets coming from the tech giants like Samsung, Sony, HTC. A much more is expected in 2013.

If the Sony Xperia Z is expected to be first flagship smartphone of new year, then on other side, successor of the highly popular Galaxy S3, the ‘Samsung Galaxy S4’ will be hitting the market in late April or start of June, and Apple’s iPhone 5S is rumored to launch in fall of Summer. Many devices in 2013 will come up with full HD 1080p display. One can expect the announcement of many new devices with 1080p display at Consumer Electronics Show 2013 (CES 2013).

Everyone is expecting some big announcements from LG at CES 2013. Are you a die-hard fan of LG and are eager to know about the products that you will be seeing by LG at CES 2013? Let’s have a look at what booths from LG at CES 2013 will be having for you.

LG at CES 2013

Smartphones and Tablets at CES 2013

Along with internal features of smartphones, display is what considered at high note by the customers nowadays. LG knows this fact as well and is working hard to juice-up the features of all of its upcoming smartphones with full-HD display. It is almost clear that smartphones that will be unveiled by LG at CES 2013 will be featuring full-HD display.

LG will be unveiling its 4.7 inch smartphone with full-HD display quality of 1080p. Along with it, a 5.5-inch tablet with a 1080p display with 403 ppi will be shown off by LG at CES 2013.

Talking about the tablets, we may be seeing a 7-inch tablet screen size with a 1920×1200 resolution and 324ppi pixel density getting unveiled by LG at CES 2013.

These yet-to-unveiled smartphones and tablets clearly show the intention of this Korean manufacturer to overtake the popularity meter of Android and iOS smartphones/tablets, which currently rule the market and are big rivals of LG.

ALSO READ: LG Display its Flexible e-Paper with a Magnificent 6” Plastic Display

Ultrabooks and Laptops at CES 2013

Apart from smartphones and tablets, there will be unveiling of Laptops and Ultrabooks by LG at CES 2013. LG will be revealing its 12.9-inch QSXGA graphic display (2560×1700) for ultrabooks. A 13.3-inch laptop screen with design being at just 2mm will also get unveiled by LG at CES 2013.

Monitors and Televisions at CES 2013

Not stopped yet as LG at CES 2013 will be showing off something incredible in the Monitors and Televisions category. A 23.8-inch monitor from the Neo-Blade series will be seen at CES 2013. Moreover, LG at CES 2013 will be revealing a 4K2K 30-inch PC having 4096×2160 pixles resolution. This much resolution is just awesome. LG even claims that this monitor is the highest resolution PC monitor till date.

ALSO READ: Top TV Manufacturers Around the World

Google TV models will be shown by LG at CES 2013, and the company has already announced it. One can expect the unveiling of  ultra high definition TVs with 3D technology by Korean Manufacturer LG at CES 2013.

If all these products actually get unveiled by LG at CES 2013, then there will surely be a boost up in the sales graph. Fingers are crossed and all are waiting eagerly for CES 2013 which is going to be there from January 8 January 11 at  Las Vegas. Along with an eye on LG’s products, we will be keeping an eye on all major announcements at CES 2013. Stay tuned!

Product Reviews brings you the best of imaging solution

Why looking into imaging solution from the best picture collections?

Image is power, I could remember during the campus days, the editorial team paste notices, poem, write ups, contest, and much stuff on the notice board.

Only 30% of us go to the board for the latest when there is no image on the write ups. Even though we try to finish the lines, but we get bored.

Now, there was a time the class had a dinner party, and photo screenshot of the event was all over the board. I could remember that it was 101% of the whole class went to see the notice board.

Where the 1% does came from? Our lecturers. Lol!

How to get Best Picture Collections Online

Depositphotos picture collections

Depositphotos picture collections is the answer!

Let’s take for example you searched Google for a particular illustration, the first website you will like to visit is that which has an image or at worst photos illustration. As a blogger, I discovered that image itself draws attention of visitors to my page. Post with photos is more 90% effective on stat than post you didn’t include image. No wonder, Pinterest, Instagram continues to grow every day.

When putting together your project or compiling a tutorial, images helps your work get interesting. See the mission statement of Depositphotos “You will be able to download any royalty-free stock photos, illustration and vector images for your projects from our collection of 11,734,898 stock images you like with our incredible subscription plans!”

Depositphotos picture collections are not an open source portal, but you are sure of high quality images at affordable subscription rate. Download up to 40 images per day in any size that suites you. Depositphotos picture collections deliberately made their system to be very friendly and simple for users who values money and time.

All the JPEG offered in any subscription plan can be downloaded in variety of sizes. It also offers vector images by subscription. The website continues to grow in photostock to serve you better.

As the Valentines period approaches in February, Depositphotos offers the best St. Valentine’s Day picture collections for your full utilization at the season. It also archives Valentine greeting cards you can forward to your love ones to make the event a colorful one.

Images on Depositphotos are easy to surf as the website makes categories of picture collections, and there are so much of them to make your search easy. Think of any category, it is available on The website considers every of your photo needs from personal projects, blogs, journals, newsletter, websites, adverts etc. picture collection

Choose from the most convenient plan for you and pay from any convenient merchant. Our platform supports almost all of them.

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5 Best Business/Customer Relations Apps for 2013

The importance of business/customer relation apps is increasing for existing companies and new startups. The technology provides an excellent opportunity for businesses to engage directly with their customers on their smartphone and tablets.

Top tech apps allow business owners to spark the attention of new and existing customers, giving the business an opportunity to boost sales and increase brand visibility.

Mobile business apps were worth $25 billion in 2012, and the figure is expected to double after 5 years. Most of the apps allow for the creation for a remote virtual office, which allows for optimization of time, productivity and creativity.

Here are the 5 best business/customer relation apps for 2013.

Best Business/Customer Relations Apps

1. SignEasy

SignEasy document signing app

Entrepreneurs and CEOs have to do a lot of signing on documents, invoices, letterheads etc.  SignEasy makes the process a whole lot easier. It allows the signing of documents on smartphone or tablet. The document can be imported through the internet, e-mail, Dropbox or anything that allows Open In. The app is used by business owners in over 100 countries to sign important documents such as real estate forms, slip for permission and client-owner agreements.

No manual signing or printing is required. The app is available for both iOS and Android phones.

Download SignEasy for Android or SignEasy for Apple devices from iTunes

2. BCN (Business Calendar Network) Premium

Business Calenda Network appl lets you automate your event planning in real time

BCN Premium is the creation of Basecamp Business. The app is pretty useful if you want to develop new relationships within and outside your industry. It displays professional business events that are taking place around your office.

The app takes you to the next dimension of networking and has been specifically designed for business owners to grow their network. The events are marked through the Business Network Calendar on the web.

The app is compatible with iOS and Android.

Download for Google Play 0r iTunes here.

3. DoubleDutch Events

Double Dutch event app lets you organize and do moreDoubleDutch Mobile Apps can be used by a business of any nature. DoubleDutch Events is an event management app that also provides a social platform for business owners, employees and clients to interact with each other. The data stored on the app stays safe as the developers have gone for a higher level of security.

Other features include functioning in offline mode, maps that are interactive two-way synchronization and scheduling. It comes in handy when communicating with employees, clients and customers away from office, allowing them to engage with the content you explain.

It’s available for both iOS and Android users.

Download from the official download page on the video.

4. 30/30

30-30 event management app lets your set time goal and achieve themTime management is very important for business owners in their daily operations. Efficient time management plays a great role in the success and growth of the company.

30/30 is a time management app that allows you to allot a particular length of time to a defined task, and after the time finishes, the app gives out a notification to proceed on to the next task 30/30 works on iOS.

Download from iTunes here but there’s no valid link on Google Play as of now.

5. Evernote for Business

Evernote for Business management app makes everything possibleEvernote for Business is still going strong in 2013. It allows for organization-wide sharing and also includes a Business Library, responsible for administrative and employee based communications. It also displays related notes to anything that you put as input. It’s the ultimate business/customer relation app that works on iOS, Android and Windows.

Download the Evernote for Business app for your devices from the official Evernote page.

Are there other business/customer relations apps out there that you have used but not listed here? Please share them with us.