Having a High Tech Home

Having a High Tech Home

People’s homes reflect their personal style and what they like. Some people like to fill their home with rustic style decorations and knickknacks, and others choose to spruce up their homes with modern furniture and art. Then there are those that set their homes up with the latest tech gadgets to make their home high tech. With technology always changing, there are many gadgets on the market to help you with everyday life, even grow some pretty house plants.

The Front Door

Simply locking and unlocking your door is primitive and low tech; adding a new gadget to your front door will instantly give you a high tech home. While this may not seem like something that could really get high tech, the people who developed Lockitron have made it a necessity for your high tech home. Lockitron can easily be installed on your door’s dead bolt and you can control it using the app on your phone. Using the app, you can easily lock and unlock your door, give access to your friends, and have access to your door anywhere in the world. If someone knocks on your door or unlocks it, even with a key, you will receive a message letting your know. It also comes with Bluetooth and WiFi so you don’t have to use your key to unlock the door; simply walk up and the device will recognize your phone and unlock for you. The makers of Lockitron have made sure that this is a safe and secure way to manage your door. They use the same technology as what is used in banks, and if you lose your phone, you can deactivate or change the account.

House Plants

A lot of people choose to add in some house plants even though they don’t have a lot of luck when it comes to taking care of plants. Now, you can easily grow your favorite flowers, greenery, and food using an electronic garden. Click and Grow is an electronic garden that lets you grow different plants by simply plugging in the batteries and adding water. The smartpot rations the water in the water basin and distributes it automatically to the plant so that it is never over watered or thirsty. If it needs a refill on water or new batteries, it will blink blue for water and red for batteries. Once your plant runs its course, you can install a refill cassette of the same or different plant you want. Since the smartpot does everything automatically, your new plant will instantly start growing. Although Click and Grow doesn’t technically click, it is simple and easy way to make even your house plants high tech.

Learning Thermostats

The Nest learning thermostat will make you and your home the coolest on the block. Nest is able to learn when you are home and away to help you save money. When you download the iOS app you can easily control your thermostat no matter where you are, letting you cool or heat your home when you are on the way home from work. You can also manage your home’s temperature straight from your laptop or tablet letting you cool off while still sitting on the couch. The learning thermostat creates a scheduled based on your past comings and goings and automatically sets itself to make sure you are saving energy and money. The nest also tracks your energy use so that you can see a detailed report of how you cool your home so you can make necessary changes to your energy use to save you some extra money.

Security System

Keeping your home safe is very important, and there are ways you can do this besides having a normal burglar alarm. The Logitech Alert 750n Indoor Master system will keep your family, and home safe. The security system gives you a high definition, wide angle video of the inside and outside of your home. Along with having several video cameras, you can also set up to 16 different motion detectors around the outside of your home for added protection. You also have the option of recording audio from your video cameras if you need. Viewing your security footage is simple and easy. The system lets you view the footage straight from your computer, tablet, or iPhone. With the Logitech Alert system, you can also back up your records and video/audio file to Dropbox so you can refer back to them later if you need.

There are many different tools and gadgets that you can get to make you home high tech. With technology being an important part of our everyday lives, it is no surprise that it is being integrated into our homes. These tools and gadgets are meant to not only make our lives easier at home, but also to keep us safe. There are plenty of other types of technology you can get for your home, or you can check out different home technology concepts for the future. Electrolux holds their concept design contest every year allowing many young minds to dream up concept inventions like the Impress fridge.

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Instagram’s user base is following down curve, Report says

The popular photo-sharing service Instagram is facing the toughest time ever since its launch. Instagram has been shining in the news for one reason after the other, for past one month. Earlier this Month, it pulled off its support from Twitter. We covered the topic on TechAtLast. Just a few days back, Instagram announced its new Privacy Policy to be live in action from Jan 16, 2013 on-wards.

The new policy read that Instagram can sell its users’ photos without notifying or paying them. This annoyed its esteemed users and everyone was shocked that how Instagram can be so ‘Cheap’ to make more and more money. Well, if Instagram has shocked the users, the users are also doing the same. Users are quitting the Instagram, and as a result, Instagram’s user base if following the down curve.

According to news coming from Reuters; this Facebook-owned photo sharing service has lost almost a quarter of its daily users and it is all because of Instagram’s back-and-forth privacy policy.

The audience tracker AppData has reveled that Instagram’s user base is decreasing and number of daily active users who access Instagram through Facebook was dropped to 12.4 million on Friday, while the same count was 16.4 million last week.

Well this big drop in Instagram’s user base is not so shocking as analysts were expecting the same thing to happen because of its announcement about new proposed privacy policy. After the announcement, Instagram’s user base was expected to follow down curve as who on the earth will like to get his/her photos being used by someone else, without even getting notified about the same. A hell lot of number started quitting Instagram immediately after new ‘Privacy Policy’ announcement, while others started posting Photos and Tweets about to show their anger against the new proposed Privacy Policy.


Not only the normal users, but some big names including popular celebrities were also annoyed over it. Wildifre Magazine National Geographic also refused to post the images in its Instagram account, till it the new Privacy Policy rolled back. Even, the Magazine put a pic in its Instagram account that read:

 “We are mostly concerned with the proposed new Instagram, terms of service and if they remain as presented we may be forced to close our account.

As of writing, this picture had received 40,000 ‘loves’ and 3,000 comments. The down fall in Instagram’s user base is just a practical result of all those stuffs, coming from the minds of annoyed users.

Even Instagram has rolled back its Privacy Policy and said that the language used in the Proposed Privacy Policy brought confusion, while there was not any intention of Instagram to sell its esteemed users’ pics. The statement and roll-back does not seem to be working here as Instagram’s user base is facing down-fall, and this trend is expected to continue in near future as well.

This down fall in Instagram’s user base is reported from AppData, while the owner Facebook is not ready to accept it and is addressing it as ‘inaccurate’. Here’s what Facebook’s spokesperson said to Reuters:

“This data is inaccurate at all. We continue to notice strong and continous growth in the number of registered and actives users on Instagram.

According to AppData; that down fall in Instagram’s user base is just on the basis of daily active users, while the monthly users’ count is following uptrend.

What do you think over it? Is the down fall in Instagram’s user base due to its back-and-forth Privacy Policy or it was because of people being busy in this Christmas season? We are waiting to hear from you.


Windows Phone Marketplace met over 75,000 published apps in 2012, says Microsoft

In the immense popularity of Android and Apple, Microsoft’s Windows Phone operating system has been struggling to attract the customers. Microsoft is working very hard to make Windows Phone as the best mobile operating system. In its continuous efforts, Microsoft launched Windows Phone 8 with the intention of overtaking the popularity bars of Apple and Android. With the launch of Windows Phone 8, the two big challenges to Microsoft were to create a peak in sales graph, and to invite more and more developers to develop apps for Windows Phone 8. A huge crowd of Android apps is one of the major reasons for Android to be the best mobile operating system. That’s why Microsoft is working hard to make the Windows Phone Marketplace full with a plenty of apps, related to each category.

Well, the hard work always pays and has paid Microsoft as well. Microsoft revealed in a blog post that its Windows Phone Marketplace has met 75,000 new applications and 3,00,000 app updates in this year 2012. 54 is the count of downloaded apps per person. The Windows Blog writes:

Over the last year (2011), we have certified and already published over 75,000 new mobile apps and games and over 300,000 app updates. In addition to this, we have added another feature that let users tell us when they have concern about an app so as to report them.

Todd Brix, Microsoft’s Senior director for Windows Phone Marketplace said that Microsoft has been focusing on increasing the apps’ count in Windows Phone Marketplace and its direct investment has resulted in current strong position where the Windows Phone Customer buy or download more apps as compared to what it was after the launch of Windows Phone 7, two years back.

windows phone marketplace

A high density and diversity of apps is must for any mobile operating system. Windows Phone Marketplace has been struggling to stand in front of app stores of Android and Apple.But with this revealed info from Microsoft, it seems that Windows Phone Marketplace will give a tough competition to other mobile operating systems, in near future. Well, the developers only show interest if there is good possibility of revenue. Happily! Microsoft revealed in the same blog post that the revenue of esteemed developers is growing rapidly. It has increased up 40% in the 30 days since the SDK release. This much hike in revenue may be due to Christmas holidays and thus, may not be steady, but still, one thing is clear that Windows Phone Marketplace developers are now getting more money for their hard work, than what they ever had in developing apps for Windows Phone Marketplace.

Microsoft is also paying attention to customer feedback so as to make the only best and useful apps to glow in Windows Phone Marketplace. Based on Customer Feedback, Microsoft found that 85 percent of users prefer to opt for apps with Live Tile functionality over other apps.

Windows Phone Marketplace is enjoying its golden period and is expected to touch the high clouds of success. The same Windows Phone Marketplace was seemed to be dead, but thanks to Windows Phone 8 and high-featured Windows Phone 8 smartphones to make the developers show interest in developing apps for Windows Phone Marketplace, and thus to bring smiles on faces of hard-working folks over at Microsoft.

The new year will bring more Windows Phone 8 devices, and thus this 75,000 count is expected to get doubled. Though we can’t say anything now; it would be great to let the ‘fast ticking time’ answer this.


Brazilian Company Gradiente launches Android based iphone in Brazil

Yupeee! iPhone gets launched. What? Thinking that I have gone mad because Apple’s latest iPhone was launched two months back, and I am excited to inform you about the launch now ? Well, please don’t think so. I am normal! iPhone seriously gets launched just, but it’s not from Apple.

Confusing that how iPhone can come from any brand, other than Apple? Let me clear the air that this iPhone comes from Brazilian consumer electronics maker Gradiente, and is available only in Brazil. This  iphone by the Brazilian company is not based on iOS, but runs Google’s mobile operating system Android.


Well, ‘iPhone’ is a trademark of Apple and is known to be the best smartphone on the earth. Now as the Brazilian company is using the same name for its products, then it is quite possible that we will be seeing some legal activities between two firms.

In fact, Gradiente knows about the legal disturbance between it and Apple, because of using the brand ‘iPhone’ for its products. Therefore the firm cleared that its Android based iphone is not going to face any object from Apple, as they hold the rights for using brand name ‘iPhone’ for its products. Company firther cleared in a press release that, to ensure the proper respect for its Android based iphone, it is taking necessary measures.


Gradiente made clear that they had applied for ‘iPhone’ trademark in the back 2000. They got the rights to use this brand in its products in 2008, and will hold the rights till 2018. This made them to come up with Android based iphone in Brazilian market. Of course, if it goes well, then we will be seeing more Android based iphone products in the near future, in Brazil.

The original article maker Apple, has not objected anything on this. As the report says, Gradiente has full legal rights to hold the ‘iPhone’ trademark in Brazil. Analysts say that there would not be any lawsuit from Apple on this matter, but yes, as Brazilian market means a lot for Apple’s products and its smartphone ‘iPhone’, so it may be possible that Apple will be paying an attractive amount to Gradiente to get the rights. Who knows?

Features of Android based iphone ‘Neo One GC 500’

The first smartphone from Gradiente in its ‘iPhone’ series is Neo One GC 500. As stated earlier, this smartphone does not run iOS, but is an Android based iphone. Of course, one can expect to see good popularity of this Android based iphone for some initial time. ‘iPhone’ brand will surely show its magic, but how long it will run successfully in the market, depends on its features set.

Neo One GC 500 runs Android 2.3 Gingerbread as its operating system. It is a 3G UMTS mobile based on a 700MHz single-core ARM processor with 2GB of RAM. The screen offers 320-by-480 resolution. It comes with MTK / ARM processor clocked at 700 MHz. The internal storage is 2GB, but one can expand it up to 32GB via microSD card.

The brand name iPhone is not used in the same sense as Apple uses. Instead, it’s Android based ‘iphone’. Mind the lower ‘P’ in the trademark used byGradiente.

Well, the Android base iphone nowhere touches the genuine iPhone. This smartphone may get nice hits from users in Brazil, but it this was released in U.S., it would had been nothing but a poor low-end device.

The price of this Android based iphone is set as $291.

Information and Communication Technology (ICT) News

First African – designed smartphone and tablet released

From BBC source, we got a news that; VMK a Congolese company owned by Verone Mankou has successfully designed a smartphone and tablet which are already manufactured in China, and this will be the first African – designed smartphone and tablet. The product has been successfully launched.

Way C, first African – designed smartphone and tablet

First African - designed smartphone

The smartphone will retail at $170, while the tablet goes for $300.

As Mr Mankou said at the Tech4Africa conference in Johannesburg, “Only Africans can know what Africa needs, Apple rules the US, Samsung controls Asia, we want VMK to be huge for Africa.”

Smartplanet technology blog reported that the tablet packs a 4 GB internal storage and Wi-Fi connectivity. It’s been named Way-C, which means “the light of the stars” in the Lingala local language.

First African - designed smartphone

The first African – designed smartphone comes with a rear and front facing camera with a 3.5 inch (8.9cm) screen.

These devices is planned to sell across 10 other West Africa countries as well as in France, Belgium, and India.

Mr Mankou aims at launching a cheaper tablet for the student consumers next year.

The African – designed smartphone and tablet devices will rival the already popular and well established brands.

Research in Motion, makers of Blackberry brands has already taken the continent, despite the fact that it is routing western market, but the African consumers has an habit of supporting and patronizing their local made products.

Some of the offensive situations Africans has faced includes, companies criticized of making product offshore and deceiving the continent audience that they are locally made products.

VMK argued that the African-designed smartphone and tablets were manufactured in China for cost reasons, but the entire engineering and designed is exclusively done in Africa.

On the company’s website was a statement which says; “We are somewhat offended by the disregard of those who persist in denying the authentication of our products, despite evidence.

“Most of those critics are either Afro-pessimistic (who argue that ‘nothing good can come from Africa’), or just (future) competitors.”

VMK stressed that there is no other such product matching these African – designed smartphone and tablets on the continent.

Are you an African or fan who has been expecting an African-designed smartphone or a tablet, this is something for you, and the price are far less than that of the one we got from the US and Asia.

Will you try them out when they finally get to market? Lets hear your view of this!


Information and Communication Technology (ICT) Mobile App News

imo Messenger version 2.0 for iPad, features high-quality voice calling

imo Messenger 2.0 for iPad

As the Internet is growing rapidly, the ways of communication are also changing. People love to have instant chat with their loving beings living all over the globe. If the software like Skype has replaced the Internet land line calling, then instant chat messengers have replaced the SMS to a large extent. Talking about the chat messengers, imo messenger is well-known to all.

If you are having an iPad with you, there here is good news for you. imo messenger version 2.0 is out now and comes with great features that include the high-standard voice calling facility as well. The new feature set also includes the introduction of a new user interface and according to the developers, this new UI allows users to combine contacts and messages messages and contacts, so as to have a better chatting experience.

imo messenger

imo messenger version 2.0 features

The new voice calling facility enables the iPad users to have voice chat with their friends using the imo messenger on their Android or iOS device. The voice calls are made over 3G, 4G and WiFi connection. As the voice quality in this new version of imo messenger is quite good, as claimed, so it can work as replacement for voice calls.

The second big change in this imo messenger version 2.0 is the redesigning of user interface. The iPad users were not having a good time with poor user interface of earlier version of imo messenger, but this new interface enables users to combine the contacts and messages. There’s an indicator bar in the new user interface, tells about availability of particular contact.

imo messenger

The new version also comes with photo sharing feature that enable users to share photos with others people in a group chat with real-time photo uploading features. If you are using imo messenger on your iPhone as well, then you might be familiar that it is the same feature that was introduced in iPhone version of imo messenger in November. This new feature enables you to click the photos with native camera of imo messenger and thus to share them in the real-time to the chat groups. Not any complex step is required to follow.

These features make the imo messenger for iPad app to stand with that of Android and iPhone versions. As stated earlier, these features found their way for iPhone and Android some time back, and iPad users were demanding these features for them as well. Finally, imo messenger has heard to the shouts of its esteemed users and has included the features in version 2.0.

Ralph Harik, CEO of stated:

 “Our VoIP service features and User Interface (UI) redesigns for Android and iPhone smartphone have proven that the app is popular among mobile apps, and many of customers have requested that we should implement these functionalities on the iPad app for them to continue enjoying our services.”

At the occasion of announcement of new version of imo messenger for iPad; developers claim that the imo messenger is very popular and with over 5 million mobile phone downloads till date, it shines in the queue of best messengers. Everyday, imo messenger entertains about 700,000 users and deliver about 50 million mobile and short messages per day.

Imo mobile messenger is a cross-platform messaging service and it allows users to switch to other devices like mobile, desktop, tablet; without even losing the on-going conversations.

The high-quality voice quality will enable the iPad users to have free calling over the WiFi, 3G and 4G connection. imo messenger does not much data during voice calling, so no need to worry about your data limit.

Are you pleased by the features in version 2.0 of imo messenger for iPad? Do share your views in the comment section below.

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Facebook testing a new Timeline design,

Facebook, Facebook and Facebook. This social networking giant is everywhere on the web. The way Facebook has progressed in the past some time is just awesome and the popularity of this social networking giant is quite clear from its user base. Facebook keep finding its way to news with its activities and changes. The biggest change made by Facebook was the introduction of Timeline and made it mandatory for every Facebook user. Regarding this, Facebook gave a week’s time to the users to switch to new Timeline, in early January this year. Most of the users did not like the Facebook timeline at the first look, but all are parsing it now.

Te end of year 2012 is near and reports are coming that Facebook is testing a new timeline design. It is tweaking the Timeline design to make it better than what it is now. This was brought into light by ABC News. Facebook rolled out the new Facebook Timeline design specially for a one of ABC News’ anchors on Wednesdayas posted by ABC News.

See the facebook video review here: Facebook becomes more fascinating on messaging (VIDEO)

Well, before you think it as a rumor only, let me tell you that Facebook has signed the words posted by ABC News, and stated:

This is a new Facebook Timeline design and we’re testing it with a small number of people in order to make navigating timeline even easier.

ABC News shares that the new timeline design being in test mode by Facebook, has Tabs in it. The Thumbnails that you see in the current timeline, like the ‘Friends’, ‘Photos’, ‘Likes’ are not part of new design. In the new timeline design, the name of will move to the cover photo. The inclusion of the ‘Tabs’ in place of thumbnails in this new timeline design, will help profile visitor to check out the ‘About’ part, by staying on the same page.  With this ‘Tabs’ coming in the new timeline design, one can check out the Timeline, Photos, About, Friends all those stuff on the single page. While the current design takes you to separate page.  The stuff other Friends, Likes can be seen by clicking on the ‘More’ Tab. Precise number of followers will be shown in the new timeline design. For example, if any user has 99,201 likes, then it will be shown as 99k. A better way, a smarter one.

Facebook new timeline design

As the ABC News shares further, the new timeline design will put all the posts in single stream while the friends and other info will be on the right side. If this happens, then it would probably be the best feature in new timeline design, as in current timeline, one has to move from one side to another again and again to check the posts. The rumors were there in the last month that Facebook is about to put all the posts in single column

Well, as the current timeline was highly opposed by all the users, in its starting period, chances are there that the new timeline design, which may come anytime soon, will also be opposed.  Facebook keeps bringing changes so to keep the user interested in it. In the 1st quarter of the year 2012, Facebook acquired the popular photo sharing app for $1 billion, and integrated it in Facebook for better image sharing experience.

As Facebook user, I am pleased with the new timeline design, but if all these changes that got aired in the news, are right. You must be on Facebook. Right? So what’s your view about the upcoming new timeline design? Do share your views in the comment box below.

Android Fans Information and Communication Technology (ICT) News

Flipboard for Android Tablets is available now

FlipBoard for Android

If you are an esteemed owner of a smartphone or two, then you might be having a long list of your favorite apps. Right?  I am damn sure that Flipboard shines at the top in this favorite list. If this is actually so, then here is good news for you. Flipboard for Android tablets is finally available.

In the past some time, Android tablets had progressed a lot and the progression rate is growing rapidly day by day. Many people are now having Android tablets with them. The Flipboard is well-renowned app for smartphones and as many customers are now opting for Android tablets, the Flipboard for Android Tablets was in high demand, and finally, the developers have heard the shouts of the die-hard fans of Flipboard, and thus has made the Flipboard for Android Tablets available.Flipboard

For those out of you, who are not familiar with Flipboard, let me tell you that it is a well-renowned and highly popular app, with users’ based being in the count of millions. The app is Flipboard app current have millions of people using it on daily basis, to stay updated with what’s going on around their locality, and the world at large with latest updates on their favorite blogs. As Flipboard for Android Tablets is now available, so user base is expected to show a peak in its graph, as majority of people are now switching for Android tablets, because companies like Samsung, Asus keep hitting the market with new rich-featured Android tablets.

Eric Alexander, Head of International Development at Flipboard stated:

With the series of new devices that Amazon, Samsung and other mobile smartphone manufacturer have brought to smartphone market in the recent months, we can see the domination of android tablets growing quickly.”

According to him, Flipboard for Android Tablets is the result of high demand by users, as most of the people nowadays, prefer to buy Android tablet either for their own use or as a gift to their loved ones, over any other device.

The developers team claims that Flipboard for Android Tablets come with new page layouts which are optimized for wide range of android tablets screen sizes and different aspect ratios. The bigger screen of Android Tablets is like an advantage for Flipboard, say developers. According to them, the big screen of tablets will enhance the users’ experience with Flipboard, because they would be able to read more content and with better quality. Thus Flipboard for Android Tablets, is better than that of smartphone version, claim Developers. Firm also stated that they worked with Samsung in the past year so as to optimize the app for Samsung’s tablets.

Flipboard is the first mobile oriented social like magazine started with the aim to improve how people explore and discover and share information on several social media networks, on everywhere in their social networks. Flipboard for Android tablets will take them near to their aim.

Buy Samsung Android Tablet below now  to enjoy FlipBoard>>

[simpleazon-image align=”none” asin=”B007P4VOWC” locale=”us” height=”500″ src=”” width=”353″]

Devices with 7 inch screen were able to run the Flipboard Android Smartphone version. If you are also running the smartphone version of this app on your 7-inch Android tablet, then you will get a notification to upgrade to ‘Flipboard for Android Tablets’ version.  Of course, you can keep both the versions of Flipboard in your Android tablet.

Flipboard also comes with support for Google+ and YouTube in their service, and now once you link your Google+ social media account to Flipboard, you will be getting your friends’ updates on Google+, right on this app. The Flipboard for Android Tablets does not cost you any single penny, and is available for free download in Google Play.

Is this news of joy for you? Were you eagerly waiting for it? Are you going to download this app on your Android Tablet? Use the comment box to answer.

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Facebook to charge $1 for message delivery to strangers

Facebook Revealing its Money Making Intentions

The social networking giant Facebook is glowing in the news all over the web because of new changes becoming part of it. Well, as you know, Facebook is the no.1 social networking website and has more than 800 million active users. There always had been privacy related issues with Facebook. A long back, the users complained that Facebook is selling their personal info to the advertisers to fill its own pocket. If you are an active user of this social networking giant, then you might have noted the new ‘Privacy’ button that just became part of Facebook. This button locates at the top right side of your Facebook profile page, and has ‘Lock’ as its icon.


This new button enables you to go through your privacy settings with ease. While the Facebook always keep facing the privacy related blames from its esteemed users, still it is rolling out an update that will let any stranger to inbox you for $1 only.

As you know, if by going through your privacy settings, you can make sure that no stranger, whom you personally don’t know, disturb you by sending friend request, commenting on your posts, or by sending you message. But the ‘Message’ part will no longer be in your control as any stranger can send you message by paying $1 only. It does not matter what your privacy settings are, any stranger will come, will pay $1 to Facebook, and the person will be allowed to message you – this is embarrassing!

Isn’t it?

Facebook announced about it in a blog post and addressed it as a ‘Small Experiment’. The blog post reads:

This test on our service will offer a small percentage of people the feature to pay in order to have a message delivered to the Inbox of the recipient rather than the Other folder that the recipient is connected with.”

Writing in its blog post, Facebook give some examples to make the users understand the benefit of this new feature. According to Facebook, this feature is extremely useful in the case, if you’re going to send a message to person whom you are not friend with, and heard the same in any event. Also, if you want to contact any person about a job opportunity, but are not connected with him/her at the social network, then this feature will enable you to reach your message to that person’s inbox. The receiver will also get benefit from the feature, as they’ll be able to hear from all those people, who have an important message to send them.

This new feature is yet in the ‘Test Mode’ and is getting tested with the people living in U.S. The no. of messages that will get routed from the ‘Other’ folder to ‘Inbox’ folder will be restricted (limited) to maximum of one message per week. Facebook also says that it is working to make the Inbox stringent by introducing the new filters. The Facebook “Basic and Strict filters” feature enable the users to decide whether the emails coming to their @Facebook email ID, will be visible in ‘Inbox’ folder or ‘Other’ folder.


As the feature is in the ‘Test’ mode as of now; it will take some time to roll this feature for every Facebook user. What is going to be impact of this feature on the immense popularity of social networking giant? Are you pleased by this new upcoming feature or are very much concerned about your privacy, while working on Facebook? We are curious to hear from you on this. Use the comment box below to share your views.

Information and Communication Technology (ICT) News

Google sells off Motorola Home, a subsidiary of Motorola Mobility at $2.35 Billion

Earlier this year, one of the investment moves made by Google was the sealing of the deal of purchasing Motorola Mobility which has a subsidiary called Motorola Home. Google paid a sum of $12.5 billion to acquire the Motorola Company.

Motorola Home-Set-Top-Box

Google disposes Motorola Home, a subsidiary of Motorola Mobility

After the whole lot of investment, Google is ready to start taking back returns. Its first move is to sell off a part of the Motorola Company, called Motorola Home as we got it from our source, this subsidiary is into the production of broadband services via its set-top boxes.

I think Google has a way of operating, it’s unusual of Google to sell of properties, but at this time, I believe Google is not planning to invest in set-up box service that is why it is the best option to dispose it, instead of doing nothing or mis-managing it.

Google made the announcement on Wednesday of the disposal of the Motorola set up box subsidiary, which is Motorola Home. The buyer is Arris, who deals in broadband technology. The payment method for the Motorola Home has been arranged, Arris will pay $2.05 billion to Google in cash, while it will trade stock for a $300 million to Google for the whole acquisition.

This Google subsidiary, Motorola Home manufactures set-top boxes, this made it a smart move for Arris as it will greatly compliments it broadband services as well as building up a patent portfolio for him.

Ever since Google acquired Motorola Mobility, it has been making consolidations on operations to reduce cost, some of the measures it has took is laying off of 20% employees in the Motorola circus company, and the shutdown of several offices around the globe. Everybody knew that the major reason why Google bought Motorola Mobility was to enhance its patent portfolio in the manufacture of smartphone and tablets.

Thus, you can never blame Google for selling off Motorola Home for it has a vision of pursuit and never want to derail.

Some of the successful products that has come out of Motorola Mobility since it has been acquired by Google includes series of Smartphone of the DROID RAZR, PHOTON, ATRIX, and ELECTRIFY categories.

Motorola mobility smartphones

The company also has some products to show off in its tablet department, most of which is named Xyboard.

Motorola mobility tablets

Motorola mobility accessories

It also deals in several smartphone and tablet add- ons and accessories ranging from power pack, to headphones, to flip stand, to vehicle navigation docks.

Reporting; Olukunle Moses for

Pictures: Flickr,