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Instant Google Street view, a new innovative service to expect from Google

Google is an household name, when you hear, ‘Search,’ thinks about Google, the history is going from online to offline reality, Google started to help you navigate and fish out hidden information you may be seeking online, such as books, journals, write ups, and pictures as the case may be, but now, Google is able to fish out your cousin, no matter where she is, the map takes you straight to her house. The Instant Google Street view is a new tool to complement the Map service that may be a “coming soon on Google” as you will be waiting to grab your copy now.

Instant Google Street view

Instant Google Street view may soon be introduced by the Search Giant

Google always think in innovative ways to bring more ever useful features to its apps and services. The watchword of Google seem to be now ‘Instant’, on its search service, the engine is installed with an auto complete tool, which gives suggestion to your search and even before you think of hitting the “Enter” key, the result is already out for you to navigate, the Maps Navigation is another stunning Google product and soon, you may have to be on the Instant Google Street view.

As you type on the Google search and the engine predicting your possible search and instantly downloading you result, wouldn’t this kind of thing be awesome on the Maps service as you get an Instant Google Street view. Information released yesterday on the Google’s Geo Developer Blog featured a company building an app that will give you just what we thought about. The whole thing is beginning with an Instant Street view search page as we post it on the screenshot above, so that as you type a street, the tool predictively completes your search and gives you a street view of the location.

Instant Google Street view

Interesting, I know you will think, the company is named QSView, and it seem Google is a good fan of this innovation, and Google may be interested in purchasing this wonderful company in the future to produce the said, Instant Google Street view to use as a plus to its Android store. The tool already utilizes the Google’s auto complete library and displays the street you sought for as you start mentioning he name. It won’t be necessary for you to hit the search button as you are already viewing the neighbourhood of your destination through the Instant Google Street view.

Google is at getting us the information we need, and doing that fast, the Google Now had received loads of features for the Android and shares location based details, notifications, time, flight information, automatically on our Android devices.

The Instant street view is a cool idea; let’s hope Google makes a quick move to purchase this company to produce the Instant Google Street view app to integrate further features on its services.

Does this Instant Google Street view innovation look fascinating to you?

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Microsoft Surface Pro Tablet will be available in January 2013

The Microsoft surface tablet was announced along with the Windows 8 around the 2011 second quarter, one of its variant, the Surface RT got released last month, and this January, we will be getting the Microsoft Surface Pro tablet. This information was shared in a blogpost by the company’s General Manager, Panos Panay, he gave details about the pricing and specifications of the new Microsoft Surface Pro tablet.

microsoft Surface Pro tablet

G. M. Microsoft Corp, Panos Pajay breaks down pricing and Specs of Microsoft Surface Pro tablet

There are two variants for the Microsoft Surface Pro tablet, the first is the standalone 64GB version which offers for $899, and the standalone 128GB version at $999. Both devices will be powered by i5 Intel processors, featuring a 1920 x 1080 full HD display, USB 3.0 connectivity port, and a mini port for display that could drive up to 2560 x 1440 pixels resolution.

Microsoft Surface Pro tablet


I guess the Microsoft Surface Pro tablet will be running different configurations unlike the Surface RT, we learnt that the RAM has been doubled, now 4GB, two 720p cameras, rear and front, Bluetooth 4.0, 802.11a/b/g/n Wi-F, Dark Titanium VapougMg  casing,  42Wh battery, accelerometer, gyro,  magnetometer and Ambient light as sensors.

More features on the Microsoft Surface Pro like it was found on the Surface RT includes; SkyDrive, Windows Mail and Messaging, Internet Explorer 10 with Bing, Xbox video, Xbox Music, and Xbox games packages.

Microsoft seem to correct a mistake this time around, a good new from the blogpost says that the Microsoft Surface Pro tablet is enabled to run all Windows 7 apps and run like a regular PC, what the Surface RT could not do. This may make Microsoft lose some buyers on the Surface RT and may look insignificant to people who already owns one. After the October announcement, expert was wondering why Microsoft could release a lackluster stripped down version of what it had called the most successful tablet in history.

The company has made the Microsoft Surface Pro tablet to be two pounds lesser in weight and 14 millimeter thick and the handy kickstand support will not be absent.

Recently, I covered a news on this site, where Opera Winfrey showed her love for the Surface tablet on twitter, tweeting from an Apple iPad, then it was revealed that the Surface RT tablet lacks an official twitter app, and the Twitter clients it had gotten are not too encouraging, since the Microsoft Surface Pro tablet would be running the Windows 7 apps, lets expect a greater Twitter experience than its fore runner.

Is this yet what you have been expecting from Microsoft?

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Gmail Makes 10GB Email Attachments Possible With Google Drive

To have en email account is most important in online life. Email account is like existence of your online life. If you are having account on search giant Google’s email service, Gmail, then here is a good news for you. Now you can send 10GB email attachments in Gmail. This new feature is made possible by integration of Google’s cloud service Google Drive with the Gmail. So be ready to have whole new experience with Gmail.

Google Drive storage increased

This new file attachment limit is 400 times than what Gmail was offering previously (25 MB). Although the users were able to share the large files through Google Drive and still can do the same, but 10GB email attachments limit will enable the users to do it via mail itself, so the person at the receiving end need not to leave the Gmail to access the file.

Moreover, as the file limit has been increased by the integration of Google Drive, so the attached file will be saved in the Cloud, without consuming any space of Gmail storage. Also, the all the users will have access to most up-to-date file.

As you might be familiar already, only the files whose privacy is set to ‘Public’ are accessible by anyone. So the Gmail will alert you if you are sending the file with privacy status as ‘Private’. This feature is same as you get alerted by Gmail when you write the words like ‘I have Attached’ in the email body but in fact, don’t attach any file.

So you must be excited to try this new feature of Gmail. Aren’t you? Well, this new feature is available to Gmail’s new compose window. This new Compose Window is not yet available to all the users. So if you don’t have so, then you can’t enjoy this feature. But thumbs up, if you have got it.

Phil Sharp, the Product Manager of Google announced about it in blog post.
Blogging Tips

5 Must Have Gadgets for Bloggers That You Can’t Afford Not to Have

Gone are the days when blogging was done for the sake of hobby only. The time has passed and so the state of blogging is. Many bloggers are joining the blogosphere, one day after the other. If you are also one of them, then you might be familiar with the hard work involved in blogging. Well, hard work is key to success but only hard work does not pay you anything. In fact, I would rather say that Smart Work is key to success, especially in blogging.

There are many gadgets that can ease the work of any blogger. I got inspiration to write this article when I stumbled upon a Dutch gadgets website. Investing your hard earned money on every gadget is nerds’ step and I hope you are not so. To help you in this, I am up with the list of 5 must have gadgets for bloggers. Let’s have a look at it.

Must Have Gadgets for Bloggers All Over The World

Must Have Gadgets for Bloggers in 2020
Are you an upcoming blogger, or an existing expert confused about gadgets to buy? Check our list of Top 5 Must Have Gadgets for Bloggers.


Admit it! Blogging for the whole day by sitting in front of your PC is a damn tough task. Even it’s not good to keep blogging secretly behind the curtains. If a blogger has choice to buy only one gadget, then I will surely go for Netbook only. As a blogger, you can’t be sure that when you are in need of Internet. Having a Netbook will do the trick for you in such case. Most of the bloggers prefer Apple Macbook to have with them. Thumbs up, if you can afford it. But if not, then no need to feel sad, any other Netbook will do the work as well.

Acer NetBooks - Netbook is one of the Must have gadgets for bloggers
Netbook is one of the must have gadgets for bloggers. Getting yourself a notebook, or call it NetBook, will help your business a lot. It allows a seamless and location friendly working experience.


Being a blogger and still having an old 90’s mobile phone in your hands is like giving knowledge to others and staying far away from it yourself. Smartphone is what I recommend on the second place in this list of 5 must have gadgets for bloggers. In the past some time, smartphones have crossed all boundaries and are near to the level of laptops. The need of smartphone increases even more, if you are a tech blogger.

Top notch smartphones are basic necessity for bloggers who is aspiring to reach the top. It is one of the must have gadgets for bloggers to have this year.

Gaming Console  

I know you are blogger. I know you need to work hard day and night. But I can’t neglect that you are human first. A human who needs rest, fun to get more work from brain and body. That’s why listing the need of gaming console in blogger’s life on no. 3 in this list of 5 must have gadgets for bloggers. Of course, you can opt for any gaming console of your choice. The idea here is to enjoy some fun time, while staying in touch with technology. Gaming consoles do the both for you.

Bloggers Needs to Invest in Gaming Consoles for Relaxation Purposes
Bloggers Needs to Invest in gaming consoles such as Xbox, PlayStation and others in order to feel relaxed after a very long hours of brain works.

WiFi Finder

There is no existence of blogger without Internet. Being a blogger, I have suffered many times, the problem of not having Internet with me. But thank God! I have got a WiFi finder with me. It helps me to find WiFi easily. I know, every blogger must have it. No Internet means no blog. And no blog, so what’s ‘Blogger’? I am hearing this word for first time.

Blogger Needs WiFi Finder - discoverability at its best
Professional blogger needs a fast and working WiFi Finder in order to stabilize their internet access.

External Storage Device 

I like to keep my blog’s visitors updated with useful content. For this I always use videos. My PC is showing the ‘Low Storage’ signal. If this is happening with you, then stop compromising with your needs or deleting the old content for the sake of saving new. Go get an external storage device. Although, I am listing it on last in this list of 5 must have gadgets for bloggers, still it’s worth to have it.

External Storage or Hard Disk
There are certain gadget you can’t do without as a content creator. External storage (Hard Disk) is one of such must have gadget you can’t stay away from using. There is just no way.

One additional must have gadget I’d have added to this list is a professional DLSR camera. You can read more on how professional camera works in our previous post to have an idea of that.

Don’t hesitate to make investment on this five must have gadgets for bloggers. Believe me, you are going to thank me for this list. Well, I accept your ‘Thanks’ and from me, Welcome buddy!

Feel free to share your opinion and let us know your next gadget on the list!

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Welcome the New Year with a new phone

Christmas is fast approaching and what better way to make the most of the festive season than with a new mobile phone?

The extensive range of mobile phones available is almost endless making it near impossible to find a phone that would be right for you.This coming new year, there would be high purchase of new mobile phones

This coming new year, there would be high purchase of new mobile phones, and we now try to do a quick run-down on some of the things you need to know before purchasing. So, if you are looking to welcome in the New Year with a new phone, here are a few things you might wish to consider:

1. Budget

Whilst it would be great to have the latest high-tech phone with all the mod cons meaning it won’t go out of date within the next few months, the fact is that you might not have the budget for it. One of the first things to consider is your budget and making sure you buy a phone which you can afford.

2. Usage

Before buying the first phone you see, consider your needs and what you plan on using the phone for. If you largely want to use a phone to keep in touch online you   might want to look beyond just voice calls and text messages. This might include staying connected either through email and social networking sites.

Or if you’re a big texter you might want a phone with an easy to use keyboard or you might find sending emails easier if the phone comes with a touchscreen pen.

3. Battery

It might be great having a phone with all the latest apps and gadgets; however, it could soon be useless if the battery life is minimal. It could be well worth looking at mobile phones, which offer a length battery life.

These are our editorial team basic tips for you in preparation for the new year so that you can have a well-planned mobile experience in 2013!

If you have any views to share about the new year in focus or you are just interested in starting a conversation on this post, you are free to do so, either via our official facebook page or twitter handle and other followers would be able to join you. Or better still, you can use the comment form below.
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Will Apple iPhone 5S release before Samsung Galaxy S IV?

Just last September, Apple dropped the iPhone 5 to market, and immediately, the cloud started getting rumors that Apple will be releasing the iPhone 5S early next year, as at now, the rumor is becoming more stronger, could it be because of the rumored Samsung Galaxy S4 coming with an AMOLED display panel around May next year?

Apple iphone 5s

Apple iPhone 5S may be releasing sooner than expected

Looking back into recent history, the iPhone 4 got released in the summer of 2010, Apple may want to get into market with the iPhone 5S ahead of Samsung and get the device released at summer and wouldn’t have to wait till September just like it happened to the iPhone 5.

Apple equipped the iPhone 5 with the 4G LTE data connectivity as well as a bigger and improved display at 4″ unlike the iPhone 4S predecessor at 3.5″, another marked upgrade is also a migration into the iOS 6. Nothing much to be expected on the iPhone 5S except that Apple may decide to go into bigger screen and probably a completely new design. The iPhone 5 was admired and embraced, except for the iOS 6 map flaw.

Its only through these means we can get information, as you know Apple is secretive when it comes to making new devices, and most especially in the line of its iPhone.

The rumor is just only that Apple will be releasing iPhone 5S early next year, but any of its features is never mentioned unlike we have it for the Samsung Galaxy S IV. Apple may stick with the iPhone 5 4″ display or may want to change, but not expecting something lesser, and probably, let’s expect it to come with the new OS that may be Apple iOS 7 at the rumored summer release.

Apple loyalist customers are already celebrating the iPhone 5S as early as now, they hope it won’t be a tweaked iPhone 5.

Are you an Apple iPhone freak? How eager are you to have the coming iPhone 5S?

Hit me a reply in the comment box!




Apple to stop Samsung from supplying MacBook and iPad batteries

The battle between Samsung and Apple seem to be getting more hotter and refused to a good and friendly part in any way, Samsung and Apple really had a bad relationship, that it is thought that they shouldn’t had been partners, Samsung makes hardware parts for Apple and at the long run, it systematically ended up making its own phones and tablets products from the design Apple had been bringing for hardware design. The only thing Samsung couldn’t achieve is the software development, but all along, the relationship between the two giants has been a woe.

Apple samsung-battery

Samsung – Apple relationship getting worse

Sometimes ago, rumor has it that Apple will be closing deals with Samsung as its software supplier and that, Samsung too had been hiking prices of processors it supplies to Apple. But as at the time of the rumor, news from reliable sources has it that Apple and Samsung is still having a good business rapport only that Apple has been trying its best to get an alternative partner to the Korean electronics giant.

As at now, for the MacBooks and iPad batteries, it seem that Apple had finally gotten a new partner and will be putting an end to that deal it had with Samsung.

The new partners are two in number, and they are Amperex Technology Limited and Tianjin Lishen Battery. As for now, Apple has not gotten an alternative chips maker to partner with, making it to still depend on Samsung for that. But the ultimate is that, this simple shift had made it less dependent on Samsung, although, the processor is still a very important part of its products.

A rumor we got is that, Apple is looking into investing into better chips, and this may end up in Apple producing chips by itself, but if all this a true, the proposed enhanced and optimized chips may take a few years before finally coming to reality.


Amazon kick starts Cyber Monday Deals on Sunday midnight

Amazon Cyber Monday deals

The deal has already begun since midnight today, seems we are already missing. The Black Friday has come and gone, the tempo is down except for the excitement in the people who made a judicious utilization of the thanksgiving season. The Cyber Monday is 26th November and what amazes is that some companies had already announced to kick start the day from Sunday midnight, such is what Amazon offers.

The Cyber Monday deals started on Amazon exactly on Sunday midnight, there are so many deals on the internet, but from them is a list from the Amazon shopping cart to celebrate the Cyber Monday. I have the opportunity to capture five of the best deals in pictures, after which you can select from the others in the Amazon Cyber Monday deals.

Angry Birds King Pig Castle

Angry Birds King Pig Castle (Amazon Exclusive) for Cyber Monday

This is the board version of the Angry Bird game, where you will play real life, for this Cyber Monday; you can have it for just $29.99, instead of the original retail of $49.99.

HGST Touro Desk 4 TB External Hard Drive

HGST Touro Desk 4 TB External Hard Drive for Cyber Monday

This is a hard drive for you to store the data in the whole world; 4TB is good enough to archive your whole multimedia library, movies, music, and the rest.

Its retails originally for $299.99, but the Cyber Monday deals offer it for just $169.99

Timex Women’s Ironman Race Trainer Heart Rate Monitor Watch

Timex Women's Ironman Race Trainer Heart Rate Monitor Watch for Cyber Monday

The watch is packaged with 10 workout presets which records heart rate and well as burned calories. It offers for $89.95 on the Cyber Monday deals instead of the original retail of $102.97

Dyson DC25 Upright Vacuum

dyson-dc25 Vacuum cleaner for Cyber Monday deal

A Vacuum cleaner ball technology from Dyson that can be used on all types of floor, it is smooth in steering. It offers for $299 on Cyber Monday board, but flies back to its $374 when the deal is ended.

M-Audio Venom 49 Synthesizer

M-Audio Venom 49 Synthesizer for Cyber Monday

This keyboard looks more of the digital processing type with a real time performance controls. It originally retails at $322.99, but Amazon says you can pick it up for $189.99 for the Cyber Monday deals.

Other offers available on Amazon for the Cyber Monday include;

  • A Panasonic VIERA 55 inch TV which takes off 60% of retail price.
  • A Samsung 3D Slim LED HDTV 40 inch goes for $747.99
  • A Nikon Digital Camera COOLPIX S9200 takes off 50% from original retail.
  • Panasonic Digital camera LUMIX DMC-LX7 is cheaper by 40%.
  • A high performance JBL Complete 6-Piece Home Theatre Speaker System, just $349.99 for Cyber Monday.
  • Some top brand headphones including V-MODA, Sony, MEElectronics and more takes off up to 70% for the deal.
  • 5.6 inch Dell Inspiron Laptop sell for $399 this Cyber Monday.
  • Thousands of Kindle books take off 80%.

Try and visit the Amazon Cyber Monday board to get prices of a lot of items you have always wanted to buy.

Hit me a comment when you are back!



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Black Friday pushes jump in Mobile Payment, PayPal, eBay surges to 193 percent

November 23 was a great day in the history of year 2012, as it was a day tagged “Black Friday” where products and services slated a thanksgiving to their loyal and non loyal customers. On that day, both retailers and payment processing companies experienced a strong number for the deals made, IBM reported that the total online sales experienced an increment to 20.7 percent in spending compared to last year. eBay owned PayPal gave a report that the global payment for this Black Friday went up by 193 percent compared to last year.

Black Friday Mobile transaction

This Black Friday experienced a big surge in mobile transaction

A powerful increase on transaction was reported by eBay; the US experienced a total volume of about 153 percent, while GSI commerce swapped to 198 percent in mobile sales.

Anuj Nayar, is the PayPal spokesman, he said that big payment companies believes that this year will be a year where the holiday shopping will surge the capacity of the mobile payment system. The people of Houston on the Black Friday made use mostly of PayPal via their mobile phone to make purchases. New York has been topping for the previous three years.

PayPal and eBay experienced a 173 and 133 percent increase in volume of mobile transaction for Thanksgiving, most shoppers preferred to shop via their phone and tablets for Thanksgiving and it really shows that consumers substituted hitting stores and malls for mobile shopping also on Black Friday.

The report IBM released is that the online sales over 2011 Black Friday went up by 16.8 percent, and of all, the mobile sales was 16.3 percent of the Black Friday total sales. Fab, which is an e-commerce site that focuses on design, said it experienced 300% increase in sales in 2012 Black Friday Vs 2011, on mobile sales, the number tripled.

This year Black Friday seem to be so special in history, as I reported yestarday about its experience on Instagram, you can check the story up here: Black Friday breaks record to be the busiest day on Instagram.

What next to watch out for is the cyber Monday, as buyers will punch their mobile phone to make purchases.

Did you purchase anything via your mobile wallet on Black Friday?

Let’s hear you out.



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iPad Case Specially Made for Music Lovers: Seeking Funds on KickStarter [VIDEO]

Audio iPad Case for Music Lovers

Want to hear better sound from your Apple iPad right? Many other iPad users out there desired to get the same experience but it seems uneasy for them due to one or the other. But now with this about to be iPad case will make such easier for you.

ORA is a company that focuses on manufacturing high quality media tools such as speakers and many others, and the company is currently seeking funds from respective individuals, corporate organizations via KickStarter platform in order to produce an eight high-tech quality powered speakers for the iPad. The new speakers will come in a sleek design that would help increase Apple iPad’s sound output up to five times the present output on the Apple product.ora ipad case ready for kickstarter funding

This project is powered by the San Francisco based technology company known as OBJEKT Inc. The company is seeking a $450,00 sum of money to fund their project and they have (as at the time of writing this post) received $37,280 out of the total money needed with 36 days for the crowd funding campaign to end.

With the current state of the Apple iPad’s sound, one can agree that the sound could still be improved upon, especially when your main purpose of buying the iPad is for multimedia purposes. You need a powerful sleek designed Apple iPad Case that would add more value to the device, so here’s an opportunity for you to have high power speakers attached to your iPad in form of a case/stand.

The company really need your support at this moment and when the product finally comes into reality, you would be able to say you are among – this is an opportunity for you to touch lives, business and company’s of the world to grow.

Would you back OBJEKT to achieve success with this project? Let us know your say in the comments.